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SXU Athletics Hall of Fame Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor

Hall of Fame Members

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On Saturday, February 1, five members of the Saint Xavier University community were inducted into the Athletics Department Hall of Fame. The five inductees were: Women’s Soccer player Lissa Coby, class of ’08 and ’13; Head Baseball Coach (1993-2014) and Assistant Athletics Director Mike Dooley; Baseball player Luke Gregerson, class of ‘06; Women’s Volleyball player Traci Collins, class of ’08; and Football player Chris Rodgers, class of ‘08. Since it’s beginning in 1990, when Saint Xavier saw the induction of the first seventeen members of the Athletics Hall of Fame, there have been 122 inductees including the five from Saturday. When asked what he believes goes into choosing those athletes for induction Athletic Director Bob Hallberg explains that the mentality is, “Lets concentrate on finding someone whose not only good but outstanding. That begins with the recruitment of athletes who are good citizens, and then focuses on an athlete’s statistics that put him or her beyond

others.” According to Hallberg if we based the decision off of leadership the amount of inductees would be much broader with more people. Previous years have seen larger groups of athletes being inducted at one time, especially during the early years of the Hall of Fame which began almost twenty years after the Athletic Department was created in 1971. According to Rob Huizenga, Assistant A.D./Sports Information who Chaired the Hall of Fame committee, they are trying to reformat the process and make it more consistent. This includes having the program occur every other year and keeping the number of inductees at five or six. Around September of each year all athletic coaches nominate exceptional former Saint Xavier Athletes, approximately 15 to 20, for the Hall of Fame committee to go through. This year the committee consisted of Rob Huizenga, Myra Minuskin, Jay Battles, and Lisa Eble. When it comes to deciding which

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Saint Xavier Online, the Future of Education?

Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Computer in a classroom

Zombie Gardening

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SXU Celebrates Black History

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Saint Xavier University has embraced its online courses and has reinforced the belief that online components are perfectly complementing traditional face-to-face courses. The use of online courses at Saint Xavier has recently been in the spotlight, as seen by Saint Xavier’s graduate nursing program obtaining a number one ranking by US News and World Report. Online or hybrid courses have also been taken by students in other majors outside of nursing. Senior psychology major Paige Jeffrey stated, “I liked it, I liked being able to complete assignments online while also receiving instruction,” when referring to her online course at Saint Xavier. These recent accolades have been noticed among university faculty and has brought on the question, is online education the future of collegiate academics? When asked if the future of collegiate education is rooted in online courses, Saint Xavier’s academic affairs provost, Dr. Paul DeVito stated that he believes there always will be traditional classrooms in undergraduate education, but technology will be present in these classrooms where appropriate. In terms of demand for online instruction, provost Dr. DeVito believes most demand lies with graduate students

who have busy schedules, families, and demanding jobs and prefer the convenience of online instruction. Provost Dr. DeVito’s belief is that, “Online integration is utilized where it fits, such as graduate level professional disciplines like business and nursing.” Saint Xavier has shown their interest in technological and online integration, and provost Dr. DeVito was proud to point out that Saint Xavier has promoted this integration with the CIDAT center and the switch from Blackboard to Canvas. With the pieces in place for online integration will faculty at Saint Xavier jump aboard the online bandwagon? Communication professor Dr. James Walker has a similar view to provost Dr. DeVito that a full online classroom experience will never take over traditional face-to-face classrooms. Dr. Walker firmly believes that many students need that human element in the classroom, an element not present in the anonymity of online classes. As well, Dr. Walker was quick to mention that faculty will always use their preferred methods of instruction, but this does not mean that professors are shying away from utilizing online components in the classroom.

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SXU Hall of Fame 2014

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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University Relations Recieves Awards The Xavierite Call 773.298.3380 Fax 773.298.3381 E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

Staff: Editor in Chief Becki Brown Deputy Editor in Chief Brittany Klyczek Senior News Editors Catlyn Hicks News Editor David Rodriguez Senior Viewpoints Editor Brian Laughran Viewpoints Editor Bridget Goedke Senior Features Editor Lauren Dwyer Features Editor Kristin Mabry Senior Sports Editor Tim Carroll Sports Editor Frank Markasovic Business Manager Janna Eudave Copy Editors Damone Griffin Zhana Johnson Brittany Klyczek Webmaster Nicole Callsen Photographer Linda Hamed Designer The Xavierite Staff Correspondent Zhana Johnson Contributor Jake Alleruzzo

David Rodriguez News Editor The Department of University relations received three Education Digital Marketing Awards for 2013. The awards were Gold for Saint Xavier University’s Student Blogs, silver for their video, “Reimagine Boldly,” and a merit award for Saint Xavier’s Institutional website. The Educational Marketing Awards are awarded by the Higher Education Marketing Report, the most widely read publication for educational marketers. Saint Xavier University was judged in the four-year institutions with 2,000 to 4,999 enrollment group. Saint Xavier’s Student Blogs are called “Cougar Diaries.” Currently there are four student bloggers. They can blog on anything they choose, but usually their blogs are about experiences related to Saint Xavier University. One Student blogger, Macy Zamudio, was surprised by the award but was glad to know that people read and appreciate her blog. For her, the most enjoyment she recieves from her blog is sharing her experiences. She simply said, “I like sharing my life, its fun!” Saint Xavier’s video, Reimagine Boldly, can be seen on Youtube at watch?v=1wknTHKhHGw. The video recounts alumni’s and current student’s positive experiences at Saint Xavier University. It also illustrates the history of Saint Xavier University through pictures depicting its graduating classes. It was published to Youtube on March 5, 2013. Saint Xavier University’s main website that was revamped last year received a merit

Higher Education Marketing Report

Hall of Fame from page 1 nominees will be inducted there is not set criteria, although there are guidelines. First, the athletes have to have been alumni for about five years. Then, they look at each individual’s athletic accomplishments while here at Saint Xavier. One such accomplishment shared by many Hall of Fame members is being named an All American, marking each athlete as one of the best in the nation, as well as each athlete’s individual stats. Lastly, there is also the feedback from the coaches, which goes beyond just nominating a player or players, but also expanding on what makes the player so eligible. Huizenga explains that when making this decision the committee focuses on each athlete’s accomplishments while here at Saint Xavier, but every once in a while there is an inductee whose accomplishments achieved after leaving Saint Xavier is also taken into consideration. This is seen most recently through inductee Luke Gregerson who went on to a baseball career in the major leagues. While Huizenga has previously worked

award. The website renovations were geared mostly toward making the website easier to navigate and adding support for mobile devices. These awards come to a department with a history of success. Saint Xavier’s Department of University Relations has earned many awards like these in the past.

