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Fall Wedd2015ing Speical Advertising Feature of The Windsor Star • Saturday, September 5, 2015

Framing this beautiful wedding couple is fall foliage bursting out in colour which can be found in Windsor-Essex.

Photo courtesy Trevor Booth Photography

Couples falling in love with Windsor-Essex BY ANNA CABRERA CRISTOFARO Special to The Star


t’s one of Canada’s hidden gems – a veritable utopia surrounded by water on three sides, with lush landscapes and breathtaking views. In this idyllic wonderland are a myriad of banquet facilities and unique wedding-ready venues, a world-class casino and miles of waterfront space, perfect for once-in-a-lifetime photog-

raphy and memories. It’s Windsor-Essex, and for many couples, there’s no more perfect place to begin a life together.

Elisa ❤ Sam When Sam Fuller proposed to his would-be wife Elisa in June 2014, the Ottawa native didn’t hesitate to answer yes to Elisa’s counter-proposal – to get married in her hometown of Windsor. “Having lived outside of this area,

I know how different Windsor weddings are,” says Elisa (nee Macintyre). “It’s an event the entire family looks forward to. It’s part of Windsor culture.” The owner of Fancy Fortunes, a successful fortune cookie company she founded a couple of years ago, Elisa is no stranger to the Windsor wedding industry. Sam, however, was surprised at the magnitude — and affordability — of Windsor’s weddings. Please see Couples, pg. H5

Winter provided a scenic backdrop for Elisa and Sam Fuller’s wedding. - Photo courtesy Vicky Bartell



Saturday, September 5, 2015 • Special Advertising Feature

The Windsor Star •

We asked: ‘What’s inspiring your wedding?’


omething old, something new, something borrowed, something...different. We asked several local couples to tell us what’s inspiring them to put their unique stamp on their upcoming wedding. Here’s what they had to say about that something different that’s in their plans: ❤ Essex County, a region near and the new Hospice in Leamington Jillianne McGonigal & dear to both of our hearts. in honour of Marco’s late father, Jacques Laframboise It was only fitting that when we Frank Ciotoli. started to plan our spring garden One of his last wishes was to make Our rustic fall-themed wedding wedding that we centred it around it to our traditional Italian wedding. will be draped with burlap and lace our family and the region we love. Unfortunately his battle ended too in a beautiful park place! It was important to us to support soon. While our wedding day follows the wonderful vendors within our Gratefully our loss was eased with tradition, our love story is quite own community, so every detail – the support, immense kindness and unique. from my dress, flowers and decoracare provided by the Hospice serMy inspiration comes from my tor to our caterer’s locally-sourced vices. We had the unique opportusoon-to-be husband. While battling menu – is all from Windsor-Essex nity to hold a special betrothal cerbreast cancer, I never would have county businesses. emony in the comfort of his home imagined meeting a man who would Throughout the day we will feaso that he was able to witness the inspire me to fight and help me beture a number of personal touches promises Marco and I have made lieve that we could live happily ever like handmade jam favours made and will keep to each other. after as husband and wife! by mother and I, to lace table covThis certificate with Frank’s last sigers made generously by my grandnature will be displayed as a memo- Jillianne McGonigal mother. rial at our reception to remind us that We hope this day will reflect the he is watching over us on that day. two of us and the people and places To further make our special day we value most. ours, our ceremony will be accompanied by the beautiful voice of our - Bethany Jessop very close friend Melissa Danese, lead singer of the band Eclipse who will be singing the Italian version of our fathers’ favourite song.

changing your name: What to consider

While many brides opt to take their husbands’ surnames upon tying the knot, over the years the popularity of such a decision has ebbed and flowed. Recent years have suggested the practice is once again gaining steam. A 2011 study published in Names: A Journal of Onomastics indicates that younger brides are more likely to embrace the tradition of taking their husbands’ names in marriage. According to the study, women who married between the ages of 35 and 39 were 6.4 times more likely to keep their maiden names than those who married between the ages of 20 and 24. Many brides view taking their spouse’s name as the natural transition from being single to being a married woman. Other brides prefer they share the same last name as their future children, making the choice to take their husband’s name a logical decision. Some brides feel having the same last name as their husbands helps them feel more like a family. Changing one’s name also may make it easier to deal with various issues. Finances,

