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Wednesday, february 4, 2009

Cheerleaders Win Two Shot at Campus Quad Eighth National Title

By Lindsay Murray Sports Editor After months of hard work and preparation, the West Georgia cheerleading squads proved again why they’re among the best in the nation. Both the Coed andAll-Girl team controlled the competition last week at the UCA College Cheerleading and Dance National Championships in Orlando, Florida as both squads came away with hard- fought victories. The win marks the 12th national title for the UWG cheerleading program. For the Coed team, a first-place finish is about the only thing this team is used to. After performing a flawless routine, the Wolves reclaimed the National Champion title for the eighth consecutive year. The only other school to have eight straight titles is the University of Kentucky. While Columbus

State and Slippery Rock University were barely edged by the Wolves to place in the Top 3, Senior and veteran cheerleader Sarah Roberts wasn’t worried about the competition. “We need only to worry about ourselves and make sure we all do our job because we are our biggest competition.” She continues, “We are competing against many teams who are constantly making it their goal to take our title away.” The Wolves will enjoy the title for at least another year as they begin to prepare for another National Championship run in 2010. Beginning last September, this years championship team began compiling a routine full of choreography, stunts, dance and tumbling and worked on perfecting their routine daily. With only four days off for Christmas,

Photo by Kimberly Hahn

The Campus Quad experienced one of UWG’s worst shootings in recent history. By Katheryn Elie and Ellis Smith Editors

Two men were shot last Friday morning during a birthday party at the Campus Quad Apartments less than a mile from the UWG campus. See CHEER page 3 According to Carrollton police Captain Jami Sailors, the shooting occurred at around 2 a.m. during a fight at the party. Ramondo Johnson, 25, of Carrollton was shot in the chest and was later pronounced dead at Tanner Medical. The second victim was Rahmere Cowling, 21, of Hamption. He was shot both in the arm and leg. After arriving at Tanner, he was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center where he was in serious but stable condition on Photo Courtesy of MWF Monday. Traveris Wilson, Midget wrestling is not a joke. It actually happens. 24, was arrested shortly after the shooting, and was By Dana Edwards an “I support midget charged with murder. One

“Micro” Wrestling

Copy Editor

Now even the smallest competitors draw in a big crowd. Last Thursday, the Micro Wrestling Foundation held a show in Bajas restaurant in Newnan, Ga. With names like “Blixx,” “Justice” and “Princess,” the show proved to be wild. The place was packed with families, retirees, and college students. With tickets selling for $10 to $15, and with shows in 40-60 cities nationwide, MWF is no joke. They’re drawing in some serious crowds. “The best part is at the end during midget kissing,” Bob Sinram of Carrollton said. After the show, the crowd can pay $10 to kiss a midget of their choice. They could also buy MWF merchandise, including

violence” tee shirt. With wrestlers throwing themselves against ropes in the ring, and throwing insults at the onlookers, the crowd was delighted. “They’re amazingly funny,” Nate Hudson of Newnan said, “Who doesn’t love midgets?” On the surface the MWF seems to be just for fun, but for some, the foundation is an escape from a “boring” job. “Trixie Dynamite” and “Tiffany Payne” were both pre-school teachers before their careers in the MWF. Both are mothers who were attracted to the exciting world of wrestling. One thing is certain: Midgets never looked better. With dazzling costumes and masks, the wrestler not only beat each other up, they looked good doing it.

gunman is still believed to be at large. Captain Dobbs of the Carrollton Police gave this account of what happened after the shooting: “Everybody [was] running out the door, and the two individuals were taken outside. One was laying out in the parking lot, and one was being carried to a car, we assume they were attempting to go to the hospital.” Then, according to police, the suspect walked outside and delivered a coup de grace to his victim, who was still alive. Dobbs said, ”The suspect was seen going out and shot the guy again as he was laying in the parking lot. Ultimately, he died at the hospital from those gunshot wounds.” Police say that neither the suspect nor the victims were students of West Georgia. Barbara Aiken,

a spokeswoman from the company that manages the apartments, added that “neither the victims nor the suspect were residents of the complex.” According to its website, the “Campus Quad is a private off-campus student community,” but former and current residents tell TWG that the electronic gates have rarely functioned properly, and have often been simply left open by management, rendering it impossible to control who enters and leaves the complex. The gates were open the night of the shooting, allowing anyone to enter. Many students were reminded of the “shoot-out” at River Place Apartments last semester, which also occurred less than a mile from campus. In a similar incident, a conflict arose between two different groups, and multiple guns were pulled. Shots were See

MURDER page 4

Banding Together

Photo by Terence Rushin

One of the best parts of attending basketball games in the Coliseum is enjoying the talented and spirited performance of the band. “SIT DOWN!”

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Page 2 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

On His Last Day, Bush Finally Pardons Border Patrollers

File Photo

Widespread uproar resulted when the two Border Patrol agents went to jail.

By Armando Tovar Staff Writer

In his last day in office, Bush commuted the sentences of two former U.S. Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting an unarmed illegal immigrant, who in 2007 was arrested for smuggling

more than 750 pounds of marijuana into the United States. Prosecuters attempted to demonstrate that the agents tried to cover it up their crime after discovering the man, who they believed to be a drug dealer, was unarmed. Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean shot and wounded Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila as

they pursued him toward the Rio Grande. The agents broke the law by failing to report the shooting. Ramos and Compean received 11year and 12-year sentences respectively. According to a senior administration official, “The President has reviewed the circumstances of this case as

a whole and the conditions of confinement and believes the sentences they received are too harsh and that they, and their families, have suffered enough for their crimes,” The official noted that both Democratic and Republican members of Congress have long supported a commutation, including current President Barack Obama. The shooting happened Feb. 17, 2005, on the border southeast of El Paso, Texas. During the trial, Ramos and Compean said Davila brandished a gun while actively resisting arrest. Davila, however, said he was unarmed and attempting to surrender, only fleeing when Compean began to beat him with a shotgun. The former agents were convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon, lying about the incident and violating Davila’s Fourth Amendment rights. An official was quick to note, “Commuting their

sentences does not diminish the seriousness of their crimes. Ramos and Compean are convicted felons who violated their oaths to uphold the law and have been severely punished.” Many factors affected Bush’s decision. He believed the decade-long sentence to be harsh, in light of the fact that the average sentence for manslaughter is three years. Additionally, Ramos had been severely beaten since in prison, typical of law enforcement officers who become incarcerated. Finally, the men were serving the country when the incident occurred, and were somewhat vindicated with the man who put them in prison was arrested for marijuana possession in 2007. Bush has granted 189 pardons and 11 commutations over his eight years in office, far fewer than Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, but fewer than his father, who only served a single term.

Peace Corps Visits UWG: Ranked 10th in Volunteers By Katheryn Elie A&E Editor David Leavitt, a former Peace Corps volunteer and a representative at the Atlanta Regional Office, and Caleb Judy, a Peace Corps regional recruiter visited the campus last Wednesday to tell students about life in the legendary Peace Corps. The Peace Corps was founded in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy and currently has more than 7,800 volunteers serving in 76 different countries around the world. Peace Corps Volunteers work in many different areas such as Information Technology and Business Development, Education, HIV/AIDS and Health Awareness, Environmental and Agricultural, and working with the development of Youth. “The overall goal of the Peace Corps is world peace, and we try to do that by bringing talented men and women from the United States into other countries that have requested our help” stated Judy. The Peace Corps’ mission also has three other goals: helping the people of interested

countries in meeting their need for trained individuals, helping to promote better understanding of Americans, and helping Americans to better understand other people from different countries. This is important in today’s world that is so full of anti-American views and misunderstandings of different cultures. “We are not into ‘cultural change.’ It is about merging yourself into that culture, adapting, and bringing skills to help them. Not only are you putting a face on America for the world, but also bringing the world back home to America,” Leavitt said. The Peace Corps is very fond of the University of West Georgia, since UWG is ranked tenth out of the 76 Georgia colleges and universities in producing volunteers since the establishment of the Peace Corps, with 38 University of West Georgia Alumni listed as volunteers and two that are currently serving overseas. It seems as though the words of President John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” hold very true and dear to the students of UWG;

