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19.5" (49.5cm) Premium HD LED TV with DVD Player

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Australian Mangoes 4pk $1.25 per unit

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OPENING HOURS: See your local store or for details. Meat and produce prices valid from 11/12/2013 - 17/12/2013 in our Victorian stores. Produce prices are also available in Albury and Lavington stores. Some items are sold in pre-packed sizes. While stocks last – please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities. ALD4322_W50_C

mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ FOOD FOR THOUGHT


ust as Australians were about to start thinking about and more sustainable than food production based on their Christmas menu, one high-profile Australian vast economies of scale and large investor return. emerged as a candidate for turkey of the week. Many Australian growers already know this. The AWU union chief, Paul Howes, copped several We now have a fascinatingly diversified agricultural well-sauced serves for suggesting Australia had to sector that ranges from larger-scale production and move away from “ma and pa farming” and embrace long-term family businesses to niche growers and large-scale diversified companies: “What we need distributors. The sector’s arguments for more is not too dissimilar to what exists in the US taxation, environmental and investment farming sector, where you have large-scale support are convincingly made, particularly we need conglomerates that can diversify across when you look at the advantages Australia has to care different states and different feed stocks and in food production. about how take advantage of those different elements It’s hard to find anybody, apart from the food is to be able to have sustainable long-term conglomerates themselves, who is arguing for grown investment into the sector.” more machine production of food. Instead, the Howes appears on his own here. From growing interest is in healthy, flavoursome food high-profile Nationals such as Barnaby Joyce to grown and reared well, with the value-added export well-loved cooks such as Maggie Beer, Howes was cachet of being produced with care and individuality. howled down as being out of step, not only with the We need to care about how our food is grown. We family tradition of farming, but with the international keep banging on about food security, about the need direction of smaller-scale, sustainable farm production. to produce plentiful, healthy, sustainable food; and we Indeed, the UN has declared 2014 the International also keep on about the rising cost of healthcare and the Year of Family Farming, backing up its landmark 2010 need for preventative healthcare and self-care, but rarely report that argued small-scale farming would double do we ever join the dots. As any doctor will tell you, food production in places where most hungry people diseases linked with lifestyle choices – including type 2 live within five to 10 years. diabetes – are the fastest growing ones in the country, The surprise in the report was that it found that and the role played by the food we choose to eat is now traditional farming methods are fundamentally correct unavoidably crucial. Good food can make us healthy,

but discussions about agriculture and health take place in separate hemispheres of the national brain. Good food and the part it plays in good health is disconnected, to the point where a social divide may be opening up along food production lines. A well-reared chook is a delicious thing – but it costs $25, and the factory-line supermarket one is $10. My fear is that good food – and therefore good health – will only be possible for those who can afford it, unless the smaller farmers that both the UN and Australian authorities champion can come up with economies of scale. I was struck last week, during the last episode of Kerry O’Brien’s interview series with Paul Keating, by the former prime minister’s observation of the incomparable advantage of living on a continent: there just aren’t that many handed out, he said. This continent, Australia, has always presented the possibility of us becoming a healthy independent food bowl for the region and the world, one of diversified farms and ownership, of production both niche and large but always committed to value-adding. It’s hard to see how Big Food, as it’s known, would provide that future. Think about that as you’re about to buy your celebratory turkey. A happy and safe Christmas to you all. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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Analog TV signals will be switched off across Melbourne on 10th December 2013. To keep watching your favourite free-to-air TV shows, you’ll need to be Digital Ready. Whether keeping or replacing your TV or upgrading your recorder we’ll have a simple digital solution that meets your needs.


5 models of recorders covering Blu-ray™, DVD and HDD.

WANT TO REPLACE YOUR CURRENT TV? Choose from 20 LED LCD and 6 Plasma TV models.

*Calls are charged at a local rate. Customer Service lines are open Monday-Friday 8.30am –6pm AEDST excluding public holidays. The use of the Digital Ready logo does not constitute endorsement by the Australian Government.


Before you call, please have the make and model number of your Recorder and TV ready or visit

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 3

stoCkists \ alexander McQueen, Celine, givenchy, Jean Paul gaultier, Mawi, victor & rolf \ Marais Melbourne 9639 0314 Calibre \ dita von teese, lanvin, Maison Michel, shourouk, st erasmus \ Christine 9654 2011 hugo boss \ 9474 6300 Jack london \ lover \ Preen, steffen schraut, theyskens’ theory, valentino \ thurley \ serena lindeman \ tony bianco \ Zambesi \

Cover credits

PhotograPhy \ Toshihiro Takaoka siobhan wears \ Victor & Rolf Bib Ruffle shirt and Serena Lindeman Starlight Starbright headwear yunJi wears \ Givenchy jacket and Celine skirt CaMeron wears \ Calibre suit, vest and shirt

above, froM left to right \ brooke \ Givenchy top and pant, Alexander McQueen clutch siobhan \ (seated) Victor & Rolf Bib Ruffle shirt, Serena Lindeman Starlight Starbright headwear CaMeron \ Calibre suit, vest and shirt Meghan \ Thurley swimwear, Dita Von Teese trench, Shourouk necklace aMber \ Valentino dress, Celine clutch bella \ (seated) Lover Courtney halter dress anissa \ Zambesi pyramid long dress, Maison Michel “lace ears” Zoe \ Lover leather dress Serena Lindeman “halo” and Mawi clutch all woMen’s shoes by Tony Bianco


Creative direCtion \ Dhav Naidu PhotograPhy \ Toshihiro Takoaka Models \ London Management hair \ Jamie Furlan, Danielle Solier and team at Xiang Hair QV Make-uP \ M.A.C cosmetics artists Annie-Rose Foretti, Sara Phanekham and Jodie Porter nails \ Cima Starnes for ORLY Professional Nail Care PhotograPhiC assistants \ Liliko Arai and Rohan Young heartfelt thanks to Gaynor Harman for her deft hand and Isa Videll-Jane for her ongoing support DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 15


fOOd \ kendall hill reviews bomba

(Maggie Bufe)