Past awards include Gold Trumpet Awards and Silver Trumpet awards. Those awards are given by The Publicity Club of Chicago. This past June, University Relations received two Silver Trumpet awards for their campaign video in 2012 and the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Saint Xavier Magazine to add to their growing collection.

in the past on helping coordinate the event, this was his first year chairing the committee. When asked his thoughts on this year’s inductees he said this is, “One of our best induction classes ever. As a committee, we really wanted to focus on the fact that the Hall of Fame is our highest honor. Each individual was an easy target for an award of this magnitude because they were standouts while they were here.” This event is more than just a ceremony, but also a dinner celebration that includes not only Saint Xavier coaches and staff as well as past and present inductees, but also family friends and former teammates of these inductees. Because of the events magnitude, more goes into it than just nominating and deciding on which athletes should become a part of the Hall of Fame. Huizenga stated that two other faculty members that deserved credit for this event were Eileen Watson, Athletics Office Coordinator, and Jennifer Kenyeri, Director of Special Events, both of whom played a big role in the logistics of this massive event. For more information regarding the Athletics Department Hall of Fame’s most recent inductees turn to page 11 of Sports.

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Director of Student Media Peter Kreten Front page photo credits: The Xavierite,, Adam Kessel, SXU Athletics

Hall of Fame Pamphlet

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The communication department is currently offering many hybrid courses that mix online and traditional classroom instruction seen in the communication department’s communicating with social media course. Dr. Walker even stated that the communication department would be offering a full online course, Internet as communication, during the next academic year. The demand for these courses, in the view of Dr. Walker, lies with undergraduate students who have adjusted to the necessary responsibilities of undergraduate coursework and can take on the task of online instruction without the constant presence of an instructor. The ever-growing presence of technology and online integration within collegiate academics has grown rampant the past few years, and Saint Xavier has joined in on the growth of online instruction. Saint Xavier University’s number one ranked and accredited online nursing program has brought the university acclaim on the national level and put themselves in the league of institutions such as Johns Hopkins University. The future of online academics at Saint Xavier is bright and focused on making the best of the online integration where it best fits, however we probably will not ever see the end of traditional classroom instruction. As explained by Dr. Walker, “Students seek out a four year university for that faceto-face instruction, if people wanted online only they would be looking elsewhere.” So the next time you enroll in courses at Saint Xavier consider if they are offered online, and just maybe take that dive into the virtual world of classroom instruction.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Saint Xavier Celebrates Black History Month

David Rodriguez News Editor Saint Xavier University will be celebrating Black History month by hosting ten events in February. The Department of Campus Life has partnered with the Black Student Union, Saint Xavier Council and University Mission and Ministry to bring students activities to commemorate this month. The opening ceremony took place on February 3 at the Butler Reception Room with a lecture by Prophetess Brunette Cross-Calbert on the origins of the AfricanAmerican Church and the role she played in it. There will be two movie screenings as part of the celebrations. On Wednesday, February 5 the film 42 will be shown in the student lounge, and on Thursday, February 20 The Express will be shown in the student lounge as well. The movies respectively recount the life of Jackie Robinson and Ernie Davis, the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. Laura Lamb, the Associate Director of Campus Life, says the event she is looking forward to the most is the trip to The DuSable Museum of African American History on Saturday, February 15 because she has never been there. The trip is being sponsored by the Department of Campus Life. It is not the only trip planned for this month; on Friday February 21 Saint Xavier Council is sponsoring a trip to see Clybourne Park, a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning theater production, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Both trips are free to Saint Xavier Students. There will also be a Poetry Jam hosted by Saint Xavier Council in McGuire Hall

on Thursday, February 13 at 7 p.m. Student can attend to hear poetry by local poets and Saint Xavier students. On Sunday, February 16, at the McDonough Chapel there will be a Student Mass and Social. The event will celebrate the first black Catholic Priest in the U.S. and open the cause for his canonization. The Black Tie Affair hosted by the Black Student Union will cap Black History Month on February 28. Starting at 7:30 p.m. the event will highlight African-Americans who had an influence on music. According to Lamb, Campus life has partnered with other Saint Xavier organizations to celebrate Black History Month for many years. It has become an annual partnership. Typically, these events get a good turn out of twenty-five to fifty students depending of the nature of the event. This year, however, many events attract more students. Many students were excited about the trips and movies that are being offered this year. Although Black History Month is meant to recongnize the important people and event of African-American history it remains a controversial celebration. Amanda Tzivas, a sophmore commuter student, says, “Although it is a sign of progress when Black History Month is celebrated, it’s important to remember that black history is a part of American history and it should not be constricted to one month out of the year.” The significance of singling out a month to celebrate a group of people in the United States may be counterproductive to race equality to some, but it will not stop students from partaking in this year’s Black History Month celebrations at SXU.

Black History Month 2014 Flyer

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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VIEWPOINTS A Moment of Self Reflection By The Xavierite Staff

Six years ago a strange tradition began. Before every Super Bowl the network hosting gets an exclusive one-on-one interview with the President of the United States. This last Sunday, Fox hosted the game and they had their most watched pundit, Bill O’Reilly interview President Barrack Obama. The interview started plainly enough. After brief introductions, O’Reilly quickly turned his questions towards the fumbles with health care, asking when President Obama realized there were problems with Fair enough, the rollout of healthcare. gov is a well-documented mess. President Obama responded by saying that after a month and half of tooling around, “three million young people signed up under their parents plan,” as well as others using the site to sign up for Medicare and Medicaid. Yet here’s where the interview takes a turn for the worst. O’Reilly interrupted President Obama (this becomes a frequent occurrence in the interview) and began what would become a slew of asking largely accusatory questions that President Obama largely tried to clarify before answering.

