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SXU Welcomes New CFO Daniel Klotzbach

John Murawski News Editor

The Xavierite had an opportunity to interview Saint Xavier University’s Vice President for Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer, Daniel P. Klotzbach. CFO Klotzbach elaborated on his background, the financial status of the University, and goals for the future. Klotzbach has spent decades in the education field. “I have worked for over 30 years in finance at both Catholic and non-Catholic universities, in a variety of positions in business and finance. Most recently I worked for over 13 years as the Vice President for Business and Finance at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL. I appreciated and enjoyed my experience working at two Catholic schools: Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI and Edgewood College in Madison, WI.” Klotzbach said. “I was attracted to SXU’s clear mission which can guide the work to be done here,” Vice President Klotzbach included. Chief Financial Officer Klotzbach aims to maintain a balanced budget. “The IPBC (Integrated Planning and Budget Committee) was created by President Joyner in the spring of 2017. One

of its goals is to help to integrate planning and budget at SXU to create a sustainable financial model. The various subcommittees of IPBC focus on different areas (such as creating new academic programs, finding new sources of non-tuition revenues, reducing expenses, etc.) It is important to continue to carefully assess all expenses. If we can do that and add new sources of revenue (specifically by adding new academic programs and majors and/or increasing enrollment for existing programs) SXU should be able to maintain a balanced budget,” Klotzbach explained. Saint Xavier University is projected to conclude the fiscal year in the black, producing a profit. The University plans on investing this money back into the school and its students. “This year the Board of Trustees has authorized the University to place any excess cash into the University’s quasiendowment fund. Those funds would help to offset some of the loss of MAP (Illinois’ Monetary Assistance Program) funds if the State in the future were to reduce or eliminate MAP. This will allow students to continue their education at SXU, by providing substitute financial aid,” according to Klotzbach. Developing the budget is a collaborative effort requiring input from many parties. CFO Klotzbach stated “We work with

CFO Daniel Klotzbach

the various stakeholders to develop the most accurate projections of the University’s revenues and expenses. For example, representatives from Admissions, Financial Aid and Institutional Research, along with the President provide the assumptions and projections for undergraduate enrollment and income.” Klotzbach continues, “A similar process involving the Deans, Provost and Graduate Admissions is followed in developing the budget for Graduate tuition revenue. New initiatives proposed through IPBC are incorporated into the budget. Our Director

of Financial Planning/Analysis (Michelle Aloia) has primary responsibility for working with budget managers to develop the most current budget forecasts.” The development process can bring challenges for administrators. “I think that forecasting enrollment is the most challenging. Given that SXU is heavily dependent on student tuition (over 90% of our operating revenue is generated from student tuition, fees, room and

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Senior NBC Producer Jim O’Donnell Visits Saint Xavier

Transferring to SXU

on current technologies and scientific research is also imperative, and improves an individual’s chances in the job market. Yet, O’Donnell also cautions prospective journalists against being overly optimistic when trying to climb the ranks, noting that the vocation can be grueling, unrelenting, and unnerving in its swiftness to the unprepared. “Sometimes, there’s overtime. Sometimes, there isn’t. Sometimes, there’s pay for that overtime. Sometimes, there isn’t.” However, O’Donnell remarked that

Jeffree Star Documentary

The Xavierite

despite the rough patches that any given journalist can come across throughout their career, there’s a level of accountability and personal investment that drives the most seasoned names of the industry past the trials-by-fire. “My boss now, he’s very blunt, and he always says, ‘the business owes you nothing,’ and he’s right. It doesn’t really owe us anything, but we love it. We do it because we love it, and because it’s our profession.”

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Improv Show Recap

O’Donnell encourages students to explore opportunities provided by the college.

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Saint Xavier University recently hosted NBC10 Senior Investigative Producer Jim O’Donnell at the Warde Academic Center on Sept. 7 to discuss his experiences in the Journalism industry to students and faculty. O’Donnell, currently based in Philadelphia, shared several key lessons that he had learned throughout his years of working as both a journalist and a television producer with many different companies. “One thing you’ll hear me say a lot is ‘Be a sponge.’ Learn from everybody, take from everybody,” he said. The award-winning industry veteran, himself an alumnus of the college, reminisced on his time as a student reporter for the Xavierite student newspaper, stressing the point that he learned the fundamentals of the trade in the same halls occupied by students. “My career started here at Saint Xavier University. Sounds corny… but I tell people all the time when I talk to classes – it started when I was in school… I ended up being the Features Editor,” he said. From there, O’Donnell began to illustrate the path from his initial aspirations of being a documentary filmmaker to his current television posting in the 4th most competitive city for journalists, highlighting the importance of personal flexibility and open-mindedness. “…I didn’t want to just tell any types of stories, I wanted to tell civil rights stories