can see the waitress’ lips moving but her words drown in the din. She moves closer. I lean in. “It’s much noisier at this end,” she shouts, miming an apology face. This end is the Lonsdale Street, close-knit tables-and-chairs bit of Bomba, rather than the high-stools section opposite the copper bar or, better still, on the rooftop under the stars. There are no spare tables so we’re stuck in the raucous corner. I don’t recall Bomba’s forerunner, The Aylesbury – or even the Barbagallo pizza joint that was here before that – being this rowdy. But in its latest incarnation, as a “Spanish workers’ bar” with sandblasted brick walls and bare floors – i.e. industrial 101, the now-mainstream Melbourne fit-out – it’s awfully, annoyingly loud. And it’s not the just the noise that irks me. Remember a decade or so ago when newspapers ran squawking stories about posh restaurants charging $50 for a main course? The audacity. But wait until they find out Bomba charges $1.50 for a single olive. The price tag might be justifiable if these olives had been sourced, say, from the remotest part of the Pyrenees and had first passed through the digestive tract of a lynx before arriving at table. But these ones appear to be common, commercial-quality green olives, pipped and stuffed with a sliver of piquillo pepper and palm heart or salami. And they taste, overwhelmingly and exclusively, of brine. We sample almost a third of the menu (11 of 34 dishes) and it’s like a gourmet game of snakes and ladders – ups and downs. Sourdough bread baked in-house and served with Yarra Valley olive oil is good (and complimentary). Chicken, manchego cheese and smoked paprika croquetas – fried to a deep, George Hamilton tan – are oily and exceedingly salty. It’s a recurring theme. Of course fat and salt make things taste so much better but there needs to be restraint, a deft hand at the controls. The menu’s loosely defined charcuterie section includes air-dried tuna and wagyu beef, as well as standout strips of “Fisk’s” pickled pork belly, which I assume means chef Andrew Fisk pickled this Wessex saddleback himself. In which case, congratulations. The results, seasoned sparingly this time with a drizzle of olive oil and some sea-salt flakes, are crave-worthy. Even my (mostly) vegetarian dinner companion thinks so. Tomato-rubbed bread is Bomba’s take on the defining pa amb tomàquet of Catalonia, but with none of the rustic delights of the original. Even topped with a squirl of serrano ham, it is a drab, unappealing snack. But another toasted treat, this time smeared with goat’s curd and spring-bright broad beans and a slab of blood pudding (morcilla) made in-house, is memorable. The morcilla is brownie sized, heady with cinnamon, nicely crisp on the outside and crumbly within. Fried quail pieces with pistachio and buckwheat are fatty; a charcoal-grilled lamb cutlet arrives smothered in yoghurt spiked with paprika and, I think, garlic. It’s OK. One thing you can approach with certainty is the winelist. With its heavy bias to the Iberian Peninsula, there’s an opportunity to try unusual and rewarding

PedrO Ximenez braiSed POrk jOWl mOrcilla With gOat’S curd & brOad beanS

bottles such as the terrific Gabo do Xil godello by Telmo Rodriguez. It’s a delicious anaesthetic against the noise and a blessèd chaser after some of the less appetising eats. Like the freekeh and cauliflower salad with mint and pomegranate, which promises relief from the fatty fried stuff but it, too, leaves an oily film on the palate after each mouthful. “This sounded so nice, and it’s really not,” moans The Vego. To be fair, by the time the king prawns arrive we’re probably past the peak appreciation stage. It feels like a chore to consume these ringbarked creatures (heads and tails intact, bodies shelled), gathered in a clay pot in a pil pil sauce of oil and garlic. But a glimmer of pleasure returns with the gelatinous discs of pork jowl braised in sticky-sweet pedro ximenez sherry. The glistening meat pieces slump on a mound

of celeriac puree that only just manages to rein in the excesses of slow-cooked pig and caramelised liqueur. It’s not a patch on, or a match for, Movida’s PX-braised beef cheek with cauliflower puree, but it’s definitely one of the better dishes of the night. Chocolate croquetas with custard and hazelnuts are another letdown, another oily-mouth moment. There are definitely things to like about this place – the stripey Basque tops worn by staff, the rooftop perch, the Made in Japan stoneware and the linen tea-towel napkins. But the food? Not so much. Or, as a disappointed Spanish worker might say, No mucho. \ tO read mOre revieWS

eat this bOmba, 103 lOnSdale Street, city Cuisine \ Mediterranean

We rate it Chef \ Jesse gerner and andrew fisk


Hip Pocket \ about $45 a head for food Open \ Monday-friday noon-3pm, dinner daily 5-11pm Highlights \ The wine list, crockery, stripey tops. Lowlights \ Spanish food lost in translation. Bookings \ Knock yourself out


Phone \ 9077 0451 Stuffed OliveS

Out Of 10 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

CELEBrATE YOUr SCHOOL’S SUCCESS When the Sisters of Mercy established modern, creative learning spaces and St Aloysius College, they recognised the enhanced by widespread and co-ordinated importance of providing an education for integration of technology. young women that would enable them to go Your daughter’s learning is underpinned out into the world as initiators of change; at each stage of her maturity by a growing today we are still inspired by that vision. awareness of local and global social St Aloysius College is on the original 1887 responsibility, by an engaging learning site in North Melbourne, with transport program and by the development of links enabling students to come from explicit thinking skills. As a parent, you across the city. will increasingly be aware of your As we are an all-girls’ college, “FRIENDSHIPS daughter’s ability to make decisions your daughter will be immersed about her own learning. ARE MADE in an environment where positive On joining our college, your FOR LIFE” female role models abound, where daughter will be supported by an curriculum is rigorous and relevant, enthusiastic year-level team leader where her self-esteem will flourish and and an experienced team of pastoral where friendships are made for life. teachers. As part of a mixed-ability pastoral Her learning will be ignited through the group, she will follow a core curriculum with benefits of small class sizes and further pathway choices as she moves through the developed by the highest standards of year levels. education and pastoral care. Our community Such personalised learning allows her to is all-welcoming and proudly multicultural; develop at her own pace academically, and we value diversity, we respect all and also guide her in taking responsibility for we welcome your daughter into a school her own learning. VCE results ensure that community where sharing, acceptance and we are one of the highest-performing colleges appreciation are hallmarks. in the state, with access to modern facilities Our curriculum ensures that we engender and a variety of VCE subjects; we also offer a commitment to the highest academic alternative pathway programs standards; our curriculum is enabled by into VCAL/VET. \