travel and even parenting concerns may be easier when women take their husbands’ last names than when they don’t. But some brides still prefer to keep their maiden names or hyphenate those names with their husbands’ surnames. Some may view changing their names as sacrificing their personal identities, while others may want to hold on to a family name they are proud of. Interesting names also can be hard to give up. Brides who find taking their husband’s name would be a tonguetwister may prefer to forego this tradition. Very often professional women keep their maiden names. Women uncertain of what to do in such situations can keep their maiden names professionally and still change their names legally. Changing one’s last name is a personal preference and a decision that couples should discuss together. Discuss the decision well in advance of the wedding so that both parties are aware of each other’s feelings on the subject before tying the knot. - MetroCreative Graphics

Honeymoon Week

-Angela Trepanier

October 24 th - 30 th

with Windsor’s Premier Honeymoon Specialist ONT/REG 04156444

❤ Sannah Choi & Michael Allock Our wedding day will likely be the only day in our lives where a special select group of people – our loving families and closest friends to each and both of us– will be together in one room. To thank them for journeying with us, we’re planning an intimate and classy affair with elements of our tastes and traits.. My fiancé Michael is passionate about architecture and golf, which is reflected in the church building and golf club we’ve chosen. In appreciation for my Korean background, we will also host a traditional ceremony called ‘paebaek’ during the cocktail hour while wearing ‘hanbok’ attires. In Korean culture, a wedding symbolizes the joining of two families, not just two individuals – something we’re looking forward to most!

❤ Angela Trepanier & Marco Ciotoli In place of sending our guests home with a knick-knack or a treat, we will be making a donation to

• Exclusive SAVINGS this week only • All - Inclusives Register your • Hawaii honeymoon • Cruises & Tours online! • Destination Weddings 1499 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON • 519-252-3331

Before your reception begins Know it will be Absolutely Perfect at The Fogolar


- Sannah Choi

Available Exclusively at

Kristi Maltese & Lucas Strople Our wedding is an outdoor fantasy-flavoured affair replete with whimsical touches off the fairybook page. A horse-drawn carriage whisks my blue-eyed bride up the meandering path towards the hillside amphitheatre, to the accompaniment of keys and melodious cello.The ring is borne by Kristi’s son, along with an edition of Bronte’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. And our flower girl, the woodland fairy princess, wears a wreathe of woven brambles for her crown. Also, we’re forgoing the oft-ignored pastry-laden desert table, in favour of an all-you-can eat gelato bar.

Windsor 519-253-6084 2755HowardatEdinborough Amherstburg 519-736-258758RichmondStreet


1800 North Service Windsor 519-966-2230



weet olutions for your Wedding Day

- Lucas Strople

- Photo courtesy Birds I Vu Photography

Bethany Jessop & Adam Castle Our story began with an introduction through family and eventually brought me back home to Windsor-

1395 TECUMSEH RD E • 519.254.2203 3392 DOUGALL AVE • 519.915.9939 WINDSOR SOUTH WINDSOR Open 7 DaysTecumseh A Week Open 7 Days A Week 519-254-2203 • 1395 Rd E • WIN00812105_1_2

2814 Howard Avenue, Windsor On ∙ (519) 915-3666 Follow us on WIN00812300_1_2


Special Advertising Feature • Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Windsor Star •


Freeds of Windsor

Handsome suits to fit the man Crafting perfect love stories Successfully outfitting men for more than 85 years, Freeds of Windsor has designed a hassle-free, affordable system that dresses the groom and his attendants handsomely. A big draw is the retailer’s hugely popular suit package. “We’ve narrowed down the choices to simplify things for the wedding couple,” says Freed. “They have enough on their plate with the many other decisions they have to make. We try to remove stress by giving them options that are well defined.” The purchase of a Freeds suit for $199.99, $259.99 or $299.99 also scores a free dress shirt, tie, belt, socks and shoes. “We don’t rent suits or tuxedos but why would you rent when you can buy an entire outfit for such a reasonable price?” Freed points out. Cut for a modern fit, the suit jacket is more closely tailored to flatter the man’s physique. The jacket is a little shorter in length and features a narrower lapel than in past seasons. The straight-legged pant has a flat front for a longer, leaner look. On trend but not faddish, the suit will be in style for many years to come, giving its owner an outfit he can wear with confidence to important meetings, dinner dates and other occasions. Classic grey and black still rank as the top shades for men’s suiting on the Big Day. Another popular hue among wedding parties is light grey. “Most weddings are in the spring and summer, so the lighter palette is suitable,” Freed says. To coordinate with the wedding’s colour scheme, Freeds offers a rainbow of 17 hues in its dress shirt selection. Crisp white or silver for timeless elegance, ivory, peach, soft pink or aqua to underscore the romance of the occasion, coral, mint, purple and lime for couples stepping boldly into their future together, and other shades are paired with ties in 18 complementing colours and patterns. With the return of the three-

