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Wednesday January 25th, 2012


Biggest Loser Challenge back again at SXU

One Goal Achieved


Hundreds of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members gathered in the Shannon Center on Tues., Jan. 17 to celebrate the Cougar football team’s national championship victory. President Christine Wiseman read a special message from President Barack Obama, congratulating the team on their first ever national championship win.

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The Shannon Center is hosting the Biggest Loser Challenge starting on Mon., Jan. 30. This program is designed to serve members of the Saint Xavier University student body, faculty, and staff as well as Shannon Center members. There is a participation fee of $20 for SXU students and $25 for SXU faculty, staff and Shannon Center members. The Biggest Loser Challenge is a 10-week program dedicated to helping participants lose weight, make healthy lifestyle changes, maintain weight loss and most importantly have fun while getting fit. Kristy Allen, assistant facility manager of the Shannon Center said, “Doing a fitness challenge will motivate you and get you jump


RENEW-ing campus spirituality BY RUBY VENUS


Saint Xavier University’s Campus Ministry has set the wheels in motion for students to come together and participate in its program, Campus RENEW. According to the Campus Ministr y’s website, Campus RENEW is a progr am that challenges students to answer the question, “Does faith matter?” “Campus RENEW is a faith sharing group for students in which students are invited to come together to read scripture, talk about their lives, and share their thoughts about faith,” said Lauren Bryk, a sophomore early childhood education major and one of the RENEW leaders. Each week, students gather to talk about how faith affects their daily lives as well as a variety of social and personal issues that may significantly impact their lives. Traditionally, RENEW groups meet for about one hour per week to come together, share, discuss and reflect on a variety of issues that impact their lives. “I became a RENEW leader because I felt that RENEW was a place that I could go every week to talk about how I felt about faith and reflect on the way it impacted the way my day or week went,” said Julia Gomulka, a sophomore

Is social news on the rise? page 4

business major and RENEW leader. Students of all faiths and religious denominations are welcomed to participate in the RENEW groups. “We do discuss the gospel and scripture, but everyone is welcomed to participate,” said Bryk. “It’s a place where you can just come together with a group of people and share your thoughts and opinions without the fear of being judged.” Sr. Mar y Lof tus, RSM, from the Mercy Ministry Center coordinates the RENEW groups, however, each group is student-led. There are two sessions offered each week for students to attend: Wednesdays in Morris Hall, and Thursdays in Regina Hall. The Wednesday sessions will be led by RENEW Leaders Julia Gomulka and Bianca Huerta, while the Thursday sessions will be led by RENEW Leaders Lauren Bryk and Emily Caliendo. The first meetings for the RENEW groups will begin on Feb. 1 and 2. Any college-aged student interested in reading scripture, reflecting on its impact on their daily lives, and just sharing in a faith group is welcome to participate. “When I first started Campus RENEW >






Websites Shut Down in Protest BY MACY ZAMUDIO NEWS EDITOR

Thousands of popular websites including Wikipedia, reddit and Twitpic blocked access to their sites as a way to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) as well as the Protect IP Act (PIPA). The proposed bills main intention is to stop copyright infringement on the Internet last Wednesday. Un d e r t h e S O PA b i l l , copyright holders and the Justice Department would be legally able to obtain court orders against websites containing any form of copyright infringement, according to The Huffington Post. SOPA would apply to domestic and foreign websites while PIPA would apply towards foreign sites. If a court order against a certain website is successfully obtained, then that website would be immediately shut down and Internet users would no longer have access to it. Under these proposed bills, websites would not be given a chance to defend themselves - they could be punished without a trial or court hearing. Thousands of Internet users last week expressed their discontent with the proposed bills and took part in the anti-SOPA movement. Although Google did not shut down its services for the day, it

Van Halen is back pages 8


Under SOPA, websites like YouTube could be censored . did express solidarity with the science, said, “Hopefully it won’t movement by blocking out its logo pass. They don’t understand how from its homepage. A link for a much of an impact it will make if petition against the bills was also it did get passed. The companies on the site, and a reported 4.5 against it wouldn’t be gaining million people signed the anti- much from it. Even if the act did SOPA petition. get passed, people will find ways to “There’s no need to make get around the blockage of those American social networks, blogs different sites. They would be able and search engines censor the to get around it without much Internet or undermine the existing hassle.” laws that have enabled the Web to Megan Urbanczyk, a first year thrive, creating millions of U.S. student majoring in psychology, jobs,” the Google petition read. also expressed dissatisfaction “Too much is at stake; please vote towards the bills and their intrusion NO on PIPA and SOPA.” on Internet users. “I think that the Students at Saint Xavier Internet should remain free to the also expressed their discontent people,” said Urbanczyk. towards SOPA and PIPA. Senior While many people thought Mike Ward, majoring in computer SOPA > page


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Xavierite

The Xavierite

The Xavierite is published every Wednesday. Any undergraduate student may write for The Xavierite. Other interested graduate students, faculty, administration and staff may write a “Letter to the Editor.” Editor in Chief Genevieve Bonadonna Deputy Editor in Chief Tony Bara Senior News Editor Ruby Venus News Editors Macy Zamudio Karina Palencia Genevieve Bonadonna Senior Viewpoints Editor Genevieve Buthod Viewpoints Editors Grant Vargas Tony Bara Senior Features Editor Kane McKeown Features Editor Becki Brown Senior Sports Editor Greg Pilafas LOSER > from



started for the New Year.” This program is intended to incorporate fitness and lifestyle changes into participants’ daily routines. “You are accountable to meet goals and lose weight. It’s a fun way to lose weight with friends and others. I would encourage all students, staff, and faculty to participate for the Biggest Loser Challenge,” said Allen. This will be the third year that the Shannon Center will be hosting the Biggest Loser Challenge since

Sports Editors Alan Paape Tony Gustin Shane Kenney Business Manager Molly Knapper Copy Editors Mary Crane Allison Horn Photographer Melissa Wrobel Distribution Manager Samantha Spitzig Webmaster Mike Catania Assistant Director of Residence Life: Campus Media Peter Kreten Journalistic Advisor Moira Mis its implementation in 2010. Brian Robin, a business management and industrial organizational psychology major won the Biggest Loser Challenge in 2011. “It was a really positive experience. It was really exciting to the results at the end of every week in the form of losing weight, seeing the difference in the way my clothes fit and my physical appearance,” Robin said. Unlink the Biggest Loser program on television, the SXU version is not a public spectacle, it is more confidential as participants

TURKEY (BBC)—Turkey has erupted in anger after the French Senate approved a bill that makes it a crime to deny genocide was committed by Ottoman Turks against Armenians during World War I.

World Bits

CHINA (NYTIMES)— Armed security forces in China opened fire on Tibetan protesters Monday, wounding at least 32 and killing at least one of them.

OAK GROVE, AL (HUFFPO)— More than 100 people were injured and at least two people killed as violent tornadoes ripped through the heart of Alabama Monday.

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (REUTERS)—Four car bombs exploded in Baghdad Tuesday, killing thirteen people and wounding 75. The bombs exploded in the mainly Shi’ite Muslim areas of Baghdad.

are not weighed in public. Confidential weekly weigh-ins online and healthy sessions about nutrition and fitness will be held to assist in the weight loss process. Participants are required to do the initial and final weigh-ins at the Shannon Center, but must enter their weekly weight online on Fridays by 10pm. “It’s a pretty good feeling getting on the scale and seeing your progress as well as gaining extra energy and getting active,” said Robin. The workouts are all based on the participant and they are

KENYA, EGYPT (BBC)—Four Kenyan leaders are about to stand trial on human rights violations that have allegedly occured after the 2007 election. Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta is included in the charges.

accountable for their own weight loss. This program motivates participants to lose weight through a weigh-in process that keeps them accountable for their progress throughout the program. The top three participants with the greatest percentage of body weight loss will win a cash prize as well as subway sandwiches. Participants must go through a pre-contest assessment in order to participate in the challenge. Registration for the Biggest Loser Challenge lasts until Mon., Jan. 30, in the Shannon Center.

