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Feature Westhill include working with the Stamford community to sponsor the ninth grade trips to the Opera, working with Nancy Brett and Dr. Lisa Forbes on NEASC, learning from her students in and out of the classroom, and seeing them reach their dreams. Colleague, close friend, and English teacher Ms. Brown described Ms. Arase as a tireless worker who does administrative work even during vacation. “It’s hard to imagine what Westhill will be like without her, without her wisdom, her funny sense of humor, her devotion to the color blue, love of jewelry, and mad passion for cars,” Ms. Brown said. After retiring, Mrs. Arase hopes to read everything that has been on her reading list for the past 10 years and spend time with her grandchildren and family. She also wishes to fulfill her dream of seeing the world, to teach at the college level, and to use every opportunity that comes her way. As for Westhill, Ms. Arase hopes “that the dream will live on” for many years to come.

her children graduated Westhill in the classes of 1997 and 1998. Now a valued staff member and friend to all those in the Westhill community, Ms. Sibilio is leaving school to travel and explore other parts of the world. “I am going to Florida to a friend’s house, but I hope to travel to new places that I have never been to,” Ms. Sibilio said. When asked about what she loves most about Westhill, Ms. Sibilio smiled and said, “Everything.” She pondered for a moment and then said, “I love the kids, the diversity, my great ‘peeps’ [teachers who she mentors].” Ms. Sibilio was the class advisor of the 2009 senior class, and is currently the advisor for the Class of 2013. She said that holding these advisor positions and also being the Director of Student Activities has made her experi-

ence at Westhill all the more incredible. “I have learned a lot from all the people I have met at this school. Being a teacher at Westhill and also being a mentor, class advisor, and director of student activities has really made my time at this school an amazing experience. The people here are great and I will miss everyone,” Ms. Sibilio said. If you have never had Ms. Sibilio as a teacher, you are truly missing out. Her great energy and positive spirit inspires her students to achieve their goals in and out of the classroom. As sophomore Brittani Khristen said, “Ms. Sibilio is a fun and loving teacher. She will be missed.” “I wish for the school to continue and maintain its level of excellence,” Ms. Sibilio said as her final hope for the Westhill community.

Ms. Arase LINDSEY SIMON Staff Writer Ms. Sibilio, born in Stamford, came to Westhill in 2004 as a biology, physical science, and earth science teacher. She previously taught at Dolan middle school. Both of

Ms. Sibilio

26 years in Business

Ms. Shyavitz

Ninth Grade Administrator Annette Arase is retiring at the end of this school year. Ms. Arase is a native New Yorker and has worked at Westhill for 34 years. When she came to Westhill, Ms. Arase was an English teacher specializing in eleventh grade

Honors and Advanced Placement classes. She then became the English Department head and later became a grade administrator. As Grade Administrator, Ms. Arase was also in charge of the English and Drama departments. Between her time as English Department Head and as administrator, Ms. Arase hired almost every teacher presently in the English Department. Ms. Arase was also chair of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Committee (NEASC). In addition, she was involved with arranging Shakespeare Day, Authors Days, assemblies for guest lecturers, and trips to museums in the Stamford area. In drama, Ms. Arase enjoyed producing all of the musicals since West Side Story, being involved with drama productions, and traveling to the Connecticut Drama Association (CDA) with the Northstars. Other favorite experiences of hers at

17 years in Unified Arts

Ms. Carter


Mr. Treadwell

A farewell to retiring staff

20 years in Academy of Finance

Thank you for your dedication; you will be missed! Photo of Ms. Arase Courtesy of All other photos by Elissa Miolene / Photo Editor


Thank you for your dedication; you will be missed! Ms. Carter 26 years in Business 20 years in Academy of Finance 17 years in Unified Arts J...

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