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Wednesday, april 22, 2009

Spring Fling Unites Students Finals Fever Strikes Again Final Exams Pose Last Obstacle for Students Eager to Embrace Summer

By Krystal Horne

Staff Writer

Meth, Gangs, and More -Page 4 Opinion

Photo by Terence Rushin

Students practiced their skills on the Twister bounce pad for Spring Fling.

By Brittiny Prenell

Staff Writer UWG students came down with spring fever in Love Valley’s 40th annual “Spring Fling” on April 16, hosted by the Student Activities Committee. Taxpayers get Tea’d Off “Spring Fling” activities included Over Government Spending inflatable games, live music and prize -Page 9 giveaways. Cotton candy, snow cones and other food items added to the Arts and Entertainment carnival atmosphere. Prizes ranged from iPod docking stations and alarm clocks to university-branded chairs and blankets. Attendees like Brittany Foxworth, a senior accounting major, went wild for the airbrushed Trucker hats and customized shirts and license plates. Foxworth said that she “really enjoyed the hats. That was a very great idea.” Shavonda Sewell, a three-year member of SAC who will be president of SAC next year, is partially responsible for planning special events such as the The Foreigner plays at The Spring Fling and other events throughout the year. Other SAC committees also Townsend Center helped with planning specific areas such -Page 10 as entertainment, activities and food. Sports “A committee of five to six people looks into what to bring to the campus,” said Sewell, “Ideas, such as which companies to bring in, are taken in a consensus vote and meetings are held each week. The future of SAC

is promoting go green, linking more with the community of Carrollton, and interacting with other organizations. I loved everything, but would have liked to see more inflatables and there is always room for improvement.” Live entertainment was a new feature to Spring Fling this year. Organizers flew down musical act Jared Campbell, a native of upstate New York. Campbell plays the guitar and performs for many colleges around the country; he has been touring and performing for six years. Campbell describes his music as acoustic pop rock. “I wanted to be a rock star, so I begged my parents for a guitar and the guitar became my passion,” said Campbell, “The ‘Spring Fling’ is a cool event. Everyone is nice, but I wish I could’ve been in the center.” Campell’s stage was located on the westside of Love Valley at the UCC, but because of the location, his audience was small in number. The idea for this year’s “Spring Fling” was to utilize all of Love Valley, which explains why the live entertainment was centered at the UCC and not the gazebo—so people could mingle around the entire area. “The idea was to put Jared Campbell [and other live entertainment] at the UCC, so more people would hear him,” said Sewell. Amber Rodgers, SAC’s live music chairman, planned, booked, and See

Spring Page 2

With less than two weeks left in the spring semster, the countdown is on. For some it’s the countdown to graduation, for others it’s just a countdown to the beginning of summer. Before graduation and vacation celebrations begin, there is one last hurdle to overcome—final exams; however, studying for finals can pose more of a challenge than the exams themselves. “When I study for finals, I go to the second floor of the library with a study group and some flashcards,” said studyexperienced Junior Renee Baptiste, “It helps me to explain information to others and it helps me gain a better understanding of information that I may have had previous trouble with.” See

Finals Page 2

Signing Up for Class a Chore Classes Fill Up, Some Students Left Behind By Krystal Horne

Staff Writer Summer and Fall registration is nearly at an end and UWG students face several big issues: how quickly classes fill up, how often certain classes are offered each semester and the lack of balance between the offering of introductory courses versus upper level courses. Juniors and seniors are at a particular risk when it comes to course unavailability. “Every semester we get listings from each department and the maximum number of people [allowed in each course],” said Allison Skelly of the Registrar’s office, “There are some safeguards when students are registering for classes. For example, seniors get first dibs, followed by juniors.” See

Registration Page 3

Renaissance Festival - Opening Day Joust

Wolves Sports Update Top 10 Moments

-Page 5

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Photo by Ellis Smith

Students traveled to the small town of Fairburn, Georgia, where “Ren-Fest,” as it is called by regulars, is celebrated during the warm months of the year. Entertaining shows such as the jousting tournament help to banish memories of the cold winter and bring forth the warm days of summer along with amenities such as cheap grog, turkey legs, a petting zoo, and even a pirate ship.

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The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 2 — Wednesday, april 22, 2009


Surviving Summer School

Spring Front Page

A Guide To Getting Through the Hot Times

File Photo

Students who choose summer school have to make sacrifices for their college education.

By Krystal Horne

Staff Writer “No more pencils. No more books[...]School’s out for the summer. School’s out forever!” Or is it? Summer break is slowly approaching and Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” is blaring from car radios and stereos in dorms and apartments across campus. But some students have summer classes ahead of them, even as others prepare for graduation or a long summer vacation. Summer classes can be a good or bad thing, depending on who is asked. The cons include giving up a portion or the entire summer vacation, buying more books, reading the books, writing papers

and taking exams. On the other hand, the opportunity to get tough classes out of the way, draw closer to finishing a major or minor and earn a shorter semester cause many students to give summer school a second look. Some students fear that they won’t survive without a break between semesters. The biggest advice for surviving summer classes is to study, study and study. Studying boosts chances of getting the desired grade. Professors often remind students to ask for help if a tough subject or difficult homework assignment causes them unecessary angst. “Stay cool, stay on task and make sure that your work is completely done,” advised Christian Ellison, a sophomore From

psychology major. Another way to stay on task is to get quality sleep— six to eight hours—at night and a good breakfast in the morning. “Eat a good meal before class,” said Senior Robert Porter, “After that class is over, take a break and go grab a snack and when you come back, go over your notes and re-read the chapter. You have to do it right after class, because teachers may not go over that material next class since summer classes go so fast.” Just remember, once out of class, make sure to complete all homework and study on a regular basis. Studying and finishing homework can be the deciding factor as far as grades are concerned.

Finals Front Page

Photo by Terence Rushin

Rides like this one helped ensure attendees had a good time at Spring Fling. The event is organized by the Student Activities.

produced the live music performances. “The purpose of SAC is to bring free, fun and clean activities to the student body,” said Rodgers, “It is a tradition to bring in inflatables and this is the first year of live entertainment. There is a long process of what goes into the event such as the food, prizes, etc. I would like to see a better turn out with SAC events, more involvement and more members being apart of SAC.” Traditionally, the event has a huge turnout, but this time, most SAC members said they would have loved to see more participation. Orlando Calhoun, a junior at UWG and Spring Fling attendee, said, “I participated in some of the inflatable rides, but it was more like a P.E. class because I am out of shape. I did not get what I wanted […] I really wanted cash, but I hope everybody had fun.” Many people had a great time at the event, but had some suggestions.

Jerikka Smith said, “ I would like to have seen more carnival style games.” “I would have liked to see more rides like a mechanical bull and prizes like the ones that they have at the fair,” said Ke’andra King. “If students would like to see more variety on campus, become a SAC member,” said Sewell, “SAC will take opinions and bring the events to campus.” SAC is always looking for new faces and ideas. Interest forms are available at the Center for Student Involvement, Room 304 of the Campus Center and the SAC Office, Room 319 of the Campus Center. For more information about SAC, e-mail the organization at or contact (678) 839-6526. For more information about “Spring Fling” performer Jared Campbell, visit www.jaredcampbell. com. Campbell also has five albums available for download on iTunes.

Want a Summer job LIFEGUARDING, in Atlanta and the suburbs? Photo by Ellis Smith

While studying is always difficult, the only way to get through finals is to plow through.

