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“SOS” Bathroom Break Uh Oh…” It’s almost 3rd period and it wasn’t getting any better. Her stomach has been feeling funny since she woke up. It’s Friday, a half day and so she pushed through it. While in Latin she felt like she couldn’t take it anymore. She had the bubble guts and it was only a matter of time... We all know the consequences of being caught doing the number 2 in the bathroom during school hours. So whatever should she do? Tisha was coming up with a plan and had stopped listening to the teacher, when she heard someone call out Tisha its time to go!” Her heart beat so fast you could see it through her chest.

by Va’ne Green

“The walls around her closed in and everything disappeared, everything except the hallway leading to the bath room. When she finally got there she felt a sense of great relief. Just as she was about to go into a stall, a group of girls entered the bathroom. She panicked and began to sweat. She didn’t know what to do. Tisha trembled with fear. Luckily, the girls exited the bathroom just when she couldn’t hold it anymore. Tisha finally went into the stall. It was silent so she could hear if someone came in. It was like a scary movie, where if someone discovered her she would be killed. Finally it was done. It was one of the most suspenseful

Your “Mummy” by Kaleb Perry

Have you ever feared random pop-up from your mother while you’re in school? Of course you do, but what if the ultimate fear happens and she works at your school? No need for those parent teacher conferences… why you ask? She is right here all day. Students have parents that end up working at the school they are attending frequently. Is this a bad or good thing? Well this fear is a reality for many people around the world, in your city or state, and even in your schools. There are always two sides from every situation. Your parent working at your school might be a bad thing for the both of you. This could mess up your social life and the way people view you.

Graphic by Dion Coleman

It can also stereotype you with your teachers because they base your actions from your parents instead of as your own individual actions. This isn’t fair to you or your parent. Having them there at your school has a plus side as well. Your parent can give any support you need if there is a prob lem you’re having within the school. Also the teachers might connect more with you because they may feel they know you better.

moments of her life. She washed her hands and joined everyone at lunch. Jasmine saved her a seat in the lunchroom. When she sat down Jasmine asked what took her so long. Tisha simply replied, “When you gotta go, you gotta go!”

Being in my son’s school gives me the advantage of being able to contact his teachers at any time and help him connect better with his teachers; however I can affect his learning by fellow co-workers taking personal feelings and enforcing them onto him. said RWPCS Office Admintrative Assistantant Janet Mcquire. “ My son is fully capable of handling the balance with me being at his school.”

Bathroom break/Your Mummy  
Bathroom break/Your Mummy