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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SGA-West Georgian conflict resolved Samantha Godwin funding by the SGA in July. comments to The West Georgian Staff writer With the argument settled, the website, and wrote dozens of SGA and The West Georgian Letters to the Editor. Britt Cole, a hope to improve their strained West Georgian Staff Writer, even As Former Editor-in-Chief, relationship. wrote a rebuttal entitled “Great Ellis Smith, and SGA President, “It was really hectic over to be Greek,” which argued Alan Webster, laughed and the summer, and we don’t need that Lovell unfairly stereotyped conversed with one another near any more negativity right now,” members of Greek fraternities The West Georgian and sororities. While table at Summer Cole and other students Orientation on June merely labeled Lovell’s 26, the arduous, heated satire as mean-spirited debate over newspaper and biased, others sought funding finally seemed to punish the newspaper to reach a close. as a whole. Following The West Only one day after Georgian’s publication the article’s publication, of “Join a Frat with the SGA’s “Suspension of Buck Futter, Jr.,” by the West Georgian” bill Jacob Lovell, a satire threatened to terminate on Greek organizations, the West Georgian by the SGA passed a bill cutting its finances. that eliminated all Immediately, Smith and newspaper funding various Free Speech and sparked over two advocates asserted that photo by maggie hills months of Freedom of the SGA’s decision Speech debates. After Former Editor-in-Chief Ellis Smith and others involved in the defied the constitution SGA-West Georgian conflict communicated through e-mail to negotiations with the work through the issue. Smith contacted outside groups to aid and the law. In a letter to Student Activity Fee him in putting down the SGA bill. Dr. Melanie McClellan, General Guidelines Smith asserted that over (SAFBA), letters to President Webster said. “Its time to put this 60 court decisions, including Sethna and numerous faculty all behind us, and make it a great Tinker v. DeMoines and members, and involvement with year at West Georgia.” Bazaar v. Fortune, “have been the Foundation for Individual The controversy began from unanimous in their agreement Rights in Education (FIRE), the moment the Lovell article hit that the First Amendment forbids The West Georgian was finally the stands. Within a few days, almost all censorship of studentawarded a $7600 increase in students posted over two hundred edited publications by college

UWG welcomes class of 2013

Nicole Head Copy editor

Wednesday evening marked the annual Welcome Back Celebration, the first campus event held for the fall semester. Love Valley swarmed with freshmen who eagerly participated in activities, proud sororities and fraternities who displayed their letters on t-shirts and baseball caps, and a plethora of students who indulged in the free food and sought solace under the shade of the trees. The event kicked off at 6 p.m. and featured a DJ stationed at the gazebo, file photo cotton candy, snow cones and a t-shirt Summer movies revealed design booth. -Page 12 Staying true to tradition, the UWG band marched a line of freshmen and Weekly Weather Forecast upperclassmen to the campus entrance Today on Maple Street to participate in the annual lighting of the flame for the class of 2013. “Go Wolves, Go!” could be heard throughout campus as the Partly Cloudy, High 91 band lead an enthusiastic rendition of Thursday Friday the UWG fight song along the way. The ceremony was opened by SGA President Alan Webster, who High 80’s High 80s welcomed the crowd of freshmen and upperclassmen to a new semester. Sunday Saturday “This is our biggest year yet, and I am



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One Crowded Bus

Arts & Entertainment

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High 80’s



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Students crowd into one of several new buses to get around campus.

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The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 2 — Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hollapalooza solves weekend boredom

Corryn Fraser Staff writer

packed with participants. For those intimidated by the inflatable obstacle course, a variety of activities, booths and DJ John Vandiver from the Irish Bread Pub kept the entertainment flowing throughout the evening.

Aramark and Residence Life celebrated the beginning of another school year on Saturday with the annual Hollapalooza festival in Love Valley as a part of the Best Week Ever event. Hollapalooza is meant to bring together on-campus residents from various resident halls and off-campus UWG residents, as well. With new faces and buildings around campus, the event in conjunction with the Best Week Ever program was created to unite students and encourage them to spend their weekends on-campus. “It’s meant to be an enticing program that will be one of many events to challenge students to stay on campus, said Dawn Palmer, a Hollapalooza event coordinator. Occupied by inflatables and cotton candy, Love Valley resembled a carnival and was

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Aramark provided the food for the evening which included burgers, pop corn, refreshments and more. A giant blue striped

tent was set up for the students to sit and eat while enjoying the festivities and many students could be spotted carrying bags of popcorn and cotton candy as they explored the grounds. Lines of excited students quickly formed for the three inflatable machines; however the longest line was for the Bob Comeans, the caricature artist who claimed to be able to draw students’ faces in “three minutes or less.” Students also participated in raffles which included $400 in University Bookstore gift certificate Reslife pens, key chains and sticky notes to promote the ResStar Program. “ResStar is a 24-hour call center,” said Palmer, “It’s a way of connecting students to their Resident Assistants in a time of need.” Prior to ResStar, Resident Assistant hours were limited to 8am to 5pm; however, the new program has implemented 24hour assistance and includes Greek Village.

Thanks to fair weather, Hollapalooza participants succeeded in finding amusement for the evening through socializing, enjoying music and even partaking in a pick up game of Frisbee. Residence Life and the Hollapalooza staff hope that the Best Week Ever events will encourage more students to spend their leisure time oncampus this year.

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Review of summer marks acknowledgements Danielle Davidson News editor

been invited back to UWG to serve as the acting VP of Academic Affairs,” said Stone. “From a review of the new strategic plan, it looks to be an exciting and busy year ahead, UWG was as active as ever this and I am pleased to be a part of this effort. summer, and here’s a quick recap of the Despite the current budget challenges, main events. with everyone working together, we can accomplish much to be proud of.” Largest Graduation for UWG Sethna, Hynes, and McIntyre Awarded The latest graduating class held a record Prestige number of graduate and undergraduate students: almost 850 walked across the In early June, the Atlanta Business stage. The ceremony was also the first Chronicle named three UWG administrators commencement in the Coliseum, which in the second annual list of Educationa had opened recently in the spring. “Who’s Who.” President Beheruz Sethna, Many students placed masking tape on Richards College of Business Dean Faye their caps, sending messages like “Hire McIntyre and former Vice President of me!” and “Hi, Mom.” UWG continues to Academic Affairs Thomas Hynes made grow in size and capacity, increasing the the top list of important personages in student population by approximately 2,000 the national scope of higher education. new freshmen. The award honors both the recipients and UWG as a school of quality educators and VPAA Switch-off administrators.

