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Virginia trioli \ THE DANGER TRAP


had never heard a scream like it. Maybe in the movies murderer – an act so appalling that countless parents – the only place where such a visceral, utterly terrified who always believed they would let their children roam shriek of horror would not seem out of place. I had free and take a bus from time to time now probably spotted the young mother a few moments before at the drive their beloved children everywhere. It was, of playground. She was hovering anxiously around her course, a one in a million incident. But one will do. child, chiding her to stay close at all times. The little Crime statistics have always made clear that girl dashed this way and that. Then suddenly, children are most at risk from people they know, she disappeared. not malevolent strangers in playgrounds or at that That scream of mad terror will stay with bus stops. The grieving, devastated mother of scream of me always. I cannot adequately describe the poor Luke Batty knows this. terror will instant, emotional shattering of this mother Figures from the Australian Institute of stay with as she dashed frantically looking for her child, Criminology for 2011 reveal 750 abductions me shrieking that someone had taken her. But in a 12-month period, and that slightly more standing silent, rooted to the spot in shock just than half of these were by a stranger. But children five, six paces behind her, was the little girl herself. made up fewer than 20 per cent of the cases. That’s I rushed to the woman pointing out that her child was around 75 abductions by strangers, out of an Australian here and was fine, and then watched the pitiful reunion child population of more than four million. The tireless of terrified mother and equally terrified child, separated Morcombe parents, who do amazing work educating for mere seconds by the ever-present fear of abduction children and parents about the dangers of strangers, and loss. What has made us so afraid? Don’t bother won’t want me to say this, but those figures do not answering that. As I write, the details of the death represent a clear and present danger. But as the royal of Sunshine Coast boy Daniel Morcombe are being commission into child sexual abuse is demonstrating, recounted in unbearable detail at the trial of his accused known and trusted church, school and youth program

leaders certainly can, as can friends, family members and even parents. It is sometimes almost impossible to find equilibrium between real and imagined danger, between improbable threat and possible danger. We can only inform ourselves, make our choices, trust our instincts and, at a certain point, trust our children. At a certain point, we have to decide not to torment ourselves any longer with awful imaginings. Strange how passing intimacies can be so quickly formed. The sobbing mother, her child and I stood with arms wrapped around each other, and I found myself quietly telling this complete stranger that she would drive herself crazy if she believed her child was gone for all time every time she disappeared from view; that we both had a long way to go with our little ones, and that we needed to be calm, strong and confident for them. I don’t know if she heard me. Both mother and child were sobbing too hard for anything more than mute comfort. I was probably speaking out loud for my own benefit really, as I daily confront my own anxieties about the health, well-being and happiness of my child. The shadowy threat of the stranger is just one of them. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9.30am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 3

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FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 5

SARAH MARINOS meets the fastest woman in Formula One


It has been a harsh winter in Europe But on a cold January morning, Susie Wolff and her Mercedes ML63 AMG are making easy work of the autobahn that snakes between Germany and Switzerland

(©Style magazine Corriere della Sera RCS \ Daniele Barraco \ Austral)


olff is driving from a function in Munich to her home in Ermatingen, a picture-perfect Swiss village with its own lake, forests and timber-beamed chalets. Despite the bad weather, the tricky road conditions aren’t a challenge for Wolff. In April 2012, she became development driver for the Williams F1 team, one of a handful of women to join the adrenalin-charged world of Formula One. Next month, Wolff will arrive in Melbourne as part of the Williams 2014 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix team, and she can’t wait to hit the Albert Park circuit. “It’s the opening race so there is always so much speculation and tension,” she says. “It’s a brilliant racetrack, so I think, for a lot of people in motorsport, the Australian Grand Prix is quite special.” Since she stepped into her role at Williams, Wolff has been under intense scrutiny by those celebrating her rise and those who doubt that a woman has what it takes to earn a place on the Formula One starting grid. The down-to-earth, pragmatic Scotswoman doesn’t get caught up in the gender debate. “Yes, I’m one of the few females in a man’s world but I’ve been racing since I was eight years old and I’m simply following my passion. I’m not on a crusade to show what women can do in motorsport,” says Wolff, 31. “But I realise a lot of people are watching my progress to see if a woman can cut it at this level. There are some people waiting to see me fail, but nobody could put more pressure on me than I put on myself. I want to do a good job as Susie Wolff, not as a female racing driver.” Wolff’s racing career began in her hometown of Oban when she fell in love with kart racing while at primary school. By 14 she was British Woman Kart Racing Driver of the Year. It was the start of a series of national and international awards and race titles. In 2000, Wolff was named top female kart driver in the world. “Racing was a hobby until I was 14 and went to a Formula 3 race and realised you could become a professional racing driver. Jenson Button won that day and I think that was when I decided to make a career out of racing,” she says. From karts, Wolff moved to Formula Renault in 2001 and to Formula 3 in 2005. Then came her big break. In 2006, Mercedes invited her to join the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters circuit. The German DTM series is one of the world’s biggest touring-car championships and it was a chance for Wolff to hone her track skills. She left the UK and made a new home in Switzerland. “My boss said I had to learn German and learn it fast. I tried to take lessons in the UK but figured if I was going to do this properly I needed to move.. I settled in Switzerland because I could learn German there and it was a central point in Europe. It was a baptism of fire, though. The Swiss aren’t very open to speaking English so you are forced to learn the language quickly.” Wolff was a popular competitor in DTM, staying until her elevation to the Williams Formula 1 team in 2012. As development driver, she has helped in the evolution of the Williams-Renault FW34 and FW35 FI cars. “Leaving DTM was a big step but in my last year I hit a brick wall and didn’t achieve what I’d hoped,” she says. Wolff clearly remembers the day she arrived at Britain’s Silverstone circuit to test for the Williams role. “I knew it was going to be make or break but I’ve been in this sport long enough to know how to handle pressure. So I told myself to be thankful to even have the chance to drive an F1 car and make the best of it,” she says. “And I knew that Williams would never let me drive a F1 car unless they felt I was ready for it.” Since joining the Williams team, Wolff has driven the Williams-Renault F1 cars many times, working on aerodynamic testing. In July last year she completed

