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Brand Spankin’ New....Science Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor

picoSpin 45 NMR Spectrometer

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Saint Xavier University’s Chemistry Department has recently received a $10,000 grant from the Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grants Program to be used for the purchase of a picoSpin NMR Spectrometer. The picoSpin NMR Spectrometer was created in Boulder, Colorado in 2009 and has gone by the name picoSpin 45 since December of 2012. During the Fall of 2012 Dr. Sharada Buddha, an Associate Professor in the Chemistry Department, was approached by one of the creators of the picoSpin 45 about Saint Xavier’s possible use of the product. Dr. Buddha explained how she spoke with him and convinced him to come to Saint Xavier to give a presentation about this fairly new technology to the Chemistry Department. From this presentation members of the department were able to take a lot of notes about how they would be able to use the picoSpin 45 for their classes. After the demonstration Dr. Buddha

went and surveyed other universities that already have the picoSpin 45, particularly North Park University which she says has about six or so. Once she had surveyed the way that North Park was using this technology Dr. Buddha knew that it would be a helpful addition to the Chemistry department and that they would need to figure out how the department could pay for it. Back in 2007, Dr. Buddha had applied for another grant from the Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grants Program that was used for biochemistry equipment. Looking back through the application process she decided that the grant could definitely be used for purchasing a picoSpin 45. Dr. Buddha stated that, “Not only was the application process exciting, but applying for the grant was nowhere near as difficult as it could have been. There was a lot of support from the faculty of the chemistry department.” All the faculty members showed their

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Students to Speak at Purdue Calumet

Research Materials

Tinder Teaches Shallowness?

model of the division of labor through the relationship of society’s developing moral character and production, applies this model to the current economic system in the US, and argues for practical adjustments that can take place under our

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her mind for success down the road. She expressed her view that it is of paramount importance that students allow themselves to build an academic reputation for themselves at conferences such as this one, in order to better set themselves up for an opportunity to attend a prestigious graduate school. Honor student Batty will be at the conference giving a presentation on, “a

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Saint Xavier University will be sending three of its honors students to the 2014 Clement S. Stacy Memorial Undergraduate Research Conference at Purdue Calumet. The conference is focused on presentations regarding liberal arts topics and will be held on April 8. The students who have been chosen to attend had to first gain approval to attend the conference, because of limitations on the total number of presenters allowed to speak at the conference. The chosen three students are senior communication and criminal justice major Catlyn Hicks, senior sociology and philosophy major Evan Batty, and senior philosophy major Genevieve Buthod. Each of these students are presenting their research from their respective fields of study, amongst a crowd of fellow students and faculty members from universities across the Midwest. Honors Program Assistant Director and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Judith Hiltner explained how this conference serves as an excellent opportunity for the students participating. Some of the benefits for presenting at the conference, as pointed out by Dr. Hiltner, include the opportunity for students to have their work critiqued by experts from outside the university and allow for students to network with experts within their field of study.

Buthod also believes that the conference will allow her to network with others and help gain gain feedback on her topic. Specifically, Buthod is presenting her thesis on philosophy and how it is meant to be practiced as an action in today’s world, instead of how it is normally presented as a contemplative process. This opportunity for Buthod to present her thesis and get published is critical in

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Jake Alleruzzo News Correspondent

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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New Environmental Organization at SXU David Rodriguez News Editor The new Environmental Concerns Organization is now at Saint Xavier University. It was founded by its president, Evan Held, and the rest of its current officers with the help of its faculty advisors Molly Strudevant and Christopher Appelt in the Spring 2014 Semester. The Environmental Concerns Organization is planning many events including a Daily Living Choices Event in April that will coincide with the Mercy Students for Peace and Justice’s Environmental Week. According to Held, the Daily Living Choices Event “will call attention to the ways in which consumers are involuntarily engaged in the injustice of others and the natural world, as well as empower people with alternative sustainable choices.” Held said the Environmental Concerns Organization will also “host various screenings and presentations that will assist people in understanding the importance of Climate Change and developing an ethos of sustainability.” That being said, to confront Climate Change, the Environmental Concerns Organization’s efforts will educate the Saint Xavier University community to understand the impact that daily living choices have on the natural world, as well as empower people with effective sustainable alternatives. As stated by Held, “the Environmental Concerns Organization is important for Saint Xavier University because its initiatives aim to assist the Saint Xavier University community in acknowledging their dependence upon the natural world and empower them to develop an ethos of sustainability.” Held noted that the Environmental

C o n c e r n s Organization is an academic and political group that is interested in the environment, is concerned for the well-being of the natural world and wants to help the Saint Xavier University community adopt a mindset that we as humans ought to be the caretakers of the natural world by calling ECO Flyer attention to unsustainable practices and teaching more sustainable, daily practices. The mission statement of the Environmental Concerns Organization is “to foster the development of an ethos of sustainability among the Saint Xavier University community,” according to Held. Held said it is especially important to have the Environmental Concerns Organization at Saint Xavier University because “its initiatives aim to assist the Saint Xavier University community in transitioning to more sustainable practices. This ideological transition was necessary fifty years ago, but it is never too late to start doing the right thing.” The Environmental Concerns Organization consists of Secretary Lexi Mcdermid, Treasurer Kyle Held, Chief Research Officer Patrycja Kochan, CoVice Presidents Neveen Hammad and Rachel Schroeder, and President Evan Held. There is also an advisory committee that oversees the Environmental Concerns Organization’s direction. Currently, the

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system of Capitalism to direct production towards more environmentally sustainable modes.” This model that Batty has been working on has taken him close to a year to get complete, but he describes the work as something he is passionate about. It is also this passion for his area of study that has gotten Batty excited to meet others at the conference who share similar academic interests as him. Overall, it takes honors students about an entire year to fully complete the work on their topics for presentation. The process as explained by Dr. Hiltner begins at an honors student’s second half of their junior year when they begin with a general idea of a topic in their field. They then find a faculty mentor who helps them develop an idea for their senior project. By the end of their junior year, honors students give a proposal on their planned topics and begin research that very summer going into their senior year. Through their senior year the honors students use their research to fully formulate their senior projects and have them completed by early April of their senior year. The entire process is a testament to the passion and work ethic of the students within Saint Xavier University’s honors program, and the conference at Purdue Calumet serves as an avenue for these students to share with the academic community the work they have done in their field’s of study. Any student or faculty interested in viewing some of Saint Xavier University’s best minds present their research should make the trip to Purdue Calumet, an event that is sure to be an enlightening experience for many attending.

support by supplying Dr. Buddha with a little blurb about how they would use the picoSpin 45 during their classes. Then Dr. Buddha wrote up the application including the comments of the faculty. After she sent her draft to Ruth Hansen, the Associate Director of Foundations and Government Relations, who according to Dr. Buddha made the grant application more professional. Right now the NMR that the chemistry department has is located in a back room off of one of the organic chemistry labs making it difficult for every class to be able to use the machine. One of the positives to using this new spectrometer is the small size and easy movability of the machine, which Dr. Buddha described as being about the size of a shoebox. This means that if a chemistry professor wants to use the NMR during a class he or she will be able to bring the