The very first winner of the Biggest Loser Challenge was Jana Terborg in 2010. Information will be available on the website for participants to access such as program rules, log sheets, journals, BMI (body mass index) charts and other helpful links. To sign up or for more information regarding the Biggest Loser Challenge, please contact Kristy Allen by email at kallen@sxu. edu or by phone at (773) 298-3586. Fliers can also be picked up at the Shannon Center front desk.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Xavierite

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New conservative club hopes to spread awareness Reagan’s ideas will be focal point of the organization



Saint Xavier University students are starting a chapter on campus of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), a conservativeleaning outreach group. According to the organization’s official website, its mission is to educate young Americans about the conservative tenets of “individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values” ( Monica Barfield, a junior business management and finance major, helped co- found the group’s chapter at Saint Xavier University and is its current president. “Anyone and everyone who has an interest in politics or would simply like to learn more about it is welcome to join our organization,” said Barfield. “This generation is, and will continue to be, very much affected by the political landscape across our country and around the world, and so we have a responsibility to become educated about what is happening,” she continued. The group provides its members access to “conferences, seminars, educational materials, internships, and speakers” across the country ( When asked about further benefits to joining the organization, Barfield responded, “awareness and having a political voice on campus

is definitely one. There are many loud liberal voices and, up until now, almost no conservative ones.” A fo c a l p o i n t fo r t h e organization is to spread the conservative ideas of former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan. Barfield said that YAF will host several events geared around the 40 th president and his message. “He strived to reach out to the young college students who would be able to learn, grow, and change the world upon entering into society. YAF intends to do the same, and to carry on Reagan’s legacy, that’s why he is so important to us,” she stated. She also promised that events will be held revolving around the current presidential race, specifically the Republican field. “We really want to teach people what it means to be a conservative, and, in a more general sense, combat the apathy that is plaguing not only our university, but the country as a whole” she emphasized. She added that in its early stages, the organization will mostly hold small info sessions and meetings where members discuss politics and current events. “I just want to motivate and inspire SXU’s conservative or uninformed students to actively participate, because conservative voices are much needed on campus, and this is our time to shine amongst the many liberal




Monica Barfield, co-founder of YAF, holds up the group’s magazine. opinions,” concluded Barfield. Beginning this week, the organization will be setting up regular booths in the student diner. Interested students should stop by one of these booths or contact Monica Barfield at barfield.m01@ YAF began in 1969 at Vanderbilt University to “provide st u d e n t s w i t h c o n s e r v a t i ve

ideas that were missing in their educations” ( Since then the organization has started chapters in college campuses across the country. Here at Saint Xavier, the cabinet of YAF is as follows: Monica Barfield, President, Matt Dumais, Vice President, Steven Zieman, Secretary, and Kamil Rusin, Treasurer.

SXU gets ready with events for Black History Month BY RUBY VENUS


The month of Februar y celebrates Black History Month. To c o m m e m o r a t e t h e i mp o r t a n c e o f t h e A f r i c a n American heritage and the impact of the culturally diverse community at Saint Xavier University, SXU will be hosting several events in honor of this celebration of heritage. Beginning on Wed., Feb. 1, Black History Month will be kicked off by an opening ceremony where keynote speaker, Brittany Gault, will be presenting her address to the SXU community at 7p.m. in the Butler Reception Room. Gault will discuss her involvement in the Occupy the Hood movement, significant issues affecting the African-American communities of Chicago, and why she is so passionate for her work regarding issues of social justice. “Gault was actually recommended by students,” said Gabriela Torres, assistant director of Campus Life for Multicultural SOPA > from



that such bills were unfair, junior student Dee Macklin, a major in psychology and sociology, sympathized with the companies and music artists whose material is illegally downloaded because of online piracy. “I agree with them because it would make me upset if I were a director or artist and someone just stole my work. I don’t like bootleg stuff,” said Macklin. Macklin, however, did feel

Palmer and SXU join forces to ease transition

and Leadership Programs. “Her views on issues align not only with the African American community but also with the social justice stances that are central to the SXU community.” On Thu., Feb. 2, the Black Student Union (BSU) and the African American Diaspora (AAD) student organizations have come together to put on the Harlem Renaissance Black Tie Affair. BSU and AAD in coalition with the Department of Campus Life will be presenting a night of entertainment and awareness surrounding the Harlem Renaissance from 7–10:30pm in the Butler Reception Room. On Wed., Feb. 8, AAD will be hosting the African American Diaspora Knowledge Bowl in the Diner Atrium, where students will be challenged to increase their knowledge and understanding of the African American heritage. A screening of the movie, The Help, will be sponsored by the Student Activities Board (SAB) on

Tue., Feb. 21 at 7p.m. This will be followed by a book club and movie discussion on Wed., Feb. 22. Students can join the book club and get a free copy of “The Help” starting Feb. 1, by signing up at the Department of Campus Life. This discussion is open to those who have read the book or seen the movie and would like to discuss the portrayal of characters and events throughout the book. AAD will sponsor an open forum inviting students, faculty, and staff to come out and discuss social, political, and cultural topics relating to the African American community on Wed., Feb. 22 from 4:30p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Dr. Erik Gellman will present The Panthers and Beyond: The Wider Vision of Black Power and Economic Justice in 1960s Chicago, where he will discuss the history of civil rights in Chicago on Thu., Feb. 23, from 6:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.

Students can look forward to several other events throughout the month. “ This year’s events were planned by a committee of faculty, staff, and students to plan a wide range of social and academic events,” said Torres. Dialogue groups will take place each week throughout the month, speakers, volunteer opportunities, as well as off-campus trips to see a theatre event are just some of the things you can look for throughout the month. Torres added, “It’s important to recognize that as a university we have a very diverse population. The goal of celebrating heritage months is to recognize the diverse cultures of the students, faculty and staff at SXU and to get more and more students involved in these events and to raise awareness.” For more information about any of the events in Black History Month or to get involved with an activity, contact Gabriela Torres at

that it would be too drastic to shut down a site simply because it contained certain copyrighted material. “I think that there should be a way for people to still listen to stuff on Youtube, just not steal it,” said Macklin. On Friday, Jan. 20, anti-SOPA protestors scored a major victory against the SOPA bill. According to The Huffington P o s t , Te x a s R e p u b l i c a n Congressman Lamar Smith, the man who originally proposed SOPA, withdrew the controversial

bill from consideration until “there is wider agreement on the solution.” “I have heard from the critics and I take seriously their concerns regarding proposed legislation to address the ongoing and continuous problem of online piracy,” Smith said as reported by The Huffington Post. “It’s clear that we need to revisit the approach on how best to address the problem of foreign thieves that steal and sell American products,” said Smith.

RENEW > from



RENEW, I didn’t know much about it, and didn’t really know people. However, as it continued, I got to know people really well and we built up a great group dynamic,” said Bryk. “In our RENEW groups you can say whatever your opinion is; there is no judging.” For more information about Campus RENEW or to join a RENEW group, you can email or stop by the Mercy Ministry Center in the McDonough Chapel.

Saint Xavier University and Palmer College of Chiropractic (PCC) have joined forces to offer SXU students an opportunity to accelerate their education while engaging in course work at the Chiropractic school in Ohio. According to SXU’s press release, SXU President Christine Wiseman signed a 3+3 agreement with PCC allowing biology majors to make an easier transition in pursuing Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at PCC in Iowa. The driving force behind the coalition between SXU and PCC was Dr. Tatiana Tatum-Parker, a professor of biology and the chair of the Pre-Health Professional Committee at SXU. The entire biology department was actively involved in planning for this agreement. During department meetings, discussions of which courses would best prepare students for this early transition into the medical program helped to formulate the best possible terms of agreement for this coalition with PCC. “With the 3+3 agreement, the first three years of work are done at SXU. During the fourth year, students take classes at Palmer. This will count for their final year at SXU and their first year at Palmer,” said Dr. Tatum-Parker. “Upon completion of that year, the students will graduate from SXU.” The agreement, granting biology students the opportunity to begin their first year of graduate studies, was officially signed in December of 2011 after being in the works since the Fall of 2010. Dr. Tatum-Parker explained the process of reaching this agreement and said. “I went to an Advisors Workshop at Palmer, where I met with Sandy Miller and we discussed the benefits of this program to both our students,” said Tatum-Parker. The program benefits SXU students in two main ways: first, by reducing tuition costs by a year and secondly, by allowing students to accelerate their education by taking graduate courses at Palmer. In order to be eligible for this agreement, SXU students must be in good academic standing, have earned 90 credit hours meeting the prerequisites during their three years at SXU before being admitted into PCC. Dr. Tatum-Parker encourages students who intend to take part in this program to declare their intentions to participate in this program as early as possible. “It is a challenging course schedule that students who intend to participate in this need to follow to ensure that they meet all of the general education and other requirements,” said Dr. TatumParker. The signing of this agreement places SXU in ranks with only a handful of colleges and universities that offer this agreement such as Iowa State University, University of Nebraska, and the University of Wisconsin.

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VIEWPOINTS > Editorial <

Considering the Source By The Xavierite Staff The Xavierite has noticed that lately, students seem to get very excited about expressing their opinions. Unfor tunately, these opinions are ver y of ten as passionately affirmed as they are under-informed. But can we really be blamed for our lack of knowledge? We are so r arely held accountable for justifying the views we hold in an age where everyone has an opinion and every opinion is correct. We have so many good role models in our modern pundits. From Glenn Beck to Stephen Colbert, we see the line between opinion and news become increasingly blurred. How many college students consider the Daily Show a real news source? We cannot take all of the blame for our low standards for quality information, however. We face no immediate consequences for our as yet unformed filters. Our generation grew up in an era that fostered a budding playground for people to express their personal opinions and assume them to be fact. We grew up immersed in Internet culture. With the growth of the Internet, and with it, the growth of blogs and sites like MySpace, it became far too easy to stay sheltered in our own thoughts and opinions at all times. Even Google recognizes its users and tailors search results to what its matrix has determined will please each of them. Not only are we encouraged to only access what we already know, but also the importance of our beliefs is magnified by their seemingly high status among other views. Our egos are constantly stroked by the confirmation bias from our existing thoughts. We have little access to truly unbiased information. We do not have any standard for true research, nor do we have the full host of other options to find facts that were more readily available even just ten years ago. Pe rh a p s t h o s e t wo phenomena feed into one another and only worsen the problem.

