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January/February 2012

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January / February 2012

n Health

Greater Detail. Accurate Results. When it comes to fighting breast cancer, diagnosing the disease is a crucial first step.

ve Breast MRI can zero in on important for diagnosis and exam and provide physicians gnosis.

Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging receives Breast Accreditation of the breast is necessary. AtMRI Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging, our sophisticated non-invasive

Your doctor may recommend a Breast MRI if your mammogram is inconclusive or if further evaluation Breast MRI can zero in on the trouble spot, giving you and your doctor the detailed information so

important for diagnosis and treatment. Only accredited center in 7 county region • Exceptional images to locate hard-to-find abnormalities

Exceptional imaging... No exposure to radiation

Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging (LHAI) has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation in Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as the result of a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging

• No exposure LHAI is also ACRto radiation accredited in MRI for • Analyzed by onsite board certified radiologists head, spine, • Fast body, musculoskeletal, MRA and easy exam that generally takes 30 minutes • Quick in results and cardiac; and CT for adult and • Private, woman-focused setting pediatric patients. • MRI breast biopsies can also be scheduled if necessary

• Less invasive than a surgical biopsy with little or no scarring

About Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging

is the ONLY facility in Cambria, The ACR gold sealBlair, of accreditation represents the highest level of image Bedford, Westmoreland, Clearfield, quality and patient safety. It is awarded only to facilities meeting ACR Indiana and Somerset counties to be Practice and Technical Standards after a peer-review evaluation accredited by theGuidelines ACR for breast MRI.

“Early detection is crucial”

Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging (LHAI), jointly owned by Cambria Somerset Radiology and Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center offers state-of-the-art diagnostic services and patientAt safety. Highlands Advanced Imaging, ourwhich sophisticated non-invasive MRI can zero in on “WeLaurel are extremely proud of this achievement could not be accom- Breast for neurological conditions, cardiac and the trouble spot, giving you and your doctor the detailed information so important for diagnosis and plished without the dedicated, compassionate MR technologists, nurses, tech vascular disease, treatment. Our goal is to provide patients with a comfortable, convenient exam and provide physicians orthopedics, cancer, aides, clerical staff and radiologists at Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging,” with fast, accurate and detailed results that they need for a confident diagnosis.pulmonary, and ear/nose/throat conditions. says Dr. John P. Wherthey Jr., Radiologist. “Breast MRI is an important tool Onsite radiologists are board certified, sub-specialized and fellowship • Exceptional imagescancer. to locateIthard-to-find abnormalities in the fight against breast is particularly useful for those patients • Less invasive than a surgical biopsy with little or no scarring trained. Using the very latest technology in MRI and CT, LHAI provides with dense breast tissue and a strong family history of disease.” 1450 Scalp Avenue,•Johnstown, MRI breastPA biopsies can also be scheduled if necessary outstanding images and accurate interpretations, which are critical As of December 9, 2011, Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging is the ONLY to patient care. Patients and physicians notice and appreciate this facility Cambria, Blair, Breast Bedford, Westmoreland, Clearfield, Indiana, and dedication to quality. Satisfaction scores consistently rank between 96 Askinyour doctor about MRI or call 814-262-7290. Somerset counties to be accredited by the ACR for Breast MRI. and 100 percent. by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field.Seal Image quality, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, ACR Gold of Accreditation qualitylevel control procedures, and quality assurance programs are assessed. is the highest of image quality

Your doctor may recommend a Breast MRI if your mammogram is inconclusive or if further evaluation of the breast is necessary. At Laurel Highlands Advanced Imaging, Laurel Highlands Advanced ImagingBreast MRI can zero in on the trouble spot, giving you our sophisti cated non-invasive is the ONLY facility in Cambria, and your doctor the detailedBlair, information so important for diagnosis and treatment. Bedford, Westmoreland, Clearfield, • Excepti onal images to locate hard-to-find abnormalities Indiana and Somerset counties to be • No exposure to radiati on accredited by the ACR for breast MRI. • Analyzed by onsite board certified radiologists ACR•Gold Accreditation Fast Seal and of easy exam that generally takes 30 minutes is the• highest of image quality setting Private,level woman-focused and •patient safety. biopsies can also be scheduled if necessary MRI breast • Less invasive than a surgical biopsy with little or no scarring

1450 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA

1450 Scalp Ave., Johnstown, PA 15904

814-262-7290 •

Ask your doctor about Breast MRI or call 814-262-7290 for more information January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Eye Health

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012

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N OW AVA I L A B L E . . . S U B S C R I P T I O N


Elisabeth Kubler Ross said… The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.

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2012 Resolution:

Get a professional Bra fitting! Did you know 70-80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? It’s true…just google it! Or better yet, ask yourself if you are absolutely positive that your bra is the perfect fit. For 8 out of 10 of you…the answer is NO! If you’ve never had a professional bra fitting, you probably have no idea how comfortable your bra can feel. Many of our customers are surprised by how different they look and feel after a fitting. Women suffer from bad bras needlessly. A professional fitting from Jezebels is free, so why not give it a try?


Measuring for your band size is a good starting point but it doesn’t mean you will wear the same size band in every bra. Cup sizes also vary between different styles and brands. Professional fitters know the bras they’re selling and they’ll be able to give you bras to try on that will flatter you. This can save you a lot of time. One of the big benefits of a professional bra fitting is that you also get style advice. Some bra styles look better on certain sizes, and a professional can help you choose the one that will look best on you. They can identify problems with the way a bra fits and suggest different styles that remedy the issue.

How Often?

Most women should get professionally fitted once every year or so. As your body ages, and as you lose or gain weight, your shape changes. This usually affects your bra size along with everything else. It can also affect what style of bra flatters you most, so remember to always keep an open mind.


Why Jezebel’s of course! Jezebel’s Boutique is located in Downtown State College and offers professional bra fitting seven days a week, and we carry one of the largest selections of bras in Central PA! At Jezebel’s, we are passionate about providing excellent customer service. This is why our customers come back time and time again. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed during a bra fitting. Our friendly trained staff takes the utmost care to protect your privacy and honor your feelings. At Jezebel’s…It’s all about you!

CHECK OUT OUR BRA CLUB Buy 8 Bras & Get Your 9th One FREE!

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day! Stop by Jezebels Boutique for a complete selection of lingerie, bras, garters, and more… whether it is sassy or sexy, traditional or not…. we have got you covered…or perhaps uncovered!


FREE Bra Fitting and a $10 OFF

Largest selection Coupon for a New Bra of Bras inExcludes Central Pa! sale bras. Cannot be combined

Over 23 Brands, plus Finewith Lingerie, undergarments, other offers. Exp. date 3-10-12 swimsuits (by the cup size) and more!

Largest selection of Bras in Central Pa!

Over 23 Brands, plus Fine Lingerie, undergarments, swimsuits (by the cup size) and more!

Specializing in Bra Fitting!

At Jezebel’s we believe that a properly fitted bra can make all the Largest selection difference! In band sizes 28 to 50 and cup sizes AA to N! of Bras in Central Pa! e t i Over 23 Brands, plushFine Lingerie, undergarments, W & Festival Hours: e ycups size) andArts lu k (by the more! Bswimsuits n a ky P 9:30 a.m.–7 p.m. in Bra Fitting! Han SpecializingMon.–Wed. At Jezebel’s we believe that a Thurs.–Sat. properly fitted9braa.m.–8:30 can make allp.m. the 9 a.m.–4 difference! In band sizes 28 toSunday 50 and cup sizes AA top.m. N! hite W & Corner of College & Garner, Downtown StateHours: College Arts Festival Blue Pankys ky Mon.–Wed. 9:30 a.m.–7 p.m. 814-272-7967 • Han

January / February 2012

Thurs.–Sat. 9 a.m.–8:30 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m.–4 p.m.


Mount Nittany Physician Group:


Services include: • General cardiology including cholesterol management, heart failure management, and cardiac rehabilitation • Cardiopulmonary services including echo-cardiography and stress tests, resting EKGs and ambulatory electrocardiograms • Catheterization including diagnostic and interventional • Cardiac electrophysiology Cardiologist Dr. Zoda prepares for a heart catheterization procedure at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

For an appointment, please contact Mount Nittany Physician Group or visit us online at

At a time when heart disease is America’s leading cause of death for both men and women, cardiologists can truly be life savers. Skilled, board-certified cardiologists at Mount Nittany offer extensive experience in diagnosing, treating and managing heart ailments of all types. We use state-ofthe-art invasive and non-invasive treatments to keep your heart working efficiently for you.

Mount Nittany Physician Group - Cardiology 1850 Park Avenue, State College, PA 814.689.3140 301 S. Logan Blvd., Burnham,PA 814.689.3140 24 Cree Drive, Lock Haven,PA 570.893.5423 Physicians: Anthony Cardell, MD James Gerardo, MD, PhD Charles Nydegger, MD Albert Zoda, MD, FACC

The cardiology team also strives to treat you long before you face a cardiac event. Mount Nittany offers non-invasive tests to assess your heart’s function so you can prevent the onset of heart disease. Skilled physicians can also offer useful guidance on lifestyle choices that can improve your long-term heart health.

Jeffrey Eaton, MD Jeffrey Gilbert, DO Alexander Szymanski, MD

Cardiologists at Mount Nittany offer the expertise you need to keep a healthy heart beating strong. January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!

more over a healthy weight. 14. Cholesterol builds up with other substances in the inner walls of arteries and becomes ______. 15. Plaques that rupture can cause ____ ____ that can totally block blood flow in the artery.


(Answers found on page ___)

Great Food

“These two people have lost a total of 124 lbs and are still going strong!” What’s their secret?

It’s not a secret. Well, unless you haven’t heard of The Fitness Circuit (soon to be Ki’netik Fitness). Less than 5% of people that join a gym get the results they’re after, let alone results like this. That’s not the case at The Fitness Circuit, and that’s probably because we’re not your typical gym. “I am feeling good. I can tell that I can do more each week. I love it there. It is a better workout than I could do at a regular gym on my own. Starting to get results and I can’t wait to see how much I can lose with TFC!” - Laura, new member That’s right we’re not just a regular gym. We are a program. A lifestyle. A community. Not only do we have guided, fun and dynamic workouts that change every single day, but we also offer nutrition education, and a welcoming, fun environment. Worried about beginning a new program? That you’ll feel out of place or too out of shape to keep up? We can’t prove it until you come in, but we promise you that those feelings will be erased after your first day! Through modifications and your coaches' support, you WILL make it through your first week - and you will love it! “I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my experience in your gym... Your clients are the best, NOT like other gym experiences I have had. They support you no matter what level you’re at... And you, thank you!!! You remembered my name and gave me exercises for my level of fitness or lack thereof, all while once again not making me feel like an idiot for being almost 40 and out of shape. It is no wonder so many people are saying so many great things about The Fitness’s different.” - Kelly C. Looking great, being truly healthy, and staying active long into your life. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Doing all of this on your own is hard and personal training is expensive. But with TFC, never again be alone in your pursuit of health. Have a Certified Fitness Professional with you at every session, at a fraction of the cost of personal training. Our coaching staff has extensive fitness credentials and we truly care about your success! Our unique “group coaching” format offers you the best of all worlds - personal attention, support from your peers and tremendous value! Our classes run from 5:30am to 6:30pm, Monday - Friday. And for those who aren’t quite ready to be in a mixed environment, we even have two women-only classes at 5:30am & 10am daily. We have pages of testimonials from women just like you who never thought it was possible to love working out and finally see results! You can be our next success story. But you need to take the first step.

Go to to download our free report “5 Things You Should Never Do If You Want To Lose Weight Fast” You can be our next success story!

814.238.4677 • • 2301 Commercial Blvd. State College January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Celebrate National Heart Month…wear RED and get informed. CALL your local Heart Association TODAY! Do you know the FACTS?

1. Over _____ million American adults have one or more cardiovascular diseases. 2. Every _____ seconds, someone dies from heart and blood vessel diseases, America’s No. 1 killer. 3. A ____ ____ occurs when the blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked, usually by a blood clot. 4. If a clot blocks an artery that feeds the heart, it causes a ____ ____. 5. If a clot blocks an artery that feeds the brain, it causes a ____________. 6. ____ percent of cardiac events in women could be prevented if women made the right choices for their hears involving diet, exercise and abstinence from smoking. 7. Most of the food we eat is turned into ____ or sugar, for our bodies to use for energy. 8. ____ or juvenile diabetes, usually starts early in life. It results from the body’s failure to produce insulin. 9. About ____ percent of American adults have cholesterol levels that are too high. 10. About 90-95 percent of Americans diagnosed with diabetes have _____ diabetes. 11. ____ ____ is the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. 12. High blood pressure (or ______) makes the heart work harder than normal. 13. As a woman, you have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure if you are ____ pounds or more over a healthy weight. 14. Cholesterol builds up with other substances in the inner walls of arteries and becomes ______. 15. Plaques that rupture can cause ____ ____ that can totally block blood flow in the artery. found page clots ___) 1. 81; 2. 38; 3. Heart attack; 4. Heart attack; 5. Stroke; 6. 80; 7. Glucose; 8. Type 1; 9. 47; 10. Type 2; 11. Blood pressure; 12. Hypertension; 13. 20;(Answers 14. Plaque; 15.on Blood I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012

January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!


HealthSouth Success Story: There is Life After a Stroke A few months back, HealthSouth patient Mary Sorth had a stroke while vacationing in New York. After a brief period in a New York hospital, Mary felt strongly that she needed to be transferred to HealthSouth to complete her rehabilitation. Mary recalls, “I told my niece to get me back to Pennsylvania and get me to HealthSouth!”

HealthSouth patient Mary Sorth (right) enjoys a therapy session with Alyssa Covas in Occupational Therapy. Mary credits her successful recovery from stroke, and her ability to go home, to the HealthSouth staff and the high level of therapy provided to stroke patients.

Mary chose HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in Pleasant Gap. The hospital has a Joint Commission Certification in stroke rehabilitation, and provides three hours of therapy a day; frequent physician visits; specialized rehab nurses; and state-of-the-art technology. Mary was hopeful that this program, with a higher level of rehabilitation for those recovering from stroke, would help her achieve her goals. A retired speech therapist herself, Mary knows all about the importance of setting patient goals. “It’s an important part of recovery,” Mary says. “My HealthSouth team knew my goals and we worked together to achieve them. If it was going to happen, it was going to happen at HealthSouth!” HealthSouth patient care is centered around an interdisciplinary team approach, and patients like Mary appreciate it. “I love the team conferences with the various disciplines,” she says. “The lines of communication are always open. I always felt like the right hand knew what the left hand was doing.” Mary adds, “Even the housekeeping staff was impressive – friendly and helpful.”

A Stroke CAn ChAnge Your Life in A MAtter of SeCondS.

Mary especially enjoyed her time with Alyssa Covas, a student in occupational therapy. “We worked hard and we had a lot of fun, too,” says Alyssa. Mary adds, “She challenged me, and yet she was sweet and compassionate. That’s just what I needed.” Mary shares “the bottom line” on her recovery from a stroke: “I chose HealthSouth because it’s a high level of care, and that’s what I needed to make the best possible recovery. This was the place for me.”

Ask for nittany valley’s stroke rehabilitation program.

HealthSouth patient Mary Sorth poses with Nurse Rick Phillips outside of HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in Pleasant Gap. Mary, who had a stroke, achieved her therapy goals, and is happy to be going home. Mary explains, “Thanks to the high level of rehab I received at HealthSouth, I’m ready to go home and start living again!” January / February 2012

550 West College Avenue • Pleasant Gap, PA 16823 • 814 359-3421 ©2010:HealthSouth:446409v6


I read it in the Women’s Journal!


Real Answers for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) normal intestinal function. A common cause of impaired digestion we see is due to an H.Pylori infection. It is a bacterial infection of the stomach or intestines that causes a decrease in hydrochloric acid. When you do not produce enough hydrochloric acid you cannot digest your food properly and it sets the state for many different illnesses. Actually, most digestive disorders are due to decreased stomach acid, NOT too much stomach acid. That is a common fallacy we have been led to believe by the makers of anti-acid medications. Again, the infection must be eliminated in order to restore gut health. Infections of the digestive tract are very common. Different bacteria, viruses, and parasites or worms can create a chronic infection scenario. If you do not get the proper testing you will never know if this is a contributing factor or not. Other issues we look for are chronic inflammation, liver and gall bladder problems, autoimmune conditions, and proper neurological integrity. The causes of IBS vary widely and most often have multiple layers of problems. If you want true relief and a life free of the horrible symptoms of IBS, you must have a thorough evaluation and the proper testing. Then, and only then, can the proper treatment plan be executed.

Are you afraid to go out to dinner with friends? Always scoping out the nearest bathroom? Afraid to take a long trip in the car?

You’re not alone. Unfortunately millions of Americans are in the same situation as you. Most have been to their primary care physicians with the same complaints of digestive upset, alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, inability to eat certain foods, and abdominal cramping or pain. The problem lies in the fact that traditional health care providers are mainly concerned with putting a name (diagnosis) on your problems. All the diagnosis does is put a name on your collection of symptoms. It does not explain how you developed these problems or more importantly how you are going to correct these problems. I have seen countless numbers of patients that have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). While many have similar symptoms, the causes and solutions are widely varied. The most common causes of IBS are: • leaky gut syndrome • food sensitivities • gut dysbiosis • impaired digestion • chronic infection • inflammation • decreased liver function, • autoimmune disorders • and even neurological disorders. Truth is, most patients have a few different problems going on at the same time. That is why you need to see someone who will step back and ask the question, “WHY”. That is what makes us different. We run all the appropriate tests to determine the exact cause of YOUR symptoms. Common medical treatments are antispasmodics, anti-diarrheals, and antidepressants. Some drugs that were used to cover up symptoms of IBS have been removed from the market due to increased risk of heart attack and death. How about fixing the cause rather than covering up the symptoms? Our approach is multifaceted. First we test for leaky gut syndrome. If you have a leaky gut, literally holes in your intestines, that needs to be repaired first or you can NEVER recover. Over 90% of our IBS patients have a leaky gut. We do extensive testing for food sensitivities. If you are eating foods that your body negatively reacts to you will perpetuate your leaky gut. All foods you test positively to must be removed from your diet. You need to have an intestinal microbial profile run to find out the numbers of all the microbes in your intestines, the good guys and the bad guys. You should have billions of microbes living in your gut. If you have too many bad guys and not enough good guys it creates a situation called dysbiosis. This must be remedied in order to restore I read it in the Women’s Journal!