The Xavierite

Environmental Concerns Organization has a roster of twenty-five students and six officers. Held would specifically like Saint Xavier University students to know that “global warming is due to human activities, so it is human activities that must do the work of trying to stabilize the rising global temperature. Since unsustainable practices are deeply embedded in our infrastructure, it is difficult to avoid harming the natural world. However, that infrastructure is subject to change if those with access to the world’s resources make conscious decisions that demand sustainable practices.” If you are interested in helping the Environmental Concerns Organization promote sustainability at Saint Xavier University, the Environmental Concerns Organization has meetings in L341 every Thursday at 3:30 pm. If you cannot make this meeting time, but would still like to contribute or support in any way, please email Evan Held at held.e01@mymail.sxu. edu. picoSpin 45 to the classroom. Another pro to using the picoSpin 45 is that it is much easier to use so more students will be able to use the machine without the help of a professor. It is these positives that Dr. Buddha highlighted when asked how the picoSpin 45 will be able to enhance the educational experience of Saint Xavier students. She also mentioned that it is important to note that the picoSpin 45 really is meant more for educational purposes at the undergraduate level, versus higher-level research. The reason for this is that this smaller machine is not as versatile as the stationary NMR spectrometer here at Saint Xavier. All of the hard work and dedication given by Dr. Buddha along with the support of the faculty and chemistry department as a whole paid of with the awarding of this grant that helped the department be able to obtain the picoSpin 45. This new spectrometer has recently made its way to campus and will begin being used during the Fall 2014 semester.

Stationary NMR Spectrometer

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor

Wednesday, April 9 from 5-6:30 p.m. Career Services will be hosting a senior class career event titled ReFOCUS on the Future in the Butler Reception room. The main goal of this event, according to Mary Fitzpatrick, the Assistant Director of Career Services, is for seniors to feel prepared for going out into the working world. It was this goal that influenced the topics picked for the workshop. One topic is titled “Help! I still don’t know what I want to do!” where students will learn about different strategies to link their interests to possible careers. Another topic is the “Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Your Interview,” which can help students discover what they can expect to during a job interview. Students will also get to learn about what they should look for in a salary offer, benefits package and a retirement plan under the topic “Is this a good salary? Evaluating the Offer.” For those who are worried about working with coworkers from a different generation, this event will look at “When Generations Collide at Work,” providing students with tips on how to work with people from other generations. Lastly, there will be a talk about “How Not to Live at Home Forever,” which will provide students with an idea of how to budget and plan their finances so they can eventually move out of their parents’ house. “I think that this event is going to

Meatless Mondat

Image from ReFocus Flyer

be really positive for those of us who are graduating. It might be able to calm some of our trepidation for what comes after graduation,” said senior Amy Johnson. This is the first time that Career Services will be running the event, and they will be handing out an evaluation to seniors to hear what the students liked and if there was anything else they would have like to hear about. Those participants who fill out the

Chartwells Dining Services

survey will be placed in a drawing where two seniors will be chosen to win a Kindle Fire. When asked what topic she wishes someone had discussed with her as an undergraduate senior Ms. Fitzpatrick said, “What I wish someone would have discussed more with me is how to negotiate an offer for a job as well as a budgeting plan. I didn’t know what was considered a good benefit plan or how much I should be asking to be paid. With budgeting I knew the basics

University Relations

from my parents, but I really struggled with working my student loans into my plans.” This event is one that all students, especially seniors, can benefit from. Pizza will also be provided for those students who come to the event. So come by and learn what job you may want, how to get it and how to not live in your parents’ basement forever.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Xavierite

VIEWPOINTS Illinois, Taxes and You By The Xavierite Staff

Governor Pat Quinn last week stated that the temporary income tax increase he implemented three years ago may become permanent. According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, “Keep tax hike or face stark cuts, Quinn says” by Rick Pearson, Ray Long and Monique Garcia, the option is between keeping the tax increases or facing “major cuts in state spending on education and social services.” Political experts are already speculating that Republicans and their gubernatorial candidate, millionaire Bruce Rauner, will likely come after Governor Quinn based on this tax increase. Perhaps what puzzles us most at The Xavierite is the fact that the ultimatum if the tax increase leaves us between state spending on education and social services. There is no reason that those two areas of government spending should be the spending areas that are cut. This income tax was implemented to stabilize the state’s weak economy. Within the three years that the tax has existed, the economy has not progressed

to the point to which the Illinois state government wished it would have. We do not doubt that the Illinois economy needs extra help. To put it simply, the only ways it seems that the Illinois economy can be salvaged is by implementing either tax increases or by creating government spending cuts. Obviously, Republicans would rather see major cuts and Democrats would rather implement higher taxes. Perhaps we could imagine for a moment that we live in a state where politicians are accountable for their actions – Democrat and Republican alike. If these income taxes were in essence ineffective and failed to do what politicians said that they would, why should the people of Illinois have to pay? Why should Illinois Democrats pursue a higher tax agenda when it’s been proven to be ineffective? Why should Republicans only try to cut funding for education and social services? Are there no other areas of the government to cut funding? Is there no middle ground? This state has been set up to fail by severe partisan politics. Either way, the

hardworking people of Illinois are being taken advantage of by politicians who have implemented ineffective policies. Now the citizens are trapped in a loselose game of chicken between tax increases and social program cutting. The best way to remedy this situation would be to allow government officials who headed this tax program to be the ones to assume responsibility and take pay cuts in order to help remedy Illinois’s budgetary woes. That would include Governor Quinn. But let’s be honest. We all know that is not going to happen. What The Xavierite does implore is that in November you vote for a candidate who is going to act responsibly in Illinois government. You have the power of a voter. You can turn this government around. As to which candidate you feel is most responsible, we cannot tell you. What we can tell you is that there are high stakes in this election and that the stakes are higher for you, the common voter, as opposed to the members of our legislature.

If you and that person are “matched” (meaning you both swiped right), then you are notified and allowed to send messages to each other if you choose. Eager to see what all the rage was about, I downloaded the Tinder app a few weeks ago. I didn’t get into it right away. I was matched with several guys and received several messages, but it wasn’t the messaging part that really got to me. As time went on I found myself going on Tinder when I was bored. I would be casually swiping left and right without a second thought. It kind of became like a habit, in the worst way. I found myself rarely clicking on someone’s picture to read their bio or view their interests. I simply glanced at their picture, determined if I found them physically attractive and then swiped accordingly.

I came to the realization that this app was creating a shallowness in me that I despised….or was it already there? I had several matches and several short conversations, but I certainly did not know any of the guys displayed on the app, especially the ones I swiped left on. I was making several split decisions a minute solely based on appearance, and those guys had done the same to me. The real revelation occurred when I discovered that I did this in real life as well, although maybe not to the same degree. I am not sure that this habit was created by Tinder, but it certainly made me more aware. I, and I am assuming many other people, am constantly judging others based on appearance alone. Just think, before someone even opens their mouth you have several ideas about their personality and their life just based on

Letter to the Editor Policy

Here at The Xavierite we try to voice to opinions of the student body and university. However, if you feel you would like to voice your opinion directly, send a Letter to the Editor. Send an email to thexavierite@ with “Letter to the Editor” written in the subject line. If you are a student you must include your full name and major. If you are a member of the falcuty/staff, you must include your full name and title. Editors may be printed at the eidtor’s disclosure and may be edited if they include profanity, libel or do not otherwise meet ethical standards of journalism.

