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The Women’s Film Festival March 11th - 13th, 2016

Table of Contents The Women’s Film Festival Sponsors / 03

PWIFT Panel / 18

Staff Listing / 04-05

Platoon Fitness Demo / 21

Messages from the Founders / 06

Centerpiece Film: Gender Journeys: More Than a Pronoun / 21

Festival Schedule / 10-11 LGBTQ Shorts Program / 22 Opening Night Film: Manislam / 12 International Drama Shorts Program / 22 Dollface/Mariam / 12 The Saver / 25 Waxing / 13 A Queer Country / 13

UnSlut: A Documentary Film/Moms and Meds: Navigating Pregnancy & Psychiatric Medication /25

Funny Women Panel / 17 Artistic Shorts Program / 26 Comedy Shorts Program / 17 Closing Night Film: I Believe in Unicorns / 26 Family Shorts Program / 18



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The Women’s Film Festival 2016 Staff


Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director - Phuong Nguyen is currently the Manager of Development and Communications of the Asian Arts Initiative and the Development Director of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. In 2013, Phuong was the Festival Director for the 2013 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. Phuong is interested in film, business, theatre, the arts, music, dance, culture, health, and community development, just to name a few.

Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director - Layne Marie Williams is an actor/ filmmaker represented by Ambassador Talent Agents & DeSanti Talents. She grew up in Montgomery, AL, collected her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and now pursues her multifaceted artistry in Chicago, IL. She is in the midst of directing her fourth short film, Dollface. She is a founding member of Women of the Now Productions. For more information about Layne, please visit

Development Director - Pheng H. Tang is a writer and filmmaker. She has worked as assistant director and line producer in independent feature films, Café Artist (2014) and F. Godfather (2015) both in postproduction. Pheng wrote and directed How is How (2015), a short film produced as part of the Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Shootout. She is excited to join The Women’s Film Festival in creating and establishing a gateway to support women in film and television.

Technical Director - Nick Anderson is a 3-time award winning musician and composer with a background in child psychology and writing. Nick wrote and directed the pilot episode to Rainbow Warriors, a sci-fi educational puppet show about outer space and inner emotions that also addresses gender and LGBT issues in a way appropriate for its preschool audience. Nick DJs for weddings and kids birthday parties, performs live hip hop originals for kids, and freelance writes kids media with production companies from around the world.

Event Host - Christina May is the founder and president of Image of the Word, LLC, established in 2008. She developed her own company to serve as an Acting Coach for aspiring artists, and to create and showcase her original works as an actor. Christina uses the mediums of coaching, directing, writing, and connecting to inspire and motivate others to be forces of “Divine Light & Love” in the earth.

Art Designer - Tess is a Philadelphia based theatre, film, and visual artist. In both her theatrical and visual art, she strives to illuminate and embody the truth and power of the female spirit. Tess is currently understudying the world premier of “Under the Skin” at the Arden Theatre Company, and collaborating with Layne Marie Williams on a new film that explores sexual violence and its effects on the spirit and psyche.

Marketing Manager - Jenna Lam is an actor, writer, and producer. Check out for updates and upcoming projects.

Social Media Manager - Genevieve is an artist and filmmaker that is passionate about making movies that inspire change for social equality. She has written and directed shorts focusing on challenging topics such as pay inequality, corporate exploitation, and the disconnect between our current social caste system. Genevieve is currently working on a feature length script that challenges the status quo of our current political system.

Speaking Panel Director- Melissa Kim is a writer, director, and producer with a B.A. in Electronic Media from The George Washington University. She once rocked the polyester blue jacket of NBCU’s Page Program, and spent several years working in Los Angeles in casting, international television distribution, and theater, among many other pursuits.

Event Coordinator- Victoria is a newly inspired writer who has a talent as if she were writing for years. Her stories bring audiences to a point where you feel you are in the story. She found herself loving the art of writing and pursued that even further. She has an Associates in Early Education as well as a minor in Psychology. She loves to take any situation and make it the best possible story someone could ask for.

