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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


SXU Scholarships Not for Student Teachers As senior history education student Anthony LaBanca goes into student teaching next semester, he knows that his Saint Xavier University scholarship will not be going with him. “I don’t think it’s fair,” says LaBanca, referring to the university policy that prohibits Saint Xavier academic scholarships from being awarded to part time students, including student teachers who are generally prevented by the School of Education (SOE) from taking more than eight credit hours during their student teaching semester. According to Susan Swisher, Director of Financial Aid, because part time students are already being charged the discounted tuition rate of $650 per credit hour during their student teaching semester, the university does not see the need to apply scholarship money in addition to that.

“If you divide the full time tuition rate by 15 credit hours, which is the normal course load needed to graduate in 4 years, that amount is significantly higher than the $650 per credit hour. The students benefit overall,” Swisher explained. Although many education students admit that they do save money with student teaching being part time, they find fault with the SOE’s policy of discouraging them from holding paid jobs during their student teaching semester so that they can focus more on the teaching. Larry Sondler, Director of Teacher Education, says that is precisely why the SOE has made student teaching part time in terms of credit hours even though it is a full time commitment. “The SOE determined that it was financially advantageous for students not to be considered full time,” said Sondler. The idea is that student teachers, who may have little to

Saturday Trial Runs at Starbucks News Correspondent

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The university’s Starbucks on campus, was open on Saturday, November 10th and November 17th. In response to many student requests, SGA has been working with Chartwells to determine if Starbucks should be kept open on Saturdays. The trial runs were held to find out how students would respond to the extended hours. Both resident and commuter students took advantage of the extended hours. During bothe trials, students were observed buying coffee and pastries, studying and just hanging out throughout the day. Several students were pleased with the additional hours on Saturday. Sophomore nursing major Mallorie Rosales said, “I really like the idea of having Starbucks open on Saturdays. It’s nice to have a few different meal options since being on campus limits the variety of food available to students. Keeping Starbucks open on Saturdays would definitely be an advantage for everyone,” Rosales said.

Where do students get textbooks?




The Saint Xavier School of Education.


SGA Takes on Textbook Prices By Ruby Venus

Another student, sophomore clinical counseling psychology major, Kristina “KitKat” Iazzetto, agreed that having Starbucks open on Saturday is very convenient. “I’m an avid St arbucks drinker- I’m in there every day. I leave early in the morning on weekends due to an off-campus job and having nothing open when I leave on a Saturday morning forces me to grab breakfast elsewhere. It would be great if I could have breakfast here on campus at Starbucks and utilize what SXU has to offer me,” said Iazzetto. To conclude these trial runs, Starbucks will be open both Saturday, December 1st and December 8th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Students utilizing Starbucks during these hours are encouraged to share any feedback with Chartwells. “There was a great student turn-out, but for there to be a consideration of having Starbucks open on Saturdays, there needs to be consistent student turn-out, which is why Chartwells is having two more trial Saturdays,” said SGA President Kelly Mihalik. “SGA will do its best to get Starbucks open on Saturdays every week.”

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By Nicole Jeziorski

no income during their student teaching semester, would be less financially burdened by being considered part time students due to the cheaper cost. However, Annie Kelly, a senior English education major feels this is not enough. “Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t really mean anything when you’re not allowed to make money during that time,” she stated. It is for this reason that many students still desire to receive some of their scholarship money even while understanding that their rates are already reduced. Some have proposed receiving a proportional amount of their scholarship money based off of their credit hour count. “It just seems really unfair to have no access to something we’ve earned,” Kelly maintained. An education major who wished to remain unnamed agreed with Kelly, saying, “With four kids

News Editor With the cost of textbooks reaching upwards of $400, students are looking for more feasible options of acquiring the necessary materials for their classes. In a move to aid the hurt caused by these steep prices, Saint Xavier University’s Student Government Association (SGA) is working alongside 28 other colleges and universities in Illinois to potentially find a way to lower textbook costs. “A representative from DePaul University contacted SGA to gather support and sponsorship for a bill to be presented in the 98th General Assembly in Springfield, IL,” said SGA President and senior nursing major, Kelly Mihalik. The universities in this initiative are gathering students to sign a petition asking for support and sponsorship from government representatives to help their collegestudent constituents. Members of SGA have been going around since October to sign the petition to be sent to the Senate and the House of Representatives in Springfield. “I completely support it. I bought several textbooks this semester that individually cost over

E.T. is judging your purchases

$150 and I didn’t even use the books at all. I think that college kids are already broke as it is, why add the books expense to it?” said Annie Costello, freshman psychology major. The petition works towards a bill that proposes different ways for lowering the textbook costs. Mihalik said, “Four potential ideas will be outlined in the bill including getting textbooks to be tax exempt as well as potentially setting up dates when students can get books for a lower cost or for those books to be tax exempt during that period, and the two other options are slight more complicated.” She explains that the main goal of this is to lower the costs of textbooks for students in Illinois. “SGA itself has sent letters to the committees of Higher Education in the Senate and the House as well as the petitions signed by the students, and we thank all the students who signed,” said Mihalik. SGA has set up in the Diner asking students to send emails to the Head of the Senate committee all week, starting Mon., Nov. 26 and continuing potentially until next week from 11 a.m to 1 p.m. “I think it is an excellent idea because the cost of textbooks is just something that many of us

Some things just need to end

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Editor in Chief/Senior News Editor

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By Tony Bara/Nicole Rosales

lower income students just cannot afford,” said Ericka Soto, a senior psychology/clinical counseling major. She continued, “We end up having to rent the books which works fine in some case but what about when you need them for something after a course is over? You don’t have it because it has already been returned and also the amount of scanning required is ridiculous if you use the books that are in reserve.” The initiative began in October is and currently ongoing and will be ongoing for quite some time as it attempts to drum up support for the bill to be taken on by representatives. The effort to get representatives to write the bill and gather support for it is not an instantaneous endeavor. While students all agree that it may be a good idea to lower the cost of textbooks, it may not be a very feasible one. Emma Balto, a sophomore nursing major said, “I think it’s a good idea but realistically I don’t think our efforts will do anything. It’s a swell idea but the reality of it happening is pretty low.” PRICES >



Cougars advance to Semifinals

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Xavierite

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School of Nursing Receives Grant for Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students

The Xavierite Call 773.298.3380 Fax 773.298.3381 E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

Staff: Editor in Chief Tony Bara Deputy Editor in Chief Greg Pilafas Senior News Editor Nicole Rosales

By Joshua Humphry News Correspondent SXU’s School of Nursing was recently given a scholarship grant of $645,000 from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency in the US Department of Health and Human Services. The Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) grant allowed for approximately 43 scholarships to be awarded to students enrolled in the School’s nursing program. Among these scholarships were 36 full year scholarships o f $ 1 5 , 0 0 0 a n d 14 s i n g l e semester scholarships of $7,500. The purpose of the grant was to help support a diverse workforce in the field of nursing by assisting disadvantaged students in dealing with the various expenses involved in obtaining a degree in nursing. At SXU, the current SDS grant has helped Senior nursing majors to pay their graduation bills and has PRICES > from



freed up their time by decreasing the need for them to add a job to their already packed work load. Eligibility for the scholarships was determined by both the School of Nursing and the Office of Financial Aid. “We worked with Financial Aid to determine eligibility,” said Ms. Peg Gallagher, the Associate Dean of the School of Nursing. Applicants needed to either financially disadvantaged or first generation college students. Applications were then reviewed by the faculty of the School of Nursing with all of the awards going to Juniors and Seniors. Scholarship recipients must be full time students and maintain a GPA of 2.3. They also have to meet twice a semester with a faculty adviser. These advising sessions are meant to offer students stronger tutoring and support nursing students in their goals to be successful in the nursing program. Nursing students have so step towards making college a little more affordable for students. She said, “I strongly encourage students to participate in this and call out the leaders they just elected. You elected them, they are there to work for your concerns just as we [SGA] are.” For more information about the petition contact SGA at sga@ or stop by the Diner between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. this week.

