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SXU Ends Midyear Commencement Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor

University Relations

Saint Xavier University will no longer hold midyear commencement ceremonies beginning in 2014, and instead will only be held at the end of the spring term. Ryan Cleary, the Chair of Commencement, stated, “This change was brought on to improve the commencement ceremony for students, staff, faculty, and family.” This change was not made over night, and was instead a yearlong process that committee members went through. It is not the goal of this implementation to take away from Saint Xavier University students, but to enhance the ceremony as much as possible. While there will be a small number of students that are upset, Cleary explains that, “We’re doing this for the majority of the students here at Saint Xavier.” A part of this new phase in commencement ceremonies involves the university mimicking bigger schools who often hold ceremonies for each individual school, i.e. liberal arts and sciences and business, which offers a much more intimate setting for students, faculty, and

family. This means that there will now be three separate commencement ceremonies divided into two schools, two schools, and one school with one ceremony occurring on Friday and the other two ceremonies happening on Saturday. It is important to make sure that everyone understands the distinction between graduation and commencement. Graduating can occur at the end of any of the three terms, and as soon as all of an individual’s credits and requirements have been met, such as all their bills paid, they have officially graduated and his or her degree will be mailed to him or her as soon as possible. The commencement ceremony is what Cleary describes as the party to celebrate graduating. For those who will be graduating in December and do not want to miss out on the celebration though will be able to come back that following spring to participate in the commencement ceremony. In fact, Saint Xavier University will keep track of who is eligible and then

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Bed Bugs Found in O’Brian Hall

the beg bugs spread to any other floors of O’Brien Hall. In total, Residence Life reported that less than ten beg bugs were sighted. They attribute this to a quick response time from Anderson Pest Solutions as well as the student’s early report. Residence Life urges all resident students to report issues they believe to be attributed to bedbugs as soon as possible. Keeping the mattress covers on and regular washing of bedding is also encouraged.

Bed bugs were found in a bed that looked like this one.

The Tanning Phenomenon

Simple Tips with Life Hacks

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Bring a Can If You Can

environments, Residence Life said that there was no indication that the switch to heat in University’s residence buildings contributed to the infestation. There is no clear cause of the bed bugs at all, according to Residence Life. Students of the affected room did not report any previous encounters with bed bugs. The treatment of the affected room includes another treatment scheduled for this week. No other rooms are scheduled to be inspected because Anderson Pest Solutions and Residence Life have no reason to believe

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On Tuesday, November 5, a student reported a case of beg bugs in O’Brien Hall to the Department of Residence Life. The case was reported in the morning and by that afternoon Anderson Pest Solutions, Saint Xavier University’s vendor, had inspected the room. By noon on Wednesday, November 6, the room was treated. The affected room is scheduled to be treated again on Wednesday, November 13. As a procedural step, the entire floor of the affected room was inspected. No other bed bugs were found. Andreas Pfatchbacher, a junior resident, said, “They searched my forth floor room and result confirmed that the bed bugs were only found in another room on my floor. My room had no bed bugs, but the fact that they were on my floor is disgusting.” The small infestation was limited to one bedroom of the two-bedroom suite. The suites in Obrien hall typically have two bedrooms, one on each side of a living/kitchen area. Residence Life and Anderson Pest Solutions identified this case as a normal case. There were no special circumstances. Many residents of O’Brien hall reacted negatively to the report of beg bugs found in their hall. Lorenzo Savino, a junior resident, said,” It is completely outrageous.” However, Bridget Godeke, a sophomore resident, commented, “initially it made me

nervous, but I think Residence Life handled it pretty well.” The beds at all Saint Xavier University halls are covered with a mattress cover at the beginning of the academic year. The cover is designed to prevent bed bugs; however residents are not required to keep the covers on. Residence Life Director, Katy Thompson, said that the covers are on at the beginning of the semester and are required to be on at the end of the semester, so there is an expectation that the residents keep the covers on. Although beg bugs thrive in warm

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David Rodriguez News Edtor

The Xavierite

SXU Volleyball

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

Disability Services Receives High Honor The Xavierite Call 773.298.3380 Fax 773.298.3381 E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

Staff: Editor in Chief Becki Brown Deputy Editor in Chief Brittany Klyczek

Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor Saint Xavier University’s Learning

Center and Disability Services was awarded the Outstanding Post-Secondary Program Award at the 9th Annual Illinois Statewide Transition Conference, which is given to a university or vocational program who has done and exceptional job at helping students with disabilities accomplish their goals of higher education. What many people do not realize is that the Learning Center and Disability Services are two separate and distinct units of one office that shares a mission which is stated in their brochure as follows, “The Learning Center and Disability Services office provides the academic resources to help students of Saint Xavier University develop the educational strategies and skills to become successful learners and to create an environment that values lifelong learning.” The Learning Center is here to help

students reach academic success in the same way that Disability Services is here to help students who have a disability reach their academic success. The mission of this office is met through the development of strategies and collaboration with the faculty and staff of Saint Xavier to caters what students both need and want. This can be seen through the Learning Center and Disability Services advisory board, which is composed of faculty, staff, and students to give feedback and ideas to this office, and the Learning Center and Disability Services Faculty Liasons who connects the office directly with Saint Xavier University’s faculty. Director Margaret McDonnell explains that, “We’re always putting new initiatives in place while always remaining accessible to students as we follow the saying ‘success starts here’. Inevitably, the goal of Disability Services is to not only help students with disabilities to reach academic success while in a post-secondary program, but

Senior News Editors Catlyn Hicks News Editor David Rodriguez Senior Viewpoints Editor Brian Laughran Viewpoints Editor Bridget Goedke Senior Features Editor Lauren Dwyer Features Editor Kristin Mabry Senior Sports Editor Tim Carroll Sports Editor Frank Markasovic Business Manager Janna Eudave Copy Editors Joshua Humphry Damone Griffin Brittany Klyczek Webmaster Nicole Callsen Photographer Linda Hamed Designer Emalee Kay Correspondents Tony Bara Nick Vasilyev Zhana Johnson Damone Griffin Director of Student Media Peter Kreten Front page photo credits: Ian Rigg,, whatscookingamerica. net, SXU Athletics

Lerrning Center Disability Services

The Xavierite

to help those same students transition into future careers. Receiving this award recognizes the fact that Disability Services not only has the best intentions regarding their students, but that they are excelling at integrating different resources to help them transition into their time here as well as what they will be doing after they leave. In fact, Director McDonnell believes that the reason Disability Services is so successful is because they aim to help students reach, “Success in both academic and nonacademic programs.” While this is a small university, this office has big ideals for students with disabilities. The reasons why Saint Xavier University’s Disability Services is a good candidate for this award goes beyond what they do for students when they come here to Saint Xavier, and can be traced to how they reach out to students that have disabilities before they attend. Disability Services works with many guidance counselors and special education programs from local schools to ensure that these schools and their students know both what they provide here at Saint Xavier as well as how these services are provided. To ensure further success and improvement, they have recently become a member of a consortium with other higher education institutes regarding disability services initiatives and the best practices that are at the forefront of disability services to help students become not only immersed in academic skills but also careers and professions. Improvement is often reached by taken into account the needs of specific students by working with and listening to them so that they can be much more proactive.

Commencement from page 1 begin communication with those graduated students by sending out all the information regarding the ceremony and their choice to participate. When this was information was given to Chioma Okere, a current nursing student with junior standing who should be graduating next December 2014, “It seems to work out for everyone, and I think it will be nice that December graduates will be able to participate in a ceremony with a bigger class.” Some may be wondering what this means for students who will officially graduate at the end of the summer term who would then have to wait a whole year to be part of a commencement ceremony. However, this has been taken into consideration as well and if a student has six credits or less that need to be completed before the can fully graduate then he or she can participate in the commencement ceremony that spring, and then complete their credits that coming summer or fall terms. For students who are upset with the end of midyear commencements, Cleary recommends, “Take a look at your class load to see if you qualify for the six credit hours or less exception.” He also exlains that one of the positives to the implementation of this new commencement ceremony structure is that all students should be able to receive an extra ticket resulting in being able to have five guests instead of four. If a person is looking for more information regarding commencement ceremonies students can go to and search commencement, which will give you the link for the commencement page.

COUGAR WEEKEND EVENTS Intramural Ice Skating

Wednesday, November 13th 10:30pm - Midnight Oak Lawn Ice Arena 9320 S Kenton Ave Cost is $3.00 for skate rental. Must be SXU student and show SXU ID. A shuttle will leave Regina Hall starting at 9:45pm.

Student Bible Study

Date: Thursday, November 14 Time: 6:30pm Location: Mercy Ministry Center Sponsor: Campus Ministry

Trip to Prayer Vigil for Immigration Reform

Date: Friday, November 15 Time: 6:10am from Regina Hall (return at 8:50am) Location: Broadview Detention Center Sponsor: Mercy Students for Peace and Justice

Awakenings Retreat

Date: Friday, November 15-Sunday, November 17 Location: Camp Manitoqua Sponsor: Campus Ministry

TriBeta S.W.A.G.

Date: Saturday, November 16th Time: Noon – 2:00pm Location: Student Lounge Sponsor: Tri-Beta

High school students will come to SXU to present their science projects.

Sunday Student Mass and Social Date: Sunday, November 17 Time: 8pm Location: McDonough Chapel Sponsor: Mission and Ministry

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

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The Season of Giving Comes to SXU

Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor During the month of November and part of December Saint Xavier University’s Student Nurses Association will be hosting two donation drives for Mercy Hospital. One is an annual food drive where the SNA supplies food boxes so that elderly, less fortunate people can have Christmas meals. There are a total of twenty boxes for

twenty families that SNA is trying to fill, and they would like to invite other departments to take over one or two of the boxes. For departments that want to participate, food boxes would be issued allowing students and staff from those departments to put donations in their box. These boxes would be placed at the department’s discretion for donations to be made.