The College Diaries Tinder: never judge a book by its cover Bridget Goedke Viewpoints Editor

I have heard a lot recently regarding this new dating app called Tinder. The app draws from your Facebook profile in order to create a short and minimalistic dating profile. Your profile on Tinder contains between one and six photos of your choosing, your first name, age and a short bio if you choose to write one. It also displays your distance from other Tinder users and any common Facebook interests or friends you may have with someone viewing your profile. Typical dating site right? Not quite. It’s the actual operation of Tinder that gets a little interesting. The app functions by swiping left and right. A person pops up on your screen. You then swipe right if you like what you see (or tap the heart) or swipe left if you’re not interested (tap the “x”). Initially, all you see of their profile is their name, picture, age and distance from you. You must click their picture if you would like to read their bio and discover any shared interests or friends.

the way they look. Just the other day one of my good friends said something in regards to a girl that lives in our building. She exclaimed “I don’t like her,” to which I responded “Why?” She said, “I don’t know. She just looks like all she wants is attention.” And there it is. She just swiped left on to that girl in real life. She didn’t read her bio and she didn’t send her a message. She looked at her picture, made a judgment and stuck with it. Needless to say, I deleted the app. But I wouldn’t say it was a totally negative experience. Tinder brought out something in me that I certainly did not like, but as I have explained, I have re-learned a very old lesson…..never judge a book by its cover!

This week, “The Crusader of Sanity” and “The Cougar Pulse” can be found online at:

Before you pass on someone on Tinder, remember there’s more to the profile than the pic.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Summer at SXU is accelerated, affordable and convenient. You can’t afford to miss out. § Choose from over 30 courses § Many classes include unique off-campus experiences § Housing and meal plans available

Earn 3 credits in 5 or 8 weeks in June and July § June Term: June 2 – July 2 § 8-week Summer Term: June 2 – July 26 § July Term: July 7 – Aug. 8 For more information, visit Admitted students in the School of Education must have their advisor’s approval in order to register on CLAWS. All other students do not need this approval to register for summer, but should check with their advisor regarding course options.

Social Media P

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Xavierite

Nowadays it seems that there is a social media site for everything and every type of personality with. The site that you use might just reflect the type of person that you are. And if you just so You are a very special flower a


You revel in the fact that you have a very traditional set of values. When you find something you like you stick with it even when everyone else has seemed to move on. However, you do allow yourself to venture out and try new things, dipping and dabbling here and there, ultimately coming back to where you started out because nostalgia reels you back in. You are a bit of an attention seeker but who isn’t? However, you have a vague way of expressing your feelings so that people have to ask repeatedly what’s wrong. And then you don’t answer!


You are someone who is not easily embarrassed. You love sharing your personal life, expertise and pride yourself on giving bankable advice. People admire you the most when you are being genuine and inventive. So don’t think that you can follow the trend and make some generic video for hits just because some guy with a cat got lucky, you have to work for those subs.


No one is calling you a control freak. It’s completely understandable that you need to have all of you pictures of Tom Hiddleston organized into one specific place. And so what if it is next to a board with recipes pinned to it too complicated for your two Ramen a day skill level? No one is judging you. Pinterest is a strange place. In reality, it would sort of be the equivalent of you dedicating an entire room to categorized cork boards and shelves then leaving the door open for strangers to parade through and pick up and pocket your things as they go along so that they can display them on their corkboards. And the cycle continues.


You are the ultimate hipster but you are so elusive and individual that you would never concede to being such a thing. Loyal, tech savvy and leadership oriented, you are so absolutely above status quo that your self-promotional bragging falls upon the ears of lesser beings that couldn’t possibly understand the workings of Google+.

Personalities Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Xavierite

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y. True to human nature, we often gravitate and latch onto things that we feel most comfortable happen to use any and every form of social media you can get your hands on, well, good for you. and you should take pride in that.


You just don’t know when to quit do you? What you wield is not an admirable form of determination, it is almost like watching an older dog drag its broken hind legs into each new year, hoping its owner never utters the words “Let’s go into the woods for a game of fetch.” Scratch that, your drive to remain relevant is almost Madonna like in its naivete, struggling every so often to reinvent oneself in hopes that younger generations will buy into your newly established coolness. There is no shame in retiring, it is okay to give in.

Instagram is filled with humble braggers (and not so), hype beasts and over sharers. You are confident in your looks and feel no shame in posting various #selfies over the course of several hours in case your followers forgot what your face looked like. Secretly, you covet fame and would do anything to achieve it. At times you forgo vanity and take the time to admire the raw, lustrous beauty of your city’s skyline or your walk home. Sometimes you have to express your awe by filtering that sunset with a little Nashville.


Keeping up a blog is hard work, but you are dedicated and express your gratitude where and when you can. You are fond of a very nurturing community and have found that a surprising number of your friends are those who you met through the site...and that doesn’t bother you in the slightest. You are extremely knowledgeable, witty and creative. If you aren’t, outright stealing someone else’s material isn’t out of the question. You know the saying: those that can’t gif, right click and save.


You could be blogging but #who has time for that? You have a lot on your mind, although you require very few words to express your opinion. As you feel you are the first to know everything, you are huge into promotion, charity and starting dialogues. On the other hand you are also prone to stalking your favorite celebrity and jump on live tweets in hopes that they will notice you.


By Zhana johnson


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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Xavierite

The Runner’s Random Playlist

Nicole Rosales Features Contributor With spring finally beginning to make its way to Chicago, the warm weather is bringing out runners everywhere. Chicagoans everywhere enjoying the sunshine, training for those summer marathons or getting their body right are lacing up their running shoes, plugging in their headphones and hitting the pavement. The Top 100 Spotify station is an easy selection to play as you run, but creating the perfect playlist to power your workout can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking to set a fast pace, fall into a good beat, or get lost in some good music, we’ve got a suggestion for lovers of all kinds of music. 1. “The Way” by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller (Pop/R&B) For those of you who appreciate a great singing voice, this pick is for you. This song is the perfect balance of Ariana’s killer vocals and Mac Miller’s catchy rap rhythm. The single came out at the end of March last year, so you can’t help but associate the tune with the start of spring. 2. “Show Me How You Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera (Dance/Pop) Similar to the previous pick, Christina is spot-on with her vocals in this song! From the movie Burlesque, this dance rhythm is a perfect jam to keep your energy up and your feet moving. Besides, what’s better than a strong, powerful voice to help you power through your workout?

3. “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs (Pop/Swing) This song was actually suggested to me for my own running playlist, and since first making the addition a few weeks ago, I can’t get enough of it. I have to admit that Olly Murs’ upbeat voice gets me pretty hyped on my run, and I find myself falling into a swing-inspired rhythm for the next three and a half minutes, which helps me to a kill about half a mile with ease!

power playlist.