Nursing students at work.

far been appreciative of the scholarships. The School of Nursing has received similar scholarship grants in the past, but this is the largest grant it has ever received. The current SDS grant is

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News Editor Saint Xavier ’s heritage is built on the efforts of the people who help to shape and guide it to be the institution it is today, rooted in its core values and mission to give life to the liberal arts and sciences. In celebration of those who helped to establish and inspire the university, SXU is celebrating Founders’ Day on Mon., Dec. 3. “SXU has celebrated the Feast of St. Francis Xavier for decades, calling it St. Xavier Day,” said Sr. Joy Clough, R.S.M, director of the Office of University Mission and Heritage. “It was changed to Founders’ Day to be more inclusive of all those who helped to found the university from the St. Francis Xavier to Mother Frances Xavier Warde, the Sisters of Mercy who help to establish the institution, and the others who helped to make it successful.” “We celebrate Founders’ Day on the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, one of the people for whom Saint Xavier is named,” said Sr. Joy. Two special events will be held in celebration of this day, to which

all students, faculty and staff are invited and encouraged to attend. The first event is a liturgical celebration at noon in the McDonough Chapel, where a special reading appropriate for the Feast of St. Francis Xavier. The mass will be celebrated by Rev. Robert Miller, the pastor of Saint Dorothy Parish. The second par t of the Founders’ Day festivities will take place at 3:30 p.m. in the McDonough Chapel where there will be speakers and performances highlighting the role of the Sisters of Mercy in founding the institution in 1846, a sampling of foundational figures, and the foundation of liberal arts and sciences in the university’s heritage. A reading of This Bell, a poem written by a former SXU English professor, Laurence Musgrove, will take place during the event. Students Vincent Dore and Bethany Halbrader will be singing the Heritage Litany accompanied by Rebecca Weisenritter on the flute. A Sister of Mercy and alumni from SXU, who graduated in 1979, will speak on the topic: “The

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17% 66% 17%

*100 SXU students were randomly polled.

SXU celebrates its founders and their legacy By Ruby Venus

only good for the 2012-2013 school year, but the School of Nursing is in line to have it renew for three more school years. For more information on the SDS grant, feel free to visit news. or

Campus News Poll

Another student Darlene Narca, freshman nursing major said, “I rented all my textbooks this semester and still dropped more than I feel like I should have, but I guess things like this always have a catch, and that’s where I’d have to get more details, you know? Of course cheaper textbooks would be fabulous though.” While this may be a slower process, Mihalik explains that it is a

News Editor Ruby Venus

Keith Murphy/The Xavierite

Common Good and Its Role in the 21st Century”. Dr. Michael Bathgate, an associate professor, chair of SXU’s Religious Studies Department, and president of the Faculty Senate, will deliver a talk entitled, “Wisdom Has Hewn Her Seven Pillars: Reflections on Teaching and/as Hospitality”. Two musical performances by both current students and alumni will take place. Michelle Gliottoni-Rodriguez, from the class of 2002, will be singing “Let the Bright Seraphim,” an aria from George Frideric Handel’s oratorio Samson. Senior student f lutist Mary Kavanaugh will play the “Second Movement from the Sonata for the Flute and Piano” by Paul Hindemith and will be accompanied on the piano by a professor of Music, Monica Kropidlowski. Following the speakers and performances, SXU President Christine Wiseman will address the attendees and invite everyone to the reception to be held in the Butler Reception Room at 4:45 p.m.

TEACHER > from



attending SXU in my family, we depend on our scholarships. It’s disappointing that two of us will be losing our scholarships eventually as education majors.” Students who wish to retain their scholarships by taking additional courses during their student teaching semester in order to be considered full time have limited options. With the exception of required senior seminar courses and special approvals, the SOE does not allow its student teachers to take additional courses during that time, according to Sondler. The SOE cites the huge time commitment and responsibility that student teaching demands as its reason for this. Although student teachers cannot receive their Saint Xavier academic scholarship, they are still allowed to receive external grants and scholarships. The SOE also offers other scholarships that students can apply for. Fo r A n t h o ny L a B a n c a , however, his student teaching semester brings a degree of financial uncertainty. “I know, for me at least, it’s going to be a rough semester, financially speaking. I just feel like life would be a lot easier for many students if certain scholarships did apply,” he revealed.

Any undergraduate students may write for The Xavierite. Other interested graduate students, faculty, administration and staff may write a “Letter to the Editor.”

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The Xavierite

VIEWPOINTS One too Many Zeros By The Xavierite Staff

It costs money to make money, but is there too high a price to pay? If we were ever getting close to answering this, the time would be now. Since 2011, student loan debt has surpassed $1-trillion making it a greater burden than credit card and car payments. Stories of people owing $50,000+ schooling costs can probably be found walking down the hallway of any university. The days of affordable education have come and gone, but we still need higher education. To amend the system we need to look at the cost of education, why the cost has inflated and how to save some money. Continuing to pay for an inflated education is like pumping gas into a Hummer; while it gets from A-to-B it is by no means the most efficient way. The cost of a four-year college education today is twelve times the amount of the same education in 1978, yet the minimum wage is only three times higher in the same time period (, dol. gov). Students cannot meet the demands of a $30,000 a year bill with a full time job at minimum wage ($7.25hr) for an entire year because, if they spent every dollar they earned, they would still fall an estimated $7,000 short. Throw in every other cost of living and the bill climbs higher. Using scholarships to help meet these ends meet has a slim chance because the amount of government and private education grants has only doubled, since 1980 to just over $40-billion in 2009, but that is over shadowed by the $140-billion in loans taken out ( The amount of money involved in education is awe inspiring, and it is easy to feel like the odds are stacked against students. Simple fact: it is. However, it is not the numbers’ fault they are so high, rather the blame lies on the institution that facilitated this education bubble. If you have a money problem, go to the source of the money: the lender. Private banks are the one of the single largest contributing factors for the rise in tuition cost because they control the credit flow and interest rates. Students often cannot understand the legal jargon of their contracts (purposely

designed so) the banks can make a killing profit on the fine print. The federal government provides subsidies to banks for offering college loans, but the funny thing about bankers is that they seem willing to do anything for more money. In 2009, JPMorgan Chase and several other banks were involved in a student loan fraud case over approving false or invalid loan applications to receive more government subsidies (ourfuture. org). Why is there never any uplifting news about banks? Aside from the greedy banks out to get every last cent, each school comes with its share of administrative issues. These issues need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis, and there should be a twoway conversation between the administration and the students about the issues the school faces because a college is a community. Thanks to various programs such as the SGA and Campus Life, there is a place where students and administrators can discuss issues. Currently there is an effort to drop the price tag on textbooks for SXU students, which is great, but there are already ways to circumvent those high prices. Buy used books online or an older issue (clear older issue with professors first), also you could sell the books once the class is over to make back some of the money. It is the specialized or online registration editions that tend to cost the most, and the sadly is no real way to get around them until the producers drop the prices. To save on tuition, do as much research into your financial situation as possible. Never be satisfied with one opinion or option. Try to use government payment plans because the have lower rates than private loans. Sadly, you should also plan on having several thousand dollars in immediate debt after graduation. The cost of higher education is simply unsustainable. With such a titanic deceit, the problem cannot solely be an issue of individual irresponsibility. From birth, we were told to go to college, only be forced to sacrifice so much and be offered so little aid. It is a somber moment in a nation’s history, when being a student is a sentence to indentured servitude.