Web Designer - Campbell O’Hare is an actor/filmmaker who brings a dancer’s grace and an athlete’s ferocity to screen and stage. Campbell’s stage work has garnered her the 2014 Director’s Choice Award from the University of the Arts, the 2015 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play, and membership in the Wilma Theater’s first-ever Hothouse Acting Company, recently featured in American Theatre Magazine.

Public Relations - TS Hawkins is an internationally recognized author, performance poet, and artist of many trades. Currently, she has her own radio station serving over 42,000 listeners worldwide, teaches her poetry course, “Legacy and Lineage,” at various youth centers, and serves on the Program Committee for the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy. For more detailed information on TS Hawkins, visit

Festival Advisor - Known in some cheeky circles as “The Cassanova of Film Festivals,” Eve Studnicka has worked in administration for several festivals throughout the Midwest, including the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival and the Midwest Independent Film Festival. She is also the director of the Driftless Film Festival in Mineral Point, Festival Staff - Kayla O’Donnell, Founder of HumanKINDtv and HumanKIND Productions, is a writer, actor, producer, activist, and entrepreneur. In 2012, while living in Chicago, she began to work behind the camera on a series developed for HBO GO called Single Long. In July of 2014, Kayla formed HumanKINDtv with the mission of creating entertainment with diverse characters for a diverse audience. Festival Intern - Sarah Graham is an artist, musician , and advocate looking to make a major impact on stage and film. Sarah has performed in many community productions and recently was in the 2013 Walnut Street Theatre production of “A Christmas Carol.” Sarah is excited to apart a this amazing festival.

Over 60? is here for you. Call the PCA Helpline for resources and services you can trust. PCA Helpline: 215-765-9040

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

Festival Staff - Helian Zhang is a Chinese poet and filmmaker. She went to college for Archaeology in China and joined the graduate program of Film and Media Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. As a filmmaker, her primary focuses are screenwriting and directing, and she is also an accomplished colorist, animator and field sound mixer. Festival Staff - Brandi Burgess is an actor, director and teaching artist who has been working with a diversity of youth cultures for the past 8 years. Originally from Alabama, Brandi moved to Philadelphia, where she graduated from the University of the Arts with honors (BFA Acting). She also studied in London at the British American Drama Academy. Visit for the latest updates. Festival Staff - Mahogany Rose is a Brooklyn, NY native, whose love of acting and theatre arts brought her to Philadelphia’s rich theatre community. During this time, she has worked with Hedgerow Theatre as a resident company actress, teacher, and theatre artist, performing in shows such as “Not Now, Darling!”, “A Christmas Carol”, and “Pride and Prejudice”, to name a few. Mahogany is excited for the next step in her career and delving into the abstract world of film.


Messages from the Founders

Dear Warriors,

Dear Supporters,

Thank you so very much for joining us for the second year of The Philadelphia Women’s Film Festival in celebration of Women’s History Month this March 2016. So much has happened in just a year and I cannot thank you enough for your support and fighting spirits.

Welcome to The 2nd Annual Women’s Film Festival!

As 2016 continues on, I hope that you walk away from this festival with a real need to go out into the world and to pursue what makes your heart truly happy. Whether that is through picking up a paint brush, writing, or studying for a big med school exam: Really just GO for it. Never apologize for pursuing your dreams. Times can be extremely tough and there are days you will wake up and feel hopeless. As I am writing this in this very moment, I am sitting in my room facing my window to the snowy Chicago construction filled skyline and most definitely having a day where I feel lost, pointless, and like my artistic endeavors do not hold any real weight in the world. FIGHT those negative feelings. Pick yourself back up. Go for a run. Be your own sunshine. Trust it. Have faith in yourself and know that you are not alone.

