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OWNING THE ROOM Discover tailored garments made with the finest fabrics carefully selected from Italy. Expertly crafted in Canada and delivered to you within 10 days.


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of colour.

Mon-Wed: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM I Thurs & Fri: 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM I Sat: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM I Sun: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Hwy 3 Essex I 519-776-5553 I ehfstyle.com I follow us on



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dear readers, style is personal and we believe fashion is for all of us. the magazine you are reading is southwestern ontario’s premier fashion biannual and we couldn’t be prouder. We hope this magazine inspires you to add new pieces to your collection or spruce up what you currently have. Before you begin reading about the wonderful people we’ve encountered in preparation for this issue, we want to express our sincere gratitude for our amazing team, and you, the readers, that bring this magazine to life. this entire Freeds Image Magazine issue is packed with great articles and illuminating profiles as we continually strive to raise the bar of publishing excellence. We are thrilled to share the spotlight with prominent Windsor-Essex professionals which can be viewed in the freeds Image Profiles section. like usual, our in-house style experts have dressed our profile pros in seasonally appropriate looks from some of the freshest labels available at canada’s largest independent men’s and women’s clothing store. unmatched in our region, we continue to excel, however, it’s no secret; it’s due to our terrific staff (most of which have been with us for over 40 years). We devote ourselves to going the extra mile for both our readers and our advertisers and more than anything, we really love what we do and enjoy witnessing the results and successes reaped by our clientele and readers. In this Spring/Sumer issue of freeds, our editor-in-chief lina, caught up with derek and Evan freed, in addition to me and dan orman, to bring you some exciting features as to what’s coming next. After all, we are coming close to our 90th anniversary! We also bring you an inside look on our exceptional team that comprises some of Windsor’s most fashionable, knowledgeable and courteous retail professionals. Keep flipping to reveal the names and faces behind your next positive freeds experience as we believe everything at freeds is a team effort.

Ari Freed

We created something pretty special with this magazine as it has become a staple in this community. It was Michael Kors who said, “clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music,” and we couldn’t agree more. Pay special attention to this issue’s in-depth brand features which allow your imagination to roam as you get inspired by new and fresh looks from lavish labels like dion neckwear, sAxx underwear and Jack Victor. As always, we have allocated our magazine to showcase exciting looks for spring and summer as we believe we have all of the outfit inspiration you’ll ever need. As spring and summer begin, we always strive to reflect the way intelligent women and men approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style. Whether you are one of our regulars, or joining us for the first time, we invite you to come introduce yourself and pay us a visit. come into freeds of Windsor or check us out on our website at www.freeds.com today. Always yours in fashion, Ari freed & dan orman

1 5 2 6 o t t a w a s t . W i n d s o r, o n t a r i o 519-258-6532 toll frEE: 1-877-537-333

Dan Orman 6




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sPrInG/suMMEr 2019 PubLishER tony catalano CO-PubLishERs Ari freed & dan orman ART DiRECTOR Jayson Pynn EDiTOR-iN-ChiEF lina stoyanova PhOTOGRAPhER Pat scandale of livetech Photo/Video DEsiGN & LAyOuT Jayson Pynn FAshiON COORDiNATORs Kathy Vegh & dan Jacobs ON ThE COVER Jack Victor MODELs Angie Guenette & cooper lane DEsiGN CONTRibuTORs Adam Patterson, Erwin Parungo Anna filipovski & Amin Akhtar ADVERTisiNG sALEs ExECuTiVEs tony catalano, Jo-Anne lauzon, dave fazekas, dan orman, Ari freed, Keith White, dan Jacobs & Kathy Vegh

GENERAL iNQuiRiEs TO MyNDLOGiC PubLishiNG Phone: 519.969.3608 www.freedsimage.com GENERAL iNQuiRiEs TO FREEDs Phone: 519.258.6532 www.freeds.com

FREEDS IMAGE Magazine is published twice annually by Myndlogic Publishing Inc. and distributed in the Windsor and Essex County regions. Subscriptions are available for $19.99 plus HST. A $25.00 charge is required for mail delivery anywhere outside of Canada. Send a cheque along with address information to FREEDS IMAGE Magazine, 3337 Walker Road, Suite 200, Windsor, ON, N8W 3R9 or call 519-969-3608. Myndlogic Publishing Inc. which holds full rights to original ads and photography, accepts no responsibility for graphic images used in ads. Nothing that appears in FREEDS IMAGE Magazine may be reproduced either wholly or in part without the permission of the publisher. Opinions expressed in FREEDS IMAGE Magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher.




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frEEds sPrInG/suMMEr fAsHIon custoMIzEd stYlE WItH dIon nEcKWEAr sAxx: undErWEAr rE-InVEntEd frEEds sPrInG/suMMEr fAsHIon


20 36

fAcEs of frEEds: lAstInG IMPrEssIons fAcEs of frEEds: IntroducInG dErEK & EVAn frEEd




nEGEV dInnEr HonourInG ArI frEEd & dAn orMAn

frEEds IMAGE ProfIlEs: sIGnAtur A Atur E HoMEs WIndsor & JulIE BondY P. 40 sonnY BorrEllI P. 41 MIcHAEl cAMPolI P. 42 JoE fAllEA P. 43 BIll GIrArd & AlIson MArtEl P. 44 MArtIn GorsKI & suzAnnE dAJczAK P. 45


PEtEr IndElIcAto A P.46 Ato P cArol KErr P. 47 JAson lAfrAMBoIsE & MItcHEll dEslIPPE P. 56



KYlE lucIEr, JulIE dEnEAu & stEPHEn WIlson P. 57 MA McsHAnE P.58 MAtt P JEnnY MInEllo P. 59 dr. JEAn-GIlBErt PAulo P. 60 dAn PorfIlIo P. 61 ErIK rorsEtH & tErrY dArBYson P. 70 KA HErInE sIMs & MArIA MouAMMAr P.71 KAt BrAdY tHrAsHEr, roBErt fAVAro & dEBBIE nEdIn P. 72 stEPHAn VIsEllI P. 73 tHE VErGE rEAl l Est EstA AtE tEAM P. 74 At


lIzA zuIdEMA P. 76


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it’s your

TURN Plan your summer escape now


Our recent creation IMAGE



Story by Lina Stoyanova

MAKE STYLE h a p p e n




esigned and manufactured exclusively in Montreal, Canada, Jack Victor is a premium menswear legacy brand that creates sophisticated and intelligent men’s clothing. Founded in 1913 by Jack Victor, the family-owned and operated business has built itself from a small store in La Tuque, Quebec, to a prominent player in the fashion industry with its Canadian collections featured in many major North American stores including Freeds of Windsor. Now in its 106th year of operation, Alan Victor, CEO, third generation, leads the company with the same family values, integrity, and quality, that his father Herschel Victor and grandfather Jack shared with him. The relationship between Jack Victor and Freeds is one that spans several generations of the Freed and Victor families. The bond that has formed between the two companies is priceless.



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“People are our greatest asset. So many Jack Victor employees have been with us for decades; we take pride in their loyalty which reinforces that we are indeed a family-owned business,” says Alan Victor. Sourced in Europe by experienced menswear experts, Jack Victor uses fine fabrics from Super 100’s to Super 160’s, unique designs and intricate details, which has gained them notoriety among the fashion community as a champion of modern and distinguished men’s clothing; there’s nothing quite like a Jack Victor suit or sportcoat. Committed exceptional value, Jack Victor’s designers consider current fashion trends and seasonal looks to create collections that range from creative contemporary to classic business attire.


Untitled-1 1 16.indd 15 IMAGE ISSUE


4/15/19 PM 4/12/19 12:03:02 5:07:51 PM


Spring is the precise time to embrace lively colours. With three showrooms in New York, Montreal, and a newly opened Yorkville, Toronto, location, Jack Victor’s wholesale collection is easily accessible, and currently available at Freeds of Windsor. Jack Victor’s spring 2019 collection presents an uncompromising commitment to comfort and fit for the warmer season. While the brand has an array of pieces, three notable items include their premium trouser lines Jack Victor and Riviera by Jack Victor. The Jack Victor trouser lends itself to a sartorial and polished style with fine wools, silk, and cashmere while Riviera by Jack Victor trouser made from a blend of easy-care fine Italian fabric. In addition to these two must-have lines, Jack Victor is also the exclusive distributor for HILTL trousers, a popular and original European collection of casually washed cotton bottoms. All of these collections are now available at Freeds. Jack Victor has also collaborated with modern sportswear designers. Robert Barakett, a Montreal-based contemporary menswear designer, famous for the 100 percent Pima cotton Barakett T, has seen huge success with his relationship with Jack Victor. Recently, the brand launched its first Barakett website and was highlighted as a top brand that’s now available at Freeds. Along with busy partnerships, Jack Victor will also be launching their first outerwear collection this fall. From lively colour palettes to emerging collections, Jack Victor continues to evolve, ensuring men and style come together to appreciate contemporary and elegant tailored clothing. To learn more about Jack Victor please visit jackvictor.com or follow them on Instagram @jackvictorstyle. Stop by Freeds today to experience Jack Victor for yourself.



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FINALLY. S P R I N G | S UM M E R 2019




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IMAGE style Story by Lina Stoyanova


Lasting Impressions

Since 1929, Freeds has been a leader in the community, setting trends and providing customers with the latest technology, newest fashions and ALWAYS GREAT SERVICE. When you walk into Freeds you’re welcomed as “part of the family” by the ladies at the service counter. With decades of experience, Joan, Karren, Judy, Laura, Lin and Terry will take care of your needs and ensure your satisfaction.



IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 20

“We are a team here, really a family, and the first and last faces you will see during your visit at Freeds.”

4/12/19 5:08:23 PM

“We call it the “Counter at Freeds,” but the ladies really multi-task and provide many services for our customers,” explains V.P. of Administration, Joan Goebel. “They process our customers’ purchases, package their selections, answer questions, and if items are staying for alterations, they look forward to servicing them again upon pick-up. Customer phone calls are answered at the counter, after a friendly hello, and are directed quickly to the proper department, or person, respecting our customers’ time.” “We have had the privilege of waiting on many generations of customers, sharing in many family milestones. Our relationships are unique, and in many cases, we have made friends for life,” explains service associate Karren Burdge. Calling customers by name and sharing their personal life is something service associate Judy has enjoyed for many years. “We are a team here, really a family, and the first and last faces you will see during your visit at Freeds,” she explains. The service counter is very busy in the spring season with wedding parties, proms, and graduations. Service associates Laura, Lin and Terry all agree that it’s rewarding to be part of the customers’ experience. They explain, “The ‘Suit Package’ is appreciated by our customers, and we share many proud moments with parents and grandparents as they help their family members purchase for that special occasion. We enjoy seeing our customers satisfied.” “WE ALL AGREE we appreciate OUR CUSTOMERS. You are the reason we come to work every day! It is our pleasure being part of your Freeds experience!” the team explains. To learn more about the Counter at Freeds, stop in today!


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What Our Clients Say...