Editorial Policy The Xavierite welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Letters will not be edited for content reasons, though we reserve the right to not print letters that are libelous. We also reserve the right to edit for length but promise that no content will be compromised.

Letter Policy All letters to the editor must be signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. For students, we ask that letters be signed with your full name, major and year. For faculty and staff, we ask that your letters be signed with your full name and university position. All letters can be sent to Please include “letter to the editor” in the subject bar to ensure prompt review and printing. Thank you for your time and support. We cannot wait to receive your letters!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Well that Escalated Quickly Hadrian’s Wall Grant Vargas Viewpoints Editor

The year 2050 is the benchmark for an estimated 3,000,000,000 people jump in the population of the planet. Our architectural philosophy and agricultural practices have largely remained unchanged since the 1950s. We need to rethink and rebuild our food, transportation and housing systems in order to survive the coming decades. If there is anything Americans are good at: it is eating, but we eat all the wrong things. I will not rant about personal diets, however, the change starts with personal responsibility. Our current food system is that of a centralized and industrialized monoculture model, which needs to be thrown out because 7/10 people will be living in the cities by 2050 (World Health Organization). Growing food far away causes a loss of nutrients in the food during the time it takes to transport and process them, so we need to move food production back into the cities. Efforts for urban and rooftop gardens have been too minimalistic to meet the task at hand. Crops also need to be diversified since a single

plague could destroy an entire crop leaving millions or billions starving. We need to grow a decent portion of our own produce and stop relying on Cold War farming methods. Another Cold War relic we need to redesign is the personal automobile. They are much more than a tin can to get from point-A to point-B, cars are a personal statement and status symbol, which leads to the problem of everyone needing their own. The cities of the next few decades will be forced to redesign their transit systems. Personal cars will be a luxury that cannot be afforded, but reducing the number of cars will not be enough to prevent grid lock. Every major population center will need an efficient mass-transit system of buses, trains and bicycles to meet the demands of traffic. A country the world might end up looking towards for ideas would be Japan. They already have an amazing public transportation grid that alleviates the stress of personal automobiles and services millions every day. But what is more space consuming than the vehicles we use? Housing is the paramount concern, when discussing plans for the future because three billion people have to sleep somewhere. Scientists and engineers, those

crafted little buggers, have been thinking about this for a while now. They have been designing robotic walls that simple fold up the furniture and slide around to conform to whatever the current needs of the room are, effectively making a tiny studio apartment feel like a full house. Also there is a new material that can heat and cool a building without using watt of power. It is called breathable metal and it is an alloy that expands and contracts to thermal-radiation (heat) of sunlight. The metal will shape itself to the position of the sun and deflect the light accordingly, thus eliminating the need for that energy hogging A/C unit. We need to start mass production of this kind of technology, if we are to beat the future to the punch. It is hard to plan ahead, when our day-to-day lives are so busy and the money is paycheck-to-paycheck, but there are some prices just too steep to put off. Finding a way to feed, move and shelter the coming three billion new souls on this planet must be answered before they start showing up. It is our duty, as parents of this coming generation, to make sure this planet is ready because we only have one of them. Or we could ship the little brats to the moon. Sources:,

A Space Alien’s Account of Black Friday them. They arrived at a place called “Wal-Mart,” which I believe is some The Unbarable Truth sort of major supply depot and Tony Bara market for humans. Once there, Editor in Chief I could not believe my eight eyes. A line of humans stretched all the [The following is an actual way around the building! Their account from an extraterrestrial expressions were fierce, and they visitor to earth. His name was were clearly bracing for something Chadquixvcs, or as his friends momentous. All of a sudden, a human called him, “Chad.” He came in blue clothing unlocked the from the planet Terosian Prime entrance to the building. Then, like to study how humans display good a stampede of bison, the humans will toward each other during the rushed toward the door. Pushing, holiday season. Unfortunately shoving, clawing—these humans for him, he decided to come here who had seemed so civil at their right around Black Friday.] Thanksgiving dinner tables had I landed in a part of earth called degenerated into a pack of wild the United States. The particular subset of humans that dwell here animals. During the rush, I saw an call themselves Americans, and elderly female fall. Nobody stopped on the day of my arrival they were to help her. Rather, her frail body celebrating an observance entitled disappeared in the sea of rats still “Thanksgiving.” rushing toward the doors. Although this holiday’s I managed to get inside. purpose seems somewhat vague Almost immediately I was knocked to me, it appears to be a day down by a heavyset male rushing dedicated to expressing gratitude toward a pile of “television sets” and appreciation toward other that were significantly marked members of the species. Family and friends come together in down in price. He did not apologize harmony over a magnificent feast for knocking me over. In fact, he of local f lora and fauna. As I did not even acknowledge me! peered through windows at this Upon reaching the pile he ripped sight, I received the impression one of the boxes from the hands of that these humans are noble, kind a human child with a carnivorous hearted creatures. Little did I know look in his eyes. One set was how rapidly the situation would not enough for him, however, as he grabbed two more. I felt like deteriorate. After finishing their meal, vaporizing him on the spot, but I one family left their abode and refrained. I ventured deeper. Certain got into a primitive transportation parts were blocked off creating device called a “car.” I followed paths through the store. Employees

herded the masses like cattle through these paths. The stench of human digestive vapors, no doubt the remnants from the Thanksgiving feasts, permeated the building. The store had become a barn. S h o p p i n g c a r t s p rove d especially dangerous. On more than one occasion I was nearly lanced by a long narrow box protruding out from someone’s cart. Others were not so lucky as the carts essentially became battle rams used by humans to forge their own paths through the store. Scattered throughout were special bins with discounted goods inside them. Males and females burrowed into these bins like badgers, trying desperately to get as large a number of the goods as possible whether they needed them or not. As I observed all of this, I felt great disappointment in the human race. What hypocrites. The same day they gave thanks to one another they were beating each other down for discounted pajamas. It was now early in the morning on what the humans call “Black Friday,” and I was done watching this barbarism. I passed the massive line of humans waiting to pay for their goods and exited the store. [Tragically, Chad the alien’s stor y ends there. As he was exiting Wal-Mart he was struck by multiple vehicles in a row as they sped to get to the next store. May his story be a wake up call to all of us.]

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crusader of Sanity Brian Laughran Viewpoints Correspondent

For those of you who may unaware, CIA chief-in-charge David Patraeus was caught in an affair with biographer Paula Broadwell. The two were discovered after their email correspondences were discovered. Even more frightening than the philandering is the fact that Broadwell may have taken secret government files. But I think the real question here is how the heck did the chief of the sneakiest organization in the world get caught sneaking around. I mean, I’m not advocating spouses cheating on one another and hiding it. But, honestly, Patraeus deals in deception. We are talking about the organization that secretly begins coups in other countries. The CIA is the shadowy figure looming like a vulture in the background. Patraeus, the chief of the organization, should know all the tricks about making things disappear or at least he should have known enough not to communicate in a form that he could not control. The printed word always comes back. It reminds me of the famous line in All The President’s Men; Deep Throat (Hal Holbrook) has just given Bob Woodward

The Xavierite

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Downfall by Pants Fall

(Robert Redford) his greatest hint in bringing the Watergate scandal to life: “Follow the money.” Now, if you want to catch a cheater all you have to do is follow the sleazy text messages or dirty emails. But, on a larger scale, what does this say about the CIA? If it is being run by a man who could not hide an affair how are they supposed to hide covert missions in enemy countries (or maybe in our own!)? This stor y, however, is a tale as old as time. Time and time again many a government servant (e.g. congressman, senators, governors, appointed officials and even presidents) have fallen to the sheer stupidity of sexual affairs and exploits. Often times these affairs result in job loss on behalf of the man in office. Remember the bad press storm that haunted Anthony Weiner? He was the New York congressman who got caught text messaging pictures of his…um… well, based on his name take a guess. The press ate that scandal up and perhaps milked it for too long and the term “Weinergate” became the buzz word for the greater part of 2011. There is a certain poetic justice to these things happening. Our elected officials cheat on their spouses and try to keep it quiet, but these affairs always get out and