I wanted to share with you a personal message of my journey into this second year of The Women’s Film Festival. It has been a tough uphill battle to organize this event but a joyous one. If it wasn’t for the wonderful staff, this event would not be what it is now. They do this on their time on a voluntary basis out of the shear want to see women’s equality in the film industry and wanting to give women a platform to share their stories with their voices. If you see a staff member or volunteer for The Women’s Film Festival, I want you to smile at them and say “Thank you.” They deserve it and they are true heroes/heroines of this world.

Have a blast at the festival. I hope you see some art work that forever changes the way you see the environment around you. I love you all. Now, GO GET EM.’

The films selected in our film program are some of the most wonderful work I’ve seen. From telling stories of 4 men from the Islam faith wanting to be on the forefront of fighting for women’s equality, to sharing honest life journeys of what it’s like to be transgender or queer, to sharing funny moments to uplift peoples’ spirits. It is stories like these that should be remembered and inspire us to find out how we ourselves can contribute to make our world a better place to live for everyone. I hope you enjoy the films as I and The Women’s Film Festival staff have. Cheers to many more years to come!

Sincerely, Layne Marie Williams

Sincerely, Phuong Nguyen



film festival

Conjure Women by Demetria Royals

Friday, April 1, 2016 at 7:00 pm Introduced by Helen Haynes, interim director of exhibitions and programs, African American Museum in Philadelphia

Guerrillas in Our Midst by Amy Harrison The Heretics by Joan Braderman Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm Introduced by Debra Zimmerman, director of Women Make Movies

Artist by Tracey Moffatt Learning to Swallow by Danielle Beverly

Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 7:00 pm Introduced by Dr. Girija Kaimal, assistant professor in the Department of Creative Arts Therapies at Drexel University

Artist by Tracey Moffatt Alice Neel by Andrew Neel

Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 4:00 pm Introduced by artist Diane Burko & Dr. Ann Sutherland Harris, co-founder of Women’s Caucus for Art

Films about and by women artists! April 1-3, 2016 • FREE Admission! Moore College of Art & Design 20th Street and The Parkway

Special Thanks to Women Make Movies


Congratulations on another successful year of the Women’s Film Festival! We are proud to be a community sponsor of the festival and an outlet that offers women media makers in Philadelphia an additional platform to distribute their work. PhillyCAM operates Philadelphia’s public access television production facilities, low-power radio station, cable channels and training programs. 8

Comcast 66/966HD & Verizon 29/30

Watch Live Online at


Film Program Schedule

Tenpole Films: General- $10/Student/Senior/Child- $8 Other Films: General $8//Student/Senior/Child- $6 All-Access Pass: $40

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

5:30PM-6:00PM- Opening Night Reception for ticket holders 6:00PM-7:05PM- Opening Night Film: Manislam

1:00PM-2:00PM- Funny Women Panel (Free Event)

2:00PM-3:15PM- Performance Piece by Kayla O’Donnell/Comedy Shorts Program (Free Event) 7:15PM-8:15PM- Sneak Preview of “Dollface”/Mariam

3:15PM-4:00PM- Family Shorts Program (Free Event) 8:25PM-9:15PM- Waxing

4:00PM-5:00PM- PWIFT Panel (Free Event) 9:20PM-10:40PM- A Queer Country


The University of the Arts Caplan Recital Hall, 17th Floor 211 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Buy tickets at the venue or at

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

5:00PM-5:20PM- “Self Defense for Women� by Planet Fitness

8:50PM-10:20PM- The Saver

5:30PM-6:45PM- Gender Journeys: More Than a Pronoun

11:15AM-1:00PM- UnSlut: A Documentary Film/ Moms and Meds: Navigating Pregnancy & Psychiatric Medication

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

6:50PM-7:50PM- LGBTQ Shorts Program (Free Event) 1:00PM-2:00PM- Artistic Shorts Program (Free Event)

7:50PM-8:50PM- International Drama Shorts Program (Free Event)

2:00PM-4:15PM- I Believe in Unicorns with light reception



Sneak Preview of “Dollface” | USA 5 minutes | Friday, March 11th @ 7:15PM Directed by Layne Marie Williams

Opening Night Film: Manislam | Norway 62 minutes | Friday, March 11th @ 6:00PM Directed by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen This film examines the burdens of manhood within Islamic cultures. It brings us a new interpretation of David vs. Goliath. The main characters, bravely and frankly, share deeply personal memories and experiences in their effort to highlight and question the role of men in contemporary Islam. Director, Nefise Özkal Lorentzen and Producer, Jørgen Lorentzen will be available for a Q&A session via Skype. Free KIND Bars for attendees courtesy of KIND Snacks.