Juggling kids, careers, and busy lives, extra time is not something we have a lot of. We thought adding buying and selling a home to this mix would be difficult, but working with Tina Pickle and the legal Edge Team really eased the process. Tina’s professionalism, friendliness and warmth made what could have been a stressful situation, very fun and exciting! Tina really listened to our needs. We felt as though she took the time to understand what we were looking for and was always available to steer us in the right direction. Her knowledge of the market and experience in sales and negotiating helped sell our home fast. Tina was always informed and had our best interest in mind. She gave us time to think things through and there was never any pressure. Tina was always available to answer questions and take care of the details. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to buy and sell with the Legal Edge Team.

- Andrea Burnside, Darin MacRury & Family


I have known Mark Eugeni and Tina Pickle for over 15 years. Mark not only mentored me on the squash court, guiding our team to numerous club championships as doubles partners, but he also helped my family and I win off the court with my first home purchase. As competitive and a high level of a squash player Mark is, he’s an even better player in the real estate world. He showed us dozens of houses over a span of two years and was bang on with all of them. His patience and efficiency throughout this process was unmatched. He advised us as if I were his little brother and made sure we secured our forever home. Thanks to Mark and the Legal Edge Team for making this transition as smooth as possible.

- Paul Gebrael, Erin Byrne, Quinn Hackett , Joseph Gebrael & Baby Gebrael (June 2019)

A cleAn office leAves A lAsting impression.

start this spring With sOme deep cleaning Call us for a quote and we’ll inClude an initial spring Cleaning!* * initial spring Cleaning inCluded with a one-year Cleaning agreement.

Office cleaning • WindOW cleaning • carpet cleaning flOOr Waxing • indOOr/OutdOOr plant care • landscaping

Office cleaning • WindOW cleaning • carpet cleaning flOOr Waxing • indOOr/OutdOOr plant care • landscaping

P. 519.817.3461 E. santiago@rivErabuildingmaintEnancE.com

www.riverabuildingmaintenanCe.Com we are the trusted Cleaning serviCe Provider for freeds of windsor IMAGE




T H U R S D AY, J U N E 2 0 , 2 0 1 9





Entertainment by three internationally acclaimed Cantors. A musical journey of hope and inspiration with:

Neil Michaels


Hazzan David Propis


Michael Smolash

IMAGE community

Jewish National Fund of Windsor’s

NEGEV Dinner Honouring Ari Freed & Dan Orman The Negev Dinner is the Jewish National Fund of Windsor’s annual fundraiser. Each year, it raises money for an Israeli cause and honours members of the community. Honouring Ari Freed and Dan Orman, I sat down with this duo to give our readers information about this special occasion. “Both my father and uncle received the same honour around 30 years ago so it’s very meaningful to be recognized just like they were,” explains proudly, Ari Freed. “I am very excited, and Dan and I look forward to putting our own special twist and flavour on this year’s event. We don’t view this recognition as an award but rather as a great honour. To be able to accept this during Freeds 90th year is very special for all of us.” “To be recognized by our community and to be honoured in this way is really special not only for myself but for my family,” explains warmly, Dan Orman. “We are extremely grateful. Our fathers were honoured 30 years ago for the same charity and it’s a wonderful experience for us to be able to follow in their footsteps and be recognized.”

Honourees Ari Freed & Dan Orman Ari Freed was professionally trained by his father Gerald Freed, his uncle Alan Orman, and his grandfather Sam Freed. Ari takes great pride in the fact that Freeds of Windsor continues to thrive in its 90th year of business. He has a strong connection to his Jewish identity and to the State of Israel. Dan Orman has been in the retail business for more than three quarters of his life, making numerous contributions to the business and cultural framework of Windsor. He is a great friend of the Windsor and Detroit Jewish communities and an ongoing supporter of Israel.

The Jewish National Fund of Canada The Jewish National Fund of Canada (JNF) has served as the caretaker of Israel for many decades. Their missions include planting trees, building water reservoirs, preserving natural habitats and building parks and bicycle trails throughout Israel. Recent projects have been focused on building the social infrastructure of Israel: land for the benefit of the people of Israel.

The NEgev Dinner of Windsor The JNF began planting the Martyrs’ Forest in 1951. The forest is a silent, powerful and natural memorial to the millions of Jews who perished in the Holocaust. In the forest stand six million trees – one for every Jew who was killed – a living, breathing memorial to the people whose lives were brutally cut short. With support, JNF Canada will help develop and renew the park, in remembrance of those who perished in the Holocaust. The money raised from this event will benefit the JNF and will honour Ari Freed and Dan Orman on Thursday, June 20, 2019. The event will be held at the Caboto Club located at 2175 Parent Avenue, Windsor, ON. The strolling dinner has reserved seating and food stations will open at 6:00 p.m. Entertainment will begin at 7:30 p.m. and locals will get to meet Cantor Michael Smolash, who serves Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Cantor Neil Michaels, who serves Temple Israel, and lastly, Cantor David Propis, who serves Congregation of Shaarey Zedek. Honoured to be sharing this event with the community, Freeds welcomes everyone. “This year we want to make the event more interactive. Instead of just having cocktails and a sit-down dinner, people will have an evening where they can stroll and network as they meet local professionals in the area. There will be cocktails and a variety of different types of foods, including Jewish inspired creations so everyone can taste cultural diversity. There will also be Cantors and other entertainment. We really want people to not only observe but partake in this event. We’re excited to see everyone have fun and enjoy,” explain Ari Freed and Dan Orman. To purchase tickets, you can visit www.jnf.ca. Direct ticket link: www.jnf.ca/ontario/campaign/negev-campaign-windsor


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Coat: SOIA & KYO Dress: RUDSAK Shoes: SCHUTZ



IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 28

4/12/19 5:09:01 PM




IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 29


4/12/19 5:09:05 PM





IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 30

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IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 31


4/12/19 5:09:11 PM





IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 32

4/12/19 5:09:16 PM


Jacket: SOIA & KYO Blouse: LIPSON Pant: CAMBIO Belt: B. BELT Shoes: UGG


IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 33


4/12/19 5:09:18 PM



IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 34

4/12/19 5:09:19 PM


IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 35


4/12/19 5:09:19 PM




intrOducing intrO Oducing derek & evan Freed

Freeds is Canada’s largest independent clothing store. Serving customers for nearly 90 years, locals can shop the brands they know and love at Freeds. Brothers and best friends, Evan and Derek Freed, are excited to be welcomed into the family business as the fourth generation in high-quality fashion. Serving many roles, Evan and Derek are the newest faces of Freeds. Derek Freed, 24 derek freed graduated from Michigan state university in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and business. Prior to coming to freeds, derek worked at the prestigious Beverly Hills hotel. Most recently, he served as the suites and fine dining supervisor at little caesars Arena and comerica Park for hospitality leader, delaware north. derek enjoys staying active through fitness, playing hockey, snowboarding, reading, camping, hanging out with his friends, and meditating. He is also an avid detroit sports fan. derek is also a lover of hip-hop music and enjoys spending time with his dog, Karmi. If you are looking for derek in the store, you can find him in the mainline suit department with his father, Ari, and grandfather, Gerald. Favourite Items from Freeds: Suits from Tiger of Sweden and boots from Blundstone.

Evan Freed, 27 Evan freed received his bachelor’s degree with High distinction from the university of Michigan in 2014. shortly thereafter, he moved to los Angeles, cA, to pursue a career in the music industry. In 2017, he graduated with a Juris doctor degree from southwestern law school, passed the california Bar, and was licensed as a california attorney. during his time in l.A., Evan worked at BMG— one of the largest music publishers in the world— and served as an associate attorney at several boutique entertainment law firms. Evan’s interest in the music industry grew from his passion as a singer-songwriter and musician. He has played numerous gigs in l.A., Ann Arbor and detroit, and this May will be performing live in downtown Hollywood. Most recently, Evan released a new album entitled “Golden door.” Aside from his passion for music and song-writing, Evan enjoys playing sports like tennis and hockey, reading, meditating, and spending time with his loved ones and friends. Favourite Items from Freeds: Sport coats from Tiger of Sweden and dress pants from Sunwill. 36

Derek Freed

Evan Freed


IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 36

4/12/19 5:09:22 PM

“We do things a bit differently at Freeds and though most businesses say that, for us it’s a reality. We learn what our customers are looking for, who they are as people, what they like and don’t like, and use that information to better service them and create life-long relationships.” Excited to come into the family business, the guys sat down with me to give our readers an overview of who they are and what’s to come. “It is a huge honour for us to come into the store as the fourth generation,” explains manager Evan freed. “Going into our 90th year, I think it would be hard to find anyone who will have the same passion and drive for the business’ continued success as a family member will.” When asked what qualities they admire in their father, Ari freed, they replied: “there’s so many things that inspire us about our dad. He’s very loving, he always wants to help, and he is always ready to show you the ropes,” explains manager derek freed. “He would never turn his back on you and that’s not just with me and Evan but with the entire freeds team. He’s a great leader and knows what needs to be done to accomplish any goal. We want to embody these characteristics and lead by example.” “I am most inspired by my dad’s persistence and passion. He’s the type of guy that can find the answer to any question. Where other people would accept no for an answer or give up, my dad keeps going,” explains Evan freed. “He is positive, has great drive, and has great emotional intelligence in his ability to read people and find solutions. this business is his passion and his persistence is second to none.”

“Everyone has welcomed us with open arms and it’s really been a positive experience. I’ve had associates come up to me and tell me that they’re really glad that Evan and I are here. A lot of the freeds team has been here a very long time and they have a passion for the store like us, so we’re all excited it can continue on,” explains derek freed. “We do things a bit differently at freeds and though most businesses say that, for us it’s a reality. We learn what our customers are looking for, who they are as people, what they like and don’t like, and use that information to better service them and create life-long relationships. taking the time to learn about our customers, that is what makes us t special,” says Evan freed. they especially wished to add: “dan orman is a huge part of this equation. It’s been great for us to work with dan and get to know him better. When we first came in, he was the first person we had a meeting with, and he welcomed us with open arms. If you know dan, he’s a very passionate guy and he was very fired up about us coming in and showing us the ropes. It’s awesome to have his support,” warmly explain the guys. Excited for what’s to come, Evan and derek will continue to implement freeds’ core values of detailed customer care and unmatched quality as they bring fresh perspectives to the hottest trends in fashion.

noting it’s all about learning new things, Evan and derek strive to improve the store and increase efficiency.