Getting a head start on studying helps Senior Finance major Kysha Holcombe. “I study for a few hours weeks before finals and as that day approaches, I increase the number of hours I study. I feel more prepared for that final compared to cramming. When I take it slow, I feel less stressed when it comes to the final.” The Excel Center, located in the UCC, can also help students prepare for finals. In addition to tutoring in all core classes, the Excel Center also tutors in study skills, which can give students plenty of help and advice. “For one thing, make sure to study at times when you are most awake and manage your time wisely. No phone or Facebook,” said

Excel Center Tutor Tanya Indridason, “If you’re not a morning person or you go to bed at ten at night, it doesn’t really benefit you to study at those times. In addition, switch subjects every hour so you don’t get burned out.” Another step students can take to prepare for finals is to know their individual learning style and study based on that style. There are three learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. While some students may be just one learning style, others have a combination of two styles, or even all three. Those who are visual have the ability to remember pictures or diagrams from a lecture and visually relate material they learn. Making charts or note cards could

help these students study. Those who are auditory can remember what they hear in a lecture long enough to commit it to memory for the exam. Forming study groups and recording class lectures may help these individuals. Those who are kinesthetic are hands-on learners. These individuals should study in the physical position for which they will be taking the test. When it comes to exam day, their body is more likely to remember that position and, thus, they are more likely to remember what they studied. To make an appointment with a tutor or to learn more study tips, contact the Excel Center at 678-839-6280 or stop by room 200 in the UCC. Best of luck on all final exams.

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The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 3 — Wednesday, april 22, 2009 From

Registration Front Page

The unequal amounts of introductory and upper-level courses that are offered pose a problem for students, as well. “It’s simply an issue of resources, mainly resources versus demand,” said Dr. Tim Hynes, vice president of Academic Affairs, “It is an issue that has to be discussed departmentally, since the budget in each department differs. In many instances, lower-level courses will have higher demands than upper-level courses.” Hynes blamed a lack of resources

for class shortages. “We try to accommodate the many demands as best we can with the resources we have. If there were more resources, there would surely be more course offerings,” said Hynes. With a questionable economy, demands may be high, but resources remain low and may decrease even more with cutbacks. For now, nothing can be done and students must work with the course offerings that are available.

Announcements April 20-Photojournalist Shannon McCollum, Campus Center Ballroom, 7 p.m. April 21-Rebecca Frio and Sexual Abuse, Bonner Lecture Hall, 7:30 p.m. -Choral Orchestral Concert, TCPA, 8:15 p.m. April 22-FOCUS Major Hi-light Night, UCC 207, 6:30 p.m. -UWG Brass Ensemble, Campus Center Ballroom, 8:15 p.m. -Intramural Earth Day Hike, Intramurals office, noon -UWG Earth Day, near Campus Center, 2-5 p.m. April 23-“Memories of Rwanda” Carl Wilkens, Campus Center Ballroom, 7 p.m. -JAM Spring Show, Rec Center, 7:30 p.m. April 24-24th Annual Sunbelt Jazz Festival, TCPA, 7:30 p.m. April 25-Radio Songs with Robin and Linda Williams, TCPA, 7:30 p.m.

Photo by Ellis Smith

Registering for the right classes can make or break a college career.

To tell us about your event, send an e-mail to that answers the questions “Who, What, When, Where, and Why.”

The West Georgian - NEWS

Page 4 — Wednesday, april 22, 2009

Gangs, Meth Continue to Plague Georgia Youth Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Teaches Students of Danger Posed by Drugs and Violence By Stephanie Moodie

Staff Writer With methamphetamine use and gang activity on the rise, UWG’s CAPE and SGA sponsored “Meth and Gangs,” a speech delivered by Jesse Hambrick Jr. with the Douglas County Sheriff’s office. A group of 30 students sat down in the lower level of the Z-6 to listen to the presentation. Brittany Johnson, CAPE treasurer, opened the speech with a brief introduction of Hambrick and his mission. Although Hambrick’s primary expertise is with meth, he later started working with the Douglas County Gang Unit. The evening’s highlights were shocking drug statistics and celebrities notorious for street gang affiliation. Hambrick has given speeches about meth and gangs all over the country. He lives in Temple and has a lot of history in the west Georgia area. His career started with undercover drug busts in cities such as Bowden, Carrollton and Manchester. Hambrick mentioned in the beginning of his speech that he purchased 225 pounds of marijuana in an apartment complex neighboring UWG. He chose to work with meth cases in 1996 before joining the West Georgia Meth Task Force in 2004 “I started teaching meth classes in west Georgia and I wrote a book on meth,” said Hambrick. When Hambrick started speaking about meth nationally, he was forced to

File Photo

This woman transformed from the picture on the left to the photo on the right through just over three years of of methamphetamine use. The drug takes a terrible toll on the body.

quit working undercover. After leaving undercover drug operations behind, Hambrick moved on to working with street gangs. The Douglas County Gang Unit specializes in identifying symbols, hand signs and body markings that associate individuals with gang activity. “The Douglas County Gang Unit is committed to protecting the community from violent acts, as well as protecting youth from invovlement in gang related activity and lifestyles,” said Hambrick. Georgia law states that a gang is three or more persons, associated with a common name and engages in crimes that are “gang related.” However, Hambrick’s presentation revealed that an individual could not be arrested

for claiming association with a gang. Appearing to be a gang member by representing a street gang outside of public school is also covered under the freedom of expression. According to Hambrick, Carrollton has a few local gangs; a popular one is the Cross the Track Boys. Hambrick’s presentation included a variety of YouTube music videos and other mass media that displayed common and celebrity individuals who associate themselves with street gangs. For example, lyrics from Snoop Dogg’s single, “Ain’t Nothin’ But a G-Thang,” reveal his association with the Crip street gang, which originated out of Los Angeles, Calif. Local rapper Young Jeezy also openly expresses his affiliation with the Atlanta

Buddhist Wolves Host Discussion New Group on Campus Focuses on Volunteer Work, Good Karma

street gang Gangster Disciples by wearing black bandannas when he makes public appearances. Allegedly, rapper T.I. has some form of gang activity involvement, but Hambrick could not prove this accusation. “Gangs are twice as difficult to deal with [compared to] meth,” said Hambrick. It is often hard to prove that dangerous individuals are involved with gang crimes until a violent act is actually committed, but then it is too late. Georgia law states an individual must be caught in the act of violence before being charged with a gang related crime. Hambrick explained that there are paid units within law enforcement that investigate NFL and NBA athletes for

the flashing of hand signs and other symbols during games. Some of the fights viewers see on the field and court are often the result of a conflict between two rival groups with which particular athletes are associated. If prosecuted within the NFL or NBA, the athlete charged will pay hefty fines. What many college students do not know about gangs is displayed in their everyday behavior. Any given day a student can log on to Facebook and see their friends throwing up “the deuces,” which actually originated from the Insane Deuces, a Hispanic street gang. Fraternities have become an issue because they meet two of the Georgia state law criteria for street gangs— common name and larger than three people. Further, if a fraternity was involved in a violent act, it could be grounds for prosecution as a gang related crime; however, Hambrick mentioned he has never seen a fraternity member prosecuted under these provisions. “We are living in extreme times,” said Hambrick. Because society’s youth have limited positive examples, it is each person’s responsibility to be educated about the dangers street gangs possess. Although the west Georgia district is cracking down on meth, addicts need help and abuse of the drug is still on the rise. For more information on meth and gangs, visit Hambrick’s website www.


File Photo

The group welcomes all visitors, no matter what their religion, as they advocate for world peace. In the past, a Buddhist monk from Atlanta has hosted a meditation and discussion session.