Freeds of Windsor outfitted this Cabo wedding party.

piece, Freeds also offers optional vests in black or grey. The groom may go with a vest to set him apart from his attendants. The vest also gives him a tailored appearance when he doffs his jacket to burn up the dance floor at the reception. A brown or black genuine leather belt, dress socks and leather lace-up or slip-on dress shoes add the finishing touches. The wedding couple won’t have to worry about the best man showing up in bright white sports socks or scuffed old shoes. “By keeping it as uniform as pos-

sible, everything looks very appealing to the eye,” Freed notes. “It’s a very special day and we try to do our part to make everybody look as best as possible.” Putting a smile on the groom’s face on the most important day of his life is priority number one. “When the groom really wants to stand out from the wedding party, we have a large range of ready-made suits, as well as made-to-measure suits and tuxedos in many colours, fabrics and price ranges,” says Freed. “There are all kinds of options available.” This season, he finds that fashion-forward men are attracted to the new cobalt blue fabrics. (Perhaps that counts for the “something blue” that brides keep nearby for luck?) “If you are getting married and need to make a decision as to how to dress yourself and the men on your side,” Freed says, “before you do anything else, come check out Freeds and see what we have to offer.”

The diamond engagement ring has a story to tell – each is as unique as the bride-to-be who joyfully wears it. It is the symbol of the promise a couple has made to one another to stay together for a lifetime, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. While much focus is played on the four Cs of the ring (cut, colour, clarity and carat size) during purchase, a local jeweler says it’s what’s behind the ring – not only the love story of the couple that has decided on forever, but also the love and care placed on the design and creation of the piece. “The ring is the only piece of jewelry that can be purchased which a woman will cherish forever,” says Joseph Jr. of Joseph-Anthony, who encourages couples to select only the very best when it comes to this purchase of a lifetime. While there are many jewelry stores there’s nothing quite like selecting an engagement ring from Joseph-Anthony Jewellery, known for its standards of quality and attention to detail. Enter Joseph-Anthony, whose deep crimson box has caused many a breathless sigh among a growing community of delighted new brides. “From the original innovative vision to the crafting and polishing of intricate details, the entire process of creating a Joseph-Anthony piece takes place under the Joseph-Anthony family’s guidance,” says Joseph Jr. “This philosophy of personal care and quality guides every facet of the Joseph-Anthony process.”

Unmatched attention to detail and unrivalled personal craftmanship at Joseph-Anthony results in stunning and beautiful jewelry.

Each setting, Joseph Jr. notes, is designed to perfectly match the hand-selected gem chosen. As is the practice of all legendary jewelers known around the world, every diamond at Joseph-Anthony is carefully and lovingly inspected to ensure consistent brilliance among the store’s entire collection. “In order to bear the JosephAnthony name, only the best gold, platinum and diamonds are selected. Each piece must meet the rigorous standards of quality and beauty unique to Joseph-Anthony,” he explains. “(It’s about) aiming to give your soulmate the very best,” Joseph Jr. continues. “JosephAnthony is known for elevating

craftsmanship to an art. Every facet of these dramatically beautiful pieces reflects the passion of the Joseph-Anthony family for creating beautiful heirlooms to be treasured for generations.” The family’s unmatched attention to detail and unrivalled personal craftsmanship results in stunning and beautiful pieces not found anywhere else. It is this commitment to quality and superiority that transforms each Joseph-Anthony design into a distinctive and inimitable work of art, known as the JosephAnthony difference. This story was produced by The Windsor Star Custom Content team on behalf of Joseph-Anthony for commercial purposes. The Windsor Star’s editorial departments had no involvement in the creation of the content.

Tacori’s rings are available in a variety of metals. Here, they’re featured in yellow gold.