“I am honored to serve as chair of ARCHE’s board at this important point in the organization’s history,” said Sethna. “I am privileged to serve with 19 exceptional presidential colleagues who make it their business each day to further the cause of higher education in Georgia and to further the cause of economic and intellectual development in our state.”

Dr. Thomas Hynes, former UWG vice president for academic affairs, left in early June to become interim president for Clayton State University. After over 10 years as VPAA, Hynes said he will “miss the everyday students and faculty members that do so much to make this a great place.” Dr. Sandra Stone, formerly the interim director of the Applied Research Center at Southern Polytechnic State University, filled Hynes’ empty role close after his departure. Stone started her teaching career at UWG in 1996, working her way up the system to Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives before moving to SPSU. “I am delighted and honored to have

Sethna Elected ARCHE Chair

Another Great Professor Gone

In early July, President Beheruz Sethna began serving as chair for the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education after being elected by the ARCHE board of trustees. ARCHE, founded in 1938, works as a nonprofit organization composed of 20 colleges and universities in the metro Atlanta area. ARCHE’s goals include “strengthening public support for higher education, promoting economic and community development and advancing the Atlanta region as a premier place to live, learn, work, and play,” according to a UWG press release.

Dr. Michael Crafton, a professor of English, accepted the position of interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs for Clayton State University beginning this fall. Highly regarded within the Department of English and Philosophy, Crafton started his teaching career at UWG in 1986 and evolved into an expert of medieval literaure, Chaucer, the Bayeux Tapestry, and the English language. Crafton has published dozens of highly acclaimed academic works, and founded AISA, the Association for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Arts.

APPA Award for Excellence UWG and the Department of Campus Planning and Facilities received the prestigious APPA Award in mid July. APPA promotes and acknowledges leadership and excellence in educational facilities on an international scale. CPF boasts more than 140 employees, who work on the landscapes, green space, energy conservation, and buildings. The award was presented in Vancouver to Michael Renfrow, assistant vice president of CPF.

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The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 3 — Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buses, Shelters and Routes— all new Ellis Smith Webmaster

in case of power loss, and tougher suspensions to help deal with UWG’s elevated crosswalks. Mark Reeves has One of the made a number of changes most important new and improvements to the components, which work student transportation in conjunction with the system in recent years, ‘kneeling’ function, is but his newest venture a wheelchair ramp that – the purchase of three new buses – is the most substantial yet. The three ‘kneeling’ buses, so-named because they hydraulically lower themselves to curb level, will join the UWG bus fleet this week to make 10 buses total. The new buses, which are identical to those in the University of Georgia’s state-of-the-art bus fleet, seat 30 and can stand close to 70. They include messaging boards on the front and sides to identify their route, and use optical beams to count the number of students quickly unfolds from entering and exiting the steps in seconds. For each bus. This allows a handicapped student the administration to to enter one of the old adjust routes if necessary buses, a complicated to respond to changing procedure was required student demand. that involved the driver In addition, the putting the bus in park, buses include new safety walking to the back of features, such as manual the bus, and manually overrides for critical operating a slow components like the doors hydraulic elevator. The From

new system, which can be maneuvered into place quickly while the driver remains seated, promises to save time for students rushing to class. These features are pricey, with buses running at around $360,000 apiece, but Reeves was

Reeves and his secondin-command, William “Buddy” Lambert, have reconfigured the routes and bus stops to increase efficiency, decrease waiting times, and make buses more predictable. All bus stops have been changed over from

photo by terrence rushin

able to save money by working with UGA. “We saved money and time by going by the UGA specs and piggybacking on their contract,” Reeves said, thereby taking advantage of the bulk discount manufactures give to the second largest bus fleet in Georgia. In addition to new buses,

solar power to regular power for safety reasons, have been repaired if necessary, and in some cases moved or enlarged - as with the new double shelter outside the UCC. Reeves and Lambert have also attempted to move bus stops out of parking lots in order to speed up service.

Although some students are upset that they may have to walk farther in order to board the bus and have formed a protest group on Facebook, administrators note that stops have been reconfigured so that few, if any parking spaces are more than a four minute walk from the nearest bus stop. Students have complained about parking and transportation issues since the 1970s, but relief now seems at hand. Along with the new buses, the administration has recently built several new parking lots which rarely reach capacity, and the new bus routes are designed to quickly shuttle students from their cars to classes in record time. The only downside for students is that as a result of no longer having a dysfunctional transportation system, parking enforcement will now be 24 hours a day, the rules will no longer be relaxed after 5 p.m., as has been customary in the past, so students are advised to follow the parking rules, no matter what time of day it is.

SGA Front Page

administrators.” In an email to The West Georgian on April 26, 2009, however, Webster argued that his decision to cut funding “was not necessarily written in response to Lovell’s article. It relates more to a building issue over time with improper allotment of student activities funds that should otherwise be going to organizations that would promote unity.” According to Smith, however, “Alan Webster told me firsthand on the phone that he specifically ‘couldn’t allow student fees to go to a publication that publishes this type of article.” While some students continued to debate the constitutional and legal issues surrounding the decision, others criticized the West Georgian for lacking editorial discretion. Smith, however, argued that “charges of racism or other charges have yet to be proven or even brought to the newspaper in most cases…in cases where they have been brave enough to confront us, we have always been able to correct the misunderstanding.” Furthermore, he asserted that cuts would make editing more difficult. “Regulating comments on the website, increasing the quality of written articles, etc., required more hours that the existing staff had to spare,” he said in an email to Adam Kissel, a FIRE member, on July 21. During the Student Activities Fee General Guidelines (SAFBA) meeting, the debates became even more intense. After

the West Georgian failed to attend a SAFBA committee meeting, SAFBA decided to cut funding by $11, 500. In an email to The West Georgian on Jun 1, Dr. Melanie McClellan wrote, “a primary driving factor behind the SAFBA’s funding recommendation was that the West Georgian requested a hearing with the committee, then did not show up.” Smith, however, argued that a “time conflict” prevented any West Georgian representative from attending the meeting. McCellan further justified the West Georgian budget reduction by pointing out that the paper does not fully utilize its funds. “Some members of the committee reasoned that, if you were able to complete your work for $6,000 less than you had budgeted for FY 09, you should be able to complete your work for FY 10 on a reduced budget. FYI, the West Georgian finished the year with $7,266 of their budget unspent,” she said on June 1. Moreover, the committee members also supported the reduction by arguing that The West Georgian’s decision to pay its faculty sponsor with SAFBA funds defied SAFBA policy. According to an email from Melanie McClellan on June 1, “their decision to not fund the faculty advisor was appropriate, given the SAFBA guidelines…the letter to all organizations and departments which received funding included the sentence, ‘you must also keep in mind that no professional staff salaries may be paid out of the SAFBA monies.”