FREE Workshop on Chronic Pain, Dizziness and Other Neurological Disorders

• Are you tired of hurting, taking medications that don’t work, not sleeping, trouble remembering? • Come and learn about Brain Based Therapy and Functional Medicine—Revolutionary breakthroughs that have been clinically proven to help many chronic conditions WITHOUT drugs or surgery. • Find out how these exciting new approaches can help you the way they have helped thousands of others.

Wednesday, January 25th 6:00 PM

1315 W. College Ave. #200 ,State College, PA Seating is LIMITED! Call to Reserve a spot (814)238-0232 To schedule an initial consultation/ case review, call (814) 238-0232 or visit to learn more about his practice.

Thad Diehl, D.C 9

January / February 2012

Go ahead. Browse freely.

The success of many companies today is representative of a huge change in the business world. During the past 10 years, business leaders have come to recognize women as much more than an “emerging” or niche market. Today, women represent the largest and most important consumer market there is. How did this happen? It began with demographic changes among women themselves in their roles at work and at home. Today, women make 80-85 percent of all consumer purchases -everything from breakfast cereal to big-ticket items like cars and personal computers -- for themselves and for their families. Women are also responsible for 80 percent of all health care-related decisions for their households. Businesses are starting to wise-up to the power of the purse and its ripple effects in the marketplace, smart companies began putting female customers first by thinking creatively and critically about what they want. Businesses have come to understand that their marketing must appeal to women from the minute they walk into the store, answer the phone or click on the company Web site, all the way through the point of purchase.

The Women’s Journal actively supports all local women’s publications

As marketing gurus Tom Peters and Marti Barletta put it, there is “a widespread recognition among business leaders of the blazingly obvious ... that women are where the money is.”

Publication name actively supports all local women’s publications January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Continuing Education

Start the New Year with a New Education It’s that time of year again—time for everyone to make their New Year’s resolutions. Many of us vow to get healthier, go to the gym more, make more time for family, and spend money more wisely. For some, going back to school is on the top of their list. Is returning to school at the top of your list? Is 2012 the year you will pursue the career path of your dreams? Penn State Continuing Education can help.

By Briana Speiss

Liz Lasher, career counselor, Penn State Continuing Education

Going back to school when you are an adult can seem like an overwhelming and daunting process. Many adults are not sure if they have the money to finance their education or if they have the time to complete all of their course work. It is normal to feel nervous and apprehensive, and the Penn State Continuing Education student support team can help. For those who are unsure if they have the time to go back to school or if it is something that they really want to do, Penn State Continuing Education offers a free program called Transitions: College and Career Prep. It allows potential adult students to “test out the waters” and figure out if continuing their education at Penn State is right for them, by helping them brush up on the skills and tools needed to succeed as a college student. To learn more about the Transitions program, visit transitions or call a Penn State Continuing Education office listed at the end of this article.

The student support team at Penn State Continuing Education understands the unique needs of adult learners.

that I had to have my future all planned out before I could even sign up for my first class,” said Scholz-Jaffe. “Fortunately, I had a great counselor in the Continuing Education office, who suggested that I should just take a class that I thought was interesting and proceed from there.” With the support of her family, friends, and fellow adult learners, Scholz-Jaffe was able to accomplish her education goals and graduate from Penn State. “They have to want it badly enough,” said Lasher. With defined goals, a positive attitude, the motivation to succeed, and a strong support system, going back to school as an adult learner becomes much less overwhelming.

The Transitions program will be held this spring in State College, March 26–May16, and in Lewistown, April 9–June 7.

With persistence and determination, anyone can accomplish a goal. Going back to school if you are an adult is no exception. Make 2012 the year you pursue your degree and your new career path.

A lot of adults are ready to dive right in, which is great! The first step for them is to meet with one of our admissions counselors, who can help them figure out how to begin the process. Continuing Education also has a dedicated career counselor who works with individuals whose enrollment plans include Penn State. She helps them define their interests and preferences, select a best-fit major, and develop a solid education plan by setting SMART goals—those that are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Oftentimes, adults do not set such goals, and then the “back-to-school” process can become overwhelming and unattainable. “In addition to setting SMART goals, it is also critical for a returning adult learner to develop an action plan based on small, achievable steps,” said Liz Lasher, a Penn State career counselor.

For more information about Penn State Continuing Education programs for adult learners, visit Make an appointment with the Continuing Education support team at: State College 814-865-5403

Lewistown 717-248-9618

Williamsport 570-322-5771

The student support team at Continuing Education talks to adult learners about their interests, values, personality styles, skills, and strengths. Then they discuss the job outlooks for different careers and help each adult create a personalized education plan. Kathleen Scholz-Jaffe, a recent Penn State graduate, found Continuing Education counselors to be extremely helpful and supportive. “I thought

I read it in the Women’s Journal!

U.Ed.OUT 12-0446/12-CE-0313mmv/cea/sss


January / February 2012


“Oh, My Aching Backâ€? Your mom was right‌slouching is bad for you, especially when sitting or standing for a long time. Don’t slump over that keyboard. Place a cushion between your lower back and your chair. Physical therapy can teach you proper spinal alignment. Backache can cause a lack of sleep which in turn causes more pain. For a better sleep position lie on your side with a pillow between your knees. Your spine will be in a “neutralâ€? slightly curved position relieving strain. Medications such as Advil or Aleve can provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects but are never the whole answer. First ice an injury and then follow it with heat to relax muscles and increase blood flow. Rest may be good in the short term but it’s important to get up and start moving again. Walking, swimming, or yoga will help. #

biofeedback, and acupuncture can be beneficial. More severe pain may require injections or surgery. Your back can be your friend with an active lifestyle, better diet and weight, and proper posture. So straighten up and get started!

Personalized H����� C��� ��� W���� #07(?LOGO?#?NAMESPDF0-






Other measures may be needed for chronic backache. A weekly massage for up to ten weeks has had success. Chiropractic spinal manipulation, nerve stimulators, #-9


• Complete well women services with preventive gynecologic health care • Personalized pregnancy care, including midwifery services • Perimenopause and Menopause with hormone replacement therapy options • Family Planning • Infertility • Urinary Continence C��� T���� • Minimally invasive surgery

ď™ˆď™Šď™ƒ.ď™ˆď™…ď™‡.ď™„ď™„ď™…ď™ƒ • Health education and counseling

'SFE5FJDINBO .% '"$0(Ç?-JCCZ.FBEPX $3/1Ç?.BSZ#SBHH 3/ $/.Ç?,BZ;MPDLJF .4/ $/. #07(?LOGO?#?NAMESPDF0• Health education and #


 M������ P��� D�. • L�������� • ���.C������P���W�����H�����.��� 9






Personalized H����� C��� ��� W����

Karen Walton, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Pregnancy - Improves circulation, eases fatigue, soothes nerves and promotes relaxation

in the expectant mother. Therapeutic - Focuses on the deeper tissue structure of the muscles and connective tissue to relieve chronic pain, tension and tightness. Relaxation - Soothes tired and aching muscles while relieving stress, increasing circulation and promoting overall well-being.

Gift Certificates Available - CALL TODAY! ď™ˆď™Šď™ƒ.ď™ˆď™…ď™‡.ď™„ď™„ď™…ď™ƒ









We’re Quality Healthcare for Women...Throughout Every Stage of Life Welcoming New Patients Cď?Ąď?Źď?Ź Tď?Żď?¤ď?Ąď?š #07(?LOGO?#?NAMESPDF0-

'SFE5FJDINBO .% '"$0(Ç?-JCCZ.FBEPX $3/1Ç?.BSZ#SBHH 3/ $/.Ç?,BZ;MPDLJF .4/ $/.

ď™ˆď™Šď™ƒ.ď™ˆď™…ď™‡.ď™„ď™„ď™…ď™ƒ Find us on Facebook

111 MEDICAL PARKD�. DR. • LEWISBURG • WWW.CENTRALPENNWOMENSHEALTH.COM  M������ P��� • L�������� • ���.C������P���W�����H�����.��� January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!



The Buzz:

What’s Happening in Your Region Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival

Central PA Wedding Extravaganza

February 4-5, 2012

January 15, 2012, 12 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Hufnagle Park, Market Street, Downtown Lewisburg, PA

Jaffa Shrine Center, Broad Ave & 22nd Street, Altoona, PA 16602

Enjoy the beautiful ice sculptures located throughout downtown Lewisburg. There is live music, pancakes and sausage and the entertaining polar bear plunge.

Planning a wedding for you or someone you love? Visit the Central, PA Wedding Extravaganza to learn about various wedding vendors offering products or services for your big day!

Home Show

Fire and Ice Festival January 13-15, 2012

February 10-12, 2012, 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Sunday

Uptown Somerset, PA 15501

Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, 620 West Third Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Don’t spend the winter months stuck inside. Head to the 17th annual Fire and Ice Festival in Somerset County, where you can enjoy food, music, model trains and a silent auction. Make sure you don’t miss the Friday night fireworks display.

Visit over 200 booths displaying great ideas for your next home improvement project. Find ideas on interior decorating, gardening, remodeling, hvac, and much more. Admission is $4 and the event is sponsored by the Central Susquehanna Builders Association.

Valentine Country Craft Fair

SPCA Craft Show Fundraiser

February 11, 2012, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

January 21, 2012, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The Old Gregg School Community & Recreation Center, 106 School Street, Spring Mills, PA 16875

Expo I Hall, Clearfield, PA 16830 Spend an afternoon supporting the Clearfield County SPCA by heading to a craft show fundraiser. There will be great crafts, food, and some of your favorite furry pets!

Enjoy a day filled with crafts and food by visiting the Valentine Country Fair. The fundraiser benefits the Penns Valley Hope Fund, which is a fund for Penns Valley Area School District residents in need. Prices are great and items are perfect for that special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Ground Hog Day Celebration February 1-4, 2012

We invite non-profit organizations to send their information (by the 1st of the month preceding the Feb. 1 for the March/April issue) to for their upcoming events. See your info on The Buzz page. Tell all your volunteers to check it out for up-to-date info.

Gobbler’s Knob and Downtown Punxsutawney, PA 15767 Join the celebration with people from around the world! Crafts, collectibles, music, entertainment, and of course that famous groundhog!

Contact –The Buzz I read it in the Women’s Journal! January / February 2012

13 58

January / February 2012 I read it in the Women’s Journal!


I’m a SuSquehanna woman. Joint Replacement and Spine Center will encourage patients to make great strides. With its bright and spacious gym, views of the mountains and comfortable, private rooms, the Joint Replacement and Spine Center, opening soon on the sixth floor of the new Susquehanna Tower at Williamsport Regional Medical Center, emphasizes wellness and recovery. “This is a therapeutic environment focused on recovery and rehabilitation with our nursing and physical therapy care models supporting a culture of wellness,” says Lori Beucler, administrative director, Perioperative, GI and Orthopedic Services. “Our goal is to help patients reach their prescribed recovery milestones. Maximizing time in our friendly and motivating physical and occupational therapy environment will help them make great strides before going home.” Each of the 24 private rooms has a bath, comfortable area for family or support people, flatscreen television, wireless Internet and an ergonomic chair to enable patients to spend more time out of bed. Patients will wear T-shirts, shorts and sweats so they’re ready for therapy and activities like preparing fresh

Supporting the local fight against breast cancer. The Kathryn Candor Lundy Breast Health Center at Susquehanna Health’s Divine Providence Hospital provides care to more than 50,000 women and men in the community each year. A highly dedicated staff of skilled professionals combines cutting-edge technology with years of experience to provide high quality breast imaging, education, diagnosis, treatment and support for individuals with breast health diseases.

baked goods in the fully equipped occupational therapy kitchen. A milestone achievement whiteboard featuring the Susquehanna River Walk will help them track their individual progress.

Now in a more comfortable and larger setting, the Center is poised to serve an even greater number of patients. Generous financial support from the community has helped make these and other advances possible while enabling the Center to care for individuals who are unable to pay for services. In addition to annual fundraising activities, the Breast Health Center received $50,000 during the 2011 calendar year from area athletic teams, memorial gifts, other provider practices, private clubs and community businesses. Often the decision to give was inspired by the care, compassion and expertise a loved one received at the Center, to honor a survivor or to advance the level of care available in the community.

Nurses stationed just outside patient rooms will improve response time and provide personalized care and education. Patients can appoint a coach to be trained to assist with their care and provide encouragement throughout their recovery. “This is an ideal setting for our patients to do the rehabilitative work that must follow spine and joint replacement surgery,” says Dr. Michael Hoffman, orthopedic surgeon. “The focus of the entire unit—the patients, the doctors, nurses and therapists—is exclusively orthopedics and spine, which is ideal for incorporating best practices and clinical pathways to provide the best outcomes and highest standard of care for our patients.”

“Donors to the Kathryn Candor Lundy Breast Health Center like knowing that their gift remains in the community where they can see the resulting exceptional clinical outcomes and high patient satisfaction with services,” says Dr. Timothy Pagana, medical director for the Center. “Their gifts make a lasting impact right in their own community where their own loved ones may be in need of care. We are honored by and extremely grateful for the generous community support we receive.” For information about how you or your organization can honor a loved one, a breast cancer survivor or make a donation to support the fight against breast cancer in our community, contact the Susquehanna Health Foundation at 570-320-7460.

The West Branch Tennis Club presents a check for $3,200 to Susquehanna Health’s Kathryn Candor Lundy Breast Health Center. The group has donated proceeds from its Tennis Benefit Luncheon to this cause three years in a row. Pictured left to right are Laurie Wilson, West Branch Tennis Club owner/ manager; Kelle Racine, program and events coordinator, West Branch Tennis Club; Pat Egleston, West Branch Tennis Club member and breast cancer survivor; and Laura Sole, RN, BS, Imaging Nurse at the Center.

January / February 2012

SSH-0004_Advertorial_Womens-Journal_fin.indd 1


I read it in the Women’s Journal! 12/14/11 3:54 PM

Elder Law

My Spouse Needs Nursing Home Care, Now What Do I Do? The Medicaid rules for longterm care are complicated; however, these rules are meant to prevent the healthy spouse (known as the community spouse) from becoming impoverished because his or her spouse needs care in a nursing facility or at home. The Pennsylvania Department of Aging Waiver Program pays for in-home care for someone that would otherwise need nursing home care.

There are additional ways to preserve excess resources from the costs of long-term care. For example, if there is a child who has a disability or a child who has provided care, there are special Medicaid rules that may allow assets to be protected from long-term care costs. The Medicaid rules are very complicated; therefore, it is important to get good advice when faced with the decision of how to protect assets from the rising costs of long-term care. Contact Steinbacher & Stahl at (570) 322-2077 to schedule your FREE consultation. 1 Countable assets are things that are considered available to pay for long-term care. They include such things as bank accounts, stocks, bonds, certain annuities, investment accounts, certain non-resident property, and the cash value of life insurance, just to name a few. There are certain assets that are not available to pay for long-term care. These include the home of the applicant or spouse, term life insurance, a small amount of whole life insurance, personal property, the retirement plan (IRA or 401k) of the community spouse, and irrevocable burial accounts, and cemetery spaces.

When a spouse requires long-term care, a resource assessment needs to be completed. This assessment determines what portion of a couple’s countable resources can be protected for the spouse at home (the healthy spouse). Of the amount of countable assets1 reported, the community spouse can keep one-half up to a current maximum of $113,640. The other one-half of the resources must be spent down before the nursing home spouse will qualify for Medicaid benefits. One way to spend the excess resources is to pay for care every month at a rate of $8,112.13 (on average) until these resources are gone. Then, the nursing home spouse will qualify for Medicaid benefits; however, there are other options: 1. If the community spouse’s own income is insufficient to meet his or her monthly housing expenses, the community spouse is able to protect additional resources by the use of a special kind of annuity. Through the use of this annuity option, the community spouse may be able to protect a large portion, or even all, of the excess resources. If done properly, the nursing home resident may qualify for Medicaid immediately.

Julieanne E. Steinbacher, Esq.

Your elder and special needs law firm

2. These excess resources can be used for anything that would benefit either the community spouse or the nursing home spouse. These resources can be spent on such items as home improvements, furniture, appliances, computer equipment, irrevocable burial accounts, and a new car, just to name a few. When these excess resources are “spent down” the nursing home resident will qualify for Medicaid benefits.

413 Washington Boulevard • Williamsport, PA 17701

570-322-2077 Free Consultation

Home and Hospital Visits

Nursing Home Planning • In-Home Care Planning Special Needs Planning • Wealth Protection Planning Gas Lease Royalty Preservation • Estate Administration Wills • Trusts • Powers of Attorney

3. It is still possible to give assets away. If assets are given away during the five year “look-back” period, a period of Medicaid ineligibility is created. This period of ineligibility is one month for every $8,112.13 given away. I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Adrianne J. Stahl, Esq.


January / February 2012

Relationships and the Four Keys to Intimacy (In to me see)

Are you looking for a way to stand out in a crowded internet world in 2012? With more than 30,000 new live websites each day, finding a way to be found is crucial. Search engines and prospects are looking for fresh new content from your website. Blogging is a great way to quickly add new content. Each time you add a blog post, you are taking your stale page to a fresh and exciting page.

The first relationship is the one we have with ourselves. And The first key to intimacy is to love oneself. There is little to no foundational base for loving others when we don’t have the ground of friendliness, acceptance, compassion, and gratitude that comes from the experience of loving oneself. The second key is being able to appreciate others. When we appreciate others we can separate ourselves from the object of our love, and see them as they are, and then truly celebrate their uniqueness. The third key is to be open to change. This applies whether you are in an established relationship or a developing one. Change is a constant in life, whether we are conscious of it or not, so rather than constantly moving away from our fears of being alone and unloved, why not move towards what is whole, nurturing and loving inside and around us. Move from change to deliberate change. Change on purpose, for the purpose of intimacy. The fourth and most crucial key, is to be ready to grow. Intimacy is the experience of love, its nature is boundless, like our capacity for love. We will always be moving to greater levels of intimacy to ourselves, others and the world around us. As the poet Rumi once said “Bite off the head of Fear.” In my coaching and work with clients the most common fear is that of intimacy. Relationship work is so important, no matter what the relationship is. Call 814-777-0410 or email to Joanie Yanusas, set up a free “taste of coaching” session. From this we can see how Certified we can work together toward your relationship goals and dreams.

