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var seo_sids = new Array();var seo_osids = new Array(); News Breaking News World NewsMake Money Selling Ebooks There's no question, giving away free reports is a great email list building strategy. Not only has it stood the test of time, but also outlived many online marketing fads. But for most marketers, this strategy is half baked. Most marketers use the free report as mere "bait" to get a new subscriber. Yet, rarely do they use the report itself to make actual sales of the product they're promoting. With just 4 simple steps, you can turn your free report into something that not only helps you build your email list, but actually converts readers into buyers at the same time. Here they are: Make Money Selling Ebooks 1. Add more calls to action It sounds obvious, but it's often overlooked. The more times you ask for the sale, inside your free report, the more chance you'll have of making money, period. Don't just wait until the final paragraph, but insert links all the way though, and even include some big graphics or "interlude" pages that start raising the awareness of your product. The more times people see the offer, the more they will warm to the offer, and the more likely they will click the link and buy. 2. Include case studies, facts and other proof

Does your product have testimonials, case studies or other proof that you can mention? If so, dedicate a few pages of your free report to these proof elements. Make it interesting with real life case studies with real stories, and people will actually enjoy reading your "disguised" sales pitch. Make sure you have links to your product after each review, case study or testimonial that you include in your report, for maximum click thru rates.


3. Offer a reader's only coupon/discount Your readers have taken the plunge and put their time and trust into you. Now it's time to reward them, but not just with free content. Give them a special discount for your product, as a thank you for reading your report. Watch sales skyrocket as they get a private deal that the general public cannot get. 4. Make your report readable One of the most overlooked and undervalued aspects of marketing is design. Design plays a huge part in how people perceive you, and how they respond to you. Poorly designed content not only loses people's attention, but it also conveys a sense of mistrust. After all, if you don't present your content in a fun, readable and appealing way, then maybe your main product will be a chore to consume too. It's like the restaurant with broken windows, or the car dealers with dirty cars in the lot. First impressions count. Being able to read and consume your content counts too. The best content in the world can be ignored and even appear untrustworthy when it's not presented in a professional way. The first 3 tips above should be easy to put into action today. However, the final tip about design is where a lot of people get caught up.

Instead of spending weeks teaching you design hacks, or telling you to buy Adobe software, I'll let you in on a secret I've just uncovered. It's Make Money Selling Ebooks and it's a very cool, web based tool for designing your entire eBooks inside and out, at the push of a button (... yes, it really IS push button stuff.) If you get chance, check it out. It's much faster, cheaper and easier than the usual download software, that's for sure.News Breaking News World News

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