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Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - Vol. 120 Issue 42

Squeezing lemons to save lifes


By Marc Ramirez news editor

 Love Your Melon will be pairing with Alex’s Lemonade Stand in efforts to raise money for the Foundation for Childhood Cancer from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday at the Macomb Courthouse.  “Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer,” reads.  The stand was renamed Jace’s Lemonade Stand for the event, in honor of Jace Skwara, a 4-year-old stage four neuroblastoma survivor. Skwara was diagnosed as young as four months old when a fatty lump was discovered on his back. Nearly four years later, Skwara is already helping spread awareness and help end the fight for generations to come.   Skwara is well-known across this campus due to his presence among RockyTHON, formerly Dance Marathon. He has been a miracle child at the main Dance Marathon event for the past three years and

has formed close bonds with members of the Executive Board.  “Here is Jace’s lemonade stand page,” Alisha Skwara, Jace’s mother said in a Facebook post early Tuesday morning. “If you can’t make it out to Macomb, please consider clicking the link and donating directly. We are excited to see our WIU family and raise money for a cure! Make sure to tag Macomb friends below and share for those not in Macomb.”   The description of the fundraiser says that Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was founded to move one step closer to finding a cure for all children with cancer. You can join the movement by helping plan an event, attending events or making a donation right on a fundraising page. The money you donate will pay for research to find better treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Skwara’s lemonade stand will be a part of Dickens on the Square, which takes place on Friday. The fundraising goal is currently listed at $100; however, the group hopes to raise more, have fun and spread some holiday cheer.



By Marc Ramirez news editor

  Forgottonia Brewery will be hosting a fundraiser today from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. called “Beers and Benches” to create welcoming public benches.  John Bannon, Community Development Coordinator, is looking for members to help volunteer or simply spread the work of the event. The event will have a 50/50 raffle and silent auction of generous items donated by businesses, people and restaurants across the city of Macomb.  The event will also feature what is called Build a Better Block, an initiative that’s aimed towards cleaning, maintaining and making Macomb look like a space people would want to live. This would even include wel-

coming spaces where people of Macomb could gather and interact. One project consists of collecting recyclable bottle caps to be used to make benches through a program called Green Tree Plastic runs.  Each bench requires $250 in addition to 200 pounds of plastic cups. They are taken for several months to Green Tree Plastics where they are converted into sturdy benches. Build a Better Block Macomb will be pairing with ROYALS, Regional Office Youth Alternative Learning Services, to clean, sort and prepare caps to be made into benches. They will also work together to strategically place these new benches around the Macomb area.  With the announcement of the initiative, many members of the community got behind

Opinions: Don't take college for granted.

it. According to Linda Lee Blaine, Build a Better Block member, it is believed that there are enough bottle caps to build two benches.  The purpose of the Beers and Benches fundraiser is to gain enough revenue to convert caps into benches and ship them from Evansville, Ind. to Macomb. Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development will be accepting donations on behalf of the project.   The event is open and free to the public, located at Forgottonia Brewery at 324 N. Lafayette St. To learn more, people are encouraged to visit or call at 309-3337394. If people are interested in volunteering, the event team could use help setting up and decorating beginning at 4:30 p.m.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Genesis Garden prepares to unveil new emergency shelter By Marc Ramirez news editor

Genesis Garden executive director John Curtis announced that after what’s been close to four years in renovation, they will open Dec. 6 for an open house. Genesis Garden has been flipping a single family home at 307 E. Carroll Street for quite some time and will have their official ribboncutting ceremony followed by opening remarks and tours of what will now be an emergency family shelter starting at 4:30 p.m. and concluding at 6 p.m. Due to the lack of space in both of Macomb’s Samaritan Well houses and the fact that families were often separated, Genesis Garden decided to rehabilitate the old home into a shelter for those in need. The shelter will be able to fit four families in total, as it was designed to fit three smaller families in three separate rooms and one large family across two rooms. The home will also feature a kitchen and living room for the families to use