There is never a wrong time to take a moment of self-reflection. Though the biases of many news outlets are well-documented and have been long commented on, The Xavierite tries never to fall into games of favoritism or personal beliefs. Journalists serve many valuable functions within society. One of the most important is that they should always serve as the watchdog of the people. Mr. O’Reilly may think that he was serving that function, from our point of view, what seemed like a system of questions aimed at trapping President Obama instead of allowing a natural interview to take place and discovering fact and allowing any fiction or unsatisfactory answers to occur and pushing those concepts further. As journalists it is important to remember that there is a difference between watchdog and witch hunter. This does not mean that journalists must play softball with the people that they interview, but they must always be fair. This is where the importance of the receiver of media comes in. In other words, this is why the feedback of readers is so important.

We at The Xavierite always wish to hear from readers to comment on the job that we are doing. Should something come out that seems particularly unfair to any particular reader or should our coverage on certain campus events seem too onesided it is important that we be informed. Sometimes it is necessary for the watchdog to be watched. Perhaps the best way that this can be done is by writing a Letter to the Editor. Our policy for writing a Letter to the Editor can always be found next to the staff editorial (i.e. the article you’re reading right now). Letters may be submitted for any number of reasons. We always appreciate hearing feedback from the reader. It is important not only for the staff of The Xavierite to keep you well informed, but sometimes we need information back on how we’re doing. Here at The Xavierite we try our best, but we falter and stumble at times. We need to know when we do those things and what exactly you notice about those mistakes so that they can be better corrected.

Letter to the Editor Policy

Here at The Xavierite we try to represent the opinions of the university in our Viewpoints section. We always welcome students, faculty or other community members to voice their opinions directly by writing a Letter to the Editor. If you read something in our paper or perhaps want to talk about something that we did not cover but feel should have bee written about, write to us at thexavierite@yahoo. com with “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line. Please include your full name and major if you are a student, full name and position/ title if you are member of the staff/ faculty. Letters may be edited if they includ profanity, lebel or do otherwise not meet the standards of ethical journalism.

The College Diaries

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy? Bridget Goedke Viewpoints Editor

I have been having some philosophical discussions with some friends recently. These discussions lead to me finding an interesting concept in an article by Tim Kreider of The New York Times. The idea is this: “...a friend of mine had a dream about a strange invention; a staircase you could descend deep underground, in which you heard recordings of all the things anyone had ever said about you, both good and bad. The catch was, you had to pass through all of the the worst things people had said before you could get to the highest compliments at the very bottom.” What an interesting and frightening concept I find this to be. Upon reading this I began to far would I be able to make it down this staircase? Would I make it to the bottom knowing that positive remarks lie at the end or would the sequence of critical comments be too much take in? There is no doubt that someone, at some point in my life, has said negative things about me that were obviously never meant to reach my ears. I think I, and many others, try to uphold an “I don’t care what

What if you had to hear everything anyone has ever said about you? Good or bad...

anyone thinks about me” attitude, but the honest truth is that we all care. The opinions of others may carry more weight for some people, but we all feel that sting at least for second, a second that makes us question ourselves and our character or at the very least pokes a tiny hole in our ego, even if only temporary. Perhaps more frightening than the idea of hearing what others had to say about us would be recognizing their voices. It is highly likely that the source of the majority of this negative feedback would not be mere acquaintances who know little to nothing about us. We would be hearing the voices of people who, in fact, know us very well.

How many relationships would be ruined or dissolved as a result of the exposure of all the things we’ve said with confidence that they would never be repeated to their subject? This seems evident to me as I reflect on my own close relationships. It is, more often than not, the people we are closest to that annoy us and frustrate us the most. And, unfortunately, sometimes we make that known (although not usually to the person directly) by expressing that frustration and annoyance outwardly. I think our pitfall is that when we hear this negative feedback or comments about ourselves we associate that with a general dislike or disapproval and that is rarely the

case. As mentioned by Tim Kreider, “We can’t believe that anyone could be unkind to us and still be genuinely fond of us, although we do it all the time.” I have yet to come to a suitable conclusion on this topic. I am not certain that hearing everything people had ever said about us would benefit us, at least not right away. But its also important to keep in mind that while we would likely hear several negative things, I am confident that we would hear just as many good things that would redeem those relationships and our confidence. And, there’s a chance we would all enjoy the benefit of a changed society. To hope that we would simply stop feeling or thinking these negative things about other people would be unrealistic. But perhaps honesty would begin to prevail, we might express our comments and concerns to the people they actually concern. An interesting experiment to be sure.

If you’re looking for “The Crusader of Sanity” by Brian Laughran, go online at

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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An Interview with Adam Kessel

How did you first come up with the idea of Zombie Gardening?

I had the idea to write the book while I was visiting my parents. This visit was on a Sunday evening and we were all gathered around the TV watching the Walking Dead. It was a scene when the lead actor, Rick, was leading the group into a supermarket to loot food and medicine. The excursion quickly went downhill and the group was forced to escape an all-out zombie attack. Their escape led them into the woods. As my family and I were watching I kept naming all the medicinal and edible plants they were running past and it was then that someone said “you should write a book” and here we are.

How did you choose which plants to include in the book?

I have been working in urban environmental education initiatives in Chicago for 10 years and over that time I have developed a skill of knowing which plants have a tendency to grow in urban environments. When I started creating the plant list for the book I decided to use predominantly nonnative invasive species. These are plants that have been brought to Chicago by immigrant communities throughout our history. These plants were often brought specifically for their culinary or medicinal uses. Many of the plants in the book have really interesting stories and direct connections to ethnic communities right here in Chicago. The ecological reason for including nonnative species is harvesting these plants will not desecrate native species. It would be a best practice to harvest the plants in the book and then have a nice pocket full of seeds of a native species that you can reintroduce into our city.

Have you ever used any of these plants before? If so, when?

I have used almost all of the plants in the book. I gained most of my experience of harvesting and preparing plants when I was serving my community by running a culturally based science education program at the American Indian Center of Chicago. I had amazing mentors and teachers there that shared their knowledge with me. The American Indian Center of Chicago still has one of the most amazing medicinal plant gardens in the city. It is worth a trip up north to check it out and learn about the native species of medicinal plants that call Chicago home.

What do you hope people will gain from this book?

I hope that this book will serve as a gateway to the wilderness that is all around us in urban environments. In my work as a professional Naturalist I travel all over Chicago to educate youth and adults about the nature that is in their backyards, vacant lots, alleys, and parkways. I hope by presenting botany in this way people can start to build relationships with the environment in Chicago and reclaim some of our green spaces for community gardens or zombie gardens!

