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Get Ready! You Are Now Entering Another Universe It all started with a traffic accident which with luck we avoided. We were on the road going back to İzmir from Susurluk. I was driving and rather tired. The music in the background did not help either because it relaxed me. Near the exit for Balikesir, a truck started to follow close on our tail. He kept flashing his headlights; although, we were in the far right lane. It was obvious we had a maniac behind us! We traveled a few kilometers like that. At the first opportunity, I moved to the left lane hoping he would drive by, since he gave no intention of passing us. I did this thinking it was a four-lane highway; however, what I didn’t know was that due to road repairs the left lane was reserved for oncoming traffic. I had missed the road sign that warned drivers. As a truck came towards us on this curvy road, I thought he was in the next lane. We were quickly approaching each other. Next to me in the right lane was the maniac who had been following us. About that time my wife, who had been sleeping in the back seat, woke up and screamed that I was heading into the truck. At that point I made a big mistake and steered right. Luckily, the maniac had passed, and we had avoided crashing into him. We had avoided a terrible accident, but I was in shock. I pulled over, and my wife took the driver’s seat. A few days later, we were in Çeşme at the beach. As yet, I hadn’t recovered from the shock, but more strange was the fact I kept having a strange vision. The accident had taken place, and I saw my family and myself in the hospital. We were all in bandages, and the vision was so real I could smell the antiseptic hospital air. I just couldn’t understand what I was seeing. Then, when I was swimming, I saw the same vision and smelled the same air. I was at a loss. I got out of the water and had lain down. At the same time, I observed my wife and two kids getting out of the water. I watched them as they approached me. When I raised my head and looked into my wife’s face, I was in for another shock; her face was not the face of my wife in this life. I knew that I was married to her, and I also clearly remembered how we had met. But, she wasn’t my wife. I had no emotions for her. As she dried her hair with a towel, I watched her mouth open as she told me something. This vision lasted for a while and then vanished. Everything was back to normal. Right in front of me was my wife and children. I was in the real world I knew…Really? After returning from Çeşme, we went to a shopping mall. I stood in front of a café waiting for my children to return from toy store window shopping. As I looked at the café with little interest, I saw myself sitting in the café. A girl in red sat across from me,

and we were chatting. It was as if I were watching a film. I held the leading role, and I could feel everything the “me” felt sitting at that table. The moment was intense. All of a sudden the “me” sitting at the table turned to face me, as if he had felt he was being watched. I shuddered and the vision stopped. It was after these experiences that I started investigating “parallel universes.” Were my experiences fantasies created by my brain or had I experienced something hard to explain? I tend to call them fantasies because the person I recognized as my wife was someone I saw on Facebook and affected me enough to add her as a friend. In this life we had no relationship. We only shared a few activities together. Then why was I so affected when I first saw her? I also knew the girl sitting in front of me at the café. All of them were in my present life but in different roles. I started questioning what I was experiencing. At this point I posted a message on my Facebook account asking people who have had experiences regarding “parallel universes” to contact me. Some of the messages that came were really fantasies, but some included similar experiences. Those messages really interested me. I read the experiences of some, who were living a different scenario, due to different choices. And slowly, I began to accept that I wasn’t living a fantasy, but an experience beyond fantasy. There were breaking points in my life, and at each point, I had made decisions. Every decision I made or refused to make was in a different universe. In another universe I was married with two kids, but in yet another universe, none of them existed and I was just flirting. Who knows what lives I was leading and not aware of? But how was this knowledge going to help me? I always ask myself this question: So now that you have this information, how is it going to help your spiritual development? I couldn’t find the answer to my question for a long time. I had more questions as well. Which one of us was the real “me”? What, in fact, is “real”? What was this knowledge telling me? How could it be enlightening for my spiritual development? To be honest, I still don’t know the exact answers to my questions, and I keep thinking out loud. As a matter of fact, in the third issue of The Wise, our writers joined me in this thinking out loud and wrote on the topic of “parallel universes.” I hope the articles in our new issue will be enlightening for us all. With all my love to all of you in this universe and all the other universes…

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Burak Eldem Öner Döşer


An Ordinary Day in the Cosmic Ocean


Astrological Approaches to a Paradigm Shift (Trs: Sibel Oltulu)

Cem Şen & Sonsuz


What Happened Happened Before! (Trs: Nur Banu Uğurlu)

Zeynep Sevil Güven


Is There Life on Parallel Universes? (Trs: Sibel Oltulu)

Deniz Kite


A. Kerim Soley


From The River of Dreams Towards Many Worlds’ World Which One is Your Universe? (Trs: Sibel Oltulu)

Esra Erdoğan 28

Meeting With All My Selves From Parallel Universes (Trs: Ayşe Dağıstanlı)

Hasan “Sonsuz” Çeliktaş


Am I That? (Trs: Aycan Bolazar)

Zeynep Sevil Güven


Circles of Pain (Trs: Ayşe Dağıstanlı)

Sibel Oltulu


The Girl Who Has Everything

Dost Can Deniz 48

Awakening Is Merrier Than the Happiest Dream (Trs: Selin Kartal)

Hakan Arabacıoğlu


Free Yourself From Repetitious Situations

Hasan “Sonsuz” Çeliktaş


If Not Now! When? (Trs: Feride Sabuncuoğlu)

Filiz Baştüzel 52

The Second Shock (Trs: Sibel Oltulu)

Pınar Derinbay 55

Add If You Cannot Subtract (Trs: Selin Kartal)

Tunç Pekmen


Fake Psychics (Trs: Selin Kartal)

Nil Eldem


Those Evil Eyes (Trs: Selin Kartal)

Ertan Yurderi


Talismans of İstanbul (Trs: Selin Kartal)

Filiz Baştüzel 63

Hızır: A Time Traveller Mystic (Trs: Selin Kartal)

Tamer Baran 64

Feel Like An Angel... Write Like An Angel (Trs: Sibel Oltulu)

Hasan “Sonsuz” Çeliktaş


How to Charm a Spiritual Woman (Trs: Feride Sabuncuoğlu)

Gülüm Omay


The Young Girl and The Soldier (Trs: Feride Sabuncuoğlu)

Bora Eşiz


Bozcaada: An Island for Those Who Love the Aegean

*(Trs: = Translated by) The Wise 5

The Wise Writers Hasan Sonsuz Çeliktaş originates from Mersin as his hometown. After attending Toros High School, he graduated from Ankara University with a degree in Public Relations. After working five years as a research assistant at the same University, he resigned and founded derKİ. Thereafter, he began writing for derKİ as well. Currently, he writes for Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Yeni Aktüel, and the Akşam Newspaper. The author of two books, he is married with two children.

The Wise Publisher&Editor Hasan “Sonsuz” Çeliktaş The Wise English Editor Beatrice Vanni The Wise Translators Feride Sabuncuoğlu Nur Banu Uğurlu Sibel Oltulu Selin Kartal Ayşe Dağıstanlı The Wise Design Tuğçe Gerek The Wise Writers A. Kerim Soley Bora Eşiz Burak Eldem Cem Şen Deniz Kite Dost Can Deniz Ertan Yurderi Esra Erdoğan Filiz Baştüzel Gülüm Omay Hakan Arabacıoğlu Nil Eldem Pınar Derinbay Tamer Baran Tunç Pekmen Öner Döşer Sibel Oltulu Zeynep Sevil Güven The Wise Website & E-Mail

Burak Eldem is a writer, journalist and a former TV and radio program host. He is the author of “Hidden History” trilogy, a large three-volume set, published between 2003-2011. The first book of the series was titled “2012: Rendezvous with Marduk” (July 2003), followed by “Fraternis: Lost Books, Secret Brotherhood” (April 2006) and “The Cosmic Ocean” (April 2011). The trilogy in its entirety presents an unorthodox view of ancient history following the clues obtained from discoveries in archaeoastronomy, ancient myths and sacred texts and the symbols and iconography of the esoteric cults. He also wrote two novels: “Talismans Protect Thee” (November 2004) and “The Sunset Fandango” (November 2007). The first is a semi-fantasy novel on immortality, ancient mysteries thousands of years old, top secret research on the human DNA and international conspiracies that relate to “power games” with their political outcomes. The latter is a sequel to “Talismans.”

Esra Erdoğan, is a blog-writer. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, International Trade Management department. Due to her keenness on nature and animals, she has preffered ‘vegan nutrition’ style and she has also been writting a blog about it. Further, she works as a gourmet-line consultant for an international food corporation.

Öner Döşer is a leading Medieval Astrologer who earned his qualification (A.M.A.-Adepted in Medieval Astrology) from Robert Zoller. In March 2005, Oner founded the School of Astrology in Turkey and ranks as one of the leading lecturers there. He has eight published books. His first book “Astrology of the Sage” discusses Medieval Astrology, its history and techniques. Öner wrote his second book in 2007, namely “Turkey in 2008” which analyzed what 2008 would have brought to Turkey if applying Medieval and contemporary Astrology techniques. Filiz Baştüzel received a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. She has worked in managerial positions in several multinational companies, and for the past seven years, worked as a European Union (EU) Funds Consultant. She has experienced and investigated different types of healing, energy transformation and consciousness techniques and teachings. Filiz has used her experiences to heal herself and others, and now works as a teacher and therapist in Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Izmir, Turkey.

Ertan Yurderi is a retired journalist. He has been writing poems and stories to various literature magazines, and articles which introduce tourism to web sites which introduce Turkey. Due to his curiosity with frequency and communication via frequencies, He sustains his pastime as an amateur radio-broadcaster.

SPONSORED BY Tunç Pekmen is a half-Turkish, half-Scottish civil engineer, whose main interest is in comic books and writing. . He has written 4 books, they are all waiting to be published and I am still taking down notes for new ideas. He is happily married and have two cats.

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Deniz Kite is the first professional mediator in Turkey, Founding Member of L’accadémia Areté Italy, Founding President of Academy of Excellence Turkey. Besides being the first woman coach-mentor registered at Turkish Football Federation, she became the Founder and President of the first Mediators Association in Turkey. She is a Founding Board Member and was the Director of Young Leaders Academy in Turkey.

Zeynep Sevil Güven is a healer and instructor. In 1994, she registered with the Shiatsu Department of the Israeli College for Alternative & Complementary Medicines in Tel Aviv. At the school, Zeynep received training on many alternative medicine treatments and concentrated instructions especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Since January 1999, Zeynep has worked professionally in the field of spiritual healing. therapist in Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Izmir, Turkey. She finished all of the education programs of the Hellinger Sciencia Academy and got a diploma about Family Constellation from Bert Hellinger himself.

Bora Eşiz is an archaeologist and a travel writer. After his education on Classical Archaeology and Museum Studies in Istanbul, Bora Eşiz worked in the field of magazine and internet publishing. For many years Bora Eşiz worked as a travel writer for several magazines mostly for in-flight magazines. In his travel articles he focused on archaeology, museums, local arts, local food culture and art of travelling. Also Bora Eşiz has three travel books about Turkish cities. Tamer Baran, is a cinema writer and commentator. He dropped out of Marmara University, Medicine Faculty. His articles are being published from 1985 on. He worked as an editor of “Sinema Gazetesi” newspaper and “Antrakt” magazine. Three movie screenplays written by him were filmed, one which is named “Salkım Hanım’ın Taneleri” which was approved of and awarded.

A. Kerim Soley is a social anthropologist and writer. After graduation in political sciences and public relations, Kerim worked mainly on human behaviors, the history of religions and Far-Eastern beliefs. He attended many mystic groups and conducted spiritual research while studying western philosophy, eastern mysticism, the fourth-way thinking, and Sufism.

Cem Şen is a writer and spiritual trainer. In 1981, he took up training in Martial Arts and then in 1987, he was trained in Zen Buddhism. Cem’s first translation of books was published in 1990. In the same year, he concentrated on Taoism with training by such Masters as Mantak Chia, Master Weng and Eric Steven Yudelove. He was given a teaching certificate in various fields of Taoism. Currently, he is in contact with respected masters around the world and continues his search. He is the author of eight books and translator for about 40 works.

Dost Deniz is the first Master Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation in Turkey and Southeast Europe which serves leaders from all walks of life. companies. A best-selling author, Dost wrote Cesur Sorular (Courageous Questions), now in its sixth printing. He has practiced meditation for more than 10 years, as well as daily training in the fundamentals of Qi Gong.

Sibel Oltulu is a translator and a writer. After graduating from Translation and Interpretation Department of one of the leading universities in Turkey, she began her professional life in banking sector. However, her love for astrology opened another path for her. Since 2005, she has been in the small team that translates Susan Miller’s monthly forecasts into Turkish. She is a singleparent with one beloved daughter.

Pınar Derinbay was born in Ankara and attended several schools in different cities of Turkey. She graduated in 1998 from the Business Administration Department of the University of Ankara. Since graduation, she has worked for Ziraat Bank for the past 13 years and currently holds the position of branch director. Her hobbies are reading, learning, yoga, photography, hologram making, dancing, writing and mandala painting.

Hakan Arabacıoğlu has worked in the areas of corporate structuring and institutionalisation, marketing and media at Ford Motor Company, Procter&Gamble and MLS Holding. After having practised life coaching based on his experiences, he is currently working as a life coach holding a Bob Proctor Life Success Coaching Certificate. He is continuing with my post as a Managerial Consultant at MLS Holding as well as his training at International Coach Academy. He is an ACC credentialed coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Bea Vanni English Editor

Feride Sabuncuoglu Translator

Ayşe Dağıstanlı Translator

Gülüm Omay is a Reiki Master and trained in yoga and meditation. She has owned an Advertising Agency and specialized in advertising and graphic design. In 1987, she was introduced to Sufism and mysticism and carried on work in those subjects. Since her introduction to Reiki in 1995, she regularly gives Reiki seminars. At present, she offers a variety of seminars in many cities. She is the author of a book on Reiki named as “Reiki – Universal Life Force”.

Nur Banu Uğurlu Translator

Sibel Oltulu Translator

Selin Kan Translator

Tuğçe Gerek Graphic Designer

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The Wise Feature Burak Eldem

Ordinary Day in the Cosmic Ocean


What if our universe is not the only one? What if we live in an immense multiverse where our own universe is just one of many tangential bubbles appearing as a honeycomb?


t was about 14 billion years ago, when the whole thing began in a kind of very special tiny shell. Tiny? I should say microscopic, maybe. In fact, this shell was slightly larger than a proton, one of the essential parts of the nucleus of an atom. Inside this shell, there were zillions of rogue particles, aimlessly wandering around, which gave the view of a restless “ocean” to the contents ; like a primeval sea, or if we choose a more mystical metaphor, “the waters of existence.” Suddenly, something extraordinary happened inside this spooky shell and a crucial process began: It was a gigantic explosion which came along with the brightest possible light and caused the lightning-fast expansion of this “particle ocean.” In the first 1033 seconds, the shell reached the size of a golf ball then kept on expanding further in a crazy speed. This was the very moment when time began, as we know it. The rest of the story passes through eons and comes to present day, still ongoing in an ever-expanding environment we call “the universe.” Everything we can see, feel and detect around us, including (but not limited to) planets, stars, clusters and galaxies, could fit in an extremely tiny shell 14 billion years ago. Sounds like magic, but equally reflecting the truth: The adventure of our universe started 8 The Wise

in a restless microscopic shell, with an extraordinary event we call “The Big Bang,” and it has kept on expanding and expanding. But for how long? This is the critical question.

In The Beginning… When we talk about the expansion of the universe, we suggest an effective energy which should surpass the power of gravitation; the still accelerating expansion make the scientists think about a mysterious force which they call “the dark energy.” But, since there cannot be an “infinite source of energy,” be it “dark” or “light,” a time will come when the power that drives the expansion eventually becomes exhausted, and gravity will take the reins back. This will simply reverse the process and our universe will begin to shrink— very slowly in the beginning—but it will accelerate as the time passes. The dramatic result as scientists call it is “The Big Crunch”; a situation when all the matter shrinks and fits in that tiny shell, where it all had begun. Also, it means a critical moment when time stops again. Some theoretical physicists, such as Paul Steinhardt from Princeton University and Neil Turok from Cambridge University, present a very interesting model which suggest a cyclic process in which the

universe endlessly expands and shrinks back; an infinite set of Big Bangs and Big Crunches. Named after the scientists who introduced it, The Steinhardt-Turok Model brings an exciting view to the nature of our universe: The “day” begins with a Big Bang and ends with a Big Crunch; in this gigantic scale of time, all living things including humanity can only witness a single day in which they exist.

before she commences her divine act, these “ingredients” aimlessly wait in a chaotic situation. Sumerians define her as the “primeval sea” and “the mother of all gods.” When a certain moment comes, Nammu creates AN (the heavens) and KI within herself and the creation story begins. This resembles the moment of the Big Bang in the Sumerian account of creation.

Almost every human being asks the questions—who am I, where am I, when and how did everything start—to themselves at least once in a while. For the human mind, these intriguing questions and assumptions about existence have always been attractive and mind-blowing, regardless of the ages, philosophical schools, belief systems or the level of advancement in science. Since the very beginning of our civilization, our ancestors tried to put the data together and forge a systematical explanation that would help to conceive the “killer questions” of existence. So maybe it is the right time now for putting aside the theories of our high-tech science and direct our attention to the ancient conceptions about the creation of our universe.

From Maat to Dharma

The Sumerian cosmology and cosmogony could be a good starting point, since it is generally accepted that they were among the first civilizations to develop a consistent and coherent philosophy that would explain how all things came into existence. What did the wise men of this Mesopotamian people think about the mysterious nature of the universe and how did they identify the principles and/ or the processes that defined the way this huge system works? “In the beginning, there was Nammu,” replies a Sumerian cosmologist, through the ages. This feminine word is the name of the eternal goddess of creation and considered the essential source of everything—an immense potential which appears to be inactive for an uncertain time, just before creation. Nammu has all the raw materials that would help to fashion the physical universe, but

When we go beyond the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea, we find very similar conceptions about the beginning of the universe in Egypt, a contemporary of the Sumerian civilization. In Heliopolis (Iunu, in Ancient Egyptian) theology, the act of creation takes place in Nun, the cosmic ocean, who is the Egyptian counterpart of Nammu. Just like the former, Nun has all the necessary elements of the physical universe but dispersed (or dissolved) in the waters of wisdom, thus wandering around inactively in a chaotic situation. When the crucial moment comes, Nun, the cosmic ocean, forms Atum using this potential; Atum, in turn, creates the divine couple Shu (the air) and Tefnut (the moisture). In later theological developments, Atum also represents the divine light of the universe (Ra) which Egyptian cosmologists believed to appear during the moment of creation. That is to say, Nun’s powerful act in the darkness of the “inactive ocean” to bring forth Ra-Atum seems to be the moment of the Big Bang in Egyptian cosmogony. Creation myths of Ancient India are by no means less intriguing. Hindu philosophy, which probably took its roots from the much older Harappan civilization that had flourished along the Indus Valley millennia ago, sees the history of the universe as the endless cycles of creation and destruction. Each cycle equals to a single day of Brahma, the supreme god of the Holy Triad, called Kalpa in Sanskrit language, but this “special day” actually lasts around 8.6 billion years!

The Wise 9

The whole process begins in the eternal waters of the “cosmic ocean” which possesses all the necessary elements of the physical universe, but appears as a dark and inactive source like Sumerian Nammu and Egyptian Nun. Within the first moments of the divine day, Brahma emerges from the depths of this chaotic ocean in a lotus flower, and the holy process of creation starts. The supreme god then forms the universe using the potential of the cosmic ocean and sets the order with the power of his divine light. When the “night” falls for Brahma after 4.32 billion years, Shiva, the second important deity of the triad takes his turn and starts the destruction process which is necessary for the next creation. Finally, when Shiva is done with destroying the physical universe, Vishnu steps in just before the dawn of a new “day.” He helps the cosmic debris to dissolve in the waters of the eternal source again and makes sure everything is ready for a “fresh start” for Brahma. The works of Shiva and Vishnu lasts another 4.32 billion years which makes the total cycle, or as Hindus call it, “a day of Brahma” 8.64 billion years. Each of these three creation accounts of the ancient world clearly have some essential concepts in common which give us a brief idea about how our ancestors thought of the universe thousands of years ago. First of all, the time concept is cyclical (and even spiral) contrary to our “linear time” understanding. In ancient philosophies, there is neither a beginning nor an absolute end for the universe; instead, they underline a cosmic system with continuously repeating “creation” and “destruction” processes. Second, in almost all ancient cosmogonies, we come across the unique concept of the “primeval sea”: the eternal source of existence neither created nor destroyable. It is always the starting point of the physical universe, and also, the environment where it dissolves after the destruction process. That is to say, in ancient cosmogonies there is not an omnipotent and transcendent god—like the one in monotheistic religions—who creates the universe from scratch or completely destroys it when “the end of times” comes. The primeval sea or the “cosmic ocean” is the only eternal being that carries the essential elements of the universe which in turn forms the seeds of life. Finally, all these ancient traditions assume a set of essential principles which define the rules of all the processes between creation and destruction. In Sumer, these “golden guides” were called the Me’s;

10 The Wise

Egyptians named the universal rules Maat and depicted it as the goddess of truth and justice; the Hindu’s named it Rta, and the Buddhists chose the title Dharma, both terms meaning “wisdom and truth.” Hence, there is no supreme being above the cosmic ocean and the universal rules. The principal gods were actually symbolizing the forces of the universe, which could only act according to Me/Maat/Rta/Dharma and emerged from the chaotic darkness of the primeval sea in the beginning of each cycle.

The Big Bang and the Big Crunch The amazing part appears when we compare the basics of these cosmogony and cosmologies with the present achievements of our modern science. If we scrape off the esoteric casings wrapped around these ancient stories about the nature of our universe, what we obtain is a simple and logical comprehension of the cosmos which is surprisingly compatible with what our physicists have been telling us in the Standard Model (Big Bang) and the cyclic universe. The modern terminology does not employ terms like “cosmic ocean” but the contemporary theories tell about numerous inactive particles which probably presented a view of a “quantum sea” in that tiny shell we mentioned previously. The emergence of Atum, Brahma, An and Ki (or Pangu in Chinese cosmogony) signifies the critical moment of the Big Bang, and the destruction that comes with the acts of Shiva seems similar to what the physicists call “The Big Crunch.” But how could the ancient cosmologists know about the processes which the modern scientists theorized taking the advantages of high-tech equipment and the accumulated knowledge that came from the huge pile of experiments in the last couple of centuries? Actually, there is no mystery here, and no need for hypothetical “lost continents” or “galactic visitors.” We should not underestimate the power of the human mind and the capability of imagination when no dogmas prevent its curiosity and flexibility. In ancient times, before the religious bigotry took over the reins in the fourth century and launched prosecution campaigns against those who were defined as heretics, the philosophers enjoyed the benefits of free thought and imagination. What remains from them are the bits of thought which we began to discover only in this last century. Most mind-boggling questions start with a “what if” clause. So maybe it is time to put one of them forward to add some spice to our voyage in the stormy waters of the cosmic ocean: What if our universe is not the only one? What if we live in an immense “multiverse” where our own universe is just one of many tangential “bubbles” appearing as a “honeycomb”? Should we then revise our conception about the “cosmic ocean”?

The Multiverses Since the strong winds of the quantum theory began shaking the scientific world in the mid-twentieth century, physicists have been convinced about a multiverse consisting of numerous different universes, where ours appears to be one of them. In a recent article on The New Scientist web site, Marcus Chown writes: “The multiverse idea is not without theoretical backing. String theory, our best attempt yet at a theory of everything, predicts at least 10500 universes, each with different laws of physics. To put that number into perspective, there are an estimated 1025 grains of sand in the Sahara Desert.” I admit it does not make you feel comfortable to think about living in a grain of sand where billions and billions of them just sit there in a huge desert. One can feel themselves very unimportant and much less valuable, to say the least. But, this picture can change a little when we think about the branching of possibilities and alternatives that pave the way of a system, consisting of numerous “parallel universes.” You are not less important or less valuable because there may be a different “you” in many of those possible cousins of the universe we live in. Sounds confusing, huh? Let us make it simpler: You could have decided to quit your job years ago and choose another career for yourself which could have dramatically changed your life, but you did not. Or you could have married your high-school love and had children at a young age, but your education was more important for you, so you chose to go to the university in another city, leaving your home town behind. Now, that girl is married to another man. If you had not fallen down and broken your leg while repairing the roof, you could have played in that very important college basketball game and got the chance to be recruited for one of those major league teams which could have radically changed your life. You get the idea. Well, the multiverse theory presents you a picture in which every possibility occurred in a different parallel universe: You left your job and began a very different career; you married that girl years ago, and now have been living with your wife and kids in your small town; you averted that accident and brilliantly played in that game, so now you are a very famous NBA player. All of these happened in different parallel universes. In one of them,

maybe you wrote this article and I have been reading it in The Wise magazine. But in many of them, probably you were not born. To make things more interesting, we can safely assume that in some of those universes the rogue asteroid did not strike the earth and destroy the dinosaurs, so the planet is still dominated by those gigantic reptiles. Or in some of those, the basic elements of life have not appeared yet; so, there are no “witnesses” to observe what is happening. And even a more disturbing assumption: In most of those universes, the laws of physics are quite different than those in our own, thus making them look really weird to us.

