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Thanksgiving – An American Holiday Thanksgiving is a particularly American holiday. The word evokes images of football, family reunions, roasted turkey with stuffing, pumpkin pie and, of course, the Pilgrims and Wampanoag, the acknowledged founders of the feast. But was it always so?

The Continental Congress proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving in 1777. A somber event, it specifically recommended “that servile labor and such recreations (although at other times innocent) may be unbecoming the purpose of this appointment [and should] be omitted on so solemn an occasion.”

As with Native traditions in America, celebrations, complete with merrymaking and feasting, in England and throughout Europe after a successful crop are as ancient as the harvest-time itself. In 1621, when their labors were rewarded with a bountiful harvest after a year of sickness and scarcity, the Pilgrims gave thanks to God and celebrated His bounty in the Harvest Home tradition with feasting and sport (recreation). To these people of strong Christian faith, this was not merely a revel; it was also a joyous outpouring of gratitude.

Presidents Washington, Adams and Monroe proclaimed national Thanksgivings, but the custom fell out of use by 1815, after which the celebration of the holiday was limited to individual state observances. By the 1850s, almost every state and territory celebrated Thanksgiving. In a controversial move, Franklin Delano Roosevelt lengthened the Christmas shopping season by declaring Thanksgiving for the next-to-the-last Thursday in November. Two years later, in 1941, Congress responded by permanently establishing the holiday as the fourth Thursday in the month.

The arrival of the Pilgrims and Puritans brought new Thanksgiving traditions to the American scene. Today’s national Thanksgiving celebration is a blend of two traditions: the New England custom of rejoicing after a successful harvest, based on ancient English harvest festivals, and the Puritan Thanksgiving, a solemn religious observance combining prayer and feasting.

If there is one day each year when food and family take center stage, it is Thanksgiving. It is a holiday about “going home” with all the emotional content those two words imply. The Sunday following Thanksgiving is always the busiest travel day of the year in the United States. Each day of the long Thanksgiving weekend, more than 10 million people take to the skies. Another 40 million Americans drive 100 miles or more to have Thanksgiving dinner. And the nation’s railways teem with travelers going home for the holiday.

Florida, Texas, Maine and Virginia each declare itself the site of the First Thanksgiving and historical documents support the various claims. Spanish explorers and other English Colonists celebrated religious services of thanksgiving years before the Mayflower arrived. However, few people knew about these events until the 20th century. They were isolated celebrations, forgotten long before the establishment of the American holiday, and they played no role in the evolution of Thanksgiving. But as James W. Baker states in his book, Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday, "Despite disagreements over the details" the three-day event in Plymouth in the fall of 1621 was "the historical birth of the American Thanksgiving holiday."

Despite modern-age turmoil, and perhaps, even more so, because of it, gathering together in grateful appreciation for a Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family is a deeply meaningful and comforting annual ritual to most Americans. The need to connect with loved ones and to express our gratitude is at the heart of all this feasting, prayerful thanks, recreation, and nostalgia for a simpler time. And somewhere in the bustling activity of every November's Thanksgiving is the abiding National memory of a moment in Plymouth, nearly 400 years ago, when two distinct cultures, on the brink of profound and irrevocable change, shared an autumn feast.

The American Thanksgiving also has its origin in the faith practices of Puritan New England, where strict Calvinist doctrine sanctioned only the Sabbath, fast days and thanksgivings as religious holidays or “holy days.” To the Puritans, a true “thanksgiving” was a day of prayer and pious humiliation, thanking God for His special Providence. Auspicious events, such as the sudden ending of war, drought or pestilence, might inspire a thanksgiving proclamation. It was like having an extra Sabbath during the week. Fasts and thanksgivings never fell on a Sunday. In the early 1600s, they were not annual events. Simultaneously instituted in Plymouth, Connecticut and Massachusetts, Thanksgiving became a regular event by the middle of the 17th century and it was proclaimed each autumn by the individual Colonies.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from The Women's Journal November/ December 2012


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November / December 2012

Publisher Note

Elizabeth Smart & Tere Rill, Publisher

On October 10th I had the opportunity to be in the packed audience at Shikellamy High School auditorium where Elizabeth Smart spoke. She was the guest of the Sunbury Community Hospital’s Healthy Woman event.

If you remember, Elizabeth Smart was snatched from her Salt Lake City, Utah bedroom in June 2002 and was missing for nine months. Smart, now 24 loves to reach out to various communities to share her experience and offer HOPE to people who have survived similar experiences. She explained that she speaks about what she is comfortable saying and that which is too personal remains personal. Everyone is different she kept saying….we all handle things differently. There is no right or wrong but she has found that talking helps the healing.

Send us a picture of you reading the journal... you could see yourself on TWJ's facebook page and print in a future issue.

Smart also has helped promote The National AMBER Alert, The Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act and other safety legislation to help prevent abductions. Smart said she feels it is necessary to continue to tour the country. She also addressed the Penn State’s Child Sexual Abuse Conference on Oct 29th & 30th. A program by the Penn State Justice Center for Research, College of the Liberal Arts & Penn State Outreach with the goals being to raise awareness, educate, energize and empower all of us to move forward to better protect children.

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Her passion is the foundation established by her and her father RadKIDS. It stands for Reducing Aggression Defensively. It is a program that was created not to react to a heinous crime committed against a child, but to prevent crimes from happening to children. There are many incredible people who devote much of their time, energy, and resources to going out and hunting down child perpetrators. The “Internet Crimes Against Children” task force are some of those people. How can we afford to not support those who stand as guardians and rescuers, who do everything they can to prevent crimes and protect our children? Every child in the world deserves to have a life without abuse in any form. Children are the future.

Publisher/Owner  Tere Rill • 814-880-6544 Production Manager  Casey Designs Social Media Editor: Paul N. Wells - (814)308.4895 - Independent Advertising Sales Agents: Virginia Smith 814 215-3121 D.I. Steward 814 934-5942

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She speaks to offer HOPE to women and children. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to her speak, I highly recommend it. Her carefully chosen words were very vivid.

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In this crazy, busy holiday season, my family wishes your family HOPE for a better world. Thank you for being part of The Women's Journal family - please know that you are loved - advertisers and readers. See you next year! :) ~Tere Rill, Publisher/owner November / December 2012

CBICC 2008 Small Business of the Year


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Stroke Rehabilitation Gets One Man Back to Living Max Coploff, age 87, has always led an active life. For 41 years, Max and his wife, Shirley, owned and operated “Luria’s,” a ladies’ apparel store in Lock Haven. “My grandfather started the store many years ago, selling fabric, buttons, zippers, etc.,” said Max. “Later, it became an apparel store.” Residents of Woolrich for 35 years, the Coploff’s enjoyed a busy life, including many trips to New York City; theatre is a special interest of theirs. So when Max suffered a stroke last year that weakened his left side, he wanted to get strong and go home as soon as possible. He chose to recover at HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, where he had two weeks of inpatient rehabilitation. Three Hours of Therapy a Day Max had three hours of therapy a day (the standard at HealthSouth), which included physical and occupational therapy (speech therapy is also available). His wife, Shirley, talks about his progress. “When Max first came to HealthSouth, he was using a wheelchair and a walker, but he improved quickly.” Max adds, “I worked hard to get my ‘happy feet,’ as my physical therapist would say. I was in a hurry to get home!” Patient and Family Education In order to be discharged to home, Max had to be able to use stairs. Shirley visited Max often - once or twice a day - and was trained to help Max use the stairs at home. Max says, “That first day home, she was all prepared to help me. What a surprise she got when I charged up and down those stairs faster than ever!” He adds, “The rehabilitation was so well-done and organized. The patient and the family are taught how to move forward after discharge.” Daily Physician Visits Another unique aspect of rehabilitation at HealthSouth is that patients get daily physician visits. “Dr. Allatt (HealthSouth Medical Director) was so nice; he talked to me every morning,” Max explains. “I was surprised that I was able to see a physician every day.” Enjoying Life Again Before Max’s stroke, it was hard for him to stay still. “I used to spend a lot of time exploring places; I was always going somewhere,” Max says. Now, although Max is no longer driving, they are enjoying life at The Village at Penn State. “We appreciate all of the transportation options that The Village offers; it’s one of the reasons we chose to live here.” Max explains. “We rarely miss an outing. We go to Spikes games, fundraising events, whatever we can!” HealthSouth congratulates you, Max, for working hard, achieving your therapy goals, and getting back to living! HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital has a highly specialized stroke rehabilitation program that is certified by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations. MonthI read it in the Women’s Journal!

Residents of Woolrich for 35 years, Max Coploff and his wife, Shirley, are enjoying life again after Max’s stroke rehabilitation at HealthSouth Nittany Valley in Pleasant Gap. ly support group meetings for stroke survivors and their families are held at HealthSouth Nittany Valley and are open to the public. For more information, or a tour, call (814) 359-3421 or visit our new website at

The Road to Faster Recovery

CHOOSE Rehabilitation Worth the Drive ©2011 HealthSouth Corporation:507972


November / December 2012


7 Steps to Boost Your Immune System During the Winter Months

recommend drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces each day. 6) Exercise. Our bodies were designed and built to move. Some of our biggest muscles in our body are the ones we sit on each day! Instead we need to keep joints mobile and blood flowing through regular exercise. Try to aim for at least a minimum of 30 minutes of activity per day. 7) Avoid sugar and starches. Refined sugar and starches can take a toll on your immune system. Your body needs to work harder to break down these products which can decrease the function and effectiveness of fighting off disease. Replace sugary treats with fresh fruits, raw veggies and nuts.

Time is flying by and winter season is quickly approaching. Wintertime often means sneezing, coughing, and sore throats. These common cold and flu-like symptoms can often times be avoided by taking the right steps to optimize your health. It is important to boost your immune system BEFORE you get sick. Therefore in case you do become infected, your body can fight it off without a problem. Here are some simple ways to pump up your immunity. 1) See a Chiropractor. Chiropractic care can help by removing stressors from your nervous system through spinal manipulation, muscle work, lymphatic reflex points, and emotional techniques. At our office we treat the whole person with Applied Kinesiology, Kinesiotaping, Cold Laser Therapy, and proper nutrition. 2) Take Whole Food Supplements. Whole food supplementation can have many positive effects. Products from Standard Process such as Echinacea, Calcium Lactate, and Congaplex can all help fight infections and improve immune system function without the side effects of medications. Other whole food supplements we use in our office are Juice Plus products that are comprised of fruits and vegetables. 3) Sleep 6-9 hours every night. Your body requires adequate sleep each night to recharge itself. Sufficient amount of sleep can stimulate proper brain function, learning capacity, and normal bone growth in children. 4) Wash Your Hands. One of the best ways to avoid germs is to wash your hands frequently. Since germs are easily passed back and forth, be sure to sanitize hands and clean light switches, door handles, and counter-tops often. 5) Drink Water. Water is the fuel for your body much the same as gasoline is the fuel for your car. Your body cannot function properly without water. We

We are proud to Support Toys for Tots. Receive $5.00 Off your visit for each unwrapped toy donated. Offer ends December 12, 2012.

Dr. Kelli Datres, Dr. Andrew Walker & Dr. Kevin McCarthy

We are now in two locations to serve you better!

1050-5 Benner Pike State College, PA 16801


1017 Washington Blvd. Ste A Williamsport, PA 17701



Healthy Hearing: When Should You Get Your Hearing Checked? • You have trouble hearing others in the restaurant, at church or on the telephone.

Now that the kids are grown and you have extra time to spend on your own interests, don’t forget to have your hearing checked. Having a clear understanding of your hearing health can make a significant positive difference in the way you spend the second half of your life.

Even if you haven’t noticed problems with your hearing, health professionals recommend you have your hearing checked regularly once you reach the age of 65.

Presbycusis is the most common form of hearing loss for individuals over the age of 65. This age-related hearing loss results in a gradual inability to hear, especially high frequency sounds. This condition most commonly occurs in both ears and is so gradual that many may not realize its happening.

Contact your local Audiologist and schedule your appointment.

Williamsport Hearing Services The Hearing Experts

Statistics indicate most individuals wait an average of seven years before having their hearing problems diagnosed and treated. This can be dangerous, especially if you can’t hear smoke detectors, turn signals, telephones, door bells, alarm clocks and other safety signals. Studies show untreated hearing loss can also lead to the development of psychological issues like anxiety, depression and social isolation.

Dr. Sandra Chamberlin, Au.D., CCC-A is an ASHA certified PA state licensed audiologist with over 19 years of experience. Education: B.S. Marywood College, 1989, M.S. Vanderbilt University,1991, Au.D. Pennsylvania College of Optometry, 2007

Signs you may have hearing loss include: • You ask others to repeat themselves. • You hear ringing in your ears. • Others say you turn up the volume on the television too loud. November / December 2012

1215 West Southern Avenue South Williamsport, PA 17702 | 570.323.7000


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After Breast Cancer Surgery, What Next? show an 80% survival, do we treat 80 cancer free women to possibly benefit 20? And just one more discouraging fact, chemotherapy does not necessarily work for all patients that have cancer cells. It all boils down to statistics! It is not fair for an oncologist to tell a patient she needs chemotherapy because “they didn’t get it all at surgery.” Cancer patients need to find out the survival statistics about their cancer. Then ask for scientific proof regarding cure from the proposed chemotherapy. Finally, do the math to make an educated decision.

A breast cancer surgery is successful if all the detectable cancer has been removed. This is assessed by careful pathologic evaluation under the microscope to look at the margins of resection (how much normal tissue without cancer cells is seen around the edge of the specimen). So after a good cancer operation, the patient should be cured? You would think so, but this only evaluates the one location in the breast. Statistically, other cancer cells may remain and it is these statistics which drive the need for additional or adjuvant therapy. Where do the undetectable cancer cells remain? They may remain regionally in the breast lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes or in distant sites such as the bone, liver, lung or brain. These two areas must be addressed separately because they are not treated alike. The breast and regional (adjacent) lymph nodes are treated with radiation and hormonal therapy. Distant metastatic disease is treated with hormonal and chemotherapy. To treat the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, radiation therapy is given in divided doses over a prolonged period of time. By doing so, the therapy is aimed at the more rapidly dividing cancer cells. The radiation destroys cells in mitosis as they divide. Breast cancer cells are dividing rapidly and it has been determined that by spreading out the dose over a six week period, statistically, all the cells should be caught in the act of mitosis at some point. The other rapidly dividing cells such as the skin are likewise injured but not to the same extent. By carefully planning the radiation the good cells are preserved as much as possible. However, radiation does have a cumulative long lasting effect. Once the skin has been radiated, it cannot be treated again. If attempted, additional treatment will result in significant death of the skin in the area. Adjuvant chemotherapy is also given based on statistics. This is a more difficult therapy to tolerate with side effects which are unpleasant. Now this is a very important point to consider when deciding on chemotherapy. According to the National Cancer Institutes, SEER, data a woman with breast cancer localized to the breast only (not in the lymph nodes) has a five year survival of 98.4%. Those are good odds. What that means in other words is if 100 patients with early breast cancer were to get chemotherapy, only 1.6% may see a benefit, because the other 98.4% being treated are cancer free. Unfortunately, the data is not so clear cut. There are certain cancers which are very aggressive and definitely should be considered chemotherapy candidates even when localized to the breast. This leads to the dilemma; do we treat 98 cancer free women to benefit just 2? This is the extreme case. How about if the statistics I read it in the Women’s Journal!

David Arbutina, MD, FACS is a governor of the American College of Surgeons and the current President of its Keystone Chapter. His surgical practice has been focused on breast cancer since 1988 and he has been involved in research and education about this topic for 24 years.

Call to make an appointment.

