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Staph Infection Found at SXU Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor Through Saint Xavier University’s Health Center, it has been confirmed that one student athlete has tested positive for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Two high-risk populations for staph infections, and particularly MRSA, are college students and athletes. College students can easily contract this disease because they live in such confined quarters and share dorm space, the diner, etc. Within the community, outside of hospitals, people are most likely to contract MRSA from shaving or waxing, tattoos or body piercings, any physical contact with an individual who is not only a carrier of MRSA but may have a draining cut or sore, and the sharing of personal items or equipment that is unclean. Athletes sliding on turf can create cuts or sores, which forms an entry way for the bacteria. Like with college students, athletes also share space through locker rooms and equipment. High contact sport athletes are even more prone to contract MRSA because they go head to head with other university

extremely painful. When asked what are the best precautions that all students can take in an attempt to decrease their chances of contracting MRSA Kathryn Tibbits, a Family Nurse Practitioner in the SXU

teams. The symptoms of MRSA vary from person to person. Often times the symptoms of this skin infection are mistaken as spider bites. An infected area can be a single rash or a pus filled boil that can be tender and

A look at the SXU Health Center.

Health Center stated, “The biggest way that students can protect themselves is by washing their hands. Second, they need to frequently wash both their towels and their sheets.” As individuals who use the Shannon Center’s facilities another action that can be taken is to wipe down all equipment both before and after its been used. Another precaution that athletes and fitness fanatics alike can take is to shower after all athletic activity and to receive timely treatment for any skin infections. There have been students that have also voiced their opinion on the matter. Kate Pacella, a sophomore premed major, says, “I feel that MRSA case should be a concern for every SXU studnt. I fel that students, thletes, and faculty need to understand the causes and effects of the disease to better their awareness and protection from the disease. I feel prepared from keeping myself [from] contracting the diesease because I take care of my health and take precautionariesfrom getting sick.” Students looking to stay up to date on health related information should follow SXU Cougar Wellness on either Facebook or Twitter.

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Elevator Difficulties in Warde David Rodriguez News Editor There are three elevators in the Warde Academic Center, one in the library one in the G-wing and one in the N-wing. The library elevator was part of the extensive renovations done to the library this summer, but the other two elevators in the Warde Academic Center are the oldest at SXU. The N-wing elevator was inspected on

the eleventh of June, 2013. Its certificate of inspection expired on August eleventh, 2013. Director of Facilities, Peter Skach, said that the city inspectors are responsible for inspecting the elevator and, as of now, they have not contacted, or set a date with, Facility Services to inspect it again. The company that works with Facility Services to service the elevators, Urban Elevator Service INC., comes to SXU nearly once a week to check the elevators, according to Skach.

The N-wing elevator is the elevator that they have the most trouble with because it is the most used elevator at SXU. This elevator is located right outside of the nursing wing. Students that take this elevator not only use for the nursing wing but also for faculty offices located in this wing. It functions as a service and passenger elevator. Just this summer, there was a new door operator installed in it. However, due to its old age and high traffic volumes, there are plans to further

repair the N-wing elevator. Similar to the renovations done to library elevator, there are plans to replace the circuitry and improve the aesthetics of the elevator, said Skach. Significant repairs, or the installation of a new elevator, would have to be postponed until the summer because they would put it out of commission for at least two weeks, thus inconveniencing students, staff, and faculty.

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The certificate and the N0wing elevator are pictured here,

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Cougars Back on Track

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saint Xavier Professor Profiles Introducing New Faculty

The Xavierite Call 773.298.3380 Fax 773.298.3381 E-mail Write The Xavierite Saint Xavier University 3700 W. 103rd Street Chicago, IL 60655

Staff: Editor in Chief Becki Brown Deputy Editor in Chief Brittany Klyczek Senior News Editors Catlyn Hicks News Editor David Rodriguez Senior Viewpoints Editor Brian Laughran Viewpoints Editor Bridget Goedke Senior Features Editor Lauren Dwyer Features Editor Kristin Mabry Senior Sports Editor Tim Carroll Sports Editor Frank Markasovic Business Manager Janna Eudave Copy Editors Joshua Humphry Damone Griffin Brittany Klyczek Webmaster Nicole Callsen Photographer Linda Hamed Designer Emalee Kay

David Rodriguez News Editor Full name: Maria Jesus Barros Garcia Department: English and Foreign Languages Title: Lecturer in Spanish Professor Barros began working for Saint Xavier University during the 20132014 academic school year. Granada, Spain is where she had lived until almost two years ago when she moved to the U.S. However, that isn’t the first time she had traveled. While pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of Granada she studied abroad in London, England. Then, she studied abroad in Pennsylvania at Bucknell University, while earning her Ph.D. at the University of Granada. There she was an international teacher assistant and did research. After receiving her doctorate in May 2011 from the University of Granada, Miss Barros was interested in a post-doctorate fellowship. That made her Illinois-bound. She did her fellowship at the University of Illinois because she admired a researcher there. Barros area of expertise is politeness, as an attitude in speech. Politeness is “what devices you use to be polite, whenever you speak,” said Barros. Her fellowship was not the only reason that she came to Illinois. Barros’ boyfriend of five years is attending medical school in Chicago. Him along with her post-graduate ambitions made Chicago a great choice for her new home. This November will mark the Barros’ second year in the U.S. When asked about her new home, Chicago, she said, “I love Chicago, I think it’s a great city, it offers

anything you can be looking for, but the only thing I don’t like is the weather.” The weather is strikingly different; the temperature in Chicago is nearly thirty degrees lower than in Granada during this time of year. The weather takes some time to adapt to, but the lifestyle does too. Barros admitted to missing her lifestyle in Spain. For example, she said, “I like it here but of course I miss things that I had there, for example having ‘tapas’ with The Xavierite my friends nearly SXU’s new professor, Maria Jesus Barros Garcia in Norwood Park. Besides taking walks and everyday at 9.” Tapas, in Granada are similar to eating at restaurants, she said, “I really want appetizers here, in the U.S. In Granada, a to take Flamengo lessons if I can find some tapa is served to you whenever you order a spare time.” Miss Barros said she chose Saint drink. Barros has found many hobbies in Chicago Xavier because she had the opportunity of though. She loves taking walks near here teaching what she loves to study, Spanish, and especially because of the atmosphere at downtown home. The restaurant scene in Chicago is SXU. Miss Barros commented, “I like the one that Barros could not miss; she loves sense of community here, everybody here checking out new restaurants whenever has been super welcoming, helpful and she isn’t busy preparing for class or grading kind to me.” papers. And, of course, she has had a chance to enjoy a Chicago-style hotdog. Her favorite place to eat a hotdog is SuperDawg