Photo by Kimberly Hahn

David Leavitt tells students about the challenges and triumphs of serving as an ambassador overseas helping to rebuild shattered communities. however, the Peace Corps can also give back to those who volunteer. “What I got out of [the Peace Corps],” said Judy, “was the traveling, learning a different language, and the ability to serve. It has made all the difference in my life. You are not only serving the government,

but serving yourself as Also at “Be the Change” well.” Inaugural Ball, Obama In December 2007, made a hopeful statement during an event at Cornell about “joining the Peace College in Iowa, Barack Corps” that seems to Obama issued a “Call to keep those continuously Serve”, stating that he working on “changing the desires to “double the world for peace” a bigger size of the Peace Corps and more hopeful glance from 7,800 volunteers towards the future with a to 16,000 by its fiftieth anniversary in 2011.” See PEACE next page

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The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 3 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

CORRECTIONS! Jacob Lovell got so many facts wrong it makes our heads spin. Just kidding, he only got a couple things mixed up. Go read his column to find out more. We incorrectly stated that George W. Bush only spent $40 million on his last inauguration. In fact, when the cost of security is factored in, including the many intelligence, law enforcement, and undercover officers involved in keeping the President safe as he takes the oath of office, President George W. Bush and President Barack H. Obama both spent in excess of $100 million. Obama still spent more, due in part to the 2 million attendees at his speech. We regret being part of the imaginary and vast right-wing conspiracy and will do our best to run feel-good articles on Obama so we can to make amends. Not. Report any incorrect information to so we can correct ourselves in future issues. Thanks. - Ellis Smith - Editor-in-Chief


CHEER Front Page

the squad’s challenging practice schedule, which often ran as early as 7:00 am, or as late as 1:00 am, resulted in a dominant performance and another championship title. As in any sport, team chemistry and motivation are the driving forces for a championship caliber team and for the UWG Coed cheerleaders, this team is no different. “Our biggest strength is our willingness to constantly push ourselves to be better and master new skills, and overall being committed to our team and winning,” Roberts said, “Everybody on our team makes constant sacrifices in order to devote themselves to our team.” The Coed team looks forward to finishing up the men’s basketball season and after a short break, beginning preparation for a ninth championship title. For the West Georgia All-Girl squad, bittersweet is an adjective to describe the squads run in their quest for a fourth consecutive title. After delivering a shaky, but well-executed performance, the Wolves took 2nd place in the DII All-Girl Competition. With one of the toughest routines in the competition, a second-place finish was a tough pill for the Wolves to swallow. Some people say it’s better to From

PEACE previous page

downward spiraling economy. “A lot of people wonder about the safety of our volunteers,” said Leavitt. “The truth is that safety and security of our volunteers is the highest priority. The Peace Corps devotes significant resources to provide volunteers with training, support and information they need to stay healthy and safe.” The Peace Corps has many different steps it takes before the volunteer even steps foot into the community. It takes “thorough assessments of the health and safety conditions of the country, including the consideration of factors such as access to medical, banking, postal, and other essential services.” Also, in every country in which volunteers serve, the Peace Corps maintains a staffed medical unit who provide volunteers with information about local health issues and basic medical supplies such as vaccinations. Some of the basic requirements of joining the Peace Corps are that volunteers must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age—there is no maximum age to join the Peace Corps (The oldest volunteer is 84 years old)—and have to be able to commit for 27 months

be first, others believe the opposite. Of the eight teams competing for the championship title, West Georgia drew the opening spot. UWG rival, Southern Connecticut State, was next to last to perform as they delivered a near-perfect routine and barely squeezed by to deny the Wolves their fourth straight title. The College of New Jersey rounded out the Top 3. Senior cheerleader and CoCaptain Lindsay Evanson discusses the team’s biggest challenge this season, “A big challenge for our team this year has been the number of new girls to the team and transitioning into a system.” With a team that includes 10 freshmen, the Michigan native also had this to say about the squad, “This year’s team, along with teams in the past, is very dedicated and coachable and wants to win.” Like the Coed team, the AllGirl squad also spends countless hours preparing and executing a flawless routine. The team will take just a few weeks off before beginning to prepare for next years performance. The All-Girl team will return to nationals next January with hopes to reclaim a title that was once theirs. ESPN will be airing the competition on Sunday, February 22 at 1:00 pm and Thursday, March 19 at 3:00 pm, both on ESPN 2. “of hard work, determination, flexibility, and service.” However, beyond the basic requirements, there are a lot of qualifications, such as a degree or useful skill, experience in community service and a sense of humor. “The application process is very long, and can take anywhere from six months to a year to complete, but it is worth it,” said Leavitt. Changing and making a difference in the world is not the only benefit for joining the Peace Corps. There are professional and career benefits (such as gaining valuable skills and experience), educational benefits (such as help with graduate school), financial benefits (such as loan deferments and a $6,000 pay out at the end of the two year service to help re-assimilate the volunteer) and medical benefits (such as full medical coverage during service and affordable health insurance for up to 18 months following services). If you are interested in joining the Peace Corps or would like more information, please visit their website at

Announcements Feb. 5

International Night, Lower Z6, 7 p.m., $5 with student ID

“Fashionation” Fashion Show, Campus Center Ballroom, 8 p.m.

Feb. 6

Baseball vs Indianapolis

Feb. 7

Wolves’ Day, 11:30-5:30 p.m., all over campus Men’s Basketball vs Valdosta State, Coliseum, 5:30 p.m. Men’s Basketball vs Valdosta State, Coliseum, 7:30 p.m.

Feb. 10

UWG Job Expo, Campus Center Ballroom, 11-3 p.m.

Feb. 11 Softball vs. Georgia Southwestern, first game of the season, 1 p.m. Feb. 12

“Fredrick Douglass: In the Shadow of Slavery,” Townsend Center, $7 with student ID


These three Hispanic males are suspected of having robbed the Kangaroo at 1218 Maple Street. Watch the video online at: ( Suspects are know to have stolen deodorant and shaving cream. Help the community identify this man by contacting the Carroll County Police Department at 770-834-4451 x 258

Big, Beautiful Food Lion Opens Up Next to Campus By Kandace Greenway Staff Writer Watch out Carrollton grocers, the Lion is back and it’s claiming new territory at the junction of Highway 166 and Maple Street. The Food Lion has closed its doors in the West Georgia Shopping Center by Staples and a new Food Lion has re-located and re-opened in the new Maple Street Commons shopping center. Conveniently closer to campus, the new store has been doing very well since its grand opening January 14th. Store manager James Brock said the new location was a strategic move and has turned out to be very pleasing. In fact, the new store opening gave Carrollton 40 more jobs, which these days are worth more than a truckload of groceries. “The other location just outlived its worth,” Brock said. How does the new Food Lion compete with the ever so popular and price friendly Wal-Mart, the fancy Publix or what is that other one, the traditional Kroger? For one, it is right down the road from campus, it’s new, and according to

Mr. Brock, “the associates make the difference.” Compared to the previous Food Lion, a change of scenery has given the new store a bit of a makeover. The cash registers are ringing, the hard wood floors are sparkling and the parking lot has been nearly packed since opening day. Walking through the sliding doors its opening week, patrons are greeted with nice decor. According to at least five different shoppers, the new location will should help the area. Two students hope the surrounding stores become a new tanning bed or place to get smoothies. Other shoppers were surprised at how crowded the store was with shopping carts and people in every direction. Despite its initial state of chaos stemmed from curiosity of local residents, customer assistance is still top priority. “Even with how busy it is, the customer service is great,” Carrollton resident Jenna Odom said. “I asked the manager where I could find the bagel chips and he searched the store to find me and show me where they were.” See

LION page 5

The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 4 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

Panel Discussion Asks Whether Prisons Are Purgatory or Paradise, Renders Mixed Verdict

Panelists somberly consider the prison system By Samantha Godwin quick to reject the notion Staff Writer of prisons as country clubs. “Prison is not some In an effort to create place where people come an accurate portrayal of to chill out; it is a place the prison system, Crime that is strictly organized. Awareness and Prevention It is my job to ensure to Education (CAPE) the best of my ability that members on Wednesday, it remains orderly and safe Jan. 28, at 7 p.m. at for all prisoners and staff,” a discussion entitled said Thomas. “Prisons: Country Clubs “You don’t have no or Purgatory” challenged privacy, no rights, no a group of panelists to freedom. It’s definitely determine whether prison not a country club,” Ford is a gang-fueled country continued, recalling his club where prisoners life as a prisoner. leisurely pass their time or Most panelists, a painful purgatory where however, vacillated inmates long for freedom between each label. and reunion with family According to Sonya members. Love, the Program The panel was Coordinator for the comprised of five Department of Juvenile employees from the Justice, “The purgatory Georgia Department of part of prison is when Corrections, the Program the inmates are suffering Coordinator of the Georgia because they know they Department of Juvenile can’t see their family Justice, the Director of whenever they want to, but the Urban League, and prison is really what each a former prisoner turned person chooses to make it. published author. It could be either.” Emanuel L. Thomas, the Herman J. Johnson, Correctional Captain of Director of Columbus the Georgia Department Georgia’s Urban League, of Corrections, and Tierre agreed with Love by Franklin Ford, author continuing, “Prison is of “the Products of the really what the prisoners American Ghetto,” were choose to make it. I would

