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Xavierite Sits Down with New Provost Nermeen Shaabneh News Editor

Changes in Student Government

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Movie Prequels: Hit or Miss

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Softball Continues Winning

After a distinguished thirtythree year career at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia (SJU), Dr. Paul L. DeVito becomes Saint Xavier University Provost effective July 1st, 2013. Beginning his career as an assistant professor of Psychology after graduate school in 1980, DeVito currently holds many positions at SJU including Professor of Psychology, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College of Professional and Liberal Studies. Re c e n t l y, t he X avie rite conducted an inter view with DeVito and asked him about his new position regarding his thoughts, plans and changes. Q: How does it feel to leave Saint Joseph’s after building a distinguished career there? “It is a very bittersweet time for me. I have had a wonderful career at SJU where I learned a great deal, made many acquaintances and close friends, and generally enjoyed my life and career. On the other hand, although I [have] accomplished much at SJU, I felt I had more to contribute in service to mission-based higher education and the opportunity to come to Saint Xavier as Provost gives me that opportunity at a higher level. Leaving Philadelphia is also bittersweet in that it is where our son Zach was born and raised. However he now lives in Palo Alto, CA as a graduate student in Computer Science at Stanford.

Dr. Paul Devito will become SXU’s new provost.

Living in Chicago is almost halfway there!” Q: What originally inspired you to take the Provost position at Saint Xavier University? “Many things played into that decision. First, I am truly impressed with the direction President Wiseman is leading the university as documented in Plan 2017. That plan, which was developed in close collaboration with faculty, staff, students and trustees, sets very positive and attainable goals well within the mission and vision of the university. Second, after visiting the campus on two occasions I was impressed by the warm welcome from all I met and their commitment to student learning

and development. Students were also very optimistic and passionate about SXU which speaks very well for the university. Third, I am very dedicated--even passionate--about mission-based higher education and the history and goals of Mercy Higher Education, it resonates very well with me. Lastly, I have always loved visiting Chicago. In fact, I would submit papers to the Midwestern Psychological Association over other regional conventions just to be able to visit Chicago and stay at the Palmer House. Living in Chicago will be exciting for both me and my wife, Rebecca Lipner.” Q: What does becoming Provost mean to you?

The Xavierite

“I am extremely honored, fortunate and humbled to become the Provost of SXU. Further, I am passionate and enthusiastic about the future of mission-based and studentfocused higher education. Having this opportunity and responsibility gives me another way to serve students, faculty, staff and my profession.” Q:What are your plans for academics at Saint Xavier? “Mostly to support the goals identified in Plan 2017--achieve, support and maintain accreditation for all colleges and programs; MORE Q&A > WITH DEVITO



SGA and SAB Combine to Form New Council Nermeen Shaabneh News Editor

Beginning in Fall 2013, The Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Activities Board (SAB), will join forces to create the Saint Xavier Council (SXC). The new council will bring together both organizations’ executive positions to establish a single governing board. Samantha Maher Sheahan, advisor for SXC, states, “It’s not really two organizations combining; it’s much more broad than that. The new SXC has four branches that will continue to do the work they have always done, but in a more focused way. Each branch will be able to do to what they are meant to do.” Maher Sheahan discusses the different branches of the

organization and their respective responsibilities. “The Senate will serve as the voice of the student body, the Allocation Committee will serve as administrator of the Student Activity Fund to registered student organizations (RSO’s), the Program Board will sponsor annual, campus-wide programs, activities and special events, and Campus Connections will be the link not only between the branches of SXC, but more broadly between students, RSO’s, faculty, and administrators of the entire SXU community,” Sheahan begins. She continues, “I think there is a lot of work ahead for everyone but I believe in these students, and I know in the end the student leaders of SXC will be better poised to work for all members of the SXU community.” SXC aims to foster both resident and commuter involvement. Kelly Mihalik,

President of SGA, is currently working on the organization’s constitution and bylaws. Mihalik hopes that SXC will have “better representation of the student body since there will be senator positions for the different colleges.” Furthermore, she hopes that it will have “more of a student voice as well since SXC has more members than SAB and SGA have now combined.” Mihalik continues, “I have my own hopes and dreams for the student body and SXC. I would like to see more of a collaboration between student organizations with programming. One of the new branches will be focused on communicating with the student body, which is a key factor in student involvement.” The collaboration is expected to encourage more school spirit and student involvement, as Executive President of SXC Victoria Martello

states. “This new SXC organization will have more members than those two presently combined. Gaining more people means thinking of more ideas and finding more ways to reach out to the student body. With this combination, I truly feel that the voice of the student body will be strongly heard!” When asked about the application process, Martello explains, “There was quite a process! This year since we were doing something different, we decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest if we did an in-house election. Since more than half of the government is graduating, the seniors were a huge help in this portion and deciding where all the returning government members would lead best,” Martello begins. She continues “All returning members had the opportunity to voice their strengths/weaknesses

and their top executive seat choices. The seniors and our moderator Sam [Samantha Maher Sheahan] met three times and really had some great discussion on where they saw everyone excelling. Some returning members found out their new executive seats on that third week and were given a graduating senior mentor to help them adjust.” Martello goes on to explain that “ Three positions were left open: Executive President, Legislative Executive Vice President, and Executive Vice President of Finance. These positions were left open for Mallorie Rosales, Dana Martin, and myself and the election committee ironed out a process to determine who would sit in what seat. Michelle Thompson, who is a graduating senior, current VP of Finance, MORE ABOUT > page SXC


World Bits On Saturday, March 30, North Korea declared “a state of war” with South Korea. (’

Colorado state prosecutors have suggested to execute James Holmes, the shooter at the July 20 Batman film in Aurora, Colorado. This was after a rejected offer from James Holmes to plead guilty.

On Wednesday, March 27, Nelson Mandela was hospitalized for a bout of pneumonia. According to officials, there has been “no significant change in his condition”. When Mandela is to get out of the hospital has not been specified. (

( news/world-us-canada-21996420)

weekly Event Calendar Check out these events in Chicago! VISUAL ARTS Friday, April 5th Archer Live Chicago Theater MUSIC Saturday, April 6th Toni Braxton Chicago Theater

FOOD Monday, April 7th National Cheese Fondue Week Kick-off Geja’s Cafe 340 West Armitage SPORTS Monday, April 8th Cubs Opening Day Wrigley Field

Correction from 3-20 Issue

In The Xavierite issue released on 3/20, we listed Ginger Rugai as the 18th Warde alderman. Rugai was the 19th Warde alderman. We apologize for this misprint. PROVOST >



introduce a greater number of international students studying on the SXU campus and finding additional affordable opportunities fo r S X U st u d e n t s to st u d y abroad; explore additional online courses and programs where it is pedagogically appropriate; working with faculty and deans to identify new areas of study not yet available to SXU students all the while supporting and enhancing the existing programs; explore additional internship and co-opp opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.” Q:What are your ideas on incorporating technology in the classroom? “I have always had a fondness for technology in support of pedagogy. In fact, at SJU my colleagues in psychology and I built the first department intranet and created a laptop program for students that was coordinated with the psychology curriculum in each

class. This was in the early 1990s! Today I am intrigued by mobile devices and cloud platforms---iPads, Google Scholar, Dropbox, etc.-and how these new technologies can enhance the student learning experience. I know that SXU is presently experimenting with iPad applications in various settings and I am very interested in seeing those results. It is clear to me that technology is important only if it supports effective pedagogy.” Q:In your opinion, what are Saint Xavier’s strengths? “The strengths are numerous-I am attracted to Saint Xavier University by its academic quality best demonstrated through its Mercy heritage, an impressive list of national and regional accreditations and its diverse array colleges covering a wide spectrum of disciplines and professions. Further, the strategic direction of student-centeredness, intellectual engagement, and leadership connections amongst the liberal arts and professional education— all while building resources for the future in order to provide educational excellence in an

Come to the University Chorale Concert When: Saturday, April 6 @ 7:30 p.m. Where: Music Performance Space (in the old gym)

Computer Science Department Denied Grant Nicole Rosales

Senior News Editor

The computer science department at the university is no longer being funded by the National Science Foundation grant, which has been offered for the past seven years. In an interview, Dr. Florence Appel, Computer Science professor, further explained the department’s loss of the grant. “We had two successful grant proposals over the last seven years,” stated Appel. “The first one was for three

years, and the second was for four. We reapplied last summer, but due to the large volume of applicants, we were declined.” The National Science Foundation grant awards up to $6,000 a year, divided into semesters. Those incoming students wishing to qualify must have declared a major in computed and have earned a score of 23 on the ACT. Renewing students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA. With nearly 100 students in the Computer Science Department at Saint Xavier, the departments funds about 22-25 students a year.