By Ben Skelley

Staff Writer The University of West Georgia Buddhist Wolves for World Peace will be hosting a discussion and movie night on April 27 at 6 p.m. in Pafford, room 212. The event will feature UWG professor Alan Pope discussing Buddhism from a psychological perspective. The Buddhist Wolves for World Peace is a new student organization that began in the fall of 2008. It is the first group of its kind on campus because, not only is it the only Buddhist group, but the organization strives to teach its members about the beliefs from all Buddhist teachings.

The group focuses on humanitarian acts and volunteerism. Their goal is to create good karma on campus through understanding, compassion and non-violence. They hope to accomplish their goal through their volunteer efforts and by holding events such as the discussion night on April 27. Those who are not Buddhist are welcome, no matter their religion. As the Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama said, “Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.” The Buddhist Wolves have already accomplished many things at UWG. Last

semester, the group went to the World Peace Café in Atlanta to participate in the “Food for Thought” program. The members participated in meditation and a discussion session with Gen Kelsang Mondrub, a Buddhist monk from the Rameshori Buddhist Center of Atlanta. They also collected donations of kitty litter and pet food for the Carrollton Animal Shelter at the end of last semester. The Buddhist Wolves are continuing to collect donations this semester until April 29. Anyone who wishes to contribute can bring their donations of food or supplies to Humanities 308. For more information about the Buddhist Wolves, contact them on Facebook.

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PAGE 5 --- WEDNESDAY, april 22, 2009

Top 10 Wolves Moments

On the Record

Wolves Dominate Opponents on the Field

With Lindsay Murray

Braves Struggling, Look For Hope in Washington Oh, the difference a week makes. After getting off to one of their best starts in recent years, things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse for the Atlanta Braves. They have lost five straight games after beginning the season 5-1. Taking two games from the defending World Champion Phillies on the road to begin the 2009 season, and then sweeping the Nationals at Turner Field, things got a little different when the Florida Marlins came to town. The Marlins are leading the majors with an astonishing 11-1 start, and hold a comfortable first place lead in the NL East. The Braves and Mets are tied in second behind the Marlins, each with a 6-6 overall record. After being swept by Florida at home last week, Atlanta made a weekend stop to PNC Park to take on a mediocre Pittsburg Pirate team. But it wasn’t long before the Pirates sent a message to Atlanta letting them know it wasn’t going to be so easy. The Pirates shutout the Braves in the first two games of the series and posted a 13-0 offensive surge as Atlanta struggled for run support with just one homerun and a .190 average during the five-game losing streak. During the first two games in Pittsburg, rookie centerfielder Jordan Schafer, who had impressed the Braves in his first week in the majors with two homeruns and a .400 batting

average, went 0-6 with five strikeouts while his average plummeted to .267. Braves slugger Brian McCann, who has been affected by blurred vision, was also 0-for-5 between the two days as he struggles to hold on to just a .200 average. Pitching, mainly middle relief, is still a problem for the Braves as they continue to giving up runs. Against the Pirates this weekend, the Atlanta bullpen surrendered eight earned runs and is responsible for one of the National League’s worst ERA’s. Other factors contributed to the two-game skid in Pittsburg such as 13 runners left on base, and no run support from the Atlanta lineup. When the offense is not producing runs, it leaves room for the pitchers to be nothing but flawless. While Atlanta’s starting pitching has been impressive so far this season, run support is essential to be contenders in the East. The good news is the losing streak has ended and the bats have come alive for Atlanta as they put a slugfest on the Pirates Sunday afternoon to take Game 3 of the series, 11-1. Maybe they got tired of losing, or maybe it was Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton threatening to shave Jeff Francoeur and Jair Jurrjens head if the team encountered another shutout loss. Either way, the Braves managed 15 hits on the day and are feeling a little better heading to Washington for a three-game series against the Nationals. The Braves wrap up the nine-game road trip this weekend with a trip to Cincinnati and return to Turner Field next Monday night in a tough game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

File Photo

File Photo

Hawks Blow Out Heat Hawks Use Homecourt Advantage to Win

File Photo

The Wolves did well against their opponents this week, although they dropped several contests, their teams are still doing above average this season.

Top 10 Wolves Highlights

Photo from

The Hawks destroyed the Miami Heat in a tough contest at the Phillips Arena.

Atlanta Hawks Dominate Heat It’s an unfamiliar feeling for the Atlanta Hawks and their fans, but a good one indeed. For the first time in nearly a decade, the Hawks have a 1-0 edge in the first-round of the playoffs as they dominated the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference series at Philips Arena Sunday night. While upsets were the key factor of the weekend all around the league, four other home teams had already lost by the time Atlanta took the court, the Hawks buckled down after a shaky first quarter to prove why they deserved the No. 4 seed and home-court advantage. In a game that was only close for the first eight minutes, the Hawks made Miami look like a one-man team as they ran all over Dwyane Wade and the Heat for a 90-64 blowout in the opener of a best-of-seven series. The Hawks held Wade to 19 points, 11 below his NBA-leading average, and allowed just one other Miami player to reach double figures. Wade, who took just two shots in the third quarter, added to Miami’s problems committing eight turnovers. With a 20-point deficit at the half, the Heat would never reach striking distance. The Heat’s 64 points were the fewest in franchise playoff history, while it ties a franchise record for the Hawks for the fewest points allowed

in a playoff game. Atlanta’s Josh Smith led the Hawks with 23 points, but every other Atlanta starter also reached double figures. The frontcourt was strong for the Hawks as they outscored the Heat 47-20 and out-rebounded Miami’s frontcourt 21-11. The Hawks knew after last year’s playoff run how important home-court advantage could be after facing Boston in a thrilling series that reached Game 7. While winning all three home games at Philips arena, Atlanta saw their slim chances for a NBA title diminish with four blowouts in Boston as the Celtics began their way to an NBA Championship. Since losing Game 7 in a hostile Boston environment, the Hawks set a goal of gaining home-court advantage for this year’s playoffs. With its first winning record in ten years, 47-35, Atlanta came through and claimed the fourth spot. In front of a sold-out raucous Philips Arena, the Hawks took full advantage of beginning the series at home and even brought out Atlantanative T.I. to make the player introductions. The 26-point win for Atlanta was the second-largest margin by the franchise since it moved to Atlanta in 1969. Game 2 is set for Wednesday night in Atlanta before the series will move to Miami for Games 3 and 4.

1. After setting a school record with 14 consecutive wins, things seemed to take a turn for the worse as the West Georgia softball team lost six of six games over the weekend at home at Oil Park. The Wolves dropped doubleheaders to Gulf South Conference East rivals West Alabama, West Florida, and Valdosta State as UWG wraps up the regular 2009 season this week on the road. 2. The Wolves baseball team continues their season long struggles as they look for a way out of a sixgame losing streak. The Wolves played host to North Georgia and AlabamaHuntsville over the weekend, but saw no ray of light as they dropped both doubleheaders in an offensive slugfest for their opponent. UAH outscored the Wolves 46-17. 3. The West Georgia golf team placed fifth, in a pool of nine, last week at the 72-par Stonebridge Women’s Invitational in Rome, Georgia. Sarah Ross led the Wolves with a top ten finish after finishing 12-over par. 4. The UWG men and women’s golf team begin the 2009 GSC Championship this week in Hot Springs, Ark. after successful seasons for both teams. 5. The West Georgia soccer team has been busy this off season as they hosted a 3v3 tournament last Saturday to help raise money for Nicole Nunn in her fight against sarcoma cancer. Nunn, who has battled cancer since age 10, is a former student and student athletic trainer at UWG. 6. The excitement continues for the UWG football team as the 2009 schedule was announced last week by Head Football Coach Darryl Dickey.