Photo by Kimberly Hahn

in the state of Georgia. have to say that it is a little bit of both.” While these reactions may appear overly political or dismissive to many, the panelists’ discussion of the complex bureaucratic, economic and cultural facets involved in the Georgia prison system pointed to the limitations behind simple distinctions between “country club” and “purgatory” life in prison. According to the Georgia Department of Corrections website, the Georgia prison system houses 57, 032 adult and 2,391 juvenile male and female offenders from different economic, cultural and racial backgrounds. Upon admission to prison, each inmate completes a “Risk and Needs” diagnostic test, which assesses his or her physical, mental, educational and professional situation in order to determine which program track he or she should take prior to being released. Just as honors students might have different experiences in high school or college from regular students, prisoners will inevitably have varying experiences

based upon the programs they are allowed to take while incarcerated. Ideally, a prisoner without a high school education who exhibits acceptable conduct can take basic educational classes and receive a GED. According to Katrinka Glass, Director of Risk Reduction services, “Five or 6, 000 [prisoners] in the system are currently working on their GEDS.” Some prisoners can even receive secondary education from universities such as Ohio State. Ford was functionally illiterate when he entered prison at 19 and attributes his success as a published author to educational and motivational programs such as “Keys to Success” that helped him to “cultivate his mind and better his life” by “giving [him] structure.” While his success story seemingly attests to the strength of the Georgia Department of Corrections’ programs, the panelists pointed out a variety of factors that prevents his story from becoming the trend. The 33 state, three private, 23 country, six pre-release and four special mission prisons, and 16 transitional, three boot camp, 13-probation detention centers are organized differently based upon a variety of budget and security related factors. According to Jamie Anderson, the Manager of Field Services, “the security levels of each prison dictate the level of programs and opportunities available,”which means that the educational, vocational, or health programs available to people in medium security prison are disproportionate to those in closed security prisons. To complicate the matter more, the Georgia Department’s 1.2 billiondollar budget has recently been sliced to 46 million. “It may seem like a lot of money, but we have had to cut back on a lot of programs. Even if one From

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program performs well statistically with inmates, if it is not producing as much results as another, it inevitably loses money,” says Glass. “In addition to the economy, we have had a state wide influx of mentally ill prisoners, as well as more people who have longer sentences. This means that we have to cut money from other educational or vocational programs in order to cover the health costs of these inmates,” added Kathy Seabolt, Warden of the Metro State Prison. As a result, many prisons in Georgia might reduce the number of programs that allow prisoners to work and send money to their children or to a savings account available to them upon their release. For others, it might mean fewer substance abuse educational programs and basic or secondary educational programs. This means that many prisoners will leave with $25, a bus ticket, little to no education and sometimes no work experience, which greatly increases their chances of returning. “We try really hard to create programs to better these people’s lives when they leave by giving them some skills, and shame on us for not doing better… but the fact is that the economy and other factors prevents the ideal from always being realized. We unfortunately can’t do everything all at once,” says Seabolt. “It’s not a black and white issue. There really are no easy answers in a system that houses so many different people, especially when the economy is complicating matters. A country club or purgatory life is not just a prisoner’s attitude anymore,” concluded Glass. For more information on the Georgia Department of Corrections or their programs, visit http://

MURDER Front Page

fired from the balcony and other shots from the parking lot. While the shooters mainly hit cars, there was one victim who was wounded in the parking lot, but not critically. At the time, Carrollton Police Captain Jami Sailors stated that he didn’t “feel like [they] were dealing with UWG,” but said that “there were several college students there.” According to River Place’s website, the apartments pride themselves on a “home away from home feel” and “a total student experience.” Other violent episodes like these in the last several years are making some at UWG wonder how safe students really are. Last year on Christmas Eve, two men were killed and a third was critically wounded in a shooting at a home on Molette Street less than two miles from UWG campus. In 2007, Lawrence Webb, then a resident of Tyus Hall, was assaulted by three men outside of the residence building on January 10th. Webb reportedly took out a knife and began cutting and stabbing one of the

assailants. Several witnesses to last week’s murders believe that the incidents are gang-related. None of them consented to having their names or identity revealed, for fear of retribution. Two students went so far as to tell TWG that some of the individuals involved believe themselves to be the “Bloods,” a street gang originally founded in Los Angeles and known to exist in Atlanta. The group of six or more men routinely show up to student parties and typically cause trouble. While the police have not verified allegations of gang activity, many students are well-aware that the group of self-described gang members was the same one involved in the River Place shooting. Both the suspect and the victim in the hospital have been identified with the gang. All students agreed that the type of behavior exhibited in this and other incidents has no place on or near a college campus.

The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 5 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

Linda Picklesimer Looks Back at Storied Career By Eugenia Johnson Staff Writer One of Campus Center Director Linda Picklesimer’s most memorable moments was being named a “Community Hero in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and running with the Olympic Torch through the campus.” Since then, she continues to be a torchbearer of dedication and excellence. She graduated from Western Illinois University. As she recalled her college years, one of the most important things she learned was to balance her life, believing that knowing how to balance your schedule is critical during your college years. When she stayed up all night to study for an 8 a.m. final, she fell asleep during the test. She was awaken by her professor at the end of class and had to submit an incomplete exam. Fortunately, her grades were good enough to sustain the blow. “I had to learn to that all work and no play were

not good and all play and no work was not either,” says Picklesimer. She began her work at the University of West Georgia in 1983 as the Director of Students Activities. In 2006, she became the Director of the Campus Center. Her main responsibility is to make sure everything from daily operations to reservations to educational and recreational services in the Campus Center are provided and running smoothly. In 2006, she was granted the opportunity to work on the Centennial Steering Committee for UWG’s Centennial Celebration. The Centennial Steering Committee was the driving force behind all of the Centennial Celebration events for the 2006-2007 year. “It was a very rewarding experience. It was an opportunity to be able to know and understand the history of the University and how and why we are where we are today.” Her entire career has been centered on student success. Advising the

Student Government Association is something in which she takes a lot of pride. “Her influence in the SGA has been immeasurable. She is a very dedicated person and she always wears a smile. Ms. Picklesimer will definitely be missed,” says current SGA Senator Carlos Riley. For more than a decade, Picklesimer has coordinated the Run for A Day race, sponsored by the First National Bank of Georgia. The purpose of the race is to involve students and the community in service activities, while funding scholarship money for UWG students through race registration fees. Photo by Steven Broome Linda Picklesimer has filled many positions “Whether they are paying their application at UWG, serving with distinction since 1983. fee or volunteering, people thing on her mind is going She wants students to enjoy are making a contribution to be traveling. Australia, their time at UWG. to the students,” said Italy and Ireland are only a “These will be some Picklesimer. few places on her “to visit” of the best years of your Retirement has been list. life. Take every opportunity a reoccurring thought on Though she may one offered to you to grow her mind. She planned on day be across the world, and learn about yourself retiring at the end of fall UWG will never lose its and take risks and step semester 2009. However, place in her heart. out of your comfort zone because of the fluctuating “UWG is home. I will and learn about the world economy, it will most likely miss the students, my staff around you.” be delayed a year. When and all of the friends I have she does leave, the one made over the years.”

Coveted Resident Assistant Positions Now Open By Coretta King Staff Writer If students are eager to serve others, enjoy connecting with others, love celebrating UWG traditions and are willing to provide educational programming, then the Department of Residence Life wants students to Branch out and become a Resident Assistant. The Department of Residence Life invites individuals interested in leadership opportunities within the Residence Halls to attend the final Resident Assistant Candidate Interest session that will take place on Friday, Jan. 6, 2009 at 4pm in UCC room 210. An R.A. is responsible for fostering and maintaining an environment conducive for studying, living, and building a sense of community. Persons interested in becoming a R.A. must meet the minimum qualifications of: Possessing a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or greater Living in UWG Residence Halls for one semester A clean judicial record with no outstanding sanctions Be in good academic standing and carry a minimum course load of 12 hours Provide a two-semester commitment of service as a Resident Assistant Understand the time commitment required for service Students across campus have benefited from the service of a R.A.’s. “Hands down Charles has been the best RA I’ve encountered during my college career. He stops by often to check up on his residence and to make sure were comfortable and all is well. Furthermore, he’s always there when you need him and can fix any problem within the hour. He’s phenomenal,” said Kristen Leigh Harris, University Suites resident.