This guy is the head of the CIA and he cannot even keep his affair a secret? Photo:

become a matter of public record when newspapers, news television and news radio begin to spout out all the dirty details. This circle of life that is bad public relations always repeats as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Sometimes, the press keeps getting generated long after the cheating party has shuffled off this mortal coil. Look at President John F. Kennedy; a woman printed a book last year claiming that she had an affair with well-known

cheating president. Considering that Kennedy has been dead for 49 years one cannot help but marvel at how interesting Americans seem to find sexual affairs involving those in power. It seems trivial now, and this question gets asked every time a sexual affair in Washington becomes known, but it is a question that deserves to be asked: how hard is it to keep it in your pants, Washington? How many people have to get caught by having their sleazy text messages released or dirty emails

read before you all finally get it? I can’t answer this question. No one can. This question, however, has served as the downfall for many a political career…unless you’re Elliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York, who somehow got rewarded with a news commentary show after leaving office after scandal rocked his administration. Maybe Patraeus has a future on the OWN Network; they are desperate for viewers over there and Mr. Patraeus has a lot of time on his hands now.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Some things in life are better ended sooner rather than later. There are many reasons, such as being a hazard to health, intellect, or even just the common good. We have created a “hit list” of sorts for the things in our society that we think need to end the most. We have also laid out our arguments as to why we wish swift death upon each of these miserable things. These are the things that are wrong with society. These are the things that need to end.

Disclaimer: These articles represent the author’s views and do not represent the views of the Xavierite as a whole.

Things that need to end The Call of Duty Franchise Just the other week a new video game came out that reminded me of a particular pestilence on the gaming community that needs to be eradicated. Call of Duty is a well-established game franchise, but it has worn out its welcome. Since 2003, there have been 18 Call of Duty titles released and they are all basically clones. Sure the textures, lighting, and guns change, but the gameplay does not. The enemies NPCs (non-playable characters) fight the exact same way as the titles previous, despite going through 80 years of armed conflict across the planet. Here is the formula: enemy hides behind cover (poorly), stands straight up and fires a burst, you shoot back, and kill him. If you have teammates, the NPCs could care less because their sole job is to kill you, besides the fact your teammates cannot aim straight. The infantry combat might have been forgivable, if CoD had vehicle combat. Sadly, it does not, so every game is a never-ending whack-a-mole contest through city streets. Do not even get me started on the online experience. I will just say, knifers, snipers, and campers go home! On a side note, the ranking system does not measure any skill, only the amount of time you have wasted playing CoD because you can’t lose points for, well, losing. It sickens me to see millions of people shoveling the same fecal ridden product down their throats year after year. Call of Duty fanboys are worse than the iPhone lemmings, at least they have only been duped five times. If you want to see quality games being released, you have to stop buying the (very long list of inappropriate names) kind of games, and that starts with a boycott of every Call of Duty from now on. Let gamers unite under a true call of duty to end this franchise. -Grant Vargas


Movie Remakes

Layout by: Becki Brown

It seems as though a week cannot go by without hearing about the breakout movie of the year, in what appears to be an endless cycle of movies that are recycled. While I will give credit to Hollywood for keeping up the charade for so long, how many ways can you tell the same seven stories before you need to look for something new? Well, apparently a very long time; in the past decade we have seen movies which are clearly remakes of movies that have come about in our lifetime, which where remakes of movies that had been put out before, so we are now seeing remakes of remakes, the only real difference between then and now is that the people watching the latest renditions had not been alive to see the first. So now we have this cycle of remakes, but then there is another travesty of renovation being put to the works of enhancing old classic movies with modern CG. The ideology that more explosions and more generated graphics made movies better is so far gone you would not even begin to guess part of the flavor of those aged movies was the fact that they did not have the modern computer graphics of today, and everything was stop motion or costume design and puppets. This degradation of modern movies needs to be brought to an end; while it is nice every now and again to see a truly visually appealing movie, you do not need to be bombarded by them. If Laurence of Arabia could be put together with everything in it being real, then why can’t modern Hollywood? So I say this, next time a movie about a board game or a rehashing of an old movie comes out, say no thank you because chances are it will not be worth it. -Ray Galvin

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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The Tea Party

If there is one thing that needs to stop in this country it is parents babying their kids. It is infuriating that at grade school levels all kids need to get a medal/trophy; sports teach children how to play the game and lose and win with dignity and grace. The point of a sport is to win or lose, not to patronize the losing team with false medals and diminish the accomplishment of the winning team’s medal by handing these out to everyone. Parent’s overbearing protection of their children spreads into the academic world as well. It is a common tale to hear that parents, enraged, storm into a teacher’s office after their child has received a less than exemplary grade or has done some wrong and must receive punishment. “My Johnny doesn’t get F’s on assignments!” or “Mary shouldn’t have to serve detention!” Shut up. Your child didn’t do well on a test. Your child did something wrong. Get over it. The fact of the matter is parents are raising a nation of wimps - a generation that won’t be able to stand up for themself when push comes to shove because their parents have fought their battles for them. Children need to be taught that there are winners and losers in life and those terms are dictated by those who try the hardest and have a skill. Parents need to understand that kids will fail and do wrong; the key isn’t to shelter kids from these things. The key is to teach them on how to prevent doing these things again so they learn. Live and learn is the phrase by which to parent. Kids cannot learn if they do not live. It’s just like the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff once said: Parents just don’t understand.

-Genevieve Buthod

-Brian Laughran

One thing that needs to end very soon is the Tea Party. They are the folks who proudly brought us the beautifully moronic “Birther Movement.” They have recently filed a petition to the White House, stating, “We petition the Obama Administration to: Require Barack Obama to allow the public examination of his birth certificate records & his college university records.” ( On top of believing our president was secretly born in Africa and organizing gun rallies in red state capitals, they are now pushing for secession. This should go without saying, but secession was a pretty dumb move the first time around. Opposing the current presidential administration is perfectly fine, but threatening to secede? It makes me wonder what they are really fighting for. It’s pretty clear what they are fighting against: Socialism, big government, our current president, gun control, reproductive rights, affirmative action, acknowledging climate change, and it goes on from there. But the sad thing is strength comes from fighting for something, not fighting against a long string of things. “Freedom” and “America” are good places to start, but goals are best met when clearly defined. Thankfully, this is one “thing that needs to end” that happens to be self-defeating. The population base for Tea Party Members is a shrinking minority in America. Their “values” are simply a unified, shrieking opposition to other people’s rights. The good news is that those are the very people who are showing up to vote (despite Tea Party-inspired initiatives to keep them home and away from the polls). These people are the face of America. The Tea Party can keep screaming from its little corner, but a soapbox built on self-righteous anger and hatred cannot stand up very well to criticism, much less the test of time. It’s about time to shut this whole thing down, wish them well, and cringe as we mention them briefly in tomorrow’s history books.