I would like to congratulate Jason and the entire Leamington / Essex Partner group on their rebrand to Baker Tilly and also on their successful merger transaction resulting in three new Baker Tilly offices in London, Dorchester and Aylmer. “John has consistently exceeded my expectations and continues to provide outstanding client service and dedication to my affairs. Whether it be buying or selling, personal or investment, his extensive knowledge and experience has proved to be an invaluable resource. I would highly recommend John’s services to any individual or business.” - Jason J. Melo, CPA, CA, CFP, CPA (Illinois) Managing Partner Baker Tilly Trillium LLP

Office: 519.944.5955 Direct: 519.566.9084 www.soldwithjohn.com

P r E f E r r E d r E A lt Y lt d, B r o K E r AG E I n d E P E n d E n t lY oW n E d A n d o P E r At E d


IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 37


4/12/19 5:09:25 PM

www.spago.ca 38



IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 39


4/12/19 5:09:32 PM

FREEDs iMAGE Prof rofIlE

Story by Lina Stoyanova Photography by Pat Scandale

sigNature ature HOmes H WiNDsOr & JULIE BONDY Everyone’s signature is unique! concierge service! Jovan Vujovic, owner of signature Homes and his wife, realtor ealtor Julie Bondy, want to build your unique, custom dream home while providing you affordable luxury with attention to detail. deeply committed to treating everyone with honesty and respect, they exceed goals by constantly going above and beyond for their clients. so o dream it, because this husband and wife team can build it! “We’re currently building in lasalle, alle, Windsor, Kingsville and we also have a new project that we launched for spring 2019: EdgeWater Estates in East Windsor just off Banwell,” explains Julie Bondy. After achieving numerous successes, Julie, with her energy and enthusiasm, continues to combine knowledge and experience to establish the best connection with her clients. Julie has the expertise and experience to guarantee a prosperous, and most of all, successful real estate transaction in both re-sale Homes and new ew Builds. As a realtor for Manor realty for 16 years, she is year after year Manor’s top t saleswoman. aleswoman. Earning recognition for a record-Breaking sales ales Year in 2018, she is also the Exclusive sales representative for signature ignature Homes. Jovan Vujovic started signature ignature Homes Windsor in 2011 following his previous career as an engineer. “We build homes in sub division properties and also a big part of our business is custom builds on clients’ own properties,” shares Jovan. “What sets us apart is the personal concierge service clients get from working directly with Jovan on their build,” Julie explains. Paying attention to each detail, the duo has quality and finishes at competitive prices. they hey provide excellent finishes throughout each client’s build and they can accommodate any custom requests to give the client’s home the finishing unique touches they’re dreaming of. “We just launched a new, interactive website,” explains Jovan. “clients “ can go on our website to see our past builds and the work we’ve done at www. signaturehomeswindsor.com.” “the he gallery of photos is fantastic for ideas for designing the décor of your new home,” adds Julie. this his husband and wife team love to give back to the community. Julie and Jovan have both worked on the Give your Heart to Autism Gala committee since 2011, and Julie in particular was awarded the city of Windsor Volunteer of the Year Award in 2014. With Jovan and Julie, their service and dedication doesn’t stop when the build is complete. their heir after-sales service is a top priority to ensure clients are 100 percent thrilled with their build and purchase. Making the process seamless and enjoyable, signature ignature Homes Windsor and Julie Bondy are the team to choose. Julie bondy Sales Representative 519-816-0364 www.juliebondy.com jbondy@manorrealty.ca

Jovan Vujovic signature ignature Homes Windsor 519-551-3708 www.signaturehomeswindsor.com signaturehomeswindsor@gmail.com

What Jovan is wearing: sport coat: soul of london shirt: Bertigo Jeans: 34 Heritage shoes: stacy Adams What Julie is wearing: dress: Joseph ribkoff




Story by Lina Stoyanova Photography by Pat Scandale


BORRELLI Meet Sonny Borrelli, co-owner and operator of Borrelli Cellars, and regional director for Miss Universe Canada Western O City Wrestling in addition to a host and MC for countless events like the Hospice Gala, fundraisers, weddings, fitness and singing competitions, and much more. Happily married and father to three beautiful children, Borrelli never skips a beat. In business since 1948, Borrelli Cellars is located at 485 Erie St East in Windsor’s Little Italy and is a family owned and operated business which strives to give personal attention to all customers. Importers of C Premise service where customers can make their own custom-made wine.

Sonny Borrelli. “Our wines are made from 100 percent wine grapes and juices, and we use minimal amounts of sulphates, unlike many commercial wineries. We know our customers and understand what they need and want in a wine. Our experience speaks for itself.” Borrelli is happy to customize wines to reflect customers individual tastes and to provide them with a variety of choices and options. O non-oaked, French oaked, and many other endless options. “Over the years many of our customers have entered their wines in wine making competitions and have won various awards. This is special and unique because the wines are judged against winemakers from all parts of the country including small commercial wineries,” Borrelli adds. “We hear over and over again that our customers like coming to us because we treat them like family, which says a lot to us!” Miss Universe C Borrelli is happy to be part of this great organization.


“Miss Universe Canada is the biggest national pageant in Canada, and we are fortunate enough world class pageant training and the winner of Miss Universe Canada goes on to represent Canada at the Miss Universe pageant,” explains Borrelli. “I have been Universe Canada Organization since 2002 and I have been the regional director since 2014. Miss Universe Canada Western Ontario is a preliminary pageant that qualifies the top five contestants from all of Western Ontario and then those top five women compete for the title of Miss Universe Canada.” The Miss Universe Canada pageant allows women to build confidence, friendships, and creates core skills that can be used for a lifetime. Two of the most important aspects of doing a pageant is the on-stage question portion and the interview which instills communication skills. Borrelli is happy to see women utilize their talents and problem solve as they compete for Miss Universe Canada. “There are many exciting things happening in the future. When it comes to Miss Universe Canada, I will continue to provide an opportunity for young women to achieve their goals and be the very best versions of themselves!” explains Borrelli. “When it comes to Borrelli Cellars, we will continue to be the leaders in the wine making industry for Windsor and Essex County. Our attention to detail, quality and customer service is unmatched.” To learn more about Sonny Borrelli and the exciting ventures he’s part of please visit www.borrellicellars.com and www.missuniversecanada.ca.

What Sonny is wearing: Tuxedo: Lief Horsens Shirt: Eton of Sweden Bow Tie: Dion Neckwear Cumberbund: Dion Neckwear Shoes: Mezlan



Story by Lina Stoyanova Photography by Pat Scandale




Let Michael Campoli infuse your home with warmth, sophistication, and most importantly, a sense of comfort. Owner of Made to Shade, Michael Campoli takes pride in his business which works with top-quality products, exciting designs, and friendly, professional service. Handling each project as a team, from start to finish, Made to Shade ensures clients have durability, and the finest in design, proper installation, and quality materials. “We are based out of Tecumseh but don’t have a retail store,” explains C free shop-at-home-service to keep our costs down, and by not having a retail store, we are able to pass on those savings to the consumer,” C home-service seven days a week so our client can choose whatever is convenient for them, morning, afternoon, or evening. We bring the store to their door.” Since 2005, Made to S brings the showroom to their doorstep. Taking the hassle and guesswork out of measuring, colours, and styles, Campoli brings the latest and greatest products that clients are bound to fall in love with. Made to Shade has a full range of modern, innovative window treatments which are custom made for each client. Everything is custom made so clients know they will get exactly what they need. “We are 100 percent Canadian-made and everything comes with a lifetime warranty. The quality of our products, pricing, and customer service, is tough to beat,” explains Campoli. “Once the client has made their selection, we have a pretty quick turn-around. Typically it takes two weeks from start to finish and the client has their desired outcome.” “Our crew of installers are amazing, and they install our shades professionally with utmost respect to the customer’s house. Our team knows exactly what they’re doing, and their priority is always great customer service,” he adds. Leading with professionalism, Campoli stands behind his quality products, fair pricing, and zero pressure tactics. Due to the recent growth of Made to Shade, Campoli started his own manufacturing company as to meet the growing demands of customers. Still using 100 percent Canadian suppliers and raw materials, Campoli is proud of the new 5,000 square foot facility: Made to Shade Window Covering Manufacturing LTD. “It’s not just about the sale, but rather the after-sale. Service is very important to us and we want our clients to be 100 percent satisfied,” Campoli explains. “We had clients that did their blinds 10 years ago that had a minor issue. They gave us a call and we were there the next day. We give great service beyond the sale.” Looking forward to expanding Made to Shade and hoping to make the company province-wide, Campoli ensures his custom designs will complement any décor and personality of his customers. In his spare time, Campoli enjoys working out, watching hockey, and is very passionate about cars. He is happily married and recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with his wife Sonia. They have two daughters, Rebecca and Rachel, in addition to a few pets. Whether you are adding the finishing touches to a new house or renovating your current home, check out Made to Shade on Facebook and their website: www.madetoshade.ca. You won’t be disappointed.

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What Michael is wearing: Sport Coat: Saville Row Shirt: Lipson Dion Neckwear Belt: Benchcraft Pants: Alberto



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Joe Fallea has the expertise and experience to guarantee a prosperous, and most of all, successful real estate transaction. Using his experience and knowledge to move people in the right direction, whether buying, selling, investing in a property, or building a real estate property, Fallea has the know-how to guarantee results. “I am a full-service sales agent that walks clients through the process one step at a time. I have created a large network of professionals to help with the entire real estate process and provide alla cart service for over 27 years,” explains sales representative Joe Fallea. “Providing clients with all the information they need and walking them through the most important elements of buying or selling, preparing my clients for their investment, having upto-date marketing techniques, social media and web-based strategies, are just some of the ways I create exposure and ensure they get the best results.”

Located in the heart of Old Walkerville at 624 Chilver Road (Unit 101), Fallea has 27 years of experience in providing top quality service since he’s operated many businesses in order to benefit clients, friends and the community. Following a successful run as the Chef/Owner of Il Gabbiano for 25 years and many other restaurants, Fallea made a seamless transition to his Real Estate career. His experience in the hospitality industry and as a restaurateur leads well to serve his clients with nothing but the best! “T and made clients feel comfortable and relaxed with the whole process. I was told I provided them everything they needed from the time we started the journey until they were settled in,” explains Fallea. “Moving people in the right direction is my goal for my entire career but the ultimate compliment is their kind referral.” referr With his better half by his side, Fallea knows it’s not all about business; family always comes first. He is happy to share he has three teenagers and a baby on the way. Excited for the future, Fallea looks forwards to what comes next. “I am building a few new websites to bring information to investors for buying and selling and providing a full-service site that’s information based which will allow people to learn, ask questions, and receive professional feedback. I also provide daily spreadsheets on property investments for members that sign-up at no cost or obligation.” As a leading real estate professional in the community, clients can count on Fallea to guide them through the everchanging process of buying and selling. Always dedicated to clients, and always working to be clients’ realtor of choice, interested parties are encouraged to visit the following links for more information: joefallea.com wereteam.com facebook.com/salesjoefallea facebook.com/joefallea/ facebook.com/windsorrealestatemarket/ linkedin.com/in/joe-fallea-53737969/ instagram.com/joe_fallea/

What Joe is wearing: Sport Coat: Jack Victor Shirt: Stefano Brunelli Aladdin Pant: Riviera



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girarD marteL girar

As multi-million-dollar producers in the real estate community, Bill Girard and Alison Martel of Manor realty ealty are a family-centered, charity dedicated and client focused team, that are committed to providing the best service backed by honesty and integrity. supported by more than 50 years of combined experience, Girard and Martel deal with generations of families to ensure every client gets their dream home.