A Catholic Girls’ College Year 7 -12 10002603-01-a11Dec©FCNVIC




31 Curran St Nth Melbourne 20 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

Ph: 9329 0411




At the Academy, we are educating young women for their future. This includes equipping them with the skills and knowledge to lead change in new and evolving technologies and sciences. In 2014, the launch of the Academy Science Centre will revolutionise teaching science at the Academy and provide students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and the latest interactive learning. The centre is a dynamic multistorey complex dedicated to the study of traditional and emerging sciences including biology, chemistry, earth and space science, physics, biotechnology, green chemistry, nanotechnology and synchrotron science. In a stimulating environment students will engage in scientific investigation and test,

Epping’s St Monica’s College is excited about two developments in 2014 – the first being its golden jubilee year, celebrating 50 years of Catholic secondary education in the suburb. The other being the opening of a revamped library. Students on the junior campus will benefit from an enlarged, renovated Pamela Coyne Library. It will have all the features of a modern and exciting eLibrary, offering great service to students and teachers. Design emphasis has been placed on comfort, space and areas for group and individual work.

communicate and expand their knowledge of concepts, theories and models. Alongside this, we are re-imagining the science curriculum and ways of learning in response to the growing interest in science among our students and to ensure graduates leave with the confidence and capacity to pursue leading roles in sciences. The Academy Science Centre is one of the ways we are staying true to our commitment to create a dynamic learning community and equip young women to respond as global citizens. It is a great place for inquisitive students to explore and wonder at the world as we know it and develop one of the best foundations for a scientific career. \

On the senior campus, a trade training centre is being built with federal government money. In this centre, students of carpentry studies and other related technology subjects will enjoy a free-flowing, bright, well-resourced place to pursue their trade-subject preferences. It will also be available at key times for students undertaking VCE and VET Technology subjects.  The Trade Training Centre will complement the vast technology learning areas on both campuses. This includes the trades and industries complex and new technology rooms on the junior campus. \


St Monica’s College


an Academy education

“is about giving girls the skills,

confidence and heart to shape

Talk & Tour 9419 3044




88 Nicholson St Fitzroy 3065 | | Enrolments 9412 7100

School of Educational Enterprise Enrolments are currently being accepted for Year 7, 2015 - 2017. Please note that 2015 enrolments will close on Friday 28 February, 2014. For further information please contact the College Registrar, on 9409 8444 or email

16 Davisson Street, Epping 3076 Phone: 9409 8800 Fax: 9408 7531 Email: Web:


A Ministry of Mercy Education Ltd ABN 69 454 531 870

the future.”

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 21


All Out

Clearance Event

Rav4 Turbo o Diesel AWD D FROM




2013 Camry Altise

drive e away





drive away

Preston ston Toyota is going all o out to give you a great deal across a range of 2013 models. Prado VX Turbo Diesel • 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine • 5-Speed ����������������������������������������� and Daylight Running Lamps (DRLs) • Auto headlamp leveling • 18” 8” Alloy wheels • Front and rear parking sensors • Leather ���������������� ��������������������������������������� ���� ����������������������������� �������������������� FM tuner compatibility and AM/FM

Demo 2013 Hybrid Camry Luxury • Powerful 2.5L engine with Hybrid Synergy Drive® • Leather accented interior • Rear lip spoiler • 17” alloy wheels • Reverse Camera or and auto dipping with back guide monitor ot Monitor and side mirrors • Blind Spot Automatic High Beam • JBL premium isplay, Satellite audio system with 7” display, ™ - live Navigation and SUNA™ �� ����������������������




Driveaway y [A]

2013 HiLux 4x4 SR5 Double-Cab Turbo Diesel Auto

• 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine • Anti-skid brak braking system (ABS) • Climate control air cond conditioning • Premium steering wheel • 6 sp speaker audio system with Bluetooth™ capa capabilities & sat nav • 17” alloy wheels (4) ����� ���������������������������������






Kluger Grande AWD ��������������������������������������������� �� ����� ������ ��� ������� � �� ���������� ������� ntry & Start • Leather with 8” display • Smart Entry ote release power rear accented interior • Remote ����� � �� ���� ����� ����� �������������� ������ �������� • Satellite Navigation



Driveaway [A]

Incl. alloy bull bar Inc




2013 Kluger KX-R 7 Seater ���������������������������������� � ������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� �������������������������� glass conven ce hatch • Cruise control convenience • 7 SRS airbags airba as standard





Demo Yaris YR 5 Door Manual ������������������������������������������������� ���������� �������� ������ ���� ��������� �������� (TRC), 7 SRS airbags, 14” steel wheels with (TRC) ith full cover (4), Power windows, Multi Information mation ������ ������� ����������������������������������������������� �������������������������������� ������




Auto From




2013 Corolla Hatch Ascent Sport Auto • 16” Alloy Wheels • Premium 3-spoke Steering Wheel • Chrome accented grille & ������������������������������������������� lines • 6.1” LCD touch screen display audio





Demo Corolla Ascent Hatch Auto ����� ����� ������ ������� ���� ���� �������� ������������ �������������� ������� ��������� ���� & TRC, 7 SRS Airbags, CD Tuner Audio with 6 � ���������������





FJ Cruiser New Spec



��������������������������������������������������� CRAWL Control • 72.0L Fuel Tank & 87.0L Sub Tank • Single-disc in-dash CD player with 6.1” LCD dis display, MP3 compatibility, Satellite Navigation •E Easy clean interior with water repellent seats ��� ��������������������������������������������� ca capabilities • Reversing Camera & �� �����������������������������


Preston Toyota 687 High St, Preston 03 9478 1788


After Hours New Cars: 0424 561 007 Used Cars: 0437 055 671

[A] Driveaway pricing is applicable for Private, Bronze and Silver fleet customers, and primary producers on selected models purchased and delivered on or before 31 December 2013 at participating Toyota Dealers. HiLux models up to July 2013 production only. RAV4 models up to September 2013 production only. While stocks last. Toyota reserves the right to extend any offer. Excludes demos. Offer not available in conjunction with other registered fleet discounts or offers. Recommended driveaway price shown includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a maximum dealer delivery charge and stamp duty. Metallic paint included for Kluger and Camry only. TAP = To Approved Purchasers. All other offers end 14.12.13. LMCT11205 YPA3241/FP