Mercy Food Boxes

Members of SNA would go around and collect the boxes the week of finals, December 12. Some food items that they are looking for are instant coffee, peanut butter, jelly, cans of soup, etc. Departments looking to participate in this event can contact either SNA President Nykky Rosenquest at or Professor Char Bermele at bermele@sxu.

edu. The second event is a clothing drive for Mercy Hospital’s Mental Health Unit. Most patients enter the unit with just the clothes they are wearing, which means that they require other clothing to wear around the unit. The SNA is asking for gently used clothing that is both clean and intact. The donation ends November 25 and boxes to place donations can be found on the second and third floors of the nursing department (E Wing). Items that are being asked for include: jeans, sweaters, coats, t-shirts, gloves, sneakers, undergarments (gently used), etc. When using the term gently used, the SNA means no holes or tears. Remember all items should be cleaned before they are donated. For more information people should contact SNA’s Vice President Emily Piech at SNA President Nikky Rosenquest explains that, “Donating a food or clothing item is a simple gesture that means the world to these families and patients! For families in need, it means they can have a holiday meal with food to spare. For the patients, it means they have warm, clean clothes to wear. It is quite amazing to see these small gestures make all the difference in a person’s life.” If a person is looking to make a difference this holiday season he or she can begin right here at Saint Xavier University with either of the Student Nurses Association’s donation drives.

Nykky Rosenquest

Geese are Hard on Eyes and Environment David Rodriguez News Editor Although the Canada Geese that populate our campus mostly stay in the Quad and Lake Marion area, their droppings are always a point of conversation among Saint Xavier University’s students, staff and faculty all over campus. Maggie Schlott, a senior, resident, nursing student bluntly stated, “It’s nasty and makes the campus look bad.” She also compared her walk to class as a walk in a minefield because she had to avoid all the droppings. Besides posing an aesthetic problem, the geese droppings pose a health hazard in Lake Marion, according to associate professor of Biological Sciences, Dr. David Elmendorf. He said, “There can be parasites that they [the feces] carry. You would not want to bathe in or drink the water in Lake Marion.” Coming in contact with Lake Marion water could give a person Swimmer’s Itch, an inflammatory immune reaction to parasites commonly found in bodies of water that are home to many water birds. There are no health risks associated with geese feces as they are found on the quad unless students come in direct contact with the feces. The health risks from the geese feces are very low, since students typically don’t go in Lake Marion or lick the sidewalks in the quad, but the feces are creating an environmental problem at Saint Xavier University. The feces are “contributing to a lack of life in Lake Marion,” according to Dr. Elmendorf. Dr. Elmendorf says the nutrients from the feces in the lake contribute to the

overgrowth of algae. Those algae decrease life in the lake by releasing toxins, blocking sunlight to the bottom of the lake, and decreasing the oxygen level in the lake. During the summer there have been times when many of the fish in Lake Marion die because of the effects of the algae and also because there is less oxygen in warm water. The frogs, turtles, and geese themselves, are also negatively affected. Geese feces have many negative affects, however there are relatively little ways of preventing the feces. Dr. Appelt, associate professor of Biological Sciences at Saint Xavier University, described the method of physically rounding up and transporting the geese elsewhere as very costly. He observed this method in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is labor intensive and require permits since the Canada Geese are protected by law. The population of Canada Geese could be lowered if landscaping is added to the area surrounding Lake Marion. Dr. Appelt says this is because the quad and Lake Marion provide a perfect place for the geese; the geese prefer a flat area, where they can graze, next to a body of water with relatively little around it, so can flee to safety in case of a threat. Landscaping would also add to the appearance of the lake, which mostly students consider unappealing. The easiest solution to the aesthetic issue the geese feces pose is, perhaps, the least suggested. Maggie Schlott mentioned the idea of having the sidewalks in the quad power washed with water in the mornings. That would require labor, but it is something that student workers could do in a short amount of time. This is unsafe and unsanitary.

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Improv Club Hosts Food Drive

David Rodriguez News Editor The Saint Xavier University Improv Club will be hosting a food drive until their show on Nov. 19 at 9:16 p.m. in McGuire Hall. This year will mark the second year that Improv Club has had a food drive. Becki Brown, the President of Improv Club, when asked if the food drive could become an annual event, said, “I hope so, I’d like for that to be something that continues. It’s definitely one of the better traditions we would have.” There was not as much participation in last year’s food drive as the Improv Club would have liked, so this year they have come up with a way to boost the participation level. Improv Club has developed a tier system of acts their members will do if a certain number of cans are collected. The tiers are as follows and are cumulative: 10 cans: Becki Brown will taste a number of unknown foods, many of them assumed to be gross, while blindfolded. 20 cans: Danny Alonso will do the entire show while blindfolded. 35 cans: Ian Rigg will serenade someone from the crowd. 50 cans: Tony Davis will eat three packets of wasabi. 75 cans: Kristen Mabry will shave her head. The Improv Club has also partnered with the Service Club to ensure the best use of the food drive’s collections. Service Club will donate the collected foods to a local food shelter. The “Bring a Can if You Can” show was

specifically scheduled for this time of year because the Improv Club members would like everyone to have food during the holiday season. Depending on how well this food drive goes, there could be another food drive

organized by Improv Club next semester. The Improv Club encourages everyone to bring non-perishable food to the diner on November 18th and 19th, the Monday and Tuesday before the show. The Improv Club will be there between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to

collect food items. There is also a collection bin in the Student Success Program office. If you would like to donate food early or have any questions, contact Becki Brown at

Ian Rigg

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

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SXU: We take care of our own By The Xavierite Staff

At St. Xavier University we take care of our own. This week, according to the news story “Disability Services Receives High Honor” by Catlyn Hicks, “Saint Xavier University’s Learning Center and Disability Services was awarded the Outstanding Post-Secondary Program Award at the 9th Annual Illinois Statewide Transition Conference, which is given to a university or vocational program who has done and exceptional job at helping students with disabilities accomplish their goals of higher education.” We at The Xavierite would like to offer our congratulations to the hardworking people over at the Learning Center and Disability Services on being recognized for their hard work. In last week’s editorial “Applauding the heroes who fight cancer locally,” we discussed how the St. Xavier Community has a mission to help all people around the world in keeping with the Sisters of Mercy credo. This week that sense of community and helping is demonstrated through the St. Xavier University Learning Center and Disability Services. The Sisters of Mercy organization is

well revered for its charity works and helping people as well as educating them around the world. However, this charity work always begins at home where a sense of helping others through the good nature of our hearts is a necessary building block if SXU students are to go out into the world and continue in the grand tradition of Christian charity learned within the walls of our university. This spirit of transition from being a student within the walls of the university is also present in the work that staff members at the Learning Center and Disability Services and the help that they provide so that students can one day function to the best of their ability in the work place and in all facets of their adult lives. However, we’d also like to comment on the help that the Learning Center provides even for those without learning disabilities. All are welcome to make appointments if they are struggling in a particular area (or areas) of study. Students are able to work one-on-one or in a group with a tutor. These tutors , who are SXU students, are willing to help in practically every subject available at SXU. This is a resource that not many use

when it is readily available. So, if need be please go in and take advantage of our now award-winning Learning Center and Disability Services. The hard work and thus acknowledgement of those working to help students within these selected education help services are a prime example of what every member of the St. Xavier community should strive towards. Helping those who are in need of it so that they can function after the interaction and pass what valued lessons they have learned onto others and thus make our world a more enlightened place. This new achievement by the Learning Center and Disability Services reminds us of the old adage: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. That is precisely what they are doing: teaching many to fish and become more independent and more proficient in the facets of life – the ultimate goal of education. So this week we would like to applaud the efforts of the Learning Center and Disability Services for their great contribution to our university and thus the world.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR POLICY Here at The Xavierite we try to represent the opions of the universityin our Viewpoints sextion. We always welcome students, faculty or other community members to voice their opinions directly by writing a Letter to the Editor. If you read something in our paper or perhaps want to talk about something that we did not cover but feel should have been written about, write to us at thexavierite@ with “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line. Please include your full name and major if you are a student, full name and postion/title if you are a member of the staff/faculty. Letters may be edited if they include prfanity, libel or do otherwise not meet the standards of ethical journalism.

The Crusader of Sanity O Ka t i e C ouric, Where Art Thou? Brian Laughran Senior Viewpoints Editor

Katie Couric, what are you doing? If you don’t have a class or something to do at 3:00 pm and you go to watch television, odds are you’ve noticed that nothing is on. One of the shows on in this vast timescape of nothing is Katie, Katie Couric’s insufferable talk show. Now make no bones about it, I actually have the utmost respect for Katie Couric – a woman whom I’ve always considered to be one of the great American journalists of our time. But, for the love of God, I don’t understand why she feels the need to be on such a glib talk show instead of a hardhitting news show. I know that when Oprah Winfrey went off-air ABC needed to fill a time gap with someone who could draw ratings and try to match the massive numbers that the former Queen of Daytime brought in. Couric is a big name and she could probably bring in quite a bit of press and is a name widely recognized (though not nearly as big as the name Oprah).