SXU Alumnus Seeks Political Office Tony Bara News Contributor

A former political science and organizational communication major at SXU is putting his skills into practice as he runs for state representative in Missouri’s 103rd district. Alexander McArthy, a 2012 graduate, says he is running because, “There are many challenges that face our nation” and [his home state of Missouri]. On the national level, McArthy’s most passionate positions are his support of the sanctity of life and his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. He calls the health care law, “the most detrimental and dangerous piece

of legislation ever passed in U.S. history” because “it erodes personal decision making regarding healthcare, causes higher healthcare costs and decapitates businesses.” In Missouri, McArthy aims to boost job creation, improve education and combat corruption. “I am running for office because the poor decisions made by policy makers today are going to affect my generation the most,” states McArthy. Eugenia McAvoy, professor of communication at SXU and one of McArthy’s mentors, calls him “a remarkable individual” and is “proud of his decision to run for public office.” While at SXU, McArthy was heavily involved in a number of organizations including, but not limited to being the vice president of RHA, an Awakenings leader and president of NSCS at SXU.

He also founded and presided over SXU Students for Life and SXU Young Americans for Freedom. McArthy will be hosting a fundraiser dinner at 115 Bourbon Street on Thursday, October 24 at 6:30 pm and invites all SXU students, faculty and staff to attend. “[I] would be honored to [have] my fellow Cougars, professors, staffers and mentors that guided me in my values and work ethic,” says McArthy. Interested attendees can RSVP at McArthy further welcomes everyone to his Twitter page @alexmcarthy. His Facebook page at facebook. com/engageLIBERTY and his website

Correspondents Damone Griffin Contributor Tony Bara Director of Student Media Peter Kreten Front page photo credits: The Xavierite,, SXU Athletics

Alumnus of SXU, Alexander McArthy, is running for Missouri’s 103rd district.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Bumper Cars at Saint Xavier

Catlyn Hicks Senior News Editor When students are not worrying about getting a parking space, they are worrying about whether they are going to hit someone else’s car or have their car be hit. Sophomore Darlene Narca said, “The spaces are so tight that there’s not a lot of room for error when you park.” Ask any commuter or resident who has a car on campus and they are likely to agree. But how many of these accidents are reported? Unfortunately, after speaking to John Touhy, the Police Chief and Director of

Public Safety, it was discovered that in previous years all crash reports had to be handled by the Chicago Police 22nd District. Recently Public Safety has received authorization by the State of Illinois to take crash reports for accidents that occur on campus. This will make reporting easier for smaller accidents that no longer need to be reported to the Chicago Police. This new information was mentioned to Senior Lauren Madon whose vehicle has been involved in a couple of smaller accidents here on campus but never felt the need to file. She explained that, “Filing a report would have involved a lot of work for a

couple of nicks and scratches.” Now that students have the ability to go straight to Public Safety this may allow for accidents to be reported. Even with this authorization though Public Safety is only able to handle accidents that involve crashes and property damage. Any incident that may involve injury or ticket related issues, such as driving uninsured-driving with a suspended licenseetc., does require that the Chicago Police be contacted to come to campus as well as handle any follow ups for the accident. An official number for the amount of crash reports handled by public safety will not be known till the end of this year. But when asked how many reports he believes

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they handle of average Touhy stated, “Just off the top of my head we average about two property type crash or accident reports a week, and only a slight number of those are referred to the Chicago Police.” According to Touhy there is no pattern as to which area or areas have accidents most reported to Public Safety. Property vehicle accidents are happening all over campus. If you are ever involved in any type of vehicular accident on either Saint Xavier’s Chicago or Orland campuses Public safety recommends you call not only them but also the Chicago or Orland Park Police. Public Safety can be reached through the following numbers: 773-298-3541, 773-298-4400, or 773-298 -3911.

Parking is an issue that SXU students never seem to get away from.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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V I E W P O I N T S Crunching the data on car crashes By The Xavierite Staff

When The Xavierite Editorial Board creates an editorial we try to speak as accurately as we can for those involved on our paper’s staff. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, but we always try to get as apt a gauge on the pulse of the St. Xavier community that we can through our own personal…shall we say…viewpoint? But we’re going to take the liberty and speak for what we feel is a good chunk of America – or the state of Illinois, at the very least – when we say that our elected officials seem to be clueless for a good amount of time. This week it came to pass that St. Xavier University’s Public Safety department is now able to report on crashes that happen on campus – albeit smaller ones – without having to go to the Chicago Police Department. Without trying to sound ungrateful at the valued service provided by the Chicago Police Department, but do/did we really need them to report accidents on campus? We understand that some accidents where the parties involved are hurt or the situation would otherwise be particularly dangerous that a larger law enforcement body would be a necessity. But what we take particular issue with is the fact that Public Safety has no running records of how many accidents are likely to occur on our campus

within a given year. And not to minimize the jobs of our own Public Safety, but isn’t SXU comparatively small potatoes when it looked at upon the larger scale of the Chicagoland area. Chicago is the murder capitol of the world. The Chicago Police’s efforts are better served in more dire areas than on filing small property damage reports in the St. Xavier parking lot because two students got into a fender bender. This data may seem trivial or

unimportant, but think of the good that record keeping and analytics to do. If our Public Safety had longer running records of accidents on campus then perhaps they would be able to not only have the data but also analyze it and thus be able to find ways to cut down on on-campus accidents. We applaud the fact that Public Safety has taken the initiative to take relatively smaller claims into their domain, thus making it easier for smaller accidents to be reported and making the useful data that much more attainable.

Bumps and bruises formerly reported to the CPD will now be handled by Public Safety

Yet the fact that they can only do this now is quite startling. Why should the university have to have gone to the state for clearance on keeping record of these sorts of issues? These accidents are events that could be handled by local authority but should always be available to those in the sphere of the area affected – in this case, those in charge of the keeping our campus safe in all regards. There are currently no accident records that we were able to analyze this issue. That information won’t be readily available until the end of the year when Public Safety has data to analyze. But what we do know is when that information is ready; we’ll feel a lot better about future accident prevention. Because not only will the office of Public Safety be watching out for students, but the ever watchful staff of The Xavierite will be there to report those statistics and report on how safe our conditions truly are. If you would like to send a letter to the editor, email us at Remember to include your name, major (or title/departemet if you are a staff/faculty member). A letter title is recommended, but not mandatory. Letters may not be printed if they contain libel or profanity.