Under the radar \ Myke bartlett reviews the latest FILM American Hustle \ Opens December 12, Rated M »

top pIck


Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) have a neat little scam going; they fleece the financially irresponsible and desperate. When FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) catches them red-handed, he recruits them to net ever-bigger prizes, beginning with New Jersey mayor Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner). Directed by David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook), this is a thoroughly enjoyable romp. From the opening shot of a flabby Bale plastering down an elaborate combover, it’s clear we’re not supposed to take anything too seriously – even if the plot is loosely based on a real 1978 FBI sting. The period fashion is colourful and exaggerated, the soundtrack pure 70s and the dialogue has the bounce and wit of a classic farce. Russell’s light touch means we never worry too much when the stakes are raised and, as with Playbook, there’s a sense that conflicts are resolved a little too neatly. Happily, none of this detracts from the fun of the ride. Bale’s dedication to character work is admirable, and he is utterly convincing here as a charmer gone to seed. As his partner in crime, Adams is a delight, making the most of a fascinating character. Jennifer Lawrence, as Irving’s manipulative, neglected wife, Rosalyn, manages the rare feat of being a comic highlight while simultaneously giving the film some much-needed reality and emotional heft. \ to read More reVIews



Darkside: A BBC Radio Play Incorporating Dark Side Of The Moon \ Tom Stoppard and Pink Floyd (Warner) »


En route to a headline gig at Meredith Music Festival, this Atlanta indie group is stopping by Melbourne for one night this week. The band has been around for more than a decade now, but has proved consistently inconsistent, changing genres, styles and line-up with unnerving ease. With this year’s record Monomania, the band has shifted away from shoegazing towards gutsy, raucous garage rock, which should translate to a powerful live show. \



Deerhunter \ Hi-Fi Bar, December 11, $57.50 »

Five strangers are drawn together by a legendary graphic novel with soothsaying powers. A predictive text, if you will. This comic is much in demand, with two killers doing quite horrible things to anyone who comes in contact with it. This new British series is a very filmic affair, halfway between the cartoon energy of Edgar Wright and the prissily assembled whimsy of Wes Anderson. But don’t let its primary colours fool you. There’s something dark at the heart of Utopia. Nobody, even the most endearing heroes, is safe. An extended torture scene in the first episode might lack gore, but is gruelling in its simplicity. Peopled by a great bunch of characters, from the geekish to the grotesque, this is weird and wonderful telly you’ll want to binge watch. Thankfully, SBS2 is giving us this chance, showing all six episodes across two nights. \

Myke’s s pac e

Follow Myke on Twitter @mykebartlett


Utopia \ SBS2, December 18, 9.30pm »

What does music mean? This intriguing, philosophical and somewhat pretentious radio play, written by the legendary Tom Stoppard attempts to extrapolate one of the best known albums of all time into a curious tale about … well, I’m not entirely sure. We open with Ethics Man (Rufus Sewell) diverting a crashing train onto a branch line, where it kills a boy playing on the tracks. The boy in question (Iwan Rheon) heads off with a philosophy student to seek the Wise One for some answers. Or maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he’s just a thought experiment. As such, Stoppard does a good job of capturing the fluidity of meaning in music. It’s almost as if he’s reluctant to be too definitive, for fear of spoiling the record (all of which is featured worth during the play’s hour length) for the rest of us. The cast, which includes Bill Nighy, $29.95 is excellent and the dialogue crackles, Darkside will be even if the plot remains slippery. What released as a deluxe book Stoppard seems to understand is that and CD package and we have music means something different to three copies to giveaway, thanks each of us. \

Listening \ British Sea Power From The Sea To The Land Beyond. Evocative, triumphal and slightly nautical post-rock. Watching \ The Fall (Madman DVD). Gillian Anderson shines in this superb, slow-burning Irish crime thriller. attending \ Bolshoi and The Met. (Sharmill Films). High art comes to cinemas with HD recordings of Sleeping Beauty and Tosca.


to Warner Music. Go to www. culture and leave a comment telling us your favourite Pink Floyd album and why.

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 23


o t ic

s a’ i r





i ll











Australia’s Austral liia a’s N No.1 o.1 S Selling elling C Car ar For 2011 & 2012!* 2012!

M{ZD{ 3 neo

2013 Plate Exit

m{zd{ 2 neo sport

Fresh new look. Now with alloys. 1.5 litre 16V DOHC S-VT engine 5-sp manual Air-con DSC CD player (MP3 compatible) Plus metallic/mica paint at no extra charge

great new price!

NOW from only

$15 5,6 690 DRIVEAWAY 690 15,690 15,6

GET IT ALL. GET IT NOW. FINAL RUNOUT ON NOW BLUETOOTH ® 15 inch alloys from only Cruise control # Air-conditioning Metallic/Mica Paint AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! M DRIVEAWAY


Plus gr g great deals on demo models

Luxury aut auto to ^

with Seven seats & sat nAV Automatic | Meteor Grey Rego 1AB2KL | 2,600kms

Demo $49,990 | Save $5,000˚ ˚

CX-5 5

Maxx sport t^

AN SUV with sports car dna Automatic | Aluminium Rego 1AB2JZ | 3,800kms

LMCT 1293


sport sedan ^

exce exceptional safety & performance Automatic | Black Rego 1AA7MK | 2,100kms

Demo $33,990 | Save $3,325˚ GOOD ONE MAX!

m{zd{ 6 m

Demo $33,990 | Save $3,161˚

120 Bell Street PRESTON

9480 3555 After Hours: Frankie Chirico 0409 277 967

Offer applies to stocked units only. Offers expire 30th November 2013. * Based on Australian Sales figures provided by VFACTS for 2011 and 2012. # Recommended Promotional Driveaway Price for Runout Mazda3 Neo manual, Sedan or Hatch. ^ Images for illustrative purposes only, actual colour as indicated in description. ˚Savings based on Recommended new vehicle delivered price.


cx-9 c x-9 9

Motoring \ rod easdown gets behind the wheel


Peugeot 2008 Allure What is it? A little wagon that thinks it’s an SuV. What’s in it? An 88-kilowatt turbocharged 1.6-litre with a five-speed manual. is it thirsty? i used 9.5 litres per 100 kilometres in the city, six in the country. The official combined figure is 5.9.



thumbs up Fun to drive and very comfortable, with good ride quality.