So the reason Couric was offered the show makes sense and I can even see why she would take the show. I remember when George Stephanopoulos went from working as a correspondent on World News Tonight to working as a co-anchor on Good Morning America. But, Stephanopoulos still works as a journalist on This Week – ABC’s morning news show. Stephanopoulos is another journalist that I respect and, like Couric, has the respect of many in the country. Hosting GMA, according to Stephanopoulos, gave him the opportunity to interview a multifarious assembly of people. The same could probably be said of Couric’s choice to also make the move to daytime talk. I know that Couric is still in the opening credits of 60 Minutes, but seldom do you see Couric on one of America’s most revered news programs. Look, I may be a fan of Couric, but I am certainly not a fan of Katie. I don’t want to pick on Couric as I’m sure she approaches every show with great zeal and preparation, but she just seems way out of her element when stepping out onto the soundstage with booming party music playing while always politely telling her audience to sit down from a standing ovation that always greets Couric. I’ve always put Couric more in a category with people like Mike Wallace, Bill Kurtis and even Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow, not with daytime talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey

or Queen Latifah. That’s not a knock on DeGeneres, Oprah or Latifah. To do a daytime talk show takes a certain kind of personality and openness – one that I frankly don’t think that Couric has. Now, perhaps Katie could be an interesting talk show- the content is there; Couric gets interesting guests and the daytime format doesn’t necessarily force Couric to cover events that are otherwise stuffy or overly serious. Couric just doesn’t have the same personality to pull off interacting with the lighthearted topics and fun kind of events that the previous talk show hosts I brought up do have. Couric is a hardnosed journalist. Her coverage of the 2008 election was some of the most illuminating reporting in recent memory. (I’m of course thinking of her asking former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin to name a newspaper…the question that helped bring about the downfall of the McCain/Palin campaign.) Yet this brilliant journalist has boxed herself into a corner by signing on to be on a show with mostly fluffy (though not without segments with some real journalistic teeth) stories. I dare you to just watch the first twenty minutes as Couric comes out to her cheering audience to some thumping party music. You’ll be astounded at how rigid and just out of her element she seems as she

tries to cam down her crowd and introduce a human interest segment. (Unless of course she’s reporting on a serious segment, in which case she’ll come out in some hammy over-the-top way and go into a very depressing monologue for dramatic effect.) It’s just baffling with me why someone with so much talent and a niche in this world would want to go against the revered image that she has built up over time to be on a hammy talk show that should barely qualify as any sort of entertainment. It’s stilted and awkward. Couric is robbing the world of her journalistic talent. She has a gift that she should be using to expose true issues in the world. Nope…instead of using her genuine talent, she’s aping the natural talents of people who have the knack and have worked to be on such a program. I’m not saying that Couric can’t improve and that her show can’t become an entertaining daytime show. I’m just saying it feels unnatural and needs improvement. But, I do have the ultimate respect for Couric. She’s a brave woman to want to try something new and I don’t try to blame her for wanting to try her hand at omething new. What I don’t grasp is why she would want to. Why would someone at the very top of their field want to drop that and go into a field in which they’re not necessarily wellprepared for? I just don’t get it...

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

The Calculus Workshop Getting excited about sequences and series

Nikolay Vasilyev Viewpoints Contributor Dear Reader in Calculus II, I wish there were enough time to properly get excited about sequences and series. This chapter is dynamite. Allow me to explain where you’re at. Calculus takes for granted that you have an idea of fractions of the form 1 over infinity. This is because it assumes a strong mathematical background that is only cultivated through curiosity about the subject of mathematics. Your study of arithmetic is enough to find Sums and Series, don’t worry for your grade - you can divide by fractions and that is enough. That’s where you are and without any accusation of sloppy thinking, let’s turn our attention to convegent sequences. The idea of convergence first appeared in the section on Improper Integrals. The integral of x^-2 with respect to x from 1 to infinity is equal to lim b->infinity -1/b+1. But this equals one, so we say the integral converges to 1. Some of the concepts center right in on top-heavy and bottom-heavy fractions and ask you to look for a ratio between the numerator and denominator and let the variable x or n be very big and tend to infinity. You know that there are numbers bigger than 1000. Budgets, Astronomical Units, and Integrals that involve tiny distances leave you unaffected by Big Numbers.

We will find partial sums and let the limit of the terms tend to infinity. Infinity is an idea I would like to explain in detail. The wily Zeno motivates us to study Calculus in chapter one of your book, saying that Achilles cannot catch the turtle, but I hope that you appreciate that one half plus one fourth plus one eighth... converges to a limit - namely 1. Please note that the partial, the sum from n=1 to n=p of (1/2)^n where n is a natural number is less than 1 - so the fractions added up are less than the whole. When we add all the parts of this 1 together, we have the whole. To solve our problems, we will use partial sums and take the limit of the sequence of partial sums and get the series. I hope that if you look back on chapter one, you will notice that sequences and series solve the problems that Newton and Liebnitz set out to investigate. Infinite sums are based on the understanding of the infinite and this is how it all began. Here goes: Infinity comes from the Greeks. They were interested in the Geometry of the circle - the limit of a regular n-gon as n approaches infinity. The Greek Archimedes, author of The Sandreckoner, dispelled the notion that the number of grains of sand on the beach is infinite because look at the number of grains of sand that would fill up the Earth and then make a large sandball to encompass the mountains, it is more than the amount of grains of sand on a simple beach. The Archimedean Property says that

there is always a number one more than a given number. This idea is equivalent to the existence of infinity. This idea of more is the same as the infinite. Let’s not be defeated. The key is “very big” and “infinite” are entirely different. The integers are sufficient for counting to 10^(10^(10^34)). It just takes a very long time to count to this number, the number of possible things a proton could do in the universe, according to Whitehead. We measure this big number with our Natural numbers, n. The Archimedean property is that for any number, a bigger number n+1 that is one more than the one we have exists. So there is no biggest number. There is more, that is the infinite. The infinite can be easy to understand sometimes. The infinite has a double aspect - the infinitely large and the infinitely small. Now you have the work of showing that certain limits are zero. Here we go: What we have once done, we can do again. If a function has only one behavior, like 1/x for x>1, then it is monotonic. If a function is never negative, then it is bounded below by zero. If a function is never over 9000 then it is bounded above by 9000. If a function is monotonic and bounded, then it is obvious that it converges. If a function or sequence is monotonic in its increase or decrease but it never exceeds its bounds, then the sequence does not diverge but converges to some number L. This is the Monotonic Convergence

Theorem. It is necessary to define the word monotonic with the monicker, oneminded, or doing one thing. Anyways, the real Monotone Convergence Theorem says that any bounded monotonic sequence converges. Practice your stuff. Write into the journal if you have a question. Liebnitz rolled up with his infinitesimals and Euler had this to say: “There is no doubt that every quantity can be diminished until it vanishes completely and is reduced to nothing. But an infinitely small quantity is simply an evanescent (disappearing) quantity and therefore actually equal to zero.” Then he proved that any number that is an infinitesimal is zero. The infinitely small and the infinitely close to L, where L is the limit of a sequence, is the number that is less than E away from L, where E is any number, commonly small. Let E>0. Suppose that there exists a number B such that for all terms after the B term, d(L, the term) < E or the distance between L and the term is less than E. E can be any number. But Euler proved that the number less than all positive numbers is zero. Then that means d(L, the infinite term)=0, or the Limit is equal to infinite term. You will do a great deal of counting, the best of luck. Sincerely, Nick

The UnBarable Truth

The Saga of Lake Marion - Episode III: Hope Springs Eternal Tony Bara Viewpoints Correspondent

[Previously on the Saga of Lake Marion: The arrival of the Canadian goose polluted the lake and signaled the end of recreational activities there. At the same time, several tragic drowning deaths occurred, which only further tarnished the lake’s reputation. What was to become of it?] November, 1958. As Saint Xavier College students walked to class on their new campus, a recently discovered and still unnamed body of water offered a peaceful break on their journey. It would not stay nameless for long. A college-wide contest was being held to name this body of water, and on November 19, the results were announced. Miss Mary Dean Funk won the competition, and her name “SX Sea” is what the college pond would be called for the next 40 years. Several names made the runners-up list including Lake Marie, Lake Mercimere (likely referencing the Sisters of Mercy) and Lake Placid (after Saint Placidus). One runner-up name proved particularly

Sr. Marion plants a tree at the dedication of Lake Marion (1999)

SXU library

prophetic, however. Miss Mary Ryan’s entry was inspired by her mother’s name—Marian. April 28, 1999. After several decades of passing from a tranquil recreational pond to a cesspool of pollution and tragedy, SX Sea underwent a rebirth on the eve of the new millennium. Shovel in hand, Sister Marion Johnson broke ground for a pear tree along the university pond which would

be renamed Lake Marion in honor of her retirement (Xavierite, 4/03/99). For 35 years, Sr. Johnson had been inextricably tied with the lake. After its deterioration in the 1970s (as discussed in Episode II), many had given up on restoring the lake to the glory days of the 1950s and 1960s, but not Sr. Johnson. From the moment pollution reared its ugly head in the lake, Sr. Johnson spearheaded cleanup projects. At one point in the 1970s, she managed to get Ozinga Builders to offer three truckloads of sand to cover the bottom of the lake as part of a reclamation project. Sadly, the lake was deemed too far-gone for this to work. Former SXC art professor Judith Hensel also joined in the original cleanup efforts in the late 1970s. Volunteers fished out chairs, an old bed and even several pinball machines. At one point during that era, the American Institute of Biological Sciences (A.I.B.S.) also came to SXC in an attempt to clean up the lake (Xavierite, 5/16/80). In 1980, SXC announced the Lake Improvement Project, a $100,000,000 effort to renovate the area around the lake. Eventually this project resulted in the construction of the various buildings around the lake (Xavierite, 4/01/80). Overall, Saint Xavier had not given up on its campus gem. Despite the fact that the core pollution problem seemed irreversible, students, faculty and staff from the 1980s through today continued their cleanup efforts.

Throughout these years, additional trees, vegetation and a fountain where added to revamp the lake. Most recently, the Saint Xavier class of 2012 made beautifying Lake Marion its class gift. When our campus lake was named SX Sea in 1958, it ushered in years of enjoyment for students. Renaming it Lake Marion in 1999 symbolized a rebirth and conveyed a message that, despite the many problems plaguing those waters, the hope for a new beginning would never die at Saint Xavier. Present Day. Today, although still polluted, the rich foliage around the lake provides a different type of serenity. For all of the swimming, boating and fishing that went on during the 1960s, Lake Marion at that time was open and barren. That cozy feeling you get when you stroll on the worn path amidst the tall trees was simply nonexistent back then. Essentially, the lake’s appeal has changed, but it is still one that every one at Saint Xavier can be proud of. Who knows, maybe one day we will find a way to make the lake clean again. Times change. Students, faculty and staff come and go. Lake Marion seems to be the one constant on campus. However, I hope that in this series of articles, you have come to see that even it has its own story.

