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Issue Number Four 2014


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What’s Inside...

• It’s a brand new launch from TWM... with their ground breaking PERFORMANCE PATHWAY BUILDER. A tool that makes a massive difference at minimal cost. Read more about the tool and how you can use it on page 02/03

• The PERFORMANCE PATHWAY BUILDER toolkit... Build on your Performance Pathway Builder with an extensive range of 12 easy to use, quick and cost effective to implement tools. What are the tools? What will they do? page 04/05


• Customers respond positively to behaviour that shows the salesperson understands the customer’s values. TWM’s Philip Purver talks about ‘CEBA’ page 06

• Xpoint delivers projects at scale. Find out more about xpoint, TWM E8’s engaging online collaborative workspace where everyone can work together to deliver effectively page 06

• Inside Learning Technologies and Skills Magazine... have carried an extensive four part Case Study entitled “A First Class Learning Solution” – we agree! Read all about it page 07

• Good News for public sector training! TWM are working in close partnership with Premier Partnership providing training for public sector bodies as required – all part of the ESPO framework. Full details about this fantastic public sector move back page

Stand 117

Learning Technologies Show Technologies Special Learning

Show price...

Hugely powerful online learning capability at just

TWM’s ground breaking

£7500+VAT Performance Pathway Builder PLUS an incredible array of cost effective, quick to implement social and learning tools that simply build on your Initial solution – technological building blocks for the L&D professional

2014’s Learning Technologies Show sees the launch of TWM’s brand new Performance Pathway Builder. A product set to revolutionise both the way in way in which L&D professionals can create their own bespoke and flexible pathways,

as well as the flexibility and costs associated with their development. Offered at the Learning Technologies Show at a launch price of £7500+VAT for the entry level “Performance Pathway

Builder”, buyers will then be able to build up to 10 performance pathways and make them available to up to 500 users – equating to £1.50 per pathway, per learner. Continued on page 02

A welcome partnership with Premier! TWM are delighted to be working closely with Premier Partnership, one of the UK’s leading Public Sector training providers. Premier are sole suppliers to the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) managed training services framework and TWM will support Premier by making an

10 Years established and TWM confirms growth with first acquisition

extensive catalogue of learning available to the public sector via a bespoke-built learning portal. Building on the wealth of experience and understanding that TWM have learnt from the delivery of large scale learning projects with clients such as Sainsbury’s and O2, the framework will enable local

Building on ‘year on year growth’ since the company’s formation in 2004, TWM Chief Executive, Philip Purver recently celebrated the company’s first acquisition with the formation of TWM E8 and the launch of the xpoint product and services.

authorities and the wider public sector to save substantial sums from their training budgets as a result of lower cost training through economies of scale, better use of public courses open to multiple organisations and reduced procurement costs. See Back Page for much more...

TWM E8 focuses on the rapid delivery of change and transformation projects through the use of a highly collaborative, methods driven, and tools rich software solution. The result is, that projects are increasingly delivered on time and to budget. The software provides sophisticated reporting for management, ease of use and communication for leaders of projects and a highly engaging

environment for team members. Clients include the NHS, Mouchel, Slough Community Leisure and Neath Port Talbot Council. In one client example, time to produce reports has reduced from 3.5 days to 5 minutes.You can read much more about the benefits that xpoint provides on page 06


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The working manager From page 01

TWM’s Performance Pathway Tool “Capable of structuring all of your learning assets into one effective package” The Performance Pathway tool has been developed and tested in partnership with some of TWM’s leading blue chip clients paving the way for a wider market, who have the need to provide rapid pathway solutions in areas such as on-boarding and induction, getting job ready, compliance training, CPD, technical training, career development and leadership development. TWM’s Managing Director, Michelle Banister takes up the story: “Performance pathways can be designed to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ to any given subject. Clients can make the pathways available to all of their users or any particular group of users – so whether the user is new to the business or perhaps embarking upon their first management role, the Performance Pathway Builder tool can be used to guide their journey through the subject matter in the most appropriate way.”

Your site will have its own unique URL, chosen by you and given added security with an SSL Security Certificate. All sites are built with a customisable login page with login criteria determined by you, depending upon the level of security you need.

