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Sports June 2010


Elissa Miolene / Photo Editor

Hanging with the best

Freshmen make their mark in first year Martha Masiarz Distibution Manager

As many talented and accomplished seniors graduate, the Westhill community is left to think about the future of school athletics. However, numerous freshmen are already competing and succeeding at Varsity levels. After discussing various athletes at Westhill, Athletic Director Mr. King came up with six of the best freshmen athletes. Interestingly, only one male athlete is mentioned. The athletes include Morgan Kurtz for basketball and softball, Megan D’Alessandro for volleyball, basketball, and softball, Tammy Wise for basketball and softball, Evan Shaulson for ice hockey and lacrosse, Nicole Ambrosecchio for cross country and indoor/outdoor track, and C.C. Figluizzi-Bingham for soccer. Mr. King said, “These are some standouts who are going to be the future of the Westhill program.” Morgan Kurtz is a player for both the basketball and softball teams. On the court, she served as

a forward/guard and played second base/outfield on the field. Kurtz has been playing softball for ten years now and will continue her passion by making a significant impact on one of the best teams in the state. “I worked really hard to get on Varsity, so it was nice achievement to see my work pay

sport because of the fast pace and the fact that you’re never stopping,” D’Alessandro said. The Westhill community should hope to see D’Alessandro come back and help all three teams to victory next year. Tammy Wise is yet another athlete who is a basketball and

playing time as a defenseman on the Varsity ice hockey team. For lacrosse, he was one of the only freshmen to have his name placed on the Varsity roster and was chosen to be a defenseman as well. Already competing at the Varsity level, it is evident that Shaulson will be an important asset for the

As many talented and accomplished seniors graduate, the Westhill community is left to think about the future of school athletics. However, numerous freshmen are already competing and succeeding at Varsity levels. off,” Kurtz said. One of Westhill’s most valuable athletes is Megan D’Alessandro, who is a tri-season athlete. She began her year with the freshman volleyball team, which was close to undefeated. When she made the transition to basketball, she was a starter for the Varsity team playing forward by the end of the season. For softball, D’Alessandro was placed on the Varsity roster and has had the opportunity to play in games as a third baseman and pitcher. “Basketball is my favorite

softball player. Being a guard and a catcher require different athletic talents, and Wise is able to use her skills to be successful in both. Already a Varsity letterman for both sports, fans can be sure to expect Wise on the court and field making a significant impact. Mr. King believed that Wise had “the goal to get on to Varsity.” Evan Shaulson is the only male athlete mentioned and has truly helped the Westhill athletic program. During the winter season, Shaulson received valuable

hockey and lacrosse teams for years to come. “It was great to get an assist against Stamford High [in the regular season Varsity lacrosse game],” Shaulson said. Shaulson also scored two goals for the freshman lacrosse team in the last game of the season, against Hamden. According to Mr. King, one of the most accomplished freshmen is Ambrosecchio. During cross-country season, Ambrosecchio placed seventh in the FCIACs amongst runners who have years over her. Ambrosecchio quali-

fied for FCIACs for both outdoor and indoor track. During outdoor track, Ambrosechio ran a 5:22 mile, beating her personal record by seven seconds. Ambrossechio even made the All FCIAC team for cross country. With three more years still to come from Ambrosechio, it is safe to say that the Westhill cross country and track teams will be solid. When it comes to soccer, C.C. Figluizzi-Bingham is definitely an example to follow. She began the season as a Varsity player and by the State Tournament was a key starter. As a center-mid, FigluizziBingham needed the skills and endurance to allow her team to achieve as much as possible. “I trained really hard and had to be in good shape. I’ve been playing soccer my whole life and it was my goal to make the Varsity team,” she said. Figluizzi-Bingham also plays for the Olympic Development Program (ODP) of Connecticut. ODP trains only the best players in every state. With such accomplishments by freshmen, Westhill should not have any doubts about its athletic future.