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The White Dove The Tesla Society

E S P Te s t s Con d u c t e d This past Saturday, 10

They proceeded to invalidate any

individuals were brought

found results entirely by turning

together on the Penthouse of the

the competition into total farce

Academy where they were used

for the amusement of themselves

as subjects in an oddly conducted as well as those participating. No aptitude test for Extrasensory Perception. The 10 individuals were grouped into five teams, and questions would be posed to one team member about the other. If they were correct, a system of points was awarded as a way of positive reinforcement. A rather strange development occurred when a sixth team entered the testing area and became the honorary “Team i”.

4/7/2014 Issue 8

Other News 


one complained.


In the end those deemed most

for the

likely (despite the experiments,

position of

rather unconventional disruption)


to possess telepathic powers

Director were

were Grace Babbs and Sam


Dinga, followed by Underlings

Their profiles

Rachel Cook and NaKeya Owens.


There has been no word on what


the consequences of these test

can be found

might be. One never knows when

on the Gatton

MK-Ultra might come calling.

Academy website.

T h r o u g h W i t h P l ay i n g b y t h e R u l e s o f S o m e o n e E l s e ’s G a m e

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only on your own.

Who wants a goldfish?


The Principal from the Black Lagoon

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Supernatural Diversity As a supernatural entity myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how many supernat-

The Tesla Society

ural beings there were living amongst you. It’s good to know that you live in a day and age

666 Limbo

were demon– and mankind alike can live together as seamlessly as though they were one

The First Circle, Hell

and the same. Although I can see the vampires struggling day by day not to drink your blood, their restraint is admirable. Living in a building full of so many people can’t be easy


for them, with all of you wandering around like Happy Meals™ on legs. The fairy among

.com/ theteslasociety

you has been met with nothing but acceptance and affection, most likely as a result of her own output of positive energy into the Academy. Those of you with werewolves as roommates have even been understanding enough to accept and become used to their odd sleeping habits. The moon is an inevitable force after all. Not to mention, I do believe that some of you haven’t even noticed a friend of yours’ status as a Halfling. Talk about lowered mirrors. I was particularly surprised to note the level of acceptance towards the succubus in your midst given their history with your species. But live and let live or at least kill without prejudice, that’s my motto. Your progressiveness on this matter is refreshing when there are still so many who would instantly head for the nearest Witch-pyre, and yet not a single member of the wicca community has received the slightest bit of harassment on the subject. The populous of the Academy can often be noted as saying that they don’t judge and in light of this, I find myself inclined to believe them.


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would not succeed. However, for all his grumpy

White Dove is now archived online. If you

ways, we are still rather fond of him, and it

missed an issue, or just wish to read that

would be unfortunate if we were forced to

one article again, you can. We will

decrease our number by one. The online

continue to distribute the paper editions,

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else Demosthenes would probably attempt to murder us in our sleep. Rest assured, he Happy Reading!