LION page 3

Rebecca Hall, Watson Hall resident, also profited from her experience with her R.A. “Debra has always been very understanding and willing to help me any time of the day. She has supported me mentally, physically, and emotionally through anything. She truly loves her residents.” R.A.’s benefit as well by gaining leadership and organizational skills, participating more in campus functions, earning a monthly stipend, building Photo by Chris LeMance lasting relationships with residents The Food Lion sits less than a mile from campus, and is within and other peers and having the walking distance for students who live on the West side of camopportunity to participate in early pus. The new store will attempt to cater to student needs. registration. The size of the store also section located in many soups R.A. Johnathan Williams of Strozier Hall said, “Being an RA makes it uniquely convenient. For isles. At the Food Lion however, has greatly benefited me. I have example, in a whole other world there is one isle dedicated to only gained various skills, from being like Wal-Mart it is easy go in with all natural foods ranging from able to approach any situation to a goal of buying only lemons organic tacos and frozen meals, to increasing my ability to be creative but end up leaving with a cart whole grain breads, beagle chips in solving problems. Being an RA full of DVD’s, shampoo and dog and jarred salsas. Any new addition to Carrollton has helped become a better leader food. Publix, on the other hand is and a better person. My experience also very tricky. Going in with a will attract attention, but the new student budget can leave students Food Lion has excellent potential. as an RA has been invaluable.” And Armando Ramos of in bankruptcy if they are not There are plenty of vacant lots Gun Hall said, “Being an RA has careful. The Food Lion is a melting still open, and with the CVS and changed my life. It has taught me pot of both stores, and it’s on the a new bank surrounding the newly way home for most people. Other built shopping center, Food Lion is skills and abilities that I will need in the real world. It noticeable upgrades have also expected to lead the way towards stirred talk about the new store. growth. With a Coliseum, a Greek (being an RA) has also been apart of the community in my For example, other stores have village and a stadium coming building which makes me happy.” added sections in different isles soon, a new and more convenient Interested persons may access that provide organic foods such as grocery store fits right in. the Resident Assistant application Campbell Soup’s Select Harvest packet online ( reslife) or in person at the Residence DAVID A. BASIL Life Office in Mandeville Hall. The application deadline is Feb. 20, 2009 at 5 p.m. to Residence ATTORNEY AT LAW Life. Candidate interviews will take place between Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7. phone: 770 830-8220 For additional information in David A. Basil, LLC fax: 770 234-4028 regards to becoming a Resident 310 Tanner Street, Suite B Assistant, visit the Residence P.O. Box 2796 Life home page at www.westga. Carrollton, Georgia 30117 edu/reslife, visit the Facebook page, Official 2009-2010 RA Recruitment Information or contact Dawn Vavrik Palmer at dpalmer@ Family - Criminal - General – Public Interest Law

Page 6 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009


On the Record With Lindsay Murray

By Lindsay Murray Sports Editor

Week’s Top 10 Sports Highlights 1. In one of the sport’s greatest rivalries, Rafael Nadal upset Swiss star Roger Federer to claim his first Aussie Open Title. 2. The West Georgia Wolves men’s basketball teamstunnedNorthAlabama, 90-88, last Saturday night in

the Coliseum, ending a ninegame losing streak. 3. President Barack Obama says he pulled for the Pittsburg Steelers to win Super Bowl XLIII. [He also predicts rain tomorrow. -Ed] 4. North Carolina State’s former women’s basketball coach Kay Yow was laid to rest Saturday afternoon in her hometown of Gibsonville, North Carolina. The 66year-old has been battling a long fight with cancer. 5. In a showdown between File Photo the top two boxers, Georges This is Rafael Nadal in the moment of triumph after defeating former men’s St. Pierre dominated B.J. powerhouse Roger Federer, who shed rarely-seen tears after his loss. Penn at UFC 94 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. A doctor next Saturday at home. night after apparently getting Assistant Head Coach Pete was forced to stop the fight 7. Serena Williams physical with the referee Herrmann will serve as before the fifth round to defeated Dinara Safina in and refusing to move off the interim coach for the rest of protect the athletes. the Australian Open last baseline during an inbound the season. 6. After four consecutive Saturday to claim her 10th pass. 10. After beating a team wins, the West Georgia Grand Slam title and fourth 9. After five straight loses 100-0, a Texas high school Wolves women’s basketball Australian title. and a 0-5 worst record in girl’s basketball coach was team is ranked 2nd in the 8. Sammy the Owl, Rice the SEC, University of fired last Sunday for not GSC East Division. They University’s mascot, was Georgia relieved men’s apologizing for the widetake on the No.1 team, an ejected during a game head basketball coach margin victory. undefeated Valdosta State, against Tulane Wednesday Dennis Felton last Thursday.

Super Bowl XLIII a Contender for Best Bowl Ever By Lindsay Murray Sports Editor In one of the wildest finishes in Super Bowl history, the Pittsburgh Steelers rallied to beat the Arizona Cardinals Sunday night, 27-23, in what was arguably one of the best Super Bowl games ever played. Trailing 23-20 with under a minute left in the fourth quarter, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger connected with Santonio Holmes for a 6-yard touchdown pass in the right corner of the end zone. The touchdown lifted the Steelers in front of the Cardinals, 27-23 with just 35 seconds remaining. The Arizona offense took over as the clock expired, but a fumble by quarterback Kurt Warner, recovered by Pittsburgh, sealed the deal for the Steelers as they went on to win Super Bowl XLIII. The victory marks their second Super Bowl win in four seasons for the Steelers as they have now set an NFL record with 6 Super Bowl titles.

The Cardinals, who were playing in their first Super Bowl in franchise history, scored an astonishing 16 points in the fourth quarter to push for one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history. But 11 penalties for 106 yards proved costly for Arizona. Warner, a twotime MVP, was successful throwing for 377 yards, 121 more then Roethlisberger, with three touchdowns and one interception. But the Steelers’ defense, ranked No. 1 in fewest points and yards allowed over the regular season, made numerous big plays that paved the way for another championship title. The biggest of which came with just five seconds left in the game as the Pittsburgh defense recovered a Warner fumble as he attempted a desperation pass. The Steelers offense quickly ran onto the field, in order to avoid a challenge from the Cardinals bench, and kneeled to run down the clock in the closing seconds of the game. Another big play, or maybe monstrous fits better,

involved the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison as he picked off Warner’s pass, intended for Anguan Boldin, with no time remaining in the end of the second quarter. Harrison was touched by three Cardinals players but never lost footing as he ran for 100 yards, the longest play in Super Bowl history, and a Pittsburg touchdown. With a chance for the Cardinals to take the lead, File Photo the Harrison touchdown gave the Steelers a huge momentum The Cardinals never recovered from Bruce change going into the second Springsteen’s halftime show, which was almost as entertaining as the game itself. half. But it was Pittsburgh’s entertainer Bruce Springsteen. Patriots ended with a game Holmes who received MVP The 59-year-old rocker and winning touchdown catch by as he made several huge his E Street Band performed Giants’ wide receiver Plaxico catches all night long. Holmes during a 15-minute slot in front Burress with just 35 seconds recorded 131 receiving yards, of the largest television event left, just as the Cardinals did including the winning 6-yard in the nation. He performed Sunday night. Unfortunately touchdown catch that Steelers top hits such as “Working on for Arizona, the ending result fans will be reluctant to a Dream” and “Glory Days.” wasn’t as satisfying. forget. Last year’s halftime show was While Pittsburgh enjoys “Great players step up performed by Tom Petty. its sixth Super Bowl title, the in big-time games to make As if the events of Super Arizona Cardinals, a team plays.” Holmes said. “I kind Bowl XLIII weren’t wild who no one in the preseason of lost a little composure, you enough, the game also made thought had a chance to know, but I knew our defense it the second straight year the contend this season, will have would give us a chance to Super Bowl was decided in to wait at least another year for make it back.” the final minute. Last year’s a chance to win the franchise’s One other big performer game featuring the New York first championship title. of the night was halftime Giants and New England

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” -First Amendment, United States Constitution