DOLLFACE tackles the web-like topic of the institution of marriage. Examining both the good and the bad, the film endeavors to explore everything from the societal, religious, and racial pressures surrounding the mystery of marriage to those that are self-inflicted, imagined, and even truly desired, through the characters of Dot and Max, a contemporary interracial couple faced with the curse of ultimate incompatibility. Director, Layne Marie Williams and Make-up Artist/2nd Assistant Director, Hannah Renee will be in attendance for a Q&A session. Mariam | France 43 minutes | Friday, March 11th @7:30PM Directed by Faiza Ambah Veiled Muslim teenager Mariam must decide between taking off her hijab veil or getting expelled from school in 2004 France when a law is passed banning religious symbols from public schools, at the same time that a popular boy in school starts paying attention to her.

Wine courtesy of CBL Wine Company LLC.


WAXING | USA 43 minutes | Friday, March 11th @ 8:25PM Directed by Lexi Bass

A Queer Country | United Kingdom 73 minutes | Friday, March 11th @ 9:20PM Directed by Lisa Morgenthau

Carl Jung suggested the possibility of a collective unconscious wherein we might access the collective memories of our ancestors through dreams. In this way, we seem to remember a time from our collective past prior to our evolution into humans. WAXING explores a personal mythology through dreams from written accounts maintained throughout the course of the director’s life. Set to Chemo Castronovo’s ethereal lunar soundscapes, these vignettes are based on dreams in which the Moon played an important role. Equal parts poetry and nightmare, WAXING attempts to engage the world in a dialog about the heaviness of responsibility, our fears of failure, what our dreams could mean, and where they come from.

A Queer Country explores the development of Israel’s buzzing LGBTQ community in Tel Aviv – recently crowned the gay capital of the world – and what this means in a religious state. Using interview access to Tel Aviv’s mayor, who is controversially credited with pioneering its LGBTQ scene, the film uncovers how liberal attitudes are often at odds with the country’s religious laws.

Director, Lexi Bass will be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Director, Lisa Morgenthau and Producer, Harriet Davies may be able a Q&A session via Skype.


Despite hosting one of the world’s largest gay Pride events each year, Israel’s LGBTQ citizens face an uphill battle to achieve political victories such as the right to marry. They face continued violence – as demonstrated at Jerusalem Pride 2015.



Funny Women Panel | 60 minutes | Saturday, March 12th @ 1:00PM A panel of funny women.

