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Jimmy Pocket Because Paper Towel Towels Suck By Jaylene Marotte


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Allow me to set a scene: You have just used a public restroom, you wash your hands and then reach for a paper towel and alas, there are none! What to do? Jimmy Pocket Towel to the rescue! These convenient hand towels fold into a stylish pocket-sized case and can be used with no “green guilt”. The founders, Alec Ramsey and Lee Johnson, started Jimmy Towel to make a dent in the 3000 tons of paper towels that end up in landfills every year. Alec Ramsey started developing the idea for Jimmy Towel in 2011 when he learned a friend had gone an entire year without using paper towels. Seeking a way to make this a possibility for the masses, he created a prototype, brought on operational and distribution guru Johnson and began the process of launching Jimmy Towel. Ramsey and Johnson both felt an American-made product was incredibly important and the two searched tirelessly for the right manufacturer. They sincerely hope consumers will support their product even more because it is made in the USA. “We knew from the beginning it had to be manufactured in the US, it is really important to us and we believe it is important to others as well.” Ramsey explains. After receiving full funding through their KickStarter.com campaign, Jimmy Towel is now finally going to production and will officially launch on Earth Day 2013. The unique and eco-friendly Jimmy Towel may just save your clothes the next time you wash your hands, and this is just the beginning for these forward-thinking, earth-conscious entrepreneurs!

Jimmy Pocket Towel PO Box 1573 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Visit www.JimmyTowel.com

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The Winepress Magazine Spring Edition  

A Magazine dedicated to wine country in California

The Winepress Magazine Spring Edition  

A Magazine dedicated to wine country in California