The Crusader of Sanity

Battlefield Christmas - Part IV (kinda): Our hero rises Brian Laughran Senior Viewpoints Ediotr

Well, just three more weeks til we start hearing Christmas music on the radio…just kidding. Maybe. Truth of the matter is, I don’t know when we’ll start hearing Christmas music on the radio. Last year, I chronicled the early appearance of Christmas related items. It was a glorious saga, epic in scope and scale (if I do say so myself). These “wartime” reports chronicled the conflicts of the holidays and were called “Battlefield: Christmas.” Every year is the same in that Christmas apparel and paraphernalia seems to come out earlier and earlier. Now, I’m not going to return to the journalistics logs of “Battlefield: Christmas,” but I will make a comment on one thing that I noticed this week; I consider it a sort of public service announcement. This week I was at a drugstore, either a CVS or a Walgreens – I can’t remember. I was troubled however, by the fact that I saw they were selling Christmas themed treats and goodies.

Mind you, here at the Xavierite we write our articles a few days before we go to print. I have written this article on Thursday on October 17 – a full two weeks before Halloween. I know that many of the regular nontreats and goodies found in all our major stores are heavily processed and contain a lot of preservatives so I shouldn’t be surprised that the Christmas ones contain the same preservatives – if not even more? No. I probably shouldn’t. I’m a big boy and I should be hip to the ways of the world by now. I don’t know what it is, though. For some reason the fact that the Christmas treats are heavily manufactured bothers me tremendously. Whenever I think of Christmas – particularly the treats – I think of a warm, inviting holiday. The treats, at least in my house, are always made with love…and lotsa frosting! It seems like betrayal that these manufactured treats aren’t made with the same love that I and my family put in to making our own gingerbread men, fudge, and various cookies. God…that sounds so naïve as I write it. But I don’t think I’m alone. If I asked you if you wanted to eat Christmas treats that were heavily manufactured and processed with harmful preservatives and multifarious chemicals that most are unsure truly aren’t just poison with a different name. It seems counter-Christmas to me… whatever that means.

Christmas treats like these are out well before Halloween....eew.

I guess what I mean to say is that it’s the spirit of it all that counts. Those store brand cookies are missing the most important ingredient…the love. (Yes, I know that love is not a real ingredient in cookies or any baked treat for that matter, but once again…it’s the spirit of it all that counts.) Normally I try to wrap up my columns with some sort of snappy zinger and wrap it all up in a neat little bow (much like a Christmas present…eh?). However, the best piece of advice that I can give at the end of this column is to be weary of store bought Christmas goodies for the simple reason that they are not fresh or can be good for you in any possible way because they’re put out while there is still Halloween candy on the shelf. I don’t even think that I have to bring up the age-old argument of how stores

bring out Christmas paraphenalia before Halloween has even concluded...but I will. Jeez Louise! This stuff just keeps coming earlier and earlier. I understand why stores like K-Mart, Target and Wal Mart advertise for lay-away shopping. But why do stores like Walgreens and CVS put out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving has come to pass? Their profit margins probably aren’t dependant on selling Christmas items during the months of November and December. Their profits are made from the sales from the everyday items we buy from those stores almost every day. I also don’t think I’ve ever seen or met anyone who thought, “You know...this Halloween candy looks so good. I think I’ll buy a gingerbread house and a box of Christmas fudge too!”

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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The College Diaries

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The Miley Cyrus controversy Bridget Goedke Viewpoints Editor

Miley Cyrus has been all over the news in recent weeks. She is the hot topic of all media outlets and one of the most watched and followed celebrities in the world at the moment. Some love her, some hate her, and some are just confused but she certainly has everyone wondering what she is going to do next. For many, it is hard to understand where Miley is coming from. I find myself stuck on the image of her as the tween star “Hannah Montana”. And I am sure this image is one that Cyrus certainly wants to shake and that is no easy task. As explained by Zack O’Malley Greenburg in an article for, “Everything that Miley Cyrus has done over the past few months has been part of a concerted effort to put as much distance between the young star and the character she once played” In this way, I feel some sympathy for Miley.

As non-celebrities, we can redefine ourselves as often as we want, at any point in our lives. But it’s much harder to for anyone who is constantly in the public eye to separate themself from what they are most known for. They may have grown and matured and see themselves in a completely different way but good luck getting the general public or your fan base on board with any drastic change. The fact is that she will never be able to fully distance herself from Hannah Montana and there are probably many young girls watching Miley now and getting the wrong idea. Her recent hits “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” in addition to her highly controversial VMA performance have many people, including myself, questioning whether or not she is the kind of celebrity I want to be devoting any portion of my time, attention or money to. Like it or not, embrace it or not, everyone who steps on the national stage or is constantly in the public eye is representing in some way or another a gender, age group and generation. I, being a 20 year-old female, fall into the same groups as Miley Cyrus. Whether she realizes it or not, she is setting new standards for women her age. We are influenced by the media and we are influenced by celebrities, it’s a fact. Women and men alike watch Miley Cyrus and start to value what she values.

Her values may very well be deeper than what see on TV and in her videos but the over-arching value of all of her recent content is undeniably sexuality. She seems to place that element of sexuality in almost everything, even to a point where it seems out of place or goes far beyond what Is Miley Cyrus’s behavior secretly genius or just strange? normal societal standards deem as appropriate. can watch Miley Cyrus and still recognize I fear that we may be replacing real that twerking, as entertaining as it may be, talent with sex appeal and shock value but is a skill that is of very little value. regardless if its right or wrong, it gets people My hope that is that other females talking and no one can really argue with her and males that also fall into these same success. social groups as Miley Cyrus will be able to In the Forbes article I previously overlook these over-sexualized themes and mentioned, Adam Kluger, president of a still enjoy Miley’s music if you must while product placement firm explains, “Miley taking her behavior with a grain of salt. went from like No. 350 on my list of most requested celebrities for brand partnerships to the top ten, practically overnight. She’s For this week’s Calculus not difficult to sell. If it’s an edgy brand, it’s Workshop, go online to going to work.” So whether you agree with her tactics or not, they’re working. Also, don’t forget to tweet This type of content does have its place about #cerealthursday and in society and after all, sex does sell. #cerealthursdaysxu I can’t speak for all women my age, but I

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Xavierite

Easy Do-It-You Halloween is coming soon and you still have not gotten your costume yet, right? And I am sure you would rather not go out and spend a ton of money on some run of the mill costume that at least one hundred other people will have. Luckily for you, I have come up with a few simple costumes that you can throw together with very few items. Not very creatively skilled? Do not worry, these are all very easy and there is no need to be Martha Stewart to make any of them.