TWM’s Managing Director, Michelle Banister

“Our new Performance Pathway tool is capable of structuring all of your learning resources into one effective package.” The homepage of the Performance Pathway Builder is the main gateway to all of your content for all of your learners. You can create all necessary links to your Pathways, providing your user with quick access to relevant learning materials. Of course, the home page is designed in line with your corporate branding. The homepage contains a featured content area consisting of a series of scrolling customisable images, which can be linked to any URL and can be used to communicate and update your learners.


Our new Performance Pathway tool is capable of structuring all of your learning resources into one effective package.

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twmnews A fantastically intuitive site manager tool – it’s so easy to use and get pathways built! Performance Pathway Builder’s site manager, allows you to build your own learning pathways from scratch. It’s the Content Authoring Tool where the Performance Pathway Builder is accessed. Using a wealth of easy to use and intuitive functionality, you can set up your pathway, add in your content, update it and amend your content whenever required. In addition, it provides the ability to add, remove and edit users, as well as providing usage data.

TWM work with our clients to design and build an initial site set up, but Site Manager enables you to carry out a wealth of changes and updates, by “Managing Your Pathway”. This functionality allows “adds , removals and edits” to all areas of the homepage.

Site Manager has an audit trail system. All Controls your image library and all of the pages, activities that a Site Manager completes, are categories and pieces of content, that you’ll want captured and can be reported on using this tool. to make available to users on the Pathway. Performance Pathway Builder relishes multiple content formats, ranging from text articles and pathways, to video, audio and fully interactive content such as polls.

Add and remove all of your users and switch their status between online and offline. Bearing in mind the need for line manager mentoring, supervision and overview, you can also assign managers to users here.

Statistics, report construction and data output are always a key requirement. Monthly logins, content usage reports, as well as the Stats Dashboard, all provide real time information about what your users are doing – and achieving.

All included... Site Setup • Homepage design • Designed with corporate branding • Featured Content bar • Top navigation bar • Branded log in screen • URL/SSL set up

Tools • Performance Pathway Tool (user access) • Collaboration/SocialTools • Line Manager View • My activity/My settings

Site Manager (Content Authoring and Site Administration) • Site Manager setup and access • Pathway tool (administration access, set up and edit) • User administration • Basic reporting – usage stats • Initial data load of up to 500 users

All for...


Custom Functions: Site Manager’s way of saying... “Yes!” Increasingly, clients aim to integrate new and existing content and functionality. Performance Pathway Builder will integrate with a wealth of bespoke, client required, functionality such as 3rd party materials, course booking systems, 360 appraisal systems, eLearning providers, CMS and performance management systems. Read more about integration on Page 04 & 05.


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The working manager

Build on your Performance Pathway Builder with 12 hugely powerful tools


Consulting Support


Create versatile and secure, online collaboration rooms for users to meet, collaborate and share knowledge and ideas

Helping you identify the key stages in creating an integrated environment, that will deliver against defined business priorities and results in rapid timescales, cost effectively

TWM content, your own or from a third party! A totally flexible content solution to suit your business needs


Course Booking System


Rapid eLearning

Lets your users browse your online course catalogue and book onto internal and external courses

Performance Pathway Builder empowers the user. Putting the right information in the palm of a user’s hand at the time needed

From concept boards to module delivery – fast delivery of eLearning to support your blended learning approach

The Big Questions Answered:

How does the Performance Pathway Builder work? What can the Performance Pathway Builder be used for? Not every organisation has the desire, or indeed the means, to launch itself straight into the online arena with a massive fiscal commitment. Some organisations may have already begun the journey, blending their learning and development programs into the online arena – while still thinking about how they can develop their learning programs more effectively. Learning Technology is difficult in the sense that as each year passes the options become more and more varied. With varied options comes the need for flexibility and with flexibility comes the need for more of a “building block” approach to portal thinking. The days when organisations simply looked at Learning Technology to provide a platform whereby they could deliver some eLearning and other online initiatives designed to support the general L&D requirement, are long since passed. Learning Technology providers should now be offering highly cost effective, flexible solutions which are quick to implement and intuitive to use. Key to TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder is that it has been developed and tested in partnership with some of TWM’s leading blue