(814) 470-7732 7

November / December 2012


A New Procedure for Hammertoes is Something to Smile About! As many as 60 million Americans suffer from hammertoes, a bending of the toe that is unsightly and often painful. Hammertoes are more common among women due to their tendency to wear tight, narrow shoes but the condition affects men as well. The median age of hammertoe sufferers is 52 – by which time they likely have logged 75,000 miles on their feet. If left untreated, hammertoes become more pronounced and painful often requiring surgery. A treatment breakthrough, called nextradesis, is now available. It is an advanced surgical technique for happier toes that does not require insertion of wires. Developed by two foot and ankle surgeons from Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, surgical advisors and engineers, the Nextra Hammertoe Correction System received FDA clearance in March, 2011. nextradesis /nex•tra•de•sis/ (-de´sis) the surgical fixation of the interphalangeal joint, with an equal combination of precision, adjustability, compression and stability.

For more information visit

Call, you can get an appointment today! Nextradesis is only possible through the use of the Nextra Hammertoe Correction System from READY TO TAKE A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? Nextremity Solutions and now available at Dr. Bert Altmanshofer, Podiatrist. • Foot and Ankle Surgery – Fractures, deformities, Nextradesis benefits to the patient: sports injuries, hammertoes • Foot and Ankle Care – • No disruption of healthy joint as seen from the use of k-wires and screws Bunions, warts, sprains, heel pain, ingrown nails • No wires sticking out of the toes for 4 to 6 weeks • Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment • Retained bone compression and implant stability to assist the bone’s natural healing properties Call Dr. Altmanshofer, Podiatrist • No risk of pin tract infection • Normal bathing, hygiene and comfort during sleep without a wire 16635 Call 814.696.3397 for your consultation today, so you too can have happy toes! ad_BeWellAssoc_jun12_+ 5/30/12 8:12 PM PageDuncansville, 1

(814) 696-3397

The BeWell Approach to Common Teen Complaints We see a lot of teens at BeWell Associates. Digestive distress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, ADD; their symptoms run the gamut of adult problems. Just recently I worked with a 15 yr old athlete. Her main reason for coming was chronic stomaches, but she also suffered from extreme fatigue and was on Ritalin. We corrected her stomach complaints with a combination of removing a major food allergen and introducing probiotics. Amino Acid testing revealed low levels of the building blocks for dopamine, the brain chemical that helps with focus and gives us energy. After just a month on her Amino Acid she was able to stop Ritalin, has her energy back will eventually be able to stop using the supplement and maintain through diet. Another recent client was a 10 th grader with depression and anxiety. Her parents wanted to avoid anti depressants. Testing neurotransmitters ( urine test) showed not only low serotonin levels but high stress hormones. A combination of amino acids and botanicals had her happy and productive in weeks. After a few months on her program she was able to stop all supplementation. Her brain chemistry had been rebalanced and she can now maintain balance through diet alone. That is the beauty of using our approach. If you have a teen who is not feeling their best, please consider a nutritional evaluation and a nutritional solution. Not only is this way effective but it is safe and it is permanent. November / December 2012


BeWell Associates

... Healthcare Naturally • See dramatic results with a personalized program for all your specific health needs • Target exactly which foods and natural supplements you need through Functional Metabolic Testing • Get help for Weight Loss, Digestive and Skin Issues, Fatigue & more

Monica C. Montag, MA, HHP, CN C. Montag AngieMonica Wallace, BS, NC

• Benefit from our supportive team with over 22 years of experience


“I cannot say enough good things about Monica and the staff at BeWell Associates. Monica was able to pinpoint food intolerances that I never knew I had, and address intestinal issues and nutrient deficiencies that were causing a lot of my health problems. Within days of starting my new diet and supplement program, I felt better than I have in the last 10 years! ” 814-234-0785 •

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Providing Compassionate and Personalized Care Ovarian Cancer Awareness

If you stop and look around, you will notice that there are many ribbons that bring awareness to health issues. You can do a lot to help keep yourself healthy.

Teal Ribbon

Diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be difficult. Thankfully ovarian cancer is not too common. Symptoms which include bloating, fullness, abdominal and pelvic pressure can also be caused by other ailments. Gynecologic exam and pelvic ultrasound are essential to diagnose ovarian cancer. Earlier detection results in better outcomes.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Ribbon

Pink ribbons were everywhere in October! With better breast cancer awareness, there are improved survival rates. That’s great news! It’s time to make an appointment as we remind our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends to do the same.

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of the healing arts. Licensed Massage Therapist Karen Walton joined our staff this year when the State of Pennsylvania began a new Licensing Program allowing Massage Therapists to provide services in the medical office. We are pleased to currently offer: Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Fibromyalgia Massage, and Infertility Massage

Personalized H����� C��� ��� W��� Cervical Cancer Awareness

Teal & White Ribbon

Early cervical cancer is highly treatable. When cervical cells first become abnormal, there are no warning signs. HPV infection causes over 90% of cases. The PAP test is a true success story for early detection. Done during a routine annual exam, it can reveal abnormal cells before cancer develops.

Fred Teichman, M.D., FACOG Libby Meadow, CRNP We are committed to make your experience at Central Penn Women's Health a positive one. We make every effort to provide the highest quality care in a friendly, caring and professional environment. We pride ourselves on listening to you and understanding your individual needs.

Uterine Cancer Awareness

Peach Ribbon


Abnormal cells can grow in the lining of the uterus. Uterine cancer usually occurs in women over 50. An early warning sign is bleeding after menopause. Testing by your doctor can include ultrasound and a biopsy. In that procedure, your doctor takes a small sample of the inside lining of the uterus. #07(?LOGO?#?NAMESPDF0Cure is almost assured when uterine cancer is found early.

Central Penn Women's Health provides a wide range of services for women of all ages including routine gynecologic care, complete preventive womens health care services, infertility, annual exams, in office ultrasound, urinary incontenance... as well as menopause and perimenopausal care.








We’re Day and Evening Cď?Ąď?Źď?Ź Welcoming Hours AvailableTď?Żď?¤ď?Ąď?š New 'SFE5FJDINBO .% '"$0(Ç?-JCCZ.FBEPX $3/1Ç?.BSZ#SBHH 3/ $/.Ç?,BZ;MPDLJF .4/ $/. ď™ˆď™Šď™ƒ.ď™ˆď™…ď™‡.ď™„ď™„ď™…ď™ƒ Patients Hď?Ľď?Ąď?Źď?´ď?¨ Cď?Ąď?˛ď?Ľ ď?Śď?Żď?˛ Wď?Żď?­ď?Ľď?Ž Most Health Insurances Accepted Find us on Facebook  Mď?Ľď?¤ď?Šď?Łď?Ąď?Ź Pď?Ąď?˛ď?Ť Dď?˛. Lď?Ľď?ˇď?Šď?łď?˘ď?ľď?˛ď?§ • ď?ˇď?ˇď?ˇ.Cď?Ľď?Žď?´ď?˛ď?Ąď?ŹPď?Ľď?Žď?ŽWď?Żď?­ď?Ľď?Žď?łHď?Ľď?Ąď?Źď?´ď?¨.ď?Ł Call Us•Today!


Sunbury - 570-286-0608 •

Lewisburg - 570-524-1120


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C��� T����

November / December 2012

The Central Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s The Central Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s

Give yourself a lasting gift of time & beauty.

December 1 & 2, 2012 CRAFT MARKET Sat. 10AM to 5PM Sun. 10AM to 4PM

Always Beautiful Permanent Cosmetics will save you hours of primping and let you wake up beautiful everyday! Deanna Vonada’s artistically applied permanent cosmetics look more natural than traditional make up. Topical analgesics and the beautiful setting of the medical Spa at Kenlee or her State College home office will ensure your comfort.

The Central Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s

3 7 th A n n u a l Juried

WINTER CRAFT WINTERMARKET Annual Juried 337th 7 th A n n u a l Juried

December 1 & 2, 2012

Mt. Nittany Middle School

Sat. 10AM to 5PM Sun.College, 10AMPA to 16801 4PM 656 Brandywine Drive, State Mt. Nittany Middle School

w w . w Drive, i n tState e rCollege, c r aPAf16801 t m a r k e t . c o m $50 off 656 w Brandywine

an initial DERMAL ROLLING to reclaim your youthful complexion this a ft m a r k e t . c o m Shop for handmade items by over 75 artisans- jewelry, pottery, fiber, wood, mixed media,winter! A minimally invasive treatment with JOIN US---Make day of photography, painting,a metal, andit!more! Food available, make & take crafts and FREE parking! no downtime! Only 3 treatments needed for Shopforfor handmade byartisansover 75 artisanspottery, Shop handmade items byitems over 75 jewelry, pottery,jewelry, fiber, wood, mixed media, results lasting 6 to 12 months! photography, painting, metal, Foodthis available, make & take crafts and FREE ADMISSION $3 *and $2more! with AD * KIDS under 12parking! FREE fiber, wood, mixed media, photography, painting, metal, and

JOIN it! r w w US---Make w . w i na day t e of r c

JOIN US —Make a day of it!

one discount per card & take crafts and FREE parking! more! Foodadmission available, make ADMISSION $3 * $2 with this AD * KIDS under 12 FREE one discount admission per card

Impressive results!

Appointments and FREE consultations are available at her home office in State College and at The Spa at Kenlee, our area's only medical spa.

ADMISSION $3 • $2 with this AD • KIDS under 12 FREE Bring 2 cans of food to donate to State College Area Food Bank and also receive $1 off admission. One discount admission per card. Code: PAWJ

Call Deanna at 814-880-3109 or email deannavonada@ Visit for before and after photos and additional information. Smart Couples Make Time To Talk And Listen to Each Other

They work through challenges with cooperation and kindness and recognize that they are on the same team. They don’t keep score but instead celebrate their joys and release what did not work.

Your precious lives are being lived today. Ask each other the questions below and listen to what your partner has to say. • What holds the two of us back from really loving each other fully? • What rules our finances? • What would it take to make it go away?

Your health will support your relationship through the many seasons of your lives. There is nothing more important than your health, so taking a pause now to consider the following questions is worthy of your time: • Are you healthy? • What would improve your health? • How can I support your health and exercise? • How is your eating and food lifestyle impacting your health? • What changes can you make to improve your health? ”

s a P n uF ta for a Great Cause! OPEN YEAR ROUND in Central PA

And…spicy questions for couples who are lovers too!

•What about my personality is sexy to you? •What five things work well for you as an aphrodisiac? •What is the ideal way for me to start a sexual interlude? •What are the five things you like most about my body? Why? •How important is ‘hot sex’ to you in our relationship? •What are your favorite sexual positions/activities? •What fantasy would you like to act out with me?

Seven Mountains Campground

Call me to discuss how couples coaching can help you love better and have more joy in your relationship! I know relationships.

Coach Joanie Yanusas, Certifited Relationship and Retreat Coach:

814-777-0410 November / December 2012


101 Seven Mountains Campground Road Spring Mills, PA 16875 (814)364-1910 This Pasta is Fantastic... Easy to Order and It’s Shipped Directly to You. Create a Pasta Buffet for Your Family Business & Education and Friends. Great Gifts for the Holidays More!Journal! Association I read it inand the Women’s Golf Tournament

This fundraiser will help continue and grow the Business & Friday, August 17, 2012 1 PM Shotgun Start Education programs. We want to reach more students with our Bucknell Golf Club


Photo by Steve Tressler

Independent Living at its Best

We’re Breaking Ground on New Apartments! Reserve Yours Now and Save! 814.623.0349 Homewood at Spring House Estates grew by 30% in 2011, and with good reason we offer the best answer to those 55+! Beautiful accommodations, maintenance free living, close to all amenities and major highways, amazing food, and the security of joining a continuing care retirement community! ASK OUR RESIDENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU HOW HAPPY THEY ARE!

• “We can’t imagine a more ideal place for Seniors!” - J & K Nebel

Vista is your creative solution to memories... call for the Women's Journal special!


Continuing Care Retirement Community 150 Victoria Ave., Everett, PA. 15537

• It’s been 8 years, and a friendly more caring place would be hard to find!’ - B Miller

s a P n uF ta for a Great Cause!

Weis Center for the Performing Arts Bringing the Performing Arts to Central Pennsylvania for 25 Years November 28

This Pasta is Fantastic... Easy to Order and It’s Shipped May/ Junefor 2012 Your Family Directly to You. Create a Pasta Buffet Business & Education and Friends.Association Great Gifts for the Holidays and More! Golf Tournament

This fundraiser will help continue and grow the Business & Friday, August 17, 2012 1 PM Shotgun Start Education programs. We want to reach more students with our Bucknell Golf Club Building Leaders for the Susquehanna Valley, Career Fair, School Eastern Spadefoot Toad 5Shadowing, K Counts!, Job Legislative Breakfasts, Scholarships Run, Walk or Hop and future programs in the making. September 22, 2012 9 AM

Visit: (570) 742-7341 or (570) 768-4900 pa-chamber-of-commerce-business--education-association for more information and to register. For more information: Call Jeff Shaffer at Central PA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Chamber Business & Education Our Business Is Your Business Coordinator (570) 742-7341

December 11 Vienna Boys 12 Choir VOCAL/CHORAL 7:30 PM - Weis Center

November 16 Maya Beiser MULTIMEDIA SOLO CELLO CONCERT 8 PM - Weis Center

December 15 Paper Bag Players (FREE) KID-FRIENDLY 1 PM - Weis Center

December 1 Campbell Brothers, Special Guests: BU’s Voices of Praise GOSPEL AND STEEL GUITAR 8 PM - Weis Center


February 2

November 9 Emerson String Quartet CLASSICAL 8 PM - Weis Center

November 28 Tierney Sutton Band (FREE) JAZZ 7:30 PM - Campus Theatre

Rain or Shine

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814.623.0349 •


February 1 Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca DANCE 8 PM - Weis Center

FALL 20l2

February 2 Ugly Duckling and Tortoise and the Hare - Lightwire Theater - As Seen on America’s Got Talent! (FREE) KID-FRIENDLY 3 pm - Weis Center

February 5 Cantus, Special Guests: BU’s Men’s Choir VOCAL/CHORAL 7:30 PM - Weis Center February 8 eighth blackbird CLASSICAL 8 PM - Weis Center /WeisCenter 570-577-1000


November / December 2012


Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal Is There a Tattoo that you wish you have never Gotten? Are you tired of putting on your makeup everyday?

Thinking of Removing that Tattoo

With Permanent Makeup re-enhancements or maintenance may be desired for some people (510 years). Depending on the bodys ability to hold pigment. Eyeliner Is It painful? Topical Anesthetics are applied to numb the area and provide comfort to ensure a perfect procedure. There may be a minimal discomfort. Please contact me today at (814) 339-6823 or email mollyhammer@ to set up an appointment and Mention Women’s Journal

That Just Does Not Make Sense Anymore?

EliminInk Tattoo Removal is a unique system utilizing the latest binding technology for safe removal of unwanted tattoos. There are numerous reasons for the use of EliminInk in removing Tattoos. 1. Permanent makeup Corrections. 2. Unwanted Name. 3. Gang Related tattoos. 4. Tattoo markings for radiation. 5. Tattoo redsign. 6. Impulsive decisions. These are only a few reasons. EliminInk is designed to bond with the original tattoo ink/pigment, and then draw the ink to the surface. DermRenu, a scar inhibitor which is built into the ElininInk solution (as well as being a stand-alone product that is used as part of the after-care program) is designed to minimize or prevent scarring. How it works and will it be painful? Through a specially formulated process, Eliminink "bonds" with all permanent makeup pigments and tattoo ink, thereby resulting in a tattoo removal procedure that is noncolor dependent, unlike that of a laser, which is color dependent. This, in turn, greatly increases the potential for successful tattoo removal and decreases the overall number of treatment sessions required (as compared to what is frequently required when using the laser technique). The Eliminink Tattoo Removal System works much like the original tattooing process. The EliminInk solution is applied using a tattoo over procedure. However, instead of applying ink or pigment this time, EliminInks specially formulated solution bond with the original tattoo ink, and then draws the ink to the skin's surface. You will have some pain associated with this procedure, no more than when you got the tattoo, so if removing a tattoo is what you want then you will have to endure it.

and recieve 20% off Styling Products - one per person.