The Saga of Lake Marion

The College Diaries

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

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The tanning phenomenon: not just a day in the sun Bridget Goedke Viewpoints Editor

The perfect year-round golden glow is something almost every young woman seems to strive for these days. Both younger and older women are spending countless hours laying in the sun and under the lamp of a tanning bed at all times of the year to achieve that coveted exotic tan. I tend to be a very rational person. I try to keep an open mind and be as accepting as I can of everyone’s opinions and viewpoints but I must admit, this tanning phenomenon is something I simply cannot understand. The risks are so real and severe yet young women all over the country are choosing to turn away from the dangers and right into the parking lot of a tanning salon on a monthly or even weekly basis. As young people, we tend to live for the here and now, which is a wonderful and exciting way to be and makes your teens and twenties the most thrilling years of your life. However, the major downside to this type of mindset is that we tend to adopt a “that won’t happen to me” attitude, we think we’re invincible.

And at this point, we cannot even use ignorance as an excuse. “Well I didn’t know it was bad for me” is nowhere near justification for constant tanning in my eyes because the truth is that we know exactly how bad it is. There is no question regarding the correlation between consistent tanning and a sharply increased risk for skin cancer. According to, Indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors. Those who tan indoors just four times a year increase their risk of developing melanoma by 11%. Likewise, rates of this potentially deadly skin cancer have grown by 800% among young women (age 18 to 39). Tanning indoors only four times a year increases your risk by 11%! Those statistics are terrifying to me. Last year, doctors found melanoma on my sister, a woman in her thirties with two young children, as a result of sun damage sustained through outdoor tanning in her teens and twenties…but it won’t happen to you, right? I cannot comprehend how, any young woman with even an ounce of self-respect and concern for her own health and wellbeing could lay comfortably in a tanning bed knowing what we know about this risk. Likewise, no matter what you may hear at tanning salons, the cumulative damage caused by UV radiation actually leads to

premature skin aging (wrinkles, lax skin, brown spots, and more). So while we think we are living in the here and now all we are doing is increasing our beauty, our skin has an incredibly strong memory and those hours spent in the tanning bed in our twenties make us more susceptible to premature aging and skin damage later in life. Not as alarming as the health concerns but very important nonetheless is what this tanning phenomenon says about what our society values and our self-esteem and standards as women. Men and women alike associate tan skin with being attractive, so we do whatever we can (regardless of the danger it puts us in) to achieve that ideal. Why are we so afraid to have the skin

color we naturally have and look the way we naturally look? I cannot count the number of times I have heard one of my female friends or peers say (in the middle of winter) with a look of disgust on their face “I’m so pale!” and my immediate reaction is always “yeah….its December”. I know we hear this from everywhere yet we still refuse to believe it…beauty should not have one specific definition and by no means should we be compromising our health to fit that definition. We come in all different shapes, sizes and colors that in itself is beautiful. Do not sacrifice that unique beauty (or your health) for anything. The tan will fade but the damage is permanent.

Tans may lok great, but what are you really doing to yourself?

The Crusader of Sanity (An extra helping of sanity) Longing for Indie cinema

Brian Laughran Senior Viewpoints Editor I like big movies as much as the next guy. This past week I had the pleasure of seeing Thor: The Dark World – an enjoyable superhero film that was incredibly lighthearted and fun. However, I’ve noticed that with the rise of these big tent-pole films there has been a surprising lack of smaller films seeing larger release. Let me take you back to a magic time called the 1990s. It was a time when larger studios were buying up small independent movies and the people who benefited were audiences around the world. This is the time when filmmakers like Spike Lee (writer/director of Do the Right Thing, She’s Gotta Have It & Jungle Fever), Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown) and Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mall Rats & Chasing Amy) as well as many other future auteurs came to be. This year, I can only think of two independent films to have come out and both were from relatively well-established directors in the independent community. Furthermore, of these two films, only one of them was any good. The first, and worst, of the two was Harmony Korine’s Springbreakers, which starred James Franco as a cornrowed, goldtoothed rapper who takes in a group of college girls/bandits. The other was a brilliantly scripted The

Bling Ring, written and directed by Sophia Coppola – a damning look at the celebrity and wealth obsessed teenagers who decided to target and rob celebrities that they found on Facebook. Despite the fact that this was a truly brilliant film and actually had a wide release, I’ve only met a hand-full of people who have even heard of this movie. This brings me to the issue of brand recognition. The reason that superhero movies/sequels to any film in general are becoming more popular now than they ever have been is because they sell. You’ll see a movie with Superman in it because you know who Superman is and you know what to expect. It’s a safe way to spend your money. Yet, what truly disturbs me is that audiences are not challenging themselves when they go see these safe choices. I ask you now to think of a movie like Do the Right Thing. It’s a masterful exploration of race relations in America. It was widely contested at the time of being both anti-black and anti-white. Many white people were offended when the film came out as most of the white characters in the film came off as sounding like racist and many blacks were offended that (here there be spoilers) at the end, in response to an injustice (I won’t spoil that bit), the black characters of the film riot and violently attack the first thing that they see. Despite what you may think of Spike Lee’s film or the outspoken director himself, what cannot be denied is that Do the Right Thing challenges it audiences.

The same could be said of Quentin Tarantino’s ode to crime movies Reservoir Dogs. While the film’s non-linear plot is the story of a heist gone awry, what can’t be denied is Tarantino’s ability to push the way audiences think about protagonists, narrative and violence in the films that they see. When was the last time you saw a film that dared you to think differently about a social issue or entertainment…without the filmmaker spoon-feeding the message to you? For this filmgoer it has been a while since I saw a movie that genuinely challenged me to think while watching the film and left me with a lasting impression

after the film had ended. This of course, is a result of what we talked about earlier. Most major film productions are meant to appeal to as many people as possible. They don’t want to offend any viewers. The more viewers you offend, the less money your film makes. And that can rob a director or writer of any real teeth or meaning. Lately, it’s just robbed the filmmakers of their chances to make films that can be a true agent of change. I just wish that we could that smaller films could live in peace with the big blockbusters. They used to. I would love to see them get reunited at the multiplex.

Indie cinema used to have a more accessible place in this world.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

Ale Lon

Will “Wordplay” Knox Year in School:

Year in






Mass Communications

Band n

Band name?


Zone 12 Music

Genre of

Genre of music?

Alternative B

It’s really a mixture of hip-hop, rock and R&B.


Instrument you play?


I’m the lead vocalist and auxiliary instrument specialist.

When did the band f

When did the band first get together?

We began under a different name by the name That’s Right, but after college, we decided we weren’t t change wa

Four years ago was the first Zone 12 band. Black Keys and Zo Jackson were a part of the band still. We added Will “Green Thunder” Armand, Mike “Mad Mike” Gonzalez and Terrell “T-Raw” Crenshaw and every since then we’ve made great strides towards our goal of living off of this thing.

Have you played any shows? If so, pla

Have you played any shows? If so, what was your favorite show to play?

We have played a lot of shows. E place in my heart, but personally, a small venue called the Funhou awes

We’ve played at plenty of places, but some of our favorites would be Saint Xavier and Remington Park in Bolingbrook because of the energy from the audience!

What are your hopes for

What are your hopes for the future of your band?

My hopes for the future are that w as a b

To take this as far as God allows and be able to touch someone with our music.

If you could collaborate with any

If you could collaborate with any musician(s) who would it be? Why?

The list goes on and on, but if I anybody at all, I’d try to do som Reznor, or hey, since we’re

The Roots, Gym Class Heroes, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc. the list goes on. All of the original artists with unique sounds and open minds.

Will Knox

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exx ng

The Xavierite

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Pat Kim


Year in School:








Project name?

f music?

Genre of music?



Blues Rock


t you play?

Instrument you play?


Violin and a little piano.

first get together?

When did you first get into making music?

in 2008. The band originally went r our lead guitarist left the state for the same without him, so a name as in order.

I first got interested in second grade. I then got into doing hip-hop freshman year of high school.

Have you played any shows? If so, what was your favorite show to play?

, what was your favorite show to ay?

I’ve done some Korean cultural shows over the summer. But mainlyyy I’ve been making videos on YouTube since 2008 or 2009. It first started as a dance channel, but once I started to write music, I began working on brancing out into the YouTube music network.

Every show we play has a special y, my favorite show to play was at use. The crowd went nuts! It was some.

What are your hopes for the future of your Music?

I want to make this a career, get my name out, and hopefully enjoy the message that I try and put into my music -- which is to follow your heart and that all that matters is your own happiness.

the future of your band?

we can start touring and “make it” band.

If you could collaborate with any musician(s) who would it be? Why?

musician(s) who would it be? Why?

If I could collaborate with someone, it would be G-Dragon, a South Korean raper who has gained traction within Western music artists like Justin Bieber, Missy Elliot, Flo Rida, etc. (He’s also in the same entertainment company as Psy.)

could collaborate with anyone, mething with Dave Grohl or Trent e in the fantasy-land, both!