and civil rights documentaries… I had this dream of making documentaries… turns out, no one wants to pay you to make a documentary, and I needed to make a living,” he said. This overarching need to sustain himself led him to an indispensable truth for crafting news stories, which he showcased through his explanation of an NBC story he produced on Philadelphia’s gun violence. “I know you guys are all too familiar with what goes on in Chicago, so I thought I would bring you something you could relate to… In terms of a story… we can get facts, simple facts all the time, [but] it’s the why, and the why is what is pushing [the] story],” he said. Elaborating on the point, he stated that the relatability of an incident to the audience is paramount in all forms of media, observing that people are more likely to sympathize with stories that affect financial or physical security. Along a similar train of thought, O’Donnell commented that in the current industry, versatility and the willingness to learn and master a variety of skills were essential to success when asked by an audience member. “…you have to do every kind [of Journalism]. I’m not just a TV person. I have to do everything. I have to do our digital website. I have to do our social media. I have to do every piece of that for all of our stories,” he said. He had advised that staying educated

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Joshua Mira News Reporter

Football’s First Season Win

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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board) projecting accurate enrollment is critical. Enrollment depends on so many different variables, making it difficult to predict how many students will enroll. Competition from other colleges and universities has a significant influence on our enrollment from year to year,” Klotzbach explained. Chief Financial Officer Klotzbach shared that the current unpredictably around state educational funding is forcing the school to seek stable revenue sources. “One of the risks is the uncertainty of MAP given the political and financial situation of Illinois. In addition, other risks are the shrinking population demographics (fewer graduating seniors) and increasing competition from other schools.” Vice President Klotzbach said. “One of my main goals is helping all stakeholders to understand the need for SXU to continue to maintain a balanced budget during these financially challenging times,” said Klotzbach. When asked about his short and longterm goals, Klotzbach said, “My primary goal is to help the University create a Sustainable Financial Model so as to allow it to continue to live out its Mercy Mission into the future.” Klotzbach stressed the role of Saint Xavier University employees. “In addition, it is important to recognize the excellence of SXU’s faculty and staff. To this end, we have completed a faculty salary analysis and are in the beginning stages of a staff salary analysis to look at comparable positions at other schools. The goal would be to adjust salaries of those faculty and staff whose salaries are below a chosen percentile to bring more equity to our salaries,” Chief Financial Officer

Schmitt Quad

Klotzbach said. Saint Xavier University is currently in the process of selling its Orland Park Campus, which is not currently occupied. The school plans on utilizing the profit from this to financially reinforce the university. Klotzbach shared, “Another goal is to optimize the use of our facilities and resources. To that end, we are working to sell our vacant Orland Park Campus, as well as the apartment building at 10140 S

Pulaski. The proceeds of these sales will be used to pay off some of our bonds and bring relief to the debt SXU carries.” Klotzbach has been welcomed to the Saint Xavier University Community since he started in late 2017. The Chief Financial Officer shared his thoughts on this community. “I have been impressed by the fine work of the many faculty, staff and administrators I have met during my first several

months here at SXU. The University has weathered significant financial challenges in the past, but with the outstanding leadership of the Board, the clear guidance of President Joyner and the talented and committed faculty, staff and administration,” the CFO said. “SXU is poised to continue serving our students for another 100 years,” Klotzbach concluded.

Recap of Saint Xavier’s On The Spot Preformance

Kylee Rus News Reporter The improv club at Saint Xavier University hosted a show on Sept. 7, at 7:30 p.m. through 9:30 p.m., in the Schmitt Quad. Leading up to the night of the show, members of the club came together to practice different skits that they would have to perform in front of the crowd. Practices for the club are usually held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:30- 6:30 p.m., but the times are flexible for each individual schedule of the members. “I think the practices are important for us to understand the games and exercises we’ll be doing. It helps us put on a better performance. It also helps us become better actors and actresses as well. During practice we can work out the kinks,” said improv member Anissa Figaro. Hours before club members were set to perform, they joined together to run through some skits in Rudolf Hall’s lounge area. After running through some skits for practice, the club members who would be performing went around the residence halls and taped information to the residents doors for the show’s set for that night. The slip of paper put on the residents doors held the information for the time and place of the performance, and that the audience would be provided with free food. Next, the club members set up rows of chairs for the audience to have a good view of what would be their “stage” for the night. Right around the time the show was scheduled, residents and off campus students started filling up the seats and high tops trying to get a good view of the