Call Lorie to set up your appointment today!

82 Blackberry Lane Osceola Mills, PA 16666

(814) 339-6823 •

Lorie’s Beauty Salon has been in business for 12 years and offers tattoo removal and permanent make-up. Lorie is certified in EliminINK Tattoo Removal, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, and Micro-Pigmentation Centre Certified Professional. Also ask about corrective cosmetic tattooing and camouflaging. These areas include areola and nipples, vitiligo, scars resulting from burns and plastic surgery hair line face lift scars. She has added these two new services to her already busy Salon that offers:

Want to Save Time and Money?

What Permantent Makeup pigment composed of? Pigments are made of Iron Oxide base colorants. These colorants have been used in the cosmetic industry for years and are found in candy, confectionary pills. How is Permanent makeup performed? Sterilized, disposable needles are used to implant desire color or Eyebrow remove color into the dermis layer of the skin. Will I need a follow up appointment? Yes a touch up appointment is sometimes needed 6 to 8 weeks after the initial appointment. This appointment will fine tune the details of the final look. November / December 2012

· Eyeliner Regular Price $400 - Special $375.00 · Eyebrows Regular Price $400 - Special $375.00 · Lips Regular Price $600 - Special $500.00 *Includes follow up visit.

Tanning Bed • Hair and Eyebrow Waxing • Perms Cosmetics • Beauty Supplies • Highlights • Color Men's, Children's, Women's Hairstyles and Cuts


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Jewelry Shopping Tips and Checklist A piece of jewelry made with precious metals and gemstones is an instant heirloom that if well taken care of, can be passed along through generations. Whether you’re considering a gift of jewelry for someone special or as a treat for yourself, we want to arm you with knowledge to make the process less daunting.

Know Where to Shop It is vitally important to shop at a well-established professional jeweler. • Ask a friend for a recommendation just as you would for a doctor, or check with the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau. • Look for a jeweler who is affiliated with a professional trade association, such as Jewelers of America, that requires high ethical standards of its members and provides them with ongoing education. At Miska jewelers, we are G.I.A., and N.A.J.A certified and members of The Jewelers of America, Manufacturing Jewelers of America, PA State Jewelers Association, and others. • Be cautious if a store is routinely offering unbelievable discounts of 50% or more. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Savvy shoppers may find that the “drastic discount” price is actually the normal retail price elsewhere.

119 S. Fraser St. Downtown STATE COLLEGE 814-234-4140 M-F 10-5:30 TH 10-8 SAT 10-4 107 W. Main Street on the Diamond in BOALSBURG 814-466-6677

Jewelry Shopping Checklist It’s best to shop around. Compare quality, price and service. Once at the store: _______ Check for the appropriate markings on metal jewelry. _______ Ask whether the pearls are natural, cultured or imitation. _______ Ask whether a gemstone is natural, laboratory-created or imitation. _______ Ask whether the gemstone has been treated, whether the change is permanent and whether special care is required _______ Make sure your sales receipt includes any information you relied on when making your purchase, like the gem’s weight or size. Some jewelers may give you a grading report from a gemological laboratory. _______ Ask about the refund and return policy before you buy. _______ Enjoy! After all, jewelry is all about emotion, passion and love. It’s how a woman connects memories to a specific moment in time and that is what brings jewelry to life! I read it in the Women’s Journal!


November / December 2012



My first reaction after being diagnosed with cancer was fear. But then I realized they can treat me in Williamsport and I’m going to be fine. – Sue Danneker, Linden Sue Danneker has been married for 22 years and is a mom to four kids. They’d always been happy and healthy. But with a history of breast cancer in the family, Sue was certain she’d get it, too. Her family doctor sent her to Susquehanna Health Breast Health Center for an early first mammogram. Something was irregular and a biopsy was done – it was cancer. Sue’s doctors performed a lumpectomy, which revealed

chemotherapy – a customized plan that was tailored to her needs. After Sue’s initial treatments, her follow-up mammography revealed something in her non-cancerous breast and she opted to have a double mastectomy. She and her family received the care and support they needed every step of the process, including spiritual and emotional services. “Dr. Robinson, my oncologist, does his research – he’s top of the line, knows every statistic behind each question. And the compassion that every soul in the Cancer Center offers, I don’t believe you could find that somewhere else. They really cared about me as a person. When my husband was struggling with my diagnosis, they offered him help as well.” Following her procedures, Sue took advantage of Susquehanna Health’s nutrition counseling and started working out. Now 30 pounds lighter, she feels better than before the cancer. Sue says, “I’m so blessed with my second chance at life!” Susquehanna Health Cancer Center provides individualized treatment plans that utilize the latest oncology treatments and clinical trials. Caring staff and a team of doctors collaborate under the same roof to provide

a hidden tumor. Susquehanna Health’s new digital equipment detected the tumor two years before Sue could have felt a lump or an older mammography machine would have detected it. Catching the cancer early very likely saved her life. Sue thought she’d have to go to a larger city for treatment, but the more she researched, she found that Susquehanna Health’s Cancer Center had all of the latest technology and treatments and could take care of her very well. “My doctor from the Breast Health Center, Dr. Branton, knew how upset I was. She hugged me, she comforted me, stayed with me in the room as long as I needed her to. The next day, she called to see how my visit was and to check on me. It was remarkable that she would care enough to look my phone number up and call to see how I was doing.” Susquehanna Health’s oncologists are experts, familiar with all the latest research and able to provide the most effective treatments to patients for the best possible outcomes. Sue received radiation, Herceptin and

the best possible therapies for patients. Compassion is integral to Susquehanna Health’s philosophy. An example of this is the chemotherapy treatment room, designed to overlook the Healing Garden, a sanctuary of beauty and peace. The Cancer Center offers same-day appointments and personal attention from physicians throughout the entire treatment process. In addition, physical therapy, massage, support groups and social workers are available. Care also extends to the patient’s family in this healing environment. The Susquehanna Health Breast Health Center is a large, comfortable setting, with a highly dedicated staff of skilled professionals and the latest technology. The Center provides breast imaging, education, diagnosis, treatment and support for individuals with breast health diseases.

For more information on breast health and cancer services at Susquehanna Health, visit or

SSH-0053_Advertorial_WomensJournal_Oct2012_fin.indd 1

November / December 2012


10/16/12 4:47 PM

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Elder Law

Are Children Legally Obligated to Pay for Their Parents’ Nursing Home Care? By: Eric Ladley, Esquire

whether a patient is indigent is whether the patient can meet his or her current expenses, which he or she probably cannot do if living in a nursing home that costs $8,000.00 or more per month. In the above situation, only the son was forced to pay the nursing home bill, even though the patient had other children. The son himself, not the nursing home, had the responsibility to join his siblings in the lawsuit.

The children of nursing home residents may find themselves legally responsible for their parents’ care if their parents do not follow the advice of an elder law firm. Nursing home planning is more important than ever before, with nursing home care averaging more than $8,000.00 per month across Pennsylvania. With proper planning, government benefits, such as Medicaid, are available to pay for nursing home care. But if the patient does not receive Medicaid benefits and does not have the resources to pay the bill, the nursing home can use Pennsylvania’s filial support law to collect the money owed from the nursing home resident’s spouse, children, and parents.

The best way to avoid a filial support action is to engage in proper Medicaid planning before long-term care is needed. Call Steinbacher & Stahl today to schedule your FREE consultation regarding your long-term care planning.

The filial support law and the most recent case interpreting it assign broad responsibilities to the family members of nursing home patients. These patients may be considered indigent, which gives their family members a legal responsibility to support them. Under 23 Pa.C.S. Section 4603, a spouse, children, and parents have an obligation to “care for and maintain or financially assist an indigent person,” and nursing homes are entities permitted to collect under the filial support law for care provided to a patient who is considered an indigent person. Julieanne E. Steinbacher, Esq.

Family members may avoid responsibility for the debt under certain circumstances. Under 23 Pa.C.S. Section 4603, a spouse, children, or parents may not have to pay for the indigent person’s debt if the family member does not have the financial ability to do so, and in certain cases if a parent abandoned the child while the child was a minor. The filial support law also provides a way to determine whether the family member has the means to pay the debt, and if so, what the size of the payments should be.

Your elder and special needs law firm 413 Washington Boulevard • Williamsport, PA 17701


Recent case law, however, has shown how easily a nursing home can collect on a patient’s debt from family members. In Health Care & Retirement Corp. v. Pittas, 2012 Pa. Super. 96, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania held that a son had to pay his mother’s nursing home bill even though the outstanding bill was not his fault. The nursing home was able to show that the son had the ability to pay for his mother’s care by presenting his tax returns and bank statements. Additionally, the nursing home proved that the mother was indigent and thus in need of support from her son. The key test to determine I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Adrianne J. Stahl, Esq. Free Consultation

Home and Hospital Visits

Nursing Home Planning • In-Home Care Planning Special Needs Planning • Wealth Protection Planning Gas Lease Royalty Preservation • Estate Administration Wills • Trusts • Powers of Attorney 15

November / December 2012

Gentle Dental Care at Bellefonte Family Dentistry


If it's difficult for you to imagine a trip to the dentist that's relaxing and pain-free, then sedation dentistry will help change your mind. It's often called “sleep dentistry” or "relaxing dentistry" because the purpose is to help you feel at ease while the dentist provides needed dental care. Sedation protocols have been used safely for over 30 years with millions of dental procedures. Before starting any treatments, your doctor will review your medical history and explain how Sedation Dentistry can work for you. What makes sedative dentistry so ideal is that it virtually eliminates any pain associated with dental procedures. Some forms don't even involve needles! BELLEFONTE FAMILY Sedative dentistry consists DENTISTRY of several different techniques, including oral sedation dentistry and IV sedation dentistry. Conscious sedation dentistry is a term used to describe sedative dentistry that renders you relaxed but awake. Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a light to moderate form of dental sedation. The gas is administered through a mask placed over your nose. Once the procedure is over, the effects wear off quickly with few side effects. Recovery time is also minimal. Oral Sedation – Oral sedation dentistry involves medications taken before a procedure to produce a relaxed feeling. The effect depends on the strength of your dentist's prescription, so you may feel a little drowsy. IV Sedation – IV sedation dentistry is considered a moderate form of sedation. It works much like oral sedation dentistry, except that the drugs are administered intravenously (in your vein). The effects of IV sedation dentistry are felt much quicker than with oral sedation; your dentist can adjust the level of sedation as needed throughout the treatment. Drs. Frank Dankanich & Wade Newman are pleased to announce Imagine not being afraid to own go toin-house the dentist. the launch of Quality Dental Plan — It’s our dentalImagine being able to accomplish all your dental care in as little as plan for our patients. We can cutout the hassle & expense of one 3rd appointment. This is what Sedation Dentistry you. toYou'll party insurance companies and pass can alongdo thefor savings you! be able to smile with confidence and chew your food without pain. If you've been putting off NO Waiting Period  years of dental work, Sedation Dentistry can change your life.


GIFT FOR YOU. Make the entire holiday season special by treating yourself to a new look and be seen at your best with friends, family and co-workers. Dr. Emily Peterson performs many cosmetic enhancements while placing her patient’s needs and desires first.


 NO Yearly Maximums

GENTLE DENTAL  NO Deductible The experts in no-pain dentistry...

NO Insurance Years of experience in all forms ofForms sedation dentistry All memberships include: Complete annual check-up, plus FREE SCREENING AT free teeth member ratesDENTAL on regular procedures, free x-rays, BELLEFONTE FAMILY DENTISTRY! cleaning (2x per year), whitening kit and more!

Come in now for these holiday specials:

FREE $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE Book your non-surgical treatment with Dr. Emily Peterson for November or December and get a $50 gift certificate to use January 2-February 28, 2013. Use the gift certificate on any non-surgical treatment, including Botox and other injectibles, aesthetic services with Camille Brown, or any of our highquality skincare or cosmetic products. Limit one gift certificate per guest.

Schedule your appointment treatment today by calling 814.231.7878 or learn more by visiting Giving you special ways to feel even more special this holiday season. That’s L I F E F O R WA R D .

Adult Flouride Treatment ONLY $20 Until 12/30/12


Ask About Our New In NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS! House Dental Plan QDP! FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Trusted, Caring Personalized

100 Radnor Road, Suite 101 State College, PA 16801

Call us today!

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“ CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA SINCE 1975” • 115 South School Street • Bellefonte, PA 16823 115 South School Street • Bellefonte, November / December 2012 PA 16823 814.355.1587 •

Scan QR code with your smartphone.


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Eat ~ Sleep ~ Love Love-

Don’t wait on a 2013 resolution to change. Give yourself the gift of health today. Eat, sleep, and love your way to a new you, NOW! Join our team and let us help you be the person you dreamed you could be. Learn about our safe, easy, and cost effective ways to rid your body of toxins, sleep better, boost your metabolism, and lose inches. Our team may seem unorthodox, but the results, and the power of a wholistic approach to health is real. Our team can resolve any issue that may be hindering your weight loss goals.

Most people want to look and feel better. They want to love who they are, love what they are, and YES, love what they look like. 72% of our country is overweight. How many of that 72% would be happier if they looked in the mirror and lost 8 inches or 2 clothes sizes? Is that worth $100.00 a month to be guaranteed that result? I-lipo is the revolutionary way to reduce the number of fat cells your body is holding onto, and lose inches in as little as 8 weeks. Lose the baby belly, the bat wings, the bra fat, the thick legs, and the cellulite that covers it all! The Spa at Kenlee, the only medical facility to provide this treatment from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh 814-353-4223

Eat- Most people consume food,

it may fill you up, but it isn’t sustaining you; it may taste good, but it isn’t truly nourishing you, or giving your body what it needs. The chemicals and preservatives in most processed foods only clog your body’s systems with toxins and sludge that slow down your metabolism and impair your body’s ability to renew and flourish. Cleanse your body of these impurities, jump start your metabolism, and immediately have more energy. You will feel better about yourself, and your goals will actually seem attainable.

To change your lifestyle, you mindset, and your habits, many people will need all 3 members of our team to help you achieve your goals. Some of you may only need 1 or 2 of us. Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, we are here to help. Call any of our facilities to schedule a free consultation to discuss those goals. Once you schedule your first treatment, you will receive 25% off all additional procedures we feel fit within the treatment plan you have helped us to develop.

Hands and Health 814-954-7774

Sleep- Most people get 6 hours of

sleep, when they need 8. Worse yet, those 6 hours are not 6 quality hours of sleep. A vast majority of our population because they are overweight, snore and have sleep apnea, both of which seriously affect the quantity and quality of sleep you get. If you don’t sleep long enough or well enough, your metabolism shuts down. Not only are you not burning a normal amount of calories just being awake, you will never have enough energy to exercise. You end up needing caffeine and other artificial means to “stay awake,” in doing so, you are just introducing more detrimental chemicals into your body. Find out how to sleep better, and jump start that metabolism today. Carnicella and Associates 814-355-5254 I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Eat guilt free this holiday season. Sleep peacefully knowing you are healthier this holiday season. Love how good you look this holiday season. Call us today!

One Beautiful Location, Two Amazing Opportunities At Carnicella & Associates we would love the opportunity to show you what truly exceptional dental care is all about. Our goal is to provide our patients with care that lasts a lifetime, and are happy to be excepting new patients. Our entire team has received special training in providing comfortable, quality dental care, and we love what we do!