en years ago, maybe even five, Peugeot’s 2008 would have been called a wagon but now that SUVs are hot it’s called an SUV. Actually Peugeot calls it an Urban SUV, which I guess means that it’s small and doesn’t have four-wheel-drive. When manufacturers use words like urban, you can usually bet that they’re justifying a car that doesn’t stack “the bonus up very well out on the open road, is that it but that’s not the case here. The rides nicely 2008 cruises nicely at the legal limit indeed” and has solid handling that yields surprisingly generous grip through the twisty bits. You can drive this quite sportily. You can have fun. It feels good. The big bonus is that it also rides very nicely indeed, unusual in a car of this size that handles so nicely. Once wound up, the 1.6-litre four-cylinder is enthusiastic, and it sounds pretty good when it’s getting up there, too. All of this, of course, invites sporty driving but although I Peugeot’s centre-screen menus and was having fun during this test the economy navigation can get pretty confusing and the was pretty good. audio’s sound quality is crook, sharp and My major grump is that until the brittle and often drowned out by the motor turbocharger is working there’s precious little and road noise, even though neither of these torque available. Try to accelerate from low is extreme. I would suggest throwing away the revs in second gear and there’s absolutely no factory-original speakers and replacing them one home until you get the revs up, when the with something worthwhile. About $200 turbo comes on stream and things begin to should do it. pick up markedly. This means you have to Otherwise the cabin is first class for the ensure you’re in the right gear when you’re money, beautifully finished with excellent dicing with traffic. front seating that wraps around you nicely,

a delightful little steering wheel and a highly visible and usable instrument cluster. The rear seat is squeezy for adults but acceptable for a couple of kids, and the luggage space is just as you expect. Lift the floor and you’ll find a space-saver spare in a cavity big enough for a full-sized one, which is penny pinching in the extreme. I really liked this car. It’s fun and frugal, comfortable and cute, economical and beautifully engineered. \

thumbs DoWn Lack of low-end torque, and the audio is dreadful. * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

things you DiDn’t knoW about motoring... The first successful application of turbocharging was made in two German ships fitted with turbocharged diesels in 1925. Turbos first turned up in trucks in 1954 and cars in 1978.





1.5% P.A.

Clear service pricing for greater peace of mind. Factory-trained technicians and top-class equipment. Genuine Honda parts. For applicable models visit Yarra Honda




✽ Offer available while stocks last on new and demonstrator 12YM City, 13YM Civic Sedan, 13YM Accord and 13YM/14YM CR-V purchased and delivered between 1.11.13 - 31.12.13. Eastern Honda reserves the right to change/extend this offer. ^ This copmparison rate for finance amount $30,000 on a secured Consumer Loan for a 60 month term. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and my not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Finance offer only available for qualifying new and ex-demonstrator 12YM/13YM Odyssey, with nil deposit and a maximum term of 36 months, ordered and finance approved by 31st March 2014. Finance provided by Macquarie Leasing Pty Ltd ABN 38 002 674 982 (Australian Credit License No. 394925) trading as Honda Financial Services to approved applicants only (not available to fleet, government ior rental buyers), subject to its credit assessment criteria. Fees and charges are applicable. Full conditions available on applcation. LMCT8953 YH5764JH

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

FITZROY NORTH \ 566 Rae Street


hen the current vendors first set foot in this house, they did not expect to fall in love with it. Given its former life as a Methodist church built in 1916, perhaps their reticence should have come as a surprise. It is after all a striking building, with all the hallmarks of a historic house of worship, from the vaulted timber truss-and-beam cathedral ceilings to the beautiful leadlight windows. But it was the distinctive nature of the property that initiated some cause for pause: how to live in a house that still retains such a strong visual connection to its origins as a church? Quite comfortably as it turns out, in large part because of a renovation carried out by former owners. Several living zones make it easy for families to get along, with no reason to ever feel cramped or feel the pressure of having people underfoot. The installation of a mezzanine has not only made the most of all that ceiling height but has also created a cosy feel around the property’s informal living areas. Yet these changes have done nothing to compromise its original aesthetic. Its presence from the street is unchanged; so, too, the staggering beauty of the portal entrance. The square entry tower has been transformed into a stunning library, courtesy of built-in shelving that ascends high up into the double-height space. A second door opens to the main house. Expect a jaw-dropping room that presents just as it would have almost 100 years ago, except that in place of pews is a breadth of space that now forms the open-plan formal lounge and dining room. The enormous leadlight window that takes centre stage on the main wall is without doubt the feature of the entire house. The mezzanine snuggles into the rear quadrant of the property on the ground floor (there are two upper levels), where two bedrooms have leadlight feature windows. The open-plan family, kitchen and meals area is not part of the original footprint. Devices such as gothic-arched doors create continuity with the rest of the house. It’s a smooth transition, aided by the beauty of travertine-tiled floors and that same generosity of space. Indeed, the kitchen is a home cook’s dream, with wide granite benchtops dominated by a Gaggenau stovetop with built-in steamer and grill along with a Neff oven. But perhaps the biggest surprise is the 4000-bottle, climate-controlled lockable cellar. If that is not enough of a drawcard for enthusiastic entertainers, there is always the eight-person indoor Jacuzzi, steam room and gym that adjoins the remote-controlled double garage. Adults will fall in love with the mezzanine space. Up here is a retreat with kitchenette, a bedroom with dressing room, en suite and separate shoe cupboard, then up a second set of stairs to a fourth bedroom, office or studio. There are also three balconies spread across the two upper levels. Extras include a downstairs study with a wall mural, underslab heating in the open-plan kitchen and family living areas, hardwired back-to-base alarm system, four off-street car spaces (two in the lock-up garage), and easy access to schools, parkland, public transport and Station Street shops. \ SARINA LEWIS




we love it Chambers \ 9489 9888

Price \ $920,000 + Auction \ December 14 at 12.30pm

The Victorian façade and picket fence may not be too unusual in this neck of the woods, but prepare for something a little out of the ordinary inside. A savvy renovation has transformed this property into a two-storey, four-bedroom contemporary stunner. Downstairs, two large bedrooms have dark timber floors while one has a corner fireplace. A shared bathroom gleams with a large walk-in shower. Push the mirror and an inset cabinet is revealed above the sleek vanity. Angular ceilings stand tall above the bright, tiled open-plan living area to the rear, with windows visible from almost every angle. The kitchen houses a broad stainless-steel Smeg oven and a Miele dishwasher, with twin tubular pendant lights hanging over the deep island bench. Upstairs, two bedrooms are separated by a large bathroom with contrasting black-and-white tiles. The main has an en suite and funky walk-in wardrobe. There is room for two cars. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL







Love \ 9471 0233

Price \ $700,000 – $770,000

Auction \ December 14 at 2.30pm

This Californian bungalow, built in 1924 by an owner-builder, has been extended and renovated. It has grown into a fine family residence that abuts the oval of the soon-to-be closed Preston Girls Secondary College. The meticulously painted weatherboard façade with triple gable and two front bay windows has a verandah supported by brick piers. The rooms lead off a central hall and the house retains period features such as cornices with a leaf motif, strapped ceilings, picture rails, leadlight windows and red-brick open fireplace. All bedrooms are big; two have built-in wardrobes and one has an open fireplace. Attractively remodelled, the bathroom is pristine and the bathtub is a re-enamelled antique. The central lounge with fireplace connects to the dining and contemporary kitchen through a cutaway. Glass doors in the dining area open to the massive covered deck. The house has 13 solar panels, there is a fitted laundry, garage with work bench and the property is close to three schools and Preston Market. \ KAY KEIGHERY





1 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

CLIFTON HILL \ 191 SPENSLEY STREET There is an incredible sense of comfort and warmth within the walls of this double-fronted Victorian, built circa 1890. Today the house is half-hidden behind a front garden that is one part woodland setting and two parts cottage garden. A bullnose verandah curls around the front, while interior spaces encourage an easy flow between inside and out, cementing the connection between house and land. High ceilings reinforce the feeling of space. There are four bedrooms (one with built-in wardrobes and three with open fireplaces). The main bedroom has french doors to the side courtyard and is the most inviting, open as it is to fresh air and green space. Though completed about 20 years ago, a sympathetic renovation that opened up the rear of the house remains architecturally relevant. Here, skylights illuminate the kitchen. The open-plan meals and living space is given a focal point in the atrium-style sitting area with its walls of glass and fireplace surrounded by recessed bookshelves. It is a space to sit in quiet, doors open to the backyard, sheltered from the elements by the overhang of mature trees and a covered patio. There is a separate dining room and laundry, rear-lane access to off-street parking and gas ducted heating. Children can walk to primary school and the Merri Creek trail is nearby. \ SARINA LEWIS






Jellis Craig \ 9481 6800

Price \ $1.25 million – $1.325 million


agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Barry Plant \ 9489 9422

Price \ $650,000 – $690,000

Auction \ December 14 at 10am

Woodards Carlton 9347 1755 3





Nelson Alexander Fitzroy 9417 1956 3



682 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North ................................................................. Price: POA ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at 1pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 6-6.30pm; Sat 12.30-1pm .................................................................

6 Walker Street, Clifton Hill ................................................................. Price: $880,000 - $950,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 21 at 11am ................................................................. OFI Wed 5.30-6pm; Sat 10-10.30am .................................................................

The refined expansive open-plan spaces and irresistibly romantic outdoor areas of this evocative ornate boom-style Victorian are a delight to the senses.

With potential to renovate/upgrade in a highly sought-after location, this house has three bedrooms, spacious living, laundry, second kitchen, garage & right-of-way.

Let's eat lunch @ Two on Rathdowne, 793 Rathdowne St Let's eat dinner @ Kent Hotel, 370 Rathdowne St Let's drink coffee @ Tre Bicchieri, 623 Rathdowne St

Let's eat lunch @ Cavalini, 354 Queens Parade Let's eat dinner @ Rita's, 239 Johnston St, Abbotsford Let's drink coffee @ Café Quince, 43/45 Spensley Street

Auction \ December 15 at noon

The period façade of this semi-detached residence fronts an interior that surprises in size, floor plan and finish. There’s an internal courtyard, a sophisticated open-plan living, kitchen and dining arrangement and a second-storey main suite that’s dressed to impress. Video security governs entry and a bright bedroom begins ground level. The hallway is glazed to one side and opens to the paved, sunny courtyard. Revelling in outdoor aspects, the spacious living area adjoins the kitchen and dining area. Polished floorboards reflect sunlight and the full stone and stainless-steel kit-out assures the chef is well equipped. There’s a European laundry, the ground-level bathroom has a shower and a spa bath, and the garage is entered from the rear hall. The elevated, secluded main bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and en suite. Discerning couples will likely be impressed but the house could work for a small family, too. Moments from High Street and minutes from All Nations Park, this gem is hip and handy. \ KAY KEIGHERY






28 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

FITZROY NORTH \ 3 MELVILLE STREET Clerestory windows in the rear of this reborn Edwardian let the light in while double glazing means it is very quiet. The property is a short walk to trams, shops, cafés, schools and riverside tracks, but quality time at home beckons with this house’s terrific spaces and a great vibe. A red front door punctuates the block-fronted façade. A mix of period and modern features create a contemporary interior. The arched central hall has Baltic floorboards, decorative cornices and ceiling roses. Two of the four bedrooms have floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes and open fireplaces. The fourth bedroom doubles as a lounge and the main bedroom connects with an en suite and light well. A big bathroom has granite floor tiles and a shower over a large triangular bath, and there is a European laundry in the hall. The rear extension has reclaimed Tasmanian-myrtle floorboards and the kitchen has stainless-steel appliances, granite benchtops and lots of cupboard space. The kitchen overlooks the meals area and the family room. A study is opposite the kitchen. There are ceiling fans, and a gas log fireplace. Glass doors link this informal living zone to a deep timber deck. The backyard has artificial grass bordered by garden beds. The garage, with french doors to the garden, doubles as a studio. Heating, cooling and a water tank are more features. \ KAY KEIGHERY






we love it

Collins Simms \ 9488 0688

Price \ $1.25 million +

Auction \ December 14 at 12.30pm



Barry Plant Northcote 9489 9422 3



143 Harold Street, Thornbury ................................................................. Price: $780,000 - $830,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at 1.30pm ................................................................. OFI Thurs 6-6.30pm; Sat 1-1.30pm .................................................................



Jellis Craig 9481 6800 2



118/34 Union Street, Brunswick ................................................................. Price: $440,000 - $480,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday December 14 at 2.30pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 5.30-6pm; Sat 2-2.30pm .................................................................

Woodards \ 9347 1755

Price \ $700,000 – $770,000

Auction \ December 14 at 11am

Emerald-green paint adorns the picket fence and the detailed lacework on the verandah of this cream-faced Victorian terrace. A long hallway with polished floorboards has a classic central arch, while three more arches line up side-by-side along the wall. Both spacious bedrooms have built-in wardrobes and ceiling roses perched high above milk chocolate-coloured carpets. The front bedroom has a broad, north-facing window, while a large skylight keeps the second bright and airy. The laundry is tucked behind bifold doors just outside the bathroom. Opening to the rear, a large combined living and dining space stretches luxuriously beneath a contemporary cathedral ceiling. The galley kitchen, with wooden cabinetry and a wall-mounted Fisher & Paykel oven, opens to a small internal courtyard. It’s a bright and spacious place that spills out to a private courtyard with red bricks arrayed in a quarter-circle radial pattern. Edinburgh Gardens is close, with the Nicholson Street tram practically on the doorstep. \ STEPHEN A. RUSSELL


A renovated period home with open-plan lounge/dining & landscaped garden, it has gourmet kitchen, BIRs, chic bathroom, ducted heating & reverse-cycle air-con.

