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here’s only so much pounding a door can take before something has to give. My friend, cowering on her bed and fairly screaming at the hysterical college boys outside her room to leave her the hell alone, watched as the ancient door in her gracious sandstone residential hall seemed to bow with the pressure of a bunch of men trying to get in. To do what? Well, the threats and promises and cat-calls were pretty clear, and no help would be forthcoming – this is just what happens in the first few days of a new year, with fresh young blood. My friend could only hope that the humble lock would hold. If this was a cadet at one of the little-understood and carefully veiled bases around the country, and if this was made public, you could be sure that there would be just the same stock outrage and hand-wringing as there was last week at the news of a female Australian Defence Force Academy cadet filmed having sex without her knowledge. But nothing would change. And it seems that after years of such outrages – bullying, harassment, vilification, minor assault – nothing is going to change soon. The old college culture (and perhaps even the current college culture?) and the Defence Force have

something very strong and very deep in common: they are clubs that the women have managed to storm and the blokes want them out. There are so many elements to this latest disappointment that I find intriguing. If this woman didn’t come across, you can just imagine how she would be represented as a prig. But even when she did, that wasn’t enough to earn the respect of her playmates – that, sexually speaking, she could cut it just like the blokes – she was still a performance piece to be broadcast in jest as a bit of instant pornography. I also find it hard to believe that the opposite would happen, that she would film the act and broadcast it to her mates, and I wonder if that difference is forever going to be one of the insurmountable elements in trying to create a cohesive, bonded Defence Force team of the two genders. It really doesn’t do to say this, but there is a part of me that is unperturbed at news of sexual shenanigans between consenting adults at Defence Force bases, on ships, at training. To be just a little realistic here – in the same way that parents and teachers of hormone-fuelled young people have to be – what do you expect? Fired up,



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healthy, fit young people living in close proximity. But now that truly awful question has to be asked, I think: do men in the Defence Force really like women around them? Do they really like women who are not their sisters, daughters, and mothers, and will they ever truly work with them? It’s now Defence Minister Stephen Smith’s turn to deal with this question, but none of his forebears, stretching back as far as my memory will take me, have fared well with it. The challenge seems insurmountable when you hear even former minister Peter Reith acknowledge that the ADF has a “pretty bad attitude towards women” – a statement so broad in its description and implications that if fixing this culture was your job, you wouldn’t know where to start. Several years ago, after a visit to the Cerberus naval base in Victoria, I was so impressed by the leadership and training I pondered that a young woman could have an interesting and rewarding life after training to be an officer there. Not so much these days. \



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As host of Q&A and Lateline, tony Jones could be the most influential journalist in the country, which Kevin Rudd understood last week when he dropped his bombshell. In Sydney PeteR WILMoth meets the man they call The Silver Fox.


ven sex symbols get head colds. So today, in a Sydney café, Tony Jones is admirably energetic considering he was a bit cactus the day before and had to cancel. Things are looking up today: being confronted with talk about being a favourite among female viewers of Lateline and now Q&A doesn’t seem to send him into a decline. In 2009 The Age reported sex therapist Bettina Arndt as telling the National Press Club of a woman who watched Tony Jones each night to psych herself into having sex with her husband. “It’s unclear which of Jones’ charms hit the right spot,” the report said. “His perfectly timed eyebrow raises? His ferocious questioning? Perhaps the almost flirtatious way he leans into the camera when introducing guests.” ABC personality as sex aid? Jennifer Byrne once told me that one of the great charms of her husband, Andrew Denton, was that he “gives good brain”. So, maybe Henry Kissinger had it wrong about power being an aphrodisiac. Maybe it’s the smarts that push those erogenous buttons. Today, sustained by his recuperative fruit juices and that wry sense of humor, Jones won’t have any of it. “The sex symbol thing?” he says. “Aah. Yeah. I’m afraid I find that a bit hard to imagine so I’ll leave that one.” Still, he is not as reluctant in acknowledging his nickname. “Oh Silver Fox,” tweeted one viewer during the first Q&A earlier this year. “How I have missed you.” The nickname was started, he thinks, by an ABC executive producer called Lin Buckfield (once the lead singer of an ’80s band called the Electric Pandas). “She let it out onto Twitter and somehow it took off.” Took off like Tony Jones’ career, a career not harmed at all by last Monday night’s program on which Kevin Rudd admitted he was wrong to defer the emissions trading scheme in April last year and that some ministers had wanted to “kill” the scheme. “It’s very hard not to tell the truth on Q&A,” Jones says. “You look out at those voters, those people, and it’s not like looking over a desk at the face of Tony Jones or Kerry O’Brien, it’s a very different experience. I think it does promote truth and somehow genuine responses. “It’s interesting to see the response from other senior members of the Labor government – in this case two ministers, Bill Shorten and Craig Emerson – in the wake of Kevin Rudd’s comments. They said (Q&A) is a unique format where you almost have to tell the truth. I’m not saying it provokes a kind of confessional environment because plenty of people pull themselves back, but it is a forum that requires frankness and honesty, and those people who respond to the audience’s questions with frankness and with honesty get the highest marks from the audience.” Jones says it was a classic example of people taking advantage of the opportunity to have an open democracy. “The question was very direct from the guy in the audience. It was about regrets. It was a well-phrased, articulate question … and it just opened up the opportunity for Kevin Rudd to say things that had been on his mind. It was a really natural and provocative environment.” Jones is now one of the cornerstones of the ABC. On Lateline he displays quick wit, sharp intelligence and the capacity to ask the tough question in a calm manner. Then, when the corporation had a brainstorm and thought up Q&A, it went to Jones. It has now become one of the ABC’s most influential programs, and has confirmed Jones as the ABC’s most polished current affairs performer. But he remains modest. “I’m just basically a traffic cop with the expectation of every now and again saying something witty,” Jones says. “It’s designed to be a unique public forum in Australian media that can encompass (social media) and increasingly does. We didn’t start (the town hall forum style), we didn’t invent it, but we certainly put it onto a pedestal in Australian politics that it hasn’t had. “The only condition I made when I came to work on

4 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

the show was that we do it live because I thought – and essentially everyone agreed – that people would be really engaged with something they knew was happening in front of them. You’re sitting out there at home and someone jumps to their feet and throws shoes at John Howard. You don’t really know what’s going to happen because it’s happening in front of your eyes. I certainly didn’t know it was going to happen, which is why I jumped to my feet to try and stop it.” It was one of the startling moments Jones has experienced with Q&A. “It stemmed from an irate Iraqi journalist pelting his heavy leather shoes at George Bush at a press conference in Baghdad. (During Q&A) one of them was tossed rather than hurled, and sailed a few feet over John Howard’s head and after that I stood up and asked the young guy, ‘Please don’t do that’. “They were softer shoes as well; some kind of tennis shoes. We did retain them for history and we may one

“LateLine without Jones is adequate ... with Jones it is a world-class piece of tv.”

day have one of them bronzed and put in some sort of glass case to go in the hallway of fame at Q&A.” The thrown runner was just one of many startling moments. Several others have involved former controversial Age columnist Catherine Deveny. “There’s been a couple of interesting moments behind the scenes where we wouldn’t expect people to get on well but when they both have big personalities and fine senses of humor, putting them together can be quite interesting. “There was one very memorable program where Catherine Deveny was sitting next to John Elliott where he was talking about etiquette. (On his blog) he has a bit of a campaign about public etiquette. He started talking about it and Catherine Deveny gave some impression about how she would eat a bowl of soup without a spoon but by simply by dipping her face into it. John had puppies. It was so contrary to what he was trying to get across that the wonderful contrast was there. “As an odd couple they continued their odd-couple bantering into the green room and indeed out onto the balcony, where I think they shared a cigarette and, as I recall, John was singing Frank Sinatra songs to her quite late into the evening. Fly Me to the Moon, I think it was.” Deveny’s brush with Tony Abbott was memorable, too. “I remember her chanting ‘Get your rosaries off my ovaries’ … Abbott took it well. I thought, for a moment, were she a bloke, he might have let fly with a clip over the ear but he’s a gentleman.”

The program aims for balance by inviting those from polar opposites of the political divide. Conservative American writer, commentator and satirist P. J. O’Rourke might be thought to share political beliefs with Julie Bishop, the Deputy Opposition Leader. O’Rourke and Bishop were seated side-by-side. “Someone asked a question of the panel on asylum seekers and everyone was going through their usual positioning on asylum seekers, Julie Bishop saying how terrible the government was for letting too many people in and they’ve opened the doors, etc,” says Jones. “Suddenly P. J. O’Rourke jumped into the equation and started talking about how America was built by allowing people escaping persecution in large numbers to come into the country, and he made a very strong argument that those are the sort of people who make your society better and if they’d taken the effort to get onto a boat, take their families and put them at risk and do all of that to come to your country, you should welcome them with open arms because they’re probably going to be model citizens. “It was completely counter-intuitive if one believes that conservatives all hold uniform views. But of course they don’t, particularly not on issue like this. So it was quite confronting for Julie Bishop (from someone) whom I think she regarded as a bit of a personal hero and hear him tear apart the essence of their policy live on the program.”


ones was always interested in journalism, and one aspect in particular. “The reason I started in journalism was that I met an Australian foreign correspondent when I was at university called Francis James, who came to give a talk at my university college. I got into an argument with him after he gave a speech at a college dinner. Let’s just say I was always arguing with people, ever since sitting around with my dad at breakfast as a kid.” Francis James had reported from south-east Asia, China, Vietnam. “He knew most of the leaders in the region. He knew Ho Chi Minh, knew Prince Sihanouk, the king of Cambodia as it was at the time. Quite an eccentric guy. Used to wear a big black felt hat and a black cape and drive around in a Rolls-Royce. Got imprisoned for five years in China, accused of being a spy because of photos he took, subsequently printed in the British press, of Chinese nuclear facilities. “After this argument at the university he said, ‘You obviously don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, but if you want to learn I’m quite happy to sit down and talk to you’. I drove to … this big old house, arrived there in the morning, banged on the door, there’s this rather dishevelled-looking character in a silk dressing gown. “He said, ‘Come inside’ and took me into the kitchen, put on the kettle, made some toast and started talking. I think I left there at four or five in the afternoon after six hours sitting in his kitchen with him. I left thinking I really wanted to be a foreign correspondent. It took quite a few years to achieve that.” In 1989 Jones achieved the dream, arriving in Europe just in time for all the revolutions in the continent’s east. For the ABC, Jones covered the collapse of eastern Europe in 1990, the reunification of Germany, the Gulf War, the collapse of the Ceausescu regime in Romania, the wars in the former Yugoslavia, the final days of apartheid in South Africa and the end of communism in Russia. “It was quite an extraordinary period,” he says. Back in Australia he received a call from the head of news and current affairs asking if he would be interested

in becoming a presenter of the Lateline program. “I wasn’t actually that keen, to be honest. I much preferred to be in the ‘field’ side of journalism. I had three young children. It did seem somewhat appealing to have an interregnum at home. And I thought, ‘It won’t last for that long’.” Eleven years later he is still hosting Lateline. It was here that Jones became a star, and it wasn’t just sexologists who were bigging him up. Website Crikey once complimented Jones on his “ferocious intelligence, polite calmness, (being a) dogged interrogator, (having) deep political instincts, juggling the running agenda (and having) a great sense of context. Lateline without Jones is a perfectly adequate late-night news review; with Jones it is a world-class piece of television.” Jones is married to Sarah Ferguson, a reporter on Four Corners. “Sarah is doing most of the travelling in our family at the moment,” Jones says. “She’s established herself as one of the great Four Corners reporters.” Having worked as a reporter on the program, he can describe with great accuracy the working rhythm of its journalists. “You work at Four Corners, its not only when you’re on the road that you’re engaged for long hours, it’s when you’re editing and in the research phase. “It’s a six-week turnaround with two weeks research, two weeks filming and two weeks editing. Away while you’re filming, in very close contact writing your script and sitting watching the edit for the last two weeks. In the first two weeks there’s a sort of panic as to whether your story is going to stand up for 45 minutes. It’s a pretty rigorous regime; it’s not for the faint-hearted.” Jones has three sons, Felix, 19, Cosmo, 14, and Lucien, 12. Felix spent his gap year in the army. How did Jones feel about his son’s military stint? “I thought it was extraordinary. He found out about it and

Fox on the Run

Front man to the core: Tony Jones, host of the ABC’s Lateline and Q&A, says too much journalism is never enough. (Mike Bowers)

decided it was something he wanted to do, attracted by the adventure and the rigour of it. And they pay you.” Away from his day job, Jones is writing his first novel. “It’s been a long time in gestation, let’s put it that way.” How’s it going? “Pretty good. Won’t say too much. It’s reaching a stage that even I’m reasonably happy with.” How does he find a fictitious voice after spending so much time working with reality? “It’s very interesting to be able to bring some of my experiences through fictional characters into a novel,” he says. “That to me is a pretty exciting thing to do. “People ask how you go to sleep after doing these shows because your mind is whirling around all these topics. Sometimes I go to sleep these days by imagining the next scene in which one of my characters find themselves. Story-telling is at the core of really good journalism and essentially what I’m talking about here.” With two journalists in a marriage, is there ever too much journalism in the conversation? “No, no, too much journalism is never enough,” Jones says. “What is journalism? As we practise it, it’s about engaging with just about everything that’s interesting that’s happening in the world. If you’re not interested like that you’re not trying very hard.” \

» we welcome your feedback @ » Q&A, abc1, 9.30pm mondays. Lateline, abc1, 10.30 weeknights. april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 5



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R e v ie w \

food\ LEANNE ToLRA REVIEWS ILoNA STALLER is the most densely populated Balaclava suburb in Victoria, says Ilona Staller co-owner Barbara Dight. So it was no accident

she and partners Virginia Redmond and Lisa Carrodus, of St Kilda favourite Cicciolina selected the suburb’s main shopping strip for the restaurant they opened in December. La Cicciolina is a Hungarian-born Italian porn star, singer and politician famous for making pornographic films while in office. Ilona Staller is her real name. The food and atmosphere at this raunchy art deco space live up to her reputation. The restaurant doesn’t take dinner bookings, ostensibly so that locals can drop in any time. That formula worked at Cicciolina for 17 years, says Dight. Redmond, the executive chef at both restaurants, worked in Cairns and Noosa in her life before Cicciolina. When she arrived in Melbourne in 1993, Redmond was the only chef to answer the job advertisement. She bought into the restaurant a year later and the trio have run the successful partnership ever since. “And coming up to 18 years later, we are all still friends,” she says. The food at Cicciolina has always been French-inspired, but at Ilona, it’s more casual, with a strong focus on peasant-style dishes that make the most of modern European trends and the use of spices. “At Ilona we have more stations, so we can have more chefs working at the one time, which allows for

diversity,” says Redmond. There’s no defined seasonal menu. “We are more likely to change the dishes on a whim. If someone comes up with an idea, we will put it on and see how it goes.” The menu features a short list of bar snacks, suited to a quick catch-up, or to stave off hunger until a table becomes vacant. (An upstairs bar opens this week.) There are freshly shucked oysters with champagne-shallot dressing, warm olives, arancini, or parmesan-crumbed lamb cutlets. Drinkers with a bit of bravado will select the bee sting – a fried jalapeno chilli filled with feta, lime and pine nuts. It will taste even better after a few drinks. Entrées include a salumi share plate and a salad of lamb’s tongue, but the specials, which included lamb cigars with a quince aioli and a pork belly salad, beckoned. Generous slabs of juicy, braised, crisp-skinned pork belly arrived on a bed of julienned apple, whitlof and watercress, splashed with red-wine vinaigrette. It’s a standout dish and a regular on the specials board. Main choices include traditional and more inventive pasta dishes, ideal for a local, plus two beef, one fish, one lamb and one chicken choice. The fish, a grilled hapuka fillet, is prettily presented and sits on a mosaic of potato gnocchi, soy beans, spinach and buttered baby turnips. The flavours are brought together by a subtle marron bisque butter. The roasted lamb loin is served with tzatziki,

Magical mosaic: Grilled hapuka fillet (top right) served with potato gnocchi, soy beans, buttered baby turnips, spinach and a marron bisque butter. Coffee lovers: White chocolate and caffe latte bombe with prunes and espresso syrup. (daRRiaN TRaYNoR)

sautéed chard, a beetroot galette and a mustard and pistachio crumble; all great flavour combinations. Desserts are “special occasion” and include a peach soufflé, a warm chocolate fondant and a honey pannacotta with marsala jelly. We tackled the white chocolate and caffe latte bombe (bombe Alaska), with poached prunes and espresso syrup. A delicate covering of meringue sweetens the rich coffee and white chocolate layers of parfait custard and the decorative, rehydrated prunes have been poached in a heavy espresso and sugar syrup. It’s excellent, but strictly for coffee lovers. Cicciolina’s success was comfortable and long-term, so why the new restaurant? “I guess we wanted to put our money where our mouth was,” says Redmond. “We wanted to see if we still had it in us.” They do. \

verdict Busy, sexy and a little bit

alternative, Ilona Staller has embraced the best elements of Carlisle Street’s eclectic food and shopping precinct and added its own palpable lusciousness. Fabulous service, by staff who clearly enjoy working there, up-to-the-moment food and an approachable wine list will ensure it becomes a destination restaurant, rather than just a popular local, making bookings worth considering.

eat this Ilona Staller, 282-284 Carlisle Street, Balaclava Phone \ 9534 0488 Chef \ Virginia Redmond Prices \ Bar snacks $4.50-$12.50; entrées $14.50-$20.50; mains $23.50-38.50; desserts $3.50-$18.50 Open\ Monday to Saturday noon-1am; Sunday noon-11pm


From its rich, chocolate walls, ornamented by glowing cherry-red wall sconces, to its lusciously curved bar illuminated by vivid green neon lights, this suburban restaurant oozes sex appeal; just like its namesake. Faux tiger-skin bar stools and intimate booths add to the atmosphere, as does the nightclub closeness of the patrons crowded around the bar. There’s a cultivated ’50-’60s New York feel, but it’s not forced. The corner building was a bank in one life and a Red Rooster outlet in another. Homage is paid to both: one in an image of a crowing cockerel on the wall, the other in an acknowledgement on the menu.

« Lamb and pine nut filo cigars with tahini yoghurt, quinoa and parsley salad.

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 7

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Com and sbine a 10% ve

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R e v ie w \



(Hendrik Holler / getty images)

ask how I taste wines. PeoPle often Do I taste them blind in a line-up of similar wines, or do I open a few different

Riesling gRaPes

bottles and pick the best ones? I reckon that wine and food are the best of bedfellows and prefer to open a bottle or two (or three) that I know, or at least hope, will match what we’re having for dinner. I like to have a quick taste while the dinner is cooking and make some brief notes of the best ones, pour a glass with dinner to see how it stacks up with the food (it’s not easy coming up with those food matches each week, you know) and then taste the wine again to see how it looks after being open a little while. Sometimes, if a wine really hits the spot, my wife and I might knock off the rest of the bottle, and other times I’ll pop the bottle in the fridge (including reds) and see how it’s looking the next day and what its cellaring potential is. Tasting wines this way does mean that there are quite a few occasions that I don’t open the wines I really feel like drinking. One of the varieties that I’ve been neglecting lately is riesling, which is a shame because it is so versatile. Riesling, one of the ancient noble grapes, is capable of so many styles – from dry to sweet with acidity that seems to lift the flavours of a dish – that help make it quite versatile with food. Choosing the right style of riesling to go with a dish can be difficult, and I’ve had experiences where I’ve bought riesling to go with fish, only to find it wasn’t the dry style I was after. On the flip side, I like to have rieslings with a bit of residual sugar when I go to

Vietnamese restaurants, rather than with my whiting. Riesling is somewhat of a bargain in Australia. Our dry styles are super value and up there with the world’s best, and we’re making a good fist of the sweeter styles. But I do wonder if other people have trouble telling apart the wines with different levels of residual sugar. There’s been a revival of sweeter-style rieslings in Australia in the past year or so, and some of the wines I’ve tried have been really lovely. Local wines tend to label their sweeter offerings as being off-dry or late harvest, which helps make a decision easier, but with some of the old-world rieslings I sometimes feel that a PhD in the various regions and styles is needed to choose the right wine for the moment. Help could come in the form of a new tool being adopted by Australian wineries to assist people to make informed decisions about the style of riesling in the bottle: the riesling scale. It’s a four-point scale that ranges from dry to medium dry, then medium sweet to sweet and was developed by the International Riesling Foundation to help consumers choose the right riesling style for every occasion. It’s really only the bigger companies that have adopted it in Australia so far, but quite a few wineries have mentioned that they will be putting the riesling scale on their 2011 vintage wine labels. So keep an eye out for the riesling scale on labels in your local and get the right drop for your dish. \

taste this Ostler Blue House Vines Riesling 2008

Shaw Vineyard Estate Premium Riesling 2009

Leasingham Bin 8 KS Riesling 2008 (Clare Valley) $23; 10% ★★★★

(mornington Peninsula) $31; 13.3% ★★★★

this delightful wine comes from near oamaru, which is halfway up the eastern coast of new Zealand’s south island, between Christchurch and dunedin. i love that wines of quality and character, such as this, are often produced in what might seem to be the middle of nowhere. this is a delicate, lovely wine, with floral, citrus and mineral aromas. refined flavours of pear, zesty lime and pink lady apples lead to a taut structure with terrific balance between mild sweetness and acid.

shaw Vineyard estate has had quite a bit of success on the wine-show circuit recently, and it is its riesling that’s been highly awarded. its bouquet displays floral citrus blossom, apple, lime and minerals, with spicy ginger notes on the palate as well. it’s dry, with fine balance between flavours and slightly chalky acid and a focused, fresh lime finish. keep an eye out for Canberra riesling, it may prove to be one of the region’s best wine styles.

this clocks in as medium sweet on the riesling scale printed on the label. these styles can be a bit cloying if the balance between sugar and acid isn’t right but this gets it spot on. it smells of lime, lemon, orange blossom and quince, with underlying passionfruit notes. it has intense, sweet lime cordial flavours that are matched on the palate by racy acidity and a fine texture. the lime flavour carries on to the persistent finish.

Food match \ Homemade fish and chips

Food match \ Chicken with chili and lemongrass

maritime climates aren’t renowned for producing top-class riesling, but here’s one that bucks the trend. i’ve had this twice now and (hopefully not for the last time) i’ve been impressed with its rich floral aromas of lime, blossom, pear and apricot. there’s no need for a riesling scale; the detailed breakdown on the label states that there is zero residual sugar in this, putting it at the dry end of the scale. it also has flavours of green apple, lime and bath salts along with a textural mouthfeel, bright acid and a long finish.

(Waitaki Valley, nZ) $33; 11% ★★★★ ½

(Canberra) $22; 12% ★★★★ ½

Paradigm Hill Riesling 2010

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5★ Outstanding

So you love a bargain?