Laissez-Faire with

Opinion Jacob Lovell

No Hope for Change The republican grip of the country since the “Republican Revolution” of 1994 has finally been broken, and not too soon. Under republicans, the people of the United States faced massive expansion in federal debt, more than doubling it to $10.6 trillion by the time Bush left office. Former UWG professor and Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, promised in the “Contract with America” that 95 major federal programs would be eliminated. Instead, by 2000, the budgets of those programs had increased by 13 percent. In addition to the devaluation of the dollar and the future tax burden that such debt and reckless spending represents, the American public also came under a relentless assault of bad legislation. When they first rolled in to Washington, Republicans fell flat on their faces and did nothing to overturn Clinton’s unconstitutional laws, like the Family and Medical Leave Act or the Brady Handgun

Violence Prevention Act. Once Republicans had attained the office of the president, they passed things like the USA PATRIOT Act, the No Child Left Behind Act, and the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (the latter coming after the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, also passed by republicans and signed by Clinton). Even as the Republican control of the government was in its death throes, the Republicans continued, passing the bailout bill that helped guarantee the oncoming inflationary depression. All of these acts have been, in part or in whole, unconstitutional explosions in federal power that came at the cost of the wealth, freedom, and lives of taxpayers. I am, without hesitation, glad that the liars and promisebreakers are gone. What I am not glad about is that the people who have replaced these worthless tax-parasites are worthless tax-parasites that go under a different party name: Democrats. The American public has been sold on the idea of change, but there is no change

coming. Already, Emperor Obama has gone back to business as usual, wasting taxpayer dollars to prop up bad businesses and pointless government bureaucracy. The “stimulus package” passed on January 29 was filled with pork-barrel spending and included an ominous program to nationalize everyone’s health records into a centralized, electronic database – your medical history will now be available to anyone who has access to this database (including ‘private’ companies) and you cannot opt out of this scheme. In addition to wasteful spending and utter disregard for civil liberties, Obama has also kept the murderous bloodlust of the republicans, ordering his first murders just days after his coronation via missile attacks on Pakistan (a country with which we are not at war), killing several children and other civilians. There is no hope for change, and only more of the same will be had under the Obama administration. Perhaps one slight difference now is that people who doubt our fearless leader – people

Horoscopes By Llevol Bocaj the Great Staff Astrologer Aries - March 21-April 19 Next time you’re babysitting a child and can’t get it to stop crying or screaming, remember to use the “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” method to keep it quiet. If this doesn’t work, try the alternative method, “Beat It Until It Stops Making Noise.” Taurus - April 20-May 20 Saturn’s retrograde motion is signaling that it’s time for you to stop being such a damn hippie. Gemini - May 21-June 20 Some folks say that it’s the thought that counts. If you buy flowers for someone this Valentine’s Day, think about how much a shot of penicillin costs. Cancer - June 21-July 22 Look, don’t actually follow any of the advice or stupid stuff written here. If you do, call me first so I can videotape it. Leo - July 23-August 22 Instead of using water in that bong, try Everclear. Virgo - August 23-September 22 The economy might be falling apart, but the paperclip market is going to boom. Invest in paperclips. Lots and lots of paperclips.

Libra - September 23-October 22 Your significant other is cheating on you, significantly. Like, really significantly. You know your friends? Yeah, with them. All of them. Scorpio - October 23-November 21 The stars tell me that traveling at any point in the next few years would be a bad idea for you. Don’t travel anywhere, even out of your dorm room. Just stay where you are and don’t move at all. Sagittarius - November 22-December 21 Faith is a virtue because believing in stuff for no reason is always a good thing. For example, if you think your neighbor is a witch, she probably is, and it would be bad for you to question your belief, because doubt is not a virtue. Capricorn - December 22-January 19 Don’t go see that new Underworld movie, it’s terrible. Then again, if you thought either of the first two in that series were good, you don’t have any taste, so you’ll probably enjoy it anyway.

like me – will be blamed when Obama fails, and when that time comes, Obama’s failures will only serve as an excuse to gain more power. Bush’s cronies tried this too, when they blamed the media and the detractors of the war for giving moral support to the enemy. The American public did not completely buy it, and the election results are evidence of that. The idolization and worship of Obama is a scary, different thing, though, and it looks like the same kind of adoration that Germans had for Hitler at the rise of National Socialism. Without even the weak check against power that is the American majority, the only thing left to stop this out-ofcontrol federal behemoth is the coming economic collapse. It’s going to be a rocky few years. That’s it for this week’s column, but I wanted to address two points of factual information in my last article that were incorrect. Due to poor sources – two low-level employees of this university – I identified incorrectly where the mandatory $2 International Fee went and what it was used

for. While I still dislike any mandatory fee being tacked on to what I see as an already overpriced, monopolized service (education), the ire I had for where the money went was misdirected. The second point came from listening to a commuter student that had a complaint about his bill, concerning a fee that he thought was a result of the new commuter lounge. Just before the article went to press, I included his complaint as an aside, but I did not have time to research it or contact university officials, nor include it into any of my figures or calculations concerning price inflation here at UWG. Turns out, he was wrong, and I repeated his error in my article, just as I repeated the error concerning the other fee. Thankfully, all of my numbers are still correct, and I welcome you to double check anything I said. I pride myself on being dedicated to the truth above all things, even my own conceptions of the world around me, and I feel I did a disservice by repeating those inaccuracies. I apologize for this, and I thank those who checked me. My e-mail is always printed with my columns, and I welcome your comments and corrections.

Rant and Rave - Stop shooting people! - Why doesn’t the University of West Georgia have a comprehensive online calendar? - Why does all the food in the Z-6 taste like corn? - Does anybody else get hungry for bald eagle sometimes? - 9/11 was a government conspiracy. The towers were taken down by a controlled detonation. You are all sheep. - I can’t help but wonder why the water in my dorm turns the sink green.

Aquarius - January 20-February 18 Coweta County just passed a bill outlawing the sale of sex toys. It looks like you’ll never be able to fulfill your life’s goal of buying a lifetime supply of the coveted “Coweta Condom.”

- So I feel bad about exams this week. Low and behold, I turned to the UWG rant and rave section and my horoscope ...Try suicide - you’ll never feel bad again. @#$(*&@#$???

Pisces - February 19-March 20 Your astrological sign is not pronounced “pee sees.”

Send Rants or Raves to, subject line “Rant & Rave”

The West Georgian - OPINION

Page 8 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

From the Desk of Ellis Smith Editor-in-Chief

Destroying the “One-in-Four” Lie

I’m going to shock you. The statistic that claims “one in four women are sexually assaulted by the end of college” is a myth, both here at UWG and in the rest of the U.S. To be sure, rape is always the fault of the perpetrator. Rape or sexual assault is an event so powerful and awful that most pundits are afraid to tackle it. With the recent violence that has taken place near our campus, I felt the issue needed examination. Several hours of research revealed a discrepancy so large as to defy conventional methods of understanding. My analysis of campus safety began with, which offers an interactive map that allows users to geographically locate sexual predators in their vicinity. I discovered to my chagrin that a convicted rapist lives across the block from me, and began to wonder what effect our local rapist population has on the student body. My search for answers continued at an organization called One in Four, Inc., which has spent millions of dollars telling students and administrators around the country that “one in four college women have survived rape or attempted rape,” according to their website. You may have seen their posters or heard about their claims on our campus. They’re talking about 25% of college women. Where does that number come from? I crosschecked this statistic with the UWG web site, which echoes these reports. It too claims, in several places, that one in four women will be sexually assaulted, and that those between the ages of 1424 are especially susceptible. UWG health services makes the same claim, also noting that one in six males is sexually assaulted as well, which we’ll save for another article. Fall enrollment peaked at 11,252 students last year. Women make up slightly more than 60% of undergraduates. That puts their population at around 6751. One in four, or 25% of UWG undergraduates would be around 1688. The University Police post statistics for all crimes committed against UWG students, on or off campus. In 2007, there were five sexual assaults, including rape. That’s five(5) per year, or twenty in four years. For 1688 women to be raped during their four college years, we would need to have at least 422 rapes per year. So we’re about 417 rapes behind schedule for 2007. That’s about 1.2% of what they’re claiming is going on or, to put it another way, rapes would have to increase about 8440% to match the allegations of One in Four, Inc. Feel free to double check my numbers. I decided to be generous with these One in Four folks, and rather than limit the sample to the girls’ college years, extend it to their entire lives. Women tend to live around 78 years, give or take.