This two-bedroom first-floor rear apartment is a complete inner-city package, and has study nook, large north-facing balcony, lift access, parking and storage.

Let's eat lunch @ Little Henry, 850 High St, Thornbury Let's eat dinner @ Umberto, 822 High St, Thornbury Let's drink coffee @ Brother Alec, 719 High St, Thornbury

Let's eat lunch @ Code Black, 15-17 Weston Street Let's eat dinner @ Howler, 7-11 Dawson Street Let's drink coffee @ Fine Grind, 1/34 Union Street



1 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 29

n O T Ti T A c A s M Au is 00P . H T 12

Family Values


Auction This Week

116 Rene Street, Preston

This large stylish 1920’s family home on 555sqm block has sunny northerly rear aspect, side drive AND rear access. Garage too. Comprising: 3 bedrooms plus teenager’s retreat, study, Kitchen/ living, meals and lounge areas. Move straight in, and there is scope for the dream renovation. Near Plenty Road public transport and shops. This not to be missed.

Unbeatable value! Be sure to inspect.


n er io mb t c e m Au Dec 0 p th 3:3 14 at

Brunswick 18/10-12 Breese Street Position Style & Price! Suitable for $400,000 plus buyers. This two bedroom apartment is located in a fabulous location close to all amenities including Sydney Road shops, cafes, restaurants and transport. Hosting two good size bedrooms with mirrored built in robes, central bathroom with (bath, vanity, shower), kitchen with stone bench-tops equipped with stainless steel appliances and dishwasher. Open plan modern living, genuine solid timber flooring from entry through kitchen and living to deck, tiles to wet areas. Other features include split system, quality fixtures and fittings, intercom system with remote access, secure sub ground car parking and a lift servicing all floors.

Contact Vince Carnevale 0414 478 847 Office 5/350 Taylors Road Delahey (03) 9364 6900


Auction This Week n er tio mb c e Au ec pm D 30 h t 1: 14 at

n er io mb ay t c e d Au Dec mid th 00 14 12: at

Victorian Balcony Terrace

Executors Auction

199 Roden Street WEST MELBOURNE

WITH BLAZING CITY VIEWS!! This one has it all...and then some. Comprising 4 bedrooms (OFP’s), retreat (or 5th Bedroom)with panoramic city views, two bathrooms and spacious courtyard great for entertaining or just kicking back.

Whilst situated walking distance to cosmopolitan lifestyle icons Vic Market, Errol Street, Docklands and CBD, the location has a country town feel on weekends. Immediately liveable and rentable, there is scope for the dream renovation, too. It just doesn’t get better than this! Be sure to inspect. Ray Nardella 0418 348 530

Flat 7/43 Haines Street, North Melbourne

First time offered in nearly forty years, this two bedroom flat has just been painted and carpeted and is ready for you to live in or rent out. It takes advantage of a bright and sunny northerly aspect and comes with car park title. Don’t miss this one! Ray Nardella 0418 348 530

Unbeatable value! Be sure to inspect.

30 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

03 9639 4888

LR reed Melbourne


FITZROY NORTH 115 Fergie Street Invest or Occupy 483 High St Northcote

OFI – Every Thursday Between 12:30 – 1pm

• Impressive corner property • Fully renovated, partitioned ,and air conditioned • Ready for immediate occupation • Building area 62m2*

• Ideal retail/office space • Vacant Possession • Close to Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre • Fully self contained

Paul Gervasi 0418 313 847

Mario Passaro 0419 323 049


Level 1, 53-57 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne





AUCTION Thursday 12th December 2013 1pm



This spacious 3 level townhouse in the heart of Fitzroy North, offers family accommodation and the potential to work from home. Comp: 3 bedrooms, ( main with ensuite), kitchen adjoining large open plan living opening onto private terrace, lounge, home office, internal courtyard and retreat, 4 car garage and excellent ROW access at rear.

Auction Open Mel Ref Contact

Saturday 14th December at 11am Thurs 5 - 5.30pm & Sat 10.30 - 11am 30 B11 John Costanzo 0418 990 457 Office Level 1/252 St Georges Road Fitzroy North 9489 9888 Website

changing real estate

FITZROY NORTH 566 Rae Street 4



CONTEMPORARY HEART BEHIND A GRACEFUL FACADE You won’t believe what’s behind the picket fence! This wide block and the Victorian that fronts it have been transformed into an ultra smart two-storey entertainer’s home with 4 large bedrooms. Dark timber floors provide focus on the ground level. A matching feature staircase rises past an angular ceiling, up to master (with stylish en suite & WIR), 2nd bedroom and luxury bathroom with bath. An open-plan kitchen (with Euro appliances), dining and living room have floor-to-ceiling glass doors accessing a deck and double car space (accessed via a streetwidth ROW). Get your gardening gloves on and watch this house bloom. Auction Open Mel Ref Contact

Saturday 14th December at 12.30pm Wednesday 5.45 - 6.15pm & Saturday 12 - 12.30pm 30 A12 Steven Scalise 0439 660 334 Office Level 1/252 St Georges Road Fitzroy North 9489 9888 Website

changing real estate

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 31


Carlton 83 Palmerston street Wide and handsome: a prime Carlton terrace. With a wider than usual frontage, a courtyard to 2 sides and generously proportioned rooms, this immaculately presented 1880s terrace offers tranquil living within walking distance of the CBD, Lygon Street and Melbourne Uni. Overlooking peaceful tree-lined Palmerston Street, the property comprises 3 double bedrooms (BIRs), a formal living room, an expansive living/dining zone flowing to the bluestone-paved courtyard, well-equipped kitchen and tiled bathroom with spa bath and separate shower. This fine period residence features polished Baltic pine flooring and ornate period detail (including two open fireplaces).