Just in an “Ordinary Day” Could the ancients also predict such a fantastic cosmic situation? We cannot be sure of it, but we can remember those myths telling about the underworld, the netherworld or similar depictions of imaginary places which they mentioned “to be beyond the time we can perceive.” The universe is built upon certain circumstances that are driven by a vast amount of certain possibilities. If and when a different possibility appears, it occurs in another parallel universe. The “big picture” changes dramatically: Imagine you are sitting at the seaside watching the full moon as the waves touch the sandy beach. You see many sparkles on the surface of the sea, which shine for a moment and then disappear in a continuous light show caused by the moon. Now think of each sparkle as a different universe: When it shines, it is the Big Bang; when it disappears, it is the Big Crunch. Maybe we should think about a “supreme cosmic ocean” that creates and destroys billions and billions of different universes in endless cycles. For this immense ocean, a day of Brahma, which is 8.64 billion years for us, lasts only a moment. Can you imagine how many universes are born and destroyed in an “ordinary day” in this cosmic ocean?

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The Wise Feature

Öner Döşer

First of all, let’s begin by explaining a paradigm. Paradigm is the individual and collective perception of reality that we believe without any judgment; we do not need to test it. Paradigm is like an unconscious belief system of our culture that we breathe in and do not think about it until suddenly we begin to see things differently. We think and communicate in the frames of these belief systems. The paradigm holding us at a certain point for thousands of years is about to change. Time has come for a paradigm shift! Since man can no longer survive poverty, injustice and wars, the scientific adequacy of outdated rules and laws are now questioned while old patterns continue to lose their popularity. Suddenly, humans woke up and found themselves at the doorstep of a new awareness unrealized until now. Paradigm shift can also be reckoned as a shift in the approved reality. When outdated views are proven to be wrong and insufficient, the paradigm needs to evolve. Sometimes this brings a quick process and at times a very slow one. At present, evolution is so speedy that 2012 will bring us the paradigm shift. Although this paradigm shift occurs individually, it will also be transpire collectively. Together with the closing of large cycles, the social paradigms change. That means outdated conditions require a new point of view. In astrology, we call this “The Change of Era.” Each era has an original way of world view and paradigms. 12 The Wise

The cosmos is a living organism and we are a part of it just like the planets, subatomic particles and our thoughts. With this view, we begin once more to think like ancient civilizations. The ancients perceived the Earth as a living entity; they believed everything had a spirit, and they were perpetual entities within this vitality. Nothing was constant and static. Everything was changing, transforming and being born again and again. Nothing was stand-alone; every little piece linked with other pieces of the whole. Nations lived in harmony with the tides of nature and with the rhythm of the sky. The goal of science was to understand and appreciate the glory of God’s creation and the divine order. While trying to understand the relation between the divine and the humane, the ancients did not perceive these two separate from each other; on the contrary, they experienced the divine within the material world.

The cosmos is a living organism and we are a part of it just like the planets, subatomic particles and our thoughts. With this view, we begin once more to think like ancient civilizations. Now while we are at the edge of an era, we also experience a paradigm shift in science platform. For many centuries, the materialist physics conditioned us to believe that reality could be measured, and if measurable, then perception demanded it through the five senses. It also taught us that the only way of learning was to get rid of our feelings and subjectivism and replace them with a rationalist and objective view. In this mechanical system, the consciousness and the spirit hold no value. The spirit, consciousness and other metaphysical concepts remain underestimated because they cannot be measured by analytical methods of science. However, the mechanics of the new science state that we have a spiritual essence and we are eternal. The latest findings in physics and cell level show new bonds formed between science and spirituality.

Materialist Science Due to the decade of 2000-2009, Quantum physics taught us that subatomic particles were not only linked to the physics and linear time concepts but also subject to some other rules. This changed our point of view about our mechanical and materialistic perception towards our Earth and the cosmos and allowed us to perceive all of these as a whole. According to this understanding, the Earth endures as an organic thing within time and place limits where everything links with each other.

In the sixteenth century, this view began to distort with the “scientific revolution.” Research and observation became the way to obtain knowledge, and this was called “scientific method.” After the seventeenth century, together with the views of Rene Descartes, the body and the spirit were viewed separately; consequently, the ties between science and the spirit began to detach. Descartes denied the mind’s influence on physical characteristics. He believed the physical body consisted of physical materials, but the mind formed an unexplained essence. Beginning with this era, science began to perceive the human body as only a machine. Newton also perceived the earth as a machine. As a result, the cosmos was no longer considered a living and vibrating organism. With this new world view, people began to consider the world a mechanical entity—without life and no spiritual feature. In the last four-hundred years, materialistic science imposed upon us this motto: “Anything that is not perceived with five senses is not real!” and consciousness and the spirit ignored since they were not measured. We began to believe science stood on the idea that everything was formed of material. This materialistic view found no success in explaining our experiences in daily life; however, we accepted this and thought we should follow its current rules and be “scientific.” We ignored everything that denied its rules. In his book The SelfAware Universe, Amit Goswami explains, “We want to be scientific; we think we are scientific, but we are not. If we really want to be scientific, we must remember that science also changes with new discoveries.” Further, Goswami explains that today many physicists doubt there is something wrong with this materialistic realism, but they are afraid of sinking this ship. Materialistic realism has a negative effect on the quality of life of contemporary man. Its perception of the universe rests far and away from spirituality. This materialist science departed from the divine order, and the real nature of humans cast us into depression. Especially Western cultures accepted we live in a materialist world quicker than others. Our materialist needs increased quickly, and we wanted to own better things because we thought the world was based on these materials. As a result, we departed from our humane characteristics and went after better possessions. The Wise 13

Dr. William Tiller, a former Stanford University professor and a founder of the Parapsychology and Medicine Academy, consulted for the American Government on metallurgy and solid substance physics and explained the reasons why this paradigm should change: Our existing paradigm does not give credit to consciousness, will, feelings, mind and spirit. Our studies proved that the consciousness has certain affects on the physical reality. That means this paradigm shift will take place at last and together with this shift the consciousness will gain its importance again. The structure of the cosmos will enlarge beyond its limits in order to let consciousness in. (What the Bleep Do We Know?) We are in a period when humans begin remembering who they are. We will again integrate with the Earth, and the new world view will surround all the religions and let us understand humanity.

Our Perception of Reality Is Changing We can only create a better world when science and spirit come together again. The quantum cosmos reality will again link these two fields together, once separated by Descartes centuries ago. Quantum physics suggests that the mind affects the physical body. Our thoughts—energy of our minds—affect the physiology of our bodies. According to Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief, “the conscious mind not only “reads” the flow of the cellular coordinating signals that comprise the body’s “mind” it can also generate emotions, which are manifested through the controlled release of regulator signals by the nervous system.”

Quantum physics tell us reality is not what we see. Can reality change according to how we perceive it? Is our perception of reality linked with our consciousness?

However, our divine and celestial references always told us that we should live in harmony with divine order. In these references, we can see lots of warnings that materialism could lead to degeneration, diseases and devastating events. Finer clothes, better houses, advanced technological devices, and competition with others can temporarily be satisfying, but people feel depressed if they do not feed their souls or value spiritual assets. As our world is based on materialism, we face disharmony, economic instability, wars, crimes, overpopulation, food and water deficiency, and environmental pollution. Unfortunately, we lost our warm relation between us and the earth. According to today’s scientific paradigm, we live in a mechanically dead cosmos and earth with no feeling and no spirit. This paradigm should end!

14 The Wise

The mind that can think alone and know itself is a strong mind. It can observe our programmed attitudes, evaluate them and consciously decide to change them. We can choose how we will react or if we will react to any environmental signal. The conscious mind’s capacity of changing the pre-programmed attitudes of the subconscious is the basis of the free will. (The Biology of Belief, Lipton) Quantum physics tell us reality is not what we see. Can reality change according to how we perceive it? Is our perception of reality linked with our consciousness? Does our consciousness create our physical experiences and bear responsibility for everything? I constantly asked myself these questions while reading a book about the interviews with the creators of the film What the Bleep Do We Know? In this book there were lots of ideas about who we are, what this life was, what was possible and what was not. Everything was linked to our perception of reality, and if willing to open our eyes to new possibilities, our reality could change.

Astrologic Evaluations With an astrological point of view, we see the signs of change in our perception of reality because the Uranus-Pluto cycle moves rapidly towards the first-quarter phase. The first quarter of the planets signifies new beginnings. In 2011, this will gain speed and in 2012, reach a peak.

This cycle will enter its first quarter exactly on June 24, 2012. Just before this date on June 6, 2012, we will also experience Venus transit. These are very critical dates because big changes will start as of these dates. From 2012 until 2016, we will experience the UranusPluto square seven times. A rare and extraordinary situation, indeed. UranusPluto square signals big transformations beyond our control and imagination. As these two planets will make an active aspect, we should be ready for unstoppable changes, global revolutionary movements, unusual and unexpected radical developments and new situations requiring restructure.

The air we breathe will be loaded with electricity by Uranus and Pluto. Some of us will experience this archetypical change in this psychic atmosphere easily and some of us will just be shocked. We will see individual and collective responses all over the world. After the crisis, evolution, revolution and transformation will come. The death and the rebirth will be experienced simultaneously.

New Forms Energy


Uranus-Pluto contacts have a strong forwarding energy. If we can benefit from this energy, we will gain an important advantage. A new form of energy can spring forth due to the Uranus-Pluto combination. The prophecy for 2012 is an energy shift. Perhaps, this new energy form will be the photon energy as mentioned by some scientists, who knows?

On our journey to this new era, Unless we do that, we cannot be open to Saturn—the planet that represents the development opportunities promised by our perception of reality—will be change. Saturn rules our fears and relates in challenging aspects with both to our worries about the future. Uranus and Pluto. That means the values represented by Saturn will also be challenged and a need for change. Saturn tends to tenaciously preserve the existing patterns and resist change with If change is repressed, then it gains power and proves to be a desire to guarantee its possessions and the future. However, unstoppable. Uranus in Aries will want to demolish everything that Saturn also obstructs development. tries to control and limit its services of the new ideas, discoveries and solutions. The faster we adopt the reforms and changes, Sometimes to benefit from new opportunities, we must either take the more we contribute to this new world order. The changes we a risk or quit some areas of life. Unless we do that, we cannot be mention are mainly scientific, economic, social and spiritual. We open to the development opportunities promised by change. Saturn will experience many changes in technology, medicine, psychology, rules our fears and relates to our worries about the future. While machinery, space sciences, economy and many other fields we can’t Saturn will be in harsh aspects with Uranus and Pluto in 2011 and imagine. Consequently, we will rediscover the divinity in our beings. 2012, we will experience some losses and changes in our standard patterns and assurances that we always hide behind. These harsh Together with the full entrance of Uranus to Aries in March 2011, aspects of Uranus and Pluto will shake our standard order and the old methods began to vacate their places for the new ones. We balance. will begin to see its long-termed effects in all areas of our lives. New points of view and new trends will spread quickly. Aries, an The dam is full now and about to crack. The cosmic plan requires East sign, may mean eastern philosophy will surround the West it. Together with the water coming from this crack, we must throw more than ever. Aries also relates to new beginnings, and with the everything out. We will need to fight with the waves and make an entrance of Uranus in Aries, a new cycle began. effort to survive for a new future. If we still insist on our existing standards, the stress will be heavier and more radical events may Aries has a childish enthusiasm and works with courage to get come to the surface. We need to learn to flow with the stream. want he wants. With Uranus in Aries, we will be glad to be a part of something. We will reach a new level of awareness and fresh energy If we can understand Uranus-Pluto energy, we may easily for this new world order. We must be ready for radical changes in understand what we should expect from the period until and after the coming days and the stimulating and awakening energies of 2012. Bill Herbst, an American astrologer, says: Uranus!

The Wise 15

The Wise Feature

Cem Şen & Hasan “Sonsuz Çeliktaş

What Happened Happened Before! In the following dialogue, you will read a conversation between The Wise Editor Hasan “Sonsuz” Celiktas and Cem discuss all these questions. [It may help if you’ve seen the movie Matrix.] Sonsuz: Cem, for our third issue, our conversation will explore the topic of what happened happened before and why on earth is it so difficult for us to take life easy! Remember, the other day, when we were on the phone, you told me: “You are so tense. You are so uneasy. But note that what happened happened before. So, all you should do is just relax and try to be an observer.” After this conversation I seriously considered your words for a while. They were on my mind day and night. Your words have become a thorn in my flesh. I kinda lost my appetite. I can’t find the best way to put my feelings into words. You know what I mean. Can you please save me and elaborate on your words?

Cem: In our daily actions, we tend to think that we are the ones to designate these actions. We even think that we can control and create our actions. Yet, we overlook the fact that there is no way our actions would happen in any other way. Hasan, this is hard to explain. What I am trying to tell is way too complicated. Let me give an example. You know, Mohammed, the prophet, was an extremely broadminded person. Even he was open to discuss any 16 The Wise

subject and he calls it “accident and fate.” I can see his point: Once you start evaluating this subject, you start going round in circles; just like Ouroborus, the snake, that swallowed its tail—or quantum physics stories. I mean the paradoxes where the future stimulates the past. Of course, as usual, Taoists and particularly certain sections of Tibetan Buddhists delved into this subject and adopted it as part of their studies. Indeed, my advice to you stems from such teachings. Suppose that you have raised awareness on the issue of freewill—whether we are free to choose our actions or they are somehow predetermined. If you manage to escape the ancient accident-fate trap, and also raise your awareness, then this awareness may unite you with God or the universe. And, you may recover from all the illusions of your ego. Rather than benefiting from escaping this trap, the human mind prefers to work it out. Instantaneously, we ask: “Now that the future is predetermined, what happened in the future happened before. Then who is the one to decide on the future or make all these determinations?” As a result, some people believe that it is God that determines the future. That is, people do not have free will. Hence, no one can be blamed for their actions. Whereas, some others believe that God is messing with us, so they get angry with God.

Believers of free will also believe one makes their own future; yet, they introduce parallel universes as an alternative explanation. Each choice we make creates a new universe; it’s up to us. Every single choice of man is realized in infinite parallel universes. So, sometimes when we remember or know some incidents that have not yet happened, it is because some connections have gone beyond timespace continuum and made us remember or know them. It is the same when we recognize people whom we have never met before. Likewise, I may be friends with somebody here, but she may be my lover in a parallel universe. But why on earth do these oddities happen? The reason comes from the ultimate soul, my true soul; that we need to experience these great incidents regardless of time. This way of thinking is more or less like the second approach; we have free will. Still, both approaches are based on assumptions about the real situation. This is the case with all similar theories: They are based on, and in return, serve the reality I want to believe. Therefore, these theories are most certainly biased. Believers in a higher power or God interpret phenomena in their own way, and so do those with no belief as such. It also depends whether one believes in free will or not. But what is real anyway? What may happen happens before it actually happens? If so, in whose hands? Who is the one to make the decisions? Who builds or operates this deterministic mechanism?

Sonsuz: Well said, friend! Now, I have some very targeted questions. Has what happens [in the present] happened before? If so, how? Who makes it happen? Who decides on that? Who sets up the mechanism that determines the initial step? And, about what you mentioned a minute ago, did you really mean that we do not have free will? Are you aware that by saying so [no free will], you have deconstructed and spoiled a number of spiritual theories?!

Cem: I know. This is one the most complicated parts. If what happened happened before or obvious that it will happen, then how can we talk about free will? This is the point when the snake swallows its tail. Since man gets stuck on this point, they cannot see the naked truth. Here, let me share an experience of mine; then we may continue. One time, we were on a retreat in the country. We had this practice in the mountains and returned home. I knew that my pupils had questions about the source of the illusion in their minds. There, I pointed out the burnt fields up on the hill and told them: “You are like that burnt forest on the hill. When there is a fire you come and ask questions about the thing that started the fire. I tell you, understanding the cause of the fire will not make it go away. Knowing the cause of the fire will do no good.” Is that clear, Hasan? These two situations are quite alike. Unfortunately, the mind gets stuck on the cause and reason about this predetermined future thing. Its cause and reason, however, have nothing to do with the case at all. What matters is how we’re gonna manage the situation. Knowing the cause or the one to wind the clock will not make it any easier. Talking over the causes will lead you to the dichotomy of faith and faithlessness; whereas, ironically, neither has anything to do with the situation.

Here are the key issues: 1. Is that real? Did what happen happen before? Is the future predetermined? 2. To which extent is the future determined? Can it be changed? 3. If so, how? 4. If not, what is the point? 5. Why does such a mechanism exist?

Sonsuz: I think this resembles PC suite games. When you install a game on your PC, what you can do is limited to the content of that CD. You may not break the code and do something other than the content of the CD. Yet, you are free to choose in between the limits of this coding system. This is true even for the games that provide you with full initiative. You are free to choose within the context, but there are limits to the game. There are borders that you may not cross. Of course, it is fun and you play the game for the sake of having fun. I mean, it does not really matter whether you accomplish any supposed assignment or not. All that matters is you pass on to the next level; yet, you enjoy the process. The target is not saving the world; you do not have such a goal. Indeed, it is a virtual world that need not be saved. All you should do is have fun and make the most out of it. I think life is quite the same.

Cem: Actually, the word “virtual” emphasizes much more than you may think. There is something virtual about this situation. Hence, the gist of the argument is discovering this virtual content. This is the very reason why this mechanism was designed in the first place; it’s what this mechanism signifies and determines. The Wise 17

Remember these lines in the movie Matrix? It goes something like this: A day came when somebody discovered that everyone lives in the matrix. That person who discovered this was the first to be liberated. Then, that person began to liberate others. My dear Hasan, this mechanism is there to awake us from the matrix! But you are missing the whole point by asking questions: Do we have free will or not? Who decides on that? These questions will lead you to yet another perspective. Is there an infinite universe? Is the lady over there my sister in another universe? Am I a mean person in a parallel universe? Is there access in between parallel universes? Do I have free will? I am aware that it is fun and appealing to ask and try to provide answers to such questions, but they won’t do. Here, I am going to ask you a question. Then, I will provide a simple explanation about finding the way out of the matrix. I will tell you why the system has such a design in the first place with a straightforward and nonelaborate manner. Now, here comes your question, Hasan: We have been talking over whether free will exists or not; what is free will anyway?

Sonsuz: Before one manages to find their way out of the matrix, it seems to me that free will acts like our master control unit. With free will you make the decision to either pull or push the joystick in a PC suite game. Man, it’s been a while since we began this conversation; yet, so far we’ve only managed to arrive at the popular question: “What is the matrix?” Man, the reader will be surprised. They might probably say: “You were supposed to be grown-ups, wise guys. Is that really where you have come thus far?” In general, talking about the Matrix is a product of pop culture which is consumed by members of the pop culture, in return. Here, I would like to underline the fact that these concepts are far from being comprehended. So, dear Morpheus, could you please show us the way out of matrix?

Cem: Alright, I will manage to explain it. But before that, please let me question you a little bit more. Free will is a two-word concept: free and will. Do you think it is possible that one has will which is not free? If so, what is freedom? What is will? And what takes freedom away from will? If you please, try to answer, Hasan?

Sonsuz: You behave as though I am “the man” for such questions! When I’m asked these types of questions, I am usually hard-pressed to answer as if we were back in our school days—like when a question was asked by the teacher, and I was supposed to answer back immediately. I think feeling this way has got something to do with me. Whatever; I’m going to answer your question. Is there a way that somebody may have a will that is not free? We all presume ourselves to be free. This 18 The Wise

is how we live. In fact, there is a limit to each and every single thing in life. The system leads us to believe we are free; yet, all our choices are overseen by the system. We all fool ourselves into believing that free will is choosing our cell phone among a set of similar designs. The situation is more or less the same for our choices in life. We belong to a system which in return structures and manipulates all parameters. Aha! Welcome to the matrix!

Cem: You are almost there, Hasan. Indeed, you are on the bottom rung… but anyway.

Sonsuz: I would be floored if you had said that I had arrived there.

Cem: That would happen when you are enlightened. Now, tell me what is “will”? Can you please provide an answer?

Sonsuz: I guess the best explanation for “will” would be my own desires; that is, my deep-rooted desires in my soul, deep-rooted desires of my very nature. But now that we are talking about will, I happen to realize that it is not will that lies beneath our actions. Forget about being free, we don’t even have will. I am not quite sure that freedom is something we encounter frequently. While we seem to be free, we live rather preplanned lives. Whatever the system says so!

Cem: I guess you are going through a kind of awakening, Hasan. The first thing we should do is to ask the right questions and stop our rote actions. We have to surpass the concepts and go beyond the ordinary. To make a decision, first you have to be free. If you’re not free, then you cannot make a decision. If you’re not free, then you can never commit a misstep. Then, what you are capable of becomes all predictable. You would not even draw a random line to a piece of paper. Generally, most of my pupils avoid my questions because I usually force them to provide fast answers when they least expect it. For example, while we are on the road and two distinct paths lie ahead— particularly if both paths lead to the same place—at the last minute, I ask my pupils, “Which path you are going to take?” If they hesitate, they lose their chance at liberation. Is that clear? In our lives, we face the question of which path each and every moment. It is so instantaneous that we cannot escape it. This question uncovers all the sheaths that belie us. And, it leaves us naked.

If we are free when the sheaths are uncovered, then we may be able to render free actions. There is no way to predict our actions beforehand. If we are not free, then we do nothing but predetermined actions. To speak of true will, first there should be freedom. Well, Hasan, tell me how you may be free.

Sonsuz: By using my senses. Sometimes people assume wasting time is freedom. It is not. Indeed, living against the rules of the society is mere reaction. Yet, reaction is generated by an action. In our case, reacting to the existing system means you are influenced by the system, in return. I can be free by taking pause and remaining still. Only then may you act with your senses. I have just had an “aha moment”: You may also be free by facing the fear of death within you and breaking free from it. One of our innermost aspects is fear of death. Fear of death is our key boundary. If we break free from the fear of death, then there is nothing left to limit us or hold us back. You kinda sign out from the matrix. Since the main cable that plugs you in to the system is fear of death, then when you break free from your most dreadful fear, the matrix ends.

Cem: Yep. So, I must have correctly understood your points. Let me make an addition and carry on with my questions. Indeed, another fear lies underneath Thanatophobia (fear of death). Death, all by itself, may not be that fearful. In fact, mankind is more afraid of becoming almost meaningless, bearing no meaning at all. Unidentifiable, meaningless, pointless. If something is unidentifiable, without any meaning at all, then worse than death itself, that thing vanishes into thin air. It becomes obscure and creepy. Suppose that all of a sudden you have lost all your meaning. Suppose that we cannot recognize you anymore. We cannot use concepts like editor, father, man, spiritual, Hasan, etc., to identify you. Nothing exists to define you. Even worse, you cannot find a word to express yourself. Then who would you be, Hasan? Do you think an average person can live with this?


I see. You consider liberation as an internal process. At the basic level, liberation means liberation from the fear of death. Only after we happen to free ourselves from this phobia, may we be able to obtain true will and commit all our actions freely. Thereafter, your actions may become unpredictable. Did I get that right, Hasan?

If I were an average spiritual man, then I would most certainly have given this sharp reply: “If I have lost all meaning and no concepts work for me anymore, then I would become an it. By “it” I mean the self/essence inherent in us, the true me within…love…oneness.” What do you think it would be, Cem? Now, I think we are at the last exit before the matrix. This is the final temptation before exiting. This is the level end, boss. Sooner or later, we all will face it. This is us in our birthday suits, bare naked. Finally, when we die we leave our bodies and shut the door behind. Indeed, this does not necessarily have to be a physical death; you may actually experience it alive.



Exactly! I think this is the riddle of immortality. Probably, when you no longer fear death, your body will also definitely respond to your mind in-kind. Of course, then you probably would become physically immortal as well. It is kinda like being in an “Avatar” state. Suppose there is a man pointing a gun at you, but you don’t respond with fear. Indeed, you do not fear him. How can he harm you when you do not fear him? Well, in the worst case, he may pull the trigger. I guess it was you who told me about the bulletproof immortal masters. I know these masters are extreme cases, but also they are probably the farthest point to where the situation may lead.

Again, you have made a good point. Are you considering becoming my pupil? You are doing fine.


Sonsuz: Lol! Be my Sensei, Cem. Off the charts, I learn a lot from you. Yet, you are a well-disciplined master, and I am a fat cat. I know that if I became your pupil, we might snap. We are okay as we are.

Cem: So be it. Yes, you are totally right saying that we do alright as we are. First of all, this is something that an average spiritual man would say, and of course, it is just talky-talk. Let’s get back to our senses. There are two sides of this experience: The first one is physical death; in fact, Taoists do that to a certain point. As an experience, they remain physically dead for a while, and then they come back to life. The second one, instead of dying, they walk away from all concepts, in other words, a moral death. Do not let moral death misguide you, Hasan, it is a far more scary experience than physical death itself. Masters describe this experience as the fear you feel when alone with a hungry lion in a small room. Frankly, when I experienced moral death for the first time, I could not deal with it. The Wise 19

Eventually, I always think that real life starts when we go beyond concepts. Now we are blind, and we live as blind men. Even the so-called spirituals do so. First, a concept is created and then we add meaning to that concept. After that, we live according to those concepts, but we cannot see the true essence. This is also true for people. When the name “Cem” is mentioned, it evokes many concepts. Yet, an image of “Cem” is formed in my mind. I think that I am talking to Cem. Indeed, I am talking to that image in my mind. This is why sometimes I do not grasp your words totally, and find your improper demeanors odd. Still, I cannot perceive your real self. I am still a blind zombie.