Tips on Writing a Successful Blog • Write to your target market and what they want to hear • Provide tips or information that will benefit your customer • Update content regularly • Show your personality, so you stand out from everyone else Before customers buy from you, the Know, Like and Trust factor needs to be in place. They need to know who you are, like what you are saying, and trust that you can help them with what they need. If you are ready to add blogging to your 2012 plan, but don’t know where to start, contact Gretchen Pritts Copywriting for a FREE consultation 814-308-8365, or visit

Relationship and Retreat Coach

Our Lucky Lady-Bug Is Lost!


Send a Nittany Lion Greeting to a Special Fan!

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For birthdays, a job well done, or just to say hi, no one can deliver it better — than the Nittany Lion

Seek, find and report where the Ladybug is located for a chance to win a $15 Gift Card to Sheetz Gas Station.

What better way to surprise your special someone — send them a Personalized Card from the Nittany Lion!

Find Our Lucky Ladybug!

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Send cash or check made payable to “Nittany Lion Pride” and send to — Nittany Lion Pride Cheerleading/Dance Team Booster Club P.O. Box 192 • State College, PA 16804-0192 For more information contact:



January / February 2012

YES, you may talk about her on!

January / February 2012 16

YOU may also find her on our web page at I read it in the Women’s Journal!

introDucing the neW Weight-loSS plAn

a Curves coach today to start the only complete solution to losing weight and keeping it off. You will get everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals including:

Health & Well Being

• A Health Assessment and coaching sessions with a certified Curves Coach at your club.

World’s Leader in Women’s Fitness thAt hAS it All.The So You cAn


loSe it All.

• Workout at Curves so that you get the right exercise – cardio and strength-training!

• Weekly personalized diet plans and shopping lists created through our Curves Complete website, exclusive to Curves Complete members. We’ll show you how to get the convenience and portion control of the launch of our new Curves MOTIVATION: The new Curves Complete website provides daily those expensive mail-order diet food programs, but at your own grocery Curves Complete is a program motivation experts in exercise, diet, and behavior change (the store. At a fraction offrom the cost!

We are excited to announce Complete Weight Loss Program! that will changefinAllY, the waythe women weight missing link), receive weekly • Daily motivational videos and from aparticipants panel of experts to help you make one-on-one support 3 keYSapproach to Weight-loSS in loss. 1 plAn.Successful healthyfrom choices keep Complete the weight off. weight loss requires a complete that takes into account a and Curves Coach certified by the Cleveland Clinic. onlY At 1approach plAce. curveS. diet, exercise, and motivation (the miissing link). It’s like a 3 legged We recently held a silent launch to 18 existing members of the stool. When you have all 3 College components, you have a solid foundation. new Curves Complete program, AND DO WE HAVE RESULTS State Bellefonte Curves Complete is a 90-day program that combines the following 3 TO REPORT! Members are in various stages of the program, with 231-4505 355-1167 e some just finishing. So far the total weight loss components: some just and t, exerciS of Diestarting on-1 150 POUNDS, including 50 lbs of body fat. All AnD 1-OVER EXERCISE: The Curves 30-minute total-body workout is proven is collectively to build lean muscle and burn body fat to boost metabolism and speed have dropped a pant size or two! Women are reporting increase in weight loss. their energy levels and overall healthy feeling. Fantastic! DIET: The new Curves diet provides personalized meal plans, Call today! Start your New Year off on the right foot with Cleveland *At participating locations only. Some restrictions mayClinic apply. © 2011 Curves International, Inc. deliciously simple recipes, and ‘heat and eat’ options that make Certifi ed Coaches. Each coach has completed courses and is portion control simple and affordable-and our diet is proven to feed certified in Exercise Science, Nutrition and Behavioral Modification muscle and starve fat to protect metabolism during weight loss. to help you achieve optimal results.




introDucing the neW Weight-loSS plAn thAt hAS it All. So You cAn

loSe it All. Diet+exerciSe+MotivAtion.

finAllY, the 3 keYS to Weight-loSS in 1 plAn. onlY At 1 plAce. curveS. State College 231-4505

If you’re looking to lose 20 pounds of body fat in 90 days, contact a Curves coach today to start the only complete solution to losing weight and keeping it off. You will get everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals including: • A Health Assessment and coaching sessions with a certified Curves Coach at your club. • Workout at Curves so that you get the right exercise – cardio and strength-training! • Weekly personalized diet plans and shopping lists created through our Curves Complete website, exclusive to Curves Complete members. We’ll show you how to get the convenience and portion control of those expensive mail-order diet food programs, but at your own grocery store. At a fraction of the cost! • Daily motivational videos from a panel of experts to help you make healthy choices and keep the weight off.

Bellefonte 355-1167

90 D, eAxYerSciSe

of Diet AnD 1-on-1

coAching *At participating locations only. Some restrictions may apply. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012


Classes at Mount Nittany Medical Center

Parents-to-Be Orientation: For parents who are expecting and their coaches. Held the third Thursday of each month at Mount Nittany Medical Center from 6:30–7:30 p.m. and 7:45–8:45 p.m. Contact Dianne Barben at or 814.231.7061. Pre-registration is not required. Breast Cancer Support Group: Meets the first Monday of every month at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Contact Cheri Woll, Oncology Nurse Navigator, at 814.231.7005 or Learn About Hip or Knee Replacement: Meets the first Tuesday of each month from 11:00 a.m.–noon, and the third Tuesday from 7:00–8:00 p.m. at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Covers how to prepare for surgery; what to expect before, during and after surgery; the role of providers in recovery; and care planning. For more information, contact Val Coakley, RN, Orthopedic Case Manager, at 814.278.4810 or Diabetes Support Group Meetings: Held the second Thursday of each month from 6:00–7:00 p.m. at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Contact Amy Leffard at 814.231.7095 or

Mount Nittany Urology Services When it comes to urology, sensitive care from experienced experts makes all the difference. Urologists who are a part of Mount Nittany Health System are experts in all aspects of this specialty, including cancers, trauma, diseases, infections and unique conditions. Urologists can diagnose and treat a wide variety of urological conditions as well as some problems associated with the reproductive system and prostate care. Experienced surgeons can also perform a number of urological procedures at Mount Nittany Surgical Center. Urological conditions may include: • • • • • •

Urinary tract infections (UTI) Incontinence Interstitial cystitis (also known as painful bladder syndrome) Stone disease (formation of kidney stones) Genitourinary trauma Cancers of the bladder or kidney

Treatment for these urological conditions can include prescribed medication as well as: • Ultrasound and biopsy procedures • Lithotripsy to break up stones • Chemotherapy • Laproscopic nephrectomy - a minimally invasive surgery for the removal of the kidney due to the presence of a tumor or disease. • Cystoscopy - a procedure performed when a patient has blood in his or her urine, frequent urinary tract infections or other associated symptoms. For an appointment, please contact Mount Nittany Physician Group or visit us online at 905 University Dr., State College, PA 16801 Phone: 814.238.8418 301 S. Logan Blvd., Burnham, PA 17009 Phone: 800.837.6062 Physicians: Charles Dalton, MD; Howard Miller, MD; David Oselinsky, MD, FACS

VOTED #1 SENIOR COMMUNITY IN BEDFORD COUNTY! Great Location • Great Value • Great Amenities Homewood at Spring House Estates is located conveniently between Everett & Bedford, and is surrounded by the natural scenic beauty of Bedford County! Our 55+ independent living community offers upscale cottages and apartments and maintenance-free living, all situated perfectly on 49 wooded acres! Close to all medical services & shopping PLUS quick access to all point north-south-east-west!

Convenient Central PA Location...Homewood

at Spring House Estates “My best advice is don’t wait too long! Make 150 Victoria Avenue the move while you can enjoy all that Spring House has to offer! – Betty Lee Everett, PA 15537 Tina Boozer,

“I just love our cottage we live in and it accommodated our downsizing very nicely, plus the location is perfect.” – Jessie B.

You’ll love our extraordinary amenities and excellent service! 814.623.0349 Chef prepared meals • Full service beauty shop • Fitness center Continuing Care Retirement Community And the list goes on…Outdoor pavilion, postal services, game/activities, long list of events! Join our Walking Group or Exercise Class, attend one of our monthly informative seminars or entertaining events. Challenge others to Bocce, Horseshoes, or Pinochle. Or just while away the hours on our private patio! We offer flexible financing for joining our community and the security of knowing continuing care is there when you need it!

Where neighbors become friends...and friends become family! STARTING our final phase of cottage construction! Visit or call 814.623.0349 today to reserve your choice lot for your future build! January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!


Preferred Invisalign® Provider.

ow it’s your turn to have a beautiful smile. Having straight teeth is important not only for children, but for adults as well. As we get older, our teeth tend to grow inward, creating “malocclusion,” or crowding Orthodontics — a common problem for many adults. As a result, it may become difficult to keep teeth clean and healthy.

Campbell & Pine Orthodontics — Invisalign™ Preferred Provider!

Straightening your teeth with the Invisalign system can treat that crowding and thereby help you maintain your dental health. It can also help you get the smile you’ve always wanted! ow it’s your turn to have a beautiful smile. Having straight teeth is important not only for children, but for adults as well. As


we get older, our teeth tend to grow inward, creating “malocclusion,” or crowding — a common problem for many adults. As a Invisalign treatment is a breakthrough technique that straightens your teeth without braces, using a series result, it may become difficult to keep teeth clean and healthy. of clear, comfortable aligners that are custom-modeled to fit your teeth. The virtually invisible aligners Straightening your teeth with the Invisalign system can treat that crowding and thereby help you maintain your dental health. It can gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of.

FREE! No-fee Invisalign treatment is a breakthrough technique that straightens your teeth using a series of clear, comfortable aligners cwithout onsubraces, ltatio n for that• Clear, virtually invisible aligners are custom-modeled to fit your teeth. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of. adults thru 12/30/11 • No metal or wires to get in the way of your activities Invisalign is made to fi t your lifestyle • Easy to remove to eat, brush, and floss A $250 VAluFR •• Graduate to a new set of aligners about every two weeks Clear, virtually invisible aligners e! EE! No-fee •• No metal or wires to get in the way of your activities Easy to monitor your progress with regular appointments with your Certified Invisalign Provider, consultation for • Easy to remove to eat, brush, and floss the orthodontists at Drs. Campbell and Pine adults thru 2/28/2012 • Graduate to a new set of aligners about every two weeks Treatment time can be comparable to that of traditional braces. It varies, depending on your needs, but in also help you get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Invisalign is made to fit your lifestyle


“ “ watching my 3 daughters fter watching my 3 daughters enter orthodontic treatmententer A $250 VA LU E! Afterorthodontic treatment with Drs.

• Easy to monitor your progress with regular appointments with your some cases, Invisalign works in less than a year. Certified Invisalign Provider, the orthodontists at Drs. Campbell and Pine Orthodontic insurance often covers a portion of the Invisalign fee, which can be about the same as the fee Treatment time can be comparable to that of traditional braces. It varies, depending on your needs, for traditional braces. but in some cases, Invisalign works in less than a year.

with Drs. Campbell and Pine, I decided it was my turn. Campbell and Pine, I decided it was my I wanted a “braceless” fix for my problem! Drs. Campbell turn. I wanted a “braceless” fix for my and Pine told me that Invisalign treatment could correct problem! Drs. Campbell andmy Pine told Invisalign has been chosen by over 500,000 people who wanted to have an Orthodontic insurance often covers a portion of the Invisalign fee, which can be about the same as the fee for traditional braces. crowded teeth and give meme the that smileInvisalign I wanted. treatment Five months could coramazing smile. later, I had my new smile! rect It was easy.” teeth and give me the mysocrowded Invisalign has been chosen by over 500,000 people who wanted to have an amazing smile. —- Meredith Veronesi smile I wanted.” — Meredith Veronesi Invisalign —It’s It’snever nevertoo too late a beautiful smile! Invisalign — late forfor a beautiful smile! Chris Pine, DMD, MS & Paul Campbell, DMD, CAGS Offices: State College • Bellefonte • Lewistown • Tyrone • Philipsburg

Call Today! 1-855-32 ORTHO (1-855-326-7846)

Websites: •

® Preferred Invisalign® Provider Provider StateACollege’s Preferred Invisalign

*Dr. Pine Completed 20 Additional CE Credits Last Year for Invisalign

Health & Well Being

It’s Not All in Your Head. You Are Not Going Crazy! Well you’re going through menopause, that’s what you should expect. All too often, that’s what women hear from their doctor. Here’s an antidepressant. The problems associated with menopause come from hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, and can cause numerous symptoms including; weight gain, depression, anxiety, poor memory, irritability, anger and headaches to name a few. I counsel many women each month who have many hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. Women do not have anti-depressant deficiencies we have a lot of nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. One way to accurately determine these imbalances and deficiencies at the cellular level is through saliva tests or hair analysis. If your monthly cycles are difficult and you are in a state of hormonal imbalance, your menopausal years become more difficult and severe. This does not have to be. These imbalances and deficiencies can be addressed by focusing on normal female physiology. It is interesting to note that the chapter on female anatomy and physiology is always the last chapter in medical textbooks. It is important to understand how specific nutrients affect normal female physiology. The key point here is NORMAL PHYSIOLOGY. Most of the symptoms my clients experience come from hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies which are causing dysfunctions of glands and organs. This also causes other organs within our endocrine system to dysfunction. Endocrine organs function and dysfunction together. Dysfunction and hormone imbalances are not a disease. The blood tests are accurate but not adequate. They can show high levels of hormones, however, 99% of those hormones are bound to a protein molecule I read it in the Women’s Journal!

which renders it unavailable at the cellular level. Saliva tests are more adequate because they show the “active” level of hormone at the cellular level. I help restore normal balance and endocrine system function to many of my women clients who have come to me with many of the following complaints: exhaustion, poor sleeping patterns, weight gain, heavy periods more than 2 or 3 days, clotting, severe cramping, headaches, migraines, cold hands and feet, sugar cravings, salt cravings, bloating, irritability, anxiety, inability to concentrate, short term memory impairment, low libido, and hot flashes. You deserve to feel well! Be advised that I do not diagnose or treat disease. The supplements I use are intended to support normal physiological processes of the body. Give me a call today to begin your path to Optimal Wellness. Merry Matukonis (814) 933-9149

Optimal Wellness Nutritional Counseling Prevention • Detoxification Merry Matukonis R.N., CCWFN 2700 Lower Brush Valley Rd. • Centre Hall, PA Bring Balance To Your Life — Call Today!

814-933-9149 19

January / February 2012

One-Stop Service

From One Small Business To Another. At The UPS Store Across From Wegmans, we understand the challenges that most small businesses face. My staff and I are here to help. We are not only your pack and ship experts, but also your full-service print center. Menus, business cards, stationary, posters and so much more; we’ve got you covered! Stop in and see how our expanded printing services can transform your business in the New Year. -Colleen Small, Owner

"The UPS Store in the Colonnades is my "virtual administrative assistant! I do several meetings a month and always need a lot of copies. We e-mail the documents to the store and pick up the copies later! The staff will either make a personal call or send an e-mail letting me know the order is complete! They are there for me for whatever I need, signs, copies, shipping, etc. It doesn't get any better than the UPS Store! -Edie Binkley, Clothes Mentor

“I have had door hangers made and ordered my magnetic business cards through Colleen and her staff. I would never go anywhere else but the UPS Store across from Wegmans. The UPS Store has been there when I need them the most!” -Steve Poorman, Quiznos Hills Plaza “KBB needed a quick print job for Home Show brochures and the UPS Store across from Wegmans did the job…professionally, affordably and on-time. Whenever I use their services, I always find their staff to be knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. I would certainly recommend them.”

“We have had both professional service and personal care from the employees at the UPS Store across from Wegmans. From signs and mass mailings to flyers and business cards, we have always been happy with their products and services.” -Jacki Rutter and Cathy Flood , RE/MAX Centre Realty

19 Colonnade Way - State College

-Liz Piazza, Kissinger Bigatel & Brower

STORE HOURS Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 11am-4pm | Tel. (814)238.8001 January / February 2012

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January / February 2012

aSk tHe ExPeRt ... WhAt WoMeN wAnT to KnOw ...

Holiday Savings, Tips for Home and Auto Policies

By: Liz Kosir, Haudenschild Insurance Agency


A homeowner policy will only cover lost or stolen jewelry from your home. To be covered an Inland Marine policy should be purchased to cover all lost or stolen jewelry outside of your home. For less than $100 a year, you can add Identity Theft to your homeowner policy which will give you piece of mind for the entire year. With the holidays upon us, all of us want to know ways to save money: • A good credit score

• Home security systems • Raise your deductibles • Shopping for home and auto insurance in advance • Good student discount for a grade point of 3.0 or higher • Never let your auto policy cancel, your premium will be higher • Combine your home and auto with one company • Grange Insurance has an annual policy for home and auto • Save time with one phone call for a quote, we have seven companies to choose from Call Liz from Haudenschild Insurance Agency at 330-263-5433 on the specifics and how much you can save.

How Can I Get Organized & Plan for Successful Business Growth? Shelley Solomon, FWP, JGW

PLAN TOMORROW TODAY, new year, new you. It’s a good time to get organized. Here is a common question I am asked from my entrepreneurial clients and a solution. Q: Sometimes I feel like I have ADD at my desk, I need to be more focused. How can I get organized and plan? A. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels- so much to do, so little time- you are not alone. If you want to get more organized and feel more productive, here is the secret: Plan tomorrow today and plan next week on Wednesday! During our March 1 luncheon for Working Women Connection I will present Tips for Prioritizing and Organizing to accelerate your

440.242.0188 : Office 440.537.5641 : Mobile

By: Shelley Solomon Cull, FMP, JGW, President

Business Start Up & Growth Expert



success. Here is a preview: • Never let what matters most, be at the mercy of what matters least • List weekly tasks and note time for completion (then add 50% more) • First schedule tasks important to biz growth • Plan next week on Wednesday and plan tomorrow today! When you have ADD at your desk, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Write down 1, 2, 3, and list the three things you will accomplish in the next two hours. Focus on those tasks only. To learn more about scheduling the right steps for the nexsteps in growing your business, go to

New Year New You - This is No Time to Get Sick!