“I believe you have to be really perceptive in this business and the only way to do that is to really listen to people and gear everything towards what they want and what they can afford,” explains Broker, Bill Girard. “We listen and adjust to what they want to accomplish by always giving them what’s going to fit their lifestyle. We always match the home to the lifestyle.” “We help our clients obtain their real estate goals with the least amount of stress! We believe a house isn’t a home because of room dimensions or the colour on the walls, but about how you feel when you walk through the door and envision your life unfolding. It’s more than real estate, it’s about their life and dreams,” explains sales representative, epresentative, Alison Martel. Martel’s invaluable experience and infectious energy compliments Girard’s impeccable reputation and integrity driven representation. this his service-oriented duo pays great attention to details, guiding clients step-by-step through the process. Beginning with staging homes, Martel uses her home décor expertise to benefit clients. Her extensive knowledge of technology and Girard’s knowledge of the everchanging market, provide an advantage to both buyers and sellers. Providing each new listing with a professional photo session, a 5 Point Inspection and other value-added services, clients get the best of both worlds with this leading team. “clients lients are entrusting us with one of the biggest financial decisions in their lives and to guide them through personal moments like buying their first home, welcoming a baby, or even divorcing is an emotional process, and to be part of that is a huge compliment,” explains Martel. “to “to t us, it’s about telling the truth while using our knowledge and experience to make the right decisions so the client can have continuous trust. referrals aren’t automatic, it’s about being comfortable and happy with us in order to refer us, which is key.” “Anything we tell a client we back up with facts. We always create solutions for the clients’ wants and needs. We supply complete service in every aspect of real estate, and we are happy when people are pleased,” adds Girard. “I sold a home 45 years ago and they’re still in that home. I’ve also sold homes for their kids and even grandkids. We work very hard to prove we are worth the referral.” this his duo loves to give back to the community and they do this with donations, fundraisers, events, and most of all, giving their time. Both Martel and Girard volunteer for Easter seals ontario’s Annual telethon, t where Girard was given special recognition for his 30 plus years of invaluable contributions and for being the t top Individual fundraiser, year after year! they’re hey’re also extremely proud to be part of Manor realty’s charitable organization Keys of Hope, donating a portion of each sale to be distributed throughout the year to local organizations in need of assistance. Whether buying or selling, clients can count on both Bill and Alison to give them the attention and service they deserve. Visit their website at welcomehomewindsor.com. What Bill is wearing:

What Alison is wearing:

sport coat: Made to Measure coppley

top: Gracia t

shirt: Blu by Polifroni

Pants: Joseph ribkoff

Pants: coppley shoes: Johnston & Murphy



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gOrsK Ki DaJCZaK

Martin Gorski and suzanne dajczak ajczak are a happily married, power-house duo that love to enrich the community. owning wning and operating north 42 farms, north 42 degrees Estate Winery, serenity lavender avender and Bistro 42, the duo wants everyone to experience what the wineries in lake Erie north shore hore have to offer. Gorski and dajczak ajczak are both third generation farmers from Polish heritage and operate multiple companies including north 42 farms arms which is a commercial grain farming operation, north 42 degrees egrees Estate Winery and serenity lavender farm. After a career in medical research and quality management, Gorski became the chief operating officer of the companies. dajczak ajczak on the other hand is a lawyer that has a full-time practice specializing in workplace safety and insurance law.

north 42 degrees egrees Estate Winery began with a dream and a love for agriculture, wine and the community. Built on commitment to quality, authenticity and sustainability, the duo offers an authentic winery experience to all guests where they can personally engage with the owners, learn about wine, their cultural practices and winemaking techniques. “I think, ‘Purveyors of good times and fine wines’ captures the essence of what north 42 degrees egrees Estate Winery is all about,” explains owner suzanne dajczak. ajczak. “We are a 17-acre vineyard, winery and bistro, located in the heart of the lake Erie north shore hore Appellation producing awardwinning wines from our own estate-grown grapes. We invite our guests to experience the natural beauty of the surroundings, our culinary team’s creations and our warm southern hospitality.” “there here have been many compliments we’ve received, and they all speak to the authenticity of the experience and quality of food, wine and service,” explains owner Martin Gorski. “coming oming back with their friends is the best compliment we can receive.” located on 130 county road oad 50 East in the idyllic hamlet of colchester, olchester, the winery and lavender farm flourish in one of canada’s anada’s best and oldest agricultural communities. Guests can stroll through the gardens or sit back on a lounge chair with a glass of wine and be serenaded by the birds – a truly restful and rejuvenating experience. “Winemaking is the ultimate expression of farming,” explains Gorski. His passion and attention to detail at every stage of wine making, grape growing, harvest, fermentation and maturation, have led to the production of world class, award-winning wines. this his same drive and attention to detail is carried throughout all aspects of the company from greeting customers at the door to growing their own produce for the bistro, which remains the main priority for Gorski and dajczak. leading eading with care and integrity, each company is seen as an institution of higher learning where Gorski and dajczak ajczak encourage and nurture a culture of continuous improvement where everyone, regardless of their area of accountability, seeks the state-of-the-art in production and service delivery. the he duo is excited to continue growing their business and helping to expand tourism in Windsor-Essex. north orth 42 also offers tours of their production facility in the vineyards and partners with tour providers around southern ontario’s wine country. Welcoming guests from all over the world, Gorski and dajczak invite everyone to browse their gardens, enjoy the natural, beautiful surroundings, have a delicious meal, and of course, wine. What suzanne is wearing: t top: desigual Jeans: nYdJ What Martin is wearing: sport coat: Jack Victor shirt: t tommy Hillfiger Jeans: 7 downie st.


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iND NDeeLiCCat atO

colautti floors has served the Windsor and Essex community for more than 100 years. Bringing the best in product quality, staff service, and dedication to exceptional overall experience, colautti floors is fully bonded to give the best commercial service. owner wner Peter Indelicato has worked hard for his clients for countless years. Working with some of Windsor’s smallest and largest companies, the colautti business has in-house interior designers, award winning service, and decades in the industry, in order to fit any type of budget and project. “this his year we hit a milestone that only a few companies are able to match. We entered our 100th year as a flooring contractor,” explains owner Peter Indelicato. “our “ business is family owned and operated by descents of one of the original owners, david nicodemo, grandson of one of the founders, who is still a driving force in day-to-day operations.” “We have the courage to evolve and adapt to all situations thrown at us. A good example would be how the size of porcelain tile has increased throughout the years, making traditional setting methods and adhesives more or less obsolete. We invest a lot of time and money in training our installation staff with the latest techniques and adhesives, not to mention the investment we undertake to purchase appropriate tools for the new undertaking,” he adds. located ocated at 2779 Howard Avenue since 1979, clients choose colautti floors for their knowledge and know-how when it comes to products and client projects. With an impeccable showroom, clients are able to visit and ask any questions they may have when it comes to the products or their potential project. Indelicato states that if there are ever any limitations with the product that’s being chosen, or the location of where they would want it installed, he is more than happy to communicate options to the client. “We have worked out in the field a lot when we were younger, so we know what we can and cannot do,” explains shareholder and chief estimator thomas Marshall. “We continue to grow with all of the new products, larger format tiles and installation methods along with cutting edge technology.” “the he best client compliment is a customer that returns for their next flooring project. We have second and third generations of loyal customers that have sent their friends and family here over the years,” Marshall adds. confident onfident in their flooring projects and always handled with professional care, check out what 100 years of knowledge and experience can do for your next project. Visit colautti.com for more information.

What Peter is wearing: suit: coppley oppley shirt: stefano tefano Brunelli tie: ie: Polifroni Puff: Aladdin





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Kerr err Before you choose your next home, choose the right realtor. carol Kerr, a sales representative with rE/MAx Preferred realty ltd., prides herself on quality, relationship-based client experiences. Kerr offers well-informed representation in all aspects of real estate across Windsor-Essex county. After completing a music degree in new York state, Kerr moved to Essex county ounty where she spent many years as a successful piano/vocal teacher and performer while raising her three children. though her kids are now grown, her love for music continues. she maintains a handful of students and still enjoys performing occasionally with the carol Kerr Band in cosmos lounge, caesars aesars Windsor. Making a career change to real estate was effortless for Kerr and she believes that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams. “It’s that same hard work and dedication that I use to help my clients achieve their dreams. Whether representing Buyers or sellers, it is my priority to lead with honesty and integrity,” explains carol Kerr. “My client testimonials confirm that.” deeply eeply in-tune with clients and their needs, this personable sales representative listens and takes the time to explain the market and process to ensure needs are met. “I feel there’s a realtor ealtor for everyone. I try to be the agent I would like. I’m not pushy but I know my stuff,” Kerr explains. “I always make sure I’m available and I make time for people. I’m knowledgeable, I understand our market and I always make sure my Buyers and sellers are fully informed, then I let them decide.” “I list and sell all over the city. I enjoy working with first time home buyers, I have several out of town investor clients, and of course, we all love listings,” she adds. “I have a particular interest in olde Walkerville because I live in the neighbourhood. I produce a quarterly newsletter the row House report eport that covers all row houses on Monmouth and Argyle. It features statistics and sales information specific to this niche market. It’s informative and the feedback has been extremely positive. It is a very desirable location and I consider myself to be an expert in this area.” licenced icenced since 2011, Kerr has won many accolades including the rE/MAx 100 Percent club lub Award for the last four years in a row. By 2013 she became a million-dollar producer, and since 2016, she has been a consistent multi-million-dollar producer. she is also a certified negotiation Expert. “one ne of the best client compliments I received was from an out of town investor,” explains Kerr. “He told me how thankful he is to have a real estate agent who pays close attention to detail and is quick to understand his needs the way I do. this his West coast client has purchased numerous properties with my assistance, and in most cases, sight unseen. He trusts my recommendations and judgement, and to me, that says everything.” to see how Kerr’s enthusiasm and knowledge can help you find your new to home, please visit www.carolkerr.ca.

What carol is wearing: dress: Joseph ribkoff coat: soia & Kyo


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Mention this ad and ask us about porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry.






6925 Enterprise Way, Windsor - 519-948-4119 - eastsidedental.ca




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Deeply committed to quality, every inch of fabric and every finished item is inspected by hand before it leaves the facilities. Quality and integrity are built in everything Dion does which is why the quality of products and services provided to clients is their number one priority. Grateful and privileged to dress clients who request unique items with the highest of standards are just a few of the things that set Dion apart. Offering innovative craftsmanship, Dion offers a full range of menswear products in a vast array of colours, trends, patterns and styles. Dion is best known for their neckties and formalwear but that doesn’t stop them from offering high quality items and significant collections of socks, scarves, pocket squares, and most recently, the addition of loungewear. All of their products are now avalable at Freeds of Windsor and customers are bound to fall in love with each and every item from Dion. Modern and unique, everyone can make a statement with the new Spring 2019 Collection which houses the hottest trends: • BOLD STRIPES: Bold, bold, bold, they look fantastic teamed up with neutral separates. • GREEN: The colour of the year is here and any shade of green in the menswear silhouette imaginable is available. • DENIM: A statement piece that coordinates extremely well with sport jackets for those ready to jazz it up. • PATTERN PLAY: Layer pattern upon pattern, and pattern upon textured grounds in ties and pocket squares to receive greater depth in design. Play, experiment, and customize your style with this unique accessory brand. Handcrafting each and every detail, there’s something for anyone who wants to make an impression.