Parents spoiling their children



FAcebook Chain letters

Gangnam Style

You know those annoying chain letters you see on Facebook where if you “like” or “share” a status or photo you will save the life of a child with cancer or end world hunger? Yeah, that needs to end. Each day I log on to Facebook to check out my zero notifications and peer into the lives of people that I will never be as cool as, when BAM, a small feeble child hooked up to machines barely keeping him alive is on my newsfeed. I read the heartbreaking all the way through until the end where it states something along the lines of “share this photo to help little Tommy get a new liver”. Wait, what? By sharing this photo to all of my friends, I will somehow magically get Tommy a new liver? Are the doctors checking Facebook every hour to see if little Tommy got enough shares to deserve a new liver? For every share he gets, is he getting bumped up on the donor list? I think the saddest part about these chain letters is the fact that people actually fall for them. Thousands and thousands of people are sitting at home sharing and liking these sad photos until they develop carpal tunnel. Is it because they feel as if they do not share it, they will be struck down? Or do they honestly believe their Facebook thumbs up is going to help? Come on people, enough is enough. I thought we were smarter than this. It is time to realize that no matter how many likes a picture gets, it really will not make a big difference in the world.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, PSY, a Korean artist, has become an almost overnight pop sensation. His song “Gangnam Style” has hit America like a semi-truck carrying large quantities of explosions, pretty girls, and strange dance moves. Throughout the video, PSY demonstrates dance moves that I have seen rivaled only at middle school dances and family weddings. While it does look pretty neat when he does it, other people cannot pull it off as well. You are not Knights of the Round Table from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You will never be John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, Terry Jones or Terry Gilliam. Stop pretending you are. You do not even have coconuts, and you look ridiculous. The whole video seems like a plethora of nonsensical randomness, which I can totally get behind. However, it seems like “randomness” is becoming something that ever teenager nowadays claims to have (OMG bacon, narwhal, mustache, rainbow Velociraptor), and it is starting to get on my nerves. PSY screams at woman’s behind, and then shortly after, there is a man doing a sort of “giddy-up shuffle” while standing over the pop star in an elevator. Honestly, did you use a mad lib to put together your music video? I think I might have been able to grow to like the song if it was not for the people that constantly blast it in public, post references all over the internet and play it on my radio. Hopefully another flavor of the month will come along, and everyone will forget about “Gangnam Style”.

-Lauren Dwyer

-Becki Brown

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twi Hard: The End of an Era You cannot mourn what is already dead, and boy, has this series been beaten to death.

By Becki Brown

First of all, Stephanie Meyer knows nothing about any sort of Senior Features Editor mythological creatures. Vampires feed on the living, Friday, November 16th, burst into flames or at least burn marked the end of an era. Hundreds horribly whenever they come into upon thousands of girls, middle contact with sunlight, and are aged women, and even some men undead. lined up to see Breaking Dawn: However, Meyer’s vampires are Part 2, the last installment of the able to live with and even become Twilight series. romantically involved with the Soon, I will be lining up as living, sparkle in the sunlight, and well, but I will be lining up to dance seem to be able to birth live young on this overdone series’ grave. even though they are supposed to There are many reasons that be dead. I have been waiting eagerly for the Werewolves are cursed humans Twilight franchise to die, but I will who suffer through transformation just share a few with you. every full moon, and during this t r a n s fo r m a t i o n , they would kill their best friend or lover without even the slightest hint of remorse. M e y e r ’ s we re wo l ve s c a n change at will and are in complete control of their actions during their transformation. I could see slightly changing one aspect of a creature to fit her stor y, but she completely d i s re g a rd s practically ever y I would be running too if I had to be in this movie.

aspect of these gruesome creatures turned teenage heartthrobs. All of the characters in Twilight are horribly two dimensional, and they all teach horrible morals. Edward constantly abandons his girlfriend, saying that he is doing it to protect her. However, it always seems to put her in danger. Either Edward is one of the stupidest people ever, or he does not think things through very well. Jacob is just as bad. He thinks that just because he is nice to Bella she has to be with him. Then of course Bella has to choose between the guy who keeps leaving her in dangerous situations and the “nice guy” who thinks that he is automatically entitled to her. Then there is Bella, who seems to only be able to do two things. She can get herself into a whole lot of deadly and horribly situations, and she can let her whole life revolve around the love of guy who either does a horrible job of protecting her or acts like she owes him something. This brings me to another point. Where are Bella’s parents during all of this? Her mom shipped her off to her dad, and it seems like she was trying to get rid of her dull, shell of a daughter to start her life over. Her dad seems to not care that she is going out with a guy that could easily be defined as mentally abusive, and she gets married to


Thursday, November 29th Starbucks Happy Hour with SGA 4:00 -7:00 p.m. Starbucks located in Morris Hall Enjoy free beverages and live music Sponsored by: Student Government Association

Friday, November 30th

Massages, Manicures, Facials, Oh My! 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Student Lounge Sponsored by: Campus Life

Friday, November 30

Introduction to Business Careers 2:00 p.m. Career Services (modular behind Pacelli)

Friday, November 30th

An Amazing Movie Night 7:00 p.m. Warde Academic Center - S-101 This event is free, and snacks will be provided! Sponsored by: Student Activities Board

Saturday, December 1

Women’s Basketball vs. Judson University (Ill.) 1:00 p.m. Shannon Center

Saturday, December 1

Men’s Basketball vs. Judson University (Ill.) 3:00 p.m. Shannon Center

This pretty much sums up all of my feelings.

him pretty much right after getting out of high school. He is a cop. He should know the look of a suspicous or “shady” character when he sees one. I guess that is a “ten four” on that, as they say at the academy. This all screams bad parenting, at least in my opinion. Now that there are no more movies, Robert Pattinson can finally be free of his sparkly shackles, and

he can go on to make other movies. He’s already done wizards, elephants and vampires. Maybe he can try something a little less supernatural and hopefully even better. The rest of the cast should just let this be their chance to fade away, sink into their coffin forever, or just burst into a cloud of glitter and leave us alone.

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Free Jolly Fun in Chicago

By Lauren Dwyer Features Editor Christmas is coming! You know what that means, it is time for Christmas lights, hot cocoa, warm fireplaces, and holiday music galore. It also means that it is time for you to head into the great city of Chicago for some pre-holiday fun. Here are some fun things that are happening this month to get you warmed up for Christmas this year. And they are all free! Ice Skating in Millenium Park Lace up your skates and glide around the ice rink while you are surrounded by the beautiful city around you. Imagine ice skating with your closest friends and family while you enjoy the view of the lights all around you. Sounds like a good time, right? Well, Millenium Park is giving you just that perfect opportunity to have some fun this winter. If you love ice skating, or

maybe you want to try it out for the first time, get to Millenium Park’s ice rink. Admission is free and if you do not own your own ice skates, they offer rentals for just ten dollars. However, you will need to get there at a decent time since they are first come first serve. Macy’s Holiday Windows Peering into the holiday displays that Macy’s puts out every year is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. I love watching the magic as the animated characters move about and tell a story. Not only are they amazing to see, it also does not cost a thing to look at them. Each year, the windows have a different theme and the theme this year is “The Magic of Christmas”. After you are done checking out the windows outside, head inside to warm up and take a peek at The Great Tree in the Walnut Room. You will be amazed by

Chicago nights are the perfect time and place to ice skate!