Becki Brown

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Keith Murphy

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The Xavierite

Lifehacks: Little Miracles Part 2 Becki Brown Editor in Chief What exactly is a lifehack? Well, to put it simply it is a solution to a problem. What kind of problem? Everyday problems. Organization problems, cleaning problems, food problems, every kind of problem. Luckily, thanks to lifehacks, they don’t have to be a problem anymore. Last week, we talked about how to manage messy cords, how to use walnuts to fix up furniture, and how to use an ice cube tray to its fullest potential. This week, I have even more. Holy socks, Batman! Do you have a plethora of old, used, holey socks that don’t really work well as a foot covering anymore? Well, luckily there is a good use for your old socks. Use them as a dust rag when you are cleaning, especially in hard to reach places. Just make sure you wash them before you use them, or your room will end up smelling like feet. Gross. The joys of toothpaste There are so many different uses for toothpaste. I bet you thought it was just for cleaning your teeth, but that is only the tip of the minty fresh, cavity fighting, tooth whitening ice burg. You can use toothpaste to clean your headlights and make them shiny just like new. This is similar to using shaving cream (foam, not gel) to clean mirrors. Another handy use for toothpaste is to

remove scratches from cds. Make sure you don’t use whitening toothpaste or you will end up with a very scratched cd. You can even use an old cleaning sock to apply the toothpaste. Razors and pills You know those annoying little bumps of fabric that you get on your clothes? Those are called pills, and they are the bane of my existence. Your clothes look perfectly fine, and then BAM! Suddenly pills everywhere. You can use a razor to remove those pesky little pills. Just make sure you don’t scrape too hard, especially if the fabric you are depilling is delicate. Also, don’t use the razor you use on yourself. If you want to prolong your razor’s life, put baby oil on it. I know it sounds weird, but it’ll be worth it. How would you like that? Do you like steak? Of course you do. Or you’re a vegetarian. Or me. But if you do like steak, here is a handy way to tell how cooked a steak is. Let your hand rest open, palm facing toward you. With your index finger, feel the fleshy area between your thumb and the base of your palm. This is what raw meat feels like. Now touch the tips of your thumb and index finger while feeling the firmness of the area you were just touching. This is how rare meat should feel. Now touch your middle finger to your

Steak: the tuxedo of meats.

thumb and feel the area again for medium rare meat. Repeat with your ring finger touching your thumb for medium meat and your pinky touching your thumb for well done. This is a lot easier method than using a meat thermometer for several reasons. Meat timers cost money. You should probably have two hands or know someone that does.

Meat timers also have to be replaced over time, which means more money, but hands are in abundance in our society. Meat timers also force you to puncture your delicious steak, meaning that you will have to release precious steak juices. Nobody wants to waste any steak juices. Nobody.

The Strange and Popular Kristen Mabry Features Editor Cartoons are all strange, but there are some that completely raise eyebrows. Although these shows are aimed for kids, young adults seem to be attracted as well. They flock to the internet and post about their favorite lines and scenes. Sites like Tumblr and Reddit are a host for many of the reasons why these shows are so popular. With the rise of web shorts and comics, cartoons of all genres are finding themselves as the center of attention. A good example of this is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Although it was made for children, many grown men are found to enjoy the humor and art. The internet is a good medium for animators to advertise their shows. It lets a lot of viewers find it. Not all popular shows are good though, and that’s why I’m covering my favorites.

Living life in the Dreamhouse!!

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: You would think that a Barbie show would be about the mall, clothes, boys and nails. You’re right, but there is so much more. Barbie is as ditsy as everyone expects, while the rest of Barbies friends are just quirky. This show is completely off the wall. Barbie gets into so much trouble with her automated closet and her driver’s license that the show has an adult spin on humor. In one of the episodes, Barbie finally gets her Driver’s license. (Wasn’t she a race car driver?) The episode gets out of hand when Barbie and Ken build a new car. As Barbie learns how to drive, the car breaks down and Ken finds the Schlond Poofa had fallen off. Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse is one of my favorites because it hints at some age unapropriate jokes. There are scenes where you start to suspect that Ken isn’t exactly straight, while you wonder how Barbie managed to have so many careers when she’s as stupid as she is. Gravity Falls is awesome.

Gravity Falls: Gravity Falls is a Disney cartoon about a pair of twins living with their Great Uncle (Gruncle) Stan during the summer. In the town they’re staying at, weird things keep happening. There are gnomes looking for love, a giant lake monster, even a Summerween monster. Gravity Falls is constantly making the spooky into something funny. Dipper being the smart and cunning twin and Mabel being the silly and dorky one makes the show hilarious. Gravity Falls is great for a lot of reasons. There is a ton of witty jokes and jests. Babies running congress, a man surviving decades being frozen in a block of peanut brittle, and loads of other snippets.

with bros. Living in a land where there is no other humans, sets the stage for some really emotional stirring episodes. Finn is a zany kid who lives with his brother-dog Jake. A majority of the episodes focus on just these two having fun. They help the Candy Kingdom and all of the princesses of Ooo. With the help of his friends, he smites any enimies that make people unhappy. Adventure Time is such a good cartoon and I recommend it to everyone and anyone. It is silly, cute and completely crazy. This show has made me laugh so much that I’ve bought a box set and watch it religiously.

Although cartoons seem to be for kids, there is a lot hidden underneath the drawn-on smiles and laughs. There’s Adventure Time: a bunch of things children miss and it’s Adventure Time is just as it sounds; an adventure. A popular Cartoon Network a good thing they do. If you go back and watch the shows we grew up with, you’ll show, Adventure Time restored a lot of people’s faith in television. Finn and Jake find a lot of things you missed as a child. have journeys to defeat villains and hang Adventure Time, come on grab your friends...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dear Lauren, I am having trouble getting my boyfriend to go anywhere. We hang out, but is usually at school or in one of our rooms. How do I get him to actually go out somewhere with me? Sincerely, Stay-at-home Girlfriend

The Xavierite

Dear Stay-at-home, I can understand how that is frustrating for you. Sitting at home day in and day out can be very boring after awhile. I assume you have already tried getting him out of the house, but have you REALLY tried? Most people will just nag their significant other and say, “Let’s do something”, but then they never offer up something to do. If you are the type of person that has done this, then maybe you should actually come up with ideas

Page 11

of things to do. Google can be your best friend when it comes to finding fun date ideas. If you come up with a fun and interesting idea, your significant other cannot possibly deny you. Or you could always just make irreversible plans so he feels obligated to go with you. OR you could just drag him out of the house. Being forcible is the best way to get what you want in any relationship and it is really a foolproof plan. Good luck and remember to Listen to Lauren (sometimes). You probably shouldn’t shout at him though.

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Aries: March 21-April 19

Taurus: April 20 -May 20

Gemini: May 21 -June 20

Cancer: June 21 -July 22

Leo: July 23 -Aug. 22

You should look forward to life. After you spread your wings, no one can stop you.

Cuddle up with someone and watch a Disney movie. Maybe Peter Pan?

Do something crazy! Be random! Just have fun. This week is all about fun.

Let yourself relax with a good book. You’re too highstrung for your own good.

Have a nice night in. Work on something Read a book. Build a you’ve been putting pillow fort. Just be you. off. It needs to be finished sometime.

Libra: Sept.23 -Oct. 22 Scorpio: Oct. 23 -Nov. 21

Saggitarious: Nov. 22 -Dec.21

Capricorn: Dec.22 -Jan Aquarius: Jan 20 -Feb. 19 18

Pisces: Feb. 19 -March 20

Stop worrying about what’s to come. Focus on what’s hapenning now.

Let yourself be free once in a while. Don’t coop youself up in a room all day. Live!

Stop procrastinating and do your work! You don’t have much time left.

Be a good friend and learn to step in if things are getting too intense.

Be yourself, even if it’s around that boy/girl you like. You deserve it.


3 These objects are mostly seen in fields around this time during the year. 4 You use this to clean up the tree droppings. 5 This word describes crisp afternoons during the fall. 6 Another name for the season. 9 Students normally get out this day before this short break. 11 Many people make sauces out of this type of fruit this time of the year. 13 You get sleepy from this meat. 15 Holiday set on Thursday in November. 17 Squirrels eat a lot of these. 18 A week college students dread every where. 19 These fall from the trees and are very colorful. DOWN 1 When people come together and meet at the table. 2 This type of nut is covered in a hard outer shell and usually is put into several desserts. 7 This is a very important ‘holiday’ for many shoppers. (Two Words) 8 A large, wicker horn-like object that is used for this month’s holiday. 10 What this month is called. 11 The premier online shopping holiday. (Two Words) 12 This pie is usually served from a type of gourd. (Two Words) 14 This sport normally starts during this season. 16 This fruity juice is warmed up this time during the year. Answers to crossword available on

Be sure to get pleanty of sleep. You might end up rambling in your work.

Virgo: Aug. 23 -Sept. 22

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The Xavierite

Movies Miss the Mark on the Bechdel Test Zhana Johnson Features Correspondent This is not an ode to bedazzled vampire loving codependents, fictional damsels in distress or fifty shades of Mary Sue. This is a hate letter—the only love these fictional stereotypes will be getting is from lonely middle-aged soccer moms and anxious teenaged girls. As the ever eloquent expression goes— may they all go take a long walk off a short bridge. Not to lay any blame, but their existence has subsequently allowed further characters to be molded and mass produced in the name of money. Remember back in 2008 when Twilight was released and every girl on the planet thought Bella Swan was the ultimate role model? What? You don’t remember that? Good—because it did not happen. That is not an actual thing and nor should it ever be. However, Hollywood then decided that it was going to adapt every YA novel, video game or board game that bothered to have a coherent plot to make a profit. A good 25 to 30 percent of those adaptions were helmed by female protagonists. That brought them to life in such a way that movie goers were left with three archetypes to choose from: Female Bruce Willis, Milquetoast Mary Jane and Julia Roberts— that is to say the queen of Rom-Coms. Besides that of Bella Swan, one other series that struggles with defining an unconventional motive for its female protaganist is The Mortal Instruments. Never heard of it---shocker. Not only does it glorify incest, but one of the major criticisms is that the book’s “heroine” disregards the safety,

well being and authority of her mother and peers in order to save a boyfriend that is more than capable of taking himself and who, apparently, the whole universe revolves around. Recently, some of the best YA series that are being adapted to movies have done fairly well to mirror each other in some way. Two great examples of this are Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games and Veronica Roth’s Divergent. Both heroines are leaders if not in the very center of progressing revolutions and very few, if any of their decisions have to do with their love interests. Despite not wanting to include J.K Rowling in the second wave of YA books, it would be a crime not to mention the diverse

Kickstart Your Project Further Brittany Klyczek Deputy Editor in Chief At one point or another, everyone wants to start creative projects up for something. Most of the time, the only asset we have to put in is our own time. But other projects, well, those are not so lucky and need to be funded. But how do you get funded for such a endeavor? Where do you even start? Well, no need to worry about that! Out of all the websites you can find, there is one that is just for you! Kickstarter is an online resource to post up a creative project you may have planned. It can be anything from movies, games, books, and a ton of other stuff. (Just to name a few!) It boosts its users (all 5.1 million of them) have committed over $867 million since 2009. Sure, some of these projects have ended, but if it can say that these millions of people raised that much for independent projects, you would be a fool not to look into Kickstarter when starting your project. Now, what else is so great about Kickstarter? You are the one in control of how much you might need for your project. The site does nothing to involve itself in your creation except to bring you and those that support your project together. Still with me? Good. Now, how does one start up a kickstarter on Kickstarter? Here are a couple steps you should take when using the site.

