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First Floor Renovations Completed Macy Zamudio Senior News Editor

Gallery is now located immediately upon entering the first floor through the main entrance near the library.

After several months of construction, renovations in the first floor of SXU’s Warde Academic Center have finally concluded. The newly refurbished space is designed to promote using technology for leaning purposes as well as to give SXU students more areas to study and relax.

Coffee Cats – the popular SXU beverage and snack venue that was next to the library – has now been relocated downstairs; Skach believes that the relocation was a good decision to make, especially since Coffee Cats customers would sometimes unintentionally block the library entrance due to a long line. Equipment that was used at the old Coffee Cats has now been removed.

Construction in the area below the library began in late February of 2013 and was completed before the start of the fall semester on August 23rd.

Originally on the third floor of the Warde Academic Center, Media Services was also relocated to the first floor and is now situated next to the new Coffee Cats. Its new location has made its presence at the university more visible to students.

Before the renovations were initiated, the space housed the SXU Gallery and several rooms which became underutilized after the art department relocated to the Visual Arts Center. With the area vacated, the university began to plan of ways in which the space could be remodeled. According to Peter Skach, Director of Facilities Services at Saint Xavier University, the project was funded through a grant received from the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) through the Independent Colleges Capital Program (ICCAP). This same grant was used by the university in 2011 to help fund the renovations made in the Robert and Mary Rita Murphy Stump Library. The total cost in

Skach believes that the renovated area will not only benefit SXU students and professors in academic purposes, but also for recreational ones.

Media Services relocated to the remodeled are.

remodeling the first floor area was around $2.6 million. The newly revamped area now includes a recording studio, a large smart classroom, two editing rooms, three quiet study rooms, a renovated elevator, a few staff offices, a conference room, the

Instructional Design Center, the Student Media Center, two new bathroom facilities, and a gallery lounge area. Besides having new rooms and services in the space, a few already wellknown SXU facilities and services are also housed in the renovated area. The SXU

“It will provide new and dynamic comfortable spaces filled with new technology to experience. The new gallery



Meet Saint Xavier’s New Provost

New Health Center policies

Math is a contact sport

University Relations

Songs of the summer

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On July 1, 2013, the new Provost, Dr. Paul L. DeVito, began his work here at Saint Xavier University. The Provost, also known as the Chief Academic Officer, is in charge of “…everything that has to do with the academic enterprise of the university, anything that has to do with education, the deans, the library, instructional technology.” Dr. DeVito came here from Saint Joseph’s University, where he spent a large part of his career. He was a Vice Provost there for six years, and a Dean of the College of Professional Liberal Studies for seven years. He was also a Provost there until he decided to move to SXU, which prepared him to become a Provost here. Dr. DeVito made his decision in coming to SXU for multiple reasons. He previously worked with President Wiseman on the board of trustees, and on the academic affairs committee at Saint Joseph’s University. He was also “…very much impressed with the strategic plan of the university, Plan 2017, a plan that, from my perspective was a well thought out and conclusive plan, that will guide the university through 2017 and beyond.” He also chose SXU because of the tradition our university upholds. “…I am also very much attracted to SXU because of its Mercy Heritage, and the fact that the

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News Editor

students here leave with a solid education, and an expectation of service to others.” The level of diversity here at SXU was also a major attraction for Dr. DeVito. “The fact that we have a college population that looked like the United States is actually quite rare in private higher education, and is very attractive.” Dr. DeVito plans to develop more programs for students, including articulation agreements with junior colleges and on the graduate level. He also plans to improve the international program, send more students abroad, and invite more students here. Dr. DeVito’s door is open to students and he encourages students to speak with him if they ever feel the need. “I want to be able to know what the student is thinking about the university. Want to know how they feel, what they think is going well, and also I want to celebrate with them, when they’re acknowledged for the good work they do. “And also I want to know if things are not going well in certain areas. So it’s important that I have contact with the student, because that’s why I’m here. I’m not here for the administration organization. I’m here for the overall education of students, so I need to be with students. And frankly, I love being with students.” Dr. DeVito’s office is located in A219, and he encourages students to talk with him whenever they may feel the need.

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Robert Lachowski


Men’s Golf in full swing

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Xavierite

President Wiseman Appointed to IBHE Macy Zamudio Senior News Editor

The Xavierite Call 773.298.3380 Fax 773.298.3381 E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

Staff: Editor in Chief Becki Brown Deputy Editor in Chief Brittany Klyczek Senior News Editors Macy Zamudio News Editor Robert Lachowski Senior Viewpoints Editor Brian Laughran Viewpoints Editor Bridget Goedke Viewpoints Correspondent Senior Features Editor Lauren Dwyer

Saint Xavier University’s President Christine M. Wiseman was appointed by Governor Pat Quinn to the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). As part of the board, Wiseman will be representing the private institutions of Illinois. She became an active member of the IBHE on August 7, 2013. According to the IBHE website, the Board of Higher Education was created as a way to organize and plan Illinois’s system of universities and colleges. Founded in 1961 by the Illinois General Assembly and Governor Otto Kerner, the board was meant to consist of individuals who would bring their “expertise, credibility, and statewide perspective,” to help plan a competent and orderly course for the dramatic increase in students pursuing a higher education. The IBHE consists of 16 members with each of them bringing a different perspective to the committee; President Wiseman will be bringing the private institution perspective. Wiseman remarked on her role in representing Illinois’s private colleges and universities. “This will be an interesting and important experience for me; it will bring the voice of private higher education to the Illinois Board of Higher Education. It’s also to my understanding that there has not been a sitting president from the private institutions on the board for a long time,” Wiseman said. Being a part of the Illinois Board of Higher Education certainly comes with a hefty list of responsibilities. As stated in the IBHE website, a few of the IBHE’s main responsibilities include evaluating the goals, needs, and

necessities of the state’s higher education; reorganizing the master plan that guides the development of Illinois’s public and private universities and colleges; and proposing budgets for operations, grants, and capital improvements for higher learning institutions. Besides commenting on her board duties, Wiseman also commented on what she hopes to bring to the IBHE. “I will be attentive to not only our educational issues, but all the educational issues that are facing institutions in the state of Illinois,” Wiseman said. “This board really has a policy and planning responsibility. This agency is expected to bring sufficient perspectives to be able to map an orderly course for the growth of education in the state of Illinois.”

According to Wiseman, former State Senator Ed Maloney – who serves on the advisory board of

In a move that will surely benefit the institution, Saint Xavier University received a $2.5 million grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s Independent Colleges Capital (ICCAP) grant program. Governor Pat Quinn made the announcement on which colleges and universities would be receiving grant money on July 31, 2013.

Saint Xavier’s Vice President of Business and Finance, Ray Catania, gave more information regarding the university’s $3.4 million FTE grant.

Webmaster Nicole Callsen Photographer The Xavierite Staff Designer Emalee Kay Director of Student Media Peter Kreten Front page teaser photo credits: The Xavierite,,,




SXU Receives $2.5 Million Grant

Senior Sports Editor Tim Carroll

Copy Editors Joshua Humphry Damone Griffin Brittany Klyczek


President Wiseman was appointed to the IBHE. University Relations

received a base grant of $5 million from the program in 2010, and an FTE grant of $3,452,744 in 2012,” stated Sehy.

Business Manager Janna Eudave

Wiseman’s appointment as a sitting president of a private university is not only significant towards the state’s private institutions, but it could even be seen as

“As part of our new strategic plan, we talked about raising the profile and visibility of this institution and this is an opportunity the president needs to take in order to do that. It’s all about Saint Xavier University – it’s really not about me. It is important for private institutions and particularly important for this private institution,” said Wiseman.