So much of our research consists of scanning the internet for the quickest thing we can find that matches what we already believe. It is more common to form an opinion and then try to prove it, rather than learning about what is happening in the world and then deciding what we think about it. It is no wonder we have questionable judgment when it comes to finding good places to look for news. Because of our basic lack of reliable information, we fall into opinion-based “news” instead. When we learn that it is ok to communicate without proving what we are saying, we become immature in our thoughts. When the people around us simply accept what we say without asking us to back it up, we never learn the method or the necessity of doing so. Our thoughts lose their depth quickly this way, which is just as much a shame for ourselves as it is for the people we encounter throughout our lives. Having strong opinions is not in itself a bad thing, but editorials cannot replace news articles. Commentary can never be an adequate substitute for primary sources or real journalism. We need to be able to form our beliefs from news on our own, not from some one else’s interpretation of that same bit of news. Even more importantly, we should be able to form intelligent, complex thoughts about things we care about in general. We need to take advantage of our youth while we still have it. Our passion can be extremely useful if we simply use it well. If we take the time to ensure our opinions are well informed, they will be much more difficult to dismiss. If young people develop the ability to communicate coherently, we will be able to make real change in the world. The rest of the population will finally start to take us seriously if we can show that we deserve their respect. We here at The Xavierite believe that putting our creative energy into looking for the truth is the best way to overcome our own egos and actually find common ground for valuable communication.

Editorial Policy The Xavierite welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Letters will not be edited for content reasons, though we reserve the right to not print letters that are libelous. We also reserve the right to edit for length but promise that no content will be compromised.

Letter Policy All letters to the editor must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. For students, we ask that letters be signed with your full name, major and year. For faculty and staff, we ask that your letters be signed with your full name and university position. All letters can be sent to Please include “letter to the editor” in the subject bar to ensure prompt review and printing. Thank you for your time and support. We cannot wait to receive your letters!

Deep Thoughts in Memes? Journal of the Apocalypse Genevieve Buthod

Senior Viewpoints Editor

By now, you may have heard of the latest Internet meme called “[Stuff] [blank] Says.” The meme began with two men creating a Twitter feed called “[Stuff] Girls Say,” and several accompanying YouTube videos featuring a fictional woman saying apparently stereotypical womanly things. One of the creators dressed as a woman enthusiastically phrases like, “You hair is so thick;” “No, you’re the best!” and “I just love wine.” The successive spin-offs include everything from “[Stuff] Vegans Say,”(“Do they have seitan here?”) to “[Stuff} My Dad Says,”(“Back in my day…” etc.). Each of these has a few million views but they cannot compare to the response videos. Comedian Franchesca Ramsey’s satirical video “[Stuff] White Girls Say to Black Girls,” features Ms. Ramsey in a blond wig acting out things her friends and strangers have actually said to her.

After touching her hair without permission, “It sort of feels like…a Brillo pad;” “He is so cute!...You know, for a black guy;” “That is sooooo ghetto!” and “You know what I like about them is they’re not, like, stereotypical black people, you know?” This video, at over seven million views, has gotten more attention than any of the similar joke videos that inspired the meme. Quite a number of people have responded negatively to Ms. Ramsey’s approach to social commentary, however. In comments and on their own websites, people have claimed that the video and its sequel are examples of “reverse racism,” and continue to divide people by furthering prejudice. This interesting video became such an issue that Ramsey appeared on Anderson Cooper’s talk show, Anderson. She explained that she had no intention of dividing people or even calling anyone out on their racist comments. She simply wanted her friends and other women to realize what they say can sound pretty hurtful when falling on another’s ears. These little joking comments are examples of what Harvard psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce calls

“micro aggressions.” These micro aggressions are small words and actions throughout normal daily conversation and life that, whether intentional or not, serve to belittle or de-humanize some one who does not belong to the speaker’s privileged group. Ms. Ramsey, along with several women in the audience, explained how animalizing it can be when some one feels they can reach out and feel your hair because they consider it exotic or intriguing. This particular unintentional put-down is something that I as a white woman almost never have to deal with. Unwanted comments about my body, certainly, but I do not have to deal with the same animalizing comments and actions as a woman of color does. Another important point that can be easily glossed over is that Ms. Ramsey, in producing this creative form of commentary, is not herself creating divisions or prejudices. She is simply calling out divisions that already exist and presenting them in a more digestible format— comedy. Source: DeAngellis, Tori. “Unmasking ‘racial microaggressions’. APA,2009.

Rise of the Social ‘News’work have to walk in the thunderstorm. Whenever the Blackwhawks are playing, I know the exact score. I know which player got which Features Editor penalty or injury. I don’t even like the Blackhawks. I don’t like hockey. Back in the day, if people I’m really indifferent when it comes wanted to check the weather, to sports in general. they would go outside and read a Regardless of my apathy thermometer. towards sports, it was everywhere If they wanted to know the on my Facebook. It seemed like score of last night’s game, they it just couldn’t take a hint that I would turn to the sports section of wasn’t interested. their newspapers. The whole time any sports If they wanted to hear some game is on and several hours juicy secrets, they would go down after, I try to avoid the social the street to their town gossip, such networking site, but sometimes, it as Helen Lovejoy from The Simpsons. is unavoidable. If people wanted to hear the As soon as the Penn State latest election news, they would Scandal was discovered, Facebook have to turn on one of many news knew. As soon as Joe Paterno died, channels. came back to life, and died again, Now, there is one website that Facebook knew. people can go on to get completely As soon as someone posts a reliable and unbiased information: cute picture of a cat anywhere on Facebook. the internet, Facebook knows. Ok. I was kidding about the Facebook knows, and it will “reliable and unbiased” thing, but show up on your newsfeed. Facebook has turned into a source I finally figured out why it is for everything you would ever called a newsfeed in the first place. need to know about. Take that, It is filled with news. Said Wikipedia! news then gets fed to you or shoved A few days ago, it was raining. down your throat, whichever the Within moments, Facebook was case may be. plastered with comments such as Facebook has also changed “guys it’s raining” and “omggggg. what we consider to be news. itz raining frownyface”. Those Did you hear that Girl and were some of the more articulate Boy broke up? Now Girl is dating responses I saw. Other Boy. That is breaking news. Nevertheless, I was quickly All my friends need to know informed that it was raining, that. Even the ones that don’t know which was some vital information Girl, Boy, or Other Boy. Especially considering I was out at the time the people who don’t know them. and had to find a ride so I didn’t Back in the day I was speaking On My Soapbox and Off My Rocker Becki Brown

of earlier. if people wanted to show their firends pictures of themselves, they would have to corner their friends and hold them down as they flipped through photo album after photoalbum of tacky tourists and strangers’ feet. Now, all they have to do is post their pictures in an album on facebook and sit back as their friends are put through the whole thing via timeline (another new change to Facebook that confuses and frightens me). From drama to politics, Facebook has become the newest source for minute by minute coverage. What does this mean for other outlets of social media? If Facebook continues to gain momentum in becoming a news juggernaut, it may have horrible consequences. What people post on their profile does not have to be fact checked. It does not have to be grounded in any sort of logic or truth. With a continuingly biased news source, people will lose what little sense they have left and will instead be nothing but mindless followers, believing every post and link posted in their every growing newsfeed. We need to stop this before it gets too out of control. Read a newspaper (which you are doing now; good for you), turn on the TV, look out the window. Do something other than follow everything you see on the social “news”work.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Xavierite

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Putting a price tag on Freedom Hadrian’s Wall Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor

What could you get with $20? Maybe fill up the gas tank, a decent meal, or maybe tickets to a movie with a date. What could you get with $100? Maybe a texts book, some new cloths, or maybe pay a bill. What could you get with a million bucks or even a billion with a capital “B” on the check? At one point or another, we all have thought about that fantastic situation; but the real problem is that there are people who can seriously ask it. There are people who have enough zeros behind their name to make you start counting your fingers and toes. What happens to all that when that person cannot die and can throw an unlimited amount of money into the political system? They become self proclaimed gods over, we the lesser mortals. I do not speak in forked tongues or riddles because this is happening right before the nation’s eyes, and our elected officials are letting it happen. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people and have the ability to give unlimited campaign contributions or funding for advertisement via a superPAC. In a single Supreme Court ruling split 5-4 in favor, a hundred years of regulation was undone.