“I’m sorely disappointed, because all the feedback that we have ever received from the National Science Foundation has been positive,” stated Appel. “It’s ver y disappointing because I knew how much our students need this support, both financially and otherwise.” Without the National Science Foundation grant, the department will not be able to fund the conferences available to computer science majors in prior years.

Computer Science > page


Q:What do you like to do with your free time? Q:Where do you see Saint Xavier “I love to garden--herbs, in four years and what do you vegetables, f lowers, etc--Maybe hope to accomplish in those four we can build an urban garden at years? SXU soon? I also love to cook and “Working towards attaining dabble in various cuisines--I make the goals identified in Plan 2017. a “killer” cappuccino!! I enjoy It is a great “blueprint” for the moderate exercise and I attempt Q:What are some of Saint Xavier’s future of SXU. I look forward to play golf but with not much weaknesses or challenges? to working with faculty, deans, success!!” “The challenges for SXU are staff, and administration in jointly similar to those at most mission- identifying additional goals to work Q:Any last thoughts or comments based comprehensive universities- towards.” that you would like to tell the -finding ways to maintain strong students? enrollment levels while keeping Q:What do you hope Saint Xavier “My family has told me that tuition levels reasonable and will provide for you? I never ‘left’ school and my life financial aid attainable for all who “A new ‘home’ where service to is coordinated with the academic seek to study at SXU in a very the greater good is endorsed and calendar! So expect to see me on competitive landscape; supporting nurtured for all constituents.” campus participating in all of the efforts to enhance the physical activities that are available from plant of the university in support Q:Do you have a life motto that academic, cultural, athletic, etc. of the educational experience both you would like to share with the Further, tell them I can’t wait to inside and outside of the classroom. students? meet them and my door will always I do understand that plans are “Find your passion, follow be open for conversation.” in process to build a new science your passion and you will make DeVito mentions that plans center and student union which a difference. Paraphrasing Steve for Fall 2013 have not been will be excellent and important Jobs, ‘Have the courage to follow discussed yet, but he welcomes additions to the campus. Finally, your heart and intuition. They students to ask him in August, finding ways to enhance the overall somehow already know what you because he will have an answer. student experience so students truly want to become. Everything are successful in completing their else is secondary.’” studies and able to find appropriate affordable, sustainable basis— resonates well with my personal goals and professional experience. Additionally, it is clear that there is a very strong and dedicated faculty, staff, and administration totally committed to student learning and development.”

employment opportunities.”

Wednesday, April 3 2013

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was elected to be the chair of the election committee.” Martello explains that the candidates were then required to put together a portfolio with an updated resume, their Leadership Application Questions and Answers, a list of up to five specific goals/ideas per position, and statements to how candidates plan on communicating effectively throughout SXC? What is their leadership style? And how they apply that to SXC? Lastly, candidates states where they see SXC in a year from now? “These portfolios were sent via e-mail to the current SGA and SAB members. Once we turned those portfolios in to the election committee we were scheduled for an interview. The interview was like being in the hot seat! Each election committee member asked a question where your answer was recorded and shared via email with the current SGA and SAB. Once everyone listened to the interview and read the portfolio, they were able to cast their vote.” Martello states. On March 4, 2013, the voting poll opened and Mallorie Rosales was elected at 12:00 p.m. that Monday. Results for the other two candidates were released at 9:00 p.m. on March 5. “These 48 hours were super nerve racking but the best part was that we all knew whatever the board decided was the best for the government.” Martello concludes on the application process. The Executive President then discusses her hopes for SXC “Within the first semester is where I see this entire situation taking place, finding the balance and the perfect meshing technique that builds a powerhouse which is what SXC will become. During the second semester I foresee wonderful things happening,” Martello opens. She goes on to say that “Making plans and seeing those plans come into action. Having enough members to really reach out into the student community and fulfill the students’ wants and needs will be so powerful. Everyone will know their responsibilities and have specific personal goals to accomplish as well as group goals that we will all accomplish together.” Martello comments that “I am so proud to have the opportunity to be a part of something new and exciting. Most importantly, I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to sit on a board with the newly elected members. They are all such strong leaders and I know so many wonderful things will be accomplished this year. They believed in me enough to elect and vote me as their Executive President and I believe in each and every one of them! It’s going to be a great year!” Now that SGA and SAB are working towards a collaboration, st u d e n t s m ay wo n d e r w h a t change a unified organization

The Xavierite may bring, versus the two separate organizations. Vice President of Legislation, Dana Martin stresses “I feel that in the past, students were not always able to have their concerns heard and their needs met, because if they had an issue they did not know who to direct it to, whether it was an SAB issue or something to bring to SGA.” “Now as part of one unified body, students can trust that if they have a concern they can bring it to any SXC member and it will be relayed to the appropriate person in the organization. Our mission is to serve the needs of the students, and one council is an effective means of doing so,” Martin expresses. Martin talks about SXC objectives, “SXC shares a common goal of improving the college experience for the St. Xavier student body. Working with Gilhooley’s to make a more college-friendly environment, a collaborative effort with 27 other schools across Illinois to make textbooks more affordable for every college student, and creating a health-conscious smoke free campus are some current projects that will be continued into the next year.” Martin’s hopes? “We hope to be a really dynamic group that will adapt to the changing desires of the student body so that we can make the St. Xavier community the best that it can be. Trying a new unified body with a lot of members for the first time will be an exciting time, but a little intimidating as well. I hope that as a group we can facilitate really effective communication, I feel that will be the best way to be successful next year,” says Martin. With the SXU population having both commuter and resident students, Mallorie Rosales, Vice President of Finance, says that she knows the hardships of both ends. When asked about what she thinks SGA and SAB will accomplish as a combination, Rosales says “Definitely more structure, more hierarchy within the two, and the attitude of government here at SXU within the student body. I know there are a ton of concerns, especially with commuters because they are not as into things as residents. I have seen both sides, and I could see how hard it is for commuters. I hope that as we unite both groups, commuters will be more involved with that and know who to direct their questions and concerns to. I hope that everything is more clear for everyone.”

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SGA’s headquarters will now be SXC’s The Xavierite

Computer > Science



“We were able to fund [the students’] efforts to do things beyond what’s normal because we had the grant. Now that we don’t have the grant, we’re working with the administration to try and figure out how we can fund them,” Appel said. However, the department has not loss hope. Rather, it is working to decrease the financial burdens that the discontinued grant may cause for computing students. “We’re doing a lot,” Appel explained. “We’re working with our students to enhance their ability to find internships. We have a partnership with the Smith Senior Living, and we will be operating a semester long internships for 8-10 students a semester. We also have other internship opportunities that we’re working on

for our students. We meet weekly in a seminar for the scholarship program, which is still ongoing to the end of the school year, and we’re also in the process of negotiating with some of the university administration to keep some of the scholarships available for students, even though we don’t have outside aid.” According to Appel, the department is also looking to implement workshop for current and prospective students, as well as their parents, to talk about how to fund their education. “It’s a difficult discipline, and sometimes it takes extra efforts to supports students, but we’ll continue to support them, because we love them,” Appel expressed. “We’ll reapply as soon as we can, and try and get it going again. We’re down, but we’re not out.”

When discussing the attitude towards change, Rosales addresses that “change is definitely not going to be a bad thing. Change needs to happen for things to move forward. Don’t be scared, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, come to us. We will make ourselves known to everyone so everyone knows who we are, so come to us. We will be advocates for the students. SXC will be the voice of the students, so without the students we can’t do our jobs well.”

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Any undergraduate students may write for The Xavierite. Other interested graduate students, faculty, administration and staff may write a “Letter to the Editor.”

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Xavierite

VIEWPOINTS Prices Might be Sky High, but so are Spirits The Xavierite Staff

The staff address both sides of the issue of dining hall pricing. The other week “ The Xavierite” reported on students’ complaints about the diner and a follow up interview with Linda Moreno, Director of Auxiliary Services, and Stephanie Moye, Senior Director of Dining Services, in the hopes of gaining some insight into these issues. Both sides have very legitimate concerns that speak to a larger issue at hand: money (or lack there of). Of the 100 students surveyed, 90 claimed that the pricing at the dining hall was too high, but Moreno stated that all items are charged in accordance with the economic situation in the food industry. The problem with trying to put a price tag on food is that it is a market subject to heavy fluctuation because of growing conditions, harvest size, gas prices, possible recalls, and all the over costs to get the food onto a plate. It is a complex issue to deal with and, at the end of the day, Chartwells is a business that needs profit to survive. However, students who also work in the food industry or transferred from other universities said that the prices were unwarranted. While the prices might have been significantly lower, they must remember that the situation is different as well. No two schools or venders have the same financial reservoirs that they could dip into to make up for a decrease in prices. It goes without saying that students are also strapped for cash and the threat of having enough to make it to the next round of bills haunts their waking hours. Even the difference between spending $8 and $6 on a meal would mean a savings of several hundred dollars at the end of the year. Each side will have to make due with what the whimsical economic winds blow their way, but there are some things that can be done for virtually no cost. Listing nutritional information (ingredients, calories, fat) in an easy to read format could help students make informed and quick decisions on what to eat.