Hector Casanova color illustration of theater, music, Internet, film images with headline “’10 best” The Kansas City Star 2010

performance. The audience helped themselves to the pizza and drinks the club provided and huddled up in their blankets ready to watch the show. Before it started, a hat was passed around for the audience to place scene suggestions in. Soon after the show started, the audience could be heard laughing at the performers’ on-spot-acting, and humorous performance. When asked about the performance,

audience member Emily Rubino replied, “I’ve never seen an improv show before, so to see one live where actors are coming up with skits on the spot, it was a really thrilling experience.” After the show ended, the audience left laughing and the performers stuck around to clean up the viewing area as they talked about the success of the first show. Treasurer of the Improv Executive Board, John Paul Pagulayan, says, “I have made great friends through this club, and my members have helped me to grow my


personality and expand my knowledge about helping others feel better, particularly through humour... and I look forward to what the future has to bring.” The improv club will have more performances, but the dates have not been decided yet. Check up on The Den periodicy to see the dates and events.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Xavierite


Thoughts on the Anonymous NYTimes Editorial

Written by: The Xavierite Editorial Board

One of the biggest stories of this past week involved an editorial published in The New York Times. The editorial was written by an anonymous author who works as a senior official in the Trump administration. The author states that they are a part of a “resistance” of senior officials who are working to intercept the parts of the president’s agenda they do not agree with. Since the publication of this editorial, everyone from White House officials to journalists have been racing to identify the author. President Trump took to Twitter and called on the Times to “turn him/ her over to the government” for “National Security purposes.” While it is important to withhold the identity of anonymous editorial author, there are many questioning the legitimacy of the claims made since it is uncertain whether they are coming from a legitimate source. The idea of a resistance inside the White House that combats Trump’s “worst inclinations” sounds wonderful to Trump opposers, but there is a nagging question that is in the back of every skeptic’s mind: What is the author’s motivation here? Is this too good to be true? We know the author had to remain anonymous in order to keep their job and continue to help with their little resistance, but what has the author told us that the public does not already know?

Letter to the Editor Policy

U.S. President Donald Trump leaves the Oval Office as he departs the White House in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 6, 2018.

Many ex-White House officials have spoken out about their experience working for the Trump administration. From them, the public now has a deeper look into Trump’s White House. If anything, this editorial offers some comfort for those who believed that nobody was keeping the President in check. “It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, Americans should know that there are adults in the room,” the author states. “And we are trying to do what’s right even when Donald Trump won’t.” One of the main problems that this editorial has caused is fueling the fires that is President Trump’s paranoia. He, along with others in the administration, have been furiously hunting down the culprit

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS

ever since the editorial went public. If the author is caught, the hunt won’t stop there. Trump will spend a grievous amount of time tracking down the other members of the “resistance.” But who is to say this is not a part of a much more elaborate scheme to distract the President from something else? This editorial might have been taken with less skepticism if the author had provided more detail into what was happening inside the White House as of recently, and if the position they held was disclosed. Only time will tell if this is true or if the author will reveal themselves. The best thing that American citizens can do right now is stay informed and be aware of what is happening.

Here at The Xavierite, we try to represent the thoughts and opinions of the student body and Saint Xavier community within our Viewpoints section. If you feel that there is a story that should have been covered and was not or if you have criticism or concerns about our coverage, the best way to voice your opinion directly is through a Letter to the Editor. Please send an email with “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line to If you are a student be sure to include your name and major in the email. If you are a member of the staff or faculty be sure to provide your name and title/position. We are always searching for feedback. All thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. Letters may be edited for content if they contain profanity, libel or do not otherwise correspond with ethical practices in journalism. Letters may also be printed at the editor’s discretion.

Why Do We Love People Like Peter Kavinsky and Noah Flynn? Priscilla Vargas Opinion Columnist “You’d rather make up a fantasy version of somebody in your head than be with a real person.” Jenny Han, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Certain books which were made into movies by Netflix are capable of sparking a ray of hope in a reader’s heart. It makes them vulnerable and open to understanding love in the most unlikely way. Open to meeting new people, or even allowing others to see the real you. To remove the people pleasing mask and to show your real self, your soul, your likes, and your dislikes. That’s what readers witnessed between Covey and Peter, in Jenny Han’s young adult novel, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. They saw each other. Not a quick glance in the hall or a cute wink sent from across the room, but the soul-glaring I see you. That’s what we all want in our lives: someone to see us for who we are and to fall in love with us, even if we don’t have everything together. It’s hard to understand what it’s like for someone to grow on you because much like Lara Jean, we struggle with knowing if that other person reciprocate the same feelings . Personally, I would rather watch hundreds of movies about love than go out and find someone. It’s just easier to watch Peter Kavinsky tell Lara Jean that he loves her, than for me to accidentally hit someone with my car, or send out love letters to all the boys I’ve loved before. We are able to see both Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky for who they are, and that’s what we love. We are able to see when characters keep it real when the odds were against them. When Lara Jean was finally able to