Do you plan on using this book when you teach?

I will be using the book during book signings in the spring to help people identify the zombie gardens in their neighborhoods. So yes I will certainly work the book into my curricula.

Have you ever heard of or played the game Plants vs. Zombies?

I have and it is quite an addictive game. There are no plants in the book that shoot but there are a few that sting!

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to become a published author? Patience is key! Publishing a book or article is not a sprint it is more of a long distance run and be prepared for obstacles. If you have the endurance you c an certainly get published. Good luck to all of the aspiring authors out there and I hope to read your work soon! @zombiegardening

The Verdict

Have you ever played the game Plan grow plants to defend your home from you’re thinking. How could plants possi invasion? While they can’t shoot peas or helpful when it comes to surviving the Adam Kessel’s new book Zombie Ga zombie, gardening, nature, or survival of plant life that can be found in Nort during a zombie invasion. Plant uses r from a treatment for dysentery to feve and descriptions of each plant, how yo way to prepare it. Personally, I LOVE the concept of th stunning, and the information is prese understand. Plus, it’s actually interestin end up reading a field guide to urban comedy. Zombie Gardening actually m anti-inflammatory effects of Narrow-L thought I would ever say). I’m sure everyone has seen some of if they haven’t I’m sure that they will s their hands on this (surviving in the) fi to get anyone, especially kids, into lea them. It also shows you that those “wee yard or in the sidewalk might be able The book is about 25 pages long, an information about Zombie Gardening, com. 5/5 stars

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Xavierite

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Take a sneak peek into Kessel’s world of Zombie Gardening!

nts Vs. Zombies? In the game, you m invading zombies. I know what ibly help you during a zombie r squish zombies, plants can be very e zombie horde. ardening is a must-read for any enthusiast. Kessel covers a range th America and how it can be used range from food to wart remover, er reducers. There are also pictures ou should harvest it, and the best

his book. The layout is visually ented in a way that anyone would ng. Most of the time, if you do n plant life, it is drier than British made me want to learn about the Leaf Plantain (That’s not something I

f the plants in this book before, and tart noticing them once they get field guide. This book is a great way arning more about the nature around eds” that may be growing in your to save your life one day. nd it is very easy to read. For more you can visit zombiegardeningbook.

Photos courtesy of Adam Kessel Interview and Review by Becki Brown Layout by Lauren Dwyer

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Xavierite

Homestucks Proclaim Their End is Near Kristen Mabry Features Editor

One of the longest English works is coming to a close. For over five years, Andrew Hussie has created 8,752 pages of the internet’s most popular comics. Homestuck started on July 13, 2009 as a choose-your-fate comic. He worked on internet forums, beginning the comic with silly quips and asking readers to direct the character’s actions. When popularity spiked and his muse soared, Hussie decided to close the polls and direct the comic himself. What is this about? You might ask. In short, it’s a comic about four friends playing a video game. In a more detailed lighting, it’s about the universe. Homestuck centers around four thirteen year old children; John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley. The comic begins on John’s birthday which also happens to be the day a Beta released game called SBURB, comes in the mail. He begins to play with his friends and it turns out to be the harbinger of the apocalypse. They all enter the game and their homes and family inside are transported to another realm where there are monsters. As they fight, they’re contacted by aliens call Trolls. They all try to work together to win the game. When players win SBURB, they create a new universe and build a new home to live on. A malicious being called Lord English intercepts them and brings destruction to their game session. Both the trolls and children’s hope is

to restart the game and back travel to the new game they started. To do this, they needed to travel for three years to a totally new but parallel universe. Things are dreadfully different here

Homestuck art ranges from dumb to beautiful

and they’re all faced with even more enemies than they had hoped. The reason this comic is so popular is in part to the complex story and plot. Things a normal person would shrug off in another story are direly important to Homestuck. There are also a lot of pop culture

references like Betty Crocker, Nicholas Cage, and Con Air. The comic isn’t exactly exclusive, either. Graphics, videos, and even the sound tracks are all a collaborative effort. Homestuck has a total of twenty

albums. Each album ranges from eleven songs to seventy-seven. Although some of the music may not reach the comic, Hussie includes them in credit. The fanbase of Homestuck is shockingly large. Thousands of fans flock to anime and comic conventions, dressed up as their favorite characters.

Even famous actors such as Dante Basco, the voice of Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender, read the comic. It started as a small quip about a role he played but it escalated to the actor, himself reading all 8,000 pages. Due to the comic’s inspiration, teens and young adults decided to come up with charities and good deeds. One of the most well-known charities is called the Can Town Project. It was inspired by one of the characters in the comic who made a city out of canned food. Fans bring cans from home and they build huge towns and after they’re done taking pictures, they donate all of the cans to the homeless and needy. The comic even has a video game coming out. Through Kickstarter, Hussie asked for donations that would help him fund a brand new video game. The community heard and although he asked for $500,000, they raised over 2 million dollars in thirty days. The game is in production now and the money is being put to good use. Homestuck is on one of the longest hiatuses since the comic started. Andrew Hussie is taking a break from updating the site to write and draw some concepts for the video game. The claim is that he is going to finish the comic and upload it all at once. No one has any idea what is going to happen and how things are going to end. The date is still up in the air and fans are checking back constantly to see if the final update has been done. Over five years of writing and animating, it all comes down to these final chapters. The end is near and everyone expects great things and I doubt Hussie will disappoint.