4. “Let It Go” by Zac Brown Band (Country) This pick is for those of you who get into their running rhythm with a good country song. It’s a medium-paced song, but the beat isn’t the only thing that will keep you going on your run. The lyrics to this song just put you in a good mood, making each step of your run a little easier.

8. “Suit and Tie” sung by Tori Kelly (Acoustic) Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” is a great hit, but Tori Kelly definitely takes it to a new level with her cover of the song. This girl has the voice of an angel, and her medium-speed acoustic rendition keeps the upbeat rhythm of Timberlake’s original recording, making it the perfect song for setting your own pace.

9. “We’ll Be A Dream” by We The Kings (Pop Rock/Pop Punk) This song is for those who enjoy a slowto-medium paced beat to listen to while they run. Similar to the “The Way,” this song is the perfect balance of male and female vocals, as the band features Demi Lovato, yet another powerful voice, on the track. Being a pop punk rock song, it also features a good instrumental section. 10. “Hello by Karmin” (Pop/Hip-Hop) This is another upbeat pop pick for the fast-stepping runner. In this song, Karmin immediately sets a quick tempo that she keeps to the end. With a strong base and rap-like vocals, the song is sure to keep you running at a consistently quick pace while enjoying your run rather than thinking about it.

5. “Alright by Darius Rucker” (Country) This country song sets the perfect speed for the average runner. If you’re more about a relaxed run than achieving a time, Darius Rucker’s country hit will power you through your run at your own pace. As a bonus, the song’s feel-good lyrics and good vibes will keep you motivated for the next four minutes. 6. “Take Me or Leave Me” from the RENT Soundtrack From the musical RENT, this song is all about the vocals. Idina Menzel (Frozen’s “Elsa”) in duo with Tracie Thoms’ voice a musical battle that portrays a message of independence and acceptance. Being a more upbeat musical choice doesn’t make it any less powerful, making it perfect for that

Taking Back Music Lauren Dwyer Senior Features Editor

7. “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin van Buuren (Progressive House) House music has recently grown popular, so a song from this genre was a must. This song featuring Trevor Guthrie is all about the beat, which gives off an electric feel. It’s a high-energy song for people who get their boost of adrenaline through their ears.

2 1

instrumentals get heavy and the singing has more intensity. Happiness Is has a great mix of slow songs as well as faster-paced songs. The last track of the album, “Nothing At All” is an excellent example of how Taking Back Sunday can switch between their highenergy songs to more laidback pieces like this. This acoustic piece works perfectly with the harmony of the multiple vocalists of the band coming together. Taking Back Sunday is currently on tour with The Used. On Saturday, April 5, they will be playing at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago. Unfortunately, the show is already sold out. Do not worry though, because you can still listen to Happiness Is really loudly on Spotify, gather all of your friends and pretend you are at the show…if you are really desperate. Just give it a listen.

It has been three years since Taking Back Sunday released a new album and eight years since they have released a good album. That all changed earlier this month when they released Happiness Is, their latest album. While it certainly is not their best album to date (that title goes to Louder Now), I am sure it is worth your time. Personally, I have been a fan of Taking Back Sunday for a long time, but between my angst-filled high school years and their performance at 2013 Riot Fest, I did lose touch with the band. After seeing them at Riot Fest, my love and appreciation for the band resurfaced. I am confident that after you listen to Happiness Is, your past love for this band will come back like a burning fire in your belly. When I first listened to this album, I felt like I was listening to a pop punk kid that grew up and became a little more mature. Maybe he went to college and had some life experience and life was not the worst thing ever anymore. Of course, he still kept his roots, though, because he is most definitely not a poser. “Flicker, Fade” is one of the top tracks on this latest album. Everything about it screams old Taking Back Sunday (and even a little Dashboard Confessional influence). If you are still a fan of the emo genre, this song is for you. It has all of the ingredients for the perfect emo song. There is the slow, gentle melodic singing until it gets to the chorus where the Happiness is listening to Happiness Is.

Good music will always pump up your workouts.


Saint Xavier University Opera Workshop S


El Capitan

Operetta by John Philip Sousa Performance Dates Friday-April 11, 2014~7:30 p.m. Saturday-April 12, 2014~7:30 p.m. Special Performance for High School Students

Thursday - April 10, 2014 – 4:00 p.m. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! 773-298-3421 General Admission: $10.00 Seniors and Military: $8.00

Special Performance for Students: $3

SXU Faculty, Staff and Students Admitted FREE


Saint Xavier University McGuire Hall 3700 W. 103rd St. Chicago, IL 60655 R Reservations/Tickets: 773-298-3421

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Xavierite

Dear Lauren, The weather is getting nicer out, but none of my friends want to get outside and do something. I live on campus, so what are some things we could do so I can convince them to get out of their dorm rooms and enjoy the nice weather? Sincerely, All Cooped Up

Dear All Cooped Up, You’re right, the weather is so beautiful outside now! Spring is finally upon us. Just this past Sunday, my block came alive. Who knew so many kids lived around me? Anyway, it’s nice outside and your friends just want to sit inside and probably play video games, watch TV, or nap? They sound like a bunch of people that are having a hangover from the winter. The best way to get them to go outside is to think of a fun activity that everyone can participate in. If not all of your friends are

athletic, they probably won’t want to start a game of flag football. So, maybe you could always play that velcro ball and catch game. (You know, the one with the paddles and the tennis ball.) That’s probably my favorite game and literally anyone could play it as long as they have two arms. And eyes would help, too. Okay, but what if your friends are insanely lazy? Then why don’t you just blow bubbles? No physical exertion there. This can sound childish at first, but if you’re blowing really big bubbles, then it’s not childish,

Need Advice? Go to to send in your anonymous questions!

Taurus 4/20-5/20

You’re almost finished with a big project, aren’t you, Aries? Soon you will be done, and it will pay off.

Take time to relax this week, Taurus. Everything will still be there when you get back.

Libra 9/23-10/22

Scorpio 10/23-11-21

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

You’re a rebel, Scorpio. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away this week.

Aren’t you the sweetest thing? Pay it forward, and things will start really going your way.

People don’t always “get” you, but that’s okay. You know who your true friends are. Find strength in them and in yourself.

Do you have the winter blues? Try eating healthy to keep your mind healthy and happy.

You’re a leader, although you may be reluctant. Stay strong, and you will lead yourself, and others, through tough times.

Cancer 6/21-7/22

because it’s wicked awesome. Try looking up some recipes online to make your own giant bubbles. If all else fails, take your laptop, a blanket, and a find a shady tree to sit under with your friends. Pop in a movie. That way, they are doing exactly what they would be doing inside, outside! And isn’t that really the point of it all? Happy spring! And remember to always listen to Lauren!

Aries 3/21-4/19

Keep your schedule open, Libra. You might have a friend in need. Just don’t be pushy, and let them come to you.

Gemini 5/21-6/20

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Keep your mind open, Cancer. You might have your best idea sometime this weekend.

Leo 7/23-8/22

Now is a good time to really invest in something, Leo. Dive right in and have a ball!