Bag of Jelly Beans

Things You’ll Need: •Large, clear garbage bag •1 bag of 5-9 inch multicolored balloons •Scissors Directions: •Cut holes in bag for your arms and legs, and then step into the bag. •Blow up as many balloons as you want. You want the bag to look full, but you still want to be able to move! •Tie the bag at the top using tape, scissors, ribbon, whatever you would like. •Optional: Add a label to your bag using construction paper or a marker.


Things You’ll Need: •White long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt •Yellow pants •White stocking hat •Red Felt •Several white feather boas Directions: •Sew boas onto the shirt or sweatshirt so they cover it. You don’t need any serious sewing skills for this, just enough to keep the boas attached. •Cut the red felt into a comb and sew to the top of the stocking hat or hood if you are using a hooded sweatshirt. (You may need to sew two pieces together and stuff it with tissue, cotton balls, or something else if you want it to stand upright.)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Xavierite

urself Costumes

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Crazy Cat Lady (Or Man)

Things You’ll Need: •Housecoat •Stuffed Cats •Needle and thread

Directions: •Sew stuffed cats all over your housecoat. Be sure to make enough stitches so they stay on all night. •For an added look, mess up your hair and do whatever else it takes to make yourself look disheveled.

Lego Block

Things You’ll Need: •Cardboard box (that is big enough for you to wear) •6 Colored plastic bowls or plastic cups •Paint or colored duct tape (primary colors) •Scissors or an Xacto knife •Hot glue gun Directions: •Paint the cardboard box whatever color you want your Lego block to be. Paint the cups or bowls if they do not match the box. •After it dries, cut holes in the box for your arms and head. Leave the bottom open so you can freely walk around. •Hot glue the cups to the front of your box in two evenly placed lines. (2 columns of 3 like a Lego)


Things You’ll Need: •White sheet (For a toga) •Gray face paint •Plastic snakes

Directions: •Put your hair in an up-do and attach the small plastic snakes to it. You can use bobby pins or just weave the snakes into your hair. The more snakes the better. •Cover your face in gray face paint. You can do the rest of your exposed skin too, but you will need a lot more body paint. •Wrap the sheet around yourself in a toga.

Layout and Photos by Lauren Dwyer

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Xavierite

Countdown to Halloween: One Week To Go Becki Brown Editor in Chief There are only eight days left until Halloween. I know that some people may need some encouragement to get stay on top of Halloween-related things, so I am still going to be breaking things down, week by week. These are not orders but (very strong) suggestions, so if you don’t want to do what I’m suggesting, feel free to do otherwise. Costumes Remember how last week I told you to make a list of everything you need for your costume? Well, the time has come, my little friend, to get off your butt and actually get the things off your list. The first place to check is your own house. You just might have some of the things you need in your closet or even laying around the house. If you can’t find what you need at home, then you can head into the outside world. Make sure you check thrift shops and less expensive stores before you go to higher end stores or even Halloween stores, which can sometimes be fairly pricey.

This pumpkin knows where it’s at.

You do NOT want to be looking around for stuff for your costume a few days before Halloween because all the good stuff will be gone, so get a move on already. Feel free to also check out this

meat). You might also want to think about a playlist for you to use for your party (for some ideas, see the “music to listen to” section of the article).

mysterious and spooky. That’s right. I’m talking about The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values. You get two movies for one this week. These two films follow one of the strangest families in America. In the first movies in the series, Uncle Fester has lost his memory, and it is up to Gomez, Morticia and the rest to help him get them back before the family falls apart. In the second film, Uncle Fester gets married, Wednesday and Pugsley get sent to summer camp, and Gomez and Morticia have a baby.You have to check the altogether ooky flicks out before Halloween is over. Music to play I have one word for you: This week I have another catchy Halloween song for you. This time, it is “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley. While it isn’t specifically about Halloween, this song is still pretty spooky. After all, if a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater isn’t spooky, I don’t know what is. Addams Family photo:

week’s super cool middle spread for more costume ideas. Parties Day and time? Check. Guest list? Check. Activities? Check. Now is time to fine-tune everything and gather your supplies (this week really seems to be the “get all your stuff together” week). Make a list of everything you need and then go get it. You might want to make a separate list for things you can’t buy yet (like perishable food products such as dairy or

Decorating For the most part, your decorating should be done for the most part. If you have bulkier decorations, such as streamers or door hangers, you can go ahead and put those out now. Decorating really shouldn’t be left for the very last minute or you might as well not put them up at all. Things to watch So now that you’ve gotten Ghostbusters and Hocus Pocus under your belt, it’s time to get into the creepy and the kooky,

Make sure you visit to see Becki’s review of last Friday’s Celtic Thunder concert

Phoenix Wright Strikes Again Brittany Klyczek Deputy Editor in Chief Whenever some one uses the word law, it sends a mind numbing cringe through most people’s thoughts. But when it comes to entertainment, the prospect of law in terms of courts becomes exciting, wondering what the jury or judge will think. The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series does just that. A video game that focuses on the player being the defense attorney for the entirety of the game. As the defense attorney, there have been many throughout the series itself, but you primarily play Phoenix Wright for the first three games (out of six if you include the Japanese-only release). You must prove their client’s innocence in numerous (and hilarious) ways. However

wrong moves can send your client straight towards the guilty verdict and game over. On Thursday, October 24, the seventh game of the franchise, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies for the Nintendo 3DS is set to release via Digital Download. It also is the first of the seven games to receive an Mature (M) rating tag. This game takes place several months after the fourth game of the series, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Many main characters from past games return in while you try figuring out these court cases and how your client’s verdict will come out. Like the other games in its series, it is a game that is supposed to make the player think about evidence and what pertains to where. Undertones in the series are dark, but the game producers still give it a sense of lightheartedness with characters that will

be sure to make you remember them. In Dual Destinies, it introduces two new main characters with supposedly enthralling backgrounds, which from what I have seen, are the cause for the rating of this game. The first of these two is a fresh, just out-school defense attorney named Athena Cykes. Not only is she playable in one case within the game, but she also helps the defense attorney of your current case as an assistant if you ever need her help! The second character introduced is Simon Blackquill, the primary prosecutor of Dual Destinies. Unlike other prosecutors in the series, Blackquill is a convicted murderer. Yes, this a Japanese game, and never ever take these cases seriously. This game is supposed to have shockers like this,

The main characters of the new games, from left to right: Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright and Athena Cykes.

which remind you, the player, that it is not supposed to be like reality. Two new features in this game are cinematic cut scenes with voice acting and a brand new system that will help in court cases during the game. In the demo of the game, released on October 1, it showcased a new cinematic trailor with their English voice actors. I was holding my breath to hear who they would pick. A notable voice actress, Wendee Lee, voices Athena Cykes and was easy to recognise (especially for those that people that watch anime). The voice of the main character, Phoenix Wright, could have been a tad deeper, but I am not complaining. Yet I am more excited for the new system that comes out. This new system, the Mood Matrix, focuses on the moods of witnesses within the case you are questioning. You will see if they come up as happy, surprised, angered, or saddened. What was used in the demo was a fairly small preview of what should happen further throughout the game. The demo version was easy, but I feel it was intentionally put that way to help fans and newcomers of the series. Needless to say, it was nice to at least experience the gameplay Though the games does not come out for another few days, I have high hopes for this game. If it follows the gameplay like the other five games I have played, Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will be sure to follow the same pattern. Besides being a great analytical game, its plotline will be sure to enthrall anyone that plays it. Anyone that dares to say otherwise, I have one word for you, “Objection!”