Cem: Very well understood. If he is in the mood, Master Hsu makes things disappear. For example, he takes a glass and poof; all of a sudden it vanishes. This is quite an experience. You are aware that something has disappeared just now, but you just cannot remember what it is. The thing that disappeared also loses its meaning. If it ever comes back, then you may remember and say, “Of course! I knew it. It is a glass.”

I had diabetes, panic attacks and depression. As far as I remember from my own experience, there was way too much fear involved. All of a sudden you lose all your meaning. It’s fearful! Remember in the movie Perfume lacking body odor drove the man crazy. Now compare this situation to the case where you lose all your meaning. It is as eerie as that. In our daily lives, quite often we experience similar situations of loss of all meaning, but then we find ways to escape the situation, sometimes by using drugs, or a better alternative by finding clarity of our limits through special concepts of thought or theoretical information. That is, we find relief in concepts; we assign meaning to ourselves or redefine ourselves. In turn, we may transform into something else or make us ego-focused. Ego is nothing more than a definition of self, Hasan, a concept. If there is a definition, you can simply define yourself by it, Hasan. If I know something, then I would most certainly know/predict what that thing is capable of. Bottles stores water, fire burns, trees blossoms… Things must perform what they are made for. A pine tree seed will become a pine tree. You cannot make a chestnut tree out of an oak seed. Similarly, all your actions are predetermined. Can you follow me up to this point? As I have told you before, this subject is quite complicated.

Sonsuz: It’s all clear. I always think to myself that we perceive the world through concepts. I mean, why do we name a table “table”? Because we articulate it that way. We have assigned that meaning to “table.” If we take its meaning away, then it will become something else. For instance, do you remember when we were robbed in Egypt? Normally, if that incident had happened in Turkey, I would certainly have been depressed. But it did not bother me at all. Why? Simply because Egyptian currency means nothing to me: It is nothing but paper with a sphinx prints on it. On the other hand, can you imagine what some people are capable of doing for that paper!? 20 The Wise

The thing you have mentioned is huge. Enlightenment is the ability to see things as they are, without shifting them or their meanings. This is why I see the world as it is. Not like any image I have in my mind. This also applies to how I perceive you, Hasan, and even what I assume to be me. That is, when I totally and utterly free myself from the fiction of my mind, only then can I be truly me. Only then can I be unpredictable. What you are supposed to do is predictable, Hasan. Any action you commit is pre-determined even before you do it. It happened before you did it. Now that we have covered almost all the necessary background, we may go back to the beginning of our conversation. We have a full package now, so let’s get to work.

Sonsuz: I see; this is why what happened happened before. The only thing you can do to put an end to it is to change for good. That is, when you break out of the matrix, or at least you are on the threshold of doing so, only then may you behave unpredictably. Only then you are totally and utterly free. Only then you may act on free will. Dude, here comes a question: How will our lives be after we are totally free? I have asked similar questions to a number of people. I asked them: “Suppose you are rich. You have a beautiful family. You have everything a man longs for. There is no other desire that compares to it. Yet you have another 60 years before you. How would you spend those years?” In the movie Meet Joe Black, Anthony Hopkins said he would rather be dead. He was an old man, and he chose to die. In fact, the Western way of thinking may never provide a better answer: When you have all earthly possessions, you have nothing more to acquire. Nobody could provide a satisfactory answer to the question of how would you live after you have fulfilled all your desires. We cannot answer this question properly because there is no such code to be satisfied in full in our minds. The most common answer to my question was that man may never reach a point where they have everything with nothing left to acquire.

There is no end to man’s desires. I also think this may be the reason that when most people almost reach their fill of satisfaction, they lose their heads. Since there is no answer to that question, either they indulge in weird stuff or they want to be in charge of everything— the world, for example. Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the middle of the room. Like Neo, now that we have awakened, and there is no matrix for us to fight in, how would our lives be?

housed in the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany.] As you know Paul the Octopus foretold the results of all six games Germany played in the World Cup 2010. Mathematically speaking, I cannot give you the probability to guess right all six match results; however, it must be slim chance, true? Do you think there is any chance Paul the Octopus could foretell the match results if the future was not predetermined? This is not a story told by my masters; it has happened right before our eyes.

Cem: I think you’ve missed the point. Before awakening, there is a great deal of tasks to be finished. These things uncover why the future is predictable, and why we cannot escape this situation, as well. Consider this: Remember the story I told you about master Hsu. When he makes the glass disappear, the concept of glass in your mind also disappears, right? In that case you really cannot remember what disappeared. You see, Hasan, this is the case when you abandon definitions to identify yourself by. Is that all clear now? I severely warn all my pupils moving into deeper steps on their spiritual paths. At some point you may face the risk of losing meaning, which would be eerie. Now tell me, Hasan, when the glass disappears, where does it go? I just cannot see it anymore. What happens to you when you lose all your meaning?

Sonsuz: Well, you probably feel worthless. Everything you think you know fades away. You realize and admit that indeed you know nothing at all. Life becomes meaningless, you sorta die.


It is in evidence that the future is totally predetermined and predictable. If the future was unpredictable, then for sure we wouldn’t know it. But, we can know it. So, if the future is knowable, how can we talk about free will?

Sonsuz: or something?

Are we starting to talk about destiny

Cem: What is the point of making so much effort or pursuing what you want if what will happen will happen anyway, no matter what you do? Truly, I am really asking you. Tell me, why do we struggle? Why do we shoot for doing the right thing in the best way all the time? Why on earth do we try so hard to bring everything under control? If we cannot control a future situation, then we certainly cannot define it. If we cannot define it, then neither can we exist. To a certain point, the definitions we make in our minds are flawless. There are things we do wrong, and there is the possibility to do them right in the future. Only this time they would be just perfect. This is why the future should not be for certain. If the future is predestined, then it may interfere with my free will. It will interfere with what I am and what I will become.

First of all, do you really think the future is predetermined? Do you think whatever will be will be? Can it be proved? Can you name anything where the future is predetermined?

You know, if my actions are predetermined, it means that I have no control over them. Here, a person with no control over their actions may have two possible attitudes: Either they would become a control freak because they would be disturbed by any situation a lot or they would admit that no matter what they do the future is fated and they are not capable of committing the best of anything. We are not bound to doing things in the best way; it is not up to how much control we have over our actions or situations. Indeed, our effort to get things under our control to make them right is the very reason why our actions are not perfect in the first place. On the other hand, if we knew that all our actions were predestined, then why worry?! Then we need not worry about our future actions or our lives.

Let me give you an example. You ought to have a better awareness of the world around you because everything happens before our eyes. Is that ok? Now, do you recall Paul the Octopus? [reference to an octopus

Everything is predetermined: Who I will meet; who will leave my life; how my children will end up no matter how I raise them; if something I assume to be bad will turn out to be good or vice versa.

Believe me, Hasan; it is weirder than you think. When you lose all meaning and there are no concepts to define you, it’s as if you have never existed at all. How could that be? Ego is a concept, a definition in itself. Tell me, how can all definitions that define yourself or your ego disappear? Now, if you’re ready, we may discuss how we can make use of our pre-determined future?

The Wise 21

In that case, is there anything in my control? At this point in my life, I sense that there is nothing I can control. Here, if I accept to let go of control, then my heart may lighten, and I may feel relieved. When I admit that the future is predetermined, it also means that I have no control over the future. Also, it means that I may never be able to do things perfectly. It means that I may never ever keep pain and sorrow away from me or my loved ones. It means that I may never commit any action which is not predestined. In that case something extraordinary happens: I will become unpredictable.

Sonsuz: Does it correspond to the concept of having faith in your destiny according to religions?

Cem: Yes, this is the true meaning of having faith in your destiny. Of course, there is more because we have just started questioning. You should remember that right in the beginning I warned you that this argument is complicated. Yet, we have just started digging. As proven by Paul the Octopus, if you believe that future is fated and somewhat if you have faith in your destiny, then you need not worry about your actions. You need not push too hard to be flawless. In Islamic terminology, it is called reliance or to resign; that is, to admit that everything good and bad comes from God. This thought leads us to what we call Song Fa Gong in Chinese and Taoism and Jhana in Buddhism. As you see, all teachings interpret the same thing. This is why I am a Buddhist, a Taoist, a Muslim, a Christian. Song Fa Gong is a kind of deep relaxation. This is such relaxation practice that it brings you back to the empty space you were made of. In other words, you go back to your genuine material. No definitions have come into existence before that. Here, you need to understand that resigning to your faith is the tool that will actually free you from it. Accordingly, when you resign to your faith, you let go of your old patterns, then you retrace your source and unite with God. I think we should go no further for now because we have dug deep enough already. The future is predetermined; it is thus to make it unpredictable. As I have told you in the beginning, this is like Ouroborus.

looking for answers consult him? Then when he dies, do they build a mausoleum for him where people come and light candles? This is the first thing that comes to my mind. Or, indeed, does the awakened man become invisible to us? Does he live a rather insignificant life to the point that we expect a wise old man with a white beard, but we do not recognize him? Also, if not for us would his life be lived for his own sake?

Cem: First of all, his ego will vanish, and he will become a Buddha. That is, he will become an enlightened being like the historical character Buddha. Any enlightened being has become one with God. Yet, this is a rather advanced state. It is his final state of being. Therefore, it is even difficult to say how he would behave. Reconsider the question you have raised: What determines the motives of a man who is freed from definitions? Do you really think he or his actions could be predictable?

Sonsuz: Dude, without the concepts and definitions, my brain does not work. My neurons are useless.

Cem: Exactly, dear Hasan, exactly! Let’s forget about it all and enjoy this wonderful view before us over a cup of tea. Isn’t this what Zen masters do? What is the point in predicting incidents? What is the point in defining things? Is there a point to be reached? Is there a question to be answered? Now, we may enjoy life. We may experience the miracle called life. Only then do Zen masters’ words take on a new meaning: How fabulous! How marvelous! What a miracle! I draw water from the well; I cut firewood!

Sonsuz: I would love to. Let’s go and have a cup of tea; you and me. By the way, thank you for the lovely chat, Cem.



So, please tell us, how would the awakened man live? How would his life be? Does he sit down in his place or take a back seat? Do people

Thank you, indeed. This is a complicated subject, and we are at the bottom of the ladder. I hope it may stand for a good start for similar discussions.

22 The Wise

The Wise 23

The Wise Feature

Zeynep Sevil Güven


Is There Life on Parallel Universes?

s I was surfing on the Internet on a hot summer evening in 2007, I bumped into a web page about a teaching with a long and strange name—Ho’oponopono. The story of this teaching captured my interest and discussed the studies of a doctor named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. The claim: This doctor healed convicts with psychological problems by using an old Hawaiian healing technique without ever seeing the patients. This technique intrigued me enough to want to know Dr. Len. Later on, I became his student. The techniques I learned were simple and effective; however, I felt something lacking. I followed that instinct and researched the origins of this Hawaiian technique. This piece of data opened a new door in my life.

Parallel Universes: What Are They? In the texts I read about Ho’oponopono, a particular concept excited me—parallel universes. Of course, I had heard about it before, but I did not pay much attention. For me, parallel universes were scientific phenomenon, and my interest rests in spiritual things. Now I was dealing with a Lemuria-rooted 24 The Wise

spiritual teaching which gave a lot of information about parallel universes. According to ancient Hawaiian sages, there are twenty-three additional universes, in addition to the universe we now live in. One of them is the real universe and the others considered dream realms. Indeed, the dreams are so real that people within the dream think the universe they occupy is the true one. The person can be simultaneously present within different universes and under different conditions. Rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, healthy or unhealthy…They may even change the life models between the universes. (This is not suggested because they already have contracts with people they live with in the real universe and such unexpected changes may be a unilateral cancellation of these contracts.) I was confused. I read those things many times. I had to make a great effort to understand everything correctly since the text was in English, my second language. No, I did not misunderstand anything. The text claimed the existence of twenty-four universes where each human being reflects their own image in the majority of these universes.

Twenty-three more parallel universes? And, in each of these universes, we may have our reflections! One of them is the real one; others are just dreams! The people there think that they are real! Perhaps, I do not really exist here, but I am in one of these universes where I’m just in a dream there! How shall I know that? I really did not understand anything, and I quit thinking about it.

What Am I Saying? Two months later, as I gave a seminar on a completely different subject, I stopped suddenly. I was thrilled! I didn’t know what to do when I realized what I was saying and left dumbstruck for a while. I continued speaking: “Perhaps this universe is not real. Hawaiian masters claim that there are 24 parallel universes. Only one of them is the real one.” I stopped and waited! Everyone stared at me with stunned looks. I was paralyzed with my own words. I could not even open my mouth for a while. But the die was cast! I decided to let the words come out: A spirit comes to this life to learn a specific lesson. Since they must learn it quickly, they enter into one of these parallel universes. I do not know if it is the real one or the dream, but as far as I understand this is not important. The trial period begins as soon as they enter a universe. The spirit learns some lessons during this trial period and consults with his soul group, masters and guides who then suggest a plan for their main reincarnation. Sometimes, he comes to this life for a few days and says goodbye as a baby. Of course, his parents and siblings approve this plan in their unconscious; although, they are not aware of it in the conscious state. A spirit never desires to give pain to another spirit. On the other hand, some spirits live longer than others and start their main plan after fully understanding their experience. This was the first time, I mentioned these things, and also the first time I actually heard it. Where did these words come from? As I took a breath, my mind seemed confused with it all. Some of the information was from what I had read, but the rest of it came from somewhere inside of me. In the following days, this subject appeared more obvious. I came across many scientific and spiritual articles, books and even films on that particular subject. I read everything I found and tried to understand and assimilate them. Unfortunately, my mind could not grasp all of it and some things were still up in the air.

The Missing Link in the Chain “Fringe” became popular in Turkey back then, and its story based on parallel universes. I continued my research, and now I was more confident. My inner knowledge began to surface. I found the missing link in the chain when I encountered another teaching, Inner Speak. Inner Speak did not claim that parallel universes were dream realms; conversely, they were not at all real universes. Its focus cited “Parallel universes and soul groups may be highly effective in the lives of the people of this world”. It signified the effect of their lives on parallel universes and the spiritual responses to these effects. It also emphasized what we should do to be purified from the negative results and the worldly manifestations of these responses. The parallel universe concept was no longer a fantasy to me but a phenomenon now. So, I left the scientific side of the issue to the scientists, but I felt I had to consider this concept in terms of spiritual development.

Numerous Parallel Universes We may say there are numerous parallel universes without mentioning a specific number. When the spirit wants to learn a lesson with all its components, it can divide itself into pieces and scatter these pieces to these parallel universes. It does not split itself only into the parallel universes but also to each time passage. These pieces of spirit may be called “the fragments of the person.” A person can leave their fragments around in various ways: as uncompleted lessons; in the future; in different universes, and also in the experiences which reshape in light of their past. These fragments always maintain a connection and communicate with each other. The spirit also has the right to gain experience in all dimensions simultaneously, and many spirits use this right with joy. However, as fragments living in the third dimension, we can only realize this connection and communicate with other fragments in unconscious fields, such as in our dreams and during meditation. The fragments in different places can support and help each other thanks to the connection and communication between them. The Wise 25

If there is a development in one of the fragments, all other fragments benefit from it. Similarly, in the case of devolution, all the fragments are negatively affected. For example, if we wake up tired every morning, this can be sign that we help another part of us during our sleep. Or, if we have a deadly disease and find a doctor or a healer through a friend, this may be support coming from our other fragments. ...And the Spirit Comes to Earth, but to Which One? Let’s think of a spirit who develops by helping others. They choose to work on more than one scenario to gain the highest development of that issue. So, parallel universes give us that unique opportunity. If the spirit wants to learn in in the quickest way possible, then we look for parents living in one of these universes who will accept us as a child. When we find parents, we make a contract in the unconscious with them. When the exact birth date arrives, we are born as the child of parents who support and help other people, care for the needs of others, and willing to teach these lessons to their children. Consequently, the spirit learns the rules of helping; in turn, we help other people thanks to our parents’ teachings. Does this plan meet our needs? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The answer may be “yes” if the spirit has worked with this lesson during many incarnations and learned a great deal, and if this spirit inhabits earth now for a jump in their evolution after ensuring they know these lessons. The answer may be “no” if, however, this is a relatively new experience for the soul or they were a tyrant and egomaniac in their previous experiences. Similarly, the answer may again be “no” if the spirit had the will of a helpful person but never asked for help or refused any help offered or rejected when wanting help. Parallel Universes prove their importance when we consider such complex situations. It is a very complicated process to learn the same lesson in twenty-three different scenarios. If each lifetime is limited to 50 years for all these different incarnations, then a spirit will need 1,050 years. But if we create a parallel universe experience, 90 years may be enough. As you see, this is the shortest and most effective way for the spirit. Parallel Universes also give the flexibility to maintain a new scenario for the spirit whenever needed. If the spirit cannot benefit from a certain scenario, they have the freedom to leave it and then go to another scene after a short preparation. A spirit also has the opportunity to support their soul group members by making such choices.

26 The Wise

New Knowledge for Humanity As far as I understand from the experiences on earth, the time has arrived for taking a big step towards a collective evolution. More than ever, I believe we need the support of parallel universes for taking big and sound steps in our evolution. Perhaps, that’s why there are lots of books, films and serials about this specific subject. Now, let me offer you a little advice to know what to do with these parallel universes. Use the phrase “my other selves in the parallel universes” in your prayers. Let’s assume your issues include jealousy, lack of creativity, low self-respect or some other problems. To balance this situation, I can advice a small prayer for you: For the highest good of the Whole, I want Creator Source to increase the vibrations of my jealousy/lack of creativity/ low self-respect (or whatever your problem) and support me to transform it into a beneficial tool for everyone in each time passage, each dimension, each parallel universe and everywhere that my fragments exist and IT IS. I hope all of your realms will be full of beauty. For more information, read “Ordnungen Des Helfens” [Family Constellations or Systemic Constellations] by Bert Hellinger.

ZSG Synergic healing method and the method of balancing with SCIO. Both methods begin with a special scan of the synergical area of the patient. It is fundemental to regulate the unbalanced vibrations. In the ZSG method vibrations are balanced “by thought and by hand on healing”. In the SCIO method, vibrations are restated to the patient through the SCIO device and through the computer application: Quantum Xeriod. These vibrations are chosen from a broad protocol of vibrations. In the end of the sessions, the acupoints balanced without needles, severely damaged chakras and meridians are repaired. Consequently, the body is supported to restore its self-healing energy and power. ZSG Deep Balancing ZSG deep balancing is a group workshop based on the method of Family Constellations developed by Bert Hellinger. The work aims to directly reach the invisible records of the appeared complaint of patients. Recognition and honouring of the records, passed on by the ancestors; allow patients to regain order and harmony in their life. Inner Speak Inner speak is found and introduced to the world by psychologist Jean Adrienne. This method operates working on an individual basis and determines invisible causes of the appeared complaints. Basing on the information reached by O-ring system among the 144 files each formed by 36 articles of the Inner Speak method, the patient is presented with a sustainable story. Also, as mentioned in the ZSG Deep Balancing Method, recognition and honouring of the seen records would help the patient to promptly restore the order and harmony in his life. Further crucial workshop and methods which we welcome you are the following: - Readjustment with Ho’oponopono. - Reaccepting of the rejected with the method of a hundred percent YES, aiming the increase of energy. (Prepared based on Ho’oponopono and ZSG Deep Balancing methods by Zeynep Sevil Guven) - Pain Circles: A method found and developed by Zeynep Sevil Guven, aiming to reactivate the negatitive energy in the field. - Implementation and workshops of the repairing severely damaged chakras and meridians.

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ZSG Energy Healing The Wise 27

The Wise Soul

Deniz Kite&Ozan Güner

From The River of

Dreams Towards

Many Worlds’ World In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep From the mountains of faith To a river so deep I must be looking for something Something sacred I lost… For anyone interested in diving into many worlds’ world; we find seven levels to the preparation phase, and definitely needs lengthy practice. Here are some simple guidelines for a beginner.

28 The Wise


ome years ago while I was studying psychology, I asked one of my professors about my dreams. I wondered at that time how it happened that many of my night dreams became a reality in my world later. The answer I received from that professor was not to consider myself a special person. He felt they were most likely coincidences! My point, though, was never to be or try to prove I was special, but instead my concern was to understand the whys or why nots. Deep inside, I always believed that dreams were the doors of/to the other worlds. It was not important at that level of wondering that they were either happening in my mind or a result of an outside visitor to my mind. But I couldn’t skip these questions or calm myself down simply by attributing it to a coincidence. And even if a coincidence was the answer, I still needed to find out how often a coincidence could turn into a reality and what made a coincidence a reality in my world. …But the river is wide And it’s too hard to cross And even though I know the river is wide I walk down every evening and I stand on the shore And try to cross to the opposite side So I can finally find out what I’ve been looking for… People with spiritual experiences usually have had them since childhood; somehow something is whispered to them. People with spiritual experiences seem to know which Path to follow through their senses or even beyond their senses. The first true spiritual experiences I had were my dreams. I remember the very night my Russian grandmother visited me in a dream and told me her real name was Anfizo and she was leaving me. She passed away that night. Later, my mother confided in me that my grandmother’s name wasn’t Ayşe as I knew it, but Anfizo. All my life, dreams guided me by initiation to another level of consciousness or informing me about my life on earth or in general about happenings in daily life. Initiation to another level always related to the number seven. Somewhere, all my dreams with this intense reality had the number seven written on it—either on a door, a house or a stariway. Even more wierd, some of my dreams continued from how they ended during the previous one. It was like I had a double life. This was how my deep interest and search on esoteric teachings developed. For sure, people have different ways to actualize themselves: Some start with science, or rather, from theories and combine the output with experience; others, like me, experience or practice first and then try to find theories to stabilize their minds. This reasoning can be easily understood because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings needing a reference point, such as zero to put our minds into a regular thinking form. But, Be’ing can never be understood if we only think in plus or minus, black or white, yin or yang.

Maybe up to now seeing only black or white worked out for mankind, but it won’t be useful if we want to dive into the many worlds’ world. Of course, we can ask if there really are many worlds. When Earth is only one of several planets in our solar system and our Milky Way galaxy only one of many galaxies, the same may apply to our universe itself: That is, our universe may be one of a huge number of universes. Those with a scientific background may call it parallel universes; some with a religious backgroud call it many universes or many heavens; yet, persons of a psychological background may call it many minds. Whatever we call it, “beside many words,” as Max Tegmark once said, we can be sure that “there exists many worlds.” I guess we may question here what to consider as “inspiring” information: The touchable material, aka scientific knowledge of the worlds, or information which can be experienced individually and beyond the five senses, described in all the mystic teachings including religions? I believe either way is possible and should be equally considered as truth. From this point, here’s the next question to consider: How, where and when can someone dive into many worlds’ world? Hugh Everett’s many-worlds interpretation agrees that each of the possible observations correspond to a different universe. That’s fine and acceptable, but unfortunately, I can do only one observation at a time. So, diving into many worlds’ world can only be possible without the perception of time; thus, when my being or my mind is not engaged, like the times when I am dreaming or meditating, I can be anywhere at any time. Is it so? In layman’s terms, per “ManyWorlds Interpretation” on Wikipedia, “there is a very large—perhaps infinite—number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but didn’t, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes.” Coming back to my dreams and referencing the previous explanation: I dream a dream during the time I am connected to another universe as an observer in which a reality already took its course or taking its course due to my observation, while I am still physically in my bed and world. The Wise 29

very interesting experiences. Once, sitting on the sofa, I asked him if he would agree to an endless life with me; at all the levels of Be’ing and in each world. He answered yes, and I agreed to this as well. This statement somehow changed our entire Be’ing, not meaning the psychological state of our minds, but we, indeed, created a huge door-like energy form which we call the Mirror. We call that moment being equally true in many worlds’ world. It is a kind of state that we dream, think and feel the same. When we open the Mirror, it sorrounds us endlessly and feels like we are in an endless black ocean in which we can be anything, but prefer to be nothing.

How did we get to this point? We can only guess. From previous experiences lasting sixteen years of intense recorded practices, Ozan discovered eleven levels of reality, each of which needed specific preparations to get through. Furthermore, I had my own spiral/tunnel experiences for the last nine years. We believe that we needed both powerful thoughts and male and female energies, combined with love (not sex alone), the highest emotional energy. By the time we talked over and searched repeatedly about different experiences, we were surprised to find great examples in Anatolia, such as Rumi and Şems [Şemseddin Muhammed Tebrizî], who already through love, thought and practices traveled through many universes. Of course, science by nature concerns itself about measurements. Though we believe anyone interested in parallel universes can open a door at any place, most preferable are energy-intense areas.