89 laps of the British Grand Prix circuit and was the ninth fastest of 16 drivers. When she isn’t with the Williams team, Wolff is preparing physically and mentally to race. “The races are long, there is no air-conditioning in the car so it gets very hot and you have to train hard to cope with that. So I do a lot of strength training – especially my shoulders, upper arms and neck. “I don’t build muscle mass, because it’s a tight fit in the car and you have to stay lean. But I work on building strength. Every day I do circuit training, strength training, co-ordination and balance training and cardiovascular fitness. “Last year I did specialist neck training using a machine to build neck muscles. In the space of three months my neck grew three centimetres in circumference. My husband was getting a bit worried at that point!” she says with a laugh. “But through the high-speed corners, when you’re travelling at over 200 km/h, there’s a lot of G-force going through your body and you’ve got to be fit.” Mentally, Wolff is also meticulous in her preparation. Before she gets in the car she likes to be alone and listens to fast-paced, upbeat music. “I always get into the car

“some people want to see me fail, but nobody could put more pressure on me than I put on myself” quite early. I don’t like being rushed at all and I need everything to be perfect,” she says. “The helmet has to be done up in the correct way, my hair has to be tied back in the correct way. Everything has to be precise.” Wolff’s rise to the F1 track hasn’t been smooth and she has endured several challenges: financial hardship, career uncertainty, the disappointment of twice missing out on the prestigious Young Driver of the Year award, and the lacklustre finish to her six-year DTM career. “I’ve had many ups and downs,” she acknowledges. “During my time in F3 I ran out of money and I broke my ankle so my prospects didn’t look good at all. I was unsure if I was going to make it at that point.”


olff’s broken ankle was a result of a slip on ice while out running; she has escaped any serious injuries on the track. “When I got the call to test with DTM, I had nothing to lose. It was my one shot at furthering my career. I was struggling to make enough money to pay the rent,” she says. “Then suddenly Mercedes-Benz made me this offer and I had a car to drive, an income and I was part of a professional race team. I thank my lucky stars for that because it set me on the path that led me to where I am now. “But even when the tough days came, I was doing something I love. I was in the great position of following my dream. I’m a very determined person. When I set a goal I go flat out and I stay focused.” Focus on and off the track is vital for Wolff, who is all too aware of the potential split-second perils of her career. Last year was a difficult one for motorsport. In October, English race driver Sean Edwards was killed in a crash at the Queensland Raceway. In June, Danish driver Allan Simonsen died after he crashed at high speed during the Le Mans 24 Hours event. In October, former Marussia F1 test driver María de Villota was found dead of natural causes in a hotel room

in Spain. She had sustained life-threatening injuries in 2012 while racing in the UK and had lost her right eye and needed numerous operations to repair damage to her face and skull. Wolff and De Villota were friends. “On the day of María’s accident I had a knot in my stomach. I was at the Williams factory and there wasn’t a nice feeling at all. Last year was a tough year in motorsport because of the loss of Sean Edwards and Allan Simonsen. “Leading up to my test with Williams last year, I got a text message from María. By then her dream was over but she sent me a message saying, ‘Go out there and do what we all know you can do’. She passed away when I was at the Japanese Grand Prix and that was really awful, too. “But we do a sport that we love and we are aware that, sometimes, things happen. Sometimes we forget this is a dangerous sport because of the safety advancements in the sport – the cars are designed to disintegrate around us now and the circuits are designed in a way that no big accident should happen… “I know my mum gets nervous watching me. But when I’m in the car I don’t feel vulnerable. I never have fear. I always have respect, but fear? Never.” One of Wolff’s staunchest supporters is her husband, Toto Wolff, whom she met in 2006 while part of the Mercedes-Benz DTM team. Toto is an executive director of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One team and a shareholder in Williams F1. He is also a former racing driver. “After a race it takes me a couple of days to come down because the adrenalin is running high. You analyse how the race went, what you could have done better and, if it’s a disappointing race, it takes you a couple of days to get over it,” she says. “But my husband is good at that. If I haven’t got back to normal after a few days, he says, ‘That’s enough now, back to real life’.” Wolff says her husband is also an example of the more forward-thinking element of F1 – those who believe women can compete on an equal footing. “The sexism I’ve encountered is from the older generation who competed when there was a bigger chance of fatality and in the day when women were only grid girls or made sandwiches for the team,” says Wolff. “But Toto is of a generation that believes women can achieve things. Slowly but surely, women are coming into senior positions within Formula One because they are the best people for the job.” Wolff is hopeful of one day getting a place on the grid, and hopes each day of training and competing brings her closer to that goal. She’s feeling ready. “But I’m also very much of the opinion that if I feel I can’t get any further, I will stop. I’m lucky to be at the top level of motorsport and if I feel I’ve gone the furthest I can go, I will stop,” she says. And what would Wolff have done if she hadn’t raced fast cars? She bursts out laughing. “The only other thing that comes to mind is downhill skiing,” she says. “The thing I love about my job is the adrenalin, the competition, the speed … I don’t think I would ever have done something normal. It doesn’t fit my character!” \

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» 2014 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix is from March 13-16 at Albert Park. » » » FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 11

My view \ katrina hall is reminded why kids rule


(iStockphoto \ THINKSTOCK)

“she went a different way to solve a problem’’

hen my brother and I were preschoolers, we would wander off to the local milk bar on our own. Presumably mum knew where we were going because she usually gave us money to bring home bread or milk or a packet of Benson & Hedges. Those were the days, hey. Anyway, along the way, there was a house full of kids we called “the toughies”. They were also preschoolers – or we assumed they were because they were also not at school – and I’m not even sure they were supervised because when they saw us pass by their window they would run out and pull our ears and stand on our toes. Not once did a grown-up come out from that house and tell them to stop. When we told mum about “the toughies”, she said next time tell them that sticks and stones will break our bones but words will never hurt us. This didn’t help. If they just called us names, we wouldn’t be hobbling off with aching toes and throbbing ears. So we worked out our own plan. From then on, we went a different way. Geniuses, right? Relying on our wit and cunning to survive in this dubious, lawless neighbourhood where four-year-olds risked their lives for 20 cents worth of mixed lollies. I recall this formative moment because my seven-year-old is having trouble with the school rule, “you can’t say you can’t play”. The concept was invented by a kindie teacher of vast experience who was tired of seeing “boss” groups of kids use exclusion as a power tool in the playground. It’s now pretty much universally applied as an anti-bullying rule in well-meaning primary schools around the world. Thankfully, there’s also zero tolerance for ear-pinchers and toe-squishers