The Wolves begin the 10-game season August 29th with a trip to Wingate, N.C. to take on the Bulldogs from the South Atlantic Conference. But the real excitement begins September 5th as the University of West Georgia welcomes the Lambuth Eagles for the first game ever in the Wolves’ new stadium. The schedule includes five home games for UWG. 7. The West Georgia cheerleading teams look to continue their winning tradition as they host tryouts May 2nd from 9am-12pm in the HPE gym. Both the coed and all- girl squad will be announced at 1 pm. 8. West Georgia volleyball player Andressa Martins was the recipient of a major institutional award as she was honored March 25 with the Helena Harbridge International Student-Athlete Award. The junior received the award as part of the UWG’s Multicultural Achievement Program for being a student-athlete while possessing qualities combined of athletic performance, classroom achievement, teamwork, team spirit, and community involvement. 9. UWG junior center Shaneka Bates was named earlier this month to the 2008-09 GSC All-Academic Team. Eligible candidates must have earned at least a 3.20 GPA and must have been a top performer for the respective teams. 10. Congratulations to senior athletes (softball) Erica Colee, Kim Weaver, Heather Colson, Kacie Crider, (baseball) Mike Furman, Chris King, Andrew Parrish, Toby Jordan, Cody Jackson, Carson Tate, Jud Jones, and (golf) Nelson Alvarez on successful careers both on and off the field at the University of West Georgia.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” -First Amendment, United States Constitution


Join a Frat with

Buck Futter, Jr.

Photo by Buck Futter, Sr.

Join a Frat, Key a Car By Buck Futter, Jr. Guest Writer The typical college life is full of tedium and monotony. From studying, to working on papers and projects, there is nothing fun about college, ever. When looking for a way to break out of this seemingly endless cycle, you should look at the option of joining a social fraternity. Frats are great. First, you’ll be able to score alcohol even though you’re not yet 21. Nothing is as fun as drinking while underage. But even better than that, joining a frat will also make you able to bypass the whole social scene. Why go out and make real friends when you can simply pay to drink with some guys you don’t really know and have no history with? What fool would want to waste

hours of his life interacting with people normally when one can simply lay down some of mommy and daddy’s cash in exchange for acceptance by a random group of guys? That’s what I did when I joined Sigma Omicron Beta, and I’ve never been happier than when I became a S.O.B. like the rest of the guys in social frats! What’s also great about being a part of a social frat is the set of opportunities one gains from being in a group of over-aggressive alcoholics that have no sense of responsibility. If you’re like me, then you probably know how great and freeing it feels to be a part of a pack, much like being a dog or a sheep. Consequences can be freely ignored, and the administration of this university will, time and time again, let frats off the hook

Horoscopes Aries - March 21-April 19 Running around with that claymore you bought at RenFest isn’t a bad idea, but doing it in the UCC during lunch time is probably going to get you more attention than you bargained for. Taurus - April 20-May 20 Did you know the University Police are pretty much helpless when it comes to solving any kind of crime that doesn’t involve a witness? It’s probably illegal to encourage you to vandalize and steal, so that’s not what this is, just merely a factual observation. Gemini - May 21-June 20 Go to the Health Center and demand condoms. When you get some, tell them you’re allergic to the material they’re made out of. Repeat indefinitely. Cancer - June 21-July 22 Yeah, you only think you’re sly when you order the iced tea at McDonald’s and get a big cup that you fill with soda. Everybody knows to do that already. Also, most everybody knows the whole 20 cents difference in the two double cheeseburgers, so stop acting like you’re some kind of damn genius. Leo - July 23-August 22 Q: What the difference between you and an Australian with herpes? A: You’re not Australian.

despite their incessant rulebreaking and idiotic antics. Trust me, after seeing how the Student Judicial Committee gives a break to every frat that gets in hot water, there’s no chance you’ll ever actually have to face the heat. Hell, the university even built a whole village just for us, while ignoring freshmen and the brilliant minds in the Advanced Academy, who have to live in decades-old housing that’s falling apart. Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of privileged status? Sure you would. Skills you’ll learn in this environment include the ability to key the cars of Resident Advisors for no reason. Haha, take that suckers, it’ll take months of your salary to pay off the uninsured damage that 15 seconds of keying will do! Better yet, scratch the word “FAG” and you’ll really show what a badass you are, just like the guy that did it to the RA over in Gunn. Nobody will fess up who it is, and the coward will get away with it because University Police never actually investigate any crimes against students, so you could get away with it too! Another great part about being in a social frat is all the sex you’ll get. Whether it’s with freshmen chicks that are passed out at your frathouse, or with other fratboys (we do this a lot, but try not to tell anybody about it ‘cause being all gay and stuff ain’t cool), you’ll never have to go a day without getting laid again. If

By Llevol Bocaj the Great

Virgo - August 23-September 22 Aren’t you glad today is the last day of class? You should sleep in tomorrow. Libra - September 23-October 22 Successfully playing Guitar Hero without looking at the screen isn’t impressive – it’s pathetic. Get a life, nerd. Scorpio - October 23-November 21 Write down all of the serial numbers of the money you handle for the rest of the year. It will prove useful. Sagittarius - November 22-December 21 “Thou shalt get drunk of thy ass on Thursday nights” is not one of the Ten Commandments. Capricorn - December 22-January 19 Selling baggies of your nipple hair on Craigslist will be profitable. Aquarius - January 20-February 18 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck? About as much wood as your significant other is getting from all the guys he’s cheating on you with. Pisces - February 19-March 20 Your addiction to cough drops is becoming obvious to your friends. Find a less conspicuous drug to take its place. My suggestion? Meth.

that’s not enough for you, then remember that frats also hold socials with the sororities all the time, and those chicks are totally easy. Now, I know what you’re saying: What about people that criticize social frats? After all, having social fraternities that constantly ignore rules and have cultures of alcoholism surely is antithetical to the whole purpose of a university, right? Well here’s the short answer: F**k those people. Whenever anybody criticizes anything about social fraternities, the best way to stop them is to harass them or get all offended about it. For example, there was a guy who wrote against frats in the newspaper last semester, and in response, Brandon Faulkner, a brother over in Chi Phi, sent him an unsolicited facebook message saying that he is “a blundering fat ass idiot!! Don’t hate what you dont know!!” and then called him a “PUSSY!” Hell yeah, Brandon, you da man! When he was reported to the Student Judicial Committee, nothing happened, and he’s still a happy member of that frat. You go, Rog! Maybe you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to get through college while in a frat. That’s ok – we have plenty of members that got through college. Well, all of them, actually, because if you fail, you’ll get kicked out of the frat! (Isn’t having friends who have your back no-matter-what great?) For those that do want to get

through, just pick a bullshit major like political science or marketing. Add in a couple extra years, and you’ll get that baccalaureate from a no-name regional public university no problem, and you’ll have loved it the whole time! All in all, frats offer the best of everything. You gain talents you could have never gained otherwise, and become a leader that nobody else can rival (because we say so). These talents are very important to the world, and whether it’s yelling racial slurs at celebratory crowds of black people, keying cars, harassing people who question the validity of your organization, hazing new members, vandalizing university property, or just running around like dumbasses every Thursday night, nothing will give you the skills or false sense of community quite like a social fraternity will. So, what do you say? Do you have what it takes to pledge - even if it’s a few hundred dollars to join a cheap one? Do you have the complete lack of responsibility? Do you have the ability to drink constantly? Can you subdue any sense of conscience when you see another frat brother rape a passed-out drunk chick? Do you have the courage it takes to be a part of a gang and harass people, anonymously destroying them or making personal threats? If so, you’re just the kind of person that should join a frat. Do it today!