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” a Netflix Original

be honest with herself and tell Peter that she likes him and not “in a fake way”. In Beth Reekles’s romance novel, The Kissing Booth, Elle struggles with following the rules her and her best friend Lee made when they were six-years-old. Elle fell in love with her best friend’s brother, Noah, breaking rule number nine: relatives are off limits. Sometimes, we fall in love with people who are just so far from our grasp. Will something like that hold you


back? When there are so many possibilities that he could be the one. “I automatically leaned back, my head fitting into that spot between his neck and his shoulder. Again, the cliched romantic in me wondered how we seemed to fit so perfectly, two pieces of a jigsaw, and have such different, clashing personalities... I didn’t care how bad we were for each other or that he’d be off to college soon; I just remembered that I was in love

with him.” Beth Reekles, The Kissing Booth There are people like Lara Jean and Noah Flynn out there. We just have to wake up, turn off Netflix, and go out and find ourselves one. They exist. I wouldn’t be telling you to turn off Netflix otherwise. “It’s not like in the movies. It’s better, because it’s real.” Jenny Han, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Xavierite

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Why SXU is Fantastic as a Transfer Student

Emily Rubino Opinions Editor Transferring to a new university can be a challenging task for most. From visiting schools, completing the application process, and making the final decision, the whole ordeal can be quite stressful. However, Saint Xavier University makes the transition easy for transfer students from a two-year community college or another university. I started my college education at my local community college, McHenry County College, where I completed my general education requirements. While looking for information on where to transfer, I found Saint Xavier’s website and all its easy to access resources, like the required courses for all majors and minors. This simplified the process of finding out which classes I would have to take as a philosophy major. I started getting excited about some of the classes I would be able to take here at the University. I received information about the school and how I could reach my dreams on campus. My dream is to become a professor and teach people how to form valid arguments and about the world. I knew I could accomplish the first step at SXU. The application process was simple and sooner rather than later, I found that SXU was going to be my home away from home. Once I was accepted, I visited an open house where I had the opportunity to meet with professors from the philosophy department. The professors truly cared about my goals, complimented my ambition, and wanted to help me achieve. I was able to contact any professor in

Saint Xavier University Archway in the Smith-Morris Quad

the department through email if I had any questions, which relieved some of my stress. Aside from talking to professors, my transfer counselor helped me create an academic plan and the Office of Financial Aid helped ease the stressful process of paying for college by laying out the information I needed. I was nervous about being a small fish in a big sea, but the University’s small campus is a great environment for me to focus and make great connections. Even though academics are the most important part of college, Welcome Week and the Registered Student Organization

(RSO) Fair helped me feel like I belonged to the SXU community. I got to make great friends at the Welcome Week block party and dance party. I joined clubs on campus, like Improv Club. There are different categories of organizations so there is a little something for everyone. Whether you want to be a leader, an artist, or learn more about different cultures, you can find an organization here at SXU that fits you. This is not to say transferring was completely easy. Deciding where to transfer to and what to get your degree in can be overwhelming.You can feel that you

are jumping into something you are not prepared for. I changed my major five times; I would agonize over which credits transfer and which credits did not. I would panic over the ultimate dread of finances and change of enviornment. It was a harsh reality I would have to face to be leaving everything I know. Yet, SXU makes it easier and proves they care about you as an individual. You’re not a number here. You’re a student with goals, aspirations, and the ability to succeed. SXU has helped me realize my potential and gives me hope that the rest of my time here will be something to remember.

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Gazing into Shane Dawson’s “Th

Alma Tovar Features Editor (The following passage may contain spoilers.) This summer we were shook by the controversy that sunk Laura Lee’s career, damaging Gabriel Zamora, Nikita Dragon, and Manny MUA as well. It all began with Shane Dawson’s documentary “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”. The five episode series premiered on Youtube. In the documentary, Jeffree references his ex-friends, admitting that he had love for them, supported, and boosted them up only to be considered the “bad guy”. Zamora took it upon himself to call Star bitter and bring up the racist comments that had been made by him 10 years prior, comments that had already been apologized for. Jeffree Star fans were not having it; many did their research and thus resurfaced the offensive and racist tweets made by the beauty guru quintet. The shady comments that Zamora had shot at Jeffree had backfired. Jeffree Star now joyfully sits on a pink throne and basks in delight of the magic of karma. There is enough drama to make a list of it: The racist comments, the feud with tattoo and makeup artist Kat Von D, the shade thrown at Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, Jeffree’s call-out tweet against TooFaced Cosmetics co-founder Jerrod Blandino, and the list goes on… But what is it about Jeffree that makes him so susceptible to tangling himself in these things? When “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” premiered, we were made aware that