A Letter to Punxsutawney Phil Becki interrogates a groundhog and asks the hard-hitting questions Becki Brown Editor in Chief Dear Punxsutawney Phil, There are so many things that I don’t understand about you. I’ll start off with the very short list of things I do know. You’re a groundhog. You live in Punxsutawney, Penn. Every Groundhog’s Day, you predict whether or not we will have another six weeks of winter depending on if you see your shadow. Most importantly, you were in a film with Bill Murray. Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to ask you some questions. Is Phil your real name, or did you used to be Steve or Carl or Mr. Muffins? Is Phil a stage name? Seriously, there are so many Hollywood stars that use a fake name or “stage name” that I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of them. Are you related to all the other Punxsutawney Phils that have gone before you? Is being Phil something that runs in your family like being the Queen or can it go to anyone like being Santa (at least according to The Santa Clause, which is totally true)? I think it would be cool to follow in your dad and grandpa’s footsteps, but at the same time, you could have wanted to become an interior designer, and you would have had no choice in the matter. I hope that’s not true because I think you would have made a great interior

designer and you should follow your dreams. That brings me to my next question. What are your qualifications to predict the weather? Did you have to go through some school and get a degree in Meteorology to land this gig or was it just a course at a community college? There’s nothing wrong if you just took a class or two, but I want to know how I could also learn to tell how much longer winter will last just by crawling out of the ground and looking at my shadow. I think it would look really good on a resume. I know that the economy is getting rough. Do you predict the weather for other holidays? Maybe you could tell us if we’ll have a white Christmas to make a little extra money. If times get really hard, you might want to look into getting that degree in meteorology if you didn’t already get it and become a weather…groundhog. I would totally watch that to get the weather. If you aren’t trying to make ends meet by picking up odd jobs, what do you do with your time? Do you have any hobbies? Do you have a significant other (if so are they a groundhog or something else)? I bet they are very nice. Do you live in Punxsutawney all the time? Are you getting annoyed by all the questions I’m asking you? I’m starting to think you don’t even speak English. I don’t think you do. Thanks, Becki Can we really trust this hog of the ground’s prediction? No. This isn’t even Punxsutawney Phil.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dear Lauren, I feel like my boyfriend’s friends don’t like me. I try to get to know them, but they seem very stand off-ish, which makes me feel unwanted in their group. Perhaps it’s because we don’t have much in common? I typically never have an issue getting along with new people. How do I become amicable with people who haven’t given me a chance? Sincerely, Left Out of the Group

The Xavierite

Dear Left Out, Trying to make your way into a tight social circle is not an easy thing to do. I’m sure that your boyfriend’s friends don’t dislike you; they may just not know you. Maybe they aren’t even ready to have a new friend around. Like Seinfeld once said, “I actually only have three friends and I really can’t have anymore.” While you may think that the issue is that you have absolutely nothing in common with his friends, that probably isn’t true. People have a vast variety of things that they like and things they don’t like. All you

have to do is to find out what they do and don’t like. Instead of just asking them, you can just hang back and observe. Pipe up when you have something interesting to add to the conversation, but don’t force it. If you’re trying to force a conversation with people, they will continue to seem stand-offish. You also could do something nice for them. Do you like to bake? Bring some cookies to the next gathering. It might sound lame, but everyone loves cookies, and everyone loves the person that can make damn good cookies.

Aries 3/21-4/19

Taurus 4/20-5/20

Gemini 5/21-6/20

Your upbeat nature is exactly what turns people on to you. Attention is apt to turn in your direction this week.

This is one of those weeks when you could feel lethargic and downbeat. Is something holding you back, Taurus?

Your heart is apt to beat much more rapidly than usual. Love is in the air, the trees, and those around you.

You may have the sense that something is going on around you that you just can’t seem to grab hold of.

Libra 9/23-10/22

Scorpio 10/23-11-21

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21

Long-term trends may not be going the way you want them to, but you can enjoy short-term pleasures.

You may be anxious to fit things in your life into pigeonholes, especially when it comes to matters of love and romance.

You may feel like going back to being in junior high, just joining the other kids in animated discussions.

Eisenberg for Luthor Zhana Johnson Features Correspondent Something fishy is going on over at the DC/Warner Bros. camp--and no, that was not an Aquaman pun. News dropped January 31 about two new casting additions for Man of Steel’s sequel. Seemingly out of nowhere, it has been confirmed that Jeremy Irons (The Lion King, Die Hard) and Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) are playing Alfred and Lex Luthor, respectively. To reiterate, Jesse Eisenberg is playing Lex Luthor. Let that sink in for a minute. Eisenberg is widely known for his portrayal of social media entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, which he was given an Oscar nomination for, and his turn as a shy, inexperienced noob in Zombieland. This, children, is what they call a “leftfield-choice”. Why? Because no one who has ever even taken a glance at the character would think: “Yeah, that’s the guy we want as Luthor”. More notably, a lot of sweaty fans were rooting for Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) most assuredly because he has proven himself to be a formidable villain with the added bonus of a bald head. Soon after the announcement, the

Twitterverse gave voice to a couple of gags on the young actor’s behalf. One user tweeted: “Zack Snyder: we said Heisenberg not Eisenberg”. Another user alluded to the Zuckerberg complex, tweeting that “They give Lex Luthor to whoever can turn around in a chair and slow-clap the best.” In the way of decisions so far, it seems as if every casting choice has out bombed the one that preceded it. First came news of Ben Affleck as Batman and then, model and Fast and Furious alum Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Director Zach Snyder had this to say: “[Lex] is a complicated and sophisticated character whose intellect, wealth and prominence position him as one of the few mortals able to challenge the incredible might of Superman. Having Jesse in the role allows us to... take the character in some new and unexpected directions.” Despite being in his thirties, Eisenberg still looks like an anxious first year in college with a voice to match. If they are looking to take Luthor in new and unexpected directions, well, they have certainly outdone themselves. Maybe this time around we will trade the camp and greed for a much more complex and sociopathic, tech savvy billionaire.


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Cancer 6/21-7/22

Honestly though, it doesn’t really matter a whole lot if your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you. I’m sure you have your own group of friends that like you very much. It isn’t a relationship killer for you two to have separate groups of friends. You are individuals after all. Just be yourself and if they end up not wanting to be your friend, then that’s okay. Good luck and remember to always listen to Lauren! Need Advice? Go to to send in your anonymous questions!

Leo 7/23-8/22

Virgo 8/23-9/22

Duels of love and romance come climax and you’ll find that the person challenging you has quite a bit of a bite.

Your extremely overpowering emotions are apt to scare people off this week.

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

Pisces 2/19-3/20

Be careful about getting caught up with people who are careless or fickle, especially matters of the heart.

Your luck has just turned with regard to issues of love and romance! It has it turned for the better!

There may be a big conflict in your life that you seem almost powerless to control at this time. Take charge!


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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Xavierite

Slumping Hawks looking to Bounce Back! Central Division: Race for Points is on!