WC Located on the third floor of the Heating Plant Annex on the south end of campus across from Sherman Hall. Mail: 1 University Circle, WIU, Macomb, IL 61455 Phone: 309-298-1876 Fax: 309-298-2309 Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays E-mail: Member: Illinois College Press Association, National Association College Press

as they stay in the emergency shelter. The house is also accessible for those with concerns regarding mobility. According to Curtis, they’re celebrating the progress they’ve made on the project as they are practically finished with renovations and are working to furnish the entire shelter before people may occupy the residence. Furnishing is intended to be completed after the open house as the proceeds from the event will be put towards the emergency house furnishings. If someone is unable to make it but still wishes to donate, they can directly contact Genesis Garden. Apart from the home improvement, Genesis Garden will be hosting the community meal Soup and More in the First Presbyterian Church. They host the event on the last Sunday of every night from January through November and select days in December. During the summer, children in Macomb under the age of 18 receive free meal programs across various locations in Macomb.


Genesis Garden prepares to open their new emergency family shelter at the start of next year.


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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Now Now isis the the time time to to save save money money for for the the future future

 College students are notoriously known for being broke. It is a stereotype that is true because college is expensive and people do not have enough money to spend on things besides necessities. Students need to pay rent, utilities, groceries or spend money elsewhere to make ends meet. A lot of students are not the best at managing money because they are still learning how to balance budgets while having part time or full time jobs along with going to school. For students who are receiving an income and have a little bit to spare, which is not every college student out there, it is a good time to consider your financial future. It is better to start young when considering your finances. Every year counts when money is concerned, and it is easier to build wealth with more years of experience versus less. Start-

 Dear Western Illinois University Students, We are writing to let you know that we are aware of the “Whites Only” sign posted in the computer lab in mid-November. We want you to know that we are not okay with it. As Dr. Abraham stated racism in any form cannot be condoned. We know that we have work to do to better understand our own implicit biases and how we contribute to systemic racism. We

ing to think about your 401k, investing, adding money to your savings account or even opening a savings account is a step in the right direction. Money does not appear out of thin air, and it is better to have $500 in savings rather than $50. Having a savings account is the easiest way to start saving money, which many of us do. Having money in savings for a rainy day is something that all of us will need for the rest of our lives. Another thing that will be important for the rest of our lives, if it still around towards the end of our lives, is social security. Assuming that it will still be around by the time we are all old and grey, it is necessary to put money aside for it. There will be a day that you will no longer be working because of retirement, disability or a health issue, and money will be needed to sur-

vive. Savings will eventually dry up and it would be nice to have a monthly income to live off of. Lastly, investing can be immensely beneficial. Setting aside a good portion of money and watching it increase over the years seems as boring as watching paint dry, but starting as young as 18 rather than 28 can greatly impact how much wealth one will have later in life. Thinking about your financial future while you are in college is instrumental. There is already a countless amount of debt from student loans that one has to pay back and will probably be paying back their entire lives. It is the Damocles sword that hangs over every college student’s head that took out loans to pay for college. Doing little by little, by saving money or investing it, can lessen the burden over time. Maybe not by as much as one would want, but by a little, which is a great weight off of your back. Setting aside a little of income that you can spare, if you can spare it, will add up incrementally and make you a little less worried about your financial future.

Saving a little money now will go a long way in the future.

