Winnipeg's Vital Signs® 2017

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Jean Feliksiak

Access and Ability A&O’s Senior Centre Without Walls program makes me feel part of a group. We call in, we’re from different areas of the city, and in some cases from all over Canada and the States. We learn about different ideas and views. A&O is so very informative and a welcome part of days when it is difficult to get to outside events. We talk to each other, and even though we don’t see faces, we all know each other by our voices. The program really helped during the recent loss of my husband when everyone was so kind, I even had a nice sympathy card from the staff at A&O. - Jean Feliksiak, participant in A&O Support Services’ Senior Centre Without Walls program

CITIZEN PRIORITIES AGING POPULATION 1. Develop more options for assisted living 2. Develop more affordable housing options 3. Reduce isolation

ACCESSIBILITY 1. Increase access to ability-specific supports and accommodations 2. Develop more options for independent living 3. Decrease stigma of ability-specific barriers people face



RECIPIENT | GRANTS | $30,000, drawn from the Robert and Irene Comrie Fund, the James A. and Muriel S. Richardson Trust, and the Miss Frieda Major Fund, which are all Field of Interest Funds; and from the hundreds of Community Building Funds held at The Foundation

A&O Support Services for Older Adults empowers and supports older adults across the province. Senior Centre Without Walls is an educational and recreational teleconference program.