When I wake up into this world, that dream may become a truth, at some later time. How about a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream? What if, a dream is a reflected reality from another world? Like Be’ing [existing] between mirrors; reflections from and towards an endless being… …I know I’m searching for something Something so undefined That it can only be seen By the eyes of the blind.. My husband is a mystic with a scientific background. When we first met, we didn’t talk about our own spiritual experiences but the energy itself in both thought and emotion—some people call it higher consciousness—which spoke out silently and informed both of us that we were the same. Some time later, we encountered 30 The Wise

For anyone interested in diving into many worlds’ world and according to our own experiences, we find seven levels to the preparation phase, and definitely needs lengthy practice. Below are some simple guidelines for a beginner: Level 0 is where thought about the alphabet and the rules of entrance begin. We may call it magic or energy which alone has neither good nor bad power. This level allows us to go further when we understand that above and below is the same, that is, each parallel universe is alike; one change at any level affects the other. At this level God and Devil is the same; that means there is no separation as such. Depending on personal choice, the brain may choose different visual tools to climb up, like stairs, but be aware there is none as such. Each level is another door to higher conciousness. At Level 0, mankind is an animal. A level such as this doesn’t exist but reminds us not to be the prisoner of our own will and dreams. Level I discloses a labyrinth in which man needs to learn to teach. At this level personality is reflected to the self as if reflected by mirrors. Either God or Devil, both will be equally pulled into the labyrinth. There is a need to be upside down.

Level II reveals the first awareness of light. At this point any question will be answered, but half of them will be true, half false. Mankind needs both: science and senses to prove reality; otherwise, the information received might change the person into a false guru. If so, the man becomes a prisoner of their own fault. To go to the next level, man must kill his ego here which means to cut negative emotions and thoughts such as fear, anxiety, will for power, suspicion, etc. Level III teaches whatever may happen can be stopped by your brain. This level teaches colors: pink for love and imagination, blue for health, yellow for energy, orange for intelligence, red for sexuality, green for unification and peace, and brown for letting go. Here, man can learn the magic, that is, use their energy for any desire. Level IV shows the bright and the dark side of the sun, though as such doesn’t exist. Here, man needs to learn not to use the magic even for good purposes; what is good for one human can be bad for another human, such good and bad doesn’t exist. At this level there are many windows showing man the results of each action. So what is the lesson? Think twice before abusing any energy. Level V bares full darkness. Darkness abounds at this level. Here, humans can enforce, change or stop energy for more or less power. The lesson to be learned at this level—mankind must actualize himself. Those who refuse this development will be eliminated by the self-actualized humans. Level VI divulges how mankind learns to call additional energy. For that, a human needs much practice. Here, humans can meet many believable and unbelieveable things, events and living forms—both exoteric and esoteric—every prophecy through tarot, I ching, astrology, fortunetelling or religion. Mankind learns their own dependency and Path here, and the physical body adapts to new energies. The more a human practices, the more powerful they get. Everyone acquires their own secret name or symbol that empowers them. Mankind needs to balance between the spiritual and the science at this level.

…In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep

Level VII forces the human to pass an examination. Any misuse of energy allows the user to be imprisoned by themselves and ends in killing himself. Anyone who can use energy in an appropriate way, such as to develop themselves, can travel among the universes and obviously beyond time.

Though the desert of truth

I would like to end this article with the message that each of us has our own Path; use science or experiment first, and for sure the ones interested in self-development will receive the appropriate tools for self-actualization. Obviously, we aren’t the only ones in our universe, not to mention that our universe itself must have its duplicate or parallel universe, many worlds, many heavens, many minds. The Be’ing of these universes, if we may say, are like reflections of two mirrors looking at each other—endless. Each universe differs itself by the observer’s choice of that moment; although, one change in one universe, changes the others, too. The truth, if ever exists, can only “be” by being the same reflection for each universe; this, then the Reality—meaning, our true nature or God or Allah, or the Creative, Oneness.

We all start in the streams

To the river so deep We all end in the ocean

We’re all carried along By the river of dreams..

The Wise 31

The Wise Feature

A.Kerim Soley

Which One is Your Universe? P

arallel Universes theory is a gift of contemporary quantum concept to the human mind. First of all, it helps the human mind operate in a remarkable way, and second, enforces the limits of the mind and allows it to reach some brand new solutions and possibilities. Parallel Universe captures a paradox concerning the possibility of another universe or universes in a different dimension 32 The Wise

beyond the physical universe. In other words, if our universe began to form as a result of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, quantum waves within space may have caused the formation of other universes. While such theories were only fantasy before, now they are at least under discussion. The problem arises if anything exists beyond the three dimensions. The mathematicians can define this conceptually, but how can the others perceive it?

Einstein’s theories show the possibility of parallel universes; whereas, classic materialists persist that this is something impossible. On the other hand, some quantum thinkers claim that parallel universes must absolutely exist. The problem is that the human mind, accustomed to think in three dimensions, is not yet suitable and ready for such a conceptual design.

Steinhardt-Turok Model Steinhardt-Turok Model, the most supported of the multi-verse theories, claims that the universe experiences sequential and infinite number of expansion and contraction phases. Accordingly, the concepts of the beginning and end of time lose their meanings because we longer need them. It is also nonsense to ask “What was there at the beginning?” Due to entropies during these consecutive cycles, all existence and its elements are inevitably renewed.

Steinhardt Theory

When we consider “consecutive existence,” where we were before, the current world and where we will go are also kinds of parallel universes.

Einstein-Rosen Bridges The brain is accustomed to thinking in two or three dimensions, so it is hard to think and accept the fourth dimension. Einstein also mentioned that the three-dimensional space enlarged to a fourth dimension and parallel universes could be linked to each other with bridges, known as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Parallel or Alternative Universes were predicted to be within the same space but in a fourth dimension linked to each other through black holes. Between them, the wall of time existed. If these bridges could be used, we would easily reach faraway places in the universe. Einstein-Rosen Bridges or Tunnels—the connections to our universe from the fourth dimension—do not extend to infinity; they are transition paths to a different dimension and universe, and as a result, they belong to two of the universes that they tie. However, black holes have highly strong gravity that for now seems impossible for such a journey of physical bodies or spaceship. More obvious, black holes disrupt the standard structure and geometry and distort the flow of time.

The expansion of the universe has been confirmed through observations in recent years; however, we still do not know when the last recycle will begin. We can only estimate that the main period of existence began 14-14.5 billion years ago, as far as we know. Steinhardt Theory, which fits quantum mechanics and the “string theory,” can explain the continuous existence and the infinite renewal of the universe to a great extent. Also, there must be some other occurrences around or beyond the Big Bang or other events “had happened – are happening – will happen.” When we consider “consecutive existence,” where we were before, the current world and where we will go are also kinds of parallel universes. However, these are not the real parallel universes. So, to avoid confusion we should use the term “consecutive universes” for these realms. Our lives in these universes will continue without stopping; we will come to life in different bodies, through reincarnation.

In Terms of Mysticism Conversely, there are other parallel universes that we cannot perceive but exist according to each moment we live. People can exist in more than one universe if they’ve succeeded to evolve or those who came with a specific purpose. Some sentences in the Holy Books like “I exist before this and that” mention the existence of both consecutive and parallel universes, thanks to quantum thinking. Consecutive universes exist only if we attain an awareness of them and if we try to overcome our lack of understanding through an artificial belief. Parallel universes also exist if we can experience our existence in them; if not, they do not exist for us. Moreover, parallel universes can only be mentioned if linear time or time did not exist. To understand parallel universes, we should accept that “past-present-future” concepts and also “it, this, that” concepts are different than we think. The Wise 33

c. The universe (and all other universes) is always faced with quantum alternatives. Therefore, all quantum forms in each universe can transform continuously due to their specific conditions. However, it is hard to estimate which one is the shadow of the other. Perhaps, both can be true and everything folds together. Honestly, it’s impossible to have no communication or interaction between the previous-existing histories or worlds.

M-Theory or “The Theory of Everything”

The place where we are thought to go is not the last stop; it is neither eternal nor a static phase. So, this also refutes the thesis of classical religions. Again, this proves the difference and richness of Buddha, Tao, Zen and Sufi traditions, doesn’t it? We should also perceive more than what we actually do with our limited and inadequate senses. This is “emptiness” according to the Far East religions and “nothingness” with a nihilist definition. Ancient texts suggest that everything comes from emptiness and again will return to emptiness. However, according to quantum thinking, there is no place for a needless “emptiness” within space. On the other hand, we are not totally wrong because we observe the space as “empty” due to our current senses, current perceptions and current mental processes. If some day Bertrand Russell, who refuted the standard arguments for the existence of God, is questioned on the existence of God and if he says “I did not find enough clues,” perhaps, he is not wrong or guilty.

Everett’s Multiverse Theory We can simply explain the Multiverse theory of Hugh Everett who is one of the significant theorists: a. The number of choices within the universe is equal to the alternative quantum division possibilities in the quantum level. b. In all universes, the observer lives in a unique universe which differs from the others in terms of its formation and conditions. As the observer lives according to these “conditions,” he cannot maintain adequate communication with other universes with different conditions.

34 The Wise

After his research on “Quantum Gravity,” Stephen Hawking concluded there were eleven dimensions in the universe and attracted quite some excitement amongst the scientists. According to this conclusion, in addition to the four dimensions we know (length, width, height and time), there are seven more dimensions folded in strings everywhere in the cosmos. This is called M-Theory or “The Theory of Everything.” We always thought there must be other dimensions; otherwise, the concept of infinity was never totally understood, and non-linear space-time concept not enough to explain infinity. To observe and perceive even partially the knowledge which belongs to higher dimensions, should first decode these notions within their own dimensions. Otherwise, we cannot know and realize them. When they are decoded, we can understand the multi-dimensional universes, multi-dimensional objects, events and other things. If this is called “a reflection from a parallel world,” we should not oppose that. The concepts of “time + space + singularity of being” make this perception easier. Consequently, we take a step forward to a contemporary and cosmologic definition of “the unity of existence.”

In Summary As a result, parallel universes (including alternative and consecutive universes, bubble universes and multiverse theories) are only philosophical concepts for some people, while for others it only makes stronger the “eternal realm” belief— one of the important elements of religions. In fact, nothing in the cosmos is, and cannot be, eternal. The place where we are thought to go is not the last stop; it is neither eternal nor a static phase. So, this also refutes the thesis of classical religions. Again, this proves the difference and richness of Buddha, Tao, Zen and Sufi traditions, doesn’t it? In conclusion, unless we understand our universe, we can never understand the theories related to parallel universes. In our own cosmos, there are more than 200 galaxies. So what is beyond them? Parallel universes and similar theories will stand as theory for a long time. Perhaps, they will be developed through time and enriched with fantasies of metaphysics and mysticism and then distract the human mind continuously. We hope these theories will not stop the efforts of human beings from knowing themselves and prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities, like showing respect to living things, protecting nature, and other such similarities.

The Wise 35

The Wise Feature

Esra Erdoğan

Meeting With All My Selves

From Parallel Universes W

hen I was eleven, I had a dream one night. In my dream I was told that a stranger would come the following afternoon to ask me for an address and not to be afraid at all. The dream had a special smell to it which told me I would recognize the stranger from his smell and had to fully describe the address to him.

After that, I went back to play with the pleasure of having fulfilled a great task. It was my own self from another dimension who had allowed me to get close to this stranger. I knew this because she had told me that after I gave the address, I could go into her dreams at any time and we could be together, but she added, “I am your other self.”

The next afternoon while playing games with my friends, I waited. I smelled whoever approached me. Suddenly, someone with the same smell as in my dream came to me and asked for an address. At once I stopped playing and gave the address to him.

One afternoon in 1993, while I was surrounded by a deep unhappiness, I was startled by a very powerful voice: “Your other self in a parallel universe is being jammed into the third dimension.” This voice was so clear and obvious that at once I found myself in another place,

36 The Wise

another time dimension with no gravity. What did a parallel universe mean? Who was jammed into the third dimension? Was it like someone went to visit some place and could not get out of there? I was trying to grasp it, but my mind would not let me. It was like it had put a big “Danger! No Entry!” sign in front of a territory unknown to it. I began to feel strange, and since I was feeling poorly, I had no access to any source of information. Moreover, I did not know anyone who could give me an explanation of this issue.

Woman Drowning in the Kitchen A long time had passed, but I was still under the effect of the voice. To free the energy of this effect, I decided to do the best thing I knew and began to write. As lines started to pour out of my pen, two dimensions started to merge together. While I saw this woman in her daily life in the kitchen—a vision of myself—at the same time, I saw a woman drowning in the sea. It was like watching two movies at the same time, but there was a big difference: I was actually living both of them! On one side I was sitting in my kitchen, but at the same time, I was experiencing an inability to breathe and realizing I was about to die. The agony grew even more as I was thinking I did not say my last farewell to anyone. But it was too late; I was dying, and there was nothing I could do. Then suddenly before me appeared the vision of a woman just rescued from drowning, carried out of the sea, lying semi-conscious with a crowd of people surrounding her. Emergency response teams worked to bring her back to life; it was as though I was made part of this intervention and both of us began to breathe at the same time.

On the Threshold Now, I often had visions while writing and with it a large flow of information. Of course, questions in my mind were growing at the same rate. If I could merge or integrate with my other part, would I exhibit two personalities? What was the possibility of losing my mind? Would this merging open me to other dimensions and end my quest here in this world? Also, did all those lives I felt intertwined since my childhood comprise my present, my past or my future? I actually had to force myself to believe in all that was happening to me. As I forced myself harder, the information hid itself more. Luckily, I noticed this mistake and finally came around. In fact, no longer forced anything; it was a great experience happening by itself. I decided to live this experience, not through dreams or with the energy of a big problem, but by opening myself up to it completely and consciously. This was a good decision! Up until then, I held a great fear of water; afterwards, I began to swim very well. In addition, the feelings of choking that showered down on me during the day were also healed. I did not experience them anymore either.

Now, instead of in wait for something to happen or fear of old memories, I longed to see myself in other dimensions in a conscious way. Could the concept of “parallel universe” be something like entering a space and creating an experience, and could I enter that space all by myself? I sat at the threshold of finding answers to my questions and understanding the meaning of what I had lived. Oddly enough, help would come in an unexpected way.

Some Time in May 2005 Thereafter, my writings turned into a work of consciousness full of visions. Indeed, one night as I wrote in a focused way, I began to feel the presence of a being very strongly. A little bit after, a dragon stood in front of me, introducing himself as Lou. Lou told me to sit on his back, and he would take me down to the seventh dimension. I thought we would go up, but Lou laughed questioning, “Why don’t you think there are lives down below?” I had no idea where we were going, but I must confess I felt a unique pleasure. Lou invited me to ask him anything, and I immediately began to do so. Lou, what is the purpose of a parallel life? What kind of relationships will I have with my other selves that I intersect? Why did my drowning woman aspect reveal herself to me in this way? Think of yourself as multi-dimensional. For one thing it will not be an intersection but integration. Relationships will happen on a telepathic level. Sometimes, your other self from parallel universes gets your attention in traumatic ways. This was just one of them. Will my other pieces perceive each other? I mean, will they see each other physically? As I said, perception exists on a telepathic level. When an entity has a thought, all the others know the same thought, but it occurs in a very weak frequency. Those who are close to each other call this “telepathy.” These two women, if they want it, may be able to see each other physically, such as you saw yourself at ten years old. If you allow it, you can see your “selves” in the other dimension. But first they will establish “telepathic” communication. Something coming to one’s mind will also come to the other’s mind. There is no such thing as “telepathic abilities”; telepathy is not a talent, but inherently exists in every human being. You will feel the flow of information. Do not forget you are at the very beginning of the road.

The Wise 37

I do not know where to begin? It’s so simple...You can start by just looking at changes in your life. So, who coordinates the experiences? Me or the other “me’s”? Let me give you a secret, so you can assess the tips. It is very easy to understand what your other selves are doing. Whenever a sudden change occurs, understand that one aspect of your “selves” from the other dimension is reaching out to merge with you. It is actually part of me, isn’t it? Absolutely. In that case, what is the main idea behind the integration? Those other selves of you try to integrate with you and spread around a very powerful energy while they dance with each other. Then, I want to go to my other “self” from the parallel universe calling “Would you dance with me?” Where do you think I am taking you now?

In the Seventh Dimension Lou had just told me about the seventh dimension. I was very excited. We started to move down. I will describe what I see and I feel, but I have no idea how successful I will be. In the seventh dimension, every experience acts like a celebration. As soon as we landed, we were greeted very enthusiastically. I met with myself of the seventh dimension. My body was like a very soft light beam. I was a bit taller. My very long hair was the color of a mixture of purple and blue. I dealt with plants. I approached my seventh-dimension self—a very peaceful moment. My name was Ahumika. We did not speak at all. Our communication happened through our senses. My seventh-parallel self began to explain that people come to the seventh dimension without getting pregnant; therefore, the very high energy of this dimension causes little trauma. I asked about Reiki. I was told the main purpose of Reiki works as an awakening of Kundalini energy more than its healing properties. Reiki serves no healing purposes here because we are not coded for disease. In the seventh dimension, Reiki exists by itself as the life energy. They do not intervene with energies. When diseases increased in your world, Reiki started to work as a healing code. Reiki energy remains low when reduced to diseased energy levels. Very few people working with Reiki know this.

38 The Wise

I asked how we would continue our relationship after that. She told me any time I wanted, I could go to the seventh dimension and feel the energy. She related whatever questions I had she could tell me everything because now that we are aware of each other, our energies had merged.

Ending with Knowledge This ride was simply the greatest gift I could have given myself. Now I had my ticket for other meetings. I must only perform the journey without any feeling of doubt. The integration with my other “selves” will make the experiences in the playground of my world even more enjoyable.

The Wise 39

The Wise Soul Hasan ‘Sonsuz’ Çeliktaş


ince the beginning of the world, there’s a question frequently asked but not clearly answered: “Who Am I?” Various answers led to numerous perspectives; consequently, thought and belief systems emerged. “Unfortunately,” new age trends now become widespread in the twenty-first century due to these new thought and belief systems. I say “unfortunately” because though these doctrines are based on the necessity of knowing oneself and spiritual freedom, in practice, people take them as a modification and a kind of transformation of present systems. Only the minority succeed to bring the essence of these doctrines into their lives. Screaming out, “we got over religion and we are leaving it behind,” people replace God with superego or the essence; devil with ego, worship with meditation, and continue their lives happily and don’t realize that only the outer cover changed. Let’s leave it as a topic for another day because this portion will only get longer. 40 The Wise


What do I really want to do? Think loudly about my own answer to the question “Who am I?” and share it with you, starting with the most popular answers of people who deal with new age trends. I wanted to take the new age answers as the basis, because for many years, I thought they were my own answers, too.

To My Higher Self I have a journal from 1995 which I reserved for my own essay collection, but it’s empty since I don’t have the habit of taking notes. One day, I found it by chance and saw the thing I had written as an intro: “To My Higher Self Who Created Me and Is Me.” Some people might exclaim “Wow!” Others may cheer “See the boy’s awareness at that age!” I should confess that I had no idea about what I meant to write. Since I used to spend nearly all my days occupied with spiritual knowledge, I was influenced by that culture, and I scribbled down such words.

Look at that: “To My Higher Self Who Created Me and Is Me.” I ask myself, “How many times have you felt the energy of these words through all these years?” Perhaps, it’s impossible for me to feel that energy. In fact, there is a problem with the sentence structure and a difference between “Me and Him”; although in some circles, they’re thought to be the same. Consequently, those lines consist of naive memories that make me smile; I have neither understood those words nor felt them. Likewise, throughout these years, I’ve met many people invariably answering the question “Who Are You?” The most absurd responses include the ones who hug each other with dreamy looks affirming, “I’m That. I’m The Creator’s Light. I am The One...” Why do I believe these responses absurd? The other day I saw these same guys with prescriptions of Prozac given to them by their psychiatrists, and what’s worse, gossiping about each other. This is why such expressions always seem artificial to me. Here’s my instant reaction to these responses: “Who Are You?” “I am That!” “So, Who is That?” First an oooops, and then suddenly, “The Maker, the Creator, Light, the God.” “Really? Is it possible you don’t even hear what you say? I only see a human with flesh and blood, and if you don’t mind, I’d say that you don’t look like God at all.” I should emphasize that these answers include deep and very expressive meanings. However, it looks like a fly on a horse’s backside when they’re said by someone who uses the copy/paste method. In this case, only words with no energy.

Trendy Spirituality Furthermore, some spiritual identities get trendy periodically, and then, everybody runs to get one. As soon as one of them is mentioned in a channeled form, you can see plenty of people feeding at the trough. Just before the year 2000, “light workers” were trendy. Then, the Indigos appeared, and very soon every two out of three people realized they were Indigos. Soon after, Shaumbra arrived and still maintains popular identity. Meanwhile, the crystal kids are in. I easily predict that channelers will soon inform us about ruby kids and diamond kids; thus, we will complete our stone collection. We’ll be

surrounded by rubies and diamonds. An auntie of 60 years used to jump around just two years ago and say, “I am an Indigo, moreover one of the first ones,” and now will soon say “Lady Blahblah has a wide open third eye and examined me to find out I was a diamond in fact!” I hope we’ll be wise enough to see that those are only symbols to facilitate the expression, not for us to put on our name cards.

Who Am I? Really? First of all my friends, we are men (and women) living on this earth. For example, I am Hasan Celiktas— though I read a lot and expose many identities with a copy/paste method, and I used to roam around with this “I am the One” fantasy, and I’ve challenged many discussions on “We are the God,” and the like—the only “real” feeling I’ve ever felt is “I am Hasan Celiktas.” I am not a light worker or an indigo; nor am I a crystal or a jade or ruby; I claim not to be a diamond or Shaumbra or the master of light, or the god, and definitely not “The One.” I am Hasan Celiktas, and this is the only truth I feel and try to live by. Don’t even think that those answers are false, nor do I refuse them. We are really and essentially precious and higher creatures (though, is any creature not?), but if we came to this world, we should live in this world. Unfortunately, we use these identities as tools for escaping because we claim no happiness about our lives and this world. Since we can’t seem to succeed in changing the world or ourselves, we immediately change our identities; and therefore, you can see plenty of MEN trying to become “angel” or “light worker” or some other “spiritual” designation. I wrote MEN especially in uppercase because, if we are on earth, the major truth we hold is this: We may be our higher selves or this One or that One. Anyway, if what’s said is true, after death we’ll experience what we are forever. If you’ve come all this way to earth to experience the world, then dedicate all your life to “become your higher self”! Wouldn’t they ask you (they’ve already asked) “After death, you will merge with all you once left behind, but since you were so devoted to your before-earth experience, why did you leave to come to this planet in the first place?” “I am That” is a real strong answer; even though, it’s not as strong as “I am who I am.” But, the way to feel this or that answer never passes through copying and pasting these designations everywhere or using them as a signature in some email groups or on Facebook or elsewhere. The way to find these answers comes by welcoming the reality that exists and living it. The real Being is this...Me, I have one reality: “I am a man who lives on planet earth; I am Hasan Celiktas.” What about your reality?

The Wise 41

The Wise Soul

Zeynep Sevil G端ven

Circles of Pain Many of us assume life as being limited to the time zone or region we are born in. However, life is, at the minimum, the accumulation of all experiences inherent in our DNA records, the sum-total of all that has been lived and experienced. These records originate from our ancestors, parallel universes, different dimensions. They are kept in a synergistic field formed by the vibrations of everything that we directly or indirectly come into contact with in any life period. Life is not three dimensional, it is multi-dimensional. 42 The Wise

Part 1: What is Energy? Everything that exists is nothing more than a state of pure vital energy transforming itself as a consequence of a different vibrational level. Especially in the last twenty years, too often we have heard of such similar words. Some of us grabbed the meaning of what we were told; some of us still try to unravel it. I wonder if we really understand what’s noted especially when words such as positive/negative, higher/lower vibration or Yin/Yang are used.

Everyone keeps mentioning the word energy. Alright! I’m asking it now. What is Energy? According to Wikipedia, “Energy is often understood as the ability a physical system has to do work on other physical systems. It is able to influence all kinds of visible matter. Energy is never lost. It can transform itself into other kinds of energy.” When you look at the definition, it does not really explain what it is. It notes it as ability. So maybe it is not anticipated that everybody will have it. Then how come it is said to be present in all things? Of course, the answer is in the DNA records, but that is another topic to discuss. I would like to mention what I understand from “energy” before I scrutinize the subject of this article. For me, energy is the core of everything that exists; what we need for every movement we make, and the vibration we generate with every movement. It comes from infinity and goes beyond eternity. Energy has no beginning and no end. It exists and will exist as long as there is movement. Whether live or inanimate, all creatures feed with energy to keep their livelihood. At the same time, as a result of the movement of their atoms, they feed and transform the surrounding energy. Beyond the description of Wikipedia, I think that energy can affect not only visible things, but beyond that, it can affect everything that exists, and in return, influenced by everything that exists. This state of interaction renders all existence; therefore, energy remains eternal. Simple physics rules state that “the vibrations we can perceive through light and heat are the ones that accommodate two separate poles, complementing each other and transforming by consuming each other.” Positive energy is active and acts from the center outward. Negative energy is passive, opposite and acts from the outward towards the center. These two energies, no matter how powerful, do not really function by themselves. Heat and light energy, the functional energy, may only occur when two opposite poles touch and interact with each other.

Part 2: Yin and Yang In this article we will mainly focus on the negative of these two poles. According to Far Eastern teachings, we call the negative pole Yin; however, in this context, “negative” does not hold the meaning of unfavorable. The word Yin, compared to Yang, which is more active, explains the concept covering the entire spectrum starting from less active to the most passive.

