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The White Dove The Tesla Society 2/24/2014 Issue 3

Other News: 

In the wake of the extraordinarily

M a t ch o f T h e Ce n t u r y On Tuesday, the 18th of February, representatives from India and Germany went head to head in a furious game of Ping Pong on the fourth floor of The Academy.

successful Lego

forceful approach.

Movie, Bionical

India narrowly won the first set, then

announces a

lost the next to Germany. The third and


final set of what was originally intended to be a five-set game, was

The representative from Germany,

interrupted when Germany pulled a

Claus Ernst, is a Mathematics professor

muscle and was forced to cede the

and rules over the dreaded realm of

game to India.

CPS. His opponent, Nitin Krishna is a student at The Academy currently specializing in power analyses.

watches throughout Kentucky, Officials are

Good times were had by all, and India

asking all red

affirmed that this is not to be an

shod individuals

isolated incident, saying “expect

A close game from the start, Germany

another Ping Pong game to happen

played a controlled and subtle game,

again soon!”


to remain sheltered for the duration.

while his opponent took a more

A n n o u n c e m e n t : Ne w S e c t ion

Waldo found. The search for

Recently, a list of the

section (*ahem, not our

will be leaving The

Waldo spanned

potential new Exalted

fault*), we have decided

Academy next year,

an entire

Overlords has fallen into

to mostly reappropriate

many of these applicants

the space. Each week will

childhood, but

our hands. We are

would bring new and

choosing not to ask

include an individual

interesting things to this

ended when he

Locke where he got it.

profile on a different

Academy. Moreover, we

Finding this new


believe you should know

As sad as it is that the

what you’re getting into.

current Exalted Overlord

-The Editors

information increasingly more interesting than a non-existent personal

was discovered behind the picnic tables on page 3, officials say.

meleon Liz, at the wheel of her school bus, a vehicle with an uncanny ability to change


its shape and function. When asked how she would

Submit online by Saturday

Valerie Felicity Frizzle

encourage students as Exalted

Mrs. Fizzle is a science teach-

Overlord, she said would in-

er with a background in pri-

spire them to “take chances,

mary education. She is pic-

make mistakes, and get

tured here with her pet cha-


Advice From a Formerly Dead Man

The Tesla Society

I, Rasputin, have decided to offer the inhabitants of this academy some life advice from my vast stores of experience. One, make sure to make friends. Friends that can support you, that can be useful. You never know when you need to slowly tear apart a regime from the inside and out, and the sad truth is, you can’t do it alone. Additionally, always have back up options. You are subject to failure, no matter what you may have grown up thinking. Third, get to know important people. You never know when you can save somebody’s son and make a friend for life (then refer to point one). Lastly, don’t give up. Just keep coming back, and coming back, and coming back. –Rasputin.

666 Limbo The First Circle, Hell theteslasociety @theteslasociety theteslasociety Please submit all Letters to the Editors, Ask Judys, and Personals online.

A sk Ju d y

I’d really rather not go into it, thank you very

From Anonymous:

life, a chapter of my existence I do my best to

How did you die? Dear Anonymous, I wouldn’t expect you to understand as you are currently in some form or another, living, but that is just not something you ask a person, or ghost as it were. That is an extremely personal question and

much. My death was merely another event of my forget as I try to make the best of the afterlife. The worst thing about being trapped between realms is really just the incessant state of boredom. Please show some respect for the dead. Eternally Yours, Judy


Issue Three. A fierce ping-pong battle is fought within and Judy struggles with a difficult question.

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