4★ Really good 3★ Good 2★ OK ★ Not worth it



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Dopff au Moulin Riesling 2009 (alsace, France) $12.50; 13.99% ★★★★ it’s a dan murphy’s import and, curiously, this has its own nine-point riesling scale. this comes in at 2: dry. dopff has been involved in the alsace wine industry since the 16th century and was a pioneer of the tall-stemmed bottle about 100 years ago. it’s elegant and floral, with aromas and flavours of blossom, citrus, pear, quince and talc. it’s textural but dry with chalky acidity and has driving length and a slight herbal twist on the finish. it’s super value with a nice euro feel. Food match \ Crab ravioli april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 9

R E V IE W \

MY VIEW\ BEWARE THE MOTHER SCORNED, SAYS KATRINA HALL all lefty lawyer types. At some stage during the morning’s proceedings, about the time the orange quarters and sultanas and cups of milk were evenly measured out, one mother asked another if “her children always behaved that way”. I don’t know what her kids were doing – they are toddlers, so probably hitting, pulling, snatching and screaming. But the accused mother was not happy about her friend’s comments and – wait for it – threw a punch. Yes, a punch! The other mothers had to separate them and the kids were all watching, and there was chaos, screams, nappy bags flying everywhere, and just general bad behaviour and pandemonium. And then the wives rushed out and iPhoned their husbands, who texted and emailed each other because they needed to debrief too, and it was just like a real-life sequel to The Slap. In a week where I’ve been listening to the sound of a sick house coughing, this story brightened up my life markedly. (This is off It was just topic, but I do need to get it out: why do men need to moan after like a real-life each cough? Cough, moan, cough, moan. It’s like the moan is sequel to the exclamation mark for the cough, and yes, I can hear you and Th e Slap yes, I know you’re sick.) But don’t you think it’s refreshing to hear about a mothers’ group that isn’t going to end up with people still sharing nannies and celebrating birthdays 20 years later? I’m so thrilled to hear it’s not all roses out there in maternal-child-health-care land. Remember, these are artificially constructed friendship groups based on postcode, and the architect is usually a nurse with a mini-voice, so go figure. At my own mothers’ group, I was so worked up and excited about the guarantee of lifelong friendship I peaked too early, then missed a couple of


this amazing story last week. A group of mums in a I HEARD  gentrified inner-city suburb got together for a regular mothers’ club playgroup. The kids were all about two, and the mothers were

pram-walks and was promptly dumped from the phone-tag list. Of course, I was appalled when the group decided to celebrate the kids’ first birthdays at McDonald’s, but that’s a silly first-time-mum moralisation that gets edited and then deleted down the track, so forget I said that. But we’ve all got a story. Some friends went for a two-week camping holiday with another family and it all fell apart when a three-year-old scatched another toddler and drew blood and the parents did nothing about it. And someone very close to me exposed an anger management issue at the crèche fete when a little boy kept bouncing on top of his daughter in the jumping castle. The kid’s dad was looking on, doing nothing and copped it big time, but the thing is afterwards both of them did the walk of shame. You can’t criticise other people’s kids, and you can’t pass judgment ever, and the reason for that is you can never be certain it won’t be your kid doing the eye-gouging or the sand-throwing next time around. The rule of thumb is you get one good kid and one bad one, and sometimes they interchange so that just when you think the troublesome one is settling down a bit, the good one gets all moody. And you can never be sure that one is not going to pick their nose in public or drop the f-bomb if they don’t get the icypole flavour they want. Anyway, I heard that after the mothers’ club punch-up the offending mother sat down with a cup of tea and said they all needed to work out just how things were going to be from now on in their mothers’ group, which was outrageously optimistic. What did she think? Things would be peaceful from now on unless she showed signs of irritation and then stand back and watch those skinny jeans pushing the prams out the swinging doors? But really, you’ve got to wonder, where was the nurse when they needed her? \


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10 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

R e v Ie w \ Co F F e e

Exhibition Street in July last year. Sadly though, its Brunswick outlet and roasting plant closed a few months later. Lucien Kolff owns the city espresso bar with Toby Smith and Jason Berley. Kolff is the day-to-day operator and head barista. All coffee is roasted in Sydney and sent down the next day, he says. Toby’s Espresso Rico, which includes Ethiopian Djimmah, Kenyan Sunbird and Colombia Supremo beans, is offered as a house blend. As a flat white, it’s evenly balanced, with a depth of flavour that cuts through milk without sacrificing sweetness. There’s an ever-changing array of single-estate and single-origin coffees shipped south too, and as many as eight coffees for sale as beans. Pour-over and syphon brews are offered as a coffee of the week and short blacks are encouraged by a $2 price tag. “People go nuts for them,” says Kolff. “They are not as timeconsuming or as expensive for us to make and it’s a great way to

encourage people to try single origins. Once they’ve tried them, they are hooked.” Other than a lull between noon and 1pm, BARISTA Lucien Kolff (right) says it’s always peak hour at his hole-in-the-wall café, which grinds through 85

kilograms of coffee a week. Crowds cover the pavement from 7am, and return after lunchtime. New Zealand-born Kolff did most of his coffee training at Atomica Café in Fitzroy and also worked at Degraves Espresso in the city before returning to NZ. He worked at the Toby’s Estate coffee house in Brunswick and enjoyed operating a double-lever Mirage Idrocompresso espresso machine so much that he moved one into his tiny city café earlier this year to increase capacity. “It looks great on the front counter and it’s a beautiful machine, but it has a long temperature extraction and doesn’t perform at the speed we need here.” So he’s planning to bring in a second three-group Mirage Bastone. \


(DArriAn TrAynor)

To the joy of a large proportion of the 10,000 CAFÉ lawyers in the Department of Justice building adjacent, the city face of Toby’s Estate coffee opened on

sip this Toby’s Espresso Bar 136 Exhibition Street, city Phone \ 9650 1079 Barista \ Lucien Kolff Coffee \ Toby’s Estate Barista’s choice \ Espresso or syphon Open \ Monday to Friday 7am-4pm

Crowds cover the pavement from 7am

Smart monochromatic floors, pressed-metal panelling, glossy black bags of beans and slickly branded coffee paraphernalia add a touch of class to this Euro-inspired espresso pit-stop. A chocolate-toned feature wall and clever use of mirrors warm and enlarge the interior, while the shiny triple-group Mirage Bastone espresso machine operates at full tilt to appease the queue lining the pavement. Most grab a brew to go, but some linger at the corner bench to watch the trio of baristas behind the counter. Sparkling glass cases hold colourful macaroons, cookies and cakes, while a row of small tables lines the foyer of the adjoining building, hosting city workers with time to spare and issues to discuss. \


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Simply contact us at least four business days before you move and we’ll arrange for your gas and electricity to be up and running in your new home.

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Rick oweNs

collette diNNigaN

miu miu


R e v ie w \ Fa s hio N

A PArisiAn highlight As always, fashion week in the French capital was stunning, writes JANE ROCCA.

(victor virgile \ gamma-rapho \ chris moore \ karl prouse \nathalie lagneau \ getty images)


ith Paris Fashion Week autumn/winter 2011-12 behind us, the abundance of fashion highlights is simply too many to mention here, but we’ve handpicked some of the greatest moments we think we’ll be seeing more of on the street. Miuccia Prada put her best foot forward with the Miu Miu label. For her, it was all about creating a modern glamour with a feminine touch when it came to dresses and silhouettes. The dresses fused elements of Aviator jet-setter with shoulder pads destined to raise eyebrows – we love the subtle inclusion of doves and dandelions in her dresses, which are easily adaptable for day or evening wear. There were plenty of woollen coats tailored to perfection – the mustard coat with a plunging neckline brought an avant-garde touch to Prada’s younger sister label. Kate Moss certainly got the media in a frenzy with a rare appearance in Louis Vuitton’s Paris show. (She closed the show with a ciggie in hand wearing a rubbberised lace jacket – as only she can). Designed by Marc Jacobs, the fetishistic overtones of the collection were all about channelling the powerful woman within. It was all about rounded shoulders and Peter Pan collars, rubber lace jackets with fuzzy Mongolian sleeves in a colour palette of black, white, blue and red. The parade of models captured the aura of a saucy French maid with a feather duster and also starred Naomi Campbell. Talbot Runhof’s autumn/winter collection was all about channelling charcoal and black for the cooler months in the shapely form of figure-hugging dresses and others with plenty of girly layers. He brought a quirky twist to a black satin shirtdress, which he flipped back to front to expose the back, and brought back the houndstooth pencil dress and a pinstriped shirt for refined day wear. Valentino’s designers, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, continued with their preferences for

Media frenzy: Kate Moss made a rare appearance in Louis Vuitton’s Paris show. (KarL Prouse \ getty)

pretty and feminine dresses, most of which were airy with frills and trimmed with lace. Chiuri, the Italian label’s creative director, told the media: “Women today are different. It is a new direction for Valentino; it is cooler and more modern. Very uptown goes downtown. We wanted our collection to be like taking a stroll in a fantasy garden, where dresses blossom into nocturnal flowers and vibrant flower petals are shaken by an imaginary breeze. We were inspired by an emotion or a dream.” There were plenty of black and neutral tones that continue from last season, but the use of green, aquamarines and turquoises was a winner. Collette Dinnigan’s collection for Paris Fashion Week was all about lace, brocade and dark fabrics. It was certainly romantic at heart, with the emphasis on soft silhouettes as well as floaty skirts and feminine blouses. The collection, titled Automne-Hiver (Portrait of a Woman), is about inner strength and freedom, and according to Dinnegan, who drew inspiration from Frida Kahlo and Argentina, “I loved the equestrian feel that gives women strength and power.” The plunging V-neckline on dresses, complete with a feminine bow, added a dreamy touch to a beautiful collection from Dinnigan. But it was Rick Owens who truly gave new meaning to the word fashion with his feverishly modern collection for Paris. It was all about a hearty layering of pants, tops and jackets in earthy and other rustic shades of caramel and olive and greys plus black in what was a tad apocalyptic, dark and doom-like one minute and neanderthal the next. It was all about proportional balance here, though; we loved the knitted hoods (or snoods, as they are known) and his use of cashmere, leather, jersey, wool, and padded nylon for strong clothing with a sensual touch. \

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 13


R E V IE W \

BEAUTY SCRIBE\ DHAV NAIDU APPLAUDS THE BEST HAND CREAMS ever looked at your hands and wondered how they HAVE YOU  work? I recently found out that the hands have 2500 nerve receptors in every square centimetre – that is mind boggling. It

is widely believed that our hands are what show off our age. And with good reason, too. They are abused on a daily basis– washing, scrubbing, gardening – the list is endless. We splurge without ever blinking on potions and lotions for our faces but we normally ignore our faithful, hard-working hands. Our hands have very few oil glands – not enough to keep them “oiled” to go on working. So we need to look for external help. This is where hand creams come in, but in a market flooded with hand creams, the next question is which one? Pick a cream that suits your budget and personal taste but look for one that meets the following criteria: ● Easily absorbs into the skin, and non-greasy; ● No unnecessary fragrance; ● Good ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter, lanolin and essential oils for moisturisation. With that out of the way, here are my six tried and tested hand creams to help care for your much-abused hands. In reality, our hands actually deserve their own round of applause. Do I hear a standing ovation? \

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (75ml, $25)

Avocado, sesame seed, eucalyptus and olive oil is what makes this hand cream a must-have. It will turn the driest hands to soft mittens in a couple of days. Be warned that it is thick, but as soon as thirsty hands come in contact with this salve all is forgiven. This is what you turn to help protect against and repair the appearance of severe dryness caused by heavy industrial work, manual labour, neglect or exposure to harsh elements.

Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment (75ml, $46.50)

Think of this as gloves in a tube. This non-greasy formulation helps soothe, moisturise, protect and repair chapped hands while strengthening the nails against splitting and peeling. It is packed with ingredients such as Provitamin B5, algae extract and sweet almond oil to help heal dry, rough hands and provide an invisible barrier against environmental damage. Antioxidant extracts of ginkgo biloba, grape seed and vitamin E neutralise free-radical activity, guarding against further damage.

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Smoothing Hand Crème (100ml, $100) This is the Lamborghini of hand creams – a bit

pricey, but what an experience. It is part of the very popular Re-Nutriv range and what it does, some avid users say, turns back the hands of time. Made with emollient ingredients such as meadowfoam oil, rosewood oil and sodium hyaluronate, it deeply hydrates, helps reduce the look of dark spots and evens out skin tone, visibly smooths away wrinkles and keeps hands looking young and supple.


Lanolips Rose Balm Intense (50ml, $15.95) Finest medical-grade

lanolin is the hero ingredient in this brand, and what an ingredient it is. It truly moisturises and soothes in an instant. Combined with sumptuous ingredients such as shea and cocoa seed butter, rose oil, vitamin E and antioxidants, this is a very rich and intense hand cream. Warm the cream a little before applying and your hands will thank you forever. A definite handbag staple.

the find Save Our Skin ($12.95-$179.95)

Anastasia Lambadaridis, a bona fide skin crusader, started Save Our Skin out of necessity – to help her kids and the realisation that we are drowning ourselves with unnecessary ingredients, packaging and hoopla. Lambadaridis decided to formulate straightforward products that do not use more than six natural and organic ingredients. She is a firm believer of less equals more. The range is tight but covers everything you need – wash, nourish and protect. I am a huge fan of her soap – arguably the mildest on the market – and the Power Concoction Balm – a go-to-balm to protect and heal just about anywhere. Save Our Skin is your new best friend.


the spot L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin (400ml, $9.95, 75ml, $4.95)

is celebrating 50 years of fabulousness. This hairspray is a standout in a sea of hair products. I have known stylists to covet, squabble and gouge in some instances to get their hands on it when it was not widely available. It was truly an industry staple and secret. Once you have been introduced to the fine mist to envelop your hairstyle there is no turning back. Grab yourself a can and join me in a toast to another 50 years of the ambrosia that is Elnett Satin.

» 1300 659 259


Y-Not Natural Avocado Hand Cream plus Vital ET (200g, $69.98) Recent research indicates that avocado oil can

reverse the signs of UV damage by up to 51 per cent. Y-Not Natural’s cream is as close as you will come to this holy grail. Using the best cold-pressed biodynamic avocado seed oil and a super-potent vitamin E clinically known as Vital ET, this is Australia’s best-kept secret. The brand hails from Western Australia and is creating more of stir overseas than here. All formulations in the range are 95 per cent natural. The hand cream is also rich in amino acids, shea butter, and vitamins A, B, C, D and E, goes on like a dream and works a treat.

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails and Cuticle Cream (90.1ml, $14.95.) Some claim this is an instant manicure in a

tube, and I can understand why. A mixture of vitamins A, C and E, grape seed oil and chamomile makes this cream soothing and moisturising. A little is all you need to soften and smooth skin while strengthening the nails. No stickiness or greasiness, and the cream is absorbed immediately. And while taking care of the skin, nails get a boost and cuticles are kept in check.



To win one pack of all the hand creams on this page, worth $275, go to www.theweeklyreview. and tell me the number of nerve receptors per square centimetre on our hands.

» Stockists Dermalogica \ Estée Lauder \ Lanolips \ Kiehl’s \ Myer/David Jones Sally Hansen \ 1800 812 663 Y-Not Natural \ april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 15

R E V IE W \

film MURUNDAK: SONGS OF FREEDOM \ Opens April 15 at Cinema Nova, Rated M

Roach bears the scars with astounding grace



going out LA MIRADA FILM FESTIVAL \ Thursday April 14 – Tuesday April 26, ACMI This celebration of Spanish-language cinema kicks off with a Mexican fiesta, Argentinian wine and a screening of Medianeras, a delightful romcom set in the concrete towers of Buenos Aires. Based at ACMI, the festival runs for the next fortnight and, this year, features guest curators Ang Lee, Ken Loach, Guillermo del Toro and Antonio Banderas – all of whom have selected a film for screening. Medianeras offers a seductively simple point of entry, with its sweet, if slightly twee, tale of isolation, longing and Where’s Wally books. Martin is a graphic designer who keeps forgetting to leave the house, whereas Mariana is a struggling, agoraphobic architect, still looking for one good man in an overcrowded city. So far, so predictable. Where this film differs is that it isn’t the story of their relationship, but rather than the tale of two star-crossed lovers failing to meet. There are some lovely visual touches to a narrative Richard Curtis would be proud of, but there’s also a fair dose of kitsch, which might trouble the tapas-filled tums of those less sentimental. The most interesting aspect is the recession-stricken setting, which, fittingly, receives a more detailed intro than either of the protagonists.

Delightful romcom set in Buenos Aires

16 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

At one touching moment in this uplifting doco, singer Archie Roach shares the story of being stolen from his family. It’s particularly moving due to the lightness with which the tale is told, Roach bearing the scars with astounding grace. For him, the horrors of the separation have been redeemed – somewhat – by its transformation into song. It’s not an easy song to sing, he says, but he walks away from the singing “not bleeding, not hurt”, and stronger for it. The power of music as redemptive force lies at the centre of murundak – songs of freedom. The film follows the Black Arm Band, a gathering of Aboriginal music icons, on a road trip from the Sydney Opera House to remote Northern Territory communities, via London’s Royal Festival Hall. En route, the artists share tales of past hardship and marvel at being invited to play venues that would once have denied them entry. Bart Willoughby’s We Have Survived, one of many performances showcased here, best captures the mood. This is music written during wartime that balances hope against anger and healing against hurt. By pinning itself around Kevin Rudd’s apology to the stolen generations, the film ensures it is the hope that wins through here. Some great performances, some bare and beating hearts and a sense of hard-won triumph make this an equally entertaining and thought-provoking evening at the cinema.

staying in TOP PICK




The fruits of an impressive crop for ABC TV arrive on DVD this month, with grubby legal drama Rake and black comedy Laid stealing most of the limelight. Worth just as much attention is The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch, a series of short animations depicting a young woman’s slide into romantic despair. Voiced by Toni Collette and created by artist Emma Magenta, these narrative snippets use simple, sketchy illustrations to recast Finch’s dating disasters as a mythological struggle, where boyfriends conspire to crush her naïve heart. As such, halfway between the suburban and the fairytale, it feels strangely like a children’s cartoon for 30-something women. Quirkily poetic and as endearing as its subject, the series recalls Leunig’s wonky, homespun philosophy. Ultimately, it celebrates the joy of imperfection, without suggesting the best hope is to simply lower one’s expectations. At two minutes each, the 17 episodes sometimes feel slender to the point of transparency, but there are enough thoughtful touches to find benefit in repeat viewings. \

It’s a great week for rootsy glumsters. Smog’s Bill Callahan returns with spooky masterpiece Apocalypse, Cass McCombs unveils low-key beauty Wit’s End and the Felice Brothers offer the strange-but-splendid Celebration, Florida. Countrified Townsville six-piece the Middle East have also checked into town, arriving sunburnt and caked in red dirt. Previous EPs have seen the group pinned with Arcade Fire comparisons, but these aren’t really borne out by their long-awaited debut. At first listen, these Queenslanders seem to have more in common with melancholy merchants Tindersticks, the album mumbling through two tracks before finally shaking itself awake. When it does, on As I Go to See Janey, the result is astonishing. A ghostly melody hollows out the heart and tingles the spine, echoing Radiohead at their peak, despite the tune’s folky trappings. Other tracks smoulder for half their length before catching fire, but the album stops short of morose territory. Instead, it concerns itself with delicate moments of rapture, such as Months, which swells gloriously, buoyed along by violins and choruses that seem to interweave and swap places until you’re no longer sure which is which. Fresh, heartfelt and occasionally epic, this is a promising debut from a great Australian band.

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R e v ie w \ P R of il e


Returning the fervour



e e k ly r e v i e w




(ANNie LeiBovitz)


ocahontas in fringes. That’s what audiences and record executives expected from Buffy Sainte-Marie when she started performing in the 1960s – pretty Native American tunes sung by a prettier Native American face. The reality was different, which is what you’d expect from someone who has compared the impact of a three-minute song to journalism: Hard truths in a punchy format. Talent would bring her international success and an Oscar, but from the start, Buffy’s listeners knew they were in for a dose of raw honesty. “They got everything, from smiles to tears,” Buffy says. “People were used to Hollywood cowboys and Indians and I was telling them stuff that they’d never had the chance to learn.” Channelling the zeitgeist, she poured her energy into protest songs. The most significant was 1964’s Universal Soldier, released during the Lyndon Johnson administration in the middle of the Vietnam War. Richard Nixon succeeded Johnson, the American Indian movement seized Wounded Knee in 1973, and there was Buffy, singing to raise awareness about it all. Her music was getting more attention than ever, but not all of the scrutiny was good. Buffy contends that during what should have been her most fruitful years, her music was suppressed by “small groups of men” in successive administrations. Years later, does she see this as a tacit admission that she was doing something right? “Well, thanks for the thought, but when someone is suppressing your music and making sure you don’t come forward in the public eye, you don’t know about it. Nobody tells you. I didn’t find out until at least 20 years after the fact,” Buffy says. “I didn’t believe it at first, and then I got my FBI file. I didn’t even know I had an FBI file. It’s all blacked out with magic marker. I felt hurt. I still had a fantastic career outside of the US while all that was going on, but within the US they truly put me out of business.” The US was at war when Buffy wrote Universal Soldier, and it’s fighting different battles almost 45 years later. While this means some of her songs are as relevant of how much love songs mean to Buffy. today as they were when they were first released, does Whether for a different form of support or a creative she sometimes wish they weren’t? outlet when her music was suppressed, Buffy took a trip “You said it just right, but they are relevant and they down another avenue — Sesame Street. She spent five have been all along. War is money laundering 101,” she years teaching her message to children via music. says. “I think that human beings evolve slowly and it’s Education had always been important to Buffy. going to take a while before we come to our senses about Years before, in 1969, she had established a scholarship war. In the ’60s we thought we had put an end to it. foundation for Native American people called the But when I look at North America in 2011, I still » w w Nihewan Foundation. Another initiative is the w. see five heavily funded, extremely serious Cradleboard Teaching Project, a website set colleges of war. There’s the Army War up to allow the distribution of Hawaiian and College, Annapolis, West Point, the Air Native American indigenous curriculum SPecial Force Academy and the Royal Military for elementary, middle and high-school College of Canada, and we don’t have students in the US. The syllabus is online. » Read Hari Raj’s full one college of that seriousness, of that Her desire to teach and raise awareness interview online calibre or funding, dedicated to alternative of indigenous communities has only been conflict resolution.” enhanced by her travels. Her stance is clear, so it is with some irony “It’s pretty much the same in indigenous that Buffy’s biggest success arrived as the result areas all over the world. The bad parts of of a tale of love in the military. The song was Up Where colonialism are greed and an abuse of power, and that We Belong, the film was An Officer and a Gentleman, doesn’t only happen to indigenous people. It happens and the prize was an Oscar for best original song. first to indigenous people, but after that, everybody.” Most famously recorded by Joe Cocker and Jennifer If she sounds fiery, it’s because she is, her fervour Warnes and written with her then-husband, producer undimmed by the passage of time. Seriously, hop on and songwriter Jack Nitzsche, the song is representative to YouTube and have a look at the video for No No om

Still in touch: Annie Leibovitz’s shot of Buffy Sainte-Marie, taken November 2007 in the US for Vanity Fair.

Keshagesh, one of the songs off her new album – it’s hard to believe that this sprightly figure, brimming with brimstone and prancing on the streets, is 70 years old. Maybe it’s that she just loves travelling (she’s looking forward to Australia, decades after her first tour) and is still fiercely spiritual, if not religious (“I don’t really ascribe to institutions that men build. Sometimes they call it religion, other times they just call it the bank.”). “I was never really part of the merchant market of trying to market one genre. I think many artists get locked in to that and then they have to jump the tracks in order to expand, but it was never the case for me.” Her new album Running the Drum is a rich mix of genres and sounds, from ’70s pow-wow rock to modern licks imbued with new production techniques. And, she says, there’s every chance it’ll be big.\

Hari raJ

» Buffy Sainte-Marie performs at National Theatre, April 20, 8pm and Byron Bay Bluesfest, April 21-26. » Cradleboard Teaching Project april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 17

R e v ie w \ p R of il e

talking to the hand Ventriloquist Nina Conti has brought her cheeky cast of characters back to Melbourne for another tilt at the comedy festival, writes ANDREW McUtChEN.


uch like Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue had a cure for King George VI’s stammer, British ventriloquist Nina Conti has a remedy for being “too English”. The affliction is described by Conti as one of “eternal politeness” and the treatment is a simple, two-part process. Step one: buy a ventriloquist’s doll and put it on your hand. Step two: take it down the street or onto a stage and “just react to people through the puppet”. No mouth full of marbles. Just a puppet and the truth. The post-rationalising that goes on when Conti performs this almost-nightly ritual – as one of the world’s most gifted and famous, and certainly the most attractive, ventriloquists – not only forms the basis of her lauded comedic routines, it also provides a kind of “very crude but effective therapy”. “It’s a tool for me to get in touch with the uncensored part of the brain, I think,” Conti, 36, says. “As myself I’m always too busy being polite and wanting to be liked and accepted to say any of the things that first come into my head. So the puppet is a great liberation. It’s a terrible admission but I think I do have more fun talking to people on stage with a puppet than I do just normally in a social situation, which I usually find actually quite painful and embarrassing. I’m horrible at a dinner party. I’m not only not funny, I’m quite hopeless.” Sadly, Conti’s assessment of herself as a dud dinner party guest sans a right-hand man, or granny, or monkey, extends to the stage too. Conti is a comedian whose craft was not initially honed during a period of stand-up; she’s been a “pure ventriloquist” since she first performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2001. Therefore, the prospect of getting up “naked”, with both hands exposed, is as unappealing today as it was 10 years ago. “Oh no, that would be grim, trust me, no one needs that!” Conti says. “If I went and did a straight set and I was just up there telling jokes, to me there would be a funnier element that I had

detracted. I love stand-up comedy and there are lots of stand-ups that I think are brilliant but it’s not like I think that’s the holy grail of comedy. It’s not any kind of goal for me. That’s taken care of by people who are brilliant at it, it’s just not my thing and if I tried it I would be genuinely unfunny.” Similarly, there is nothing at all funny about a long-distance telephone line. Comedy, we are often told, is all about timing, and the slight delay today causes Conti and I to politely start, stutter and then abandon various potentially hilarious conversations. So instead of creating humour based on today’s scenario, which is, by both of our reckoning, completely unsalvageable, it’s best to remind Conti of some recent history that has proven to be somewhat of a turning point in her comedic style. At the 2008 Melbourne Comedy Festival, Conti was the joint winner of the coveted Barry, the festival’s most prestigious award. At last year’s festival she did a couple of things she’s never done before. One was to unveil a now fondly adored character called simply “Nana”, a kindly but unpredictable grandmother who tends to lull men from the audience into a deeply false sense of security. The second was her experimentation with getting such men, and others, onto the stage with her to improvise. There is a great clip of this very dynamic on YouTube, with a wide-eyed Melbourne bloke at the 2010 festival proving to be somewhat of a lamb to Nana’s comedic slaughter. Conti, though, hasn’t seen it and can’t remember it. “I’m too scared to look on YouTube, for many reasons …” she says, letting the innuendo drift before laughing riotously. “This has been the first year that I’ve actually started to improvise,” Conti admits, somewhat startlingly when you consider that she’s been at it for more than a decade. “I started to realise you can get away with all kinds of stuff when you’re talking to somebody »

Puppet regime: Ventriloquist Nina Conti is rated No.7 on a list of the world’s sexiest comedians. (Claes GellerbriNk)

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 19

R e v ie w \ p R of il e »

through a puppet; often the comments that are not curtailed by reason or good manners are the funniest.” Before she was a ventriloquist, Conti followed her actor parents Tom Conti (who has appeared in such films as Shirley Valentine and Saving Grace) and Kara Wilson onto the stage. She appeared on popular TV shows such as Black Books and worked beside Christopher Guest in the film For Your Consideration.


espite being moderately successful on stage and screen, Conti describes this period as “tarty” and “directionless”, “the least funny days of my life”. Her fortunes turned around when English writer, actor and comedian Ken Campbell gifted Conti a teach-yourself-ventriloquism kit in her late 20s. He later devised the ventriloquist play Let Me Out!!! for her, which she took to the 2001 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. “As an actress I was also playing characters, so I suppose I’ve hidden behind characters my entire career,” Conti says. “But I would never have thought of getting up on stage on my own in front of people had I not fallen into ventriloquism through the encouragement of Ken.” Conti discovered early in her training that she possesses some “genetic bonuses” that make the physical challenges of ventriloquism easier, such as being able to relax her face while she talks out of a tiny corner of her mouth. Also, Conti has perfected a natural and usually surprised laugh in response to her puppets’ comments. This part is not altogether an act as she confesses a degree of “genuine embarassment and shock sometimes” at her puppets’ reactions. Conti, however, feels no embarassment and only pleasant shock at the persistent “sexy comedian’ tag. It has landed her on several “hot lists” over the years

including a rather obscure one last year – by “Dave – The Home of Witty Banter” for UK TV – where she polled at No. 7 in a list of the sexiest comedians ever, one higher than fellow British comic Russell Brand. Closer to home, CitySearch Melbourne rated her as the No. 5 sexiest comedian, behind Black Books star Dylan Moran and loveable American Arj Barker. Conti informs me it’s her best rating yet. She’s quite chuffed. “Well that’s great, I’m glad to hear it, long may it continue!” says a buoyed Conti, who has just given birth to her second child. “I don’t feel sexy right now, I can tell you. I’ve got to get myself in shape, I’ve got to get sexy again in time for Melbourne, then!” The wonder of Conti’s world – where she creates personalities, puts them on her hand, then dissociates from them – is that if you need a little affirmation, or perhaps an ego boost when you’re feeling frumpy, you just invent a character to give it to you. And then let them give it to you nightly. It just so happens that her latest puppet – which she likens to Spanish actor Javier Bardem – seems to have appeared at a “fairly unsexy” time to steal Conti from her husband, fellow comic Stan Stanley. “The new puppet’s about seven foot tall and it looks just like Javier – he’s this really kind of swarthy, sexy Spanish thing and of course he’s madly in love with me, I can do no wrong!” Conti says, before promising, naughtily, to “do him” at this year’s comedy festival. “That is if I can carve enough time out for myself away from this hungry, crying, pooing baby.” On the topic of puppets, talk naturally turns to Monk, a depressed and height-challenged monkey, Conti’s most famous and popular character, who she has “been with for longer than my husband”. Visual gags are of limited use during a phone call, but I wonder if Conti

“I’ve been wIth thIs monkey for years longer than I’ve been wIth my husband.”

could be so kind as to get Monk for me. She obliges and returns a few moments later. A joint therapy session is now under way. “What do I feel when I look at him right in the face? Oh dear!” Conti laughs, before pausing to assess her emotions. “Pity! Pity and gratitude I suppose … I should be grateful to that funny little face. Someone told me that they saw me before my first gig and I was just there staring at the monkey as if I was saying to him, ‘you’ve got to help me here!’ And he did. “People are amused by the fact that I’ve been with this monkey for years longer than I’ve been with my husband. There’s a relationship there that you can’t shortcut to with other puppets. I used to pretend it was a prop. But it’s a prop you get a bit soppy about because you’ve seen that face as you’ve travelled through all these different countries. It’s very difficult to look at that face, who you’ve viewed as this character all this time and not think that it has that character, somewhere deep inside it. I guess people get soppy about their teddies and dogs in a similar way.” \

» Nina Conti, Melbourne Comedy Festival, April 13-17, tickets through Ticketmaster 325 Whitehorse Road Balwyn 20 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

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Builders of prestigious and individually designed homes.