Frank Markasovic Sports Editor

As of late, the Chicago Blackhawks have been struggling to attain wins. The Hawks have lost 5 of their last 6 games. This performance of late has put the Hawk in a very bad place in the standings. Currently, the Hawks still hold the No.1 spot in the Central Division (as of 2/3/2014). The Blackhawks now have a record of 33-10-14 (as of 2/3/2014) with a total of 80 points in 57 games played. However, the Hawks are not too far out ahead of the rest of the division. The St. Louis Blues sit in 2nd with 79 points in just 54 games. The Blues have the 3 game advantage over the Hawks as of now. They can easily take command of the Central Division within the next few games. Behind St. Louis, are the Colorado Avalanche with 75 points in 54 games. They are also considered a close competitor in the race for the top three coveted playoff spots. The next feared competitors are the Minnesota Wild. They currently sit in 4th with 65 points in 57 games played. Now the Wild still have a ways to go, but, as shown by the trend of late by the Blackhawks, those teams above the Wild in the standings can slip up at any time and put the Wild back into the contention for the top three spots in the Central. The lower segment in the rankings of the Central Division has found themselves in a tight race for points. The Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators, and Winnipeg Jets occupy the 5th, 6th and 7th place spots in the rankings. All teams are tied with 59 points each. The only difference is the fact that Dallas has 59 points in 55 games, whereas Nashville and Winnipeg have 59 points in 57 games.

This puts Dallas at an advantage. Although they may have the upper hand currently, they, along with Nashville and Winnipeg, have a lot of work to do in order to make any difference in the standings. Last Week’s Recap Through the last week, as previously mentioned, the Blackhawks have been struggling to find points. This is a crucial point in time for the Hawks as they hope to stay on top of the Central Division before the start of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. In their last 3 games, the Hawks have lost two and won one. The losses were dealt from the San Jose Sharks and the Calgary Flames. Each game was lost in post-regulation time. Although the Hawks gained a point from each post-regulation loss, the trend of not being able to win in overtime continues for Chicago. The Hawks’ win came from an offensive push against the Vancouver Canucks. The Hawks beat the Canucks 5-2 in yet another 5+ goals-scored game. Though it was nice to see a win among all the latest losses, the Hawks need to start winning or else a continuous losing streak could possibly knock the Hawks out of the top spots in the division. Blackhawks News Aside from the struggles of late, there has been some more developments for the Hawks. Recently, the Blackhawks announced the recalling of forward Brandon Pirri. Prior to being recalled again, Pirri had played in 24 games with the Hawks.

Super Boredom: Defense Wins Championships? Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor Super Bowl Sunday rolled around and, according to the Associated Press, Nevada casinos were flooded with a record $119.4 million in bets. The only seemingly sure bet, though, was that the No. 1 offense in the NFL and the No. 1 defense in the NFL would provide a title matchup for the ages. Whoof, was I wrong. Good thing I didn’t place that bet (or any other). What was sure to be a fantastic game quickly evaporated into a snooze-fest that had me clamoring for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. (As for Bruno Mars, I could take him or leave him.) But what can we learn from the 43-8 stomping that the Seahawks put on the Broncos? Is it that, despite all the rule changes that favor offense, defense still wins championships? No, what we learned is, first and foremost, that the best team wins championships. Second, we learned that great defense can win championships over great offense, but the defense cannot do it by itself. Yes, Seattle technically scored on

defense 12 seconds into the game, but that was not directly because of their defense. It was really because of miscommunication among the Broncos’ offense. And yes, Seattle’s defense picked Manning off twice in the first half and those turnovers translated into 14 Seahawks’ points. But only the second first-half interception was a direct score for the Seahawks. So yes, the Seattle defense put their offense in the position to win the game, but the defense was not alone in winning Super Bowl XLVIII. The reason the Seahawks prevailed is simply because they were the better team. Make no mistake about it, the Seahawks’ defense played spectacularly and limited one of the best quarterbacks of all time and his team to just eight points. But there is far more to a team win than just one facet of the game. Seattle scored in all three phases, including an electric second-half kickoff return for a touchdown by Percy Harvin. It was clear that Seattle had won a team championship based on the player who was named MVP. It could easily have been a player from the defensive line, linebacking core or secondary; it could also have been the quarterback, the running back or a receiver. It was, in the end, linebacker Malcolm Smith. Who among us (who isn’t a die-hard Seahawks fan) knew who Malcolm Smith was before the playoffs began, or even before he was named the game’s MVP? Defense doesn’t win championships. Teams win championships. @TimCarroll_XAV

Seattle scored a safety 12 seconds in.

In those games he had scored 6 goals and added 5 assists. Though those numbers are not very impressive, it appears the Hawks are giving Pirri another shot at the lineup. Brandon Pirri has played in the Hawks’ last three games. He has yet to score a point, but Pirri was playing on the 2nd line for Chicago. I would like to see Pirri play more because I believe he has talent and can be developed into a great player. I am not sure as what the plans are for Pirri this season in terms of whether or not he will get more playing time. Hopefully he makes a bigger impact this time around and proves his worth to be one of the 12 players in the Chicago uniform each night.

games. He has continued to play well for the Hawks and has contributed offensively and defensively when needed. Sharpie has made the elite Three Stars list quite a few times this season and I do not see that trend stopping anytime soon. Hopefully Sharpie keeps scoring and producing points to help the Hawks get out of this slump! Toews: Captain Serious has also made an impact for the Hawks in his last three games. Tazer has scored 1 goal and added 2 assists in his last three appearances.

Frank’s Three Stars of the Week 1st: Brandon Saad 2nd: Patrick Sharp 3rd: Jonathan Toews Saad: Brandon Saad has an amazing 5 points in his last 3 games. He had an awesome performance against the Vancouver Canucks on January 29th as he scored 2 goals and added an assist to his stats. Saad also netted a goal against San Jose and registered an assist against Calgary. Saad has had a great season so far and continues to prove his worth as a top forward. He has 40 points so far on the season and is 10th in the NHL with a +/- rating of +22. Sharp: Sharpie has registered 2 goals and an assist in his last 3

“Can’t imagine Coach Q is happy with the Blackhawks’ performance as of late.”

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Xavierite

Page 11

Dooley Headlines 2014 SXU Hall of Fame Class

Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor

realize how much you have touched me,” said Dooley. “[Athletic director and women’s basketball] Coach [Bob] Hallberg and I have a saying which we both truly believe. ‘Great players make great coaches,’ and I’ll go to my grave believing that,” Dooley added. Gregerson was especially happy to be inducted on the same night as his former coach. “It’s awesome. Me and Coach [Dooley] have become pretty good friends over the years now,” said Gregerson, though he mentioned it was not always that way. “I remember freshman year—all the times I got yelled at every single day by him and I thought, ‘This guy hates me.’