After the calories for concessions at movie theatres, many were deterred from the four digit values found on many of the items; but their bodies and wallets were better off. It can also avoid possible allergic reactions to some slightly less-know agents, such as coconut. Chartwells has already taken a step in this direction with listing the nutritional information on the daily specials and planning on making a detailed list in the coming semester. This would also make those with more specific diets able to understand what they are eating. A small but growing number of vegetarians/vegans on campus find the selection of non-meat foods to be limited and are forced to create their own alternate combinations. This trend of eating less meat has gained substantial traction in the past several years and is a cheaper alternative to eating meat, so we could all save some money with offering more vegetarian meals. Again Chartwells has responded to this with “Meatless Monday” and the new “Taste Your Way to Wellness” campaign this month, so watch out for that. We here at “The Xavierite” are sympathetic to both the caring people of Chartwells and to the economically burdened students (as we are in the same boat). Despite what has been said about the prices, hours, and selection, the service is always great. All the cooks and dining-service welcome students with a family familiarity (partly because of the small size of our school, we all know each other). They may not remember our names, but they never forget a face. We also appreciate the ability to use the meal cards at Rhubarbs, Gilhooley’s, and Starbucks. It is no easy task tr ying to accommodate a campus of over 4,000 students and staff. It will take time to address all the issues, but as Moye stated previously, “[Dining Services is] here to make sure we accommodate our students.” The Xavierite is anticipating to see what develops of the new dining initiatives.

Editorial Policy The Xavierite welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Letters will not be edited for content reasons, though we reserve the right to not print letters that are libelous. We also reserve the right to edit for length but promise that no content will be compromised.

Letter Policy

All letters to the editor must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. For students, we ask that letters be signed with your full name, major and year. For faculty and staff, we ask that your letters be signed with your full name and university position. All letters can be sent to Please include “letter to the editor” in the subject bar to ensure prompt review and printing. Thank you for your time and support. We cannot wait to receive your letters!

Rated G for: Give Me a Break A gamer’s insight into the social scape goat of violent video games. Hadrian’s Wall Grant Vargas Senior Viewpoints Editor

Upon hearing of the failure of the most recent federal weapon ban bill, I wondered how many more tragedies have to take places before a piece of legislation is passed then another thought popped into my head: what will they blame it on? Every time a big shooting happens the corporate media and politicians are so eager to blame it on violent video games and films, as a life-long gamer and filmmaker I take offense to that charge. Their arguments are based on an outsider’s point of view and supported by vague psychological studies that are immediately countered with another study. The amount of airtime these false accusations receive is appalling and counter-productive to any meaningful social progress, which starts with ending this witch-hunt. Every pundit I see on TV yelling about violent video games are an outsider to the gaming culture, and because of that they cannot understand what the games are trying to teach the player. When a parent walks by the living room and sees their child shooting aliens or humans alike, the parent only sees the immediate events on screen and here is where the problem festers. First, the parent obviously bought a game not suited for their child because the

game was not designed for children. A simple rating on the cover of every video game, since 1994 thanks to Mortal Combat, states the appropriate age to play the game. These are the ESRB ratings, and they function almost identically to the MPAA ratings for movies: G=E, PG=E+10, PG-13=T, R=M. If a child is playing a Mature rated game, then that parent failed at protecting their child and the argument of the child can play it at a friend’s house does not work because that parent also failed. Parents and future-parents, take five second to look at the game and read the label. It is there for a reason. If someone cannot take the time to look a rating for a game or movie to see if it is appropriate for their child, then they should not have had one in the first place because they obviously do not care about their child’s mental development. Mature games are crafted for years to be consumed by adults that presumably have a degree of emotional maturity and ability to separate fantasy from reality. The other disconnect that gamers and non-gamers have is that non-gamers who just look at what is on the screen at face value cannot see the emotional motivations of the game’s narrative. We are not simply playing a character, we are the character; and that is the goal of any narrative based media: to put you in someone else’s shoes. Games enable us to be a hero, give us a second chance, and explore a new world, but more

importantly we feel respected. In a society that is to cannibalistic to its members in every environment (school, work, law, religion, and family) video games and the fan culture are the only places many of us can feel as equals. The action is only there to move the plot and for visual entertainment. What really makes people violent is actual violence and abuse. It is the alcoholic parent beating and belittling their kids, it is the preachers justifying hate in the name of a god, it is the bully in class, it is adult who left the gun out, it is the apathetic law-makers, it is the slave-driving boss, it is the complete loss of hope, systematic destruction of human dignity, and it is your silent compliance. Silence never helps the victim and it only encourages the abuser. Violence is not a spontaneous act; it is a last resort and the proof that we have yet to become a civilized society, and there is no one to blame but our selves. If we truly want to understand and stop violence, we only need to look in a mirror, say ‘I was the cause of pain, and today I will be the cause of healing,’ and then go out and help someone. We do not need to join a humanitarian group to make a difference. Just give someone a compliment, apologize unconditionally, standup for someone who cannot. Being the best person you can be every day is hard, but is it harder to try being nice or to burying a loved one?


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Wednesday, April 3 2013

Don’t Tread on Jesus The Xavierite

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You should not stomp on the Lord or students’ rights! The Unbarable Truth Tony Bara Editor in Chief

Recently, a Florida Atlantic University professor walked all over the Christian faith‌literally. Dr. Deandre Poole decided it would be a good lesson plan to have his “intercultural communicationsâ€? students write the word “Jesusâ€? on a sheet of paper, put it on the ground and step all over it. After one student declined to participate, he claims the professor kicked him out of the class. The university has since apologized (Miami Herald). Some have come to the professor’s defense arguing that the whole point of this “lessonâ€? was to teach students the deep, often sacred meanings that humans place into symbols, in this case the word “Jesus.â€? They defend the professor’s right to enjoy academic freedom in his classroom. But what about the students’ academic freedom not to participate in a flagrantly offensive lesson that could have been taught in a myriad other more respectful ways? The university claims the student was not kicked out of the class, while the student insists he was. Regardless who’s right, this was an unacceptable degradation,

intentional or not, of the central figure in the world’s largest religion. Unfortunately, this example of undermining the importance of religion in students’ lives is not uncommon in American universities. In many cases, students of faith, especially conservative ones, have been denied academic freedom. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), dedicates itself to protecting students’ rights to freedom of speech and conscience at universities. Some of the cases this organization has handled over the years are enough to make one question peoples’ sanity. A particular policy FIRE has been combating at universities across the nation is called the “all comers policy.� This policy prevents any campus organization from being discriminative in any way toward prospective members. At first this sounds like the right thing to do. We all should hate discrimination and work to fight it. However, this policy has often been invoked irresponsibly by universities. One example occurred at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where an administrator attempted to disband a Christian organization on campus because the club required its leaders to

follow Christian doctrine. Another example occurred at Louisiana State University in which the university attacked the Muslim Student Association for refusing to accept non-Muslim ideas into the organization. Now, being nondiscriminatory is one thing, but when Christians get in trouble for not letting non-Christians run their club or Muslims get in trouble for not letting non-Muslims run their club, we have entered the land of lunacy. Would we ever see a Catholic priest leading worship in a Mosque? Of course not! Religious groups should at least have the freedom to worship God in their own way and follow their faith’s teachings. But universities have attempted to deprive students of this freedom in other ways as well. In 2005, a student at Missouri State University, was denied a degree in social work for refusing to sign a petition supporting gay adoptions, a requirement for one of her courses. Basically, the school’s social work department was attempting to force her to fight for a cause that she maintained was against her religious beliefs. After continued intimidation by the department, the student filed a lawsuit, and the university ran an official

The Problem with Prequels

Would you step on this if a professor asked you to?

investigation. The social work department was found to be at fault and several professors were rightfully removed. If I had room, I could write pages on these cases because there is no shortage. Go to FIRE’s official website to see for yourself. My point, though, is to demonstrate that violations of students’ academic freedom, especially when it comes

to religion, do frequently occur at various universities across the nation. Such violations need to be combated or else college will cease being a place to foster free thought. Instead, it will become a closeminded autocracy where professors will proclaim to students what is right and wrong, becoming gods in their own right.