By: Dora Richardson, CNP

After Hours Family Medicine


Here are some great ways to prevent illness: Wash your hands often - Washing your hands is your best defense against germs. Be sure to wash under hot water for at least 20 seconds. Sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to help keep you there the whole time. Stay warm - it is important to regulate your temperature at this time of year so dress in layers. If you are going in and out of stores or houses, be sure to dress so it is easy to manage temperature. Practice safe food handling - be sure to watch for cross-contamination as well as leaving food out too long. If in doubt, put it in the refrigerator!

Prevent injuries - when on ladders, always have a spotter. Use step stools rather than furniture to reach higher places for decorations and be sure to use proper safety equipment. Also, fires are more common in winter so keep candles away from children, pets, curtains, and out of drafts. Never leave fireplaces, candles or stoves unattended. Only use those appliances approved for indoors and if you are deep frying large items, be sure to do so away from the house in a well ventilated area. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should have the batteries changed twice a year. Finally, get a flu shot. Flu shots take two weeks to build up full effect so be sure to get yours early!

Are You a Expert In Your Field That Women Need to Contact? Educate more than 150,000 readers in more than 14 Central PA Counties. Anytime. Anywhere. Limited space available for these highly read excerpts.

Word count approx. 200 words, depends on photo and/or logo submission. Six Time Commitment Required

Call Today! Limited Space Available


January / February 2012


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Warm up this Winter at the Autoport! Great Food! When it gets cold outside--step inside and let our amazing food warm you up! At The Autoport, we are serious about our food. In fact every day, all day, we combine the freshest ingredients to make everything on our menu from scratch. From our homemade soups to eclectic sauces, special features, and our of course our decedent desserts — it is all prepared onsite in our kitchens. We believe quality makes the difference, and to that end we are passionate about supporting our local suppliers — J & J Family Farms, Meyer Dairy, Bergenblick and Black Walnut Farms, and many other local co-ops. In Addition, The Autoport supports many of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local chapters. We are proud of what we do and believe our “Fresh” approach makes a difference that you can taste!

Winter Warm-ups and great Entertainment at the Autoport Lounge

Whether its our Famous Half price Happies Mon-Fri from 5-7, or enjoying one of our speciality drinks by the fireplace The Port Lounge is the perfect night spot for cold winter nights!

Welcome to real food! Everything on our menu is made from scratch-using only the BEST ingredients availiable.

We support Buy Fresh-Buy Local, J & J Family Farms, Meyer Dairy, Bergenblick and Black Walnut Farms, and many other local co-ops!

In addition to great specials, we feature great entertainment nightly. You can check out our facebook page for a complete listing of bands and special events!

Get “Toasty”

Have you checked out “Toast”? It’s the newest edition—a smoker friendly bar adjacent to The Autoport. Casual, come as you are—with great daily drink specials and a friendly staff...

Best Happies in Town! BREAKFAST Monday-Friday from 5-7 Open at 7am daily

All wines by the glass are half price. Sunday Breakfast PLUS!!! HalfBuffet price appetizers!

Rooms starting at $49.99!


Weekly Specials at The Autoport! Monday: Mexican Mondays $5 Nachoes and $2 margaritas till 12 Tuesdays: 1/2 price wings! Wednesday: 1/2 price burgers Thursday: 1/2 price PIZZA

Check out our Facebook page for Lunch and Dinner Specials and Nightly Entertainment and Drink Specials

Friday: Fresh Seafood Night Steakhouse Saturdays Saturday: 1405 South Atherton Street, State College, PA 16801 • 814-237-7666 or $20 dinner deal Sunday: (includes appetizer and dessert to share)

Seasonal rates

State College’s Smoker Friendly Bar located adjacent to the Autopor t

Planning a visit to Happy Valley this winter... make sure you check our our special “seasonal rates” Rooms starting at just $49.99! I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Special Winter Rates

Serving Breakfast All well drinks, All draft beer,

Great daily specials – Great prices!

Open Mon-Fri 5pm-2am • Sat 7pm-2am • Closed Sunday 1405 South Atherton Street, State College, PA 16801



January / February 2012

Food & Bevereage

Women and...Beer?

Close your eyes and imagine a brewmaster. Invariably, most picture an older, barrel chested, bearded fellow in overalls. Even with the recent influx of young, hip, microbrewers, brewing is currently seen as a male field, but it wasn’t always this way. Many religious myths of ancient societies credit the creation of beer to women. For the Egyptians, the goddess Hathor was worshipped as the queen of drunkenness, dance and the inventress of beer. What’s believed to be the world’s oldest written recipe is for beer: Four-thousand-year-old Mesopotamian clay tablets describe the brewing process in a hymn to Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer ( The Fins credit three women – Osmotor, Kapo and Kalevatar – for creating ale by adding the combination of the saliva from a bear with wild honey to beer. How far we’ve come!

and carpet—but delicious just the same—on average is 12% ABV when the average craft beer is around 5%. Interestingly, women have a physical handicap when it comes to processing alcohol: women produce less of the liver enzyme ‘dehydrogenase’ which serve to break down alcohols that otherwise are toxic. Thus, it makes sense to make every sip count and make sure it does have lots to taste and think about. Most craft beer drinkers don't plan to "throw back" a lot of pints, but instead merely to appreciate, enjoy and sip slowly. Whereas today's larger brewers often add adjuncts such as corn or rice to lighten rather than enhance beer's flavor, craft beer lovers welcome the malt and hop forward yet still mellow ABV being made b y today’s small producers. Remember, women are into f-l-a-v-o-r.

Up through medieval Europe, women ruled the kettles. Beer can be described as liquid bread, so there was nothing unusual about women using their baking ingredients to brew in home kitchens. It wasn’t until entrepreneurial women began to sell their beer that men really moved in, restricting the creation and sale of beer to powerful male-only guilds. The consequences of that takeover flow all the way to the thinly flavored American light beers of post-prohibition America. Brewed by men and sold to them with help from decades of advertising employing tired gender stereotypes and armies of bikini models, it is no wonder that women began brewing and drinking less beer.

No matter what your flavor, you’re sure to find something to fit your palate at Beer Belly’s Beverage, Centre County’s most diverse and shoppable distributor. Buying for someone else? Man or women, a Beer Belly’s Gift Card never goes to waste. Cheers!

The growth in the craft-beer sector - the smaller, independent brewers who made up 4.3% by volume and 6.9% by dollars of the American market in 2010 ( - is fueling a renewed interest for and by women. Craft beer has shaken up the beer industry with grow rates over 10% in the face of an overall decrease in U.S. beer sales and many feel an increase in women craft beer drinkers is helping that trend. The craft beer movement has helped shed some of the old stereotypes about beer, especially those surrounding women and beer.

814-237-BREW • Hamilton Square, 258 West Hamilton Avenue, State College, PA


One of the prevailing stereotypes is women don’t like beer. The July 2011 Gallup poll found the overall percentage of women who said they prefer beer over wine or liquor is 29%. That number is hugely skewed by the 50+ year old crowd who overwhelmingly prefer wine. In the 18 to 49 crowd, beer is much more competitive and that corresponds with the growth of the craft sector which shows their full-flavored brews are converting skeptics. One factor is ABV (alcohol by volume). Wine, that beautiful fermented juice of grape that stains your teeth January / February 2012

Barleywine Marinated Prime Rib with Rosemary Roasted Garlic IPA Crème Fraiché Grand Cru Braised Lamb Shanks Founded in 1947

Find these recipes and more at 24

I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Real Estate

Are You Ready to Buy or Sell Your Home?

Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest decisions people make. If you are thinking of doing either or both this year, now is the time to take the initial steps to make it as easy and satisfying as possible. Foresight and careful planning will make the difference in the type of experience you have.

As a Realtor with Keller Williams Advantage Realty, I use the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to meet your needs. I listen to you and develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals. That means I will find solutions that are tailored to YOU.

As a buyer, you need to have a firm financial base. Interest rates are great. Getting the mortgage though can be challenging. Lenders are particular in who they lend to these days. The specifics for each mortgage will vary from program to program, but a buyer must be prepared before making a serious effort to purchase a home. Consultation with a reputable lender or financial advisor is a good idea to determine your particular situation.

A Win-Win Relationship. Scot Chambers, REALTOR® ABR, e-PRO, Green 740 S. Atherton Street • State College, PA 16801 Cell: (814) 574-9267 • Office: (814) 272-6079 •

As a seller now is the time to start laying the groundwork for a successful sale. The number of interested and qualified buyers is limited by a variety of factors. There are also other people who are considering selling or moving in the coming year, as well as some pressure on prices, that all contribute to a healthy supply of housing for limited demand. Making your home stick out and be appealing to buyers requires planning, intelligent sales strategies and possibly some work to the property itself.

Each office independently owned and operated.

To achieve your goals for 2012, you need to consult a knowledgeable and dedicated Realtor in your area. National and regional trends are interesting but, successful real estate transactions are determined by local factors. This ad is sponsored by Charlene Chambers, your Green Irene Eco-consultant


Good Eats & Sweet Treats Join us for Breakfast & Lunch!

325 W. High Street Bellefonte, PA 814-357-8442 Ope Tuesday n: –Satu 8 a.m.–2 rday p.m Sunday 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

Stone Soup at the Café

by Kim Kowalczyk


n a cold wintry day, nothing warms you like a hearty, steaming cup of homemade vegetable soup . Our version is really a “Stone Soup” — you remember the folk tale of a soup made of shared ingredients. The recipe follows, with a tip of the hat to my former friend and mentor Bill Welch, who encouraged me to be creative in my soup-making and to be fearless with trying new ingredients; to my mother Josephine, whose recipes always feature adding fresh ingredients to the canned ones; to Kathryn Iadarola and her sister Deb McMurtrie, who introduced me to the glories of rutabagas; to Bellefonte’s own Thelma Bonchack, for her lessons in soup-making; to Chef Matt McKean, who taught me that a splash of Chardonnay and homemade stock always make the dish better; and to retired teacher Jim Stump, who taught me the power of color in presentation! In fact, if you peruse the café menu under “soups,” you will even find a “Jim” serving — a colorful, 20-ounce nautical–themed cup, donated by him.

Café on the Park

Across from Talleyrand Park & Train Station

Online at cafe on the park 12-21-2011.indd 1

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


Café Stone Soup

1 Tablespoon butter (unsalted) 1 Tablespoon olive oil 1 large sweet onion, chopped 4 carrots, chopped 2 ribs celery, chopped 2 turnips, chopped 2 parsnips, chopped 1 rutabaga, chopped ½ head cabbage, chopped 6 potatoes, cubed 1 Cup frozen corn Bag of frozen mixed vegetables with lima beans 6 Cups of stock (beef, chicken or vegetable) 1 small can tomato paste 14.5 ounce can diced tomatoes 1 fresh tomato chopped 2 generous handfuls of fresh spinach Salt and pepper to taste Garnish (Your choice of ): ½ Cup heavy cream Thinly sliced green onion Chopped parsley, spinach, dill or basil Heat butter and olive oil in a large soup pot and sauté the onion, celery, and carrots. Add remaining vegetables (except frozen veggies and spinach), tomato paste and stock and simmer until rutabagas and potatoes are tender (about 30 minutes). Add splash of Chardonnay, frozen veggies and spinach and heat. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper, and serve in colorful cups or bowls with your choice of garnish. 12/20/2011 12:52:56 PM

January / February 2012

Making a Difference

Junior Achievement: Helping Young People Fulfill Their Junior Achievement USATM (JA) has the tools necessary to help young people accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions. In a new survey released in December, Americans said they want to save more and spend less in 2012. JA’s programs teach youth important financial lessons such as how to save and how to budget through interactive and engaging programs, so they can become responsible consumers.

their children. Junior Achievement $ave, USATM provides children and their parents important lessons on budgeting, the value of saving, the role of insurance and other important financial security matters. JA’s programs have been shown to positively affects students’ futures: programs such as JA Personal Finance®, JA Finance Park®, JA Economics for Success®, JA BizTown®, and JA More than Money® are designed to teach financial literacy as a pillar of student success. These programs support the skills and competencies identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and augment school-based, work-based, and connecting activities for communities with school-to-work initiatives. The programs help students learn how to work together and respect the talents, creativity, perspectives and backgrounds of all individuals while also teaching them how to save, set goals, make investments and manage their money.

“The results of the survey demonstrate that now is the time to prioritize your finances and to become a more financially-responsible consumer. Junior Achievement has the tools necessary to instill responsible spending and savings programs and to help prevent bad spending habits before they begin,” Francis Schodowski, Junior Achievement of Central PA Chairman and Director of Planned Giving at Millersville University said. “Our programs help young people become financially responsible adults.”

“These new survey results imply that people are willing to take control of their finances,” Doumaux, said. “But you should not have to undertake this challenge alone. Junior Achievement is here to help you as you teach your children how to proactively manage their finances. Youth need to understand early on why it is important to maintain good credit and have a savings account.”

This is the third straight year that the top two resolutions are saving more and spending less in the survey measuring shoppers’ financial goals. On the 2012 New Year’s list, paying off debt jumped to the third spot: last year it was the seventh most popular resolution. “JA plays an integral role in the process because we empower youth to drive their own economic successes. We equip students and adults alike with the tools they need to effectively navigate their paths to smart financial planning. In tough economic times such as this, having a solid grasp on responsible financial decision making is especially important,” Schodowski added.

Junior Achievement of Central Pennsylvania, located in Lancaster, PA, is a community based, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, providing in-school and after-school programs for students in grades K-12 across a nine county area (Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Schuylkill, Union, Northumberland, Juniata, Mifflin, and Snyder counties). JACP makes it real by bringing business people from the “real world” into area classrooms. All programs are funded by individuals, foundations, and the business community.

According to the survey, 46 percent of people who are considering a financial resolution for 2012 say saving more money is their top priority. The median annual target savings amount is $2,400 for long- and short-term goals, which doubles last year’s goal of $1,200. “JA remains focused on leveraging resources to equip youth with the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible economic consumers,” Becky Doumaux, President of Junior Achievement of Central PA said. “Junior Achievement provides youth with the resources they need now so when they become adults they already have a strong financial base.”

For more information about Junior Achievement of Central PA or to volunteer to teach a class, please visit:

Junior Achievement doesn’t just deliver its financial literacy programs to youth. JA also provides parents with fun, age-appropriate resources to help them discuss money-management concepts with January / February 2012 or call (717) 397-5779 26

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


To schedule a performance, contact us: Kingdom Kidz, Inc.

801 Shakespeare Avenue Milton, PA 17847

Call us at 570-742-0379

Serving the King of Kings. Located in Milton, Pennsylvania, Kingdom Kidz, Inc. is a volunteer puppet ministry under the leadership of Director Donna Bridge. The team tackles a wide range of topics meant to teach, entertain and make a difference in the lives we touch. Kids of all ages will enjoy interacting with the puppets during live performances. Check out our full list of programs.



Kidz 4 Education Educational programs that teach safety, reading and character building principles. Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministry Christian programs that teach Biblical principles.

Call 570-742-0379 today for a FREE DVD to view these type of programs. Kingdom Kidz, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, which is funded through donations. Gifts are tax deductible less the value of any goods provided.

PUPPETS in EDUCATION by A. Greensmith Puppets are an aspect of our history and everyday lives. From marionettes to the Muppets we see them on television, on videos or in live performances. In their different forms they appeal to both old and young alike, represent different customs and traditions and are valuable educational tools. Puppets are both entertaining and captivating. Children can believe and relate to them; they can enter and explore the fascinating inventive world that puppets create. Learning through play is fundamental to our children's education, helping them to develop the necessary skills in life. Puppets can stimulate children's imagination, encourage creative play and discovery and are a wonderful interactive way to introduce narrative to even the most reluctant reader. They can be a powerful way of bringing story time to life; puppets can provide a focus for role play, encouraging the child's imagination and involvement in activities and can play a fundamental part in the recitation of stories and verse. In addition, hand puppets with workable mouths and tongues are an excellent motivational resource to inspire the teaching of phonics within literacy. Any puppet can encourage the quietest of children to start talking. Puppets can break down barriers and provide an effective means to initiate communication. The child trusts the puppet and doesn't feel threatened by it, making it a perfect neutral medium through which they can discuss sensitive issues. The child can express thoughts, fears and feelings through the puppet that they might otherwise find difficult to voice to an adult. Puppets can assist children with special educational needs. They can motivate and support children with difficulties in communication and interaction. They can help to develop their social and motor skills, and can meet the visual, tactile and emotional needs of the individual child. Large human puppets with glove hands and fingers can be used in conjunction with the different varieties of signing, adding a further dimension in helping children with both hearing difficulties and learning disabilities. All puppets come to life as characters. They can portray different personalities and various traits and they cross all cultures. Puppets can share joy or sadness; they can be naughty or good, cheeky or shy; and when a child is engaged by a puppet they can learn lessons without even realising. Puppets provide an essential link between learning and play which makes them wonderful teaching tools for at home, the classroom and in the wider community. A. Greensmith The Creativity Institute has reviewed and reprinted on nurturing and boosting creativity in children. Among the articles you’ll find on this site are those that demonstrate the importance of creative environments at early ages and the power of the right educational toys. This article excplains the value of puppets as an educational toy. I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012


Restores Desired Figure and Confidence A new procedure, known as Mommy Make-over, is quickly gaining popularity among women longing to restore their bodies back to its pre-pregnancy shape. The most common patient is between 25 and 45 years of age, and has had one or more children. Body contouring, breast surgery and tummy tucks - alone or in combination - are key components of this post-pregnancy enhancement. “These patients basically want to recapture what their bodies looked like prior to their first pregnancy," explains Robert Louton MD, board certified plastic surgeon at Blair Plastic Surgery of Altoona and State College. “Usually, women come in after having several children. They often have stretched abdominal wall muscles and lax skin that hasn't bounced back as much as they'd like. Even with a lot of sit ups, these patients are unable to regain a nice flat abdomen.” A popular combination of procedures is a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty) along with breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast lift, or both). Liposuction and even labiaplasty can be part of the mix. “Before performing multiple procedures, I consider the patient's health and overall weight and body mass index”, continues Dr. Louton. “If the patient presents with factors contributing to a higher risk of complications, I will split up the procedures. Otherwise, performing more than one surgery can save on time and be more affordable to the patient.” “Mommy makeovers have grown very popular at my practice over the last 20 years. We're seeing a whole new wave of women desiring to regain or maintain their physical appearance. These mothers have dedicated themselves to their children and despite being active and exercising, there are certain personal goals they desire and cannot achieve on their own. Blair Plastic Surgery can help by offering safe and effective cosmetic surgery options tailored to your specific needs.”

Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Robert Louton by calling 814-949-7280, in Altoona, 814-234-1420 in State College or visit for more information. January / February 2012


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Effortless Beauty in an Hour or Two! Take the “Are You” test!

Before & After Examples

• Are you tired of applying makeup everyday? • Are you tired of touching up throughout the day? • Are you someone who won’t be caught without your makeup applied? • Are you too busy in the morning to apply makeup? • Are you someone who wants a little definition but doesn’t want to look “made up” • Are you having trouble seeing to apply makeup? • Are you unsure of how to apply makeup? • Are you a woman who likes the look of makeup but doesn’t apply it due to allergies, contact lenses or a condition that makes applying makeup a difficult task?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and desire a natural makeup look or a more traditional makeup look, permanent makeup could be right for you!

Schedule your personal visit today. Consultations are Free.

! Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Lorie’s personality and confidence put me at ease immediately. From the actual procedure through the healing process, it is obvious she is a skilled professional who takes her work very seriously and cares about each client. My results are amazing! ~ L.M., 50, PA


“With over 10 years experience applying permanent makeup on a full time basis, I understand that every face and personality is unique. Therefore, I routinely work closely with every client to ensure a desired and comfortable result.”

Master’s Certified Permanent Makeup Technician Eyelash Perm & Tint Specialist

~Lorie Litzinger, owner Secrets by Lorie

Lorie Litzinger

Please visit my website for photos and more info: or scan my QR Code

111 Zion Back Road • Bellefonte, PA • 814-359-7867 MC/Visa Accepted • Photos are actual clients I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012

Pink Page Business Directory KITCHEN DESIGN




Celebrate your Wedding or Graduation with a Fine Art Portrait

Colestock Portraits

Kitchens .net

It’s like designing with a trusted friend ... call to set up an appointment!


Your First Consultation is FREE!

CLEANING CLEANING Call us to design your house cleaning plan . . . Regular Cleaning or Just Occasional

Eco-friendly products

Celebrating 15 years Centre/Mifflin/Juniata/Perry Counties

Save money and live a green & healthy lifestyle!

Lois Grose

Charlene Chambers —



Miche Bag

Miche Sales Representative



Come Visit my “Eco-Store” 1000’s of

Christi Kirkwood

New babies, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

HYPNOSIS HYPNOSIS Jan Filiaggi, Certified Consulting Hypnotist

One Bag Endless Possibilities

1745 Sunnyside Road Port Matilda, PA 16870 814-934-0103

814-238-4004 / 717-248-8330

Caring • Affordable • Confidential Bellefonte • 814-355-2762 Huntingdon • 814-643-5364

Lock Haven • 570-748-6237 Philipsburg • 814-342-6992

— Smoking Cessation — Weight Loss — Pain Relief — Grief, Loss, Transitions — Releasing Fears & Phobias

814 .360.7095



Do YOU own your own business and want to grow it?

Angels Do Speak

Angel Card Readings $65 each Encompassing Your Immediate Past, Current Status & Immediate Future Your full name is required

Call Judy Baum 814-308-8602 or e-mail

Consider the affordable TWJ’s Pink Pages... get a quick message out to more than 100,000 readers who are your target audience - women!

Credit Cards, checks or cash accepted


“The Hair Lady” Janise Crow


Look confident & beautiful with easy hair additions

Everyday Formals Hair Loss Costume Dance, Twirl, Cheer

Cha Cha Chambers, Your Pink Pages Manager (814) 883-9104 or January / February 2012

814.883.3862 2518 Sleepy Hollow Dr. ~ State College, PA


I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Pink Page Business Directory DESSERTS DESSERTS



D olce V ita Desserts

Kitchen, Catalog, Fundraiser, & Bridal Shows!

Don’t delay, call me today! 814-692-2119

Now open!

Karrie Argiro, Salon Owner and Master Stylist

812 Pike Street Lemont T-F 11-6, Sat 8-2


123 Mt. Nittany Road, P.O. Box 38, Lemont, PA 16851 814-308-9693 / 814-308-9698 /

Judy Pogue, Independent Advanced Director 91 Marvin Street, Port Matilda, PA 16870 ~ Privileged to serve you in the kitchen for 17 years!

enizagaM latigiD & tnirP A BEAUTY



Carol A. Walsh, Senior Sales Director

Do you need a GIRL’S night out? Are you looking for a rewarding business opportunity with other women who support you?

People Wanted to Lose Weight ~ Weight Loss Challenge ~


Celebrating 30 Years All Products in Stock For an appointment or to order 814-238-7444 or 1-800-524-1235

Tammy L. Miller

Independent Director Call or Text 814-603-3382

Call 238-8739 for more information

Darlene Foster

taht selcitra dna stsetnoc ,sreffo laiceps ,stnemecnuonna ,stneveIndependent no etadDistributor ot puforpHerbalife eeK .slanruoJ s’nemoW ytnuoC anideM dna dnalevelC ehT morf tnerruc dna tnaveler era


o emW n ’ s lanruoJ

RF 2 ekaT - 1EeEviG & !dneirF a oT

“for all your


sewing needs!”



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Ms Salli K

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3 0 + years experience

Formal. Everyday. Home.

Also . . . Handmade crocheted Scarves/ Headbands/Neckies

M dna efiL

reffiD a eka 814.883.9104 yrasrevinnA ruO ecne Charlene Chambers 1965 Park Forest Avenue, State College LA


achtlaeH snoituloS er

Linda Letner 717-320-2719 Belleville, PA

TAROT CARDS TELL ABOUT YOU. Advice on all affairs of life. Available for all social gatherings. 45 Years Experience. 112 Hetzel Street, State College / 769-3109 Daily 9 am—10 pm Email:

Are You Using the Right Media?


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Magazines have proven the most effective format to target a Specific Market, create Trust and establish BRAND.

We are key to your success!

Is Your Target Market... WOMEN…THE ULTIMATE CONSUMERS? ...Women control $14 trillion of current wealth

• Women hold 89% bank accounts Advertise With The Women’s Journal • Women purchase $44.5 billion office supplies To Reach Today’s Decision Makers! Our • Women purchase 94% of all home furnishings format is designed to connect, educate, • Women purchase 90% beauty and hygiene products energize, and empower our readers to ! s r e k a M n o i s i c e D s ’ y a d o T h c a e R o T l a n r u o J s ’ n e m o W ehmake T htaiW esitredecision. vdA purchasing • Women purchase 90% clothes, accessories, and jewelry • Women account for 83% of retail customers sredaein r rthe uo U.S. rewopme dna ,ezigrene ,etacude ,tcennoc ot dWe engreach isedyour si tatarget mrof market ruO in three EFFECTIVE ways: :syaw EVITCEFFE evfi ni teCall kram t814-880-6544 egrat ruoy hcaer eW .noisicedPrint gnisaEdition, hcrup a eDigital kam ot Version & Facebook DON’T HESITATE! ADVERTISE !yadot lanruoJ sTODAY ’nemoW lacol ruoy llaC .golB ruo dna rettiwT ,koobecaF ,noisreV latigiD ,noitidE tnirP Ask about our special packages Call your local Women’s Journal today!

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Let us help you have a conversation with more than one prospective client at a time! I read it in the Women’s Journal!


31 moc.lanruoJ-snemoW

January / February 2012 2102 yraunaJ rebmeceD


Not Seeing is Also Believing She looked terrific, and her caretaker and I both praised the beauty of her hair. The precision cut coupled with her natural wave allowed her caretaker to comb her hair in place for natural drying. When her hair dries her caretaker can just run a brush through it for a simple and attractive look. When they left, my new client and her caretaker were both all smiles and said they would be back. My new client’s experience proves that if you look good you feel better, even when you can’t see the finished product. And it also reminds me again that I love what I do!

A client called a few minutes ago to tell me that the hair cut I gave her on Saturday is “the best ever. “Needless to say, her call made my day! People from other industries who talk to hairdressers are usually amazed at how much we love what we do. It’s not hard to see why. Even on an average day, we send client after client out the door with smiles on their faces. But some days offer out of the ordinary “up” feelings. I had a call recently from a woman’s caretaker requesting an appointment. She explained that her client is blind, nearly deaf, and has difficulty walking. I told her that I would be happy to cut and style her client’s hair. She then asked if she should shampoo her before bringing her in and then we could just spray her hair. I said that the best part of a hair cut is the shampoo and if her client was able we should give her the queen’s treatment. My new client had beautiful white hair with a defined growth direction and wave pattern. It had unfortunately been chopped short and did nothing for her appearance. We discussed her hair, hair care routine, and the options available to her. After a relaxing shampoo and conditioning we assisted her to my styling chair. I gave her a short three-dimensional precision cut that took best advantage of her growth directions and wave pattern.

By appointment only:

(814) 466-7879

Something for Everyone!

How do I explain to my stylist what I want?

Ask Susan

Can’t agree on where to go for a quick, fresh meal? Come to our Market Café. Our variety of freshly made foods ranges from quick grabs like pizza, subs, and Asian classics to comfort-food favorites, salads, and sandwiches. Family-friendly foods at budget-friendly prices — that’s Wegmans.

First, take a moment and breathe. That’s why I always take a moment and chat. Perhaps show some pictures of what you like and don’t like…think in terms of sections – front, back, top, sides, etc. and styles and products. Share what your life is like and how you handle your hair day to day. It’s about communication so neither party shuts down because they feel they aren’t communicating. It can make the difference of looking like a $50 or $200 style. We don’t want horror stories…we want great results!

Feel free to call Susan and ask her any question!

TJ’s Salon

helping you make great meals easy

355 Suite D, Colonnade Blvd. State College, PA 16803

201 William St. • Williamsport, PA 17701 • 570-320-8878

814-235 5555 January / February 2012 32

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Elder Law

Visit Boalsburg ~ Fashion

best of


Lift Tuck Technolog y®

The Modern Bootcut is the newest silhouette. It combines the flattering bootcut we’ve come to love with the narrower opening of a classic straight leg, for a look that’s slightly more streamlined and still super-slimming. It’s the best of both widths and we think it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Watch how NYDJ’s Lift Tuck Technology® works. We think you’ll be amazed at the one-size smaller difference.

LIFT Our innovative technology lifts and subtly reshapes your curves so you look good in jeans... again.

Sizes 2-24 and Woman’s Plus Sizing FREE Alterations with Any Purchase Largest selection of


CREAM of thE Our patented criss-cross


panel design keeps your tummy in control and makes you look a full size smaller.

e x c lu s iv e ly

a t n’V

in the Area!

FREE custom alterations with purchase

101 West Main • Boalsburg, PA • (814)466-6887 I read it in the Women’s Journal!

nuary / February 2012

101 West 33


101 West Main Street PA • 814-466-6887 luxury clothing Maincasual • Boalsburg, PABoalsburg, • (814)466-6887 Largest Selection of

in the Area!

January / February 2012

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Centre EMS On Call — Providing Security and Protection for You or a Loved One 24/7 Protect Yourself or a Loved One with Centre EMS On Call

they could’ve contacted someone right away.” And now, they can.

Centre LifeLink EMS is excited to be offering a new service to the community that we have been serving for the past 70 years. Centre EMS On Call is our new personal emer¬gency response system that offers three levels of service: home, home and yard, and a nationwide mobile service, at the lowest prices in the industry!

When the subscriber presses the pendent, they will be connected to an EMD certified dispatcher who will either contact a family member, or if needed, local emergency medical, police, or fire services. Some features include: • Emergency Medical Dispatch certified staff to answer calls 24/7/365

The new service began in response to countless 911 calls among local, older residents who live independently. “We have cases where the son or daughter come home and find mom or dad lying on the floor,” said Kent Knable, EMS Chief. “They wish there would’ve been something where

• Nurse Advice Line staffed by RN’s 24/7/365 • State-of-the-art equipment • No contract


For more information on Centre EMS On Call, please call 866-826-7731, or visit Health

Lives Throughout thein Generations in Altoona Touching Lives ThroughoutTouching the Generations Altoona

would getforward up every to dayhelping and prepare the van with to arrive to take her to the Senior daily Margaret basis. He looks thefor children hands-on projects so “My mother Margaret would get up every“My amother Daily Living Center. She used to say to me, ‘I am getting ready to go to work.’” Jean Smith, her daughter, that he can work with them directly. Earlier this year, he was attending the cirday and prepare for the van to arrive to take Touching Lives Throughout the her Generations Altoona was delighted that herin mother was excited about going to the Senior Daily Living Center to spend time cuschildren on theand same evening asWhile a young girl enrolled in the Growing to the Senior Daily Living Center. She used to with the other she referred to it as “work,” it was moreYears a laborprogram. of love. And “My mother Margaret would get up every day and prepare for the van to arrive to take her toseniors. the Senior so, Margaret went off each morning to the intergenerational center in Altoona where children and seShe recognized him in the crowd and made a point of having her parents take say to me, ‘I am getting ready to go to work.’” Daily Living Center. She used to say to me, ‘I am getting ready to go to work.’” Jean Smith, her daughter, niors Daily interact on to a regular basis. Ironically, Margaret would talk Mike about the little boys that was delighted thather her daughter, mother was excited about going that to theher Senior Center spend time her Living over himtoto introduce them and to sayalways “hello.” commented on attended how Jean Smith, was delighted EarlyaLearning Center (Jean was her only daughter and had no children), but Margaret with the children and other seniors. While she referred to it asGrowing “work,” itYears was more labor of love. And her “hello” touched his life and how special that small action made him feel. mother was excited about going to the Senior also in commented on how being with so, Margaret went off each morning to the intergenerational center Altoona where children and se- the children was stimulating. She loved reading to them and playing Sue Smith, Director the Senior Daily Living Center, remarked that She MarDaily Living to spend time with would the chilgames them. Jean, in that turn,attended wasofdelighted that Margaret benefitted from this socialization. also niors interact on aCenter regular basis. Ironically, Margaret always talkwith about the little boys Growing Yearsother Early Learning Center (Jean was3-year-old her only daughter had no children), but Margaret Bernie Farrell and relieved that thisMike’s program enabled herare mother at home Growing Yearshas Early garet’s and examples onlytoaremain few of manywith on her.The how the program dren and seniors. While she referred to was it and also commented on howBeto being with thearrange childrenHalloween was stimulating. She loved reading them and playing Howsare Learning Center andtolives the Senior Daily Living Center participants are are giventhe a special gift each - the touched the of the participants. “The children big draw for day seniors as “work,” it Jean, was in more a labor ofduring love. so, games with them. turn, was delighted that Margaret thisanother. socialization. stickers together anAnd benefitted companyfrom of one EachShe dayalso the children and seniors gather together to share in intergenerational come to Growing the center Bernie Farrell and 3-year-old Margaret went eachenabled morning to theto intergenwas relieved that this off program her activity mother remain home to with her.The Yearssince Early it is the only program like it in the area,” Smith said. intergenerational this fall. atactivities in a faith-based environment. Beto Howsare arrange Halloween Learning Center and the Senior Daily Living Center participants are given arelated special gift eachthe day seniors - the She that children formpart a special bond andI try relationship erational center in Altoona where children and Like Margaret, center participant Mike Craw commented that, “The childrenand are an extra special of the day for me. to be an extra stickers together during an company of one another. Each day the children and seniors gather together to share in intergenerational special part of the day for them.” Mike enjoys being with and working with the children on a daily basis. He looks forward to helping thea by being together. The seniors benefi t from a sense of “purpose” and fulfilling seniorsin ainteract a regular basis. Ironically, intergenerational activity this fall. activities faith-basedon environment. children with hands-on projects so that he can work with them directly. Earlier this year, he was attending the circus on the same evening role even a grandparent- like figure supporting and nurturing theas Margaret would that, always about the little boys Like Margaret, center participant Mike Craw commented “Thetalk children are an extra special part of the dayofforteacher me. I tryor to be an extra a young girl enrolled in theon Growing Years He program. She recognized him in the crowd and made a point of having her parents take her over to special part of the day for them.” Mike enjoys being with and working with the children a daily basis. looks forward to helping the children. The children benefi time withthat a caring adult. The that attended Growing Years Early Learning Center (Jean was herand only daughhim to introduce them to say “hello.” Mike commented on how her “hello”t from touchedone-on-one his life and how special small action made him children with hands-on projects so that he can work with them directly. Earlier this year, he was attending the circus on the same evening as intergenerational activities create a very special atmosphere that fosters quality ter and had no children), but Margaret also commented on how being with the feel. him in the crowd and made a point of having her parents take her over to a young girl enrolled in the Growing Years program. She recognized Sue Smith, Director of games thehis Senior Daily remarked that Margaret’s and Mike’s examples are only a few of many on how the care Center, and well beingmade for him all. him to introduce them and to sayShe “hello.” Mikereading commented how her “hello” touched lifewith and howLiving special that small action children was stimulating. loved to on them and playing program has touched the lives of the participants. “The children are the draw for seniors to come center since it and is thethe onlyfirst program feel. ALSM was one of thebigfirst centers in the statetoofthe Pennsylvania in them. Jean, in turn, was delighted that Margaret benefi tted fromand this socializaSue Smith, Director of the Senior Daily Living Center, remarked that examples onlythe a few of many how theform a special bond and relationship by being together. The seniors like it in theMargaret’s area,” Smith Mike’s said. She relatedarethat seniors andon children the central PA area to provide intergention. She also was relieved that this program enabled her mother to remain at program has touched the lives of the participants. “The children arefrom the big draw for seniors to come the center since is the only program benefit a sense of “purpose” and to fulfilling a role of itteacher or even a grandparent- like like it in the area,” SmithGrowing said. She related the seniors and children form aand special bond and by being together. The seniors erational services. The center allows figure supporting therelationship children. The children benefit from one-on-one timefor home with her.The Yearsthat Early Learning Center and thenurturing Senior Daily benefit from a sense of “purpose” and fulfilling a role of teacher or even a grandparentlike with a caring adult. The intergenerational activities create a very special atmosphere that interaction between the generations on Living Center participants arechildren. given aThe special gift eachfrom day - the company of one figure supporting and nurturing the children benefit time being fosters qualityone-on-one care and well for all. many different levels to include physical, another. Each day children and seniors gather together to share in intergenwith a caring adult. Thethe intergenerational activities create a very special atmosphere that ALSM was one of the first centers in the state of Pennsylvania and the first in the central fosters quality care and well being for all. andallows spiritual. As withbetween all ALSM erational activities in a faith-based environment. 800.400.2285 PA area to provide intergenerational services.mental The center for interaction the ALSM was one of the first centers in the state of Pennsylvania and the first in the central programs, our focus is to provide the best generations on many different levels to include physical, mental and spiritual. As with all Like Margaret, center participant Mike Craw commented that, “The 800.400.2285 Serving you in PA area to provide intergenerational services. The center allows for interaction between the ALSM our focus best quality care thatpromotes promotes the well being of care that the well being generations onextra many different physical, mental andprograms, spiritual. with all is to provide dren are an speciallevels parttoofinclude the day for me. I try to be anAs extra special part thequality Serving you in your home or ours! the of age. ALSM our focus Mike is to provide the being best quality thatindividual promotes regardless the well being of of thehome individual regardless of age. of the programs, day for them.” enjoys withcare and working with the children on your or ours! the individual regardless of age. January / February 2012


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Health Business

Order Form

Just $15.00 Proceeds Benefit the PA Breast Cancer Coalition A GREAT GIFT idea! read itit in in the the Women’s Women’s Journal! Journal! II read

Now Available!! This book is a wonderful collection of stories from 123 women and men whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. There are all kinds of stories in this book. There are stories that will warm your heart; make you laugh; cause you to pause for reflection; and others that simply tell a story of a courageous journey through life. Something here will resonate with every reader. Also available in electronic format for your favorite e-reader.