The name, PAC, stands for Political Action Committee, which now can now be “super” under the new court rulings. Previously, a PAC had similar limitation on financing and campaign contributions as individual people. Currently, a SuperPAC no longer has limitations on funding for the purpose of supporting or opposing a runner, yet somehow real humans are still limited. Thankfully, the court’s ruling still prevents a SuperPAC from directly coordinating with the candidate in question. Never the less, the Supreme Court has dealt a major blow to grass roots movements and have put a strangle hold on individual speech through campaign donations. This cannot be tolerated. I do not understand how the court came to the conclusion that corporations are people, but apparently they are because corporations are made up of people; thus it is just a big human. This logic can only make sense if human characteristics and the qualifications of life are stretched into a metaphor or simile. The major difference between corporations and people that cannot be denied is the longevity of the “organism” in question. The average life span of a human in the United States is roughly 76 years, while there are corporations over 200 years old in America. This single fact


“People make up corporations, so corporations are people.” should negate the whole concept of business being people, not to mention it is only the board of directors and major stock loaders who decide the actions of the corporation; while the entire work force just keeps the gears turning. Corporations are no more people, than my car is a transformer. So what happens when these corporations with their superPACs dump hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns, and without disclosing where the money is coming from or even how much? There is an easy, yet complex answer: they buy off elections. How they buy elections is a more complex issue. Basically the superPAC is a front for the corporations and

Use your head, not Google The Unbarable Truth Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief

In the past week the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) and the “Protect IP Act” (PIPA) have become household names. I find it amazing that so many people have taken notice of and are becoming involved in this political situation. A driving force behind this is Google, which blacked out its logo on January 18 and provided a petition for people to sign electronically to oppose the acts. Another force behind this is Wikipedia and thousands of other websites which were purposely blacked out last week to signify what internet censorship can really mean. I agree with Google. Censoring the internet, even if it is against piracy, is playing with fire. Who is to say that the government would never use this as a precedent to regulate other aspects of the internet in the future? But my purpose in this article is not to bash the bills, rather it is to examine why people are so riled up about this particular situation. I already mentioned how Google and Wikipedia are the driving forces. Yes, it is great how the internet can unite people like it did in this case. But there is a definite downside. The day before the blackouts and the Google petition, nobody seemed to be talking about this issue. Yet SOPA was introduced

on October 26, 2011 and PIPA was introduced on May 11, 2011! My question is: where were all of these political activists then? The fact that so much of this activism started on the day that Google launched its campaign implies that people are way too reliant on others to spoon-feed them information. Indeed, this was propaganda at its finest. If you clicked on the blacked out Google logo last week, you were directed toward a very brief summary of the acts, why they are evil, and why you must sign this online petition immediately to stop them. Now, I am willing to bet that many people blindly signed this petition without doing any research on the topic whatsoever. There are always two sides to every story to examine before making a decision. But in this situation, there seemed to be only one right answer. I wanted both sides of the story, so I typed in “reasons to support SOPA” into Google. The search results yielded nothing but blacklists of companies that support the legislation and stories about politicians who condemned the acts. I had to go through a few pages before I finally found an opposing viewpoint, and after analyzing it, I decided to oppose the legislation. Besides, I generally have a distrust of government regulating too many aspects of our lives. But you would never know any of this from just Google. It painted the bleakest possible picture, the worst case scenario of what could

happen if we allowed government into the internet. I also bet that, students especially, freaked out when they saw Wikipedia blacked out. Indeed, several of my Facebook friends became lobbyists in a matter of hours. The people who run Wikipedia know that their website has become as vital for students as food and water, and they no doubt used that to their advantage to gather support for the petition. This was a definite scare tactic. The lesson to be learned from this is that maybe the internet is already censored in that we are so reliant on and trusting of a few powerful giants like Google to give us information. You would not sign a contract without first reading the fine print, so why would you sign this petition without doing research? Because Google told you to? Here is another question to ask yourself: would you be so quick to call your congressmen and senators if Google and Wikipedia had stayed quiet on the topic? Would you even know? This is why it is important to do your own research and stay informed about politics. You need to know yourself what is going on because guess what—politics is a year round game and bills that affect our lives are always being introduced and voted on in Congress. So next time Google tells you to jump, don’t ask how high, ask why.

lobbing groups who like a politician that is promoting something that could make them more profit. The superPAC throws money into advertisement to convince voters to elect their guy. This tactic of, “I’ll scratch your back if you give me a comfy chair, and then we can screw everyone else” is nothing new. And because this is nothing new, the public has grown apathetic towards the injustices heaped upon them every day. It is when the public becomes apathetic and does nothing that the system begins to work against the very people who it is supposed to protect. The system is not broken,

but merely clogged; and one way to clean the system out is to remove corporate money from politics. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont currently has a proposed Constitutional Amendment, Saving American Democracy, which would fix this once and for all. The Amendment has four main clauses: (1) Corporations are not persons with constitutional rights equal to real people, (2) Cor porations are subject to regulation by the people, (3) Corporations may not make campaign contributions or any election expenditures, (4) Congress and states have the power to regulate campaign finances. Over 190,000 people have signed a petition in support of this Amendment already. Please do not apathetic because that is what big business and corrupt politicians are counting on, but deep down they are afraid. They are afraid of We the People because we are the one who give them power. Fight their lies, fight for your rights, most importantly fight as a peoples united. For more information on the Saving American Democracy Amendment please visit www. Sources:,, sanders.senate. gov

Campus Poll What do you think about regulation of the Internet?

Annie Kelly, senior, English secondary education

Victoria Horsely, sophomore, mass comm.

“I understand the idea but it went too far.”

“They’re trying to take away free speech. I think it’s terrible.”

Pete Lamb, sophomore, education “It’s dangerous and will lead to more extreme censorship.”

Val Demma, junior, accounting “The regulations are not necessary, censorship shouldn’t be so heavy.”

Karie Raab, junior, speechlanguage pathology “I’m not totally against it; I could see why websites need protection.”

Mike Kennedy, junior, accounting “The internet is and should stay free, it’s free speech.”

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

By Grant Vargas I was looking on the Internet the other day to see the Honey badger meets Lady Gaga video on YouTube that my friend told me about. After gallivanting around the web a bit, I found the video link and clicked on it. Next thing I know, there is a CIA warning on my computer telling me to stop supporting foreign criminals! I was half expecting a pair of FBI agents to jump in through the bedroom window, taser me, than wake up in the Nevada Desert…and then it happened. Hopefully that would never actually happen, and with the death of SOPA last Friday we all can rest more easily. The two bills, SOPA and PIPA, that were designed to combat online copyright violations by foreign entities faced enormous backlash from the

Internet community over the past week. Despite having almost the whole backing of the multi-billiondollar entertainment industry, Congress heard the outcries of the public and killed the bills. The reason for this opposition lies in the implications that the bill would have on the Internet community. The U.S. cannot prosecute copyright violators outside of the country, so the next best thing is to attack their base of operations within American cyberspace. That is what SOPA and PIPA planned to do. For more details on how the bills work, turn your attention to the Bare Bones Facts article. Understanding the broader implications and foreshadowing of future laws, thousands of major websites and millions of individuals openly spoke out against Congress letting SOPA and PIPA go any further. What would the Internet look like had the bills become law? This would be an interesting notion to entertain, so why not. Let us say that the bills passed, President Obama put his

stamp of approval on them, and the Supreme Court was too busy taking calls from the new human entity formerly known as corporations. Now, every artist and creator that has their products posted all over the web has the tools to seek revenge. The first targets would most likely be YouTube, Pirate Bay, and every search engine and payment system on the web. There is no more hiding from the big bad wolf; next will follow all the smaller sites that make all those beloved memes. The social networking sites will be a hard fight, but they will cave eventually. Sooner or later, every last major stronghold for the sharing of information will have fallen because a single illegal post is enough for the courts and prosecutors to attack. If the websites wish to stay in operation, it would mean cutting off all communication to the world outside of our border. This might seem extreme, but complete cyber quarantine from all other countries would be the only way to stop foreign postings of illegal content. When people use words like foreign, violation and illegal, other people normally agree at first because foreign things violating our rights and committing illegal acts scares us.

But once the practical

implications are realized, it seems absurd to have used such diction. SOPA had the power to hunt down real criminals, who are stealing tens of thousands of dollars in software or data, but at the same time it hunts down the person putting up a remixed music video online. Here is a visualization of the problem and the solution bills like SOPA are offering. The entertainment industry is a giant elephant who us having trouble eating because there is the enormous swarm of bugs and birds eating the elephant’s food, money. Seeing the elephant in distress, a friendly schizophrenic hyena (Congress) decides to help out by calling in a napalm airstrike (SOPA). The flames clear away the swarm regardless of the loss of life, and the elephant gets back to eating and becoming fat off the money it thought it deserved. Under the current laws, the elephant is owed that money, but at the same time what about everyone else. Our society has come to expect free sharing of information and having the ability to build off of what others made. The Internet has enabled us to communicate so far and so rapidly that it was unimaginable ten short years ago. In this grand expansion, laws have trouble keeping up; so why not rewrite them? The copyright code is thousands of pages long and has been expanded many times out of corporate greed. Disney got an extension on owning

a copy right to 75 years because they wanted to make more money off of Mickey Mouse. There is nothing absolute about copyright because it is not an inalienable or natural right, so why do the few industry leaders get to lay claim to all cash? Change the law. The public proved it has the power to defeat the industrial complex when it stands up for itself. Between January 18th and 20th, the public killed two bills that would have brought billions of dollars back to the industry because they wanted to express themselves through others’ works. The debate of right and wrong on this decision will only be settled with the passing of time, but for now and always we the people hold the final say.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

