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Heartbleed Bug Leaves Millions Vulnerable Jake Alleruzzo News Correspondent A recently discovered bug found in many websites have allowed individuals to obtain SSL/TLS encryption keys, which is allowing unwanted guests to access confidential information stored by Web sites. Deemed the Heartbleed bug, the bug is considered to be one of the largest of alltime and has left millions at risk. The name of the bug comes from the exploit used by individuals to access secure encryption keys by using an exploit in the heartbeat extension of transport protocols used by many sites. The ability for hackers to access encryption information is troubling because it allows for confidential user information to be accessed. This confidential information ranges from user passwords to private communications amongst individuals. While it is often common for Internet bugs to be reported and exploited, Heartbleed is different from the norm. What makes Heartbleed unique is that it has been left open for exploitation for an extended period of time ranging across many years.

The exploit also cannot be detected by Web sites, so there is not an estimate of how often or if the exploit has been used by malicious individuals. What this bug presents to the internet is a stealthy method to obtain the most confidential of user material without a single trace of abnormal account activity. The question many have now is what Web sites have been affected and should users change their passwords. Though it should be noted that not all sites using openSSL were affected by the bug, it is only those of a certain degree. Websites who have already reported to have fixed the vulnerability include Instagram, Tumblr, Google, and Yahoo. This means that users who have Google or Yahoo! accounts should change their passwords, including Gmail users. Facebook has reported they are unsure if they were vulnerable to the bug but highly recommend that users change their account passwords to be safe. The other information that is unclear at this time is if any of these exploited sites

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Meet Ms. Scarlet and Mr. Grey An inside look at two of SXU’s finest Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor

Last week Ms. Scarlet and Mr. Grey were found, and this week we got to learn more about them. Ms. Scarlet is current SXU sophomore Felicia Tempel who is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish. Her decision for this course of study stems from Tempel’s goal to eventually work with juveniles through the juvenile rehabilitation center here in Cook County. Mr. Grey is current SXU sophomore David Sode who is studying Biology/PreVeterinary. His future plans include being a veterinarian for large animal wildlife, and he hopes to eventually work with these animals somewhere exotic and different. When asked why she decided to apply to Saint Xavier University, Temple explained that it was completely by accident. She had actually been planning to apply to Xavier University, but when she

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The truth about tanning salons

Felicia Tempel and David Sode

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Track and Field sets records

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Xavierite

Ingalls Marketing Manager Visits Saint Xavier The Xavierite Call 773.298.3380 Fax 773.298.3381 E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

Staff: Editor in Chief Becki Brown Deputy Editor in Chief Brittany Klyczek Senior News Editors Catlyn Hicks News Editor David Rodriguez Senior Viewpoints Editor Brian Laughran Viewpoints Editor Bridget Goedke Senior Features Editor Lauren Dwyer Senior Sports Editor Tim Carroll Sports Editor Frank Markasovic Business Manager Janna Eudave Copy Editors Zhana Johnson Damone Griffin Brittany Klyczek Webmaster Nicole Callsen Photographer Linda Hamed Designer Katie Liesen Correspondents Jake Alleruzzo Zachary Heppner Zhana Johnson Director of Student Media Peter Kreten Front page photo credits: The Xavierite, cdc. gov,, SXU Athletics

Jake Alleruzzo News Correspondent Julie Carlson, marketing communications manager at Ingalls Health System visited Saint Xavier on April 14 to speak with communication majors on her role at Ingalls Health System. Julie Carlson, a Saint Xavier University alumnus, talked to students in attendance with a warm and exuberant tone regarding her work in the health marketing industry. The topics covered during her hour and thirty minute lecture with students included crisis management, health marketing and community outreach. Carlson began her career after graduating from Saint Xavier in 1992 and starting a job as a communications specialist at Silver Cross Hospital. By 1996 she joined Ingalls Health System as a member of their marketing communications team. During her lecture Carlson reflected on her first role at Ingalls, which was the writing and development of a bi-weekly newsletter. Today, Carlson takes on a role that includes numerous facets of external and internal communication with the stakeholders of Ingalls Health System. The stakeholders for Ingalls are numerous and include the patients, physicians and local media outlets. Many students who came to listen to Carlson were interested in how her experience in the marketing field could help them inside and outside of Saint Xavier University. The student audience provided many questions to Carlson ranging from how Ingalls handles crisis situations all the way to how the company utilizes social media in marketing.

Junior communication major Maria Aranda, who attended the guest speaker event, believes there was much to take away from hearing Carlson talk about her profession. “I felt as though hearing about her insights in the field helped me understand what goes into marketing in the health industry,” said Maria when asked what she took away from the lecture. One of the questions presented by the students attending asked about Carlson’s work on Ingalls Health System’s sports medicine and concussion programs. These programs were described by Carlson as a type of concierge service for those who have been affected by sports injuries. Parents

can call the Ingalls Sports Medicine and Concussion hotline to find out the next steps in helping their son’s or daughter’s ailment. The program has evolved over the time it has been introduced, but still is one of the key features Ingalls offers to its patients that separates the institution from other nearby medical centers. The entire lecture by Carlson served a purpose in telling Saint Xavier’s students that there are employment opportunities out there for communication students, as well as telling students more information about marketing communication in the health industry.

Lecture Hall

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were actually exploited by hackers. Since the bug leaves no trace or anomaly on the website, there is no clear cut way to tell if people have had their information stolen. Saint Xavier students are in a unique situation because of the fact that all the students have a Gmail account for their school email. This vulnerability caused by the Heartbleed virus can cause trouble for many students, since Google’s services were found to be vulnerable because of the bug. While Google has released a statement saying that they had caught the bug early and users do not need to change their passwords, network security analyst Juan Munoz stated, “You can never be too safe with changing your password for sites, no matter if a vulnerability has been detected.” Munoz also stated that most companies and Web sites today use individuals deemed “blackhats” to help search for exploits in online infrastructure, but the cost and time involved is substantial. “New exploits are found everyday and it’s difficult for companies to keep up, since they have to consistently release updates to patch them,” stated Mr. Munoz when discussing the challenges in actively stopping exploits from being used to obtain private user information. The best step now for students at Saint Xavier would be to play it safe and change their passwords for most of their online accounts. Students can also find more information on all the Web sites exploited by searching for more extensive lists of what Web sites have been exposed by the bug. While it is still too early to tell how many or if anyone has been affected, the Heartbleed bug shows yet again that security on the Internet is not always full proof.