Trent Ross, a SAFBA committee member, also agreed. “I was in favor of cutting their funds by about 7, 000 due to their using SAFBA money to pay full-time professional employees.” Yet of the 11, 500 reduction, the committee offered no explanation for the remaining 4, 500 reduction, which led many to believe that censorship primarily drove the SAFBA decision. According to Ross, “I only voted for the decrease in the amount that they were paying the professional employee and nothing more,” which only accounts for a $7000 reduction. “It is clear that while most organizations were funded above or at their previous levels, The West Georgian was discriminated against because it was ‘not responsive to the needs of students’, which is a phrase that smacks of content-related censorship,” Smith said in an email to Dr. McClellan. Eventually, McClellan agreed with Smith’s assessment, and concluded, “it does appear that for some members of the committee, their decision was ‘contentmotivated,’ in that they expressed concern over inaccurate reporting and the online blog content and the negative impression those created for readers outside the campus.” With a new Editor-in-Chief, improved relations with the SGA and more money to dedicate to improving the editing and writing quality of the West Georgian, the West Georgian looks forward to a fresh start.

Freshman Forecast: How UWG handling the student influx Krystal Horne Staff writer An increase in enrollment at the University of West Georgia is marked by the significant amount of registered freshman entering the fall 2009 semester. This semester alone, there are approximately 1,893 new freshmen at UWG

out of a total of around 3,333 students, which also includes about 290 transfer freshmen. “This is an approximate number since, the final report won’t be released for a while,” said Kathleen Wagstaff, assistant director of news services at University Communications and Marketing, “it changes daily due to issues such as drop/ add and nonpayment of fees”.

With the arrival of a sizable freshman class, things are definitely changing. Before the Welcome Back Ceremony, one of the main events in welcoming the freshman class was the annual Light the Flame Ceremony. Sponsored by the UWG National Alumni, the marching band lead the class See


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The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 4 — Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dining survey results inspire change Catherine Mazhandu Staff writer Twice a year a dining survey is run, one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. The objective of the survey is to provide feedback to the Auxiliary office on what you, the students, think about the dining performance of your school.  Eleven of the thirteen schools in the district participate, and in this survey fifty percent of the participants were from here at West Georgia.  The results are therefore a clear portrayal of how you feel about the dining performance of the University of West Georgia.  Mark Reeves and John Lyons, Directors of the Auxiliary Services provided us with the results and information on what they do with the results.  “We value the input of students.  We want to know what the students think and like so that we implement changes to keep them happy,” Lyons said.  This is evident with the changes they are currently implementing.   According to the survey fifty-five percent of the participants from West Georgia believe the freshness of food is average so the school is currently trying to install bigger freezers and more fryers at Chick-fil-A so they can provide more freshly cooked food for the students. Fifty-six percent of the voters said the food quality was average and fifty-four percent believed the cleanliness was excellent.  Reeves commented on how

Welcome Front Page

honored to be a part of [it],” said Webster, “Go Wolves!” Webster’s introduction was followed this was due to the continuous inspections by a speech presented by the National the food providers go through, because Alumni Association. they want to ensure that we get the best A united howl rang out at UWG possible. President Beheruz Sethna’s amusement The survey showed that all of the as he continued the celebration by services, including speed of service, food encouraging all to participate in the variety, hours of operation, comfortable “Freshmen Howl.” He went on to explain and fun dining atmosphere, have improved the significance and history of the UWG since spring 2008 except for convenience.  flame. Auxiliary Services is now looking into a “In a dark room, one flame can light solution to provide food services on the it up,” said Sethna. “The flame represents other end of campus so as to make sure the knowledge and learning.” food services are all conveniently placed Sethna wished a great semester to the not only for on-campus residents but also students before joining Webster, Wolfie, commuters who took part in the survey.  a UWG alumna and Freshmen Lighting From previous surveys, the Auxiliary Representative Jordan Carr in lighting Services noticed that the students were the flame. unimpressed with the staff and the Everyone returned to Love Valley availability of healthy options. They to continue celebrating with music and then implemented staff training and more student activities. Despite a rain storm healthy food including signs and notices that temporarily dispersed the crowd, the about the food to help you make a good Bash ended with fireworks. decision about what to eat.  According to the students, this has greatly improved the From Freshmen Page 3 services and fifty percent of you rated the welcoming and friendly staff excellent of 2013 to the main campus entrance to and forty-three percent rated it average.  light the flame and kick off the academic During the staff orientation this year year. special time was taken to thank the staff Another area where big things are for their excellent service just to show happening is the food on campus. “We’ve them that not only do their employers feel got many exciting things happening grateful for their effort but the students do throughout the semester,” said Food also.  Service Director, John Lyons. “Are we perfect? No, but we’re always Options for these events include looking for ways to improve,” Lyons said. National Potato Day, Pajama Jam, perhaps “We try our best to do what the students the occasional Midnight Breakfast. want,” Reeves added after reminding us As UWG continues to set records and that most changes are done based on the make big changes, it could be said that the survey and encouraging all students to freshman forecast looks to be sunny and take part in the next survey. bright, with a few showers here and there.