First and foremost, sign up for an account. It is simple easy and painless. And you need to start your project. No matter what, this is the first step in getting your project going. Once you sign up, there is a section on the top that specifically states “ Start a Project”. Just click that link and you will be brought to a splash page. There you will press the button that says “Start a Project”. (Yes, you have to press another one). And you will be taken to the page where you can finally start making your porject on the site. The next page lists the guidelines that your project must follow. Take a read of what you can and cannot do. A lot of them are pretty simple and self explanatory. After this, you just follow the steps afterward. Trust me, the steps are super easy and, as long as you are well prepared, should not take too long to complete. But do not forget about your backers! During the set up process, you will be setting the amount you need. And for certain amounts, you can give your backers perks for the amount they pay. This can be for $5, $10, $25, or even higher amounts. What you give them is totally up to you! Kickstarter gives you control to what you do. Kickstarter is a great asset for you to use if you are a creative artist. You never know who will be out there to support your projects!

Kickstarter is a great place to start funding for your new project!

assembly of women in Harry Potter—Molly Weasley, Hermoine, Professor McGonagall. All of these women are decidedly strong, independent wizards who don’t need no man. Let me give you an example of the female Bruce Willis mold. Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch is filled to the brim with explosions, short skirts and samurai swords. Sexy women doing “dude stuff” does not a strong female lead make. Did pop-culture think it could replace Sylvester Stallone with a skirt and no one would notice? Strength—true strength—in this context, is not just the ability to look cool while walking away from an explosion but being able to carry a movie both

emotionally and reasonably with gravitas. Is that so much to ask? One way to assess whether you might just have potential strong female roles in a movie is with the cartoonist Alison Bechdel’s The Bechdel Test. It consists of these three questions: Are there at least 2 women present, do they talk to each other, and is it about something other than a man? Well, it looks like that blockbuster hit The Avengers failed miserably. Director Joss Whedon recently complained about the lack of dynamic female leads. His movie has a total of three useful women and the lot of them don’t even converse with one another. To Joss Whedon we say—get over yourself. This brings me to my final point. If Hollywood is so keen on trying to find the ultimate strong female lead, why hasn’t a Wonder Woman movie come into the works? Thor happened, so can’t be a problem with bringing the mythology to life. So is the problem that they are having trouble creating a multi-dimensional female character? Here is Diana, fighting the patriarchy, a leader among a race of highlyskilled warriors who pride themselves on being independent of men and they say the material has not lent itself to a desirable story line. As of last Friday it was rumored that Wonder Woman might be making a small cameo in the Man of Steel sequel. If anything, it would give execs a chance to see how audiences respond to her. Like Marvel’s Avengers, Batman vs. Superman is going to be a meat show. So, if we could not have women parading around in skin tight butt suits for the sake of gender diversity that would be great.

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Hawks Continue to Find Success; Penalty Kill Struggling

Frank Markasovic Sports Editor Another week has gone by in this long 2013-14 NHL season, and what a week it has been! Teams across the NHL have been vying for points in order to climb to the next spot in the rankings or to hold on in hopes of maintaining a playoff position. Some teams like the San Jose Sharks and the New York Islanders have been on a downward slump. Dropping out of 1st place in the Pacific Division, San Jose is now ranked 3rd behind Anaheim and Phoenix. San Jose is close in contention with Phoenix seeing as Phoenix has 26 points in 18 games and San Jose having 25 in just 17 games played. However, the fellow Californian team in Anaheim holds a commanding 31 points in 19 games over the whole division. The New York Islanders have fallen from the top in their respected division as well. They are now ranked 6 in the Metropolitan Division with only 15 points. Pittsburgh leads with 22 points as Washington follows with 19, NY Rangers with 18, Carolina with 16, and New Jersey also with 15. John Tavares and the gang better start to turn things around or else the Islanders may find themselves trying to dig their way out of a deep, deep hole. Aside from the slumping teams, there are still teams that are surging with success. Among those teams are Colorado, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, and Chicago. As previously mentioned, Anaheim has taken a significant lead in the Pacific Division. They are on a 5-game winning streak (as of 11/10/2013) and have earned a record of 15-3-1 with a total of 31 points. Their offense has dominated teams across the board and is lead by captain Ryan

Getzlaf. The Ducks are currently tied with the Chicago Blackhawks for most goals scored at 66 goals. The Ducks remain a highly competitive team after playing 19 games so far this season. Colorado is still amazing NHL fans with their start to the season as well. They are now tied with Chicago with 28 points but have also played 2 games less than the Blackhawks have, giving them the potential advantage. Colorado still holds the highest Goal Differential rating with a +26, showing that not only can their offense produce significantly, but their defense and goaltending have been spectacular as well. With that kind of success it will be hard to stop the Avs this season if they keep this up. Tampa Bay is also streaking down the right path so far this season. They now hold the top spot in the highly contested Atlantic Division. Although they do not hold a significant lead above the rest, they have found themselves on a 4-games winning streak that has helped propel them to the top. If they hold on to this success long enough they may just get a chance at holding a decent lead over the other point-hungry contenders below in the standings. I do not see them staying at the top for too long, however with the offensive capabilities between Lightning legends like Steven Stamkos and Martin St.Louis, anything is possible. Lastly, we have the streaking Hawks in Chicago. Since last week, the Hawks have found themselves on a 3-game winning streak. It’s nothing special, however as we know with Colorado, every point counts. Plus, this streak has the potential to turn itself into something more long-term. Best-case scenario, the Hawks might keep winning and advance in the standings

above Colorado for the first time this season. Wouldn’t that be nice? Blackhawk News As previously stated the Hawks have finished the week with a 3-game wining streak. Those three wins came from victories over the Winnipeg Jets, Dallas Stars, and the Edmonton Oilers. With wins over Winnipeg and Dallas the Hawks have gained a point advantage in the Central Division. Nashville, Dallas, and Winnipeg are all tied with 18 points while St.Louis and Minnesota are tied at 24 points. The Hawks still remain tied with the Avs at 28 points (as of 11/10/2013). Coach Q has continued to change up the lineup in Chicago to find that line-toline chemistry. He has decided to keep forward Brandon Pirri up with Michal Handzus remaining injured. Brandon Pirri has registered 2 points in the past 3 Blackhawks’ victories. The youngster scored a goal against Winnipeg and added a nice assist against Edmonton. I feel there could be a lot more to come out of this kid and I hope to see it, because I feel that this is his tryout while Handzus is injured. Another face has returned to the lineup, only this time in a new position. Defenseman Sheldon Brookbank has been added to the lineup for the Hawks not as a defenseman, but as a forward. I am not sure why this move is necessary, especially since Brookbank has yet to contribute anything while being moved to forward. I would much rather see another young forward get a shot at the lineup, but I guess we just have to trust Coach Q.

Needed Improvements The Hawks’ Penalty Kill has been garbage lately, a complete turnaround from last season’s PK. The Hawks currently have the 2nd worst Penalty Kill in the NHL right now. Even the Buffalo Sabres, the worst team in the league right now, have a better PK than the Hawks do! With a PK% of 74.5%, the Hawks better look to shape up on the Penalty Kill or they can start losing some must-win games. Frank’s Three Stars of the Week 1st: Patrick Sharp 2nd: Patrick Kane 3rd: Duncan Kieth Sharp: Patrick Sharp has contributed 7 points in the last 3 games for the Blackhawks. An outstanding achievement that has been recognized by the NHL that, in turn, named him among the Three NHL Stars of the Week. With 6 assists and 1 goal, Sharpie deserves my No.1 Star of the Week. Kane: Patrick Kane has also shown some impressive offensive numbers in his last 3 games with 2 goals and 2 assists and a +5 rating. Kieth: Duncan Keith, as a defenseman, has also been contributing offensively. He has notched 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 3 games with the Hawks.

D Rose Back but Bulls Still Won’t Win Title Damone Griffin Sports Editor

The most wonderful time of the year is back and I am not talking about turkeys or big guys in red velvet suits that eat all your cookies while chanting ho, ho, ho like it’s a bad 80s song. I am talking about basketball being back in full swing with the start of the 2013-2014 NBA season. The best part about basketball being back especially if you’re a Chicago Bulls is that Derrick Rose is back in action. After he missed a year of playing professional basketball because of a torn ACL he is back in uniform and on the court for the Bulls. He wasn’t just an illusion that was there for a few seasons, won the MVP award led the Bulls to a top seed, and then disappeared from existence. Derrick Rose played his first official regular season game against the defending champion Miami Heat. After being hyped up as the most epic return a Chicago Bull has made since “you know who” came back from his baseball sabbatical in the mid 1990s, Rose didn’t play all that well. He managed 12 points and four assists in his debut and it made me realize something. I am a huge basketball fan and an even bigger Bull’s fan but I came to the conclusion that the Chicago Bulls will not win an NBA title this season. It is so agonizing to say that and I would rather watch all five Twilight movies with special commentary from Kristen Stewart on a Saturday night than repeat that but it is the harsh truth. I have loved the Bulls since I ran around the living room with my dad at three years old celebrating their third championship after John Paxton’s three-pointer sealed the deal. These unfortunately are not those

Chicago Bulls yet because Derrick Rose still does not have the help he needs and still has to learn more about the game. He is also not Michael Jordan and that’s not an insult because I am convinced that Michael Jordan is not human. I would never take anything away from D Rose because he is sensational on the court. He is lighting quick with the ball in his hands, one the strongest point guards in league history, a good leader, takes the big shot, and is pretty good at making the big shot. The high arching floater he hit over two New York Knicks on Halloween to win the game is just a reminder of his individual greatness.