“Energy is often understood as the ability a physical system has to do work on other physical systems. It is able to influence all kinds of visible matter. Energy is never lost. It can transform itself into other kinds of energy.” Yin energy, due to its nature, moves from the outside toward the center and provides a vibration that when reproduced its effects support and soothe the environment. It is no accident that the world and the earth are associated with Yin. The world, thanks to the gravitational energy created by its continuous rotational movement, supports us and all that we produce to be kept in place. On the other hand, the earth, directly or indirectly, supports our lives by providing us with everything that nourishes and sustains us. Besides movement, thoughts place as the second vehicle used by humans for energy production. Whether we are aware of our thoughts or generated automatically, a biochemical reaction occurs. A biochemical reaction moves, and as with all movement, it produces energy. Given this perspective, thought is associated with active Yang energy. We call hormones the biochemical response the body gives to thoughts. The impact hormone secretion has on the spiritual field occurs by itself and we call this impact emotions. High-vibration emotions create raisings (peaks) and low-vibration feelings create collapses in the spiritual field. But the field needs to stay homogeneous, smooth and fluid. Whether ups or downs, if these disturbances continue to exist, the fluidity of energy is disrupted. For this reason, each emotion should be experienced to the full; its effect transformed and the fluidity of the field conserved. If we evaluate according to the explanations above, it seems appropriate to conclude that thoughts are of Yang nature and feelings consist of Yin vibrations.

The Wise 43

As thoughts are Yang, they move from the center outward and create an expanding vibration. Yin energy accumulates and piles up. Furthermore, Yang energy continuously moves; thus, no accumulation and no storage. In fact, this is the reason why man feel the need for continuous energetic support. Nevertheless, according to the universal law of “similar energies attract each other,” as long as we keep generating the same thought, this energy that moves outward will continue to evolve and expand. In other words, the expansion of the mind is not due to what we have learned, but it is, in reality, the result when we start to think, using what we have learned. In fact, the mind is so narrow and closed that when you look from its perspective, all we learn new in any subject is unacceptable novelties and should, if possible, be kept out of the realm of the mind. This is why we need some time to digest all the new information we learn. Emotion is Yin, and it starts at the outside border from the point of first interaction, and moves turning toward its center traveling the entire field from the inside. Feelings of any kind whatsoever are Yin, and when allowed to flow, provide unfailing support. They do not change their supportive feature no matter the feeling of sadness, grief, pleasure, joy or any others. Still, the only thing that affects this feature is the thoughts we attribute to feelings. In societies where sadness is considered a weakness and feelings of joy conceit, people cannot live their emotions fully and do not allow their energy to flow. The emotion not lived coils inside and hangs aghast somewhere in the person’s energy field like an unusable energy spiral.

Part 3: Circles of Pain Over time, the vibrations of an emotion not allowed to be experienced turn into pain. Pain as an emotion never arises spontaneously by itself. Pain happens when we try to suppress the vibrational reaction that occurs in the spiritual field as a result of our mental “reaction” in the face of an event. Energy is real and creates an impact in the form of elevation (peak) (joy, pleasure, etc.) or collapse (sadness, grief, resentment, etc.). This impact holds a vibrational power. We can notice it and make use of the vibration. To do this, first we need to notice it, assess it, and say, “Hmm, I am joyful now” or “I’m sad now,” then we need to let it flow. Thereafter, we can say, “OK, I can now use this energy for the benefit of the whole.” We need to react openly to all emotions accordingly: laugh, cry, sob, punch walls or anything else. If we do not, energy gets stuck and the vibration level falls. Therefore, as a result of emotions and its own nature, Yin represents pain and concentrates towards its center. These stuck spirals, namely circles of pain, concentrate inwards and thoughts block their movements. 44 The Wise

So, energies not lived or allowed to flow start to accumulate somewhere in the person’s field. For example, when the momentum of fear vibrations based on issues related to the mother are exhausted, they locate themselves in the aura on the left kidney and stay there. When the person generates the same kind of energies over and over, the law of attraction repeats “like attracts like”; they reach the same point, join the previous vibrations and strengthen them. In time, they may accumulate in the same place and crystallize. (Kidney sand or stones denote examples of these energies that have become dense and materialized.) This is called being stuck. They are an individual’s circles of pain and bind the person. When the person dies, they leave the person’s body and hang around somewhere in the atmosphere. They bond with similar energy spirals left by other people. This is also called being stuck. In this case, these are collective circles of pain, and they affect everybody carrying similar energies. To sum up, the more an emotion is produced but not permitted to be experienced, the more energy accumulates inside the circle. Eventually, the circle of pain can intensify so much that it may physically become visible. We call such dense circles of pain cysts, polyps, or tumors. Whether they are benign growths of fat or cancerous tumors, all cysts consist of nothing else but repressed emotions, denied to be lived, and that eventually become visible. When we think of human life, a span of about 80 to 90 years comes to mind. However, a person’s life depicts the sum total of all DNA records including the unfinished issues of all their ancestors. Records transferred from parents to their children include unsolved emotions along with unfinished tasks. The description in Wikipedia reports, “Once produced, energy never disappears, but only changes form.” Pain circles never disappear either. They can only be brought back into awareness, examined, and with the proper approach, transformed from inert hard material into usable fluid energy, but they can never be eradicated. Let’s say a grandfather lost his wife at a young age and very saddened by this event. What could he do if the society where he lives forbids him to experience his sadness? He would suppress the emotion and bury it inside. A suppressed feeling buried inward will turn itself into a spiral and eventually become a circle of pain. Once formed, the circle will inevitably hang somewhere in his energy field.

According to their explanations, everything happens in an immense, limitless space and precisely at the same moment. However, with our narrow capacity of perception, we can only see, hear, touch or taste things when we approach the area where they exist. Scientists insist these things have always existed; although, we can only become aware of them if we come close to them. Of course, this is not an easy concept to grasp with our minds accustomed to a three-dimensional perception. Assume you stand somewhere in a very large field, and a tractor stands in the field about 37 km from you. You will not see the tractor from where you are; you will only see it when you approach it, and only then will you become aware of its existence. Scientists tell us that non-linear time resembles something like this.

Life goes on; you move around and go to various places around the world living lots of different experiences. Which time zone is where? What kinds of vibrations exist in which space or time zone? Are you saddened by this example? Get ready for a little surprise with another example. Let’s say, after five daughters the grandfather has a son which makes him very happy and pleased. Unfortunately, to show such feelings of joy is not welcome in his environment. What will the grandfather do? He will suppress his feeling of joy. When suppressed enters, a circle of feeling will form which will naturally be a circle of pain—an emotional cyst. And this circle of pain will remain invariably suspended somewhere in the grandfather’s energy field. Years pass, and the grandfather completes his life and passes away. So what will become of those circles of pain? Nothing! Why? They belong to this world. They will exit the grandfather’s energy field and be dragged somewhere into the atmosphere and exist with similar kinds of energies. They will join other circles of pain most suitable to them, left by suffering people who lived before the grandfather. They will find those they resonate with well, get stuck to it, and strengthen its power.

Part 4: Time Zones Now, I would like to talk a little bit about time zones. Many times, we hear time is not linear. Actually, scientists agree that time is a perception and not real.

Nowadays, they also relate that time is not only spatial, but paths draw spirals in the same space, where time zones prevail on the paths. I personally do not comprehend or perceive this completely, but let’s assume the period we call 1998 refers to a time zone in this field. While we wander in our field, we may approach 1998, the time zone. There may be records from those who have been there before us, and they may reciprocate with our records. This could be a record from one of our ancestors. It could be a record from our own past lives. It could even be connected to a record as part of our own plans for destiny and experience it in the near future. When those vibrations resonate with the information inside of us, we may feel what has been experienced there in the past; we can even describe them clearly. In this case, the grandfather’s experience stays somewhere in the time zone he physically lived in as a circle of pain. Of course, this could just as well be an experience we lived in the future but registered in this time zone. When another person enters the time zone and approaches the circle of pain, the memories with similar vibration in his/her DNA gets activated or triggered. For this situation, the vibration thus activated affects the person and causes him/her to feel something similar.

Part 5: Effects of Circles of Pain Now let’s get to the point . Let’s say you have produced a similar circle of pain or you inherited it through your DNA. Your circle is asleep somewhere in your field. You have no idea about its existence or you have long forgotten it. Life goes on; you move around and go to various places around the world living lots of different experiences. Which time zone is where? What kinds of vibrations exist in which space or time zone? What happens when you encounter those kinds of vibrations? You don’t have the slightest idea about these issues because you claim no psychic capabilities to see those subtle energies. You visit a place for holiday, and suddenly, you find yourself in a meaningless sense of grief. You try everything the environment offers to relax and bring back your piece of mind; watching movies, reading books, swimming, horseback riding, parachuting, bungee jumping, river rafting, intimate conversation with your partner, but all in vain. You cannot get rid of this sticky sense of grief. The Wise 45

Perhaps in your DNA, you have strands of a circle of pain remaining from your own or your ancestor’s experiences. And perhaps, since their records resemble yours, it resonates with the vibrations of a circle of pain belonging to other people suspended in the atmosphere in that same place and time zone. You may be resonating to this activated painful circle and re-experiencing its impact. Since you cannot pinpoint it, you suppress and strengthen the pain inside even more. To summarize: It makes no difference whether sadness or joy; any kind of feeling not lived freely and transferred and used as internal energy, it definitely transforms itself to anger. The circle of pain becomes unavoidable with suppression of anger. Who knows how many circles of pain we have in our energy fields, waiting for the day of reckoning, to live fully the feeling captured inside and transform it. We may not know the number, but we can probably recognize issues that hurt, touched or angered us the most.

Part 6: Healing the Circles of Pain As a result of my research and studies, I came to the conclusion that a big number of circles of pain exist in all people. After hard work and pouring a lot of sweat over it, I discovered a way to convert the energy inside the circle from inactive to useful energy by living and experiencing it. Now get ready, I will tell you how to do it. When you can allocate yourself some time, go to a place as calm and quiet as possible. First of all, get a long rope. With the rope make a circle on the floor of about 3 meters in diameter. If focus presents no problem for you, you can do it through visualization. Stay outside of the circle. Sit or lie down and focus on your most active/effective center. Intuitive people can concentrate on their center of gravity. The heart center suits sensitive people or those with strong feelings. (Our center of gravity or dantien sits about three fingers below the belly button and 2/3 to the inside of the body. The heart center is at about 1/3 inward from the thymus gland located in the middle of the sternum.) Focus on your breath and relax your mind. Don’t get stuck in your thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go.

You can start working once fully focused on your center and feel ready. While concentrating with all your focus on your effective center, say your intention: “With the permission and the name of Almighty God, I intend to experience my circles of pain. Here and now, I am ready to confront and transform my circles of pain, regarding love, money, sexuality, creativity, abandonment, unworthiness, insufficiency [or any other issue, but one subject at a time] that vibrate in my energy field with my own experiences or those of all my ancestors in all time zones.” Any movement, sensation or perception occurring at the belly or heart center means that a circle of pain has come closer to the surface and started to show itself. Now enter the circle you drew. Say, “Here and now, I am allowed to experience all emotions not experienced forming this circle of pain,” and let yourself go along with what comes up from inside. You may sit, stand or even lay down in the circle. You may want to cry, laugh, indulge or be angry or any other feeling or behavior rising inside you; do not stop them. Whatsoever comes up, allow it to be fully lived, and allow it to stay with you until it transforms itself. That feeling, desire or movement is nothing more than the vibration that has not been allowed; on the contrary, it has been suppressed and turned itself to pain. Allowing yourself to live it is the key to open the doors to the block. When a feeling ends, you may step out of the circle, but I do not advise it just yet. Stay in the circle and give yourself some time. Circles are usually composed of a large number of nodes of repressed and crystallized emotions; so by giving yourself enough time, you may get the chance to solve more nodes forming the circle. In particular for those using visualization, when you are sure the exercise is finished, you may visualize the imaginary circle turns itself into light and disappears slowly. This works for me as an inner tool showing that the exercise has really been completed. Who knows, it may also work for you. Concluding the exercise does not mean you are finished with that circle and all related pains lived and resolved. You may have to repeat the same exercise until the time you feel nothing when you enter the circle. When you exit the circle, you may feel very energetic or, on the contrary, you may feel very tired or exhausted. Such feelings indicate the exercise worked. I believe you will feel better within two to three days. This exercise may seem very simple, but it works very deep. It helps to cleanse the memories of great sufferings that you inherited from your ancestors, or for those believing in it, from your past lives. Therefore, I think you should avoid a hasty approach—saying “Oh, I’ll do it again today and even tomorrow and the next day, so that nothing remains”—because it will not make your job easier. You do not have to cleanse all those memories and pains accumulated for thousands of years in a short period of time, such as a month. I hope this technique will work for you.

46 The Wise

The Wise Soul Sibel Oltulu

The Girl Who Has Everything Perhaps the little girl could learn something from the relationship with her beloved friend: When the time comes, everything and everyone can move out of your life and this is a natural process.


nce upon a time, there was a girl living in a small town. Her childhood was very similar to all the other small children. Some had baby dolls and liked to comb its blonde artificial hair; some children had red toy cars and crashed them into other toys. Our little girl, well, she had a teddy bear which she took everywhere with her. For many years, her teddy bear accompanied her wherever she went. Sometimes she forgot him in a neighbor’s house, in a bus or elsewhere; however, each time this cute teddy bear, her little loyal friend, found his way home.

Everyone knew this teddy bear was the girl’s best friend and made every effort to return him to her. You know, childhood seems like that; everyone mobilizes to make you happy! Time passed and the little girl grew up. The teddy bear was so old now that his tattered fur could not endure one more agitation of a washing machine. The little girl’s mother, like all mothers, had a “toy-cleaning operation” and sent this teddy bear away from home. The little girl was so sad but could do nothing. No one knew where the teddy bear spent the rest of his life, and no one brought him back home. No one knocked on their door and gave good news declaring: “Here he is; we found your teddy bear!” Perhaps the little girl could learn something from the relationship with her beloved friend: When the time comes, everything and everyone can move out of your life and this is a natural process. She learned that early on. As she grew up, many things in her life disappeared, and she knew how to maturely accept all of it. Perhaps, the most important thing she learned was not to depend on anything or anyone too much. Now she is an adult. In the past she has had lots of things to say goodbye to and many new things to welcome to her life. Reality showed her that she should not possess anything and nothing belongs to her. She never boasts; she does not say, “I have this or that.” She only says, “I have everything.” She now puts on a crown made of daisies; even though, her naysayers tell her this crown no longer suits her age. She has everything, and instead of being a queen without a crown, she has her own coronation ceremony. The only thing she embraces now is the lives she has touched up to this point, and the ones she will touch every day until the end. That’s why, she does not have anything, but she also has everything! The Wise 47

The Wise Soul Dost Can Deniz

than The Happiest Dream

Awakening is Merrier

My friend, do you realize that your ideas about the ideal is already pushing you away from here, from this present opportunity, life and being in this moment?


am eating lunch with a friend. I am not in a good mood. I witnessed a recent encounter that did not flow the way I wanted. Two sleeping individuals crashed into each other, thinking each are awake. Each of them, certain that the other is in a dream state, fought with monsters of their own creation. Naturally, they surrendered to those monsters which no bullets or words could penetrate. Conversely, I am now struggling with my own monster.

“My friend, what are you doing right now?�

My wise friend figures out the situation and pauses between her bites of food. She stares at me with intensity and concern and asks,

I also complain about how they refuse to listen to me and fall in love with their own drama, and how they have been feeding on it.

48 The Wise

I try to figure out her question in between my struggle. After that I try to tell her about my two dear friends fighting in their dreams and nightmares. I mention how these two cannot see the truth; how they accuse each other for the things they did, and how they fight with their self-created monsters and continue in defeat.

Then I turn to myself and grumble about how I did not fulfill my duty in this matter, and how I feel helpless and weak

talks about literature, philosophy, economy, psychology and management.

My friend listens to me attentively and with concern. Maybe her eyes are searching for a little sparkle of awakening in me. When this seems futile, she probes, “Okay my friend, where is your monster right now?”

“And in this moment, you prefer to stay with this past, unhappy incident, instead of being with me.”

I try to avoid her question. She repeats, “Where is your own monster torturing you right now?” “Right next to me. At the back of my neck. Got me from my neck.” They’re talking constantly; shouting out certain and sharp ideas about how to support these people, messing with me for the things I could not manage. I created an out-of-reach ideal; it is out of reach, yet standing right in front of me. It attacks me and my ideal with everything in full force; everything must always be done in a right way. Although I’ve learned from experience that my efforts are fruitless to fit this ideal, sometimes my idealist, internal monster overtakes me. Even this last sentence seems to fit perfectly; my monster is sneaky! I see my dream. My friend realizes I am awakening and says, “Look around you,” and then asks, “Is there any moment besides this moment?” I struggle to understand. “Now show me your friends and their problems.” She is not making sense. She sees that I did not get it, so she explains further. She asks, “Where does this thing exist that worries and bothers you right now?” I reply with a sense of agony, “It is in the past. I feel the pain of my inability to go back and change it. My dear monster uses all my weak points.” My friend asks me, “My friend, all the things that you mentioned, all your regrets, unhappy incidents... are left in the past, aren’t they?” I answer, “Yes.” “In other words, you cannot change them right now.” Naturally.

Slowly, slowly, an awakening creeps through my body. Suddenly, I return to my body, to the present moment and present place. I look around for the first time with amazement. I haven’t realized the trees and the flowers around me; likewise, I did not hear the noise from the construction site. I feel like I was transported to this place only a moment ago. I stare at the curious face of my friend for the first time. She also saw that I was transported back into my body.

She continues with the power of my awakening. “Also, how do you know that what you have done or what they have done was bad, wrong or worthless? How do you know that this dispute will cause serious awakening for both of them? How do you know that the friendship between these two is beneficial for them, for you, or even for the world?” Hmmm, a nice point. A voice deep inside me says, “Go on, go on!” “My friend, do you realize that your ideas about the ideal is already pushing you away from here, from this present opportunity, life and being in this moment? Who decides what you consider good is indeed good and what you consider evil is indeed bad? Can you realize the consequences of dealing with your opinions about what everything should be like, instead of being with the present situation?” I glance at my monster. Now it seems so small to me. Right now, it is posing as an innocent, little kitten. I inhale first through my nose, then into my lungs. My throat is filled with the smell of snow. I take a bite from my meal. I sense the faint olive oil taste mixed with a slightly sour aroma. My eyes catch the harmony of flowers sewn on the white table cloth. The music in the background whispers softly in my ear. I soon realize my back started to hurt from sitting funny. I recall a quote from Shakespeare: “Awakening is merrier than the happiest dream.”

She tells me, “Do you realize that we have not had time to chat together for a long time?” I smile while remembering our long The Wise 49

The Wise Life

Hakan Arabacıoğlu


Free Yourself from Repetitious Situations

ometimes life feels like a video game. You can’t go to the next level without passing the current level, and until you pass that level, you come across similar types of characters. Even if the appearance of these characters may change, they hit you in the same spot and always hurt you in a similar way. Things get even more complicated when you generalize whatever hurts you: As in “All men, women, bosses are alike.” However, you were the one who chose them among many others. You were the one who decided to continue the path with them. Until you discover this important and delicate point and jump over your current level, you keep playing with similar types of characters. That is, until you find the thing that you have overlooked and begin correcting it. If, among all this sameness, you are now willing to say hello to the new, then here’s a few things you can do: Change your reactions. Whenever you recognize you are getting angry with someone, do something you have never done before when in a similar situation. For example, go ahead and brush your teeth. Consequently, you break the cycle that repeats itself and quit giving automatic responses. You will be the one who manages your reactions vs. your reactions managing you. Take a look at what you can do differently about communication. Every negative feeling occurs as a result of an unsatisfied need. Let’s say you became very angry; ask yourself: What do I really need? What is my unsatisfied need that causes my anger? 50 The Wise

Share your answer with the person you got angry with. For instance, “I needed this and when it was unsatisfied, I felt angry about your behavior.” Afterwards, fulfill this need. Clean up the accumulated sorrow and anger brought from your previous relationships. If you don’t take care of this step, every event in your life will resemble the one that had wounded you, and you will continue to give automatic reactions. Don’t expect your life to change before you clean up the accumulated weight from your past. Look at the events from a broader framework. Don’t take things personally. Remember that the big-picture events have a meaning that you don’t recognize at this very moment. Consider that the conflict at this moment will have no meaning in ten years’ time. Ask yourself: “What does this situation teach me; what lessons can I draw from this event?” Don’t make assumptions. “He didn’t bring me flowers; thus, he doesn’t love me.” Try to find out and understand why he didn’t bring flowers. Whatever you expect, don’t wait; offer it first. If you expect attention, give attention; if you want understanding, then give understanding. In other words, whatever it is you want, create it first in yourself. Once you’ve finished reading this article, don’t start your words with “It is easier said, but…” Read the article one more time, and even if they may be really small, take a look at what you can change.

The Wise Life Hasan ‘Sonsuz’ Çeliktaş

If Not Now,

When? I

don’t know about you, but I love visiting ancient ruins. I have a personal interest in ancient cities, and as I walk along the marble-colonnaded streets, I often wonder how it might have been to live during that age and time. My logical self reminds me, however, that I may not have been in such wonderment as I am now had I lived during those times in Ephesus.

Yet in another documentary, I came across a picture of Carl Sagan’s universe. In the picture they had marked our huge planet. It was only 1 pixel. Yes, all our wars, our development, our civilizations, our victories, fears, our books and our computers, all that existed, took place in that tiny pixel. We also know that in a larger picture even our galaxy won’t be larger than a pixel.

Would I have questioned whether the city or the temple or the great library would be visited by generations to come to admire these feats? Would I be dumbfounded to know how much income the inhabitants of later days would make due to these sites? Maybe I would just think about the loan from fisherman Yannis (in other words, we think too much about our debts) or that Alexander the Great will soon approach or that I wouldn’t know what to do about a Persian invasion. Would I be praying to Zeus to save us all?

So, when all we can take with us as we leave this micron world are what we have accomplished, what we have lived, our memories and the remnants on our soul, then why the fears and anxieties, my friends…Hasan, Hristo, Walter, Leyla, Marianna?

As usual, the logical side of me is right. No matter our age, the man in the street at any time thinks similar things we think today. Do we imagine what a young boy who loves marbles will think of 1,000 years from now as he walks the streets of Izmir? No. We don’t. Then why am I telling you all this? Just a few days ago, I watched a documentary called “Life After People.” The goal of the documentary was to ask what would happen to our grand civilization if as of now mankind were to be wiped out. I’ll give you the short answer: Nothing much will be left after 100 years, and in 5,000 years, there will be no proof of man’s existence. That is to say, all the cash, cars, houses and such we sold our souls to possess will all be gone and part of nature. Nothing of us will be left in 5,000 years, in short.

Why all this stress, the expectations, the putting off, the unease, despair, grief and the like? Talking about myself, if all I can take away is my soul and what I have acquired with my consciousness, then isn’t it better to say goodbye by choosing the best experience, by choosing to be human, by choosing to have made my fellow man live humanely? In light of what I just wrote, would you then tell me not to remind you of your overdue credit card, the electricity bill or the rent? Even the Ionian or the Roman had the same worries. Where are they now? They all belong to the museum! If something of them has been left behind, how great! They are more worthy now than when they were alive. My intention holds on to see my worth now in my life, not wait for eternity. I choose to live humanely and help others to live so as well, and for this choice I ask you… If not now, when? The Wise 51

The Wise Life

Filiz Baştüzel

Second Shock The sequel to the article First Shock which was released on our second issue.


felt it would be hard for me to write at home with my feelings so intense. They were old but pricked my heart like a hook. I buried them so deep it was hard to take them out for a look. I needed some fresh air, so I left my house and hailed a taxi. “To Çengelköy,” I said to the taxi driver. He was only taking me for a short drive to the sea, but I felt as if I were traveling for years. I remembered the phone call with my editor, Sonsuz. I promised him I’d write the second part of my article “First Shock” published in the second issue of The Wise. In fact, I was going to do this for myself; I had to. I had to face up to my feelings which I had buried so deep and now had to say goodbye to them. I could only get rid of my emotional burdens by writing them down; however, on the other hand, I was afraid of writing. Keeping my writings to myself was not a problem, but when thousands of people read your writings, especially your most inner emotions you want to hide from everyone, it felt like being naked in front of lots of men in a stadium. I was a professional model before and walked on the catwalk many times in a cool manner, but I never felt that naked. How could I tell people about the revolt I felt? How could I reveal I asked God “Why!” for many years? How could I mention I lost my faith in life and fate? How could I expose that I lost faith in my guardian angels? It was my mother who had always told me “If you obey your mother, you will be a pretty girl.” And, it was me who chose my husband and everything in my life according to her wishes. So I was a very pretty girl! And God loved me in return. So why did everything in my life crack? Why did my colorful dreams about the future disappear like soap bubbles? My son died and my family blamed me for his death. I was all alone. How could I share this suffering too heavy for me to carry; to whom could I tell all of this? 52 The Wise

Nevertheless, I am trying to explain my emotions first for myself, and then for the others who experienced a similar thing and could not express their feelings. After my article “First Shock,” I received lots of mail from the “Mothers of Angels.” They were telling the same stories: “I lost my son/daughter. Your article touched the incurable pains of my heart; I felt I was not alone.” Later, I met these people, and we shared our sorrows and healed each other.

