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Times are tough, and they are only going to get tougher given the state of the global economy. It is no wonder then, that people are clamoring for an extra avenue stream that they can do either as a full-time job, or as a means to make a bit of money on the side. Many people start searching for online paid work with the aim of eventually turning it into a full-time income stream and quitting their jobs. Whether you are looking to replace your income, find work due to loss of a job, or just want some extra spending money, you will be pleased to know that there are literally dozens of avenues to choose from. Outlined below are five of my favorite ways to make money online. Paid Surveys Paid surveys have a bad reputation as being not much more than a scam. Unfortunately this is true of a lot more ways to make online than just paid surveys. The advantages of surveys is that if you find the right offer, pay can be immediate once you have finished a survey. A big disadvantage of income from surveys is that it takes time to complete them. Potentially you can make a lot of money, but as you only have a certain amount of time in the day, your earning potential is severely limited. Things to watch out for are companies requesting a membership payment upfront. Many of these are legitimate, but many are not, so do some extensive research before signing up for anything. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing involves signing up to a company as an affiliate, and then posting links to their products in as many places on the web as you can. If a visitor purchases anything through your link, you will receive a commission. Many online marketers use social media such as Squidoo, and even Facebook to promote products, but the best way is to own your own little piece of the web with a registered domain name. This can be the most difficult way to promote as you have to do back-linking and other promotional tactics to get visitors to your website. Once set up though, it is lucrative in that once the website is getting traffic, any future work effort is minimal, and you own the content. Fiverr This is a great way for the newcomer to make some immediate cash, especially if you can provide a valuable service, or have some real skills people need. Fiverr is full of ridiculous offers, but browse around for a bit and you will be surprised at what people will pay good money for. So get started and one of those people could be you. A great way to use Fiverr is to promote yourself. Use the site as a cheap introduction to you and your services, and if you provide good value, you may have repeat customers who will be more than happy to pay full price.

Content Provider If you fancy yourself as a bit of a word smith, you may be able to make some cash as a writer for other people's web content. Places like Elance and Freelancer provide a great avenue for this, and it is easy to sign up and straight away start finding work. Many people make a lot of money through these websites, even to the point of earning an income to rival that of the J.O.B. Like paid surveys, your income level has a ceiling on how much time you can put into it. Make Your Own Product This is the perhaps the most lucrative of the five methods. If you have some specialized knowledge that people are clamoring for, then you may be able to put it into ebook form. Even Amazon allows you to publish your own book, to be downloaded to their Kindle device for a small fee. The biggest disadvantage is that not everyone has specialized knowledge, which only means that the start-up costs are higher due to the need for ghost writers, or people who do have the knowledge and are willing to part with it for a fee. A massive advantage is that it is very easy to multiply your earnings by having affiliates working for you, or just by simply writing more books to publish on Amazon. Once you have a product, the ongoing costs are minimal. If you have been looking for an extra avenue stream to replace your full-time income, or just need some extra dollars for dining out occasionally, then I seriously encourage you to explore the above tips in further detail. Do consider taking a short online survey to explore the list of customized avenues you may be able to pursue.

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5 Methods of Making Money Online For Beginners  

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