Style with


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Customize your style as you discover Dion Neckwear. In 1967 founder Peter Tsihlias developed a business that’s now the core of luxury menswear. Currently based in Vaughan, Ontario, Dion is a family owned and operated company that employs a workforce fully versed in the traditions and craftsmanship of fine neckwear manufacture. The brand prides itself on the quality of their products, the fact that it’s all Canadian made, creativity, flexibility, and most of all, outstanding service with timely responses and actions. 52


IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 52

Neckties Dion’s neckties are made from the finest Italian and Swiss silks which are woven and printed to their design and colour specifications. Using only resilient silks, the finest qualities, and fabric cut with precision to achieve their aims, materials and patterns are always carefully chosen to add sophistication and ensure style. Standout European natural fiber linings are always used to meet the demands placed on the necktie as it’s put through daily rigor.

Bowties The bow tie can either be a Ready-Tie (Pre-Tied) or a Tie Your Self (TYS). The Pre-Tie bow has a self-sliding band and can be worn and hooked either on the back or the side under the wing-collar. Made of 100 percent Italian silk, the TYS bow is connected together by a hook at the back and can easily be pre-tied and remain sized to the customer’s needs.

Formalwear & Pocket Squares Dion’s formalwear is handmade to perfection at their manufacturing facilities. Colour, style, and patterns are all brought together to maximize coordinated combinations to ensure the client’s persona matches the ensemble. Dion’s pocket square program is made of 100 percent silk and 100 percent linen. All pocket squares are hand finished and made in a variety of colours in solids, contrast trim, fancies, and more, to ensure variety is always met.

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VESTS Dion’s vests are hand-cut and made individually to create the perfect fit. They are made of 100 percent Italian silk with 30 mm silk satin backing along with jacquard lining and piping on the pockets with matching covered buttons. An extra button is sown on the inside of the garment as well and is presented in a black gift box carefully packaged for maximum presentation and protection.

Crave Crave

Taste Taste

SUSPENDERS, SCARVES & SOCKS The braces (suspenders) are made in convertible ends for daily attire or braided silk ends for formal attire. Made of 100 percent Italian silk, all of Dion’s braces are made with seamless tubing.


Dion’s scarves are hand-cut and made with 100 percent Italian tubular silk and there’s also a 100 percent Italian silk and wool challis option. The tubular silk (and other silk scarves) are for formal attire while the silk and wool scarves are more versatile for daily wear.


Dion’s socks are made from the finest mercerized cotton/nylon blends and produced by one of the highest quality sock mills in Athens, Greece. All socks are designed exclusively and coloured by the Dion team. Ensure style, personalization, and quality, with Dion Neckwear. Now available at Freeds of Windsor.


Plated Service




Where Excellence is Standard Where Excellence is Standard


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Overseas Motors MINI


Amherstburg www.windsormazda.com





Leamington www.lexusofwindsor.com



Overseas Motors Smart

Overseas Motors Sprinter


www.sprinterofwindsor.com LAKE PARK

P R E S S E D F O R TIJaguar MEof?Windsor

Landrover of Windsor


Volvo of Windsor

PICK UP YOUR VEHICLE, www.jaguarofwindsor.com WE WILL www.volvowindsor.com

Mercedes-Benz of Wilmington


TEST DRIVES AT YOUR DOOR www.lakeparkmitsubishi.com



www.rafihautogroup.com 1-855-346-4678 Follow on Untitled-1 1

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JASON LAFRAMBOISE MITCHELL DESLIPPE In today’s competitive real estate market a team of experts is required to make sure the best possible deal is achieved. Jason Laframboise and Mitchell Deslippe are recognized in their market as “The Sign of Experience” team at RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd. Laframboise attained his Real Estate Agent license in 1989 and became one of the youngest Real Estate Brokers in Ontario’s history in 1991. Laframboise doesn’t hesitate to give acknowledgement to his father, Joe, as part of his successes. “My dad and I worked together in real estate for the first several years of my career and he showed me the ropes,” explains Jason Laframboise. Over these past 30 years, Laframboise spent many of them operating shared ownership and management of a Real Estate Company. Collectively, in addition to his own sales, he has overseen thousands of Real Estate transactions. Years following the sale of his agency, Laframboise sought after and recruited Mitchell Deslippe while Deslippe was doing his Business degree. Before long, a determined Deslippe also became a licensed Real Estate agent. As the Founder and Team Leader of their “The Sign of Experience” team, Laframboise is honoured to have Deslippe as his team partner. “Mitchell’ss business drive, compassion, work ethic, loyalty and quick wit are only a few of the admirable characteristics that define him. Mitchell has recently been awarded second place for the top 30 under 35 in the entire country. I’m very proud of him. He is very determined,” says Laframboise. Deslippe and Laframboise have both been awarded the Hall of Fame award and together and they have received the “Diamond Award,” which is the highest award you can achieve for annual sales at RE/MAX. “We were also in REP Magazine as one of the top 75 teams in Canada, and Jason has received ‘The Lifetime Achievement Award,’” says Mitchell Deslippe. “The most important award to us is satisfying our client,” explains Laframboise. With 36 years of combined experience, together, they service a huge demographic. “From first time buyers to empty-nesters, we work well as business partners and our clients get the best of both of us, daily,” says Deslippe. Both gentlemen acknowledge that there are many larger teams (made up of more agents) and that larger teams can do very well in numbers, as a whole. “That said, as a small team, the two of us are not only focused on creating a combined volume of sales, we take great pride in the personal care we can provide each of our clients. Upon request, our clients will see both of us, or one or the other, and behind the scenes, Mitchell and I are always engaging about the next steps toward meeting each of our clients intricate real estate needs,” adds Laframboise. “We are thankful and humbled by the dedication and confidence that our clients have in each of us.” Additionally and inclusively of their acquired and prospective Windsor Essex-County clients, Laframboise and Deslippe are the direct sales agents of a multi-million-dollar residential town home/single home development in the modernized vintage-jewel waterside town of Amherstburg, Ontario (www.meadowviewestates.ca), that of which Laframboise co-owns with a separate business development partner. Laframboise and Deslippe work very closely with respected and select mortgage brokers, lawyers, appraisers, builders, contractors, etc. Laframboise and Deslippe cordially invite you to contact them to discuss real estate and related subjects. You can rest assured “The Sign of Experience” speaks for itself.

What Jason is wearing: Sport Coat: Soul of London Shirt: Blu by Polifroni Pants: Sunwill Shoes: Bugatti


What Mitchell is wearing: Sport Coat: Blue Industry Shirt: Horst Pants: Riviera Traveller Shoes: Bugatti

www.thesignofexperience.com jason@thesignofexperience.com mitchell@thesignofexperience.com phone: 519-903-5817


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KYLE LUCIER JULIE DENEAU STEPHEN WILSON It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you are considering a mortgage. That’s why choosing the right team makes all the difference. The Kyle Lucier RBC Mortgage Team consists of Senior Mortgage Specialist Kyle Lucier, Mortgage Specialist Stephen Wilson and Mortgage Specialist Assistant Julie Deneau. They work hard to provide advice on residential mortgages of any type including purchases, construction mortgages, refinances, first-time home buyers and investment property mortgages. Creating solutions unique to each client, the team is happy to share 35 years of mortgage and lending experience, and 45 years of banking and finance experience. Serving all of Essex County in addition to branch offices in the communities of Amherstburg, Kingsville, Essex, Tilbury and Windsor, the Kyle Lucier team is proud to have won the Chairman’s Round Table Award (2018) which is awarded to the top one percent of RBC mortgage specialists in Canada. “One of our favourite compliments is when firsttime home buyers come back to say thank you after a seamless approval and great move into their new home. We are so happy to be part of the process in such a huge stage in their lives,” says Kyle Lucier. “Another great compliment is when we’ve helped a family complete a switch-in, or refinance of their existing mortgage, as well as a restructuring of their existing debt and helped make a meaningful difference in their monthly cash flow. Nothing takes the pressure off a family budget like having all debt organized and in the right place,” he adds. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is celebrating its 150th year in business this year and the Kyle Lucier RBC Mortgage Team is proud to be part of such an amazing company. They are always mobile and available to clients, ready to meet them in their homes, offices, or local RBC branches. Bringing mortgage advice that is broken down step-by- step, Lucier and his team ensure everything is as seamless as possible. “We try to bring a real team approach to each transaction. We also provide each client with access to our great branch partners for any financial needs, ranging from bank accounts to loans and investment advice. We understand the home buying process can be stressful, so we surround ourselves with great local professionals in the field with our long-standing partnerships with experienced realtors, builders, home inspectors and real estate lawyers. As a team we aim to please,” explains Lucier. The Kyle Lucier RBC Mortgage Team will always bring a team approach to each and every family and is there to help each step of the way; pre-approval, first home purchase, renovations, moves, and everything in between. To check out their reviews and learn more information visit www.mortgage.rbc.com/kyle. lucier and www.facebook.com/RBCKyleLucier.

What Stephen is wearing: Suit: Coppley Shirt: Eton of Sweden Puff: Dion Shoes: Florsheim

What Julie is wearing: Top: J.O.A Skirt: Gracia Shoes: Schutz

What Kyle is wearing: Suit: Tiger of Sweden Shirt: Eton of Sweden Tie: Serica Puff: Dion Shoes: Florsheim


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McSHANE As a broker, entrepreneur, team leader, and former mortgage agent, Matt McShane knows how to help clients buy, sell, finance and profit from properties in Windsor-Essex County. As a Valente Diamond Member, McShane has been a consistent, multi-million-dollar producer for the last four years in a row and knows how to get clients in their dream homes. McShane of Valente Real Estate has more than 15 years of experience and knowledge to ensure clients get prosperous, effective results. Utilizing his real estate team, he has immense understanding in residential sales, commercial sales, investment property, industrial sales, and he even has his mortgage license in order to educate his clients better. “What sets me apart is my level of care to each client. To me, it really is all about customer service,” explains warmly real estate broker Matt McShane. “I am always going the extra mile for my clients so they can have greater understanding regarding the situation and the financial requirements. I like being able to articulate things to them since I understand the financial end differently than most agents.” A few compliments I normally get are that I save people money and that I’m forthcoming with information and advice,” explains McShane. “I try to use my knowledge and experience to help clients with any of their needs.” Looking forward to the future, McShane is excited to see positive growth within the local market. Sharing that housing prices are expected to continue to rise, he is fully dedicated to satisfying clients. “I’m very optimistic about the growth of Windsor. This year alone there’s been a 20 percent rise versus last year, and personally, I think for both residential and commercial, there hasn’t been growth quite like this before. I don’t expect things to slow down anytime soon,” says McShane. Located at 2985 Dougall Avenue, McShane welcomes clients to stop by his Valente office and experience how he can help them buy and sell the perfect home.