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Dear Casanova’s Roommate, Dear Lauren, My roommate keeps bringing ladies over to our dorm while I’m trying to study. I’ve asked him many times not to do this, because it’s incredibly distracting. But he keeps doing it. What should I do? From, Casanova’s Roommate

The best thing to do in this situation is to just talk to your roommate about the situation. The dorm is a shared space and if him constantly bringing women over is such a huge distraction for you, then you need to be firm in telling him that he needs to at least give you a heads up before he brings someone over. If he does plan on bringing a woman over, you can then take your studying to one of the very many

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study places we have here on campus. I know, it is not fair that you should have to always leave when he wants to bring a girl over, especially if it happens on a regular basis. If it is happening often, you could let him know that you would prefer if it was not an every night activity. Maybe once or twice a week is okay, but you pay just as much tuition as he does. You should get to use the room in the way you would like to also. Really, you just need to compromise with him. Whether that means letting each other know

what your plans are or if you really want to be nitpicky, you could make a schedule. I’m sure he wouldn’t be thrilled about that, but hey, it’s worth a shot. Set aside times that you would specifically like to use to study. Good luck and remember to always listen to Lauren!

Need Advice? Go to to send in your anonymous questions!

Aries: March 21 -April 19

Taurus: April 20 -May 20

Gemini: May 21 -June 20

Cancer: June 21 -July 22

Leo: July 23 -Aug. 22

Virgo: Aug. 23 -Sept. 22

Break the chains that bind you. You’re not a handmaid, so don’t act like one.

Getting out of toxic relationships is a good thing. Stop blaming yourself.

Don’t overexert your abilities. You can really hurt yourself!

Although you can write novels with your speech, people would like a turn speaking, too.

Learn to listen more. You might be missing some serious information because your mind is elsewhere.

Break the norm. Get a peircing or tattoo! Do something to stand out. Don’t be another robot.

Libra: Sept. 23 -Oct. 22

Scorpio: Oct. 23 -Nov. 21

Sagittarius: Nov. 22 -Dec. 21

Capricorn: Dec. 22 -Jan. 19

Aquarius: Jan. 20 -Feb. Pisces: Feb. 19 -Mar. 18 20

Being cool isn’t everything. Step back and actually think about what you like.

If you’ve been planing something for a while, it’s time to finally put it into action.

Don’t get choked up over small things. Learn to go with the flow and accept things as they are.

Speak up more. No one posesses mindreading powers. You have good ideas, say something!

Be yourself and stop trying to be what you’re not. Accept who you are and you’ll be much happier.

Don’t dive head first into new plans. You might get into more trouble than expected.

NaNoWriMo is coming! Kristen Mabry Features Editor

Sometimes creativity needs another little boost before you do something about it. Next month is National Novel Writing Month and to honor November, there is a website that helps you write your own novel. is a website that encourages people of all ages to try to write a novel within a month. Nanowrimo. org was established in 1999 and was founded on the belief that all stories matter. Since its opening year, the number of participants have been rising and rising. Just last year, NaNoWriMo had 341,375 adult participants from every aspect of life such as automechanics, out-ofwork actors, and even some English NaNoWriMo badge teachers. Children were also encouraged to attempt this amazing feat. 82,554 students and educators created their own novels through the Young Writers Program. Since its establishment, there has been over 250 NaNoWriMo novels that have been traditionally published. One of the most well-known books of this sort is Water for Elephants. The website prides itself off the success of the userbase. It urges users to write at least 50,000 words in the month

of November. They say that while the word count is a pretty steep obsticle, it is very doable. NaNoWriMo believes that your story matters and that it needs to be written and read. They say that they love all the benefits helping authors write. They put pride in being sloppy, rushing to meet deadlines, and working so hard that you dream about your own novel. When asked why someone should start writing now and not wait until they’re ready to write their novel. Their answer was that they believe that if an average person puts off writing a novel, then it will never be written. They want authors to be completely invested in their creation. Along with word count monitering, the site has a forum for aspiring authors to get together and chat. After a group of users complained about the large word count, the site made a forum for those of us who cannot create a full novel called “NaNo Rebels.” The community itself is extremely supporting and is almost like a family. Everyone is working towards a goal and together they will all become authors. I plan on participating this year for the first time. It will be my first novel-legth story and if it’s good enough I will attempt to get it published.


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The Xavierite

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hawks Still Seeking the Top Spot in the Central Division

Frank Markasovic Sports Editor Nearing the end of October, the Chicago Blackhawks have achieved a current record of 5-1-2 (as of 10/20/2013). This fine start has put the Hawks in 2nd place behind Colorado in the Central Division. Colorado leads the Division with 14 points followed by Chicago with 12, St. Louis with 11, Nashville with 11, Minnesota with 9, Winnipeg with 8, and Dallas with 6. Although it is still very early in the season, Colorado seems to be a legitimate contender in the Central this year. The Hawks have already faced a tough opponent in St. Louis having beaten them twice out of both games so far. The long 82-game schedule only gets tougher as the weeks go by, so this early success, despite the losses to St. Louis, has been critical. Now, the main focus is to keep the points coming so that the Hawks may hold on to the top of the Central Division. I have a feeling that if a team in the Central Division slips up and falls to the bottom, it may never see the top again. Weekly Recap This past week, the Hawks have played some great hockey. They won 2 of 3 games during the week and the other game was lost in a shootout, which still yields a point. This is good! Points are good! Gaining 5 of 6 possible points from the week is the kind of pace the Hawks need to hold on to. Carolina was the first to be defeated by the Hawks last week in a 3-2 shootout victory. In this East vs. West matchup, Patrick Sharp registered his first goal of the season with a beautiful wrister. I hope Sharpie keeps scoring on a regular basis