was searching for the school Saint Xavier University came up. It was with that chance discovery that Tempel decided to apply. Tempel decided to participate in the pageant because she felt it would be a good way to meet new people and make new friends. Before the pageant she explained that she was not that ambitious when it came to getting very involved on campus, but now, “I’ve met all of these different people and I see them around campus. It’s nice because they know me and I know them.” It turns out that her decision to enter the pageant was also by accident. A couple of her friends wanted to go to the meeting and she decided to tag along. “I actually decided to turn my application is twenty minutes before the deadline,” said Tempel. Sode explained that his reason for attending SXU came from a visit he made to the campus. “I really liked the community atmosphere in it. When I came here everyone was so friendly, loving, and welcoming. That’s why I chose Saint Xavier,” he said. Although Sode participated in the pageant last year as a first-year, he said that he had not planned on participating this year. He also applied at the last minute, stating that people kept asking him if he was going to participate this year before he decided to enter. His decision to participate came from

“If you’re thinking about participating you should definitely do it.” -Felicia Tempel

The Xavierite

his love of entertaining and he really wanted to be able to entertain the people who came to the pageant, especially his friends. Sode did just that during his talent portion of the pageant, which he stated was his favorite part of the pageant. During the talent portion he sang the song “My Girl,” during which he actually went into the crowd and interacted with the audience. Being Ms. Scarlet or Mr. Grey comes with a lot of responsibility over the course of the next year. It is Tempel’s main goal over that time to represent Saint Xavier to the best of her ability. Sode hopes to do a lot more service over the next year now that he is Mr. Grey. “I really want to try and use my title to do more service activities that involve my friends and the rest of the Saint Xavier community as well as service in the Chicagoland area. Hopefully I will continue carrying on this same patch even after my run as Mr. Grey is over,” he said. “I would definitely recommend that whoever wants to do the pageant should try, even people who feel like it’s out of their comfort zone. My first year I never would have done it and it wasn’t until an advisor encouraged me to participate that I actually considered do it,” Sode continued. If Tempel were to hear that someone was considering participating in the pageant she would tell him or her, “If you’re thinking about participating you should definitely do it. Just show up to the meeting even if you’re not one hundred percent sure what its about. This was something that I never really thought I would do, but being a part of the pageant helped me to discover new things about myself while getting more involved on campus.” Both Tempel and Sode will be invlved in many different activities at Saint Xavier in the coming year, so their faces will be well known to the community.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Xavierite

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New Reasearch Journal at SXU

David Rodriguez News Editor The Saint Xavier Honors Program will publish their peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal, LOGOI this summer. The journal will be published online on the Honors Program Homepage. LOGOI is the first journal of its kind here at Saint Xavier University. Editor of LOGOI, Jessica Heller, said,“LOGOI will be devoted to undergraduate scholarship, and the Honors Program Student Advisory Council is proud to offer Saint Xavier Students an opportunity to publish their work in the first peer-reviewed undergraduate journal of its kind here.” The deadline for submissions was March 31, 2014 and the Editorial Board is currently in the process of determining the criteria for the submissions they will select to be in the journal, according to Heller. Heller indicated that the current goal is to publish LOGOI annually, but if the journal reaches its highest capacity that may change. Twenty submissions were made to the editorial board by the March 31st deadline and the editorial board will select as many of them as they see fit for the initial publication, according to Heller. Heller stated, “Personally, I feel 1015 would be a solid number to found the journal with, but I’m not sure about others’ thoughts.” She also continued on to say that any submissions not selected for this initial publication may be used for any succeeding issue. According to Heller, LOGOI’s Editorial Board will make an effort to accept submissions from different fields of study at Saint Xavier University. A goal of LOGOI

The call for papers for LOGOI

is to promote diversity while showcasing the outstanding work of Saint Xavier students from all majors. The journal will be organized by discipline, and then by majors and minors to help students locate essays on topics from outside their own field of study, says Heller. As stated by Heller, the LOGOI Editorial Board hopes that the journal will serve as a recruiting tool and that they can open it up to other local colleges and universities.

LOGOI has an Editorial Board, with six board members, two editors and a faculty advisor. Dr. Mary Beth Tegan, the Editorial Board’s faculty advisor, was the person who had the idea of having the journal, according to Heller. Heller and Jeris Al-Sahoury are LOGOI’s two editors. The rest of the Editorial Board is made up of six honors students: Yasmin Abdellatif, Jaclyn Batka, Evan Held, Jeremy Hunding, Kristina Krasny, and Taylor Palmer.

The Editorial Board recommends that students should submit their paper to a peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal because it “demonstrates your expertise in your field of study for many important audiences, including peers, professors, future employers, and graduate schools, helps you establish a visible academic profile, allows you to ‘leave your mark’ on your alma mater, and contributes to the general academic excellence of Saint Xavier University.”


Saturday, April 26, 2014 Join us to commemorate the bicentennial of the birth of Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas during this one-day symposium that will assess Douglas’ historical legacy and portrayals of it. Listen to talented scholars, re-enactors and teachers, and an artist, griot, and filmmaker, share diverse perspectives on the life and politics of Douglas.

FREE LIVE VIEWING FOR ALL SXU STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF: • Screen viewing – rooms L-215 and L-217, Warde Academic Center • Online streaming – link and password will be available on Available during the symposium from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Throughout the symposium and film showing, use #sxudouglas to share your thoughts! Presented by Saint Xavier University and the Stephen A. Douglas Association Sponsored by Saint Xavier’s College of Arts and Sciences, Department of History and Political Science, Department of Art and Design, School of Education and Center for Instructional Design and Technology

The Xavierite

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Xavierite


A Story You Should Know: Rubin Carter By The Xavierite Staff “Here’s the story of the Hurricane, the man the authorities came to blame. For something that he’d never done. Put in a prison cell, but one time he’s gonna be the champion of the world.” - Bob Dylan, “Hurricane” This past Sunday, Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter passed away from prostate cancer. Carter was a former middleweight contender who in 1967 was wrongly convicted of homicide. In 1966, two men were killed inside a bar in Patterson, New Jersey. The assailants were recognized from eyewitnesses as being two black men. That same night, Carter, along with associate John Artis, were arrested for the murder, despite not being responsible. Two key eyewitnesses changed their position on whether Carter was involved or not several times throughout Carter’s two convictions and appeals. Carter’s case eventually went to the Supreme Court and he was released due to the racially charged tactics of the

prosecution throughout his trials and the unreliability of the witnesses involved. Carter’s story, which he would describe in his autobiography The Sixteenth Round, served as inspiration for readers and also turned a lot of attention to Carter’s story. The book served not only as the basis of a song by Bob Dylan, but also as the basis for the film The Hurricane. Actor Denzel Washington received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of the wrongly convicted boxer. Carter would spend much of his life outside of prison by serving as a director and overseer for the Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted – a Canadian based organization that gives support to those who are wrongly convicted in trials. Carter’s story is a reminder of a time that ways, and in many was still is, common in America’s legal system. There are still profiling cases to be found within the American justice system. These cases must always be sought out and the truth must be revealed with no agenda attached. Though Carter was eventually freed, he

represents a great number of people from that time in American history when men or women could be convicted based on the color of their skin and not on the merit of their actions and their day in court. When Dylan wrote the lyrics “one time he’s gonna be the champion of the world,” it is doubtful to assume that he was referring to any sort of comeback in Carter’s boxing career. Rather, Dylan’s lyric likely refers to the sweet victory that a turnover in Carter’s conviction would yield. Carter was vindicated and with his freedom he turned his life over to helping those who found themselves in similar situations and could not help themselves. Let Carter’s story remind you of the injustice of the past and the present and that we should be mindful of the future and how our justice system must progress if we are to truly represent liberty and justice for all. If you are interested in Carter’s story and learning more you can read his book The Sixteenth Round and see the film The Hurricane.

