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October / November 2010, Volume III, Issue I


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Bobcats at UNCW by Keith Larson


fter staying home for their training camp last season, the Charlotte Bobcats, of the National Basketball Association, are coming to UNCW’s campus. The team will begin training camp at Trask Coliseum on September 27, a day after the team’s annual media day in Charlotte. The Bobcats’ held their training camp on campus from 2005 to 2009 before taking a leave of absence, last year, to hold their training camp in Charlotte. UNCW Athletic Director Kelly Mehrtens was one of the first people to realize the impact that the Bobcats had on the community and the school, “It’s important for the community, and I also think it’s important for our athletic program. I called up their [Charlotte Bobcats] president and said ‘I would like to come visit with

you and talk about starting this up again.’’ She adds, “During these times, a group of that size spending

nights in our hotels, and eating at our restaurants benefits the en-

tire community, as well as, the athletic department.” While, although, the Bobcats’ practices will be closed to the public and will produce no revenue from ticket sales, there will be an influx of media members and team personnel around the UNCW community that should create a positive financial impact. The importance of the Bobcats’ holding their training camp in Wilmington magnified now that new majority owner, NBA hall of famer Michael Jordan, grew up in Wilmington and attended nearby Laney High School, before attending the University of North Carolina to play basketball. Jordan’s connections to UNCW and Wilmington exceed that of just growing up in the surrounding area. Jordan played basketball with current UNCW head basketball coach, Buzz Peterson, during his days at UNC, where they helped the Tar Heels win their second

National Championship in 1982. Peterson and Jordan also roomed together while at Chapel Hill and both worked in the front office with the Bobcats from 2007-2009. Mehrtens believes that Michael Jordan’s Wilmington ties may have played a factor in the Bobcats’ return to UNCW, “I don’t want to put words in their [Charlotte Bobcats] mouth, obviously, but I like to believe that that had something to do with it. Michael grew up here, and he’s shown commitment to his hometown when he was with the Wizards (2000-2002) after they had training camp here and now the Bobcats are doing the same. I’m just glad they were able to do it.” As Trask Coliseum and UNCW prepare for the Bobcats, there are some major differences between the two training camp locations that the team has previously used (Trask Coliseum and the Presbyterian Hospital Training Center, located besides Time Warner Cable Arena). While Trask Coliseum, which was renovated in 2001, suffices as the home to many Seahawk sporting events, and has held many major concerts,

the building structure is over thirty years old and the facilities are much older than those at the Time Warner Cable Arena . Mehrtens, however, strongly believes that the facilities at Trask Coliseum, and at UNCW, will adequately prepare the Bobcats for the rigors of the NBA season, “I think that Trask is a great facility. I also believe that our basketball facility is a great place for pre-season training. Our athletic training facilities, if they take advantage of those, have a great staff and well furnished equipment rooms. I think that we have the facilities that they, obviously, think are beneficial to them.” While the Charlotte Bobcats look to make a run in the Eastern Conference standings, and ultimately in the playoffs, there will be no doubt that UNCW played a small part in that run. As many Bobcat fans are looking forward to the upcoming season, every UNCW student should look forward to seeing Michael Jordan, Larry Brown and Stephen Jackson on campus.

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10 | April / May 2010


uaranto, Interview with Rocco Q UNCW alumni and zzy Peach Co-Founder of The Fu

So first of all, full name, age, year graduated from UNCW? Rocco Quaranto, 24, 2008

Is the Fuzzy Peach your first business? How long have you been an entrepreneur? I have owned a few small businesses while in college including a boat detailing company (Atlantic Boat Detailing) and then converted it into a car, boat and RV detailing company (Pristine Mobile Detailing) with Jason Nista who is now a co-owner of the fuzzy peach with Wells, Struble, and I. How did you decide you wanted to start a yogurt shop and who are you co founders? Jason, Wells and I had been looking for a good business ever since graduating from UNCW. We looked into everything from smoothie shops, car wash, laundry mats, internet based business’ etc. When we ran into the yogurt shop business model we decided that we can fill a gap in the Wilmington dessert market with a healthier alternative to ice cream with this self-serve shop. Most of our yogurts have 0 fat and about ½ the calories as ice cream. What has been the most challenging thing about starting The Fuzzy Peach? We run into new challenges every day. We take these challenges head on and look for the best possible solutions while keeping an eye on our long term goals. What are you plans for the future growth and expansion? We are looking into 3-4 more stores in the greater Wilmington area. We want people to think “Fuzzy Peach” when they think about dessert. When you are hiring employees what makes the good ones stand out from the crowd? Excitement! I want to hire someone who wants to work and is excited to be here. I mean we are frozen yogurt not the DMV we want the place to be fun and welcoming and we want our employees to give off the same feel. What three pieces of advice would you give to entrepreneurs today or anyone looking to start a business? There are a thousand things a person starting a business needs to keep in mind. A few that kept us on track are; -Have good mentors and ask them questions often. -Do your due diligence, research is the most important thing when you are looking to start a business. -If you plan to be retail like us, Location is the name of the game. If you are in the wrong location you don’t stand a chance.