R e v Ie w \



e e k ly r e v i e w





was a big attraction. So too the book’s format. It is not simply one woman’s ramble about her French experience but is an earnest attempt to address the I asked the book industry specialist who first dropped problems and difficulties people face when they make the term when we were discussing the Eat, Pray, the courageous decision to live in another country. Love phenomenon. Paech, her husband Tim and their two small “It’s the Women Against The Odds memoir, and daughters, Georgie and Annabelle, moved to Paris they’re among our bestsellers,’’ he explained, then when Tim was posted there for work. As the »w w w. added that perhaps I should consider writing “trailing spouse” Paech, who is also a nurse, one about the experience of opening up a was ineligible for a work permit. “A perfect bookshop during the global financial crisis. opportunity has arisen to pursue my “Definitely a WATO contender, especially dream of becoming a food and travel specIal if your shop survives,’’ he assured me in a writer,’’ she writes. » corrie perkin’s non-reassuring way. It sounds like bliss. But moving to selections of When I stand in front of a biography Paris presented the family with many the week bookshelf, WATO stories are not my first challenges. Securing an apartment is choice of purchase. However, those worth frustrating. A trip to IKEA to buy new recommending include The Year of Magical furniture becomes an 11-hour day. Settling Thinking by Joan Didion; Brenda Walker’s Reading the children in their new schools, navigating the By Moonlight: How Books Saved a Life, horse trainer transport system, where to shop and how to source the Gai Waterhouse’s autobiography; Lunch in Paris by right suppliers, how to dress, coping with a new identity American writer Elizabeth Bard; Foxeys Hangout as the “trailing spouse’’ – Paech’s memoir tackles the by former Age journalist-now winery owner Cathy tough stuff and reminds us that despite its beauty, Paris Gowdie; and, my current read, A Widow’s Story: A can bewilder those brave enough to move there. Memoir, by Joyce Carol Oates. But as she learns more about the city, Paech’s contact A Family in Paris: Stories of Food, Life and Adventure book swells. And herein lies the book’s main attraction: by travel writer Jane Paech is part-WATO, part-travel the author’s suggestions on where to eat, shop, walk, memoir. Beautifully presented in a small hardback, entertain kids, visit and stroll provide anyone travelling I confess I had a WATO-weary moment when it first to Paris with important insider knowledge. arrived in our shop. But the word “Paris’’ on the cover The Paris-bound reader will thank Paech for cutting a .au

Yarrbat Place & Classic Moves make the move easy. Joyce and her husband had moved many times often with small children in tow, never easy, but somehow with the two of you the load was shared. Now, on her own, the idea was quite daunting and certainly contributed to Joyce putting off the whole idea. Elisabeth was also contemplating the idea of downsizing from the large family home of the past fifty plus years, but each time she looked around the house, the task seemed too hard and overwhelming. Despite encouragement from their respective families and promises of help with the move, the reality of having to make so many decisions about what to keep, which moving company to use, what to sell or auction, the list was endless and exhausting. Still, Joyce kept looking for somewhere to move too, hoping that finding the right home would outweigh the huge task of downsizing and moving. Elisabeth was also looking, heeding the sage advise of a retired solicitor friend, ‘move out of the family home sooner while you are still enjoying it and before it becomes a burden ’.

A shared love of Bridge brought them to Yarrbat Place Elisabeth heard about Yarrbat Place through her Bridge group, the attraction was instant the moment she walked through the doors. It did not take her long to select the apartment that suited her best. Joyce was also a Bridge friend; ‘Elisabeth’s obvious joy at finding Yarrbat Place and her description of their current special ‘move in package’ piqued Joyce’s attention, and she too decided to come

(Vincent Boudon)

circles they are In publIshIng sometimes referred to as WATO books. “What on earth is a WATO?’’

A FAMILY IN PARIS By Jane Paech » $49.95 (Lantern Books)

path through the maze of boulevards and cobblestoned streets. Her observation and writing skills come to the fore and, as she explained in a recent radio interview, they provide the foundation of her book. “Everywhere I went there was something gorgeous and I was overwhelmed by it all,’’ Paech said. “I decided I wanted to write about it, so everywhere I went I had a piece of paper. I was forever getting my pen out. I was forever writing on café coasters – anything I could get my hands on.’’ The end result is a delightful collection of travel memories and a love letter to a city that, despite its flaws, continues to inspire people like Jane Paech. \

Corrie perkin

and have a look. She fell in love with the property, its location opposite Beckett Park, ambience and size, with 42 units it was perfect, enough to provide a wide range of amenities, but not overwhelmingly large. The north facing three bedroom apartment ticked all the boxes. Like Elisabeth, the ‘Move in Package’ made the commitment a lot easier.

A team of angels take over Elisabeth mentioned that the benefits started long before the actual move. A Classic Moves Team member visited after her house was sold, dispensing invaluable advise and recommendations about auction houses, selling and getting rid of large items. Having their team of angels help sort, sell, pack, truck, unpack was a godsend. Joyce loved the fact that it was all over and done with so efficiently and quickly. “Not having to live for weeks surrounded by boxes in various state of packing or unpacking was wonderful, they were so efficient and I did not have to lift a finger! Precious family heirlooms, glassware and tapestries were packed and moved with such care and diligence.

A good night’s sleep The icing on the cake was that night, finding all the beds made and the lamps turned on, the apartment transformed into a welcoming home, not a box or piece of paper in sight. ‘That was the best made bed I have ever slept in’ commented Elisabeth’s grandson with a huge smile. Downsizing just became a whole lot easier and even a pleasure with Classic Moves & Yarrbat Place!

P: 9836 5400

P: 1300 738 035

Managed by Pinnacle Living - bringing retirement to life april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 21

R e v ie w \ p R of il e


xcuse the dead chicken,” Chris Humfrey says as he opens a wire cage near the back door of his home on a rainy day outside Melbourne. “That was lunch but it got a bit wet.” Stepping over the remains of the chicken, he walks towards the back of the cage, where a magnificent masked owl shuffles out to greet him, climbing onto his arm. The owl’s name is Nova, and he’s been raised by hand by Humfrey since he emerged from his egg. “I’ve raised him since he was four days old. His mum and dad live here,” Humfrey says. “We’ve bred 10 of these this year. We give them to zoos and sanctuaries around the country.” Between photographs, Humfrey whispers to the owl, nose to beak, complaining about its bad breath as the owl hunches his shoulders and turns his wide face from side to side, listening to Humfrey’s words. Nova is just one of the animals who share Humfrey’s home, a private zoo called Wild Action.

The wild action man chris Humfrey has collected animals since childhood, now he does it for a living, writes EllEn wHinnEtt. “We’ve got about 2000 animals, from spiders to seahorses to saltwater crocodiles, fruit bats, koalas, taipans and death adders,” he says. Humfrey, 37, his wife Nicole and daughters Charlie-Ashe, 7, and Taasha, 4, also share the property with dingoes, emus, wallabies and tiger quolls and frogs. So many animals live inside – about 100 at last count – that the family has been squeezed out and is now building a new home next door. “This is my home and my office,” Humfrey says. “We’re a proper, quarantined zoo.” If a child goes to school in Melbourne, there’s a good chance they’ve met Humfrey or one of the 10 people who work for Wild Action, which bills itself as “the zoo that comes to you”. Each day the staff puts together a collection of native animals and drives them off to schools or corporate gigs, introducing city people and international tourists to the wonders of Australia’s wildlife. “Things happen,” Humfrey says of his job, which is far from a typical nine-to-five toil. “Snakes get out of cages. Possums get out of cars in peak-hour traffic.” Humfrey is a livewire, a classic A-type personality with boundless energy, effortless conversation and spiky blond hair. Sound familiar? But comparisons between him and Australia’s best-known zookeeper, the late Steve Irwin, don’t sit too comfortably. “I don’t jump on things and say “Crikey!”. I think that’s teaching people disrespect for animals,” he says. So, he’s no fan of Irwin then? “You have to admire the guy for his enthusiasm and the work he did.” That closes the subject, and it’s off to meet Beauty the emu, an inquisitive, cheeky bird with an insatiable appetite for shiny things. “You can’t resist, you know you can’t,” Humfrey says to Beauty, taking off his watch and using it as a lure to get Beauty in position for a photograph. Both emu and zookeeper are naturals in front of the 22 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Beautiful babies: Chris Humfrey with a quoll and baby koalas (top row). One big happy family: (L-R, this row) Humfrey gets friendly with a native owl; with wife Nicole, daughter Taasha and possum. (eamoN gaLLagHeR)

camera, and a reality-TV program based on Humfrey and his menagerie is now showing on ABC. Called Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life, it’s about the zoo and the daily events that make it so interesting. It has been produced by Melbourne’s December Films. The show features the staff hunting blue-ringed octopuses on the fringes of Port Phillip Bay and taking a giant snake to a chiropractor for treatment of a sore back. But it also shows the interactions between the demanding Humfrey and his mostly young staff and family. “It’s a day in the life of an operational zoo,” Humfrey says. “It’s about me and my ups and down, my neurotic behaviours.” So, is he neurotic? “Tripolar maybe – good, bad, neutral,” he says. “I’m so proud of it (the show) and of all the staff. I’m a hard person to live with and a difficult person to work with. The staff are amazing.” Humfrey has been in the Australian kayaking team since he was 16 and runs 10 to 15 kilometres every day. He regularly swims two to three kilometres in the local pool or the property’s dam to burn off excess energy.

“I have to exercise or I’d be ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder),” he says. “You wouldn’t want to see me if I haven’t had my exercise. I’m like a quoll.” Humfrey grew up in suburban Melbourne, and his fascination for everything with fur, feathers and scales became apparent at a young age. “It started as a passion I had as a kid. I just loved animals,” he says. One of his first pets, a giant green frog called Jabba, still lives in a big glass tank in the house – 31 years after six-year-old Humfrey found him in a public toilet. “We were on school holidays in the caravan park at Coffs Harbour and I picked him out of the urinal,” Humfrey says. “He’s lived so long because it’s like Club Med for him in here.” Humfrey says his English-born schoolteacher father, David, was bemused by this very Australian obsession his son had with animals. But eventually the young Humfrey won him over, as well as his mother Marye, a nurse. “We grew up in Kilsyth with all the horse paddocks and apple orchards,” he says. “The Dandenongs were my playground.” He used to collect

also met the girl of his dreams – now his wife – Nicole DuCasse, a microbiologist. They married in 2001. “Nicole’s Anglo-Indian. Her mum and dad came from Kolkata and Delhi and they’re a very traditional Indian family,” Humfrey says. “They look at all this sometimes and go, ‘Oh my god, what have you got yourself into?”


snakes and insects and bring them back to the family home. “Back then you could do that sort of thing.” School holidays presented the best animal opportunities for Humfrey, with the family spending their holidays driving up and down the east coast of Australia and staying in caravan parks. “I’d go round capturing animals then go to Coles, get cardboard boxes and set up a zoo,” he says. “There’d be lizards and blue tongues (goannas). I’d charge people 20 cents to go around our annexe. That bought a lot of icy poles.” David Humfrey built a heated reptile shelter for him in the backyard and Marye also put up with the menagerie gradually taking over her house. “Mum and dad encouraged me. They had to suffer micey poles (frozen dead mice used for feeding animals) in the freezer when they went to pull out the lamb roast. There’d be baby ringtail possums in the laundry waiting to be bottle fed.” When Humfrey reached his teens, he enrolled at the University of Melbourne, where he went on to obtain a bachelor of science degree and become a zoologist. He

icole is an oasis of calm as her husband whirls around her, sitting at the family’s dining table taking phone bookings and posting out letters, as two staff members come in and out, and little Taasha plays with a baby ringtail possum called Lilly-Pilly. “We’ve been overrun by animals and staff,” she says mildly, as Cabernet, a 70-kilogram Newfoundland hound and the only domesticated animal on the property, brushes past. “We’ve got growing pains,” Humfrey admits. “We don’t need an alarm clock; the kookaburras do that for us. And we don’t need a security alarm – we’ve got dingos who start howling if anyone goes anywhere near the property.” Wild Action is based at Macedon, on an old deer farm the Humfreys bought 10 years ago. It gives them the space they need, and it’s not too far from Melbourne, where most of their work takes place. Wild Action staff do as many as 40 shows a day, sometimes reaching up to 1200 schoolchildren. “We are teaching kids the language of ecology, why animals look the way they do, what they eat,” Humfrey says. It was important that children should be able to handle the animals, as it helped them feel closer to them, he says. “A Muslim taxi driver said to me the other day, ‘Oh, I know you, you’re on my fridge.’ It was a photo of me and his daughter with a frog on her arm. Also, in their culture, dogs were to be avoided, and his daughter had been fearful of dogs and cats in the street. Now she’s not afraid any more. It takes the fear out of nature and makes it so exciting. “We do lots of corporate gigs, too, particularly for international meets and greets. People want to see animals. The larger government-run zoos don’t allow you to touch the animals. It makes them two-dimensional instead of three-dimensional.” Wild Action also hits the road to regional and rural Victoria. “We do country trips. It’s quite interesting to rock up to a hotel with a crocodile in the back of the car. Sometime they need to stretch their legs. You might see one in a shower recess …” Humfrey says animals and other wildlife are Australia’s biggest and best tourist attraction, particularly for overseas tourists. “So many people come to Australia wanting to see the animals, to see a koala or a kangaroo. “It’s fairy penguins that are the biggest attraction. People do want to see nature.” He says Asian visitors are fascinated by Australia’s wonderful array of native animals, birds and reptiles. “We did Amway China; we did 1000 Chinese people a day down on Phillip Island,” he says, referring to the Amway conference in which Wild Action was hired to give the Chinese delegates an up-close experience with the animals. “They’re very childlike, some of the visitors, in the way they handle the animals and we have to make them aware that they’re wild animals and they are capable of inflicting pain with claws and bites.” While Humfrey is well aware of the dangers of handling wild animals, he rarely suffers a bite or a scratch himself. “They are wild animals; you don’t domesticate them like a dog or cat,” he says. “I’ve had a few bites and scratches, a few goannas bite onto my hand and they don’t let go. But mostly, no, I haven’t had a serious injury. “I went out on a run the other day and I could feel an animal watching me. I looked around and there it was in a tree, a powerful owl with a dead ringtail possum in its claws. You can’t read that in a book; you can’t learn

it at university. At university it’s all theoretical. I’m a Darwinian scientist. But I can pick up animals and they won’t fear me. Science won’t explain that.” In January this year the Humfrey family went to Belize, in Central America, looking for jaguars, boa constrictors, hummingbirds and anteaters. It’s a pretty typical holiday for them, just a little further away. “We don’t go to Queensland or Bali. We pack the car and drive straight up the Stuart Highway to Darwin, stopping at midnight to check out the toilet blocks along the way for wildlife,” Humfrey says. As well as searching public toilets for owls, frogs and other wildlife, the family goes spotlighting at midnight, looking for nocturnal animals such as kangaroos and possums. Humfrey has been animal-spotting in Tanzania and through the jungles of Borneo. “I just want to see it all,” he says. “When people go out into nature, not many see animals. But animals are everywhere; you just need to know where to look. When we travel, we just go spotlighting at midnight on the Serengeti.” One of Wild Action’s other missions is to breed endangered animals, which are then sent to other sanctuaries and zoos around Australia. “We’ve bred 17 tiger quolls this year,” Humfrey says, admitting a particular affection for the feisty quolls. “It’s like winning the lottery for me, breeding tiger quolls. They’re our largest carnivorous marsupial on the mainland and people hardly know about them.”

So many animalS live inSide – about 100 at laSt count – that the family haS been Squeezed out

Wild Action’s junior zookeeper program allows students to get up close to the animals, feeding them and looking after them on the Macedon property. “The best part is the junior zookeeper program,” Humfrey says. “The kids get to have quiet time with the animals, feed them, check their pouches. “We get emails every week from someone saying they did the zookeepers course. Someone has bequeathed money to us in the future because we got their daughter from a D student to an A student. “Some kids just need a bit of reality.” Reality at the Humfrey household is a little different from most people’s reality, you’d think. Humfrey disagrees. “Apart from 2000 animals we’re a normal family,” he says. “The kids want a pony and a cat they can call Sparkles. There are no cats in the Humfrey household, and if I had my way no one in Australia would be allowed to breed cats. They’re too efficient at killing the native wildlife. We have to do more to protect our biodiversity. It’s our treasure.” Humfrey urges parents to take their children out at night and look for animals around Melbourne’s suburbs. “You can go out with a little Dolphin torch and spotlight possums. Go rock-pool rambling along the bayside suburbs at low tide. There’s blue-ringed octopus there, so be careful. “There are tiger snakes and blue-tongued lizards. “At Diamond Valley there are swamp wallabies, powerful owls, boobook owls; there are creatures everywhere. “I get sick and tired of the gloom and doom that the kids hear on TV; that the world is wrecked. No, it’s not. It’s amazing and there are animals everywhere.” \

» Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life screens on ABC1 on Sunday at 6.30pm. april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 23

Congratulations Edgecliff on the Beach Congratulations Edgecliff on the Beach

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Now that’s a wRaP

WRAP Address \ 133-139 City Road, Southbank Developer \ Baracon Building design \ Plus Architecture Interior design \ Hecker Guthrie Display suite \ 133-139 City Road, Southbank Open \ Daily noon to 4pm Sales \ 8420 8288


Pricing guide Apartments One-BeDROOm (plus 50m2 car park )

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$1.3 million – $1.45 million

Standard features Bosch stainless steel kitchen appliances Stone benchtops l Soft-close cabinetry l Choice of two interior colour schemes l Semi-framed shower l Reverse-cycle heating/cooling l l

Facilties Communal entry lobby with fireplace Audio intercom l Secure access to car park, lobby and lifts l CCTV security camera coverage to car parks, lobby and lifts l mail room l Storage l l

Southbank development Baracon’s WRAP is back on the radar after the 1344-square metre site was put on the market

last year. Baracon was tipped to make about $12 million from the sale of the prime site with a permit for a 41-level apartment tower. However, the South Melbourne-based developer has decided instead to go ahead with the project – 293 apartments, including five penthouses priced from $1.3 million to $1.45 million. According to Baracon’s managing director, Brett Rogers, the development was put on hold due to the impact of the global financial crisis. “During the GFC investors were not keen to go ahead and we were going to sell the site. Following the turnaround of the economy, our financial backers now want to be involved in the development,” he said. Rising above the retained three-storey heritage façade, the tower will be wrapped by rectangles of mesh in a design that was inspired by the nearby Arts A place Centre spire and Beijing’s Bird Nest stadium. to work, However, WRAP does not refer only to Plus Architecture’s façade design but also to work, rest and rest and play which, according to Rogers, is the play leitmotif of the development. On entry, residents are greeted by a 12-metre high atrium leading into a lobby with a lounge, bar and café. These modern living spaces have been designed by Melbourne interior designers Hecker Guthrie for the exclusive use of residents and their guests, with plush sofas and an open fireplace in the lounge area. On level 10 residents will have access to a pool, gym and sauna. Entry to the car park, deliveries bay and mailroom is from the rear of the site, well away from the living areas. One-bedroom apartments on levels one to three feature the heritage façade’s large windows and open onto the spacious atrium. One-bedroom apartments go from level one to 19, two-bedroom apartments are on levels 20 to 39, and level 40 features five penthouses with spectacular views. The open-plan design maximises natural light in all apartments and from level 10 residents will have views of Melbourne’s CBD and Port Phillip Bay. Rogers said construction would take two years and Baracon expected to begin building in July. \ MARY RIEKERT

Eco green rating l

6.5-star energy rating


City Road, Southbank, is fast becoming melbourne’s skyscraper central and, given the area’s proximity to the city, the Arts Precinct and the Yarra River, it is proving popular with investors and buyers keen to get a toe-hold in the inner city. Flinders Street Station and the St Kilda Road and Queensbridge Street trams are a short walk from wRAP and water taxis provide quick and easy access to melbourne’s sports precinct and Docklands. The nearby Crown complex offers movies, a selection of some of melbourne’s best restaurants and, of course, the casino. The development has easy access to the south-eastern suburbs and the mornington Peninsula via the monash Freeway and melbourne Airport at Tullamarine, the western suburbs and the Bellarine Peninsula via the westgate Freeway.

city road

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r e v ie w \ S U S Ta iN a biL i T Y

Exhaust gases put to work Using combined heat and power has economic and environmental benefits, writes SARAH DAILEY. University in Bundoora boasts a La Trobe 330-hectare bushland campus, a wildlife sanctuary, and is the institution where our

Power to the people: La Trobe university's cogeneration power station creates high-temperature hot water, which is used for heating, domestic hot-water, sterilisation and cooling in laboratories. Sustained effort:Cogeneration supplies 70 per cent of electricity used on this sprawling 330-hectare bushland campus in Bundoora. (James ayres, La TroBe UniversiTy)

28 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

former Australian of the Year and go-to man for all things green, Professor Tim Flannery, was educated. But there is something more impressive La Trobe can claim in the environment stakes. The university has its own gas-fired cogeneration power plant, which, between 7am and 11pm each weekday, generates all the electricity used on campus. The technology of cogeneration is nothing new, but it offers environmental benefits far beyond changing our light globes or buying a Prius. Cogeneration, or combined heat and power, is the production of two useful forms of energy, such as heat and electricity, from the same process. In Australia, it typically involves capturing the waste heat from electricity generators and harnessing that warmth for heating water and buildings. This process allows for carbon emissions to be cut by up to two-thirds compared with conventional coal-fired power stations. “It is one of the key strategies that can be implemented now to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as our dependence on coal-fired energy,” says Andrew Aitken, executive director of Green Star at the Green Building Council of Australia.