By Grant Vargas Last Wednesday there were tens of thousands of blackouts over Internet websites across the country because they were all protesting the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act. These bills, SOPA and PIPA, are aimed at stopping the theft or illegal distribution of copyrighted property over the Internet. The question of why they were being protested can only be answered once one knows the gritty details and inner workings, and it is about to rain cold hard facts. Please keep in mind that the exact details of a bill can change because it is a work in progress, but for now this is how the bill reads. House bill 3261, SOPA, was introduced by Republican Texas Representative Lamar Smith on October 26th, 2011; the purpose of the bill is to combat online piracy by websites that are hosted in foreign countries, which puts them out of American reach. The proposed legislation starts out by saying, “Nothing

The Xavierite

in this Act shall be construed to impose a prior restraint on free speech or the press protected under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution”. This clause is aimed to calm fears about the implications within the United States because this bill is targeting foreign entities that are not protected under our Constitution. The basic idea behind SOPA is to give any level of court the authority to issue an order for U.S. hosted websites to cut ties with the foreign violator. If the American site does not comply with the court order, then it will also face prosecution. To illustrate a possible scenario, say there is a website from England posts a music video, which was originally created by an American artist, and puts it on YouTube and claims it as their own property. This action comes in direct copyright violation and into the cross hairs of SOPA. The American artist can seek a court order for YouTube to block any access to the offending British website and its content. If YouTube

decides not to comply with this order, then the court has the legal ability to take down YouTube from the Internet. It is clear that SOPA has a lot of power behind it. The bill goes on to describe the immunities of the prosecutor, in the event the defendant counter sues. In section 104 of House bill 3261, it states that, “No liability for damages to any person shall be granted against, a service provider, payment network provider,” the list goes on. This means YouTube or the British site from the hypothetical scenario could not sue their prosecutor for any money lost due to the court order. There is another subsection that protects any government entity from counter suit, so there is only one winning end of the fight: the prosecutor. The lawmakers did not stop at writing SOPA. The Senate wrote their own version of this House of Representatives bill. Senate bill 968, PIPA, was introduced by Democratic Senator of Vermont Patrick Leahy in May of 2011. This bill focuses on stopping foreign

Their servers were decentralized, only accessing hosts who were connected to the internet, making it difficult for anyone to track down any one person illegally sharing files, according to That was a system that many more companies adopted, spreading the file sharing craze faster than the people could illegally download their music. The RIAA never quite gave up, though. claims that the RIAA have gone on record stating they have sued about 18,000 individuals who use file sharing technology, although in actuality the number may be as high as 35,000 individuals. But like all technology, file sharing has done nothing but improve over time, becoming easier to accomplish, and even harder to track. B i t To r r e n t , a l t h o u g h developed much earlier in this millennium, did not take off until a few years later. Developed by Bram Cohen, this new system of file sharing deviated from the Peer-to-Peer function of file sharing which only a user to download directly from another user, and instead allowed a user to download from multiple sources, according to netchunks. com. As far as the history goes, this is where file sharing stands presently. The ease and functionality of BitTorrent has only made illegally downloading all sorts of files –

music, movies, programs, games – simpler than ever. The only downside to this program is the users’ susceptibility to malware and viruses contained within the shared files. That and the occasional lawsuit involving over 23,000 individuals for using BitTorrent to download a single movie, according to Last year in May, the U.S. Copyright Group worked its way through the legal system and wound up in the prime position of forcing internet service providers to release the identity of every single person who illegally downloaded The Expendables. also states that well over 100,000 individuals are being targeted for legal remedy after illegally downloading off the wall films and all sorts of pornography. But the prosecuted are so few and far between that no one really seems to take the threat seriously. Statistics provided by can prove at least that much. On any given day, B i t To r re n t l ay s claim to anywhere u p to f i f t y - f i ve percent of all global internet traffic, the aptly named website is the 109th most visited website on the internet, and another BitTorrent website named

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business that does not intend on providing the product or is violating the intellectual property rights of the American creator. The means by which PIPA will try to stop these foreign violators are near identical to the methods employed by SOPA. T h e A m e r i c a n we b s i t e or service hosting the foreign information will be served a court order to cut any ties to the violator, or be subject to prosecution themselves. If House bill 3261 and Senate bill 968 pass on January 24th, yesterday by the time this article is read, President Obama has to either put his John Hancock on the bills or veto them. There is currently a lot of pressure from the entertainment industry and various other industries to pass these bills, but at the same time there are almost as numerous organizations and websites fighting these bills.

By Kane McKeown Piracy is no longer contained to the seemingly endless expanse of blue seas and the unwashed men who sail upon it. Although even in this modern age, thanks to Somalia, “pirate” is still apparently a legitimate career field. But knowing how to avoid the Navy SEALs is not the only way to get into the pirate business. In fact, chances are many of you have already been involved in acts of piracy. It was 1999, only around thirteen years ago, that Shawn Fanning, according to, dropped out of college and started up Napster, a music file sharing system that popularized the concept of “file sharing.” Of course, Napster was brought to trial by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and was subsequently shut down, only to later relaunch as another program users could pay to use, much like iTunes. But Napster started something huge. People saw all that free music and checked their CD libraries, almost reeling in the knowledge that what once may have amounted to months’ worth of pay could now be accessed, and owned, for free. That was a major tipping point for the general public. It was not long before file sharing websites and programs like Gnutella started popping up. has stated to have

almost 10,000 terabytes of shared files in circulation, just to give a taste of the scope of internet piracy. It is this, the trend of getting our entertainment for free that has left creative works nearly valueless. Good luck finding a single website that does not in some way steal the creative works of others. Just think of YouTube videos featuring sloppy haired teens strumming Linkin Park riffs, DeviantArt accounts filled with Full Metal Alchemist fanart, or the endless sea of forum posts that list facts to bolster poor opinions but fail to state the origin of those facts. We are all pirates it seems. Eye patches are optional.

To f i n d more information on SOPA and PIPA please visit bill/112-h3261 for SOPA or www. f o r P I PA . C o n t a c t y o u r Representative and/or Senator to tell them your view on these bills, if you have the time. These bills will have a monumental impact on the Internet. Let your voice be heard in this decision because it is with the people that ultimate power lies. Source:

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Van Halen is on a Comeback Train BY BRIAN MALONEY


This year, the music industry has decided to throw so much at us that I am not sure I can take it all at once. Black Sabbath is back together with a new album. The Who is back with a tour. AC/DC is going to release a new album, and now Van Halen is doing a tour AND has a new album? Stop for a second and re-read those last three sentences. Black Sabbath, The Who, AC/DC, and Van Halen all in one year? That has so much potential to make this year one of the best this decade, and it’s only 2012! Of all of these musical presents we will be fortunate enough to get this year, I am looking forward to Van Halen the most because they aren’t just going on tour. They have a tour AND a CD coming out, which is better than just one or the other. A Different Kind of Truth will be Van Halen’s 12th album. The cover, much like the covers from past albums, is simple but appealing. It includes a classic train on its cover in black and white surrounded by red. In the upper right-hand corner is the ever-friendly reminder that this is the good-old band Van Halen, way back from the late 70’s

and early 80’s. It has a total of 13 tracks, including their already popular single, “Tattoo”. The lyrics are catchy and are all about tattoos and their meanings. I’m sure the band will be playing that one during their tour this year. Speaking of the tour, the band is currently set to have 45 stops. Of those 45 stops, two are in the Chicagoland area. The only other city that gets two stops is New York. The first Chicago date is Februar y 24th at the United Center. Then, the Van Halen machine will return to this great city on April 1st at the Allstate Arena. No, that is not an April Fool’s Day joke; it’s real. Tickets are already on sale. If I were you, I’d buy them now. The band has always had some great tunes and seeing one of the greatest guitar players of our time live will be a story to tell the kids. Not only that, but just the name Van Halen has that “arena” ring to it; you know seeing them live would be a blast. Our city is so fortunate that we get to see them twice; I suggest you see them both times. If you can only see them once, I would recommend going to the Allstate Arena (better acoustics, not a bad seat in the house, etc.). This new album and tour is

not a complete surprise. Back in will be with them on this album 2008, Eddie Van Halen told us that and tour. he will be doing music until he dies. The band and Roth have not However, a shock came in had an album together in 27 years. 2009 when the virtuoso guitar If you’re free this Spring Break player had to undergo surgery on or have a Sunday night to spend on his left hand for arthritis. the first of April, go online and get The world was lucky, and one some Van Halen tickets. of the world’s greatest guitar players After all, I’ve yet to see can still play as fantastically as ever. someone who’s face hasn’t been The band was able to go back melted by Eddie Van Halen’s guitar into the studio around this time last solo, “Eruption”. year. The 4-man band has had some line-up changes over the years. Guitarist Eddie Va n H a l e n a n d drummer Alex Van Halen have never left the band. Previous bassist Michael Anthony has been out for a while now and was replaced by Eddie’s son, Wolfgang William Van Halen. Not only is the idea of a father-son duo in a band an awesome one, but it’s Eddie Van Halen and his son! Furthermore, the kid’s name is Wolfgang Van Halen; how great of a name is that? And of course, David Lee Roth, Van Van Halen’s newest album. Halen’s greatest singer,

I’ve yet to encounter a single soul who does not love the track “Jump”. And I will hopefully never meet a person who tells me this band is bad. Van Halen truly knows how to rock an album and, without a doubt, knows how to put on one heck of a show, so go get some tickets and enjoy a night of pure Van Halen, old-style.


