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ersonality, passion and pride in one’s roots often lead to greatness. Josh Beckett is an intelligent and eco-conscious person, and this comes through immediately when speaking with him. As a farmer, businessman, father and responsible Paso Robles community member, Beckett believes strongly in working to preserve the land for future generations. He is passionate about the wine he makes as well as the environment in which it is developed. Beckett applies his love for the area through each of his businesses and personal ventures. Until recently, Beckett was the head winemaker at a very successful local winery, Peachy Canyon. While he still consults for them, Beckett has now stepped back to focus on his own label, Cirque Du Vin. As if that were not enough responsibility, Beckett also co-owns Chronic Cellars with his brother, Jake Beckett. All of these roles considered, to say Josh is an experienced winemaker would be an understatement. Beckett fondly recalls his upbringing in wine. Remembering the Paso Robles wine region in the late 1980s, when the vibe was more artsy and wine making was still new to the area, seeing his own father and other



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mentors making a living doing what they loved; these roots inspired Beckett to pursue a career making wine. Inspiration comes from many sources, but watching what other winemakers are doing is one great push for Beckett to improve upon his craft. He explains that some winemakers are really focusing on their craft and the quality of wine produced, and this in turn motivates Beckett and others to step up their game as well. Beckett has a passion for making good wine and has no reservations admitting he may just be obsessed. Hearing him describe his winemaking style, one is reminded of a mad scientist in his lab. However, this mad scientist is all about producing a quality product and just as a chameleon can blend into his new

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The Winepress Magazine Spring Edition  

A Magazine dedicated to wine country in California

The Winepress Magazine Spring Edition  

A Magazine dedicated to wine country in California