This story was produced by The Windsor Star Custom Content team on behalf of Freeds of Windsor for commercial purposes. The Windsor Star’s editorial departments had no involvement in the creation of the content.

Rain, sugar cube, coins, spiders and other wedding superstitions Couples on the verge of tying the knot spend lots of time hoping their wedding days go off without a hitch. The threat of raindrops or temporarily misplaced rings can make couples feel that the hands of fate are casting bad luck on the proceedings, but couples need not worry. Superstitions are not always negative, and there are many things thought to bestow good luck on couples about to become husband and wife. The following are some of the more popular harbingers of good luck couples can look for on their wedding days. • Rain: Rain signifies various things in different cultures, and many of those amount to a dose of good fortune for a wedding. Rain can represent fertility, suggesting that couples will have many children. Rain also can signify cleansing and renewal or the washing away of past ills. • Sugar: Many Greeks believe tucking a sugar cube into your glove will mean a sweet union between the newly betrothed. • Coins: In Sweden, a bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother in each shoe so she will never have to go without. • Unpleasant things: Egyptian women may pinch the bride on her wedding day for good luck. The English believe finding a spider in your wedding dress means good luck. • Bells: Bells may chime at Irish weddings to keep evil spirits away and ensure a harmonious family life. Some brides also will tuck small bells into their bouquets. • Day: Some cultures view certain days as luckier than others for getting married. English tradition suggested Wednesday was the best day for getting married, with Monday weddings bringing wealth and Tuesday events bringing good health. English folklore states that Saturday is the unluckiest day to tie the knot. Many traditions are in place to keep bad spirits

away from wedding proceedings and ensure good luck. Middle Eastern brides, for example, paint henna on their hands and feet to protect themselves. The tradition of the groom carrying his bride over the threshold is to protect her from evil spirits lurking below. Good luck charms vary depending on culture and geography. Several superstitions have withstood the test of time and can give brides and grooms a little more security on their wedding days. - MetroCreative Graphics

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FREEDS Suit Package

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Saturday, September 5, 2015 • Special Advertising Feature

The Windsor Star •

Windsor River Cruises

Sail away on your wedding day By Anna Cabrera Cristofaro For some, getting married on the water offers an unrivaled romantic experience. There’s nothing quite as charming as celebrating your big day in vast open space, the sound of the water lapping against your ship, with birds chirping as you exchange your vows. It’s why so many brides have chosen to take advantage of living in waterfront community, choosing to have an intimate celebration aboard Windsor River Cruises. “For weddings that don’t exceed 80 people, we have a whole list of happy, contented brides who enjoyed their whole wedding on the boat comfortably,” says Windsor River Cruises vice president John Sheridan. He explains that even though the boat has a capacity of 197 people, it is an ocean vessel. To ensure safety and comfort, bridal parties are kept to an intimate maximum of 80. Windsor River Cruises supplies the wedding officiant and decorations, and St. Clair College is hired to whip up a gourmet meal. Sheridan says that not only is a wedding aboard a river cruise romantic and unforgettable, it also allows the bride and groom and their guests to learn more about the city in which they’re celebrating their nuptials. The guests are treated to a sightseeing trip on the upper Detroit River, learning about Al Capone and Henry Ford and their connections to Windsor. They also learn about the Dodge Brothers (both of whom got married in Windsor), the fascinating Charlie Brooks, and the famous curse of Peche Island. Guests will also discover the history of Belle Isle and the Ambassador Bridge. “It’s a really nice tour that reminds us how rich in history our area is,” says Sheridan, who says the ship sails for approximately two hours. While so far only smaller weddings have enjoyed river cruise celebrations, beginning in 2016, Windsor River

The Detroit skyline is a favourite backdrop for couples on their wedding day. Here, it frames - Photo courtesy Signature Design Photography this couple in dramatic black and white.


Having your wedding on a Windsor River Cruises boat gives you and your guests a chance to catch spectacular sights like this dramatic view of the Detroit Skyline.