Virgo 8/23-9/22

You’ve been stressed lately, haven’t you, Virgo? Finding a nice natural setting will help you put your mind at ease. Pisces 2/19-3/20

You will find adventure in unexpected places. Stay open to new possibilities.

My BuzzFeed Addiction A Shameless Ending Shocking exposé! Becki tells all! Becki Brown Editor in Chief Over the past few weeks, I have developed a very guilty pleasure. I’m not proud of it, but I am not the only one to have fallen prey to this newest addiction. My name is Becki Brown, and I’m addicted to BuzzFeed quizzes. A few weeks ago, my esteemed colleague Lauren Dwyer, or as we call her, the Sass Master, wrote an article that basically condemned certain aspects of the internet, including BuzzFeed. However, at one point she was at least mildly entertained by the website. She states, “I will admit, for a short time I went on Tumblr and even BuzzFeed for a few laughs. But then I realized that they are such a complete waste of time,” (“I Really Hate the Internet” March 3, 2014). Luckily for her, she was able to realize that it is one big waste of time and leave. I know that it’s a waste of time. I could spend hours finding out which type of shoe I would be or where I should REALLY be going on vacation. However, it will in no way help me finish my senior seminar project, prepare for symposium or finish a unit plan for one of my classes. One thing that makes me feel slightly better about myself is that, as I said earlier, I’m not the only one addicted to these quizzes. My Facebook newsfeed is plastered with things like “I Got Most Lovable Band Geek! What’s Your Actual High School Superlative?” or “I got Sir Lancelot! Which Famous Knight Are You?” When the majority of things that

you’re scrolling past are these quizzes, you can’t help but get dragged in (or maybe I just don’t have any willpower). I think I may have figured out why these quizzes are as catchy as a pop song. They don’t make you think. When you are taking a BuzzFeed quiz, you don’t usually have to put much thought into your answer because you have only a few options to choose from and most of the questions that these quizzes ask are not very deep or thought provoking. Quite frequently, you don’t even have to read the answers. You just have to choose between pictures. Mostly, they test you on your ability to click boxes, and at the end it gives you an answer that most of the time causes the quiz-taker to say something along the lines of “Wow. That is totally the Seinfeld character I would be,” or “No way would I be Bree from Desperate Housewives! I’m Gabriella. This is so rigged!” I mean, how much can a quiz tell you about yourself based off of your favorite color and which of the seven deadly sins you equate yourself with the most? Not much, so don’t complain that you didn’t get an answer that doesn’t perfectly describe you. I’ve found myself disappointed (or confused) by many a quiz result that I’ve gotten since my addiction started, and I will admit that I’ve shared at least one quiz on facebook. I also do know that I shouldn’t take these things seriously (and probably shouldn’t take them as often), but I guess there are worse things I could be doing. At least I’m not playing Candy Crush.

Lauren Dwyer Senior Features Editor On Sunday, April 6, the final episode of season four of Shameless will be airing on Showtime. Boy, does time fly. This season has had its ups and downs. Mostly downs, because it of course is the Gallagher household. However, there have been some good times. Veronica and Kev finally had their two children, Ian came home and is shacking up with Mickey, Debbie had her first stalker relationship. What a time. Let us not get too caught up, though. This season has been filled with more tragedies than some of the other seasons and have sent viewers through emotional turmoil. After nearly killing Liam when he got into her cocaine and after she went on the lamb and broke probation, Fiona is in jail for 90 days. The downfall of Fiona has been the most difficult storyline of this season. In the beginning of season four, Fiona was the hero. She had her life together, she had a great job, the kids all looked up to her, she was dating a normal guy. But things can never be good for too long when it comes to the Gallaghers. When viewers witnessed Fiona’s slow decline with the scummy brother of her stand-up boyfriend, we were angry with her. And when she left drugs out for Liam to get into, we wanted to kill her. But then something happened. Fiona became a helpless puppy. When Lip turned his back on her and took Liam and the kids, my heart broke for her. The scene in “Hope Springs Paternal (S4E8)”, after Fiona and Lip get into a

massive argument, Fiona is left alone in the house, a rarity for the Gallagher household. There are no children running around, Fiona has seemingly lost everything. After years of having to be strong for her younger siblings, viewers witness all of that pressure culminate at once as she breaks down while lying in her littlest brother’s bed. The Gallagher kids have always been estranged from their father, but this season Frank was even more out of the picture. Suffering from liver failure, he had few options and his likelihood of surviving this season was pretty bleak. Luckily for him, his long lost daughter Sammy was in the picture this season. His relationship with Sammy grows through season four, while the rest of his children go unnoticed. For the most part none of them care, except for Carl. Poor Carl, he is following in his father’s dreadful footsteps and wants him to notice and think he is great, but Frank is too wrapped up in himself to care. Viewers are so used to seeing Frank go through his struggles, that it comes as no surprise when he battles death this entire season. Of course, last week he finally got his legitimate liver transplant after the underground surgery where they ended up stealing an organ. Viewers should not be so surprised, though. What good are the Gallaghers without the looming presence of their dreadful father around? The final episode does not look like it will be throwing out any surprises at us, but viewers never know what is going to happen next. From the previews, it looks like Frank is going to be missing again, much like the ending of the last season and Fiona will only fall further in her demise.

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blackhawks Clinch Sixth Consecutive Playoff Berth! Toews Injured

Frank Markasovic Sports Editor

Good news for Hawks fans: the Blackhawks have clinched their sixth consecutive playoff berth! This is great news considering how competitive the Western Conference is, let alone the Central Division. All the Hawks have left to do is fight for the better playoff seed. This will determine if the Hawks have home-ice advantage or not. Currently, the Hawks claim the 3rd seed in the Central Division with 99 points in 76 games (as of 3/31/2014). St. Louis still holds 1st in the Central with 107 points in 74 games. They will no doubt stay in 1st. Colorado follows St. Louis with 100 points in 74 games making them 2nd in the division. As mentioned in last week’s article, the Avalanche and the Blackhawks will fight for 2nd until the 82nd regular-season game is played for each team. The next Central Division competitors are a little behind. Those contenders are Minnesota and Dallas. The Minnesota Wild have been holding onto the 1st Wild Card seed for quite some time now. The Wild currently have a record of 38-26-11 with 87 points in 75 games (as of 3/31/2014). Behind Minny, the Phoenix Coyotes linger in the 2nd Wild Card seed with 84 points in 75 games. The Coyotes are not yet safe in the standings as another team, a Central Division contender, creeps behind them. This team is the Dallas Stars. The Stars have the opportunity to claim the 2nd Wild Card seed, as they are only a few points