Tammy Miller is a professional speaker, speech coach and author in the State College area. Information about Tammy, including how to purchase her new book that benefits the PA Breast Cancer Coalition can be found at:

Mail completed order form to: Tammy A. Miller Tammy Speaks, LLC 1172 Ghaner Road Port Matilda, PA 16870 USA

*U.S. & Canada Shipping & Handling Rates: $14.96 to $25.00 = $5.00 $25.01 to $45.00 = $8.00 $45.01 to $75.00 = $10.00 Over $75.00 = $15.00

Save time... order on-line...

Dealer and case pricing is available. For more information see the web site at: 35 41

January // February February 2012 2012 January


The sense of hearing is a vital link to the world. When someone you know has a hearing loss, you can help make things easier.

comes from behind you. When in meetings or religious services, always sit up front. This helps eliminate distortion that may come from the sound system. Many hearing aids today are compatible with listening systems used for conversations, meetings, cell phone, home telephone, and the television. These systems make it easier for people to communicate with family and friends. Visit your audiologist today to see what can be done to improve your success in conversatons.

Making Conversation Easier:

Communication is the key to all human activities. It is necessary for learning, exchanging information, and generally taking care of each other. Advancements in hearing instrument technology have made a huge impact in the way people with hearing loss can function today. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that even the best technology does not eliminate the need for good communication skills. If your friend or family member has a hearing loss, you can use supportive techniques that make it easier for them to follow a conversation.

Dr. Sandra Chamberlin, Au.D., CCC-A is an ASHA certified PA state licensed audiologist with over 19 years of experience. Education: B.S. Marywood College, 1989, M.S. Vanderbilt University,1991, Au.D. Pennsylvania College of Optometry, 2007

The most important is producing clear speech. By talking in a clear and concise manner, we produce sounds more completely without missing certain elements or dropping word endings. Naturally, speech becomes slower and louder and the stress on certain words or syllables becomes more obvious. Combined with the fitting of quality hearing instruments, these changes are exactly what is needed for a person with hearing loss to improve their ability to follow a conversation.

Williamsport Hearing Services The Hearing Experts

Good Habits:

Clear speech is not a substitute for other well-known communication habits. You should always face the person you are speaking to. Don’t try to converse from a different room. It is easier to hear what people say when you can see facial and body cues. Speak at a natural pace. There is no need to shout. It is perfectly fine to speak at a normal conversational volume when talking with someone who wears hearing aids. Try not to talk too fast. Speak naturally, but try to pronounce your words more clearly. If you are having trouble being understood, try rephrasing your sentence rather than just repeating yourself. Try to reduce the background noise. Turn off the television to reduce any noise. Move closer to your listener so your voice is louder than the background noise. This will also make your face and lips more visible. When dining out, it is easier to hear if your back is to the wall. This cuts out background noise that January / February 2012

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Hearing Aid Sales and Services

Custom Hearing Protection

30-Day Trial Period

Hearing Testing

Hearing Aid Batteries

TV Listening Devices

Amplified Telephones

Swim Molds

Most Insurances Accepted

1215 West Southern Avenue, South Williamsport, PA 17702 | 570.323.7000


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Fashion Networking

Clothes Mentor—A New Type of Resale Store That has People Talking

your better-brand-name gently-used fashions and accessories,” Binkley explains. Unlike a consignment shop, where you may wait weeks or even months to receive payment, Clothes Mentor pays on the spot for items they accept. It could be difficult to let go of high-quality, onceprized items, but with the advent of Clothes Mentor it’s both easy and rewarding. “Maybe you have changed jobs, changed sizes or simply changed your mind,” Binkley says. “If you are not wearing it, get cash for it!” “When you sell your items to Clothes Mentor, you will be making money for items that were just hanging in your closet and may be destined for the dust bin,” Edie adds. “It’s a great way to ‘go green’ without giving up your style or taste.” OMG “I love this store! Facebook fans often post how

At a time when most mall retailers are struggling, Clothes Mentor located in State College reports that sales are booming. Their secret weapon? Steeply discounted prices on the brands you love! In addition, Clothes Mentor offers “Cash on the Spot” for customer’s high quality, brand name apparel, shoes, and purses. Throw in the “green” appeal of recycling clothing for eco minded women, and you have a recipe for success! Why pay mall prices when you can instead pay "gently used" prices? At the State College Clothes Mentor, you can expect the best value for your dollar on sought-after brands of women's clothing, shoes and accessories. With a full range of items in like-new condition, shoppers at Clothes Mentor can find the brand they want at 70 percent off most mall store prices. "We sell tops and bottoms, business and casual, smart and stylish apparel in women's sizes 0 to 26, as well as petites and maternity," says owner Edie Binkley. Right when you walk in the door, the carefully-arranged hues of the clothing, inviting atmosphere and smiling customer service representatives set the State College Clothes Mentor apart from any competitor. Resale Redefined We pay you CASH on-the-spot, right over the counter, to purchase get

More for your Closet



You can buy the most sought-after, brand-name Women’s fashions in “Like-New” condition at 70% OFF mall store pricing... every day.

Refreshments, prizes, and we will really "roll out the red carpet for you!”

Just in time for Valentines Day!

Weekly Specials: Mondays

Spend $25 and get $5 off Spend $50 and get $10 off



Can you ever have too many?

15% off suits, dress pants, blazers and blouses!


Come in during the month of January, show your school ID or paystub and get 10% off your entire purchase!


Join us on January 16th from 5-8pm for a fun shopping night just for teachers! Come and shop and receiver 20% off your entire purchase!!


Join us on facebook to receive updates on the event, other promotions and new merchandise!

Double Click day—Get 2 punches on your Clothes Mentor Reward card for every $10 you spend.

All the brands you LOVE under 1 roof in “gently-used” condition at surprisingly low prices.


Senior day (55+) All seniors get 15% off their total purchase. Get a collection of designer purses like COACH

Some examples of brands we buy & resell: • TALBOTS • ANN TAYLOR • ANN TAYLOR LOFT • BRIGHTON • COLDWATER CREEK • BANANA REPUBLIC • CHICO’S • and many, many more...

happy they are to have discovered Clothes Mentor---and The State College Clothes Mentor responds by rewarding facebook fans with special offers, exclusive sales, and advance notice of special sales.

Shop Smart, Look Smart

Women’s Sizes 0 - 26 and Maternity!

Organize that closet ...and get paid for it!

What $100 can buy at Clothes Mentor!

Monday - Friday 10-8 • Saturday 10-6; Sunday 12-5 Come see our “WOW” factor: 90 Buckland Rd, South Windsor•in814-234-1923 the Verizon Plaza 176 Rolling Ridge 860-432-8105 Hours: M-FDr., 10-8State • Sat College 10-6 • Sun 12-5

Sell us your items that are still in great shape and in-style, but you’re just not wearing them anymore. on the We’ll pay you

Cash Spot

It’s Happy Hour Time! Fridays from 5-7pm 10 % off store wide! Free snacks, wine tastings, special prizes and more! Plus Red Light specials!! Top secret last minute deals… But where can you fi nd out about them? We suggest you “Like” us on facebook!

**not vaild with any other discounts or promotions

w w w .South c l o t h e near s m e n Weis t o r . c oMarket m Hills Plaza

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012

Making a Differnece


ClearWater’s 13th Annual For the Love of Art & Chocolate Event created a 30”x40” commemorative oil painting of the 152-acre property that ClearWater recently acquired in Galbraith Gap. In a new twist from past years, the original will be sold by the artist to benefit ClearWater Conservancy and the giclee print will be raffled. This is the fifth painting in a commemorative series of works by Jennifer Kane based on ClearWater’s conserved lands. Raffle tickets may be purchased for $5 each through Jan. 27 at ClearWater’s office, at Appalachian Outdoors in downtown State College, and at Contempo Artisan Boutique, 109 S. Church Street, Boalsburg. The winner need not be present to win. Also to be raffled is a retreat package to the C. Barton McCann School of Art in Petersburg. Included is a two-day, one night stay and weekend workshop for two. Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at ClearWater’s offices and at the event. ClearWater Conservancy of Central Pennsylvania, Inc. is a 501(c) (3), Centre County based land trust and environmental conservation organization formed in 1980 with the mission of promoting the conservation and restoration of natural resources in central Pennsylvania through land conservation, water resource protection, and environmental outreach to the community. For more information about ClearWater Conservancy’s conservation, restoration, or education projects or to view an upcoming schedule of events, visit

ClearWater Conservancy will once again offer its delicious blend of chocolate, art and music at the 13th annual For the Love of Art and Chocolate from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Friday, January 27, 2012 at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel in State College. All proceeds go to further ClearWater’s land and water conservation efforts in central Pennsylvania. Tickets are $30 per person and are available by calling 814-237-0400 or emailing sarah@ Tickets will also be sold at the door. ClearWater Conservancy executive director Jennifer Shuey hopes that people’s love of chocolate and art will bring them out to the event. “For the Love of Art and Chocolate is ClearWater’s signature winter fundraising event,” said Shuey. “I personally believe that artistry and beauty is a wonderful way to reach out to people that complements the science of conservation.” Guests can sample many locally-made chocolate delicacies while taking part in the silent auction of nature-inspired art by local artists. Music will be provided by Jazza-Ma-Phone. More than 65 items will be featured in the nature-themed art silent auction. Oil paintings, pastels, watercolors, mixed media, photography, wood and clay sculpture and bowls, pottery, baskets, jewelry, quilting, felting, and much more were generously donated by talented local artists. The event catalogue featuring photos of the silent auction items will be posted online at approximately one week before the event. Much of the art will also be displayed in downtown State College during First Night on December 31. While enjoying the festivities, check out the exhibits at Appalachian Outdoors, Moyer Jewelers, Freeze Thaw Cycles, Woodring’s Florals, and the Penn State Downtown Theatre. Also at the event will be the raffle drawing for a 24”x32” stretched canvas giclee print by local landscape artist Jennifer Kane. Kane January / February 2012

Friday January 27, 2012 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. at The Penn Stater Free Valet Parking Chocolate delicacies, silent auction of nature inspired art and live music by Jazza-Ma-Phone.

Tickets $30.00/person Open to the Public

Telephone: 814.237.0400 Many thanks to our sponsors...

Mary Lou Bennett, Jacki Rutter & Cathy Flood, Steven Bodner


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The Broyhill® Choices Menu In six easy steps, we can create a custom piece for you:


Step 1: Choose your seat. Choose a standard three-seat 87-inch sofa or perhaps an “apartment-sized” sofa. Consider using two sofas in lieu of the “sofa/loveseat” combo — the difference in pricing is minimal, and you gain seating space. Or if you have lots of people to seat, how about a sectional plus a cozy arm chair and ottoman?

Step 2: Choose your arm style.





Step 3: Choose your back style.

It’s your home, so it should be your choice!

Boxed Border Semi-Attached Back for a tailored look

Round Knife Edge SemiAttached Back for a casual look

Multi-Pillow Back for a classic look with versatility

Step 4: Choose your leg style.

When you are on the quest to create the perfect living room for your home, you should not have to “settle” for a sofa, sectional, loveseat, chair or ottoman. You can create perfect upholstered pieces, and Broyhill


Wedge for clean and contemporary

will custom-make your furniture

wishes a reality.

Turned for a cottage or country style

Skirted for a traditional look

Step 5: Choose your leg finish.

Just like ordering off a menu, Broyhill® makes it fun and easy to choose and decorate. And designing your own is so much fun at Wolf Furniture!

A variety of wood finishes are available. Choose one to coordinate with the other wood finishes in your room: oak, cherry, pine, coffee, ebony or pearl.

Step 6: Choose your fabric. We saved the best step of the menu for last (just like dessert!): the fabric. With hundreds of choices, Broyhill® has the right one for your room.

I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Choices Advertorial for Wolf V2.indd 1


January / February 2012

8/18/11 3:55 PM


Evergreens, Perfect Plants for All Seasons By Melody Aumiller of Fox Hill Gardens

Just Right for You!

No matter how big or small the planting area, there is an ideally sized and shaped evergreen for that location – tall, narrow, short, round, conical, spreading or creeping. Whatever your style, like the classic black dress, there is an evergreen that suits you. Look around your yard now and draw a sketch, showing where you could add one, or several, and this coming spring select something that will be a reliable favorite in your landscape that you will enjoy for many years to come!

Like the Classic Black Dress… Evergreens are the dependable black dress of the garden. Everyone needs one, and there are so many styles to choose from, appropriate for every occasion! There are classics such as boxwoods and yews, the uniformly shaped shrubbery of formal gardens not unlike classically tailored suits. Funky additions to the nursery world can look like something from the Lady Gaga line of costume creations, with unusual topiary styles sheared into spirals, lollipops and poodle-like shapes. Draping branches of weeping varieties reach gracefully toward the ground similar to elegant evening gowns sweeping along a dance floor. These include weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Hemlock and Spruces. Evergreens don’t just come in dark colors, though. A surprising diversity of textures is available, and colors in shades of green, including yellow, cream, blue, pink, red and bronze.

Always Impressive!

It’s interesting to note that the oldest living organism in the world is the evergreen Bristlecone pine, dated to be as old as 5000 years. Evergreens have either needles or leaves, but they are quite incredible because they are covered with these all year. It seemed amazing to ancient peoples of the world that lived in cold climates that any plant could escape what seemed to them like the temporary death other plants experienced in winter, and they believed these plants had unusual powers, and they attributed mystical qualities to them. This has led to the traditions of modern winter holidays that include adorning our homes with greenery, scenting them with the wild woodland essence of pine and balsam, and never ending wreaths reminding us of the continuity of life. Certainly at their most beautiful in winter when every other plant is bare, sprinkled with snow and frosted with ice crystals, evergreens add charm to the coldest season and interest to an otherwise bare landscape. Birds relish the benefits provided by evergreens in all seasons: safely hidden nest sites in spring and summer, shelter from wind and weather in fall and winter, and food from the berries produced by shrubs such as Holly.

Fox Hill Gardens is a full service nursery and landscape business located in State College, PA. We offer a wide variety of beautiful and unusual evergreens, as well as Japanese maples, trees, shrubs and perennials. We specialize in shade, wildlife and native plants, and can help you choose plants for even the most difficult or challenging areas of your landscape. We are currently minimally staffed for the winter, but to place a special order, purchase a gift certificate, or contact us, please call or e-mail and leave a message, and we will promptly respond. The nursery and sales area of Fox Hill Gardens will be open for the growing season on April 1st, and our friendly and expert staff look forward to helping you. Come see us then,and our gorgeous new selections!


Fox Hill Gardens has lost an invaluable staff member, and the world has lost a caring person, Effie Zuck. She was always full of energy, warmth, enthusiasm and creativity, contributing in every way possible to improve the nursery and beautifying the world around her. She was cheerful despite stresses of her personal or work day, and had a smile to share with everyone. We are all blessed to have known her, and will think of her when the forsythias burst, lavender scents the air, hydrangeas bloom and evergreens are covered with snow.

Nothing beats evergreens for versatility in landscaping. Dark greens are a perfect background for colorful spring, summer and fall flowers, and White and River birches seem to glow with an inner light when placed in front of Hemlock, White Pine and Arborvitae. Clumps of grasses or features such as a bench, bird bath or gracefully curling Contorted Filbert tree become more visually prominent in the garden when placed in front of a grouping of evergreens. Red weeping Japanese maples contrast beautifully with a yellow thread branch cypress nearby. Hedges of uniform or mixed trees create an ideal privacy barrier from neighbors or roads. A single, unique specimen can become the highlight of the landscape if planted as a focal point. Some even tolerate pots well so they can be moved and placed wherever you would like them, perhaps symmetrically on either side of a bench or staggered on descending steps or a deck in varied pots, planted with bright annuals for seasonal color. Cover these potted evergreens with white lights for year-round beauty and subtle outdoor lighting. Even groundcovers, including English Ivy, Euonymus and Vinca, shine dark green through light winter snows. Most evergreens require full sun to look their best, but there are those that need some shade, such as flowering Rhododendron and Azalea. There are even plants in this category which are deer-resistant, such as Junipers, Spruces, Pieris, Leucothoe and Holly.

IJanuary read it in the Women’s Journal! / February 2012

Fox Hill Gardens

Your local source for quality plants! 1035 Fox Hill Road • State College, PA 16803 Phone: 814-237-9087 •

55 40

/ February 2012 I read itJanuary in the Women’s Journal!


Communication During a Divorce Divorcing couples will invariably speak with one another about who should get what in the divorce. These conversations are a normal part of the dissolution process, and provide the parties with an opportunity to vent and to plead their cases. Because the spouses are hopeful of selling the other on an out-ofcourt settlement (that their partner is usually unwilling to accept), it helps to be aware of some of the difficulties that often arise during these talks.

Or, if your spouse insists you accept their proposal right then and there “or else,” you can subdue the urgency by asking, “How about if I give it some thought and come up with something even better? That’s okay too, isn’t it?” These types of questions calm the situation instead of aggravating it.