chip clients, paving the way for a wider market who have the need to provide rapid pathway solutions in areas such as on boarding and induction, getting job ready, compliance training, CPD, technical training, career development and leadership development. Are pathways easy to create? TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder is very straightforward to use. You can deliver and deploy a learning solution to your target audience quickly and efficiently. Pathways are also easy to update, allowing you to maximise change opportunities. How many pathways can I create? You can start off with 10 pathways, but you can have more! The Performance Pathway Builder grows with your business and your needs. How do learners access a pathway? TWM provide you with a ‘portal entry’ and you can make pathways available to everybody or to specific groups. Pathways are web based and can be accessed online via PC or mobile device. They’re your pathways, but TWM take care of all the hosting.

How easy is a pathway for the user? Each pathway provides a clear and manageable route through a subject, giving the learner the opportunity to put everything in one place. Your pathway can be split into easy, manageable sections. You can create a Pathway Introduction and ‘editable’ roll overs for each piece of content allowing you to give tips to the user. What content can I include in my pathways? The Performance Pathway Builder tool provides you with an up to the minute solution for suggesting and tracking on the job activities, informal learning as well as also facilitating the formal. You can link in your TWM hosted learning content such as videos, articles, workbooks, exercises and audio clips or you can link to tasks that the user has to complete as part of their pathway, perhaps on an external website. This provides increased variety and flexibility for the learner and the creator allowing all types of learning to be captured. There are no limits to the amount of content that you can assign to a pathway section. What if my content is progressive? Simple! You can lock down individual sections so that they’re only revealed upon completion of the last section.

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twmnews At last, a Learning Portal that can build and grow, starting in a sensible place, at a sensible price


buys an enormous amount of functionality

SCORM and Tin Can Blending

Site Manager Training

Integrating and blending your SCORM content into your Performance Pathway Builder or Workbook tools giving your learners a seamless, comprehensive learning experience

Additional training programs, supporting you and your fellow L&D professionals in becoming highly proficient originators and providers of online learning at the place of need within your organisation

Stats, Reporting and Manager Views

Technical Integration

The Q&A Tool

The Workbook Tool

Seamlessly integrate your Performance Pathway Builder into your existing LMS, Performance Management System, a 360 tool, your company intranet or to another internal system

Allowing your users to access the wealth of knowledge spread throughout your organisation

A versatile online workbook creation tool, which overcomes many of the traditional problems associated with paper workbooks

Providing a range of exportable reports demonstrating a wealth of detailed usage statistics


How do I know if content has been completed? TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder supports a culture of self-paced development and most of the content that you link to your pathway can be auto-verified by the user as read, watched, listened to or done. Some content types however, can be set for manager sign-off and some (such as exercises) require the learner to have successfully gone through the material. Can I review learner progress? There is full tracking of progress for the individual, their line manager and the L&D Manager to allow each group to measure progress, understand what has been done and what is left to be completed and report high level results to the business. How do I recognise more important aspects of the Pathway content? Each piece of content can be weighted from 0.1% upwards, to make up the total for the pathway. This allows you to recognise effort by assigning importance to certain pieces of content. Some content can be nonmandatory, allowing you to provide extra resources to people who want to learn more. Certificates? Yes…the Pathway Builder can award bespoke certificates TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder can automate the process for recognising successful completion. You can assign certificates to your pathways that are customised for your business. Upon 100% completion of a pathway, a user can be presented with a ‘Congratulations’ message (editable by you, of course) and an option to download their personalised certificate.

What can the Performance Pathway Builder be used for? We’d like to think we know a little about the issues L&D professionals face in today’s L&D environment. Many of them are solved by TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder “The Economic Pressure” It’s not always easy to get the strategic buy in commitment to L&D initiatives. Budgets seem constantly to be heading downwards – ‘required needs’ are heading upwards. Increasingly, the emphasis is on getting people up to speed quickly and effectively, focusing on talent development and reducing recruitment costs. The Performance Pathway Builder will solve this problem “The Speed of Change” Your people need to rapidly embrace and understand the changes that your organisation is experiencing – not fight against it. Your organisation needs to build on its agility and speed of adoption of change.