PAGE 5 --- WEDNESDAY, August 19, 2009


Stadium awaits football season Nicole Head Copy Editor

university. The complex is expected to make a positive impact on the community. “The new facilities will attract additional students and add millions more to the local The University of West Georgia’s and regional economy through job growth, campus has experienced significant increased need for services and student changes in enrollment and appearance, and spending” said Director of Development after years of planning and development, the newest campus enhancement is on the verge of its grand opening. The University Stadium is complete and will open for the first home football game and tailgating event against Lambuth on September 5. Private fundraising and student fees have financed a considerable portion of the stadium project, which is a $34 million, 250-acre athletic complex. While the entire complex - which includes an administrative field house, women’s sports field house, softball field, soccer field and two football practice fields - is yet to be completed, the 9,000 seat football Nicole Worthington. stadium component is ready. The construction of University Stadium As anticipation grew during planning projects a promising future for the and construction, promotions and events university. such as Wolves’ Season Ticket Blitz sparked “The stadium and entire athletics an interest in participation and additional complex will contribute to the quality of funding from both the community and the student life at UWG,” said Worthington on

the stadium’s impact to the university. “All of the new facilities on campus are helping to distinguish UWG as a destination university.” According to Worthington, an agreement with the SGA has left stadium name designation as an open option for a potential major donor. The stadium website currently boasts an alumni campaign to rename the sports ground as “Alumni Stadium,” however, the official stadium name is University Stadium. A donation of $2.5 million is needed for the name change. Sponsorship is available through a variety of options. Limited opportunities such as the chair-back program, Recognition Tiles and Honor Columns are offered at specific donation levels for those interesting in supporting UWG photo by kim hahn athletics.  For more information about sponsorship and donations, contact Nicole Worthington at (678) 839-4099. For general information on the stadium and the West Georgia Wolves athletic schedule visit

Sittin’ Down with the Coach Danielle Davidson News Editor

Coliseum Hotline

UWG Sports acquired a new treasure over the summer, and he has a familiar face. Coach Skip Fite, previously the UWG assistant baseball coach from 1978 to 1981, returned to campus to reinvigorate the new team before fall training. Fite spent the last 25 years at Augusta State, closing his career there with a school record of 38 wins and leading the Jaguars to a 598-636-1 (.485) ledger. With over 600 wins in his professional coaching career, Fite brings a new level of game to UWG. Along with his stellar career record, Fite believes in basic tactics for a good season: “Success is not the amount of games you win. Success will come if you do the right things. Get quality people in a good program, and it will happen.” The West Georgian had the chance to sit down with Coach Fite and discover his history and goals for UWG. The West Georgian: Thanks for talking with us. So when did you first become interested in baseball? Skip Fite: Well, first of all, I’m just so excited to be here and to get involved with UWG again. As for baseball, a lot of it was hereditary. My dad was a professional baseball player, he played for the Atlanta Crackers. Once he finished playing in the states, he started playing in Italy. I followed him and went with him, and every Saturday and Sunday for 15 years, you’d find me in the stands. The game was ingrained in me, and I just loved it ever since. TWG: When and why did you start coaching? SF: Well, I played all my life: high school, college, and even some professional ball. After that, my thought process was that I didn’t like baseball, so I did some outside work. A little office time, some farming… and then I thought, ‘Man, I don’t like any of this. I’m a baseball guy; what am I doing?’ So suddenly I was approved to be a player/manager in Italy, and I went and did that. I was very fortunate to get back in, and it just fell into place. I spent two years as assistant coach here, and then was hired at Brewton-Parker as head coach for three years, and spent the last 25 at Augusta State. TWG: Sounds like quite a ride. What stands out as a funny memory or favorite moment? SF: Oh, they happen all the time. Last season, we were playing in Ashville, and it was snowing. It was snowing in May. It was so cold, I said to my assistant coach, “The first call of this game, I’m going to get thrown out, it’s just that cold. I’m going to go sit in the bus.” Sure enough, the very first pitch went wrong, I spoke up and before the whole sentence was out of my mouth, the ref threw me out. But at least I didn’t have to sit in the snow. See


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678-839-5105 Call for: -Health Dept. -P.E. Dept. -Sports Studies and Athletic Dept. -Event information

PAGE 6 --- WEDNESDAY, August 19, 2009


The West Georgian - sports

Coach Page 5

TWG: I’m sure the team loved you then. So what brought you back to UWG, or to UWG the first time? SF: Well, my dad was in the military, but he retired and we moved to Douglasville, and I spent my last three years of high school there. So I had some connections in UWG. Coach White recruited me to play, but I never came over. Went to school at a community college, and when an assistant coach position opened up at UWG, Coach White got me into graduate school so I could coach. And there’s a relationship between him and my family; my brother played here. We actually ended up playing against each other even though he was three years older than me. In 1977, I was playing at Valdosta and he was here, and we played for regionals. We won 2-1, and that was such a tough day for my parents- they didn’t know who to cheer for! I came back because I’m intrigued about the direction of the program, and I’m really sold into Coach Dickey. He’s got a vision of where we need to go, and how we’re going to get there. He wants success for all programs, not just football or basketball. I’m familiar with the history of UWG and I know the potential here. It’s a great school and we’re in what’s called a ‘baseball area.’ There’s an opportunity to recruit and get quality players without going out too far. This is also close to my home, and those are all really strong elements.

expectations, and those are really the two key things. Other things we look at are the quality and character of the program and the players. We’ve already got a strong nucleus of that here now in the previous team, so it’ll just be some adjustments. But I really am just thrilled to be here, and I’m looking forward to a great season. TWG: Well, that leads into my next question: how we lookin’ this year, Coach? SF: That’s hard to answer, because I haven’t really seen them play yet. I only got here last week, and I’m still trying to get a feel for the team. We expect to be very successful this year, so come ask me that in a few months.

TWG: Will do. Until then, what can UWG do to support the baseball team this year? SF: We want students to come see us play. We’re gonna have an exciting brand of ball this year. We’re going to be an offensive team, because that’s the way I coach. I want to tell everyone to give the athletic department a chance; you’ll be surprised. Come watch a practice or a game. You can kill 20-30 minutes out in the sunshine watching people do what they love. An audience is always welcome at any sporting event, and our practices are open. Come see us. You always become more involved and interested in the sport when you realize what we’re doing and how much TWG: What are your overall goals for UWG? SF: You’ve got to take it one step at a time. My goal for short-term work and commitment we have to this life. is to change the perception of how the baseball team is looked upon by the campus and the community. My goal is for them to TWG: In conclusion, what would you like to say to the students, graduate as quality players, and I really want them to graduate staff, and faculty of UWG? in a timely manner. We’re going to change the expectations SF: I’m excited to be here, and you guys have a great school. The of players who come to UWG. They’re going to have to work opportunities for success are unlimited here. From the outside hard and be successful. We can do that by bringing in the right looking in, the vision and direction of the athletic department is student athletes and giving them that expectation. The goals will aimed towards success inside and outside the classroom. They be difficult to reach, but they are attainable, and I’m going to want not only athletes, but student athletes, and the commitment is from the top down, straight from Coach Dickey. There was believe in every single one of them. a little separation between the athletics and the university, but TWG: What changes do you plan to make for the baseball team? I think they’ve got it worked out, and that comes from great SF: I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, I told them that last week. leadership. The game has been with us for a long time, and it’s got the good Most of all, come see us at a game. We love your support, and foundations. I’m going to incorporate good work habits, higher we want to share with you what we can do.