What Matt is wearing: Sport Coat: Coppley Shirt: 7 Downie St. Pants: Braxx Shoes: Bugatti



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MINELLO Take charge of your financial future with Jenny Minello. This Sun Life Financial advisor implements integrity, understanding, and most of all, honesty, to provide clients with strategies and realistic recommendations. The first step in developing a financial plan is to meet with Minello. She begins the process by reviewing the client’s current financial situation, anticipated changes, future goals, and provides recommendations in a customized plan. Clients who wish to build personalized retirement plans, exit and succession strategies for their business, life and critical illness insurance, and/or prepare for any financial changes that may occur, can rest assure that Minello provides both solutions and peace of mind. “People underestimate the importance of planning for the future. I want to help people protect their biggest asset which is themselves and their ability to earn an income,” explains advisor Jenny Minello. “It’s very important to plan for every stage in life and there are appropriate and affordable strategies for every stage. It’s important to have a conversation with a professional if nothing else.” Being financially secure enough to enjoy life in retirement can be the last thing on someone’s mind, especially when there’s added stress of many “firsts” like buying a car, house, or having a child, which is why when clients have a financial plan, it can make staying on track easier. “It’s important to me that clients and their families have peace of mind. I want them to know their families and businesses are protected and that they can feel good about being on the right track to reaching their goals,” she explains warmly. When it comes to business estate planning, issues can be complex, no matter how small or large the business, which is why Minello is an expert committed to working with clients to create opportunity, growth, wealth, and most of all, protection of assets. Having a will is arguably one of the most important things someone can do for themselves and their family. Not only can a will legally protect a client’s spouse, children, and assets, it also gives direction on how someone’s final wishes are to be carried out. This is equally important when it comes to business owners. Thoughts of becoming injured or diagnosed with a critical illness, even passing away prematurely, are the last things on a business owner’s mind. “Taking aggressive steps to plan is very important. It takes the pressure off shareholders and also takes pressure off family members,” explains Minello. “It’s about having a plan in place so you can protect your key people. If you have a partner or team member that is key to your business and they become diagnosed with a critical illness, what is the cost to your business and what is the cost of replacing that person? People often don’t think about the impact that a key person will have on their business if they could no longer work, or are no longer there because they’ve passed away, which begs the questions of what happens to your business next?” Minello knows no matter the circumstances, not everything in life can be anticipated which is why planning is important. Working with Jenny Minello can help secure your financial well-being and give you peace of mind so those goals can be reached. For more information, please visit www.sunlife.ca/jenny.minello.

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By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, Dr. Jean-Gilbert Paulo offers the gold standard to his patients. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, his love for dentistry was influenced by his parents who are both dentists. After completing high school and his post-secondary schooling at College Jean-de-Brebeuf, he went to the University of Montreal and obtained his dental education. Instead of joining his parents’ practices, he did a year of advanced education in general dentistry residency in Albany, NY, and a year of general practice residency at Columbia University. It was then that he fell in love with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He went on to the University of Connecticut for a year of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery internship and then did four years of residency at Detroit Medical Center. Currently offering locals two convenient locations, Dr. Paulo works with over 27 wonderful staff members to ensure patient satisfaction. “We’re three great Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and we perform corrective jaw surgeries, TMJ surgery, treat facial trauma such as broken jaws, noses, cheekbones, eye sockets, foreheads, and minor surgeries such as wisdom teeth, biopsies, tumor resections and dental implants. My training experience sets me apart because of my comprehensive knowledge and expertise with facial trauma reconstruction and dental implants,” explains Dr. Paulo. “My business model relies on providing the gold standard of care to my patients with evidence-based treatment planning. I treat everyone the same way, as I would my family. Our staff is wonderful, and they take pride in their work which optimizes our patients experience, considering that they rarely come to our office for a joyful event,” he adds. Offering convenient appointment times and lots of patient education for you and the family, Dr. Paulo and his team of healthcare professionals are able to assist all patients referred to the office. “The best patient compliment I received was five days after a motorcycle accident on EC row, which I was lucky to survive,” explains Dr. Paulo. “I went to the office to do consults and postoperative evaluations with a limp, bandaged hands, bandaged legs and a broken finger. As I finished up with my patient, she told me how grateful she was for doctors who were able to put their own pain and suffering aside to take care of their patients. I will never forget what she told me.” Only providing the best care for his patients, visit Dr. JeanGilbert Paulo at any of the two convenient locations: 860 Tecumseh Rd (suite 200), and 33 Princess St (suite 302), in Leamington.

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PORFILIO As a Century 21® Real Estate professional, Dan Porfilio is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality of service as possible. His personal knowledge of the local real estate market is combined with the power of the Century 21 brand—one of the most recognized names in the real estate industry. “I’ve been in construction in some aspect for over 20 years and my experience is in residential and ICI (industrial, commercial, and institutional), in order to save clients’ money,” explains sales representative Dan Porfilio. “I’ve also done a lot of independent sales and construction, in addition to renovations, concrete work, and even flipping homes. Once I graduated civil engineering, I really focused on my passion which was always construction. Now, I’m applying my vast experience and knowledge to real estate.” Located at 11825 Tecumseh Road East, Porfilio’s hands-on experience and education allow him to have expertise in a multitude of areas when it comes to real estate. That’s why he can assist clients in finding their dream home, in a neighbourhood that’s right for them, and for the price range they feel comfortable with. Currently focusing on new sale residential properties, whether selling or buying, Porfilio knows the importance of putting the client first. “My favourite part about my job is definitely the customer interaction along the challenges that can sometimes become present to the client—especially when it might be something they didn’t see happening. The reason I embrace, and in some instances look forward to the challenge, is because I get to create a solution for my clients where there may not have been one initially. To me, it’s not just about the sale. It’s about guaranteeing that my clients are happy,” explains Porfilio. “The biggest compliment I’ve received is that I went above and beyond the clients’ expectations,” adds Porfilio. “They told me that I took my time to be well informed, showed initiative, answered all of their questions, and serviced my clients very well which went above what other realtors may have offered.” Working to create solutions, and most of all results, for his clients, Porfilio also enjoys giving back and enriching the community. Currently a member of the Caboto Club, Porfilio enjoys playing soccer, hockey and spending time with his family. He especially enjoys taking his nieces and nephews to hockey and soccer and believes in spending time with his loved ones. To meet this charismatic agent and see how he can create a solution to any need, contact Porfilio today by phone (519) 965-7821 or by email: dan.porfilio@century21.ca.

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National Brand. Regional Presence. Local People. National Brand. Regional Presence. Local People. National Brand. Regional Presence. Local People.

For Windsor/Essex County businesses with more complex financial needs, your local TD Commercial Banking Relationship Manager will take theFor time to understandCounty your business and with then more work with you to customize the your products services to help meet Relationship your unique business Windsor/Essex businesses complex financial needs, localand TD Commercial Banking Managerneeds. will take As your business needs change, we are committed to devoting the time, energy and expertise to help you meet your evolving business goals. needs. the time to understand your business and then work with you to customize the products and services to help meet your unique business

For Windsor/Essex County businesses with more complex financial needs, your local TD Commercial Banking Relationship Manager will take As your business needs change, we are committed to devoting the time, energy and expertise to help you meet your evolving business goals. the time to understand with you to customize the products and services to help meet your unique business Ben Nardone your business and then work Casey Geneau Karen Stopford Davidneeds. Ochs Relationship Account Manager Account Manager As your business needs Manager change, we are committed to devoting the time, energy and expertise to help you meet your evolving business goals. Manager, Ben Nardone Casey Geneau Karen Stopford DavidServices Ochs 519-945-1301 519-945-1937 519-945-1751 Commercial Relationship Manager Account Manager Account Manager Manager, Ben Nardone Anthony Puzzuoli Megan Rock Scott Defoe ben.nardone@td.com casey.geneau@td.com karen.stopford@td.com 519-945-1835 519-945-1301 519-945-1937 Commercial Services Relationship Manager Account Manager Account519-945-1751 Manager Manager Commercial Services david.ochs@td.com ben.nardone@td.com casey.geneau@td.com karen.stopford@td.com 519-945-1835 519-945-1301 519-945-1937 519-945-1751 519-945-1835 ben.nardone@td.com anthony.puzzuoli@td.com megan.rock@td.com scott.defoe@td.com david.ochs@td.com Scott Defoe Relationship Manager Scott Defoe 519-945-1616 Peter Corio Relationship Manager scott.defoe@td.com Relationship Manager 519-945-1616 519-945-1616 scott.defoe@td.com peter.corio@td.com Rob Rumfeldt District Vice President Rob Rumfeldt 519-945-1333 Rob Rumfeldt District Vice President robert.rumfeldt@td.com District Vice President 519-945-1333 519-945-1333 robert.rumfeldt@td.com



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Chris Morand Relationship Manager Chris Morand 519-945-1092 Chris Morand Relationship christopher.morand@td.com Relationship Manager Manager 519-945-1092 519-945-1092 christopher.morand@td.com christopher.morand@td.com

Talk to your local TD Commercial Banking Relationship Manager today.

The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. ®

Mark Bomben Manager Cash Management Mark Bomben 519-945-1036 Mark Bomben Manager Cash Management mark.bomben@td.com Manager Cash Management 519-945-1036 519-945-1036 mark.bomben@td.com mark.bomben@td.com

TD Commercial Banking 156 Ouellette Ave., Windsor TD Commercial Banking TD Commercial Banking 156 Ouellette Ave., Windsor Talk to your local TD Commercial 156 Ouellette Ave., Windsor Banking Relationship Manager today.

Talk to your local TD Commercial The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. ®


Gregory Mancina Account Manager Gregory Mancina 519-945-2761 Amir Rafih Account Manager gregory.mancina@td.com Account Manager 519-945-2761 519-945-2761 gregory.mancina@td.com amir.rafih@td.com

Banking Relationship Manager today.

M05332 (0316)

M05332 (0316)

M05332 (0316)

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paige.com RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

We’ll worry more than you do As an economist who grew up in Argentina and Greece, Panos understands difficult economies – and how to grow and protect your money in one. Call and find out: he really will worry more than you do. Panos Sechopoulos Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities Panos Sechopoulos, BA (Hons), MA (Econ), CFA, CFP, FMA Vice-President, Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor 519-252-3645 | panos.sechopoulos@rbc.com www.pswealthmanagement.com

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Windsor’s #1 PhotographyStudio We have all your needs covered with various themed and unique studios.

Rent one or rent them all to fulfill your creative vision. The studios are also available for video shoots, corporate meetings and workshops. Our customer service team will work with you and/or your photographer to ensure your picture-taking is perfect. Ground floor vehicle access, professional make-up area and multiple shooting spaces in an expansive and pleasing environment. Interested in bettering your camera skills? Ask us about our photography classes! Gift Certificates Available Located at 3449 Walker Road • Windsor, Ontario

Call us at 519.969.1114 for rates and availability



Same Day delivery in Essex/Kent County Citywide Same Hour Service Cross Border pick-up/delivery Emergency Nationwide Expediting Open 24 hrs/7 days a week

For rates or service

Call 519.945.8627

From a pound to a ton, JBJ Trucking gets the job done! 66



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Story by Lina Stoyanova

Underwear Re-Invented It all began with a fishing trip. In 2006, founder Trent Kitsch went on a fishing expedition and after spending hours in a cold, clammy, ocean suit he knew there had to be a better way to protect his package from chafing. As a former baseball player, he imagined a catcher’s mitt hammock design and worked with a seamstress and designer to bring his idea to life. Fourteen prototypes later, the BallPark Pouch™ and SAXX Underwear was born. The rest as they say, was history. Today, SAXX Underwear’s focus remains the same: equip men with gamechanging, next-level apparel that allows freedom, movement, comfort and zero restriction, all with a barely there feel. Elevating the daily experience, the day always begins with SAXX Underwear.