Anna Suzuki

Jennifer MacMillan

Christina May

Moderator- Melissa Kim

Anna Suzuki Anna Suzuki is a NYC-based comedian and actor. She has appeared in numerous stand-up festivals around the country. Credits include Orange is the New Black, HBO’s High Maintenance, “I am Michael” (with James Franco, Zachary Quinto), “Time Out of Mind” (with Richard Gere). Currently Anna is part of the all-Asian sketch team, Azn Pop, and co-host of the variety show/podcast, The Soul Glo Project. Most recently Anna co-created the dark comedy web series, ‘Japandering’ in Tokyo based on her experience growing up biracial in Japan. Say hi to Anna on Twitter @thejapjap! More info:, Jennifer MacMillan Jennifer MacMillan was the Valedictory Speaker at Commencement- Class of 2006 in her Acting Program. She was also the winner of the Inaugural National Playscripts Funny Women Competition. Published play Enter Bogart She is currently a professional improviser and founding member of Tongue and Groove Spontaneous Theater Company ( performed with 7 years). She is also the Co-Founder and former Artistic Director of Bright Invention: The White Pines Ensemble. She is internationally recognized storyteller with a 4 star review for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Was a Barrymore Nomination for Outstanding Ensemble for “Fair Maid of the West” with the Philadelphia Artists Collective in 2015. A quote from Toby Zinmans review of The Government Inspector with the IRC -the gifted comedienne Jennifer MacMillan. Christina May Christina May is the founder and president of Image of the Word, LLC, established in 2008. She developed her own company to serve as an Acting Coach for aspiring artists, and to create and showcase her original works as an actor. Christina uses the mediums of coaching, directing, writing, and connecting to inspire and motivate others to be forces of Divine Light & Love in the earth. Moderator- Melissa Kim Melissa Kim is a writer, director, and producer with a B.A. in Electronic Media from The George Washington University. She once rocked the polyester blue jacket of NBCUs Page Program, and spent several years working in Los Angeles in casting, international television distribution, and theater, among many other pursuits. She has since returned to the Philadelphia area and is currently a writer for entertainment website Soompi. On a completely unrelated note, if you run into Taecyeon, please give him her number.

Kayla O’Donnell/ Comedy Shorts Program Saturday, March 12th @ 2PM

There will be a 5 minute performance piece to Cabinet Battle #2 from “Hamilton” the musical by Kayla O’Donnell before the films.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed | USA | 10 minutes Directed by Swati Srivastava DNA Paternity testing. One test, many answers. Most of them you don’t want to know! Co-Producer, Brenden Hubbard may be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Step 9 | USA | 13 minutes Directed by Leonora Pitts

Texting: A Love Story | USA | 8 minutes Directed by Jeanette Buck

Two friends, one in recovery and one decidedly not, go on a roadtrip to begin making amends.

A short, awkward romantic comedy about love, intimacy, and connection in the digital age.

Director, Leonora Pitts may be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Another Time | USA | 25 minutes Directed by Amy Frear

Animal Profiles | USA | 7 minutes Directed by Becky Zak

Hacktivists | USA | 10 minutes Directed by Genevieve McPherson

A twenty-something woman who may or may not be a lost time traveler deals with commitment issues and indecision in present day Philadelphia.

Charmingly odd animated comedy where a variety of cartoon animals earnestly discuss a different topic each episode.

In efforts to save their community’s water source, four brilliant women pose as a book club to work as an Anonymous hackers.

Director, Amy Frear will be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Director, Genevieve McPherson will be in attendance for a Q&A.


Family Shorts Program Saturday, March 12th @ 3:15PM

My Brother’s Stocking | USA | 2 minutes Directed by Hannah Field My Brother’s Stocking’ is about a family of robins who inhabit a hollowed out space in the wall of a London building.

How is How | USA | 7 minutes Directed by Pheng H. Tang Sometimes getting out of the house in the morning is like a Mission Impossible for a single Chinese immigrant mother and her two kids in How is How. Director, Pheng H. Tang will be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Farewell my Bird | USA | 22 minutes Directed by Ameneh Moghaddam An elderly photographer who loves his pet canary more than anything becomes jealous when a young boy makes a connection with his bird causing a love triangle. Director, Ameneh Moghaddam will be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Game On! | USA | 15 minutes Directed by Jennie Crystle On a Monday morning gone wrong, a creative mother of a hectic family, and corporate manager, is challenged to pitch a big contract to her company. After overcoming hilarious obstacles before work, she discovers the support she needs for success has been there all along.

PWIFT Panel Saturday, March 12th @ 4:00PM Presented by

How Can We Make Female Media Makers in Philly More Visible to the People Who Hire? Join PWIFT and the Women’s Film Festival for a conversation and brainstorming session with our panelists and moderator:


David Dunn, Executive Producer/ Director and Co-founder, All Ages Productions

Aaron Spence, Chief Business Development Officer, BoatHouse Pictures

David Dunn is one of the co-founders of All Ages Productions. As a director he has worked for clients such as: Sailor Jerry Rum, Lily Pulitzer, Hendricks Gin, Britta/Mavea, Health Republic, Dockers, DIAL for Men, TYR, Warby Parker, CHOP and many others. Davids personal works have shown in galleries and festivals nationally.

