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Supplement June 2010







(Alison Pomerance) :

of gullible mind and tan body, leave...

Klaudia: My food pantry, BTC, even if they stop me, cap and gown, FL x2, and my bed. Willie: Halloween, a parking pass, an iPod, Mario Party 8, and Soundtigers season tickets. Vanessa: “Borrowed” clothes, Advil and other meds for your head, and Audi twins. Elle: Things I owe you, your scarf, hibachi, and someone who understands calc. Victoria: A new Brutus, a note-passing messenger, and POMMY. Lilia: A smile, all my Juicys, BTC, and a strapless bra. Martha: An extra pair of pants, GOF, a person to pick out your outfits, and Steve Madden boots. Michele: GOF, lots of fiber, license, and chocolate covered pretzels. Lauren: Horsehairs, 11:11, the losers, and trips to Texas. Ali S.: A date with Lebron and Jay-Z tickets. Katie H: Bombshell, blackberry, S the hottie, and napkins. Brandon: The car, money, and a spot in Austin in two years. GSQUAD: Our obsession. The tennis team: Rides on Patrik’s scooter, a win over Greenwich, and WINNER game.


University of Texas at Austin

Good year (2,010)

Bad year (0)

(Stacey Rupolo) :

of scattered mind and hungry body, leave...

Tori: Good chip nachos, Eggly Bagelface, Skeletor P. Funk, “Awaken, Awaken, Awaken,” nights in LBI, air freshener, a baby swing, dancing in September, and “Do I have to put pants on for this?” Kara: Sink-da-boat, woolly mammoth, a photograph so you can take pictures with your brain, The Constitution to the Universe, all the movies we ever said we were going to watch together, and the longest friendship of my life. May it never end. Peter: My Edward Cullen cardboard cut out, all of your snacks that my friends ate, and permission to hang out at Fort Stamford. Danny: A marriage that could have been and Danielle Behunick. Katie: Lollercoasters, dumpster lobsters, Hi-chew, RIP Bruce, being good at life, and vaka. Matty: Cat-nip, Brain Holocaust, and Liz Sue. Dylan: Dill hand(le)s, an arm flailing inflatable tube man, and some car drawings. Tyler: Srimp. Paul: Ice cream dates and saying my name really loudly. Selena: Getting deck, and deet-duh-da-leet. Shivali: A better...I mean an actual independent study final project partner, fourth period dates, catching hipster/indie references, a Facebook wall-to-wall that never ends, all the tennis comments ever, and toe TIM GUN cleavage. Erin: Seeking sanctuary in the English department, “Oh my god I have so many pages,” everything Skyler and Dan do, courtsey, Paul Simon, Passion Pit, and Latin all day, every day. Alex: An amazing back scratch, a new phone, and the luck of never getting a B in college. James: A pillow fort, hugs, and cheers to getting out alive. Julia: Easter eggs and your birthday present. Willy: A Boston University sense of propriety, a quieter voice, and some fast food. Ian: My pool and a new person to copy Latin work from in college. Gary: A box of mozzarella sticks. Jaime: Music and a black toilet. Dave Markowitz: Latin work and my weird faces. Katie, Becca, Dan, Daniela, Marissa, and Danny: A more present and competent Managing Editor. The Westword: Access to all my technology, my health and sanity, and some food.


Good year (2,010)

(Vicki Rybl) :

of cynical mind and bodacious body, leave...

Catie Matheny: An endless supply of Irma cushions. Karolina Kowalczyk: A cute little 10 mL beaker. Alana Kasindorf: A small Afghan child. Alex Lewis: My push-up bra and our marriage. Allie Shapiro: A date with Mr. Johnson. Will Hart and the rest of tech crew: Free candy... and speaking of tech, I leave you guys a miracle for next year. Jackie Abbott: My life, since we’re the same person and all. Elizabeth Coyman: “The medication doesn’t work!” and a bunion regulator. Andrew McNichols: Some Cruzcampo. Sylvia Chun: A large amount of trendy clothes (so I can borrow them). Marissa Friedman: PETEY and Eric America Wessan. Stephen Emerick: Classy wedding invitations. Erin Stanton: Singing cockroaches. Last but certainly not least I leave Gary Carriero a glass of water for Elizabeth Coyman!


Northeastern University

Good year (2,010)

Bad year (0)

Bad year (0)


of cynical mind and bodacious body, leave... of scattered mind and hungry body, leave... of gullible mind and tan body, leave... University...