Cogeneration is a concept that perfectly conforms to the old idiom of “waste not, want not”. Aitken explains: “Traditional engine-driven electricity generators and power plants are often only 30 per cent efficient in converting the energy of the fuel into electricity, with the remaining energy lost as waste heat. Cogeneration offers significant economic and environmental benefits since it turns otherwise wasted heat into a useful energy source. “The heat salvaged from engines in cogeneration systems means it has been used extensively in the colder climates of Europe and the United States as one of the easiest and most efficient ways of providing heating,” said Aitken. Due to our cool weather, he believes it is no surprise cogeneration is increasing in popularity in Melbourne. However, he says the lack of continuous energy requirements we have in our houses, or the different periods of peak energy demand, make this process difficult for use in individual houses. This is part of why cogeneration is traditionally most often used in industrial and hospital buildings where there is a sizable need for heating, hot water or steam. La Trobe’s plant was installed in 1993 as part of an incentive package from the Victorian government in a bid to reduce reliance on coal-fired power stations. Its plant consists of a gas turbine coupled to

Cogeneration supplies 70% of campus power

a generator. The exhaust gases pass through a boiler, producing 185-degree hot water, which is then pumped throughout the campus, providing La Trobe’s entire hot-water supply and 70 per cent of its electricity. During weekends and off-peak times it draws upon the conventional electricity grid, explains James Ayres, sustainability communications officer at La Trobe. Although the statistics are frequently changing, currently there are about 40 sites in Victoria using a cogeneration plant. The Green Building Council only keep track of the operating plants that also have a Green Star rating. Some of these include ANZ on Collins Street, The City of Melbourne’s ‘Council House 2’, and a handful of other office and commercial buildings in the CBD. Sustainability Victoria lists some of the newer and smaller installations, including the EPA office and the Maribyrnong and Ringwood swimming pools. Aitken says adaptation to commercial buildings, such as offices and shopping centres, presents a worthy opportunity to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas intensity. However, there are barriers, most based on cost and infrastructure. Using energy derived from cogeneration will certainly save on mains or grid power, but there are significant costs associated with installing and maintaining such a large piece of technology. Due to size and capacity variations there is no average cost,

but as an example La Trobe’s plant cost $7.6 million, with annual running and maintenance costs of an additional $3.5 million. “However, if we did not have the (cogeneration) plant, we probably would pay around $4.2 million for our gas and electricity consumption” said Ayres. La Trobe also sells excess electricity it produces, making extra money which makes the plant more economically viable. Although it will help in the short term by creating cheaper electricity over time, installing a cogeneration plant is really only a transitory solution to the low-carbon future. Essentially this transition still relies upon the consumption of fossil fuels, and in the long term, Aitken believes zero carbon emission systems such as solar, wind, tidal and other renewable systems, such as methane from decomposing waste, will emerge as more viable options. “I think there is still a long way to go with energy efficiency as well – at the end of the day, it is often easier to reduce emissions and save money by not using energy at all than to find a low carbon source of energy.” For La Trobe, they are already well on their way. \


THE LIFESTYLE IS RICHER SALT – A distinct level of sophistication to Sorrento with 16 apartments drenched in style, transcending the hectic to harmonise with their natural seaside surrounds. A showcase for architectural excellence, the project presents a stunning collaboration of earthy elements and contemporary style, underpinned by sophisticated technology. The result is modern and serenely inviting with astute luxury touches.

Sally Johnstone 0417 577 194 Mal McInnes 0415 502 316 Evan Lykourinos 0414 555 455 2819 Point Nepean Road Blairgowrie



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1 1 B A Y



One block to the beach, minutes from the city. 101 Bay has the best of both worlds within walking distance to Bay Street’s restaurants, bars, shops and cafés. These architect-designed apartments have been created to make the most of the unique amenities and atmosphere of Port Melbourne’s premier bayside area, including some fabulous city views.

Inspect display suite daily 12-4pm, 100 Bay Street Port Melbourne

Project managed by

Developed by

Leone Steele 0422 29 92 02 Leone Steele 0422 29 92 02 Suzana Mars 0407 24 76 24

Suzana Mars 0407 24 76 24

R e v ie w \ Du l u x Co l o u R AwA R D s

Fear of colour? Not us applying colour can often be a tricky in Design, process fraught with danger. Though it’s easy to style interiors with white- and cream-based palettes,


e e k ly r e v i e w





made a clean sweep, taking home the residential exterior, commercial interior and sustainable interior categories. “The use of colour is a design aspect that is sometimes introducing a primary or secondary colour can be a gamble. overshadowed by other factors,” says Ryan Russell, winner for Clever architects and designers have fine-tuned the art of the sustainable interior category. “The awards offers a platform colour application. With successful combinations they create that highlights this intrinsic component of the design process dynamic spaces with lots of movement. They understand that as well as the skills of the designer in their manipulation of particular blocks of colour can be used to divide open-plan colour and its effect on spatial experience.” living spaces and enhance the flow from indoor to out. Applying a similar design feature of using just one »w w w. colour, Herbert & Mason won the commercial They can read certain hues and exercise them to make spaces look bigger and reflect light. interior category for the Victoria Racing Club’s Now in its 25th year, the 2011 Dulux Colour Bleu marquee. Combining paint, timber, concrete Awards celebrates the exceptional use of colour and mirrors, the space was painted in a unique speCiAl in architecture and design. It aims to support and shade of blue. The judges commended the » More award-winning acknowledge Australia and the South Pacific’s project, saying that it “exemplifies the use of a projects most creative architects, specifiers, designers and single colour to give impact and serenity to a students, and hopes to eliminate colour fear. temporary entertainment space”. Held at Sydney’s Paddington Town Hall on Melbourne-based Elenberg Fraser won the Wednesday, March 30, the awards were judged by prestigious award plus the residential exterior award for leading lights in the Australian design community – Kerry the design of A’Beckett Tower. With 287 residential apartments Phelan, from Kerry Phelan Design Office, fashion designer spread across 33 storeys, the building’s façade consisted of a Kirrily Johnston and Brian Zulaikha, a founding partner of unique colourful pixilated pattern. It was described by the architectural firm Tonkin Zulaikha Greer. judges as “an outstanding use of colour in architecture, used “The element of surprise was a wonderful aspect in this brilliantly to complement the functionality of the balconies year’s colour award entries,” said Dulux communications and primary façade, creating identity for the building as urban manager Andrea Lucena-Orr. “Colour-trend directions that design, as well as the individual occupants”. \ FRANCESCACARTER were evident in the entries this year were cleaner and more saturated. From a psychological aspect, this could be the feeling of optimism in regards to the GFC coming to an end.” » With seven awards from a shortlist of 91, Victorian architects

A’BeCkett toweR: ResiDentiAl exteRioR AwARD winneR



PA IN EN C A TE R A Offe KAG N IN r E TO D UR closes VAL ULG U E DIS 27t PL h Ma ED A NCE AY y2 T$ SU 011 45 ITE 0* OR ON LIN E

Located in Camberwell Road, Athelstan offers a choice of contemporary and elegantly designed two and three bedroom independent living apartments, with premium facilities including restaurant and private dining room, coffee lounge and bar, health and wellness centre, movie theatre and elegant library. A move to Athelstan is a move to a secure and trouble free * Terms and conditions apply. Visit environment, giving you more time to enjoy the things you like to do most.

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Independent Living with Villa Maria

Call 1800 799 087 to make an appointment to visit our Display Suite at 391 Camberwell Road. Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm

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Even in the land of mansions, this house stands out, writes MARIA HARRIS.









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The real estate cover story (right), By the Bay and We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agent’s Choice and Out of Town are real estate promotions provided by the agents unless tagged as written by a TWR journalist.

Locals jokingly refer to this section of Balwyn North as the “Loire Valley” because of the proliferation of French provincial mansions. This latest one in Tormey Street brought about 100 visitors last weekend. They admired the finishes and features that included many details expected at this level of the market, such as wall panelling in the entry and staircase, the coffered ceilings and the expensive European fittings. The luxurious outdoor entertainment area with its built-in barbecue and gas open fireplace was also a winner.




NOEL JONES, 9830 1644 34 Tormey Street, Balwyn North Price: $3.6 million Private sale


he shoes – all 86 pairs of them – told the story. Trying to get into this new French-style mansion in Balwyn North was a matter of negotiating dozens of shoes from the tiniest pink beaded sneakers to runners and whopping square-toed caramel leather loafers on the portico. The luxurious house was incredibly popular with the family and couples market at a recent open for inspection. They couldn’t wait to slip off the footwear and get inside onto the solid European-oak parquetry. Designed by architect Phillip Mannerheim, this “chateau” is in tree-lined Tormey Street, currently one of Balwyn North’s most fashionable addresses. It is also in the Balwyn High School zone, which makes it gold for families with high-school-aged children. Tormey Street, in an elevated pocket just east of Balwyn Road near the corner of Doncaster Road, is known locally as the Loire Valley because of the proliferation of luxurious new French provincial-style houses. Big, bold and imposing, this latest offering reeks of money. It occupies the centre of the block, with steps



leading from the footpath to wrought-iron gates and into the portico. The front door is distressed solid oak with parquetry and wrought iron designed by the architect especially for this house. The rendered brick façade has windows on the upper level flanking the central detail and symmetrical chimneys rising from the roofline. On the ground floor a garage, with a door into the house, occupies the right-hand side of the building. Inside, it is first class all the way. There are oak parquetry floorboards, deep cornices, coffered ceilings and reproduction wrought-iron chandeliers in the entry hall. The formal living room, with a gas fireplace on one wall, is open to the entry hall. On the other side of the hall is a study or fifth bedroom with its own walk-in wardrobe and en suite. The floor plan is straightforward, with rooms off the central hall and staircase at the midpoint of the hall. Next to the hall, a large laundry with stone benchtops and individual baskets for sorting the washing has a door to the utility area at the side of the house. The laundry also connects to the walk-in butler’s pantry, where thick polished Calacatta marble continues the glamour from the kitchen. At the end of the central hall, double doors open to the now-familiar open-plan kitchen/family room. At one end of this space, the kitchen features metres of 60mm-thick polished Calacatta marble with cream cabinets and the latest Miele and Ilve appliances. An island bench separates the cooking zone from the family room, where a built-in cabinet on the far wall includes an entertainment unit and shelving. Bi-fold glass doors open from the kitchen to the colonnaded back “verandah”, which sweeps around in an L-shape to provide a spacious outdoor entertainment pavilion. The pavilion has its own kitchen that includes a barbecue with a commercial-grade rangehood, large sink with pull-out mixer tap and integrated bar fridge. A gas log fireplace should make life outside on cool nights just that little bit more comfortable. The pavilion overlooks a sleek swimming pool with a water feature urn that is enclosed by frameless glass panels. The lawn, once so much part of the suburban life, here has been reduced to a patch of lush grass not much bigger than the swimming pool. Inside again, the staircase with dado panelling arrives at the plush first-floor retreat, which could also be an upstairs television room for the children. Three large bedrooms, one with marble en suite and walk-in wardrobe, and two with a shared marble bathroom, are off the retreat and occupy most of this level. But the showstopper is the main bedroom. Double doors close it to the rest of this floor. It features custom-made wall panelling, a walk-through wardrobe with mirrored doors at one end of the room. At the other end of the suite is a vast marble bathroom. Marble floors and floor-to-ceiling marble tiles, a freestanding bath and imported basins and taps combine to make this en suite one of the most luxurious. \

Fast facts: Architect-designed new house, study, four marble en suites, gas open fireplace, European-oak parquetry floorboards, oak front door, coffered ceilings, luxurious marble kitchen, imported appliances, butler’s pantry, upstairs retreat, internal access to garage, outdoor entertainment pavilion, outdoor kitchen, outdoor gas fireplace, swimming pool, ducted heating, refrigerated cooling, ducted vacuum, video intercom, security alarm, and intercom with back-to-base capability, Foxtel and TV antenna points, surround sound, close to transport, schools, shops.


11 KILOMETRES EAST OF THE CBD Balwyn North, commonly known as North Balwyn, was one of the first suburbs to be developed along the pattern of post-war suburbia that included large, quiet residential areas designed for families and with few business districts. The main shopping area is The Village at the corner of Doncaster Road and Bulleen Road. It has several boutiques, cafés and bakeries and clothing shops. There are several primary schools in the suburb such as Greythorn, Balwyn North, Belle Vue, Boroondara Park, St Bridget’s, St Bede’s and Balwyn High School. Fintona Girls’ School is just south in Balwyn. The No. 48 tram takes commuters from Balwyn North to the city. The suburb has several bike tracks that connect with the Yarra Main Trail. Balwyn North’s character is changing as the large blocks of land make the suburb appealing to developers who build mansions with little space for gardens.

How this suburb has moved: Up by 3 per cent in the quarter to December 2010 * REIV stats



HAWTHORN There’s a real picture-book quality to the streetscape as you turn off Elgin Street into one of Hawthorn’s most secluded residential pockets. The houses in College Street might be small – mostly they are Victorian single-fronted numbers – but they have great appeal and an abundance of personality. Picket fences and large, shiny European cars gleam in the sunshine. Carinya, on 208 square metres, might just be the prettiest of the lot with its white picket fence, whitepainted woodblock façade and cast-iron verandah. Then there are its crisp interiors and the north-facing backyard that wins over hearts every time. A sophisticated architect-designed renovation and extension, completed about 10 years ago, still looks good. This is a lovely light-filled house with a sharp, mainly white palette, rose beech polished timber floorboards and great storage. Tipped to sell for more than $1.2 million, it is far removed from its origins when it was built in the 1880s as a house for a working man and his family. The open-plan kitchen, with its suite of stainless steel appliances and stone benchtop, overlooks the living/ dining area. Bi-fold doors open to the north-facing paved courtyard and outdoor entertainment area. A discreet upstairs addition features a study that opens to a full-width north-facing balcony, the main bedroom with views over the street and an en suite. \ MARIA HARRIS





JELLIS CRAIG, 9810 5000 11 College Street Price: $1.25 million + Auction: April 16 at noon




If you love English row-style townhouses, this three-level executive residence may be for you. With Toorak Village and public transport virtually on the doorstep, there is plenty to like here. Once inside the house, the hustle and bustle of city living ends, as double-glazing ensures peace. Limestone tiling cools underfoot, while timber plantation shutters and timber cabinetry throughout add warmth. The formal living room, with a Jetmaster fireplace, is at the front. The kitchen has Calacatta marble benchtops and splashbacks, Miele appliances and a walk-in pantry. A long built-in cabinet features in the large family room that opens through french doors to a lowmaintenance courtyard. Downstairs is a gym or possible cinema room, laundry, bathroom and a four-car garage. The stairs, lit by a skylight, lead to the main bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and en suite. Two more bedrooms share a central bathroom. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN




RT EDGAR, 9699 7222 40a Ross Street Price: $2.1 million + Auction: April 16 at 3pm 36 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011



At the top end of Toorak, this new, opulent three-level townhouse has its entrance on Landen Place. With its own lift and impeccable fixtures and fittings, it is more like a hotel than a house, with up-to-theminute features such as full automation, where one flick of a switch turns the whole house on and off. Off an imposing entry is the family room and meals area, which leads to a marble kitchen with Miele appliances and a butler’s pantry. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors (which feature throughout) open to a north-facing outdoor entertainment area, including a built-in barbecue and solar-heated pool. A living room, study and courtyard are also on this floor. Upstairs is the main bedroom suite with a fireplace, a walk-in wardrobe and a marble en suite. Two more bedrooms each have en suites. In the basement there is a guest bedroom (also with an en suite) with sliding doors that open to a full-height copper water wall. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN




KAY & BURTON, 9820 1111 8 Torresdale Road Price: $5 million + Expressions of Interest: Closing April 20 at 5pm


Designed by Neometro Architects, this modern double-storey penthouse apartment offers refined living spaces and seductive accommodation. With a dreamy vista from every window and a huge terrace, the sky is the limit for entertaining. The lift opens into the lounge room, where windows all around give glimpses of life above and below. There is an open fireplace set next to built-in cabinetry and access to the terrace, where you can sip drinks while train spotting at South Yarra station. The adjoining kitchen has rooftop views, Gaggenau appliances, stainless steel benchtops and a marble island bench.



The open floorplan continues with the meals area and a white timber feature wall, behind which are a study or bedroom and a powder room. Down a hall is the large main bedroom with built-in cabinetry, a walk-through wardrobe and a tiled en suite. Stairs lead down to what really could be a separate apartment. The cinema room, with surround sound, has a bar-cum-kitchenette with mirrored splashbacks and marble benchtops. There is a balcony off here and a study nook that leads into a bedroom with an en suite and its own balcony. This apartment has C-Bus home automation, north-facing balconies, heating, cooling and a three-car garage. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN




BENNISON MACKINNON, 9864 5000 7/10 Darling Street Price: $2 million – $2.5 million Expressions of Interest: Closing April 18 at 5pm

March WITH auction clearance percentages

on Melbourne’s million-dollar-plus properties down in the 50s, we seem to be firmly in the grip of an early winter chill. The average number of bidders per auction is down to about 1.5, and the number of “volcano” auctions with four or more bidders has dropped to 16 per cent from 64 per cent this time last year. There is also a significant overhang of unsold stock. Of the 26 million-dollar-plus properties we monitored as passing in at auction in March, only five had sold by the end of the month. That overhang will only add to the supply of stock coming on to the market in the lead-up to Easter. For those who can look beyond this frosty spell – and we believe that the factors behind the current lack of enthusiasm may only be temporary – the high pre-Easter stock supply is creating great opportunities to buy prestige properties at lower prices or a better-quality house than they may have expected. Right now, buyers’ minds have shifted from panicking about finding a home to thinking about how they can cut the best deal.

But what is the best deal? Is it always about getting a home at a bargain price? A home should serve two purposes: emotional (shelter and comfort); and investment (money maker) over the long term. Cutting the best deal involves understanding what goes into both of those components. The best deal for a buyer varies according to their own specific circumstances. Your specific circumstances and needs may result in a very different outcome than for me or somebody else. So our first advice to clients wanting to get the best outcome is to clearly know what they want. Saving $250,000 off the asking price on a house you don’t like makes even less sense than paying $250,000 more than you have to because you can’t withstand the pressure applied by a selling agent. Secondly, before you enter negotiations on price, you need to understand what risks you are prepared to take for what rewards. On a scale of one to 10 – with one being lowest price and 10 being dream house at any cost – what is your main aim in negotiations: to buy at a specific price; or to buy the house? Most buyers end somewhere between three and seven on the scale, and that is what we call the individual’s risk-versus-reward scenario. Thirdly, it’s important to remember

SOLD FOR $2.44 MILLION 66 Hawksburn Road, South Yarra

that saving money is not always the best way to make money in the long run. In this current market it can be relatively easy to knock $50,000 off an overpriced long-term unsold (stale). But that saving may also be an indication of probable low future price growth on that property. You might be better off in a hot auction, bidding hard against three or more other bidders (proven demand) to buy a house with good land content (which indicates a supply restriction, in the future). Even in a supposedly weaker market some houses can still fly. A midweek auction on a property at 19 Huntingfield Road, Toorak, saw three bidders push the


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EARLY WINTER CHILL on-the-market price of $6.7 million to a final result of $7.06 million – valuing the land at $5000 per square metre. No market weakness there. So if you’re really keen on a particular property, you need to know how much it is realistically worth to others in today’s market. That involves true research (hard work). It means understanding today’s market values on land in the area, what are the replacement building costs, and what are the true comparable sales – not just the red-hot results. Yes, this is a buyers’ market and there are some great houses to be bought right now. But you can’t start a quality negotiation and cut the best deal for you if your foundations are based on guesswork, inexperience and rumour rather than a plan, preparation and some perspiration. And remember that this current chill may be just a window, not a trend. It is likely that after Easter some sellers simply won’t put their houses on the market, creating a shortage of stock that may push prices back up. \ MAL JAMES Principal Buyer Advocate 0408 107 988 \ 9804 3133 WE ONLY BUY HOMES

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 37





Hidden in a leafy parcel of land, this threebedroom villa has stunning new interiors. A wraparound deck maximises the extra space and provides excellent entertainment areas on either side of the house. The frontfacing main bedroom has a built-in wardrobe, a twin-basin en suite and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that lead out to a private decked area. Access to a double garage is along the hallway before opening out into the open-plan lounge/ meals/kitchen. Left of the family area is a secluded deck with an outdoor heater and plenty of seating space. Along the right-hand side is a long deck, perfect for entertaining. The attractive kitchen features Baumatic appliances and CaesarStone benchtops and has an island bench. A laundry is behind the kitchen. At the rear of the house, two other bedrooms have built-in wardrobes and floor-toceiling windows that provide garden views. Close to many schools, parks and transport, this property is perfect for a small family. \ TOM HYWOOD




FLETCHERS, 9836 2222 1/31 Logan Street Price: $1 million – $1.1 million Auction: April 16 at 1.30pm



Marshall White 9822 9999 4





RT Edgar Toorak 9826 1000 5





HOCKING STUART, 9830 7000 2/138 Winfield Road Price: $800,000 – $860,000 Auction: April 16 at 1pm





The rear of two townhouses, this luxurious ultra-modern residence features quality finishes and stunning interiors that create excellent living conditions in a breathtaking positioning with a stunning view. Bordering parklands, a wall of double-glazed windows provides uninterrupted views of the immense greenery, while bi-fold doors lead to a glass-covered deck, a perfect space for year-round dining. The kitchen, which also has stunning views, is part of the open-plan living area and has stone benchtops, Smeg appliances and a bronze splashback. A laundry and sunroom are also on the lower level. An extravagant main bedroom, with large box windows and an en suite, plus two other bedrooms and a bathroom, are upstairs. A lock-up double garage with internal access and storage space, security system and a low-maintenance garden are other features. Positioned in a peaceful location, this is an exceptional piece of real estate. \ TOM HYWOOD



Jellis Craig Hawthorn 9810 5000 4





Fletchers Hawthorn 9090 8390 4


12 Dudley Parade, Canterbury ................................................................. Price: $2 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 16 at 1.30pm .................................................................

15a Hawthorn Glen, Hawthorn ................................................................. Price: $2.5 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 30 at 12pm .................................................................

169 Prospect Hill Road, Canterbury ................................................................. Price: $2.5 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 7 at noon .................................................................

7 Green Street, Richmond ................................................................. Price: $900,000 - $990,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 16 at noon .................................................................

Rarely does an allotment of this size (1776sqm approx.) become available in one of Canterbury's finest areas close to Canterbury Gardens, train station, prestige schools and the prized Maling Road.

Elevated and beautifully constructed fivebedroom family residence with excellent flexible floor plan that opens to a northwest-facing private garden. Close to Scotch College and Glenferrie Road shops. Let's eat lunch @ Araliya, 629 Glenferrie Road Let's eat dinner @ Ocha, 3 Church Street Let's drink coffee @ 1903 Private Dining, 329 Burwood Road

Lush, leafy gardens surround this elite family residence of impressive proportions. It has refined formal and informal living and dining spaces, fabulous indoor/outdoor entertainment spaces, exceptional accommodation and a swimming pool/spa. Let's eat lunch @ Cafe Eden, 78 Maling Road Let's eat dinner @ Charntra, 740 Riversdale Road Let's drink coffee @ Cafe 88, 88 Maling Road

Superbly presented block-fronted Victorian house brimming with period features and an open-plan kitchen/meals/living area that opens to a covered outdoor deck. A fantastic position near all amenities.

Let's eat lunch @ Cafe Eden, 78 Maling Road Let's eat dinner @ Wildflower, 1 Theatre Place Let's drink coffee @ The Maling Room, 206 Canterbury Road 38 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Let's eat lunch @ Cafe 117, 117 Swan Street Let's eat dinner @ Wild Oscars, 105 Swan Street Let's drink coffee @ Cheeky Monkey, 89a Swan Street



Bennison Mackinnon 9864 5000 3



3 St Edmonds Road, Prahran ................................................................. Price: $2 million - $2.3 million ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 16 at 12.30pm .................................................................



Noel Jones Camberwell 9809 2000 3



28 Webster Street, Camberwell ................................................................. Price: $1.03 million ................................................................. For sale .................................................................

ARMADALE This spectacular three-bedroom, threebathroom house has tremendous residential refinement as well as opportunites for creating exceptional professional premises. Let's eat lunch @ Ladro, 162 Greville Street Let's eat dinner @ Chez Olivier, 121 Greville Street Let's drink coffee @ Babble Bar & Cafe, 4 Izzet Street

In a leafy setting, this three-bedroom plus study house has living spaces and stonebench kitchen. It could be an excellent development opportunity (STCA) with broad frontage. Excellently located between Through Road shops and Wattle Park. Let's eat lunch @ De Medici Cafe, 1197 Toorak Road Let's eat dinner @ Da Giovanni, 134-136 Highfield Road Let's drink coffee @ Cafe Biscotti, 929 Riversdale Road




MARSHALL WHITE, 9822 9999 11 Armadale Street Price: About $1.5 million Auction: April 16 at 11.30am

Set on a well-proportioned block, this double-fronted Victorian is a fabulous property with plenty of potential. It is in a highly regarded area just minutes from the High Street and Glenferrie Road shops and is near to the No. 5 tram route. A white picket fence sets the scene, as does the manicured front garden. Two large bedrooms with open fireplaces and large streetfacing windows are at the front; the bedroom to the right has a built-in wardrobe. A third bedroom (with a built-in wardrobe), a formal dining room and a bathroom are also off the entrance hall. The open living/dining room has floor-to-ceiling box windows. The kitchen, in the front right corner of the area, has spacious benchtops and Blanco appliances. A second bathroom plus a fourth bedroom or study at the rear of the house has glass sliding doors that lead to the patio. The paved outdoor area features attractive gardens. A remote-controlled double carport has access to the laneway. \ TOM HYWOOD



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W H E R E T O L I V E \ B Y T H E B AY



Stylish, efficient and luxurious are three words to describe this terrific apartment. A flowing floor plan leads past two bedrooms and a bathroom through an open-plan kitchen/meals/family area and out onto a spacious barbecue terrace/entertainment area. Both bedrooms have frosted glass sliding doors, builtin wardrobes and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The kitchen is equipped with Blanco appliances. Features include a secure car park, storage cage and communal features such as the 25-metre heated swimming pool and a gym. But this residence’s greatest asset is perhaps its prime location, only moments away from the beach and just a short walk to the vibrant Bay Street strip or the classy cafés of South Melbourne’s Victoria Avenue and Bridport Street. Extremely low-maintenance, this light-filled apartment may be ideal for first home buyers or people who want the vibe of the funky inner-city café lifestyle. \ TOM HYWOOD




MARSHALL WHITE, 9822 9999 115/1 Danks Street Price: $480,000 + Auction: April 16 at 11am



Kay & Burton South Yarra 9820 1111 2





Jellis Craig Glen Iris 9809 8999 4








KAY & BURTON, 9592 6522 15 St Ninians Road Price: $8.5 million + Expressions of Interest: Close April 19



This beautiful family residence, set on a 1300-square metre block, features exquisite finishes, exceptional entertainment and fine-living options spread over two levels. Five bedrooms, all with walk-in wardrobes and en suites, provide every family member with their own quarters. The grand main bedroom had wide glass doors that lead to a shared balcony. There is a stone kitchen with Miele appliances, a home cinema, gymnasium, indoor spa and steam room as well as terraced gardens, a pool and a spa. With two double garages, a separate laundry, built-in Bose audio system, hydronic heating, reverse-cycle air-conditioning, full security, gas open fireplaces and ducted vacuum and sophisticated irrigation technology, this property has it all. Featuring manicured gardens and a location just metres from the beach and Bay Street, this outstanding residence gets just as much prestige from its location as it does from its flawless design. \ TOM HYWOOD


Hocking Stuart Balwyn 9830 7000 5





Marshall White 9822 9999 2


33 Osborne Street, South Yarra ................................................................. Price: $900,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 16 at 11am .................................................................