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this 45-foot tree that is covered in over 15,000 lights! ZooLights in Lincoln Park Zoo Lincoln Park Zoo is hosting its annual ZooLights extravangza again this year. Each year, the zoo puts up millions of lights for the public to come see. This year is clearly no exception. Each weekend until December 23rd, the zoo will flip on the lights for the holidays from 5-9pm Friday-Sunday. Admission is free and they have plenty of fun festivities to check out. You could Hundreds of carolers sing their favorite Christmas songs as one at the Bean. meet Santa, watch ice carvers at Of course, this event is however there will be two separate work, and of course see some wild completely free and happens Friday performances. animals. Where else can you see nights starting at 6pm. The first performance is at lions and tigers and Santa, oh my…? noon and the second is at 3pm. Dance-Along Nutcracker As an added bonus, there will be Christmas Carols at Cloud Gate You have probably heard of dance lessons at 11am and also at Every Friday night from now sing-alongs, but how about a dance- 2pm. But wait, I have not gotten to until December 21st, you can head along? That is right, a dance-along. the best part! The entire experience to Cloud Gate, or better known as T h e C h i c a g o C u l t u r a l is free! “The Bean” in Millenium Park for Center will be hosting the Dance- As you can see the holiday Christmas Caroling. Along Nutcracker. Guests are season is filled with a lot of fun Hundreds of carolers show encouraged to dance along with festivities and excitement. You do up each year, some alone, some the professional dancers in this not have to pull out great big wads as chorus groups to rejoice in the interactive performance. of cash to enjoy yourself this season. spirit of singing along to all of those There is no age limit and Save that money to buy your well-known Christmas songs. You everyone is welcome, even if you family and friends something nice too can join them in singing your are not a dancer yourself. The show while you experience things that favorite Christmas tunes. will only be one day, December 9th, will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Rainy Day Movie List: Basketball Edition By Damone Griffin Features Correspondent Welcome to the Rainy Day Movie List: Basketball Edition. Do you love the sound of squeaking shoes on a wooden court, underdog stories, and the wacky antics of cartoon athletes? If you do, this list is for you. Glory Road (2006) This is a film based off the incredible true story that changed the face of college basketball. Glory Road chronicles the story of the 1966 Texas Western University Men’s Basketball Team and their unbelievable coach Don Haskins. What makes this story so special is the fact that Don Haskins was the first coach in the NCAA Men’s Basketball history to start five African American players during a game. People forget that there was a time when there was not a general consensus that African Americans could be better at basketball than Caucasians. Haskins and his very diverse group of players took the college basketball world by storm, and together they fought through adversity and controversy to become national champions. The film is an accurate description of the inspirational true story with a perfect cast that fit the real life heroes that were a part of this amazing team.

Space Jam (1996) Everyone who was a kid in the 90s saw this movie and loved every minute of it. Some people probably believe this movie does not belong on this list, but it does for two reasons: Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. Bugs Bunny is the greatest cartoon character ever, and anyone who thinks it is that mouse from Disney is poorly misinformed. Bugs Bunny displayed how creative, witty, and originally funny he could be on the big screen. Bugs and the rest of the Looney Tune crew are in danger of being taken as prisoners by a team of creatures that challenge them to a basketball game to decide their fates. This is where Michael Jordan comes in; and who better for the Tune Squad to recruit than the greatest basketball player ever? I knew there had to be some magical inspiration behind his first comeback.

The film shows a powerful message about there being more to life than just basketball and that the bar should be set as high as possible so athletes can achieve their true potential on and off the court. The movie does an excellent job of showing this remarkable t r a n s fo r m a t i o n a n d h ow i t essentially saves these young men’s lives.

Coach Carter (2005) Coach Carter is a film with a message that goes beyond the game played on the hardwood with a ball named Spalding. Samuel L. Jackson puts on a dazzling performance as he plays a former high school basketball star that gets hired to coach at the very high school he won state titles at as a player. He finds out that his team is full of arrogant and unmotivated young boys that he slowly starts to mold into men.

White Men Can’t Jump (1992) Playing pick-up games on courts out in the streets is part of the essence of basketball. Professional players around the world in various leagues get paid handsome salaries for their services, but what about the players on the streets? They work hard and log in many long hours to earn the respect of other players but they do not get paid at all. In the film, White Men Can’t

Get off the bench and check out these game changers.

Jump, the best players on the street find a way to get paid for their brilliant skills and hard work. The movie stars Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as two street ballers that hustle other players out of their money because these same players make a bold assumption about Harrelson’s character. They assume he cannot play because he is white, which is why the hustle works so effectively. This movie is full of very funny and entertaining scenes that fans will enjoy watching and laughing out loud. The characters Snipes and Harrelson play are just as witty and sharp on the court as they are off the court; they are a dynamic duo everyone will remember for years. Hoosiers (1986) Hoosiers is considered by many to be the most classic basketball movie ever.,,

Gene Hackman stars as a tough, gritty, and at times volatile coach who is trying to lead a small town high school team located in rural Indiana to a state championship in 1952. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders because the town is extremely passionate about basketball and will not stand for failure. Hackman’s character shows an incredible passion for the game and was not afraid to get in his players’ faces and motivate them. He would make Bobby Knight proud with his multiple temper tantrums. The movie also shows how much passion and intensity one town can have over their love for the game of basketball. Watching Hoosiers should be a special experience for not just basketball fans but for the whole audience.

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Cougars Cross Country Season Comes to an End By Will Weyant Sports Editor Back on November 17th, the Saint Xavier University men’s and women’s cross countr y teams were represented by junior Brian Corcoran, freshman Eric Hancock, senior Ashley Shares, and junior Jordan Wallace to compete in the NAIA Cross Country National Championships. Corcoran finished ninth overall at the CCAC championships conference meet, while Hancock took 18th place which allowed them to qualify to compete at the NAIA Championship. Shares finished in sixth place at the CCAC Championship and Wallace finished in 17th place to qualify for the NAIA Championship. The event was held at Fort Vancouver Historic Site in Vancouver, Washington. Corcoran

and Hancock competed in an 8k, and Shares and Wallace competed in a 5k. For the men’s team, Corcoran finished the NAIA Championship placing 82nd overall out of 309 top competitors with a time of 25:58. Hancock finished in 135th place at the meet with a time of 26:30. For the women’s team, Shares finished in 66th place out of 320 competitors with a time of 19:07. Wallace finished the contest placing 151st with a time of 19:54. Both of the Saint Xavier Cross Country teams ended up finishing in 3rd place in the CCAC. For the women, Olivet Nazarene won their third straight CCAC title. For the men, Saint Francis, IL won the men’s CCAC title. Congratulations to the Cougar’s Cross Country teams!

Magee’s Minute Amanda Magee Senior Sports Editor

Junior Brian Corcoran.

SXU Athletics

Senior Ashley Shares.

SXU Athletics

Bold Predictions for NFL Week 13 VS.

Brandon Swanson- Falcons

VS. Brandon Swanson- Giants

Joshua Humphry- Falcons They have too many weapons to be stopped right now. A.J. Paape- Saints

The Falcons have been playing better this season and the Saints have been having coaching issues.

The destroyed the Packers last week and will continue to roll against the Redskins.

The Giants are going to the playoffs and right now there is no team that can stop them including the Washington Redskins. Amanda Magee- Giants

A.J. Paape- Redskins The Saints high powered offense will put up more points in this shootout and come out victiorious. Greg Pilafas- Saints I’m going with the Saints in this one because they know that the season is on the line. If they lose in the game, their playoff chances could be over. Drew Brees had a rough game against the 49ers this past week and he will right the ship as they knock off the 10-1 Atlana Falcons.

Amanda Magee- Falcons The Falcons are 10-1 this season and the Saint are coming off a tough loss to the San Fransisco 49ers and I am going to go with Atlanta on this one. Will Weyant- Saints The Falcons have not been playing their best football lately and I think the Saints will take advantage.

Junior Zach Dolph Sets New School Record for Tackles in a Season

This will be a very close game but I think that on the national stage RGIII will shine again and win the game for the Redskins.

The Giants are coming off a big win against the Green Bay Packers last week and they will be able to defeat the Washington Redskins this coming week.

Greg Pilafas- Giants

Will Weyant- Giants

The Giants dominated Green Bay last week, 38-10, and they will continue their hot play against the Redskins this coming week.

The Giants came out of the little slump they were in and beat the Packers. I don’t think Washington will be a problem.