Letter to the Editor

are committed to doing that work and see any efforts we have completed this fall as just the beginning. We also want you to know that you are welcome in Macomb and we are glad that you’ve chosen to be a WIU student. We look forward to interacting with you.  Sincerely, Macomb/McDonough County Community members: Sarah Schoper Salazar John Salazar

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Be thankful for your college experience  After Thanksgiving break, everyone is feeling the blues. Primarily because we are back in school to take finals after going back home and enjoying ourselves. Even so, we should be happy that we have survived the semester because enot everyone does make it to the end. Many of us celebrate Thanksgiving but not all of us admit something that we are thankful for. I think that we don’t admit what we are thankful for not

because we don’t appreciate anything, but because we overlook the things we should be thankful for. Sometimes it can be as simple as life or others in your life. While we are in school, life still goes on, but we are surrounded by a bubble to allow us to focus on our studies. Within this bubble, “life” bounces off of us because we aren’t always there in person to enjoy or deal with situations. Once we go back home, the

bubble bursts and sometimes we find out bad news and other times we find out good news. Whenever we get good news, we have to hold on to it tenaciously because life will eventually hit us with something we may not be prepared for. When the bad news hits us, we have to power through and get ourselves together. Helping others or giving to others can help you. It can be in the form of physical or mental help. You can not always expect to be reciprocated for your kindness but it can make you feel better by helping someone else. Sharing the wealth figuratively or definitively will allow you to experience things with other peo-

ple that you may not have if you were selfish or close-minded. Life is like a rollercoaster; there will inevitably be a drop and there will always be an ascension. The trick is to understand that the drop may be long but it will eventually stop dropping. Positivity, appreciation and your reason for doing what you do in life is how you overcome the drops in life. Success is realized by those who are patient and continue to strive towards a bigger goal. Pressure can consume you if you let it, which is why making time for yourself is imperative. The toughest lessons are learned through experience. Taking the advice of others and giving

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advice to others is often overlooked. Although it may not always be true, advice is meant to help others avoid a mistake that a person may have seen or experienced themselves. Almost like a real-life cheat code to avoid an obstacle. Being thankful for the small things is important so you never take the good for granted. College will teach us how to learn, but also how to balance our lives through our highs and lows. That is why most people in and out of college implore incoming or current students to enjoy their time in college. Life never gets easier, and that is okay, just be thankful while life goes on.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Breaking down highly anticipated weekend in CFB Christopher bean assistant sports editor @cre_bean

It’s early December and that means Santa Claus is coming to town soon. It also means the biggest and most unpredictable weekend in College Football is upon us, Championship Saturday. With every conference championship being played this weekend, playoff implications are on the line for major programs. Currently, Ohio State, LSU, Clemson and Georgia all sit in the top four and hold a spot in the College Football Playoff. Utah, Oklahoma and Baylor are all outside looking in, but they have a chance to make a statement this weekend in their conference title game and will need help across the board. We will start with who is in the playoff regardless of what happens this weekend. Ohio State and LSU have both locked up a spot in the playoff. The Buckeyes and Tigers had flawless 12-0 regular seasons. OSU just demolished in a second year in-a-row in a 56-27 win, and defeated No. 8 Penn State the week before in their closest game of the year in a 28-17 win. First year head coach Matt Day has picked up right where Urban Meyer left off, and will enter his first playoff regardless of how they do against the Big Ten West winners, Wisconsin. For LSU, they are led by Ed Orgeron. Coach O’s team has defeated four top 10 teams in the nation: Texas, Florida, Auburn and Alabama, the most by any program in the country. Not to mention, their soon to be Heisman Trophy

winner Joe Burrows has completed 80 percent of his passes in those games. LSU could pick up their fifth top 10 win with a win against Georgia and knock them out of playoff contention.

everyone on their schedule except their 21-20 win over UNC. They will get to face a top 25 opponent against a 9-3 Virginia team in the ACC Championship. A win and Clemson’s in, a loss and that’s where it gets complicated for them. A loss doesn’t guarantee that they miss an opportunity, but they would need a lot to happen. They would need Georgia to lose in the SEC Championship