Check Off “Just Okay” for the New Caf BY BECKI BROWN FEATURES EDITOR

Is there a restaurant that you eat at all the time? I don’t mean once in a while. I don’t mean once a week. I mean every day and almost every meal. I have a restaurant like that, and if you go to St. Xavier, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about: the SXU diner. First of all, I do understand that the diner is not a restaurant in the technical sense. However, it does serve food, and it does provide us a place to eat said food. I’ll call it a restaurant if I want to. This is my article, but I digress. Upon entering the diner, I notice the new tables that have been added, which includes some really tall tables and chairs. I like tall tables. They make me feel tall. There are also booths strategically spread throughout the dining area. By “strategically spread”, I mean they created a gauntlet of booths. It’s a bit intimidating. Then again, “gauntlet” reminds me of a game I played in gym in junior high. It involved people throwing dodgeballs at me as I ran across the gym. I don’t think I ever made it to the other side. Not once. Those were not happy times for me, but once again, I digress. Walking into the place where they serve the food, I observe one

Mmm...bacon burger. thing: sandwiches. There is a new sandwich counter, and it looks like it could be good. They serve sandwiches, wraps, and now even paninis. You can custom order your own creation, or you can choose one of the classics like baja chicken or even PB&J. I like that they added more choices to the sandwich menu even if it does mean having to wait for five minutes while the person in front of you is getting their panini grilled. Due to the redesign of the diner, you can also see exactly what they are putting on your sandwich, a comforting thought. I decide not to get something from the sandwich station this


time, and I continue on to the Carvery. There is usually a variety of foods from many different ethnicities. That day, it was pot roast. Mmm...meat thats been roasted in a pot. I wasn’t feeling in a roasted pot meat kind of mood, so I continued on. Finally, I arrive at the grill. Even at that one station, there are so many choices. Chicken strips, quesadillas, cheese sticks, fries, burgers, and so many more options. I decide to go with a hamburger. Simple, right? Sadly, no. Here at SXU, we have adopted this new thing called “Smashers”, a

“build your own” burger station. By “build your own” burger station, it actually means “fill out a piece of paper saying what you want them to put on it” burger station. Seriously. You have to fill out a checklist of ever ything you want on it including what type of cheese, and additional toppings like grilled onions and mushrooms. You even choose how many patties you want. If you so desire, you can get a “quint burger”. That is five patties on one bun. That poor, poor bun. I decide to go with a less dangerous option and selected a single patty with bacon. I love bacon. After filling out my little burger survey, I hand it to the man behind the counter. He then proceeded to ask me what I want on my burger. He had the paper in his hand. I don’t understand why he had to ask me after he JUST saw me fill out my sheet. Do I look like I’m indecisive? No, I don’t. Wait. Maybe I do. I’m not sure now. All I know is that I want bacon. Nothing comes between me and my bacon. I decide to go with Sun Chips (Garden Salsa of course) instead of fries in an attempt to make myself think that I’m being slightly healthier, and I grab a bottle of diet cherry Pepsi. I buy my food and sit down at one of the tall tables with two of

my lovely roommates, one of whom even took pictures of my food for me. Overall, my meal was quite enjoyable even though I think it took me longer to order than to eat. It’s hard to go wrong with prepackaged chips and bottled pop (or soda, or “sodie” as my Grandma calls it). The burger itself wasn’t memorable, but it is diner food. I wasn’t expecting filet mingion, ribeye, or porthouse. I expected a burger, and that is exactly what I got, so I’m happy with it. There was also the whole bacon thing, which was a plus. Bacon makes everything taste better. Luckily, price isn’t much of a concern for me considering the size of the meal plans they give us on campus. If I was paying out of pocket every time I ate at the diner, I’d be really skinny or really broke. Although, I don’t think there is a way to get any broker than a college student. I wouldn’t eat here every day if I didn’t have the meal plan, and honestly I wouldn’t eat here every day if I didn’t have to. But it’s ok. As long as they have bacon, I won’t complain too much. The diner is open Monday through Friday 7:30a.m.-2:15p.m. and 4:30p.m.-7p.m. as well as on Saturday and Sunday 10a.m.2:15p.m. and 4:30p.m.-6:30p.m.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Xavierite

Some Odd Truths About Skyrim



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a video game of which even some of the most unabashed assailants of video game culture are aware. Skyrim, according to, has been the recipient of over two hundred perfect reviews from sources such as G4TV and Eurogamer, something particularly atypical in the world of video games. Although it was released November 11th of last year, over two months ago, it still remains in the pop culture eye and in the hands of millions of gamers. It’s a game that players will still be talking about months from now, well beyond the average life expectancy of video game popularity. Skyrim has been heralded as the masterpiece of what are called open world games, games that allow the player to roam freely and do whatever it is they choose to do. With the ability to tan leather, join a bard’s college, traverse mountains, pickpocket civilians, and of course, fight dragons, the options seem endless. But that is not what is most interesting about Skyrim. No, in fact, this game is home to a slew of many strange idiosyncrasies that are far more entertaining to write about than the graphical engines that power the expansive landscape or the level of depth poured into this fictitious world.

Admittedly, this first point does have a lot to do with the aforementioned depth of this game. Every single character within the game has a story and, more often than not, a problem to go along with it; a problem that they do not have the capacity to solve on their own. Unless your spend your time traveling in the seemingly endless terrain, never venturing into a village or even nearing a single person, it can almost be guaranteed that someone will solicit you to aid in their life woes. Sometimes, it is interesting and even important, like the tactically important assassination of a powerful mercenary. But most of the time, the requests are supremely mundane, like delivering letters or parcels. That is correct, a battle-weary nomad, garbed in iron armor and a

Desktop Art for Skyrim.

horned helmet, wielding two hand axes seems to the citizenry of the game to be the ideal currier of their valuables. Speaking of weapons, armor, items, and poorly constructed segues, Skyrim has the unique ability to encourage hoarding. How many items you can carry is based on a seemingly arbitrary weight system. You character starts with the ability to carry items that add up to a weight value of three hundred. The armor you equip yourself with may very well add up to a weight value of one hundred, but that leaves a lot of room in your infinite pockets. Some items you can carry are useful, like potions and magical scrolls, for example. And then there’s pretty much everything else: butterflies, cabbages, wooden bowls, mammoth


tusks, cooked meat, books, human skulls, candlesticks, bongo drums, red mount ain flowers, inkwells, and rolls of fabric, just to name a few. And once your character is carrying more than the weight limit, you can store all of your useless items in

whatever barrel, crate, dead body, or chest you happen across. Oh, right. You can store items in cadavers. It is actually an issue with the game code. You can only store and collect items from certain receptacles, like chests. But when you kill a monster, animal, sentient plant, human, or some unholy combination of the four, the game code allows you to pilfer its dead carcass for whatever it was carrying. This also means you have the ability to store items in that said carcass, be it a troll twice your height or a mutant rat the size of a small child. So, if you feel like you are carrying some unneeded leather gauntlets of archery, or just way too many cabbages, just crack open that rib cage and stuff everything you have in there. Now t h a t yo u a re l e s s encumbered, you may feel ready to leave whatever terrible hole in the ground you were spelunking and make your way to the nearest village. Luckily for you, that is no further than a ten-minute walk in any direction. If that does not seem that weird, then consider every tomb you visit and every dilapidated castle you explore is rife with goldfilled chests, random magically imbued armaments, and all manner of other types of items. These are very valuable things just collecting dust one brisk

morning walk away from literally any village. But when it comes to the world of Skyrim and those who inhabit it, it actually makes sense that no one has ever taken the initiative to chart the wilderness of their backyard; no one does anything without you. You are the catalyst for everything that happens in Skyrim. For a game in which the developers paid such close attention to detail, it’s odd that they did not add a working timeline to the game. If that were the case, just taking a break to use the bathroom would leave the world in chaos in your absence, but it would certainly add that final touch of realism that it is lacking. If, for example, someone warns you of an impending dragon attack on a defenseless town a few miles to the west, that dragon will not show up until you do and not a second sooner. Aside from the main storyline of the game, there is a rebellion taking place in which neither side gains absolutely any ground until you choose who to fight with. Not a single facet of the world changes without your presence. That means every cataclysmic event that takes place within the world of Skyrim is directly caused by your very presence. You are chief antagonist, the worst of all villains. But that really should have been obvious after stuffing that rat carcass with all those cabbages.