Crusader of Sanity Brian Laughran Viewpoints Editor

*Warning! This article contains several spoilers to films newer and older. These movies include: “Oz the Great and Powerfulâ€?, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journeyâ€?, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doomâ€?. You have been warned and are not allowed to complain if any of these movies are spoiled for you. Creating a great film prequel is something of a lost art‌or shall we say an art that never really existed? Two weeks ago I was caught somewhat by surprise when I saw Oz the Great and Powerful, the muchanticipated prequel to MGM’s classic 1938 film The Wizard of Oz, and I actually really enjoyed it. (You can read my full review at www. I was flabbergasted that a film that precedes another (let alone of the greatest films of all time) was so enjoyable, original and still fit with the original film cannon. I can’t remember the last time I found the prequel to a film nearly as enjoyable as this one. Normally when filmmakers decide to make a prequel, I think they are at something of a disadvantage. A lot of the dramatic tension of a prequel is resolved before the movie even begins because so many people already know how the film ends. That was my main problem


8LYVWHE]%TVMP &MFPI7XYH] TQ They both have flying monkeys, so they are alright by me.

with last year’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Any time the titular hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) was put in danger, tension was non-existent because I knew that he lives to see The Lord of Rings movies take place. This is why I don’t understand how Peter Jackson plans to make two more movies out of The Hobbit. However, some filmmakers create prequels in a more unorthodox way. Consider Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Few people are actually aware that Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark as it’s never stressed that the second film in the Indiana Jones trilogy is actually the predecessor to the first. But those movies have the luxury of being based on action/ adventure serials from the 1930s.,

They’re self-contained adventures that are not dependent on one another. Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II also presents an odd sort of half-prequel, halfsequel. True, most of the content of the film is focused on the further adventures of the young Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino), but a good section of the film is the story of Michael’s father in a mafia coming of age story with Robert De Niro playing a younger version of Vito Corleone. It’s a film that has its own message, yet tantalizes its audience with the juxtaposition of a prequel. Do you have a prequel that you really like? If so please contact us at and let me know.












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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Xavierite

We went to the far corners of downtown Chicago to find some of th You’ve been to Gino’s East, Harry Caray’s, and Al’s Beef; now

Joy Yee Noodle

2159 S. China Place Chicago, IL 60616

M-Th: 11:30AM-10:30PM F-Sun: 11AM-10:30PM

Joy Yee Noodle is a modern and sleek restaurant that features more than just noodles. The atmosphere is very open and friendly. As soon as you walk in, an employee will immediately seat you at a table--that is, if there isn’t a line stretching out the door. Joy Yee’s is a very popular restaurant in Chinatown, and one can find themselves waiting for an open table. As a result, it is sometimes impossible to get the waiter’s attention when it is so crowded. The menu features a vast array of Asian fare that ranges from Chinese Green Curry to Vietnamese Noodle soup. There is something for everyone to enjoy on this menu, regardless of your tastes. The great thing is that everything on the menu is affordable! The typical entrée will cost around $11.95, but you get more than what you pay for. Their Korean sliced beef and spicy tofu soup will definitely warm you up on a cold winter day. The Korean sliced beef is mild in terms of spice, but comes on a hot plate that keeps the meat steaming and fresh. The soup packs a punch, testing even the strongest of spice lovers. Don’t expect to finish an entrée by yourself--the portions are massive. The best part about Joy Yee Noodle is surprisingly not their delicious food, but their wide array of drinks. They boast an enormous variety of fruit smoothies and bubble tea. Bubble tea is basically a fruity tea-smoothie that comes with chewy tapioca balls. Unlike most places, the drinks are not made from powders, but actual fruit. My personal favorite is the triple berry freeze. But, with more than 70 drinks to choose from, I’ll be coming back a lot. If smoothies and bubble teas are not your thing, they do offer soda or hot tea, which is free with your meal. The price range for these specialty drinks range from $3.75-$5.95. Overall, Joy Yee Noodle is a fantastic restaurant that has friendly service, an ambient atmosphere, authentic Asian fare, and great drinks. I encourage you all to take a trip to Chinatown to taste what everyone is talking about!

Mr. Beef’s

666 N. Orleans Chicago, IL 60654

M-Th: 9AM-5PM F: 9AM-5PM and 10:30PM-4AM Sat: 10AM-3PM and 10:30PM-5AM Sun: Closed

When you think Chicago food, you think pizza, hot dogs, and Italian Beef. Well after reading this review you will know where to get your Italian Beef from now on in the city. For this review, I went to the Chicago-famous Mr. Beef restaurant located on N. Orleans, just off of Chicago Ave. Mr. Beef’s menu offers the typical Chicago-style menu. This consists of meals such as Italian Sausage, burgers, hot dogs, pizza puffs, fish sandwiches, steak sandwiches, and even deli sub sandwiches. They also serve malts, shakes, fountain pop, and they even serve Filbert’s Bottled Sodas (local Chicago brewer). Despite all the tasty menu selections, Mr. Beef is especially known for their phenomenal Italian Beef sandwiches, and this is why Chicagoans flock to Mr. Beef! While walking up to Mr. Beef, the aroma of great food fills North Orleans. The skyscrapers surrounded me on both sides while cars zoomed by, really adding to the Chicago atmosphere. As I walked in the small restaurant I noticed a few men in suits, casually dressed people, who are probably touring the city, and some men who seemed to be working construction somewhere nearby. The restaurant seemed like nothing special inside, it just seemed like any old place at first glance. However after looking around, I noticed the walls were covered with a ton of autographed pictures of famous people. Some familiar faces like Jay Leno, past Chicago news anchors, and Chicago sports team members were all displayed on the right hand sidewall. The autographed pictures all thanked Mr. Beef for their years of providing excellent service and delicious beef. Delicious beef. That is exactly what I wanted. So I stepped up and ordered, “a beef sandwich, sweet and hot, dipped, with cheddar cheese and a side of fries please.” The young cashier, who I later learned was the owner, said in his Chicago accent, “Sure no problem buddy!” After a few minutes my Italian Beef, fries, and Filbert’s Root Beer was ready to eat. I sat down by the wall with the famous people posted all over, ready to dive in this sandwich. One word to describe my first bite, “Whoa.” This beef sandwiched dipped in au jus, smothered with hot giardinera, sweet peppers, and cheddar cheese all on a soft bun was absolutely fantastic. I could eat one everyday for the rest of my life and that is no exaggeration. No wonder Mr. Beef outscored Al’s Beef 4 to 1 on the Travel Channel’s Food Wars. The fries and root beer were also spectacular and complemented the sandwich so very well. If you ever find yourself in the city looking for a cheap bite to eat, find Mr. Beef. You will not be disappointed! I rate Mr. Beef, service, atmosphere, and food, 9.75 out of 10.


Smoke cious as this m its perfectly t to go. (If you Parking see. Even if y ing a spot to pointed to the wanted. I order cornbread, si good. I can te Smoque. War The pu for me. I am that good. It’ It’s the perfec heaven-sent here at Smoq the brisket. It came through My dad course, took with a dry rub were juicy an wasn’t exactly Smoque has This pl come to Smo will run you a for it. So if yo to go to!

ound Eats Wednesday, April 3 2013

The Xavierite

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he best restaurants that typically most outsiders have never heard of. it’s time for you to step out of the box and try something new!

que BBQ

M: Closed T-Th: 11AM-9PM F-Sat: 11AM-10PM Sun: 11AM-9PM

3800 N Pulaski, Chicago, IL 60641

ey, beefy goodness and a pulled pork sandwich cooked to perfection. As delimay sound to some, Smoque BBQ is a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. With tender baby back ribs and its sliced beef brisket sandwiches, this is the place u are a carnivore, that is.) g can get tight, so keep a peeled eye for any street parking options you may you have to walk a block or two, trust me. This place is worth it. After findpark, I walked in and was warmly greeted by a busboy. He greeted me, and e big, chalk menu on the far wall. After scanning my options, I knew what I

red a ½ pulled pork and ½ sliced beef brisket sandwich with a side of ince my friend who recommended Smoque said that the corn bread was ell you that “good” is an understatement when it comes to anything here at rm cornbread with actual corn kernels inside? How does it get any better? ulled pork was drenched with their signature sauce, which is the real zinger in love with their sauce! I seriously considered marrying their sauce. It is ’s not too spicy, you cannot taste too much vinegar, nor too much tomato. ct sauce! It’s a little tangy, a little spicy, and a whole lot of smoky! The real gift from my meal, was the brisket. Brisket is naturally a little tough, but que it was minimal. The first thing in my mouth was the buttery top layer on t was almost caramelized with a dry rub, and the flavor of the smoke just h oh-so well. d, who accompanied me, ordered a ½ slab of the baby back ribs. I, of a few of them for myself, and I was not disappointed. The ribs were coated b first, and I dipped them in the little tub of sauce that comes with the meal. The ribs nd tender, with the perfect amount of crispy from the dry rub. I’ll admit that the meat y falling off the bone, but that’s how I like it. I like to have to work at my ribs a little. obviously got it right. lace is amazing. With the big communal tables, it is a truly unique experience when you oque. Granted, you should bring your wallet with you because a ½ slab of baby back ribs about $11.95. Although it is not exactly cheap, the quality and flavor more than make up ou’re ever in Lakeview and have a craving for an amazing BBQ place, Smoque is the place

Need More?

