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10 April 2012

Thus Always...

Spies do not wear espionage uniforms. Undercover soldiers do not wear their country's flag as a cape like an obnoxious Captain of America. They try and blend in. They appropriate the enemy's style. They take their mannerisms and temporarily make them their own. Protestors who want to find success must consider the same strategy. Sweeping social change does not begin with a brick thrown through the enemy's window, a bullet belt bought from Target that will never be used as ammo, a scream or a sign or a shitty song. Change will always come from with inside the gates unless those gates are fully and totally destroyed which no amount of black clothes and shouting will accomplish. King David may have found the secret chord to open the Gates of Heaven but we're pretty sure that chord wasn't the beginning of a punk anthem. Appropriate capitalist symbols and make them your own. They won't see what's coming. We want gay marriage now but we're going to have to get through the gates ourselves in order to open them. We suggest that the Student Assembly should round up every S.A. in Virginia and call for the first gay marriage to happen in the Wren Chapel next Spring. Student protestors will never be heard as the gates have been put up to keep them out but the student leaders of every school are much harder to ignore. Stop asking your Congressman and Administration and other Adults to do things when there's people in your classes and your dorms and maybe even your bedrooms right now who can make this happen. Look around and you'll see power is all around you. Just figure out how to make it your own.

Nicki Minaj finally rapping again. The Wasabi buffet. Kaveh impersonating a mountain goat. Teturn of Phil Elvrum. Return of Dirty Projectors. WCWM trainees. Dan Harmon vs Chevy Chase. Opening of Mad About Chocolate.

Dan Harmon vs Chevy Chase. Mandatory housing meal plan. North Sea Gas Leak. The freaky wax figure of Anne Frank just unveiled in Berlin. Fat Betty. Missing April Fool’s. Spring tree flowers having already bloomed and fallen. JohnAugust/Chris Brown.

Alex Winston King Con

To Do

Miike Snow Happy To You

Willis Earl Beal Acousmatic Sorcery

TOP SHELF For Your Griffin

Prank War...

Water balloon Sunken Gardeners Drop marbles in Miller Parent Trap your friend and have them wake up on Lake Matoaka Parent Trap your parents and switch places with your identical sister Get your friend to read The Flat Hat \/\/ lol :) \/\/

$ Mad About Chocolate Brownie $$ Animatronic Keyboard Cat $$$ Alexander McQueen Gold Mask

Sports Sports Sports Horoscope Aries: Watch out for ladies in red this week. She could be Carmen Sandiego and not the love of your life!

Pun Fact January Jones is a shoe-in for a Fat Asscer next year.

Team Blitz! is going to have a mixer this weekend with the W&M Running Club. An intoxicated race around campus is pretty much inevitable.

Birthday of the Week Leighton Meester April 9th turning 26

Overheard at UVa “I wish WCWM Fest happened in Charlottesville.�

Events \/\/Project X RVA\/\/ Friday 4/13 - 1 pm \/\/LGBTIQ Pride Festival\/\/ Friday 4/13 - 3 pm \/\/Sky Is Falling\/\/ Saturday 4/14 - 3 pm

The WW / Issue 4  

Fourth release

The WW / Issue 4  

Fourth release