Throughout my time at Saint Xavier, it turned out I just love the guy as a coach and a person,” Gregerson said. Coby said her most enduring memory from playing soccer at Saint Xavier was playing in the national tournament. “Being with the women’s soccer team and being a part of a team that not only made it to Nationals, but achieved the highest ranking SXU ever achieved for women’s soccer [is my fondest memory],” said Coby. Collins was thankful to the university for providing her the opportunity to play volleyball and make lasting personal connections. “[At Saint Xavier] I lived out my dream

The Saint Xavier University Athletics Department inducted five new members into the Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Head baseball coach Mike Dooley, whose 33-year coaching career (21 as head coach) will come to a close after this season, became only the fourth head coach in school history to be inducted to the Hall. One of Dooley’s former players, Luke Gregerson (class of 2006 and now an Oakland A), joined him as a 2014 inductee and also had his jersey number retired. Former women’s soccer player Lissa Coby (classes of 2008 and ’13), former women’s volleyball player Traci (Looby) Collins (class of 2008) and former football player Chris Rodgers (class of 2008) rounded out the 2014 Hall of Fame class. When Dooley retires at the end of the season, assistant coach Rocco Mossuto will take over the baseball program. Dooley named Mossuto as one of the former players who he has hired to coach with him and intimated how important that relationship is. “[Having former players] that are coaches is a special thrill for a coach. It also says something about what I think of them, because we don’t let everybody coach at this school,” said Dooley. Dooley thanked three groups of people in his speech but deliberately thanked his former players last. “You guys that came back tonight, and all the emails and The 2014 inductees (from left): Rodgers, (Looby) Collins, Dooley, Coby and Gregerson. phone calls I have, you’ll never

of playing the sport I love day-in and dayout and fell head-over-heels in love with my husband,” said Collins. Despite being the all-time leader in assists in Saint Xavier women’s volleyball history, Collins emphasized the importance of the team. “Individual accomplishments are nice, but they don’t mean as much to me as team success. Volleyball is a true team sport,” said Collins. Rodgers was especially happy to be inducted to the Hall of Fame with such company. “It’s an honor to be among all these friends and family, and to be among such elite talent in the Hall of Fame here is a great honor,” said Rodgers. “It’s something that I’ve wanted to be in ever since I came and saw the board with all the other inductees.” Rodgers, who coached football at Saint Xavier for a year, said that experience provided him a new perspective on what coaches do to mentor their athletes. “When you’re out on the field playing, you think that [the coaches] are just watching film, but they’re also checking your grades and making sure you’re in the right classes,” said Rodgers. “They do a lot just to make us better people.” It was a special evening for those who were inducted, their former coaches and their former teammates—one these new members of the Hall of Fame will never forget. The Xavierite congratulates the 2014 inductees to the Saint Xavier SXU Athletics University Hall of Fame and wishes them continued success.

Cougar Volleyball Still Looks Lost Damone Griffin Sports Editor I admit to being somewhat of a TV nerd I watched shows from Power Rangers to X-Men to Arthur to Static Shock. Throughout my TV viewing history I never did watch an episode of the show Lost which a lot of critics called one of the greatest of all time. I reference this show because that is what I think of when watch the SXU Men’s Volleyball team. The Saint Xavier Men’s Volleyball team is now 0-7 on the season after losing all three of their games this past week and still searching for answers like their on the island where the show “Lost” takes place. They continued their quest for the first win of the season on the road against a Division III opponent in Dominican University. The Cougars were competitive but fell once again on the road in five sets: 25-15, 19-25, 21-25, 26-24, and 10-15. Sophomore middle blocker Sam Kull led the team finishing with 14 kills and five service aces. First Year outside hitter Sean Barry and senior outside hitter Justin Cousin each pitched in 11 kills during the match. Senior middle blocker J.T. O’Connell had a good game finishing with nine kills and seven blocks and senior setter Jacob Siska had 45 assists in the match. Freshmen Dan O’Keefe played tough defensively leading the team in digs with 11. The next destination on the island was a game against No. 6 ranked Saint Ambrose University. SXU tried to make off the island but the Fighting Bees stopped them by defeating the Cougars in three sets: 17-25, 15-25, and 15-25. Freshmen Sean Barry stepped up to lead the Cougars with 10 kills to go along

with one service ace and O’Connell chipped in eight kills. Siska finished with 26 assists and led the defensive effort five digs but Saint Ambrose still finished the match with an attacking percentage of .372. Next stop for the team trapped on the island of lost souls was No. 3 ranked Missouri Baptist University. Missouri Baptist kept the team trapped on the island for a little longer with a sweep on Friday night at in the Shannon Center by the scores of 16-25, 15-25, and 18-25. Sam Kull led the team with seven kills while O’Connell pitched in six kills. Cousin had five kills and five digs in a losing effort. First Year Moises Lopez had 17 assists and four digs. Once again, I never watched an episode of the show Lost so I am not sure if they ever made it off the island but hopefully the Cougars will. The team will try to make it off the island again on Tuesday Feb. 4 against Lakeland College in Plymouth, Wis.


Spirituality for Busy People (formerly Busy Person’s Retreat) Sunday, February 9 – Thursday, February 13 You choose one hour a day for four days Mercy Ministry Center Sponsor: Mission and Ministry

Volunteer to Tutor at St. Margaret of Scotland

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2014 Time: 3-5:30pm depart from Mercy Ministry Center Sponsor: Mission and Ministry To sign up, email

Players talk during a timeout.