We left the plane and then learned all the bad news. We had said our goodbyes to our year-and-a-half-old son that morning; then negligently, he was drowned in the sea at 5:00 p.m. that same day.

OK, you are starting now, Filiz… Get ready!

Everything around me sighed...I felt nearly paralyzed...I couldn’t think...I couldn’t react to anything…I didn’t know if I was angry or sad. It was just like a dream. I was just a creature with ears and eyes but no feeling. It was as if I was hanging in air and looking around foolishly. Noise was all I heard.

After the “First Shock”

I did not answer any questions. I could not…

After they called me and said, “Your son is in the intensive care unit; he is very ill. Come back to Istanbul as soon as possible.” On the way to airport I called all the doctors I knew and asked them to get in touch with the hospital if they could give me any help. At the same time, I was trying to endure my pain. I called my mother crying: “Mom, Kaan Mert is hospitalized; they do not know what is wrong with him. What can we do? Can we find any doctor who can help?” I added, “My son is strong. He will recover from this situation, but we have to find the right expert for the right treatment.” Until the plane landed at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport, I was as cold as ice. One day before a religious festival, I left my son with my in-laws and set off to Antalya with my husband in an effort to save our marriage. At the same time, my parents were on the way to their cottage in Ayvalık. Just before their arrival home, they received a phone call and learned the bad news. My mother did not tell me the news when they heard my anxious voice on the phone, but she only told me they will return to Istanbul to be with me. I relaxed because my mother would be with me.

What if I could? He was gone! I was like a dead person—seeing and hearing everything but could not intervene. It was like an irreversible coma. With the shock of hearing this awful news, I did not know what to do or what to say; all of my cells were dead. Suddenly, my whole body and mind wanted to scream, “I want my mom!” The first thing I wanted to do was to call my parents, cry and share my pain. I needed them so much. I wanted my mother to be with me at that moment. I called them but could not reach them. My God! This was just a nightmare. After a ten-hour trip without having any sleep, they took another ten-hour trip again. Did they have an accident? Are they dead too? Is it a nightmare, oh God? I hope it is a dream, and I will wake up. Please God I beg you, don’t let them die! I called them again, but I still cannot reach them. I wanted to talk to my mother, my God! I wanted to hear her voice, tell her what happened, and I wanted to burst into tears even on the phone. The intensity in my cells transformed into a swirl of fear. A swirl full of fear and worry…A swirl caving in on the middle of my ribs. I felt a tunnel of ice in the middle of my chest, and it got stuck there. The hours passed, and the ice began to melt and fill the tunnel with cold winds. A tunnel from my chest to my back, a gaping hole with cold winds blowing in it…

And I Met My Mother I called my parents throughout the night until morning without closing my eyes even for a second. I needed to hear them say “My daughter, honey. We are coming; we will be by your side.” Just before dawn my eyes were still bloodshot due to the sedative. As soon as I opened my eyes, I realized this was not a nightmare, yet more real than death itself. I called my parents again, but no answer; the phone was turned off. I was really going mad. If this was a nightmare, I wanted to wake up. If this was a game, I wanted it to end. And if this was real, I wanted to disappear from this world. The funeral was in the afternoon. We went home before it, but I did not have the courage to go inside. How could I go into his room and see his things? Now afterwards, I suddenly wanted to smell the scent of his clothes. I took in all the smells of his little body; I actually felt the soap and milk. My husband anxiously stared at me, and all of a sudden I shouted, “Let’s give them to someone; I don’t want to keep them at home. I cannot bear seeing them, and perhaps someone can use all these things.” I picked up only a pair of socks and a plastic hammer—his favorite toy—and left the room.

The Wise 53

Then we went to my in-law’s house. People were gathering; the house was getting crowded. When I had just entered the room, the doorbell rang. My parents came. Oh my God, they were alive! I was hiding in a room, so I could get away from people and their foolish consolatory words. As soon as I heard my mother’s voice, I left the room. The men were in the living room and the women in the kitchen and other rooms. My mother was also in the kitchen. I ran towards her and hugged her. I just wanted to feel her warm hug. I hugged her like a child who fell down and injured a knee. I hugged her with a sorrowful heart. And at the same time, I was continuously talking and crying, “Mom, where were you? I called you all night. I thought you were also dead. I am very afraid, Mommy! Kaan Mert has gone…Mommy, what shall I do now?” Suddenly, I realized that she did not hug me back. She withdrew from me and pushed me away with her two hands. I just stood in the middle of the kitchen when she started to shout at me, “I told you many times that you should not entrust your son to that woman. I do not even entrust a cat to her, but you left your son with her. You are guilty of all of it. You tried to keep your husband, but forgot your son. Now you have that sorrow. I told you before!” These words were too heavy for me; I felt as if someone was beating me. My heart felt cut to pieces with a knife. This was a cold but sharp knife which burned my heart and made me bleed. I did not know what to do. I just stood there—still. I thought she would care about me and utter some nice words, hug me with the warmth of a mother. She was a life vest for me in this crowd. I needed her and her warm hugs. I needed her to comfort me and to let me cry on her shoulder, which she never did before. But she pushed me away, blamed me and uttered words like poison. I felt left in the middle of a frozen desert without knowing where to go. I was wounded and left alone. My mother was a like a mirage or a slayer who tried to pierce my wounds. I was shocked. Nothing else!

54 The Wise

She did not stop. I heard her angry voice reaching me: “We heard the news while we were on the road, but we did not tell you anything.” My God, this must have been a nightmare! They did not tell me the truth. They did not try to soothe me, and they did not let me share my sorrow with them. They even turned off their cell phones. This was pure selfishness! My mother, still shouting, and her words hitting me like a knife each time: “And you ask me where the hell we were! Your father has been crying since we heard the news! He is so sad! Everything is your fault! We did not want to speak to anyone. We were ashamed! No one died in our family due to neglect! It is your fault! You married this man and his family is ignorant. Your fault!” All of a sudden, all the women in the kitchen and my mother began to turn around and disappear. I faltered. I do not know if the others felt that way or not, but I did not fall down. I just stood there still without caring about her words. My God, was it real or a dream? Is it possible to have so many nightmares consecutively? I could not hug my father or even say anything to him because my mother told me “Your father is so sad. Don’t disturb him. Don’t make him more upset.” I was left all alone. What kind of a nightmare was that? My son was dead, and now, I did not care if I were dead or alive. I was also left alone by all my loved ones. This was just cruel torture. I was touching my old wounds, remembering these past days, and suddenly, I heard the taxi driver’s voice: “We are in Çengelköy.” I paid him and got out of the taxi. The first lines of this article appeared in the heart of my brain. But first I needed some fresh air...I began walking towards the sea…

The Wise Life

Pınar Derinbay

Add If You Cannot Subtract I want to give you a secret; a tiny secret that helped me achieve a perfect life. Anyone who has not tried this thing which I call “the secret” can bewail after seeing its simplicity. Learning this secret is so easy. What about practicing? It is your job! First of all, before practicing this secret, you must look at the mathematics of how you spend your life. Let me give you an example: I feel good if I sleep eight hours a day, but seven hours also works for me. If I sleep six hours, I am not productive that day. So, I spend one third (8 hrs.) of my day sleeping, and eleven hours at work and commuting from home to include an hour for lunch break aka I am still in the work environment. What’s left for me? Five wonderful hours in my day! The first step of my formula is simple: Since we cannot change the fact that a day consists of 24 hours, we can add something that we like into those five remaining hours. Of course, you have to prepare meals, tidy the kitchen, prepare for the next day, and make your house a cozy place. When I was living alone, I spent all these hours cleaning the house, cooking meals, and washing and ironing clothes. Thank God, in a short time, I realized why people say “housework is thankless”!

As a result, I added some activities to fill these precious hours. My new hobbies became sports and dance. I found that spending a few days a week with these hobbies did not make me tired but energized. I also balanced these physical activities with some peaceful and relaxing ones. I’m stumped to tell you how it makes me feel to indulge in a hobby. As time passes, you realize you are becoming an expert in the things that were once only fun for you. I may be exaggerating, but in addition to revealing your potential, you begin to believe that you can succeed in whatever you want. Just try and see! I do not polish the floors so often now, but my house remains a cozy place. I do not have so much time to watch TV, but believe me I do not feel its absence. The second step of my formula is change: Within the hours that you cannot change, such as at work, create ways of doing something different. You can be sure this will create awareness in some areas of our lives where we are on remote control. For example, I sign lots of documents in a work day—a routine duty anyone would like to finish as soon as possible. I don’t need to think about it, and after signing lots of documents, I begin to forget my own signature. However, this boring task acts as one of the most joyous times for me at work. With each signature I imagine I hear warm-hearted words from my loved ones: “I love you, Pınar…I miss you, Pınar…I am proud of you, Pınar…” This is the most conscious affirmation I ever make, and I repeat these affirmations during all the hours I spend at work! Throughout my life I’ve always tried to change the things that I cannot fully change. Now I find that I only need to change me. We can pursue any kind of job, but the course of our life relates to the type of person we are, not what job we hold, possessions we own or people around us. We must first know who we are, and the second perhaps—the last step—transform into who we would like to be. This may be a lifelong journey, but a joyful one. I agree with those who assert life should be better: It is always possible to have a perfect life!

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The Wise Mystery

Tunç Pekmen

Fake Psychics H

If we want to consult a psychic, how do we know the real ones from the imposters?

er close circle of friends could not be convinced by anyone that it is, indeed, a real pursuit to help others with spiritual matters—a difficult challenge for any person on this career path. Friends continually mocked or embarrassed her for being a lunatic, and no explanation into the true nature of this choice helped allay her friends’ fears. Many give up after a few attempts once convinced these subjects should be kept to themselves. This “implicit” environment causes two extremes. On the one hand, we cite the ancient profession of fraud. Fakes or frauds may easily deceive naive people and earn a great deal of money from it. To exploit someone with this belief seems unethical regardless of the culture or belief. On the other hand, the second extreme holds an individual responsible to separate out the real from the fake, if they actually believe in the subject. This job proves the most difficult because frauds become very good at hiding their tracks and sometimes more persuasive than the real psychics. Unfortunately, real psychics fall prey to more fraud accusations than the fake ones because they do not always practice according to each request. Should this be the case, and if we want to consult a psychic, how do we know the real ones from the imposters? Below, I give you some tips to distinguish between real psychics and frauds. Don’t get me wrong now; I do not argue the 100 percent accuracy of these techniques. I made these observations and gathered the data from experts. At the least, I hope it helps you with your own evaluations. 1. Never forget, a person with real psychic power has not had a smooth life. They were pushed away, considered outcasts, and their sanity always under question.

56 The Wise

This person even suspected their own sanity until they took somewhat control of her powers. They were even distrustful of family. For this reason, psychic people may behave abnormally. Many may appear hyperactive, paranoid or manic-depressive. Even the very quiet ones have a tendency for obsessive-compulsive behavior. Most frauds seem quite normal while talking to you because with their years of experience, they know how to talk and behave in a comforting way. You should suspect a little if a fairly normal and comforting person claims to be a psychic. 2. When you consult a psychic, if they make very clear assumptions about the future and predictions mostly financial (the score of a game or the value of a certain stock), leave the place immediately. If they had that information, they would be wealthy and do not need to consult for you.

b. The sorcerer tells you that you have an evil eye (a curse) and guarantees to set you free from it. They take a coin and make a cross on it with a knife. First, they hold it and pray, then hand you the coin. After praying, they tell you to open your palm and drop in a tarnished coin. “Now the evil eye is on the coin” they tell you. This is also a very easy trick. They process another coin in a fire beforehand to tarnish it. While praying, they attract your attention to exchange the coins. This is done very quickly, so you don’t realize it. 5. “Fishing” strategy. Nearly all frauds use this trick to gather information from the customer to dictate the future accordingly. The most common methods:

3. A fraud only cares about the money, and for this reason would like to impress customers. If you encounter exceptionally good news (large earnings, promotions, inherit a house, etc.) or the opposite very depressive news (death, illness, car accident, etc.), you should suspect a little. Frauds will try to exploit you to the extreme by either making you very happy or very fearful. The most extreme point becomes witchcraft. They make demands like “to get rid of the disaster, you must do this.” Of course, “this” help comes with a price. Remember, a real psychic only has the power to see something, not change it! 4. If a psychic encounters a skeptic, a fraud will try to validate themselves. Be very careful here; even a person without any psychic power can fool someone with their tricks and illusions. I will tell you my own two experiences. a. The psychic meets you at a house or some place well lit. To avoid skepticism, they need to show you their powers. They hand you a little piece of paper and pen requesting you to draw a symbol. After you draw, they take it and place it somewhere. After that they use the classic line “think about the black symbol you drew on white paper” and by entering your mind, draws your symbol on another paper. You don’t notice it because it is a very fast trick. The psychic puts your paper over the coffee cup. In this way they see the reflection of the drawing on the black surface of the coffee. Truly, they did not enter your mind.

a. They make loose-end comments and wait for the customer to fall. They say “I see black clouds all around you” and wait for your reaction. If naive, you will make a comment like “Yes, my mother fell and broke her leg.” The road for fraud now opens. They say, “There is a spell on your family members,” and then profits from your fear. If you are skeptical and give an answer like “There is nothing like that these days,” the psychic gives some cliché like “… but these clouds are no longer present…I think a blonde relative helped you with it…,” and tries to get you back on the hook again. b. Asking too many questions about their victim to gather information. For example, if the answer “Yes, I lost my aunt” to the question “Did you lose one of your relatives recently,” the psychic will use this information in later predictions. They may make a comment like “You nearly had an accident recently, but your aunt protected you from the other side.” If we consider that we encounter small accidents daily (dropping a pen, a problem with the printer, etc.), this way of gleaning information is very efficient as well. c. Asking the victim many “yes-no” questions, they can manipulate you for a possible correct answer, such as “I see a Pisces near you. Do you know anyone with this sign? Is that person a little careless? Is she close to your family?” When you consider the tactics I presented, if you are already familiar with these tricks, you can easily detect fraud. Usually, a person cannot be a psychic, a medium and a sorcerer all at the same time. However, skeptical people can be fooled very easily as well. You can easily lose yourself in the game and become the victim of fraud because fake psychics know their part very well and choose their ambiance very carefully. For this reason, if you plan to consult a psychic, clear your mind and do not let them manipulate you with their charisma. Make sure you don’t allow them to affect or direct you to then enable him to perform his fraud.

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Nil Eldem

Th se Evil Eyes

Beliefs about the potential power of glances reside all around the world and in nearly every culture. Stress and anxiety about eyes and glances act like heritage from humanity’s ancient ancestors.


cientists who examine animal behavior also show that if a big, wild animal fixes their eyes on you, you are in trouble. This animal behavior equals loading a gun and pointing it at you.

Beliefs about wicked glances and the evil eye are fairly common, but the most typical examples can be seen across the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. Due to the rich culture accumulated over thousands of years on our land, Turkish people intimately know similar beliefs. Differing opinions debate what type of people possess this power of a glance. Some believe certain individuals have the power to affect any object on which they focus their eyes. Although these are mostly regarded as people with bad intentions, some are believed to be “good people� unintentionally harming others because of an intrinsic power. For example, in the Middle East and even in Turkey, people with blue eyes are rare and believed to possess this power; hence, they are treated with suspect. On the other hand, another opinion suggests that every person holds evil eye power, and it emerges when a person stares at something with great jealousy or interest. 58 The Wise

It is believed that babies and newlyweds are the most vulnerable to the evil eye, and for this reason, they are believed to need extra protection. The evil eye is believed to have negative power on crops and animals as well.

Social Origins

The negative effect of the evil eye shows some disparities across cultures, but mostly demonstrates its effects in a physical way with nausea, headache or stomachache.

Anthropologists try to explain the evil eye concept in different cultures with the belief of “scarcity of good luck.” This opinion supports the assumption that if a person captures good luck and improves their life, the others encounter bad luck and poverty in the same ratio. Namely, the evil eye belief retains roots from social inequality and the imbalance of shared resources. For this reason the “lucky” minority in societies always approach the poor majority with suspicion.

Following these, it is believed to cause bad luck. When these effects occur, people who believe in the evil eye usually require help from friends, relatives or healers. The most common rituals for removing the negative energy from the body includes cleansing with salt or sea water, burning various herbs or incenses or to melt lead and pour it in cold water.

How to Avoid the Evil Eye? According to ancient beliefs, the most common method to avoid the evil eye is to carry different talismans. A red bracelet worn on the left arm supposedly catches the evil eye because red—an active color—reflects the hostility back to the person who gave the glance. Blue evil eye beads, one of the most common talismans, probably act on the principle of “same poles repel each other.” Like we mentioned earlier, in the Middle East blue-eyed people are believed to possess the evil eye. While the color blue also represents protection, at the same time, blue is the color of the sky.

This line of reasoning also leads to another common belief. Apart from the individual evil eye energy, the unfortunate majority also form an anonymous evil eye effect. The use of talismans, like a red bracelet and blue evil eye beads, gives an anxious society about anonymous evil eye energy the message: “I am aware of your glances and I am protected from you.” Aside from a social evil eye and negative effects, another belief states that glances from good-intentioned people can have a “counter evil eye” effect. For instance, in a restaurant or café, you witness a customer being mean to a waiter. This waiter would return home with the effects similar to the evil eye, like a headache or nausea, due to the humiliation. However, the witnesses reduce the negative effect on the waiter by sending disapproving glances to the rude customer.

Anthropologists try to explain the evil eye concept in different cultures with the belief of “scarcity of good luck.” This opinion supports the assumption that if a person captures good luck and improves their life, the others encounter bad luck and poverty in the same ratio.

The color of a hamsas (wall plaque) talisman, commonly found among ancient cultures, is mostly blue as well. Furthermore, known in Turkey as “the hand of Mother Fatima,” this hand icon shows a clearly visible palm and five fingers with an eye in the middle. In some cultures, hamsas talismans hang near windows and doors along with blue evil eye beads for protection. Other talismans viewed as effective against the evil eye include various bird feathers, pieces of stone and rocks, and sea shells with eye-shaped figures. These fetishes—shiny and attractive objects—serve to attract the attention of the evil eye. The whole potential of the evil eye reflects at first glance. Other jewelry with precious materials like gold, silver and turquoise are also used sometimes for the same purpose.

We could continue with more examples, but there’s an easier way. If we set all these aside and look at everything around us with good intentions and approach everyone with understanding, there will be no need for these talismans and no one will need to believe in the evil eye. Our most important accomplishment, however: We can still wear our blue beads!

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The Wise Mystery Ertan Yurderi

Talismans of


The history of Istanbul dates back to thousands of years and witnessed many civilizations. Many talismans protect this unique city of history. We would like to tell you about these talismans while praising this magnificent city one more time.


he history of Istanbul dates back to thousands of years and witnessed many civilizations, kings, people and incidents. Many talismans protect this unique city of history. Now, we would like to tell you about these talismans while praising this magnificent city one more time. In excavations around Istanbul, the first traces of human culture are found in Yarımburgaz Cave near Küçükçekmece Lake. These traces show us human settlement dating back 300,000 years and belong to Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods. During different periods beginning from the last 750 years onward, the cave was used as both shelter and temple—first as a shelter by the people shifting to agriculture. In addition to this cave, others discovered around Istanbul with human settlement traces date back to 100,000 years, 50,000 years and 7,500 years.

The Other Side of the Land of the Blind A group from Megara—a city from Middle Greece—looking for a place to settle, passed through the Bosphorus, and between the years of 685-680 BC established Kadıköy (old name Kalkedon) [Asian side of Istanbul]. After that, another group from Megara with their leader Byzas (Bizas) formed the foundations of Istanbul in 60 The Wise

660-657 BC at Sarayburnu [European side of Istanbul]. Up to the second century, this ancient city—Byzantion (Bizantion)—held the name of its founder, Byzas. At this point we must digress to mention the famous legend from Greek mythology about how the city of Istanbul first blossomed. Megarians consulted the oracle of Delphi before their journey to learn the location of their new city. The oracle answered, “It is on the opposite side of the Land of the Blind.” Megarians reached the hill at Sarayburnu, where Topkapi Palace stands today, and they adored the place. On the other side, stood the city of Kalkedon and they regarded Kalkedonians as blind for establishing their city on the opposite side. They decided that “the Land of the Blind” the oracle mentioned was “Kalkedon,” so they established their city at Sarayburnu. They named the city Byzas after their king. After six years of reconstruction during AD 324-330, the city had been expanded four times, and finally on 11 May 330, became the capital of Great Rome. Istanbul became the capital of an empire for the first time under the Great Roman Emperor Constantinus I (Constantine 1). Celebrations lasted forty days. During those times Istanbul was called New Rome (Nova Roma); thereafter, the city was named Constantinople.

Talismans of Istanbul According to Evliya Çelebi, during the reign of Byzantium Emperors Yanko, Vezondan and Konstantinus, 27 talismanic monuments were placed all around Istanbul to protect the city from all sorts of trouble. Built by famous engineers and architects with highly artistic qualities and brought from all over the world, these monuments were placed to protect the citizens from natural disasters. The most famous 15 talismanic monuments are as follows: The first talisman, namely, The Column of Arkadius, consisted of a tall column placed in “Avratpazarı” (Cerrahpaşa), and formed by thousands of pieces of white marble with stairs inside. The column of Arcadius was a Roman triumphal column begun in AD 401 in the forum of Arcadius in Constantinople to commemorate Arcadius’s triumph in AD 400 over the Goths under Gainas. It was destroyed in either the sixteenth or the eighteenth century when, weakened by earthquakes, it threatened to topple and had to be taken down— only its massive masonry base of red granite now survives, known as the Avret Tash in Turkish. On top of the column stood a statue with the face of a fairy. According to the rumors, this fairy statue shrieked once a year causing all the birds on earth to gather around. Thousands of birds fell to the ground and the public fed on them. The second talisman was located at Tavukpazarı (Çemberlitaş). The Column of Constantine (or Burnt Column) is a Roman monumental column constructed in AD 330 on the orders of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. It commemorates the declaration of Byzantium as the new capital city of the Roman Empire. The column is located on Yeniçeriler Caddesi in central Istanbul, along the old Divan Yolu (the “Road to the Imperial Council”) between Sultanahmet and Beyazıt Square, known as Forum Tauri in the Roman period. The red solid marble column was believed to protect the dynasty from harm, illness and mischief. Constantine placed this high pillar of a talisman in the shape of a flapping starling, and once a year,

it was said to have flapped its wings. With this flapping, supposedly, all birds would bring three olives with their beaks and claws. The third talisman was placed at Saraçhane on the grave of the Great Pozantin’s daughter. This talisman is also known as The Column of Marcian (Turkish: Kıztaşı, meaning “Column of the Girl”). It is a Roman honorific column erected in Constantinople in AD 455 dedicated to the Emperor Marcian. It is made of red-grey Egyptian granite in two pieces. The basis is quadrilateral, formed by four slabs in white marble, decorated with a Chi-Rho monogram inside medallions on three faces, and two genii (who account for the Turkish name of the column) holding a globe. The column is topped by a Corinthian capital (decorated with aquilas) probably a basis for a statue of Marcian in imitation of the Column of Trajan and the Column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome, which definitely were topped by statues of the emperor they commemorated. This talisman was believed to protect the emperor’s daughter from snakes, centipedes and ants. When Byzantium, renamed Constantinople, became the capital of the Roman Empire, it soon had more inhabitants than it could supply with the water of its wells and the little river west of it. So, large cisterns were built. One of these, built by the Emperor Anastasius I (AD 491-518) on the Seventh Hill, was the Cistern of Saint Mocius, named after a saint who was venerated in a nearby church. It is the youngest of the great cisterns. In Turkish, it is called Altı Mermer (“the seven marbles”). The fourth through ninth talismans all stand at Altımermer in the Kocamustafapaşa neighborhood. Ancient scholars crafted all six marble columns on this monument. One talisman embellished each of the marble columns. The fourth talisman, one of the six marble columns, depicts a buzzing fly. Due to this buzzing fly, it was believed to prevent flies from entering Istanbul. The Wise 61

One of the six columns portrayed the fifth talisman as a stork painting. This stork shrieked twice a year. On the first shriek, storks appeared everywhere, and on the second, all the storks left Istanbul. The sixth talisman revealed a rooster painting. This rooster crowed every 24 hours and led all the other roosters. Due to the seventh talisman of a wolf painting, Istanbul sheep strolled around without a shepherd, yet returned each evening to their stalls well fed and in full count. Now, the eighth talisman of a bronze statue of a young man and his mate hugging held special meaning for married couples. When a man and wife had a dispute and if one of them came and hugged the statue, they immediately made peace. Unlike the eighth talisman, the ninth, designed by Scholar Calinus on white marble, showed a painting of an old man and woman. If a man and a woman could not get along and one of them hugged the statue, they immediately divorced. All of the columns in the Cistern of Saint Mocius were destroyed in an earthquake during the Byzantine Period. The tenth talisman displayed a four-cornered pillar beneath the Sultan Beyazid Turkish Bath. This protected the city from the plague. It is said that while this pillar stood still, the plague would never enter the city. But Sultan Beyazid demolished this pillar during construction of the bath. And after that the son of Sultan Bayezid died of the plague and an epidemic swept through the city. A bronze demon statue in The Palace of the Porphyrogenitus (known in Turkish as Tekfur Sarayı) claims the eleventh talisman. This statue blazed once a year. If someone could catch a spark from its blaze, then that person would be very healthy and stay young. It was believed that if someone could keep the spark in their kitchen, the fire would not go out until the person died. The twelfth talisman sits in a cave at Zeyrek next to the Church of the Pantocrator. Every year during the coldest nights of winter, many witches called “koncoloz” crept out of this cave to make a tour around the city in their carriages. The four columns of the St. (Hagia) Sophia monument introduce the thirteenth talisman. Each column had its own talisman and depicted with paintings of Azrael, Gabriel, Raphael and Mikhael.