15 Lillian Street, Glen Iris ................................................................. Price: $1.2 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 16 at 11am .................................................................

19 Through Road, Camberwell ................................................................. Price: $1.8 million + ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 7 at noon .................................................................

67 Carter Street, Middle Park ................................................................. Price: $850,000 + ................................................................. Auction Saturday April 16 at 1.30pm .................................................................

Featuring sublime contemporary interiors designed by architect Matt Gibson, this renovated Victorian comprises splendid indoor/outdoor entertainment areas alongside an immaculately presented garden with rear access. Let's eat lunch @ Cafe Gaia, 3/4 Avoca Street Let's eat dinner @ The Millswyn, 131-133 Domain Road Let's drink coffee @ LuxBite, 38 Toorak Road

Recently renovated, period character, made for entertaining! With four substantial bedrooms plus study/fifth bedroom accommodation, this 1950s brick family residence presents fabulous family lifestyle spaces. Let's eat lunch @ Milk Bar Café , Glen Iris Road Let's eat dinner @ Preserve Kitchen, 32 High Street Let's drink coffee @ Café Bliss, 1393 Toorak Road

Pure inspiration, this stunning new house has stylish formal sitting and dining, informal family living and teen area, gourmet kitchen and manicured garden surrounds. Land: 662sqm approximately.

A modern delight replete with contemporary conveniences and stylish, relaxed accommodation, this two-storey residence enjoys a fine position just minutes to the beach and cafes. Let's eat lunch @ Middle Park Hotel, 102 Canterbury Road Let's eat dinner @ Nacional, Cnr Herbert and Mills Streets Let's drink coffee @ Mart 130, 107a Canterbury Road

40 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Let's eat lunch @ Dragon Phoenix, 1370 Toorak Road Let's eat dinner @ Love from India, 17 Burwood Highway Let's drink coffee @ Santucci's Cafe, 1392 Toorak Road

w h e r e t o l i v e \ P r o P e r t Y l i s t in g s


11 Armadale St 3/868 Malvern Rd 3 Lambeth Ave 2 Avondale Rd 2/18 Mercer Rd


14-16 St Georges Cres 31 Highgate Gve


65 Ashwood Dve 2/9 Vannam Dve 3/9 Vannam Dve


4 Wills St 1/976 Burke Rd 906 Burke Rd 102 Winmalee Rd 2/67 Talbot Ave 20 Weir St

bAlwYn north

15 Stephens St 44 Fortuna Ave 62 Bulleen Rd 16 Clifton St 1 & 2/21 Pavo St 33 Almond St 13 Riverside Ave 119 Mountain View Rd 1/325 Balwyn Rd 34 Tormey St 16 Thackray St 2/138 Winfield Rd 87 Fortuna


45 Scotchmans Rd


29 Gardenia St 60 Main St

box hill

457 Mont Albert Rd 34 Acacia St


15 St Ninians Rd 7/6 Belle Ave


20 Meldan St


1 Callanish Rd 26 Alma Rd 4 Moorhouse St 2/3 Bellett St 4/211 Highfield Rd 54 Spencer Rd 25 Green St 19 Through Rd 21 Bethela St


2/18 Hazel St

Gary Peer 128


Marshall White 52 Marshall White 53 Abercromby’s 74 RT Edgar 83 Williams Batters 118

Noel Jones 115 Noel Jones 115

Jellis Craig 99 Hocking Stuart 123 Hocking Stuart 123

12 Dudley Pde 1 Promo St 1/31 Logan St

cAulfield north 3/75a Bambra Rd

cAulfield south

428 Kooyong Rd 78 Bealiba Rd

cobungrA Mara Munjie

coldstreAm 3 Hexham Rd

Jellis Craig Jellis Craig Fletchers Noel Jones Noel Jones Caine

95 99 109 113 113 127

Marshall White Marshall White Marshall White Jellis Craig Jellis Craig Jellis Craig Fletchers Fletchers Fletchers Noel Jones Noel Jones Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart

45 51 51 89 95 100 104 105 111 112 114 126 126


36 South Wharf Rd


35 Harrisons Rd


RT Edgar


Woodards 58 Fletchers 110

Fletchers 111 Noel Jones 116

Kay & Burton RT Edgar


Woodards Jellis Craig Fletchers Fletchers Noel Jones Noel Jones Noel Jones Hocking Stuart Hocking Stuart

60 84


58 90 102 106 114 115 116 120 124

Marshall White 44 Fletchers 101 Fletchers 108

53 Devon St


18 Normandy Rd


11 Norman St 4 The Esplanade

glen iris

1706 Malvern Rd 191 Tooronga Rd 7 Nepean St 1/44 Osbourne Ave 1/33 Yeovil Rd


23 Falmouth St 15a Hawthorn Glen 11 College St 7a Lawes St

hAwthorn eAst 2a Cambridge St 32 St Helens Rd 1/541 Tooronga Rd

LJ Hooker 127

Marshall White 48 Gary Peer 128

John H Castran 130

RT Edgar

31 Leila St

16 Errol St

Marshall White


RT Edgar


15 Craven St

rAncebY 875 Korumburra-Warragul Rd Hocking Stuart 125

red hill 601 White Hill Rd

Kay & Burton


RT Edgar


romseY 1201 Romsey Rd


sAndringhAm Kay & Burton

3-5 Heath St


13 Cliff Rd

Sutherland Farrelly 128

84 84

42 77 96 96


134 Parkhill Rd Marshall White 6/54 Sackville St Marshall White 1/81 Derby St Christopher Russell 37/2-6 Malmsbury St Christopher Russell 45 Childers St Bennison Mackinnon 6/377 Barkers Rd Bennison Mackinnon 36 Maitland Ave Jellis Craig 19 Stirling St Jellis Craig 3/11 Weir St Jellis Craig 10/40 Edgevale Rd Fletchers 81 Normanby Rd Fletchers 3/184 Brougham St Fletchers 1/17 Cecil St Hocking Stuart

52 56 59 59 71 71 93 94 97 109 110 111 126

Kay & Burton


37 Kerferd Ave

Kay & Burton


RT Edgar


JP Dixon Sorrento 129

south melbourne 177 Nelson Rd

Marshall White


58 Raglan St

Marshall White


south YArrA

sAturdAY’s results online @

1/117 Alexandra Ave IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

Marshall White


33 Osborne St

Kay & Burton


7/10 Darling St

Bennison Mackinnon


1 Witchwood Close



Bennison Mackinnon


17/49a Kensington Rd

199 Kilby Rd 17 Cole Ave 8/18 Strathalbyn St 42 Boorool Rd

korumburrA 26 Radovick St


76 Polwarth Rd

lower PlentY 75 Cleveland Ave

9 Lewes Dve Jellis Craig 92 Jellis Craig 98 McLaren 100 Hocking Stuart 124

Grosvenor Perry 131

RT Edgar

Morrison Kleeman


Lot 3/84B South Lyonville Rd RT Edgar


lYonville mAlvern

55 Horace St Bennison Mackinnon 82 & 84 Milton Pde Bennison Mackinnon

mAlvern eAst

15 Albert St 4 Hyslop Pde 22 Albert St 11 Dundonald Ave 2/109 Chadstone Rd

Marshall White 47 Marshall White 50 Jellis Craig 87 Jellis Craig 88 Noel Jones 116

Kay & Burton RT Edgar

66 81

23-25 Evelina St 2/83 Dunloe Ave 57 Relowe Cres

Marshall White 53 Noel Jones 117 Noel Jones 117


35 Osbourne Rd

RT Edgar


RT Edgar


Hocking Stuart 121

oceAn grove 114 Orton St

Kay & Burton

Port melbourne

71 Blair Crt 4 Weeroona Ave

PrAhrAn sold for $1.08 million 2 westbourne street, Prahran

5 Irene Plc 3 St Edmonds Rd 600 High St


2/7 Rockley Rd

Williams Batters 118

6 Davison Plc

Williams Batters 119

15 Hobson St

Hocking Stuart 127

st kildA eAst Gary Peer 128

st kildA west


Marshall White


Kay & Burton Kay & Burton

62 63

Marshall White 49 Bennison Mackinnon 70 Jellis Craig 100

Bennison Mackinnon


Jellis Craig


surreY hills 20 Wandsworth Rd

12 Zig Zag Rd



RT Edgar

367 Beaconsfield Rd

mont Albert north

153 Cruikshank St

Bennison Mackinnon

8 Wando Gve

30/2 Exhibition St 412/250 St Kilda Rd

mount mAcedon 72 72

25 Nicholson St 56 Moore St

melbourne Jellis Craig 100


north wArrAndYte

sold for $2.24 million 16 stewart street, brighton

23 Hotham Rd

The Koonya Hotel

+Auctions kew eAst

Marshall White 43 Jellis Craig 97 Fletchers 111


3011 Point Nepean Rd

sold for $1.45 million 30 crimea street, st kilda

Marshall White 46 Marshall White 54 Jellis Craig 91 Fletchers 107 Noel Jones 116

Marshall White RT Edgar Jellis Craig Jellis Craig



Hocking Stuart 126

RT Edgar RT Edgar

Hocking Stuart 122


Paton 131

Lobbs Ln

sold for $2 million 6 cavendish Place, brighton

Hocking Stuart 127

PrAhrAn eAst



52 Croydon Rd

Hocking Stuart 125

thornburY 87 Pender St

Nelson Alexander


toorAk 2a Ormsby Gve

Marshall White




8 Torresdale Rd

Kay & Burton


18 Cloverdale Ave

Kay & Burton


RT Edgar


68 Hopetoun Rd

Jellis Craig


11/38 Grange Rd

Williams Batters 119

80 Grange Rd

107/1 Wallace Ave

wArrAgul 94 Rulemount St

SEJ Real Estate 130

*Listings suppLied by campaigntrack

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 41

HAWTHORn 23 Falmouth Street Lifestyle benefits and inner-city convenience come as a package in this delightful post Edwardian home with an attractive facade and charming period styling comprising baltic pine floors, formal living/dining, three bedrooms (main with WIR/ensuite), bathroom (concealed laundry, separate WC). A light-filled north-facing kitchen plus informal living/dining room opens to a sunny courtyard - perfect for relaxation/entertaining. Includes alarm, ducted heating, OFPs, S/S appliances, and OSP.


Saturday 16th April at 10.30am


Thursday 11.45-12.15pm & Saturday from 10am


Stuart Evans 0402 067 710 Hamish Tostevin 0408 004 766


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999 42 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

HAWTHORn eAST 2a Cambridge Street A Victorian-style residence further complimented by a cutting edge design of exceptional styling/quality brilliantly located in one of Hawthorn’s most desirable streets. With an abundance of natural light the home features generously proportioned formal living/dining, superbly appointed kitchen, stylish meals and family room opening through full-height French doors to a leafy courtyard garden. Three bedrooms (BIRs/main/ensuite), pristine bathroom & powder room. Includes intercom/alarm, dual ducted heating/cooling, remote/garage & additional off-street parking.


Saturday 30th April at 11.30am


Thursday & Saturday 11-11.30am


Geordie Dixon 0418 588 399 James Tostevin 0417 003 333


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 43

CAnTeRbuRy 12 Dudley Parade Rare opportunity to renovate existing four bedroom family home with room for additional pool/tennis court, or construct luxurious new residences (STCA) on this magnificent allotment in one of Canterbury’s finest locations close to the Maling Road precinct. Present accommodation includes wide entrance hall, closed-in verandah, formal living, dining, study, modern kitchen/WIP, bathroom, laundry plus external WC, kitchenette, bungalow/storage, double garage/workshop, period features, northern rear aspect and ROW. Land: 1,776sqm (approx).


Saturday 16th April at 1.30pm


Thursday 11-11.30am & Saturday from 1pm


Hamish Tostevin 0408 004 766 Doug McLauchlan 0418 377 718


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999 44 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

BALWyN NoRTH 15 Stephens Street Remarkable brand new contemporary residence offering panoramic city views establishes new benchmarks in quality, luxury, technology and design throughout over 100 squares of living in the Balwyn High zone. Spectacular style defines sitting room, home cinema, study, state-of-the-art Miele kitchen, second kitchen/butler’s pantry & sensational living/ dining opening to picturesque garden with outdoor BBQ kitchen & heated pool. Three opulent bedrooms with ensuites/WIRs, fourth bedroom & two further bathrooms are complemented by gym, library & living/retreat. Two double garages. Comprehensively finished to highest standards.

Expressions of Interest Close Monday 18th April at 5pm Inspect

Thursday 7-7.30pm & Saturday 12.30-1pm


Leonard Teplin 0402 431 657 Nicholas Franzmann 0412 247 175 Doug McLauchlan 0418 377 718


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 45

GLEN IRIS 1706 Malvern Road The wonderful family appeal of this gracious c1928 Dorrington Estate residence is further enhanced by close proximity to good schools, transport, parks and shops. Polished boards are highlighted through elegant sitting room, living room, contemporary European kitchen and light-filled dining opening to northwest garden. Four spacious bedrooms and a bungalow/5th bedroom are complemented by two bathrooms. Features ducted-heating, air-conditioning, laundry and ample OSP. Land: 708sqm/7620sqft (approx).


Saturday 30th April at 10.30am


Thursday 11-11.30am & Saturday 2.15-2.45pm


Madeline Kennedy 0411 873 913 Justin Krongold 0403 163 355 Andrew Hayne 0418 395 349


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999 46 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

MALveRn eAST 15 Albert Street A harmonious blending of old and new defines this gracious c1924 family residence’s intelligently zoned, beautifully proportioned spaces through formal sitting and dining rooms (OFPs), four bedrooms (BIRs), study, upstairs living and three bathrooms. Generous living room, casual dining and stylish Smeg kitchen open to an inviting northwest garden with pond and home-office. Features ducted-heating, 4 x RC/airconditioners, alarm, cellar, garage plus OSP. Land: 898sqm/9,664sqft (approx). Auction

Saturday 16th April at 12.30pm


Thursday 6-6.30pm & Saturday from 12noon


John Manton 0411 444 930 Madeline Kennedy 0411 873 913 Justin Krongold 0403 163 355


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 47

CAULFIELD 428 Kooyong Road Ultra stylish, generously proportioned contemporary townresidence provides enviable lifestyle appeal near Glen Huntly Road shops. Timber floors flow through formal living and dining room, stylish gourmet Smeg kitchen and casual living/ dining opening to northeast courtyard. Main bedroom with en-suite/BIR and balcony are complemented by two further bedrooms (BIRs), second balcony, study and bathroom. Features RC/air-conditioning, alarm, intercom, powderroom, Euro-laundry, secure double garage.


Saturday 16th April at 3.30pm


Wednesday 6.15-6.45pm & Saturday from 3pm


Leonard Teplin 0402 431 657 Lisa Walsh 0401 750 002 Dean Gilbert 0418 994 939


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999 48 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

PRAHRAn 5 Irene Place Defined by sublime style and a sensational location near Hawksburn Village, this double-fronted timber Victorian residence delivers instant appeal through generously proportioned living and dining rooms with contemporary Smeg kitchen opening to landscaped north-facing garden. Baltic pine flows through arched hallway to main bedroom (en-suite and BIR), two further gorgeous bedrooms (BIRs) and family bathroom. Features secure OSP, auto-gates, video-security, alarm, ducted heating, refrigerated cooling, laundry, audio-wiring, irrigation, ROW. Auction

Saturday 30th April at 11.30am


Thursday 11-11.30am & Saturday 3-3.30pm


John Manton 0411 444 930 Justin Krongold 0403 163 355 Andrew Hayne 0418 395 349


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 49

TOORAk The Penthouse, 2a Ormsby Grove Occupying the entire top floor, this magnificent Nicholas Day designed Penthouse offers an enviable lifestyle in the heart of Toorak Village. Beautifully appointed and constructed, this near new residence benefits from a Northern orientation and is bathed in natural light. Offering: Private lift & entry foyer, stunning marble kitchen with Gaggenau appliances flowing to informal living & dining that leads to a private terrace, perfect for entertaining, elegant sep study/sitting, 2 palatial bedrooms with ensuites & WIR’S. Oak parquetry, private basement parking for 2, with secure storage/cellar room, heating & cooling, open gas fire place further compliment one of the finest residences in Toorak Village.


Saturday 16th April at 12.30pm


Thursday 12-12.30pm & Saturday from 12noon


Marcus Chiminello 0411 411 271 Nicole French 0417 571 505


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999

MALVeRN eAST 4 Hyslop Parade Perfectly positioned to Chadstone Shopping Centre, multiple transport and schooling options, Monash Freeway and local parklands within walking distance, this carefully maintained 8 room 3 bedroom 1950’s brick home is offered in comfortably liveable condition with unlimited potential for renovation and or extension (Subject to council approval) as desired. Alternatively, the 585sqm corner site with two street frontages is ideally suited to several re-development options (STCA). Land: 585sqm (6,297sqft) approx


Saturday 30th April at 11.30am


Thursday 11-11.30am & Saturday 2.45-3.15pm


Ross Stryker 0401 318 772 Doug McLauchlan 0418 377 718 Madeline kennedy 0411 873 913


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999 50 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

BAlwyN NoRTH 62 Bulleen Road Clean contemporary lines, captivating spaces and a conspicuous commitment to quality ensure this exceptional home takes family luxury to the next level. Approached from quiet, convenient frontage to The Nook, generous living and dining dimensions link seamlessly to a refined al fresco pavilion and faultless Miele kitchen. Main bedroom with superb fully-tiled ensuite enjoys its own zone downstairs. Above, three further bedrooms and fabulous family bathroom surround a sunny children’s lounge and stylish separate study. Double garage. Balwyn High School zoning Auction

Saturday 30th April at 10.30am


Thursday & Saturday 11-11.30am


Nick Ptak 0413 370 442 Mark Dayman 0409 342 462


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999

BAlwyN NoRTH 44 Fortuna Avenue This sensational solid-brick renovated 1950’s residence’s inviting style delivers fabulous family enjoyment in the Balwyn High zone. Slate paving and timber floors flow through generous living (Coonara wood-fire), dining room, stylish European kitchen with breakfast nook and family living room opening to northwest facing garden. Main bedroom and luxurious spa-ensuite are complemented by three further bedrooms (BIRs) and bathroom. Features ducted heating/cooling, double-garage, cellar. land: 808sqm (approx).


Saturday 16th April at 11.30am


Thursday 12.45-1.15pm & Saturday from 11am


leonard Teplin 0402 431 657 lisa walsh 0401 750 002 Nicholas Franzmann 0412 247 175


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 51

kEW 134 Parkhill Road Immaculately presented two-storey contemporary residence set on low maintenance allotment featuring distinctive rendered faรงade and spacious light-filled accommodation. Stylishly appointed with interior comprising high ceilings and a light void plus entrance foyer, four bedrooms (main with WIR/ensuite), expansive living/dining and sleek kitchen all leading to a courtyard garden; family bathroom and laundry. Includes intercom, alarm, ducted heating, Euro appliances, split-system airconditioners, remote/double garage with internal access.


Saturday 16th April at 12.30pm


Thursday 11-11.30am & Saturday from 12noon


Stuart Evans 0402 067 710 Ericka Wong 0411 472 849


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999

kEW 6/54 Sackville Street A peaceful rear position on a most highly-regarded street offers irresistible appeal to this lovely townhouse; ideal for those seeking stress-free living amidst easy-to-manage surrounds. Cathedral ceilings and full-length windows accentuate space and sunlight throughout this elegant home comprising 3 bedrooms (main/WIRs/dual access bathroom), galley-style kitchen, living and dining zones overlooking north court-gardens. With 2nd WC, heating, double remote garage

Forthcoming Auction Inspect

Saturday 10.15-10.45am


Geordie Dixon 0418 588 399 James Tostevin 0417 003 333


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999 52 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

ARmADAle 11 Armadale Street This classic double fronted timber Victorian residence’s blend of period charm and light-filled comfort delivers immediate appeal plus future potential. Beautiful ceilings define arched hallway, three bedrooms (2 OFP) and elegant formal dining (OFP) complemented by study/4th bedroom, bathroom and second bathroom/laundry. Capable wellequipped kitchen and generous living/dining room (OFP) open to northwest garden. Features ducted-heating, RC/ air-conditioner, double carport via ROW.


Saturday 16th April at 11.30am


Thursday 11.30-12noon & Saturday from 11am


Dean Gilbert 0418 994 939 Peter Bennison 0418 332 864


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999

ARmADAle 3/868 malvern Road Secluded, stylish and sophisticated, this sensational townresidence’s stunning, generously proportioned spaces deliver enviable, low-maintenance luxury through sitting room and well-proportioned living and entertaining areas with european gourmet kitchen opening to courtyard. Downstairs bedroom (BIR) and bathroom/ensuite are complemented upstairs by two further bedrooms (ensuites/BIRs), balcony and huge recreation/cinema room with 4th bathroom. Features ducted heating/cooling, alarm, security intercom, laundry, double-garage.


Saturday 16th April at 1.30pm


Thursday 1.30-2pm & Saturday from 1pm


Dean Gilbert 0418 994 939 matthew Wassylko 0412 793 544 James mcCormack 0410 503 389


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 53

MOnT ALBERT nORTH 23-25 Evelina Street A stylish new wave of easy-care luxury has arrived in one of the area’s most peaceful pockets near Belmore Village. These 2 unique 3 bedroom/2 bathroom townhouses seamlessly cater for an array of lifestyle arrangements & flaunt Miele/stone kitchens, stylish refined & relaxed OP living zones overlooking secluded entertainment decks & landscaped surrounds. With heating/cooling/vacuum & double remote garages. Private Sale Unit 1 $1,195,000 Unit 5 $995,000 Unit 6 SOLD Inspect

Thursday 3.30-4pm & Saturday 10-10.30am


Mark Sutherland 0418 691 585 Ericka Wong 0411 472 849 James Tostevin 0417 003 333


266 Auburn Road Hawthorn 9822 9999

gLEn IRIS 191 Tooronga Road Currently configured as medical rooms with an existing permit, is this comfortable 1920’s solid brick 3 bedroom residence perfectly positioned close to all amenities. Offering appeal as a family residence, medical practice, or a home/office combination, it presents options for redevelopment (STCA) on land approx 694 sqm. Includes generous living, separate kitchen with dining area, central bathroom and separate laundry. Land: 16.4m x 42.2m approx.


Saturday 16th April at 10.30am


Thursday 1-1.30pm & Saturday from 10am


Rae Tomlinson 0418 336 234 Anthony Reis 0417 352 774


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999 54 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

SOuTH YARRA 1/117 Alexandra Avenue Luxurious new apartment showcases a superlative level of finish & spectacular Yarra views. European Oak floors are introduced through expansive living/entertaining areas with generous north-facing terrace & superb Calacatta marble luxury Miele kitchen. Main bedroom with fitted WIR & en-suite are complemented by second bedroom (BIRs), fitted study/library & bathroom. Impressive level of finish incorporates C-Bus lighting/heat/cool/blinds, security, audio/video, 2 x basement car-parks, storage cage, cellar/storage room, double glazing, powder-room, Miele equipped laundry & lift access.

Expressions of Interest Close Monday 18th April at 5pm Inspect

Thursday 12.30-1pm & Saturday 3.30-4pm


Dean Gilbert 0418 994 939 James McCormack 0410 503 389 Marcus Chiminello 0411 411 271


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999

PORT MELBOuRnE 153 Cruikshank Street A classical Victorian profile, extended, stylishly updated spaces and an outdoor backdrop of captivating depth form a compelling combination! This enticing city edge home’s two double bedrooms each have built-in robes and period fire-places and share a central bathroom featuring marble vanity and effective sky-lighting. Flexible sitting room leads to light-filled living/dining areas which include an openplan contemporary kitchen and open to great courtyard entertaining. Carport provides the perfect conclusion, surrounded by the city, Bay Street, Gasworks Park and Albert Park.


Saturday 30th April at 12.30pm


Wednesday 1-1.30pm & Thursday 3-3.30pm & Saturday 1-1.30pm


Simon Gowling 0422 234 644 Damian O’Sullivan 0418 566 916


119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 55

SOuTh mELBOuRnE 177 nelson Road Enjoying a prime position, walking distance to St Vincent Gardens, Albert Park Village, the beach and all of the district’s delights. Behind a classical brick façade, two generous bedrooms (OFP/BIR’s) one incorporating a clever study/office, bright central bathroom, euro style laundry and pebbled light well. A private modern courtyard evokes stylish simplicity and refects abundant natural light into inviting living/dining areas and an entertainer’s openplan kitchen. Significantly updated in 2008 with scope for adding further contemporary elements or simply move in and enjoy!


Saturday 30th April at 2pm


Wednesday 11-11.30am & Thursday 6-6.30pm & Saturday 12.30-1pm


Oliver Bruce 0409 856 599 Damian O’Sullivan 0418 566 916 Kaine Lanyon 0411 875 478


119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999

SOuTh mELBOuRnE 58 Raglan Street Stylishly renovated to make the most of sunny rear aspects, this two bedroom Victorian terrace combines classical and modern elements with distinctive style. north-facing living/ dining areas featuring polished floor-boards incorporate an open-plan kitchen in which granite benches and ample storage guarantee user friendly efficiency. Ducted heating and cooling throughout. A paved courtyard contributes exceptional outdoor appeal and concludes with convenient right-of-way in a dress circle setting close to Clarendon Street and the Albert Park Lake precinct.