Jake Fromm looks downfield for a pass. There is one more undefeated team left in the nation, and that is the defending National Championships, the Clemson Tigers. Now, you may be asking why they aren’t a lock like LSU and OSU considering they haven’t loss in two full seasons. It’s for the simple fact that they haven’t played anyone. They defeated No. 12 Texas A&M 24-10 in Week 2, but the Aggies finished with a 7-5 record and outside of the top 25. However, the Tigers have manhandled


standings since Alabama lost to LSU. All Georgia needs to do is win and they’re in, however it’s not that simple for them because they play LSU in the SEC Championship. It’s not the first time Georgia has been in this situation. As a matter of fact, the Bulldogs were in the same situation last year when they lost to Alabama 35-28 to miss the playoffs. They are led by junior quarterback Jake

Joe Burrow walks along the sideline.

game, the Utah Utes to lose to Oregon and Baylor to defeat Oklahoma, and hope the committee sees their 12-1 record better than Baylor ’s 12-1 record. This would be tough considering Baylor would have a much better win than the Tigers do on the whole year. But all of this can be ignored if the Tigers take care of business against the Cavaliers on Saturday. Next is the Georgia Bulldogs. The Bulldogs have been in the top four of the


Fromm, who was their QB in 2017 when they lost in the National Championship game in overtime to Alabama and helped them win 11 more games last year. However, they will need to overcome something they couldn’t last year, and that’s win an SEC Championship just like they did in 2017. It’s simple for Georgia on paper: win and they win, lose and they will miss the playoff for the second straight year. Now it gets really compli-

cated with the teams outside looking in. First, we have the Utah Utes, the best team with a chance to make the CFP that is on the outside. The 11-1 Utes play Oregon for the Pac 12 Championship on Friday. If the Utes make it, they have to win and they need either Clemson or Georgia to lose in their respective title games. However, if Utah wins and both Clemson and Georgia win, the Utes won’t have a better resume than those teams, and certainty won’t have a better resume than LSU if they happen to lose to Georgia. But if the Tigers or Bulldogs lose and the Utes win, the Pac 12 will have a team in the playoff for the first time since the 2016-17 season. Next are the Oklahoma Sooners and the Baylor Bears who both head in with an 11-1 record into the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday. Both teams matched up a couple of weeks ago in Waco, and the Bears pulled an Atlanta Hawks and blew a 28-3 lead and lost 34-31 to the Sooners. In order for the Sooners to make it, they need to beat the Bears again and need Utah and Clemson/ Georgia to lose. The same goes for the Bears; they need to win their matchup against the Sooners and have the Utes lose and the Tigers/the Bulldogs lose. Neither team can win and expect to get in. They won’t even be the first team out if Utah wins. Well there it is, how the top seven teams in the country can make it in. It seems easy now but will be a very tense Saturday for each team fighting for limited playoff spots. What teams will hold under pressure and which teams will fold? We will see soon come this weekend.



For Rent

For Rent

For Rent

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Sports 7

Patriots are slowed down after hot start Sebastian gamboa courier staff

Year after year, the New England Patriots are the favorite to win the Super Bowl and even when they are not, they still make a run at it. This year, more specifically this week, that could all be changing. The Pats are currently sitting at 10-2 as they prepare to square up against the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday. While their record is a strong 10-2, even Patriots fans will share their worries. This year, the Patriots had the most favorable (easiest) strength of schedule. The opponents that the Patriots have beaten have a combined record of 44 percent. The three of those opponents that currently have .500 records or better (Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys) lost to the Patriots by seven points or less. This means that the

Patriots are struggling against good teams. In terms of their two losses, the Patriots lost to the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans. The Ravens now sit at 10-2 and the Texans sit at 8-4, both are their respective division’s leaders. Not only did the Patriots lose, but something that the scores in either loss would show is that the Patriots were dominated in both games. Tom Brady appeared indecisive and the Patriots defense was unable to stop the high-flying dynamic offenses led by young athletic quarterbacks. This week, the Patriots will face off against the Chiefs who sit at 8-4 atop the AFC West Division. The Patriots are likely to go to the playoffs but these next 4 weeks will be crucial in determining their fate.