Macy Zamudio Senior News Editor

Sports Correspondent Damone Griffin

After submitting the nomination forms and after a few months of waiting, Wiseman received a letter and a phone call from the governor’s office. She had to complete several forms and even had to be interviewed by an attorney from the governor’s office before being appointed to the board.

Through her position on the IBHE, Wiseman not only hopes to help Illinois’s colleges and universities, but also specifically Saint Xavier University.

Features Editor Kristin Mabry

Sports Editor Frank Markasovic

SXU’s School of Education – and Patrick Sheahan – who serves on the university’s board of trustees – suggested that she become a nominee for the IBHE.

Created in 2009 by the Illinois State Legislature, the ICCAP program is part of the Illinois Jobs Now! Capital program. The program was designed to support construction or major renovation projects at private colleges and universities in the state. Colleen Sehy, Director of Foundation and Government Relations at Saint Xavier, provided further information on the two programs. “The ICCAP program and the larger Illinois Jobs Now! Capital program were created at the height of the recession in order to create jobs and provide stimulus to the state’s economy,” Sehy stated. According to Sehy, this $2.5 million grant is going to be the third payment of a grant that the university had already received from the ICCAP program. The size of the grant received by the state’s universities and colleges was allocated based on the amount of students enrolled at the institution. Sehy further explained how the amount of grant money was determined. “The grant formula provides two separate grants to each eligible college or university: a base grant and a full-time equivalent (FTE) grant. Both parts of the grant are based on the size of each school’s enrollment for the fall 2008 semester. We

“Based on the size of the institution, you’re allocated X number of dollars. At the time, this particular FTE grant for us today probably would have been less than that because we have fewer students. But at the time, our FTE was a lot higher, so that’s why we’re eligible for this $3.4 million. But it was based on full-time equivalent students at each institution,” Catania said. The money that was given to Saint Xavier has been dispersed in different payments, with this new $2.5 million being one of those payments. Previously received grant money has already been used for two major SXU renovation projects including the remodeling of the Robert and Mary Rita Stump Library in 2011 and the remodeling of the first-floor area below the library in 2013. As stated by Sehy, both areas had not had any major changes made to them since the 1950s. With the grant money that was already received, renovations in the two areas were able to be made and new technologies that could enhance teaching and learning were added into the facilities. Sehy states that part of this new grant distribution – the recently given $2.5 million grant – will be used to finish the final phase of the library renovations, which may possibly happen during the summer of 2013. As for the rest of the $2.5 million grant, according to Saint Xavier’s President Christine Wiseman, university officials are planning on using the remaining money to renovate SXU’s science wing.

Wiseman also remarked on the significance that these grants have towards the relationship between private institutions and the state of Illinois. “I think it’s an acknowledgement by the state of the critical role we play in educating the students of this state; it’s also an acknowledgement of our success in doing that. I think the state is demonstrating that it is as beneficial and important for our students to have access to state of the art resources as it is for students in the public institutions because of the role that we play in educating the students in this state,” Wiseman said. “We are very grateful for this because there are many states in which this would not happen.” Sehy and Catania both commented on how these grants are beneficial towards SXU students, faculty, staff, and the SXU community at large. ““These grants are transforming the SXU experience for students. We are creating a user-centered, technology-rich learning environment that supports 21st century teaching, learning, scholarship, and research. It is also creating more comfortable and appealing spaces that students and faculty will enjoy using,” Sehy stated. Catania shared sentiments similar to Sehy’s. “These grants are transforming this institution to be more modern – to be able to adapt to all the technological changes that students expect. Kids your age have grown up with smartphones,and iPads - this space is going to help in that regard because the space for students is designed to create technological projects to help with the students’ needs, goals, and whatever relates to their area of study.”

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Xavierite

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Health Center Begins Billing Students’ Insurance

Macy Zamudio Senior News Editor

billing patients’ insurance companies became the best possible solution to the problem.

As a way to sustain the facility and also to provide more benefits to its patients, Saint Xavier University’s Health Center decided to begin billing patients’ insurance carriers for all health visits. This change in policy became effective August 12, 2013.

According to Kathryn Tibbits, the Director of Clinical Services at SXU and a family nurse practitioner at the Health Center, the university had two ways in which it could have solved the impending dilemma: one way was to significantly increase the health fee for every student and the other was to begin billing insurances. SXU decided on the latter.

Committed to providing excellent health care to the SXU community, the Health Center provides a variety of services to its patients. Providing relief for minor injuries or illnesses, conducting school and sports physicals, administering immunizations, and promoting health education; these are just a few of the many services that the facility provides.

“The university decided that that was the best way to go for a number of reasons. This way, only students who use the services of the Health Center will pay for those services. Instead of increasing the fees for every single student – even for a student who may never even use our services here – we’ll only be billing the insurance of the student who actually comes here and gets services at the Health Center,” said Tibbits.

However, financial issues posed a threat in keeping the facility open at the university. Because of this, SXU began to seek ways in which the Health Center would be able to meet its operating costs;

Since students at SXU are already required to be insured by a health insurance, the new change at the Health Center should not have a drastic effect on them; instead, the change may actually make more services available. “Students can take advantage of the benefits that they’re entitled to rather than paying out of pocket for some things or the Health Center not getting reimbursed on other things. So, it kind of makes it more consistent,” Tibbits said. Kathleen Rohan, the Director of the Center for Nursing Innovation, also expressed her opinion on the new policy. “It seemed to make more sense to bill the insurance since everybody already has insurance and they’re already paying for that. Rather than raising fees to everyone or raising tuition, by billing insurance, we could take advantage of a benefit that’s already there,” said Rohan. Insurances that the university has approved as valid and comprehensive will be accepted at the Health Center; this includes PPOs, HMOs, and Medicaid. If a student requires a physical or immunizations, there may be different fees involved depending on their insurance carrier. Students should call the HC with any questions Because of the recent change, Rohan discussed a few things that students have to bring to the Health Center when coming for a visit.

The SXU Health Center began billing students’ insurances on Aug. 12.

The Xavierite

SXU’s Largest First-Year Class

“Students have to bring a picture ID – which could be their Cougar Card – and their insurance card. We do ask for any co-payments that may be due, but we will not deny anyone services if they don’t have the co-payment; they could drop it off later, or we could bill the student’s account. We don’t want anyone to not seek care because they don’t have the co-pay-

RENOVATIONS from page 1

will showcase artwork and there will be another great place for students, staff and faculty to gather in,” Skach said. SXU students’ reaction to the remodeled space has been mostly positive. Nardy Gallegos, a junior majoring in nursing, is fond of the changes made to the once-empty space.

Robert Lachowski News Editor This year, at Saint Xavier University, we have the largest first year class in SXU history. There have been 10,000 first year applications, and 1,500 transfer requests. In 2002, there were only 2,500. There will be “...analysis over the next few weeks to determine any lessons we can learn from this year’s class. From my perspective the collaboration and assistance from all areas of the University community played an integral part in this year’s success.” “The President and Cabinet were supportive and had confidence in our plans, and the Deans department chairs, faculty, staff and current students were heavily involved in our efforts.” Approximately thirty-three percent of incoming first years are living on campus. This number has been declining nationally, and as Director Hotzfield stated, “The economy is playing a big part in the decisions of students and parents as far as living in campus or commuting.“ Students may see a decrease in the amount of parking space available, and slight increases in hallway traffic and

Campus Life

lines at the cafeteria. Lunch prices should not be affected. There have been new class sections opened for core requirements. Director Hotzfield would like to share some advice with students attending SXU. “It’s not enough to simply earn your degree anymore. You need to build a body of knowledge and a series of experiences to help differentiate yourself from others who will be applying to jobs four years from now.” “Students need to build their own brand - a series of experiences while in college that will give them an edge once they graduate and apply for jobs. “Network with faculty and staff. Work with faculty on available research or projects. Participate in an internship or two or three.” Hotzfield continues. “That said, try to have some fun too. Take advantage of the opportunities Saint Xavier has to offer. Write for the Xavierite, participate in intramurals, join clubs and organizations, get involved! College can be the best years of your life. College is what you make of it - so make it a positive experience. And after you graduate, be sure to stay connected to Saint Xavier!”