because the Hawks can really benefit from Sharp’s consistent sniping abilities. Hossa also scored a goal and Crawford was named the game’s 1st Star with 34 saves. Following the shootout victory, the Hawks played the St. Louis for the 2nd time this season on Oct. 17th. Wanting sweet redemption against a long-time hated rival, the Hawks struck first as rookie Brandon Pirri found the back of the net from a pass delivered by Hossa. Pirri had been in plenty of Blackhawks’ discussions throughout the pre-season and well folks, he has shown up to play. Hopefully Pirri’s goals will be a regular occurrence so that he may earn a permanent spot on the roster. After Chelsea Dagger blared through the Madhouse, cheers fell silent as the Blues answered back with a David Backes goal. Hossa would also score later in the 2nd period and again the Blues scored shortly after with a beautiful tip-in by Alexander Steen. With the score tied after the 3rd the Hawks and Blues entered into a shootout. Sadly, the only player to score was TJ Oshie as he decked Crawford out of his skates and scored the clinching shootout goal. A bitter end to a physical and enjoyable game. Hopefully the next time these two teams meet, the Hawks will get a “W”. However, that will not be until December 28th and I can guarantee the Hawks wont forget the two losses the Blues handed them so far this season. The last opponents the Hawks played (as of 10/20/2013) were the Toronto Maple Leafs. This day was more than just a game for some in the United Center. ExBlackhawks player Dave Bolland returned to the Madhouse for the first time in the 2013-14 NHL Season only this time wearing

a Maple Leafs’ sweater. Bolland was honored with a standing ovation and a very nice video that was played on the jumbotron for the former Hawk. It was good to have him back in the building and I am sure his emotions were high as he stepped onto that ice once again. However, when the puck dropped it was business as usual. Forward Bryan Bickell recorded his first goal with some trickery against Toronto’s goalie Jonathan Bernier. Former Leaf Michael Kostka also registered his first goal for the Hawks as he scored off a beautiful pass from Brandon Pirri. Speaking of Pirri, Brandon scored his second NHL goal with a perfect tip-in putting the Hawks up 3-1 to finish the game. Frank’s Three Stars of the Week 1st: Brandon Pirri 2nd: Corey Crawford 3rd: Marian Hossa Brandon Pirri: Pirri has caught the attention he was thought to have in this past week. He registered 3 points in just three games with 2 goals and an assist. Not too bad for starting out his rookie season. However, if he wants to play with the big boys he has to start producing like a big boy. I would love to see Pirri keep his point streak going so he can finally earn his place on the starting roster, but only time will tell! Corey Crawford: Crawdaddy has been great in net so far this season. I think a lot of people are always bashing or doubting Crawford for every goal that is let up (these people are usually the people that only

wear/own a Kane jersey). Yes, Crawford lets a few crappy goals squeak by, I know that. But most of the time, it is not always his fault. I think he has played great to start the season. Craw will continue to stay strong between the pipes. Marian Hossa: Hossa has done well this week while scoring goals and registering assists. He has 5 points on the season (2nd on the team overall) in 8 games. Although these numbers do not seem too impressive in Hossa standards, I do believe he will turn on the offensive jets relatively soon. Other News The Chicago Blackhawks have assigned forward Joachim Nordstrom to the Rockford IceHogs. Nordstrom has played in all 8 games this season and has registered only 1 point coming from a goal scored against the Islanders. I thought Nordstom played pretty well on the bottom lines but obviously his stats are not impressive enough. Hopefully this lights a fire underneath him so that if he gets a chance to play again he will play according to Coach Q’s standards. Also, defenseman Michael Kostka has been playing in a significant amount of games recently. Will he replace Michal Rozsival in the lineup? Kostka has played in 2 games in which he scored one goal and has a +1 rating. Rozsival has only played in 3 games registering one assist and a -1 rating. Rozsival came up big for the Hawks in the 2012-13 Stanley Cup Playoffs but will he prove to be as valuable this year? Stay tuned to see who will fill the role of the sixth defenseman for the Hawks this season.

Monsters in a Bad Way

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Bears Suffer Injuries, Lose to Washington Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor Jay Cutler dropped back to pass on first-and-ten in the second quarter and took a sack from nose guard Chris Baker. It looked mundane enough. Except it was not just another sack. As Baker whipped Cutler to the ground, Cutler clutched at his left hip. He exited the field and later in the game it was learned that Cutler had sustained a groin injury and would not return. On Monday, the Bears announced that Cutler would be out a minimum of four weeks. When asked to be more specific, general manager Phil Emery declined and said only that it would be four weeks at least before Cutler could return and week-toweek thereafter. Somehow, the loss of Cutler was not the most concerning injury of the day. The retooled offense still looked serviceable despite the fact that backup Josh McCown was forced into action, and even though former Bears safety Brandon Meriweather was taking as many cheap shots as he could at Chicago receivers. (Meriweather was suspended by the NFL on Monday for two games because of his repeated disregard for the rules surrounding hitting defenseless players.) No, the worst news of the day—even worse, in fact, than the 45-41 loss to the professional Washington, D.C., football team—was the loss of veteran linebacker Lance Briggs. Briggs, who had taken over the defensive play calling since the retirement of former middle linebacker Brian Urlacher,

Cutler will miss at least four weeks (groin).

is expected to miss up to six weeks with a fracture in his shoulder, according to NFL. com. This comes just a week after the Bears lost new middle linebacker D.J. Williams for the remainder of the season because of a torn pectoral muscle. The Williams injury meant that rookie middle linebacker Jonathan Bostic got the first start of his career Sunday. And even though he has plenty of speed and can lay some big hits on people, he is still a rookie and was not always able to shed blocks or pick up the right assignments. Veteran cornerback Charles “Peanut” Tillman also missed some time in Washington on Sunday with a recurring knee injury. All of these defensive injuries could not come in a worse game. Even when everyone was healthy this was not the Monsters of the