Letter to the Editor Policy

Here at The Xavierite we try to voice to opinions of the student body and university. However, if you feel you would like to voice your opinion directly, send a Letter to the Editor. Send an email to thexavierite@ with “Letter to the Editor” written in the subject line. If you are a student you must include your full name and major. If you are a member of the falcuty/staff, you must include your full name and title. Letters may be printed at the eidtor’s disclosure and may be edited if they include profanity, libel or do not otherwise meet ethical standards of journalism.

The Crusader of Sanity

The Food Network and endless TV competition Brian Laughran Senior Viewpoints Editor

Remember when the Food Network actually taught people how to cook? Oh, I know that there are still quite a few shows on the Food Network that are still designated to teaching people how to cook (The Barefoot Contessa and Down Home Cooking with the Neelys come to mind). But if you look at about half of the shows that are on the Food Network you’ll see that most of them are competition shows. Now, there’s nothing wrong with television competitions. One of my favorite shows to watch every Sunday night is The Amazing Race. Other than that, I plan my weekends around watching the Chicago Bears play as soon as the season starts. Competition gives any show immediate drama. However, isn’t there a point where the competition gets a little ridiculous? The answer to that question is a resounding yes, and the Food Network is the one who crossed the line. I will give you an example. My parents love the show Chopped. The premise of the program is that four chefs compete in making a three-course meal: an appetizer, an entrée, and a desert.

Each round someone is eliminated – or chopped (hahaha, get it?). By process of elimination, someone becomes the Chopped Champion at the end of the show. Fine. Good. Whatever. Here’s my thing: the judging for these shows are so petty and pretentious that it’s insulting. On one cooking competition – heck if I can even remember which one, there’s so many – a judge complained about getting a piece meat with fat on it. The camera showed the chop of meat and there was a little fat on it, but not much.

My point being, if any regular person complained at a restaurant that their meat had fat on it, the waitress/waiter would probably laugh at said person and tell them, in that very faux-polite waiter/waitress voice, “I’m sorry sir/m’am, but it just comes that way.” You know why? Because animals have fat on them and when you eat an animal you are bound to come across that fat. Not to mention all of these shows now come in the celebrity variety. I love the comedy stylings of Chris Kattan. He’s a funny guy. But for the love of God, why do I have to see him alongside

Remember when the Food Network taught people how to cook?

Vanilla Ice and Florence Henderson, racing against the clock to make a dish for Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray? If I went to a restaurant and the server told me that Shaquille O’Neal would be making the appetizer, Barry Williams from The Brady Bunch would be cooking my entrée and that I would be eating a brownie à la mode for desert prepared by the songstresses collectively known as Bananrama, I’d probably leave. Probably. I actually imagine Greg Brady makes one hell of a surf and turf platter. At this point in my column – as I must do in most of my columns – I must admit that to an outsider I must appear like a raving lunatic. These shows are very popular and, yes, I know I’m in the minority group in having a problem with them. And even I must admit I like some of these shows. (Chopped can actually be quite entertaining when the judges don’t sound like a bunch of elitists who have gathered to spit on the culinary skills of the little people.) Take Iron Chef: professional chefs at the top of their game competing against one another simply for bragging rights. No money. No points. None of that. Simply competing for the joy of competing. Not to mention, you might learn something in the process of watching. That’s what upsets me the most. The Food Network used to be a channel that was dedicated to culinary education. Now it’s like watching a food-centric version of the Game Show Network (no disrespect to the Game Show Network).

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Xavierite

The College Diaries

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My advice for incoming sophomores Bridget Goedke Viewpoints Editor

1. If you hated college in general or your school choice this year, don’t assume you will next year, too. I say this not because I hated SXU when I returned as a sophomore but because my first-year and sophomore years were two very different experiences. It is likely that yours will be, too. So, if you had a really terrible year, you feel like you didn’t fit in, you didn’t make many friends or your thinking this school isn’t quite what you’re looking for, I say, give it a little more time. At some point in your sophomore year you become much more comfortable. You know what to expect and what not to expect and that changes everything. I also think everyone is little more true to themselves the second time around. We grow out of the “I have to impress everyone” first-year phase and start doing what we want to do as opposed to doing what we feel like we have to do fit in. So hold on a little longer. 2. Don’t assume your group of friends will be the same next year I think about three or four of the friends I made my first year carried over into

College can be a much different experience in your sophomore year.

sophomore year. And I don’t mean we had some kind of dramatic falling out, we just changed our paths a little bit. I think having a large group of friends is something that is so important to firstyears that sometimes they fail to evaluate whether or not they have the right friends. We never want to sit in the diner alone so we surround ourselves with twenty mediocre friends to keep up appearances. As a sophomore, although my consistent friend group is smaller, my relationships are so much more meaningful. I have found a group of people who

compliment my life and personality exceptionally well and on top of that, I have expanded my horizons and met so many more amazing people in my second year. So let that first-year timidness and social pressure wear off and branch out! I guarantee you will find some really fascinating people. 3. Be excited! This one is for all of the SXU residents. There is life beyond Regina Hall and it’s awesome! I have my fair share of great memories from my year in Regina but it gets better….

so much better. Just think, you’re going to go from using old community bathrooms and having a broom closet for a room to the luxurious quad halls. Sure, it’s a little on the expensive side and quad life isn’t perfect either, but only sharing your bathroom with one other person is priceless. Your Regina Hall sentence is almost up. That in itself is a reason to look forward to next year. 4. Get ready to grow up I’ve mentioned this in previous articles, but sophomore year gets a little more serious. You’re going to start taking classes in your major and finding out a lot about yourself and your abilities. In addition, your decision-making skills will certainly be put to the test. Get ready to start making bigger decisions and more difficult decisions than simply deciding whether to wear yoga pants or sweatpants to class today. Get ready to think about your future...a lot. 5. Make the most of this summer You’ve spent a whole year away from your family and hometown friends, make the most of this time with them! Spend some extra time with your parents this summer. You know they’ve missed you and you’ll have all of your glorious freedom back in three short months.