If they follow their pattern of losing to division leaders this week, they will sit at 10-3. Their next game is against the struggling 1-11 Bengals who they will likely beat, bringing them to 11-3 before playing their most important divisional game remaining against the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have a similar situation as the Patriots with a tough game against the Ravens this week and a game against a team with a weaker record in the Steelers the week after. If they lose to the Ravens and win against the Steelers, they will be 10-4 leading into the game against the Patriots. Just because the Patriots beat the Bills earlier this season does not mean that the Patriots are guaranteed another win. As a matter of fact, the Patriots won that game by just six points and the Bills’ quarterback, Josh Allen, was injured in the fourth quarter, stopping a win. If the Patriots lose this game, which seems almost likely given the context of their first victory, the two teams would be tied at 11-4 leading into the final

game. Both teams play very beatable opponents (Dolphins for the Patriots and Jets for the Bills), likely leaving both teams in a 12-4 tie at the end of the season. With the Patriots winning in the tiebreaker procedures, it is likely that they barely squeak by with the divisional title. But if the Patriots lose this week and the Bills win out, the Bills can get the division. The same goes if the previously mentioned likely scenario plays out, but the Bills win and Patriots lose in the last week. Patriots fans should be worried because the division is still very much up for grabs and the Patriots are on a cold streak while the Bills have been hot. This next game also has future implications just based on who the Patriots would face in the playoffs even if they win their division. If the standings stay as they are, the Patriots would be the No. 2 seed in the conference. This means that they would play the highest winning seed from the wildcard round which would likely

either be the Texans or Chiefs (based on seed). The Texans have already smothered the Patriots and if the Chiefs do it this week, they can do it again. Then even if the Patriots win in the divisional round, they likely have to face the Ravens in the Conference championship who whipped the Patriots worse than the Texans did. Essentially, while the Patriots will likely finish the season with a stellar record and a playoff spot, the road to the Super Bowl will be more difficult than usual. Their place in the playoff picture is still up for grabs as is their division, which has not occurred since 2010. They have also struggled with almost all of their potential playoff opponents and their future Hall of Fame quarterback is struggling. While there is cause for concern for Patriots fans, they have arguably the best postseason coach and quarterback in the history of the league and any time people count the Patriots out, they shock the world. It’s not over until it’s over.

year ’s playoff game against the Los Angeles Chargers at home, the Ravens lost to the Chargers 23-17. Ravens fans were booing Jackson and chanting Joe Flacco’s name. Ravens players expressed after the game that they were upset at the fans. So, when you see a player like Mark Ingram during press conferences talking about Jackson as if he’s the best player in the league, which he currently is, it’s because he loves and respects Jackson just like all the other players in the locker room, including head coach John Harbaugh. After the playoff loss to the Chargers, Harbaugh told the press, “One of the best competitors I’ve ever been around. I’m not afraid to stand up and say, and all the haters can say what they want, and they can smirk, they can be snarky, and they can say whatever they want, but they’re all going to be proven wrong. They’re going to have to eat their words

soon enough.” Harbaugh is absolutely right about that. He knew the moment the Ravens drafted Jackson that he needed to make some changes within his offensive scheme. He saw the potential in Jackson and knew the talent Jackson has cannot be taught. So, what did he do? He assigned Greg Roman as the offensive coordinator. No one specializes in an offense with a mobile quarterback like Roman. Roman was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers from 2011-2014, coaching a player named Colin Kaepernick who took the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012. So, as you can see, Roman knows what he’s doing and he’s a big reason Jackson has been unbelievable so far this season. But let’s not give all the credit to Jackson. Jackson has some great pieces on offense, players like Mark Ingram, Mark Andrews, Willie Snead and Marquise Brown. The offensive line is ranked ninth in

the least amount of sacks allowed. Defensively, the Ravens are ranked ninth in the league as well. They are ranked fifth in points allowed, seventh in interceptions and second in defensive touchdowns. It’s fair to say that the Ravens’ defense is not as elite as the 49ers this year, but they are still legit. They have two Pro Bowl defensive players in Marcus Peters and Earl Thomas which they both received this year. Tons of props to defensive coordinator Don Martindale. Everyone thought that when the Ravens lost CJ Mosley, they weren't going to be the same. Well the Ravens defense still plays like a top tier defense. They play as a team and you can see the chemistry on the field. I know things are different once the playoffs start but this Ravens team is on a roll and they have not fallen yet. If they keep rolling, you’ll see the Purple and Black in Miami on Feb. 2, 2020.