212 Kenlee Drive • Bellefonte, PA 16823 The Spa at Kenlee offers you a complete spa experience. With our state-of-theart treatments and inviting atmosphere you will be able to escape into a world of relaxation. Our stunning views and unsurpassed quality is unlike any other in the area. We are proud to offer in-depth consultations to each and every client in order to help you customize your experience. 17

November / December 2012


38 Amazing Events to Enjoy This Holiday Season...

1. Beccaria, all season

11. Everett, November 24

This small town in Clearfield County offers dazzling Christmas light displays all holiday season.

The Winterfest celebration begins at 10 a.m. with crafts and food vendors, entertainment, and children’s activities. Santa arrives at noon with the Christmas parade.

2. Curwensville, November 8

12. Bloomsburg, November 23

The four-day Home for The Holidays offers horse-drawn carriage rides, a benefit concert, a Best Cookie in Town contest, giveaways, Breakfast with Santa, food, and more. 814-236-8328 /

Kick off the holidays with the Parade of Lights from 6 to 7 p.m., Santa’s arrival, and the tree lighting at 7:30 p.m. TreeFest also begins at 5 p.m. at the Caldwell Consistory, Market Square. 570-784-5530 /

3. Altoona, November 15

13. Orbisonia/Rockhill Furnace, Nov. 24

A musical version of “A Christmas Carol” plays at the Mishler Theatre performed by Altoona Community Theatre 8 p.m. and Sat & Sun matinees 2 p.m. through Nov. 17. 814-943-4183 /

Home for the Holidays starts the season at 6 p.m. November 24, ending 9 p.m. November 25 in Orbisonia’s town square. 814-447-5668

4. Williamsport, November 16

14. Northumberland, Nov. 26

Victorian Christmas begins with the Christmas Parade and tree-lighting at 5:30 p.m. 570-772-5671 /

Welcome Santa to Northumberland, along with music by the Sunbury City Band, caroling, and free hot chocolate and cookies. 570-473-7563 /

5. Altoona, November 17

15. Lewistown, November 29

Winterfest at Morrison’s Cove Memorial Park includes food, a soup skirmish (contest), craft vendors, a Christmas parade, and kids crafts. 814-943-4183 /

Lewistown officially lights the tree Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. during the opening ceremony of the Festival of Ice. Santa arrives Friday night, Nov. 30 during the Christmas Parade at 8 p.m. 717-248-6713 /

6. DuBois, November 18

16. Ebensburg, November 30

The DuBois Light up Night starts at 5:30 p.m. with the tree lighting at 6 p.m. and Santa’s arrival, then caroling, pictures with Santa, food, and activities. 814-371-3064 /

Ebensburg kicks off the holidays with Dickens of a Christmas in Downtown Ebensburg through December 2, with sleigh rides, ice sculptures, crafts and more!

7. Altoona, November 22

17. Boalsburg, November 30

Holiday Lights on the Lake is a 51-acre dazzling display of lights and animation at historic Lakemont Park, Altoona, 6 to 10 p.m. nightly through January 6.

Boalsburg’s Hometown Christmas begins with the tree lighting and caroling Friday evening at 5:45 p.m., and events all day Saturday, December 1.

8. Milton, November 23

18. Huntingdon, November 30

Start the holidays at 6 p.m. the Model Train Museum Christmas Season Open House at the Milton Moose Family Center. Many operating O-Gauge trains and interactive action scenes on a huge layout. 570-742-3504 /

Huntingdon lights the town, starting with the tree-lighting from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Fifth and Penn Streets; Santa arrives with the 1 p.m. parade December 1.

19. Lock Haven, November 30

9. Berwick, November 23

You’re invited to the Haven Holidays tree-lighting ceremony at Triangle Park at Bellefonte Avenue and Main Street in downtown Lock Haven. 570-748-1576 /

The Santa Parade starts at 10:30 a.m. downtown. Starting December 1, Market Street will be aglow with lights and decorations for the 66th annual Christmas Boulevard. 570-752-3601 /

20. Rockhill Furnace, December 1

Ride aboard a real trolley car where each child will personally visit with Santa and receive a gift – from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rockhill Trolley Museum. 814-447-9576 /

10. Hollidaysburg, November 23

Enjoy Winterfest Light-Up The Night, soup sampling, and Santa Land in Hollidaysburg from 5 to 7 p.m. with the tree lighting at 7 p.m. www.

November/ December 2012

21. Philipsburg, December 1

Philipsburg kicks off its holiday celebration with a Christmas Parade at noon, entertainment, food and children’s events, including pictures with Santa at the Rowland Theatre until 5 p.m. 814-342-2260 /


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From Tree Lighting, Parades, Benefits, Carols and Crafts 22. Old Bedford Village, December 1

31. Bellefonte, December 7

Stroll through the candlelit village, hear live seasonal music, and enjoy hot cider in the tavern at Old Bedford Village through December 8, 5 to 9 p.m. nightly. 1-800-238-4347 /

The tree lighting and opening ceremonies for Bellefonte Victorian Christmas are the evening of December 7 on the diamond and the Elementary School. Event continues through Sunday.

23. Bloomsburg, December 1

32. Turbotville, December 8

Ride a real excursion train with Santa and hear the children’s story The Polar Express on Saturday and Sunday, departing the Sherwin Williams parking lot at Market and Seventh streets. 570-784-2522 /

This is a traditional early American Christmas candlelight service with carols and light refreshments. The historic Warrior Run Church has no electricity. 570-768-4165 or e-mail

24. Tyrone, December 2

33. Imler, December 9

The tree lighting is at 5 p.m. on the steps of the Post Office followed by the Annual Christmas Parade at 6:15 p.m. with 35 units and the jolly ole man himself.

The Imler Volunteer Fire Company presents a free kids’ Christmas party with Santa. 814-276-3950 /

34. Mifflinburg, December 13

25. Orangeville, December 2

Mifflinburg presents its three-day Christkindl Market starting at 4:30 p.m. Market Street will be lined with festive outdoor huts featuring handmade crafts and traditional treats. 570-966-1666 /

Columbia Co. Covered Bridge Association presents Christmas on the Bridges from 1 to 3 p.m. – free hayrides with Santa, cocoa and coffee, and a kettle of bean soup – at the twin bridges. 570-784-2522 /

35. Bellefonte, December 14

26. State College, December 2

Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society presents Santa Express train rides throughout the weekend from the Bellefonte Train Station. 814-355-2917 /

Downtown State College hosts its annual Christmas tree-lighting celebration from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at South Allen Street and College Avenue, including music and refreshments.

36. Altoona, December 18

27. Houtzdale, December 4

Santa’s Enchanted Workshop, 7 p.m. at the Mishler Theatre is a joyous holiday musical featuring a singing robot, a dancing rag doll, and a silly villain. 814-943-4183 /

Mr. and Mrs. Santa come to town to light the Christmas tree at the lot of the First Commonwealth Bank on Hannah Street. Santa visits at the fire hall afterward. 814-378-7322 /

37. Danville, December 15

28. Lewisburg, December 6

This weekend, visit some of the Danville area’s most beautiful homes decked out for the holidays. Starting December 1, Santa is in Watchbox Park Friday to Sunday through the season. 570-275-6700 /

Lewisburg’s Victorian Holiday Weekend begins with a traditional tree lighting ceremony in Hufnagle Park. December 8 at 1 p.m. Kris Kringle arrives with the Victorian Parade. 570-523-1743 /

38. Bedford, December 15

The Family Fun Christmas Event takes place in the public square downtown from noon to 3 p.m., including Santa, carolers, ice-carving demos, and more. 814-623-0048 /

29. Pleasant Gap, December 6

The annual four-day Festival of Trees, benefiting the Centre County United Way starts at 4 p.m. in a new location, at CPI, Pleasant Gap, as part of Bellefonte Victorian Christmas.

30. Lemont, December 7

Lemont kicks off the holidays with its Christmas Market with handmade gifts, arts, children’s activities, food, and more Friday and Saturday. 814-235-1501 /

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November/ December 2012

JB Crystal Creations

Australin Zebra Jasper.


GREAT GIFTS! Rose Quartz with Vermeil Components

Healing Properties. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids. It aids chest and lung problems, heals the kidneys and adrenals and alleviates vertigo, said to increase fertility. $125

Smokey Banded Agate and Pink Agate, an Organic Ring and Silver Plate Toggle Set Necklace and Earrings. Healing Properties... Agates are gronding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Agate stimulates the digestive process and relieves gastritis. It heals the eyes, stomach, and uterus; cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas; it strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders. $104

Yellow Jade with SIlver Plate Healing Properties...A bridge to the deepest mysteries of duality. jasper assists in redressing the balance between light and dark, teaching how to recognize dark as a complement to light rather than the opposite. Reduces insecurities; helpful for cellular memory, DNA, tissue regeneration, digestive processes, excretion, abdominal pain, skin disease, kidney and gall stones and for overcomin body oder and insomnia. Jade is a symbol for purity nd serenity. Heals stitches. Assists in fertility and child birth. $104

Yellow Opal and Rock Crystal

with Pewter Discs and Silver Plate Toggle. Healing Properties for his piece. Opal is a delicate stone with fine vibration. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. Opal strengthens the will to Beauty live. Treats Parkinson's disease, infections, and Brow Qu Most Frequent Permanent fevers. Purifys the blood and kidneys, reguWILL THIS HURT? Some discomfort can be expected initially with the eyebrow procedure because lates $101agent. the brow area is ainsulin, little tougher toeases pre-numb childbirth. when using a topical numbing Therefore, it is normal to experience some pinching during the first 60 seconds of application. Then, the numbing agent will be applied and will absorb into the skin making the remainder of the procedure much more comfortable. When I apply permanent eyeliner and lip color, for most people, these areas can easily be prenumbed making discomfort minimal during these procedures.

Before & After Examples HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?

As with any tattoo, it is permanent. Howeve may want softer blondish or taupe colored bro possibly requiring a “refresh” to brighten or dark

YOU HAVE TO OFF MY frequency. NATURAL BROWS Crystals have a long tradition of being used for crystal healing. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal structure, which causes itWILL to resonate atSHAVE a certain It is this FOR THE PROCEDURE? HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST resonance that is said to give crystals their healing abilities. Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, HOW DO WE DETERMINE SHAPE AND COLOR? body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings. TIPS FOR BROW SHAPE ACCO No. Any natural hairs that fall within the new brow shape are left in place. Brow hairs that are outside of the newly designed brow shape can be tweezed, waxed or left alone.

The permanent makeup procedures (eyelin about $300 to $600.

Procedure normally takes 60-90 minutes. Plenty of that time is taken to discuss shape and color. We work together with a pencil to achieve the desired shape, size and placement. The color is achieved using 2-3 pigments, for added dimension. The skin color, hair color and undertones of the skin are all considered during the color selection. This, along with the advanced hair-stroke technique creates a nice, natural looking brow.

Properly shaped eyebrows open up your eyes a perfect eyebrow starts from the inner corner of th of the iris and narrows down at the edge of the ey slight changes can be applied to suit the shape o eyebrows and different face shapes.

Over 500 Different Pieces • Special Orders Taken • • Call 814-308-8602

• OVAL: Oval is the ideal face shape works well with an oval face. Ke delicateness of this shape.

! Celebrating 10 Years of Service

• ROUND: Make a round face appear more high and leaving the tapering part small. By h eye opens up vertically instead of sideways. It youthful appearance.

TWJ’s advertisers tell us it does....

• OBLONG: Eyebrows should be fla arch low. This opens the eyes horizon face.

know that “How can I “I’ve been the ‘center fold’ since TWJ’s creation and the increase in busilume far exceeds any other form ting with communica of marketing including prom monthly magazines and local papers. Why would anyone NOT use this s will help your reader ” medium. Even people from other states call me. I love TheWomen’s Journal.” ~ Secrets by Lorie y business? m w o r g e m The Women’s Journals have been a great vehicle for educating the readers. It’s a great investment to help someone grow their business. I see it as an investment in my business. ~ Frank

• SQUARE: Leave the brow thick for a square Align the peak of the brow in line with the w balance out the square appearance of the face

• HEART: Adding a curve to the pe shape. Round the eyebrows with sof shape is similar to oval with a slight

• DIAMOND: Soften the angular appearance o rounding the eyebrows or peak the arch to balan


Master’s Certified Permanent Makeup Technician Eyelash Perm & Tint Specialist

Lorie Litzinger

Please visit my website for photos or scan m

111 Zion Back Road • Bellefonte, PA • 814-359-7867 MC/Visa Accepted • Photos are actual clients

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Education is the most powerful method for marketing what I do. I love the women’s journal’s reach into other communities. It’s local but long-distance too. It’s the best! ~ Dr. Nicole WE ARE.... We are a community resource We are an educational publication both in print and digital form We are a publication that targets women because we know they make more of ALL health and consumer buying decisions. Women base their decisions on research and information. We are everywhere in 14 central PA counties and read by more than 150,000 readers. Let us help you grow your today!


A Print and Digital Magazine Business owner November / December 2012 I read it in the Women’s Journal! 20 7

I read it in the Women’s Journal! November/ December 2012

Custom Closets Custom Closets

What’s hanging out in your closets? W

hether you are remodeling your current home or building your dream one, chances are, you will have many storage issues to address. Every American home has storage areas and according to the National Association of Home Builders, homeowners define them as very important. Research indicates that two of the most important things to homeowners these days are “built-in cabinetry and cleverly hidden storage spaces.” You probably have all kinds of garments hanging in your closet – some you love, some that don’t fit, some you wish would fit, Jeff Ulmer some you spent way too much money on all of them needing a place to hang out. Accommodating all the things you own and want to store inside your closets can be a problem. Having spent the past five years in and out of hundreds of closets, visualizing the best way to maximize your space has become second-nature to me. I have a BS in Industrial Engineering and worked as a Sales Engineer for ten years prior to purchasing Closets Plus five years ago. My education in engineering gives me the vision to provide you with the maximum storage for your space and my experience in relating with customers ensures a fun experience for everyone involved. The process of designing that dream closet or optimizing the shelving in your pantry starts with scheduling an appointment for me to get to know you and how you use your space. By asking the right questions, we are able to custom design our units to meet your specific needs, with the help of our computer aided design software. Once the design is completed, we setup a time to review the design and make any changes. Once approved, the material is ordered and manufactured in our shop. The finished product is ready to install in approximately 3-4 weeks. Millions of dollars are spent each year on clothing, yet some people insist on shoving those garments into inadequate closet space. Let Closets Plus show you how to double your closet space with our laminated wood or ventilated wire systems. You can visit us at one of our two showrooms in Selinsgrove or Mifflinburg by appointment at 570-742-7529 or 888-649-2969 or on the web at www.closetspluspa. com. Stop reaching for your favorite pants or shirt only to discover it’s hopelessly wrinkled. Call Closets Plus for a free estimate today. We know you’ll be glad you did!

Call Closets Plus Today For a Free Design consultation 570-742-7529 • 888-649-2969 or Visit us online at


ou have the ability to look at a space and know exactly how to organize it to get the most use of that space. — Diane

I read it in the Women’s Journal! I read it in the Women’s Journal!


his morning Jeff, who owns closets Plus, showed up promptly at 7:50 a.m., ready to get started installing the closet systems. he managed to get all of the closets completely installed by shortly after noon! Very impressive! And the closets are very impressive looking, too! — Bill We know you’ll be glad you did! 21 9

November / December 2012 2010 November/December

Open 8am Home Football Saturdays

Send a Nittany Lion Greeting to a Special Fan!