The Cougar Pulse

The truth about tanning salons Zachary Heppner Viewpoints Correspondent

With summer right around the corner countless teens and adults alike will be flocking to the tanning salon to get the highly sought after tan. We have all heard the risks, but similar to smoking cigarettes, most people never take them seriously. These warnings of melanoma, photo damage, brown spots or wrinkles later in life usually fall upon deaf ears. If you won’t believe the major risks associated with tanning beds, then maybe debunking the myths that tanning salons sell you on can change your mind. Tanning salons will commonly tell you that it is safer to tan indoors on a bed than outdoors. They sell you on the idea that a tanning bed s safer because you can control and monitor the exact amount of exposure compared to tanning outdoors where the UV percentages change constantly. These claims that they make are false, and, in fact, the opposite is actually true. According to Dr. David E. Bank, a dermatologist and spokesperson for The Skin Cancer Foundation, tanning indoors is more dangerous to your skin because “you’re getting a much higher concentration of the longer wavelength UVA, which damages more deeply into the skin.” Research done by the Skin Cancer

Foundation shows that tanners using these tanning beds can receive up to 12 times the annual UVA dose and are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors. Another selling point and myth used by tanning salons is the idea that if you are tan then you won’t burn. Therefore, they tell people it is better to tan indoors before heading outdoors. In reality, only sun screen or having a naturally darker complexion will prevent you from burning. According to Dr. Bank, “someone that has naturally light skin can still burn no matter how many times they have laid in a tanning bed.” Most tanning salon employees work off of commission. This means they will try to sell you the most expensive tan, which usually means the highest UV intensity bed. Some salons won’t even let you tan there unless you buy a package that only means more harmful tanning for you and more money for them. And if you are looking for the much safer spray tan, most likely you will be encouraged to get a base tan from a tanning bed first because, according to the salons, “it looks more natural.” Another question you may want to ask yourself the next time you are in a tanning bed is, what am I laying in? Tanning beds can often be a cesspool of bacterias and viruses. Sweat and urine are the two most common things found on tanning beds, and as a consumer you rely on the employee

of the tanning salon to effectively clean this off. If they end up using the same rag to clean that bed off every time, you could be laying in the sweat of hundreds of people. The ultra violet radiation emitted from a tanning bed is a proven carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent. Ultra violet damage stimulates your melanocytes, or pigment-producing cells, to start making more melanin to protect itself. This is what gives us the appearance of a tan but also tells us that there was some sort of damage done to the skin.

Even though The International Agency for Research on Cancer includes UV radiation from tanning beds as one of the most dangerous cancer-causing substances, the FDA classifies them under the lowest of the three regulatory classes for medical devices. This means that your tanning bed is given the same regulation as elastic bandages. With little to no regulation by the FDA and the high risk of skin cancer, please tan at your own risk this summer.

Most people don’t take the risks of tanning seriously.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Xavierite

Summer Movies 2014 Sequels, Prequels and Adaptations. Oh My! Sequels This summer is without a doubt a summer of sequels. So many flicks have left us wanting more, and sequels deliver. Once you’ve watched the originals, check out these summer sequels. June 13-How to Train Your Dragon 2 June 13-22 Jump Street July 11-Dawn of the Planet of the Apes July 18-The Purge: Anarchy

Prequels Good prequels are hard to come by, especially with things like continuity to take into consideration. Sometimes there is a fine line between prequel and sequel, and these movies blurr those lines. May 23- X-Men: Days of Future Past August 22-Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Adaptations Books and comics are great, so why not make them into movies too? They can also bring fresh, new spins to old classics. May 30-Maleficent June 6-The Fault in Our Stars August 1-Guardians of the Galaxy

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Xavierite

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To Flip or Not to Flip?

Lauren Dwyer Senior Features Editor

Every year on the third Saturday of April, record stores across the globe celebrate Record Store Day. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to their local records to buy up all of the vinyl, cassettes, and CD’s they can. This single day can pay the rent of the store for a few months. But the stores are not the only ones that are making large amounts of money on this day. Many people do their research to find out which special release vinyl records will be going for some real cash on eBay. For example, fans of the band Cake that missed out on the 2014 vinyl box set will have to pay a pretty penny if they want to get their hands on it. Many of the listings on eBay currently range from $250$300 or more. This type of instance of record flipping creates two teams in the record buying community. There are the people that want to make money and those that are passionate about music. I asked Peter Kreten, Director of Student Media, what he thought about the act of flipping records. He responded, “I personally don’t like it, because it jacks up the price on records and makes it more expensive for the regular everyday person to be able to collect records.” When one goes to a record store, they can typically buy a record ranging from $5.00 to around $30.00. It all depends on the type of vinyl the customer is looking for. Many stores even have bargain bins, where someone can find old, used records for a dollar or two.

The problem is that all records are not worth the same amount; there are first pressings, color variants, cover variants, limited pressings, etc. This is where the real money is made. Bryan Mohr, a vinyl collector, is both passionate about records and flips them when he can, “I’ve been collecting records for fifteen plus years and everyday is Record Store Day for me. With this recent hype of companies cashing in on the vinyl craze, it had caused me to try and profit from it, too. Being able to grab rare pressings that people are dying to get and making a marginal profit is the name of the game.” Unfortunately for the flippers, many people oppose this and Mohr is perfectly aware of their opposition, “It is looked down upon in the community as a whole, but it’s a buyer’s market and the money I get from these records are used to support independent bands and labels that are putting out a product I actually want.” So here lays the dilemma: the records are getting out there, but at a price. The record stores are making their money, as well as the band themselves, so is flipping a record really that wrong? Kreten explains, “It is kind of like scalping tickets, but people that collect records are passionate individuals. When you resell stuff, you make it unaffordable. The joy of going to a record store is you go in with $20 in your pocket and leave with a multitude of records. However, if you have someone that is reselling them, they are going to sell it at a higher price, which does not go back to the record store.” It seems like me that buying low and selling high is just a fact of life. We cannot blame these people

Get ready to cough up some cash if you want this vinyl.

though. Sure, they may upset consumers, because these buyers are then forced to pay a much higher price if they want the goods, but is not everyone trying to make a quick buck? I have been on the buying end of someone who is flipping a record I want and it sucks, but I know that it is partially my fault. If I had jumped at the opportunity to buy the record when it was first released, then I would have it at normal market price.

The Xavierite

This is the same thing that happens when people attend Record Store Day to flip vinyl records and even cassettes. The list of special releases are posted on the website well before the day comes. Therefore, if someone really wants to get a certain album, then the buyer better set his or her alarm for early in the morning to get it. If they want to beat any flippers, the simple solution is to be the first in line. And hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, you could always just join ‘em.