Joshua Humphry- Giants

This past Saturday, junior linebacker Zach Dolph was named the Outstanding Defensive Player of the Game after a 35-21 victory over University of the Cumberlands. However, he accomplished an even more impressive honor during this game as well. At the conclusion of the game, Dolph upped his season tackle record to 120, surpassing the previous mark of 119 set by Mike Lally and Mike Kelly. This accomplishment earned Dolph a new school record for tackles in a season. Dolph has contributed 62 solo tackles and 58 assisted tackles throughout the season. He has played in each of the Cougar’s games this year. Head coach Mike Feminis said, “Zach is having a tremendous year, all All-American caliber season. “Mike Lally was one of the best, if not the best, defensive players to ever put on a Cougar football uniform and for Zach to pass his tackles total from 2009 goes to show you the type of production he is bringing to our defense. He has been a large part of our success this year.” Congratulations to Dolph o n b ot h o f h i s i mp re s s i ve accomplishments during the NAIA Football Championship Series Quarterfinals and good luck in the Semifinals this Saturday!

Women on a Roll; Hand Cardinal Stritch First Conference Loss

By Brandon Swanson Sports Correspondent

The SXU Women’s basketball team has been surging lately as they have won three straight games. They have been getting some very impressive performances out of their players as well. B a c k o n Nove m b e r 14 the women defeated Roosevelt University 59-57. It was a very tight contest, but the Cougars eventually pulled out the win. The SXU defense was tight as they piled up 11 turnovers and caused 21 Roosevelt turnovers. Morgan Stuut was a main factor in the game as she scored a team high 21 points on the night to help lead Saint Xavier to the victory. Caitlin McMahon also had a nice game. In her first start for the Cougars she scored 4 points and pulled down a whopping 10 rebounds. The game went back and forth throughout, and it was Niara Harris who had a lay-up in the final moments of the game to seal the victory for SXU. That brought the Cougars record to 2-1 and then

they were headed to play Trinity Christian on the road. Going into the Trinity game Saint Xavier was the clear favorite and they proved that on the court. Stuut turned on beast mode as she scored 20 points and pulled down a school record 23 rebounds. With that, Stuut broke the previous record of 19 rebounds which was set by Brittany Jones back on January 22, 2011 against Purdue University-Calumet. This was a great honor and achievement for Stuut who continues to impress in her sophomore year. Stuut was so excited after the achievement, “I couldn’t stop smiling. It became my goal last year to get it and I was shocked I got it already.” Suzie Broski was also very impressive in this contest scoring 16 points and nabbing 4 steals. It has been a very impressive season so far for the tandem of Stuut and Broski as they continue to look like one of the most dangerous duos in the conference. However, they would not be as good as they are if it was not for the extraordinary play of the other

players around them. The Cougars definitely have a strong supporting cast and we saw them come on strong when it counted: against Cardinal Stritch. The #6 team Saint Xavier was matched up with the #19 team Cardinal Stritch right before the Thanksgiving Holiday and they wanted to make the most of it. The last time SXU played a ranked opponent they were defeated at home by the Olivet Nazarene University Tigers 100-88. The Cougars were determined to not let that same kind of outcome happen again. The Cougars started off behind early as it was 14-13 with 14 minutes remaining in the first half. However, it was a Broski jumper that gave the Cougars the lead and then that led to a 15-2 Saint Xavier run. The Cougars were able to force 12 turnovers and collect six steals in the first half, beating Cardinal Stritch at their own game. Stuut was solid once again as she scored 23 points to along with five big blocks and 13 rebounds. However, it was the supporting

cast that was really able to step up big for the Cougars. Harris had 10 points and junior Chrissy Heine had six points and three rebounds. Maloree Johnson also had a productive night going four of six shooting and getting eight points. When asked about stepping up and having a strong court presence Heine had this to say, “Coach has emphasized during practice and after games that someone needed to step up and I felt that I am more of a defensive threat and communicating with my teammates makes playing on the court much easier. I felt the more that I talked to them I could anticipate where the ball was going and where my teammates were on the court, making it easier to play as a team and not crowd one area, which made spacing for everyone to create scoring opportunities.” The Cougar’s biggest lead of the night was 29 points and they easily handled the Wolves defeating them 77-50. It was a strong performance for SXU as they handed Cardinal Stritch their first conference loss.

It was a huge conference win for Saint Xavier and all the girls were very happy about it. “It was exciting to beat them especially because they were undefeated”, said freshman Caitlin McMahon. It was the first loss suffered by the Wolves on the season and now Saint Xavier has definitely positioned themselves right at the top of the standings with Olivet. It was not only a big win, but it was the first home win for the Cougars. Maloree Johnson had this to say about the home win. “Every game is a big game but getting our first home victory was very exciting. We came out strong from the beginning and maintained our great team play until the end of the game. It was important that we came out and got the win against a ranked team, especially being that Cardinal Stritch is in our conference.” The Cougars record is now 4-1. They will travel to Calumet College of St. Joseph (Ind.) tonight to get win number 5 on the season. The game is set for a 5:30 p.m. start.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Xavierite

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No. 14 Saint Xavier Men’s Basketball at 3-3 to Begin Season Cougars defeat Trinity Christian, Roosevelt, fall to Cardinal Stritch

By Greg Pilafas Deputy Editor in Chief The No. 14 ranked Saint Xavier men’s basketball program is at .500 through six games this season with an overall mark of 3-3 and a 3-2 record in Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) play. Since November 14, SXU is 2-1 with wins over Roosevelt University and Trinity Christian College and a loss against Cardinal Stritch University (Wis.). St ar ting with the game against Roosevelt University on Wednesday, November 14, the Cougars defeated the host Lakers 104-74. Saint Xavier was sparked by junior guard Brad Karp and senior forward Dominique Harvey who scored 23 and 22 points, respectively. Har vey also recorded six assists and six rebounds along with his scoring production. SXU never trailed in the game and with 3:49 left to go in the second half the Cougars posted their largest lead of the game at 34 points. Saint Xavier got the majority of its scoring off of 18 total turnovers by Roosevelt University by turning those turnovers into points, scoring 32 off of miscues by the Lakers. Karp led SXU with a total of three steals and senior point guard Roosevelt Green chipped in two steals as well. In the contest against Trinity Christian College on Saturday, November 17, the Cougars had to dig deep and play hard at the end

of the game to come out of Palos Heights, Ill., with a 106-103 victory over the host Trolls. Saint Xavier was paced by Karp and Harvey once again who each posted 28 points on the afternoon, Harvey had a double-double in the game with 13 rebounds to go with his big scoring output. SXU had three players reach the 20-point mark as sophomore guard Jack Krieger joined Karp and Harvey with his own 24 points and eight boards. Although the Cougars never trailed in the game, they found themselves in a battle with only seconds to go in the contest. At the 7:21 mark of the first period, Saint Xavier had their biggest lead of the day at 19 points, but TCC fought back to cut the lead down to a single point in the final moments of the game. Junior guard Joel Morris made a layup for TCC and was fouled with 36 seconds to go and that brought the lead to just two points for the visitors. Morris went to the line and made the free throw to cut the SXU lead down to 104-103. A layup by Harvey with 19 seconds left put the game out of reach and gave the Cougars the three-point (106103) victory over Trinity Christian College. In the most recent game against Cardinal Stritch University (Wis.) on Tuesday, November 20, Saint Xavier fell to the visiting No. 5 ranked Wolves, 86-81. Karp led SXU in the game recording a gamehigh 30 points along with another

game-high 12 rebounds. CSU also had a 30-point scorer in senior center Darren Moore who proved to be an absolute force in the game. Moore also recorded eight rebounds in the game along with his scoring production. The Cougars had three players reach double-digits in points, along with Karp, Green scored 13 points with four assists and senior point guard Anthony Grant chipped in 15 points and two steals. Saint Xavier also had a nice game from freshman forward Joshua Mawhorr who scored eight points and grabbed three rebounds off the bench. At the 8:14 mark of the second half, SXU found themselves up by 13 points and had reached the largest lead of the contest. A big run though by the visiting Wolves, 26-8, would turn the game in their favor. The Cougars found themselves tied at 78 with 2:35 to go after Moore hit a free throw to tie the game. Moore nailed two more free throws to give the Wolves the advantage 80-78 and the visitors did not look back en route to the 86-81 victory. S a i n t X av i e r t r ave l s to Whiting, Ind., for its next game against Calumet College of St. Joseph (CCSJ) on Wednesday, November 28. The game is set to tip-off at 7:30 p.m. SXU will try to get back on track against the Crimson Wave when they travel over to Indiana and they will return home for

Junior guard Brad Karp scored 30 points against CSU last Saturday.

their next home game on Saturday, December 1, against Judson University at 3 p.m. The game will take place at the Shannon Center and the Cougars will be looking to improve their home record with a

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victory over the visting Eagles. Good luck to Saint Xavier as they take on some more conference opponents coming up this week.