Jeffree Star is an intimidating persona. Having known Jeffree Star since I was still in middle school, I’ve always known him to be controversial, aggressive, and eccentric. Although I wasn’t a committed fan, I could still appreciate his idiosyncratic way of being. The documentary was essential in improving Star’s reputation and giving insight into who he really is. This was a great opportunity for him to open up about his life, which has proven difficult due to his trust issues. Much of the series consists of tours of his jaw-dropping, luxurious house and boujee pink custom cars. At some points,

I roll my eyes at the screen out of simmering jealousy. We get it Shane; his current income is more than I could make in a handful of lifetimes. I couldn’t imagine all the things I would buy if I had as much wealth as he does. However, one this is for certain: considering everything he went through to make it happen, and all the work he invests into his career, he deserves it. Star lived his life yearning for fame. We learn fascinating and quirky facts about the Youtube star: he loves sweets, owns a treadmill but can’t gain weight, all the teeth in his mouth are restored, he owns four pomeranians (Diva, Diamond,

Daddy, and Delicious), and his house is worth $3.4 million. He owns endless Gucci products and has a room that contains seven million dollars worth of clothing, jewelry, and purses. How in the world does he have so much money? Even Shane can’t fathom it. With a soaring makeup line, being the owner of several different companies, and investments in real estate, it’s not hard to believe that he makes millions. Glitter and glamour aside, we come to find that Jeffree is softer on the inside than he initially appears to be. Although the lavish life is fun, it is only a facade for how Jeffree feels.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Xavierite

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he Secret World of Jeffree Star”

The aggressive attitude and intimidation is just a defense mechanism. Having lived a life of betrayal and burnt bridges with family and friends, he built pink walls to keep himself safe. Jeffree often describes himself as loney, and admits to have built a castle (his mansion) in which he hides away in. In his myspace years, he was the most famous internet persona on that platform. Although it was an exciting for him, he still experienced homophobic attacks that occured online and even on the street. We learn details about him that leave Shane and the rest of us soaked in tears; details that I won’t mention here due to the sensi-

tive topic. The hateful comments that Jeffree had to endure would provoke anger and sadness that he did not know how to express. The bullying traces back as early as high school. These emotions would boil over and cause him to act out. Although he lives lavishly in the present, he lived a past of a struggling with poverty. Growing up he had big dreams of becoming a popstar. In 2009, he had the opportunity to start up his music career, where he was signed by Akon. However, this dream ended abruptly in 2013 and put him in a deep depression. During the documentary,

Shane encourages Star to return to making music. Jeffree confirms that he has been strongly considering a return to the music industy. Jeffree Star is a beauty guru, makeup artist, entrepreneur, investor, and internet celebrity. Before Shane’s documentary, I was fickle; I wouldn’t commit to being a fan considering his past controversies. However, I can see that on a personal level he is not much different from me. I can promise you that after looking into his life, your perception of him won’t be the same. I have a newfound respect and admiration for Star. And yes, this means I’m going to purchase his cosmetics from now on.

Photo Credit: Screenshoots of Jeffree Star’s Youtube videos.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Xavierite

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10324 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60643 • Whether you’re a teacher, a student, somebody that just wants a good read, or anything in between, Bookie’s is happy to provide you with what you need. • We offer gifts, games, puzzles, audiobooks, new bestselling books, and much more. • • • • •

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Become Spider-Man in Anticipated New Release for PS4

Alma Tovar Features Editor One of the most anticipated games of the year is Spider-Man for the PS4. If you’re a Marvel fan and a gamer, I can bet you’re thrilled, and you have every right to be. From the sharp graphics to the boss battles, there is so much to look forward to. Spider-Man can now be enjoyed, as it was released by Insomniac Games on September 7, 2018. This release has only been out for a few days, but it has already received excellent reviews from critics and casual gamers alike. When I was four years old, I watched the Spider-Man Movie (2002) and I was certain that I wanted to be him when I grew up. That being said, the four-yearold version of myself is overjoyed over the release of this game, were she here to experience it. Having played DC games in high school, I’m glad that I can play a Marvel game for a change. So what is it about this game that has everyone so excited about it? Pair it up with the PS4 Pro and you’ve got yourself promising and gorgeous graphics; the view of Manhattan is a sight for sore eyes. The open-world game allows for the player to truly feel and live like Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s mobility is the one of the most impressive things about the game; there’s something satisfying about watching him web-swing through city buildings. Web-swinging is a feature that is controlled by the player. Although the fluid movement is something to get used to, with practice the player can make the navigation appear effortless. Several hours can easily slip by simply doing this, as it is just as fun as the