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12 The weekly review \ FEBRUARY 19, 2014

in schools, so we should all be happy it’s just negative feelings such as isolation, rejection and loneliness we now need to fear for our children. Forget about sticks and stones, some words do actually hurt as it turns out. Mine have known the “can’t say you can’t play” rule since kindie, and I have to admit it has helped them along the way, much more than “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”, which they’re a bit less enthusiastic about. But my seven-year-old is having trouble with the concept because the kid who really wants to play with her is an excluder. She wants my daughter to herself, and anyone else who wants to play with them is sent packing. My daughter can’t say you can’t play to the perpetrator because she doesn’t want to break the rule, even though that is exactly what the perpetrator is doing to other kids. What to advise? Her teacher told her to find someone else to play with, but the other kid followed and tried to run the show. Eventually it was just the two of them again. Then she came up with her own plan. When the perpetrator said, “You’re playing with me today”, my kid said, “Actually, so-and-so told me she really, really wants to play with you”. Cunning, yes, and slightly stretching the truth, but she didn’t technically break any rules and no one’s feelings were hurt. Like my little brother and I all those years ago on our dangerous quest for a bag of freckles and cobbers, she just went a different way to solve a problem. Kids are good like that. \

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Barista \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS ALLPRESS CAFÉ AND ROASTERy Career changes are barista often about timing. A six-month stint back in her native New

is a triumph. This New Zealand-forged Zealand, working with Allpress coffee, led company, which has made inroads into some Bridget Hopson to the company’s Melbourne of Melbourne’s newest and most fashionable caffeine mecca. Hopson began making coffee cafés in recent years, has opened a classy after school and on weekends at Workman’s showpiece in Collingwood. Café in Matamata on NZ’s north island. The The complex includes a high-tech roastery, rural town, where parts of The Lord of The cupping room, art studio and events space, Rings and The Hobbit were filmed, is now café and landscaped courtyard, and it known as Hobbiton and the café appears no expense has been spared. is renowned. “I enjoy the Allpress also has roastery and Hopson moved to Australia people side café set-ups in Dunedin, Sydney in 2005 and worked for busy of making and London, but the pièce de Melbourne Central café Food Inc résistance in industrial Rupert for four-and-a-half years. coffee” Street is the massive Air Roasting It was a period that taught her Technology coffee roaster, designed by about speed, high coffee volumes and co-owner Michael Allpress. customer service, she says. Her next barista Training sessions are held for staff and role was at Flemington’s Social Roasting customers in the purpose-built laboratory Company, where she spent two years building in the centre of the complex, and young, techniques and knowledge. super-friendly staff dispense caffeine and The barista roles at the Collingwood food with good cheer. complex are shared and Hopson is enjoying The menu, overseen by co-owner Tony the challenge of learning new techniques – Papas of Brasserie Bread, features boutique such as brewing pour-over filter coffees – as canteen-style fare such as salads, sandwiches, well as polishing older skills. deli items and a dandy collection of cakes and “It’s been great to go right back to basics slices. The flagship Supremo espresso blend and to learn more about quality and is on offer daily, augmented by a changing consistency,” she says. “I enjoy the people side weekly collection of single-origin beans of making coffee and working with my hands mostly served pour-over style. Six large and am always trying to improve to create stainless-steel hoppers hold a collection the perfect coffee.” \ of roasted beans to take away.


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ALLPRESS CAFÉ AND ROASTERY, 80 Rupert Street, Collingwood Phone \ 8415 5755 Barista \ Bridget Hopson Coffee \ Allpress Barista’s choice \ Long black Open \ Monday to Friday 7am-4pm; weekends 8am-4pm


(Darren James)

Not that caffeine aficionados CAFÉ would expect anything less, but the new Allpress Café and Roastery

Bridget Hopson

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Behind a brick wall, a lush lawn opens to this modern café space with rustic outdoor seating and awnings. Inside, each element of the colour scheme and furnishings is picked up in a tiled counter. Fresh loaves, roasted coffee beans and efficient staff are on show behind it. Windows front the training facilities and roasting warehouse beyond, revealing the odd brewing secret. \


Almost 13% of Australian men are affected by urinary incontinence.1 1 in 3 women experience urinary incontinence2 1. About Bladder & Bowel Health; Key Statistics. Continence Foundation of Australia key-statistics.html. Accessed February 23, 2011. 2. American Urological Association Foundation, Inc.2013. Frequently Asked Questions About Stress Urinary Incontinence. Retrieved from get-the-facts.cfm 7-1-13

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Viva: Laminate kitchen

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FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 13

Decanter \ Ben Thomas contemplates getting dirty From wine masterclasses hosted by international winemakers to afternoons in the park with friends and a few local beers, this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has something for every palate and budget. Stompin’ at the tram \ Stomp, taste and eat with Yering Station’s winemakers as they bring winemaking to the city. How much \ $25 Where & when \ Tram 69, Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road. 2.30-7pm, Saturday and Sunday, March 1 and 2. Crush, Stomp, Drink \ Epocha is turning its garden into a winery for a day, with guests invited to crush, press and learn the ins and outs of winemaking with winemaker David Carlei before sitting down to lunch. Epocha will invite guests back for another meal to try the finished product. How much \ $195 Where & when \ Epocha, 49 Rathdowne Street, Carlton. 9am-2pm, Saturday, March 1. Melbourne Beerfest \ Join Melbourne’s craft beer explosion with masterclasses, tastings, food and beer matching along with live entertainment in the shady Flagstaff Gardens. How much \ From $25 Where & when \ Flagstaff Gardens. 1-9pm, March 1 and 2. Slow Boat to the Pyrenees \ Hop aboard the Lady Cutler for a cruise with a difference: speed tasting. Chat and taste with 11 winemakers as they each present two wines, matched to water-inspired canapés. How much: $100 Where & when \ Lady Cutler, Berth 9, Central Pier, Docklands. 6-9pm, March 6.

» For more information and to book these events, visit:


he great irony of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is that it’s held during vintage for most of Victoria’s wine regions. Often the very people we’re celebrating can’t get away from their winery to join in. I’ve been in masterclasses with winemakers and cellarhands in whose purple-stained hands are swirled glasses holding some of the world’s best wines. There’s never a chance to talk about the wines over a coffee with them afterwards – they’re in their cars and headed back to work before you can say “cafe latte”. This year, some of those winemakers are bringing the winemaking to town. For me, the timeless image of winemaking is someone standing waist-deep in a vat of grapes with purple legs. At this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, which starts on February 28, a couple of events are giving people the chance to find out – for as little as $25 – what squished berries feel like between your toes. The Yarra Valley’s Yering Station and the Arts Centre have teamed up for Stompin’ at the Tram. “We’ll bring half a tonne of grapes down, people can jump up and down on it, get people dirty and help them understand the winemaking process,” says Yering Station chief winemaker Willy Lunn. “The idea is to give people an education and make it fun, rather than sitting in a stuffy room in front of panellists scribbling on about wine.” There isn’t enough time to make wine on the day, so the crushed juice will be taken back to Yering Station and fermented before finding its way into one of Yering’s 2014 vintage wines.


