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Supplement June 2010







(Augusta Sagnelli) :

of dyslexic mind and short body, leave... George Farro: Movie weekends, black cherry soda, salt and vinegar chips, banana peppers, sour cream, all other snickey-snacks, and my entire family, (including Rosie). Rachel Naumann: Okra paint, musicals, and the reputation as the sassiest model in front of the camera. Lane Sharnsky: A reserved appointment for your wedding photography and an invitation to my wedding, guaranteed. Shivali Khetan: Cosmopolitan magazine, trash talk, and full responsibility for George Farro. Jenny Raymond: Who-jah-bless, too many yearbook photobooth pictures, ridiculous Columbia notepads, and a weekend to visit me in Cali. Can’t stop you now. Lizzie Hart: The yearbook room, late nights, all of the playful insults we’ve ever exchanged, and maybe some of my clothes. Taylor Johnson: Three more years in this place, family vacations, and Dante.


Good year (2,010)

(Lauren Sass) :


just y I d i m hy d un by W r : ) a (203 a gorill .. . see room? s clas

Bad year (0)

(203): All the fish in the class fish tank just died a nd all the soap is m issing.

of blonde mind and cheeseburger body, leave...

My sister Tricia: My car, a license, someone else’s closet to steal clothes from, and a train ticket to D.C. FH: A state championship win, an open campus, and more parking spaces for seniors. Danielle: Frogs and Nya. Laura: Surgicream. Meghan: Cristiano Ronaldo. Lexa: The nucleus. Sam: Elegance is learned. Morgan: OC, a stupid piece of grass, and A&F.

Brooks Institute of Photography

Catholic University of America

Good year (2,010)

Bad year (0)

(Mollie Siebert) :

of global mind and organic body, leave...

Amanda: A water bottle, my mom, cupcakes, a tent, bad chick flicks, and Cosí Caesar salads. Jon: Frogs, puns, witty remarks, “being” the car, Snapple, and v-necks. Lee: High fives, Paolo Nutini, double entendres, and your tie dye shirt. Alex: Nothing from my room, my car (unfortunately), Darren Criss, and parenthood. Molly: Headstands and my parallel life. Allison: The miner frame, really awkward things, and a Westhill elevator key. Vicki: Yoga and tofu from Kit’s Thai Kitchen. Lane: Spain and my tennis racquet. Ali: Patrik’s scooter. The girls’ tennis team: Lots of luck next year and a real hospitality table! David: A friendship bracelet that I made in biology. Kia: Broccoli and nice boyfriends. Laura: More math to come and all my babysitting jobs. Nate: Monty Python and team test taking. Danielle: A triple date with Amanda and all the smiles in the world!


Macalester College

Good year (2,010)

Bad year (0)


S upplement classroom ?... of blonde mind and cheese- burger body, leave... of global mind and organic body, leave... of dyslexic mind and s...

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