behind the Coyotes. The Stars have a record of 36-27-12 with 83 points in 74 games played. The Stars can potentially surpass both the Coyotes and the Wild if they win out and the other two teams lose a few. This Stanley Cup Playoff qualification race is going to be a tight one as these teams have only a few games left to capitalize on the points that they need. If I had to predict the outcome of the regular-season, I would select the following teams to make the playoffs in the following seeds: Central Division: 1st: St. Louis Blues, nd 2 : Chicago Blackhawks, 3rd: Colorado Avalanche, Wild Card 1: Minnesota Wild, and Wild Card 2: Dallas Stars. I guess we will see how this plays out! I believe that Dallas will have an end-ofthe-season push to oust Phoenix from their Wild Card seed. Blackhawks News Unfortunately, the Hawks have gone through an ugly point slump. The Hawks have lost 3 of their last 4 games. All three losses took place in overtime so the Hawks did not receive any points whatsoever. All three losses came from these Eastern Conference opponents: Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. In their return to Boston’s TD Garden since winning the 2012-13 Stanley Cup, the Hawks had hoped to seek the familiar taste of victory. However, the league-leading Boston Bruins had different plans. The Bruins shut down the Hawks’ offense as they outscored them in a 3-0 victory over their previous Stanley Cup opponent. This loss would mark the third time

that the Blackhawks have been shutout this regular-season. The following evening, the Hawks squared-off against a struggling Ottawa Senators team. But, despite Ottawa’s struggles, the Hawks again came up short. Ottawa would outscore the Blackhawks in a 5-3 victory. Recently, the Hawks played against Eastern Conference powerhouse, the Pittsburgh Penguins. This game would get ugly, as the Blackhawks were out-played physically and offensively. The Hawks had minimal physical presence, which led to Jonathan Toews getting injured (more below). The Hawks would end up losing to the Penguins with a score of 4-1. Sidney “Crybaby” Crosby would net two goals in the victory…this added to my frustration. Aside from the negative, the Hawks did win one game out of their last 4. This victory was won against Central Division foes, the Dallas Stars. The Hawks outplayed the Stars in this game. Andrew Shaw and Duncan Keith each picked up a goal and an assist, which contributed to the Blackhawks’ victory. Injury Update As we already know, Patrick Kane will not be returning to the lineup until the end of the regular-season. Bryan Bickell is also currently injured as he has missed several games as of late. He is ruled with a lower-body injury and should return to the lineup soon. I really hope Bickell joins the team soon because, when considering games like the recent Pittsburgh game, the Hawks could really use his physical presence and gritty goal scoring. Michal Rozsival also has a lower-body

injury and is expected to return sometime in the near future. Though he is not particularly seen as a huge loss to the team, I would rather have him playing D than that dusty Sheldon Brookbank. As abovementioned, Jonathan Toews has been added to the injury list. Toews left the ice during the Pittsburgh game after he was crushed by Pens’ defenseman Brooks Orpik. Though the hit was a big one, Toews skated off under his own power. His upperbody injury is currently ruled as a day-to-day injury and was deemed as “not serious”. This is great news for the Hawks as they have several key players out of the lineup already. With their excellent training staff, the Hawks should have Johnny back on the ice in no time…well, hopefully. Frank’s Three Stars of the Week 1st: Patrick Sharp 2nd: Marian Hossa 3rd: Andrew Shaw Sharp: Patrick Sharp currently leads the team in points with a total of 73 (31 G, 42 A). In his last 4 games played, Sharpie has scored a goal and added 3 assists. Hossa: Big “Hoss” has also done well in his last four games. Hossa has scored 2 goals and has even shown some physical presence against opponents. Shaw: Andrew Shaw continues to play well for the Hawks as he has contributed a goal and an assist in his last four games. His goal scored against the Dallas Stars was a beauty! photo:

Final Four Better Than Ever

Damone Griffin Sports Editor

Frantic, frenetic, fantastic, fascinating. Just oh-so-many words that can describe this year’s March Madness, which has seen 68 teams lose almost every way possible. Of course, I must mention the millions of fans that annually and inevitability burn or shred their bracket picks. After all the chaos and destruction the madness has produced the final four teams filled with youth, experience, NBA talent and an incredible winning streak. Florida, Connecticut, Kentucky and Wisconsin punched their tickets to the Final Four in Arlington, Texas. The number one overall seed Florida Gators, winners of 29 straight, will take on Shabazz Napier and Kevin Ollie’s Connecticut Huskies in the first matchup of the Final Four. The Huskies have made an improbable run through the NCAA tournament, knocking off basketball Goliaths Villanova and Michigan State. Napier has played the role of Kemba Walker in leading UConn to the Final Four, averaging 23 points in the last three games. This will be a rematch from early in the regular season when Napier beat the Gators at the buzzer, which was also the last time the Gators lost a basketball game. After Napier’s clutch shot fell through the orange cylinder that holds up the white net, Florida looked up to realize they lost the game by one point. A feeling that evokes shock overcomes your mind after playing hard for 40 minutes just to look up at the scoreboard at the end to see reality written all over it. The Florida Gators have not

experienced that feeling since Napier’s big-time shot and it’s mostly because great teams get over losses quickly so they can get back on the winning path. For the Gators the reality right now is that they have not lost a game since that day, they went undefeated in the SEC and they are two wins a way from delivering a third national title in basketball to the University of Florida. The Gators do not possess more NBA talent than a Kentucky but they have two elements that are important: experience and amazing coaching. Billy Donovan is a two-time national champion coach and he has proven himself to be an elite motivator and leader at the collegiate level. Florida also has loads of experience with four seniors and a sophomore. That’s why they beat SEC Final Four companion Kentucky three times this season. In a new college basketball landscape with plenty of first-years and “one-anddones,” they pretty much have a bunch of old men that just know how to win basketball games and take care of business. UConn does not lack experience either, but it will be a tall task to halt the Gators’ impressive run. Stopping the likes of Patric Young and Scottie Wilbekin will not be easy, but this will be a great game to watch between two experienced teams that play smart and hard. UConn beat a great Michigan St. team but Florida knows how to win and the defense the Gators have played the last 29 games down the stretch is suffocating, especially when they apply the press. Napier will keep UConn in it to the end, though, giving them a chance. Prediction: Florida wins 68-63 The second Final Four matchup will

feature Kentucky versus Wisconsin. Wisconsin just reminds me of a car that looks like nothing special. It is probably that boring car your parents drive that makes you believe they’re boring people. It’s not flashy, extremely fast or obnoxiously expensive; just a machine that gets the job done every time it is called on. That is what the Wisconsin Badgers have been all year: a well-oiled machine that efficiently and quietly ground games out. Badger head coach Bo Ryan should tell his superiors at Wisconsin to contact the marketing team at Ford so they can put his team in a commercial. Frank Kaminsky could play the lead mechanic in the commercial because he has been the key cog in this slick machine, and he might be the best college basketball player in this year’s Final Four. He finished with 28 points, 11 rebounds and one turnover against a very good defensive team in Arizona. Traevon Jackson and Ben Brust are very good college basketball players that make up an experienced backcourt. This efficient Ford Focus will go against a team that people thought was college basketball’s Ferrari or Lamborghini. Heck, I can even go to Bugatti. The hype surrounding John Calipari’s new crop of first-years was at an all-time high in the preseason. How could it not be with six McDonald’s All-Americans donning the classic blue jersey’s born in the Bluegrass State? Somewhere along the way, though, that shiny foreign car that was stopping in Kentucky for at least one year turned into a Jeep Cherokee. They went from a possibly historic undefeated season to 10 losses and dropping