something for everyone

Yering Station’s Willy Lunn

“We’re actually going to make something here so in a few years people can look back and say, ‘Hey, I helped make that’. That’s a pretty cool part of the wine business,” says Lunn. He adds some practical advice for would-be grape stompers, breaking any myths that winemaking is a glamorous business. “People should trim their toenails! While winemaking you get dirty, so don’t wear your Sunday best.” \ Follow Ben @senorthomas

Online only » Ben Thomas’ weekly wine selections

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Date Thursday 6th March 2014


Time 6.45am - 9.00am Location Rydges Bell City Ballroom 205 Bell Street, Preston 3072 Cost $60.00 inc GST per head

The Victorian Government offers low-cost access to more than 22 targeted small business workshops and seminars. Business experts deliver informative and interactive sessions to small groups in your local area. Network, share ideas and learn how to grow your small business into a big success.

Registration Contact Deb Redmond Ph: (03) 9479 3339 Email:

Book your place today at or call 13 22 15

NBAA are hosted by the seven LGA’s in Melbourne’s North. March Quarter hosts: City of Whittlesea and City of Yarra

“Digital Disruption and Trends in ICT for Australian Businesses” Guest Speaker Will Irving Group Managing Director, Telstra Business

Plus Business Excellence Panel featuring March Quarter Nominees: �� jEyLaBs, Peter Boyd, Business Development Manager �� GymSports Academy of Movement and Excellence, Kim Amor, Director �� ACSO, Ria Dimou, Employer Liaison �� GIW Environmental Solutions, Gary Wertheimer, Director

PLUS Young Business Achievers �� ������������, Continental

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14 The weekly review \ FEBRUARY 19, 2014


Fashion \ Jane Rocca MEETS pro SURFER-

turned designer LUKE STEDMAN

uke Stedman traded waves for fashion two years He might have drawn inspiration from one of pop ago and now the former pro surfer is making culture’s darkest heroes (Ian Curtis, the frontman of Joy a splash beyond wetsuits and his surfboard. Division, who committed suicide in 1980), but Stedman His men’s label Insted We Smile is all about exploring has chosen to reference the band’s dark post-punk urban menswear inspired by the sounds of Joy Division sounds (think of their hit Love Will Tear Us Apart) and The White Stripes. through a surprising collection of moody silhouettes. Cool music taste aside, Stedman never thought he’d “I love Joy Division, and I think Ian is cool,” Stedman find a future in fashion, but was keen to explore the says. “I based my trench jackets around him. I also possibility once he stopped surfing competitively. designed a shirt called Inspired by Jack White [of The The ocean still feels like home, but he admits he’s White Stripes], so I guess music and the characters found a new love. He creates clothing for stylish lads behind the beats really inspired this collection, as well as who don’t mind a bit of adventure when it comes to the ocean, as it’s a major part of my life.” dressing themselves – there’s a hint of rock’n’roll cool, Stedman is inspired by the minimalist verve of a dash of folk shoegazer and a bold palette of prints to Belgian designer Kris Van Assche and American amplify your message. designer Jeremy Scott, who will design outfits for Miley Stedman describes himself as a positive guy Cyrus on her Bangerz tour this year. He has who doesn’t have a fixed office space – home is quickly learnt that being successful in fashion “all my where the laptop takes him, so to speak. For means accepting help and guidance from now, it’s Sydney’s Whale Beach. collections those around him. “I really wanted to be creative and, now “I have a lot of friends and family that have have a fun that I’m not surfing competitively, this was had input with my label and I could not have message” the best way for me to try to make something done it without their support,” he says. “I may that has my signature and allows me to have do most of the groundwork, but their advice and self-expression,” says Stedman. direction have been invaluable. I have had to learn He enjoys the process of fashion designing, sourcing that I can’t do everything on my own.” fabrics and nutting out styles that fit his new brand. He spends his time travelling to Europe, the US This isn’t a surfer label – Stedman has opted for street and Asia for work, and was in Paris last September to smart with a fashionable twist. There are tapered pants attend Ellery’s spring/summer 2014 collection, where he and trench coats, as well as fitted shirts with contrast observed her 1970s architecture-inspired silhouettes in banding, torn jeans, cropped pants and casual T-shirts. shades of claret, garnet and black. “All my collections have a fun and positive message,” He is keen to turn blokes on to his label – those Stedman says. “I like to have fun and be happy, so I who are willing to give fashion a go. “Guys are all hope this is how people see my collections. definitely interested in what they wear,” he says. “Being “With this collection I made an extra effort to add fashionable is more accepted these days. I don’t think new fabrics and new categories. We have some heavy guys really care about being labelled that any more, as trench coats, along with seersucker tailored shirting. they are fast becoming the majority.” \ The IWS boy will be the guy who loves to be fun and won’t be afraid to wear flamboyant garments, but also » likes to look expensive.”

Scholarships for Entry 2015 Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School invites applications for the following scholarships: Academic Scholarships for Year 7 Applications close Tuesday 11 March 2014 Assessment Saturday 15 March 2014 Academic Scholarships for Year 5 Applications close Tuesday 11 March 2014 Assessment Saturday 15 March 2014 Music Scholarships for promising musicians Years 5 – 11 Applications close Tuesday 11 March 2014 Auditions Thursday 20 and Friday 21 March 2014


For further information and to apply go to:

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, 123 Marshall Street, Ivanhoe Vic 3079 Phone: (03) 9490 6222 Fax: (03) 9490 6200 Email:

264 Lygon Street, Carlton.

Ph: 9663 2805 16 The weekly review \ FEBRUARY 19, 2014


Experience the all-new drive today! Experie

M{zd{3 now at

Max kirwan M{zd{

Victoria’s No.1 Selling M{zd{ Dealer

m{zd{ 2 neo sport Fresh new look. Now with alloys.

1.5 litre 16V DOHC S-VT engine 5-sp manual Air-con DSC CD player (MP3 compatible) Plus metallic/mica paint at no extra charge e

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cx-9 classic auto

Seven Seats and Reversing Camera 3.7 litre V6 24 valve DOHC S-VT engine Bluetooth® Air-conditioning 6 airbags Cruise control 18 inch alloys Reversing camera

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cx-5 Maxx Auto AN SUV with SPORTS CAR DNA

2.0 litre 16V DOHC S-VT engine With i-stop technology Bluetooth® Cruise control Reversing camera ABS, EBD and brake assist

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m{zd{ 6 sport sedan Exceptional safety and performance

2.5 litre 16V DOHC S-VT engine Auto with i-stop and i-ELOOP technologies Bluetooth® Sat Nav Climate control Front, side and curtain airbags Cruise control

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all must go!