Aaron currently serves as the Chief Business Development Officer for BoatHouse Pictures. In 2012, Andre Saballette, Mario Maiale, and Aaron began BoatHouse with $100 and a very big dream: toengage a community of storytellers in Philadelphia helping bring their visions to life.

Maureen Schultz, Owner/Executive Producer, Sweet Spots Productions Maureen Schultz is an experienced content creator strategically positioned at the crossroads of traditional TV, digital content and social media. She skillfully guides shows and cross-media projects from initial concept to top honors and awards.

Jacqui Sadashige, Senior Lecturer for the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania Jacqui Sadashige (Moderator) received her BA from Amherst College in English and Fine Arts, an MA in English from Indiana University, and her MA and PhD in Classical Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Jacqui is currently a Senior Lecturer for the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

DEAR FESTIVAL PATRON: Philadelphia Women in Film and Television is proud to be a Community Sponsor for The Women’s Film Festival for the second year in a row. The creative group of women who masterminded the festival last year are bringing you an expanded festival filled with entertaining thought-provoking films by women, stimulating discussions, and an all around Bad-Ass good time -- we are thrilled to be a part of the festivities!! Our decision to participate again this year was primarily based on PWIFT’s organizational mission: to recognize, celebrate and advance the professional development and achievement of women working in all areas of film, television and related disciplines. We see our mission ‘in action’ working with the WFF organizational team. That said, we’d also love to see our mission ‘in action’ with YOU. If you’re a seasoned film or media making pro, been ‘at it’ a few years, or are still in college planning your future filmmaking career here in Philly, we invite you to JOIN Philadelphia Women in Film and Television so you can enjoy the member benefits of learning from, and being supported by, a community of creative, female media makers dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals. To become a member of PWIFT, go to the following link: Enjoy the Festival!!!! --- THE PWIFT BOARD ‘LIKE’ us on our FACEBOOK PAGE: PWIFT: Philadelphia Women in Film &Television ‘JOIN’ our FACEBOOK GROUP: PWIFT: Philadelphia Women in Film &Television QUESTIONS: Please contact us at

331 S. 22nd Street 215.546.1479

Philadelphia Locations 2319 Walnut Street 267.239.2068

928 Pine Street 267.239.2068

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ASAVE THIS DATEA July 5-10, 2016 Opening Night:

Kimmel Center Festival Headquarters:

Prince Theater Festival Theater:

Caplan Theater

Celebrating 22 Years of LGBTQ Tradition 20

“Self Defense for Women� by Platoon Fitness Saturday, March 12th @ 5:00PM For more than 20 years Platoon personal training has been helping people in the Philadelphia, PA get in shape and feel better. They train the body the way it should perform and function in real life. Platoon Fitness has been generous to teach our women how to defend themselves if under attack by another person. Please join us in this free 15 minute demo with a Q&A by fitness instructors by Platoon Fitness. Sponsored by

Centerpiece Film: Gender Journeys: More Than a Pronoun USA | 90 minutes | Saturday, March 12th @ 5:30PM Directed by Tess Kunik Gender Journeys: More Than a Pronoun is the first part of a documentary series that focuses on the #TransLivesMatter movement. The filming, which took place at Luke Allen Productions LLC, is part of a larger project that hopes to, according to Christina May, producer, and Tess McChesney Kunik, filmmaker document intersectionality within the Trans* identity. Those interviewed were a host of professionals and activists in the Philadelphia who had the expectation to highlight lives that are often underserved. Director, Tess Kunik, Producer, Christina May and Executive Producer, Luke Allen will be available for a Q&A session.