For the “One in Four” group of 1688 undergraduate girls to get assaulted sometime in their lifetime, ignoring the fact that most rapes take place in college, they would have to be assaulted at a rate of about 22 per year. This is still 18 more than UWG’s current trend, over 300% more. In order to match statistics put out by One in Four, Inc, we would have to have an increase in rapes and attempted rapes of about 333%. In fact, according to the Washington Post, rapes rates “have been plunging” since the 1970s. According to their strategic plan, the goal of One in Four, Inc is “To eventually end rape and sexual assault in the United States through ground-breaking research and superior educational programming - and for there to be no more need for our organization.” I’m happy to report that they are a lot closer then they think, at least at UWG. Let’s look at a bigger sample. There are about 4,773,000 women in Georgia. In 2007 there were 2,178 rapes, not including other types of sexual assault. This is about .05% of Georgian women. If we again multiply that number by 78 years, the percentage of women raped rises to 3.9%. To achieve the number claimed by activists, we’d have to see around a 600% increase in rapes in Georgia. That’s not one in four, one in six, or even one in ten. If we round it up to 5% to account for unreported rapes, it works out to be about than one in twenty, all else being equal. So where are these wacky statistics coming from? When you’re easily 300% percent off, even allowing for 80 years of college, I’ve got to stop you for a second. Let’s make another allowance for this madness. Let’s say that the reason for this discrepancy is the large number of unreported rapes. Numbers for the percentage of unreported rapes vary, but 59% is typically an accepted percentage for the politically correct, meaning over half of all rapes go unreported. In fact, let’s round up to 60%. With this fuzzy math, the total unreported and reported cases of any type of sexual assault at UWG rises to 13, or 52 in the time it takes to get a four-year degree. We’re still missing 370 rapes, even taking these unreported cases into account. That’s about 800% off from One in Four, Inc.’s cataclysmic prediction for college girls’ sexual future. On the other extreme, statistics on the number of falsely reported rapes vary even more widely. One low figure of falsely reported rapes rises to 8%, but does not take into account cases where the accuser refuses to cooperate or drops charges. Another study performed at two universities found that between 41% and 50% of rapes are falsely reported, taking into account accusations that were recanted in the presence of female police officers. These statistics skew the results even further against the campus rape industry, so I won’t factor

them into these statistics. In the entire United States, there are about 272,000 sexual assaults in a year, in a population of around 306 million Americans, about half of which are women (153 million). According to these statistics, U.S. women on average have a .18% chance of bring sexually assaulted in a year, far less than 1%. In their lifetime, the figure rises to 14%. In other words, even using statistics that include some of the most dangerous inner-cities in America, and allowing for 78 years of college, I still can’t summon up the 25% figure without using guesswork and fuzzy math. Keep in mind I’m even using the definition that includes several felonies that fall short of rape. I just can’t win with these people. The point of all this seems to be that ladies, you’re safe, at least for now. The legions of rapists you’ve been taught to be on the lookout for do not exist. Just in case you’re still scared, One in Four, Inc., boasts a program for men that achieves pretty dramatic results. It’s called “The Men’s Program,” and it stops us from raping you - but only for a year. According to their website, “Fully 75% of “high risk” men who see “The Men’s Program” report lower likelihood of raping after the program concludes -an effect which lasts an entire academic year.” I’m sorry, but what? Are they inferring that after the effects of this apparently effective feminist brainwashing session wear off, the manimals go back to their usual habit of raping anything that isn’t (or is) tied down? Do they employ a single statistician at these organizations, or do they just quote each other in endless circles? I’ll keep this conclusion short and to the point. Their numbers are not being inflated because of stupidity, these people are Ivy League graduates. The numbers are inflated for two very important reasons. First, they’re politically easy to get behind. As I already pointed out, women make up more than half of the voting population in the U.S., and they lean left politically. Why not score some extra votes or political points? It’s not like men have ever seriously protested efforts to help assault victims. After all, it’s common knowledge that committing rape, murder, and other felonies are one-way tickets to a lifetime supply of involuntary man on man encounters. The more cynical reason for this wild number inflation is that entrepreneurs are making money off college girls’ fear and insecurity – fear that these very organizations help to propagate. Who do you think pays for these seminars, speakers, paper-pushers, counselors, riskmanagement advisors, campus departments/organizations, hotlines, academic studies, additional bureaucrats, assault response guidelines, and classes? You, the taxpayer and student pay for these scare tactics and fuzzy numbers, which keeps the fear cycle alive. -When I want to be scared I’ll drive really fast, rip the tags off mattresses, or watch a scary movie. Please keep the crazy propaganda on the shelf next to your tinfoil hat, your “Elvis Lives” t-shirts, and your Obama coin collection. We’re all full up here.

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$125/WK INCL UTILITIES!!! CABLE TV HOOK-UP, PHONE, WIRELESS INTERNET 2 Good-sized rooms: 1 up/1down, both furnished. Large New Home in SWIM/TENNIS Community in Villa Rica. Shared Lg Bath & TV Room b/w Tenants. Incl: Kitchen, Laundry, Parking. No Drugs/ Weapons. Rent may be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in advance.

Call Bobbie @ 770-354-6865

Page 9 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

Letters to the Editor Dear Editor Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and the women of Phi Mu recently co-hosted a canned food drive on campus. Members of both organizations set up tables outside the UCC, TLC, and Z-6. All of the canned food collected helped feed hungry stomachs when it was donated to the Carrollton Soup Kitchen. Between the two organizations, over one hundred hours of community service was contributed. Their efforts resulted in the collection of 389 cans of food. -Andrew Cooper Pi Kappa Alpha Dear Editor, I am well aware of this paper’s right-wing editorial stance, but the bleeding over of right-wing myth into news stories is just sad. In “UWG Throws Inauguration Celebration for Obama,” writer Jessica L. Gaddis spreads the Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh created lie (also repeated on the editorial page) that the Obama inauguration cost three times that of Bush’s 2005 fete. The budget numbers cited for 2005 do not include most expenses includingsecurityandtransportation, but the 2009 numbers do. When full figures are compared, there is less than $5 million difference ($115.5m to $120m). This is an example of the far

right trying to discredit and instigate resentment against our new president from the start. For a full examination of the inauguration figures see Media Matters (1-22-09), who cite actual news sources such as the Washington Post, rather than printing the ravings of the lunatics from “FOX and Friends.” -Richard Primuth UWG Graduate Student

Got Something To Say? Don’t Keep Us Waiting! Send an e-mail to uwgpaper@ with the subject: “Letter to the Editor” Don’t forget to include your full name, occupation, and return e-mail address!

The West Georgian - OPINION

A Word From the Dean: Vote!

Once again it is time to elect new Student Government Senators and Officers. I want to take this opportunity to encourage all students to reflect on what type of university you want UWG to be and what YOU can do as a UWG student to make a difference. A strong and viable Student Government Association (SGA) is central and important to the growth and success of UWG. West Georgia has experienced tremendous growth over the past 30 years and I for one am proud of the direction we are taking. Not only am I an employee of UWG, but I am also a proud alumnus. During the past 30 years, I have observed strong and effective Student Government Associations, as well as weak and ineffective associations. I sincerely believe that a strong Student Government is vital to the continued success of West Georgia. Apathy and indifference are diseases that can cripple a university. It is easy to give in to both by taking the “my vote doesn’t count” or “one person can not make a difference” approach to the governance of your university. It is easy to be jaded by past problems and controversies. It is easy to give up and sit by watching and criticizing those who do get involved. I challenge you to get involved. Do not take the easy route. Do not sit by the wayside while apathy and indifference eat away at the heart of UWG. I urge you to reflect on this leadership quote by John W. Garner, “The

cynic says, ‘One man can’t do anything.’ I say, ‘Only one man can do anything.’ “ If he were writing today I am sure he would say, “only one person can do anything.” Get involved and make a contribution to the success of UWG! Support your university by supporting the Student Government Association! In order to avoid some of the controversies that have plagued some past SGA elections, the SGA Elections Commission will organize this year’s election and will monitor the election process to insure a fair and equitable election. The SGA Election Commission is made up of four current Student Justices and two members of the faculty. If you are interested in becoming an SGA Senator, or if you are a current SGA Senator thinking about running for one of the Officer positions, I encourage you to pick up an election packet at one of the following locations starting on February 9, 2009: Campus Center, UCC, Bonner House, Residence Life Office, Campus Post Office, or print out an online copy at: php?page=elections. There has never been a more exciting time to be at UWG! Make a difference! Get involved! -Trish Causey Assistant Dean of Students

Page 10 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

The West Georgian - OPINION

Our Campus is Safe, but How Safe and for How Long?