Choice of colours!

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Australia’s No.1 Selling Car For 2011 & 2012!*

m{zd{ 3 neo 2.0 litre 16V DOHC S-VT engine ABS with EBD and brake assist



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$19,990 #

Cruise control Dynamic Stability Control Traction Control System 15 inch alloy wheels CD player (MP3 compatible) Front, side and curtain airbags Plus metallic/mica paint at no extra tra charge


bt-50 demo sale

bt-50 b t-50 4 4x2 x2

single cab chassis xt

with Genuine m{zd{ alloy tray Manual | Cool White | Reg: ZXZ324 2.2 litre common rail turbo diesel engine 6-speed manual Air-conditioning Bluetooth® audio 2.5 Tonne towing capacity+ Cruise control Front and curtain airbags

2,112 kms



bt-50 bt t-5 50 4x4

dual cab utility XTR

Extra comfort and technology Manual | Cool White | Reg: ABC 011 Tint 17” Black alloys Mud Terrains Sports Bar Bull Bar Tubular side steps Light force driving lights Plus much more

2,200 kms demo


bt-50 4x4

dual cab utility GT Tough with luxury interior Automatic | Black | Reg: ZRP327 Tint 17” 7 spoke alloys Sports Bar Bull Bar Tubular side steps Tow bar Light force driving lights Plus much more

6,250 kms



120 Bell Street PRESTON After Hours: Frankie Chirico 0409 277 967

9480 3555


Offer applies to stocked units only. Offers expire 28 February 2014. * Based on Australian Sales figures provided by VFACTS for 2011 and 2012. # Recommended Promotional Driveaway Price for Runout Mazda3 Neo manual, Sedan or Hatch. + Braked towing capacity subject to State or Territory regulations and subject to manufacturer’s specifications. Colours for illustrative purposes only. ~ Recommended Promotional Driveaway Price for Runout Mazda3 Neo automatic (Sedan and Hatch) is $21,990.

ToyotaTime Extended Sales Event

is on now at Preston Toyota






YR 5 DOOR HATCH 1.3L, Manual. 1AN4QM

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Preston Toyota 687 High St, Preston 03 9478 1788


After Hours New Cars: 0424 561 007 Used Cars: 0437 055 671

[A] Driveaway pricing is applicable for Private, Bronze and Silver fleet customers, & primary producers on selected 2013 plate models purchased and delivered by 28 February 2014 at participating Toyota Dealers. Kluger KX-R models up to November 2013 production only. While stocks last. Toyota reserves the right to extend any offer. Excludes demos. Offer not available in conjunction with other registered fleet discounts or offers. Recommended driveaway price shown includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a maximum dealer delivery charge and stamp duty. Metallic paint included for Kluger and Camry only. TAP = To Approved Purchasers. RRP = Recommended Retail Price. All other offers end 28.2.14. LMCT11205 YPA3372-M84

Motoring \ rod easdown gets behind the wheel


bout once a year I get a hankering for the great outback vastness, and there’s no better way to satisfy it than to drive to Perth. What other national highway gives you 2350 kilometres between traffic lights? And 147 kilometres without a bend? And doubles as a runway here and there? There’s a world-famous bird observatory out here, Skylab crashed i asked if I here, old telegraph stations have could been engulfed by sand. There drive one to are dingoes, brumbies, emus, perth wedge-tailed eagles and kangaroos. You can see whales from jagged coastal cliffs, go for days without mobile coverage, meet fruit-fly inspectors and pay more than two bucks for a litre of fuel. The Hume Freeway this ain’t. So when Mazda unveiled its new 3, I asked if I could drive one to Perth. It didn’t miss a beat, but taut suspension meant it did miss a kangaroo. This is a nice thing. It handles surprisingly coming in a close second last year. well, rides easily and remains comfortable You have the choice of two beautifully even after eight to 10 hours. It also gets terrific flexible petrol motors, this one and a economy out in the bush. The only thing that 138-kilowatt 2.5-litre, and all models are worries me is the price. It starts at $23,792, available with six-speed manual or six-speed not bad value given the equipment, but it’s auto, the auto adding around $2000. Go for a lot more than the $19,990 (negotiable) for the top model with auto and you’ll finish run-out models, and the $21,000-odd the old north of $40k. model usually started at. But the entry-level Neo will constitute However Mazda thinks it’s sharp enough the great bulk of sales and it’s a good car to make this the best-selling car in the for the money; certainly the best-looking country, which it was in 2011 and 2012, one in its class, especially in sedan rather

Mazda 3 Maxx What is it? A likely best-seller. What’s in it? A 114-kilowatt four-cylinder with a six-speed auto. Is it thirsty? I used 10 litres per 100km in the city, 6.3 in the country. The official combined figure is 5.7. $28,427

Drive Away Thumbs up Great looks, comfort, build quality, economy and attention to detail.

than hatch. And it’s nicely equipped with cruise, Bluetooth, USB and tricky fuel-saving technology. However, you only get a space-saver spare (you fret about such things when the nearest guy who plugs tyres is 600 kilometres distant) and the high window line makes the rear seat a bit claustrophobic, especially for kids. Rear visibility isn’t great. But if it were just you and me tootling around the city I’d have one of these in a flash. \

Thumbs Down Price increase over the old model, claustrophobic rear seat * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

Things you didn’t know about motoring … Francis Birtles drove the Nullarbor in 1912, one of the first crossings by automobile. He’d already gone around Australia twice, and crossed the continent seven times, on a bicycle.





QUEEN LEATHER BED WITH HIGH FOOT Designed with stylish comfort in mind, the stunning sleigh-style ‘Maison’ features hand-finished leather for an antique, lived-in feel. The metal studs secured to the bed ends complete the look with a touch of timeless class. Also available: King Leather Bed with High Foot $1714



Domayne ® stores are operated by independent franchisees. Ends 28/02/14. Mattress, bed linen and accessories shown are not included.