This is the year, fight on Cass C. Carter Sports Editor

As the new Sports Editor for the West Georgian, I’m proud to be here during this auspicious time. I decided to go for this position once I looked at the road behind us and then the road ahead of us.  With great confidence, I can easily say, if there’s any year you want to keep an eye on our university athletics program, this is that year. As any other student having attended UWG for the past few years and paid even the slightest attention to the performance of our football team, one must admit a certain level of sadness over the performance we’ve seen so far. However, despite the losses we’ve seen, there’s much to look forward to.  A new year means a new start and considering how things went last year, it’s no exaggeration to say that there’s no place to go but up.  I say without pessimism, but with boundless optimism. The place in which the Wolves find themselves this year reminds me of Chesty Puller during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, “We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now.  We’ve finally found him.  We’re surrounded.  That simplifies things.”  We can turn the tide from last year to something bigger, every win now means much more than before. Last season was definitely a time to learn some hard lessons.  The Wolves got their noses bloodied a bit, to be sure.  The good thing, though, is that they kept going even when things looked grim. They’ve built up character; they’ve worked hard in the offseason.  The Wolves are adapting, learning, getting lean, getting hungry.  A hungry pack of Wolves are ready to roll onto the scene in a new era in UWG’s history. So, the question is: who is going to run with these Wolves? I admit that after last year, I was skeptical about the future of our football team. However, I’m looking at all the things lining up: A new stadium, a new year, fresh faces and hardened veterans working together, a dedicated coaching staff with experience and drive.  After watching what’s going on, I have to say that I’m a born-again Wolves fan. So, this year the students of this school have a job to do:  We have to show anyone who comes to our new stadium that it’s going to be a hard long game for them.  We’re going to have to shake the ground and let them know that these Wolves are on the hunt, and they better watch out. I’m going to be there, every home game, to watch our pack go on the hunt; this is the year we make our mark. This is an opportunity to make the traditions that will last when our guys go to gridiron glory.  This is The Year; that once-in-a-lifetime chance that comes for a select few, and we’ve been chosen.       Are you ready?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” -First Amendment, United States Constitution

As Seen By

Maggie Hills Editor-in-Chief

In the past year, and even before, UWG has seen the West Georgian produce, let’s say, less than satisfactory copy—not absolutely, but with unacceptable frequency. It is such frequency that has degraded the name and reputation of the West Georgian. Despite the publication of many highquality issues, negatives overshadowed positives, as is the norm in a variety of situations. If any could be conjured, excuses at such a point in time would prove fruitless and fall on deaf ears—or blind eyes, as is the case. Humility, instead, appears a more sincere path. Choices, ill advised and otherwise, were made, individuals fell short and time and financials restricted quality. That said, the West Georgian renders an apology to its readers. It too offers up a promise of well-rounded, respectful reporting for the 2009-2010 school year. However, the West Georgian will hold true to our journalistic duty of unbiased and unrestrained research and coverage. The newspaper will remain

A Guide: Krystal Horne Staff writer


the leading source of information for public scrutiny, and it will uphold the expectations of a professional media outlet. The West Georgian is a studentrun and produced information and entertainment source primarily for the use of UWG students, faculty and staff, which should inform those parties about news, not be the news. In the next year, the news pages of the West Georgian will reflect an unbiased account of events, as is their purpose. The opinions section—a storm all it itself—will not idly bash, criticize or humiliate groups or individuals, but present civil debate to the public. The West Georgian will strive for quality, accuracy and honesty. It will not shy from difficult situations if they crop up, but will handle them with care to ensure fair and equal coverage. Hopes to strengthen the UWG campus community accompany the aforementioned guarantees. It is not only the job of a newspaper to inform a community, but to meld that community

into one whole. In all sincerity, the West Georgian extends a new hand to all campus organizations and departments. It hopes to peacefully coexist and work with those it may have offended or alienated. Organizations, please inform the newspaper of upcoming events and programs three weeks in advance to ensure coverage of those events. In a similar vein of discussion, the West Georgian invites all interested students to constructively add to the newspaper’s production. Writing articles, taking photographs and even commenting online, through e-mail or in person are encouraged behaviors. For the West Georgian to echo the views of its readers, it needs active participation from those readers. Actions, like words, cannot be retracted; their remnants stain the human impression. They can, however, be changed—modified—to salvage reputations and relationships. The West Georgian understands these concepts and will strive toward recovery.

Get through your freshman year

clothes don’t shrink or lose their rich color. Since some articles of clothing need more enhancement, using an iron is also helpful. Although you may experience occasional stress, anxiety You’ve finally received your high school, your excellent and homesickness, you may experience fun both in and out of SAT or ACT score, and your acceptance letter to your dream the classroom, and moments of self discovery. Above all, stay school-an exciting time in your life. focused and take pleasure in the college experience. It is true As you move into your new dorm, you meet your new what has been said about college. These are indeed the best roommate and prepare for the first day in a new chapter of your years of your life, and freshman year is no exception. life—the college years. Another aspect of the college is what to do or where The first year of college can be frustrating, especially to go in Carrollton for fun, aside from McDonald’s. There are since the first several weeks on campus are other reasonably extremely critical to setting the tone for your priced places to college career. There are probably things you eat in Carrollton, still don’t know about and cannot be find in a such as the handy-dandy student handbook, which begs Corner Cafe. the question: A popular Aren’t there things that you wish hang out for someone had told you when you first started UWG students, college? the Corner Cafe Here are some life tips to help you has delicious out during your first year. pizzas and Let’s begin with how to add and/or unusually named manage WolfBucks. WolfBucks is an account sandwiches, that gives you access to purchase items on in addition campus without having to carry cash or photo by kim hahn to a quirky credit cards. and enjoyable Student at freshmen orientation asks about the theatre program. WolfBucks can be used in many places atmosphere. such as vending machines, printing in the Located in computer lab, making copies in the library, Adamson Square, the Corner Cafe has it all- an eclectic decor, purchases at the on-campus food courts. This account is easy to diverse clientele, and of course great food at a fair price. use as there are three ways to deposit money into it. One way to deposit money is to go to the Wolves Card office on the third floor of the UCC, where they accept cash, check, or credit cards. Another way is to visit the many Value Transfer Stations located all over campus, and deposit bills up to $20. You can also deposit money at the Online Wolves Card Office, via credit cards. This is also useful because parents can access WolfBucks if given the proper information to do so. Another tip that many freshmen wonder about is how to sort and wash laundry. First off, don’t hog every single washing or drying machine. If other residents need to wash their laundry on the same day, it will prevent them from having access to the laundry amenities. If your peers have to wait for an available machine, some may move your clothes to the dryer or just move them out of the way to wash their own clothes. Sorting clothes by colors (whites, darks) or by water temperature (hot/cold, cold/cold) also help to ensure that your

