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Supplement June 2010


L L I H T S E W M O FR (203): First period has become optional. If I’m too tired, I sleep in my car.



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(Kevin Ferri) :

Good year (2,010)

Bad year (0)

Indiana University

Good year (2,010)

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Temple University

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(George Farro) :

The Westword (but mostly Shivali): My senior bio. I mean senior will.

Everyone: Anything they want... my grandfather is Dolph Schayes.


Bad year (0)

(James Forde) :

of distracted mind and distracting body, leave...

Cody: B…. then Eduardo and Happy Fun-time Play Shark. Dan: Stale Yodels and barrel juices. Brian B.: B-Flat scale. Will: MY Belt. Ellie: Melanin. Rachel: Mike the tutor. Tyler: The wall. George: All of my special. Brian S.: The 100 back. Shiv: Vaseline with aloe. Jenny A.: Wendy’s? Lane: An argument. Gary: Brace for impact. Joey: FnBs. Zach: He sails?! I’m gonna ruin this kid. Bobby: The list. Dave Marks: No trophy wives here, Bertone. Julia: Some help for the Terrapins. Ronak: A turn at the board. Katie: Smile for me. Stacey: Westword late night savior hugs. Tori: The best postcards ever. Ian: Thats 8.75 a day, but gotta subtract 1,000 for…


Wesleyan University

Good year (2,010)

Bad year (0)


of distracted mind and distracting body, leave... S upplement shirt...only I’m playing spoons. of go healthy early mind and I went healthy e...

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