Cruises is launching a partnership with Windsor Club, celebrating its 112th birthday and relocating to the historic Weiser’s Reception Centre on the Canadian Club property. Now parties that exceed 80 guests can have an intimate boat ceremony and host a larger reception inside Windsor Club, which boasts a spectacular view of the water and the ship. Windsor River Cruises has also hosted wedding party cruises, stag and doe events and renewal of vows. Sheridan suggests brides getting married in July, August and September 2016 call today (519-258-0911) to reserve the ship. “The sunsets are incredible,” Sheridan says. “There’s not a more romantic setting than what you would get on a Windsor River Cruise ship.” This story was produced by The Windsor Star Custom Content team on behalf of Windsor River Cruises for commercial purposes. The Windsor Star’s editorial departments had no involvement in the creation of the content.

- Courtesy Windsor River Cruises

Windsor-Essex has a wealth of wedding venues, traditional and otherwise. Whether you’re dreaming of holding your nuptials at a large hall like the ballroom at Caesars Windsor or at a smaller, edgier space like the Art Gallery of Windsor, there’s something for every bride and groom in our fair city and surrounding municipalities. Traditional The Ciociaro Club, Fogolar Furlan Club and the Caboto Club continue to be bridal favourites, but you can also have your wedding at any of the City of Windsor’s community centres, like Oakwood Community Centre or the Constable John Atkinson Memorial Centre. Many wedding ceremonies and receptions have also been held at the historic and picturesque Canadian Club. Artsy

Windsor River Cruises offers seating to accommodate intimate wedding sizes with a maximum of 80 guests.

For brides who want a wedding with an artistic flair, the Art Gallery of Windsor provides more than just a room with the view. Other privately

Pelee Island Winery is the setting for unique, memorable photos. - Photo courtesy Signature Design Photography

owned galleries throughout the city may also welcome weddings. Outdoor How about a ceremony at the riverfront? Goose Bay Park’s willow trees are a perfect backdrop to a summertime wedding, and Mic Mac Park is a great setting for a barbecue affair. Many brides also take advantage of the region’s wine country and choose to wed in a charming, scenic vineyard, like Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery or Muscedere Vineyards.

- Courtesy Windsor River Cruises

Best weather for honeymoons Honeymoon vacations can be expensive, and many couples want to ensure they get the best value for their trips. A honeymoon that is overshadowed by inclement weather can make this once-in-a-lifetime trip memorable for all the wrong reasons. While not every hiccup can be avoided, couples can plan their honeymoons for those times of year when specific locales experience their best weather. • Jamaica: Couples tying the knot in the earlier part of the year may want to honeymoon in Jamaica. With average temperatures in the 80s year-round, Jamaica makes for a great honeymoon destination. January through April see less rain than other times of the year, and keep in mind June through the end of December is hurricane season. • Australia: People opting to get married in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere might want to escape the cooler temperatures and shorter days with a honeymoon south of the equator. Australia and New Zealand are beautiful spots to visit and enjoy summer when those in the Northern Hemisphere are mired in winter. Planning properly helps • France: ensure you enjoy your Paris and honeymoon. other French cities can be enchanting to visit any time of the year, but locals advise honeymooners visit in September when the climate is quite comfortable and tourism is minimal. Spring is another great time to visit France, especially for those people who want to spend plenty of time outdoors. • Mexico: Areas of Mexico, such as popular Cancún and Cozumel, tend to stay warm all year long, but they can be particularly hot in the summer. Spring brides and grooms may want to venture there before the summer season is in full swing. Couples might want to avoid vacationing in certain areas in March, as students visiting for spring break may compromise the romantic atmosphere honeymooners are hoping for. • Hawaii: Spring and summer can be ideal times to visit the islands of Hawaii, as the weather can be beautiful and travel tends to be less expensive during these times of year.

Rains increase as autumn sets in, and Hawaii often sees the bulk of its vacationers during the winter, meaning higher costs and bigger crowds. • Italy: April through June and September through October are some of the best times to visit Italy. Be aware that Venice tends to be misty and

damp during the late fall and early spring. Italy, especially southern Italy and Sicily, can get quite hot during the peak summer months. Weather and tourism should be considered as newlyweds choose where to go on their honeymoons. - MetroCreative Graphics

A bride gets playful at Point Pelee National Park.