Midway defense similarly experiencing difficulty, especially of old. Without in run defense. The team also lost defensive key players like tackle Henry Melton for the remainder Briggs, Tillman of the season, and Stephen Paea has been and Williams, working through turf toe issues. things could only The depleted defense is extremely get worse. concerning, especially now that the Bears’ S a f e t i e s offense will presumably be unable to put Major Wright and up as many points without the services of Chris Conte have Cutler. The only good news is that the Bears proven themselves have a bye week before heading to Lambeau ineffective, both Field to face off against the Packers. in coverage and in The bye gives the Bears a chance to get run support. They healthy, but how much good that will do were even more may be minimal because the key injuries exposed against appear to be long-term. Washington. The Bears needed to get better and Following a younger on defense even before seemingly timeout in the the entire defense got hurt. The injuries Washington game, Conte left his receiver just move the upcoming front office moves open, had to run over and get set to cover into the realm of absolutely critical. him and still gave up a touchdown on a fade For SXU football updates and more, follow Tim on Twitter route. And late in the game, Wright was @TimCarroll_XAV pulled because of bad play in favor of Craig Steltz. The safeties’ issues in coverage are only exacerbated by poor defensive line play. Defensive end Julius Peppers has really shown up for only two games, the one in Washington and the game against the Lions, both of which were losses. Second-year pass rush specialist Shea McClellin is Briggs will be out 4-6 weeks (shoulder).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Xavierite

Cougars Dominating Conference Play

Damone Griffin Copy Editor It was a chilly night last Wednesday when the Saint Xavier University men’s soccer team took on Calumet College of Saint Joseph. The weather definitely reminded people of the fall season and added on a slight drizzle during the game. The Cougars weren’t fazed, though, because they continued their hot streak with another conference victory. The team entered Wednesday night’s game looking to rebound from their one-goal loss a few days earlier to Olivet Nazarene University. The matchup started out as a slow back-and-forth affair with neither team able to generate much offense until the 22nd minute. That’s when sophomore forward Marco Gutierrez got ahead of the defense and received a nice pass from junior defender Rene Leon to score the first goal of the game and give the Cougars a 1-0 lead. Gutierrez was able to chip the ball over the keeper to score his team-leading ninth goal of the season. Calumet College of Saint Joseph would tie the game up a few minutes later off of a free kick by senior defender Andrew Yousif that was redirected by his teammate, junior sweeper Stewart Thur. The goal knotted the game at one and it would stay tied until halftime. The go-ahead goal would be scored early in the second half by junior midfielder Brandon Simoes off an assist from junior midfielder Tom Lojek. Lojek had a free kick that he passed on to Simoes and he used the opportunity to bury it in the back of the net. The Cougar defense, led by senior

goalkeeper Kyle Held, stopped the Crimson Tide for the rest of the game and the team came away with a 2-1 win. Held had seven saves for the Cougars as he continues his impressive season. He has been stingy in goal so far this season, allowing one goal or fewer in every game he’s played except one, and his goals against average is 0.88. The team finished with 12 total shots for the game and 10 of them were on goal. This marked the last home game of a threegame home stand. Their next game was a road match in Palos Hills, Ill., against Trinity Christian College. On Saturday the Cougars took the field looking to build on their success from earlier in the week against Calumet College of Saint Joseph. The team was led

to their fifth win in the last six games by Simoes, who recorded his first hat trick of the season. The Cougars opened up scoring in the 33rd minute when Simoes received in an assist from Lojek to make the score 1-0. Late in the first half Trinity Christian would get on the scoreboard thanks to senior forward Joey Bahena, who provided the assist, and senior forward Noe Quirarte, who was the recipient. The game would stay tied going into halftime. The Cougars and Trolls would continue to fight with the score tied until Simoes broke up the deadlock in the 70th minute of game action. He scored his second goal of the game off of an unassisted shot from the top of the box. Simoes completed the hat trick in the

88th minute of action by scoring off of an assist from freshman midfielder Kamil Szczesniak. It was a great defensive effort from the team, allowing only four shots on goal for the whole game. Held stood tall in goal again for the Cougars, making three saves on the day to continue his fantastic season. Saint Xavier men’s soccer has been on fire since starting the season 1-6. It was tough sledding early on, but the team is 6-7 overall now with a 6-2 record in conference play. They have been led by Brandon Simoes and former CCAC offensive player of the week Marco Gutierrez, who have combined for 17 goals and five assists this season. Held has been brilliant in net during this remarkable stretch for the Cougars. Coach Ed Vucinic has done an incredible job of rallying the team after the rough start they had to the season. He has them tied for second place in the CCAC Conference and find themselves only a half game behind first place Olive Nazarene. The next game for SXU is another conference game in Arlington Heights, Ill., against Robert Morris University on Nov. 5.

Cougars Stem the Tide Gutierrez makes a move on the defender

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SXU Athletics

Women’s Soccer Ends Four-Game Skid Damone Griffin Copy Editor The third time was the charm for SXU

women’s soccer as they ended their four game losing streak in the third game of a three-game home stand last Tuesday. October has not treated the Cougars kindly this season because Tuesday’s victory was the first win of the month for the team. The Cougars last win was a 3-0 shutout on Sept. 29 against Holy Cross College on the road. On Tuesday night the Cougars were focused on attaining their first victory of the month against their opponent, Calumet College of Saint Joseph. Neither team could find the back of the net early on, but late in the first half during the 41st minute freshmen forward Mariana Hoerr put the Cougars up 1-0. Hoerr scored on a breakaway that was assisted by freshman midfielder Delanie Bosworth and junior utility player Marissa Graves. The next goal of the game was also scored by Hoerr off of a spinning shot. This time she was assisted by sophomore forward Lexi Cozzi and junior utility player Morgan Graves. Her second goal made it 2-0 going into the locker room at halftime. The Cougars would score one more goal right before the end of the game when sophomore defender Rachel Didier set up Marissa Graves for the header off of a free kick. The final score was 3-0 as the Cougar growl was roared throughout the night sky from the announcing booth after the game was over. Freshmen goalkeeper Alex Perry came

up huge with eight big saves to record her third shutout of the season. She has been impressive in her first season in net for the Cougars, posting a 1.66 goals against average on the season. SXU finished with 11 total shots for the game and were led by Hoerr, who had 4 shots by herself. Next up was another CCAC conference game against Trinity Christian College Saturday afternoon. The team was looking to continue their momentum from

Hoerr scored 2 goals for the Cougars

Wednesday’s win against the Crimson Tide. Even though the Cougars were victorious earlier in the week, they could not continue their success against the Trolls and fell 3-0. The Trolls started the scoring in the 29th minute when freshmen midfielder Kayla Diemer put it in the back of the net to make it 1-0. Trinity Christian would put another one in right before halftime when freshmen midfielder Abby McDonald scored off an assist from Rachael Webb. The Cougars

found themselves down by two goals at halftime. The start of the second half saw a change in goal for the Cougars when head coach Evan Strehlau decided to take out starting goalkeeper Perry after allowing two goals. This meant junior Danielle Koncius had a shot in net. Koncius made the most of her time in net by playing the whole second half and making five saves. The Trolls would score one more goal