Chicago’s own Corky Siegel and Jim Schwall, with their legendary Siegel-Schwall Band, put their unique blues spin on the holidays in A Blues Christmas. The show is Saturday, Dec. 15th at 8 p.m.


The Beverly Arts Center Professional Theater Series presents: “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play”, based on the heartwarming classic holiday film. The play will be performed Nov. 30th through Dec. 2nd & Dec. 7th through Dec. 9th. Special discounts are available on this show for SXU students, faculty, & staff.

SXU Athletics

Second City invades on Dec. 29th at 8 p.m. for their hilarious: Dysfunctional Holiday Revue. A sketch comedy show with a little improv and song thrown in for good measure.

For tickets call 773-445-3838 or buy online at

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SPORTS Cougars Take Care of Business; Move on to Semi-Finals By Alan Paape Sports Correspondent The St. Xavier Cougars had a very impressive showing in the first round of NAIA Playoffs two Saturdays ago when they shutout William Penn University 31-0. With the win, the Cougars moved on to the quarterfinals of the playoffs to face the University of the Cumberlands. St. Xavier faced the Cumberlands in the first round of the 2010 NAIA playoffs, and the Cougars came away with a huge 6619 victory. In the last game against the Cougars, Patriots running back Terrance Cobb had a huge game and he scored all three touchdowns against the Cougars. The Cougars would need to stop him if they wanted to win this game. The Cougar offense would take the field to start the game. The offensive unit was led down the field by Jimmy Coy, who did not throw a single incompletion in four pass attempts on the opening drive. Linebacker Dave Marciano capped off the 70-yard scoring drive with a one yard touchdown run. The Patriots would answer back though on the very next possession. On their very first possession of the game, the Patriot

offense was able to do something that William Penn could not do the previous week, put points on the scoreboard. The Patriots found the end zone on nine yard touchdown run by receiver Willie Gibson. The Cougars would regain the lead just a couple of minutes later. The Cougars offense stalled once they found the red zone, but Spencer Nolen was able to give the Cougars the lead with a 25-yard field goal. At the end of the first quarter of play, the Cougars led 9-7. The Cougars would add to their lead on their very first possession of the second quarter of play. Coy capped off a five play 67-yard scoring drive with a 14-yard rushing touchdown. This touchdown increased the Cougar lead to nine points. Later on in the second quarter of play, the Patriots would answer back with their second touchdown of the day. After the Cougars fumbled the ball on offense the Patriots took over on offense with great starting field position. Seven plays and 50-yards later the Patriots found the end zone on a 12yard touchdown run by D’Angelo Jordan. After the ensuing kickoff, the Cougars found themselves with just over a minute to work with before

the end of the half. After a huge 35yard completion to Wes Gastel and a roughing the passer penalty the Cougars found themselves inside the Patriot ten yard line. After not being able to punch the ball in for a touchdown on their first three plays from inside the ten yard line, the Cougars called a timeout with nine seconds on the clock. The Cougars field goal unit huddled up on the field on the fourth and goal play from the three yard line. The Cougars broke the huddle and scurried to the line of scrimmage to catch the Patriots off guard. The field goal unit lined up with the holder, Pat Kelso under center and Cole Midgett in the backfield. When the Cougars snapped the ball, Kelso pitched the ball to Midgett who found the end zone from three yards out. At the half, the Cougars lead was 23-14. The Cougars continued to put points on the scoreboard in the second half of play. Nolen converted on his second field goal of the day, this time from 31-yards out, to extend the Cougar lead to 12 points. After a poor punt by the Patriots, the Cougars had great field position at the Patriot 39-yard line. After a nine yard completion to Shane Zackery, the Cougars

Cougars Compete at Nationals

By Amanda Magee Senior Sports Editor The Saint Xavier women’s volleyball team made its third NAIA Volleyball National Championship appearance on November 17 in Livonia, Mich. The Cougars faced Madonna University in the opening round and fell to them in four matches with scores of 18-25, 15-25, 25-23 and 16-25. Senior outside hitter Kelly Knudsen led the team offensively

with 11 kills. Two other seniors, Kayla Mullaney and Colleen O’Hara, were also tough offensively finishing with eight kills apiece. Desiree Aramburu, a senior setter and the 2012 Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC) Player of the Year, finished the night with a team best 27 kills as well as contributing eight digs. Defensively, senior libero Christine Bowe and sophomore defensive specialist Dominique Aramburu led the team with 10 digs each.

With the loss, the Cougars wrapped up their 2012 season. The women finished with a record of 31-13 overall and 18-1 in conference. Their impressive conference record earned the team a second place ranking in the final 2012 CCAC poll. Saint Xavier also finished second in this years CCAC Volleyball Tournament. Congratulations to all of the women for an outstanding season, and congratulations to the seniors on an impressive career!

were set up with a second and one from the Patriot 30-yard line. Coy handed the ball off to Nick Pesek who was able to find the end zone from thirty yards out. The only points the Cougar defense would give up in the second half of play came on a 60- yard touchdown run by Cobb of the Patriots. The Cougars would go on to add a field goal for insurance in the fourth quarter, and go on to win the game 35-21. Coy was named the Offensive player of the game, and Zach Dolph was named the Defensive player

of the game. With the win, the Cougars advanced to the semifinals of the NAIA Playoffs for the fourth straight year. This Saturday, December 1, the Cougars will travel to Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa for their chance to go back to the national title game in Rome, Georgia. WXAV 88.3FM and will have all of your coverage for this game beginning with pre game coverage starting at 11:30am, with kickoff to follow at noon.

Senior quarterback Jimmy Coy rushes for a touchdown.

Michael Grimm/Media Services

Senior Spotlight

Desiree Aramburu (Setter)- Team leading 1,425 assists and added 432 digs in 2012. Also won 2012 CCAC volleyball player of the year.

Kelly Knudsen (Outside Hitter)Selected as September World Hyundai Athlete of the Month. Led the team in points scored with 523. Second on the team in kills (451). Also added 39 service aces and 60 total blocks. Earned first team allconference honors.

Christine Bowe (Libero)- Led the team in digs (663). Third on the team in assists (75). Earned secondteam all-conference honors.

The Saint Xavier women’s volleyball team had their season end against Madonna University at Nationals.

SXU Athletics

Colleen O’Hara (Middle Blocker)Third on the team in kills (333) and second in total blocks (89). Earned first team all-conference honors.

Kayla Mullaney (Outside Hitter)Led the team in kills (459) and service aces (50). Also contributed an impressive 388 digs. Second on the team in points scored with 520. Second on the team in points per set with 3.56 which is right behind Knudsen with 3.58. Fourth on the team in assists with 35 and also fourth in total blocks with 21. Earned second team all-conference honors.

November 28th, 2012  

This is the 11th issue of the Xavierite 2012-2013 school year.