The Ravens take top seed in AFC josh purnell courier staff

It’s Week 13 and there are currently five teams with only two losses: the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Let’s be honest, the Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the NFL. After a Sunday victory over San Francisco, it marks the Ravens’ fifth victory against a playoff team this season. The Ravens are the clear-cut favorite to go to the Super Bowl and win. This team is like no other, they have an explosive quarterback in Lamar Jackson. After being the last pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, he told Deion Sanders he’s going to deliver the Ravens a Super Bowl. This year, Jackson is determined to do so. So far

Jackson has thrown 2,532 yards for 25 touchdowns and only five interceptions. He ran for 977 yards and seven touchdowns. Jackson is currently ranked ninth in rushing yards and eighth in rushing touchdowns. That is insane for a quarterback to do. What’s even more impressive is that Jackson is on pace to break Michael Vick’s single season rushing yard record. With four games left this season, it’s highly possible that Jackson could break the record. Jackson is the first player in NFL history with at least 25 passing touchdowns and at least 950 rushing yards in a single season. The Ravens fans love him now, but just a minute ago, they did not have an ounce of respect for him. Last

Lamar Jackson in motion to throw down field.


Mark Ingram runs the ball during practice.


Leathernecks look to grab big road win against ISU Redbirds

By Bradley Piros sports editor

After a dominant 21-point win over Missouri Baptist University at home over Thanksgiving break, the Western Illinois women’s basketball team will head on the road for two games. The Leathernecks will start that road trip tonight against the Illinois State University Redbirds. The teams have squared off four times with each team taking home two victories. The two teams’ last matchup was back on Dec. 20, 2016 where Western handed ISU a 30-point loss by a score of 80-50. That was two years ago when the Redbirds posted an 8-23 record overall, going 1-13 on the road. They have made some improvements since then and are off to a hot 5-1 start in 2019. ISU shoots a combined .425 percent from the field and .270 percent from beyond the arc. The team averages 67.8 points per game while their defense holds their opponents to 57.8 on average. Leading the attack for the Redbirds are two seniors. First is guard TeTe Maggett who averages a team high 17 points per game, 7.2 rebounds and 5.8 assists. Following right behind her is forward Lexi Wallen

with 16.2 points per game and 5.8 rebounds. Four other players average at least five points a contest for the Redbirds, but it’s the work behind the ball that’s been winning them games. ISU averages 28.2 defensive rebounds a game, eight steals and three blocks. They have arguably the best defense in the Missouri Valley Conference and they’ve used it to pick up some quality wins over Marquette and University of Illinois. They’re riding a four-game win streak coming into this game and are 3-0 at home. It will be a tough task to take down this team, but Western has the firepower to do just that. While the Redbirds have a dynamic duo up top, Western has more of a big three at the moment. Paving the way is senior guard Olivia Kaufmann with her 16.3 points per game and .425 field goal percentage. She’s made a team high 12 threepointers and has the second best percentage in that category at .353. Leading the way in the percentages is redshirt sophomore guard Danni Nichols with a .508 mark from the field and .368 from the three. She also has 10.4 points per game. Rounding out that “big three” is redshirt senior guard Annabel