- Photo courtesy Trevor Booth Photography

Conveniently Located at: 3745 North Talbot Rd., Tecumseh, ON Email:



Make Your Wedding Day One To Remember Introducing Combined Wedding Packages

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For More Information Contact: Windsor River Cruises 519-258-0911

The Windsor Club 519-258-1465 WIN00812413_1_2

3877 Dougall at Cabana • 519.972.9675 WIN00812415_1_2

Special Advertising Feature • Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Windsor Star •


Couples get more for money Continued from H1 “I was telling him what I wanted – I wanted this, I wanted this, I wanted 
that,” Elisa says with a laugh. “He thought I was crazy. But then he got a
 taste of what that meant, and how in Windsor, having this big fairytale
 event is entirely possible.” So the couple, who have been preparing their home in Kanata near Ottawa, made their wedding
 dreams come true here at home. A single visit to one of the wedding shows
 at the Caboto Club of Windsor resulted in their
 discovery of a wedding dream team: photographer, cake designer, venue — the
 works. While Elisa remained in Ottawa, she was able to explain and execute 
each of her desires with her chosen vendors. “I lived hours away, and they still made my life so easy,” she says. “At
 first, the idea of planning a wedding from here was so scary, but it turned
 out so well. We would Skype, or I would send them pins of things I wanted,
 and they would say, ‘Okay, here you go.’ 
“Where else but Windsor could you get this kind of customer service and

Elisa and Sam Fuller went to olde Sandwich Town for a photo session after their wedding ceremony last January. Wedding dollars go a long way in Windsor, such as can be seen in their beau- Photos courtesy Vicky Bartell tiful reception setup at the Fogolar Furlan Club (bottom right).

Danielle ❤ Ralph Danielle Dean met her fiancé Ralph Prestia, also from 
Windsor, in Calgary. With the majority of their families still in the area, 
the couple did not question coming home for the nuptials. For them, Wedding Shows Windsor became their first point of contact 
with the wide, wonderful world of weddings. “The Wedding Show was a fantastic event for me to attend,” says Danielle, 
a Windsor native who is deep into her vendor selection process. “Neither of us had
 any idea how to plan a wedding, or where to start.
 Walking around, meeting vendors, gathering ideas about what’s available in 
the area… it was all very helpful.” Besides that, Danielle shares Elisa’s sentiment about Windsor. “It is and
 always will be home for us,” she says. “There are so many more reasons as
 well – getting married by the water, with so many beautiful trees and a
 variety of plant life, the sound of the birds… even the heat and humidity. 
Our county has so many hidden treasures, and there is an energy and pride
 that you don’t find anywhere else.”

Amber ❤ Scott While Elisa and Danielle have ties to the area, for a third bride-tobe, it 
was simply the beauty of the region that drew her to make Windsor the
 backdrop for her upcoming nuptials. Amber Huff of Wawa and her fiancé Scott Adamson of Oshawa have family and 
friends from all over the province. “We looked into getting married in the 
Toronto area, but it was expensive,” explains Amber, a University of Windsor
 graduate. “We had visited Windsor a few times and Scott and I both like the 
area. It has such beautiful areas to get married… for much more reasonable
 prices.” Amber booked the Canadian Club Centre for their ceremony, and spent hours at
one of Wedding

‘Diverse Weddings’ is one of the themed rooms at this year’s Fall Wedding Show at the Caboto Club. It highlights the diverse ethnic and same sex weddings hosted in Windsor-Essex. - Photo courtesy Steve Pomerleau Photography

Shows Windsor events searching for other vendors. “The show helped us to discover a few vendors we would never have found 
otherwise,” says Huff, who is currently teaching overseas. “I am confident 
that we chose highly professional vendors. I cannot leave much to chance as 
I can’t just zip over and deal with anything that might come up.” Amber finds the region remarkable, and speaks highly of the city in which 
she’ll exchange vows with the love of her life.

“Windsor is a unique place
 in Ontario because it has a lot of history. Where else can you find
 historically gorgeous venues like the Canadian Club Brand Centre?” she says. “There are venues and views 
for every type of bride, from historic churches, waterfront views, golf
 courses, halls, beautiful parks, wineries… the list really goes on.” This story was produced by The Windsor Star Custom Content team on behalf of Nouveau Event Planning for commercial purposes. The Windsor Star’s editorial departments had no involvement in the creation of the content.


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Profile for The Windsor Star

Fall Wedding 2015  

Going to the chapel and going to get married? Check out The Windsor Star's annual Fall Bridal special section.

Fall Wedding 2015  

Going to the chapel and going to get married? Check out The Windsor Star's annual Fall Bridal special section.