Insomniac Games

“Spider-Man” is a more modern take on the web slinger by Insomniac Games.

rest of the game. Much of Manhattan comes to life in the side-quests. These side-missions consist of challenges, scavenger hunts, and even extra dialogue on the storyline. Since you’re spending more time completing missions, you get familiar with Spider-Man’s New York. Although the in-game combat between foes can become repetitive, battles can be spiced up with different suits (which allow you to use different fighting powers). Once the power is unlocked, you can use it aside

from the suit which can be relieving if you prefer an alternative suit. There is room for improvised fighting with new equipment or attacks. The gadgets used in the games are obviously inspired by Insomniac Games’s classic “Ratchet & Clank”. The quirky contraptions are so fun to use as they can be used methodically. The storyline is much more than the defeat of the main bosses, much of the game feels grounded and connects with the player through its relatable scenarios. You can witness the relationship between Peter

Parker and Mary Jane Watson blossom; The bond is a reflection of modern-day dating superpowers aside. You truly get to live in Spider-Man’s world, weaving your way through action-packed commotion and the most humble, grounded scenes. If you have a craving for a thrilling superhero lifestyle, this is the game for you. The amazing Spider-Man is back with more webs of adventure that is worth tangling yourself into.

Classical Music Beyond The Classics Angelika Rol Features Reporter

When people ask the average young adult what comes to mind when they hear the term “music” they are likely to respond with a fresh singer, band, or genre of “pop” music. Then there is me, a twentythree-year-old that blasts symphony music everywhere I go. If I were to ask a room full of students, how many of them like symphony classical music, I would find about a handful. Does this mean classical music is dying? Not necessarily. The problem with the classical genre is that it is stereotyped with Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Bach, etc. forgetting that new composers are born every year. Some of the most successful composers of the 21st Century are Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter, David Lang, Lesley Barber and Hans Zimmer. Growing up, I listened to classical music on the radio or watched performances on television. There was something that drew me into that genre and it wasn’t just the melody, it was everything about it. I watched my grandfather play the violin and sing his heart out, while my dad played the piano and guitar. My appreciation for music stemmed from their musical talents. The truth is nobody encouraged me to listen to classical music; it was my own choice. Every time I listen to symphony music, I lose myself in it. The instrumentals contained in classical music are unlike those of any other genre in their ability to reach a person. Classical music is a mixture of different ways or styles to express emotion and feeling. By doing so, listeners may get a variety of feelings and messages from it. After listening to classical music, all the other

without the choreography and hours of practice. The orchestra must also follow the appropriate seating arrangements in order for the music to sound properly. If the audience moved around freely it would cause traffic, distractions, noise, and the elegance of the musical art. Some things are just meant to stay the same. Still, it is possible as time passes the orchestra performances will adjust to some of the modern changes.

Top SXU Playlist: Chopin - “Revolutionary Etude” Johann Sebastian Bach - “Air on G String” Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67, “Fate” Samuel Barber - “Adagio for Strings” Max Richter - “Infra 5” Ludovico Einaudi - “Nuvole Bianche” Tokio Myers - “Polaroid” Lesley Barber - “Manchester Minimalist Piano and String” (Manchester By The Sea)

Illustration of a conductor making sheet music fly.

genres just sound like noise to me. Classical music is not just the boring songs that put people to sleep, at least not when you watch some of the greatest movies that wouldn’t be the same without the marvelous music behind them, for example, Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite, “The Russian Dance Trepak.” Hans Zimmer is one of the many composers that has taken music into a whole new level. He is well known for and one of my personal favorites, “The Dark Knight” performance live with J. Newton and the epic Mongolian Voice, Uyanga

Rick Nease

Bold. Watching these performances live and sitting in the auditorium is an amazing experience. However, young adults are still hesitant to go see orchestras live. Perhaps, more young adults would be more attracted to orchestra concerts and operas if they could move around freely, instead of being stuck in assigned seats or if the orchestra engaged with the audience. But that would take away from the beauty of the performance. Musicians play a new program every week with minimum of rehearsal time. It is nearly impossible to memorize every note

Benefits of Listening to Classical Music: 1. Boosts brain power and creativity. 2. Reduces stress levels. 3. Relieves pain. 4. Fights depression and anxiety. 5. Decreases blood pressure. 6. Enhances memory. 7. Improves the quality of sleep. 8. Invokes all kinds of emotions. 9. Improves productivity and physical performance. 10. Helps learn more about your personality. Visit for $15 Student Tickets to see great composers perform in Chicago. Follow the classical encounters with Rob Shapiro on WXAV entitled, “Bach to school.”

