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Biting Into Paso Robles Central Coast Food Tours Samples the Best of Downtown By Larry H. Peña The owner and guide of Central Coast Food Tours, Laura Gurreau, truly loves Paso Robles. You can see her passion in her sparkling blue eyes as she explains each local dish you are tasting, every wine you are about to sip, and even stories about each street you stroll together on her tour. “It’s been really cool to watch the evolution of this town take place,” says Gurreau. “There’s so much neat stuff happening with the artisanal food movement going on.” This tour is more than just a sampling of great local dishes and wines—it’s an introduction to Paso Robles itself. As Gurreau leads the group on foot through the neighborhoods surrounding historic Downtown, she acts as a historian as much as an experienced foodie. At one point she pauses to whisper ghost stories about a century-old hotel; at another she details the history of Prohibition-era tunnels that ran between the white collar neighborhoods and the old brothel district. Central Coast Food Tours began in nearby San Luis Obispo two years ago, and Gurreau launched the Paso Robles edition of her tour company just last spring. Thus far the public response has been universally positive. Gurreau’s passion for food extends beyond great local restaurants—she wants people to have a deeper connection with what they eat. “It’s my personal mission to connect people with their local neighborhood grocer and butcher,” she explains. With this goal in mind, Central Coast Food Tours will add a new option to the lineup this spring. This Farm-to-Table tour will take guests beyond Old Town Paso Robles to visit nearby farms and vineyards introducing the sources of this area’s incredible local

food and wine. The new tour will culminate in a group picnic featuring fresh ingredients gathered throughout the day. Gurreau is sincerely happy to share all the best of Paso Robles with anyone who will truly appreciate it. “I meet the most interesting people on these tours,” she says. “When someone signs up for something like this, I already know they are the kind of people I’m going to want to hang out with.”

Featured On the Tour Thomas Hill Organics Market Bistro Poached pear and bleu cheese sandwich with almond and basil 2009 Organic Barbera, Thomas Hill Winery Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse Prime rib sandwich with white cheddar and avocado 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Liberty School Winery Pithy Little Wine Company Local salami and cheese sampler Flight of house wines Estrella Restaurant Scallop ceviche, yucca fries, and braised chicken taquitos House-made sangria Panolivo Family Bistro Choice of fresh pastries

Central Coast Food Tours For more information or to book a tour Call 800-979-3370 Visit www.CentralCoastFoodTours.com SPRING 2013 THE WINEPRESS MAGAZINE


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The Winepress Magazine Spring Edition  

A Magazine dedicated to wine country in California

The Winepress Magazine Spring Edition  

A Magazine dedicated to wine country in California