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Refusing to blend in and fall in line, SAXX does underwear differently. There’s no discomfort or hassle, just pure perfection. Offering insane comfort, active styles, and bold prints, SAXX keeps guys comfortable and confident so they’re ready for action in any situation. Designed to fit perfectly SAXX offers the BallPark Pouch™, Three-D Fit™, and Flat Out Seams™. SAXX transformed the underwear industry when it introduced a patented product unlike anything else on the market: the BallPark Pouch™. These breathable mesh panels prevent skin-against-skin friction and ensure chafe-free support no matter what the day holds. Due to the breathable mesh panels, innovative technology and contactfree support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch was designed to keep everything in place with no exposed stitching, all while providing chafe-free comfort and daring style. Whether underwear, swim trunks, athletic shorts, or sleepwear, SAXX has developed the patented BallPark Pouch™ construction in every pair. Some unique features of the internal tech that comprise the difference that is SAXX are: • 3D HAMMOCK-SHAPED POUCH: Made with the male anatomy in mind, the BallPark Pouch™ is shaped to provide friction-free support and comfort.

• BREATHABLE MESH PANELS: Using super-soft fabric, these panels allow for natural movement and motion of anatomy. • NON-CHAFING FLAT OUT SEAMS™: Counter to conventional methods, SAXX reverses the stitching placing the flatter, softer side against the body. The category of men’s underwear doesn’t have to lack creativity or innovation. SAXX believes underwear doesn’t have to be boring, which is why they offer many colours, prints and types, for any man. Men can be fierce or casual, bold, or low-key, but whatever they pick, SAXX guarantees they’ll feel and look great. Whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday, SAXX knows men are able to truly express themselves at all times with their unique, colourful underwear, whether playing soccer, going on a date, or going to a meeting. Reflecting men, everything about SAXX is different. They’ve distinguished themselves as a forward-thinking company striving for positive change through innovative design and partnerships that promote meaningful impact. Knowing the day begins and ends with underwear, they choose to empower men by offering insane comfort so they can tackle challenges and new adventures, day after day.


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RORSETH DARBYSON Hi! Neighbor Floor Covering Co. has always wanted to help customers create a cozy, beautiful, and most of all, welcoming atmosphere in their home. That’s why co-owners Erik Rorseth and Terry Darbyson supply everything for the home like carpet, hardwood, area rugs, tile and stone, laminate, resilient vinyl and more. Stylish, chic, and always keeping customers in mind, Rorseth and Darbyson of Hi! Neighbor guarantee an inviting space. “I think the hook to be in this business for me was dealing with so many good customers and friends throughout the years which gives me great pleasure. I always think if you have a career where you never look at the time on the clock, that’s the life you should want to pursue,” explains co-owner Erik Rorseth. Rorseth has over 35 years of experience in the industry which allows him to utilize his knowledge and expertise. Starting out as a part time job while he was in his teens, he was quickly enticed to choose this as a career. Darbyson also started in his teens and learned the industry step-by-step from the ground up. This pair has the experience and knowledge to help customers pick the right products for their lifestyle. “It’s a real benefit knowing every aspect of this type of business. It gives you confidence when dealing with sales and installations on a daily basis,” explains co-owner Terry Darbyson. “With over 20 year of experience, I try my best to find the balance between running a successful business and my family.” This 75-year-old family business carries the largest inventory of flooring in stock, locally, with over one million square feet of stylish, luxurious products in stock at any time. Whether builders, contractors or home owners, Rorseth

inventories of gorgeous flooring. “I think today, more than ever, customers shop at big box stores and online, looking for great products with low prices. At Hi! Neighbor, they will find both and without the wait time or shipping costs,” adds Rorseth. “Customers like to come in, touch products and even bring samples home to make informed choices.”

unique items like bamboo and cork, and sell installation tools, adhesives, metal mouldings, transition strips, mortars and grouts. In addition, they carry a full range of carpet padding, laminate underlayment, sub flooring and tile boards. Most installations occur within the same day however, larger installations may take a bit longer. “It’s common for new customers to walk in and let us know that not only one person referred them but that almost everybody they asked said to check us out because we have the best selection. To us, that’s the greatest compliment and it inspires us,” explains Darbyson. “With a growing list of builders and homeowners entering the doors every day, it seems like an expansion is coming in the near future. At times we are better shopping experience,” adds Rorseth. With exciting things taking place, Rorseth and Darbyson state that their involvement within the community is the real key to success and finding balance. Whether it’s local hockey teams, soccer, or Miracle League, they love getting involved with the community and giving back. Located at 257 Wyandotte St. East, Hi! Neighbor is ready to help turn your vision for a beautiful home into a reality. Visit www.hineighborflooring.ca for more information.

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SIMS MOUAMMAR Meet the owners of your go-to beauty bar: Maria Mouammar and Katherine Sims. This power-house duo wants women to feel empowered, beautiful, and most of all, cared for. Opening Elysian Beauty Bar with the goal of it becoming a one-stop-shop for all beauty and grooming needs, threading, waxing, facials, lashes extensions including Russian Volume, and even male grooming. They even have their own secret recipe

Elysian means beautiful or creative, divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect. Elysian strives to be the city’s elite salon by ensuring every guest has a five-star experience. The highly trained team stays on top

“The best compliment we’ve been given is that guests feel the center of attention regardless of how busy we are,” explains owner Maria Mouammar. “There’s no pressure here. We just want our guests to be in a state of euphoria which is why they tell us they never want to leave.” Both Mouammar and Sims have trained all over the world like Toronto, New York, Dubai, and Italy. Sims lived in Italy working backstage for hair and makeup for Rai Television while gaining first-hand experience in the fashion industry by being Rob Pizzuti’s right-hand woman in launching the first Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Mouammar on the other hand lived in Dubai and NYC for several years working with celebrities and prominent people of the royal family within the Middle East. Mouammar and Sims are more than ecstatic to take men and women’s looks to the next level and transform them into their best selves. “Our goal is to stay on top of the latest trends in both beauty and fashion and bring it to Windsor,” explains Sims. Using their expertise to empower locals, Mouammar and Sims have several events planned for both individuals and professionals in the field. They will be hosting an event called Bubbles and Blowouts which will focus on teaching guests how to get a salon-style blow-out at home, as well as tips, tricks and exclusive discounts. In addition, they provide training classes to professionals looking to advance their education, like non-damaging Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lift, and Advanced Hair Techniques with private, semi-private and group classes. “There’s so many great leaders in the fashion industry here like Freeds who stay on top of trends and we look forward to spicing up the community. We provide many services to the Freeds family whether hair or grooming, and we love supporting local businesses,” explains Mouammar. “Even though we are an upscale beauty bar, we provide services to cater to all budgets. We really do want to dominate the industry in Windsor so everyone can feel and look their best at any cost, and we are happy to be able to provide that on a professional level.” “Knowledge doesn’t empower anyone unless it’s shared. At our beauty bar, we want to teach our guests how to achieve their desired look. We all stand behind our services and products. Everything here is tried, tested and loved,” explains Sims. “We want to be the locals go-to place for hair, body and skincare.” The beauty experience begins and ends with Maria Mouammar and each guest and are always trained on current trends and styles to maintain consistency and professional quality to anyone who enters Elysian Beauty Bar.

facebook.com/elysianbeautybarinc @elysianbeautybar

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BRADY THRASHER ROBERT FAV FAVARO AVARO DEBBIE NEDIN Buying or selling a home is a major financial and emotional undertaking. That’s why you need sales representatives who have expertise, passion and the determination to guide you through the whole process, stepby-step. Brady Thrasher, Robert Favaro and Debbie Nedin of RE/ MAX Preferred Realty Ltd. are up-front, hard-working, dedicated professionals that take the time to listen to clients and what their specific wants and needs are. From the first step to the last, this trio is guided by a strong code of ethics, integrity and transparency. The Preferred Lifestyle Group is the dream team that can help you find your dream home. “We bring a professional and educational approach to someone buying one of the biggest assets in their life,” explains sales representative Robert Favaro. “I’ve been told by clients that Brady and I are like Harvey and Mike from the show Suits, I thought that comparison was great. Our team doesn’t just help someone buy a home; we consult them through the whole process. We walk the client through each step and provide them with the right tools and knowledge.” “It’s important to set up our clients for success. We won’t get them into a things change, but we help our client plan for those unknown variables. We don’t sell false hope and our team provides solutions by truly listening to our clients,” explains sales representative Debbie Nedin. “We also work with a network of professionals in order to add value to our clients by providing them with the most information available, not only in into our clients and that will never change,” explains Brady Thrasher. The dynamic team prides themselves on quality, relationship-based client experiences versus managing large quantities of listings. Believing information in all aspects of real estate investment and development across Windsor-

gain global exposure. “Our goal is positioning clients to maximize. We service the residential real estate market, but we also do commercial, vacant land, industrial and multiunits,” explains Thrasher. “We are heavily invested online, and technology has allowed us to leverage big platforms. As an example, we have Facebook and Instagram set up to filter our listings and we have over 200,000 20 combined followers on our accounts which gets great global exposure,” adds Thrasher. “I also have two real estate brokerages in Florida with just under 50 agents and I’m able to learn a lot about trends and technology through working with them.




“Our team is comprised of myself, a newer agent, Brady who has been in the business going on eight years, and Debbie Nedin, who has over 34 years of


points in our career, which allows us to service a multitude of clients. We’re all partners and work together to ensure our clients benefit,” explains Favaro.

What Robert is wearing: Suit: Lief Horsens Shirt: Stefano Brunelli Tie: Eros Neckwear Shoes: Johnston & Murphy



What Brady is wearing: Suit: Jack Victor Shirt: Blu by Polifroni Tie: Montebello

What Debbie is wearing: Dress: In Wear

This top producing team has launched Preferred Partners Lifestyle Group which is a brand comprised of expert individuals. Thrasher, Nedin and Favaro have earned recognition as a top 75 team in Canada and Thrasher in particular has earned an award for Top 100 Agents in Canada for 2019. Let this dream team find your dream home and for more information, please visit www.facebook.com/ThePPLG/.