“I think that the new area is a great place to grab some coffee and get together with your friends, especially since some of the more common areas where students hang out are the library, diner or student lounge; with this new renovation, it seems like it’s a combination of all those spaces! The new study rooms in the library are good to head over there and have a silent study. Overall, it is nice to see that the school is making some modern changes that benefit the students,” said Gallegos.

ment that day – that’s not what it’s about,” Rohan said. All students are guaranteed services at the Health Center. Even if a student does not come with his or her copayment or insurance card, he or she will still receive medical attention. The student would simply be billed for one’s visit and would be expected to repay whenever he or she could. This billing system is not linked to students’ Bursar’s account. Payment plans are also available to any students who may need help in paying their co-payment. “We don’t want anybody to be discouraged from coming here if they need services. Their health is our primary concern and that’s why we’re here. It’s for their convenience and service,” said Rohan. Regarding the various benefits that this new policy will have on the SXU community, Tibbits remarked on which she believes to be the biggest one. “I think that one of the biggest positive things is that we’ll be able to stay open. Our major mission here is to provide health care for the students of Saint Xavier and we really want to continue doing that and promoting wellness and helping with illness. Our priority is still the students here and so we still want to see them. We’re just trying to make sure that we’re here for a long time,” Tibbits said. The Health Center is located near parking lot 4 of the university and is opened Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Students are highly encouraged to make an appointment before coming in for a visit. One may schedule an appointment by contacting the facility at 773-298-3712.

“The new space is really nice and I like sitting in there. I like that the school put in more study rooms and a nicer place for Coffee Cats. However, I feel the area with Coffee Cats is a little too small,” Arvia said. Junior Kim Percudani – a student majoring in criminal justice – believes that the renovations are not only great for students, but also for Saint Xavier University as a whole. “I think the area will benefit students because there are more places for students to go other than the café or upstairs library. I also think it is beneficial because of all the new equipment that was put in the renovation – it’ll help get our name out there,” said Percudani The remodeled area has been seen as being extremely beneficial for SXU students, faculty, staff, and the university in general. Skach remarked on the great impact that this change has on SXU.

Katie Arvia, a junior majoring in English, also appreciates the new area, but had a minor issue with the Coffee Cats space.

“It’s taking a space that was really nothing and making it into a real shining star.”


“I saw the work that the School of Education was doing with the Board of Higher Education and I thought that by becoming a member of that board, I could also make more visible the important work that they’re doing. So, it all comes together,” said Wiseman.

from page 2

significant towards SXU’s School of Education. “It’s quite interesting, but I think that it is also a significant tribute to the Saint Xavier University School of Education, which is the oldest baccalaureate degree granting program in the state. I think it is the culmination of a lot of effort, especially over the last few years. We have a very active faculty and we have a very active administration in the School of Education,” Wiseman said. Wiseman also commented on the university’s School of Education’s role in influencing her to become a nominee for the IBHE.

Having already served on 20 different boards – and now the IBHE – Wiseman reflected on her successful career in higher education thus far. “It’s been an interesting journey – not one I would have expected. I thought I would go on from the law school to a position in law as a judge, but it wasn’t to be. It’s a great story. I don’t know how often stories like this happen these days.”

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

VIEWPOINTS New Renovations Prove A Win-Win by The Xavierite Staff

Upon students’ return to St. Xavier University this fall, we were greeted with some notable changes to the lower level of the Warde Academic Center. For some the most noticeable change was that the stand once known as Coffee Cats is now MIA. For others, it was the fact that the art gallery had magically jumped from one wall to an adjacent wall. Still, others noticed that there is now a new student lounge were the old art gallery used to reside. This student lounge even comes complete with a Starbuck’s stand. This gift to students by the school is a great one – a new, spacious area for social interaction, studying or just a quick cup of coffee. (This is of course in addition to all the other cool functions that come with the renovation: instructional design center, media services, student media center, library teaching lab, editing rooms, and recording studio.) Some may be wondering how the University scored such money. (Don’t worry students of Saint Xavier University. This money did not come out of your pocket.) Last spring, The Xavierite ran a piece on the retirement of a St. Xavier legend, former library director Mark Vargas. Vargas, who is largely responsible for SXU’s extensive and impressive film collection, was a man who constantly strove for bettering our school. Before Vargas’s arrival, the library was hardly the aesthetic and technical learning

environment that it is today. These recent renovations were the last gift that Mr. Vargas has left the place that he served so dutifully for so many years. Vargas was not alone in this mission. Pete Skach (head of facilities) and Ray Catania (CFO) were instrumental in getting this new lounge constructed. This lounge was paid for from a fraction of a grant that the school received from the Illinois Board of Higher Education Independent Colleges Capital Program (or the ICCAP). Surprisingly, the lounge is only stage two of renovations available to the school. The first wave of renovations was completed in 2011 when the library received a major face lift. The third and final stage has yet to be determined, though it is possible that further renovations could involve McGuire Hall and the L wing of the building. What stands at the bottom level of the school, a straight shot from the diner, is a monument to the dedication that the most invested members of the St. Xavier family demonstrate – past and present. So remember students that when it is time for finals and you are sitting in a fancy new lounge with a cup of coffee in your hands or perchance during the year you happen to see brilliant student artwork in our wonderful new gallery, just remember the hardworking and dedicated people who put it there. Justly so, The Xavierite is often critical of our college. It is our job as student journal-

This is a refreshing change of scenery.

ists to defend the students of SXU and voice their distrusts, woes and complaints. However, today we bow our hats to the new student lounge and the amenities that come with it. The school’s space is being utilized to its fullest potential without sacrificing anything in the process. Truly a win-win for everyone involved. (In the spirit of full disclosure, The Xavierite staff feels it necessary to inform our readers that Mark Vargas’s son Grant was a former member of our staff. This fact, however, weighs little on our decision to write in the fashion that we have and all

The Xavierite

accompanying amenities that came with the renovation project.) Letter to the Editor Policy At The Xavierite we welcome the thoughts and opinions of all students. We encourage you to write in and voice your opinion directly. However, if you wish to have your letter published, you must include your first and last name, year and major (or poisition and title if you are a staff/faculty member) in an email sent to

The Crusader of Sanity

With many adult themes, there wasn’t much room for family entertainment this summer Brian Laughran Senior Viewpoints Editor