The Performance Pathway Builder will offer real support “We All Learn Differently” Nobody denies that the rise in ‘social learning’ is having a profound effect on how people are developing. There is a real appetite for personal growth, but how do we get the most from social learning for the benefit of both the individual and the business? How can we measure ‘on the job’ learning activities to demonstrate success and ROI into the learning process? TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder measures learning “We Need to Motivate and Keep People” Lack of skills in the workplace is at the heart of the L&D mission, but learning initiatives need to motivate as well as develop people. TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder motivates

“We Need to Make Sure Our Line Managers are With Us” Getting line managers involved in supporting their learners is critical. They need to encourage, promote and support their people. TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder actively supports and engages line managers “We Have Different Learning Needs In Different Places in the Country” Tailoring learning to just one person’s role or level offers huge benefits and so does the ability to do this anywhere, at any time and in any language. Online learning is not only TOTALLY accessible – it reduces the environmental impact of learning and development as well. TWM’s Performance Pathway Builder ensures social, formal and informal learning can be accessed anytime and from any place.


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The working manager

Customer Engagement Behaviour Analysis

...a powerful tool for increasing the performance of any Sales Team

Customers respond positively to behaviour that shows the salesperson understands the customers’ values Launched just 18 months ago, TWM have been successfully marketing their Customer Engagement Behaviour Analysis tool with impressive results. Here TWM CEO, Philip Purver, explains in a little more detail, how the online tool is deployed into a sales team to make a massive and measurable contribution to increased sales success.

The way we behave exhibits values, beliefs and priorities, and dictates how people respond to us. The ability to adapt sales behaviours to a variety of different sales situations is key. Customers respond positively to behaviour that shows the salesperson understands the customers’ values, beliefs and priorities. This has been demonstrated time and time again in sales training sessions.

It’s important for a salesperson to rapidly identify the needs and drivers of the person to whom they are selling. They need to be able to adjust their behaviour to respond to these needs and drivers, if they want to achieve higher sales. TWM’s Customer Engagement Behaviour Analysis (CEBA) tool has been successfully used with companies such as HP and Europcar and proved this.

For example, customers may value attention, personalised service and quality. In this type of situation, sales behaviours that focus almost entirely on emphasising the benefits of a product are unlikely to be successful.

Sales situations differ, customers differ, customer needs and expectations differ. Sales coaching and development, needs to be focused on showing people what to do in various situations. Most people can behave in ways, even highly atypical of them, for short periods of time. This is the key to successful selling and adapting to the changing world. If your organisation needs greater sales success - CEBA should be considered.

However, the customer may start to see the salesperson as someone who shares their values if the salesperson shows behaviours like: • Being systematic, checking to avoid mistakes and risks • Being thorough and careful and paying attention to detail • Acting with integrity • Documenting what the customer says and ensuring proper answers The two of them appear to be on the same

wavelength and the customer is far more likely to want to do business with the salesperson. Another customer may believe that service should be taken for granted and may principally be concerned about what the salesperson can do to help solve some of the problems in their business. The appropriate behaviours in this type of situation may include: • Investing time to understand the underlying nature of the customer’s business • Researching problems or opportunities of which the customer may not be aware • Actively encouraging customers to talk about their business issues • Analysing the customer’s business processes Sales behaviour can be measured and so can customers values and expectations. Such measurement shows where the behaviour is congruent with what the customer values and where it isn’t. We often see sales people behaving in a way that is poles apart from what their customers’ value. For example, perhaps the customer values personal help, time spent to understand personal and business needs, creatively researching solutions to problems and

seeking opportunities and the salesperson, oblivious to these needs, continues offering the latest off-the-shelf product in a technical and impersonal way. For more information on how to enable your sales teams to sell more successfully by measuring your sales teams behaviour and that of your customers, please email

Philip Purver, CEO of TWM

From page 01

Delivering Projects at Scale Businesses and their operational plans often rely on multiple, concurrent projects across the business and partners/customers being successful. Achieving this requires: • Distributed Leadership – engendering an ambitious and disciplined approach by staff to the identification, prioritisation and delivery of projects and value • Strategic Alignment and Focus of Projects on those things that matter most for the whole system and customers • Capability, Processes and Systems so staff know how and have somewhere they can work together, to build and embed new capability through their projects • Governance so that the velocity and health of all projects against KPI’s is transparent and facilitates strong performance, control and responsiveness