D Rose will be champion one day

Everybody needs to look at the rest of the Chicago Bulls though. Every superstar player has a cast of role players that fulfills their part and in some cases maybe there is even another superstar like that once famous duo of Shaq and Kobe or that now famous, yet disdained duo of Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. The Bulls have a superstar and a cast of players that are really good and work well together but none of them are superstars. Joakim Noah is a top five center in the league that plays harder than anyone but he is not going to give you twenty plus points a night in the post. Carlos Boozer, the Bull’s offseason purchase from a couple years ago,

sometimes turns into Carlos “Snoozer” on defense and offense. Luol Deng is an incredible player that always possesses all star potential but it he does not bring consistent enough offense that will turn him to a truly elite player. Hinrich, Butler, Gibson are great pieces that the Bulls are fortunate to have but their not superstars. The biggest issue is that the Miami Heat have Lebron James and the Bulls have to find a way to get pass that. Dwayne Wade is approximately 70% of what he used to be on a game-to-game basis meaning that sometimes he is D Wade and sometimes he just needs Bengay. He is still fully capable of being D wade though just ask the San Antonio Spurs. Everyone just needs to relax and be patient, and not expect Derrick Rose to be Superman right off the bat. He is only 25 years old still learning about the game and he will continue to grow as a player and that should make Bull’s fans everywhere estatic for years to come. Remember how many rings Lebron James and Michael Jordan had when they were 25 years old. The Bull have a 3-3 record at this point in the season and will probably finish with 50 plus wins and one the best records in the league but that’s the regular season. Pacers will be waiting in the playoffs with size and the Heat will be waiting with speed, star power, and experience. Its too much to ask of them this season. Derrick Rose and the Bulls will win an NBA title they just won’t win one this season. I do hope that this is one proclamation I am completely wrong about because no one wants to see Miami raising another championship banner. Rose is still the Windy City angel with an assassin’s mentality on the court that will guide Chicago to a title just not this year.

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The Xavierite

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SXU Football Gets Bittersweet Victory Cougars Say Farewell on Senior Day Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor The seniors of Saint Xavier football played their final college home game on Saturday in a 37-20 defeat of Trinity International University. With the prospects of making the 2013 NAIA Football Championship Series seemingly razor-thin, the 14 seniors honored before the game got strong performances out of their less veteran teammates and competed at a high level themselves. The compelling display of football was no fluke for a group of seniors who led the Cougars to a 44-8 win-loss record in their careers (as of Saturday) and Saint Xavier’s first national championship in 2011. Senior Joe Gill, playing in relief of injured redshirt freshman John Rhode, played one of the best games of his college career in the 37-20 victory. It only made sense that he would play with as much confidence as he has all year in his final

Gill had a strong last home game Saturday.

game at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field. The Senior Day game went as planned for the Cougars, starting with Gill. He finished the game 26-of-44 passing with three touchdowns and an interception to lead the Cougars. On the defensive side of the ball, head coach Mike Feminis said there will be at least three senior players for whom the Cougars will have difficulty finding replacements. “With [seniors Jacob] Ghinazzi, [Dave] Marciano and [Zach] Dolph, those are three special guys that we’re going to have to replace,” said Feminis. “We’re going to need to do that if we’re going to get back to the level that we want to be at.” Dolph, an outside linebacker, made sure to end his home college career on top. He led the team with 11 tackles and forced a fumble. Even more important to the team win was his two interceptions. He returned the first one for a touchdown in the first quarter, giving his team a 14-6 lead. Dolph broke the school record for most tackles in a single game earlier this year. In a 12-6 win on Oct. 26 against William Penn University, Dolph recorded 23 tackles. The previous record had been 20. He also broke the school singleseason record for tackles with 128 in 2012. Marciano, another outside linebacker, added six tackles on Saturday. He SXU Athletics broke the record for longest

Cougars Take Down D-1 Opponent Women’s Basketball Defeats UIC Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor In their opener to the 2013 season, the Saint Xavier Cougar women’s basketball team defeated the University of Illinois at Chicago on the road by a final score of 8079. In addition to outscoring UIC, the Cougars also outrebounded, finishing the game with 42 rebounds to the Flames’ 38. Saint Xavier especially dominated in defensive rebounds with 30 to the UIC’s 20. The Cougars completed the upset of UIC with a last-second three-point shot by redshirt freshman guard Sidney Prasse, who had missed the 2012 season with an injury. Do not let the buzzer beater fool you into thinking that the Cougars had to pull a Houdini to win the game. Saint Xavier led by as many as 12 points with 13:33 left in the second half. By contrast, the Flames’ largest lead of the game was a mere seven points with 4:48 remaining in the second

Stutt scored 17 in victory.

SXU Athletics

half. The Cougars won despite being outscored 52-46 in the second half largely because they did not miss the shots they took. They shot over 50% from the floor in the second half, finishing 16-of-29 in field goals as a team. They were also a perfect three-for-three from the three-point line in the second half, and the Cougars were perfect from the free-throw line, shooting 11-of-11. Junior forward Morgan Stuut led the Cougars in scoring with 17 points, converting 10 of her 11 free-throw attempts. She also led the team with 12 rebounds and seven assists, while tying for the team lead with two steals in her 37 minutes. Senior Jordan Brandt played just 23 minutes, but she made them count with 13 points and a three-for-four mark from beyond the three-point arc. Junior Suzie Broski played all 40 minutes against the Flames and put up 16 points in the winning effort. She was the best shooter from the floor, finishing the game eight-of-12 in field goals and tying Stuut for the team lead with two steals. The Cougars will try to build off their impressive season-opening win today when they get their home schedule started against Trinity International University. Tip-off will be at 7 p.m. following a ceremony to rename the main arena floor at the Shannon Center. The new moniker, Hallberg Court, is so named because of the contributions to Saint Xavier’s athletic department from the women’s basketball head coach Bob Hallberg, who took over the inaugural program in 1999. Twitter: @TimCarroll_XAV

punt return in school history with an 81-yarder for a touchdown against the University of Saint Francis (Ill.) on Sept. 28. Ghinazzi, a safety who is tied for first with two other players for most interceptions in his career with 15, did not add another pick but did force a turnover. He tallied 10 tackles and forced a fumble. He is tied for first in the category of most interceptions in a single season with six in 2011. “He’s one of the toughest kids I’ve ever coached,” said Feminis of Ghinazzi. “And he’s not a kid that will go run a 4.5 [second] 40 [yard dash] for you. I just term him a football player. The guys love playing with him because of the energy he brings to the defense.” Senior captains on home field for the last time. SXU Athletics Back on the offensive side of the ball, Nick Pesek scored in his final college kicked two 50-yard field goals this year. game at home. He finished with 13 carries Senior defensive linemen Andrew that went for 63 yards (4.8 YPC) and a Holden and Tim Beyer each had a half-sack touchdown. against Trinity International. Beyer added Pesek holds a number of school records, another tackle for a loss of two yards on including the top two single-season rushing Saturday. yardage titles (1,048 yards in 2011 and 1,125 The team also bid adieu to defensive in 2012). Coming into this 2013 season, linemen J.D. Barchard, Josh Perkins he already held the school record for most and Anthony Rispoli, as well as offensive rushing yards in his career with 2,383 and linemen Tim Ladd, Mac Stevenson and he has added to it handily. Brian Studnicka. Senior kicker/punter Spencer Nolen The seniors will look for one last win handled all of the kicking duties this year. in next Saturday’s 1:30 p.m. game at Olivet He missed a 48-yard attempt on Saturday Nazarene University. but made a 27-yarder. He tied the singlegame record for most field goals made with five in a win over the University of Saint Twitter: Francis (Ill.) earlier this season, and he @TimCarroll_XAV

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

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Men’s Soccer Survives and Advances

Damone Griffin Sports Editor

It is the end of the season for the Saint Xavier University Men’s soccer team and everybody knows what that means. It is time to go Christmas shopping on “Black Friday” after Thanksgiving so you battle people over that 45 inch flat screen TV that’s only $45 and that new Miley Cyrus CD for $5. Ok so actually it is time for the CCAC Tournament to start to determine the kings of the conference. The Cougars had to finish the regular season first against Robert Morris University in Arlington Heights, Ill. It was an important game for the Cougars as they were still jockeying for position trying to win one more conference game so they could get the opportunity to host a home game in the conference tournament. It was a close game for the Cougars but they fell short losing to the Eagles of Robert Morris 3-2 in their regular season conference finale. Even though the Cougars never led in the game they fought hard to keep the game close and tied it up twice after falling behind before finally losing by one goal at the end. The Eagles kicked off the scoring in the 21st minute of play when senior midfielder Gordy Gurson scored off an assist from fellow senior midfielder Bobby Hurwitz. Junior midfielder Brandon Simoes responded for the Cougars after receiving the nice assist from sophomore forward Marco Gutierrez. The game remained tied at one until halftime. After halftime in the 55th minute the Eagles regained the lead off a header by senior forward Stefan Zindovic set up

off a cross by freshmen midfielder Irving Eloiza. SXU responded once again when junior defender Xavier Corona scored off a rebound from a shot attempt by Gutierrez. The game remained tied at 2 until the 81st minute when RMU sophomore forward Steve Garofolo scored his first goal of the season to give the Eagles the lead and the win. Last Saturday the Cougars finally began postseason play in the CCAC Tournament with a game against Judson University in Elgin, Ill. It took two overtimes and penalty kicks but the Cougars pulled off the upset. The Judson Eagles did get on the board first at the end of the first half in the 43rd

minute when junior midfielder Bruno Oliveira scored to make the game 1-0. In the 52nd minute of action Judson doubled their lead when the Eagles junior midfielder Michael Berrequin put one in the back of the net. The Cougars would start to fight back in the 63rd when junior midfielder Tom Lojek scored on off a free kick to make the deficit one goal. Time started to run out on the Cougars season then in the 88th minute junior defender Rene Leon scored to tie the game up at 2. It gave the Cougars new life as they prepared for overtime. Both teams could not score during

SXU soccer celebrates its victory

either overtime so the game went to penalty kicks to determine who would advance to the semifinals of the conference tournament. The Cougars came up huge with their season on the line to win the shootout 4-2 and advance to the semifinals. Simoes had the game winning penalty kick for the Cougars. It wasn’t pretty or easy but the team survived and advanced to keep their hopes of a conference title alive and earning a spot in the NAIA National Tournament. The team will play Olivet Nazarene University on Wednesday Nov. 13 in the semifinals with a chance to advance to the championship game.