Rant and Rave - The Z-6 blows - I was there on Saturday and not only was the online menu a complete lie, but the food that was out there looked like it came out of a high-school lunch lady’s armpit. Next time I’m bringing a camera and a notepad for the health inspector. - I bet a lot of people in Nazi Germany thought politics were boring too, until they found themselves in a concentration camp... - Stop saying “Krogers” when referring to the grocery store, it’s simply “Kroger.” Sheesh. - So since I believe in the 2nd Amendment, I’m a “right-wing radical?” - Ok pollen, you win. Now please let me get on with me life, if that’s ok. Send Rants or Raves to, subject line “Rant & Rave”

The West Georgian - OPINION

PAGE 7 --- WEDNESDAY, april 22, 2009

The Loudmouth By Ellis Smith Editor-in-Chief

Are You a Terrorist?

Are you concerned about the economic downturn? Real-estate foreclosures? Unemployment? Outsourcing? Firearm restrictions? If so, watch out for a clicking sound when you answer the phone and a black van parked across the street from your house, because the government considers you a right-wing extremist. Think I’m joking? Could I be one of those nutcases who believes that 9/11 was the work of a Jewish conspiracy and that Obama was born outside the USA? Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke, and most of my shrinks refer to me as “stable.” A recently declassified Department of Homeland Security report with the catchy title, “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” manages to lump ordinary Americans in with Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh without so much as a hint of irony. One part of the report states, “Right-wing extremist chatter on the Internet continues to focus on the economy, the perceived loss of U.S. jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors, and home foreclosures.” So having an interest in the economy, job loss, and home foreclosures the first step on the path toward mass murder? The report also states, “The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.” Could Americans’ concern with assuring that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” be cause for worry? Marginalizing the 60 percent of Americans who believe that the Founding Fathers pretty much meant what they said as “right-wing extremism” seems

a little heavy handed. Moreover, it’s exactly the type of behavior the Founders wanted to prevent - The Constitution and Bill of Rights are a list of rules designed specifically to protect the people from government interference. DHS, which was designed by Bush to protect us from terrorist threats, has quickly transitioned into tracking the new administration’s political enemies within the United States. Take this paragraph, for example: “Many rightwing extremists are antagonistic toward the new presidential administration and its perceived stance on a range of issues, including immigration and citizenship, the expansion of social programs to minorities, and restrictions on firearms ownership and use.” This begins to smack of a political witch hunt, perpetrated by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who once told a German news side that instead of the word “terrorism,” she preferred instead to use the words “man-caused disasters,” in order to “Move away from the politics of fear.” From simply perusing this report, the politics of fear seem to be alive and well in the Obama administration. But the least compelling passages in the report are also the most interesting. Although countless man hours were spent listening to right-wing “internet chatter,” compiling a nine-page analysis, and distributing it to every law-enforcement agency within the United States, the writers freely admit there was no good reason to do so. The beginning of the report states, “The DHS/Office of Intelligence and Analysis has no specific information that domestic right-wing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence. . .” So why write the report? For fun? Is this part of Obama’s stimulus package, attempting to keep bureaucrats, bored with hunting Osama Bin Ladin, in a state of frantic activity? Or is it just an act of political intimidation? At least the report’s authors were astute enough to remember that political discussion was

specifically designated by the authors of the Bill of Rights as a protected form of speech. In a hilarious section which analyzespotentialanti-immigration terrorists, they write, “Debates over appropriate immigrationlevelsandenforcement policy generally fall within the realm of protected political speech under the First Amendment, but in some cases, anti-immigration or strident pro-enforcement fervor has been directed against specific groups and has the potential to turn violent.” Know what else has the potential to turn violent? Professional sporting events, where fans have been known to destroy property and harm each other. Should sports fans be classified as “extremists” or “potential terrorists?” Of course not. What about protests like the recent tea-parties that saw nearly half a million Americans turn out around the country to petition government to show financial restraint? Protests often have the potential to turn violent, yet the tea party participants were not “extremists,” only Americans who wanted to speak their mind. If anything, releasing a report like this that lumps ordinary Americans in with anti-Semites and mass murderers only further radicalizes an already disgruntled segment of the political spectrum. Classifying Americans who want to uphold this country’s laws as “right-wing extremists” who want to conduct “terrorist attacks” will only embolden those who already detest a government which treats rich like criminals, patriots like dissidents, and dissenters like terrorists. George Orwell, in his book 1984, foresaw a society in which “Big Brother” spied on citizens for “thought crimes.” The book’s protagonist was convicted and tortured for being a “thought criminal,” or holding beliefs opposed to a totalitarian state. Years ago, critics laughed at the book, even as it became a rallying cry for oppressed peoples trapped behind Moscow’s iron curtain - for whom it was all too real. As Obama continues to consolidate power under the federal government, voters may begin to question whether political dissent equals potential terrorism.

Drinking from the Fountain Fully wit h Ed u a r do M e n dez What is Human Dignity?

Often we hear of horrendous cases of the use of human beings as if they were livestock or political pawns. Wal-Mart uses Chinese labor to make cheap goods that are then sold for high mark-up. We hear about the use of child soldiers in African nations. Young girls are used as sex slaves to meet the ends of money seeking pimps and customers with sexual urges. These examples share the use of humans as means to ends. They vary only in what aspect of humanity is being used. Each of them strikes some moral fiber in us. In order to understand how they do this, we must understand the concept of human dignity. Human dignity requires that we never treat others as simply means to our ends. In order to carry on about our business to the utmost ethical standard we must respect human dignity. When we respect human dignity we achieve happiness and overall wellbeing. This is why any practice that runs against this standard rubs us the wrong way, even if we do not recognize why. The reason why human dignity is so important according to Immanuel Kant is that value stems from how useful a thing may be in meeting our ends. If we are attempting to build a bird house for example, tools

such as a hammer or nails may be of greater value to use than something that has no use in our building such as a rake. Thus, we can say that value is dealt according to how close some object can get us to meeting our ends. This explains the relative value of all things. According to Kant, humans are of ultimate value or valued in such a way that they are never to be used as means to ends. This is why when they are, we get a sense of moral wrongness. If we hold to this logical principle, then we are forced to hold to its implications, too. With this principle in mind, humanity has sought increasingly effective methods of coping with the world’s problems. Libertarians will argue that the best way to respecting human dignity or any human principle of respect is to allow natural forces to take hold and keep human autonomy as the utmost standard. Here in America we often speak of liberty as if it were an end in itself. As long as we have freedom, we can have anything we desire as well. We must ask however, what does freedom or liberty entail? If it entails allowing anyone to do as they will then we obviously must reject this principle. It seems that freedom then is not an end in itself but a means to further and greater ends. Simply put, we cannot

Classifieds 342 Mill Pond Crossing A-5 Luxury Living At Its Best- 3BR/2.5BA Townhome at Mill Pond Subd., Beautiful Hardwood Floors & Porcelain Tile, Large Master Bedroom, Garden Tub & Separate Shower in Master Bath, Walk-in Closets, Swim/Tennis Community, Security System, Very Convenient to UWG, Great Location! Only $139,900!! Call Kerri Ledbetter (Owner/Agent) at Coldwell Banker for more info. 404-277-2978 or 770-396-6696