When I was younger, things seemed to be a lot more fun. Now, I’m not talking about having more responsibility now than I did then or something like that. No; I’m talking about the world around me. If you went to the movies this summer maybe you noticed the same trend that I have. Everything seems to have gotten dark, more serious and more adult. One of the most polarizing hits of the summer movie season was Zack Snyder’s interpretation of the Superman mythos in Man of Steel. Whether the film is good or bad is a discussion for another day, but one thing is undeniable: this Superman is a departure from the classic vision of the Man of Tomorrow. In the film, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is portrayed as a nomad and wanderer, struggling to come to terms with the powers that he has inherited from his Kryptonian ancestry. The movie does feature a lot of action, but it also features a ton of scenes with Cavill contemplating his place in the universe, growing a weird depression beard (a la Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises), and mostly being told by others to be afraid of his powers and hide them, yet always told he’ll rise up and save mankind. Now, if I asked you if you wanted

to have fun at the movies would you want to go see a film where the protagonist mopes, suffers from major identity crisis and is, for some reason, simultaneously praised as a Christ-like answer to the prayers of mankind? I’m going to be honest; that movie doesn’t sound like it’s up my alley…at least not for a fun time at the movies. Take for example another hit film of the summer: Iron Man 3. Normally Marvel’s superhero flicks tend to be the lighter fair of the summer... but not this year. This new installment, a follow up to 2012’s summer blockbuster extravaganza The Avengers, brings the normally witty and charming Tony Stark face-to-face with The Mandarin - a terrorist hell-bent on destroying the United States, as well as singling out the iron-clad hero. A cool premise. The film itself, however, robbs Downey Jr. of most of his charm and devil-may-care attitude. In a strange move, the film decides to make Stark shell-shocked from the events that occured last year. Throughout the picture, Iron Man goes through an identity crisis (apparently a new fad approach for superhero movies) as well as going through numerous panic attacks. Once again, this is not an argument on whether the movie is good or not. I simply just don’t understand why movie producers, writers and directors feel that a film must be dark or more adult or more realistic to appeal to the masses. The summer blockbuster season was created by films like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind - all films that are certainly not lightweight kiddie films,

but are definitely meant to be enjoyed by the entire family. But it’s not just movies. Music seems to have gone maybe not in a tonally darker direction, but things have certainly become more adult. At the recent VMAs Miley Cyrus performed her latest party jam “We Can’t Stop.” The moment seems to have been sampled after a viewing of the “Carebears” while high on cocaine. She then did a risqué and much talked about twerk with Robin Thicke (who appeared to have borrowed Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice costume). I understand that Miley Cyrus is far from a child star. The last thing she probably wants to do is appeal to the Disney Channel crowd that she once did. But, for the love of Pete, put some clothes on girl! There are children present.

At the risk of sounding old fashioned, I would just like to reiterate that families do watch the VMAs. Case and point: Will Smith and family. There is a picture floating around online of the Smith family reaction to Cyrus’s twerk with Thicke. Will looks as though he’s just been punched in the stomach, Willow’s mouth hangs open in shock and awe, and poor Jaden looks as though he’s on the verge of tears as the once squeaky-clean Miley gets her dirty on with Robin Thicke. True some of the best films, books and television shows of recent memory have been inspired by shall we say more adult themes and darker tones. But would it kill pop culture generators to lighten up a bit or maybe try to keep in mind younger viewers as well as old ones?

Will Smith and family (from left to right: Jaden, Willow and Will) react to Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMAs.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Xavierite

The College Diaries

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College tuition is forcing students to go for broke Bridget Goedke Viewpoints Editor

As we begin yet another academic year, we attend our new classes, meet our professors and…..receive our tuition bills. Like many of you, I attended a private, catholic high school and this is not my first year at Saint Xavier University, so those bills and fees are nothing new. However, this year, for the first time ever, I experienced a problem that millions of college students face every semester, college became something I could no longer afford. Like many students, I have received several scholarships and grants which do lower the cost, but rarely cover it completely, so it’s up to the student and their family to make up the rest. So that got me thinking, what if I can’t? Thankfully, I was able to find the money I needed, but many of students in the U.S. are not as lucky. In this generation, college has become not only something that we want to do, but something we almost have to do. It is both a societal expectation and more importantly, essentially a requirement

in the workforce. With more and more workplaces hiring primarily people with college degrees and the tuition prices of these colleges and universities skyrocketing, I, and many others my age, am forced to ask myself “What am I supposed to do?” I either go to college and emerge with my degree, but owing thousands of dollars to my school and the government in an economy where jobs are scarce. Or, I do not attend college and struggle even more intensely to obtain those already scarce, high or even moderately salaried jobs due to my lack of a college degree. In many ways, those who find college even slightly beyond their grasp financially are simply stuck. So, if a college degree is something that we need to be successful, shouldn’t it also be something that is within reach for all students? I certainly think so, and according to (which compared the costs of education in 15 countries in 2010), other countries are making that a reality for their students. The average education cost in the U.S. is $13,856, in Canada it’s around $5,974, in England and Wales $5,288. It is true that one of the reasons behind these low tuition prices is higher taxes, but I would certainly be in favor of higher taxes if it meant that higher education would be a realistic option for more students in the U.S. In an article for the Washington Post, Dylan Matthews notes that the annual cost of tuition and room and board fees at a

This is one of the most expensive walks that students will ever take.

public college or university has increased by 101.7% since 1965. Yet, despite the enormous cost, we’ve seen a 70% rise in college enrollment since that time. So this sparks the question, if the price of college is rising much faster than earnings, how are students and their families paying for it? The answer, according to Dylan Matthews, by going into debt. This issue really hits home for me because, like millions of students across the country, I will emerge from college with a significant amount of debt. Higher education is supposed to help promote our success and give us the

means to create a comfortable life for ourselves and it does that, to an extent. But here in the U.S. it also somewhat sets us back as we start our adult lives, and for those of us who find college to be out of our reach financially, it could potentially set us back for the rest of our lives. I strongly believe that making higher education affordable for anyone who wishes to pursue it is something that is certainly worth paying more attention to and working towards. After all, our nation could only benefit from putting more college degrees in the hands of its citizens and ensuring them a happier and more successful life.

The Calculus Workshop

In a world uninterested in math, why you should learn to appreciate numbers Nick Vasilyev Viewpoints Contributor Thinking about mathematics, what comes to your mind right away? When people do, they think about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The acidic wasteland of mathematics washes over you, waiting to be colonized and lashed with life. When I was learning to multiply, it made me frustrated beyond belief because I had a limited vocabulary to express my anguish. I didn’t know why I couldn’t do it so it made me cry. The teacher told us that we have to know how to do it in a one minute interval, giving us roughly one second per problem. Then, I learned how to argue with

Problem solving is a contact sport.

“Have you football sport? spectator

ever heard that is a contact Math isn’t a sport either.”

what my teacher was teaching me, I enjoyed it more, because the definition of square and rectangle felt wrong to me. A whole barren wasteland opened up to me. I got a job as a tutor at the Mathnasium when I was eighteen. That’s my secret to having ease with numbers. I’m a mathlete and would have liked

something basic to read a couple years ago, before I started to win scholarships and make sense of what works for me. Every student learns differently, no two learn the same, so what works for you may not work for someone else, says a coworker at the Xavierite. In a paraphrase of another Xavierite member, why would you want to read about math? Have you ever heard that football is a contact sport? Math isn’t a spectator sport either. What I internalize, after having needed it for Calculus, is the acronym: VeGAN TomorRoW. V stands for Verbal, we can understand the Latin roots, know that everything in math has a name and a number, and that those names make sense. One can understand math verbally, graphically, algebraically, numerically, technologically, or through application to real-world situations. So what is the basic template for learning anything new? According to the Algebra books by publisher McDougal Littell, there are many ways to approach and climb the same mathematical hill. If you are trying your best, you are doing it perfectly. When you make mistakes, it’s like being burned by an interesting dragon and being invited to tea to learn from that dragon. I know that it is a difficult hobby.