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Xavierite

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Recap Chris Leonchik Sports Editor

It was a beautiful night for football at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin when the Chicago Bears played the Green Bay Packers for their first game of the 2018 NFL Season. The Green Bay Packers were lead by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was ready to make one of his first starts since breaking his collarbone last year. Bears fans had much to be excited about as well. The Bears’ quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, was entering his second year as starting quarterback and had a revamped wide receiver core to help his production. Bears fans were also very excited about their two newest defensive pieces, Roquan Smith, who the Bears picked in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and Khalil Mack, who the Bears had traded for less than two weeks before. The game kicked off at around 7:20 PM, with the game being broadcast nationwide on NBC. The game started with an unsuccessful Green Bay drive. The Bears then got the ball for their first drive of the night. Mitchell Trubisky, alongside running backs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, lead the Bears all the way down the field and into the endzone for a touchdown. After another failed Green Bay drive, the Bears marched all the way down the field and kicked a field goal to put them up 10-0 to end the first quarter.

Mitchell Trubisky rushes in for a touchdown at Lambeau Field

After the Packers and Bears experienced failed drives, the Packers got the ball back when suddenly, disaster struck. On 3rd and 9, Aaron Rodgers dropped back and got sacked. While the sack was happening, a Chicago defender fell right on the left leg of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was taken to the sidelines and was eventually carted off the field. With Rodgers down, the Packers turned to backup quarterback DeShone Kizer. On the first drive with Kizer, Chicago Bears defenseman Khalil Mack forced a

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune

fumble and recovered it. On the next drive with Kizer, Khalil Mack once again impacted the game by intercepting a DeShone Kizer pass and returning it for a touchdown, putting the Bears up 17-0 going into halftime. When things looked bleak for the Packers, hope suddenly emerged. Aaron Rodgers, limping and not putting any weight on his left leg, decided to re-enter the game for the second half. The Bears got the ball first in the second half and kicked a field goal to put them up 20-0.

Rodgers and the Packers then got to work, marching down the field on their first drive of the second half and kicking a field goal to make it 20-3. After another failed Bears drive, Rodgers and the Packers responded with a 39 yard touchdown pass to make it 20-10. The Bears failed to get anything going on their next drive and was forced to punt it back to the Packers. After Rodgers threw four straight complete passes, Rodgers threw a 12 yard pass for a touchdown to make it 20-17. The Bears then got the ball back and were able to kick a field goal after a six minute drive to make it 23-17. Rodgers and the Packers then got to work on finishing their comeback. Rodgers tried throwing a pass to one of his wide receivers and it was almost picked off by Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller, but he bobbled it and could not catch it. Two plays later, Rodgers threw a monsterous 75 yard touchdown pass to make it 23-24. The Bears then went to work on attempting their own comeback with two minutes left in the game. However, the drive was unsuccessful and the Bears turned the ball over on downs to the Packers. The Packers then ran the clock out to win the game 24-23. The Bears now must refocus and prepare for next Monday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. That game will be played at Soldier Field on ESPN at 7:00 PM.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Xavierite

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

SXU Clenches First Win of The Season at Home, Against Missouri Baptist University Moises Reynaga Sports Reporter

The SXU Cougars viciously rebounded from two previous thrashings against rivals Marian University and ISU this past Saturday. In true Cougar fashion, the team clenched their first win of the season and seventh home win in a row. As a result of the 2 previous tough loses, the Cougars came out swinging in their clash against the Spartans of Missouri Baptist University. SXU’s defensive players brought an unmatched aggression and determination, while the offense held their own with grit and resolve. Saturday’s game marked the one year anniversary of SXU’s victory against MBU 48-13 in St. Louis, and only the second match-up between the two schools. This game also marked the first use of the newly installed turf at Deaton Field. The new turf replaced the older field installed in 2006 with a redesigned center image. In its place, there is a large red X inscribed with a cougar, alongside the redone white SXU lettering in the endzones. The SXU offense set the opening tempo of the game with a touchdown from a thirteen-yard run by Vance McShane. Ending with a good kick from Mike Iturbe, 10 minutes into the first quarter. The touchdown was a culmination of seven plays and sixty-five yards. This was the total of points scored in the first quarter. The first score of the second quarter was in at the 10 minute, twenty-second mark via a thirty-six-yard field goal by Mike Iturbe. Total movement was four plays for thirty-six yards. This was followed by a sixty-six yard pass

Senior Alex Martinez drops back to complete a pass.