T-SHIRT CONTEST at the CAMPUS BOOKSTORE The Campus Bookstore is once again sponsoring a T-SHIRT CONTEST! Imagine having your design put on a custom t-shirt which will be sold in the bookstore! The winner will be awarded a $50.00 gift card to the Campus Bookstore in addition to a one of a kind sweatshirt featuring their design! Four runners up will each be awarded a $25.00 gift card to the Campus Bookstore. Please e-mail your design in .pdf format to . Contest rules:

*must be enrolled at SXU for the Spring 2012 semester *drawing must depict something about SXU *cannot use the official SXU seal or logo *must be in good taste – no nudity or vulgarity *limit drawing to four colors *must be on 8.5” x 11” sheet of white background paper Deadlines for submissions is February 8th, 2012 Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. • Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Located in the north side of the Saint Xavier University Shannon Athletic Center. Enter from 103rd St. near the SXU electronic marquee.


3700 West 103rd St. Chicago, IL 60655 (773) 298-3115

Bookstore Bites Watch for our “Free Books” winner in next weeks Xaverite!

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Men’s Volleyball Struggling; start 0-3 BY BRANDON SWANSON SPORTS CONTRIBUTOR

The Men’s Volleyball team has not quite gotten things to click so far this season. However, the Cougars have been able to keep playing competitively, despite the 0-3 start. The Cougars dropped their second match of the year to no. 8 ranked Cardinal Stritch University. The Cougars played as well as they could, but ultimately fell in five sets. Freshman setter Jimmy Boyce did well by getting 23 set assists and posting nine digs. Evan Muys also had a good match for the Cougars by racking up 17 kills. The Cougars came out on fire in the first two sets as the offense posted attacking percentages of .304 and .312 respectively. The Cougars set out for Ohio where they would be taking on Lourdes

College. The Cougars lost in four tough sets to the Gray Wolves. However, the Cougars had it rough throughout the whole game as Lourdes College had four players reach double digit kills, and the Gray Wolves ended up pounding the Cougars with 65 team kills and a .423 attack percentage. The Cougars ended up with a disappointing 38 total kills and it was Aaron Porter and Evan Muys who combined for 23 of them. The Cougars just have not quite gotten into a consistent rhy t h m t h a t t h e y c a n r i d e throughout the season. The season is still young and the Cougars have time to turn things around and get back to good form. There is a lot of hope for this young team as the season continues on.

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Bulls Wrap-up Greg’s World By Greg Pilafas

Senior Sports Editor

The Chicago Bulls have started out the season playing unbelievable basketball. This team is poised for big things this season after racing out to a 15-3 record as of Sun. Jan. 22. The Bulls have the best record in the NBA; the second team behind them is the Oklahoma City Thunder with a 13-3 record. The Bulls big rival, the Miami Heat, has struggled early and has an 11-5 SXU ATHLETICS record. Justin Cousin will try his best to get this team out of their funk. This Bulls team is a little banged up though as reigning MVP Derrick Rose has missed four of the last nine games with a lingering turf toe injury that could hamper him the remainder of the season. BY TONY GUSTIN on the field in San Francisco. SPORTS EDITOR Also, John Lucas, Joakim Noah, Taj Players were slipping, the field was Gibson, CJ Watson and Richard The New England Patriots and ripped apart, perfect weather for “Rip” Hamilton have all missed the New York Giants are heading football. time this season. to the Super Bowl. We will see The Chicago White Sox’s At 10 or 12 people deep, a rematch of the 2008 matchup Kenny William’s son, Kyle, the Bulls have perhaps the most where Eli Manning led the Giants fumbled a punt return in overtime complete team in the NBA and are to ruin the Patriots perfect season. that turned into the game winning primed for this lockout shortened This time Tom Brady will be field goal. Defense doesn’t win season. looking for revenge in Indianapolis. championships, it’s quarterbacks. The Bulls need to play it smart Both teams are entering the game Brady outplayed Joe Flacco, and rest Derrick Rose more now with an arsenal of weapons that any and Eli outplayed Alex Smith, because at the end of the day you other team would be jealous of. that’s why we have a rematch. The are not playing for regular season The Patriots bring in two Patriots-Giants makes for the most wins but playing for those playoff lethal tight ends in the form of Rob entertaining matchup out of the wins when it matters most. If Rose Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, possible four teams. is healthy then, the Bulls will be along with the most consistent The “Harbaugh Bowl” ready to go and in my personal receiver in the league, Wes Welker. would’ve been a defensive battle opinion, I feel that they will win the Eli’s offense showcases the two star that would’ve lulled everyone to NBA Championship this season running backs Brandon Jacobs and sleep. Neither of these teams has with their depth and tremendous Ahmad Bradshaw. a great passing defense so expect MSF.COM team. The Giant’s recievers also have The Giants beat the Patriots in a stunner back in 2007. plenty of big plays through the air. been outstanding all year. They Brady is seeking his fourth have Hakeem Nicks who emerged in the end it was fate for these two on kicker Billy Cundiff because C h a mp i o n s h i p r i n g , w h i l e as a superstar last year, Mario teams to give us another great game he missed an easy 32 yard field Manning is looking for his second. goal to tie the game when time Manningham, and the surprise of and have a rematch. Indianapolis has a dome stadium In the AFC Championship, was winding down, but there was the year, Victor Cruz. so neither team has to worry about Neither team put up an Tom Brady threw two interceptions a play on the same drive where winter weather conditions. impressive show in their respective and didn’t even have a passing receiver Lee Evans dropped a There is a one week break so Championship games to get into touchdown. The Baltimore Ravens sure touchdown catch. The NFC that the NFL can host the pointless the Super Bowl. Luck was definitely had so many chances down the Championship ended in a similar Pro Bowl. Meanwhile, both teams a factor in both of their wins, but stretch, but blew every one of them. way. will be preparing for the big game. The conditions were terrible Ever yone wants to jump

Ready for the Superbowl rematch of the century

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Fans Pay Tribute to the NAIA National Champions

the football team into the gym where they were greeted with an ovation that shook the Shannon On Dec. 17, 2011, the St. Center. After the players entered the Xavier University Cougars won the Shannon Center, the Coaching NAIA National Championship. St af f for the Cougar s were This National title was the first in introduced one by one, and then the school’s forty one year athletic the captains were introduced as history. they carried in the three trophies Exactly one month after the Cougars received into the their national title victory, on Shannon Center. Jan. 17, 2012, the NAIA National Once everyone was settled in Champions were honored with a and the three trophies were placed pep rally at the Shannon Center, on their table the speeches began. in front of all of their friends, The speeches came from families, fellow students, alumni, many different people, from state SXU faculty and local politicians. politicians, to national politicians, The Shannon Center was and from coaches to players. packed a half hour before the Christine Wiseman, the President assembly was due to begin, and GENEVIEVE BONADONNA/THE XAVIERITE the atmosphere was electric. Bob of Saint Xavier University, had Hallberg, the Athletic Director at one of the biggest speeches of the The football team walks out and greets fans at last Tuesday’s pep rally. Saint Xavier University, welcomed afternoon. At the end of President Feminis. be back at the same time next year Wiseman’s speech she read a letter Coach Feminis has been the celebrating another national title that congratulated the football head coach of the Cougar football victory. team on their accomplishments team for the last thirteen seasons. To end the pep rally, the this season and when she reached D u r i n g t h e C o u g a r s Cougar band played the fight the end of the letter she announced Championship run, Coach Feminis song, as all the players and coaches that it was signed, United States once stated that this team has done gathered at center court to do the President, Barrack Obama. everything they can at the small familiar “Cougar Sway” that the A n o t h e r s p e e c h t h a t college level expected to compete team does before they take the field highlighted the pep rally was that for and win a national title. for every game. of Steve Murphy, the founder of the When Coach Feminis took After the pep rally concluded, football team here at Saint Xavier the podium at the pep rally he was everyone in attendance had a University. not only a National Champion but chance to take pictures with all of Without this man the Cougar he was also named NAIA Coach of the championship trophies and talk football program may not have the Year by the American Football to players and coaches. ever gotten to this level. In his Coaches Association. The pep rally commemorating speech, Murphy discussed the During his speech, Coach t h e 2 011 N A I A N a t i o n a l beginnings of the school’s football Feminis thanked everyone involved Championship Saint Xavier program and how it has grown into with the football program and Cougars not only topped off a a national championship program. with the school, his family, and his championship season, but also was Another highlight of the pep coaches and players. At the end of the start of big things to come from rally was the speech given by the his speech, Coach Feminis went this Cougar football team in the GENEVIEVE BONADONNA/THE XAVIERITE head coach of the Cougars, Mike on to state that the Cougars would year 2012. Captains Patrick Appino and Michael Prosser speak at the pep rally. BY ALAN PAAPE


Athlete Spotlight: Morgan Stuut BY GREG PILAFAS


Q: What is your major? A: I am a nursing major and a surgical nurse would be ideal because I have always wanted to be in surgery, but I do not know if I would want to be a surgeon. I would want to be a surgical nurse or something along those lines. Q: What motivates you? A: Food! I hate to say it, but it does. I just love the thrill of the game really, just to get that rush of doing well and playing well with the team. I do not know I just like that feeling so that is what motivates me. Q: Who is an idol for you? A: My sister Holly. She is two years older than me and she has always been my role model. She played all the sports that I played and I pretty much just wanted to be like her when I was little, and I have grown up following what she does. Q: Who is your favorite NBA player? A: I would have to say Kobe Bryant just because I thought his name was Colby like the cheese and so that is why he is my favorite player, I am not even

kidding. Q: What changes in your mindset when you walk on to a basketball court?

at DePaul. I was in between these two girls who were a whole head taller than me. It was really cool and I would love to do it again.

