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Supplement June 2010







(David Markowitz) :

of vivacious mind and spotless body, leave...

Zac Krowitz: Aleph Gadol. Jessica Rebholz: My English anthology. James Forde: A trophy wife. Martha Masiarz: A watch. Shivali Khetan: My Kid Cudi album. Ameya Sampat: Gas money. Andrew Masi: A copy of The Westword. Andrew McNichols: A blank plane ticket. Annie Cohen: A daily planner so as not to miss appointments. Ashar Hafeez: A laminated hall pass. Caitlin Matheny: A greeting every morning. Daniel Gomez: My javelin. Elizabeth Quartararo: A cnidarian! Gary Carriero: A lot of hot chocolate mix. Ian Macbeth: Nothing, I play for keeps! Jaime Manela: My sheepskin seats. Jake Levensohn: My signed baseball bat. Jake Marshall: Ice cream for running so much in cross country. Jake Sabbah: A Caecilius shirt. Josh Friedman: My car keys. Mike Masiarz: My Latin spirit. Kevin Ferri: An autographed Frisbee. Lee Gordon: My poker skills. Marielle Martiney: Bose noise-canceling headphones. Matthew Santagata: A Kleenex. Michelle Greenman: Fronds. Peter Matusiewicz: Not a smug look. Ronak Mehta: All of my college apparel. Ryan Curto: My art history notes (or lack thereof). Tommy McCartney: Not bread. Zach Eisen: My nickname. Zach Matarasso: Four more years of me. Bobby Kober: A bout with the champ. Mike Milone: My fresh whip. Chris Ehrlich: Spranx. George Farro: Anything you want baby. Alex Lewis: My APES memories. Paul Clapps: A copy of Aladdin. Erin Stanton: Gum to chew in Latin. Katie Mandel: The OC on DVD. Anjali Khetan: My love. Anna Schlessinger: Caterpillars. Carnegie


Good year (2,010)

Mellon University

Bad year (0)

(Marielle Martiney) :

of city-girl mind and fearless body, leave...

Martha Masiarz: My only sweatshirt, a canoe, brownies, my messiness, and many city trips (train tickets included). Ali Pomerance: Hibachi lunch dates, a non-existing tan, a lifetime supply of calculus lessons, and my blue scarf (to be returned at the end of the summer). Lilia: Coco Nails, freshman memories on bus 205, and Burrito Loco nights. Mike Masiarz: An essay and an older sister. Leonard Logsdail: A firmly liberal disposition and endless opportunities for mocking them. Catie: WALL-E and EVE, a pregnant chipmunk, and my cheating skills. To the future seniors thinking of taking Independent Study: All the passionate hard work, endless dedication, diligence, and commitment of fourth period. (Shivali Khetan, Stacey Rupolo and Allie Shapiro). John Hoo: My Vice-President position in GHE, DQ, and my only CD of indie music. David Markowitz: A Nutri-Grain, oh wait, Nature Valley bar. Paul Clapps: PAUL CLAPPS. Mr. Hoffman: All my tardies and late arrivals, it adds up to quite a lot.


Good year (2,010)

(Martha Masiarz) :

of an out there mind and a hip popping body, leave... Ellie: Constant laughter and a bond like no other. Michele: A “polar opposite” best friend, cheese, and an authentic BC hockey stick. Elle: Phone convos and constant problems. Bobby: Road trips! Leonard: A best friend that you’re too comfortable with. Klaudia: 2400 square feet forever and ever. Doug: “I can” and a clean car that smells nice! Ali Pomerance: The GOF and someone to always have a good time with. Lilia: A sister like me! Karolina: A 12 year old friendship. Alana: “Study sessions.” Alex Pollio: My twin and Alejandro. Grosso: From hate to love! Steven Lee: A girlfriend. Ritika: Someone else to stress with. Erin: Someone to make tea with. Paul:. Monika: Miss Polonia! Bulls Head Crew: Always down. Debate and Mock Trial: The question. FH: Ish on heads! Lax: Another Marthy Masz. Henry: A bus buddy, a friend who’s always there, sleepovers with Doug, and the Polish Church. Mike: My legacy, car, and siblings that are as cool as us.


Wake Forest University

Good year (2,010)

Bad year (0)

Princeton University Bad year (0)

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the car next to me full of S upplement (203): On the way to school, I was bustin’ a of an out there mind and a hip popping body, leave... of...

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