This is what is exciting to me as a Calculus student. In Calculus, my teacher and mentor looks over my shoulder and listens. Then I can clearly hear him say “Yes, it’s ok to skip steps if you don’t need to write them out.” When I pitch my ideas and my teacher wants to know what I am working on, I can tell that this math is new and awesome. For students to transition to Calculus, they may try the G in VeGAN TRW: Graphs. Drawing saves on time and frustration because it saves on the effort needed to have an “Aha!” Moment. I wouldn’t recommend knowing everything: most people only internalize what they will use later that day or later in the week. Computer-Aided Technological demonstration helps to motivate us to integrate the right way and to settle questions about why we learn all the new integrals. If a student has the time, then cycling through the material and adding detail might work. Try to make it your own and focus on the things that you will use in the Real-World: the math that is relevant to your career. I know most of us won’t go into mathematics fields, so it’s more of a pain for us. I feel at ease when I understand it, the peace builds as I purse my lips in consternation and work through the simple examples with a pencil. Other times, I’m unwilling to make pencil marks and puzzle out an answer. I don’t want to push this aggressively, yet I think mathematicians should be around kids. Just have little kids in the room as math people do their thing: so that they can learn to express mathematical ideas in ways such that kids can understand: through storytelling and concreteness. There’s a grand lot of thinking behind this. Try something new to understand and be understood.

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The Xavierite

Destiny Deniso Busines

Beth Kamp, Junior, Nursing Major “I went to a lot of country music concerts. I saw Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw just to name a few. I also took a pharmacology class over the summer.”

“I had a great time with m went on a Disney Cruise to M enough to see the premier before it even cam

Alexis Rae

Hannah Koh Psychol

Justin Mark, Freshman, Nursing Major

“This summer I went on a Wisconsin called Turtle Fla time with my dad going f Norther

“I visited Kentucky three times this summer to visit the University of Kentucky. I tried out for cheerleading there. I also took a trip to Six Flags in Gurnee, IL.”

Justin Mark

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

on, Freshman, ss Major

The Xavierite

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Elizabeth Miranda, Junior, Int’l Studies and Spanish Major

my family this summer. We Mexico! We also were lucky re of “Monster’s University” me out in theaters.”

“I went to Mexico with my family and I also went to Spain for a course with SXU. We went to Cordoba, Spain and I studied at the University of Cordoba.” Destiny Denison

hl, Freshman, logy Major

Dan Palanyk, Junior, Marketing Major

camping trip to an island in ambo Flowage. I had a great fishing. I caught a 24 inch rn Pike!”

“This summer, I worked as an orientation leader and welcomed many new incoming freshmen. I also took a trip up to Michigan with some friends to surprise Kelly Mihalik.”

Hannah Kohl Dan Palanyk

Layout: Lauren Dwyer

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The Xavierite

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New Releases from Nintendo and Friends

Kristen Mabry Features Editor

The world of gaming has been rocked recently with the reavalation of the 2DS along with the brand new release of a multitude of video games. 2DS The 2DS has been shown to be very controversial in the fact that it simply functions to play 3DS games in a 2-D format. Those who own the 3DS criticize Nintendo’s choice because they believe it doesn’t make sense, because the player has the option to turn off 3-D viewing. According to Nintendo, they believe this 2DS will be more beneficial to children because it is less harmful to their eyes. Last year, Nintendo spend 30.5 million dollars in court room settlements to parents of children whose eyes had significant sight loss, due to the harmful effect of 3-D exposure. The 2DS is also kid friendly in the design of the console. Instead folding like its siblings, the 2DS will look more like a children’s tablet. The console will still have the necessary buttons, but the everbreaking hinges of the past DS systems has been taken out. The 2DS will also be able to play older DS games along with the 3DS

ones; this allows children and gamers the ability to use just one console. Children who were not able to afford Nintendo’s 3DS system might be able to afford the 2DS because it is slightly less expensive. You can purchase a Nintendo 2DS on October 12, 2013. Brand new games have been hitting the shelves in a steady pace, these past few weeks. From childhood sequels to adult add-ons, the gaming world is being shaken by these new releases. Pikmin 3 Pikmin 3 has finally come out for the Wii U. Your character is named Charley, an explorer who crash landed on a foreign planet. When the tiny creatures surround Charley, he blows his whistle to chase them away. Instead, they gathered around him. Becoming angry, Charley throws them towards a mushroom. The little Pikmin cut it down and present it to the hotheaded explorer. This causes him to come up with a plan to use the Pikimin to find his way off of the planet

Songs of the Summer Lauren Dwyer Senior Features Editor Oh summertime, you are such a beautiful thing. Not only are you warm and sunny with the perfect weather for making memories with friends, but you also give the music industry a chance to give us songs to listen to over and over…and over again. Every summer, there is one song that sticks with us. Go ahead, turn the radio on, you will probably hear it playing right now. Turn your radio on again in an hour and you will hear that same song again. Go to a party with some friends and that song with be playing and you know everyone will be singing along. Last summer, it was the infectious “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. But that was a year ago and it has been (mostly) forgotten. So, what is the new song that we will soon tire of? Here are some contenders. “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell has been playing on every radio station, every fifteen minutes since it came out. The song lyrics are catchy and the beat will get you dancing. However, I have huge issues with this song and music video. Not only is this a thinly veiled song about date rape, the music video (like most) uses women as props. Also to add insult to injury, they released another similar video for the song, except for this one, the women are stripped down to just

a flesh colored thong. Hopefully, this song and music video will die out very soon. Another summer anthem is “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell. Let me just start off by saying that I really hate this song. It really is not a great song and I am bewildered as to why this song is so popular. I think this song is incredibly boring. I mean it is really, really repetitive and mind-numbing. We get it, Pharrell and robots; you are up all night to get lucky. Do you really need to tell us that about 35 times in a four-minute span? Most songs are repetitive, but this one takes the cake. This summer, Miley Cyrus released her new infamous song, “We Can’t Stop”. While at first I did not want to listen to this song, watch the video or even think about Miley Cyrus being anything other than Hannah Montana, I finally gave in and gave it a shot. Turns out, I actually liked the song. The video was beyond weird, like some sort of high school film project gone wrong, but the song was great. It was a perfect summer party anthem and it rightfully deserves a spot for any greatest songs of the summer list. Whether or not your agree with Miley’s risque new attitude or her twerkathons, “We Can’t Stop” turned out to be a pretty catchy song and it will have us talking about her for awhile. There are a few more songs that were top hits of this summer. However, if you want more, you will have to head over to for the rest of the list.

and back home. Gamespot gave Pikmin 3 an 8 out of 10. They report that the game is beautifully interactive, but it is hard to decide what kind of Wii U remote to use because both give a different experience. Saints Row IV Saints Row IV simply breaks its own mold. If you have played the other games, you were probably scratching your head and wondering how much more could they do to the Third Street Saints. Well, let me spell out the main premise of the game. After Saints Row: The Third, your character becomes president of the United States. During your time in office, aliens invade the Earth and put you in a virtual reality. This is where the weird things start. Yes, it gets weirder than a gangster being president and the Earth being overrun by aliens. While in this virtual reality, your character gains “superhero”-like powers. This includes jumping 15 stories high with one jump or running faster than

any car in the game. Either way, the writers have yet again written another strange story for the strangest gang I’ve ever heard of. Gamespot rated the game a good 7.5 out of 10. They applaud the writing, but have reported that you become quite overpowered early in the game; leaving you bored during fights. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Anime nerds and Otakus, rejoice because America has finally gotten a Vocaloid Rhythm game. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, is a brand new rhythm game that features pure Vocaloid music. Vocaloid music is a kind of Japanese music that is completely composed through computer programs and “sung” by computer generated avatars. This game uses the Playstation 3’s Move system to hit the notes of the songs. The game itself is as if Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution had a lovechild in Japan.There are 38 songs in total that you can play over and over again to collect “Diva Points”, which you can spend on a multitude of different things. There is even a Live mode where you can play against people all over the world, but mostly in America and Japan. I am especially looking forward to playing this game with my friends.