The Same Song Re-Sung

Zhana Johnson Features Correspondent With the release of The Amazing SpiderMan 2 close at hand, it is no question that it serves as a not so gentle reminder that the trend of reboots and remakes of popular films is still going strong. The sequel continues the story of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker not 7 years after Toby Maguire’s wide-eyed, dorky incarnation (and surprisingly emo in its last run) was put to bed. In the same vein, the recent arrival of Man of Steel--which is a reboot of a failed continuation--came just 8 years after Superman Returns was conceived and then tossed in pop culture’s trash heap, simultaneously turning lead actor Brandon Routh into a phantom. Hopefully Henry Cavill’s run as the big blue boyscout (with a killing streak higher than the muder rate in Detroit apparently) will fare better on his career. To make matters worse (or better as I prefer to think), it was announced last year that Batman would be an addition to the returning cast set to appear in the 2016 Man of Steel sequel and that Ben Affleck would be taking over instead of Christian Bale. Most fans could not fathom why Bale would not be reprising his role as the nearly inept, growly Batman of the Dark Knight trilogy. Like Batman vs. Superman, outraged and disappointed fans are already calling out the new Fantastic Four reboot as an utter and complete failure. Essentially deeming it the prom night dumpster baby of comic book adaptations before any footage has been revealed; chiefly because they view the casting choices as an eyesore. As with Spider-Man, after director Sam

A tale of two Peters (Andrew Garfield, left, Toby Maguire, right)

Raimi and Maguire stepped down, it seems that host company Fox was more likely than not in a rush to release a revision of the Fantastic Four so that they would not lose the rights to the property. Unlike those mentioned above, some reboots like Star Trek have had a considerable grace period (Star Trek: Insurrection being the last of the original line in 1998). Regardless of canonical accuracy or quality, the newer Star Trek is an example of a reboot or remake introducing a fading and mostly fan exclusive property to millennials because, let’s face it, I don’t think anyone under the age of 35 without having grown up on it was rushing to watch a “Next Generation” marathon anytime soon. The only remake/reboot of late that seems to be garnering any even handed

praise is the Planet of the Apes series. Revived in 2011, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a reboot/prequel to a remake of a 1960’s classic. In an attempt to wipe away the disappointing grease spot that Tim Burton and Mark Wahlberg left behind in 2001, writers ventured further along the Ape timeline, favoring a fresh origin story over a rehashed adaptation while enlisting the help of veteran motion capture actor Andy Serkis,who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, to fill the role of lead ape Caesar. Rebooting Planet of the Apes is one of the rare cases that actually works in that improved technology was able to do wonders for it. The same argument could be made for RoboCop but with a PG-13 rating they might as well have not of bothered at,

all. The sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is set to release July 11 , and it offers more insight into how apes became the dominant species on Earth. It is almost a no brainer that someone will eventually remake the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises, heaven forbid Twilight. But I suppose it would be wishful thinking to hope someone would come along and reboot the Percy Jackson and Last Airbender series. While moviegoers are assured to argue over which rendition of the character was better, Garfield’s smart-mouthed, techsavvy version of Peter Parker is just an inch more charming than Maguire’s homely and awkward portrayal. Even still, it’s nice to have a choice between the two. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens May 2.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Xavierite

Dear Lauren, The end of the semester is coming up fast and I’m freaking out. What should I do?? Sincerely, Spazzing out over finals

Aries 3/21-4/19

You may hear some outrageous news this weekend, Aries. Take it with a grain of salt, but there is some truth in it. Libra 9/23-10/22

Things have gotten awfully busy, but fun times are ahead. Stay focused for now and you can play soon enough, Libra.

Dear Spazzing, The first thing you need to do is chill out. Haven’t you ever seen those stupid signs that say “Keep calm and blahblah”? Yeah, do that. Next, you need to organize yourself. Write out a list of everything you need to do, shed a few tears, and then pull yourself together. Now, you can get to the real work. Start off with whatever is going to be due first, or going to take the longest. If you have a fifteen page paper

Taurus 4/20-5/20

There is a strain on your relationships today, isn’t there? Some distance may be good for all parties involved. Scorpio 10/23-11-21

Are you feeling frazzled? Take some time off and relax. There is no use trying to get work done in the state you’re in.

Page 9

due in a few weeks, like myself, I would probably start on that first. If you at least dip your toe in it, you will feel much less overwhelmed. As much as I hate the saying, the key really is to just keep calm. This is (probably) not your first semester here, and you will get through this. Just think of all the great things you can do once you’re done with the semester. The beach, the concerts, the parties, the seemingly endless time to, I can’t wait. Okay, stop daydreaming and get to work!

Really, just focus, focus, focus. Say goodbye to your cellphone and BuzzFeed quizzes for a week or two and put your energy into finishing out the semester strong. Take breaks, so you don’t blow a fuse, but don’t stay away from your work for too long. If you do that, you’ll never want to go back. Good luck and remember to always listen to Lauren!

Need Advice? Go to to send in your anonymous questions!

Gemini 5/21-6/20

Cancer 6/21-7/22

Leo 7/23-8/22

You’ll have some great ideas, Gemini. Others will learn to appreciate your genius sooner than you think.

There’s money in your future, Cancer. Keep up the hard work you have been putting in lately, and it will pay off later.

Your pride can be your biggest obstacle, Leo. Don’t let it control you, and remember to be humble sometimes.

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

Pisces 2/19-3/20

Take time for yourself. Doing things for others is important, but not when it is always at your own expense.

Pick your battles, Pisces. You can’t win every fight, and if you try to, you’ll soon find yourself with little company.

You have high expectations, but remember not to set the bar too high for yourself.

Does My Confidence Offend You?

You’re going to get a lot done this weekend, Capricorn. Productivity is in the cards for you.


Daneesha Tillman Because I am a woman of Proverbs 31:25 & my thighs refuse to divide. Because I respect my brand and swallow my pride. Or because I will always revive, cross my heart and hope to die. I am she who is a tiger with a stride. Now if you will please, let me rewind. Does my confidence offend you? Break or bend you? Cause you to speak envy in Hindu. Baby, you don’t even know what I been through! But that’s okay, because my future looks bright blue. Filled with goals set for two. My day will come and it won’t be overdue. Does my confidence offend you? Cause you to become fall victim to my demeanor. Because I’m a queen seer, Gay rights believer, African American achiever, I look in the mirror and say, today I will live for her. Watch as opportunity opens doors, thank you kind sir. Life is a performance and I’m just a dancer. Does my confidence offend you? I’m not afraid to say no. Still pushing thru college and I refuse to let go. I make promises to myself like wedding vows renewed. I just hope you don’t let my blessings offend you.


Virgo 8/23-9/22

Organization is key. By keeping track of things, you will find yourself much more capable of seizing the day.