Head over to for more great restaurants in the city for you to check out!


Layout: Lauren Dwyer Articles (clockwise): Nicole Callsen, Sam Cotugno, Frank Markasovic Photos: The Xavierite,

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Damone Griffin Features Contributor People do not have to be complete sci-fi nerds to be fans of Star Wars and Star Trek. A person does not have to be a big nerd to know Mickey Mouse just bought Star Wars and that there is a new Star Trek movie coming out this summer. The sci-fi universe has been ruled by Star Wars and Star Trek for over forty years. Through movies, TV shows, and merchandise they have completely ruled over the sci-fi realm but which one is better. Even though Star Trek’s original TV series started in 1966, twelve years before the first Star Wars film, it has not reached the impact Star Wars has had over not just science fiction enthusiast but the world. I’m not even exaggerating about that just look the VH1 called “When Star Wars Ruled the World”. Star Trek is definitely in second place but Stars Wars is the undisputed champion right no matter what anybody says. If you still don’t believe me consider these two points:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Xavierite

Why Star Wars Dominates

Legacy of Characters: If there is any film that has more memorable characters than Star Wars than come find me and let me know what it is. Star Trek has memorable characters such as Captain Kirk and Spock but it has not produced more memorable characters than Star Wars. George Lucas has done an incredible job producing classic characters such as Yoda, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the Chewbacca. Of course there’s the ultimate villain that all evil characters should strive to be like, Darth Vader. Who can ever forget that all black menacing outfit, the deep voice that invokes fear in the hearts of everyone around the galaxy, and with a grip so powerful he can choke you out without ever touching you. If you watch Star Wars you will not forget these characters for the rest of your life. They have a legacy that will last generation after generation no matter who owns Star Wars. Impact of Movies: There aren’t a lot of movies that can compare to the power and impact of the first two Star Wars films. In this argument Star

Trek definitely loses because not one Star Trek film ever performed better than the first two original Star Wars films at the box office. Star Wars has always done much better than Star Trek films at the box office especially overseas. There’s also the countless awards that Star Wars has won just for their movies. There are people that were so blown away by Star Wars when they first saw that they kept going to see it multiple times. People were getting back in line to see this movie like a roller coaster ride at Six Flags Great America. The movies also produced classic moments and classic phrases that live on forever in American society. Who doesn’t know lines such as “may the force be with you, always” or “Luke I am your father”. The scene where Darth Vader tells Luke that he is truly Luke’s real father is one of the most famous scenes in film history. I don’t think Star Trek has a movie scene or quote that is even close to being considered an all time memorable moment in film history. Star Wars has six films, seven if you that animated abomination take on Clone Wars, and Star Trek has twelve yet Stars Wars six films have just been flat out better.

Who is Back! After a long pause, season seven of Doctor Who is back, and the Doctor is in and taking house calls. Watch new episodes of Doctor Who every Saturday at 7 p.m. (CST) on BBC America!

I don’t think Captain Kirk appreciates being beat out by some little green guy.

Becki Brown Senior Features Editor What is Wi-Fi could kill you? If you hadn’t thought about that before, don’t worry because Steven Moffat has. He even decided to write an episode of Doctor Who about it, and “The Bells of Saint John” was born…written...filmed… whatever. Moffat, the head writer for Doctor Who, is responsible for monsters such as the Weeping Angels, the Silents and the Vashta Nerada, which have made even the strongest Whovians afraid of statues, forgetful moments, and shadows. How could he not try to ruin wireless internet as well? What better way to kick off the first episode of Doctor Who of the New Year? In “The Bells of Saint John”, the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companion Clara Oswin Oswlad (Jenna-Louise Coleman) discover that people are being downloaded via Wi-Fi, which more-or-less means curtains for the people who unknowingly click on the unsecured network. All is going well until Clara gets downloaded, and it is up to the Doctor to save her and all the other victims. I am not too proud to admit that every one of Moffat’s monsters have given me nightmares, but I am hoping that I do not start dreaming of having my soul downloaded onto the internet, my every waking (or dreaming) thought for view on a screen. That’s what twitter is for. Killer Wi-Fi is a new way of freaking people out, and the scary part is that it is actually something that

could be possible in the future. In a way, we are already controlled by the internet, so this is just the next step. This episode did not have the emotional heartbreak that is usually present. However, there is one mention of one of the Doctor’s previous companions, but it is fairly subtle and easily missed if you are not paying close attention. It did make me a bit sad, but considering I didn’t really like the character it mentioned, I didn’t feel too bad about it. I think that this episode was a good way to introduce Clara as a companion. At first, I was not sure about how I felt about her, but after getting to see her in action, I can totally appreciate her as a sassy companion to the Doctor. She is a lot different than Amy, the Doctor’s previous companion. She seems a lot more willing to call the Doctor out on his shenanigans, and she does not worship him as though he can do no wrong (can you tell I am not a big fan of Amy?). There are so many theories swirling around about Clara already, and everyone, including the Doctor, is trying to figure out who The Woman Twice Dead really is. I have a feeling that the number 23 will have some sort of significance later on, especially since the 50th Anniversary special will air on November 23rd this year. I am looking forward to more twists, turns, crazy theories, and juicy plot points for the rest of this season as well as for the 50th Anniversary. I can’t wait to see what the mad man with his big blue box has in store for us in the future.

Wednesday, April 3 2013

Another disappointing lineup from Lollapalooza is coming at us this year. You would think that year after year of being letdown by this “great festival” that I would just give up and let bygones be bygones. Sure, there are a few good bands, but overall, it is just another year of crappy choices by Perry Farrell. “Who are the super fabulous headliners?” you may ask dripping with sarcasm. Well with great dismay, I will tell you. The headliners for the 2013

Lollapalooza festival are…The Cure, Mumford and Sons, The Killers, and Nine Inch Nails. Mumford is great and all, but a headliner at a major festival? I do not think they are quite that great. And The Killers? Huh? I was not aware that The Killers still had the same large following that they once did some years ago. The Cure and Nine Inch Nails are not my type of music; so again, I am disappointed. Where is the variety in the headliners anyway? In 2011, Deadmau5 was there to throw in some house music and Eminem gave it the rap and hip/hop it

needed. I know Lollapalooza is about the “totally indie and cool alt rock” bands, but the taste of other genres in their headliners is what really makes it. In a rumored lineup, Jay-Z was headlining, do you know how perfect that would have been? All right, you may be thinking, it is not all about the headliners. There are a ton of other bands playing, too. However, they too are a sack of disappointments, besides the sprinkling of good bands. Some decent bands that will actually be there include: Twenty One Pilots, Matt & Kim, Alt-J,

This is a sneak peek at the 2013 lineup.

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Tegan and Sara, Beach House, and Grizzly Bear. Oh, and 2 Chainz, but I would most likely only go seem him, because you know, it is ironic. That is it, six bands out of around fifty that I deem worthy of seeing. Of course they would never all land on the same day, so if I did want to see them that badly, I would be stuck paying the scalpers nearly $400! Believe me, I would never pay $235, much less $400. I have been to Lolla before and I just do not think it is worth it. And with the way these terrible lineups are going the past few years, it will not

be worth it anytime soon. If you are curious to know what else is on this atrocious lineup, head over to lollapalooza. com to check it out for yourself. And if you are not as saddened by the lineup as I am, you are out of luck for the three-day passes. However, today you can purchase single day passes for $95. You better grab yours quickly though, because every year these tickets sell out faster and faster…even if the lineup gets worse and worse.

And this is my disappointment in the world.

The Xavierite

By: Kristen Mabry

Aries (3/21-4/19) You start the week with a feeling of wisdom and harmony. Your ambition returns Wednesday. The week ends with a feeling of celebration and social delight. You’re confident, liked, and you see a good future. A light romance might begin. Retreat, sleep, contemplate, plan Saturday.

Taurus (4/20-5/20) In general, you are tired this week, so even favorable activities should not be overdone. That said, midweek brings glimmers of love. Intellectual, cultural, and legal activities are favored also. Ambition and prestige are emphasized Thursday. Happiness, Saturday!