Spokeo? More like SpokeNO Becki Brown Editor in Chief There have been a lot of interesting websites that I have fallen in love with over the summer. gave me a website to keep track of which books I’ve read, see how far into a book I am and get suggestions for books I may like based on ones I’ve read. made setting and reaching goals a much easier task. However, there is one website that terrifies me. This website is When you first enter the website, you can type in anyone’s name. I typed in mine. From here, I was able to see my name, gender and age range, email, phone number, and both addresses that I have lived at. Along with this, it told me my parents’ names, how much my house is worth, and even how many bathrooms it has. Luckily, my email address, home address and phone number had asterisks blocking out some information so people could not just go onto this website and get my information. No, you have to pay for that. For $2.95, you can purchase one person’s information. For $3.95 or $4.95 a month

With around, who needs binoculars?

(depending on your membership plan), you can get even more people’s information. The worst thing is, the person whose information you are buying does not even know. The OTHER worst thing is that this website has gotten all of their information legally. They have used phone books, social networks, real estate records, online maps, and marketing surveys. In other words, this is, sadly, completely legal. There is hope. You can remove your information from this website. Copy the url of the profile you want to remove. Click on privacy (at the bottom of the screen). Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the Opt Out form, and fill out the information (all you will need is an email and the url you have already copied. I have been warning people about this website since I found out about it. I already removed my profile along with both of my parents’ profiles, and I urge you to do the same. Anyone can access your information from this site, and that can be a dangerous thing. Please be safe, and please be careful. Source:

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The Xavierite

Listen to Lauren!

Dear Lauren, I’m a freshman resident here on campus and it has only been about a week, but I already have problems with my roommate! She is messy and I don’t know how to tell her nicely that she really needs to clean up her stuff. Please help, because I don’t want to have to change rooms! Sincerely, Doomed in the Dorm Room


Page 9

By Lauren Dwyer

Hey Doomed, Well, while I don’t live on campus, I have plenty of friends that do and this complaint is very common amongst them. Living with someone you don’t know can be hard, especially when you don’t know what kind of person they are. Unfortunately, you were teamed up with messy person, while I assume you’re the kind of person that has to have everything clean and neat. While it may be hard to do, especially if you aren’t the confrontational type, is to just talk to your roommate. I know, a crazy concept,

but hear me out. You are still in the beginning of your relationship with this person, so it’s a good idea to set the ground rules now. Instead of leaving obnoxious passive aggressive notes, just nicely say to her that you think you both should keep your room clean. Tell her that you don’t want to attract ants and whatever else might be in Regina. Make sure to use “I” statements and whatever you do, don’t have a sassy attitude while saying all of this to her. Good luck and remember to always listen to Lauren. Don’t be like Charlie Brown and ignore my advice.

Need Advice? Go to to send in your anonymous questions!

By Kristen Mabry

Ares: Plunge into those chores! Protect your health. Relationships face you Friday; there are conflicts to work out – but you can do this now.

Taurus: Romance and beauty fill the weeks ahead. Sunday’s for phone calls. Rest up these days, for Wednesday brings possible love. Tackle chores Friday.

Gemini: Paperwork, communications, and friends fill Monday. Make a new friend, too! Romance or beauty visits in a light, brief way Friday and Saturday.

Cancer: Be curious.Your energy remains high Sunday, keep it up! This week will be fairly interesting, keep on your toes and follow your gut. Relax at home Friday.

Leo: Sunday is quiet, so rest! Your charisma soars on Tuesday. Chase money and shop Wednesday. A job search Wednesday might yield good results.

Virgo: Your energy and charisma remain high. Though you’ll be a little tired Tuesday, you bounce back Wednesday onward, in a powerful way.

Libra: Remain quiet and peaceful. Despite your low energy, others are attracted. Your energy and charisma rise mildly Friday

Scorpio: You like to appear calm and unruffled, but underneath you’re a mass of emotions. Be ambitious Tuesday.

Sagittarius: Be ambitious. If you make the effort, you’ll pass any tests with flying colors!

Capricorn: The emphasis lies, for three weeks ahead, on intellectual pursuits, higher learning, and compassion. Intellectual, travel, love and arrive Wednesday.

Aquarius: Tuesday brings relationships. All month, and into mid-October, this area (relationships) heats up – make love, not war.

Pisces: Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons -these face you for the next three weeks. The results should be good.

The Legend Continues Brittany Klyczek Deputy Editor in Chief The fall is upon us! And what does that mean, that means new shows for the Fall season for several broadcasting networks like CBS, NBC, and the like. But for me, I am looking towards Nickelodeon for my show of the season, The Legend of Korra: Book II. Starting on September 13 at 7 p.m. on Nickelodeon, the second season of this beloved series will begin. It follows the main character, Korra the new Avatar, who is going to the Northern Water Tribe to focus and train with a spirit world of some sort to fight, well, spirits. Not only will we follow Korra during this new season, but we will also be introduced to the first Avatar himself. Now, you might be asking, why would I be so excited about a cartoon? Good question! The Legend of Korra’s first season showcased how American cartoons could veer away from the standard comedic or satirical thrown-together plots. Each episode focused on a darker themes, save the first episode or two. In the main setting, Republic City, the Equalists, or nonbenders, are against Benders, those that can ‘manipulate’ elements. There were gangs, fast paced action, family deceit, and permanent death. And some people say this is a children’s show because it is on Nickelodeon? I do not think so. The Legend of Korra is focused more on the teenager/college student age group. While I want this new season to exhibit the darker themes like the first season, there are some aspects that I do not want to see repeated. One thing I am going to be look-

Korra is the newest Avatar.

ing at is pacing. Because of uncertainty that Nickelodeon gave the show’s creators, any episode after seven felt completely rushed and too closely packed together. Sometimes, I felt it was confusing to follow along until a few minutes later. This was especially bad in the last two episodes of the season. Nevertheless, due to the success of the show, I do not think that there will be a pacing problem this time around, but we will need to wait and see. The second is character development. Partially, some of this was due to the pacing issues, but wish to see not only Korra grow as a character but the rest of the main cast. Character development did not seem to be there in the first season. If achieved in Book II, I will be one happy camper. Whether or not the creators can fix these two small issues, I will have to wait until September 13 to see. Regardless of what happens, The Legend of Korra: Book II is going to be one show that I will not be missing.

Sodoku Puzzle

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Women’s Volleyball Getting Back in Gear

Damone Griffin Copy Editor The new SXU women’s volleyball season is in full swing as the team is coming off of a great season that finished with a loss in the opening round of 2012 NAIA Volleyball National Championships. The team is going to try and get back to Nationals this year, but they are off to a bit of a rocky start. The Cougars lost their first three matches of the season against very good opponents. Their first two games of the season took place in a tournament at University of Michigan-Dearborn against nationally ranked opponents. Their opener started off against No. 11-ranked Madonna University with the Cougars falling in three sets: 18-25, 12-25, 12-25. The team kept it close in the first set, but Madonna University took complete control from there. The team was led by sophomore right side hitter Meghan Falsey and junior setter Kelli Shaffer. Falsey had 8 kills in the match, while Shafer had a team-high 14 assists and 4 kills. The second match came against another tough, ranked opponent, this time hailing from Point Park University—they are ranked No. 22 in the country. The Cougars lost this very competitive match in four sets: 15-25, 25-23, 20-25, 19-25. The team got a great effort from several players, especially junior Dominique Aramburu, who led the team with 10 kills. Junior middle hitter Marie Hackert finished with a team-high 19 digs, while Falsey had 8 kills for the Cougs. On Friday the team started play in the two-day SXU/Trinity Christian