LGBTQ Shorts Program Saturday, March 12th @ 6:50PM

Truthful Innards | USA | 4 minutes Directed by Margaret Polzine An experimental animation approaching the idea of the layers a body builds when it has been harmed. Director, Margaret Polzine will be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Malefemale | USA | 9 minutes Directed by Kristin Adair

Carefree | USA | 22 minutes Directed by Tara Shayne

Frances Reed identifies as gender non-conforming. While they love their body, they have struggled with pain and injury connected to their gender presentation.

Tara, a quirky, high-strung girl in her 20’s visits her hometown, for the first time since leaving at 17, to crash her high school sweethearts wedding. Through a series of awkward encounters and ridiculous scenarios she finds that not too much has changed back home, yet everything has changed.

Director, Kristin Adair may be available for a Q&A.

Mom’s Wedding | Canada | 12 minutes Directed by Michelle Brightman

The Hurtin’ One | Canada | 3 minutes Directed by Jess Lee

Two very different and estranged sisters come together to celebrate their mother’s new marriage.

Nursing heartache, a queer woman finds temporary reprieve while immersing herself in a Portuguese community street party.

Director, Michelle Brightman will be in attendance for a Q&A session.

International Drama Shorts Program Saturday, March 12th @ 7:50PM

Roubado | France | 18 minutes Directed by Erica Watson A teen photographer in the south of France develops a tense relationship with his mother’s new boyfriend.


Rajakumaran (Prince) | India | 15 minutes Directed by Sarath Menon

Barrio Dos: Pintados | Philippines | 4 minute Directed by Erykah Del Mundo

A prostitute creates a bedtime story for her son about his father whose identity even she doesn’t know. Rajakumaran is a mono act involving two characters, one of which marks their presence only through voice.

An elite officer of the Philippine National Police must swear off against a crime lord to rescue a kidnapped girl.

Director, Sarath Menon may be in attendance for a Q&A session.

The Guard | Italy | 5 minutes Directed by Ludovica De Santis Two children in a building: the guard is outside.



UnSlut: A Documentary Film | Canada | 38 minutes | Sunday, March 13th @11:15PM Directed by Emily Lindin

The Saver | Canada| 88 minutes | Saturday, March 12th @ 8:50PM Directed by Wiebke von Carolsfeld After being orphaned in the middle of a harsh Montreal winter, teenager Fern resolves to avoid her mothers tragic fate by becoming a millionaire. “All you need to do is save,” according to the book How to become a Millionaire. So, with Youth Protection at her heels, she lies to get a job first as a live-in janitor and then another as a dishwasher, saving whatever she finds along the way. But despite all her smarts and fierce determination, Fern’s house of cards beings to crumble, until she realizes that she may not be as alone as she once thought. Based on the young adult novel by Edeet Ravel, starring the newly discovered Imajyn Cardinal, The Saver was written, edited and directed by award-winning filmmaker Wiebke von Carolsfeld (Marion Bridge, Stay). Director, Wiebke von Carolsfeld and Producer, John Christou will be available for a Q&A session via Skype.

This documentary short from The UnSlut Project asks: Why is the sexual shaming of girls and women, including sexual assault victims, still so prevalent in the United States and Canada? Through interviews with sexuality experts, advocates, and media figures, UnSlut: A Documentary Film explores the manifestations and often devastating results of sexual shaming in North America and offers immediate and longterm goals for personal, local, and institutional solutions.

Moms and Meds: Navigating Pregnancy & Psychiatric Medication | USA | 54 minutes | Sunday, March 13th @11:55PM Directed by Dina Fiasconaro Moms and Meds: Navigating Pregnancy & Psychiatric Medication is a feature-length documentary film that explores the options women face when they want to have children, but take psychotropic medication for mental illness.