Gemini (5/21-6/20) Sunday brings change, or you sense change around you. All this ultimately stands on or affects a relationship Monday. Midweek brings new mysteries, but delicious ones, as temptation and curiosity rule. Do your research; ask your future. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Thursday.

Cancer (6/21-7/22) Maintain an ambitious approach. Tackle chores judiciously Sunday: if you seem to be opening even bigger problems, step back and think, perhaps abandon the task. Be co-operative, diplomatic Tuesday. Romantic urges, financial opportunities, draw you Thursday/ Friday.

Leo (7/23-8/22) Romance fills Monday. You’ll need to find a way to align your ethics and idealism with your work: or to change your work. Tackle chores Wednesday, when this “work change” is highlighted. Friday bring relationships, opportunities and challenges. Physical intimacy, financial growth, research and commitment fill Saturday.

Virgo (8/23-9/22) Your home – and changes to it that arise via love, children – fill Sunday to Wednesday. Wednesday nudges you into a romantic, creative mood. Tackle chores Friday. Relationships, oppor tunities, challenges, opposition or co-operation, new horizons – these arise in a new way Saturday.

Libra (9/23-10/22) Serious relationship themes fill this week. Monday seems like a casual, conversational, travel/errand filled time, but deeper down the cosmos is whispering about your abode, your family, and deep change. Begin a new path or project in the domestic area. Romance, creativity soar late week!

Scorpio (10/23-11/21) The general accent lies on work, health, and dependents’ needs. Chase money during a smooth, lucky Monday. Your work role might change: that’s okay. Midweek brings errands, calls, visits, paperwork and casual acquaintances – act calmly, not impetuously: accidents possible. Head for home Friday.

Sagittarius (11/22-12/21) The weeks ahead emphasize romance.Your energy, charisma and effectiveness (and timing) are strong Monday: you’ll attract attention. Meet these changes headon Wednesday. If you need a new approach, method or job, find/ start it, now. Communications, travel, paperwork and friendly meetings fill late week.

Capricorn (12/22-1/19) The main accent lies on home, family, security, retirement plans, nutrition, gardening, and soul Decide who/what stays, who goes. There’s nothing wrong with sinking into a deep rest now. You’re weary Monday. Chase money Thursday. Saturday’s for curiosity, short trips, casual acquaintances.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18) Friendly meetings, communications, visits and short trips keep you busy all week. Monday brings friends, popularity, social joys, wish fulfillment, optimism and happiness. Lie low, rest Wednesday. Your energy and charisma soar Friday – get out, contact VIPs. Shop Saturday.

Pisces (2/19-3/20) Study the influence of education, legalities, international trends, and your cultural/ethnic group. Your career, ambitions, reputation and relations with important people are highlighted Sunday. Midweek brings joy, popularity, wish fulfillment – with a few snags. Rest, plan Friday.

The Xavierite

Lauren Dwyer Features Editor

The Xavierite

Tune into Bexter’s Lab every Friday 12-3 PM at WXAV 88.3 FM or at You can also check it out on facebook at Join DJ Bexter as she creates the ultimate playlist, partakes in hijinks and tries to make a difference in the world...through science!

Get To Know Your DJ Name: Becki “DJ Bexter” Brown Year: Junior Major: English-Secondary Education Favorite band: Celtic Thunder Favorite genre: There are so many good genres, but I would probably pick classic rock. If you could interview any artist, who would you choose and why?: This is another hard question. I would probably say Ringo Starr. I feel like he gets neglected as an artist and not a lot of people take him as seriously as the other former Beatles. I also play the drums, so I feel like I could get some great advice from him about stuff like that. Also, when I was younger, I had a huge crush on him, so that doesn’t hurt either.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Xavierite

Men’s Volleyball Finishes Up Regular Season

Amanda Magee Senior Sports Editor The Saint Xavier men’s volleyball team has been busy finishing up their season. On Wednesday, March 20, the Cougars picked up an exciting win by defeating Milwaukee School of Engineering in five sets. The scores of each set were 25-20, 21-25, 25-17, 22-25, and 15-11. Junior right side Jacob Siska had a big night for the Cougar volleyball program, setting a new school record with eight service aces throughout the match. He also chipped in 18 assists to the offensive effort. Freshman middle blocker Sam Kull and sophomore middle

blocker Sean Blackwood each had impressive showings, finishing the night with 17 and 15 kills, respectively. Once again, the Cougars were led in assists by sophomore setter Dan French. French added 31 assists to the winning effort. On Tuesday, March 26, the Cougars played their last home match of the season against D’Youville University. SXU fell to D’Yourville in four sets with scores of 24-26, 21-25, 25-14, and 22-25. Siska had his second big game in a row. He finished the night with 12 kills and 12 digs. Kull also had an impressive night, adding nine kills and three service aces to the and 25-17. Blackwood led the team in

Junior right side Jacob Siska goes up for an attack.

kills, finishing the night with 14. French was also strong offensively, finishing the match with 31 assists. Defensively, junior libero Dan Nelson played well for SXU, leading the team with 15 digs. With the conclusion of the regular season, the Cougars end with

Women’s Basketball Adds Revi McMahon

SXU Athletics

an overall record of 6-20. The men are now preparing for the postseason. They will compete in the Mid-America Men’s Volleyball I n t e rc o l l e g i a t e C o n fe re n c e (MAMVIC) East Division Tournament beginning April 5.

Cougars kick off the outdoor track season! Will Weyant Sports Correspondant

saw their The women’s track and field first outdoor action of the season last Thursday, March 28th. The team competed at Goshen High School in the Goshen College Track and Field Invite in Goshen, Indiana. The Cougars started off the outdoor track season with a bang! Kicking it off for the Cougars in the 3,000 meter steeplechase, junior Jordan Wallace took first place with a time of 12:07.91, finishing over 30 seconds faster than the second place finisher. Senior Rachael Dean started off

the outdoor track season where she left the indoor finishing in first place in the 1,500 meter run with a time of 4:50.08. Freshman Ann Kolker placed sixth in the 1,500 meter run with a time of 5:02.50. In the women’s 800 meter run, a pile of Cougars finished right next to each other, leading the way in second place was senior Jackie Ott with a time of 2:20.18, in third place was junior Leslie Rosario with a time of 2:25.04, in fourth place was freshman Christa Pitts with a time of 2:27.50, and in fifth place was Dean with a time of 2:27.60. Senior Ashley Shares was back at it again placing second in

the 5,000 meter run with a time of 18:27.01. Bethel College of Indiana was the best team in the event taking first place. Saint Xavier finished fourth in the event just edging out Trinity Christian University (Ill.). The women’s track team along with the men’s track team will be competing in the Chicagoland Outdoor Championships at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois this Friday April 5th and Saturday April 6th. Good luck to all the Cougars competing this upcoming weekend and keep up the good work!

Western Conference opponent, the Anaheim Ducks with 51 points. With this is mind, the Hawks need to really step up and reclaim the number one spot in the NHL that they deserve. In other news, for wards Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp still remain on the injured list. This is definitely a major factor in the Blackhawks lack of success as of late. It is apparent that without these two star players, the Hawks are somewhat struggling to maintain the dominance displayed earlier this season. One bright side to the dilemma of having Hossa and Sharp out is the further development of the younger players. Without Hossa

and Sharp, more opportunities are given to the players who lack in ice time. For example, Michael Frolik has been turned into a 1 st line forward for the Hawks as of late. Frolik has definitely improved this season from last season and this opportunity is really helping him develop into a legitimate role player. Due to the looming injuries faced by the Hawks, there is a need to fill the spots left open by Hossa and Sharp. The Hawks’ solution was to bring up young forwards Jimmy Hayes and Jeremy Morin. Both Morin and Hayes played for the Blackhawks in previous seasons, however this is the first

Leslie Rosario.

SXU Athletics

Magee’s Minute Amanda Magee Senior Sports Editor

With the basketball season over for this school year, I am sure that the coaches and players are already looking forward to next year’s season. Next year, the Cougars will find new talent in Stagg high school senior Revi McMahon. McMahon is a point guard and Head Coach Bob Hallberg considers her to be “one of the best guards in the area.” She has enjoyed a successful high school basketball career, highlighted by being named the Beggar’s Pizza/SouthtownStar Girls Basketball Player of the Week after helping her team win the conference title. Coach Hallberg is sure she will have a great career at Saint Xavier as well. He said, ““Revi should fit right into our program. She loves basketball and spends countless hours in the gym working on her game. This is the type of work ethic needed to be successful.” Welcome to Saint Xavier, Revi!