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PAGE 8 --- WEDNESDAY, August 19, 2009

West Georgian Star of the Week: Terence Rushin

SGA Senator speaks out: Toward new beginnings By Frederick E. Curtis II Guest Writer

am currently a sophomore, chairman of the external affairs committee for the Why did you start working for the West Student Government Association, an Georgian? SGA Senator, and am currently serving Yet another school year has been on the executive board of three other crept up upon us all. The dog days of I started working for the West student organizations.   summer will soon give way to the crisp, Georgian freshman year, wanting to get All of these task require a level colorful evenings of the fall. Our customary of commitment that is deserving each involved on campus, meet new people, and keep up with taking photos like I did wake-up times of two in the afternoon will and of its own, but I choose to participate slowly but surely transform into habitual in high school with the yearbook staff. in all of these organizations not to nine in the morning dashes to the TLC or develop a padded resume, but because biology building.    What do you do for TWG? I sense something special in each and We have left our families and some every one of them. I come to all of of our closest friends to come back to the At the West Georgian, I started the students at the University of West West Georgia that many of us have come to off just taking pictures my freshman year Georgia not asking you to join multiple know and love.   every week, and moved on to writing organizations, With that said, college “I come to all of articles and doing photos for the stories I but rather asking is far from easy, and with every signed up for. the students at the you to tap into passing day, the expectations of your potential; University of West young men and women our age rise What’s your favorite part about working into that special increasingly. We are expected to Georgia not asking someone that with TWG? manage five upper division classes, you to join multiple both you and I a part-time job, and a social life My favorite part about working know lie inside organizations, but that allows us to stay sane. We are with TWG is being known on campus you.   encouraged to be the best students rather asking you for my photos and getting into events for For too free with just the flash of a camera and a we can be, as well as the best long, we have to tap into your mentors and teachers.    smile on my face. snickered at the potential.” For some us, the expectation is thought that much higher, as we are asked to anyone can make be fathers and mothers; as well as a change; that any individual can be a supporting siblings, aunts, and uncles.   symbol of hope, love, and progression. This indeed can be a tough time Contrary to popular belief however, it for any individual who lacks the proper doesn’t take a 3.0 GPA or an executive knowledge, love, and support to make it board position to be a leader on campus. through such trying times. But even in No matter your talent, level of intellect, the midst of responsibility, that every so or ability to read, write, or speak, you often is equipped with doubt and fear; have the potential to positively impact I personally see something special in someone’s life.   each and every person I have come into I ask of only one thing from each contact with here at the University of West and every person who will step foot on this Georgia.   campus this school year. It doesn’t require Our diverse student body is no you to join any student organizations, secret. We have students from all over or make any commitments that aren’t the world, from Australia to Germany realistically within the constraints of and Thailand to the Caribbean Islands, your life. All it requires is that we all West Georgia has always prided itself collectively strive to be the best men and photo by terrence rushin on being a student body that represents women we can be.   Rushin poses with the infamous Spiderman. all demographics of not only the state I ask that each and every morning, of Georgia or even the United States of we vale to treat our neighbors as we America, but all across the world.   What do you do outside of that? want to be treated. That when we see our Within that level of diversity brothers and sisters in need, struggling lie a unique level of potential, and an I am president of the UWG Film to pass the same class or dying to utter a Society, work over at UTV-13 on shows uncontrollable sense of intellectuality. positive word in a midst of uncertainly, Sadly enough, the past few years have and productions, work at Learning that we don’t just identify and diagnose the primarily been spent attempting to separate Resources(aka ITS Classroom Support problem, but that we rather aim to find a many members of the student body by and Multimedia), Mass Comm Society, solution.   highlighting the petty differences we have and do photography and video work on I ask that with each passing day, amongst one another. I, however, am ready through every step, every word, every test, the side with my own business Terence to leave those days behind us.   RUSHin Photography and Video. and every stroke No matter our of the pen, “The past few years have race, gender, class, What do you want to get accomplished that we aim to primarily been spent attempting ethnicity, or creed, the this semester? finally show the collegiate experience to separate many members of world just how is one that allows us This semester I want to create special we are. the student body by highlighting to gain many more a full length film, shoot any and That the fruits the petty differences we have of a labor from commonalities with everything with my camera, stay on top of my classes, and meet a lot of new and our peers than it does those who come amongst one another.” differences.   interesting people. together under Brown shaded skin one common, doesn’t make it easier to write a ten page What is your life motto? positive goal will always surpass that of research paper for the toughest professor in those who use fear, negativity, and hatred the English department. Being Caucasian “There are so many weird and to pull us apart.   doesn’t help your studying ability for an interesting people in the world...and I I ask that whenever our usual selves upcoming 100 question test. Not being born desperately want to give up on the things want to photograph them ALL!” in the United States doesn’t make classes that cause us the most stress and pain, that on foreign relations and native languages What do you want to say to the world? we dig deep within our souls, within our any easier.   minds, within our hearts, and within our More often than not, we focus our attention, spirits, and utilize the strengths, words, and Life is too short to let people time, and resources on differences that worry you to death, just sit back, calm emotions that allow us to succeed, even would otherwise go unnoticeable, while down, and enjoy every second before its when it seems as if we shouldn’t.    choosing to neglect the problems that too late West GA!! This is an exciting time to be we collectively face. For some, school is at West Georgia, and I for one am enough of a job. It requires a level of hard What do you want to do after you excited about the endless potential and work, dedication, and commitment that graduate? opportunities that are present on this many of us have never been accustomed to.    campus. Of course, as we all know, Others are blessed with the ability to After I graduate, I want to potential is nothing without fruition; balance school and multiple organizations, become a film director, own my own without motivation. Now is the time that photography studio, travel the world as a a task that forces us to sacrifice fun, we demand something different from our freedom, and sleep, all in an effort to help photojournalist, possibly go to graduate college campus, and it starts with us.   make our campus and our community school in New York. In a year of change, let’s stand up, an even better place. I should know. I and truly be the change we want to see.  