out of the top 25, but then something remarkable happened. Coach Cal rolled up his sleeves, lost his mind, untucked his shirt and went to repair this car that started breaking down on him. Whatever motivating tools he used worked, because the Wildcats entered the tournament and have showed the world what they can do. They took down an undefeated Wichita State team that did not lose a game up to that point. After that was rival and defending champion Louisville, and finally on Sunday they beat defending national runner-up Michigan. Just like that three teams in the Final Four were eliminated at the hands of one team starting five freshmen. Kentucky and Wisconsin have followed two different paths and certainly two different models to get to this point. Julius Randle and the Harrison Twins have been tough, unfazed, and clutch during this run. The go-ahead step back three-point shot Aaron Harrison hit with a defender in his face to beat Michigan is the most coldblooded shot you will ever winess. Randle has been a beast at 6-9, 250 lbs. He just eats, breathes and gets doublesdoubles. Kentucky obviously has more talent and pro prospects. Wisconsin will win this game, though, because they will crack the first-year code of the Wildcats and make one more big play. Prediction: Wisconsin wins 72-69 So this means the national title game is another rematch from earlier this season between Florida and Wisconsin. This is a tough one, but... Prediction: Florida wins 62-56

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Xavierite

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The 2014 White Sox: Just Don’t Be Worse

Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor

Please, 2014 White Sox, just don’t get any worse. After the “dumpster fire” that was the 2013 season, to use general manager Rick Hahn’s term, all fans can really ask for is a watchable product on the field. Compared to last season, that can’t be too hard. Last year the White Sox lost 99 games, committed 121 errors (14th out of 15 American League teams), scored 598 runs (15th) and gave up 723 runs (10th). Dumpster fire indeed, Mr. Hahn. You know a team is bad when one of the top-five best pitchers in baseball, Chris Sale, finishes the year with an 11-14 record despite a 3.07 ERA and 226 strikeouts in 214.1 innings pitched. But Monday’s season opener for the White Sox brought some hope, as it does nearly every year. Sale is already 1-0 in 2014 and the team appears to be committed to becoming younger and more athletic. But that does not mean there will not be growing pains. New Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu had hits in his first two at-bats for the White Sox in their opener on Monday. But Abreu, a 27-year-old, will certainly have to make adjustments to major league pitching on the fly this year. He will not be alone in that endeavor. Fellow youngsters Avisail Garcia, Adam Eaton and Marcus Semien will see plenty of playing time in the early season. That playing time will be beneficial to their development as major league players, yes, but it will also mean that by the middle of the season opposing scouts and pitchers will have a pretty good idea of the best way

to get them out. Their offensive adjustments throughout the season will be critical to the White Sox having anything resembling a contending team. And then there are the players who were in Chicago for the dumpster fire last year. Slugger Adam Dunn is in the final year of his contract, which looks to have been a mistake based on the numbers he has put up. Outfielders Alejandro De Aza and Dayan Viciedo are still on the team, but they do not have the starting roles they secured last season. Instead, the two will share left field. De Aza had a two-homer game on Monday, but his most glaring issue was not at the plate but throwing away outs once he reached base. De Aza’s speed dictates that he should

be a good base runner. Unfortunately for White Sox fans, he proved last year that he has the speed but not the awareness required for the task. And just like bad free-throw shooters in basketball, some can practice and get better but some will always be bad. Here’s hoping De Aza and the White Sox can figure out a way to make him better. Moving to the infield, here is some reason for optimism: shortstop Alexei Ramirez made 22 errors last season. Sure, that sounds like reason for pessimism, but he is one of the players who simply has to revert to his career averages. He is too good of a fielder to commit that many errors again. After committing 20 errors in each of his first two major league seasons, he cut that statistic down to 16 and 12 in the subsequent two seasons before the 22-error anomaly of 2013.


Alexei Ramirez makes spectacular plays and bone-headed plays. We’ll take more spectacular plays, please.

Women’s Golf Team Finishes 6th Thompson Grabs 2nd Top-10

Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor The women’s golf team secured a sixthplace finish in the eight-team field that made up the University of Saint Francis (Ill.) Spring Invite. Playing in just their second team event since adding another golfer (four total) to have qualifying team scores, the Cougars moved from second-to-last to third-to-last. First-year Taylor Thompson backed up her tie for sixth place in the Embry Riddle Invite in Arizona with a tie for ninth place in the Saint Francis Invite. While the team finished with a better score on Saturday by 23 strokes, Thompson was the only Cougar who did not improve or remain static in her individual score. Her 82 on Friday was the fourth best individual score in the field after a 73, a couple of 78s and an 80. On Saturday, however, she ran into some trouble and finished the day with an 89, which was still good for the second best

individual score for Saint Xavier. Playing at Prairie Bluff Golf Course in Lockport, Ill., Thompson and the Cougars battled uncooperatively frigid weather on Friday and Saturday. The course, a 6,054-yard par-72, played tough for all of the teams involved. Bethel College, which went on to win the tournament, was 73 strokes over par through the two-day event. First-year Courtney Dudgeon was one of the players to lead the Saturday charge for Saint Xavier. Her 86 on Saturday was a 10-stroke improvement on her showing on Friday. She finished in a tie for 25th place. First-year Katie Reno was the most consistent of the Cougars through Friday and Saturday. She shot a 90 on both days to finish second for the cougars and in a tie for 22nd place overall. Fellow first-year Ashley Anderson struggled through the tournament, but she still managed to improve mightily on her first round. Her first-round 133 was tough to get through, but she improved by 20 strokes with a 113 on Saturday. The women’s golf team’s next event is the Bethel Spring Invite, which will be held at Blackthorn Golf Course in South Bend, Ind., on April 11 and 12. The next step for the Cougars, hopefully by the end of the season, is to progress to the top half of the teams in the field for a given tournament. @TimCarroll_XAV

Thompson has two consecutive top-10 finishes for SXU.

White Sox fans know what Ramirez is: a supremely talented shortstop with all kinds of range and a strong arm. His combination of skills means that he will make some truly spectacular plays on balls he has no business even reaching. But it also means that he will make some tremendously bone-headed plays on balls hit right to him. Catcher is a position that has been a problem for the White Sox since the departure of AJ Pierzynski, and that problem does not appear to be going away any time soon. The best thing the White Sox have going for them is the pitching. With Sale locked up long-term and lefty Jose Quintana signing a new deal last week, the front end of the rotation is solid. The relief pitching is probably going to be good based on the fact that just about all of the pensmen can throw in the upper90s. The only question is if they will throw strikes. It’s a relatively safe bet to assume solid pitching. If the young position players can make the adjustments they need to and the established players can demonstrate that their 2013 seasons were just outlier years in the bad sense, a .500 record could be realistic. But if they cannot achieve that… Please, 2014 White Sox, just don’t get any worse.