Saturday 30th April at 3.30pm


Wednesday 5.30-6pm & Saturday 12-12.30pm


Oliver Bruce 0409 856 599 Ashley Bramich 0411 022 222


119 Bridport Street Albert Park 9822 9999 56 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

PRAHRAN eASt 16 errol Street Simply stunning single level Victorian residence is idyllically situated metres to Hawksburn Village. Dark boards emphasise contemporary flavour through generous living/ dining room highlighted by vaulted ceilings, fireplace and stylish Gaggenau kitchen and opening to aesthetically striking northeast courtyard. Main bedroom (en-suite/WIR) is complemented by two further bedrooms (BIRs), study/4th bedroom and bathroom. Features ducted-heating, RC/airconditioning, alarm, video-intercom, irrigation, laundry, carport, auto-gates. Private Sale Contact

Madeline Kennedy 0411 873 913 Andrew Hayne 0418 395 349 Justin Krongold 0403 163 355


1111 High Street Armadale 9822 9999





apartments st kilda.....…Be enticed

1 Bedroom + Study from $399,000 2 Bedroom from $499,000 · Large living areas and balconies · Majority 2 bedroom + 2 bathrooms w/study (100 sqm) · Upgrade packages available · Panoramic views from upper levels

Display Suite Open:

Sat / Sun 2-4pm, Wed 12-1pm Tahn Miller 0432 299 123 Anita Hajdinjak 0422 868 586 Damon Krongold 0418 850 757

11-15 Wellington Street, St Kilda april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 57 MULTI-OFFICE NETWORK


BLACKBURN 29 Gardenia Street In a prime Blackburn location, just moments from station, shops, schools and Sanctuary, this impressive generously proportioned immaculately presented residence will exceed all expectations. Appointments: 4 double bedrooms, 3 living areas, separate study, ducted heating, evap cooling, alarm and secure double carport, designer landscaping.



Auction Quoting View Call

20 Meldan Street

2 Saturday 7 May at 12.00 $1.1M - $1.250M Thu 11.00-11.30 & Sat 3.00-3.30 Cameron Way 0418 352 380 Ingrid Hansson 0448 864 387 10 Main Street Blackburn 9894 1000


UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM STATE TRUSTEES. Here lies a wonderful opportunity for re-development, refurbishment or possibly sub-division (STCA) on this 583m2 (approx) block. The original home comprises: 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, bright sunny living room, huge laundry & storage room. Offering generous front & rear yards with off street parking for 3 cars. Conveniently located close to Deakin University, PLC, transport & shops makes this property sure to be re-invented to reap the rewards.



Auction View Call

1 This Sat at 1.00 Thu 1.00-1.30 & Sat from 12.30 Cameron Way 0418 352 380 Ingrid Hansson 0448 864 387 10 Main Street Blackburn 9894 1000



CAMBERWELL 1 Callanish Road This picture perfect home sitting on just under 1000m2 (approx), takes you back to excellent workmanship of the homes original era. Having been renovated & extended overtime this family home blends beautifully the original features & modern lifestyle necessities. Spread over the 2 levels of warm living space are 10ft ceilings, BI study, bay windows, rumpus room/theatre room, decked alfresco area, formal & informal dining. The timber kitchen is truly the heart of this home & o’looks the family area & the impressive backyard. Close to shops & transport.



Deadline Private Sale Closing Tuesday 3 May at 5.00 (Unless Sold Prior) Quoting $1.5M - $1.6M View Thu 12.00-12.30 & Sat 4.00-4.30 Call Ingrid Hansson 0448 864 387 Cameron Way 0418 352 380 Office 10 Main Street Blackburn 9894 1000

Bentleigh D Blackburn D Camberwell D Carlton D Carnegie D Caulfield D Elsternwick D Hawthorn 58 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

80 Grange Road



RETRO FIFTIES RIPE FOR 21ST CENTURY SYMPATHY. Elevated in this park-like setting with the city skyline beyond, this classic 1950s maisonette style residence is superbly proportioned with 3 large bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. This spacious charmer enjoys generous living (OFP), north facing dining, updated kitchen/meals area, sun drenched balcony, secluded courtyard and parking for two. A stroll to Toorak Village, schools, tram and morning walks along the Yarra.

Ivanhoe D Mt Waverley D Oakleigh D Toorak



Auction View Call Office

2 Saturday 16 April at 12.00 Wed 1.15-2.00 & Sat 11.30-12.00 Andrew Tolson 0418 312 542 Rodney Morley 0418 321 222 428 Toorak Road Toorak 9826 0000




1/81 Derby Street

Apartment With Own Courtyard Highly sought after but rarely available is this lovely solid brick ground floor apartment, one of only four, in a beautiful part of Kew. Relax and enjoy the fabulous private courtyard with views from the privacy of your apartment/balcony across to Eglinton Reserve. Comprises: Lounge, two bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet, generous kitchen, separate laundry, intercom security entrance and lock up garage with a second gated off street parking space. Superbly located close to city bound tram, schools and shops. A great opportunity for first home buyers and astute investors. Auction: Price: Open: Contact: Office:

Saturday 7th May at 12.30pm $500,000 plus Thursday 5.30pm - 6.00pm & Saturday 11.00 - 11.30am Choon Chieh 0412 128 886, Russell Turner 0419 955 655 1161 Burke Road Kew 9817 0123


37/2-6 Malmsbury Street

Independent Living at Its Finest This beautifully appointed north facing first level apartment enjoys a bright, leafy outlook and is the perfect location to all expected amenities. Comprising formal/informal living areas (fitted cabinetry) overlooking sunny north balcony, two excellent bedrooms, modern feature kitchen, impressive bathroom integrating laundry facilities, heating, cooling, parking and storage area. All expected ´Rylands´ amenities, bar, restaurant, pool and gym.

For Sale: Open: Contact: Office:

$750,000 by appointment Ivan Green 0418 326 483 Chris Ewart 0419 897 979 1161 Burke Road Kew 9817 0123 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 59

                                                                         ­€‚        ƒ                                      „             …                „„ „                 

   60 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

   †  ‡  ˆ   ­ „ ‰ Š„Š  ˆ   ‡ ‹‡  ‡   ŒŽ ‘ ’’ ’ ’ ‚   ‘ ‹‹ ‡‡        ’‘ †    “ 

ˆ  Park. ” 9252 1800 Brighton. “ 9592 6522 Flinders. …5989 1000 Portsea. ” 5984 4744 South  Yarra. •9820 1111  Albert

                                                         Â?Â?Â? Â?           Â?        ­       €   ‚     ƒ                   „     Â?    Â?  Â…      †      ‡  ‚   Â?    † ˆ  ‰   


   „ Š  ‹ ‚ ÂŒ  Â? ‚ € ÂŽÂŽ‘Â?  Â’ “ Â?Â?ÂŽÂ? ”Â?‹   Ž     ‡ ­ • € –     • —   ˜ƒ  Â?Â?Ž™ Œ‘” ™™‹

‚Park. š 9252 1800 Brighton. Â?9592 6522  Flinders. Š5989 1000 Portsea. š5984 Â?4744 Â?Â?Â?Â?South €Yarra. –9820 1111  Albert april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 61


 Â?  Â?Â?       Â?    Â?  ­       

   62 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

    € Â?‚  Â?  ­    ­ ƒ ­ Â?„Â?…†  ‡ˆ ‰ †Â?Š‹ Â?Â?ÂŒ Â?Â?‹ ÂŽ  †Â?Š‹ …Š† ‹‘†   …‘Â?Š  Â’ ÂŽ 

 Park. 9252 1800 Brighton.  9592 6522 Flinders. € 5989 1000 Portsea. 5984  4744  �  South ­ Yarra. “9820 1111  Albert

                                                         Â  Â?  Â? 

   Â?     Â?   ­           € ‚ƒÂ?


     „… ‚   †  ‡ †  ˆ‰ˆÂ? …  Šƒ ‹ …ŒˆŽ ŒŒ‘ „„Ž Â’   …ŒˆŽ     “    “Œˆ  ­ ”  

‚Park. Â?9252 1800 Brighton.  Â?9592 6522 Flinders. • Â?5989 1000 Portsea. Â?5984  4744  Â?  South †Yarra. –Â?9820 1111  Albert april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 63




‰       Š ­ƒÂ? Â?  †         Â? ‹  ÂŒ     Â?ÂŽ‘       Â?         Â’                

   Â? Â? Â?Â?   ­  € ‚Â?‚Â?  Â?  ­ ­  Â?

   Â? Â? Â?Â?   ­  Â? ‚Â?‚Â?  Â? 64 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

  Â?‚ƒ  ­­   „    Â?‚ƒ ­ Â?  …Â? Â?Â?† €  ‡ ˆ

   Â?Â?Â? „ƒÂ? „Â?Â?   Â?‚ƒ  ­­   „ Â?Â?† €  ‡ ˆ

Albert Park. 9252 1800 Brighton. 9592 6522 Flinders. 5989 1000 Portsea. 5984 4744 South Yarra. 9820 1111


            


                                         ­€‚         ‚                    

    ˆˆ    …   Ž ‘       €’‰             

  †€‚           “                   

 ƒ   „     …

   ‹ “  ˆ …   ƒ    ƒ  ‡‡‡†

   †‡ˆ ‡‰ˆ ††      †­ ‡ˆŠ ††‰ ­… ‹ ƒ Œ

  †ˆ ‰ ˆ

   †‡ˆ €† ˆ ‡­  ”    

Albert Park. 9252 1800 Brighton. 9592 6522 Flinders. 5989 1000 Portsea. 5984 4744 South Yarra. 9820 1111 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 65





                                             ­ € ‚ ƒ „€ …


              ’ “           …       ˆ     ”•               

  †„  †

 ‡ †ˆ‰†ˆƒ­

  †„  ††

 ‡ †‰†ƒ­


  ­ †Š ƒˆŠ  ­‹   ­ †Š ƒˆˆ ŒŒ  ˆˆ„  Ž  

   ­ †Š ƒ†Œ  ƒŒ    ­ †ˆ ˆ–  ­­‹ ˆˆ„  Ž  

        ­  €‚ ƒ „… †‡ ­  €


    ’š             —  

    ›                         œ˜ “

       —                 €  ˆ      ˆ–                  ‘         ˜ –­Œ€ 

  ƒ­  ††

 ‡ †‰†ƒ­

  ˆ   †ˆ  

 †ˆ‰†ˆƒ­ 66 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

   ­ †† ––  Š–­ ˆˆ„  Ž  

   ­ ƒŠ –ˆ­ ˆŠˆ ƒ‹ †  ™ Ž 

Albert Park. 9252 1800 Brighton. 9592 6522 Flinders. 5989 1000 Portsea. 5984 4744 South Yarra. 9820 1111

Morrell. The top end. It’s another world. Homes bought and sold behind closed doors. Often lawyers, not estate agents, driving negotiations. Connections matter. Those outside the circle may hear that a trophy home has become available only after it has already changed hands. No 2nd prize. We have been living this world for 30 years. You’re planning on buying at the top end? Welcome to our world.

Australia’s first, most effective, buyers’ advocates. Now working exclusively for a limited number of clients at the very top end. You? 03 9826 2222

And Koren.

�� ����� ���� ��� ������������ ������

��������� �������� � ��� ������� ���� ��� �� ������������� ���� ����� ����� ���� ���� ������ ����� �������� ������� ��� ������ ������ ��� �� ��� ���������� �������� ������������ � ����������� �� ������ ��������� ������ ���� ��� ������ ������ �������� ������������ ��� ��� �������� �� ���� ������� ��������� ���� �� ������� �� ������� �������� ������ ��������� �� ��� � ��������� ���� ���������� ����������� ������ ��� �������� ������ ����� ��� ������������ ���� ����� �� ��� �� ����� ���������� ���� �� � ������ �������� �� �� �����

68 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

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����������� �� �������� ������� ������ ���� ����� �� ��� ����

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���� ������

���� ��� ���


���� ���� ������� �������� ���� ����

� � april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 69

������� � �� ������� ����

�������� ���������� �������� �������� ������������ ��� ����������� �� ���� ����������� ����� �������� ����� �������� ���������� ���� ������ �� �������� ���������� ���������������� ������ �� ����� ����������� ���������� �� ������� �� ������� ��� �������� ����������� ������������ �������� �� ��� ����� �� �������� �� ��������� ���� ������ �������� ����� ����� ��� ������ � ���� ���� ���� ���� ��� ����� ���� ������� ����� ����� � ����� ����

70 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011


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������� �� ���� � ���� ��������� ���������� ���� ������������ ��������� ����� ������ ��� ����� ��������� ��� ����� ������ ������ ������� ������ ��� �������� �������� ������ ����� ���� ����� ��� ���������� �������� ����� ���� ��������� ��� �������� �������� ���� ���� ���� �� ����� ��� �� ����� ��������� �������� ������� ��� ���������� ������ ����� ��������

��� ����

������ ���� ����������


��������� ����������� �������� �����������

������ ��������

���� ��� ���

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� �

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��������� ����� ������� ����� �� ��������� ���������� ���������� ��� ����� �� �������� ������������ ���� �� ��� ��������� ��������� �� ���� ����� ������� ���� ������ ���������� ����� �� ��� ��������� �������� ������ �� �������� ������ ��� �������� �������������� ���� � �������� ������������ ������� ������ ���������� ������ ��� ���� �� ������ ������ ������ �������� ���� ������ �������� �� �������� ������� ����� ���� ����� ������


�������� ���� ����� �� ������


�������� ��������� �������� ���� ���

������ ����

���� ��� ���

������ ���������

���� ��� ���


� ����� ������� ����� ����� ���� ����

� � april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 71

������� �� ������ ������

��������� ���� ���������� ������ ����� �������� ���� ������� ��� ������� ���������� �� ���� �������� ����� �������� ��� �������� ������ ���� ��������� ��������� ��������� �������� ������� ������ ������ ��� ������� ������� �� ��������� �������� ���������� ������ ��� ����� ���� ����� �� ����������


�������� ���� ����� �� �������


��������� ����������� �������� ���� ������

��� ��������

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��� ���� ��� ���� � ������� ����������� �� �� ���� ����������� ����� ������� �������� ������ ������ ���� ���� ��� ������ �������� �������� �������� �������� ������ �� � ����� ��������� ��� ���������� ��������� ������� ������ ��� ������� ������� ������� �� ������� ���������� ��� ������ �������� ������ �� � �������� ���� ������ ������� ��� ��������� ������� ������� �������� �������� ������ ���� �������� �������� ��� ���� ��� ��� ������ ��������

72 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011


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����������� �� ��������

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� ����� ������� ����� ����� ���� ����

�������������� ������ ��������


South Yarra 1 Witchwood Close A Heightened Sense Of Style Its prominent position high on the hill in the Botanical Gardens precinct complements this refined four bedroom, two bathroom home. Generous living and dining areas surrounding a sky-lit contemporary kitchen are matched by designer decking with a clever fire-place that provides for elegantly low-maintenance entertaining, an attribute shared by a spectacular roof-top terrace featuring full outdoor kitchen facilities and pizza oven.. Luxurious accommodation includes superb upstairs main bedroom with fabulous spa bath ensuite and its own terrace access. Ducted Heating and cooling. Double garage.

Auction: Saturday 16th April at 10.30am View: Thursday 12.00pm-12.30pm & Saturday from 10.00am Tim Derham 0438 332 844 Michael Derham 0425 790 233




Abercromby’s 1075 High Street Armadale Telephone 9864 5300 Email april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 73


Armadale 3 Lambeth Avenue Classic Victorian Tuck Pointed Solid Brick Family Home The significant indoor-outdoor appeal of this extended Italianate Victorian is illustrated by the elevated entertaining terrace and inviting additional al fresco retreat that define the sunny north westerly backdrop. Before such a tempting conclusion, this classically elegant four bedroom home offers a refined sitting room rich in period detail and bright living/dining areas surrounding an open-plan kitchen of pleasing proportions. Two bathrooms complete a previously renovated floor-plan that remains entirely comfortable while also suggesting scope for adding contemporary elements when so desired. Double garage further enhances a seriously enticing Victorian in the highly sought after High Street precinct Auction: Saturday 16th April at 12.30pm View: Wednesday 1.00pm-1.30pm & Saturday from 12.00pm Tim Derham 0438 332 844 Michael Derham 0425 790 233

Abercromby’s 1075 High Street Armadale Telephone 9864 5300 Email 74 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011




Shoreham 13 Cliff Road Old Shoreham´s Great Land Auction First time offered in a blissful and tranquil cul-de-sac, situated at the heart of old Shoreham. Six superb residential blocks ranging in size from 1080sqm to 1470sqm approx. Some with views to Westernport Bay. A gentle stroll to Shoreham beach. A unique coastal hideaway ready for new beginnings! Melway 256 F8. Meet an Agent on site Sunday 11.00am. Auction: Saturday 23rd April at 11.00am Tim Derham 0438 332 844 Michael Derham 0425 790 233

Abercromby’s 1075 High Street Armadale Telephone 9864 5300 Email april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 75


MALVERN EAST 9 Lewes Drive “Coronal” Circa 1890 – Significant late Victorian tower residence set on approx 1,650m2 offering a great opportunity to improve this historic landmark family home in a tree-lined cul-de-sac. Ground Floor: Music room, study/5th bedroom, kitchen, living and dining rooms and bathroom. 1st floor: 4 further bedrooms, master bedroom with room for an ensuite, and 2nd bathroom. 2nd floor: Tower room with 360-degree views. Basement: 4 bluestone-lined rooms suitable for a cellar. Separate self-contained apartment, 3 garages and mature garden surrounds. Close to leading schools, shops and transport. 76 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction Saturday 16th April at 1.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) View Wed 2.00 - 2.45pm, Thur 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat from 12.30pm Call Anthony Grimwade 0418 382 226 Warwick Anderson 0418 320 873 Office 10 Wallace Avenue, Toorak 9826 1000

HAWTHORN 15A Hawthorn Glen Atop Scotch Hill, this elevated beautifully constructed 5 bedroom family residence with excellent flexible floorplan opens to a North-West facing private garden, land 600m2 approx. Situated minutes walk to Scotch College, Yarra River walk and Glenferrie Rd shops and restaurants. Comprising: Entry foyer, formal lounge, separate dining, kitchen, huge family room, meals area, 5th bedroom with ensuite and study. Upstairs: Master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe, 3 further bedrooms, main bathroom. Other features include 5 car garaging with internal access, workshop, store room, cellar and heat/cool.

Auction View Call Office

Saturday 30th April at 12.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) Wednesday 12.00 - 12.45pm & Saturday 3.00 - 3.30pm Simon Hicks 0413 713 000 Jeremy Fox 0418 339 650 10 Wallace Avenue, Toorak 9826 1000 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 77

MOUNT MACEDON 12 Zig Zag Road “Akasa.� Country living in contemporary style. Designed by renowned architect Paul Couch this magnificent home approx 40 sqs is impressive in both design and construction. The design supports easy living in a definitive style featuring a stunning 30m central gallery which connects large open plan living spaces, a galley kitchen with walk in pantry inc cantilevered breakfast retreat, 3 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Downstairs comprises an exceptional 10 x 5 m living/entertaining area, library, study and 3rd bathroom. The property is located on approx 7270 sqm, quick access to freeway and 45 minutes to Bolte Bridge. 78 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction View Call Office

Saturday 30th April at 11.00am (Unless Sold Prior) Saturday 12.00 - 12.30pm Beverley Higgs 0448 271 222 Tom May 0413 996 185 124 High Street, Woodend 5427 1222

HESKET via WOODEND 1201 Woodend Romsey Road Hesket House - Once in a lifetime. On approximately 150 acres and at the end of a 1 kilometre drive nestled in its own valley is the rambling homestead overlooking the majestic lake creating an atmospheric microclimate. The home consists of 9 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 enormous living areas overlooking the lake. The property has to be experienced to be appreciated as you feel you are now in your own private sanctuary. Numerous outbuildings, great water supply with 3 dams and Monument creek forming a boundary. Currently run as a very successful function venue - the options are yours!

Auction View Call Office

Saturday 14th May at 1.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) Wednesday 12.00 - 12.30pm & Saturday 1.30 - 2.00pm Beverley Higgs 0448 271 880 Tom May 0413 996 185 124 High Street, Woodend 5427 1222 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 79

TOORAK 107/1 Wallace Avenue This award winning landmark building across the road from the restaurants and shops of the Toorak Village offers the astute purchaser the opportunity to buy this brilliant large apartment. Features: Entrance foyer, combined formal lounge and dining room, gourmet kitchen overlooking informal meals opening to North facing terrace, 2 bedrooms, main with ensuite, study/3rd bedroom and 2nd bathroom. Laundry intercom security, heating, cooling, basement parking for 2 cars, lock-up storage room and pool, gym with steam room.

Expressions of Interest Closing Thursday 5th May at 3.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) View Wednesday & Saturday 12.00 - 12.30pm Call Tim Wilson 0419 726 769 Jeremy Fox 0418 339 650 Office 10 Wallace Avenue, Toorak 9826 1000


SOUTH YARRA 56 Moore Street Originally designed by leading architect Nicholas Day; this 2 storey, freestanding inner-urban home has been glamorously yet timelessly transformed for modern living. With high ceilings, upstairs and down, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus off-street garaging for 2 cars, security video and alarm plus zoned heating and cooling. A Calacatta and white emprite kitchen and heated bluestone flooring leads to a polished concrete courtyard all housed on a quiet corner within walking distance to all of South Yarra’s attractions and across the road from Argo Reserve. This is cutting edge class. 80 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction View Call Office

Saturday 16th April at 12.30pm (Unless Sold Prior) Wednesday 12.30 - 1.00pm & Saturday from 12.00pm James Vakrinos 0402 434 344 Gerald Betts 0418 371 855 133 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park 9699 7222


PRAHRAN EAST 15 Craven Street (Corner Gooch Street) Opposite Lumley Park, close to Chapel Street and Melbourne’s cosmopolitan heartland, this freestanding contemporary residence is packed with features. Recently fully renovated it offers 2 open plan living areas opening to generous courtyard, accompanied by a modern gourmet kitchen, 3 sizable bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and powder room, with heating and cooling throughout. Situated on a corner allotment of approx 245m2, a lock up garage and additional car space complete this properties already impressive credentials.

Auction Saturday 16th April at 12.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) View Wednesday 2.00 - 2.30pm & Saturday from 11.30am Call Mark Wridgway 0419 510 777 Lauren Croxford 0400 010 325 Office 10 Wallace Avenue, Toorak 9826 1000

MELBOURNE 412/250 St Kilda Road The Melburnian. Landmark and award winning building situated opposite the Botanic Gardens and minutes walk to CBD and Arts precinct offers an excellent lifestyle opportunity and brilliant views. Comprising: Entrance foyer, 2 large bedrooms (main with large ensuite), 2nd bathroom, gourmet chef’s kitchen with casual meals area, combined lounge and dining all overlooking large outdoor terrace with fantastic views over the gardens. Other features include intercom security, laundry, 2 car parks, concierge, pool and gymnasium. A truly brilliant investment.

Auction Saturday 30th April at 11.00am (Unless Sold Prior) View Wednesday 1.00 - 1.30pm & Saturday 11.00 - 11.30am Call Tim Wilson 0419 726 769 Anthony Grimwade 0418 382 226 Office 10 Wallace Avenue, Toorak 9826 1000 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 81

ARMADALE 2 Avondale Road Perfectly positioned within minutes to Melbourne’s best schools and transport and set within mature garden surrounds is this comfortable period family home. Comprising: Formal lounge with Northern aspect and OFP, dining with OFP opening to kitchen with walk in pantry, family room/ meals area with garden outlook, master bedroom with ensuite, 3 further bedrooms/study, family bathroom and laundry. Off street parking for 2 cars, ducted heating, A/C and separate artist’s studio at the rear. Land size 725m2 approx.

Private Sale View Wednesday & Saturday 2.00 - 2.30pm Call Andrew Smith 0413 309 605 Warwick Anderson 0418 320 873 Office 10 Wallace Avenue, Toorak 9826 1000

NAGAMBIE “Box Grove” Lobbs Lane On the Goulburn River at the entrance to Lake Nagambie, 1.5 hrs from Melbourne, ‘Box Grove’ comprises 380 freehold acres and approx 100 acres of leasehold river frontage. An original tastefully renovated Victorian homestead in mature grounds. Further improvements include 19th century stables plus recently added dual level stable complex with apartment above. Additional equine improvements include approx 100 acres of horse paddocks. Further productivity includes Lucerne hay, crops and cattle grazing. The property is encircled by over 3km of river frontage. Properties of this calibre are once in a lifetime opportunities. 82 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Expressions of Interest Closing Saturday 7th May at 5.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) Call Andrew Houghton 0409 438 526 Warwick Anderson 0418 320 873 Office 10 Wallace Avenue, Toorak 9826 1000 Conj. Elders - Shane McIntyre 0428 937 622

SORRENTO 3011 - 3015 Point Nepean Road A rare opportunity. A magnificent property (on 2 Titles) with spectacular panoramic Port Phillip Bay views never to be built out. 2 storey home boasting ground floor views also, is situated high on a hill overlooking beautiful Cameron's Bight Beach, the Blairgowrie Marina through to Arthur's Seat. The older style home built to capture views presents open plan living with 3 bedrooms, family bathroom and large decks. Downstairs is a studio style apartment, separate entrance. Large garage, storage, workshop. Property accessed by private road with walking track to beach. House Title 2072sqm. Land Title 1779sqm.