The West Georgian - OPINION

PAGE 9 --- WEDNESDAY, August 19, 2009


Drinking from the Fountain Fully w i t h Ed u a r d o M e n d e z

Tips for Freshman Happiness, Not Just Survival Fall semester has officially begun here at our beautiful campus. I have spent most of my time, just as many of you have, shuffling into long lines for books, food, and filled up shuttles. Some of you who came to freshman orientation may have seen me on the orientation video giving my support for the philosophy major. I am a fifth year senior here at UWG and have spent much of my college career wondering what I would do once it was over. Had I known then what I know now, I might have saved much of my lost time and regained some of my sanity. For this reason I want to offer my experience and advice to the incoming class. My first piece of advice to the new class is to find out what interests you and go from there. Can you see yourself committing to your designated path for the rest of your life? I caved into parental pressure and did what I thought my parents would want me to do for my first three years of college. By taking advantage of the core curriculum and speaking with professors, I dabbled in many majors and found my way back to a major that I enjoy more than I have any other. Speak with advisors and use all resources available to you. Had I done so earlier, I might have saved myself lots of grief. Secondly, take your professors more seriously than your parents, friends, or peers when it comes to your college education. They have all been where you are now and can help you with just about any education related problem. Having trouble with a text or studying? Professors know the best study methods as well as how to handle specific material. Many are even willing to spend personal time with you to help you engage the material. UWG prides itself on having very helpful faculty. Even with questions unrelated to studying, professors have been a great help to me in the past.

Thirdly, decide early on if a four year degree is for you. The curriculum will only get harder as you move through your college career. If you are having serious trouble studying, reading lots of texts, or getting papers done on time and have exhausted all possible resources in obtaining help, a four year university may not be for you. It is a fact that a majority of entering freshman will not end up with a four year degree. College takes time and resources. This is exacerbated by the fact that we now live in a society that believes that college is for everyone. It may be better to try your hand at entering the work force or stepping into a technical school instead. It may be better to find that out early that this may not be for you then to wait years, exhaust your resources, and fall into debt. Finally, for those of you who have firmly decided to continue on the path to a collegiate education, I encourage you to drink fully from the fountain of knowledge or avoid it altogether. Knowledge is like a poison when taken in small sips. It numbs you and makes you think you are smarter than you really are. The worst side effect of this poison is that you assume much about the workings of the world without ever actually experiencing it. When you take in fully from this fountain however, you become truly aware of yourself and the world. Education for its own sake is a lost ideal. In our digital age, we are encouraged to rush out and obtain the most we can while avoiding all attempts at a steady fulfilling education. I urge all of you to do precisely the opposite. Obtain the least you can and learn the most you can at a snail’s pace if possible. This is the only way to be truly happy. Do not come to college with the simple mindset of survival. Anyone can survive. The aim is to excel and become better than yourself. With that and with great encouragement, I welcome you to the University of West Georgia.

Fear Factory Haunted House is currently looking for talented individuals to join our acting and volunteer staff. Let us know your experience and how you’d like to help. Visit www. to provide the volunteer coordinator with your contact information. Volunteer orientation will be scheduled soon!

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Child Support Contempt order cartoon by joseph benefield

Help the community identify this man by contacting the Carroll County Police Department at 770-834-4451 x 245 or call Crime Stoppers at 770-838-STOP

Rant and Rave

-Why is nothing going on right now except Rush? -The buses look really nice! -I’m an English major, so why is the library closed? I need it! -The Grove lied! -I’m sad to see Dr. Michael J. Crafton go. Send Rants or Raves to with subject line “Rant & Rave.”

Arts & Entertainment PAGE 10 --- WEDNESDAY, august 19, 2009

Ubangi’s Cancer Battle Inspires Music Scene Robert Moore Staff writer Atlanta punk scene musician Bobby Ubangi released a solo LP of two-minute garage-pop classics on Rob’s House Records this summer with help from some longtime friends shortly before losing his lengthy battle with terminal lung cancer. Ubangi, 34, was diagnosed in August 2008 with cancer. At the time, he was not expected to live past Christmas, but he defied the odds until July 1, 2009. He is best known to local music fans as the former guitarist of Atlanta-based punk bands The Carbonas, Lids, and Gaye Blades.  Between the diagnosis and his death, Ubangi recorded and released three singles on local labels and an LP, partly to help cover his doctor bills and other expenses since he was no longer healthy enough to hold a job.   The final productive months of Ubangi’s recording career are remarkable when you consider the lack of official releases by his earlier bands. In the eight years prior to his diagnosis, Ubangi played on a Lids single and LP and two Gaye Blades singles. When touring and partying were out of the question and music provided one of the few escapes from a painful and fleeting life, Ubangi doubled his musical output.  Ubangi’s solo LP, Inside The Mind of Bobby Ubangi, features the three-chord guitar playing and simple yet catchy hooks that brought The Lids some notoriety in the garage-punk world and guest appearances by some of his most famous friends.  As he reached a point during which his condition prevented him from getting out much, the album was recorded in Womack’s Atlanta home, lovingly known as Nuts! Studio. Ubangi’s bravery was apparent in surviving longer than his doctors expected, and once he was unable to work, his friends’

Recipe of the Week with Danielle Davidson This is a super-easy, really fun way to make breakfast or desserts. Six ingredients, one bowl, one muffin tin; that’s it. These are really good with seasonal fruits, like blueberries or strawberries, and the fruit forms a kind of warm jam, like the inside of a pie. They’re really fast, and will make you look like you know how to cook. Make sure you grease the pan!