Page 10

The Xavierite

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2013-14 Stanley Cup Playoffs Are Underway! Blackhawks Struggling Against Blues

Frank Mrkasovic Sports Editor

The greatest time of the year is upon us yet again. The 2013-14 Stanley Cup Playoffs are here and have already yielded some surprising results. Both the Eastern and Western Conferences are stacked with Stanley Cup potential. But who will win Lord Stanley’s Cup? Since there was no issue last week, I was pretty bummed that I could not share my predictions with you all in a timely manor. However, I will still share my predictions for the first round of the playoffs that I created before the playoffs started. I guess you, oh interested reader, will have to take my word for it on these predictions. I swear these have not been altered in any fashion from two weeks ago! Frank’s First Round Predictions Western Conference: COL v MIN STL v CHI ANA v DAL SJS v LAK

COL in 6 games CHI in 6 games ANA in 5 games SJS in 6 games

Eastern Conference: BOS v DET TBL v MTL PIT v CBJ NYR v PHI

BOS in 5 games TBL in 5 games PIT in 5 games NYR in 7 games

NHL Playoffs Update Though this article will not cover the games played on April 21, 22, or the 23, due to the printing process, I will cover what I have seen prior to April 21. In the West, hard fought battles are

surging. In the Colorado-Minnesota series, the utilization of each teams’ speed has been prevalent. Both games have been hard fought battles and both were battled out until the very end. However, Colorado claimed each victory. Colorado’s talent, speed, and veteran leadership has given them the upper hand in the series and will beyond this series as I see Colorado going far in the post-season. Guys like Paul Stasny, Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog, Ryan O’Reilly, Erik Johnson, and Semyon Varlamov have given the Avalanche the competitive advantage over the Wild and will continue to do so. When skilled center Matt Duchene comes back from his lower-body injury the Avs will be at full strength. The Avs will defeat the Wild; I have no doubt in my mind. Just for the record, I can also see the Avs going to the Cup this season…guess we will see! The Chicago-St. Louis series has also been a thrilling pair of games. Both games were extended into overtime as the defensively sound rivals vied for offensive superiority. The Blues have claimed both victories in overtime as the Blackhawks struggle to hold off their offense. The Hawks have given up late two 3rd period leads, which have sent the teams into two overtime battles. The first game went into triple overtime in which the Blues defeated the Hawks. This series is growing more and more physical as frustrations arise. Chicago’s Brent Seabrook was suspended for three games after violently colliding with Blues’ captain David Backes. Backes was quite shaken up on the play and is unlikely to come back in the next few games.

If the Hawks can hold onto their leads, tighten up on defense, and start to play with some consistent intensity, the Hawks will bounce back. I still believe, with coming back to Chicago for games 3 and 4, that the Hawks will gain enough momentum to overtake the Blues and win the series. In the Anaheim-Dallas series, Anaheim has taken the upper hand. Anaheim currently leads Dallas 2-0 in the series (as of April 20, 2014). I was able to watch most of game 1 of this matchup and was unimpressed with Dallas’ performance. Dallas has come up one goal short in each game. Their next games are scheduled for April 21 and April 23. I do believe that Dallas is capable of finding some luck with the talent they possess, but I see Anaheim taking this series in 5 games. I stand by my prediction. The West Coast rivalry between San Jose-Los Angeles is always great. This series contains a lot of emotion, pride, and most of all, talent. Both teams are extremely talented and have been for the past few seasons. However, LA has been struggling thus far in the series. San Jose leads the series 2-0. LA’s goaltending and defense have played in key role in their lack of success of late. The Sharks have scored 13 goals in just two games on the Kings. If the LA Kings can regroup defensively and start to put more goals in net, they can make this series interesting. Regardless of how many games it takes, I still believe the Sharks will take the series. In the East, most of the series are less one sided. A great matchup between two Original Six teams, Boston-Detroit, has yet to disappoint.

The Bruins have held off the Red Wings for the most part of the series, but lost Game 1 in a late third period goal to a magnificent snipe from “The Magician” himself, Pavel Datsyuk. The Bruins surged in Game 2 with some nitty-gritty goals that lead them to their first victory of the series. As far as I am concerned, the Bruins will no doubt win the series. The Tampa Bay-Montreal matchup has proven me wrong. I thought the Lightning were going to handle the Canadiens with little problem. However, that is not the case. The Habs have taken it to the Lightning and have claimed a 3-0 standing in the series. If Tampa can get back to their way of play that they demonstrated in the regular-season then I think Tampa can take Montreal to Game 7. In the Pittsburgh-Columbus series, Columbus is definitely the underdog. However, Columbus has taken a stance to fight harder than ever to make franchise history. The Blue Jackets earned their first playoff victory in history and will hopefully continue to do so. It would be great if Columbus can prove me wrong, but I still believe that Pittsburgh will prevail. Lastly, the great New York-Philadelphia series has been nothing short of great playoff hockey. The series is tied at 1-1. Each team has beaten the other pretty well in each of their bouts. Both teams have demonstrated great playoff hockey energy, which will continue to make this series great to watch. I still have the Rangers winning this series in 7 games, and man do I hope it comes down to that! Photo Credit:

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The Xavierite

Page 11

April to June Madness: NBA Playoffs

Damone Giffin Sports Editor The few thrills and many snores of the regular season are over and the heartpounding entertainment of the post season is here. After March Madness is over, the college kids are done playing with our emotions and office brackets, the professionals show us a whole new level of drama. The drama started this weekend with upsets and nail-bitters that made fans take their heart medicine in between their gulps of beer. There was so much excitement through just the first weekend of post season action that I don’t know where to start. How about I start with the hometown upset of my beloved hardworking Bulls losing to the young Washington Wizards who I thought we could school like first years at Hogwarts. The young Wizards proved experience isn’t everything as they beat the Bulls at the UC by eight in a very impressive road victory. Chicago is, of course, playing without former MVP D-Rose who continues to show us his suit collection on the bench. The Bulls have got use to life without him in the hapless East as they landed the fourth seed without the one time most valuable player. They relied on the newly named Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah who personifies everything the Bulls are about. Game one was lost but I am not worried yet about them because they are tough, gritty, fearless, and will not bow out to anyone so easily after one game.

My biggest upset alert for a top seed actually lies within the team that plays in the state neighboring Illinois since 1818. The first place Indiana Pacers lost to the Atlanta Hawks in the first day of playoff action at home and pretty much got blown off their own floor in the process. A team that many experts and fans once thought could dethrone the Miami Heat looked over matched against a team that barely made the playoffs. Paul George, David West, and the larger than life defensive force named Roy Hibbert couldn’t beat Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, and DeMarre Carroll. The Pacers have to find magic or inspiration somewhere in the great basketball state of Indiana. If not, they will face a long summer of questions that not even Larry Legend could answer. The other top seed struggled but took care of business, as the defending western conference champion would not be denied in game one against the Dallas Mavericks. It was not easy as the Spurs found themselves down by ten at one point against a veteran Mavs team but found a way to win 90-85 thanks to 27 points from the seemingly immortal Tim Duncan. My pick to win the NBA championship showed why they will finish the job this time around and not miss out on a chance at another NBA championship. Tony Parker still can get to the rim at will, Tim Duncan refuses to look old in crunch time, Manu is playing as sharp as ever offensively, and Kawhi Leonard just keeps getting better. The Spurs will be looking to make quick work of the Mavs so they can focus their next opponent, which would be the Houston Rockets or Portland Trailblazers.

