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French immersion and French language education attracts kids A N NA C A B R E R A POSTMEDIA CONTENT WORKS

Because the majority of Canadians live, work and play in mostly unilingual spaces, it’s sometimes easy to forget that we do live in a bilingual country. Although English dominates our homes and workplaces here in WindsorEssex, more and more local families are acknowledging the benefits of enrolling their children in French language or French immersion schools. In fact, French is the third most common mother tongue in the Windsor area, according to the most recent Statistics Canada census figures. There are 9,570 people who cited French in the 2016 census and although that number dropped from

Our girls (now) have advantages in our community and professionally because they have been given the gift of bilingual education.

Jennifer Daley-Stewart, a French immersion teacher at Christ the King Catholic Elementary School, answers a question from Grade 3 student Liliana Mottillo. Christ the King is one of seven elementary schools in the Catholic school board system that offers French immersion.   - S U PP LI E D

10,560 in 2011 and was surpassed by Arabic speakers it still represents a significant percentage of the population, above Italian, Chinese and other languages. There are hundreds of elementary and secondary French-language schools throughout the province, but many confuse Frenchlanguage schools (which are managed by a Frenchlanguage school board) with French immersion programs, which are managed by English-language schools and include students who wish to learn French as a second language. In homes where neither or only one parent speaks French, there’s a benefit to attending a French immersion program. Students are taught in English, with the exception of French courses and two other courses in French. Students live and

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learn in English, and all material and literature sent home to parents is in English. English is mastered as the first language, and French is learned as a second language. “It’s structured in such a way that parents whose first language is not French are still able to give their children the French language experience,” explains Stephen Fields, communications coordinator for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. “They are still able to support them. “And as an added benefit, when the child goes home to his or her parents, there’s an opportunity to teach those parents… so there is eventually two-way communication, and parents can learn French as well.” In a French-language school, like those supported by Conseil scolaire

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information. The Greater Essex County District School Board ( ) also offers French immersion at 11 elementary and secondary schools throughout the area. For those interested in full French language programs, Conseil scolaire catholique Providence has seven schools throughout Windsor Essex. Visit

catholique Providence (the French language separate school board for Southwestern Ontario), students are taught all subjects in French (with the exception of English), which follow the same curriculum as in Englishlanguage schools. Students learn and live in French, surrounded by friends, teachers and other staff members who communicate exclusively in French,

and participate in activities that promote and celebrate Francophone culture. For a child to be admitted to a French-language school, the parent must be a Canadian citizen whose first language learned and still understood is French, received his or her education at the primary level in a Frenchlanguage school in Canada, or whose child has received or is receiving instruction at

My future starts here! up to their 14th birthday, who have medical conditions such as allergies, diabetes or asthma, receive free MedicAlert protection, regardless of their family income. This charitable program from The MedicAlert Foundation Canada is active in 240 school boards, and has already benefited more than 58,000 students across the country. For more information, visit

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French immersion options There are a large number of schools that offer French immersion and French language programs throughout Windsor-Essex. The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board offers the French immersion program from Junior Kindergarten to grades 3, 4, 5 and 8 at seven elementary schools. Visit for more

a French-language primary or secondary school. For a growing number of local families, “language acquisition has become so important,” says Fields. “It’s related to other areas of academics – as they improve in French, they improve in English as well. And the long-term benefits are there. As this is a bilingual country, the employment and career options grow with knowing both languages.” Catherine Cristofaro agrees. Cristofaro, who grew up in a French-speaking household, enrolled her daughters (Caydance, 10, and Emma, 9) at Ecole St. Jean Baptiste in Amherstburg. “I wanted my children to have the opportunity to learn a second language and be immersed in the culture and faith practices of a full French Catholic education,” says the dance teacher and owner of The Catz Meow in Amherstburg. She shares that her husband Jason, who is not French-speaking, has had few challenges with helping with homework, but that “the school has been accommodating with making sure that there is always a translated version of information in newsletters and even verbal announcements at events and school celebrations.” Despite those challenges, Cristofaro says they wouldn’t make a different choice if they had to do it all over again. “We have been fortunate that the girls have been enthusiastic about learning and growing in French… and have succeeded with little support from us at home. “Our girls (now) have advantages in our community and professionally because they have been given the gift of bilingual education.”

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