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Underage Drinking Becomes Big Issue for Wilmington By Rachel Hodges

Underage drinking has become such a problem in the downtown Wilmington area that more and more police officers are on the watch for minors. The Alcohol Law Enforcement agents have been on the look out for local bars and pubs selling alcohol to those under 21. Just recently, The Liquid Room bar had trouble holding onto their permit to sell alcohol due to a teens’ fatal car crash in January. The ALE announced she had been drinking at The Liquid Room earlier that evening. “I’ve always believed that our drinking age in this country is a bit goofy,” says Stephen Bedenbaugh, a regular when it comes to going downtown. “If you are allowed to go serve your country at the age of 18, then why aren’t you allowed to have a drink at that age?” “On the other hand, since we have this law, I believe those under 21 should not be allowed in bars or clubs.” Bedenbaugh says. Lisa Graham, a college student at UNCW, shares her opinion on the matter, “I think it’s expected that college students drink alcohol, especially under aged students.” She explains that people get into more trouble drinking under age in college than those who aren’t in school. “It would help if there were clubs for people 21 and older, but there is no way to fully ensure that there won’t be any underage drinking in clubs these days.” Wilmington is no exception to under aged drinking. The Liquid Room is just one of the many places that have gotten into trouble for this act. The ALE office reported that in just one weekend 180 people were charged in the downtown area for alcohol-related issues. This included 120 people just for underage possession of alcohol. Bedenbaugh suggests more employees in clubs and bars would eliminate underage drinking. “Bars and clubs are so understaffed that anybody can find ways to drink alcohol, especially minors.” Police have had a better eye on the downtown and surrounding areas for underage drinking, and will continue to keep a close watch in the months to come.

12 | October / November 2010 12 | October / November 2010


FIVE TIPS FOR MEN ON BEING A GOOD DATE 1. Let chivalry occur naturally Do not “rush” ahead of your date to reach a door first or make a big deal out of paying a check or opening her car door. Simply be a gentleman and do the right thing, at the right time for the right reason. 2. Focus on her Many men allow themselves to be too easily distracted. Since we get aroused and are driven visually, we tend to let our eyes wander and believe me, she will notice. Consider her a magician...when she enters the room everyone else should immediately disappear. 3. Listen to her COMPLETELY before you respond Men live by the principle of “thorough brevity.” We use as few words as possible to convey our emotions or intentions. We often hone in and fixate on one word or phrase, know that is what we are going to respond to, and thus stop listening. Be an active listener and you’ll have an appreciative partner. 4. Never leave the house with “ulterior motives” It was said best in the movie, “There’s Something About Mary”...never leave the house with a “loaded gun!” If your entire mission for that date is to satisfy your own physical urges and desires, you will not be at your best and it will be transparently apparent to your date. Whatever you do to get sex off your mind before a date, do it twice! 5. Leave your cell phone home (or turned off in the car!) First, you’re not that important! You’ll get the call eventually. Second, your date needs to sense that nothing is more important to you, at least during the duration of that date, than her. Answering your phone, checking messages or text messaging someone else will give her the “uns.” She will feel uncomfortable, unattractive, and unappreciated. FIVE TIPS FOR WOMEN ON BEING A GOOD DATE 1. Make sure that PDA is Okay Some men consider public displays of affection to be a real turn

on, while others find the experience to be uncomfortable at best. It won’t take long to gauge which side of the equation he falls on. Plus, the subtle and gentle caress of a finger while holding hands (that no one notices) can create as much of a stir as a passionate kiss in the middle of a crowded room. 2. Look great for him, but not necessarily for half of North America There is a fine line between looking fabulously sexy and overly provocative. Men become aroused visually and appreciate attractiveness in their date, until they sense that she has placed herself on display for the entire world to see, meet and greet. Men don’t want to feel as if they have paid for and provided you with a runway for your coming out party. 3. Offer to pay, but then give away Men have more respect for a woman who offers to share the costs of a date than one who assumes that she has a free pass for the day. It shows respect for him, the dating process, for money and allows him to feel good about treating you well. Just the gesture of offering sends a strong message to him that you appreciate the costs associated with spending time together exist. 4. Give him a sign, early on down the line If you are having fun, let him know in a subtle way. If you are enjoying his company, make it somewhat apparent through your words and actions. Sometimes men spend the entire date trying to decipher whether or not it is going well or is a complete and utter failure. No matter how under control he may appear on the outside, his inside is operating as doppler radar for dating. 5. Help him avoid the “showdown” The showdown is the last five minutes of a date. What is going through a guy’s mind? Should I kiss her? If I do, what type of kiss is appropriate? I don’t want to come on too strong, nor appear disinterested or prudish. If I don’t try, will she think that I find her repulsive? Help avoid this by offering your cheek early on in the date and allow for a harmless expression of affection to occur. Then, maybe later, sparks will fly or it will at least easier to say goodbye. BONUS FOR BOTH! Keep the date brief The light that burns brightest, burns shortest. Plan for no more than two hours together. Then, if sparks are flying and chemistry is clicking, you can always add more time which ultimately bodes well for the future.

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