Crossover Classic against University of Saint Francis (Ind.). The team dropped the opener in straight sets: 25-21, 25-23 and 25-20, putting their record at 0-3 for the season. But they would recover later that night. The Cougars would get their first win of the season against Huntington University (Ind.) in four sets: 25-15, 25-27, 25-21 and 25-19. The team also welcomed new middle blocker sophomore transfer Heidi Gregerson, who had a major impact in her debut. In two matches, she had 20 kills and 5 blocks for the team. She had 14 kills in her very first match against the University of Saint Francis while Hackert chipped in eight kills to go along with Shaffer’s 27 assists. In the second game, Hackert led the way to victory with 14 kills and two solo blocks in front of an excited Cougar Nation, which was hyped to see the team post their first win of the season. The 2013 Cougar women’s volleyball team Shaffer played an excellent all around game with 29 assists, 15 digs, 7 The team is fairly young this season after kills and 6 aces. Sophomore libero Lauren losing five seniors to graduation, including Young also had 15 digs for the Cougars in 2012 CCAC Volleyball Player of the year her second season with the team. Desiree Aramburu and Kelly Knudsen, The SXU women’s volleyball team who got honorable mention recognition is looking to continue the success of last for the 2012 Tachikara-NAIA Volleyball season’s team that made it all the way to All-America Team. Nationals before their opening round exit. The Cougs will be led this season

by returning players such as juniors Hackert and Shaffer, and other returning players such as Falsey and Dominique Aramburu. The team is excited to show their talents to the Cougar community, so come out and support the team at their next home game on September 13 against Saint Ambrose University at 7pm.

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The Xavierite

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Hot Off-Season for the Stanley Cup Champs! Frank Markasovic Sports Editor Welcome back to another year of Xavierite Sports! What better way to start off a great year than with the 201213 Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks. After winning the Central Division, Western Conference, President’s Trophy and the illustrious Stanley Cup, the Hawks embarked on a very busy off-season in preparation for another action-packed year. Contract Extensions Over the past summer months many transactions have taken place in the Chicago Blackhawks organization, many of them promising. First and foremost, there were some significant contract negotiations that should keep the Hawks a top tier team for years to come. For starters, the Blackhawks have extended Head Coach Joel Quenneville’s contract by 3 years that will run through the end of the 2016-2017 NHL season. Joel has led the Hawks to two Stanley Cup Championship victories and consecutive playoff appearances since taking over as Head Coach. I believe he will continue to instill his wisdom and discipline into the team and continue to carry them to success. Aside from Joel, many player contracts were extended and renewed as well. One of the biggest contract extensions was that of forward Bryan Bickell. The Blackhawks came to terms with Bickell on a 4-year contract. This is great news for all

Hawks fans. Bickell was a huge part of the Blackhawks’ success last regular season and postseason by scoring many crucial goals and assists. It is definitely a plus having his physical and offensive presence on the ice for four more years. Defenseman Nick Leddy’s contract was also extended to two years. Although Leddy struggled towards the end of the season, registering low points and minimal ice-time, this goes to show that the Hawks still believe in Leddy and his talents. I thought he played a great regular season in 2012-2013 and despite his playoff performances I think he still has a heck of a lot to prove. I look forward to continue watching his development. Forward Marcus Kruger was also granted a two-year contract. The young Swede has proven his worth from leading the Blackhawks’ noteworthy Penalty Kill to scoring crucial goals in the postseason. He will most likely stay within the third and fourth-line center position where I think he will continue to be a significant force for the Hawks. The Hawks also extended recently acuired veteran players Michal Rosival (two years) and Michal Handzus (one year) on their contracts. Rosival came up big in the playoffs when Leddy started to dwindle. The big defenseman found himself assisting big time goals and getting more ice-time. Handzus was also a big contributor for the Hawks in the post season, assisting clutch goals and even scoring at opportune times. It is good to have these two veterans back on the ice this season.

New Faces Aside from contact extensions, the Blackhawks did come to terms with some new faces as well this summer. Remember goalie Nikolai Khabibulin? Well now he’s back and wearing a Blackhawks uniform once again. The last time he wore the Hawks’ crest was in 2009 after joining them in 2005. Nikolai is now 40 years old and still playing goalie at the NHL level. He will most likely serve as Corey Crawford’s backup this upcoming season. Why the Hawks brought “Khabi” back…I have no idea. I personally do not like this acquisition. I would rather bring up a younger goalie like Antti Raanta to help develop his play instead of having a living, breathing fossil as a backup. But then again, I am the writer and Stan Bowman is the General Manager. Hopefully Nikolai can prove me wrong. The Blackhawks signed another potentially significant player this summer and that is 18-year-old forward Teuvo Teravainen. Teravainen was drafted 18th overall in the 2012 Entry Draft and was signed to a three-year deal with the Hawks. This kid has impressed many and hopefully we can see his skills in the upcoming future. I will say it may be unlikely that he would play much this season, but you never know! All I know is that Teuvo has been turning some heads and he could definitely contirubute to the future success of the Blackhawks. Sad Goodbyes With the signing of great players

Men’s Golf off to Strong Start Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor The SXU men’s golf team, entering its second year, kicked off the season with a strong showing in the Calumet College of St. Joseph Fall Preview Invitational. The team was strong as a whole, but it was encouraging to see that different players were able to step up at important times over the course of the twoday event. DAY ONE Day one at White Hawk Country Club in Crown Point, Ind., saw the Cougars place third in the seven-team field with a team score of 316, behind only AIB College of Business and University of St. Francis. The best score of the day for the Cougars was shot by junior Kyle Bahnick, who posted a 4-over 76. Bahnick’s round got off to a shaky start with a front-nine 42. His first nine holes would not have been affected very much if not for a triple bogey on the par-4 ninth hole. By contrast, seniors Brendan Ryan and Kirby Brown were both even par through the first nine holes, having each shot 36. Bahnick and his more senior teammates swapped roles during the second nine holes, however, when Bahnick got himself on track and posted a

2-under 34 that included a birdie-bogeybirdie-birdie stretch on Nos. 11 through 14. Brown and Ryan finished at 77 and 78, respectively, after running into some trouble on the back nine. The first-day scoring was rounded out by an 85 from sophomore Zack Trent, who would find the second day a little more favorable. DAY TWO The team had an even better finish on the second day, placing second despite having a team score of 319, three strokes more than day one of the event. Brown led the Cougars’ attack with a

Brown strokes a putt on the green.

solid 3-over 75 on the second day. He was consistent on each nine, shooting 38 on the front and 37 on the back, but ran into some struggles on the par-3s. He finished 4-over on the short holes. Brown made up for his par-3 difficulties by finishing 4-under on the four par-5s, including an eagle on No. 14. Ryan also had a strong showing, posting a round of 78. He was especially successful on the front nine. He was just 1-over with a 37. A bogey and two double bogeys on the first three holes of the back nine derailed what might have been a great day, but Ryan still managed to post a respectable 78. Bahnick was not as sharp the second day as he had been on the first. His 84, with matching 42s on the front and back, was not helped by a triple bogey on the par-five fourth hole. Trent improved on his first-day scoring and posted an 82 to complete the Cougars’ team score. A double bogey seven on No. 14 was the only real blemish on an otherwise perfectly serviceable round. The Cougars hope to improve upon their strong first event of the season and parlay their success in their first event into eventual early season team victories. The season continues September 7 and 8 at the Cropper Golf Classic at Hunters Ridge Golf Course in Marion, Iowa.

come the goodbyes of others. Due to new lower salary cap instituted by the 2012 Lockout, many players were traded or lost to free agency. Longtime core player Dave Bolland was traded this summer to the Toronto Maple Leafs for future draft picks. Although Bolland will be greatly missed, especially for scoring the “dagger in the heart” goal against the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup, he will definitely find success in Toronto. Forward Michael Frolik was also traded this summer. He was exchanged to the Winnipeg Jets for future draft picks. I believe Frolik will do well in Winnipeg in an organization that has been doing better and better every year since its revival. Due to free agency, other players are no longer Blackhawks. These include forward Viktor Stalberg, goalie Carter Hutton, and goalie Ray Emery. Stalberg and Hutton were both signed to the Nashville Predators where they will join a solid team in their quest for another Stanley Cup. Stalberg will most likely play in the top six for Nashville while Carter Hutton will serve as Pekka Rinne’s backup in net. Ray Emery has joined a talented Philadelphia Flyers team while serving as what could be a starting goalie position. The goalie question is a big one over in Philly, one that Ray Emery may be able to solve. With these old faces returning, new faces coming aboard, and old faces leaving, we approach the upcoming season with a valiant effort at another consecutive run at the Stanley Cup. Stay tuned for more developments and pre-season news.

