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The Twenties jazz, sex and liberation Gangs the harsh reality on our streets Cherry Healey shares her guilty pleasures

Candour Editorial Team

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a women’s magazine that was more than just celebrity stalking and body hang-ups?

Kathryn Preston Editor-in-Chief @KateBlogsFood

Natalie Mortimer Features Editor @NatalieMortimer

Louise Moore Webiste Editor @LouiseMoore20

Victoria Inniss-Palmer Design Editor @VInnissPalmer

Bianca Amponsah Chief Sub-Editor @BiancaAmponsah

Sophie Baillie Writer @SophieBaills

Jess McKay Writer @JessicaMckay91

Emily Bancroft Writer @Emilywae

Sophie Burluraux Writer @SophieBurls

Charlotte Chapman Writer and Illustrator @CVChapmanx

Candour is just that! Subscribe to us for only £30 a year and join the conversation CCWaleed Alzuhair Flickr

In this issue... Page 16 a cup of tea with Cherry Healey Page 25 check it out this May

Page 24 let them eat vegetable cake

Page 8 the reality of gangs Page 12 gals with gumption

Page 22 female erotica: Shh or shout about it?

Page 19 stitch in time Page 29 sport...the Candour way

Page 14 “fashion fades, only style remains the same”

Covers: CCDonkeyHotey and NoCCbarbiemamuse

Dear Reader,

Page 6 what we’re talking about

Candour is a magazine reflecting all aspects of women’s conversation, seamlessly changing from difficult topics to cute things on the internet. In a women’s magazine, we feel that readers deserve than more just shoes and sex tips, we want you to read about important issues that all kinds of women face. Which is why we’ve gone straight in for a difficult topic – how girls are treated in inner-city gangs. Girls can be forced into sexual activities they don’t want to participate in so that male members can feel powerful, but any woman can be affected when rape is used as an initiation for members. Find out more on page 8. The 1920s are a hot topic right now: ‘The Artist’ swept the Oscars, Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ will be released in December and flapper fashion was all over the spring/ summer 2012 catwalks. In our launch issue, we explore how attitudes to women have changed over the decades and how the rebellious flapper paved the way for female independence which can be found on page 12 and throughout the magazine. In a first for a women’s magazine we’ve given you a sports page, but with the Candour difference. We’ve covered

breakthroughs in women’s boxing where participants want to wear shorts rather than the skirt 1920s tennis player Suzanne Lenglen pioneered. Female boxing is also now recognised as an Olympic sport so read how attitudes have changed on page 27. Would you admit to reading erotica? We won’t tell, promise! Features editor Natalie Mortimer has spoken to darlings of the erotica world on women’s reading habits on page 22 and she has also made a delicious parsnip and maple cake which you can make at home tonight on page 24. The Candour staff have all tried it and it is delicious. The beautiful illustrations in the magazine have been provided by one of our own, Charlotte Chapman, and the gorgeous pugs for the love story page 30 have been drawn by Gemma Correll. We really hope you enjoy the first issue of our magazine and we’d love to hear your views so log on to and join the conversation. Until next month, Kathryn Preston Editor-in-chief

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what we’re talking about... From the Queen’s Jubilee to same-sex marriage laws, the Candour office has been discussing it all.

Here at Candour, we are big fans of the Queen and are very excited to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee next month. The Queen is a really remarkable woman and only the second female ruler to meet her 60 year reign after Queen Victoria in 1897. Last year we saw street parties and bunting galore for the Royal Wedding and we’re ready to get the fine china and Union Jacks out again to show Lizzy we care. The Queen is an important figure head of our country and we all take her for granted. So celebrate in style on bank holiday Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 June (two days off? Thank you, Queenie!) And, if you’re stuck for something to contribute to your street’s party, check out our favourite recipe for coronation chicken on the website

Same-sex marriage In autumn 2011 Prime Minister, David Cameron, promised to make changes to official forms to allow same sex marriage in the UK. On 15 March 2012, the government stuck to their word and launched a consultation paper which says that the words ‘husband and wife’ have to be removed from official forms, including tax and benefits guidance and immigration documents. Private companies will also be expected to remove the words from paperwork and data on their computers and websites so that there is no longer the suggestion that a married couple is a man and a woman. New documents will have to use the term ‘spouses’ and ‘partners’ instead of the traditional terms. The aim of this being to “open civil marriage to gay and lesbian couples for the first time.” However the changes which were outlined by Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, and Home Secretary, Theresa May, haven’t been fully accepted by everyone in society. According to the Daily Mail, who ran the original story on the front page of its website, reported that The Church of England has had a “furious row” with the government, accusing them of “misunderstanding the law of marriage”. Under the new plans though, religious marriage will be categorised separately and related specifically to male and female couples. To see what Candour has to say about the subject, turn to page 30.

Candour wants YOU!

Date: Saturday, May 19 Time:19:30 Place: Abbey Bar, 30-33 Minories, Near Fenchurch Street, London

We’re so excited to tell you about Candour’s launch event at Abbey Bar, near Fenchurch Street in London! On May 19, we will be having a grown-up tea party to celebrate our wonderful magazine finally hitting a newsstand near you. Everyone knows the best parties are the kind you have when you’re young with jelly, ice-cream and balloons but we don’t want to stop now, just because we’re ‘mature responsible adults’. The only difference is we’ll be drinking cocktails out of china teacups rather than lemonade - you can bring your favourite mug, if you want to! (Go to our Twitter feed to see our mugs.) We’ll be chatting about the important topics in a Candour reader’s life: feminism, war and having fun! Candour is a women’s conversation, and that’s what our event is all about, meeting up with friends and readers and just having a good old get-together. If you can’t make our event this month, don’t worry. Candour’s Sisterhood Socials will be held at cities all over Britain once a month to catch up with you all and have a chat over your favourite magazine. If you’re interested, come and join our conversation.

For more information about the event and to register for the guest list go to our website

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‘Diamond Geezer’: Queen celebrates Jubilee

Candour magazine  

The very first issue of Candour, a magazine for women who want more.

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