Level 4, Shop 9-13, QV Upper Terrace, Cnr Swanston & Lonsdale Sts. 8664 4300 (Enter the QV car park via either Swanston or Lonsdale Streets. Once in the car park, find the nearest elevator and make your way to level 4)

270281_MQV FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 21



t was a renovation with a difference when a husband and wife team bought this enviably-sized, Victorian-era property a few years back. Far from the problem of decaying period features, the couple was faced with an “interesting” 1980s facelift that had stripped the home of much of its original charm in favour of concreted yard spaces, brick fireplaces and bare walls without skirting boards or cornices. For this twosome – the husband a builder, the wife a former manager of a construction business – the challenge to restore a residence with great bones was too enticing to resist. The work was completed in two stages over five years. The front section of the house was worked on for a couple of years and finished just over two years ago. This was intricate work, involving installing reclaimed windows in the two front rooms (now both serve as bedrooms), locating and installing original period fireplaces (there were three put back in), and replacing the front weatherboards, along with building a traditional bullnose verandah with reclaimed iron lacework. Beautiful treated oak floorboards are the final touch. The rear extension involved a little more heavy construction. The beautifully lit and open-plan kitchen, living and dining space is the result of knocking down the “three or four lean-tos” that once formed the back space of the property. It’s an incredible transformation of the house in its entirety, not least due to the couple’s understanding of what makes for a functional family house (the property is home to five children). With this in mind, some walls were moved in the front section, allowing for an en suite and walk-in wardrobe to become part of the main bedroom. Two other bedrooms share a connecting en suite, while a third bathroom services the remaining three bedrooms – one of which could be transformed into an extra living space if one was required, with its decorative fireplace and position overlooking the front yard. With its 900-millimetre oven, butler’s pantry, and space for a double-door fridge, the kitchen is built for entertaining. A stone benchtop that does double duty as a breakfast bar serves as a second, more casual meals area compared with the adjacent dining space. The living area is large enough to section off into two parts – lounge area facing the fireplace with its stone surrounds, and a second reading or quiet area if desired. Out the back there is a deck that takes the overflow from the living spaces, landscaped gardens and an airy studio office with windows overlooking the garden on one side of the yard, and a separate workshop on the other. There is also room for one car off-street parking via a laneway with remote-control access. In the garden, a built-in fountain and mature fruit trees attract abundant bird life, including regular visits from rainbow lorikeets. The area itself comes highly recommended, with the house positioned just a quick stroll from the Yarra Bend parklands with bike trails to the city. Close by are also Fairfield Park Boathouse, Station Street and High Street shops, bus lines and two separate train lines; the property is zoned for Northcote High School. There is also central heating, a split-system air-conditioner in the living area and ceiling fans throughout. \ SARINA LEWIS




we love it Jellis Craig \ 9481 0633 Price \ $1.25 million – $1.35 million Auction \ February 22 at 11.30am This substantial freestanding Victorian sits on a deep, dual-fronted block with room for major extensions or a townhouse (STCA). The façade is in a classic cream render with green trim and the verandah has a concrete base. Inside, all spaces are large and have high ceilings. Most are carpeted but there are original floorboards underneath. The huge living room has a heater under a deco mantel and a three-panelled bay window thrusting into the front garden. Two of the four bedrooms have fireplaces. The laundry leads to a separate toilet and a bathroom with a bath and shower. The kitchen and meals area has terracotta floor tiles. Out back, a porch is open to a north-facing backyard and the garage has a right of way. A prominent location makes the property suitable for professionals to work from home. It’s in the zone for Princes Hill Secondary College and a short stroll to trams, shops and Royal Park. \ KAY KEIGHERY






Hocking Stuart \ 8481 1900 Price \ $980,000 – $1.08 million Auction \ February 22 at 11am Wrought-iron lacework adorns this attractive, double-fronted Edwardian weatherboard with a perfectly manicured garden. It’s just as attractive inside, with gleaming floorboards and gorgeous wallpapered feature walls in each of the two large bedrooms up front. Attention to detail is everywhere, from delicate ceiling roses and stylish cornices to beautiful, original fireplaces flanked by bookshelves. A third bedroom, or alternatively a formal lounge, has a warm and quirky charm, with wood-panelled walls, a brick-set fireplace and a dark stone-topped bar. The bright bathroom has a large, walk-in shower, with an enticingly deep tub. An open-plan living room stretches the width of the house overlooked by a kitchen. A wall of bifold windows leads to the big backyard with raised deck, lawn, brick-paved area and lush greenery. A bright studio at the bottom of the garden is the perfect retreat. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL




1 FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 23


we love it

induce envy. Renovated in two stages, the downstairs was first tackled in the mid 1990s, with the second-storey parents’ retreat completed about

10 years ago. The flexibility is there in a large front room that serves as either a bedroom, rumpus area or – with its ability to be shut off from the rest of the house – a music room. It was only recently used as a drum room. The upstairs floor plan subscribes to the same notion of changeable space: though imbued with a feeling of breezy openness courtesy of the balcony off the upstairs living


Nelson Alexander \ 9417 1956




The conversion of a 1920s-era grocery shop on a large corner site has resulted in a two-storey house that’s big on flexible spaces with a backyard sized to


Price \ $1.6 million – $1.75 million

FITZROY \ 4 JAMES STREET A Georgian-style brick façade with an arched doorway and lower window announce this charming property just off Brunswick Street that’s dripping with all the textbook charm of old Fitzroy. The building is co-owned by an architect who has taken the bare bones of this historic property and crafted a cool and contemporary interior that sits seamlessly with what went before. One bedroom, used as a study, sits downstairs, and has an ornate ceiling rose and a pair of sleek, white, built-in wardrobes on either side of an original fireplace with a heavy wooden mantel. The central living room has a second wrought-iron fireplace that complements the spiral staircase in one corner. A stylish bathroom makes the most of the space available with clever built-in storage and a shower with a wooden framed skylight. An open-plan living area to the rear is by a smart kitchen with timber workbenches and cream-coloured cabinets and has an angular ceiling punctuated by downlights. French doors lead to a paved, north-facing courtyard, while two further bedrooms are upstairs, both with fireplaces and built-in wardrobes. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL





24 The weekly review \ FEBRUARY 19, 2014

by a cook’s kitchen: think stainless-steel benches and two ovens. A stone-surrounded fireplace adds additional atmospheric appeal. There is a separate laundry, wardrobes in all bedrooms, a glossy bathroom and more than enough space for those thinking of building a studio or garage out the back. \ SARINA LEWIS

Auction \ February 22 at 11.30am

agents’ cho i ce



area and an easy flow-through of space, the main bedroom, the dressing-room, en suite bathroom and the aforementioned living space can be divided by a series of sliding doors to ensure privacy. Downstairs, the open-plan space makes the most of the large backyard with bifold doors that lead out to the lawn. It’s an easy recipe for entertaining supported

Collins Simms \ 9488 0688 Price \ $850,000 + Auction \ February 22 at 11.30am

Woodards Carlton 9347 1755 4





Jellis Craig 9481 6800 2


30 Coburg Street, Coburg ................................................................. Price: $920,000 - $1 million ................................................................. Auction Saturday February 2 at 3pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 6-6.30pm, Sat 2.30-3pm .................................................................