Do Not Negotiate via E-mail or Telephone

Spousal divorce settlement conversations are delicate, and they require all the warmth and sincerity we can transmit. Doing this face-toface provides us with our best opportunity for getting the job done. It is too easy for your partner to misconstrue what you are saying in an e-mail message. Negotiating via-email is about as productive as sending a telegram, and doing it over the telephone isn’t much better. People tend to be braver and often meaner when they communicate via e-mail or over the phone, and it is important that you keep yourself in check. The telephone, at least, allows for some of our vocal tone variations. Without the eye contact and gestures, however, their effectiveness can easily evaporate mid-wire before it gets to our partner’s ears. If you must use the telephone, try to be as upbeat as you can. Schedule the calls for times of the day when both of you are typically less harried and more likely to be in a decent mood. You should not be on the phone if it’s a bad day, a bad time of the day, or if you anticipate any interruptions. Always keep in mind that successful negotiating requires us to use as much finesse as we can muster, and this is best accomplished by personal contact.

What to Do When Your Spouse Pushes for an Answer

If your spouse seems insistent on getting you to agree to an item that you are not ready to agree to, do not let the issue become a sticking point. Neutralize the situation by asking this question: “What if [this thing you want from me] was not an issue? Where would we stand then?” This alters the flow and moves the spotlight away from the item in question. It prevents a potentially delicate issue from becoming a do-or-die item and causing a premature deadlock. If your partner remains insistent, ask to shelve the request until later. Troublesome issues can always be revisited once headway is made on some of the other points.

What to Do When They Want a Ballpark Number

In the early stages of divorce settlement negotiations with our soonto-be ex, we are naturally hesitant to reveal our bottom line. We don’t want to be held to any position until we have had a chance to really think it through. So, when [the] other side pushes and says something like, “Give me a ballpark so I at least have some idea where this is headed,” do not give them a ballpark figure. Tell them you need more time to think about it. To mention a ballpark number is to lock yourself in, and it gives them a chance to start whittling you down, right on the spot. Dodging the question will cause you some discomfort, but it beats addressing a question that could come back to haunt you.

We are committed to the thorough understanding of your legal goals. With this understanding, we can develop a practical strategy and provide sound advice so that the impact of these events will be minimized and you can go on with your life with the least amount of obstacles blocking your new path.

Do You Have More Questions? Contact the Law Offices of Lance T. Marshall at 814-308-8439 or e-mail

How to React When You Get an Ultimatum

When they say, “Take it or leave it; this is my final offer,” the recommended thing to do is to ignore the statement and continue conversing as if it never existed. Never take it personally, and never mention or allude to it. Just keep talking and allow the ultimatum to fade into oblivion. Most ultimatums are blurted out in moments of frustration and are short-lived, and most evaporate naturally and quickly. Ignoring the threat gives your partner an unspoken opportunity to continue the negotiations without loss of face. If they say you must settle by a certain date or time, ask, “What if I take a little more time but come back with a counterproposal that gives you just as good a deal? Would that be okay?” I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Child Custody • Paternity • Child & Spousal Support Protection From Abuse • Grandparents Rights Adoption • Equitable Distribution • And More Visit Nestlerode & Loy online at 41

January / February 2012


Home Banking, VISA, & Debit Cards

Great Location with plenty of parking

Youth & Club Accounts

State College Federal Credit Union is now on Facebook!

Personal Service & Community Involvement

Outstanding Dividend Rates

422A Westerly Parkway Plaza 1 State College, PA 16801 1 814-234-0252 1



Valentine's Day-related History Chocolate


When did it all start? There are various theories on the origin of Valentine's Day, but the most popular dates back to the time of the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius II, 270 AD. Claudius didn't want men to marry during wartime because he believed single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret wedding ceremonies. For this, Valentine was jailed and then executed by order of the Emperor on February 14. While in jail, he wrote a love note to the jailor's daughter signing it, "From your Valentine." ‘Sound familiar?

• Casanova, well known as "The World's Greatest Lover," ate chocolate to make him virile. • Physicians of the 1800's commonly advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining for lost love. • Richard Cadbury produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine's Day in the late 1800's. • More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day. • Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day in the U.S.


Share these fun facts about Valentine's Day!

• 73% of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day are men, while only 27 percent are women. • The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. • Red roses are considered the flower of love because the color red stands for strong romantic feelings. • 189 million stems of roses are sold in the U.S. on Valentine's Day. • Approximately 110 million roses, mostly red, will be sold and delivered within the three-day time period.

Greeting Cards

• Approximately one billion Valentines are sent out worldwide each year according to estimates by the U.S. Greeting Card Association. That's second only to Christmas. • Women purchase approximately 85 percent of all Valentines. • Teachers will receive the most Valentine's Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets.

January / February 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!


How to Handle Volatility By Judy L. Loy, ChFC® and CEO of Nestlerode & Loy, Inc., an investment firm located in Centre County

a trusted professional that studies the markets and pays attention to your investments keeps you on track.

For anyone who has been living in a cave the last six months, the stock markets are experiencing a high level of volatility. Any news on the Eurozone crisis (17 nations with a single currency), Greece defaulting on their debt or the U.S. Super-committee doing, well, nothing has led to severe market swings. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a United States stock index consisting of thirty blue chip stocks, has moved up or down triple digits 68% of the time in November. Looking at your portfolio or retirement savings from one week to the next can bring either a feeling of euphoria or the decision to put off retirement for another year or two. What is the best way to handle this time in the market and how do you keep a long-term perspective?

Think long-term. If you have been investing for a while, take a look back at where you started. You may be down for the year now but where did you start five or ten years ago? Seeing that you made progress through saving and investing can help stomach a dip in the value. Don’t look at your investments every day during a volatile period. Quite frankly, it can drive you crazy. When a market is moving as quickly in different directions as this one is, letting your portfolio work over time can be the best method. Finally, if you can’t live with the volatility, work through a risk tolerance study to see where you land. Your holdings may be too aggressive for your time frame or your peace of mind. Changing your portfolio to allow for a good night’s sleep may be in order. Just realize that risk (usually risk is interpreted as volatility) and return work in tandem. When times are good, you will be giving up the higher returns.

The first thing is to check your perspective. If you have ten or more years until you will need to begin pulling money from your portfolio (for example, time until retirement), should you make changes based on daily fluctuations? A DALBAR study using data from the Investment Company Institute, Standard & Poor’s and Barclay’s showed a significant difference between investor returns and the investment returns. Evidence shows that the difference resulted from investors pulling out of the markets during tough times: selling low. In other words, with investing, emotional decisions are bad decisions. In reality, putting additional money in the markets when they are down buys more shares of quality holdings. As Warren Buffett stated, “…Try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

To schedule your FREE initial consultation or for more information, Call Judy at 814-238-6249 or E-mail her at

If you are dollar cost averaging, which means putting money in on a regular basis (monthly), it is best to continue to do so during the downturn. This can buy more shares at lower cost and may offset losses with new savings, making the bottom line look better monthly, which can also alleviate some anxiety. Another thing that can help is to work with an advisor. Many people want to go it alone but paying for help can actually pay off. In a study done by Aon Hewitt and Financial Engines, the companies looked at the retirement returns of more than 425,000 investors from 2006 through 2010. The median annual return of those who worked with an advisor was almost three percentage points higher than those investing on their own. That’s 3% extra compounding every year. This was net of fees, so in short, you got what you paid for. Having I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Research-based Solutions • Personal Attention

“Celebrating 75 years of helping people reach their financial goals” (814) 238-6249 • 43



January / February 2012


You Asked...We Answered!

Accepting New Patients



Carnicella & Associates is so excited to welcome Dr. Heather Raymond. Not only will she provide an unsurpassed level of care, she is a participating provider with United Concordia. It is so difficult to accept what an insurance company pays and still provide the highest quality of care with the latest supplies, technology and equipment. Dr. Raymond and Dr. Carnicella feel they can still go above and beyond the standard of care and allow Dr. Raymond to accept the United Concordia insurance fee schedule. We hope this opens the door for many more members of our community to enjoy our office and all its amenities and technologies. We will change your mind about dentistry.

Join Our Dental Family of Friends! We would love the opportunity to show you what truly exceptional dental care is all about. Our goal is to provide our patients with care that lasts a lifetime, and we are always very happy to have new patients become part of our family. Our entire team has received special training in providing comfortable, quality dental care, and we love what we do! We welcome the opportunity to offer second opinions, and we strive to treat emergencies that day.

Dr. Raymond comes to our practice with 11 years of quality dental practice experience. She is a returning Penn State Alumni. She completed her undergraduate work with a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Arts in 1995 from Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. Her doctorate work was completed at Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Raymond received her Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) in 2000, finishing in the top 5% of her dental class. She is a member of the ADA and the Pennsylvania and Centre Dental Society.

We’ll Change Your Mind About Dentisrty

Looking to return to Centre County, Pennsylvania to raise her family, Dr. Raymond has now been in private practice for 9 years. She spent 3 years practicing not-for-profit dentistry at Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), the only free dental clinic in Centre County, providing access to care for those with low incomes and no dental insurance. She was the Dental Director as well as the staff dentist at CVIM. Dr. Heather Raymond has a wide knowledge base in the field of dentistry, and does a variety of general dental procedures, including restorative (fillings) work, crown and bridge work, dentures, oral surgery, root canals, implant work, cosmetic veneer cases and Invisalign orthodontics. Her wide range of experience makes her exceptional at treating all ages of patients with all levels of care needs. She especially loves doing “family dentistry” and treating all members of the family, from the youngest to the maturest members of the family. After 11 years of experience in the field, she has become very skilled at diagnosing and treating all of your dental needs. She also has the special gift for working with fearful patients. January / February 2012

Nicole Carnicella DMD, MAGD

Nicole Carnicella DMD, MAGD Heather Raymond, DMD

212 Kenlee Drive • Bellefonte, PA 16823



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Family Health Council of Central PA WIC Program

FREEFREE Education & Support&forSupport Mothers-to-Be and Children Education for Families “The WIC Program allows me the chance to offer healthy meals to my family. Being a part of this program helps make the holidays a lot healthier, more enjoyable and less stressful. WIC has helped my family through so many struggles. We encourage you to learn how you can take part in the program too.” – Keefer Family (Lewistown)

“WIC has allowed me to provide my family with a healthy diet, even during these tough economic times. They also have educated me on the benefits of eating whole grains as well as provided me with numerous other healthy and well–baby tips during the 9 years I have been receiving services.” - Adrianne (Port Royal)

For their health, make the “WIC helped me when I was in need; it is great to smart choice; know that there are programs to help me and my daughter. I am a single mom with a job and was too WIC! chooseproud for any kind of help, but the WIC staff was “WIC helpedthe me phone when I was friendly and helpful when I made need; it is great to know that there are programs They knew I just wanted bemea and good ” I am a to to help mymom. daughter.

“WIC is a wonderful program. Staff are very helpful and friendly. WIC was such a big help for my family since I was unable to work due to my disabled child.” - Wendy (Jennerstown)

single mom with a job and was too

~ Lisa (Duncannon) proud for any kind of help, but the

Easy Enrollment & FREE Services Offered

staff was friendly and helpful when I made the phone call. They knew I just wanted to be a good mom.” - Lisa (Bloomsburg)

1.800.WIC.WINS or Call 1-800-WIC WINS (942-9467) 1 For More Information, Visit

Did you know with WIC, you can Save on Groceries –WIC foods are FREE Receive tipsfoods for healthy eating Learn to shop smart Get FREE nutritious Getwith connected withyour otherbaby helpful services from a Nutritionist Get help nursing WIC opensGet theFREE dooradvice to other helpful programs This project is funded under contract with the PA Dept. of Health using funds provided by the US Dept. of Agriculture. WIC is an equal opportunity provider.

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012


Happy New Year!

Ask Livi Tip #4: New Year = New Computer?

Happy new year to all you ladies who survived Christmas! Who would have thought I’d be writing these lines so quickly ? It feels like just yesterday I was still shopping for Christmas (and Hanukkah, of course!) What a great time of the year, spending time with the people we love. I wanted to start by wishing you a wonderful year, filled with health, love and success. I hope this year you will concur both your personal and professional goals, one by one. Turn to your computers to get your questions answered, helpful tips and other resources. If you took good care of them in the past year,

You don’t don’t necessarily need a new computer You computer if your current one one isis not notrunning runningasasfast fastoror as smooth as you would like it to. as smooth as you would like it to.

they should be able to help and if not, remember: I will be here as well, for all your technical questions. A lot of times I get stories instead of questions “I am not sure how to ask but my computer…” or “That thing inside is making a weird noise”. So even if you are not sure how to ask, I encourage you to at least try!

An mization (tune help, or or maymayAn Opti Optimization (tune up) up) can can help, be even a small RAM upgrade. be even a small RAM upgrade. Here Here @ @ P2P P2P we we can can evaluate evaluate your your computer computer and let you know what is the best way to and let you know what is the best way to invest your hard earned money. invest your hard earned money. Call me today with questions: 814-308-8404 Call me today with questions: 814-308-8404 Hope to hear from you soon! Hope to hear from you soon!

Wishing you all a blessed year, -Livi _______________________________________ To submit your questions or comments on this and other past articles, please e-mail:

“At P2P, we know IT!”



Are you Confused by ALL THE last minute tax changes?






- Tired of paying the fees charged by national firms? and then wondering if your return is correct? -Frustrated by software that treats every taxpayer the same? and then charges more for a state return & certainly doesn't prepare a local return. -Want to get your refund as quickly as possible? - Allow The Tax Shelter professionals to prepare your returns! We'll work to ensure you receive every benefit of available credits and deductions. Our team will provide expert service at a price you can afford.

TS The Tax Shelter

CALL THE TAX SHELTER TODAY! 814-944-9000 Like us on Facebook and be entered for a drawing to PROFESSIONAL-RELIABLE-AFFORDABLE receive free tax prep. (FACEBOOK LOGO)

Income Tax ∙ Payroll ∙ BookkeePIng

Not Valid With Other Offers. Exp 3/10/12. All Locations. One Per Customer.


Are you Confused by ALL THE PROFESSIONAL-RELIABLE-AFFORDABLE last minute tax changes?

• Tired of paying the fees charged by national firms? and then wondering if your return is correct?

Available Only At Duncansville Location

• Allow The Tax Shelter professionals to prepare your returns! We'll work to ensure you receive every benefit of available credits and deductions. Our team will provide expert service at a price you can afford. WE CAN HELP!

- Tired of paying the fees charged by national firms? and then wondering if your return is correct?

-Frustrated by software that treats every taxpayer the same? and then charges more for a state return & certainly Want to get your refund as as possible? doesn'tquickly prepare a local return.

-Want to get your refund as quickly as possible? - Allow The Tax Shelter professionals to prepare your returns! We'll work to ensure you receive every benefit of available credits and deductions. Our team will provide expert service at a price you can afford.



CALL THE TAX SHELTER TODAY! 814-944-9000 Like us on Facebook and be entered for a drawing to receive free tax prep. (FACEBOOK LOGO)

DUNCANSVILLE: 189 Gilmcher Dr. 814.695.5366

20% off any UPS SHIPPING

STATE COLLEGE: 1637 B N. Atherton 814.867.7170 BEDFORD: 9503 Lincoln Hgwy. 814.624.0081

One per customer. Expires 3/10/12

Like us on Facebook and be entered for a drawing to receive free tax prep. January / February 2012

ALTOONA: 124 East Chestnut Ave. 814.941.8701



• Frustrated by software that treats every taxpayer the same? and then charges more for a state return & certainly doesn't prepare a local return.



I read it in the Women’s Journal!

The Women’s Journal

Did you ever see yourself staring in a book? Life is full of great adventures and we are looking for your ‘first time’ great adventure stories. Did you just bake your first cake from scratch? Can you remember when you caught your first fish? Did you go bungee-jumping? Are you 59 years old and just took your first airplane ride? Did you just give birth to triplets? Have you achieved one of your bucket wishes? Tell us about it and get your story in print. The Women’s Journal is putting together a book, titled: My First Time: Stories of Life Adventures. And, we are looking for YOUR STORY.

Share a story about YOUR first time, a story about one of your life adventures, in 500 words or less. Select a category that fits your story (see list) and send it in a Word document or the body of an email to:


is Looking For Your Stories



By Tere R ME ill, had his o of The Wo wn co men’s Jou It was my to rn put the tu median to watch. a first Than l I rkey into school and k given us the pan th finally managed work oblig sgiving as a wife. B weeks be a t my nan ecause of ations we to either o fore. It felt ve ny had were unab f our pare ry satisfy le to trave nts’ home Even the in m l g fo o m r b u e th nt that I w t I kind o thought o e celebrati had me in f knew a f preparin asn’t g on. The room t that g ji started to oing to ever be a J was some tters. I didn’t gro a turkey dinner ulia Child fi d ll ia with warm tely and what of a w up coo s. the smell king so it th almost foreign id busy with of the pas s gave wa ea to me immesoftball, fi t. y . to I was too eld hocke happy th mestic I w The day p y, dancin oughts as not. g etc. so d rogressed Actually o p , o I knew ho tatoes an it turned w to mak d heatin my gran out that e mashed brainer. g the can dm the phon ned peas I made a e calls to more tha other – lovingly c was a no beautiful for desse n the foo alled nan rt the nig lemon m d put on To this d eringue p ht before my beau to the tab ny - cost ay, I can ie and it sa tifully se le that da smell my because t proudly t table. y. the table grandmo she I even ha on . ther’s ho it was alw was always mak d a cand use As we sat ing some le on ays delic d th o io w ing and to be fun n to eat, m us. But th the turke and y husban e day tur y (which d started ned out Early tha funny. he had n a n to carv d we were t mornin ever done b g I got th o ‘fridge’ in th before eit e st artled to than brea e turkey preparati her) find some d inside o out of the on had torn ur turkey thing oth Of course all the bre to the stuffing and . er , I didn’t ad bak night befo pre-wrap realize th re as instr by hand for the stu ing. I p a e t d gizzard I was to ucted. Ch ffing the small as a else out o take the opping th I co f the turk nd heart and who e onions a didn’t exp uld brought tears knows wh e y s s o that wa before fill to my eye ect. As p at s a huge s ing it and s which I er previo melt the urprise. I know th baking it usly instr stick of b W a e t we wou laughed! ucted I d utter on a brown or ld have o id dessert. Little did low heat burn ne more My grand so as not surprise Wrestling it. m to o w th a s e r to with a w ls b ith this 1 ake the cr o ing it wa 2 pound ust before didn’t tell me tha looked ju s fun and turkey an tI s fi t ll like one o ing it. S I manage without to d stufff those pie o while it We didn’t d to finis o much m s g in e t h the maga to eat the ess. Forg this job zines…. My first th crust. et TV, my anksgivin husband that still g as a wife… put smile . grea s on both of our face t memories s. Publisher

We Want to R

ead Your Sto


When’s the LAST time YOU did something for the FIRST TIME. Share your story – see it in Tell us about it. Original stories only – TWJ maintains rights to publish and edit. Your story has never been in print before. One story per person please. The book is planned to be released in Fall 2012, in time for holiday gift giving. BONUS: As an added incentive, submit your story today for the opportunity to have it appear in a future Women’s Journal issue as we collect the book stories. If you need assistance with the telling of your story, please let us know and someone will assist you with your submission. Deadline for all submissions is August 1, 2012. All stories are subject to editing for space.