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Crimes on Campus have escalated from simple knife attacks to elaborate set-piece shootouts in off-campus parking lots over the last two years. Should you be worried for your safety? Katheryn Elie answers the question below. By Katheryn Elie A&E Editor Why do students choose to attend West Georgia? There are several different reasons. From the exceptional academic quality, to the 109 different programs of study (including master, specialist, and doctoral levels), to the many diverse student organizations to participate in, as well as being named by The Princeton Review as “one of the Best Southeastern Colleges and one of America’s Best Value Colleges”. UWG is also accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and has numerous prestigious accreditations for many of its other academic programs. The University is also one of twelve U.S. programs that help gifted high school students earn high school and college credit at the same time while living on campus. Despite recent fee increases, West Georgia still remains extremely affordable compared to other Georgia universities while still providing “Educational Excellence in a Personal Environment”. Another great feature of West Georgia is the location. Carrollton was named a “City of Excellence” in Georgia in 2002, and is listed as one of “The 50 Best Small Southern Towns” by Peachtree Publishers in 2001. This may be why Georgians are flocking to UWG, and contribute to the continuously increasing enrollment. Proving that UWG is the place to be. However, in the past two years there has been an alarming increase in the rate of crimes. In Spring 2007, there was a rash of violence. Lawrence Webb, a student living in Tyus Hall, was assaulted outside of the dorm by three men. Webb reportedly took out a knife and began cutting and stabbing one of the assailants. Another student, David Calhoun, was waiting on the lawn for friends at The Fish House directly across the street from campus, when a man from behind threatened him with a straightedged knife and demanded his wallet. Calhoun luckily had his own knife, and was able to escape from the attacker. There were also two cases of attempted robberies at Southridge Apartments around the same time. The first incident occurred at 2:30 a.m. when the victim heard a knock at the front door. When he

opened the door, two males rushed in and robbed the victim of his iPod, cell phone, and cash. A black revolver and a silver colored semiautomatic pistol were used instead of a knife. Last semester there was a “shoot-out” at River Place Apartments, which is less than a mile from campus. It was reported that the gunfire originated from the 200 Building were there was a large party taking place. Apparently, a conflict arose between two different groups, and multiple guns were pulled. Shots were fired from the balcony and other shots from the parking lot. Luckily the shooters had terrible aim and mainly hit cars. There was however one victim that was shot in the parking lot. By the time police arrived, many of the suspects had already left, but they were able to locate one shooter and he was charged with reckless conduct and aggravated assault. Last Christmas Eve, two men were killed and a third was critically wounded in a shooting at a home on Molette Street less than two miles from UWG campus. Now, at the beginning of this semester there is yet another shooting (details can be found on the front page of this issue). To re-cap (in case laziness has taken hold), there was a shooting early last Friday morning at Campus Quad during a party. Two men were shot, one died, and the other is still in critical condition. There was a suspect that was arrested and is being charged with murder. Also, the victims and the suspects were not UWG students, nor did they live at Campus Quad. This is ironic because the complex’s website states that “Campus Quad is a private off-campus student community”. This begins to bring the question of how safe are UWG students? One might think that living in a “student friendly” apartment within walking distance from class would be safe. It provides students with other people going through the same familiar experiences with studying and socializing. How about work out facilities to help keep off that Freshman Fifteen, and a pool to relax in. Even entertainment rooms with big TVs, DVD players, and a pool table where students can enjoy a variety of different activities. What if there was a student wishing to find a place to live in where his environment was a little less social and a little more quiet? There are a bunch of cheap small

houses around the campus to rent that a student could have a little more space, a little more privacy, and a little more quite time. Besides, it has to be safe since it is so close to campus. However, if the student is a Freshman or desires to live on campus, there are several different dorms and even the on campus apartments to choose from. A student could choose to share a room, or to have their own, share a bathroom with one other person, or multiple people. There is always something going on, and RA’s to provide guidance and wisdom. People are always around, coming and going. There is always something exciting to do. On-campus living is extremely safe. To get access into an on campus living quarter, a student must have the appropriate activation on their personal ID card, and have a physical key to even get into their bedroom. Especially with all the public safety officers patrolling

campus for illegal parkers, there is a great sense of security. Then how come there are shootings and stabbings occurring in these supposed safe and secure student living places? UWG students should feel safe to sleep, study, and socialize were ever they are on and around campus. Why are murder attempts and killings occurring on the steps of “studentfriendly” doors? There has been a constant growth in the severity of these violent acts, starting at knifed muggings, to gun armed robberies, to shootings at parties where people just want to have a good time and be young. What’s next? Is UWG vulnerable to a version of the Virginia Tech incident on campus? The questions of “what can be done” should be on the lips of every student until something is done, until Carrollton returns to the “City of Excellence” it once was.

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Page 11 — Wednesday, february 4, 2009

Indie Movie Serves up Visions of Italy and Innocence

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By Grant Wallace Staff Writer Italy is a beautiful country. The accents, the people, the architecture; it makes perfect sense why director Michael

Winterbottom decided to shoot his film there. The story first develops in the U.S., but quickly moves overseas when a family looses their mother and decides that some change is in order to help with their grief. Colin Firth (Where the Truth

Lies, Mamma Mia!) moves with his two daughters to Italy to try to relieve the past memories and cope in a life without a mother and wife. The youngest daughter Mary, played by Perla Haney-Jardine, has the hardest time accepting her mother’s death, as she feels personally responsible. To make matters worse, her older sister Kelly (Willa Holland, The O.C.) plays the domineering older sister who only cares when it is too late. Winterbottom does a fantastic job turning the beautiful city of Genova into a place of heartache and mystery. From the shady apartment alleyways to the bustling midday rush hour, these every day places become truly terrifying thanks to Winterbottom and Jardine. As a still innocent child, Jardine’s role was one of the best performances seen in a good while. The realism portrayed by this little girl is simply frightening, as her mourning is something so moving that I could

not even imagine the pain she had to deal with. Under the impression that she caused her mother’s death, she would still see her mother and try to make contact with her. To say this is impossible is something I now actually wonder about thanks to this film. After such a traumatizing experience at such a young age, the paranormal is made, in a way, normal. Holland’s role as her loveless big sister comes across as immature and harsh, but I can safely assume that this was just her way of coping, no matter how much I detested her. Firth’s performance was not as impressive, however, he did have one particular scene that made my skin crawl. Catherine Keener’s (Into the Wild, An American Crime) role as the “new” mom was everything you would expect from her, but, as she was mostly cast as a side character, she could not really shine. Genova earned a nine out of ten.

Our Big-City Columnist Reviews “The Spooks”

By Bobby More Guest Columnist

does not hold any deep meaning, but it sounds awesome when it’s backed by The Spooks’ brand of eerie electro-punk. The Spooks’ debut LP, “Koji Kondo” opens with a Death From Beyond The Grave, Transylvanian church organ and was six years in the making, and quickly develops into a chilling it was worth the wait for fans of mid-tempo song. It’s like a lo-fi the band’s energetic live shows. version of the sound The Damned The band features members tried to capture during their stint of The Black Lips and local with MCA Records. musicians Mark Gnomon and The album ends with “Now Adam Brunei wearing simplistic I’m a Spook.” This track is not Halloween costumes and playing quite as good as “Evil Dead,” music that falls somewhere in but it is more likely to be stuck between electro-punk, horror- in your head by the second punk and movie soundtracks. listen. Its catchiness is due to a The a-side is the actual infectious chorus that says, “I album itself, seven tracks which was once a cowboy who roamed represent the band’s final attempt the land. I was once an Indian in to knock out a full-length debut the desert sand... but now I’m a album. spook.” The opener, “Ceremonial Since the whole album fit Death March,” plods along on one side of vinyl, the band slowly, but picks up in time to included demos and a live track segue into “Now I’m Gonna Steal on the b-side. This means that Your Soul,” an electronically- record collectors and Spooks fused tune that would not have fans will not have to wait until sounded out of place in a 1980’s the 25th anniversary re-release horror movie. to hear a shoddy demo of The faster, and stranger, “California Boys.” “Cackle of The Dead” is followed Other demos include by the catchy “California “Ceremonial Death March/Now Boys,” which, minus the spooky I’m Gonna Steal Your Soul,” keyboard part, would sound like “Cackle of The Dead” and a Stock Photo The Black Lips’ take on mid- non-album track called “Mark of tempo powerpop. The Covenant.” The Spooks dress up in Halloween custumes for shows. Business picks up with “You The b-side also includes a Spooks may have recorded the recording and then releasing a Scared,” a sped-up punk tune live cut of the band performing best “Takin’ Care of Business” Spooks LP was mainly due to that easily could have been “Takin’ Care of Business” by cover since Kurtis Blow’s self- his label’s budget constraints paired with “California Boys” Bachmann-Turner Overdrive. titled debut album way back in and The Black Lips’ hectic tour and promoted as yet another Die It is more like sloppy, drunken 1980. schedule. Currently, the band is Slaughterhaus “Seasonal Seven- karaoke with friends on stage Death From Beyond The Grave on tour in India. Inch.” making guitar sounds vocally was fittingly planned as a Overall, this is a fun LP “Evil Dead” is easily the and butchering the lyrics than Halloween release, but the LP if you view it for what it is: a album’s strongest cut both it is a genuine nod to staple of did not hit the streets until earlier Black Lips side project. If you musically and lyrically. “If it’s classic rock radio. this month. expect to hear something as God you’re guided by, if it’s Criticisms aside, The Die Slaughterhaus Records, fresh and crucial as Good Bad an Atlanta-based label ran by Not Evil when you drop down Naumann, released the LP and your turntable’s needle, you will God that the light’s Come Work for The West its 3-D cover. be disappointed. divided by,” probably Naumann said the delay in Georgian!