3 Hall Street, Clifton Hill ................................................................. Price: $725,000 - $775,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday February 22 at 10am ................................................................. OFI Thur 5.15-5.45pm; Sat 9.30-10am .................................................................

Style and substance find a beautiful balance in this family house that features spotted gum floors, 2.7-metre ceilings, 10-panel solar power and a double garage.

This modern quality-built freestanding terrace features two bedrooms, a living/ dining, brilliant kitchen, deck and garden.

Let's eat lunch @ Half Moon Café, 13 Victoria Street Let's eat dinner @ Woodlands Hotel, 84-88 Sydney Road Let's drink coffee @ Two Monks Café, 350 Sydney Road

Let's eat lunch @ Mixed Business, 486 Queens Parade Let's eat dinner @ Royal Hotel, 41 Spensley Street Let's drink coffee @ Quinces Café, 43/45 Spensley Street

CARLTON NORTH \ 375 CANNING STREET With the same footprint as a traditional Victorian, this 2006 build has improved the vertical proportions of its predecessors with the addition of a third level that impresses with walls of glass, a wrap-around balcony terrace and an enviable view of the city. While it doesn’t stand any taller than surrounding houses, it gives the perception of a towering height from its top storey. Its city-facing south-east corner has been brilliantly exploited for its views and light. The penthouse-style main bedroom with en suite uses glass, mirrors and light to great effect creating a remarkable panorama. On the ground level, modern interiors have plenty of texture. A matte concrete floor with a rusty finish runs throughout the lounge, dining and kitchen that is lined with south-facing windows. A marble splashback in the galley-style kitchen complements the floor and is offset by glossy white surfaces. A glass-enclosed internal courtyard effortlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living. The first floor is split into two with bedrooms and a deluxe marble bathroom at the front and a home office, laundry and powder room at the rear. A terrace joins the two areas. With a floor plan zoned for modern living, quality fixtures and finishes and sleek interiors, these are designer family spaces at their best. \ EMMA HOUGHTON






Woodards \ 9347 1755

Price \ $1.8 million – $2 million

Auction \ February 22 at 11am



Barry Plant Northcote 9489 9422 2


57 Flinders Street, Thornbury ................................................................. Price: $640,000 - $690,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday March 1 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Wed 6-6.30pm; Sat 10-10.30am .................................................................



Nelson Alexander Carlton North 9347 4322 2


93 Canning Street, Carlton ................................................................. Price: $850,000 - $920,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday March 1 at 12.30pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 5.30-6m; Sat 1.45-2.15pm .................................................................

Chambers \ 9489 9888

Price \ $1.2 million +

Auction \ February 22 at 2pm

Opposite parkland in a cul de sac, this Victorian residence has recently been made over in high, modern style. The façade is handsome in polychrome brick and the verandah has tessellated tiles. Upon entry, Baltic pine floorboards combine with white walls and high ceilings. The front bedroom looks over the park. A large cutaway from the hall introduces the central living room and another cutaway links the lounge with kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen has granite benchtops and quality appliances and the dining area, with gas log fireplace, opens to an internal courtyard with an original wood heater. Adjoining this is a self-contained set-up with a living area, a bathroom, a bedroom and laundry with a roller door to a right of way. The second story of the residence adds two bedrooms, a bathroom and a retreat opening to an elevated walkway that leads to a secluded roof deck. Up front, the big main bedroom has a fireplace and a balcony with views of the city. Brunswick Street, Melbourne University and the city are within walking distance. \ KAY KEIGHERY


Splendid and charming two-bedroom-plusstudy, freestanding Edwardian with a northerly rear yard exhibits lasting period character and lovely light-filled spaces.

A stylishly enhanced house in a prime lifestyle location with two large bedrooms, open living/dining, retreat and courtyard, within the University High zone.

Let's eat lunch @ Short Round, 731 High Street Let's eat dinner @ Thai Tiki Hut, 571 High Street Let's drink coffee @ Umberto, 822 High Street

Let's eat lunch @ DOC, 295 Drummond Street Let's eat dinner @ Trotters, 400 Lygon Street Let's drink coffee @ Carlton Espresso, 326 Lygon Street



2 FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 25

PRESTON 6 Shakespeare Avenue




1920’S STYLE, IMPECCABLY RENOVATED Seeing is believing! This expansive residence on a large landscaped block has been renovated and extended to the most exacting standards. Close to transport, schools and Preston Market, it includes 4 double BRs (ensuite to main), vast living/dining open to verandah, custom-built kitchen (Corian benchtops, premium appliances), elegant main bathroom, fitted laundry and powder room. Including a tandem garage and workshop, this welcoming home features grey box floors, refrigerated airconditioning, ducted heating, vacuum and alarm systems.

PRESTON 2/46 Murphy Grove LUXURY AND STYLE! Sensational modern living, this brand-new 3BR + study townhouse includes two bathrooms, gourmet kitchen and open-plan living/dining, ducted heating and split-system a/c, oak flooring, double-glazed windows, plus a north-facing courtyard and double garage. Close to Plenty Road trams, local parks, schools, High Street cafes and Preston Market.




AUCTION Sat 1 March at 1pm INSPECT Thurs 6-6.30 & Sat 10.30-11 GUIDE $580,000 - $630,000 CONTACT Ron Grills 0425 705 602 Preston | 9478 5000


Sat 1 March at 11am Thu 5.15-5.45 & Sat 2.15-2.45 $800,000 - $880,000 Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Nunzio Sulfaro 0414 223 134 Gordon Hope 0403 613 577

PRESTON 29 Flett Street


WIDE BLOCK, GREAT LOCATION Potential to modernize, rebuild or redevelop (STCA), this wellpresented 3BR home includes two bathrooms, lounge and kitchen/dining area, gas heating, a/c, plus an expansive backyard with garage via wide side driveway. South of Bell Street, it´s close to Plenty Road trams, Bell Station, High Street cafes and South Preston Shopping Centre.