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Stephan Viselli is an ambitious, young strategist who helps business owners in the Windsor-Essex area develop and execute viable plans to connect with the airwaves and beyond. This account manager is knowledgeable, passionate, and knows how to guarantee results. Aligning himself with Blackburn Radio and News, the station owns and operates 13 properties from Ontario’s southern tip to Sarnia and London, including Mix 96.7, Country 95.9 & 92.7, and Cool 100.7. “I’ve worked at Blackburn Radio for eight years and I’ve spent the last five years in a row being the top producer,” explains proudly Stephan Viselli. “I’m not only the top producer in Windsor, but top five company wide. I love what I do.” Radio stations play a major role not just in music and advertising but news and educational information. Radio is vital which is why Viselli offers full-service digital marketing that reaches the global marketplace. He knows the importance of connecting his clients with their audience in order to help create brand loyalty and flourishing sales. “I know how to reach millennials. I focus on the 20-45 years old range and I know how to capture that audience. It’s important we help our clients master millennials, so they can see an increase in long-term sales,” Viselli explains.” Education and tailoring a plan for each business is one of the most important parts of local marketing.” “Radio does a great job for reaching the younger, female based demographic as an example. The way our stations are positioned makes it easy to see that females in the household make the big decisions,” he adds. “We offer digital marketing plans to local businesses like reach campaigns, revisiting campaigns, website development, ad words, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other platforms to achieve success for our clients. I’m very hyper-focused on digital marketing along with using traditional media.” Dedicated to client satisfaction, this top producer exceeds goals by constantly going above and beyond. That’s why Viselli works closely with an extended network of industry professionals not just locally, but across Ontario. He uses a mixture of marketing techniques to target the right audience across the most effective broadcast and digital channels. “I make sure I manage my client’s expectations and we go in-depth regarding return on investment. Branding doesn’t happen overnight but rather over time. It takes time to become number one in the city or county,” he says. Motivated and driven by results, Viselli believes in aligning himself with professionals who are just as passionate about the business community as he is. To him, it’s important to establish trust as he provides a connection between clients who are building their brand and millennial customers. “I’m looking for hungry, up-and-coming businesses that are looking to grow and make a name for them through branding,” he emphasizes. “We are looking for businesses who want to expand and grow within Windsor-Essex.” Ensuring success, Viselli can be emailed at sviselli@blackburnradio.com.

What Stephan is wearing: Suit: Tiger of Sweden Shirt: Tiger of Sweden Tie: Canali Puff: Dion Neckwear


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Story by Lina Stoyanova Photography by Pat Scandale

ROGER JAMES RENÉE HANEY VERGE REAL ESTATE TATE TATE TEAM The Verge Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty Brokerage is never too busy for a client. Accommodating their clients’ schedules, they’re eager to help educate them with information and options by thoroughly examining, evaluating and explaining each part of the complex purchase or sale process, including financing, mortgage choices, interest rates, down-payments and contracts. Isaac Verge, alongside Darin, Sara, Roger, Renée, and team administrator Rebecca, is an award-winning real estate professional who is an expert in owning both multifamily and single-family homes. The team has a combined experience of over 30 years and ensures client satisfaction. They have experience in resale and new build residential, apartment buildings, mixed-use commercial buildings and more. Servicing anyone throughout the Windsor-Essex community, they have a convenient location on 2570 Dougall Avenue. “We run our business based on the philosophy of, “Who can we help and what can we learn?” We are constantly adding to our systems to work towards perfection so that our clients know they can rely on us for their needs and confidently refer us to their friends and loved ones,” explains Sales Representative Isaac Verge. “We are one of the top teams in the area and know what it takes to get the job done. Our team approach ensures that our clients are covered 7-days a week and when we take on a listing, we are able to ensure that all marketing and exposure is handled systematically to ensure the best possible result.” As Windsor-Essex enjoys the upswing in the real estate market, it’s becoming increasingly important to have the right professional representation in place, whether buying or selling. That’s why Verge and the team provide an unmatched level of service. “Our goal for 2019 is to assist 250 families in Windsor-Essex County with their real estate needs,” Verge explains. “This would represent a growth of 35 percent over 2018. Further to this goal is to be able to do this with no loss of service level. For us, it’s the client experience that matters most, so we intend to leverage the systems that we have in place to ensure that our clients get the best-- always.” Choosing to purchase a new house is an exciting life decision that requires some professional considerations to ensure finding the perfect home. To check out Verge and his team, please visit their website at www.vergerealestateteam.com or check them out on Instagram at: vergerealestateteam.

What Roger is wearing: Sport Coat: Blue Industry Shirt: 7 Downie St. Pants: Paige Shoes: Bugatti


What Renée is wearing: Sweater: 525 America Blouse: Cartise Shoes: Quipid


4/15/19 11:40:26 AM


What Sara is wearing: Jacket: Soia & Kyo Blouse: Bishop & Young Pants: Paige Shoes: Kendall & Kylie

What Isaac is wearing: Sport Coat: Lambretia Shirt: Bertigo Pants: Sunwill Shoes: Johnston & Murphy

What Darin is wearing: Sport Coat: Jack Victor Shirt: 7 Downie St. Jeans: 34 Heritage Shoes: Base London


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4/15/19 11:40:50 AM


Story by Lina Stoyanova Photography by Pat Scandale

LIZA ZUIDEMA Liza Zuidema, top Realtor with RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd., has sold the best of the Windsor Real Estate Market the last few years. Coming from Toronto, where she was born and raised, Liza says Windsor has met and surpassed her expectations in terms of growth and development. Liza hopes for new developments to continue and the smaller winery towns to take off with the recognition they deserve. Whether it is new construction, resale homes, cottages, or waterfront properties, Liza is a diversified Sales Representative serving all of Windsor-Essex County and surrounding areas. Liza always gives the highest level of customer service to all of her clients. She makes sure they have a full understanding of the market and her clients are given the best opportunity to make the most informed decision possible. Close attention to detail, preparing for many unique situations, spending time staging homes, and listening to the needs and wants of every client, are all key factors when Purchasing or Listing with Liza. She is there to guide you through this process and listing your home with her is the best decision you could ever make. Office: 519-966-0444 Cell: 519-792-9288 www.ListWithLiza.ca

What Liza is wearing: Jacket: Joseph Ribkoff Pants: Cambio



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The Quenneville Wealth Management Group The Quenneville Group combines 70+ years of disciplined investment philosophy to help meet the objectives of affluent families and businesses in our community.

Fred Quenneville, B. Comm. F.C.S.I., FMA Investment Advisor, Vice-President & Director Quenneville Wealth Management Group RBC Dominion Securities 1922 Wyandotte St. E. Windsor, ON N8Y 1E4 Email: fred.quenneville@rbc.com 519-252-3661 or 1-800-265-0890 Fax: 519-252-3672

Fred Quenneville, Director/Investment Advisor of the Quenneville Wealth Management Group of the Royal Bank of Canada’s Dominion Securities. My commitment to my clients’ needs and financial knowledge provides a superior level of service. I can help my clients achieve their financial goals by providing advice, knowledge and service that meet their personal needs and goals. Fred’s outstanding commitment and knowledge helped to develop the Quenneville Wealth Management Group. With 65,000 employees working with RBC, wealth management is a division, “I believe that people should have a great level of comfort and security when dealing with the Quenneville Wealth Management Group or any RBC services in general.” Wealth Management provides personal clients with retirement planning and investment services that are specially constructed to meet every individual’s needs and goals, whether they are pursuing financial planning for their families or their businesses.

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.* and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. *Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund. ®Registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. RBC Dominion S®Registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. RBC Wealth Management is a registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. ©Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.


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IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 80


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IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 82


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Black Lace Top: BAILEY 44 Yellow Top: LINE & DOT White Jeans: PAIGE Yellow Jelly Purse: SUN JELLIES


IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 83


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IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 84

Polo Shirt: GRAN SASSO Made In Italy

4/12/19 4:48:57 PM


Dress Shirts: Stefano Brunelli




IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 85


4/12/19 4:49:00 PM

Dusted Rose: PAIGE Old Blue: JOHN VARVATOS Smoke: BRAX White: 34 HERITAGE Smoke: BRAX Light Luxury: 34 HERITAGE



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IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 87


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IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 88

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IMAGE ISSUE 16.indd 89


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Untitled-1 1 16.indd 90 IMAGE ISSUE

4/15/19 AM 4/12/19 11:41:57 4:49:16 PM

Furniture Liquidation! Limited time only! Every item storewide on sale!

SAVE $ Canadian-made Bedroom - Queen Bed as shown Reg. $2,499 Now $1,599 900

Sectional Pallisier Canadian-made

SAVE $ 600

Reg. $2,999 Now $2,399 Choice of covers, leathers available.

Quality 25 Year Warranty Mattress

SAVE $ 500

Firm or Medium Queen Mattress

Reg. $999 Now $499 King and Double also available. Twin mattress from $65.

SAVE 1,000


Quality solid wood and wood veneers Buy table and 6 chairs

$1,000 off hutch and buffet. Limited stock.


Financing Available, No Interest O.A.C.



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Big plans and even bigger opportunities Passion: it's what drives you as an entrepreneur, family business and fast growing company. It's also what inspires KPMG to help you drive success. Look to our trusted advisors to bring the clarity you need to help your company excel at every step of your business journey. Contact us!

John Ropac, Managing Partner E: jropac@kpmg.ca Jason Grech, Partner - Tax E: jasongrech@kpmg.ca Cynthia Swift, Partner - Audit E: caswift@kpmg.ca

Let's do this. © 2019 KPMG LLP, a Canadian limited liability partnership and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. 19628



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Mastercraft HoMes proudly presents

a neW eXecutIVe toWnHoMe deVelopMent In a fantastIc lasalle locatIon

coMIng soon

sell ng noW! sellI

88 executive Building sites, located in the heart of east r riverside, with proximity to walking trails, aspen l lake, Wfcu centre and shopping. call today!


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Design/Build & Installation

Artificial Turf

Commercial & Residential Call today for your FREE Estimate Serving Essex County for Over

519-972-5440 info@plantscape.ca IMAGE

Meet Megan, Cristina & Jessica. They are Skilled Professionals in


Megan also

Loves Yoga.

Cristina also

Jessica also

Loves Being Loves Sports. a Mom.



1270 Walker Rd. 5935 Malden Rd. 519-252-1630 519.250.1106 www.pinnaclephysiotherapy.com

Trademarks, including IG Wealth Management, are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. IMAGE




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Since 1966 Precision Jewellers has been proud to create beautiful custom jewellery for life’s special moments. Our Master Goldsmiths start with your dream design or vision, and work skillfully until it becomes a reality. Let us help you Create the next Moment to Remember.

CONTEMPORARY This incredible collection features designs that capture the essence of your lasting love. WINDSOR Handcrafted with unmatched passion and AMHERSTBURG 2755 HOWARD AVE. I 519-253-6084 58 RICHMOND ST. I 519-736-2587 precision, theseprecisionjewellers.com timeless pieces are worthy of Share your moment with us on #CreatingMomentsToRemember becoming cherished family heirlooms.




RESULTS Quick recovery live free of glasses & Contacts financing available

book your complimentary consultation 2224 Walker Road, Suite 198, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

1-800-663-4733 wlei.com Dr. Fouad Tayfour 100


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Profile for The Windsor Star

FREEDS IMAGE - Issue 16  

Southwestern Ontario's premier fashion bi-annual magazine inspires you to add new pieces to your collection or spruce up what you currently...

FREEDS IMAGE - Issue 16  

Southwestern Ontario's premier fashion bi-annual magazine inspires you to add new pieces to your collection or spruce up what you currently...