For birthdays, a job well done, or just to say hi, no one can deliver it better — than the Nittany Lion When ordering your card, please include the following: Your Information: Name • Phone Number • E-Mail Recipient Information: Name • Address • Desired Delivery Date and Message: Limited to 15 words

$10 per card Proceeds benefit the Penn State Cheerleading/Dance Booster Club

Send cash or check made payable to “Nittany Lion Pride” and send to — Nittany Lion Pride Cheerleading/Dance Team Booster Club P.O. Box 192 • State College, PA 16804-0192 For more information contact:

WE ARE PENN STATE! November / December 2012


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375 Hats were made in 1 day ~ Thank you! A sincere thank you to the 300 hats team: Liz L., Charlene C, Lisa G, Roseann P, Pollyann P, Mary W, Sue M, Brenda R, Shirley G, Karen G, Donna S, Carol D, Sarah C, Susan M, & Janise C The hat making project started with a need. Janise Crow, “The Hair Lady” had been asked by many clients for comfortable cotton hats to wear around and to bed. The American Cancer Society had provided these in the past, but didn’t have them readily available and Janise considered purchasing them, but even at wholesale they were too expensive. Janise began brainstorming other options and thought about the no sew t-shirt wrap hat she demonstrates during Look Good, Feel Better sessions. With a few stitches of the sewing machine… t-shirts could easily become hats. Janise was inspired and wanted to create enough to last a year and to those in Centre county. This was a big goal and she needed help. Janise reached out to friends to help prototype and Charlene Chambers of “Cha Cha’s Sewing”, who is an excellent seamstress, together they came up with the hat design used to create the hats with braided bands. The date was set and word was sent out for volunteers to cut, I read it in the Women’s Journal!

braid, sort, and package and sew. Cha Cha loaned her serge sewing machines to create nice finished seams inside the hats. Fifteen people came together and lovingly gave their time from 9am to 8pm in one day and created 375 hats! Where to get a hat.. 1- The Hair Lady, Janise Crow, State College, 814-883-3862, 2- Look Good Feel Better Sessions 3- American Cancer Society - 800-227-2345

Want to learn how to make the hats? You can learn how to make hats for ladies in your community... Visit The Hair Lady’s Blog


November / December 2012


Treat Your Wrinkles Right!

There are three distinctly different types of wrinkles that you’ll (eventually) have to face. So before deciding on a wrinkle treatment, it is important to understand the difference among facial wrinkles and their various causes. Dr. Fanny Louton of Blair Plastic Surgery’s Skin Care and Laser Center offers some insight on how to select the best treatment for you. 1. Static Wrinkles. Static wrinkles are due to loss of elasticity in the skin caused from sun damage, smoking, genetics, poor nutrition, or from prolonged dynamic wrinkling. These line creases become increasingly permanent over time and show up most frequently on the cheeks, around the eyes, and upper lip. What you can do: Techniques that increase the thickness of the skin or that remove the damaged skin such as laser skin resurfacing and deeper chemical, stimulate new collagen formation to improve the skin’s appearance, elasticity, and thickness. Medically prescribed skin care regimes using topical creams and ointments such as Tretinoin and Vitamin C serums, can restore and maintain the skin’s youthfulness. Multiple treatments of intense pulsed light or light chemical peels and other non-ablative lasers will also increase the thickness of the skin and collagen level without significant downtime. 2. Dynamic Wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by repeated facial muscle movement, or expressions. Each muscle contraction causes the skin to bunch together, forming lines between the bulk of the muscle. Common dynamic wrinkles develop between the brow, across the forehead, and near the outer corners of the eyes, referred to as “crow’s feet”. It follows, then, that weakening these muscles will cause a reduction in the severity of the facial wrinkles, or can prevent them altogether when muscle weakening is done before wrinkles form. What you can do: Some of the muscles can be weakened permanently through surgery alone, or in combination with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), a brow lift or forehead lift. An alternative dynamic wrinkle treatment is injections of Botox® to temporarily decrease the muscle action for approximately 3-4 months thereby preventing wrinkle formation. November / December 2012

3. Gravity Folds. These lines are from the effects of gravity and they become increasingly obvious as skin begins to fold and sag. Most commonly noted are the deep grooves between the nose and mouth known as naso-labial folds, or smile lines. What you can do: Surgical procedures such as midface lifts, cheek lifts, and neck lifts offer the best corrective measures for these problems. As an alternative to surgery, these folds can be camouflaged temporarily by plumping up the groove from beneath with dermal fillers like JuvedermXC® and Restylane®. These materials typically last up to a year while Artefill® and autologous fat transfer (whereby your own fat is removed from one area and then injected into the area where fullness is desired), are one of the more permanent wrinkle filling treatments. Most people, especially those with skin showing signs of premature aging, have a combination of all three types of facial wrinkles. Regardless of your age, wrinkle type, or desired degree of correction, Blair Plastic Surgery will work with you to determine the most ideal facial rejuvenation solution for you. Call us at 814-949-7280 to set up your private consultation appointment, or visit us on line at for more information.

Blair Plastic Surgery’s Non-Surgical Need HelpOptions with Your

Cosmetic Surgery Homework?

Get started now on your

Let Dr. Robert Louton be your tutor! Join him this fall for our complimentary Seminars regarding Cosmetic Surgery Options.

Holiday Glow!

Blair Plastic Surgery’s Fall Seminar Schedule

1952 Waddle Rd., STATE COLLEGE


Tuesday, 5:00 – 6:00 pm October 2nd Breast Surgery Augmentations, Reductions, Recontruction, BRAVA and Fat Transfer

Visit us in State College or Altoona office during November and December to take advantage of

SKIN CARE FOCUS GROUP I Thursday, 4:00 – 6:00 pm September 27th Product Presentations and Patient Trials Selection

10% OFF Botox and JuvedermXC Tuesday, 5:00 - 6:00 pm 10% OFF all medical skin care products October 23rd Body Contouring 10% OFF Latisse and Obagi Kits Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, Body lifts, etc. Tuesday, 5:00 - 6:00 pm $25 OFF Microdermabrasions October 30th No-Incision Decision $25 OFF Chemical FacialThe Peels Botox, Fillers, & other injectables SKIN CARE & FOCUS GROUP II Open M-F with evening hours on Wednesdays Thursdays. Thursday, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

8th 1952 Waddle Rd., State College -November (814) 234-1420 Outcomes & Reviews 3107 Fairway Dr., Altoona – (814) Robert 949-7280 Louton MD

Robert Louton MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 24

Limited 20 Registrants per seminar. I read it into the Women’s Journal! Call for details and register today.


Give a GIFT CERTIFICATE this year for something that will lasts for years!

Before/After Eyeliner Before/After Brows ACTUAL CLIENT PHOTOS

Are you tired of messing with eyebrow pencil and/or eyeliner? You don’t have to anymore. It’s permanent.

Consultations are Free. 814-359-7867

Secrets by Lorie


Are youACTUAL tired of CLIENT messing with eyebrow pencil and/or PHOTOS

You don’twith have111 toZion anymore. It’s permanent. Back Road, Bellefonte Pa Are youeyeliner? tired of messing eyebrow pencil and/or weekday/weekend appointments available. eyeliner? You don’t have to anymore. It’s permanent.

Consultations are Free. 814-359-7867 Since 2001 Consultations are Free. Call 814-359-7867

Secrets by Lorie

Secrets by Lorie

Since 2001

Before/After Lip Color

111 Zion Back Road, Bellefonte Pa 111 Zion Back Road • Bellefonte, PA weekday/weekend appointments available. Weekday/weekend appointments available.

Since 2001 Since 2001

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November / December 2012

Real Estate

Return to Normalcy, Almost As fall settles in and we head into winter we get a chance to reflect on the housing market and perhaps get an idea of where we are heading. Of course with all the uncertainty in the financial world these days we can never be sure of any predictions, but some figures do give us hope for brighter days ahead. It looks as though we are finally returning to a more normal housing market. Normalcy here is in reference to what was the standard for most of the time statistics have been generated, not what happened in the past ~10 years. Based upon figures generated from the local Multi-List System and the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors for Centre County, the numbers after the third quarter of 2012 are encouraging in just about every area. The number of houses sold as compared to last year has increased more than 10%, and this is reflected in a lower inventory (-7.3%), which in turns causes sales prices to increase (+2.5%) due to increased competition. Days on market have decreased significantly from last year, with drops of more than 20% in the second and third quarters continuing the downward trend of the last year, with the current average at 74 days – the lowest in three years. At the same time the average and

median sales prices for the county have continued a gradual and steady increase. These statistics are good indicators that we are finally seeing a solid shift in the market to one that is either balanced or even slightly in favor of the seller – if you have your property correctly priced and in good condition. When considering the incredible interest rates that are now available, I will repeat my suggestions from my last article in that if you are able to buy, this is probably the best time to do so. Contact your favorite Realtor to determine your specific circumstances and local conditions. It could be the right time for you to “get back in the water”. Scot Chambers, REALTOR® ABR, e-PRO, GREEN Member of Board of Directors for CCAR

740 S. Atherton Street • State College, PA 16801

Cell: (814) 574-9267 • Office: (814) 272-3333 • This ad is sponsored by Charlene Chambers, your Green Irene Eco-consultant


Putting the Garden to Bed…

By Joe Stitt, Garden Designer at Moon Brothers Landscaping I in my scarf and Mom in her cap had just settled the garden in for a long winter’s nap. When from the garden shed there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the perennial bed to see what was the matter. When what to my wondering eye should appear but bushy tailed squirrel with eyes so shiny and black, he was packing away acorns and seeds in old planters rack. The squirrel and I both knew fall was giving way to winter and the only thing we could do was get ready for the long cold months ahead. Late fall is such a great time to go through the gardens to get them ready for the winter as well as evaluating the status and condition of the various landscape plantings. The list of fall garden chores includes: pruning, weeding, mulching, and installing weather protection for vulnerable specimens. After the leaves have fallen from deciduous trees and shrubs it is a good time to inspect those plants for branches that may have been damaged by summer storms and to then prune the branch to prevent further damage. Late fall through early spring pruning allow the plant’s wound (the freshly cut area) to dry and carry less risk of attracting harmful insects and pathogens. Another aspect of fall pruning is general shaping or training of the respective plant specimen. Branches that are growing awry can be pruned back to maintain the balance and shape of the plant or to remove limbs that brushing against buildings or growing into vital sight lines. This is also a great time to remove those rogue perennial weeds that have very happily set up house keeping in the back of the beds where they are easily missed during the primary growing season. Weeds with tap roots like burdock, horse dock, and the ever infamous dandelion can be easily and very effectively removed from the garden by cutting the root several inches below the soil line November / December 2012

and removing the leaves and top portion of the root system. This is also when you want to be on the look out for winter weeds like chickweed, speedwell, and ground ivy. These are called winter weeds because they continue to grow long after other more respectable garden residents have gone dormant and will lay in wait for the first warm breeze of spring to begin flowering and producing thousands of seeds for the next generation of uninvited garden groundcovers. Fall and winter mulches are typically more protective than decorative. Chopped leaves from healthy trees, straw, and pine needles all make wonderful fall and winter mulches. Plants with low graft unions such as hybrid tea roses benefit from having a think layer of one of the above mulches added around their base to protect the graft from harsh freezes and extreme temperature swings. Lastly, some of the stars (or divas – depending on your view point) of the garden may need additional protection to get through the harshest elements of our winter. Many broadleaf evergreens will benefit from an application of a foliar spray like Wiltproof® or a simple burlap screen to prevent the leaves from drying out or ‘burning’ during the gusts and gales of winter winds. As ‘Bright Eyes’ the squirrel scurried off for another acorn and I returned to the perennial border to finish tucking the garden in for the winter. I began to day dream of my own long winters nap and took comfort in knowing the garden would ready welcome back the first robin of spring.

Call for your consultation with Moon Brothers Landscaping at 814.237.3039 26

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Will I Ever Be Able to

80% of your preretirement income. However, while inflation increases at a rate around 4% annually, other expenses such as healthcare costs, insurance and leisure travel expenses, tend to rise at a higher rate, typically 5 -6%, from year to year. Keeping the purchasing power of your income can be a major hurdle during retirement.

By Judy Loy, ChFC® As an investment advisor, one of the questions I most frequently get from clients is, "When can I retire?" The answer to this question has become more complicated due to the instability of the global economy, the volatility of the stock market, and the unpredictability of Social Security. By carefully planning for your future, you can ensure that you have enough income to live on in the later years of life.

6. Where to invest – In fighting inflation, stocks or equities have traditionally achieved higher returns over longer periods of time than bonds. Talk to a financial planner about what types of investments make sense for your tolerance for risk, your age and your long-term investment strategy.

Here are some issues to consider as you plan for retirement: 1. The source of your retirement income – With the uncertainty surrounding Social Security, you will need other sources of income. Rental property, stocks and bonds, pensions, savings accounts or retirement accounts can all be good sources of income with the right financial strategy that is balanced for risk. Taking the time to run a retirement calculator with an advisor at least every five years is a must. By checking your ongoing progress, a calculator will make sure you are on track and that the assumptions used are accurate.

7. Your target retirement age - Medicare, a national healthcare plan, starts at age 65. If you need healthcare coverage before age 65, you may need to shell out as much as $1,000 a month for coverage. You'll also want to consider the difference in payouts from social security or pensions if you start collecting them early. Talking to an investment advisor is the best way to get a thorough assessment of your financial situation. For an hourly consulting fee, the investment advisors at Nestlerode and Loy will confidentially review your entire financial situation. We can help you understand your current investments and may recommend changes to help you meet your financial goals.

2. How your investments will grow over time - It helps to start saving for retirement early in life since the gains on your investments can be compounded. A general guideline is to put 10% of your income into a retirement account annually. If your company has a 401K plan, make sure you are getting their full match, if available. Every time you get a raise, having a percentage of salary going toward your 401K or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) will increase your retirement contributions with your salary increases. Talk to your advisor about the differences between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA and the best avenue for you. A Roth can be a nice complement to saving in a company retirement plan.

Judy Loy, ChFC®, is a Registered Investment Advisor and CEO at Nestlerode & Loy Investment Advisors, State College, Pa. To schedule your FREE initial consultation or for more information, call Judy at 814-238-6249 or email her at

3. Retirement lifestyle - Many retirees plan to work part-time in retirement which can impact monthly income needs. Other retirees plan to travel or purchase a vacation home. Think about what you envision for your retirement and how these choices may impact your financial needs. Discuss these wants with your advisor so he or she has a clear idea how to help you get to your dreams.

Research-based Solutions • Personal Attention

“Celebrating 75 years of helping people reach their financial goals”

4. Future living expenses - Your living expenses in retirement may be less than your current living expenses are now; in fact, a rule of thumb is that your retirement income needs may be about I read it in the Women’s Journal!



(814) 238-6249 • 27


November / December 2012


Organic Facial Oils 800 Chestnut Avenue - Altoona, PA 16601

(814) 946-2845

Be A Beacon of Light on Lung Cancer

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to increasing attention to lung cancer issues. At the Lung Disease Center of Central PA, we are honored to introduce the inaugural “A Beacon of Light on Lung Cancer” event to bring much needed support and attention to a disease that each year kills more people than breast, prostate, colon and pancreas cancers combined. Through our Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA, we have partnered with the Penn State Altoona Student body and faculty, regional businesses and media partners to raise funds through this special event to inform, empower and educate individuals on the improvement of all aspects of lung health and the quality of air in an effort to reduce lung disease. The Foundation is dedicated to carrying out research efforts relative to all aspects of lung disease and the promotion and development of telemedicine networks and telehealth clinical services. Imagine thousands of lighted glow sticks held by volunteers, friends and family members around the Penn State Altoona pond honoring their loved ones. Standing with them will be survivors of this terrible disease celebrating the opportunity to be thankful at this special time of year. Here are some sobering facts about Lung Cancer: • According to the National Cancer Institute, the estimated number of new cases of lung cancer in 2012 stands at 226, 160 and the number of deaths at 160,340. • Most patients discover their disease too late for treatment and 85% of patients will die within 5 years from it. • If detected in its earliest stage (1A) the five-year survival rate is between 85-100%. At the Lung Disease Center of Central PA, we have over 160 patients currently participating in our Lung Cancer Early Detection Program, in which yearly CT scans are performed using our in-house CT Scanner. Today as the results of this program, two patients are cancer free. These extraordinary success stories are an example of what can be done through research made possible with the help of the Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA. We encourage you to be at Penn State Altoona on Tuesday, November 13th to experience this wonderful event and show your support by sponsoring a glow stick for any amount. If you are unable to attend, please cut out the Beacon Tag on this page, return it along with your donation to the Lung Disease Foundation, and become A Beacon of Light on Lung Cancer. All of the Beacon Tags will be displayed on the windows of the Slep Building overlooking the pond.

