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Upcoming Signature Events

Spring Wine Festival - May 5-15

Spring Valley First Wine Tastings Kelowna, May 7 From Cellars to Classics - Kelowna, May 12 Blush & Bubbles - Summerland, May 15 Summer Wine Festival - Aug 6-14

BC Wine & Food Truck Feast Kelowna August 6 BC Wine & Food Truck Feast Penticton August 13 Fall Wine Festival - Sept 29 - Oct 9

BC Lieutenant Governor's Wine Awards Judging - Kelowna, September 6-8 FCC Wine Trade Tasting - Kelowna, September 14 BC Lieutenant Governor's Wine Awards Ceremony & Tastings - Kelowna, September 29 Fall Valley First Wine Tastings - Kelowna, October 1 Sensation Fall Finale! - Penticton, October 8 Winter Wine Festival - Feb 4 - 12, 2023

Elevate! Kelowna - TBC, Feb 4, 2023 Elevate! Vernon - Predator Ridge, Feb 11, 2023

Distant Winery Annual Membership*

$412.50 + GST until July 2022 (25% off regular pricing!) *Available to all BC wineries outside the Okanagan Valley region MARKETING BENEFITS

365 days of profile exposure on our website with links to your winery's website and social media Complimentary promotion of your winery and your wines directly to consumers via the Winethusiast Club--- OWFS's new consumer membership Your winery's profile and one event listing in both Spring and Fall digital OWFS Wine Festival Guidebooks (available on the OWFS website with over 70,000 annual visitors) Unlimited event posts on the OWFS website's event calendar Promotional social media posts on the OWFS Facebook and Instagram accounts highlighting your winery Networking opportunities with many other partners and sponsors


Two complimentary wine entries AND reduced entry price for the BC Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards (BCLG) Two complimentary tickets to the BCLG Wine Awards Ceremony & Tastings (only available for winery members that enter the competition)

join us!

Purpose, Vision & Values

Purpose To be the matchmaker between wine lovers and the people who craft it.


The Okanagan Wine Festivals Society will operate a sustainable society and produce Wine Festivals and Signature Events throughout the year to increase visibility and sales for our members.


Share the story of BC wine Celebrate the timeless craft of winemaking Provide value for members, sponsors, partners, event attendees Support our Okanagan Valley communities

About OWFS

The Okanagan Wine Festivals Society is one of the largest not-for-profit wine industry festival and marketing organizations in Canada. We bring wine lovers and wine producers together to celebrate the timeless craft of winemaking. OWFS began in 1980 during the infancy of the Okanagan Valley wine industry. Since then, we have grown alongside the industry itself and now produce four seasonal festivals with over 100 events annually. Additionally, we produce the BC Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards in the Fall. OWFS is a membership-based society that exists to directly connect consumers with our members, tourism partners, and Okanagan Valley communities via festivals, events, trade tastings, wine competitions, and the Winethusiast Club. In 2019, we connected over 11,000 19+ consumers to our 120 member businesses, our sponsors, and our Okanagan Valley communities! Over the past few decades, the Okanagan Valley has become well known for its wineries. We are now recognized globally as one of the most successful premium wine producing regions in the world! In 2017, the Okanagan wine industry added an estimated $2.4 billion dollars to the BC economy. The Okanagan Wine Festivals Society supports the important work of placing the Okanagan Valley and our fabulous wineries on the provincial, national and international stages--- most especially through our wine judging competition.

Our Festivals

SPRING OKANAGAN WINE FESTIVAL Taking place over ten days each May, the Spring Okanagan Wine Festival coincides with bud break and celebrates the start of the growing season for our local vines. The festival typically features over 50 events including the Valley First Spring Wine Tastings (600 guests), From Cellars to Classics (250 guests), and Blush & Bubbles (360 guests).

THE BC WINE & FOOD TRUCK FEAST Kelowna & Penticton Editions

Held in the heart of summer, the BC Wine & Food Truck Feasts (300 guests each) are held in Kelowna and in Penticton. These events pair the best Okanagan street food with curated wine selections from our members.

FALL OKANAGAN WINE FESTIVAL The largest of our wine festivals, the 10-day Fall Okanagan Wine Festival is held at the beginning of October and commemorates the beginning of harvest. Comprising over 70 events, this festival is recognized nationally as one of the best festivals in Canada! It includes popular events such as the BC Lieutenant Governor's Wine Awards Ceremony & Tastings (250 guests), the Fall Valley First Wine Tastings (650 guests), the annual FCC Wine Trade Tasting (largest in BC), and the spectacular Sensation Fall Finale! event (600 guests).