If game one is any indication of things to come the Rockets and Trailblazers are prepared to put on a show for the fans before someone inevitability has to be sent home. The Blazers took the opening game of their series winning by two in overtime 122120. LaMarcus Aldridge finished with 46 points and the second year guard Damian Lillard finished with 31 as the Blazers took a 1-0 series lead. Neither team is particularly keen on showing great defensive effort even with a multiple time defensive player of the year like Dwight Howard playing in the series. I believe James Harden is the best overall player in this series by a mile and he is better than 3-for-14 from three-point range and 8-for-28 in the game. Houston should be glad with that performance from him that they only lost by two in overtime. The Rockets will go as far as Harden takes them just like the Golden State Warriors will go as far as Stephen Curry takes them. That was my original thought about the Warriors but then they beat the Clippers on the road without Andrew Bogut there to combat DeAndre Jordan or Blake Griffin. The blue and gold assassin only finished with 14 points and had as many assists as turnovers with seven. H e didn’t have any of those moments that made you say, “how do you stop this kid NBA Playoffs have begun.

from lighting you up?” His counterpart Chris Paul completely outplayed him as he finished with 28 points, eight assists, and seven boards but it didn’t matter. What was the key to the improbable win? Lets look at Griffin he had pretty efficient performance in the time he played including making all of his free throws. The problem is he didn’t spend much time on the floor, playing only 19 minutes in the game. He stayed in foul trouble most of the game and could not have an impact on the game. The Clippers need his athleticism and rebounding on the floor if there going to beat the Warriors because eventually Stephen Curry will wake up and start shooting the Clippers off the floor. Of course there is the champion Miami Heat who will look to three-peat this year. All I can say is unless Dwayne Wade ‘s knee completely gives out or, better yet, LeBron James actually proves to be human Miami is going to the finals for at least a shot at another title. The East still looks like a glorified intramural basketball league, so, unless OKC or the Spurs step up in the West we are in for more June madness featuring “The Heatles” as the main act and fan is interested in another encore.

Frank Markasovic Sports Editor

10.97. Unfortunately, Stancato sustained an injury in his 100-meter run and was unable to compete for the remainder of the event. Sophomore Rexford Wiafe (Chicago, Ill./Calumet College/Bloom) finished in fifth place for the 800-meter run. Senior Brian Corcoran (Chicago, Ill./ Brother Rice) finished in sixth behind Wiafe. Wiafe recorded a 2:00 time while Corcoran finished in 2:01, literally right behind his teamate. Lastly, junior Daniel Spencer (Frankfort, Ill./Lincoln-Way East) finished in 10th place overall in the 400-meter run. Saint Xavier will compete this Thursday, April 24 at the Eagle Twilight Invitational. The event is hosted by Benedictine University (IL). Friday April 25, the Cougars will compete at the Gina Relays at Hillsdale College (MI).

Men’s Golf Earns Second Win Men’s Track & Field Sets Records

Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor

Both the men’s and women’s golf teams played well in their most recent tournament, the Bethel Spring Invite at Blackthorn Golf Course in South Bend, Ind., on April 12. The men picked up their second win of the season. Even more impressively, they did so in a 16-team field. It was the men’s first team victory since they won the Mike Lalaeff Memorial Invitational on Sept. 17. The women, playing in just their third event as a team, placed sixth out of eight teams, though first-year Taylor Thompson again cracked the top-10, earning a tie for eighth place. For the men, three Cougars placed in the top-5. Seniors James Kerr and Kerby Brown and junior Kyle Bahnick placed tied for second, alone in fourth and tied for fifth, respectively. Senior Brendan Ryan was the only Cougar outside the top-5, but he impressively still managed a tie for ninth

place. Kerr’s first-round 67 had him leading the pack heading into day two. He faltered in the second round, though, finishing with a 78. The other golfers were quite consistent. Brown shot 73-73, Bahnick fired 73-74 and Ryan got around in 75-75. On the women’s side, Thompson improved by four strokes from the first day to the next, following up an 84 with an 80. First-year Katie Reno shot 86-90 to earn a solo 20th-place finish. Fellow first-year Courtney Dudgeon improved drastically from day one to day two. She chased her first-round 97 by a second-round 84 to tie for 22nd place. Ashley Anderson, also a first-year, rounded out the team score with rounds of 131 and 115. Read about both teams’ performances in their respective Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) Championships online at sxustudentmedia. com.

The men’s team posed with their awards following their second win of the season.

SXU Athletics

Recently, the SXU Men’s Track & Field Team has capitalized on the beautiful Chicagoland weather of late. The Cougars took to the Chicagoland Championships, which was hosted by Lewis University (IL). This event brings in the top talent from around the Chicagoland area. This includes teams from both the NCAA and NAIA, as well as community colleges. The event took place on Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12. Janis Pastars (Ogre, Latvia/Cameron University) took 3rd Place overall in the 5000-meter run with a NAIA National Championship qualifying time of 14:56. Abel Hernandez (Alsip, Ill./Shepard) took first in the 10,000-meter run with a time of 31:47. Both Hernandez and Pastars set new Saint Xavier University Records. O n Saturday, junior Brandon Gentry (Park Forest, Ill./Rich East) finished 11th overall in the triple jump. He placed a mark of 41’8”. J u n i o r John Stancato (Manhattan, Ill./LincolnWay Central) qualified for the 100-meter final. Stancato placed a time of Abel Hernandez takes first in the 10,000 meter-run

SXU Athletics

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Softball Mows Down Competition Damone Giffin Sports Editor All they do is win no matter what and nobody seems to be able to beat them. The “they” above is SXU’s softball team, which has won an amazing 19 games in a row while looking unstoppable. During the Cougars (35-3, 15-1) incredible run the team has relied on defense and pitching led by the pitching duo of Megan and Nicole Nonnemacher. The senior Megan (17-1) has posted a 0.71 ERA this season while her sister, Nicole (15-2), has been just as impressive with a 0.24 ERA. Softball’s head coach Myra Minuskin said during an interview with John Grochowski for an article in the Chicago Sun-Times: “We’re really old-school in that we rely on pitching and defense. “I tell the players [a batter] can’t control the outcome of an at-bat… But defense is something we have control over all the time,” she said. SXU’s iron-clad defense and untouchable pitching have not allowed a run in 55 innings of action and has recorded 26 shutouts this season out of 38 games. After sweeping through Ashford and Roosevelt University by not allowing a run the Cougars faced some close calls against Trinity Christian College on April 10. It was scoreless the first three innings of action and then the Trolls allowed N.