Treat your face to products free of chemicals and toxins. Serra Organics offers two moisturizer blends formulated from organic plant oils with no added fragrance, dyes, or preservatives.

Balance·Harmony·Wholeness • • • •

JANE KOOT Founder of Serra Organic Facial Oils

Suitable for sensitive skin Moisturizes with all-natural ingredients Reduces appearance of fine lines Deters wrinkling and Love your product, premature aging finally something from • Formulated with cold nature…and my skin loves it too! pressed oils to retain vitamins and minerals — Radana Des Plaines, Illinois • Use as day, night, or eye cream

Available in State College at: The Granary, BeWell Associates, Tait Farm Foods & Nature’s Pantry Available in Altoona at: Everything Natural Under the Sun And from our website:

See Event on Page 29 November / December 2012


I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Beacon of Light on Lung Cancer A Vigil to Honor Our Loved Ones Tuesday, November 13, 2012 6pm to 7pm Penn State Altoona Join us for a special light up night with thousands of Glow Sticks and Lighthouses to create awareness of Lung Disease. The Lung Disease Foundation, their partners and Penn State Altoona students will be lighting up the PSU Altoona pond with sponsored glow sticks and displays as a fund raising event to support The Lung Disease Foundation of Central Pennsylvania, which is dedicated to charitable efforts to inform, empower, and educate individuals on the improvement of all aspects of lung health and the quality of air in an effort to reduce lung disease.

Individuals might accomplish a few things, but groups of people working together can do the big things. That’s the philosophy behind the Lung Disease Foundation of Central Pennsylvania, an evolving organization focused on education and the high tech development of pulmonary services in Central Pennsylvania.

Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA 800 Chestnut Avenue, Altoona, PA 16601 • 814.946.2845 Email:

Beacon of Light on Lung Cancer Yes, I want to support Lung Cancer Awareness & Education by donating $__________________________Sponsor:________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ In Honor or Memory of:

Sign up today to have your name appear with this incredible display and help reduce lung disease.

I read it in the Women’s Journal! Journal!

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Lung Disease Foundation of Central PA 800 Chestnut Ave., Altoona, PA. 16601 • 814.946.2845 *Nonprofit application filed 5 29

November// December 2012 November

Pink Page Business Directory HYPNOSIS HYPNOSIS

Simplify your life with products that are Tara L. Reeder both stylish & functional. 717-994-0530 HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS Healthy Weight Loss Book A Party or Join My TEAM Today! Days to a Healthier and Happy You!


Jan Filiaggi, Certified Consulting Hypnotist — Smoking Cessation — Weight Loss — Pain Relief — Grief, Loss, Transitions — Releasing Fears & Phobias


814 .360.7095


WWW.YOURVIBE.ME Tues-Thurs: 8AM- 8PM Fri: 8AM- 6PM, Sat: 9AM- 3PM Starting in October 2012, we will be offering Spray Tanning & Full Body Waxing Services. Sunday & Monday: Closed

I am pleased with my decision to advertise in the Pink Pages. The exposure has been great and I feel it has really grown my business. I would recommend it highly. ~ Jan Filiaggi, Certified Consulting Hypnotist


60 The Challenge starts in January Get Rid of Holiday Pounds and Bloat Huge Facebook Support Page

98% Effective Holistic Weight Loss System Hurry Up! Limited Space! Email: your life with products thatorareCall 570-286-0421 Tara L. Reeder both stylish functional . For &Free Information 717-994-0530 Book A Party or Join My TEAM Today!


Kitchen, Catalog, Fundraiser, & Bridal Shows!

Judy Pogue, Independent Advanced Director 91 Marvin Street, Port Matilda, PA 16870 ~ Privileged to serve you in the kitchen for 20 years!


Simplify your life with products that are both stylish & functional. Book A Party or Join My TEAM Today!

Explaining the past, understanding the present, and releaving the future.

Cell: 772-971-2830


40 years experience at solving life problems

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat 10-3, evening by appt. Located on William Penn Highway in Alexandria, PA

Lock Haven ~ 570-748-6237 Philipsburg ~ 814-342-6992


Consider the affordableTWJ’s Pink Pages...get a quick message out to more than 100,000 readers who are your target audience - women!

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Gynecological Exams/Pap Smears Birth Control Free STD/HIV Testing and STD Treatment Some Major Insurance Plans & Medical Assistance are accepted Sliding fee scale available

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Is Your Target Market... WOMEN…THE ULTIMATE CONSUMERS? ...Women control $14 trillion of current wealth

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• Women account for 83% of retail customers in the U.S.


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November / December 2012

Simplify yo both www.myt Book A T

Don’t delay, call me today! 814-692-2119


Bellefonte ~ 814-355-2762 Huntingdon ~ 814-643-5364

Simplify yo both www.myt Book A T


I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Simplify yo both www.myt Book A T

Pink Page Business Directory CLEANING CLEANING Call us to design your house cleaning plan . . . Book Now for the Holidays!

Cel ebr ating 16 years Centre/Mifflin/Juniata Counties

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Country Ray Saunas

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* Rotating stool * Louvered vent * Window * Towel rod * Four infrared electric lights * Constructed from non-toxic, unfinished poplar Aids in Healing, Detoxification & Relaxation

Benjamin Lapp

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Franz & Deborah Pecka Reiki Masters ~ Teachers/Practitioners Combination Services: Massage/Reiki, Massage/Chiro Care/Re iki Web: Email: Appts. call: 814.207.5294 1301 Allegheny Street, Suite 111 ~ Hollidaysburg, PA 16648


The pink pages gives me exposure to a large group of women that may be looking for my products. I find it to be a very reasonable way to advertise in such a widely distributed publication. ~ Carol A. Walsh, Mary Kay Cosmetics



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Piney Ridge Healing Arts Center “Reiki promotes overall balance, enhancing quality of life, reducing pain, anxiety, insomnia" Level 1 Classes held in April, May and June Martha Marsh RN 814 506-5490



Angels Do Speak

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FITNESS,HEALTH HEALTH & WEIGHT FITNESS, WEIGHTLOSS LOSS KICKSTART FITNESS for Women Ready to get into the best shape of your life? Phone, online or in-person!

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Simply Beautiful Interiors by Linda Reed

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November / December 2012

Autoport is now booking holiday parties, family get-togethers, and office celebrations!

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Holiday season is upon us, and The Autoport has you covered! From our new menu to on-site parties we can help make your event hassle free…plus Autoport Gift cards are always in Good Taste!


The Autoport offers an ideal setting for a festive gathering. Our event coordinators will help you plan the perfect party, from menu selections to room set up. Whether you have 5 or 50, looking for a luncheon or dinner party we can make it happen. And don’t forget, we still have room for last minute occasions. Please call us today at 237-7666 and we will work with you to make your event memorable!

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Too busy to break away from the office? Or hosting a big group at home for Holidays? From appetizers to homemade desserts, platters, entrees, tapas, and more en—The Autoport has your solution. We offer an extensive catering menu, and we will be happy to work within your budget to make your event memorable!

Some of Our picks: Favorite Businesses

Holiday Happenings:

Thanksgiving Buffet-- Our Famous all you can eat Holiday Buffet with all the trimmings prepared by our world class chefs! Call today to reserve your space!


Celebrate holidays with the Autoport 1405the South Atherton St.


2012 College,New PA for 16801

Make reservations for our Famous

Great Winter Crafts

Thanksgiving During The Month Of December Holiday Buffet Every Friday Lunch BuffeT Leading Up To Christmas


Check out The Autoport’s New MeNu!

Celebrate the holidays with the Autoport 1405 South Atherton St. State College, PA 16801


Make reservations for our Famous

Thanksgiving BuffeT

During The Month Of December Holiday Buffet Every Friday Lunch Leading Up To Christmas

Ornament Storage

Check out The Autoport’s New MeNu!


Chipotle Butternut Squash Soup

November / December 2012 e Women’s Journal!

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Household Tips


New for 2012

erton St. A 16801

Warm up with a cup of coffee

I read it in the Women’s Journal! November/ December 2012


To Color or Not to Color… Attention Ladies! Gray hair does not make you look old! There are many things that can make you look old. Your age is probably the primary culprit. Then there’s diet, rest, exercise… you’ve heard it all before. But it seems gray hair always gets the blame. The truth is, as your hair color is changing, so is the color of your skin, eyes, and teeth. (In an effort to stay out of trouble I’ll use myself as an example.) Before my hair began to turn gray I stayed away from gray clothing. With my skin tone, gray clothes made me look physically sick. But now that I’m mostly gray I can ROCK a gray suit. I even have gray frames for my glasses. Please don’t misunderstand me. Many of my color clients come to me expressly to have their gray covered. Further, I love coloring gray because gray coverage offers its own set of challenges for a colorist. If you do choose to color your gray, here are a few quick rules to help put things in perspective: 1. Highlighting gray hair does not camouflage the gray. 2. If you want to go lighter, don’t go more than 2 levels lighter than your present natural color. Lighter hair accentuates facial lines. 3. Use translucent colors for a more natural look.

4. If you look in the mirror and see a face and hair, your color is probably wrong for you. If your color is right, you should just see your beautiful head and face as a blended picture. Finally, remember that hair is only part of the total package. Whether your hair is changed by nature or by choice, your clothing, accessories, eyeglasses and makeup (if worn) must coordinate to complete the picture. To color or not to color… that is the question! Isn’t it nice to know that you can look great either way?!

By appointment only:

(814) 466-7879

Ask Susan

Are you Ready to Face the Day....

Today's woman knows the importance of putting her best face forward, from what she says to what she wears to how she takes on the day. Hair is always at the top of her list.... IF she feels good - she looks good. Acting like a modern beauty is important to representing herself in the best light.

Stacey Haas

Get ready to face the day with a smile.... IF you want a hairstyle that looks GREAT on you.... give us a call...we will help talk you through a hairstyle that will make you feel good.

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Bags, totes, purses and organizational items!

355 Suite D, Colonnade Blvd. State College, PA 16803

Now you can get Penn State on our Spirit Line! 814.353.1935 I read it in the Women’s Journal!

814-235 5555 33

November / December 2012


10 Plants To Grow for Holiday Decorating retains brilliant red berries. They are a staple of stunning arrangements and wreaths, and the berries that remain on the bushes provide food for returning migrating spring birds.

Melody Aumiller of Fox Hill Gardens Create gorgeous seasonal decorations from ten terrific plants that you can easily grow, adding beauty to your home and your landscape. Try your hand at a simple wreath, swag or centerpiece, or just lay a few sprays of evergreen and berry twigs in the center of your table combined with walnuts, pinecones, brightly colored fruit or pretty ornaments and ribbon to create your seasonal look. Add candles or a strand of battery-operated lights to make things glow. Be creative and have fun!

Linden Viburnum- Here’s another beautiful berry plant, bright and

inviting to birds and humans alike. The red berries are lovely in arrangements, or placed in a vase or in a wreath.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce- An easy care evergreen that lives easily in pots, this small cone shaped tree ranges in size from tabletop petite to 8 feet tall. Bring a few small specimens indoors to add a festive accent for at least a month, but don’t let them dry out. Outdoors, cluster a few on the patio, either side of the front walkway, entry steps or garage doors and add white lights for classic holiday appeal.

Grasses- Not only are they graceful outdoors in the fall, the seed heads of grasses make stunning displays placed in a vase or basket and surrounded with small gourds and pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Misted with sprayon glitter or artificial snow and placed in an attractive seasonal container, the grasses make a successful transition to winter décor.

Red Twig Dogwood- This native plant has bright red branches that are a beautiful accent in arrangements, or placed into an outdoor urn or planter along with mixed evergreens for a long lasting display. Just as vibrant growing outdoors in stark contrast to a snowy landscape, red twig dogwoods add stunning ruby tones to a winter day. Fernspray Falsecypress- (Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Filicoides’) Fern-like foliage of this evergreen is reminiscent of an Asian garden, but is also stunning in arrangements because of the unusual texture. It’s easy to grow this tree in large planters, and it makes an elegant statement decorated with white lights.

Hydrangea- Collect the flower heads of hydrangeas just as they begin to blush

with their most intense late summer colors (but before they turn brown from frost or too much rain). Dry upside down in a dim, fairly low-moisture area to retain the color and shape, and then use them in gorgeous dried arrangements and wreaths, attractive during the holidays or any time of year. To add some shine, spray paint with a little metallic paint.

Though decorating for the season can be a highlight of the year, we should remember the appearance of our homes is not of utmost importance, but the warmth and joy filling them that make the holidays special. Fox Hill Gardens Nursery and Landscaping wishes you, your family and loved ones such a holiday season, and we hope to see you often in 2013!

Bittersweet- Grow native American bittersweet (Celastrus scandens) to enjoy

not only the beautiful red berries with yellow husks that cling to the vine through winter, but also the bluebirds that will seek them in the spring. Collect vines before husks open, and twist into a wreath. Wrap around pumpkins and candles placed in glass hurricanes to decorate the table or fireplace mantle, then add sprigs of evergreen to update the look for December. (Note:American bittersweet is considered endangered in some areas. Asian bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus), on the other hand, is an invasive vine that can girdle trees and should be avoided.)

As the season winds down, so does Fox Hill Gardens. We have reduced staff and hours during November and December, BUT don’t miss the opportunity to get gift certificates for the cherished gardeners in you life! Please call and leave a message and we will return your call.

Fox Hill Gardens

Holly- This winter favorite brings holiday cheer

outdoors and in. Dark green glossy leaves and bright red berries are simple yet lovely when a handful of branches are placed into a vase with a few sprays of white pine or Fraser fir to add fragrance. Holly on the fireplace mantle or in the middle of the dinner table is the quintessential winter decoration. Variegated varieties are particularly lovely.

Your local source for quality plants!

1035 Fox Hill Road • State College, PA 16803 Phone: 814-237-9087 •

Boxwood- Neat and tidy boxwood bushes are

charming and sophisticated outdoors, especially when lit with white lights for the holiday season. Cuttings are a staple of many holiday table arrangements. Fill a pretty container and add cut flowers or sugared fruit. Include sprays of bright berries and a bow for the final touch.