Graettinger. She’s got 12.9 points per game which is second on the team behind Kaufmann. Leading the way in rebounding for Western is sophomore forward Evan Zars. She averages 10.8 rebounds per game to go along with her 6.8 points per game. The Leathernecks haven’t exactly been the most sound on the defense, holding their opponents to 76 points per game while only putting up 77.3 on average. The team has a .396 field goal percentage and .316 from behind the line. Western has struggled when the three hasn’t been on their side, for instance, the game against Bradley. While the Braves were a solid opponent that Western was always going to have problems with, the score line shouldn’t have been 84-49. It was so lopsided because they had to earn every basket they made, but also because the three just wasn’t landing. If Western can get out to a fast start and build a little shooting confidence, they should be all right, but the Redbirds are still red hot and can’t seem to be stopped. It’s going to be a tough task for the Leathernecks and it tips off at 6 p.m. tonight inside Redbird Arena from Normal, Ill.

Evan Zars checks the time.



Olivia Kaufmann dribbles past a defender.

Men's basketball prepares for Evansville and seven-game winter break By Jacob VanZuiden courier staff


Kobe Webster looks to make a pass into the paint.


Ben Pyle makes a move with the ball.

The Western Illinois men’s basketball team prepares for their four-game December stretch beginning against the University of Evansville on Wednesday. Aside from Evansville, the Leathernecks’ home schedule over the holiday season will include three games versus Eastern Illinois, Holy Family College and South Dakota. The Purple and Gold come into Wednesday’s matchup with an overall record of 2-5 after enduring a rough first part of their earlyseason schedule. Hopes are high as the Leathernecks travel to Evansville, Ind., having won two of their last three contests by overcoming Central Christian College of the Bible (where the team broke the 100 point threshold for the first time this year) and Ball State. Although, they dropped their most recent match to Kansas City, losing in heartbreaking fashion by a score of 68-67. Unfortunately, the Leathernecks have been no stranger to coming up short in close games, possessing a 1-4 record this year in games decided by seven or fewer points. Western hasn’t had the greatest luck when playing Evansville

in years past, as they’ll be seeking their first win in five games against the Purple Aces tracing all the way back to 2004. Evansville again boasts a strong squad this season, sitting with a record of 5-3. By far, their most impressive victory came against No. 1 ranked Kentucky, being seen as the biggest upset in all of college basketball thus far in 2019. In fact, according to ESPN Insider Jeff Borzello, this was the third largest college basketball upset in 15 years as Evansville came into the game as 25-point underdogs. This was also the first time prestigious Wildcat head coach John Calipari ever lost to a midmajor school. The Purple Aces head into this showdown scoring an average of 76.9 points per game, led by senior guard K.J. Riley, who carries a 15.8 point-per-game average. The 6-foot-9-inch sophomore forward DeAndre Williams has also been a major problem for opposing frontcourts, placing second on the team in scoring (13.6 points per game) while pulling down an impressive 7.1 rebounds per game. However, it would be unfair not to mention both junior guards Artur Labinowicz and Sam Cunliffe, as well, both of whom are also averaging double figures in the scoring department this season. The Leathernecks average slightly

more points scored per game than their opponents at 80.1. If they hope to come into Ford Center and steal away a win, they’ll need continued contribution from their leading bucket-maker, junior guard Kobe Webster (16.3 points per game). If one thing is known about Webster, it’s that he can score with the best of them, entrenching his name on Western’s 1000 career points list earlier in the season – and he’s only a junior. Sophomore guard Zion Young has also played at a high level, pouring in an average of 15.3 points of his own. In order to compete with the rock-solid front court of the Purple Aces, sophomore forward Ben Pyle must be able to build off his last outing, where he notched a career-high 21 points to go along with seven boards and three blocks. Although many close matchups haven’t swung in the Purple and Gold’s favor so far this season, they hope to reverse that trend Wednesday night. While Evansville may have the more impressive resume, the Leathernecks match up with them fairly in nearly every statistical category. As Western concludes this three-game road trip, they’ll be able to look forward to a three-game home stretch. If all goes well, this team could be sitting around .500 entering the new year.

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