SXU Athletics

COUGAR WEEKEND EVENTS Ms. Scarlet & Mr. Gray Thursday, April 3rd 7:00pm McGuire Hall Sponsor: SXC

Women’s Prayer Group Friday, April 4 11:00 a.m. McDonough Chapel Sponsor: Mission and Ministry Awakenings Retreat Friday, April 4 – Sunday, April 6 Bus departs 5:30 p.m. Camp Manitoqua Sponsor: Mission and Ministry SXU Baseball vs. Trinity International University (Ill.) (weather permitting) Friday, April 4 3:30 p.m. Location: Ferrell Field

Confirmation at Sunday Student Mass Sunday, April 6 8 p.m. followed by reception McDonough Chapel Sponsor: Mission and Ministry Trip to Maxwell Street Market Sunday, April 6th bus leaves campus at 10am and returns approx. 1:00pm Sign up in Campus Life office with a $5.00 deposit Sponsor: SXC Intramural 6 vs 6 Soccer League Starts on Monday, April 7th Games played on Mondays for 3 weeks 7:30 p.m. Deaton Field Winning team gets IM Champion t-shirts! Register online at Keyword: Intramurals

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Xavierite

Baseball Team Struggling but Warmth, Home Games to Come Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor The Saint Xavier Cougar baseball team played three games against Judson University this weekend and managed to pick up one win. The lone victory moved their season record to 6-15 and their conference record to 1-2 as of Monday. Vachon Victorious Senior pitcher Scott Vachon earned his first victory of the season against Judson in the first game of a doubleheader on Saturday. Vachon had been pitching just well enough to lose before this win. After his win, the 6-7 right-hander now has five starts, three complete games, 28 strikeouts and a .252 batting average against in 32 innings of work this season. In the first game against Judson he went all seven innings and gave up two runs on seven hits and two walks with five strikeouts to pick up the 4-2 win. Senior right fielder Chris Klein continued to be the best position player for the Cougars. He put together a solid 2-for3 showing at the plate that included a run scored. Senior left fielder Brad Myjak, who has struggled offensively with a .153 batting average and a .247 on-base percentage, went 1-for-3 in the game. He knocked in two of the Cougars’ four runs with a two-out, firstinning double. The Cougars picked up the rest of their runs in the third inning when first-year

Vachon had been pitching well but not well enough to get the wins. That changed on Saturday.

infielder Tom Hayes came on to pinch hit for junior infielder Damon Softcheck. Hayes came to the plate with the bases loaded and two out. His single drove in firstyear third baseman Bryan Polak and senior first baseman Thomas Keating, giving the Cougars all the runs they would need to win behind Vachon’s pitching performance. Two Losses Spoil Weekend The Cougars did not have their best fortune in the next two games of the weekend series. They lost game two of the doubleheader 5-3 and dropped their Sunday game 8-7. Klein started the second game of the doubleheader on Saturday and gave up a run in the first inning but appeared ready to settle down. Then the fourth inning came along

SXU Athletics

and Klein and struggled to get any outs. He gave up three runs on three hits, an error and a hit batsman before getting out of the inning on a double play. The Cougars tried to help out their starter with a solid offensive seventh inning after having scored just one run in the first six. Hayes again came on to pinch hit, this time for first-year catcher Ryan Pellack with runners on second and third. Hayes again came through, this time with a single that scored Softcheck and Polak to make it a 5-3 ballgame. That would be all the offense Saint Xavier could muster. Sunday’s game was good for those who prefer offensive shootouts. Junior pitcher Dan Wetzel took the

ball for the Cougars and managed to leave the game with a one-run lead despite giving up four runs in seven innings. That lead would be demolished in a three-run ninth inning for Judson that ended on a walk-off single. All three of the ninth-inning runs were unearned because of an error on a fielder’s choice by Keating. First-year pitcher Adrian Luna was charged with the loss when he could not pitch around the problems caused by the error. Luna allowed both runners to advance a base because of a wild pitch he threw directly ahead of the game-winning single. Home, Sweet Home For the first time this season the Cougars hope to play home baseball. Should the weather finally permit, the Cougars will have a home-and-home weekend series against Trinity International University that would feature a game at Saint Xavier on Friday and a doubleheader at Trinity International on Saturday. With home baseball and Chicago weather actually threatening to be conducive to playing ball, now is the time for the Cougars to make a charge. They have a chance to make a move up the CCAC conference standings in the month of April. Of their 25 scheduled April games, all but three are conference contests. For a team that missed the conference tournament by one game on the final day of the season last year, making the tournament is all they can ask for.

Wolves Stop Cougars in Second Round

Damone Griffin Sports Editor It was an up-and-down season, mostly down, for the Saint Xavier University Men’s volleyball team in 2014. They saw their season come to an end this past Friday in the NAIA Great Lakes Conference Tournament against Cardinal Stritch University. Before their conference tournament, though, the Cougars had to finish the regular season in a make-up game on the road against the No. 12-ranked Lakeland College Muskies. The Cougars were beaten in their regular season finale in four sets by the Muskies of Sheboygan: 25-16, 25-22, 25-27, and 25-18. Senior outside hitter Justin Cousin had a nice all-around game in his final regular season game, finishing with 13 kills, 11 digs and two block assists.

Sam had an All-American season this year.

Freshmen setter Moises Lopez dished out 31 assists on offense and registered two block assists on defense. Sophomore middle blocker Sam Kull played well in putting up 11 kills, two service aces and four total blocks. SXU had a hard time overcoming sloppy play and giving up a lot of free points during the match by ending up with 20 service errors. There was no time to think about the loss as the Cougars had to get ready to face Siena Heights University in the GLC Tournament. The Cougars beat Siena Heights two weeks prior to their tournament faceoff. The sequel turned out to be no different than the original act as the Cougars beat the No. 5-seed once again in four sets: 25-23, 26-28, 25-20, 25-20. Cousin played exceptionally in the quarterfinal victory, racking up 17 kills and two service aces. Kull, a 2014 NAIA GLC all-conference first-teamer, finished with 10

SXU Athletics

Cougars will look to improve next season.

kills and six total blocks. Lopez was instrumental in setting up the attack, finishing with 40 assists and seven digs while his fellow first-year, Sean Barry, chipped in 13 kills to help the offense out. SXU played well as a whole offensively, putting down 52 kills versus 21 attacking errors to finish with an attacking percentage of .267. Next up was a rematch in the semifinals against Cardinal Stritch University, who defeated SXU in five sets on Feb. 11. The result was ultimately the same as before with the Wolves seizing victory from the Cougars in three sets, this time by the final scores of 25-21, 25-20 and 25-18. Kull and Cousin led the way for the Cougars, finishing with 10 and 12 kills, respectively.

SXU Athletics

Barry had six kills and seven digs to help out the defense for the Cougars while the setter, Lopez, finished with 29 assists. Kull was not the only Cougar men’s volleyball player to win an award. First-year outside hitter Anthony Huang made the 2014 GLC All-Academic Team. The team made some strides this season by winning a couple games on the road compared to last season’s 0-11 record. They finished with a .500 record in conference play on their way to a berth in the semi-finals of the conference tournament. The Cougars will learn from this season and be back next year with excellent young talent that will hopefully compensate for the loss of four seniors. Be prepared to cheer for the Cougars next season as they will attempt to improve and be ready to try again in 2015.

April 2nd, 2014  

This is the 4-2-14 issue of the Xavierite

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