SXU Athletics

Cougar Volleyball Led by Marvelous Marie

Damone Griffin Sports Editor

It is the end of the season for Saint Xavier University Women’s Volleyball team and they are playing their best volleyball of the season. The team even had one player recognized for her incredible play by the Chicago Collegiate Athletic Conference. Junior middle hitter Marie Hackert was announced on Tuesday Nov. 5 as the CCAC Volleyball Player of the Week. Hackert earned the honor because of her marvelous efforts in the matches prior to Nov. 3. In two matches she had 18 kills and 11 blocks for the Cougars leading them to a 2-0 record for the week. Later that night the Cougars took on Roosevelt University and Hackert would show off why she won the award. The team won the match in four sets: 19-25, 25-20, 25-18, 25-20 and Hackert had another great night tallying 13 kills and five blocks. The other co-captian junior setter Kelli Shaffer continues to also play extremely well with 35 assists, six digs, four kills, and two service aces. Sophomore middle blocker/

SXU during timeout

SXU Athletics

Marvelous Marie in action

outside hitter Heidi Gregerson and junior defensive specialist/outside hitter Jessica Galotta finished with nine kills each for the Cougars. Galotta also played hard on defense collecting 10 digs while junior libero Dominique Aramburu led the team with 11 digs and through in two service aces. The Cougars would play their last game of the year in front of the home crowd at good ole Saint Xavier University. It was a special time for the team because it was “Family Night” giving the chance for the players and fans to honor the family or loved ones of these incredible athletes before the

SXU Athletics

match. After the festivities were over it was time for the Cougars to get down to business against the Judson University Eagles. Playing in front of a pumped up crowd the Cougars won this match up in four sets: 25-20, 2520, 19-25, 25-19. Sophomore right side hitter Meghan Falsey had the best night of her career statistically finishing with a career high 14 kills and another career in aces with four. The sensational setter Shaffer had 43 assists, 11 digs and two aces. Hackert was remarkable again tallying 14 kills and three solo blocks.

Aramburu led the defensive effort for SXU with 22 digs and freshmen right side hitter Natalie Carberry was incredible off the bench finishing with eight kills and four digs. The team finished the regular season with an overall 16-13 record and secured the number sixth seed for the CCAC Volleyball Tournament. The Cougars are playing very impressive volleyball just in time for the conference tournament. The team will play Cardinal Stritch University in the first round of the tournament on Tuesday Nov. 12.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Xavierite

SXU Football Earns Win, Winning 2013 Record Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor Coming off a loss last weekend that probably ended the Cougars’ chances for a playoff berth in the 2013 NAIA Football Championship Series, the No. 23-ranked Saint Xavier football team won Saturday over unranked Trinity International University. The team sent the seniors off from their home college career with a winning 2013 record and a strong 37-20 win behind an offensive effort that quarterback Joe Gill led and a defensive effort led by outside linebacker Zach Dolph. Gill, a senior, finished the game 26for-44 with three touchdowns and an interception. He took shots down the field, completing some big ones and missing some others while playing because of a broken foot and high-ankle sprain sustained by redshirt freshman John Rhode in last week’s loss to Saint Ambrose University. Dolph recorded 11 tackles with a forced fumble and two interceptions against a Trojan team that head coach Mike Feminis called “the most improved team in our conference.” “We’re going to have to play a very good game and mistake-free football to win,” said Feminis before the game. “Obviously, that means we’re going to have to play a lot better than we did last week.” Outside of the pick that Gill threw, the Cougars did play mistake-free football. They wound up +3 in the turnover margin

just a week after finishing -5 against Saint Ambrose. Trinity International took the early 6-0 lead when sophomore quarterback Stephen Anderson completed a pass to freshman receiver Cory Windle for a 32-yard score. They faked the extra point attempt with a rush by kicker Aaron Ordway, but they were unable to convert. Saint Xavier answered back with a 56yard scoring drive set up by a 30-yard kickoff return by freshman Stephen Simms. Once the Cougars got into Trojan territory, Gill completed two straight passes of 13 and 18 yards to junior receiver Nick DeBenedetti. The series ended with an 8-yard touchdown pass to DeBenedetti, then a Spencer Nolen extra point gave the Cougars a 7-6 lead. The Trojans gave the Cougars the lead when Anderson threw an interception to Dolph. The linebacker returned the ball 32

DeBenedetti caught two touchdowns.

yards for a touchdown and a 14-6 lead. DeBenedetti got the next scoring drive started with a 23-yard return of an Ordway punt in the second quarter. It took just two plays to find the end zone. Gill found redshirt freshman receiver Sean Jones for a 33-yard gain, then completed a nineyard touchdown pass to freshman receiver Dennis Vilimek. After junior defensive lineman Marcus Maas forced a fumble on the goal line, the Cougars drove 99 yards for another touchdown. A 47-yard reception to redshirt freshman receiver Ryan Carroll was wiped out because of an ineligible receiver downfield penalty, but Saint Xavier still managed to move down the field and exhaust almost all of the time remaining in the first half. During the drive, Simms ripped off a 21-yard run to get into Trojan territory. The Cougars got to the Trojans’ two-yard line when Gill completed a pass to DeBenedetti, who was tackled by safety Brad Badali. Badali was ejected from the game for targeting the helmet, then senior running back Nick Pesek capped the drive with a twoyard touchdown run that put Saint Xavier up 27-6 (when Nolen missed the extra point). SXU Athletics Pesek finished his

last home game with 63 yards on 13 carries and a touchdown, plus he added a catch for a seven-yard gain. To open the second half, the Trojans reduced their deficit to 27-13 on a pass from Anderson to backup quarterback Dillon Turk, who had lined up as a receiver. The Cougars answered quickly with a scoring drive of their own. DeBenedetti caught a 51-yard pass on the first play of the drive, but then the drive stalled. Nolen kicked a 27-yard field goal to put the Cougars up 30-13. Trinity International ended their scoring with an eight-yard run by Chris Elliot, who finished the game with 113 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries. Saint Xavier scored the game’s last points in the third quarter with an 11-yard touchdown catch by DeBenedetti. The score was set up by a questionable thirddown pass interference call that went against the Trojans and kept the Cougars’ drive going. The fourth quarter was a quiet one, with the highlight being a second Dolph interception that effectively sealed the game in favor of Saint Xavier. The Cougars face their final test of the season on the road next Saturday. They will take the field at 1:30 p.m. in Bourbonnais, Ill., to try and end the 2013 season with a win against the Tigers of Olivet Nazarene University. @TimCarroll_XAV

Cougar Basketball Does It Big

Damone Griffin Sports Editor

The Saint Xavier University Men’s Basketball team began their 2013-2014 campaign at home against IndianaUniversity Northwest last Tuesday night. The Cougars were ready to play and pounced on the Red Hawks immediately on their way to blow out victory in their opener in front of the home crowd. It was a close game at 0-0 but after that the Cougars got serious and went on a 15-4 run in the first five minutes of action. The team jumped out to a 20 point halftime lead

after shooting 50% in the first half. They would continue to dominate after halftime leading by as many as 36 points on their way to a 95-71 victory. The team was led by senior guard Brad Karp who had 25 points on 12 for 21 shooting for the game. Sophomore forward Josh Mawhorr had a remarkable game with 19 points seven rebounds and eight assists on a perfect 7 for 7 from the field. New transfer senior guard Michael Simpson had a solid game in his debut for the Cougars after transferring from Cardinal Stritch University. The new lightning quick guard had nine points on 3 for 7 shooting

to go along with four assists and a couple steals. After throttling the Red Hawks at home the Cougars went on the road to take on Silver Lake College in Wisconsin. It was a very close game in the first half that saw the Cougars down by two at halftime 4547. When halftime was over the Cougars came out of the locker room primed for an offensive explosion. The team went on a 14-0 run after halftime to take a 57-49 lead after being down by two at the break. They would not look back on their way to 113-88 road victory. The Cougars shot a blistering 82%

Cougars ready for action

SXU Athletics

in the second half including making all five of their three-pointers en route to putting up 68 points in the half. Star guard Brad Karp packed the stat sheet leading the team with 34 points, 15 rebounds, and six steals on 13-16 shooting. Simpson had a better scoring output than the first game finishing with 17 points this time around. Mawhorr finished with 17 points and two steals and new transfer junior forward Andre Arrington finished with nine points on the night for the Cougars. The team looks a little different from last season after losing four seniors but you can tell after the first two games that the Cougars are still fully capable of dominating like last season especially when their clicking on all cylinders. They will look to win their conference and go farther in the NAIA Division II Tournament after last season’s second round loss. Next up for the Cougars will be the two day Trinity Christian College Classic that starts at 6 pm on Friday Nov. 15. Senior Karp continues his stellar career

SXU Athletics

November 13th, 2013  

The November 13th, 2013 Edition

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