WINTER OKANAGAN WINE FESTIVAL Launching in 2023! A smaller festival that takes place in early February featuring Elevate!--- a new, premier wine tasting event (200 guests).

BC Lieutenant Governor's Wine Awards The BC Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards recognizes excellence in winemaking for all licensed British Columbia wineries. It is the oldest and most prestigious wine judging competition in the province. The purpose of the competition is to award the BC Lieutenant Governor's Platinum medals and the BC Lieutenant Governor's Wine of the Year. These awards offer BC wineries the opportunity to have their wines judged by 15 highly-respected judges from across Canada and abroad. The level of judges that participate each year is reflected in the credibility and reputation of these important wine awards. In 2021, 812 wines from across BC were judged.

The BCLG Wine Awards Ceremony & Tastings heralds the coming of the Okanagan Fall Wine Festival. While the BCLG Wine Awards are typically announced via an in-person ceremony, due to Covid-19 OWFS has produced highly-commended Virtual Awards Ceremonies for the past two years. The 2021 virtual awards ceremony can be viewed at thewinefestivals.com. We're looking forward to celebrating in person for 2022!

2021 BC Lieutenant Governor's Judges

Alder Yarrow - Vinography, Wine Writer - San Francisco, California Barbara Philip, MW - Category Manager BC Liquor Stores, Trade - Vancouver, BC Brad Royale - Kitten Swish, Consultant/Buyer - Calgary, AB DJ Kearney - Educator, Freelance Consultant - Vancouver, BC Emily Walker - Wine Director Naramata Inn, Tap & Barrel Buyer - Summerland, BC Geoff Last - City Palate Magazine, Wine Writer/Buyer - Calgary, AB Gurvinder Bhatia - Quench, Global TV, Media - Edmonton, AB Iain Philip - Educator, Consultant - Vancouver, BC Mark Filatow - Waterfront Wines, Trade - Kelowna, BC Rhys Pender MW - Educator/Media - Kelowna, BC Sebastien Le Goff - Cactus Club Restaurant Group, Buyer - Vancouver, BC Sid Cross - Wine & Food Expert, Freelance Writer - Vancouver, BC Tim Pawsey - The Hired Belly, Wine Writer/Media - Vancouver, BC Treve Ring - Gismondi on Wine, Wine Writer/Media - Vancouver, BC

Winethusiast Club

Introducing the Winethusiast Club--- where we’re connecting wine lovers with the people who craft it! From their unique login at winethusiastclub.com, Winethusiasts can: access discounted tickets to OWFS Signature Events for themselves and their friends! acquaint themselves with our BC wineries via Spotlight! Every couple of weeks we highlight a different BC winery to teach them all about the winery's story, their wine portfolio, their people, and what they’re known for get priority access and discount pricing to OWFS pop-up wine tastings events at the Spotlight wineries purchase a wine bundle direct from the Spotlight winery! These wine bundles feature the wineries’ new releases and most popular wines and include tasting notes and other goodies. We’re bringing the tasting room to them! (This is not a subscription service. Winethusiast Club members can simply opt in for any bundle they like) sign up for complimentary, pre-event VIP wine tastings at select OWFS Signature Events peruse through the Wine in the News: a collection of curated wine-related content including articles, podcasts, and videos find promotions, discounts and incentives from local wineries and businesses enter for a chance to win incredible Monthly Giveaways

Marketing Reach & Impressions*

*most recent data from 2019 due to Covid-19

Marketing & Media Below is a listing of the planned marketing-media for all 2022 events/activations and applies to outreach for both in-market (local, BC) as well as out-of-market (Pacific Northwest, Alberta).

Radio Broadcast ads; on-air and online contesting; website features Social Media Facebook and Instagram ads and posts Print Press releases; travel-specific publications; wine industry-specific publications; newspapers; collateral pieces Digital Seasonal OWFS Wine Festival Guidebooks; digital advertising; interstitials; online contesting; e-newsletters Promotional Partners Tourism; media; hotels; food & beverage On-site event Activation space; radio on-air broadcasts; signage; contesting and prizing packages


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OWFS Website Visitors Gender

38% Male | 62% Female Location

66% BC | 19% Rest of Canada 5% International | 10% USA Age

5% 18-24 | 32% 25-34 24% 35-44 | 23% 45-65 16% 65+ 67,000 annual visitors

2.5 pages per session

120,000 annual page views


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