Pittsburgh Passes Hawks in NHL Standings; Hawks Need to Pick It Up Frank Markasovic Sports Editor Weekly Blackhawks Update Recently, the Blackhawks have reached a sort of slump since their first regulation loss against Colorado weeks ago. The Hawks have now lost five games in regulation bringing their overall record, as of 4/1/2013, to 26-5-3 with a point total of 55. Although the loss column of the Hawks remains the lowest in the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins have now officially surpassed the Blackhawks for the first time this season with a total of 56 points and a record of 28-8-0. Not too far behind the Hawks is

Upcoming Cougar Athletic Events

Wednesday, 4/3

Thursday, 4/4

Friday, 4/5

Saturday, 4/6

Baseball Baseball Softball Men’s Vs. Trinity Vs. TrinVs. TrinGolf Christian ity Inter- ity Christian College (IL) Olivet College (IL) Nazarene national 12 p.m. 3:30 p.m. Spring In- University Men’s Vol(IL) vite, Crete, Men’s Volleyball leyball 3 p.m. IL Vs. TBA Vs. TBA (MAMVIC 9 a.m. (MAMVIC Tournament) TBA

Home Games in White and Road Games in Gray

Men/WomenTrack Chicagoland Outdoor Championships, Romeoville, IL

Tournament) TBA

Men/Women Track Chicagoland Outdoor Championships, Romeoville, IL

Sunday, 4/7

Monday, 4/8

Tuesday, 4/9

Baseball Vs. University of Saint Francis (Ind.) 1 p.m.

Baseball Vs. Robert Morris University (IL) 5 p.m.

Softball Vs. Ashford University (IA) 1 p.m.

Softball Vs. Roosevelt University (IL) 3 p.m.

time this season they have been really depended on. In fact, both Jeremy Morin and Jimmy Hayes have already registered points this season against Chicago’s rivals, the Detroit Red Wings. Morin has scored one goal while Jimmy Hayes has one goal and two assists. I hope that both Hayes and Morin continue to develop and contribute to the overall offense while Hossa and Sharp remain out. Needed Improvements D E F E N S E ! T h e H aw k s defense as of late has been struggling, there is no way around it. One player that has really fizzled out so far this season is Johnny Oduya. After a great start to this season, Oduya has been phasing out of what looked to be like his best season for the Hawks yet. He has been moved around quite a bit in the defensive pairings and has really been quiet lately. Trade rumors have been going around that the Hawks are looking for a new defenseman to help the Hawks at the blue line, Oduya being one of the problems. Oduya and the rest of the Defensemen better pick it up or else he may be replaced! Another improvement needed is the improvement of some forwards for the Hawks. For one, Bryan Bickell has been very quiet lately. After such a good offensive streak, Bickell has yet to make another impact for a few weeks. I hope he picks it up soon because

the Hawks need him! Other Forwards like Carcillo, Mayers, and Bollig also have been doing close to nothing lately. In fact, Mayers and Bollig are a usual scratch lately. I can understand Bollig, since he is a true fighter, not a scorer, but Mayers and Carcillo have somewhat of an offensive skill set. All three forwards need to show Coach Quenneville that they want to contribute all around, or else they will find themselves to be “healthy scratches” every game. Frank’s Three Stars of the Week 1st Star: Brandon Saad 2nd Star: Johnathan Toews 3 rd S t a r : N i c k L e d d y Saad: Brandon has been consistently scoring for the Hawks, especially lately! He has 6 goals and 13 assists bringing him to 19 points. Keep it up Saad! Toews: Johnny Toews really needs no explanation. He continues to lead the Hawks with his amazing talent and leadership. With 17 goals and 18 assists, his 35 points will continue to increase without a doubt. Leddy: Nick Leddy has really turned up his play this season. He continues to improve and c o n t r i b u t e o f fe n s i ve l y. H E currently has 6 goals and 9 assists, total of 15 points. Leedy ties Seabrook with most goals out of the Hawks defensemen.

Wednesday, April 3 2013

Greg Pilafas Deputy Editor in Chief Q: In your first tournament [in the fall] you guys came in sixth place out of the six teams competing and the next tournament you guys finished in first, is there anything that you did differently in that tournament that propelled this team to first? A: I think the first we were just

The Xavierite

Athlete Spotlight: Kirby Brown nervous, it’s just tough to trust ourselves from going from the range and practicing and then implementing that onto the golf course. Golf is kind of a fickle game, if you don’t trust yourself you will be kinda screwed on that. Q: You and [teammate] Dalton Stevens are both from Iowa; did you guys know each other before coming here?

A: Two years of golf I played at Kirkwood Community College with Dalton. I lived in a different city, so we knew each other as golfers, but coming to Saint Xavier and living with each other. It’s kind of developed more of a bond and a friendship and I got to know him a little bit more here than I did at Kirkwood Community College. Q : W h a t i s yo u r u l t i m a te achievement when it comes to golfing? A: There are a lot of things, but I think as a golfer there is always to reach the top level. To be a PGA professional, that is a pretty futuristic dream, but I would say that is the number one goal. Q: If you could sit down with any professional golfer, who would that be and why?

A: I’m going into Industrial Psychology. My mom is in HR and she has been doing it all her life so I’ve been able to talk to people and that never has been too hard for me to do. So, I just kind of want to do something in the HR kind of field. Help people out with emotional distress and that is what I am leaning to is HR. Q: What is the most difficult thing about golf? A: The mental

A: If I could sit down with somebody, my favorite golfer of all time is Ben Hogan just kind of for what he did for the game. I never got an actual lesson before coming here and working with Mike [Mandakas], our head coach. It was just kind of me doing my own thing. I think it would be awesome to sit down and just see the intellectual side he has of the game.

Kirby Brown lines up for a shot for the SXU Golf Team.

SXU Athletics

Q: Your major is Psychology, what is it that you would like to do with that?

World Hyundai Athlete of the Month Nicole Nonnemacher wins athlete of the month Greg Pilafas Deputy Editor in Chief Freshman pitcher Nicole Nonnemacher has been named the World Hyundai-Saint Xavier March Athlete of the Month after leading the Saint Xavier softball team to an impressive 19-3 record including a 17-game winning streak in that time. SXU is off to one of the best starts in program history and Nonnemacher has been instrumental in the team’s success. Nonnemacher has been a double threat for the Cougars as she has not only been impressive on the mound, but also in the batters box as well. Nonnemacher leads the offensive attack with a .451 batting average which is a team-best. Nonnemacher also has a team-leading 23 hits and is fifth on the squad with six runs batted in (RBI). The dual threat possessed by Nonnemacher has proven to be a huge spark for this Saint Xavier softball team in the month of March. Nonnemacher has a 9-2 record on the mound as well as a 1.28 earned run average (ERA). Nonnemacher leads the team with 103 strikeouts and has only given up 46 hits in 11 appearances this season. Nonnemacher, a nursing major at SXU, won Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) player of the week on Tuesday, March 19. Nonnemacher’s sister, Megan Nonnemacher, won

Freshman Nicole Nonnemacher was named March Athlete of the Month.

CCAC pitcher of the week during the same week as well. Nonnemacher, a native of Bloomington, Ill., has made an immediate impact on this Saint Xavier softball team as SXU continues to move up the rankings and through the 2013 season. Saint Xavier returns to the field on Thursday, April 4, against Trinity International University (Ill.). The Cougars will travel up to Deerfield, Ill., to take on TIU with the first game set to begin at 3 p.m. World Hyundai is located in the Matteson Auto Mall at

SXU Athletics

5337 Miller Circle Drive (at Route 30 and Interstate 57) in Matteson, Ill. The dealership takes pride in making new or used car shopping not only easy, but also as enjoyable as possible. With a knowledgeable and well-trained staff, plus outstanding service facilities, World Hyundai Matteson looks forward to helping you with all of your auto needs. Check out the dealership website at www.

