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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR I’m kind of glad this issue is finally over, believe it or not. I love it to death. It’s a great issue, and I stand behind everything in it and on it, but, geez, it’s been going on for months already...when is the first issue of the year going to get out??? Like, really. I take the blame. I made a mistake. I started the school year off kinda slow since I have AP classes now, but still I wasn't ready to get the issue off the ground until the time was "Wright" Then came the selection process. Co-Editor Skylar Hales added it up and figured out that we spent 730 hours devoting our precious time to this special edition of The Wright Pages; “The Fright Pages”. Each story incorporated in the paper consists of elements that make up a horror story. In this edition there are more than just the average things any school newspaper would have, we went above and beyond to make sure that all stories were the best that they could be. We took the creativity to another level with the help of our design team, consisting of Marquies Mangrum and Kanard Bishop. The staff of would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this edition and we hope you enjoy it.

Fearly, Arianna Marsh, Editor and Chief Skylar Hales, Co-Editor PS. After Reading this I hope your eyeballs fall out...