62 The Wise

Each flapping of the wings and sound from each angel heralded an event: Gabriel revealed abundance in the East; Raphael, famine in the West; Mikhael, a hero from the North would emerge, and Azrael, the plague would sweep the entire world. The fourteenth talisman was a monument at the Hippodrome of Constantinople, namely, Atmeydanı in Ottoman Period and Sultanahmet today, called Walled Obelisk (Milyonbar). This column, composed of 300,000 stones with a very powerful magnet at the top, would protect Istanbul from earthquakes. Evliya Çelebi mentions the following about the monument: This is a very high column at Atmeydanı with the name Milyonpar; its height nearly 150 yards. During the reign of Constantine, sultans attached to him would send him precious stones according to the number of castles and cities they controlled. Those were piled at the center of Atmeydanı like a mountain and it was estimated that three times 100,000 pieces of stones were accumulated. That is how they know Constantine was a king reigning over 300,000 castles and cities. The head of the architects was also buried under it and his name was Uryarin. He was the son of the Agnostic, the architect of St. (Hagia) Sophia. The fifteenth talisman was The Serpent Column (Turkish, Yılanlı Sütun)—also known as the Serpentine Column, Delphi Tripod or Plataean Tripod. It is an ancient bronze column at the Hippodrome of Constantinople and part of an ancient Greek sacrificial tripod, originally in Delphi and relocated to Constantinople by Constantine I the Great in AD 324. It was built to commemorate the Greeks who fought and defeated the Persian Empire at the Battle of Plataea (479 BC). The serpent heads of the 8-meter high column remained intact until the end of the seventeenth century, where one is on display at the Istanbul Archaeology Museums. One of the heads was destroyed with the sword of a Janissary. This act harmed the talisman. There were no scorpions in Istanbul before this incident occurred. All these talismans protected Istanbul during these times, but they also live through the present day with their legends. We cannot pave the road for the future by destroying the historical traces of the past. As human beings our main duty should be to claim our historical treasures and look for ways to preserve their original condition for the future. Why? Societies that cannot claim their past cannot breed hope for the future...

The Wise Mystery Filiz Baştüzel


A Time Traveler Mystic


ince childhood, I always thought about time-travel to the past and future. Especially during the last few years, it accelerated due to the urge to see and kiss the ones I love, miss and lost. I watched a lot of movies on this subject; read scientific, esoteric and metaphysical materials, and amazingly, I always ran into the same name in every reference—Hızır.

An Immortal Legend Hızır is a legendary personality in Muslim culture believed to be immortal and helps everyone in need. Interestingly enough, with a passport to shift between time and places, he is believed to time-travel to the present to take precautions to prevent an event in the future and claims license to make minor adjustments. Is he a traveler of time and dimension or a protector? Or, could he be a warrior of light with permission to travel through time at his will to deal with the dark side? Maybe he is just an ordinary human being blessed with wisdom from Allah. Maybe, he even comes from the future… This legendary person stands as a prophet or angel for many people. He was mentioned in the Koran as the man blessed with Ledün (knowledge of past and present) wisdom. The Koran reveals that Allah imbued Hızır with wisdom and the capacity for knowing the past and the future. This shows that Hızır travels through time. In some books it is said that Allah taught him His own wisdom and blessed him with the gift of shifting between seasons, time and places . Interestingly, he can be seen in many parts of the world at different time frames. As a matter of fact, stories about Hızır helping people in need, bringing abundance and fulfilling wishes appear in different cultures, beliefs and religions. “Hızır belief” can be seen in Christianity, Judaism, Zarathustra, Shamanism and Ancient Greek religions. Especially, “Ilya” belief in Judaism is identical to Hızır. According to the Holy Scripture, Ilya can be seen by Jewish mystics, teaching them hidden wisdom.

Like an Ancient Super Hero Hızır is a shape-shifter, according to his portrait in different resources. He shifts into very different body shapes, emerging as an old man, a young boy or a child. He travels very long distances in the

blink of an eye. He appears at the exact time help is needed and immediately disappears when he’s finished. Gifted with many virtues, he can walk on air and in space; he may stroll on water without sinking and knows alchemy. Also it is believed that Hızır teaches wisdom to some people when they reach the position of surrogacy, namely, “The Position of Hızır.” Hızır personally tutors a man who reaches this position and the man consults Hızır while making important decisions. In Istanbul, legend discloses that many holy men were educated by Hızır with Ledün wisdom. He appears to them in person, talks with them, and eats with them. He generously rewards decent and good-intentioned people. It is mentioned however, Hızır does not teach wisdom to all holy men; he can help only if Allah blessed that person to learn Ledün wisdom, the holy wisdom granted only to a man chosen by Allah. If it is not in their faith, the person cannot learn it, despite their will.

What If We Encounter Hızır One Day? Only one way exists to understand if Hızır has come for the person in need: The belief shows that Hızır’s thumb on his right hand has no bone; the index and middle fingers on both hands appear the same length, and more importantly, wherever he steps, leafy plants or grass emerges. Namely, if a person thinks that they met Hızır, they should look at his hands and to the place where he puts his feet. However, people usually recognize Hızır after he disappears, so goes the story.

Someday He Will Come To travel in time does Hızır use the tunnels in black holes, called Einstein-Rosen bridges? Or does he stroll through what American physicist John Wheeler called parallel universes? Time machine, black holes, white holes, the necessary big energy and also the ability to exceed the speed of light… These are all issues scientists continue to work on. Maybe one day with technological improvements following scientific developments, one by one, we will follow in Hızır’s footsteps as well. Yet, till that day, Hızır legend survives and his deeds protect their mystery. I always dreamed of holding Hızır’s shirttail to travel back and forth in time or to taste a small piece of the wisdom he is blessed with. Maybe one day…Who knows? The Wise 63

The Wise Movie

Tamer Baran

. . . l e g n A n A e k i L l Fee . . . l e g n A n A e k i L Write

Do you feel inspired to write a spiritual movie script, but don’t know where to start? Let’s give you some advice.


here is a corn field in Iowa, and its owner hears a voice say: “If you build, he will come.” He builds a baseball field there, and famous dead baseball players begin playing there…There is a room in which dreams come true, and a stalker takes ones he chooses there…There is an Indian graveyard; whenever a dead body is buried, it comes to life again…There is an alien in space putting some eggs in the stomach of men, later to be “born” by tearing open the abdomen… These scenarists are weird people! How do they find these stories, these strange ideas? The stories of some films are based on real life; others on literature or myths, and many reflect fictional cartoons. Whatever the source, except the real ones, we ask the same question about these stories: Where do they all come from? Some people believe that these weird things cannot be created by normal brains and must be mentally ill: producers like Bram Stoker, Lovecraft and Stephen King, and authors like Craven, Argento and Del Toro, who deal with zombies, werewolves and vampires. On the other hand, it is obvious that such frightening elements can be seen in many legends, myths and fables of different cultures. 64 The Wise

Thinking the opposite is nonsense: Artists connect to everything with these invisible cords, so do the others. There is no discrimination; the only difference is the theme and its level. Everyone gets inspiration in the subject they find interest in because the information delivered should be beneficial to them. And, this information should also be processed… Because the inspiration wants to come to life.

It seems that once upon a time such creatures really inhabited the earth; perhaps they are still here. As they still live in our collective subconscious, they receive mention in art works. The authors and producers I mentioned above tell us about the fears of man.

This is also valid for the scenarists who write stories on alieninvaders. Such creatures in science-fiction Hollywood movies of the Cold War era are reflections of Americans’ fears of communism. The word “alien” means extraterrestrial creatures or “foreigner.” It represents the unknown and all things feared.

Fairy of Inspiration We are connected with everything: the Earth, all living and nonliving things, the visible and invisible realms. When we open our internet browsers, through the energy that flows in cables, we connect to a faraway server and can download documents from another computer, send emails and chat online. Similarly, we are connected to everything and everyone via some invisible cables, and we give and take information whether we are aware of it or not. Inspiration is the knowledge we get from this connection which then rationalizes the connection between a human and the whole; so, it is noteworthy. When we look closely at this process, we see no clear definition of the source of this knowledge. We cannot know or understand which stories or ideas come out of the consciousness of the author, those from an output of the subconscious, or if it comes out of the collective consciousness. Consequently, the phrase “fairy of inspiration” covers all of these sources of muse, and it defines the factors that cause, direct or contribute to creative activities. The author transforms this muse into “his” work of art. During this process, his subconscious takes charge. Some elements of his subconscious shape the author’s work with or without awareness. Many people assume this inspiration is only given or comes to artists; however, it acts as a way of communication open to everyone. Without any exception everyone receives benefit from this mechanism one way or the other; people use these ideas in their works, when cooking meals or in their relationships.

To Get Inspiration for Writing Scenarios The person who wants to write scenarios should direct all their attention to this goal. At the moment you decide to do that, the fairy of inspiration understands and brings stories, scenes and the scripts on their wings. If the scenarist candidate filled with enough determination begins writing, the inspiration flows continuously and increasingly. The level and depth of this muse are not related with the fairy but with the person. If we need inspiration on more interesting and impressive scenarios, we must learn how to focus on it and clean your cord that ties you with everything. First of all, you should not forget that “you are a scenarist.” If you have not yet written any scenario, you are now looking at the world with the eyes of a scenarist. Focusing helps you keep the themes you like on your agenda; even if you do not think of them in each minute, you still keep the relationship going. So, you try to reduce the interferences. For example, when a radio station nears a certain frequency, the channel you want to listen to cannot be heard at first because of the cracking sounds; while when the station gets tuned to the right position, the sound becomes clear. For an artist, the prejudices and the rigid thoughts act as interferences which limit and weaken you. The freer your mind and spirit, the more you get inspiration. To free the mind and spirit enlarges your individuality and transforms it into “the one that is everything.” Writing deals with people who are brave, coward, indecisive, shy, impulsive, tolerant, open-minded, fanatic, partisans and opponents of violence. Being an author captures the ability to feel like a 4-year-old child or a 72-year-old adult when needed. Authors who adopt new ideas and situations get quantities more and deeper inspiration. A cup can be filled with water only as much as it can take.

Discover Your Power Writing a scenario is not an easy thing; however, those who really want to do it can achieve this feat. Everyone has the power to overcome this difficulty, but it is a hidden power. This power, sometimes undiscovered, should be revealed. Possessing a desire for success and believing in your writing ability is enough.

The Wise 65

Anyone new to scenario writing should first of all discover their own power. If you know your own power, then you believe you will succeed in this job. As much as you know your own capability, your anxieties weaken, trust in yourself increases, and you reach success step-by-step.

You will work on the subject of “angels”; I chose this subject because it is difficult enough. Perhaps you do not believe in them like the majority of people or you never had a chance to contact them. If you do not know anything about angels, you will not have empathy with them.

Your power is not only adequate but much wider, even limitless, because you possess very efficient tools. The first—inspiration— links you with everything and everyone with such a creative fountain that the water always pours, increases continuously, and the more you take the more it gives. Once you are aware of that, there is no need to worry.

On the other hand, you do hold some information about angels; for example, we know they are sinless. We also know they help us. Especially in Christianity, there is a concept known as a “Guardian Angel,” the creatures who always watch over and protect us.

Your second weapon is nothing but yourself—your uniqueness! Everyone has different genes and a singular subconscious. Everyone has grown up under different circumstances. Everyone remains unique and this uniqueness is a precious gift—especially for people involved in the arts. Why? The production of works of art nourishes this uniqueness and obtains its power from individuality. In our subconscious, you have thousands of moments and hundreds of effects that you cannot remember, such as a face you saw when 2-1/2 years old, danger you experienced or a moment of happiness. In your conscious, you also store billions of moments, millions of words you heard, lots of films and books; all of these form a magnificent richness.

We also know angels from some films. Lots of films use an angel as one of the leading characters. Some authors like to make excessive research; for example, Milcho Manchevski read lots of books when he was writing the scenario of Before the Rain. However, Christopher Nolan declared that he did not perform research for Inception; he only observed his own dreams. Naturally, you will use the method which fits you. Even if you do not like doing research, you will need to watch films on that specific subject, if only to avoid making something similar. By analyzing the existing works, you also learn new things, focus your attention to some hidden points, and you broaden your horizons. In short, this is something necessary and useful to do. If you know the existing films, it will be easier for you to define and tell your own story.

You now sit on a treasure trove, but you think you are poor. All you need to do is to stand up and open that trove.

Now, you still do not know what kind of scenario you will write based on angels.

Now we will try to do that.

The Main Theme of the Film

Let’s Practice a Little!

Each film tells only one thing. There may be more than one subject in the film, but only one of them the main subject and others secondary elements. I advise you to summarize your theme in one sentence. You will determine the elements of your scenario and if the theme can be performed in a film by taking this one main sentence as your guide.

So you can understand your power, I will recommend some training for you. If you have pieces of stories or some scenarios in your mind, just leave them. The goal of this exercise is to show you how much you know about a subject that you have never worked on and how much inspiration you can get. 66 The Wise

It is normal not to know what to tell since mainly the most difficult thing is to write this main sentence, so I advise you not to hurry. William Goodman confided that when he was adapting the story for

Hearts in Atlantis, he spent six months defining the main sentence and three months to writing the whole story. Don’t give up if your main proposal is not ready; keep working, and you will finally discover what story you want to tell. This is the thinking phase. Note down what you know about angels. This activity will help your subconscious engage fully and make you open for receiving the inspirational messages. And ask questions: When do angels help humans? Do they intervene as they wish or do we need to ask for their help? And how do they help? For example, are they always with us and give us their opinions as seen in the film Always (Steven Spielberg, 1989). Do our ideas really belong to them or do we just think that these are our own ideas? We will reach the reality of angels through such questions. Our final goal for this activity is “to be an angel.” If you cannot think and feel as they do, you cannot write about them, and it will only be a superficial story with dull characters and not touching anyone’s heart. The main challenge here is: Are you ready to be an angel? Can you be an angel if you do not know them and not believe in their existence?

Like an Angel If you’d like to write about angels, you carry the responsibility and begin to think about it. So, you give this theme priority in the midst of inspiration and out of the blue, you begin to visualize the relationships, scenes and dialogues between angels and humans, and your story begins to evolve. The more you are focused, the more inspiration given to you. There is more however: The cosmos begins to help you. For example, while you are switching channels on TV, you bump into a discussion program or a serial film; while traveling, you overhear a conversation about angels, and in your dreams, you see angels or get contacted by one.

The more ambitious you are about writing, the more the cosmos helps you. Unless you make an effort, the help or inspiration you get decreases and then comes to an end. You should keep on working and thinking—until you complete your story…until you become an angel.

Don’t sweat it, just be determined! Also, you should be modest, the hardest part. If you are too stubborn by asserting “I” will find “my” own story, “my” creativity will flow through the pages, your ego may win, but you lose because the noise of your inner voice stops the flow of inspiration. Your ego does not like inspired thoughts and tries to build new structures to confuse everything. The best thing to do is to listen to your inspiration until you begin to control your ego and transform into something you are not, like a baby, an alcoholic, a hungry dog or an angel. Unless you can change to feel like others, you cannot tell stories or touch their hearts. If you want to write about angels, you have no choice; you have to be an angel!

I Am An Angel If trying to be someone else seems difficult for you, repeat this sentence loudly: “I am an angel.” Go out and look at life around you; watch people in the streets and repeat again: “I am an angel.” Stop seeing like a human; see like an angel. Lie down in your bed and set your mind free. Think like an angel! I am an angel... “I know flowers, but I did not yet smell a flower. I did not watch it grow.” The Wise 67

“I did not have a shower; I did not swim or dive into the depths of the sea. I know rain, but I did not get wet. I did not drive a car. I did not sleep in a hammock. I did not cheer with the crowd in a stadium. I did not draw pictures. I did not kiss my sweetheart on their shoulder.” Now, do you catch the point? Angels think our experiences are charming. They envy us because we experience and feel the things that they can only see through us. For example, angels do not feel cold or hot; do not know poverty; do not understand how to miss someone, realize how to feel sad or tremble with fear. An angel does not know what it is to suffer from a toothache or to feel miserable; why pain hurts after losing a loved one or know the emptiness of being left; the feeling of waving your hand to a beloved son going off to war, planning revenge or perceiving hatred. To review, a human seems like a magic thing for angels because humans experience all emotions and feelings from sorrow to happiness. On the other hand, man always feels a kind of emptiness and lives life on the edge or near the edge of a cliff. He is… And here comes the other important theme of your scenario: Respect for humans. After the creation of man, God wanted Lucifer to prostrate in front of man because he rebelled while other angels did not. Lucifer became embodied and banished to live a hard life on earth.

Let’s remember some inspiring films: In It’s A Wonderful Life (Frank Capra, 1946), the main character wants to commit suicide, but his guardian angel appears and shows him how life would be if he were never born. He helps him understand the preciousness of life. This film praises life; it shows us how beautiful life is and gives courage and inspiration to its audience. In The Bishop’s Wife, a film produced by Henry Koster the following year, not only shows us the help from angels but also relates how being human is so wonderful that an angel longs to be a human being and even falls in love. We see the same theme in a German film 40 years later. Wim Wenders dealt with the feelings of angels for the first time and worked on the theme “the love between an angel and a human.” The leading character of Wings of Desire falls in love with a woman and decides to be a human, gives up his infinite life and falls to earth. In Faraway, So Close! (1993), Wenders turned another angel into a human being. The main character comes to earth to rescue a little girl. In his second film, the differences between angels, the human being and the difficulties of man’s life are explained from the angel’s point of view. These few examples show us that these films are influenced by writings in The Bible. Of course, some films do not mirror those recounted, like Michael (Nora Ephron, 1996) and Angel-A (Luc Besson, 2005) which many churchgoers cannot bear watching.

It appears very natural that the most powerful feeling of angels is to help humans because our lives seem very complicated and frightening to them. I also think that’s why Wim Wenders used only black and white in his movies when he narrated about angels and changed to color when he focused on people in the films Wings of Desire and Faraway, So Close!

Skellig (Annabel Jankel, 2009) and A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings (Fernando Birri, 1988) handles the theme more differently. In these two films, angels need help from a human.

They are only angels, but humans have two sides—opposite energy—the good along with the bad which we refer to as our devil or evil side.

There is one thing left. All these films are West-oriented and inspired from Christianity and The Bible. Angels as told in other religions, especially in Islam, did not appear on the scene yet.

These two opposites quarrel constantly. As humans, we feel tired because of the tension between our mind and heart.

You may write a scenario based on religious stories or the opposite. You can watch the previous films and life as an angel, and if you focus on it, your choice becomes very clear.

We scatter ourselves between love and fear. Life is difficult and the angels know this.

Some Examples The films on angels always tell similar stories: Angels help us. However, they differ in some points, like the existent patterns of angels and their feelings.

68 The Wise

The literature stands complete with all these contradictory samples: We have films about the best angels and also the opposite.

Now your action plan is simple: Collect materials as much as possible and be inspired, then express everything in your mind in one sentence. When you feel stuck or doubt yourself, remember the samples in this article. Many authors from different places on earth found inspiration and transformed these samples in scenarios. You can do the same, even better, if you really want it and work hard for it. There is nothing to prove the opposite. You can write an original scenario based on angels!

What About the Hair? Now, what will your angels look like? Do you have any suggestions? Or, is it your responsibility to decide what they will look like?

scary; there are even some scenes when angels fight. There is no definition of God in these three films; however, they all describe an image of the Creator.

This sentence is your graphic design before building your apartment. Your story will be based on this axis.

Great masters know they not only tell stories but also make a statement on life in a broader sense with help from the layers of meaning they establish. That’s why, It’s a Wonderful Life praises life; and even though the story tells about a man who attempts to commit suicide, you can feel a joie de vivre in each scene.

There are lots of differences between Angel-A and A Bishop’s Wife. Angels in A Life Less Ordinary has nothing in common with Skellig.

You can easily understand that the artist who made this up thanks God for his every breath.

That means, it is not enough for an author to decide to write about angels; you need this “one sentence” with a large definition. This sentence should be a reference point for answering the questions, such as the one in this subtitle.

This joy for life and the praise for God are, of course, also felt by the audience.

The answer to these questions lies in your theme’s main sentence.

Let’s open it a little: I will tell you how angels help human beings. It is one step further but not yet enough; we lack the philosophy. There is no answer for this question: They help, so what? With your answer to that second question, you will decide to show a certain condition. When you look at masterpieces, you see the authors not only observe but also make some identification and ask some question, and then give answers to them.

Some films based on angels build on the idea that there is something wrong on “the other side.” Naturally, these films point to “a God who makes some mistakes.” How you perceive angels is important from that point of view. When you define angels, you also define God; consequently, you define life—as God created it. Although this definition hides between the lines, the audience understands and embraces this definition from the heart, if not also from the mind. What does all this mean? Writing requires a large responsibility.

If you want to write a successful film on angels, you must reveal how you perceive the human and humanity. If you cannot do that, then you only tell a story.

Due to this responsibility, I advise you to analyze the best of literature: their stories, main sentences and points of view. While doing that, try to see what is lacking. For instance,

If angels will be seen together with a human, then you need to show angels in a distinguished way. For instance, in Wings of Desire all angels had similar clothes and they had short pony tails. In the mentioned film of the author, when Cassiel falls to earth, his pony tail detaches. So, you can distinguish the angels from the human characters in the film.

The Bishop’s Wife has a perfect scenario, but you cannot see that angels are always with us. Both films of Wender, while good, the second one leaves the feeling that “there is something wrong on earth.” However, now you know that the theme of the film is not only based on angels but also on life and God; if there is something wrong on earth, then that means God is not performing well.

Showing humans and angels together reflects a very important point of view with regards to defining life. Only in Wings of Desire amongst the other films I mentioned here is the theme based on this sentence: “They are everywhere; they are with us.”

If you have a look at these angel films with a spiritual approach, you easily realize some serious problem. The basis of the scenario may not be healthy or its propositions may be lacking or wrong. For example, in some films heaven is a place like earth with a hierarchy, and Gabriel behaves harshly to a “subordinate” angel.

Will “your sentence” underscore its theme like that?

A Little Advice If you are inspired to write a film scenario, don’t hurry. If your main sentence is not adequate, then your scenario fails and also the process gets complicated. The main sentence not only sets the backbone of the story but also includes a point of view. It reflects how you perceive life and what kind of an opinion you propose to your audience. If your angel is a lively, tender and cheerful one, as in The Bishop’s Wife, this also identifies God as the Creator of angels. In the Hollywood version of the film City of Angels, angels are very serious, even sulky and frightening. In Legion (Scott C Steward, 2009), angels are really

This imperfection may be normal; we are now at the edge of the enlightenment era, and humanity may only now perform their best works. In other words, now is time for that precious inspiration. If you feel you can do that but don’t, someone else will write the best scenario based on angels. On the other hand, if you read this long article and now reading these last sentences, then you are one of the best candidates for this job. So, open your laptop now and begin taking notes: “I am an angel…” The Wise 69

The Wise Humor

Hasan ‘Sonsuz’ Çeliktaş

How to Charm a Spiritual Woman There’s a special type of woman called Spiritual Woman, and we’re serving up a dose of techniques and tactics to charm her. You won’t believe how well our advice works!


hey are growing in numbers. Some are meditating; others are practicing Reiki, yoga, or Feng Shui. For some, their astrological charts are of outmost importance. Their decisions regarding their relationships are based on the readings of these charts. They read books on Kryon, Ramtha, and the power within you. It is impossible to deny their mystic, exotic airs. You are face-to-face with a spiritual woman! Now, how do you approach her? First of all, who is a spiritual woman? What does she eat and drink; where does she reside? And how does one charm her? Here, we start…

Part I: Who Is the Spiritual Woman? The spiritual woman is a woman who has had her experiences, yet failed to learn the lessons put forth from those experiences. Due to her belief in sustainable development, they keep experiencing. Along this process they are frequently let down and heartbroken.

70 The Wise

In essence, the spiritual woman is an unhappy woman. She tends to be gullible because of her heart of gold. She is innocent and in constant search for happiness. She reads heartily. She is a constant teacher of love and tries to give sermons whenever possible. She invites everyone to be serious when things get out of hand. Since she is unhappy and in search of love in everything she does, she will condemn you if she finds out you are, in fact, enjoying life and having fun! (There is one brand higher who constantly talks about birds and flowers. I advise you to stay away from this kind). Although she tries hard to act different, let’s not forget that the spiritual woman is in essence a woman. You can see all the basic characteristics, such as dressing up, gossip and the famous mood swings. These characteristics may be subdued and not easily detectable, but they are all there.