Nonnemacher to reach home on a throwing error. In the sixth a sacrifice laid down by junior first basemen Amanda Hainlen allowed N. Nonnemacher to score. The Trolls would cut the lead in half in the top of the seventh, but M. Nonnemacher would not be denied as she forced the batter int a foul out and then a force at first base resulted in a double-play to end the game. She finished that game allowing six hits with six strikeouts, one earned run and no walks. N. Nonnemacher took the mound in game two of another close game with Trinity Christian College but got the 2-0 shutout victory, striking out 12 in seven innings. In the first inning freshmen shortstop Savannah Kinsella drove in a run with a single to left field and junior centerfielder Shannon Lauret scored on a wild pitch later in the inning to make it 2-0. The team registered only four hits but that was more than enough for the 2-0 win. The Cougars moved on to their next two-game series against Trinity International University (Ill.), who they swept away by the final scores of 8-0 and 9-1. Then was on to a doubleheader against Cardinal Stritch University on April 12. The first game was a 4-0 shutout victory led by N. Nonnemacher’s 13 strikeouts. Sophomore second basemen Kasey Kanaga and Nonnemacher each recorded RBI singles. During the fifth inning Hainlen drove

in Kanaga with a sacrifice bunt to make it 3-0 and then in the bottom of the sixth Kinsella launched a solo home run over the right field wall to finish off the scoring. In the second game SXU scored the first seven runs of the game and held off a rally by CSU to complete the sweep by winning 7-4. The first seven runs scored by the Cougars was highlighted by Hainlen’s threerun home run in the bottom of the fourth over the centerfield wall. No. 10 SXU went on to sweep University of Saint Francis (Ill.) the next day in a two game series by shutting them out. The first game was very tight as N. Nonnemacher pitched a shutout by fanning 11 and allowing just four hits in the 1-0 win. The only run of the game was scored when sophomore Denise Anderson reached home on a throwing error by USF. The second game featured another shutout that saw the Cougar offense go off for 14 hits en route to a dominating 10-0 victory. SXU kept rolling on as they blew away Purdue University-North Central by the final scores of 12-0 and 9-0 as neither game even went seven innings. The sweep was punctuated with a perfect game thrown by N. Nonnemacher as she struck out 11 during her completion of perfection. The Cougars recorded another sweep this time against William Penn, but it was not an easy time for SXU as offense was

limited in both games. Junior left fielder Katie Sears was the star in the first game going 3-for-4, scoring the only run, recording a double and a stolen base in the Cougars 1-0 win. The second game featured an RBI double by Lauret and a suicide squeeze by Hainlen to score Sears from third base as SXU went on to win 2-0. The following day was a special one for the team as they honored the three seniors that will no longer be wearing the scarlet and gray after this season. Catcher Ariel Hinton, outfielder Katie Houlihan, and Megan Nonnemacher were all honored before the games against Grand View University for their stellar achievements as members of SXU softball. RBI singles by Sears and first-year shortstop Franchesca Graffeo in the fourth inning was all the run support M. Nonnemacher needed for the 2-0 win. M. Nonnemacher yielded only three hits to the visitors in seven innings of picturesque work. N. Nonnemacher had a dominant pitching performance in the second game, striking out 14 and picking up her 15th shutout win of the season. The Cougars remained undefeated at home (14-0) this season with the win and their 19-game winning streak is tied for longest in program history. A tough task awaits the team as they go on the road to face No. 7-ranked Olivet Nazarene University on Thursday Apr. 24.

Cougar Baseball Still Strong in Conference Play Now 12-8 in CCAC Despite Weekend Series Loss

Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor

The Saint Xavier Cougar baseball team lost two of three to the Cardinal Stritch University Wolves in a weekend home-andhome series. The Cougars are still under .500 at 17-23, though they have a solid record in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) at 12-8. SXU dropped the Friday contest at Cardinal Stritch 1-0 in 12 innings. The Cougars took the first game of the doubleheader they played at home 9-3 on Saturday before losing the second game 5-4. In the Friday contest, senior pitcher Scott Vachon threw nine scoreless innings, giving up just seven hits and two walks while striking out eight. His opposing pitcher, Kevin Murphy, was even more spectacular. He went all twelve innings and gave up eight hits and two walks. He struck out five in the win. First-year pitcher Adrian Luna took over for Vachon after the ninth inning. He went 2 2/3 innings. In the bottom of the 12th inning, Luna gave up a single and a walk with one out. A wild pitch moved those runners into scoring position, then a walk loaded the bases. After getting the second out, Luna gave up the walk-off single to third baseman (and guard on the basketball team) Chad Mazur. In that game, senior right fielder Chris Klein was the only Cougar to accrue more than just one hit. He went 3-for-5 Friday afternoon. First-year pitcher Jesse Lopez took the mound in the first game of the doubleheader and went all seven innings.

innings. Cardinal Stritch led 3-1 entering the bottom of the eighth inning, but that was when the Cougar bats came alive. After a Keating RBI single scored Klein, two more runs scored on a fielding error and poor throw from the first basemen to put Saint Xavier in the lead by a slim 4-3 margin. Luna took the hill in the bottom of the ninth only to give up a single and be immediately replaced by junior pitcher Dan Wetzel, who had two Keating continues to provide timely hitting for the Cougars as they work their way through the conference schedule. SXU Athletics wild pitches score Lopez gave up three runs on seven Saint Xavier scored their first two runs Luna’s base runner and one of his own. hits and two walks while striking out two of the game on wild pitches in the first The Cougars’ fate was sealed when they batters, but he pitched well enough to get inning. They scored another two runs in could muster no offense in the bottom of the win. the third inning when Polak doubled home the ninth. His teammates gave him plenty enough senior first baseman Thomas Keating and Saint Xavier has a doubleheader today to pick up the win, scoring nine runs on 12 sophomore shortstop Alec Barnhart. at Olivet Nazarene University with the first hits. The Cougars really broke the game game scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. Junior third baseman Bryan Villanova, wide open with four runs in the bottom of The next Cougar home game is who seems to have found a home hitting the sixth inning to put away the Wolves. tomorrow against Purdue University second in the order, led the offensive A couple of sacrifice flies in that inning Calumet, which will be played at Ferrell charge. He was 3-for-4 with a run scored scored the first two runs before Myjak put Field but technically be counted as a home and an RBI. his stamp on the game, doubling home game for the Peregrines. Klein, who has taken over as the Keating and sophomore pinch runner Steve everyday leadoff hitter, was 1-for-3 with two Carrabotta. @TimCarroll_XAV runs scored. Senior left fielder Brad Myjak Saint Xavier put up a tough fight to and freshman right fielder Bryan Polak try and win the weekend series in the final each drove in two runs. game of the set but fell just short in nine

April 23rd, 2014  

This is the 4-23-14 edition of the Xavierite

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