XPoint® supports: 1. The Leadership Team’s insight into impact and status across all Projects. Leaders can monitor results, provide light-touch sponsorship as required and establish where strategic decisions are necessary 2. Programme Governance by recognising pressure points and enabling drill-down to find appropriate solutions 3. Project Teams so they focus on what matters most and deliver the right improvements and innovation. Teams can also access the right process improvement training, coaching and tools

Xpoint® overview Xpoint® is a simple, flexible, web-enabled application that provides: Collaborative workspaces: • That reflect customer’s project methodologies and tools • Where teams can work together to deliver projects • That help teams know what and how to deliver via in-built tools and e-coaching • Deliver faster and more predictable results Governance: • Visibility and tracking of all projects and the ability to cut-and-dice them based on key information requirements • Facilitate faster and better Programme decisions – Reports and discussions • Know where to act and not react – focus on what matters most at all times

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twmnews INSIDE


...magazine called it:

A First Class Learning Solution at SSP

“A first class learning solution at SSP” is an in-depth four part Case Study published in the October, November, December 2013 editions of Inside Learning Technologies & Skills Magazine and the final part is published in this year’s Learning Technology Exhibition Show Guide. Taken together, or individually, the articles represent a carefully and thoroughly researched insight into the gradual development of what is now a world class, as well as a first class, learning solution at SSP, The Food Travel Experts. The first article in October 2013’s edition of Inside Learning Technologies & Skills Magazine, talks about how food travel experts, SSP, met multiple challenges to deliver measurable ROI and deals with these specific issues: • Providing technology solutions to create impact through innovation • Building a ‘one-stop-shop’ environment where learners can immerse themselves in a breadth of material • Making a significant contribution to employee retention and development • Achieving huge and measurable cost savings in management development • Having a contractor that understands your needs • Ensuring a seamless and fluid learning experience for new managers • Enabling your managers to have real-time access to their people & see work conducted by their team, anywhere and at any time

December 2013’s edition looks at how, by deploying a fully integrated The 2014 Inside Learning Technologies & Skills learning process, traditional L&D content can be digitised and SHOW EDITION of the magazine cites actual examples of the incorporated into 70:20:10 learning. The article covers: very real ROI that has been created by the L&D team at SSP. Real in the sense that the company is doing measurably more business as a • Integrating the ‘doing’ with the ‘developing’, in line with the result of L&D initiatives. Find out 70:20:10 framework more about how: • Supporting on-the-job learning with technology • Using your online development portal to extend people’s • Technology must be the enabler knowledge of a subject, as opposed to it solely being an and not the solution aide-memoire • To implement today and build • Encouraging the concept of self-development on, rather than replace • Incorporating informal learning into your digital learning • To use technology as an strategy enabler in your organisation • Engaging the learner and involving line managers to inform and support • An opportunity for your learners to share alternative learning people quickly and activities with peers effectively • A platform that acts as the glue holding together the blended • To use technology to solution applied to the bigger picture engage and retain your people • To make sure learning The second article in November’s magazine explains the delivery of is delivered at the measurable ROI and how TWM’s technology solution helped to point of need and at the time overcome multiple recruitment and training challenges. Key points of need covered are: • Digital learners delivering measurable ROI • More immersive, playful & collaborative learning • Content specifically delivered to ‘pre-joiners’ • Digital solutions enabling, not replacing, good (blended) L&D solutions • Sharing knowledge • Achieving huge savings in time and travel costs • How to harness the desire to create and share • Delivering learning that is brief, precise, punchy & easy to remember


Use the QR code to access all of the articles Or visit:

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The working manager


Good News for public sector training! Training for Public Sector bodies, as required – without the need to tender on each occasion is the big win from Premier Partnership’s public sector framework contract. TWM are working closely with Premier Partnership, one of the UK’s leading Public Sector training providers, with their recently awarded Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) Managed Training Services framework. TWM will make an extensive catalogue of learning available to the public sector via a bespoke built learning portal. As one of the UK’s largest public sector procurement organisations, ESPO negotiates a range of EU compliant contract arrangements, aimed to get customers dealing directly with nominated suppliers. Premier Partnership specialise in public sector training at a national level and the company has been awarded this framework contract, which will enable public sector bodies

to call off training as required, without the need to tender on each occasion. The nature of this contract means all public sector bodies are free to use the service without any further public procurement exercises. The service will provide organisations with all elements of their learning needs through the managed supplier model. Premier Partnership will act as the managed service for the contract, as well as managing the quality of the service. They will provide a proportion of the training, with the remainder being provided by a rich mix of training organisations with a track record in supplying learning to the public sector. Hosting a reception for senior public sector training professionals at London’s Learning Technologies Show, David Pearson, Marketing Director at Premier Partnership said: “The framework will enable local authorities and the wider public sector to save substantial sums from their training

Your Questions Answered We’ve been talking to Public Sector clients for three months now and have the answers to the questions which we know you will have: • What are the benefits of signing up to this system?

• Who are Premier Partnership? budgets as a result of lower cost training through economies of scale, better use of public courses open to • How does it work? multiple organisations and reduced procurement costs.” • How will we book learning? Importantly, David went on to say “Where organisations have preferred suppliers, we are more than willing to use • How do you ensure we are not paying more than our them, providing quality standards are met”. current price? Tracy Capaldi-Drewett, Commercial Director at The Working Manager said “TWM’s portal will ensure that Premier Partnership can meet the specific needs of the public sector and enable learners, their managers or learning leads to quickly search, identify and book on to a range of public and organisational specific courses or request specific events”. Initially intended for use by local authorities within the UK, the Framework Agreement will be open to all eligible public bodies in the UK. These will include organisations such as Public Health, Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Registered Charities and any Central Government Departments and their agencies wishing to access the Framework.

• How many other organisations are interested in using the framework? • What is the cancellation policy? • When is the Learning Management System (LMS) booking system ready to view? • Will I be able to access eLearning directly through the LMS? • Who will be able to access the LMS and book learning? • How will available learning be presented on the LMS?

Major Benefits of using the Framework • Quick & Easy To Use: This Framework is already EU/UK Compliant. The procurement work is done, so there’s no need to run a full EU tender. • Suppliers: All listed on the framework are assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability, before being awarded a place on the framework. • It’s Free: There is no charge for using the framework.

• Pre-agreed Conditions: No need to worry about what terms & conditions to use, they’ve all been pre-agreed under the framework and will underpin all orders placed. • Cost Efficiencies and Savings: Directly and indirectly, by eliminating the need to deal directly with a multiplicity of specialist training organisations. • High level of management information available: Helping to improve budgetary information and allowing engagement activity to feed into decisions around corporate training policies, strategies etc.

Who can use the ESPO framework? The framework is available for use nationally by any public sector body in the UK including but not limited to: • Schools & Academies • Local Authority Establishments

• Police & Emergency Services • NHS & HSC Bodies • The third sector including unions and Registered Charities

Speak to David Pearson at Premier Partnership now on:

01302 369700

Warwickshire County Council are currently trialing the ESPO Managed Training Service provided by Premier Partnership and to date, have been very happy with the level of responsiveness and customer service received. We have also been very satisfied with the quality of training they have provided to us so far. Cherry Phillips, HR & Organisational Development Resources Group, Warwickshire County Council

• What if we don’t want an LMS but just a booking system? • How will we pay for learning? • Will you use local trainers? • Are you willing to use our existing suppliers? • How will you help us fill training courses?

Premier Partnership provide us with excellent service • Will all training be open to other organisations and teams at all times. Right from the outset understanding my or can we book a closed event need to market the products and get immediate ‘buy for just our department? in’ from senior managers to encourage staff to take up the training. Olive Young, HR Division, Cabinet • How much notice do you require for course booking? Office

Over the time we have been working with Premier Partnership I have found them to be very organised, responsive and flexible when plans suddenly change - a pleasure to work with! Dianne Huff, Learning & Development Officer, HR Team, Greater London Authority

• Are there alternatives to face to face training? • How will you evaluate learning? We’re looking forward to giving you the answers to these and all your other questions!

Or email Premier Partnership at

The Working Manager Limited Phoenix House, Phoenix Way, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1QG UK

T +44 (0)1285 657978 E Follow us on Twitter @workingmanager


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