Their insistence on not being categorized happens to be one of the most important characteristics. She hates to be defined in simple terms. As she casts a look around, she looks so innocent and so shy! She is in love with yin-yang tattoos! As you try all your tricks to attract her and cannot yet manage a lotus position, she can revert to one as if she were born in that position. Many possess an above average beauty. You cannot find one who doesn’t smoke. In an argument they are strong with their words. Most of them are university graduates. As usual, when technology is involved, they are in need of a man. You might meet some with psychic powers. Mostly involved in medium work, they have experienced astral projection. Thank God that none are telepathic. If by chance she turns out to be so, you need not worry. Just be truthful. She most probably fancies you, since she hasn’t left you despite knowing all your secrets! A high percentage has been introduced to Reiki, and the pretty ones are those who still practice it. If among your close circle of friends you happen to have a Reiki Master, you are in great luck!

The Spiritual Woman Is Sitting Right in Front of You! You have just sat down at the table, and your high school friend Sermin, who happens to be your date, walks in with this dashingly beautiful girl. As you melt away, what is there that you can do? Now please bear in mind that the possibility of Sermin bringing a beautiful girl along with her is almost as low as Mongolia entering the EU! Let’s say this came true. The possibility of Sermin forewarning you or fixing you both up is about as low as Ramtha being an Istanbul Member of Parliament. (If all these came true, then why are you reading this guide, friend? This article is for the lonely! It is a guide to say alive!) Where did we left off? Oh, yes! You are at the table with this glorious, gorgeous girl sitting right in front of you. For the moment, you have no idea whether she has spiritual tendencies or not, but you just assume she does. Now, foremost, you have to have

Thank God that none are telepathic. If by chance she turns out to be so, you need not worry. Just be truthful. She most probably fancies you, since she hasn’t left you despite knowing all your secrets! the spiritual infrastructure, namely, you should have read all the cornerstones of spiritual literature such as Conversations with God from cover to cover. You should be well informed about Kryon (and if possible have met Lee Carroll in person). You should have had a few psychic experiences and actively participated in spiritual activity. But most important of all, you should have in-depth knowledge of astrology. While no woman can resist a conversation on zodiac signs, the spiritual woman far exceeds all. Many have surpassed the harmony of signs, birth maps, etc. However, since they expect so little of men, your limited knowledge will suffice. In short, you can start the conversation with zodiac signs.

How Much Do You Know? Of course, all this is related to how much you know about spiritualism. As the spiritual woman is highly intelligent and greatly intuitive, a below average performance by you will not satisfy her intellect and will only lower your chances with her. If you have limited knowledge and have fallen in love, and you wish to be enlightened, then stick to associations and activity groups. Who knows, maybe just by sheer chance you might start your journey and realize what a great favor she has given you! Seeing you have chosen enlightenment just to get to know her, will put her on cloud 9! These poor creatures, so used to giving and receiving nothing in return are overjoyed when someone does something for them. If you exceed the limits in giving, she might fail to understand what is really happening. If she runs away, don’t give up! She has been made to feel so worthless that it might take her some time to feel worthy again. Yet better to keep in mind that the spiritual woman has a higher sense of self confidence than the average woman. Their masculine energy has been so activated they might put you in your place! And one other aspect of the spiritual woman is their high sense of humor resulting from their high intelligence. Not all though can respond with the same levels of humor. We, on the other hand, will assume this to be their downfall.

How Much Does She Know? Let’s assume you started a conversation on the sun signs. Now, how are you going to find out if she is spiritual or not? In such cases, try to bring the conversation to mystic topics. Here is an example: “Just the other day as I was sleeping, I found myself outside my body. I guess it was just a dream, but I was terrified. Has it ever happened to you?” If she replies “Hey friend, that is astral projection! We come and go all the time,” then beware! The Wise 71

She is fully equipped, and if she finds you lacking, you have had it. If her response happens to be “Yes, some of my friends have had similar experiences,” then you can go ahead and put on airs!!! It is so easy to charm someone who knows little, but since she has barely started her spiritual journey, the relationship might not proceed as you had expected. The spiritual woman higher up the steps of this evolution will certainly have higher frequencies and certainly different manners. In short, they are fantastic. Alas, they are not within everyone’s reach.

PART II One of the facts about spiritual women you have to keep in mind is that they are very consistent in their attitude in finding and falling in love wherever there is a psychopath, a former manic, or anyone with a psychological problem. You might be able to do a head stand or even draw the 3rd Reiki symbol in the air with your toe, yet you will be treated only as a friend. They will insist on the psychopath! “I will be able to reform him. I will heal him” is the universal female downfall. This belief is so strong in the spiritual woman that she can outshine the ardent religious follower out to convert all to her religion. They happen to be such masochists that even when the psychopath sucks the life out of her, she would rarely object. They can drive you crazy, when three years after he has left her, she can say some evenings she still thinks of him! It is so crazy; it makes you think they deserve it. One higher model of the spiritual woman goes as far as marrying the sick guy! It is only after that they wake up to truth! But alas, it is too late!

Then Why Is It So? Other than the universal rule “you kiss the one who loves,

72 The Wise

They come to this world with a contract which dictates to them that they are to help a psychopath at least once in their lives. Who cares if many men folk are slaughtered along the way? love the one who kisses” and the rule “he who runs is followed,” spiritual women have the mission to reform, to put to right who is in the wrong. But the truth in fact is different. The aim is not to help someone but to satisfy the self. They are so good in hiding this aim that you think you have met another Florence Nightingale. Then, you realize you are dealing with someone blinder than Stevie Wonder, more innocent than the Dalton Brother of Lucky Luke, more idealistic than Hazerfan Ahmet Celebi. If you are out to charm someone like the above, my advice is to stay away. I advise you to leave her alone. And if possible, walk away slowly! Somehow the universe will straighten her out. Do not be a victim meanwhile. If you are out to help her, you will only end up being the “faithful friend” trying to help her solve her problems between her and the psychopath. This, in turn, might lead to severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Don’t say you haven’t been forewarned. I can almost hear you say “You are making a generalization! They can’t be all the same!” I will tell you right away that as yet I haven’t met one who is different. They are like trade unions having made a collective agreement. They come to this world with a contract which dictates to them that they are to help a psychopath at least once in their lives. Who cares if many men folk are slaughtered along the way?

Let’s Assume You Have Met a Very Spiritual One. One of the basic characteristics of the life form known as woman is the fear of being perceived as an easy woman. No matter how willing she is towards you, she is going to feign reluctance. As we men are inclined to give in to our feelings and want to proceed fast, women even when madly in love can hold their feelings. As the average woman during this period shows an attitude of what we described as feigned reluctance, the attitude of the spiritual woman is different. She will revert to concepts such as her spiritual karma, her inner struggles, and the effects of the new energy changes on her personal energy frequencies. If you go along and play the game, you have had it: Because our girl who claims all of these is also telling you in her own way

The best for you is to try to find someone outside this group. You will be more peaceful. In fact, we are surviving in spiritualism all the time. It is much better to have someone outside this sphere for she will charge your energy for new experiences.

What If You Have No Interest in Spiritualism? If you are not into spiritualism, but the girl you love is, then soon or later you will plunge into it. The thing I most detest in the spiritual woman: Their effort to pull you in! I wish they would give up this effort to convert someone. What will change if you convert a Christian to Islam? Why won’t you love him as a Christian? Stop trying to change him, trying to shape him! Love him as he is! Then you walk around in tears crying because he doesn’t understand you. You have not changed yourself yet to be able to change someone else. To start with, you don’t have the ability to love someone for what he is to expect love in return. Just because you are interested in spiritualism, don’t expect him to be. I can see him sitting at your meetings looking dumb, not realizing what those people are talking about. What’s more, they even force him to comment while the girl stares at him really hard. The poor guy stutters—unable to utter a word lest he makes a mistake. I have always wanted to tell those women who try to change their man while unable to change themselves: Go and find out what is being said first, and then expect it of that poor guy! Phew, now that it is out, I feel so much better. It has been building up in me for years!

Isn’t There a Worthwhile Relationship?

Stop trying to change him, trying to shape him! Love him as he is! Then you walk around in tears crying because he doesn’t understand you. “Let’s see if you carry enough intellect to see beyond these. If you deserve me, then you should be able to see the woman who wants to be loved. Yet if you play along with my game, I will tire you out with my karma, until I find someone who understands me.” The spiritual species is so experienced in having been failed that they require patience, hard work and intelligence.

If you ask me if there isn’t any relationship worthwhile with a spiritual woman, then I can tell you that there is. There is an appendix to it. To be truthful, I had one great love and the girl I loved had nothing to do with spiritualism. She even feared it. Ever since we parted, I have had many female spiritual friends. They were all great. But it never felt the same. It really has nothing to do with spiritualism. In fact, there was one thing all my past experiences have taught me: No matter how beautiful, how clever, how enchanting the person may be, there is no rule that states you will fall in love with her. And if you happen to be someone like me who lives with his passions, and if for you love means every morning you wake up with the same feeling of love as if it were the first day, it is something totally different. That won’t pay heed to success, time, place…It comes right at you, and you understand it the moment you see her. Real love needs no techniques. I would also add you need not the person who needs techniques. I started out to write something funny and ended up being serious again. Never mind! I will leave it here. I will end by stating the lesson I was trying to give: Spiritual woman is only a myth. A woman is a woman everywhere! That is all.  (To be continued)

Once you have passed that stage, you can be sure of a deep and strong love. , The Wise 73

The Wise Story Gülüm Omay

This is a story of past lives which surfaced during one session of a Bridge of Light study.

The Young Girl and The Soldier I

t was times of war. Out of breath, the young girl trying to escape Nazi soldiers collapsed under a tree. She looked tired, and obviously had spent many a night without sleep because she had to hide. She knew well where they would take her if they found her. She wore a loose pair of slacks made of rough material and a pair of boots. She inspected the bag she was carrying…so little food left. She would make do for a few more days, and then…well, back then, there were no “then’s.” She found the sun’s rays reaching out to her through the branches of the tree, so she lay down. She had to rest for a while and then had to figure out what to do. When she awakened it was already dark. The moist cold of the forest made her shiver. No light shined anywhere. Complete darkness. She raised her head to see that even the moonlight was in hiding. She sighed and wished the war were over. Men were worn out. What kind of fight was this? She fell asleep again. She woke up in the early hours of the morning and drank a little water. She strained her ears to hear the birds. She smiled bitterly, because she was just imagining. There could be no birds in such hell. She rose to her feet slowly, afraid of making any noise. She was on the run for days. In the end they had left her in this forest hoping she would survive somehow. She was still very young. She had found herself in the middle of what was just after she had finished school. Things started happening much faster after her father’s death. It had all started with innocent protests of war, then…then, here she was. Her only sin was to have been born into a different religion. Days were passing and there was little she could do. Soldiers were everywhere. She was running out of food. 74 The Wise

She often wondered what had happened to the friends she had set out with. Maybe they were all dead. Who knew? All of a sudden, she shuddered from a sound she heard nearby. It was a moan. She walked towards the moaning. Then, she saw him, a wounded soldier. His shoulder was bleeding. He was about to pass out, when with one last effort, he opened his eyes, gazed into hers and outstretched his hand. He was losing a lot of blood. His blond hair turned thick with dust and blood. “How young and how innocent,” she thought. She gathered her strength and tried to drag him to her hiding place. She tried not to hurt him. She took out the water and wiped his face and wet his lips. She wanted this war to end. She took out her jacket, tore off a sleeve and wrapped the wound, trying to stop the bleeding. She started crying to feel so helpless. She wiped away the tears with her now bloody hands and wrapped the wound carefully with the rest of the jacket. She placed her bag under his head. Now, all was in God’s hands. When she saw the blood on his leg, she remembered the motorbike next to him. She had to hide it as well in case it could be seen. Now she had taken on another responsibility, another life. He had a right to live even if he were a soldier. She tried to give him more water when he came to. The soldier would open his eyes every now and then and look at her. It seemed they were the same age. He might have been a few years older. For days she sat by him and watched him. The new bond between them was unbelievable: as if they were old friends, like family, friends from childhood. Who knew, maybe they had played in close-by streets while kids. What kind of fight was this?

Notes from the Light Bridge Practice

The soldier healed miraculously. She was so happy. Yet another life had been saved. But it was time he left. They no longer had any food, so he went. He came back…He went and came back again. Now the days passed as she waited for him. She found consolation in these new emotions. Some nights they spent together. They never talked much. They didn’t feel the need to. As the days passed, she found a little boy in the forest. He was around nine or ten years old. He had lost all his family. A priest had left him here hoping he would be saved if he managed to survive. He was wearing Bermuda shorts and a worn out sweater. He limped from a wound incurred while escaping. His name was Patrick. Now, they also had a young boy with them. It would only give her hope, sharing what little food she had with this boy. Maybe she could also save him. His light brown eyes looked so innocent and hopeless. She tried to go down to the nearby village with the boy. She thought maybe she could find someone to entrust him to. There was smoke everywhere. The village was in ruins. There was no one. “Wonder where they have all gone?” she thought. “All of them,” she questioned. Yet again in desperation they made their way back to the forest. The soldier would come almost every day; yet, she felt there was something different during his last visit. Although nothing was spoken, her instincts told her something wasn’t right. One day the soldier didn’t come. She felt uneasy, but consoled herself with a reminder that there were other times he hadn’t come either. “It is because of the war,” she thought. The next day they woke up with a lot of noise. The soldiers had come. They put them on a truck with many others. The end was approaching. The high walls of the prison camps could already be seen. Nobody spoke. Nobody cried. They unloaded a truck full of women, men and children. There were long wards, cold walls. Outside were people digging holes, inside peeling potatoes. Tired faces. A shot could be heard every once in a while. They would just raise their heads and wonder who it was this time. Then they would go on with what they were doing. All hopes were gone. One day they called the women out. They made them line up next to the waiting children. They pointed to the big building. Together they walked to the building. The doors opened into a huge and empty room. The high ceiling revealed only round holes. The women were crying, the children trembling. “I wasn’t supposed to be here. I was supposed to survive this,” she whimpered. Where was he? She was at a loss. She turned to the woman “Don’t cry; pray,” she said. Then an intense fog surrounded them. “This wasn’t supposed to be,” she said to herself.

Bridge of Light is a spiritual practice through which we reach out and find events in our karmic pool of knowledge. Bridge of Light brings to light these experiences and heals their effects in our present life. The work done with Reiki symbols is not a part of the classic system. In other words, it is not taught in Reiki’s three forms of degrees. Its roots go back to Tibet. It is taught especially to practitioners in higher levels of spiritual training. It’s named Bridge of Light because the techniques work by building a bridge between the past life and present. The technique is safe because it employs Reiki energy. The person being treated is fully conscious. They are fully aware of their surroundings and conscious while relating their past experiences. Thus, no outside interference is possible. In many cases, very serious results have been achieved. At the scene of the gas room, the film was rewound. The young girl was taken out of the gas and met with the soldier. (To undo the feeling of surprise and to be able to create feeling of forgiveness.) They were asked to sit in a shed with one window. They were made to sit at a wooden table hand-in-hand. Love was there. When the soldier was asked why he had done it, he replied that he was forced. When he asked about her feelings of the situation, she replied he had only done his job. When asked to forgive him, she said that whatever was done was done. Forgiving was not achieved. Then through Reiki, all feelings were asked to be cleansed and reunited in the light. They flew out the window together. No images were left. When asked if he was forgiven, the reply was again no. This time they were brought together again. In the gas scene, everyone was let out. Their families greeted them. She returned home alone to find out that she had a brother who had been shot in another village. The scene where he was shot was shown. He escaped and survived. He also returned home. She said her brother’s name was B.B. born in present day Germany. Under his chest there is a blemish as big as a bullet wound. The woman in this life: Hates forests; interested in motorcycles but fears them; doesn’t like firearms but when given one aimed perfect. She prefers dark to blond men. Although, she was taught German for years, she can’t remember a word. She hates trains and uniforms and doesn’t like foggy places. Very often she awakens from sleep as if she were suffocating. For years for no obvious reason, she researched Hitler, the Nazis and tried to understand the genocide. The man in this life: An obvious scar on the shoulder; hates motorcycles and firearms, even toys. He misses dark women but prefers blonds. Graduate of the German language, works for a Jewish firm and hates talking about his military service. He doesn’t like uniforms. Quite often (unknowingly), he uses the words “Hitler was right.” This Light Bridge practice was published with the permission of the person who experienced but withheld their name. The Wise 75

The Wise Traveller

Bora Eşiz


ozcaada is one of the best havens for anyone who loves the Aegean with all their heart, mind and soul. This perfect destination calls anyone who knows that the region exemplifies a traditional lifestyle with a seaside atmosphere full of century-old plane trees, fig trees, olive trees and vineyards stretching for miles. As the ferryboat departs from the Çanakkale-Geyikli harbor and glides through the deep blue Aegean waters, the passengers begin to get excited as they approach an island pervaded by subtle color. Some talk about how this island’s name comes from the brownishgrey color of the island’s hills, while others reach for their cameras to immortalize the peaceful island resting its head on the blue waters of the Aegean. The heroes on the stage change in every conversation as each of the island’s characters takes its turn in the spotlight of the island tale. Sometimes the noble Bozcaada Castle comes and takes over, attracting curious glances. Some talk of its strength, while others speak of its magnificence. Then comes the harbor, followed by restaurants and cafes…Each of Bozcaada’s characters boldly show up as if a secret competition between them will show which is the most prominent in the memories of those who love this island. As the ferry approaches the harbor, memories begin to be replaced by talk of new things you are about to experience on Bozcaada as you unconsciously become part of the unforgettable story of the island.

76 The Wise

The shore suddenly becomes crowded as if the ferry is bringing life to the island; the streets usually become lively at this time of day. Some people express happiness at returning home, while others thoroughly enjoy the feeling of a return visit to an island they come to regularly. The castle ranks with certainty the best place to start your tour of Bozcaada, known as Tenedos in ancient times. One of the most prominent castles in the entire Aegean region, this structure has changed hands many times throughout history. Considered to be very important by the Genoese and the Venetians, in 1464, the island became part of the Ottoman Empire. Miniature paintings of houses and two mosques from the nineteenth century can be seen inside the castle. Due to its important location, the castle was attacked many times and often needed repairs. An inscription of the repairs carried out during the reign of Mahmud II (1815) can still be seen on the castle wall. Its museum and commanding view give the castle a special place in the memories of all visitors. Other historical buildings on the island include Alaybey Mosque, Köprülü Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Virgin Mary Church, Köprülü Turkish Bath, Namazgâh Fountain and the remnants of a windmill. In addition, the Bozcaada Museum of Local History is an enjoyable museum full of documents, photographs and ethnographical artifacts that will take you on a journey into Bozcaada’s past.

The first place to go for an evening meal is Bozcaada Harbor, where fish restaurants and bars make island life interesting. Colorful boats and yachts line up in the harbor, where friends gather to eat, drink and converse in the evening. During the daytime it attracts photography buffs; in the evening it hosts people who enjoy discovering how the bounty of the Aegean Sea creates incredibly tasty dishes. Every evening in Bozcaada restaurants, seafood surrounds mouth-watering Aegean herbs and delicious appetizers while Bozcaada’s famous wines feature prominently. Passed down since ancient times, winemaking keeps an island tradition and embraces a lifestyle in its own right. According to legend, this ancient profession was handed down by Dionysus, the god of wine, and although the gods and goddesses have been long-forgotten, people have never compromised on their taste for tradition. Vineyards, grapes and wine play a significant role in everyday life on Bozcaada. People who come to Bozcaada invariably visit the wine houses and wine cellars—the best places to taste and purchase wines made from the island’s superb, delicious grapes. Tea gardens stand as one popular place to stop and rest, a perennial classic of Aegean towns always located in the town center. These tea gardens gather visitors to these special meeting places where one languishes over breakfast or steals time for a tea or coffee break under the deep, peaceful shadows of the trees. After your break, you may purchase a variety of goods from the souvenir stands around the tea garden, including knick-knacks, island jams, the famous island grapes and even grapevine seedlings.

The historical atmosphere of the city is most intense in the area behind the castle. Also known as the Greek District, the stone houses here immediately attract your full attention. The houses display colorfully-painted doors, windows and door knockers, well worth a close look. Whether a figure carved into the corner of a stone house or a flower motif above a main entrance weathered by time, they seem to yearn to describe their memories as they resist the passing of time. Stairway entrances, wooden doors, narrow streets and people chatting on their stoops all make this part of town a must-see for all visitors to Bozcaada, whether Turks or foreigners. The city square sports a century-old plane tree, a silent witness to every occurrence in Bozcaada. It stands tall and proud in spite of its age and all it has experienced. These days, the village coffee house patrons cool themselves under the shade of this tree—always a favorite rest stop on the island. A wonderful complement to the shade of the tree at Çınaraltı Kahvesi (Coffee House under the Plane Tree), lemonade refreshes the visitors. Made from Madame Sophie’s special recipe, this drink is quickly becoming a tradition on the island. A delight to look at with its wooden chairs and checked tablecloths, this village coffee house also serves up marvelous Turkish coffee with a gum-mastic flavor. When added to the familiar taste of coffee, gum mastic, a perennial Aegean favorite, adds a unique aroma to the traditional coffee-drinking experience. Of course, the key is not just the flavoring but the way the gum-mastic coffee is served—a piece of chocolate and a flavored cigarette placed beside it—the combination appeals to the eye as well as the palate. The almond liqueur served in a tiny glass next to the coffee declares the final surprise of this delightful coffee extravaganza. It would be unthinkable to come to Bozcaada and leave the island without exploration of its beaches and coves and submerging your body in its invigorating waters. Ayazma ranks as the most popular beach on the island during the summer and the top choice to cool off or enjoy yourself in the sea. When you experience the color of the sea here, you cannot help but wonder if you have entered paradise. After taking a revitalizing swim and basking in the sun, indulge in a drink or something to eat at one of the restaurants lined up behind the beach. The spring (“ayazma” in Turkish) sits on the hill above the beach and reveals how Ayazma beach received its name. Hagia Paraskevi Spring is not only a historical site, but also famous for the massive plane trees in front of it. These magnificent plane trees create a peaceful atmosphere as shelter from the sun, and every time the wind blows, they seem to whisper century-old Bozcaada legends to their old friends. There are many coves on Bozcaada where you can dive into the legendary blue waters of the Aegean. The first coves that come to mind are Sulubahçe, Habbele, Tuzburnu and Akvaryum. The Wise 77

You soon realize nature truly has its way on these beaches where the color of the water flirts with turquoise near the shore and dances with dark blue in the open sea. Here on these beaches, where the sun has caressed the sand for centuries, the true meaning of “untouched” is possible to see and experience. As you wander about on Bozcaada, you are sure to come across either a bunch of grapes or a lighthouse. Anyone who loves lighthouses will be delighted with Polente Lighthouse in particular. As you head toward this lighthouse on the island’s western peninsula, be amazed at the technology of the windmills used to generate electricity. Boreas, the god of fierce winds, certainly left his mark on this part of Bozcaada, where Aegean myths seem to constantly blow about. Almost all visitors to Bozcaada get their picture taken in front of these wind vanes, which stand in stark contrast to the calm, delicate Polente Windmill not far off. Both the lighthouse and the windmills are popular subjects for photography buffs. It would be no exaggeration to say that one of the most popular traditions in recent years is to say goodbye to the sun’s rays as they strike the other side of the Aegean while drinking a glass of local Bozcaada wine. The incomparable views of the Aegean Sea, the lighthouses and wind vanes will be etched in your memory forever,

78 The Wise

while your heart and mind will treasure the sharp smell of thyme until you return again. If you wonder what to eat while in Bozcaada, seafood is the first choice, of course. Visitors to the island are served unforgettable feasts of delicious food like fish, octopus, lobster, crab and sea beans. Other memorable treats available include tomato jam, fig jam, ‘sergeant grapes, and a selection of superb island wines. Bozcaada has been able to preserve something from all segments of its historical past, promising you a calm, quiet holiday with a thoroughly enjoyable Aegean atmosphere. Your perspective of holidays will change after the experience. Bozcaada will always remain in one corner of your heart and mind as if you have just gotten to know an old friend with whom you share many memories.

Bozca Hanim (Bozca Lady): A Modern Symbol of Bozcaada Bozcaada now courts a new symbol to represent it along with its castle, harbor, Polente Lighthouse, windmills and grapes. Both local and foreign tourists show great interest in Bozca Hanım figures which become more and more popular every day. Bozca Hanım figures greet Turkish and foreign visitors with the air of a friendly hostess. Made by Sinem and Tonguç Kayacık, they are actually ceramic wind chimes. It took no time at all for Bozca Hanım figures to be placed in prominent locations in many homes and cafes in Bozcaada. At the end of your visit to Bozcaada, take some Bozca Hanım figures with you to your home or garden, along with other local products. They will help keep your memories fresh and beckon you to visit Bozcaada once again.

The Wise 79

80 The Wise

The Wise - Issue 3 (Is There Life on Parallel Universes?)  
The Wise - Issue 3 (Is There Life on Parallel Universes?)  

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