FOR RENT: Retired teacher who loves to travel has two furnished bedrooms with a private bath for rent. 2 miles from UWG. Utilities and kitchen privileges included. No smoking, no pets, no drugs. $350 per month. $100 deposit



Room for Rent at Carrollton’s favorite community house, the Truth & Beauty Laboratory. Large bedroom with walk-in closet in historic house near Adamson Square. Join us in gardening, community theatre, and other DIY projects. Must be mature and have an open mind. $350/mo plus utilities 678-977-5517

FOR RENT Fairfield, 2 br, 2 bath, condo, w/enclosed garage, end unit $850/month, deposit required. call 770-861-5459

*** CHATEAU APARTMENTS *** Spacious 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Floor Plans 6, 9 & 12 Month Leases 1 mile to UWG Campus, Cable, Gas, W/D Hookups (2 & 3 BR), Swimming, Tennis, Courtesy Officer on Property

all have our desires fulfilled. Act Now for Special Pricing on 12 Month Leases! When we allow for unlimited freedom, we allow for the ~ Look & Lease Promo ~ subjugation of the weak to the Look, Qualify & Lease TODAY, strong. This is a simplified way Pay No Application Fee of saying that we allow for the use of humans as means to 460 HAY’S MILL ROAD, CARROLLTON ends. 770-832-9357 It seems that the best we Students: Bring this ad and get DISCOUNTED FIRST can achieve as a collective is to MONTH’S RENT when you sign a 12 month lease! assure that humans are never used as means to ends. In this way, many will still achieve their desires so long as they do not require such methods as to subject anyone to harm against their will. When we recognize that liberty is but a means to In Atlanta for the Summer? the end of human happiness we realize there must be some restriction placed on human Activists Needed for GA Democrats! action. Liberty is not an end in Be on the leading edge of a grassroots itself. The only reason anyone even desires to be free of the effort to turn Georgia Blue in 2010! will of others is so we can seek Call Steve at 678-278-2020 FT/PT/ out our own happiness. In other words, we think Summer! we can do it better. If however, securing happiness means Do you need Financial Aid for the 2009-2010 school year? that we have our own human Have you completed your FAFSA yet? dignity respected then that is If not, then come to FAFSA Night! a much greater achievement for the society we are in than When: Thursday April 30th having unrestricted liberty. Where: TLC 1114 This is why I reject the notion that anarchy is what is best Financial Aid volunteers will be available to help you complete your for society. What we must do FAFSA for the 2009-2010 school year online. We will be open from instead is participate more in 4:30-7:00 p.m. in Room 1114 of the Technology-enhanced Learning Center at the University of West Georgia. the dealings of our government. The more involved we are, the Visit to find out if you are eligible to more in line with the public the complete the application and what to bring. government action will be.

The West Georgian - OPINION

PAGE 8 --- WEDNESDAY, april 22, 2009


Dear Miss Conduct, Miss Conduct Impossibly, all of my final exams and papers have landed on the same day. I haven’t started on any of them. What do I do to live through this?

-Too Many AllNighters Already Dear Too Many,

Shoplifting “These are 2 Hispanic Males we need to identify in reference to a shoplifting. The individual in the striped shirt distracted the clerk while the one on the phone in the jacket took a 12-pack of beer into the bathroom, where he opened the pack and stole 8 of the cans of beer.” Help the community identify this man by contacting the Carroll County Police Department at 770-834-4451 x 245 or call Crime Stoppers at 770-838-STOP

You should get started on studying and writing as soon as you finish reading this. Focus on the hardest class/ paper first, and work your way from there. It’ll get easier. Make sure you’re actually studying, too; group study sessions can often turn into socializing. Your people skills won’t be on that exam, but the last 3 months of lectures will be.

Go talk to your professors. Chances are, one of them is willing to give an extension or let you take the test early (never late). Papers have a greater likelihood of extensions, I’ve found. Put on that brown-nosing charm and try to sucker your way into turning in at least one project late. Now for the part you knew was coming: really? You knew that you had everything due on one day, and you put it off? College students are rather infamous for procrastination, but this is absurd. I hope you have all the necessary materials, because you’re going to need all the help you can get. Go barricade yourself in the library in the evenings. Cancel your plans, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get through this with some decent work.

-Miss Conduct

Nationwide Tea Parties Fall Short of the Original

By Cass C. Carter Ombudsman Uwgpaper.ombudsman

Last week, malcontents of all stripes gathered across the nation to protest the Obama tax cuts, the stimulus bill, the bailout bills, the president, Hitler, and to do so in a peaceful manner as organized by the corporate lobbying groups who started the whole thing with the help of Fox News Channel as its public relations department. Unfortunately, I think the impact of the modern day tea party was somewhat lessened by the fact that it in no way resembled the tea party of 1773 (well, a few guys showed up in period clothing and played the town idiot by carrying misspelled signs with poor grammar, so there was that). The reason why they fail to have the full impact wasn’t that they didn’t throw enough tea, have a single purpose in mind or that they weren’t dressed in funny enough clothing. Their problem is a lack of understanding of the type of protest tactic used in 1773. The Boston Tea Party was not merely a case of a few drink-sodden men running off to the harbor to toss any old tea to the waters to “stick it to the man”. It was a direct action protest; that is, the participants weren’t merely protesting to be heard (they were heard, though), but rather to directly solve a problem by cutting out all the middlemen and bureaucracy. Then, as today, asking really nicely for the same bureaucrats who caused your

President Obama of not being an American citizen (after all, where’s his birth certificate; it’s not like his mother was born in America, or anything) and reminding us that “Descent is the highest form of patriotic” (yes, someone actually went into public with a sign like that), Wal-Mart used the proceeds of their purchases to continue funding China’s economic recovery. A modest request from this writer: why not emulate a great old fashioned protest from about forty or fifty years ago, when a gang of individuals dressed up in nice suits, stuffed their pockets full of $1 bills and walked into the trading house of the New York Stock Exchange. When stopped on their way into the observation room overlooking the trading floor, the guards File Photo said they looked like a bunch Obama’s increased taxes and spending spurred many Americans of hippies in suits. to demonstrate in cities across the U.S. for increased restraint. The leader of this merry band exclaimed, “We’re problems to solve them is about Company. The participants not hippies, we’re Jews!” as useful as breast implants on of this iconic rebellious action (the leader was Jewish), and a corpse—it might make for did not care, because the convinced of their loyalty to good PR and it might make problem of taxation without the sanctity of the market, someone look better, but it’s representation was too great. the guards let them in. Once fleeting and ultimately futile. In 2009, people protesting inside, they waited until the Standing around throwing a president who was fairly trading got started. Once it little teabags you paid for is elected by a legitimate process heated up, they began tossing not just futile, it’s part of the purchased tea at a local store $1 bills onto the floor of the system; it’s expected and it only (most commonly Wal-Mart, if stock exchange. continues to fuel the alienation the pictures of the events are to Spotting the deluge of cash individuals feel from their own be believed) to throw it around flying in from above, the stock political power. As well, it’s and mail it to elected officials. traders, who make insanely the complete opposite of what The irony being that Wal-Mart high amounts of money every the Boston Tea Party of 1773’s is part of the reason America day, dropped what they were participants did. is in such a crappy position doing and began chasing their See, in 1773, the tea being economically by driving prices filthy lucre. The stock market thrown in the harbor was not so low that manufacturers have crashed to a halt and trading something they bought with to turn to slave labor in places fell dramatically. That night, their own money and threw like China. accompanying stories of the into the harbor in disgust. So, while these teabagging financial drop, people around The destruction of the tea was types were running around the country were treated with the destruction of property with their Wal-Mart teabags, images of exceedingly wealthy belonging to the East India waving signs that accused

men willing to destroy the nation’s economy over a few dollars. Some of us don’t need visuals to see that it’s the case even today; the stock brokers, mortgage companies, banks and other institutions are run by individuals who would not so much as blink about bringing this country to the brink of collapse if it meant making a few more dollars in the process—after all, while us poor plebes have to stay here and rebuild after they ruin us, they have enough wealth to go anywhere in the world and live very well. They are in no way invested in the well-being of our nation. And just about everyone at those tea parties would do well to remember that.

