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Mullens Tardis 2014

What a fun and stressful week. It started with me calling HR to find out where our flexible spending card was. She said there was a delay and I told her not to worry, it’s just for new glasses, the kids can wait a month. Five minutes later, David calls me and says his glasses broke. He needs a specific lense that isn’t in the one hour option and so he’s now using contacts. Learning to put them in has been a trial for everyone. Later that night, Dad took us to a special resteraunt to celebrate everyone’s academic success. While watching a you tube video on how to put in contacts, Joely saw “how to create an earth element fairy, and that’s the face paint story lol. Megan’s birthday was Saturday but Joely and I made her a cake on Sunday, the above cute picture is of her when we delivered it, looking at her bestie Keegans New tablet. David had a real rough time on Saturday with the contacts and pulled a Dyllan Mason and slept for 17 hours. He missed standards night, but my handsome Quentin and I went and enjoyed the awkward evening. And the Kale was a fail, nobody liked crunchy spicy Kale Chips, not even the

Week Two

January 8-15

Like I mentioned last week, we don’t have cable, but we’ve all adapted. Some do more homework and bond with Livestock. Others help in the kitchen, I’m so glad to have my budding chef, Quentin. We are all enjoying my Christmas Present from Sue (well one of them) THe Just Dance Game for the Xbox and nothing says family bonding like a game of Risk. This one without tears or bloodshed.

Photos of the week

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