Mon-Sat 9:30 to 5:30 • Sun 10-4

Winterberry Holly- This deciduous holly loses all of its leaves for the winter but November/ December 2012


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Health Health

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? You need to be healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to be healthy. The majority of people in America are overweight. Did you know that a great part of your health depends on your liver - especially relating to weight loss and fatigue! The liver helps to regulate thyroid function. So, a dysfunctional liver can be involved in weight gain that is difficult to lose until you cleanse your liver. A blood test will not tell you if your thyroid gland is hypo-functioning, it will only give you information when the gland is broken. Your thyroid gland may just need the help of more iodine. Without sufficient iodine supply, the thyroid gland is unable to make thyroid hormones in adequate amounts. ARE YOU TOXIC? Whether we like it or not or realize it, toxins are everywhere. They are in the air, our workplace, our homes, food, water, and can even be created by negative thoughts. Did you ever wonder what happens to all of these chemicals? Some are removed by bodily functions, others are stored in our fat and other body tissues (liver.) Wouldn’t you like to finally have more energy throughout the day? Take a moment to read these symptoms and see if you have some of the common toxicity indicators. • Poor digestion, acid reflux • Poor sleep • Fatigue • Constipation, bloating, gas • Food cravings • Overweight • Skin conditions • Dark circles or puffiness under the eyes • High cholesterol • Joint pain • Fibromyalgia • Recurring headaches • Hormone imbalances, PMS • Mental fog If you find yourself saying yes to some or all of these, then this purification and weight loss system is for you. This is a three week program that includes a specialized diet and supplements, exercise, record keeping, and information.

A highly nutritious shake, capsules to assist liver detox, gastrofiber to help the body rid itself of toxins, and a green food supplement to help nourish and heal the body are utilized. A re-entry phase is outlined and food allergies are often identified. An IonCleanse footbath is done afterwards to assist in the removal of more toxins and helps with better liver function. From Dec. 1 to Dec. 14, Optimal Wellness will offering a 15% discount for the Purification System to help you jumpstart weight loss after the holidays. A free Post-Purification lecture will be held at Optimal Wellness on Wednesday January 31st from 6:30 to 7:30, and/or Saturday, February 2nd from 10:00 to 11:00. The Post Purification helps you continue on your path toward a healthy lifestyle. Call Merry Matukonis today for information at 814-9339149. Optimal Wellness is your source for long-term health solutions.

Optimal Wellness Nutritional Counseling Prevention • Detoxification Merry Matukonis R.N., CCWFN 2700 Lower Brush Valley Rd. • Centre Hall, PA Bring Balance To Your Life — Call Today!



Eat Thin.... Eat Green Can’t agree on where to go for a quick, fresh meal? Come to our Market Café. Our variety of freshly made foods ranges from quick grabs like pizza, subs, and Asian classics to comfort-food favorites, salads, and sandwiches. Family-friendly foods at budget-friendly prices — that’s Wegmans.

helping you make great meals easy

201 William St. • Williamsport, PA 17701 • 570-320-8878 I read it in the Women’s Journal!


EST. 1979

712 P leasan t V alley B lv d., A lto o n a, P A 16602 P H O N E (814) 943-5517

November / December 2012

Fall in love all over again The number of people getting married has been decreasing in the past years, however, that doesn’t mean that people haven’t been falling in love just as much—if not more. It is very common to turn your computer, tablet, or smartphone into your favorite companion and spend quality time with your choice of “The one”. For some people, “The one” is simply a tool that allows them to communicate with others. Whether you choose to use a laptop, desktop, tablet or a smartphone, the opportunities provided by your device are unlimited.

How do we fall in love again you ask? Allow your device to teach us new tricks and stay open minded to what it may bring your way. Search for new software for your computer, or a new free application (offered daily) for your smartphone and you will be amazed by what you will find.


I guess my advice to you is to keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to explore, reach out and ask friends, family and colleagues to recommend something new. Find out what they ran into lately that changed their lives— believe me, you never know what you may hear.



Livnat Maldonado

Happy Holidays from all of us here at P2P

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Revolutionary Avalon convenience! To Learn More Stop By Our Store Today. Pennwood Home & Hearth is a full service retailer and professional

installer of only the highest quality stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, fireplace mantels, fireplace doors, gas log sets, outdoor barbecues, and accessories.

Whether you are building a new home, expanding or remodeling your current home, we can help you choose the best product and fuel for your situation. Our product line includes an assortment of wood, natural gas, propane, wood pellet, corn, coal, oil fired and electric appliances.

Call us today and we'll help you decide which is best for you and your family this winter. PA012501 • (814) 359-2761 November / December 2012


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Continuing Education

A Penn State Degree Is within Your Reach

Adult learner Annette Struble has kept a promise to herself and will graduate from Penn State in December By Deborah A. Benedetti Being a parent of twins and working full-time can be a challenge for any single mother, but Annette Struble found a way to do that and also take classes at Penn State. She will pick up her associate degree in letters, arts, and sciences on December 22 during fall commencement ceremonies at the University Park campus.

Annette Struble of Lemont will complete her associate degree and graduate from Penn State in December.

Struble has taken courses through Penn State Continuing Education throughout her work career, except for a six-year break to spend more time with her children. “When you have kids, it’s hard to fit education in with everything else,” said Struble, who also is deacon of the Milesburg Baptist Church and an affiliate member of Penn State’s Commission for Women.

“It’s finally paying off,” said Struble, who lives in Lemont with her 18-year-old twins Derek and Katilina. “I’m actually getting a degree. I’m excited.” Even though Struble is continuing on for her bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation and human services at Penn State, she plans to don cap and gown to pick up her diploma.

Twins Katilina and Derek Struble are Annette Struble’s No. 1 supporters as she pursues her education goal.

“I hadn’t really focused on myself while my kids were growing up, but now I’m more determined to finish my bachelor’s degree.”

Earning a bachelor’s degree will not only enhance Struble’s career at the University, but also will prepare her for her next career. “When I retire, I hope to work in a school as a paraprofessional or in another role with children who have special needs,” she said. Struble, 44, is not ready to stop learning. She encourages other adults to follow her example, because “it’s never too late to get started.”

Struble began her education after graduating from State College Area High School in 1986. She applied to Penn State and was accepted, but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Struble opted for a six-month intensive job skills program at South Hills School of Business and Technology. That led to a job at Penn State, where she has worked in several University departments for twenty-four years.

Penn State Continuing Education can help adults take that first step. Continuing Education offers a wide range of educational programs for adult learners in central Pennsylvania, including free information sessions, a math improvement course, and the Transitions: College and Career Prep program. The next Transitions program sessions in State College and Lewistown begin March 25.

For the last eleven years, Struble has worked in the Office for Disability Services, which provides assistance to 1,200 students a year. She is a receptionist and also coordinates textbook scanning for students who need that alternative book format.

For information about programs available though Penn State Continuing Education in State College, at the Penn State Learning Center in Lewistown, and the Penn State Williamsport Center, visit, or call 814-865-3443 or 800-228-1627.

“In my role in Disability Services, I feel I’m giving back to the students,” said Struble, who became interested in working with children who have special needs in elementary school. This desire continues to inspire her education plans. It has taken many years, but Struble is fulfilling a promise to herself to complete a college degree. She wants other adults to know that “it’s OK if you don’t know what you want to do after high school. Penn State has a General Education program that lets students get a taste of different subjects. Taking some courses can help students determine their future.”

U.Ed.OUT 13-0196/13-CE-0092alm/smb

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November / December 2012

Want to Make a Difference? The stories are growing and the ladies are doing some marvelous things. As an example - The Centre Ladies gave Easter Seals almost $2,000 and the Huntingdon group (their first meeting) gave $500 to Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year) or commits as a team (2 , 3 or 4 women=$400 per year total). Meetings are one hour or less. Each Member will vote by ballot. Teams have only one vote. Majority rules for any/all exceptions. Members bring a check to be written out directly to the selected charity. If a member is unable to attend a meeting she may give her check to another member to deliver on her behalf or she may mail it in after the meeting. All donations will be given to your area-non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations or other groups deemed worthy by group majority. IF not a tax-exempt organization, member will alert group prior to vote. Typically, donations benefiting national charitable organizations will not be considered. Only Members who have signed an individual Commitment Form or a Team Commitment Form may submit an organization for consideration. Members who wish to submit an organization for consideration must complete a Charitable Organization Fact Sheet and be ready to make a 3 to 5 minute presentation at the meeting to the members. Two or Three member names will be randomly drawn at the meeting and will then have time to make their presentation. Q&A session will take place immediately following each presentation and directly preceding member voting.Majority rules. Even if your choice does not win, all Members are responsible for writing a check to the winning organization. The winning organizations must agree not to use the names of

the Members for future solicitations or give member information out for any other public use or purpose. The organization is also required to send a synopsis of how the money was used and give permission to use comments on the 100women’s web page. Member and organization agree to work together with PR for the good of both organizations. Learn more at


Become a CHARTER member in your county - email Tere at for lots of details and support. We have 3 different groups meeting - Centre County, SUN (Snyder, Union and Northumberland Counties) and Huntingdon.

Email: if you'd like to attend OR start your own chapter. Recruit your friends and make a difference in your local community. for more details.

Reach Out to Caregivers for National Family Caregivers Month Each November, the United States President declares the month as National Family Caregivers Month. These often overlooked individuals, an estimated more than 65 million people or 29% of the U.S. population, provide care for chronically ill, disabled or aged family members or friends. The value of the services family caregivers provide for “free” when caring for older adults, is estimated to be $375 billion a year. That is almost twice as much as is actually spent on homecare and nursing home services combined ($158 billion)! As valuable as these services are, caring for an aging loved one is not “free” at the cost of the caregivers’ health, as more than one in 10 family caregivers report that caregiving has caused their physical health to detoriate. National Family Caregivers Month is a great opportunity to reach out to family caregivers in your community, or if you are a caregiver, to seize this opportunity to ask for help! Here are some ideas to celebrate these valuable people:

November / December 2012

• Offer a few hours of respite time to a family caregiver so they can spend time with friends or simply relax. • Send a card of appreciation or a bouquet of flowers to brighten up a caregiver’s day. • Help a family caregiver decorate their home for the holidays or offer to address envelopes for their holiday cards. • Find 12 different family photos and have a copy center create a monthly calendar that the caregiver can use to keep track of appointments and events. • Offer to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for a caregiving family in your community, so they can just relax and enjoy the holiday. • Tell a caregiver about the services Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (ALSM) offers. These programs can decrease caregivers’ burdens and give them peace of mind while their loved ones are in our care.

800.400.2285 38


ALSM at Home offers in-home assistance with light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry and personal care. Visits can be scheduled for a one-hour minimum.

Options in Home Health Care

Senior Daily Living Centers offer center-based care for aging adults or those with cognitive disabilities. This respite care can be for a minimum of an hour each day or for all day. To learn more about any of ALSM’s programs or services, please visit www.alsm. org or call 800.400.2285. Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries is a faith-based non-profit organization serving the generations for more than 60 years. Statistical information from the National Family Caregiver Association at

Now available in Blair County! In-Home skilled nursing Physical, occupational, and speech therapy

814.696.4568 I read it in the Women’s Journal!


Jezebel's has You Covered... or Perhaps Uncovered for the Holidays!

Largest selection of Bras in Central Pa!

Over 23 Brands, plus Fine Lingerie, undergarments, swimsuits (by the cup size) and more!

At Jezebel’s we understand that Holiday shopping can be a very stressful time for everyone. Finding that perfect gift that lets that special friend or family member know how much you care…and of course, the challenge of finding something unique to that person’s needs. We are really excited about our offerings for this season, and we wanted to share some of our great gift ideas for you and yours… Good tidings we bring….!

Jezebels for Apparel-- No question about it, Jezebels is known for our amazing collection of bras. In fact we have one of the area’s largest selections of top name bras…..but did you know we also have: • Scarves--scarves, scarves, and more scarves…what better gift than the gift of warmth? We have a beautiful collection of scarves, including our one of a kind handmade creations. In addition, we have a great selection of shoulder wraps…stylish yet functionable! • Blue and White! Are you shopping for a Penn State Fan this Holiday season? Well Jezebels has you covered, or perhaps we should say uncovered. Blue and White garters are always popular gifts, and our Blue and White Hanky Pankys are a “must have” for all Penn State Fans. Plus we have Camis and our soon to be famous “Spirit” Plush robes…you will love them so much, you may buy one for yourself! • Wine Lover?? Do you know a wine lover? Whether it’s Cabernet or Chardonnay we have you covered..literally. Jezebel’s Has a great selection of Chris’s Stuff—a unique line of wine apparel from T-shirts, aprons, and bar towels….if you have a wine enthusiast on your list… they will LOVE this! • Betsey Johnson…Need we say more? Check out Jezebel’s great selection of this bold and flirty designer….Great stocking stuffers…. bamboo flannel pjs, slippers, and sexy negligees! • Jewelry/purses—necklaces, rings, earrings and more…Jezebels has it all..and then some…plus did you know Jezebel’s carries a great selection of sweaters, dresses and tops, and wristlets!! • Lollia--- Luxurious and romantic, featuring beautifully sophisticated handcremes, perfumes, bubble baths, bathing salts, and other high end bath and body products…you don’t have to go to Neiman Marcus… Jezebels is your preferred Lollia distributor in Centre county! Jezebel Gift Certificates...trying to decide...or know someone who has been talking about having a professional bra fitting forever, but hasn’t done it? Why not choose a Jezebel’s Gift Certificate -- available in any amount and when you bring this ad with you when you spend $100 get $10 off on your next visit. I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Largest selection of Bras in Central Pa!

Over 23 Brands, plus Fine Lingerie, undergarments, swimsuits (by the cup size) and more!

Specializing in Bra Fitting!

At Jezebel’s we believe that a properly fitted bra can make all the difference! In band sizes 28 to 50 and cup sizes AA to N! e Whit & Arts Festival Hours: Blue Pankys ky 9:30 a.m.–7 p.m. in Bra Fitting! Han SpecializingMon.–Wed. At Jezebel’s we believe that a Thurs.–Sat. properly fitted9braa.m.–8:30 can make allp.m. the 9 a.m.–4 difference! In band sizes 28 toSunday 50 and cup sizes AA top.m. N! hite & Garner, Downtown State College W Corner of College & Arts Festival Hours: Blue Pankys 814-272-7967 • ky Mon.–Wed. 9:30 a.m.–7 p.m. Han Thurs.–Sat. 9 a.m.–8:30 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Jezebel's Boutique

Corner of College & Garner, Downtown State College

Available for the Holidays! 814-272-7967 •


Holiday Open House December 5th 5-8pm

This event is for Women and Men! Great gift and more! plus 15% off storewide!! 39

November / December 2012

Visit Boalsburg ~ Fashion


Are your bras


casual luxury clothing


101 West Main • Boalsburg, PA 16827 Monday- Saturday 10:30am- 5:30pm (814)466-6887

Flat out






Never have pants been so easy to slip on with such a great fit. No zipper or buttons to bother with. Lisette 1. flattens and flatters, slims the abs contours the hips and shapes the behind.

Its time to refresh your panty drawer and save on your favorite designer brands!

With our Flaterie FitTM you might even discover you wear a size smaller. Now that’s flat out fabulous.

Lucky for you, we are offering a wide selection of bras for $20, and panties for $5.

Shop now thru December 15th

and save 30 – 70%

“I purchased two pair of Lisette L pants yesterday. I couldn’t believe they were done the next day! I was to excited to try them on to see how they fit. They are just PERFECT! I tried them on with several different pairs of shoes and they work with what I usually wear. I couldn’t be happier with the alterations. Thank you so very much! It is awesome to have pants that fit me just right.” - Kathy, Altoona, PA Dear n’V, Thank you so much for introducing me to Lisette L pants. I am amazed at how comfortable these pants are and love the way they flatten and lift in all the necessary areas making me look slimmer. Being short, hemming is always a problem so I especially appreciate the complementary alterations your store provides. - Thanks so much, Patty, State College, PA November / December 2012

I read it in the Women’s Journal!

101 West Main Street, Boalsburg, PA 16827 814 466 7470 •

Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 6pm • Saturday: 10am – 4pm Closed Sunday & Monday 40

I read it in the Women’s Journal!


May/ June 2012


Lewistown Hospital Offers Medication Safety Tips • Ensures a more accurate diagnosis and course of treatment.