Upset about something you see in the newspaper?

Got a complaint?

Want your voice heard?

Contact Cass Carter at uwgpaper.ombudsman@

Arts & Entertainment PAGE 9 --- WEDNESDAY, april 22, 2009

“Memphis Messiah” Steals the Show Foreigner at Lenny’s Hosts Atlanta’s Best Garage Punk Bands Townsend

By Bobby Moore

A Play with Secrets

Staff Writer The Stolen Hearts, G.G. King and Gentleman Jesse and His Men showed what Atlanta has to offer April 11 at Lenny’s, but, as expected, Memphis’ Jay Reatard ultimately stole the show. Opening the show were The Stolen Hearts, a female-fronted powerpop group combining three attractive ladies who are in their first band along with established guitarists Greg King of Carbonas fame and Adrian Barrera from The Hiss and Gentleman Jesse. The Stolen Hearts have only played a handful of shows since their Feb. 18 debut, but things are already coming together nicely for the group. Ashley is a solid vocalist, and the group will have its first single released May 1 by Atlanta’s Douchemaster Records. Follwing The Stolen Hearts were G.G. King - an act using Greg’s real initials. This group made their debut in February and feature every Carbona who is not in Gentleman Jesse (Greg, guitarist Clay Kilbourne and bassist Chris Van Etten) plus Mike Beavers from Predator on drums. Their repertoire includes a Carbonas song called “Adult Rock,” the catchy “In The Terminal” and a punked-up version of “Letter” by The Box Tops. A powerpop band Gentleman Jesse and His Men were next. The group also features Jesse Smith, drummer Dave Rahn from The Carbonas, Warren Hate on bass and

By Nicole Head

Copy Editor

File Photo

Reatard’s high-pitched vocals wowed the crowd in Atlanta on April 11.

the before-mentioned Barrera on guitar. A couple of catchy new tunes written and sung by Smith and several songs from the band’s outstanding LP and debut 7” made for yet another solid outing for the band. Closing out the night was Jay Reatard, and the “Memphis Messiah” did not disappoint. As usual, his trademark high-pitched vocals and guitar work shredded through familiar tunes like “See/Saw,” “Blood Visions” and “Always Wanting More.” Reatard was joined on stage by bassist Stephen and drummer Billy. Both are chubby, longhaired guys, so seeing them perform at such a

high level and draw such a large and animated crowd is empowering for me. At risk of being crass, I figure I can now claim to know how chubby girls feel when they see The Gossip live. Aesthetics aside, the highlytouted garage punk trio lives up to their hype, as they legitimately are on the same level live as Atlanta’s Black Lips and international star King Khan and both of his touring acts. Afterwards, parties at both 529 in East Atlanta and Warren’s house rounded out a great night of music. If you get a chance to see any of these acts live, take advantage of it.

Free Expression Section

UWG Students Find Their Voice in The West Georgian Say Hello By Charity Williams I slither back into my closet within I open my eyes, still blinded Now so much light my vision is dim She’s here I still ask what to do Though the answer’s in front of me She A thousand drums beat in my chest I don’t think I can breath The bend of her back calls my name In my ears her voice sings Together Her eyes and mine dream And in the minds of our hearts We imagine our fingers intertwine And our thighs Link I run from my fantasy As I yearn to pull her close to me I perspire As my blood flows quicker As I get a little closer I’m like a baby I can’t speak Hello I Can’t Stop Crying Today By Stacy Agibe I can’t stop crying today My world walked out the door With him he took my heart For I will love no more The hours passed like seconds When our two hearts were one The seconds passed like hours After he said that he was done He was going to love me forever At least that is what he said His heart belonged to someone else That is what his letter read I no longer live in color My world is black and white I always wonder what he is doing As I lie awake at night I hope tomorrow is better

This is what I pray But right now my heart is broken I can’t stop crying today Untitled By K.d. Drakes Lately... I find myself doing so much that. Nothing, Gets done. I load up my mind, with multiple tasks but still. I’ve yet, to pick one... Path of commitment or road of dedication I am... The valedictorian In this class of... Hesitation I find it impossible to meet my own demands, this world is simply too big to carry in my hands. still... I want it all, I gotta find a way to get it but my all is everything and I have yet to be specific yet... To be specific... As I narrow down my search something always holds me back attempts to narrow down my worth that something equals me Can You See How Manipulation works? MIND got me thinking last, but POTENTIAL say “i’m first”.... THOUGHTS pull me back like “Is it all worth this? and if i try and fail, would it make it all worthless? or worth more? Cause “I know that I deserve this”... &when I said that to myself, it just helped me find my purpose... A dollar for my thoughts By Estrell Young

I search for peace in the strangest places Like…in the park, after dark I was in New York- right next to Central Station Waiting patient in the park that is canvassed by rapists. Rapist who case and chase the homeless Pointless- I know but...I had an ulterior motive ...discovering silence. I figured it would be quiet since they were hiding. …the rapist I mean But in reality this is a regular thing. Here, underneath these trees with leaves of green Right off the paths where patrons pass In those bushes they take that ass Behind a mask and thick black gloves Without any care and in the absence of love. Muffled screams clamor toward the stars above Innocent victims fall victim enough I wonder if praying for the use of a condom would be asking too much. An absence of evidence would make their capture tough but… I hope they are caught. Fugitives sought out by the police Hunted down like vicious dogs in the street America’s Most Wanted Seen all over TV How in the hell did I figure... This is where I’d find peace? Man, maybe I need to rethink this piece! Start with two questions: How and where do I find peace? Peace- good grief- It’s not in that room, it’s not in that bed, It’s not in those sheets- It’s…in my head. Lauren said, “I gotta find peace of mind” but… James gave me ten dimes…He pays me a dollar for my thoughts And dollars are what it costs to See

Free Page 10

Wednesday was opening night for the UWG Theatre Department’s production of Larry Shue’s “The Foreigner” at the Townsend Center Main Stage Theatre. Set in rural Georgia, “The Foreigner” is a comedy portraying remarkable social contrasts. Charlie Baker (Chris Ringkamp) is the socially awkward “foreigner” and friend to British Staff Sergeant Froggy Lesuer (Andrew Patton). When duty calls for Froggy’s absence, Charlie is left in Betty Meeks’ (Tangela Large) backwoods resort with slick Reverend David Marshall Lee (Spencer Rich), his pregnant fiancée Catherine (Amanda Lindsey), her “slow,” younger brother Ellard (Matthew Suwalsi) and the racist property inspector, Owen Musser (Garrett Carpenter). As a way to explain Charlie’s shyness, Froggy tells Betty that his friend is from an exotic country, therefore, he cannot speak english. Charlie soon discovers that being “foreign” is not as easy as he expected. He becomes a witness to scandals and secrets involving old Southern practices of intolerance and cruelty; however, love and compassion conquer all in this comedy of good versus evil. “The play acknowledges that while real life is awful hard sometimes,” said Director Amy Cuomo, “laughter sure can See

Foreigner Page 10

Glass Onion Mansion’s 1998 House Band Returns to Their Roots

File Photo

A Carrollton band delivers big city music in an unassuming package.