Auction Saturday 23rd April at 2.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) View Saturday & Sunday 1.00 - 1.30pm Call Ilze Moran 0439 840 550 Lloyd Robinson 0414 441 880 Warwick Anderson 0418 320 873 Office 3743 Point Nepean Road, Portsea 5984 4500


BRIGHTON 7/6 Belle Avenue

BELLARINE 75 Scotchmans Road

This standalone 3-bedroom home is located in a prestigious development Belle Close, backing directly onto Billilla. A walk to Church Street and trains, the singlelevel sanctuary features living/dining, patio, updated kitchen, semi-ensuite bathroom, 2nd toilet, laundry, double garage, heating and air conditioners.

“Sea Briar� set on 4.0 ha - 10 Acres approx offers commanding and uninterrupted panoramic northerly views over Port Phillip Bay, You Yangs, Melbourne Skyline and Macedon Ranges. Stunning 5 bedroom (all with ens) home, double garage. Paved alfresco area, jet pool and spa, 5 paddocks, good shedding, 4 stables, town water and water tanks. Established trees and landscaped garden.

Auction View Call Office

Saturday 16th April at 10.30am (Unless Sold Prior) Wednesday 3.00 - 3.30pm & Saturday from 10.00am Tom Davidson 0407 109 808 Greg Costello 0418 170 086 103 Church Street, Brighton 9592 9299

Expressions of Interest Closing Wednesday 27th April at 5.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) Call Peter Lindeman 0418 525 609 Ian Friend 0414 581 811 Office 1/50 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads 5254 1688 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 83

COLDSTREAM 3 Hexham Road

LYONVILLE 84 South Lyonville Road

Significant Yarra Valley holding (81 Ac ~ 32.8 Ha). Magnificent views, privacy, approx 600m Yarra River frontage & superb home sites. 7.2 ha (17.8ac) mature premium quality vines: Pinot Noir & Shiraz (planted 1998); Chardonnay (planted 2003). 21ML irrigation right, large dam, pump shed & 2nd catchment dam. Dual level barn-style building, machinery shed, tank catchment & required vineyard infrastructure.

Babbington Park. Nestled in the heart of Spa Country on a superb 23 acres of undulating red volcanic soils is this renovated 3 bedroom Victorian with excellent outdoor entertaining area overlooking the surrounding countryside, forest and huge spring fed dam. Rare lifestyle opportunity just over an hour from Melbourne.

Private Sale $1,650,000 Call Mark Sutherland 0407 103 811 Andrew Houghton 0409 438 526 Office 1 - 3 Exeter Road, Croydon 9727 5300

Auction View Call Office

Saturday 7th May at 3.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) Saturday 3.00 - 3.30pm Matthew Bourke 0448 271 880 Rick Lander 0408 571 485 124 High Street, Woodend 5427 1222



4 The Esplanade Flinders

FLINDERS 4 The Esplanade

FLINDERS 11 Norman Street

This allotment of 900 sqm (approx) captures panoramic views of Western Port, Phillip Island and the Heads. Just a pleasant walk from shops, cafes and the golf course, call your architect and build a luxury home befitting this inspiring view.

Just steps from village shops and cafes with bay views and self-contained apartment used for holiday letting, this 3 bedroom home on 1230sqm has all the quiet charm Flinders is famous for. Featuring 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas, 2 kitchens, full length balcony, gas log fire, double carport and garage/workshop.

Auction View Call Office Conj.

Sunday 17th April at 3.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) Saturday 3.00 - 3.30pm & Sunday from 2.30pm Michael Phoenix 0408 675 361 43 Cook Street, Flinders 5989 0599 5989 0744 Paul Treacy 0413 306 151

84 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction View Call Office

Sunday 17th April at 1.00pm (Unless Sold Prior) Saturday 1.00 - 1.30pm & Sunday from 12.30pm Michael Phoenix 0408 675 361 43 Cook Street, Flinders 5989 0599

MT BULLER The Stables

MT BULLER Mt Buller Chalet Penthouse Suites

Two amazing freestanding fully furnished chalets with 4 BRs, 4 bathrms and LU garages, all just 100m from Village Centre. Drive in/ski out of one of these fabulous alpine residences enjoying the best, most restful vista of alpine hues and snow capped ranges from Mt Buller to the Bluff and Lt Buller, capturing the ever changing moods from season to season. Offers in excess of $1.6M will be considered.

Only 2 of these exquisite suites remain. Mt Buller Chalet Hotel provides the ultimate retreat to be enjoyed year round. Summit Suite: Approx 227m2 over 2 levels + balcony, 3 BRs, all with ensuites, OFP and northern aspect. Skyline Suite: Approx 164m2 + large balcony enjoying views over Lt Bourke St. This apartment of superior style offers 3 BRs, 2 bathrms and gourmet kitchen. Fully furnished. Priced from $1.4M.

Call Office Conj.

Call Office Conj.

RT Edgar Alpine - Annelies Zirknitzer 0422 773 895 50 Agnes Street East Melbourne VIC 03 9650 0509 Mark Adams Real Estate - Mark Adams 0419 858 007


RT Edgar Alpine - Annelies Zirknitzer 0422 773 895 50 Agnes Street East Melbourne VIC 03 9650 0509 Mark Adams Real Estate - Mark Adams 0419 858 007

87 Pender Street

Warmth and distinction: a Thornbury landmark Spacious historic house (ca 1905) on a vast (960sqm approx) corner block offers magnificent formal living and dining rooms, library, sunroom, 4-5 Brs, modernised kitchen/informal meals flowing to courtyard and a wealth of period detail. Offers potential for subdivision (StCA), close to Penders Park, transport and High Street cafes. Auct this Sat at 3 pm Price Guide $1.2 m - $1.32 m James Keenan 0418 580 620 Mark Verrocchi 0413 135 935 Open thurs 5.45 - 6.15 pm

119 High Street northcote 9486 1800 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 85

Lower Plenty 75 Cleveland Avenue ’Birkenmoor’ Offered for the first time in 27 years, this exceptional home, a tribute to 1920´s style and craftsmanship, offers a rare chance to live a luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by a privileged few. Built from stone extracted from the 7.35 acres (approx) surrounding the property, this 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom home exudes timeless grace, understated elegance and a touch of grandeur. Beautiful rolling lawns, in ground pool, ornamental lake, Carrara marble patios and three hundred year old trees provide a magnificent backdrop to a grand home delivering first-class living in Lower Plenty´s most exclusive address. Expressions Of Interest: Offers Close Thursday 21st April at 5:00pm (Unless Sold Prior)

86 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011




Expressions of Interest Inspect By Appointment Contact Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 Contact Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431-2444 Web


22 Albert Street - MALVERN EAST Beautifully elegant heritage character, fully renovated with in ground pool and a neighbourhood of resounding family appeal! This impeccably presented Spanish Mission home offers light filled, spacious proportions just a short walk from leading schools, Gardiners Creek parkland and zone 1 transport. Refined Formal Sitting and Dining (OFPs), 3 Bedrooms (BIRs, Main with stone ensuite), granite Kitchen, Family Living/Dining opening to poolside entertaining and flowering garden. Leadlight windows, high decorative ceilings, shed/storage, secure OSP x2.

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 10am Thursday 12-12.30pm & Saturday from 9.30am 15.2m 40.2m (50’ x 132’) approx. Nadine Roberts 0408 960 082 Steven Abbott 0407 324 240 9832 0500

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 87

11 Dundonald Avenue - MALVERN EAST Retaining the evocative heritage appeal of the distinguished 1930´s ´Arts & Crafts´ movement, this remarkable residence has been enhanced with an impressive extension by Jacobs Thomas & Assoc. Architects, creating an exceptional family environment. Beautiful interiors include elegant Formal Sitting (OFP) & Dining (gas fire), ILVE equipped stone Kitchen, sun-drenched open plan Family/Meals domain extending via bi-fold doors to an enviable elevated deck & swimming pool. 3 inviting Bedrooms, Study/4th Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Teenagers´ Retreat/ Studio with ensuite. Close to train, tram, fwy access, local schools & shopping.

88 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 1pm Thursday 2.15-2.45pm & Saturday from 12.30pm 15.2m x 42.7m (50’ x 140’) approx. Talia Tomaino 0409 138 474 Damien Davis 0409 961 264 9832 0500

16 Clifton Street - BALWYN NORTH Attractive 1950s Cape Cod style home on generous garden allotment (827sqm land approx) close to quality schools, parkland and city tram. Updated accommodation includes 4 bedrooms (3 plus study), 2 bathrooms, sunny L-shaped lounge/dining, family room and casual meals adjoining bountiful kitchen with cafĂŠ style breakfast bench overlooking rear timber deck with hot tub and lush gardens beyond. Features hideaway laundry, excellent storage, gas ducted heating, s/system cooling, carport and garage. Potential for redevelopment (STCA) close to Balwyn and Doncaster shopping hubs, easy freeway access.

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 7th May at 11.00am Thursday 11-11.30am & Saturday 2.30-3pm 827 sqm (8,901 sq ft) approx Nick Smith 0425 755 238 Tom Ryan 0413 872 550 9490 2900

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 89

26 Alma Road - CAMBERWELL Indulge in an executive family lifestyle par excellence with this luxurious new French Provincialstyle residence from the renowned Glenwood Homes. A highly-sought after position near vibrant Camberwell Junction, parks, transport and quality schools complements this magnificent domain finished in marble and American Oak. Boasts 5 deluxe Bedrooms (main with make-up room), 4 bathrooms (3 ensuites), Study, Media Room, formal Sitting (Jetmaster) and Dining area, Familyroom to north-facing entertainers´ garden and tiled pool, Miele Kitchen with butler´s pantry, auto DLUG.

90 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 7th May at 12noon Thursday 2-2.30pm & Saturday 11.30am-12noon Irreg 640 sq. metres (6,889 sq. ft) approx. Nick Elmore 0438 599 938 Tom Aylward 0408 548 551 9810 5000

7 Nepean Street - GLEN IRIS Poised high on the north side of a picturesque street, stately "Finchley" offers a captivating family environment in a leafy pocket near Burke Rd tram, Gardiner Station, Howard Dawson Res and freeway. Part of prestigious "Toorak Estate", this lovely 1920´s home comprises elegant formal rooms, upper Teen zone (2nd bathroom) and north sun-filled Family areas overlooking picturesque terrace and delightful cook´s garden setting. Includes: 4 Bedrooms (BIRs, main/WIRs/dual access spa-bathroom), Library, OP granite Kitchen, 3rd WC, heating, storage, SLUG and ample OSP.

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 11am Thursday 11-11.30am & Saturday from 10.30am 15.24m x 42.85m (50’ x 141’) approx. Peter Dixon 0403 062 220 Trish Dixon 0411 555 650 9831 2800

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 91

199 Kilby Road - KEW EAST Striking 1930s clinker brick Art Deco home offers robust, zoned family accommodation close to Hays Paddock, Kew High, tram and freeway on generous corner allotment with rear north aspect. Beautifully renovated and appointed comprises reception foyer, formal sitting, living and dining rooms (OFPs), 5 bedrooms, play/study zone, 2 bathrooms and powder, vast open plan granite kitchen/meals/family, private alfresco entertaining. Features polished timber floors, ornate Deco details, ducted heat/cool, split systems, alarm, laundry, integral double garage.

92 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 3pm Thursday 3-3.30pm & Saturday from 2.30pm 761 sqm (8,196 sq ft) approx Annalise Newell 0402 937 607 Richard Earle 0418 564 168 9810 5000

36 Maitland Avenue - KEW Original 1950s brick residence, perhaps the last undeveloped opportunity in this unique nothru road position alongside parkland and playground, close to shops, trams, buses and quality schools. Elevated with stunning northerly rear aspect, flexible floorplan includes 2 bedrooms, spacious living, sunny family room, bright bathroom, powder, laundry/studio, kitchen with separate entry and tranquil parkland views. Features gas heating, evaporative cooling, carport, workshop, deep garden. Ideal renovation potential, possible new home or development site (STCA).

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 10.00am Thursday 2-2.30pm & Saturday from 9.30am 645 sqm (6,942 sq ft) approx David Oster 0418 800 120 Peter Vigano 0407 301 224 9810 5000

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 93

19 Stirling Street - KEW Merging skilfully from heritage grandeur to modern sophistication, ´Culverwood´ c1890 is a glorious 4 Bedroom, 3 bathroom and Study Victorian superbly designed for outstanding indoor/outdoor family living and entertaining. Sublime proximity to private schools confirms this wonderful home´s blue chip credentials for family lifestyle excellence off Cotham/ Glenferrie Rds. Affords children´s wing, 2 ensuites, 2nd Bedroom Study, Sittingroom, Dining, Familyroom to north-facing entertainers´ garden, granite Kitchen, Lounge, solar heated pool, huge auto garage.

94 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 1pm Wednesday 12-12.30pm & Saturday from 12.30pm 10m x 51.2m (33’ x 168’) approx. Greg Toogood 0418 385 440 Richard Earle 0418 564 168 9810 5000

4 Wills Street - BALWYN The essence of executive family living on a compact landscaped allotment, this substantial residence brilliantly reflects a desire for large, luxuriously-appointed accommodation with minimal maintenance. A highly-regarded position near quality schools, Outer Circle parkland, Cotham Road trams and shops enhances an effortless family lifestyle featuring 4 Bedrooms (spa ensuite), Study, 2 bathrooms, spacious formal and family zones, alfresco areas, granite Kitchen, alarm, central heating, cooling, vacuum, auto DLUG.

1 & 2/21 Pavo Street - BALWYN NORTH A significant opportunity on 2 titles set behind an impressive Streamline Moderne Art Deco facade, these 2 duplex apartments to be sold separately offer secluded north-facing alfresco courtyards. Downstairs features 2 Bedrooms (BIRs), Livingroom (OFP), Dining, Blanco Kitchen, bath/powder rooms and ducted heating. Upstairs includes 3 Bedrooms, Livingroom, Lounge, Dining or Home Office, gourmet Kitchen, bathroom, rooftop deck boasting city views. Covered auto garaging on title near shops, trams, freeway, golf and schools.

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Auction Inspect Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 12noon Thursday 2.30-3pm & Saturday from 11.30am 12.5m x 33.7m (41’ x 110’) approx. Greg Toogood 0418 385 440 Patrick Dennis 0409 321 159 9810 5000

Saturday 16th April at 2pm Thursday 12-12.30pm & Saturday from 1.30pm Patrick Dennis 0409 321 159 Richard Earle 0418 564 168 9831 2800

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 95

11 College Street - HAWTHORN Positioned on the north side of a tree-lined cul-de-sac, stunning "Carinya", transformed by Rothe Lowman Architects, combines the commercial chic of inner city living with functional light-filled spaces. 3 BRs (main/ensuite), Study opening to balcony, 2nd bathroom, laundry, stone/stainless steel OP Kitchen/Family Living opening to private north courtyard garden. Features: Hydronic heating, air-conditioning, Rose Beech floors, Security, storage, ROW. Close to parks, schools, transport, Yarra walks, Victoria Gardens & Glenferrie Rd restaurants.

7a Lawes Street - HAWTHORN State-of-the-art design, high specification finishes and superb lifestyle appeal accompany this brand new double storey contemporary residence designed by Peter Barton Architects. Impressive interiors brimful of natural northern light include 4 double Bedrooms, main with ensuite, stunning Miele equipped CaesarStone Kitchen and gorgeous light-filled Living and Dining domain extending through bi-fold doors to sandstone paving and deck. Study alcove, powder room, security, double garage.

96 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 12noon Thursday 11.15-11.45am & Saturday from 11.30am 208 sq. metres (2,239 sq. ft) approx. Campbell Ward 0402 124 939 Richard Winneke 0418 136 858 9810 5000

Saturday 16th April at 12noon Thursday 12-12.30pm & Saturday from 11.30am 7.2m x 44.4m (24’ x 146’) approx. Michael Hingston 0412 922 488 Tim Picken 0419 305 802 9810 5000

32 St Helens Road - HAWTHORN EAST A deep garden allotment sets the scene for now and the future with this exceedingly comfortable semi-detached home where all the elements for success are on display. Classical character, modern additions and a generous floorplan deliver easy living and inspiration to further improve/extend in a coveted Anderson Park locale near Burke Road trams, Camberwell Junction shopping and schools. Offers 3 Bedrooms, large Diningroom, Livingroom, Kitchen, central bathroom, attic storage, ducted heating, substantial backyard, garage and ample OSP.

3/11 Weir Street - KEW Surprisingly spacious and situated in an enviable cul-de-sac position near top schools and trams confirms the lifestyle appeal of this marvellous townhouse. Classically-modern with quality features, this fine executive family home delivers excellent low-maintenance living and entertaining with private north-facing courtyard garden. Affords 4 Bedrooms (BIRs, downstairs main with ensuite and WIR), large Livingroom, superb granite Kitchen, north-facing Diningroom to alfresco area, spa bathroom, auto DLUG.

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 11am Thursday 12-12.30pm & Saturday from 10.30am 10.5m x 47.2m (35’ x 155’) approx. Steve Burke 0448 331 653 Maree Keel 0438 828 582 9810 5000

Saturday 16th April at 1pm Thursday 1-1.30pm & Saturday from 12.30pm 12.5m x 19.7m x (41’ x 65’) approx. Steve Burke 0448 331 653 Maree Keel 0438 828 582 9810 5000

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 97

17 Cole Avenue - KEW EAST A unique opportunity to establish a wonderful family lifestyle, this attractive clinker brick residence is superbly sited on a huge irregular 845 sq. metre allotment providing abundant space to enjoy as is or extend. Large period proportions and Art Deco charm highlight this completely comfortable home conveniently nestled near schools, parks, transport, golf and shops. Includes 3 Bedrooms (BIRs), delightful formal Loungeroom, Diningroom, OFPs, spacious Familyroom to deck, Kitchen/large Meals area, central spa bathroom, auto garage (internal).

20 Wandsworth Road - SURREY HILLS All you could ask for in style and luxury, this stunning townhouse commands the attention of those seeking executive family luxury amidst an easy-to-manage setting. Close to excellent schools, train, tram and shops, this ultra-chic home flaunts Oak floors and millennium appointment, elegant Living (gas fire), flowing casual areas open to private decked al fresco areas, 4 double Bedrooms (ground main/WIRs/ensuite), Caesar Stone/Miele Kitchen, upper Retreat, bathroom, powder room, Intercom/security, auto-gates/double garage.

98 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 10am Thursday 1.45-2.15pm & Saturday from 9.30am Irreg 845 sq. metres (9,096 sq. ft) approx. Greg Toogood 0418 385 440 Richard Earle 0418 564 168 9810 5000

Saturday 16th April at 1pm Thursday 1.45-2.15pm & Saturday from 12.30pm 10.1m x 42.7m (33’ x 140’) approx. Peter Dixon 0403 062 220 Trish Dixon 0411 555 650 9831 2800

68 Hopetoun Road - TOORAK

Auction Inspect

Acknowledged as a Modernist landmark, this unforgettable 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home ensures exceptional family success in an elite location. Deco details and signature style define 3 glamorous domains for Living, Dining and entertaining surrounded by a sun drenched balcony and a north-facing garden with sublime swimming pool. Classic bar and granite and smeg equipped Kitchen enjoy their own garden aspects. Refined TV retreat or Study. Opulent upstairs Bedrooms and expansive terrace. Basement cellar, double garage.

Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 1pm Wednesday 6-6.30pm & Saturday from 12.30pm 24.1m x 33.5m (79’ x 110’) approx. Jason Lee 0419 441 697 Steven Abbott 0407 324 240 9832 0500

65 Ashwood Drive - ASHWOOD

1/976 Burke Road - BALWYN

Fully renovated up to 4 Bedroom family home abutting parkland features 3 separate Living domains, stone Kitchen with Falcon cooker, Main Bedroom WIR/luxurious ensuite, Teen Retreat. Multiple alfresco entertaining, central bathroom/laundry, carport, OSP x 2.

Size is sure to surprise and entice those seeking more garden, room and privacy as this superbly renovated 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom unit has it all including auto carport just footsteps to the Outer Circle Trail, trams and schools.

Auction Inspect Land Contact

Auction Inspect Contact

Office Visit

Saturday 7th May at 11.00am Thursday 12-12.30pm & Saturday 12.30-1pm 17.1m x 43.6m (56’ x 143’) approx. Mark Lawson 0414 777 887 Paul Williamson 0418 509 472 9809 8999

Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 11am Thursday 12-12.30pm & Saturday from 10.30am William Chen 0438 383 336 Julian Tonkin 0419 341 341 9831 2800

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 99

ne Lo r ss ic Cl a 33 Almond Street - BALWYN NORTH

76 Polwarth Road - LORNE

Boasting a privileged corner position in the Balwyn High School zone, this well-maintained 4 Bedroom 1960´s home offers exciting scope for renovation/ extension, dream home site or multi-unit redevelopment, STCA.

Original 1940’s fishermans home boasting 3 Bedrooms, signature dado boards and ’waiting to be exposed’ timber flooring. Opportunity awaits the lifestyle investor to utilise as is, renovate and enhance or re-develop at a later date (STCA).

Auction Inspect Land Contact

Auction Inspect Land Contact Co Agent Office Visit

Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 10am Thursday 2.30-3pm & Saturday from 9.30am 626 sq. metres (6,738 sq. ft) approx. Andrew Keleher 0417 599 135 Paul Pellegrino 0409 960 979 9831 2800

Saturday 23rd April at 12noon By Appointment Irreg 847 sq. metres (9,117 sq. ft) approx. Richard Earle 0418 564 168 Great Ocean Road Real Estate - Ian Stewart 0418 522 571 9810 5000

600 High Street - PRAHRAN Instantly inviting, this freestanding solid-brick Edwardian retains all the allure of the era enhanced by modern conveniences. Includes 3 double Bedrooms, central Living (OFP), modernised Kitchen, tiled Bathroom, lovely garden, entertaining deck & SLUG via ROW. Auction Inspect Land Contact Office Visit

Saturday 16th April at 12noon Wednesday 2-2.30pm, Thursday 5-5.30pm & Saturday from 11.30am 6.4m x 39.9 m (21´ x 131´) approx. Murray Peden 0411 154 511 Steven Abbott 0407 324 240 9832 0500

100 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

KEW EAST 8/18 Strathalbyn Street Offering a few added extras above & beyond the average villa unit, this property offers great scope for improvement. Comprising lounge, private courtyard, two bedrooms, BIRs, bathroom, kitchen & a laundry with access to the service courtyard. Also features ducted a/c, huge double garage & located 100 m to Kew East shops, city tram & bus.

278 High Street, Kew


Saturday 30th April at 11 am


Thursday 12-12:30 pm & Saturday 11-11:30 am


9854 8888

Nick Whyte 0417 131 153 & Bruce Bonnett 0418 333 042

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 101

CAMBERWELL 4 Moorhouse Street Grand Federation Residence. Built in 1897 for Architect George Cummings, this superb residence maintains a stately aura on a large, lush garden allotment representing a unique opportunity to transform a robust yet elegant home into an exquisite showpiece. Tessellated tile verandah and elaborate leadlight entry portico precede 8 flexible principal rooms over 2 levels comprising: grand reception foyer, generously proportioned drawing room and parlour with original open fireplaces, spacious gas heated family room, central lobby, 4 or 5 bedrooms, workroom, bright bathroom and kitchen/meals overlooking deep tranquil gardens beyond. Features panelled staircase, ornate 12ft ceilings, timber floors, box bay windows, lock-up garage and a prized position close to Junction and Maling Road shops, quality schools, parkland, East Camberwell train and more. 102 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011 Auction

Saturday 7 May at 2pm

Guide Inspect Land Melway Contact Office

$2 - $2.2 million Thurs 12.30-1pm & Sat 11-11.30am 1,025 sq m approx. 46 A12 Rob Fletcher 0411 222 988, Graeme Keogh 0408 700 823 244 Canterbury Road, Canterbury 9836 2222

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 103

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

104 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 105

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

106 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 107

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

108 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 109

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

110 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

f REIV Website Award 2010/2011

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 111

BALWYN NORTH 34 Tormey Street

Elevated Mansion This classical European 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom residence designed by award winning architect Phillip Mannerheim stands with stately grandeur on one of North Balwyn’s most celebrated streets. Introduced by lush landscaped surrounds an elegant entrance hall, the ground floor features a refined formal sitting room with gas log fireplace, versatile guest quarters or executive study, expansive open plan state-of-the-art Calacatta kitchen with butlers pantry and family / dining area. A sublime swimming pool, entertaining pavilion with full outdoor kitchen and fireplace creates an inviting backdrop. Every conceivable comfort.




Thur 6-6.30pm & Sat 1-1.45pm

CONTACT Mark Rathgeber 0419 334 334 Dominik Hlavacek 0404 685 519 OFFICE

9830 1644 - Balwyn 289 Whitehorse Road

Double garage. Divine! 112 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

BALWYN 9830 1644 CAMBERWELL 9809 2000 GLEN IRIS 9885 3333 KEW 9817 4535

BALWYN 2/67 Talbot Avenue

Single Level Style At Its Absolute Best Clearly amongst the finest single level units to be found, this light-filled modern residence enjoys immediate proximity to Whitehorse Road yet remains beautifully calm and quiet. One of only two, north westerly rear aspects deliver lots of natural light to large living and dining areas, each overlooking a landscaped courtyard. Granite benches and stainless steel appliances reflect kitchen quality. Main bedroom with walk-in robes and ensuite is zoned distinctly from two further bedrooms, sky-lit second bathroom and separate laundry. Air-conditioning, ducted heating, double garage and intercom. Ideal in every way!


Sat 30th April at 1pm


$900,000 - $990,000


Thur 12-12.30pm & Sat 1-1.45pm

CONTACT Mary George 0407 861 400 OFFICE

Mark Rathgeber 0419 334 334 9830 1644 - Balwyn 289 Whitehorse Road

BALWYN 102 Winmalee Road

All The Family Answers! The generous, family focused spaces of this impressive, elevated home enjoy a sought after setting in the Balwyn High School zone. A sun-room that makes the most of northerly aspects introduces downstairs dimensions including huge living and dining areas surrounding spacious open-plan kitchen. To the rear, a dedicated entertaining zone has an additional kitchen or bar all of its own. 2 downstairs bedrooms, huge separate study, fully-tiled spa bathroom and separate laundry/2nd shower are complemented upstairs by 3rd and 4th bedrooms sharing a stylish 3rd bathroom. Private rear garden, massive multi vehicle garage.