A: My dad has always told me to be like Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Be Doctor Jekyll off the court and then turn in to Mr. Hyde on the court. Actually Coach Hallberg has used that comparison or reference earlier in the season and I was like, hey my dad has always told me that. So I just be who I am off the court and then on the court I just let a little bit of my steam off I guess.

Q: What made you come to Saint Xavier?

Q: What is one aspect of your game that you want to work on the most? A: I would say my offensive game because I need to work on my offensive mentality. I would rather get a rebound over driving to the lane and try to create something. I will if I have to or if Coach calls a play for me, I will. I feel to be fair to my teammates, I have to help contribute and I need to have that mentality to contribute. Q: What was the experience like to play at DePaul even though you guys lost big? A: Very cool; a different experience and a different atmosphere. That was my first college basketball game and I was

A: First of all it was Coach Hallberg and the team, but it really helped that they had a great nursing program. The coaching staff was so friendly and I kind of wanted to get out of Michigan, but I did not want to go too far away, so this was ideal. Q: What attracted you to the game of basketball? A: I would have to say the team aspect of it, because I had the choice of running in college or playing basketball. What ended up being the final factor was the team and how cool it is that you can get five girls on the court at once and meshing so well. I think that is what really sold it for me. I just love it so much and I do not even know why I love it so much, but I do. Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of playing basketball? A: Read Harry Potter, not even lying. I have read that series like seven times. That is not even an exaggeration either. I just prefer everything Harry Potter.

Q: Who is one player on the team that you look up to most for help? A: I would definitely say Brittany Jones. She is a fantastic role model and always has the best advice and she is very caring. It is not just about basketball; it is about school or anything outside of that even. You can talk to her about anything and she is there for you. Even if she is doing something else, she will still help you out. She is a great player too and a smart player and definitely one of those players that I would like to model myself after. Q: What age did you start playing basketball? A: We do have a picture of me touching my first basketball when I was a little child and I could not even walk. I got into it when I was in fourth grade, I saw that my sister had played and it was called junior pro. I wanted to be like her and play and I played in fourth

grade and that is what got me into basketball. To read the full interview with Morgan Stuut, please visit Also, be sure to check out previous athlete spotlights and other sports articles. You can find those under the sports section of the website.

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SPORTS Jones Breaks Record; Cougars Bounce Back Cardinal Stritch Overpowers Cougars; Cougars Dominate Calumet

got the start and she dazzled under the spotlight. “I was a little nervous, but I The SXU Cougars traveled was confident going into the game all the way to Cardinal Stritch that I would perform to the best of University last Thursday night and my ability. I knew my teammates they did not expect to be behind would back me up,” said Johnson. when the final buzzer went off at It was a very steady game for the the end of the game. SXU Cougars and they played like The Cougars fell 64-59 to a team on a mission. Cardinal Stritch and they turned They shot 57 percent from the ball over 21 times in the game. the floor in the first half and they They also had 21 fouls held the Peregrines to a shooting throughout the game and two of percentage of just under 27 percent. their key players fouled out. One The Peregrines also helped out the of the bright spots in the game Cougars as they were 0-14 from was freshman Suzie Broski, as she beyond the arc. scored 20 points and collected The biggest block of the game seven rebounds. came when Brittany Jones got her Morgan Stuut had a bit of one and only block of the game. an off game, scoring just eight The block for Jones was her 141st points and pulling down only seven rebounds. “We didn’t play to block, putting her in first place our full potential,” said freshman with blocks sur passing Erin Hannemann. The accomplishment guard/forward Morgan Stuut. It was an off night for the is something very special for Jones Cougars as they seemed to be and big congratulations goes out outplayed by the Wolves, and as to her. Marissa Young was chasing the stats show out-rebounded. The 1000 points in the ballgame against Wolves had 46 rebounds compared Purdue University Calumet. She to SXU’s 32. came up just one point shy of The Cougars shot only 28 accomplishing the feat, but she will percent from the field in the second definitely get it in the upcoming half. They made just seven of their game against Olivet Nazarene 25 shots. University. The Cougars were looking to When asked about getting get things back on track and rolling 1000 points Young had this to say, again against Purdue University “Yea it would have been nice to Calumet. That is exactly what they get 1000 tonight but it’s nothing did. compared to getting a big win, we Morgan Stuut had a double really needed to bounce back.” double by halftime and everything The next game for the Cougars was rolling for the Cougars. will be against #14 ranked Olivet Freshman guard Maloree Johnson


Nazarene University. The Cougars will not have an easy time trying to defeat the Tigers. The Cougars got a bit of a shock when they fell to Cardinal Stritch University, but Broski said, “We took Cardinal Stritch as a wakeup call. We really need to be able to come together and play well as a team.” The Cougars have a big game coming up and Coach Hallberg knows it. He said during the postgame show that it does not matter that they beat Purdue University Calumet, because Olivet Nazarene University is a team that it does not matter if you win a big game before or lose a big game before. Momentum does not play a big factor when you have to play the Tigers. It is going to be a mental game for the Cougars and they have to be prepared to be able to run with the Tigers. This will not be an easy game for the Saint Xavier Cougars, but they are up to the task. They are a very talented team and they are looking to show that they are the best in the conference. A win against the Tigers would give the Cougars a big momentum boost and give them the confidence they need to finish out the season on a high note. The next game for the Cougars will be at Indiana- University South Bend. The next home game for the Cougars will be Saturday Jan. 31 at 7pm against the University of Saint


Senior Brittany Jones broke the block record over the weekend. Francis (Ill.). If you cannot make it out to the game be sure to tune into WXAV or The Cougars will be looking for the home crowd to back them up as they go up against one of their

biggest rivals in Saint Francis. The Cougars have played tremendous basketball this season and they will be looking for that home support when they play Saint Francis University.

Men’s basketball improves; Karp eclipses milestone BY GREG PILAFAS


Sophomore guard Brad Karp did something that is an extremely rare feat especially in only his second season at SXU. Karp eclipsed the 1,000 point mark in his career in a little over a season and a half. “It really is a pretty cool accomplishment and all the credit goes to my teammates and coaches who are always setting me up and putting me in a good place,” said Brad Karp. “It’s quite a tremendous accomplishment for him to achieve. We have seen 1,000 point scorers before, but I do not think we have ever had someone score 1,000 points so quickly,” said men’s basketball head Coach Tom O’Malley about Brad Karp’s


Brad Karp continues to thrive.

accomplishment. Karp had 22 points in the contest against Purdue University Calumet on Saturday, Jan. 21 at the Shannon Center in front of his home crowd. Karp needed 21 points coming in to the game and finished the game with 22 points and 1,001 points in his career so far for SXU. The Cougars defeated a shorthanded Purdue University Calumet Peregrines team that only dressed six players on a ten player roster, 104-66. The Cougars wore down the Peregrines with their stifling defense as well as there fantastic offense. Junior point guard Roosevelt Green came out of the gate firing on all cylinders draining four three pointers in a row to start off the ball game. He was knocking them down from well beyond the arc in this game; Green finished with a teamleading 32 points in 32 minutes of play. Green also had six steals and went a whopping 6-8 from the three point arc. Newcomer Dominique Harvey, a 6-4 forward from Chicago, IL, had 10 points and grabbed down eight rebounds in 24 minutes of play.

Jack Krieger had 13 points and seven rebounds in this contest and he has played extremely well off the bench for the Cougars. The men’s basketball team was without Anthony Grant in this game who sat out with a wrist injury, and without him, Krieger really stepped up and played great. After this win for the Cougars they improved to 15-5 in the season and were ranked number 21 in the NAIA standings. The Cougars will look to keep moving up the standings as they moved from number 25 up to number 21. Back on Jan. 19, the Cougars fell to Cardinal Stritch University on the road; the Cougars lost 79-69 in this game. The Cougars’ biggest discrepancy in this game was the free throw game; the Cougars shot 5-12 from the line, whereas Cardinal Stritch shot 21-35. Cardinal Stritch improved to 17-5 on the season after this game and they were led by Derek Semenas who went 5-5 from the three point line and finished with 23 points. Cardinal Stritch shot a staggering 72.7% from the three point arc as well. Karp was the leading point scorer for the Cougars with 24

Roosevelt Green lit up the scoreboard over the weekend. points in the game; he also added four rebounds and three steals. Senior Ed Gilgenbach scored 16 points in 30 minutes of action and was the second leading scorer for the Cougars. This was the Cougars’ fifth loss this season and the team is now 4-5 on the road. The Cougars are an undefeated 11-0 at the Shannon Center, but are under .500 on the road. The Cougars will go up against


Indiana University-South Bend on Jan. 28 over in Indiana at 1:00 p.m. The Cougars’ next home game will be on Feb. 1 against rival Saint Francis (IL) at 7 p.m. If you cannot come out to watch the Cougars take on their rival Saint Francis, make sure to listen live to 88.3 fm WXAV or The Cougars will be looking for the home crowd support as they will be looking to continue their undefeated streak.

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