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The VTeam – Jan 2007

Credits Nimlok – for introducing a modular stand that looked better than custom−build PSL (Formerly ATC) – for av that wasn’t just another plasma The skills zone – for introducing actors to dsei Wow!media – for beating spielberg at his own game

Accolades “the stand was fantastic…VT really put one over on BAE – not that we should gloat!” “VT was simply the talking point of many people that I met” “If VT are doing this, we better watch out”



The VTeam – Jan 2007

Credits Moxhams AV – for not setting fire to the venue Eventscape – for de−risking giving guns to delegates Wow!media – for shooting and editing a 20 minute video in under 6 hours

Accolades “This year hit the mark” “By far the best yet” “Well done! It was fab fun!” “A hard act to follow” “Excellent” PROTECTING THE UNIVERSE FROM DULLNESS AND MEDIOCRITY


The VTeam – Jan 2007

Credits Richmond event management – for radically modernising how ships are launched Dick Tee Events – for creating a venue in the middle of a fully operational shipyard Wow!media – for bringing 90 metres of steel alive

Accolades “Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! The laser show was brilliant, the fireworks breathtaking. Congratulations to the team, the hard work paid off” “every now and then in one’s career there are occasions that will forever be a highlight…….for me and others, last night was one such time. VT made us all very proud of shipbuilding in this country, of the Royal Navy and of Portsmouth, the City and its Naval Base”” “Thank you for one of the most memorable occasions I have experienced in my life” PROTECTING THE UNIVERSE FROM DULLNESS AND MEDIOCRITY


Award submission  

1000 word submission for Event Magazine's best in-house team. Paper had to be in MSWord - which it was - honest!