Email: IJanuary read it in the Women’s / February 2012Journal!

47 22

/ February 2012 I read it January in the Women’s Journal!

Custom Closets

Need Organization that is not available at the Big Box Stores? At Closets Plus we strive to organize your entire home from top to bottom with built in areas to manage your “stuff”. Areas built directly into your home that are customized to fit your lifestyle can give you that added touch that turns your home into a masterpiece. My name is Jeff Ulmer. I am the owner and operator of Closet Plus in Central Pa. Having spent the past seven years in and out of hundreds of homes, visualizing the best way to maximize clients space’s has become Jeff Ulmer, Owner second-nature to me. I have a BS in Industrial Engineering and worked as a Sales Engineer for ten years prior to purchasing Closets Plus seven years ago. My education in engineering gives me the vision to provide my clients with the maximum storage for their space and my experience in relating with customers ensures a fun experience for everyone involved. Whether you are looking for an entertainment center or home library or you want to maximize the space in a window seat, Closets Plus is able to build a unit to suit your own personal style, décor and needs. Customized to the way you live, the way you laugh and the way you love. Whether you’re enjoying a favorite movie in surround sound, selecting that perfect book for the evening or throwing an intimate party for special friends, Closets Plus enhances the experience. At Closets Plus we are a service based company not a sales based company. This means that we are in business to take care of our customers not to sell them something they do not need. We want you to be happy with our product and service so we ask the right questions up front to make sure we understand your needs for your storage space. Once the design is completed, we setup a time to review the design and make any changes. Once approved, the material is ordered and manufactured in our shop. The finished product is ready to install in approximately 3-4 weeks. Come see us at the CSBA Builders Show at the fairgrounds in Bloomsburg in February or stop by our showroom at Its All About Me, Boutique in Selinsgrove to see all the options we have to offer.

Now what?

...the answer! Built In Closets Walk In Closets Closet Accesories Reach In Closets Pantry Spaces Difficult Spaces Garage Organizers

Call CLOSETS PLUS Today For a FREE Design Consultation Call

Call Closets Plus for a free design consultation today at 570-742-7529 or 888-649-2969 or on the web at We know you’ll be glad you did!

570-742-7529 • 888-649-2969 Visit us online at

“I just wanted to tell you how really nice the closets are and how happy I am with all of them. I went through the house on Tuesday and looked at all of them and just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased and hope to be talking to you again soon” Geri in Lewisburg. January / February 2012

We know you’ll be glad you did! LIKE Us On Facebook to keep up to date on new offerings & specials 48

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New Congestive Heart Failure

Nurse Navigator Program at Lewistown Hospital What is a CHF nurse navigator?

The Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) nurse navigator works with a multidisciplinary team to assist in providing care to CHF patients. CHF is a difficult condition to manage and it can be complicated by many other accompanying conditions. Many Julie Maidens, RN, BSN, patients with CHF find themselves frequently readmitted to the hospital CHF Nurse Navigator with heart failure symptoms. The nurse navigator provides education and support for the patient while they are in the hospital and then follows the patient after discharge to provide support for self management of heart failure at home. Also important is determining the goal of the patient and any barriers in reaching that goal. As well, the nurse navigator collaborates with nursing homes, physician offices, and home nursing agencies to ease the transition home from the hospital. After discharge, the nurse navigator calls the patient to answer any questions they may still have, and to monitor how the patient is managing their heart failure. Along with education, the nurse navigator provides support to patient and family members.

this in mind, many patients need assistance with overcoming these obstacles in order to avoid recurrent illness and hospitalization.

How is nurse navigation the future of healthcare?

With the advances in medicine and technology people are living longer. Thus the complexity and acuity of illnesses is greater. The nurse navigator can provide guidance for those struggling with multiple health issues. The healthcare system is often difficult to navigate and the nurse navigator can provide patients assistance with the journey. For more information, call Lewistown Hospital CHF Nurse Navigator at (717) 242-7486.

Warning Signs of Heart Failure

Increased heart rate Lack of appetite or nausea Confusion, feeling disoriented Persistent coughing or wheezing Swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, or abdomen Tiredness, fatigue with normal everyday activities Shortness of breath with activity, at rest, or at night Decreased urination during the day & increased urination at night

How does the nurse navigator ease the concerns of the patient?

The nurse navigator is a contact for any questions or concerns the patient may have. Follow up phone calls to the home can also ease patient concerns. The nurse navigator can provide information regarding their condition, as well as testing and medications. Hearing that one has heart failure can be frightening, but realizing that one can live a full life with heart failure is reassuring. The nurse navigator provides information and support for making the necessary lifestyle changes needed to successfully manage heart failure.

How can the nurse navigator program change the perspective of healthcare?

Healthcare is not just something provided in the hospital or healthcare facility. In order to keep patients well, a great deal of consideration must be given to the patient outside of the hospital. Many patients lack the tools and resources necessary to stay well. Many patients have barriers that prevent them from maintaining good health. These barriers include lack of health insurance, inability to afford medications, and complicated social circumstances. With I read it in the Women’s Journal!

For more information on Lewistown Hospital CHF Nurse Navigator

call (717) 242-7486 49

January / February 2012


Are You Up To Date On The Latest Tatooing? Thinking of Removing that Tattoo

appointment will fine tune the details of the final look. With Permanent Makeup re-enhancements or maintenance may be desired for some people (5-10 years). Depending on the bodys ability to hold pigment. Is It painful? Topical Anesthetics are applied to numb the area and provide comfort to ensure a perfect procedure. There may be a minimal discomfort. Please contact me today at (814) 339-6823 or email mollyhammer@ to set up an appointment and take advantage of the following SPECIALS:

That Just Does Not Make Sense Anymore?

EliminInk Tattoo Removal is a unique system utilizing the latest binding technology for safe removal of unwanted tattoos. There are numerous reasons for the use of EliminInk in removing Tattoos. 1. Permanent makeup Corrections. 2. Unwanted Name. 3. Gang Related tattoos. 4. Tattoo markings for radiation. 5. Tattoo redsign. 6. Impulsive decisions. These are only a few reasons. EliminInk is designed to bond with the original tattoo ink/pigment, and then draw the ink to the surface. DermRenu, a scar inhibitor which is built into the ElininInk solution (as well as being a stand-alone product that is used as part of the after-care program) is designed to minimize or prevent scarring. How it works and will it be painful? Through a specially formulated process, Eliminink "bonds" with all permanent makeup pigments and tattoo ink, thereby resulting in a tattoo removal procedure that is noncolor dependent, unlike that of a laser, which is color dependent. This, in turn, greatly increases the potential for successful tattoo removal and decreases the overall number of treatment sessions required (as compared to what is frequently required when using the laser technique). The Eliminink Tattoo Removal System works much like the original tattooing process. The EliminInk solution is applied using a tattoo over procedure. However, instead of applying ink or pigment this time, EliminInks specially formulated solution bond with the original tattoo ink, and then draws the ink to the skin's surface. You will have some pain associated with this procedure, no more than when you got the tattoo, so if removing a tattoo is what you want then you will have to endure it.

~ EYELINER Regular Price $400.00, Special $320.00* ~ EYEBROWS Regular Price $400.00, Special $ 320.00* ~ LIPS Regular Price $600.00 Special $400.00* *Includes follow up visit.

~ Mention Women’s Journal 20% off Styling Products - one per person.

Call Lorie to set up your appointment today!

(814) 339-6823 •

Lorie’s Beauty Salon has been in business for 11 years and is now offering tattoo removal and permanent make-up. Lorie is certified in EliminINK Tattoo Removal, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, and Micro-Pigmentation Centre Certified Professional. She has added these two new services to her already busy Salon that offers:

Want to Save Time and Money?

What Is the Permantent Makeup pigment composed of? Pigments are made of Iron Oxide base colorants. These colorants have been used in the cosmetic industry for years and are found in candy, confectionary pills. How is Permanent makeup performed? Sterilized, disposable needles are used to implant desire color or remove color into the dermis layer of the skin. Will I need a follow up appointment? Yes a touch up appointment is sometimes needed 6 to 8 weeks after the initial appointment. This January / February 2012

82 Blackberry Lane Osceola Mills, PA 16666

Tanning Bed • Hair and Eyebrow Waxing • Perms Cosmetics • Beauty Supplies • Highlights • Color Men's, Children's, Women's Hairstyles and Cuts


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Jump Start Your Brilliant Body A Brilliant Body means having health at the highest and deepest level. Health you can feel and see. You might even call it cellular health because lasting health begins when you start by making your foundation strong. If your cells are healthy your tissue will be healthy. If your tissues are healthy, your organs will be healthy. If your organs are healthy, your system will be healthy. And if your systems are healthy, YOU will be healthy.

Lasting or brilliant health is about providing the cells what they need and removing harmful toxins so they can thrive. It’s about getting the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. By focusing on the body system with targeted nutrition, we can assist the body in this process and create a Brilliant Body…. a body that looks and feels brilliant in every way. Get Started on Your Brilliant Body Today!

A Brilliant Body feels vibrant and energetic. It is illuminated from within and radiates a healthy glow. Surgeries, injections, chemicals and the like are no match for the true, inner and outer beauty that comes from proper eating, nutrition and activity.

How Do I Achieve a Brilliant Body? Having a Brilliant Body is not difficult. You simply must assist your body in doing what it was designed to do. If you support your body’s natural processes, you will be rewarded with brilliant health. On a macro level, brilliance is about getting good nutrition into the body and waste byproducts safely out of the body, managing your caloric intake, and having optimal nutrition for high-energy performance. Jump Start Complete Product Pack provides needed nutrients • Helps detoxify the entire body • Provides 15 grams of protein to build lean muscle and help curb hunger • Delivers beneficial levels of 21 essential nutrients • Helps increase mental clarity and focus • Helps the body mobilize fat stores for energy use On a micro level, brilliance is getting targeted nutrients to help with your body’s unique health challenges. By supporting your body’s individual systems, you can positively influence cellular health.


Each body system works diligently to get good elements into you cells and bad elements out of the cells. For example:

Massage (New!) • Aquamed • Ion Foot Bath Infrared Sauna • Reflexology (New!) • LED Therapy D-Light • Sun Therapy • Thermography

You digestive system breaks down ingested food in order to extract the nutrients from it and transport them to cells for energy, growth and repair. It also helps process waste and prepare it for removal via the intestinal system.

3415 Pleasant Valley Blvd. | Altoona, PA 16602

The respiratory system works to bring oxygen into the cells and carbon dioxide away from cells.


The urinary system cleans and filters the blood toxic material to keep your cells safe. You get the point. I read it in the Women’s January / February 2012Journal!

51 20

/ February 2012 I read it January in the Women’s Journal!

Great Food

Warm up at Whistle Stop To dine in a place loaded with history and different from any other, with Chef inspired creations, The Whistle Stop is a short, pleasant driving destination from any location.

Over the years we have enjoyed many compliments on our...

Homemade Soups

We now feature a "Patty Crew " on our lunch menu. It includes a cup of Chef created soup and a half sandwich of your own creation for only $5.95! this is a perfect combination for the cold winter months. Get a group together and warm up at the Whistle Stop. To entice you, here are a few of our most popular soups: Potato Cheddar Bisque, New England Clam Chowder, Vegetarian Split Pea, Tuscan Vegetable. Get a pint TO GO!

Specialty Dinners

Our dinner menu features Continental Classic favorites like Chicken Picatta, Beef Burgundy, and Turkey Devonshire all served in old world ambiance.

Make plans for our special Valentines Day Sweetheart Dinners For Two. Call Marcia for details & reservations for this special event, Tuesday February 14th. The Whistle Stop is located on Route 144 in Centre Hall, Centre County, just 15 minutes from State College and 25 minutes from Lewistown. Hours are; Wednesday and Thursday 11am to 8pm: Friday and Saturday, 11am to 9pm; Sunday, 11am to 7pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

814-364-2544 For information Call Marcia or

Visit us online at Find Us On Facebook & See All Our Events January / February 2012


And remember to bring your favorite wine or beer to enhance your experience.

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


Take a Leap Forward in Your Success

Leap Day 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Communicating For Your Success

Have you ever struggled with thinking on your feet, or had a difficult time organizing your thoughts? Do you have a small business and wish you could promote yourself more effectively? Would you like to take a leap forward to enhancing your communication skills?

If so, this presentation is for you! Pink Ribbon Stories: A Celebration of Life

Join international speaker, author and speech coach, Tammy Miller as she provides a sure-fire way to help you think on your feet, organize your thoughts, and be a better communication promoter. BONUS: All participants will receive a FREE copy of Tammy’s book, My Life is Just GREAT for Holiday Speech Material, and So is Yours: A Guide to What to Say and How to Say it Gift Giving! This book is a wonderful collection of stories from 123 women and men whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. There are all kinds of stories in this book. I am certain that something here will resonate with every reader.

Join us for this fast-paced presentation where there is something of value for everyone!

LOCATION: Central PA Chamber Office, 30 Lawton Lane, Milton, PA TIME: Check in 8:30am; 9am-12pm Presentation; Lunch Immediately Following

There are stories that will warm your heart; make you laugh; cause REGISTER AFTER JANUARY 29th COST $39.00 you(This to pause for reflection; and price INCLUDES lunch!) (Fee Now is non-refundable, Available but transferable) others that simply tell a story of a courageous journey through life. In Paperback

COST: $29.00;


REGISTRATION: Deadline is February 15 &

Proceeds the Registerbenefit at: Electronic Version Pennsylvania or Breast call Tammy at 814-360-4031 Cancer Just $15.00/Paperback or $9.99/E-Book Coalition Lunch Provided By HARTLEY COOKWARE Check out: for Order details and Volume Discounts Food Prepared in Towncraft Stainless Steel Cookware, Founded in 1947

I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Event Sponsored By:

The Women’s Journal 53

January / February 2012

Great Food

E H T in a h C n a li a t I r u o Give Y


One taste of our authentic Italian cuisine and you’ll never look back.

Finelli’s Italian Villa C

Happy Valentine’s Day

ome join the Finelli Family for a unique dinning experience. A combination of Old World atmosphere and hospitality with fine Italian cuisine. Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have about our unique entree and wine choices.

It’s all aboutEnjoy! Finelli’s Italian Villa has many amenities that make it one of the unique fine dining experiences in the Central Pennsylvania Region. The holidays are almost here, we cater for both large and small parties!

Appetizers • Pasta • Steak • Chicken • Veal Fish • Specialties • Desserts

Come Celebrate with US!

Every Day — 10 Dinners under $10 !

Ask about the Finelli’s Rewards Card

Treat Your Special Someone with a Decadent Dessert! Finelli’s offers a unique selection of homemade desserts and pastries. While dining, these desserts paired with a selection from our menu of cappuccinos, espressos and flavored coffees make for the perfect ending of your dining experience.

Finelli’s Italian Villa

cumulate 500 points We offer $1 per point. Ac worth $50! and it becomes a gift card book your Use your Rewards Card to reward points! holiday parties and gain January / February 2012

Award-Winning Food & Wine 1808 4th Avenue • Altoona, PA 16602 Phone: 814-943-8510 • Fax: 814-943-6800 • Find us on Facebook

A Little Touch of Italy in Altoona 54

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Does Your Home Need a Home Physical?

Are Your High Energy Bills Eating Into Your Family’s Budget? We will determine where you may be able to save on energy cost. One Area May Be a Hot Water Tank. Try a Tankless Water Heater for Big Savings! Experience an endless supply of fresh hot water– for bathing, cooking, dishes, laundry, and all the other countless ways hot water enriches your life. With a Rinnai tankless water heater, you’ll enjoy hot water when you need it – for as long as you want it! Whether you’re building your new dream home-complete with luxurious spa bath and body spray system - or simply remodeling your current home, there’s a Rinnai tankless water heater ideal for your application. And every unit comes standard with the efficiency, performance and peace of mind that makes Rinnai the #1 tankless water heater brand in the U.S. market.

Call for your home physical today!

$600 OFF Tankless Hot Water Heater Call for Details!



40-Gallon Gas Tank $281 $492

40-Gallon Electric Tank** *Estimated Annual Energy Cost



Residential Service: Equipment Sales • New Equipment Installation: Geothermal Systems, Heat Pumps, Oil Burners, Gas Furnaces, etc. Preventative Maintenance Service • Plumbing Installation

Business & Industrial Service: Building Automation System •

Consulting/Design • Equipment Sales • Equipment Retrofits HVAC Mechanical Contracting • New Equipment Installation • Preventative Maintenance Service • Plumbing Installation

Energy Star Approved

SALES • SERVICE • CONTRACTS PA062788 Fully Insured

MAURICE L. FREEMAN, Owner 814-777-0782 •

"I loved having Freeman Building Solutions come and help me solve my problems. They were very professional. Thank you Freeman." Barb P. State College, PA "You were so quick in responding. Thank you. I tell all my friends about how great you were." Katie B. Mill Hall, PA I read it in the Women’s Journal!


January / February 2012

i will take care of myself

BECAUSE I DESERVE HEALTHY ATTRACTIVE LEGS. The Circulatory Centers can help. For 30 years, we’ve helped women painlessly remove unsightly veins from their legs. Our local board-certified doctors specialize in improving the look and feel of your legs. All procedures are done in the privacy and comfort of our center. 95% of procedures are covered by insurance with little to no out-of-pocket expenses. Don’t wait. Now there’s no reason not to have healthier, younger-looking legs once again.

Call today for your FREE consultation! 1.800.342.8918 |

Visit one of our convenient locations in Somerset, Johnstown, State College and Altoona. January / February 2012


The vascular experts doctors recommend most. I read it in the Women’s Journal!

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The Womens Journal January February 2012  

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