Sun 1st May at 12pm


$1,450,000 - $1,550,000


Wed 11-11.30am & Thur 1-1.30pm

CONTACT John Bradbury 0413 772 778 OFFICE

Mark Rathgeber 0419 334 334 9830 1644 - Balwyn 289 Whitehorse Road

BALWYN 9830 1644 CAMBERWELL 9809 2000 GLEN IRIS 9885 3333 KEW 9817 4535 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 113

BALWYN NORTH 16 Thackray Street

Coveted Location Just metres from Balwyn High School, this renovated clinker brick residence offers immediately inviting substantial accommodation enhanced by breathtaking second storey horizon views & the lifestyle appeal of a heated in ground pool. Enriched with genuinely warm, 1940´s character, a light filled floorplan presents entirely comfortable family surroundings with scope to update, renovate/ extend (STCA) if so desired. Comprises formal sitting (OFP), contemporary kitchen with adjoining dining, informal living/ dining extending to paved alfresco dining & pool. 4 bedrooms include 3 upstairs plus study, the main


Sat 16th April at 11am


$1,150,000 - $1,250,000


Thur 11-11.30am & Sat from 10.30am

CONTACT Mary George 0407 861 400 OFFICE

Mark Rathgeber 0419 334 334 9830 1644 - Balwyn 289 Whitehorse Road

retreat featuring dressing/ BIRs/ ensuite. Manicured garden, garage, carport, multiple OSP.

CAMBERWELL 4/211 Highfield Road

Enjoy Elevated Exclusivity! At the forefront of townhouse when completed, still a luxury leader today, this light-filled modern townhouse is 1 of only 5 in an exceptional, elevated setting amidst a tree-lined streetscape opposite Lynden Park. Refined, flexible formal entertaining & a generous separate study lead to sunny living/dining areas that flow out to a private courtyard enjoying the natural advantage of northerly aspects. An open-plan kitchen equipped with granite bench-tops & Gaggenau appliances reflects this residence’s original excellence. Upstairs main bdrm with WIR’s & ensuite sets an impressive standard, immediately matched by 2 further




Wed 5.30-6pm & Sat 11-11.30am

CONTACT Helga Fialides 0411 631 200 OFFICE

David Gillham 0411 518 672 9809 2000 - Camberwell 883 Toorak Road

bdrms, both with BIR’s & an impeccably presented central bthrm. Ducted heating, air con, security system & tandem garage. 114 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

BALWYN 9830 1644 CAMBERWELL 9809 2000 GLEN IRIS 9885 3333 KEW 9817 4535

CAMBERWELL 54 Spencer Road

Land And The Luxury Of Scope Offered for the first time in 60 years, this classically comfortable three bedroom Californian enjoys an exceptional allotment of some 903sqm, a rich natural resource for extending and renovating or re-developing entirely, STCA. Current spaces updated, reroofed and re-wired in 2009, include separate living and dining domains and fresh, stylishly appointed kitchen. The great garden backdrop ensures present day appeal in highly regarded residential precinct close to prestigious schools, transport, Matlock Reserve and magical Maling Road. Note: Professionally designed architectural plans for dual townhouses available.


Sat 16th April at 1pm


$1,300,000 - $1,400,000


Thur 1-1.30pm & Sat 12.30-1pm


18m x 49m (903sqm) approx.

CONTACT Andrew De Angelis 0402 039 342 OFFICE

David Gillham 0411 518 672 9809 2000 - Camberwell 883 Toorak Road

ASHBURTON 31 Highgate Grove

ASHBURTON 14-16 St Georges Crescent

The Past Points The Way To The Future

Take A Big Bite Of Ashburton!

For the past 59 years this elevated, inviting 3 bdrm solid brick home has provided a great lifestyle in a sought after tree lined street close to High Street shopping. Poised to offer new owners sustained family success of their own, options for updating/ extending accompany entirely comfortable current day spaces on a deep, wide allot of 762sqm (18.6 x


Sat 16th April at 12pm Price on Application Thur 1-1.30pm & Sat 11.30am-12 noon Michael Millington 0411 300 205 Karl Fitch 0418 371 343 9885 3333 - Glen Iris 1509 High St (Cnr Malvern Road)

A significant slice of prime land on 3 titles, to be offered as a single entity. This allotment (of some 2,418sqm) provides unprecedented re-development options in a prime residential location on the cusp of Glen Iris & Malvern East. Includes Church, Manse (3 bdrm) and rear right-of-way providing excellent access to Solway Street.


Sat 7th May at 2pm Karl Fitch 0418 371 343 Peter Weda 0419 767 803 9885 3333 - Glen Iris 1509 High Street (Cnr Malvern Road)

40.8m). The prospects are as appealing as the past!

BALWYN 9830 1644 CAMBERWELL 9809 2000 GLEN IRIS 9885 3333 KEW 9817 4535 april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 115

BOX HILL 34 Acacia Street

CAMBERWELL 25 Green Street


Solid Home Overlooking Park!

The attention to detail is obvious in this beautifully renovated Californian Bungalow, from the front verandah through to the panelled ent hall, elegant frml sittingrm & diningrm (OFP), master bdrm (ENS & WIR), large o/plan kitchen, huge familyrm leading to sheltered decking, 3 additional bdrms (2 with BIR’s), family bath, lndry & 2 car tandem garaging.


Sat 7th May at 11am Thurs 12-12.45pm & Sat 1-1.45pm Graham Broadhurst 0413 943 650 Ted Shackleton 0412 341 122 9899 6466 - Box Hill 532 Station Street

The opportunity awaits an astute buyer to purchase a large family home in Camberwell at an affordable price. The attributes include a very solid Californian bungalow with good "bones" on the high side of the street with ample family accom of 4-5 bdrms, huge under-house storage/cellar, formal lounge & 2 bthrms all opposite & overlooking Cooper Reserve,


close by Wattle Park & an easy walk to schools.

GLEN IRIS 1/33 Yeovil Road

MALVERN EAST 2/109 Chadstone Road

Look, Location & Lifestyle!

Ultimate Indoor-Outdoor Impact

Perfectly situated on the high side with glimpse of city view, this modern home offers a spacious & relaxed open plan living: lounge with gas fire place, kitchen & dining with doors leading to outdoor alfresco. Main bedrm downstairs (WIR & ensuite). 2 large bedrms with BIRs, open study, family bathrm upstairs. Heat/cool, polished flr brds, powder rm, DLUG int access. Tram, shopping & train nearby. 116 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011


Sat 16th April at 1pm Price On Application Thur & Sat 12-12.30pm 375sqm(approx) Ninik Hermawan 0411 079 069 John Yu 0401 687 389 9886 6266 - Glen Waverley 15 Railway Parade North

Positioned at the rear of 2 homes, this fully renovated two bdrm residence´s generous living and dining areas are accompanied by under-cover decked entertaining domains that give the outdoor room concept the most successful expression imaginable. Contemporary kitchen, air-con, duct heat, attic storage & secure remote controlled garage. Close to transport & Chadstone shopping.


Sat 16th April at 12pm $1,000,000 - $1,100,000 Thur 2-2.30pm & Sat 11.30am-12 noon 15.24m x 42.67m (650sqm) approx. Geoff Hall 0419 006 488 David Gillham 0411 518 672 9809 2000 - Camberwell 883 Toorak Road

Sat 16th April at 1pm Price on Application Thur 2-2.30pm & Sat 12.30-1pm Karl Fitch 0418 371 343 Samantha Ignalaga 0430 122 201 9885 3333 - Glen Iris 1509 High St (Cnr Malvern Road)

BALWYN 9830 1644 CAMBERWELL 9809 2000 GLEN IRIS 9885 3333 KEW 9817 4535

MONT ALBERT NORTH 2/83 Dunloe Avenue

MONT ALBERT NORTH 57 Relowe Crescent

Simply Stunning

Capture The Corner

A stylish near new town residence on its own title close to shops and public transport. With 3 bedrooms, main with ensuite, family bathroom with separate WC, separate lounge, kitchen, meals, family overlooking paved rear courtyard. Features stainless


Sat 16th April at 1pm $650,000 - $700,000 Thur 1.45-2.15pm & Sat from 12.30pm John Bradbury 0413 772 778 Veronica Bradbury 0413 772 776

Prominent corner allotment (727sqm approx) complements this classic, 3 bed home. Update/ extend (STCA), matched by re-development possibilities close to parkland, schools and Belmore Road shops. Formal lounge, living/dining and sep


European appliances with stone bench tops, heating, cooling and remote garage.


9830 1644 - Balwyn 289 Whitehorse Road

kitch/meals overlook an elevated terrace, cellar/ storage, secure garage and impressive garden areas accessed from second frontage to Francesca Street.


Sat 16th April at 11.00am $865,000-$920,000 Thu 12.30-1pm & Sat 10.30-11am John Cokalis 0411 184 124 Bruce Severns 0413 744 998 9817 4535 - Kew 150 Cotham Road

BALWYN 9830 1644 CAMBERWELL 9809 2000 GLEN IRIS 9885 3333 KEW 9817 4535

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118 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011 | 159-161 Toorak Road, South Yarra | 9866 4411 | 159-161 Toorak Road, South Yarra | 9866 4411

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 119

Camberwell 19 Through Road Absolute elegance, sublime luxury! Pure inspiration, this stunning new executive 5 bedroom/4 bathroom home lavished with market-leading luxuries makes an impressive statement in family grandeur with stylish formal sitting and dining, informal family living and huge teen area, glass door wine cellar, gourmet European kitchen/butler’s pantry and chic entertainment terrace bordered by pristinely manicured garden surrounds. Land: 662sqm (7,128sqft) with frontage of 17.3m (57’) approximately.

120 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011




2 Thurs 11.00 - 11.30am, 6.00 - 6.30pm & Sat 2.00 - 2.30pm Sat 7th May - 12.00pm > EPR Price on application 60 / F5 Hawthorn/Camberwell 1153-1157 Burke Road, Kew 3101 9944 3888 Paul Pfeiffer 0411 224 008 Toby Parker 0413 581 104


6)%7 !5#4)/. -%,2%& /&&)#% 4%, #/.4!#4


april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 121

O RE N M LY A 4 IN Luxury Design at an Exclusive Address This is your opportunity to own a premium home in the exclusive Heath Street cul-de-sac Sandringham. This highly sought after location is only a few minutes walk from the beach, public transport and the gourmet cafes of the vibrant Sandringham village shopping centre.

The designer kitchen features stone bench tops, Miele appliances, soft close drawers, a built-in coffee machine and wine rack. And at the heart of your home is a stunning glass fronted fireplace with stone surround and built-in shelves.

Choose from one of eight sophisticated, light filled residences that combine timeless contemporary design with low maintenance living. Each home has 3 bedrooms, 2 car spaces, beautiful landscaped surrounds and private north facing yards. Take this opportunity to customise your interior with limed oak timber floors or bluestone tile finish (as shown above).

All residences are priced between $1,150,000 and $1,295,000. Don’t miss this unique opportunity and take advantage of significant off-the-plan stamp duty savings.

View at:

Only four remain. Call now. These residences show strong investment returns and detailed investment reports are now available.

On-site inspection this Saturday from 10am to 10.30am at 3-5 Heath Street, Sandringham 122 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

Call: Stephen Tickell - 0418 177 565 Lachlan Hosking - 0414 999 689 Marcus Tanti - 0411 384 801

Heath Street, Sandringham

Ashwood 2/9 Vannam Drive Designer Living in a Prime Location Unique north facing townhouse in a prime location, comprising of three upstairs bedrooms, designer kitchen, two bathrooms, three toilets, rear entertaining deck, courtyard area and double lock up garage. Offering access to Gardiner’s Creek Reserve, all forms of transportation, quality schools and Ashburton Village.


Thurs 10.00 - 10.30am & Sat from 11.00am Sat 16th April - 11.30am $550,000 - $600,000 60 J9 Glen Iris 58 High Street 3146 9885 9811 Reilly Waterfield 0422 291 773 Nicholas Holmes 0409 215 104 Glen Coutinho 0409 779 399

Ashwood 3/9 Vannam Drive Living in Style Brilliant two bedroom townhouse in a prime location offering space and comfort with parks, all forms of transportation and quality schools at your fingertips located along Gardiners creek reserve. Comprising of open plan living, designer kitchen, remote single LUG with internal access, rear entertaining deck, ideal for the first home buyers or investors alike.


Thurs 10.00 - 10.30am & Sat from 10.00am Sat 16th April - 10.30am $480,000 - $520,000 60 J9 Glen Iris 58 High Street 3146 9885 9811 Reilly Waterfield 0422 291 773 Nicholas Holmes 0409 215 104 Glen Coutinho 0409 779 399

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 123


6)%7 !5#4)/. %02 -%,2%& /&&)#% 4%, #/.4!#4




6)%7 !5#4)/. -%,2%& /&&)#% 4%, #/.4!#4

124 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011



6)%7 !5#4)/. %02 /&&)#% 4%, #/.4!#4




6)%7 4HURS PM3AT PM 02)6!4%3!,% -%,2%& ' /&&)#% (AWTHORN#AMBERWELL 4%, #/.4!#4


april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 125

Balwyn North 87 Fortuna Avenue

Balwyn North 2/138 Winfield Road

This 3 bedroom home sits on a generous block in the sought-after Balwyn High School zone. Moments from shops and schools, this property offers lounge/dining with open fireplace, heating, cooling and spacious rear garden. Renovate, extend or build your spectacular luxury home (subject to council approval) and establish yourself in this prime locale.

This unique 3 bedroom luxury town home borders parkland and features soaring ceilings, expansive windows and a large deck. Boasts gourmet kitchen with stone benches and Smeg appliances, 2 bathrooms and powder room all fitted with exclusive tapware and marble. Sun room, open fireplace, heating, cooling, double garage with storage and security.





2 Thurs 2.00 - 2.30pm & Sat from 11.30am Sat 16th April - 12.00pm > EPR $850,000 - $930,000 46 / C2 Balwyn 544 Whitehorse Road 3103 9830 7000 Chris Johnson 0433 466 463 Toby Parker 0413 581 104



2 Thurs 11.00 - 11.30am & Sat from 12.30pm Sat 16th April - 1.00pm > EPR $800,000 - $860,000 46 / J2 Balwyn 544 Whitehorse Road 3103 9830 7000 Claire Wenn 0409 857 506 Toby Parker 0413 581 104

Eaglemont 53 Devon Street

Kew 1/17 Cecil Street

Set within an exclusive blue ribbon pocket of executive residences and positioned to enjoy the dress circle location that only Eaglemont can offer, this notable 1950’s home is sure to leave a lasting impression. Surrounded by spectacular established gardens & commanding scenic views to the distant ranges, the home offers large living room with intimate balcony, 3 bedrooms, family bathroom & sunny kitchen/meals.

Set amongst lush private gardens, this fabulous home is perfectly situated in a coveted part of Kew, close to premier schools, transport, parks, shopping and the city only minutes away. Impressive with modern finishes, polished floorboards and large peaceful courtyard with northerly aspect and own street frontage on title, this wonderful property will appeal to all.


Thurs 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat from 1.30pm Sat 16th April - 2.00pm > EPR $1,250,000 - $1,400,000 31 K9 Ivanhoe 171 Upper Heidelberg Road 3079 9499 5611 Walter Ortner 0412 371 899 Maurice DiMarzio 0419 182 276

126 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011


Wed & Thurs 12.00 - 12.30pm & Sat from 12.00pm Sat 16th April - 12.30pm > EPR $750,000 - $790,000 45 H6 Hawthorn/Camberwell 1153-1157 Burke Road, Kew 3101 9944 3888 Shamit Verma 0401 137 597 Glen Coutinho 0409 779 399

Prahran 31 Leila Street

South Yarra 15 Hobson Street

Instant attraction, gorgeous spaces. In an A-list location, this immaculate 2-storey 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom corner period residence has its radar firmly set to lifestyle with Victoria Gardens through to Prahran Pool, Chapel Street and Hawksburn Village all within a block’s radius. Northern living room, dining and stone kitchen to rear entertaining courtyard with gate to York Street and great finishes. If you love will love this!

Be captivated by the period charm and inspiring sense of space. Character oozes throughout the home, from the leadlight entry, ornate raised ceilings, skirtings & architraves, offering 3 grand bedrooms (robes & open fireplaces), large central bathroom, modern light-filled kitchen and meals, vast entertainers’ living and dining opening to the pristine backyard garden with timber deck.





Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm, Thurs 1.30 - 2.00pm & Sat as advertised Sat 30th April - 1.00pm $750,000 - $810,000 58 / F6


Armadale 835 High Street 3143


9509 0411 Mark Robertson 0416 042 204 Andrew James 0411 420 788

DEVELOPMENT SITE For Multi Homes or Townhouses (STCA)

20 WEIR STREET, BALWYN LAND SIZE 18.29m x 61.52m approx TENDER CLOSING 29th April at 5pm Terms: 10% Deposit, Balance 30th December 2011

INSPECTION BY APPOINTMENT ONLY CALL Paul Caine 0407 393 588 or 8413 8007

(03) 8413 8000



Wed 12.30 - 12.45pm, Thurs 6.00 - 6.15pm & Sat from 1.00pm Sat 16th April - 1.30pm $990,000 - $1,090,000 58 / F5


South Yarra 85 Toorak Road 3141 9868 5444 Jodie McCarthy 0438 072 055 Peter Perrignon 0418 566 846 Marissa Serio 0408 802 889

3/75A Bambra Road, Caulfield North




Brand-New Brilliance With Class & Sophistication Reflecting the sense of subtle sophistication for those who are accustomed to the very best, this brand-new residence is filled with uncompromising quality. Sleek open-plan living and dining, gourmet kitchen, North-facing outdoor entertaining, 3 bedrooms, sumptuous bathrooms and home theatre/teenagers’ retreat combine to create a standard of excellence against which all homes will be measured. For Sale or Lease Inspect Saturday 12.30-1pm & Sunday 10.30-11am Oren Flamm 0407 750 438, Alex Flamm 0417 988 668 Contact

LJ Hooker Elsternwick/Caulfield 9533 0999 305 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick

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9526 1999 348 orrong road, caulfield north, 3161


ST KILDA EAST 8 wando grove

Saturday 7 May at 1.00pm

Elwood’s Premier Address

LIFESTYLE LIVING WITH LOW-MAINTENANCE LUXURY This modern townhouse offers a lifestyle of lowmaintenance luxury in a popular location. With all the space & quality you need for entertaining & relaxed living, the smartly planned layout includes lounge & dining, family/ meals, quality kitchen & an alfresco courtyard.


| Saturday 30th April 10.30 $700,000 - $790,000 Adam Joske 0414 337 979 Joel Ser 0415 337 708

18 Normandy Road, Elwood Substantial period home on 1,073sqm allotment in Elwood’s premier bayside locale. Metres to Elwood Foreshore, this 2 storey, 5 bedroom beauty boasts feature wood panelling, leadlight windows, ornate fireplaces, grand lounge and decorative ceilings. Formal and informal living areas, Master bedroom with ensuite and WIR, 4 additional bedrooms each with BIRs. Generous allotment with established garden, double garage and workshop. 200m to Ormond Rd Shopping Precinct. INSPECT: Wed 13 April 2011 at 2-2.30pm & Sat 16 April 2011 at 12-12.30pm

Grant Sutherland 0418 390 185 348 orrong road caulfield south 128 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

9526 1999

Michael Major 0412 471 775 43 Agnes St East Melbourne

9650 3531



On one of Portsea’s most iconic and historically significant beachfront properties, this exclusive cliff-top estate offers the ultimate family getaway with generously appointed accommodation, versatile living and entertainment areas and unprecedented beach access. Consisting of a main residence and a multifunctional boat shed, the property is perfect for those seeking a practical yet flexible beachfront lifestyle. Exploiting the gentle terrain, the main residence features a predominately single-level configuration. It consists of five substantial bedrooms, five bathrooms, vast living and dining areas, a large sun-drenched kitchen, sweeping gardens and a cantilevered sun deck ideal for outdoor



entertaining and relaxation. All rooms provide stunning northerly aspects across the bay and CBD. The boat shed – positioned en route to the beach – is a three-storey multipurpose dwelling with potential to serve as alternative accommodation. Being the only one of its kind on the whole of Port Phillip Bay, it is perhaps one of the estate’s most prized features. It has a double garage, second-storey living/dining area with balcony and a third-floor balcony with adjoining bathroom. The location is one of the finest and most tightly held in Portsea. Easy access to the beach as well as village shops and restaurants further confirm its appeal. \ THIS INFORMATION WAS SUPPLIED BY KAY & BURTON




KAY & BURTON, 5984 4744 4 Weeroona Avenue Price: $8 million + Expressions of Interest: Closing April 20 at 5pm


COMMERCIAL FREEHOLD ON THE BEACH An iconic landmark hotel circa 1876, affording uninterrupted views of Port Phillip Bay and the beautiful Sorrento beachfront. Comprising the Koonya Hotel Bar, Lounge, Fish & Chippery, Produce Store, parking for 24 cars and covered alfresco areas overlooking the bay, this is an incomparable investment opportunity in an irreplaceable position.Located in Victoria’s premier seaside resort township of Sorrento, “The Koonya” is one of the very few “beach frontage” hotels in Australia. A superb capital growth proposition.

Auction: Saturday 23rd April at 1pm Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Troy Daly 0418 397 771 Marcus Nilsson 0418 133 856 Cathy Watson 0400 867 154 Jenny Fink 0414 978 618

109 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento 3943

Phone 5984 4388

april 13, 2011 \ The weekly review 129

For SaLE Mara MunJIE - a place of sanctuary

Cobungra road, Cobungra BELLS BEACH 10 POINT ADDIS ROAD Ultimate Lifestyle Property



5 Allotments from $170,000, 82-330 acres approx.

Enjoy the best that both worlds have to offer by living a relaxed rural lifestyle with plenty of space with the ocean vista staring right back at you. >One of 7 properties on Point Addis Rd >63 acres (approx) with three road frontages >Ocean views; rolling green hills >2 minutes to Point Addis beach & surf >Abutts Otway National Park walks & cycling tracks >Quality fencing & infrastructure >5 Dams, reticulated water to most paddocks >Architect designed home with handmade bricks, stone floors and independent guest quarters >75 minutes to Melbourne via new Geelong bypass

Mara Munjie’s unique environment appeals to high country enthusiasts who love to ski in the winter and enjoy the delights of the mountain in summer including trout fishing, hiking, orchid and bird watching etc.

FOR SALE Price: $3,750,000 CONTACT: Bernie von Brandenstein 0417 571 884, Marius Tekin 0425 853 055

Down through rocky ravines the river Cobungra catapults cascades, pools, eddies and carves its way creating a pristine fly fishing paradise. 6 Minutes from Hotham Airport, 15 minutes from Dinner Plain, 25 Minutes from Mount Hotham.

Surf Coast Real Estate

ANGLESEA 87-89 Great Ocean Road 5263 2133 TORQUAY 21 Pearl Street 5261 2101


JoHn H


51 CLarEMonT ST, STH Yarra

$670,000 PLUS BUYERS





9829 9911





MAGNIFICENT GARDENS & LIFESTYLE ON 1.25 ACRES The 52 square home, 32 of living and a triple garage plus workshop all URL was architecturally built 21 years ago and is still one of Warragul’s finest. Large bay windows fill all living areas with sunlight and extensive lead lighting adds to the character of the home. The house is built with kiln dried hardwood framing and has a modern kitchen. A very inviting 3 square pergola overlooks the elegant garden of established trees and shrubs featuring flowering Polonia trees. Located just 60 minutes east of Melbourne and in the heart of West Gippsland agricultural industry.


Corner of Queen & Smith Streets, Warragul 0418 127 423 Ph: (03) 5622 3800 web ID wg2974

AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE INSPECTION 130 The weekly review \ april 13, 2011

$2,450,000 You won't find a property for a better price in Watego's.

Ocean views and views directly to Cape Byron Lighthouse 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms 4 entertaining areas in a quiet location Agent Email

Graham Dunn 0418 663 620

LEE rourkE JoHn CaSTran



0417 352 340 0411 502 424



DROMANA KARiNA ViNeyARD – estAblisheD iN 1984 20 ACRes - 7 ACRes Of ViNeyARD The ultimate mix of lifestyle and business can be yours in one of the Mornington Peninsula’s most picturesque locations. Boasting a reputation for fine wines made free of chemicals, Karina ranks amongst the Peninsula’s premier boutique vineyards. expRessiONs Of iNteRest ClOsiNG 2nd MAy - 4 pM 35 Harrisons Road Howard Cleine 0419 559 042 - Malcolm Gunn 0418 759 642

Cook St, Flinders


5931 4333

Frankston-Flinders Rd, Balnarring


Expressions of interest closing 5pm Monday 2nd May 2011 “HUNGERFORD HOUSE” (C.1926): A family home of immense charm in Korumburra’s finest avenue.

With glorious garden outlooks from every window and a spacious combination of formal and informal rooms, this 4 bedroom 2 bathroom residence immediately impresses and appeals, whilst the classical garden setting of 1692m2 ensures a semi-rural botanical lifestyle of elegance and substance. Home for a lifetime or a quality investment within easy reach of Melbourne and only a 20 minute drive through rolling hills to the pristine beaches of Inverloch.

David de Clifford : 0411 411 543 Michael Wrigley: 0418 595 757

Conj. Agent Bennison Mackinnon Greg Johnston 0412 370 574 1215 High Street, Armadale 3143, 9864 5000





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