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You are looking for resources to help you "get my ex back", and you have noticed that there are lots of ebooks out there on the topic. Which one should you choose? What should you be looking out for? Ebooks are becoming more and more popular. You can buy them online, you get instant access to them, and the selection is usually greater than what you will find in a bookstore. This is because many books are not published in hard copy anymore. Even traditional booksellers are moving towards electronic versions. First, they are cheaper to produce, and second, it is the way more and more people like to read - whether it be on their PDA, their Kindle (from Amazon), or on their laptop or computer. But the downside is that you don't get to hold the book, scan the table of contents, perhaps read the introduction or preamble, like you would in a bookstore. And this can be a useful exercise evaluating the writer's style, the depth of the book in terms of what it covers, and the level at which it is written. Because it if fair to say that there are good ebooks and bad ebooks! There are good writers and bad writers! In the traditional publishing world, an author has to convince a publisher that the book is worth producing. And there is usually an editorial team who help to make the book readable, and who make sure it delivers on its promise. Even still, bad books get through the system. With ebooks, anybody can write one, and there are not the same checks and balances. So you must look for other ways to evaluate the content and quality. Let us take the subject of "Get My Ex Back". If all the book does is to tell you not to contact your ex for four weeks while you do some self evaluation, then that is not something to pay $50 for - I just gave you that advice here and now and for free. What you really need to look for are success stories, written by people who have already used the book. Every author will tell you his book is the best. Have you ever met a chef who admits to cooking a bad meal? Or a movie director who thinks his movie is bad? And yet there are many bad movies and bad restaurants out there. So look for testimonials, from real people, about the book. Recent Federal Trade Commission actions have tightened up on standards for testimonials, and over time you will be able to rely on these more and more. Also, look for access to the author. Good authors stand behind their books, particularly in an

emotional subject area like mending relationships. So make sure that there is a way to contact the author, and ask questions. Finally, make sure there is a money back guarantee. It is your hard-earned money, and you deserve to get value for money. You also deserve recourse if the book does not deliver on its promise. Testimonials, author access, and satisfaction guarantee. If you find a Get My Ex Back ebook with all of these, then you are probably on the right track.

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Get My Ex Back E-Books - How to Evaluate Them  

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