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Page 12 —Wednesday, february 4, 2009

Free Expression Section : A night of “Spoken Word” Katheryn Elie A&E Editor The University of West Georgia has many different and unique talents in the student body. Last Thursday night Jaennie Joan, a third year mass communications major, hosted an evening of music, poetry and singing at the River Place apartments. “I know a lot of talented people,” stated Joan, “and I figured why not have a night of everyone coming together and expressing themselves. I think people should just use their talents, and not misuse it.” The night started off with a sweetly sensual piece by Ahmad Manson, then progressed to Andre Josey whose soulful and earth shaking voice sent goose bumps down everybody’s arms. Next was a poem about appreciating life’s

unprovoked emotions within the crowd. Afterwards was Aleta Watson with her verses of truth and powerful fervor that only such a talented woman could posses. Following Watson was Austin ‘Romeo Speak’ Miles with his mix of sweet melodies and robust rhymes. Last, but not least, was Leslie Mac, a very skilled singer and guitar player. Her spiritual and moving song sent the room into an intrinsic lullaby feel, as her fingers delicately glided on her acoustic. A wonderful contribution to the entire event was the musicians providing rhythm and sound. On the keys was the obliviously gifted Matt Thomas, who was able to grasp the feeling of the verses Photo by Katheryn Elie and poems quickly and provide a Singing, the spoken word, and spirituality all played a part in Jaennie beautiful harmony. On the drums was TJ Harris, who provided a Joan’s evening of music, poetry and singing at her apartment. high-flavored flow and pace that importance by Sara Hardy. Then front with his strong and passionate added so much to the overall William Bohannon stepped up in tones reaching the depths of some experience of the night.

Carrollton’s Irish Bred Pub Changes Ownership

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Photo by Chris LeMance

One of Carrollton’s favorite hang-outs gets a facelift. By Coretta King Staff Writer

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” For most, these words serve as the opening line for the 1980’s “Cheers” sitcom chorus. For, Chad Houck, UWG Alumnus and new owner of the Irish Bred Pub, those words describe the atmosphere of his establishment. “I think every time somebody goes to a place where they feel like they know people they tend to go back more often [because] it feels like they have stake in it a little because they know the people there,” said Houck after The West Georgian had the opportunity to sit down with him recently. Huock and another investor originally opened the Irish Bred Pub, located in the Carrollton Square, in May 2006. The establishment was sold in April 2008 and purchased back by Chad in Dec. 15, 2008. After the change of ownership in December, the Pub has undergone heavy renovations to include vibrant interior color, furniture, screens, floors, etc. According to Houck, the Pub is on the mission of “trying to make a customer-friendly atmosphere with good food and good service so people want to come back.” When asked what drives repeat business, Houck referenced consistency in food, service and entertainment. “Our food is really good. We give big portions so our customers do not leave hungry.” He went on to speak about the importance of food consistency. His aim is to ensure that the food always tastes the same whenever someone visits the establishment so they know what to expect. The Pub also carries a daily special to accommodate budgets and has lowered prices to “help folks during this tough time.” Another aspect used to help people during this tough time is the service provided to the customers.

“Since we do have a lot of regulars we push to get to know everyone’s name…so if customers are our regulars we know exactly what they are going to eat and drink before they sit down.” Besides knowing their name, the Pub offers a variety of entertainment to keep a standing crowd from Monday through Saturday. Monday nights will become Karaoke nights, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Trivia Nights from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em are held upstairs at the Pub on Wednesday nights as well, and Thursday through Saturday nights are DJ nights (upstairs at the Pub) where there is no cover charge (unless live entertainment is offered) and admission is open to those 18 and older. Also, the upper level of the Pub, where the DJ nights are held, are available for private booking. The Pub has also began to host new events such as UFC fight nights with only a $5 dollar cover to carry the cost of providing that coverage. One of the most interesting things to be discovered at the Irish Bred Pub is the “Pub Story” printed on each menu available in the establishment. This story truly sums up Houck’s beginning with the Pub and the overall theme. “The Pub Story” “In early 2006, two young friends decided to take a chance and leave their jobs to invest every dime they had into an Irish Pub. They worked very hard to renovate the building themselves. After five long months they finally opened for business and the community accepted them with open arms. Their focus was to have great food and exceptional entertainment for all ages. They wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone felt welcome and wanted to stay for longer than just a meal. This restaurant has been in business for three years now and has been voted best atmosphere by the Times Georgian. With great service and excellent food, these guys hope to be here for many more years to come.”

The West Georgian Supports: A Step At A Time 2009 5K / 10K Road Race 1 mile Fun Run & Tot Trot To benefit the Carroll County Emergency Shelter . . . seeking to conquer domestic violence . . . “a step at a time.”

New, Improved 10K course, USATF certified, Peachtree Road Race qualifier! Sunday, February 22, 2009 2:00 – Tot Trot, 1 mile Fun Run 2:15 – 5K / 10K Road Race Entry Fees 5K / 10K / Fun Run – $15 (must be received by 2/12/09) Race Day Registration – $20 T-Shirts All pre-registered 5K / 10K and 1 mile participants will receive a T-shirt. A limited number of shirts will be available for race day registrants. Please register by mail using the form below. Race day registration begins at 1:00.

East Carrollton Recreation Center 410 North Lake Dr. Carrollton, GA Awards Ribbons to all Fun Run and Tot Trot finishers. 5K / 10K winners: Top male and female overall Top male and female masters Top 3 male and female in these age groups: 11-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-40, 40-44, 4549, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75 and over Food and liquids provided at finish.

Join us in our display of hope in the fight against domestic violence. Wear anything yellow and get a prize! Questions: Contact Catherine Gordon - (770) 836-9056 or Carol Hogan – From Atlanta take I-20 West to Exit 24. Exit and turn left (South) onto Highway 61 to Carrollton (12 miles). Turn right onto Highway 166 Bypass (just past Ryan!s steakhouse). Turn at the second left, North Lake Drive. Recreation Center is immediately on left.

“A STEP AT A TIME” ENTRY FORM Name: Address: City: Age: (as of 2/22/09)

Phone: State: School / Organization:


Please mail completed registration form along with check ($15 before 2/12, $20 after 2/12) payable to: Carroll County Emergency Shelter P.O. Box 2192 Carrollton, GA 30112


Signature of Participant


Event: (circle one)

WAIVER: In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I, the undersigned, intend to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waiver and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against Carroll County Emergency Shelter, Inc. or its sponsors, officials, workers, representatives, successors, assigns, for any and all injuries suffered by me in this event. _


_ _ F _

5K Run


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1 mile Fun Run


Tot Trot


Shirt Size: (circle one) Adult: S




Youth: S




Signature of parent or legal guardian if entrant is under 18

The Madman’s Lantern with Joseph Benefield

Profile for Ellis Smith


See CHEER page 3 By Dana Edwards Copy Editor By Lindsay Murray Sports Editor The Campus Quad experienced one of UWG’s worst shootings in rec...


See CHEER page 3 By Dana Edwards Copy Editor By Lindsay Murray Sports Editor The Campus Quad experienced one of UWG’s worst shootings in rec...