willingly put on “Bobby Ubangi Preservation Society” benefit concerts, which showed unity in a scene some want to portray as divided. In fact, a benefit for Ubangi was held July 1 moments after he passed, though some local musicians found it impossible to perform after the passing of a longtime friend. Proceeds from that night and a July 4 concert and all-day carnival in East Atlanta headlined by The Carbonas went toward Ubangi’s burial fund.  The opening track, “Another Girl Like You,” was originally released as a single on Atlanta’s Douchemaster Records and is a near perfect two-minute pop song which is about a girl who was apparently too much for Ubangi to handle.  Another insanely catchy cut is “Make You Mine,” which features Steven Hutton of The Customers on lead guitar and Mike Beavers of Predator and G.G. King on drums.  “Dry” features Gentleman Jesse Smith, another former member of the Carbonas, on lead guitar.  Other guest appearances include Cole Alexander and file photo Jared Swilley from The Black Lips on “Some Kind of Love,” Gentleman Jesse bassist Warren Bailey on “That’s Alright” and the incomparable King Khan on “Spacesh*t.”  Ubangi chips in with more than just great lyrics, nasally and very Southern vocals and simplistic guitar playing. He plays organ on “Where the Old Folks Go (To Get Down),” which borders on sounding like Southern rock, and he shakes a mean tambourine on several tracks, including the memorable “Busty Summertime.” If you like simple, Ramones-inspired punk and garage rock, check out this LP. Though only 600 copies were produced, it is still available through Rob’s House Records at www.robshouse. com.

If you have a favorite recipe, send it to Danielle at for her to review.

Individual Raspberry Cobblers Makes 24 cobblers

2 cups self-rising flour (must use self-rising) 2 cups sugar 2 cups milk 2 sticks (1 cup) butter, melted 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 cups fresh raspberries (or other desired fruit) Extra sugar for sprinkling Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine flour with sugar, then whisk in milk. Whisk in melted butter and vanilla gently until barely combined. Overmixing will result in tough cobblers. Pour 1/4 cup batter into greased muffin tins. Sprinkle a few raspberries or other fruit on top. Don’t worry about pushing them under the surfacephoto by they will sink when cooking.Sprinkle 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of sugar over the top. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until golden brown and crisp around the edges. Invert onto a cooling rack and serve warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Make sure you scoop out all the yummy fruit bits at the bottom of the pan and pile them on top.

recipe by

The West Georgian - A&E

PAGE 11 --- WEDNESDAY, August 19, 2009

Spending $6.50 with Grant Summer Film Critiques Grant Wallace Staff writer Hey everyone. Hope you guys had a good summer break. I have returned for another semester of film reviews, but first I will to provide a summer recap of films I watched, as well as films that are coming soon. Enjoy.

Ice Ages. Although I enjoyed this film, the addition of new characters and dinosaurs almost made this film feel like an entirely different experience.

From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine comes the story of two sisters who have hit rock bottom and decided to start their own cleaning industry,

Star Trek : This film is easily my favorite blockbuster of the summer. The box office numbers successfully affirm that viewers were impressed from critics, to Trekkies and even virgins to the Star Trek saga--like myself. Who would have guessed that barion particles, theda radiation and takion fields could actually be cool? Starring Chris Pine, Eric Bana, Zachary Quinto. Up: Earning my third favorite film so far this year (right below 500 Days of Summer and Coraline), Pixar’s Up nearly surpassed my balloon-high expectations, but following up to my favorite film of last year, Wall-E, not everyone can be blown away. Regardless, I fell in love with Up and would highly recommend

file photo

Brüno: It is most disturbing film I’ve seen this summer, Borat pt.2 returns with everything you would expect. Here’s just a few words tagged in the film from IMDB users. Rabbit hunting, gay sex scene, child Endangerment, sex with ghost, spontaneous erection, holocaust joke, Hasidic Jew. Trust me when I say there is a reason Ukraine has banned this one. Coming Soon:

file photo

this to anyone between the ages of 8--the age of Russel, the highly-motivated boy scout--and 78-- the age of Carl Fredrickson, the grumpiest man you’ll ever see in a Pixar film. Away We Go: Director Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road, American Beauty) returned this summer with another instant classic to add to his impressive repertoire. Away We Go follows the story of Office funnyman John Krasinski and SNL sweetheart Maya Rudolph in an all-too-real dramedy of a couple having their first baby. This film is recommended to anyone who has been pregnant, is going to be pregnant, or has seen a pregnant lady. It’s that good.

PonyoRelease date, August 14 in limited. Hayao Miyazaki’s newest masterpiece will surely go down as another classic of Japanese anime. Although I can’t convince everyone to watch anime, I have to make a full-hearted attempt to stress that, I, at one time, had no interest in it at all until I saw Howls Moving Castle. Ponyo is the cutest movie I have seen this year. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good coming of age story about a goldfish turning into a girl. Sunshine Cleaning DVD release, August 25

aptly titled Sunshine Cleaning. The irony? They have to clean up the remains from crime scenes, the “leftovers” from the recently departed now-vacant homes and, everything in between. The dark humor is only made more enjoyable as Amy Adams bubbly character contrasts brilliantly with the solemn plot. Adam In limited theaters now It hasn’t been since 2005’s Mozart and the Whale that I’ve seen a film about Asperger’s syndrome; however, at a quick glance, the two seem almost identical. Adam, played by Hugh Dancy, is a young man with the disease who falls for Beth, played by Rose Byrne. The two try to cope and resolve the issues that Adam’s condition brings which include difficulties in social interaction and repetitive behaviors. My only hang-up with the movie is that I enjoyed watching Mozart more; however, Dancy’s performance was most impressive.

The Hangover: The Hangover easily wins the award for best summer comedy with the worst summer script. Three groomsmen decide to go to Vegas for one final hoopla before their best friend gets married, only to end up waking up the next morning with a massive hangover. What to expect: hilarious performances by Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms, a naked Chinese man, and Mike Tyson. What not to except: an even remotely believable hangover story. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs When I first saw the trailer for this, I was incredibly excited to check in on my pals Manny, Diego and Sid. Unfortunately, this may be the last age of the

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AUVIO™ In-Ear Headset with Microphone 33-267

17-3662 Reg. 39.99. Offers good 8/20/09 through 8/22/09. Availability may vary by store. See store for details. ▼Monthly Unlimited Plan: Includes domestic voice calling, walkie-talkie services, Web, text messages, picture and MMS/Audio messages. Additional charges apply for international

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WMSC Small Shops 1745 South Highway 27 Carrollton Ph: 770-834-8984 n_09_0057_ga009.indd 1

8/7/09 2:18:50 PM

Volume 61 - Issue 1  
Volume 61 - Issue 1  

Fall 2009, Issue 1