One effective way to protect your health is to keep a list of medications you take. Update it whenever your medications change. Carry the list at all times—especially when you go to the doctor or the emergency room.

What information should a medication list include? • Medication name

When patients are admitted to hospitals, they’re always asked what drugs they take. Doctors need to be sure that medicines won’t conflict with drugs you’ve already taken. They want to make certain you get all the medicines you need. And they want to avoid anything you might be allergic to. In an emergency, you might be unsure about your meds or unable to answer questions. Drug interactions can be serious, even fatal. The risk of problems goes up if you can’t correctly state what you’ve been taking. An updated list helps avoid this.

• Dosage • How often you take the medication • Reason you take the medication • Pharmacy you use (it’s always best to use one pharmacy for all your needs)

A printable medication sheet is available at

Scan this QR Code

Other helpful tips • Include your doctor’s name on your list; this can help clarify any questions. • List your allergies/vaccines and bring a copy of any advance directives.

Just print it out and fill it in. Make sure to include over-thecounter drugs and supplements. Also, list your surgeries and major medical procedures and the dates for these. If you’re aware of any allergies, list them, too. Doctors can treat you best when they know as much as possible.

• Have your doctor help you make a list at your next visit. • Please write legibly or type if possible.

Put a copy of your medication list in your wallet or purse. Let family members and friends know where you keep it. Don’t forget to update it when your medications change. Talk to your family doctor and your pharmacist to make sure you get everything right. If you use more than one drugstore, be sure to include meds you receive from each of them. Why is having a current list of medications so important? • Provides accurate information for your caregivers in the hospital. • Prevents delays in getting your home medications ordered while a patient. I read it in the Women’s Journal!

Visit 41

November / December 2012



Wednesday NEW

It’s NEW!- Networking Empowers Women NEW Woman in town… The Women’s Journal is proud to mentor a new women’s networking opportunity in central Pennsylvania. Networking Empowers Women (NEW) is new and exciting! You are invited to be among the very first members of this informative, inspiring group of women. We’ve made it as convenient and affordable because we know your time is valuable! The NEW second Wednesday will hopefully become your favorite day of the month. Join old and new friends after hours, at Damon’s on East College Avenue, State College. The evening will include one or two speakers, soup and salad bar, vendors, and plenty of networking time. • 5 to 5:30 Networking • 5:30 to 6 Sharing who we are – “Elevator speech” • 6 to 6:30 Eating and speakers (15 min each) • 6:30 to 7:30 Q&A plus open networking, vendor visits • Just $20 pre-registered, $25 at the door (Cash, check and credit accepted) You may want to be a speaker, a vendor, or a monthly guest. You can get as involved as you want. What’s most important is that you meet other like-minded, successful women. Together, we are even stronger! Let’s hear your suggestions. Volunteer to be a speaker (and your meal is free). Or be a vendor at one of our meetings for an additional $25. Let your voice be heard. It’s NEW – and it’s all for you! Pre-register TODAY for the inaugural event on Wednesday, December 12 by contacting Sandie Biddle, event manager, / 814-667-3444, or Tere Rill, publisher,

Sherry Dershimer, Interior Designer —

Words From Our Speakers

When I review the treasures of my grown up life, I find remnants of the girl I was so many years ago. I always loved pretty things, most of us have favorites, whether we recall them or still own them or are collecting even now. The value of these items is measured in some very interesting ways. It is this secret place we sometimes share with best friends and which our families come to know as “Mom’s Collections” or “Grandma’s Treasures.” These are as real as the women who collected them and as individual. That is a fact I have come to appreciate as an Interior Designer and a woman who has my own treasures. For 15 years I owned and operated Something Old...Something New in Downtown State College, that may give a clue to the inside track I have on collectors and their nature. Quality Home Furnishings, Antiques and an Art Gallery as well, brought in collectors of every imagination. Since closing the store and becoming a full time Interior Designer, my years of experience helping my clients sort, manage and display their fine collections. This has given me insight into the reasons behind why we continue to collect and how it reflects our values and our hopes. I have found it rewarding and insightful to share the stories and the preservation of some remarkable collections.

Better health and beautiful music are just a breath away

Learning to play wind instruments such as the flute leads not only to making music, but can also improve your health, no matter what your age is. The exercise of playing helps the lungs to expand, releases mental tension and improves overall relaxation. It can also be therapeutic for people who have asthma. Doctors recommend taking a few deep breaths a day Agatha Wang for better health. You can follow your doctor’s advice while you create beautiful music. Music is an activity you can do throughout your life, and it can help you stay healthier -- a true win-win. November/ December 2012


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The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill - It’s out of this world! As the owner and physical therapist at Action Therapy Clinic in State College, PA I am asked many questions about our anti-gravity treadmill. This amazing piece of equipment is an excellent rehabilitation tool for many types of patients. The most frequently asked question is... How does it work? The AlterG utilizes technology developed by NASA called differential air pressure to comfortably unweight the body so that walking, running and exercises can be performed at a decreased load. The patient enters the treadmill and a bubble-type chamber inflates up to the hips. Body weight is calibrated. In precise 1% increments weight bearing is reduced, taking up to 80% of the load off the lower body. The AlterG allows for normal gait mechanics and muscle firing , unlike some other systems that utilize harnesses or water. What can the Alter-G be used for? Post -op patients can rehabilitate from surgery with less pain and progress more quickly back to function. Because of the bubble-type chamber of air, the elderly population can exercise in the AlterG without fear of falling, making it a great tool for stroke patients, Parkinson’s patients and other neurologically compromised people. Athletes with strains, sprains or stress fractures

can maintain and improve their training while recovering from injury. By unweighting the lower body , overweight patients can feel what it is like to exercise at their target weight and save some pressure on their joints. FDAcleared uses of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill include: Rehabilitation following injury or surgery of the lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle, foot); Rehabilitation after total joint replacement; Gait training in neurologic patients; Strengthening and conditioning in older patients; Sportspecific conditioning programs; Aerobic conditioning The AlterG is a chosen tool of leading physical therapy clinics, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, colleges and pro sports teams. Action Therapy Clinic is one of only a few physical therapy clinics in Pennsylvania currently offering this advanced technology for rehabilitative care. How can I utilize the Alter-G? Action Therapy Clinic is located at 620 West Cherry Lane in State College, PA 16803. Call us at 814.238.8800 to schedule an evaluation. We participate with most health insurance plans and because we are a direct access provider, you do not need a physician referral to make an appointment. Find out more by visiting our website at

Holiday Blue’s recovery. For more information visit or contact 1-888-494-4213.

As the holidays are approaching and the seasons change, families begin to plan and prepare for holiday gatherings. These moments together can create great joy and memories, but for some it can create feelings of stress or uncertainty. With today’s economy, the holidays may be causing added pressure in trying to manage family responsibilities and maintain a positive holiday experience. For others, the holidays can be a reminder of past struggles and lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. The shortened hours of light and cold weather can also contribute to a loss of energy and motivation, making it an even more challenging transition time. If the approaching holidays are making you feel overwhelmed and causing emotional difficulties it is important to know there is help to guide you through these challenges. Individual, family, or group counseling, can be a beneficial means in gaining strength and courage to manage these feelings. Our caring and dedicated professional counselors at Life Counseling Services are there to help. Please call us at 800-882-2799 to schedule a confidential appointment. A large part of holiday gatherings surrounds food, which can create a challenge for those suffering with eating disorders. For individuals struggling with a severe eating disorder, a more intensive level of care may be beneficial. Magnolia Creek is a small, residential treatment center located outside of Birmingham, Alabama. The experienced and caring staff, combined with the comprehensive treatment program creates a safe and nurturing place for healing and I read it in the Women’s Journal!


November / December 2012


Cyber Security and You By Paul Wells

How Can We Manage Cyber-Related Risk? 1. Protect equipment. Install and update antivirus software, spyware protection and firewalls. 2. Realize social networking sites are here to stay. Review your child’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. Make sure they do not display personal information such as full names, addresses or school names. You can also utilize privacy settings to protect their photos, location information and school. 3. Boost password strength. Utilize a mixture of letters, numbers and characters. Change them early and often, and most importantly, never share passwords with anyone. 4. Maintain an open dialogue with family, friends and your community concerning internet safety. 5. Report suspicions cyber activity. This is the simple method of protection, but it is the one often forgotten. If an online offer, email or software download seems too good to be true, that because it probably is; contact for more information.

We live in a very exciting era of technological progression; loved ones can be messaged from the palm of our hands, internet can be accessed virtually from anywhere and mainstream commerce has become increasingly digital. This past October marked the 8th Annual National Cyber Security Awareness month, calling attention to persistent cyber-related risks like online identity theft, cyber bullying, viruses and destructive Malware. If you have a child that is among the 93 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds using your family’s laptop, smartphone or iPad to access the Internet, they are vulnerable to multiple cyber threats, many of which could be detrimental to your electronic device or worse, their safety. It’s a reality we face in today that many children do not recognize the abundance of threats awaiting them, nor do they recognize a tweet or photo upload can impact not only their reputation and future, but their security, as well. Just last spring, Microsoft Corporation released research indicating that over 55 percent of children and teens acknowledge they give little or no thought to the consequences of “posting” something online. To further this technological dilemma, a separate research survey indicated 1 in 4 parents are “overwhelmed” by technology and hope their children’s decisions are for the best.

Cyber security is a moving target, and as threats develop daily, it is important for parents to play an active role in educating youth about the facts, the risks and the ways to improve the safety of the online experience. Through informing ourselves and our community, we can champion this growing issue. Paul Wells is a Senior at The Pennsylvania State University pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Communication Arts & Sciences, with emphasis on computer mediated communications.

As hackers continue plotting attacks, the increase in cyber-related risk and exploitation susceptibility amid children and teens is probable, but most importantly parents may not realize they are actually the first line of defense in protecting their families from internet dangers.

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12 Night Immersive Wine Cruise

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September 6, 2013 Sail Date

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Immerse yourself in the top wine-producing regions of Europe

Visit the renowned wine countries during the fall harvest season of France, Spain and Portugal. Your cruise begins in Harwich, England with overnight stays in Le Havre (for Paris/Normandy), Le Verdon (for Bordeaux), France, and Bilbao, Spain as well as Vigo, Spain and Porto, Portugal. You’ll enjoy time to sip Champagne in the “City of Light,” taste robust Bordeaux in the land that bears its name, and relish fine Rioja wines. Celebrity Infinity is all charm and modern luxury with Aquaclass Staterooms, the inventive Blu restaurant, 24 hour internet access in the iLounge and relaxing Cafe al Bacio.

Testimonials: We have been Miller Travel Agency clients for many years. The personal, friendly service and attention to every detail has made each and every one of our trips most enjoyable. Bus service on all group trips from the Agency parking lot to the cruise terminal or airport is a big plus for us. We would not consider using any other agency since we know we will always get the most value for our money from Miller Travel! — Michael & Shirley Salter, Selinsgrove, PA We have been Miller Travel Agency clients for many years. The personal, friendly service and attention to every detail has made each and every one of our trips most enjoyable. Bus service on all group trips from the Agency parking lot to the cruise terminal or airport is a big plus for us. We would not consider using any other agency since we know we will always get the most value for our money from Miller Travel! — Michael & Shirley Salter - Selinsgrove, PA

Miller Travel Agency

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Great Food

Come to the Whistle Stop

To dine in a place loaded with history and different from any other, with Chef inspired creations, The Whistle Stop is a short, pleasant driving destination from any location. Greetings friends of The Women's Journal Make plans for your holliday parties at the Whistle Stop! Celebrate the holidays with the Whistle Stop. We provide a festive place with a Victorian feeling to put you in a Christmas mood. Get together with your friends, family or office co-workers and develop a tradition for the Yuletide Season. Whether you prefer a luncheon or dinner, we will be happy to welcome you and your guests. The Whistle Stop is located on Route 144 in Centre Hall, Centre County, just 15 minutes from State College and 25 minutes from Lewistown. Hour are; Wednesday and Thursday 11am to 8pm: Friday and Saturday, 11am to 9pm; Sunday, 11am to 7pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday. For more information, call 814-364-2544 and for a complete listing of our menus check out our website And remember to bring your favorite wine or beer to enhance your experience. From our entire staff at the Whistle Stop Have a wonderful holiday season.

814-364-2544 For information about our menu or our wine policy: Call Marcia


Visit us online at or find us on facebook & see all our events November / December 2012


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A service team committed to you. As a shareholder of a member owned, not for profit credit union you’ll work with a management team and member services staff dedicated only to providing you with the best service possible. We are a secure home for your deposits. As a credit union committed to your financial security, ensuring that your deposits are safe is critical to helping you achieve your financial goals. And always remember, once you’re a member, you’re a member for life.

NOW OFFERING Unlimited Debit Card Usage

Open to US Postal employees, Mt Nittany Medical Center, SCASD, South Hills Business School, Huntington County Federal Employees, and many more! • Auto and Personal Loans • Free checking • VISA Credit Cards

422A Westerly Parkway Plaza 1 State College, PA 16801 1 814-234-0252 1



Good Eats Sweet Treats k r a P e h t n o é f Josephine’s Sugar Cookies Ca &

by Kim Kowalczyk


o week was complete without my mother Josephine’s sugar cookies, and that included major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. These thin, sweet treats were lovingly rolled out, then carefully cut out with tin cookie cutters, often in shapes that matched a holiday. She brushed each raw cookie with egg wash, and then turned her children free to decorate them with bright sparkling sugars, sprinkles, and cinnamon hearts. Mom’s cookie baking tradition goes back to her maiden aunt , who baked daily in her home in nearby Julian, filling crocks with fresh-baked cookies. The story goes that neighborhood children would show up daily to help her with chores in exchange for some of her cookies. I’ve retained the family cookie tradition with my children and grandchildren, introducing them to cutting out, decorating , and baking cookies as soon as they could stand on a stool! Over the years we have collected all kinds of antique tin cookie cutters and traditions. May you and your children find as much joy and delight as we have baking this simple recipe.

Join JoinUs Usfor forBreakfast Breakfast&&Lunch! Lunch! Tuesday–Saturday, Tuesday–Saturday,88a.m.–2 a.m.–2p.m p.m Sunday, 9 a.m.–2 p.m. Sunday, 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

325 W. High Street • Bellefonte, PA • 814-357-8442 Across Acrossfrom fromTalleyrand TalleyrandPark Park&&Train TrainStation Station

Online at

cafe on the park 10-18-12.indd 1

I read it in the Women’s Journal!

SERVICE Josephine’s Sugar Cookies Mix well: 1/4 cup shortening, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp. vanilla. Sift together and stir: 2-1/2 cups flour, 1 tsp. baking powder, 1 tsp. salt. Mix wet and dry ingredients together. Chill at least one hour. Roll out one-quarter of dough at a time to 1/8-inch thickness. Cut out shapes with cookie cutters or inverted glass. Place on parchment-lined cookie sheet. Coat with egg wash (1 egg yolk and ¼ cup water) then top with colored sugars or decors. Bake 6 to 8 minutes in a 400 degree oven, just until edges begin to brown. Do not overbake. When cool, store in an air-tight cookie tin. Simple Icing or Glaze: Mix 2 cups sifted powdered sugar, with 4-6 tsp. milk, 4 tsp. light corn syrup and 1/2 tsp. almond flavoring. If you prefer to decorate after baking, dip the cookies in icing or brush on and add sugars while the icing is still wet. 10/18/2012 9:41:27 AM


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The Womens Journal Nov Dec 2012  

The Only Educational Journal in Central Pennsylvania for Women! Health, Home, Finance, Fashion, Food, & Much More!

The Womens Journal Nov Dec 2012  

The Only Educational Journal in Central Pennsylvania for Women! Health, Home, Finance, Fashion, Food, & Much More!