By Pamela Brown Staff Writer A quiet, dimly lit restaurant transformed as the Carrollton cover band, Glass Onion, unloaded their instruments and equipment. The band was not surrounded by screaming groupies or rough roadies; there were no massive stage or fancy lights. There were just four guys, a couple of guitars and some drums. It didn’t look like much, but as the band began to play it became apparent that Glass Onion delivers big time music in a small time setting. Named after the Beatles’ song, “Glass Onion,” the band, founded in 1993, is made up of Sam Gentry, Marc Rowe, Wes Denney and Rob Smith. The original members, guitarist Rowe and drummer Denney, started the band with the late Ned Simmons after meeting each other at Carrollton High School. Throughout the ‘90s the band traveled and played all over the south. They performed at weddings, in barns, on mountains and anywhere else they were asked to play. They became the house band for the Mansion in 1998 and played there regularly until they became the house band for Miller’s in 2004. Over the years, the band has gone through over 20 members; in 2001 vocalist and guitar player Gentry joined the group and in 2006 bass player Smith also became a member. The band has written and recorded See

Onion Page 10

The West Georgian - A&E

PAGE 10 --- WEDNESDAY, april 22, 2009 From

Onion Page 9


Foreigner Page 9

ease the pain.” Although many scenes sparked reactions from the crowd, a breakfast scene where Ellard attempts to “teach” English words to Charlie was an audience favorite. As Charlie mimicked Ellard’s southern drawl, the audience roared with laughter. In fact, the cast kept spectators laughing throughout the duration of the performance. “I laughed so hard, I was in tears,” said Senior Amber Little, “[Ringkamp] did a remarkable job. His physical

acting was flawless.” However, the comedic scenes did not obscure the suspense or the overall message for the audience. “The ending was the best part,” said Senior Jeremy Cheney, “I was surprised and pleased that the good guys won.” “The Foreigner” was presented Wednesday, April 15 through Sunday, April 19. For more information on future UWG Theatre productions, please contact the UWG Theatre Department.

Scagnetti’s Revenge Grant Wallace Reviews a Big-Budget Porno Flick

File Photo

The band, who loves The Beatles, favors 60s and 70s rock, and also does fan requests. They play every Friday night at Millers, and also perform at Plates.

many original songs, but choose to do covers. “In a small town, we came to find out that [covers are] what people want to hear, said Rowe, “They want to hear what they know.” The band has a deep appreciation for the songs they cover. They are famous for doing whole albums from start to finish, just as the original artists recorded them. They do albums from mostly ‘60s and ‘70s rock artists, including the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Jimi Hendrix. They are always willing to do requests and with over 400 songs in their repertoire, it is likely they will already know songs thrown at them. When asked why they continue to From

get up onstage and play, Gentry said, “I just want to rock as long as I can. The older I get, the more I realize that this is temporary and yet vitally important to my existence.” “The reason why I play with these guys is because it makes all four of us a bunch of Beatles snobs,” joked Smith. These days the members of the band have settled down into small town life and have become an integral part of the Carrollton music scene. They play every Friday night at Millers or Plates in Carrollton. File Photo For more information, The busty girls of Pirates II star in the biggest-budget pornographic movie ever visit made. Computer graphics and a believable plot make the movie a fan favorite. wwwmyspacecomglassonion. By Grant Wallace Along with our main characters comes a list of at least a hundred extra Staff Writer actors from such roles as Governor Page 9 Lyttelton or Slave Girl Anne. As to be “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge” expected, the acting was not exactly those early morning talks is self-proclaimed as the most up to par with the likes of Depp or Honestly I know you scared, I mean expensive pornographic film ever with Knightley, but this only made it that I was scared to an estimated million-dollar budget. much better. But Im glad you showed me the real The million-dollar budget was This review is not for everyone and you clearly put to good use, as well. I can promise this will be my only The things you wanted to do Costumes, makeup, set design and review of this kind. Yes, you are about But couldn’t cause of what he did location were as authentic looking as to read a porno review. I do not want to to you any Hollywood-budget film out there. be known as a connoisseur of porn, but Sweetie one guy has left his baggage The dialogue is truly funny at I do believe that everything deserves a in you times partly because of the actual watch and my editor very much wants But baby I promise I’m strong humor and partly due to the fact that to read this. enough to hold all those bags for when a building is burning down and Although there is an R-rated you the only way to get out is via sex, version available, without the porn this And I know its hard dealin with it all movie could be mistaken as the next where can you go wrong with that on your shoulders logic? And there in lies even more “Pirates of the Caribbean.” But don’t let it begin to feel like I need to clarify exactly how hilarity, as director Joone manages boulders innovative a film of this medium has to find plausible reasons for every You have the decision to see whats become. In addition to being available ridiculous sexcapade. your reaction For the first “Pirates,” the crew in a three-disk DVD set priced at You could move on or let it feel like had to rent out the HMS Bounty on $70 – or Blu-Ray, if preferred - an a contraction grounds that they were shooting a PGoriginal music soundtrack can also be For you I put my heart, emotions 13 version of a “Disney-type pirate purchased or pirated, as well. and feelings in single file film for families” in order to shoot As with any good reviewer, I Because in the end all I want to do is the film without conflict. According had to check out the original before see you smile to The New York Times, a consultant reviewing the sequel. For the large But you letting the past control you instructed the cast on proper ship majority of the readers who have not in every part etiquette so everyone could get into seen the original, fret not, because the You so busy guarding yours that you full character. The film has even been storylines are nearly identical. don’t realize your hurting my heart Captain Edward Reynolds (Evan shown at a couple college campuses I am here to please and make you Stone) and his first mate Jules Steele across the U.S. such as the University confident (Jesse Jane) are on a quest to take of California and the University of But you not movin forward is down the most feared pirate of the sea, Maryland. evident So as you can see, a lot of time, Captain Eric Victor Stagnetti (Tommy Let go of the past because it is effort, and bodily fluids went into the Gunn). Sound familiar? obviously hindering you making of this film. If nothing else, I On their journey, Reynolds and So you can move forward and know can respect the direction of filmmaking Steele attempt to take down Stagnetti what to do that the porn industry is headed in. by whatever means necessary, whether Depend on God to get you through “Stagnetti‘s Revenges” is currently that be sword fighting, cannon ball And I pray you see yourself the way available on DVD and receives an battles or, if all else fails, a little sexual I do….. 8/10. favor can always be arranged.


father time. I never thought I would say this in a rhyme but... Green is named beautifullySynonymous with those “white presidential faces” whose faces make me sick. I search for peace in the strangest places and the locations that I pick… Range from crowded subways to dark alleys where I think A guy like me fits in so… Do you think God’s listening? I’ll Be Your Eyes By: Austin ‘Romeo Speak’ Miles I wish you could see what I see, be what you want to be And see the future as we It has been a long time and I’m still by your side Rollin right next to you always down to ride We’ve been through ups and downs twists and turns At points where happiness is all you yearn And all those times I was that happiness that brief little smile Even if we were face to face or further then a mile I feel like I’m at the edge and you thinking bout tippin it I was so surprised that you decided to start flippin it They say that your heart has a voise so when it speaks don’t walk Cause I know you didn’t forget bout

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West Georgian Spring 2009 Issue 14

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