from Alex Martinez to Elliot Pipkin with a completed kick by Mike Iturbe. Total movement was two plays and sixtysix yards. This was followed by 7 plays and fiftytwo yards of movement for a twenty-nine yard field goal by Mike Iturbe. The third quarter kicked off with a twenty-nine yard pass received by Nick Czeszewski for a touchdown. Followed by a good kick by Iturbe. This was the result of 5 plays for fortynine yards of movement. The fourth quarter saw the MBU Spartans’s Lucas Rockford score their first touchdown, a 2-yard run and the result

The Xavierite

of forteen plays for ninety-two yards of movement. Ethan Meltzer followed up by completing a good kick. The Cougars responded with a thirteen play, ninety-five yard drive. Davis completed a twenty-five yard pass by Hunniford, with Iturbe kicking. The final score saw SXU bring home their first win 34-7 at Deaton Field. Total elapsed time was 2 hours and thirty-seven minutes. The keys to the Cougar victory this past Saturday lied in the aggressiveness and explosiveness of its players. The Cougar offense was able to solidify their position against MBU’s defensive

lines and give Junior QB Alex Martinez enough time to work his magic. The O-line established a firm holding, preventing excessive breakthrough from MBU, and stalling their drives. The defensive line threw everything they had against the Spartans, pushing out with rage and aggression. They exploded and broke through the Spartan O-line for beautiful sacks, halting time and time against MBU’s drives.

A Preview of the 2018 Saint Xavier University Football Season Chris Leonchik Sports Editor The 2017 Saint Xavier football season ended with a disappointing 52-7 loss in the NAIA Playoff Quarterfinals to Morningside College. Despite some players leaving after last year and a rocky start, this year looks to be a great one for the Saint Xavier Cougars. This year’s team is lead by junior quarterback Alex Martinez, who threw twenty-two touchdowns last year while only throwing seven interceptions. Saint Xavier enters this year ranked #6 in the NAIA. Saint Xavier has already played three games this year, achieving a record of one win and two losses. The first loss came on the road against #15 Marian in Indianapolis. Despite the team’s solid offensive, it was not enough to take down the high-powered Marian offense. Saint Xavier’s second game was against the 20th best FCS team in the nation, the Illinois State Redbirds. During the game, which was broadcasted on NBC Sports Network Plus, the Redbirds proved too much for the Cougars to handle and beat them 46-0. The Cougars then played Missouri Baptist University for their first home game on Saturday, September 8th. Saint Xavier won the game 34-7 in front of a rambunctious home crowd at Deaton Field. Saint Xavier is now set to travel to Belleville, Illinois in order to face Lindenwood University, who finished 0-10 last year and lost to Saint Xavier last year 0-45. The week following that game, the Cougars welcome #1 St. Francis (IN) to Deaton Field for the annual homecoming game.

Harold Davis runs in for a touchdown against Missouri Baptist University on September 8th

St. Francis (IN) finished last year 14-0 and defeated Saint Xavier 48-23 on route to their NAIA Championship. The week after that potentially very exciting game, the Cougars travel to Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. Taylor University finished last year 4-6, including a 20-24 loss to Saint Xavier. Saint Xavier then welcomes Robert Morris University to Deaton Field the next week. Robert Morris finished last year 2-9, which included a 7-31 loss to the Cougars. After that in-state battle, Saint Xavier travels to Deerfield, Illinois to play Trinity

International University. Trinity finished last year with a 2-8 record, including a 13-38 loss to Saint Xavier. The next week, SXU travels all the way to Davenport, Iowa in order to face Saint Ambrose University. Saint Ambrose finished last year with a 4-6 record, which included a 28-41 loss to Saint Xavier. The next week in a battle between two of the best NAIA teams in Illinois, Saint Xavier welcomes St. Francis (IL) to Deaton Field for the final home game of the regular season. St. Francis (IL) finished last year with

a 5-5 record, which included a 28-30 loss to the Cougars. SXU finishes the regular season in Bourbonnais against Olivet Nazarene University. Olivet Nazarene finished with a 6-5 record last year, which included a nailbiter loss to Saint Xavier in double overtime. However, this is just the regular season. If Saint Xavier finishes with a good enough record, they will advance to the NAIA playoffs as they did last year. Saint Xavier University Football boasts a high-powered offense and a dominant defense this year, which should lead the team to success in the NAIA this year.

9-12-18 Issue  

Check out the latest and first 2018 Fall semester issue of the Xavierite. This week features stories on CFO Daniel Klotzbach, an editorial o...

9-12-18 Issue  

Check out the latest and first 2018 Fall semester issue of the Xavierite. This week features stories on CFO Daniel Klotzbach, an editorial o...