Artistic Shorts Program: Saturday, March 12th @ 1:00PM Breath of Clay | France | 17 minutes | Directed by Sandra Formatger Garcia At the crossroads between documentary filmmaking and artistic creation, Breath of Clay (Souffle d’argile) renders the inwardness of the artist Philippine Schaefers work. Discreetly, the camera glides close to the creative process to capture photographic images of the outcome of this intense work. Here clay has the primary role. WARNING: INVOLVES NUDITY. Director, Sandra Formatger Garcia may be available for a Q&A session. Bryn | USA | 9 minutes | Directed by Marc Menish Portrait of a young female woodcarver in West Virginia who, despite having some social anxiety issues, has a 50,000+ following on social media and a long backlog of orders. Director, Marc Menish and subject, Bryn may be available to do a Q&A session via Skype.

Hide and Seek | USA | 4 minutes | Directed by Garth Kravits What face do you see when you look in the mirror? Hide and Seek is a short film that speaks to the societal challenge that women, and especially women of color, endure every day. To look in the mirror and to hope to see a face other than your own. One that is closer to what magazines, television and movies define as beautiful or even normal. Co-Producer and Lead Actress, Lia Chang and Co-Producer and Director, Garth Kravits will be in attendance for a Q&A session. Santo, A Dance Narrative on Domestic Violence | USA | 11 minutes | Directed by Stephanie Ramones Using the silent but powerful art of dance to raise awareness on the dangers of staying in an abusive relationship. Starring world champion Philadelphia dance company Art in Motion Latin Dancers this short film tells the story of a group of women and their struggle in deciding whether to stay or go and the roller coaster they’re on.


Director, Stephanie Ramones will be in attendance for a Q&A session.

Closing Night Film: I Believe in Unicorns | 80 minutes | USA | Sunday, March 13th @ 2:15PM Directed by Leah Meyerhoff Davina is an imaginative and strong-willed teenage girl who often escapes into a beautifully twisted fantasy life. Having grown up quickly as the sole caretaker of her disabled mother, she looks for salvation in a new relationship with an older boy. Davina is swept into a whirlwind of romance and adventure, but the enchantment of her new relationship quickly fades when his volatile side begins to emerge. I Believe in Unicorns takes us on a road trip through the stunning and complex landscape of troubled young love. Director, Leah Meyerhoff will be available to do a Q&A session via Skype. Wine courtesy of CBL Wine Company LLC.


(484) 685-7000

A large CROWD OF ACTORS talk outside the entrance to the audition center. SAMANTHA, a casting PA, talks into a HEADSET. Samantha Okay. Next up...the role of Captain Taylor!

TWO ACTORS high-five each other.

Actor 1 Wow, what a turnout. Look, I wish you all the luck dude, but may the best actor get the part. Actor 2 No worries, this is my fourth audition here this month.


A CLIENT and MELANIE FORCHETTI, Casting Director, sit next to a TELEPROMPTER in the audition studio. An ACTOR is exiting.

Client Geez, you are making my job easy. You guys find the best talent. Melanie I'm glad you're happy. Let's head to our recording studio. I’ve got some talent ready for you.

Client smiles. Shot holds. Fade Out.

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Thank you to our following raffle prize donors! 1812 Productions | 2nd Story Brewing Co. | Act II Playhouse | Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts | Bartram’s Garden | Bryn Mawr Film Institute | Dance Affiliates | EgoPo Classic Theater | Garden State Discovery Museum | Good Karma | Institute of Contemporary Art: University of Pennsylvania | Longwood Gardens | National Museum of Women in the Arts | People’s Light | Philadelphia Chamber Music Society | Quintessence Theatre Group | Shake Shack | Sundance Institute | The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston | The McKittrick Hotel, Home of Sleep No More | Woodmere Art Museum The Women’s Film Festival March 11th-13th, 2016 The University of the Arts, Caplan Recital Hall 211 South Broad Street, 17th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107 @showcasewomen Program Guide Designed by

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Women's Film Festival 2016  

The Women’s Film Festival strives to establish a forum that inspires and cultivates a movement to celebrate and collaborate the power of wom...

Women's Film Festival 2016  

The Women’s Film Festival strives to establish a forum that inspires and cultivates a movement to celebrate and collaborate the power of wom...