SXU Athletics

Intramural Floor Hockey Thursday, February 6 7:30pm Shannon Center Register online at Keyword: Intramurals

Women’s Prayer Group

Friday, February 7, 2014 11:00 am McDonough Chapel Sponsor: Mission and Ministry

Sunday Student Mass and Social Sunday, February 9 Time: 8pm McDonough Chapel Sponsor: Mission and Ministry

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Men’s Basketball Team Loses to No. 1 Cougars’ Win Streak Snapped at 17

Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor

After 17 consecutive victories since their back-to-back losses early in the season, the Saint Xavier University men’s basketball team’s string of victories came to and end on Saturday. The Cougars had the opportunity to avenge their first loss of the season to the No. 1-ranked Cardinal Stritch University Wolves on Saturday but came up short in a 93-84 heartbreaker. On Nov. 20, the Cougars traveled to Milwaukee and lost 82-74 to the Wolves, who were No. 1 at that time as well. On Saturday, though, Saint Xavier took a four-point lead into halftime behind 15 first-half points from sophomore forward Josh Mawhorr. Mawhorr, who wound up fouling out of the game in the second half, was left open behind the three-point arc four times in the first half. Despite not being known for his threepoint shooting, he knocked down three of those four attempts to spark the Cougars. Because of the foul trouble he got into, Mawhorr would only play 13 minutes in the second half and pick up only four more points. Mawhorr and the other Cougar post defenders had a tough time guarding the physically imposing, 6-9 center Garret

Brad Karp is back in action after a foot injury.

Borgrud, who played limited minutes but came up with 14 points. Behind a second-half shooting percentage of 60.7%, the Wolves roared back into the game and took the lead with 18:06 left. Saint Xavier would come close to regaining the lead on a couple of occasions, including being down by just two points with 3:46 left, but they could not quite pull it out. Saint Xavier’s all-time leading scorer, senior guard Brad Karp, had 12 first-half points and finished the game with 25.

Karp, who had not played the previous game against Holy Cross College because of a foot injury but played 39 minutes against the Wolves, was also the leading Cougar rebounder with nine. Senior guard Michael Simpson, a former Wolf, rebounded nicely from his dismal 1-of-18 performance the first time the two teams met. He scored 21 points and led the team with eight assists in 38 minutes of play. Outside of Borgrud, SXU Athletics it was the guards who gave Saint Xavier the most trouble on defense. Freshman Tyler Semenas, who had not played particularly well in the teams’ first meeting, led the Wolves with 26 points and seven rebounds. Derek Semenas, the senior brother of Tyler, was third on the team with 16 points. He was just behind fellow guard Tony Smit, who racked up 17 points. The Cougars had prepared for what promised to be a close matchup with Cardinal Stritch by squeaking out a 5750 win against Holy Cross College last Wednesday.

Playing without Karp, it was the first time this season that the Cougars had not scored at least 68 points in a game. Irrespective of a 36-36 tie with 12:08 left in the ballgame, Saint Xavier held the lead the entire way through, though never by more than nine points. The Cougar lead was down to 4948 with 3:32 left in the game before Holy Cross began to foul. The Cougars then pulled away as a result of strong free throw shooting. As a team, the Cougars went 15-of-16 (93.8%) from the free-throw line in the second half. In Karp’s absence, three players were able to score in the double-digits. Simpson was the leading scorer with 16 points and tied for the team lead with four assists. Junior guard Jack Krieger managed to score 14 points despite going 0-for-5 from three-point range. Mawhorr also eclipsed the double-digit mark with 14 points and had two blocks. With only six regular season games remaining, the Cougars will look to end the season on a win streak before competing in the CCAC tournament beginning on Feb. 25. They host Purdue University Calumet at 7 p.m. tonight. The radio broadcast of the game is available on WXAV 88.3 FM and, or you can watch the action live on

Women’s Basketball Survives, Streak Still Alive

Cougars Take Down Holy Cross and Cardinal Stritch to Extend Streak to 16 Damone Griffin Sports Editor

The month of January is over and February is now upon us but even though this is a new month two things have not changed. It still looks and feels like the inside of a snow globe outside and Saint Xavier Women’s Basketball just keeps on winning. Saint Xavier extended its amazing winning streak to 16 games with two more conference victories this past week against Holy Cross College and Cardinal Stritch University. During this impressive streak the Cougars have annihilated their opponents by an average of 20 points but Holy Cross College provided the team with a tough test. The Cougars went on the road Wednesday night to take on conference foe

Prasse puts up a jumper.

Holy Cross. It was a very close game but they prevailed 79-76 in one of their few nail bitters over these past two months. It was close game throughout even though SXU did go up by 10 at halftime but a 14-4 run by Holy Cross early in the second half canceled out that deficit. The Cougars would lead by as many as nine in the second half but the Saints would not go away. The Saints ended up putting a lot of pressure on the Cougars cutting the deficit to one at 75-74 with under 40 seconds to play in the game. The team kept their composure and junior guard Maloree Johnson, sophomore forward Caitlin McMahon, and freshmen guard Mikayla Leyden delivered key free throws in the closing moments to preserve the victory. Junior forward Morgan Stuut led the team in scoring with 23 points on 8-for13 shooting and ripped down eight rebounds. Her fellow frontcourt mate, McMahon, had a doubledouble finishing with 15 points and 10 rebounds. After the close win the Cougars turned their sights to a showdown on Saturday afternoon with conference rival, then No. 6 ranked Cardinal Stritch. SXU came out ready to play pouncing quickly on the Wolves by bursting out to 17-6 lead in the opening minutes of the game. They used tough defense, SXU Athletics high energy, and a total team

McMahon put on a dominant performance.

effort to beat the Wolves 75-63 to extend their streak to 16 wins and counting. The Cougars also improved to 9-0 at home on the season. Caitlin McMahon had a record-setting afternoon gathering the first triple-double in her young college career while breaking the school’s record for most blocked shots in a single game. She finished with 11 points on 5-for-10 shooting, 14 rebounds, and 10 blocks in 38 minutes of action. The Cougars got contributions from all over the place including of course the star forward Stuut. She also nearly had a triple-double with 16 points, 14 rebounds, and nine assists. Senior guard Niara Harris looked like the fastest player on the court Saturday slashing to the rim at will during the first half and finishing with 15 points and four assists.

SXU Athletics

Junior guard Suzie Broski finished with 12 points for the Cougars on 4-for-10 shooting and senior guard Jordan Brandt had eight points, four assists, and also was 2-for-3 from three-point range. The team played great throughout the big game leading by as many as 24 one point. The Wolves showed some resolve shaving the big lead down to eight with about two minutes to go. The Cougars buckled down defensively and did not allow the Wolves to score a point the last two minutes of the game to hold to the win. The Cougars moved to 21-3 overall and 11-1 in conference play with the win and will play No. 18-ranked Purdue University Calumet on Wednesday in a conference game that will take place at the Shannon Center at 5 p.m.

February 5th, 2014  

This is the 2-5-14 issue of the Xavierite.

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