SXU Athletics

in the 86th minute when Webb scored off an assist from Diemer. SXU struggled to find offense, only generating four shots on goal and eight total shots for the game. The Cougars would go on to lose for the fifth time in six games, dropping their record to 4-9-1 overall and 2-6 in conference play. The team still has a little time to collect some more wins before their conference tournament starts on Nov. 9. The team will play their last home game of the season against Roosevelt University on Nov. 2 at 11:30 a.m. on Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Xavierite

Cougars Back on Track

SXU Football Finally Picks up Fourth Win Tim Carroll Senior Sports Editor Following two consecutive losses to

teams ranked No. 4 at the time, the Saint Xavier University Cougar football team finally got back on track Saturday with a 3721 win at Waldorf College. Coach Mike Feminis told the team after their loss to the University of Saint Francis (Ind.) last week that the Waldorf game would be the first of five “playoff” games that the Cougars have to win in order to make it to the real NAIA playoffs. And the pre-playoff run started with a huge first quarter against the Warriors, a boost the team sorely required. When the Cougars started their first offensive possession of the game at Waldorf’s 41-yard line, they took just three plays and 0:45 to find the end zone. Following a first-down pass from quarterback Joe Gill to receiver Nick DeBenedetti and an eight-yard run by Joshua Hunter, Gill found sophomore receiver Austin Feeney for a 23-yard score. This was a display of the quick pace at which the Cougars are accustomed to running their offense. As a result of that pace—which the Cougars kept for most of the game—Gill finished the game 33-of-51 for 353 yards and four touchdowns, two each to DeBenedetti and Feeney. DeBenedetti caught just four passes. Those went for 88 yards, including a 60-yard score that capped the first-half scoring. He did not play the full game, however, because he was dealing with a turf toe issue. Feeney likewise caught four balls for 62 yards. Junior John Frederickson and redshirt freshman Ryan Carroll tied for the team lead with seven catches apiece for 66 and 46 yards, respectively. Freshman Stephen Simms, coming off a big game against USF, caught five balls for 52 yards against the Warriors. He added 21 rushing yards on five handoffs. Feminis has been impressed with the numerous tools Simms brings to the table. “He gives you a dimension from that slot position that frankly we haven’t really had in a while,” said Feminis. “To be able

to utilize him in the running game puts that much more pressure on a defense and certainly could open up other things, whether it’s with the running backs or in the passing game.” The backs did indeed find some running room. Hunter, a sophomore, ran for 79 yards on 19 carries and two touchdowns. Junior running back Khary Ferguson saw limited time in the backfield—he carried the ball just three times—but he was effective, picking up 24 yards for an average of eight yards per carry. The strong mix of Hunter racked up 79 yards and two touchdowns against Waldorf. run and pass allowed the offense to continue to move the ball the ball five times, including a one-yard quickly. Feminis said before the game that touchdown that put Saint Xavier up 21-7. he expected the team to exhibit a quick pace The offense got the ball back quickly Saturday. when senior safety Jacob Ghinazzi, playing “Waldorf is a program that has struggled in his return from a suspension, picked off for a long time and they’re obviously [trying] Waldorf quarterback Oscar Robles and to get a win,” said Feminis. “I would think returned the interception 22 yards to the you’re going to see a little bit more of our Saint Xavier 40-yard line. normal type of pace.” If the other drives were quick, this one The sense of urgency against Waldorf was lightning fast. With 1:54 remaining in ran in stark contrast to the way the offense the first quarter, Gill dropped back to pass moved the ball a week before in Fort Wayne, on the first play and threw short to his left Ind. to DeBenedetti, who picked up a couple “As a staff, we felt that in order to beat of key blocks and rambled 60 yards to the [Saint Francis], we needed to shorten the house. game. That’s why we played a slow-down Plackekicker Spencer Nolen made game, which we haven’t played in a long, up for a missed extra point earlier in the long time,” said Feminis. game with a third-quarter field goal from The Cougar offense kept the quick 37 yards out, handing his team the 30-7 pace going against the Warrior defense. lead. He would have a look at a 38-yarder After senior linebacker Zach Dolph forced in the fourth quarter, but that attempt was a fumble and sophomore defensive lineman blocked. Alex Hamilton recovered the ball, Gill and Feeney picked up his second score of the offense drove down the field from their the game two possessions after the made own 31-yard line in 1:29. The drive ended field goal when Gill found him for an 11on a 16-yard Gill pass to DeBenedetti for a yard touchdown and the 37-14 lead. touchdown and a 14-0 lead. The team was also good on the On the next offensive series, which defensive side of the ball, with the exception took 2:02 to go 60 yards, Hunter carried of three key plays that resulted in Waldorf

Feeney (10) and DeBenedetti each caught four touchdowns against the Warriors.

SXU Athletics

SXU Athletics

touchdowns. Waldorf cut the lead in half at 14-7 in the first quarter on a one-play, 75yard touchdown drive. The handoff went to junior running back Emmanuel Osuchukwu, who saw some daylight and outran Ghinazzi for the score. Following the made Nolen field goal, Robles and the Warrior offense got the ball back at their own 35-yard line. Robles passed to receiver James Lloyd on the first play and the senior receiver went all 65 yards to diminish the Cougars’ lead to 3014. The next Waldorf score was a two-play, 62-yard drive that took just 0:43. After a Hamilton sack of Robles, the senior quarterback completed a 69-yard pass to junior receiver Lashawn Chapman in the third quarter. The touchdown ended the game’s scoring with the Cougars up 37-21. These three big plays ultimately did not put the Cougars in jeopardy of losing the game. But they are still a cause for concern, especially because this was a Waldorf team who had lost to William Penn University a week earlier by a final score of 65-0. The Cougars were able to get pressure on Robles all game, sacking him four times. Defensive linemen Josh Perkins, Andrew Holden and Hamilton each picked up a sack, and Greg Hayward and J.D. Barchard combined for another. While the defensive linemen were the ones who were credited with sacks, pressure was coming from the second level as well. This extra pressure factored into the Warriors’ ability to come up with the long touchdowns. In the fourth quarter, things looked bad when the team lost senior linebacker Dave Marciano to an apparent left leg injury. Marciano had picked up three tackles for loss prior to getting hurt, but the severity of the injury and how long he will be out remains to be seen. His leadership and that of the other senior players will be required this coming Saturday when the William Penn University Statesmen travel to Chicago to take on the Cougars at 1 p.m. at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field. And yet again, it will be a must-win game. One “playoff” game down, four more to go. For SXU football updates and more, follow Tim on Twitter @TimCarroll_XAV

October 23rd, 2013  

The October 23rd, 2013 Edition

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