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a Barrel


By Jaylene Marotte

ometimes, the closing of one door is more

accurately described as the opening of a new one. When Paso Robles neighbors Mark Gabler and John Carlisle retired from their respective careers, these friends quickly realized they were going to need to open a new door in their lives to keep busy. As the two explored their options, their common interest in furniture-making and the recent trend in up-cycling used items for new uses pointed them in the direction of their new venture. As Gabler and Carlisle began reconstructing the wood barrels that once stored local wine into beautiful furniture, ‘Over A Barrel’ was born. In the past, the most common use for discarded wine barrels has been to cut them in half to use as planters. Opening the door to their new lives as furniture makers, Gabler and Carlisle saw a potential for much more than simply plants. Finding a unique second life for the barrels became their mission. Because wine barrels are constructed from high quality wood, once they are no longer suitable for aging wine, they are perfect for creating fine furniture. While their chairs and tables are certainly beautiful and useful, the true passion of these artists comes to life in each custom piece they create. On their Web site, OverABarrel.us, several stunning pieces that were once discarded wine barrels have found new lives as unique handmade furniture. From one-of-a-kind coffee tables to original dog beds, lazy Susans and rocking chairs, imagination is the only limit to what the men of Over a Barrel can make. If you have an idea for a piece of furniture you would like for them to design, send it to Gabler and Carlisle. They happily accept custom requests and offer local delivery as well as shipping across the United States. As each barrel is repurposed from the discards of local wineries, Over a Barrel takes extra care to ensure the history of the wood is included with their work. A short history including the type of wood used, cooper, wine maker and wine/vintage is available for each piece of handmade furniture. On the horizon for Over a Barrel is the newly formed partnership with Firestone Brewery, which will launch a new array of beer-related products constructed from whiskey

barrels that once stored beer. Finding a second life for old barrels that would have otherwise been trashed is a passion for these two artists. The passion for bringing a new lease on life for these barrels can be seen in the quality of craftsmanship in each piece they proudly build. Over a Barrel custom furniture is on display at Studios in the Park, Daou Vineyards, Shale Oaks Vineyard, Le Cuvier and Steven Cellars.

Over a Barrel 231 Nutwood Circle, Paso Robles, CA 93446 Call 805-226-9782 Visit www.OveraBarrel.us



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