Inaugural Women’s Golf Team Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor The first ever women’s golf team at Saint Xavier University will get its season under way at their collective first ever collegiate golf event on September 14 and 15 at the Benedictine University Fall Invite. When the team shows up at St. Andrews Golf Course in West Chicago, Ill., they will be looking to begin their existence with a competitive showing to kick off the sport’s SXU existence. Led by the coach of both the men’s and women’s teams, Mike Mandakas, the Cougars are an inexperienced bunch when it comes to competitive collegiate golf. The three players that make up the Cougar squad are all freshmen. Katie Reno is a graduate of Lincoln Way-East High School in Frankfort, Ill., where she played competitive golf. She hopes her success there will translate to the collegiate level. Taylor Thompson, a product of Knoxville High School in Knoxville, Ill., played competitively there and looks to continue to excel as she begins her collegiate golf career as a Cougar this fall and beyond. The only out-of-state recruit for the Cougars in the inaugural recruiting class is Courtney Dudgeon, who hails from Sun Prairie, Wis., and attended Sun Prairie High School. These women’s Cougar golfers hope to take a page out of last year’s inaugural men’s team’s book and create a name for themselves. It is up to this group of perfectly able golfers to begin to build a tradition of excellent women’s golf at Saint Xavier University.

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Men’s Soccer Encounters Early Hiccups

Damone Griffin Copy Editor The Saint Xavier University Men’s Soccer Team is back for the 2013 season and they are looking to improve upon an impressive 2012 season that ended in the semifinals of the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) Tournament. The 2013 campaign is two matches old so far and the Cougars are off to a bit of a rocky start. The Cougars started off the season going up against a tough opponent, No. 9-ranked University of Rio Grande (Ohio), which proved worthy of its ranking. The men’s soccer team stumbled in the opener last Saturday night, falling to the Red Storm 7-1 in a loss that was very though to swallow. The Cougars kept it close after the Red Storm jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first half. Early in the second half, freshman midfielder Kamil Szczesniak gave out an assist to junior midfielder Brandon Simoes to make the score 2-1. After that the Red Storm took over by scoring three goals in about five minutes to essentially put the game away. The team managed to finish the game with two shots on goal. The Cougars’ next challenge came from the Shawnee State Bears at the same stadium on Sunday afternoon. This was a much closer game than the one on Saturday, as the Cougars and Bears each competed hard. The Cougars tried to keep it close, but the Bears’ two first half goals from junior midfielder Tanner Hopwood provided all they would need to seal the deal. Junior goalkeeper AJ Pfatschbacher played better in his second start of the season, making eleven saves compared

to the five saves he was able to make in the previous game. The team was led offensively by junior midfielder Lorenzo Savino, who had three shots on goal for the Cougars as they fell to 0-2 on the season after Sunday’s lost. The 2013 SXU Men’s Soccer Team will look to be better than the 2012 edition, which lost in the semifinals of CCAC Tournament. The team did lose leading goal scorer Kyle Brenitenbach, but they still

soccer is back and the drama came with it. It’s been a long offseason for the Cougars after their first round exit in last year’s CCAC Women’s Soccer Tournament to Judson University (Ill.). They kicked off their 2013 campaign with a 1-1 draw against Bethel College (Ind.) that went into double overtime. The drama started early for the Cougars when they found themselves down 1-nil after a goal in the 70th minute from the Pilots. The Cougars turned up the intensity after that and it finally paid off when sophomore forward Lexi Cozzi tied the game up at one in the 87th minute after a nice assist from junior midfielder Danielle Inzinga. After the clutch goal by Cozzi, the match went into overtime. The Pilots and Cougars battled it out for two extra periods where both teams had their chances, but neither team could put the ball behind the goalkeeper. The game was called after double overtime and the Cougars had to settle for the draw this time around. The Cougars had 16 shots on goal in this battle of

namic to watch this season. The younger players look to develop and the more veteran players try to live up to their past seasons while teaching the younger players how to play collegiate soccer. The men’s team also would love for Cougar Nation to come out and support them as they strive to be the best soccer team possible. Come support the Cougars for their next home game, which is September 10 on the Saint Xavier University campus at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field.

The SXU men’s soccer team.

Women’s Soccer Starts with Wild Draw Damone Griffin Copy Editor Hey, Cougar Nation, women’s

are a great group led by some talented upperclassmen. Senior Kyle Held returns for his last year after posting a 0.86 goals against last season, .829 saves percentage, and finishing 11-4 on the season. Simoes also returns for his junior season after being second on the team in goals scored last year with seven. The men’s soccer team is coached by Ed Vucinic, who is in his tenth season as head coach of the Cougars. The team has six freshmen on the roster to go with a lot of experience, so it should be a fun dy-

iron wills led by another junior playing midfield, Cassie Pullia. The team will look to build off of this draw and improve on their 10-8-1 record from the 2012 season. They will be led by Cozzi, who was tied with the team lead in goals with seniors Morgan Graves, Anita Balcinuas, a four year player for the Cougars who plays forward, and junior midfielder Inzinga. The Cougars also have young talent at the goalkeeper position, as proved Wednesday night when new freshman goalkeeper Alex Perry had six saves in her first game as a college soccer player. The Cougars are ready to dominate their conference this year and make it to the National Tournament. They will be led by coach Evan Strehlau, who is in his second season as the head coach of the Cougars and who directed the team well in his first season. The team is looking strong with a mixture of experience and youth, all with the talent to make a positive impact. The team encourages everyone to go out and watch them compete at its highest level. The next home game is September 25 against University of Saint Francis (Ill.), and everyone is invited to come support the squad.

Football Hopes to Build on 2012

Coy became the first Cougar football player to sign a pro contract after his senior season.

Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor The Cougar football team would undoubtedly like to duplicate its success from the 2011 season, which was capped off by that season’s NAIA National Championship victory. Though there was hardly a letdown during the 2012 season, the Cougars did not reach their ultimate goal. They finished 9-1 in the regular season and progressed to the semifinals of the NAIA National Championship Series before a draining loss at the hands of Morningside College (Iowa). Senior quarterback Joe Gill has some big shoes to fill in his first full season

as a starter. He is taking over from former quarterback Jimmy Coy, who was invited to try out for the Chicago Bears. Coy became the first Cougar football player to sign a professional contract when he agreed to terms with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. It remains to be seen exactly what else has changed since the end of the 2012 season, but any questions surrounding the team will begin to be answered this Saturday when the No. 4-ranked Cougars host No. 2-ranked Marian University(Ind.). Kickoff is at 6pm and the team would be happy to play in front of a packed house at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field as they get their 2013 season under way against their formidable opponent.

September 4th, 2013  

This is the 1st issue of the Xavierite 2013-2014 school year.

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