AUCTION Sat 1 March at 3pm INSPECT Thurs 5.15-5.45 & Sat 9.45-10.15 GUIDE $580,000 - $630,000 CONTACT Ron Grills 0425 705 602 Preston | 9478 5000

FEBRUARY 19, 2014 \ The weekly review 41

A Review Local Advertising Feature


0410 496 961

High standard of work and expert advice RELIABILITY GUARANTEED

Contact Michael Clarke 0407 731 801 — AH 9350 6362



RAD Classical Ballet Dance Play 3 & 4yo Contemporary Musical Theatre Albert Park Dance Partners 99B Bridport St

North Melbourne Dance Precinct 430 Queensberry St


pascoe vale 8 attercliffe ave 9354 0887

Mens Body Works Mens Body Works WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS IN MENS GROOMING! We specialise in: • Improving your skin and looks with facials and peels • Massage (Deep Tissue, Remedial & Relaxation) • All waxing & body hair clipping (incl Brazilians for men) • Hair cuts and color from award winning stylists • Water treatments (hydrobaths & Vichy body scrubs & massages) • Manicures & Pedicures • Packages & Gift Vouchers for all occasions

ascot vale 50 flemington st 9375 3050 brunswick 27 colebrook st 9386 8070


Dance Precinct Enrol Now

Green-Isle Built-In-Robes

Gift Vouchers Available

Mens Body Works Melbourne’s 1st and only grooming and day spa facility for men.

464 Church Street, Richmond Call us on: 9429 5400 Visit us at: G6639644AA-dc19Feb


Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243

White Night Melbourne Saturday 22 February This White Night, visit Melbourne’s most beautiful bookstore in the iconic Georges building Reader’s Feast Bookstore 162 Collins Street Open until 8pm Bring this advertisement in on the night to go in the draw for a $100 gift voucher.



February 19, 2014


REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Public Notices


Adult Services


HouseBoy 0406 600 008 SWA5778xe GENTLE MAGGIE - escort. Available daytimes, 40 + slim and affectionate, GFE, pash kissing. Phone 9495 2760. swa4281be.

9482 3835


St Davids Street, Fitzroy swa7930xbe

Body Rubs G6640983AA-dc19Feb

45-47 Tope Street, South Melbourne SWA5109BE


S W A 1 1 3 E

9650 1516

OPEN 24/7

9314 2251

741 Geelong Road, Brooklyn

Beautiful NEW Hot Ladies.... Plus your usual favorites. Many languages spoken by our ladies.

9314 8800

24 Buchanan Rd, Brooklyn


9690 4888

Thai Massage Relaxation Massage Open 7days 10am-10pm

681 Nicholson St Carlton Nth

9381 2251 Early bird before 2pm $59/1hr

Massage Therapy CARLTON Chinese Massage. Natural Therapy. 63 Pelham St, Carlton. Open 7 days. 10am-9pm. Phone 9939 8867.

Massage Therapy



9376 2666

24 HRS Friday & Saturday 10am-6am Sunday to Thursday G5874378AA-dc20Mar


$49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 9654 6635.



Must have caravan chassis welding experience. Immediate start. Call 0403 566 585.

1300 138 910

Mind Body and Spirit

The Fashion Movers


TANTRA Learn how to create intimacy and trust within a sacred environment. Please phone 0450 056 698.

With Minimum 8 pallet van or TautlinerMultidrop. Deliveries from our Brooklyn Depot. Vehicles must be white and late model. Minimum 45 hrs per week.

For all your

Applications to or 1300 853 070

classified advertising contact us on

1300 138 910 or email



Chauffeur Drivers Reqd We are seeking to hire permanent casual people to represent our company. Current Driver Licence, Driver Accreditation Certificate, MSIC Card, Level 2 First Aid are required. This position may suit semi-retired, responsible, reliable people who have the ability to work with people, have good communication skills, who are self-motivated and competent. This position has variable hours of work, both mid-week and weekends. Above award wages.

Please call 1300 720 361 or 0437 982 952 Email resumes to: G6650848


To advertise in the Celebrations section please Vietnamese Massage contact us on ORIENTAL MASSAGE

High quality service and low price. 47 Dickson Street, Sunshine. Call 9311 9994. 259 Ballarat Road, Footscray. Call 8307 0114.

Relax yourself for Christmas. Enjoy our introductory special $35 for 30 minutes. 10am-9pm. 9478 9312 0411 312 046

Call one of our friendly operators NOW! G6200880AA-dc6Aug Traditional Thai Massage Deep Tissue Relaxation Qualified New Open 7 Days 10:30am-10:30pm M & F Staff 9480 2434

1300 138 910

345 Bell St Preston (parking at rear)


Rd 122 Dynon West Melbourne


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It’s Fun Time..... With....


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Close to CBD

9314 4242

Traditional Thai, relaxation with oil, foot massage and deep tissue. Qualified Thai females. Open 7 days. 10am-10pm 221 Clarendon Street South Melbourne

Relaxation. 305 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. 7 days. Telephone: 9077 7620.


Club 741 Best in Melbourne


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142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175



(2hr meter parking out front) Girls always available

9696 9199

7 days, 10am to 8pm. 204 Barkley Street, Footscray. Phone 9689 0360.


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9415 7762

Situations Vacant

Relaxation Massage



03 9347 6000

Phone 1300 138 910

Mel: 31A8

By appointment 10am-11pm.

Health and Wellbeing

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.



554-556 Swanston St, Melbourne Open 24 hrs - 7 days

Friday 5pm Monday 10am


1300 372 678 24hrs/7 days swa4281be SAHARA - I Visit you. I can wear traditional attire. Busty, sexy curves & very friendly 23yo. Ph: 9935 7753 swa4281be

Proof Deadline: All Classifieds:


Essential essay skills, specific for expository persuasive and discursive essays, by experienced essay specialist. 9315 7597.



10am till late ladies welcome. 32 Montefiore Street Fairfield



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1300 138 910

Deluxe Thai Massage • Traditional Thai • Deep tissue • Foot • Relaxation • Remedial Qualified Thai Females 7 days, 10am - 10pm


A FREE Local chat for a limited time. Call Melbourne Ladies 9825 3436. Guys 9825 3437. Local/mobile rates apply.

Adult Services Just Open Silk Lotus


Adult Phone Talk


Massage Therapy



Education and Tuition

13 Chapel Street, Windsor

9510 6768

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“The one carat diamond specialists” 20 Diamond Ring Designs each with at least One Carat of Premium Diamonds on Display. Individually Handcrafted in the Michael Wilson Workshop. Open 6 days a week (Sat 9-5pm). Full range of creative jewellery on display. Complimentary Coffee, Convenient Parking. Exceptional Prices for high quality diamonds.





Michael Wilson Gallery 725 Main Road, Eltham (Cnr Brougham St). For further details contact Aaron Wilson on 03 9439 3111 or

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The Weekly Review Melbourne Times February 19  

The Weekly Review Melbourne Times February 19