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Kirby Brown.

aspect for me. It is pretty easy to hit the ball, but to know where it is going and throughout the rounds you could have six good holes and then you hit that bump in the road and it is just kind of what you do from there to overcome that obstacle. Q: What is the worst weather that you have golfed in before? A: I have golfed when it’s snowing. My senior year of high school, it was snowing the last nine holes and we had a good half inch on the ground

SXU Athletics

by the time I finished up. Q: Fill in the blank; I’m a blank and proud of it A: I am a SXU golfer and I am proud to support the University, and I try to show it not only on the golf course, but just in the best way I can. To view the video interview of this athlete spotlight along with other video interviews please visit and click on the Cougar Close-Ups link.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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SPORTS No. 18 Saint Xavier Softball Off to One of Best Starts in Program History Cougars ride 17-game win streak; 19-3 to begin campaign Greg Pilafas Deputy Editor in Chief The Saint Xavier University softball team has been playing extremely well as of late and was on a 17-game winning streak before having it snapped in the second game of a double-header against Bethel College (Ind.) on Friday, April 29. SXU has however moved up the rankings, after being ranked No. 25 in the NAIA Coaches Top-25 Poll in the preseason, the Cougars have moved up to No. 20 and as of March 26, Saint Xavier is ranked No. 18 in the nation. SXU had its first home game of the 2013 campaign on Wednesday, March 27, against Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) foe Calumet College of St. Joseph (Ind.). The Cougars won both games of the double-header by the finals of 4-3 in game one and 5-1 in game two. In the opening game, Saint Xavier got the scoring going in the second inning following a walk by sophomore outfielder Shannon Lauret; sophomore third baseman Sarah Saunders stepped to the plate and belted a home run to left center field to give SXU a 2-0 advantage. The Cougars took a 3-0 advantage into the third inning

after sophomore left fielder Holly Hilden stole home to give Saint Xavier their third run on the afternoon. Freshman second baseman Kasey Kanaga tacked on an RBI single in the fourth inning to give SXU their fourth run. CCSJ added two runs in the seventh inning, but it was not enough as the Cougars came away with a 4-3 victory. In the second game of the double-header, the visiting Crimson Wave took an early 1-0 lead in the second inning following a bases loaded walk. Saint Xavier tied the game up in the fifth inning when sophomore catcher Megan James hit a solo home run. SXU recorded four runs in the sixth inning to give the Cougars a 5-1 advantage that they did not relinquish. Lauret singled to left field to start the scoring off and later freshman first baseman Shannon Pedersen blasted a three run home run to cap off the scoring. On Thursday, March 28, Saint Xavier battled the Knights of Marian University (Ind.), a game in which SXU shutout MU in the first game 2-0 and then defeated the visiting Knights 5-4 in the second game. Junior pitcher Megan

Nonnemacher pitched a complete game shutout for the Cougars with seven strikeouts and allowed only three hits. Saint Xavier got both of their runs in the third inning off an RBI single to left field by Lauret. The two runs was the difference maker in the game as SXU came away with a 2-0 victory. Game two was a little more difficult as Marian would not be held scoreless for two consecutive games. The Cougars got the scoring started in the third inning with an RBI single to left field by freshman pitcher Nicole Nonnemacher. The second RBI came off the bat of senior third baseman Kate Mollohan who singled to right center. Three runs by MU in the sixth inning gave the Knights a 3-2 edge, but Saint Xavier came up with three runs of their own in the bottom of the sixth inning to take a 5-3 lead. Sophomore first baseman Amanda Hainlen doubled down the right field line for the first RBI of the inning. Lauret had a sacrifice bunt that resulted in an RBI and Saunders came up with an RBI single to cap off the scoring in the inning. The Knights added one run in the seventh inning, but it was to

SXU Baseball on High Note

Tim Carroll Sports Contributor The SXU Cougar baseball team split their double-header on Saturday against Olivet Nazarene University, winning the first game 5-4 in walk-off fashion and losing the second by a final tally of 22-4. The first game threatened to go the way of Olivet Nazarene, as they scored two runs in both the second and fourth innings, but a couple late-inning rallies by the Cougars gave them the victory. Trailing 4-0 with one out in the sixth, left fielder Brad Myjak was hit by a pitch to begin the first rally. First baseman Thomas Keating then reached on an error. A walk to third baseman Bryan Villanova loaded the bases, which gave designated hitter Matt Munizzi an RBI opportunity. Munizzi cashed in by drawing another walk, thereby plating Myjak to get the Cougars on the board. Following an Olivet Nazarene pitching change, the Cougars were able to keep their momentum going when, with the bases still loaded, freshman shortstop Alec Barnhart drove a single through the center of the diamond that scored two more and got them within striking distance at 4-3. The seventh and final inning saw even more dramatics. A leadoff walk allowed by relief pitcher Dan Maton spelled the end of his day. Then Dan Wetzel came on in relief and promptly picked off the runner at first, struck out his first batter

faced swinging and induced a lazy fly ball to center to get his teammates into the dugout with just the one-run deficit. A leadoff double in the bottom half of the seventh from right fielder Chris Klein gave the Cougar faithful s o m e h o p e . With one out, Keating then l i f te d a s o f t single to center field and moved into second on

Junior pitcher Megan Nonnemacher.

SXU Athletics

no avail as SXU won the game 5-4. In the most recent contest against Bethel College (Ind.) on Friday, March 29, the Cougars grabbed a 2-1 win in the opening game. Saint Xavier continued to score in the third inning following a single by Hainlen that resulted in a throwing error and a run for SXU. Bethel added a run in the fifth inning, but the Cougars followed suit and added a run in the bottom of the fifth off a home run by Hainlen to give Saint Xavier the 2-1 lead and the eventual 2-1 victory. The second game went a little differently as SXU could not get

any offense going after a run in the opening inning on a wild pitch error by Bethel. The Cougars got a solid pitching performance from Nicole Nonnemacher who threw a complete game with 15 strikeouts, but the three earned runs was the difference as SXU fell 4-1 to snap the win streak. Saint Xavier will travel to Deerfield, Ill., for its next game against Trinity International University (Ill.) on Thursday, April 4. The first game of the doubleheader is scheduled for 3 p.m. with the second game following right after.

Will Weyant

victory. In the Elite Eight, the Wolverines came out hot from the beginning and just skated by the favorited three seeded Florida Gators 79-59 with freshman Nik Stauskas leading Michigan with 22 points. The Syracuse Orangemen have knocked off team after team so far in this tournament. Syracuse was able to easily take down the number one seed in the East, the Indiana Hoosiers, and followed that with a huge victory over the Marquette Golden Eagles 5539 behind senior forward James Southerland. The Orangemen face their toughest challenge of the tournament in the Michigan Wolverines. My original Final Four was Kansas vs. Miami and Michigan State vs. Kansas State. Unfortunately all the picks I made are now wrong. If I had to choose who I believe to be the winners now, I would say Louisville will lose in the NCAA Championship to Michigan. This is why we love “March Madness” as you never really know what is going to happen at any point. Once it comes down to tournament time, all of the records and the seedings go out the window and every team starts back at 0-0. We have seen throughout this tournament with such teams as Florida Gulf Coast and Wichita State shocking everyone by going far in the tournament, anyone can surprise anybody on any given day. Just go and ask No. 1 seeded Gonzaga and No. 5 seeded Wisconsin about that.

Down to the Final Four!

Sports Correspondant

College basketball fan’s favorite time of the year has come once again and it’s now been cut to the Final Four. Four teams triumphed and have been able to overcome the odds against them. The number four seed from the East bracket, the Syracuse Orangemen will be taking on the number four seed from the South bracket, the Michigan Wolverines and the number one seed of the Midwest bracket, the Louisville Cardinals will be taking on the number nine seed from the West bracket, the Wichita State Shockers. The Wichita State Shockers shocked everyone defeating the favorited number two seeded Ohio State Buckeyes, 70-66. Ohio State was a team picked by many to make SXU Athletics Senior catcher Tony O’Shea. it to the Final Four, but Wichita State was able take them down with an unsuccessful throw home to and defense. get Klein, who scored and tied the After a four-run first inning senior guard Malcolm Armstead game at four. for Olivet Nazarene, the Cougars leading the team in scoring with Mike Stirling, pinch running came back and got one run of their 14 points. The Louisville Cardinals for Keating, advanced to third own as Keating drove in catcher on a wild pitch. Villanova was Tony O’Shea, who was hit by a proved to ever yone why they intentionally walked and Barnhart pitch to lead off the Cougar half of were the number one seed in the coaxed a walk with two out. It all the first. SXU got another run in Midwest taking down the number came down to this: the bases were the second inning on a passed ball. two seed the Duke Blue Devils. loaded, two out, bottom of the But Olivet Nazarene made This is the second straight year the seventh inning, freshman second it difficult to answer their scoring Cardinals have made it to the Final baseman Brian McQuillan at bat. with a 10-run fourth inning that Four, last year they fell to the 2012 But before McQuillan could find the Cougars could not overcome, Champion Kentucky Wildcats. The Michigan Wolverines had a satisfactory pitch to hit, a pitch despite a two-run home run from got away and hit him, giving the Keating in the bottom of the fifth. a shaky start in the Sweet Sixteen Cougars a walk-off 5-4 victory. The Cougars will be looking game against the Kansas Jayhawks, SXU’s good fortune in the for more of the good they saw but with some late miracle work first game did not carry over to the in the first game when they take at the end of the second half, second, however, and the Cougars on Trinity Christian College in a the Wolverines were able to edge were undone by lapses in pitching double-header on April 6 at home. Kansas in overtime with a 87-85

April 3rd, 2013  

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