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

thurs 6.00 - 6.30pm & sun from 10.30am sun 15th December - 11.00am 2B / g6 $790,000 - $850,000 Ben harrison 0430 457 234 Will Walton 0412 511 717 carlton 9340 1900

Fitzroy north 1b Grant street all your Christmas wishes... Granted... Located in a brilliant parkland fringe position this stylish contemporary residence offers all the hallmarks of great inner city living. Appointed with the owner occupier in mind and designed by Techne Architects there is little to do but move in and enjoy wonderful design, accommodation and brilliant appointment throughout. Comprises 3 bedrooms with BIR (master with ensuite), study area, European appliance kitchen, American hardwood timbers & joinery, generous open plan living opening up onto two balcony areas, 2 bathrooms, 2 car spaces and more. Just moments from Edinburgh Garden parklands, Fitzroy North Village, Brunswick St & more.



View auction mel ref contact office 32 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

2 thurs 6.00 - 6.30pm & sat from 9.30am sat 14th December - 10.00am 2c / E3 michael amarant 0411 144 569 charlie atkins 0405 287 112 carlton 9340 1900

Northcote 15 Howitt Street This attractive corner residence close to Fairfield and Westgarth offers 2 double bedrooms (ensuite to main), expansive living room, dining/informal living, neat kitchen, bathroom and paved courtyard, with period detail and strong value-adding potential.

2 View auction mel ref EPr contact office



177 (approx)

Wed 5 - 5.30pm & sat 12.30 - 1pm sat 21st December - 2.00pm 30 / J11 $700,000 - $750,000 sam rigopoulos 0425 834 583 george theocharis 0415 578 809 northcote 8481 1900

PreStoN WeSt 70 GeorGe Street


Significantly extended, immediately inviting, this substantial four bedroom, two bathroom Californian bungalow offers exceptional, family focused spaces against a garden backdrop with a Jacuzzi gazebo and pool, secure garage and office/studio.


View auction mel ref Price contact office


603 (approx)

thurs 6 - 6.30pm & sat from 2pm sat 14th December - 2.30pm 18 / c9 Please contact agent natalie Velkovska 0431 111 198 Joe Ledda 0418 176 858 Preston 9471 1100



2-3 Bed 2 Bath 6 Car

BrunSwiCk weSt 35 Heller Street Over 38m Frontage on Grantham St Here is a mixed use property that needs imagination and creativity. Currently, a villa unit, a lockup shop and a car park. Develop the whole lot and get as many dwellings as you can. (STCA) Develop part and utilize the other part for a passive income. Develop all or part! Home Offices!Townhouses! Apartments or more (STCA). A winning location choices are endless!!!

Auction 14/12/2013 11:00am View Thurs 1:00-1:30pm & Sat 10:30-11:00am Call George Abraham 0408 335 577 Kallay Lawandi 0403 464 383 535 Flinders Lane Melbourne 9629 8885 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 33


34 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

IS TH N AY IO RD CT U U T A SA 00 ,0 ! 95 FT $2 LE OM Y 5 FR NL O



CARLTON 34 NEILL STREET CORNER THE CARLTON MARKET WITH A BOLD INVESTMENT! Ideal investment opportunity for buyers seeking to develop their portfolio. These apartments offer brilliant rental returns potential; perfect for your SMSF. All apartments have been repainted & refreshed offering large open plan living/dining, modern kitchen, crisp separate or ensuite bathroom, large floor-to-ceiling picture windows, great storage with secure access viaremote-controlled gated entry, plus intercom.




ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections


$295,000 - $360,000 Every Sat, Sun & Wed 12-12:30pm Maarten Bruin 0418 365 410 Ollie Preston 0402 702 568 Sunil Tolley 0434 633 696 448 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 9867 1444 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

ALPHINGTON 801 Heidelberg Road




MAGNIFICENTLY-SCALED CHURCH CONVERSION Utterly spectacular! The former Alphington Methodist Church (1916) is now a vast residence combining Gothic dĂŠcor with clean-edged contemporary style. A versatile floor plan incorporates a stunningly proportioned living and dining room, expansive family area flowing to paved courtyard, luxurious main BR with ensuite and dressing room, 2 further BRs, upper level retreat and large 4th BR, library, study, well-appointed kitchen, travertine-tiled bathroom, fitted laundry, gym/spa/steamroom and huge storage space. This unique property includes a double garage and 4000 bottle climate controlled cellar, airconditioning, alarm and security systems.

THORNBURY 41 Speight Street STRIKING CONTEMPORARY STYLE This architect-designed residence close to High St and parks comprises vast indoor and outdoor living spaces, designer kitchen, 3BRs (2 ensuite), study, luxury main bathroom, plus premium fittings and stylish landscaping.

36 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013



AUCTION Sat 14 December at 3pm INSPECT Wed 6-6.30 & Sat 2.30-3 GUIDE $750,000 - $825,000 CONTACT Rick Daniel 0409 737 985 Arch Staver 0417 515 802 Northcote | 9486 1800


Sat 14 December at 4pm Wed 6.30-7 & Sat 3.30-4 $1,650,000 - $1,750,000 Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Annalise Newell 0402 937 607 Gordon Hope 0403 613 577

THORNBURY 27 Kelvin Grove EDWARDIAN CLASSIC This charming home comprises two double bedrooms (BIRs), central spa bathroom, separate lounge, kitchen with meals, formal dining area, private rear yard with established garden and ROW access. Features timber floors, high ceilings, OFPS and split system heating. Close to High Street trams, shops and cafes.



AUCTION Sat 14 December at 1.30pm INSPECT Wed 6-6.30 & Sat 1-1.30 GUIDE $640,000 - $700,000 CONTACT John Karr 0419 522 328 Lorey Whelan 0407 541 923 Northcote | 9486 1800

CARLTON NORTH 773 Rathdowne Street



MAGNIFICENT VICTORIAN WITH CONVERTED STABLE In a prized location, this elevated Victorian includes three bedrooms, stylish ensuite and main bathroom, lounge and dining rooms, open-design living area and quality kitchen with Bosch appliances. Features include ducted heating, split system A/C, high ceilings, plantation shutters, plus a fabulous courtyard complete with ROW access and self-contained studio (with bedroom, ensuite, lounge and kitchenette). Stroll to Rathdowne Village cafes and shops, Lygon Street trams, primary and secondary schools.

CLIFTON HILL 6 Walker Street GREAT POTENTIAL AND POSITION Comfortable DF home boasts with wonderful potential to renovate, taking advantage of its north orientation & highly regarded location, to create the ideal family home. 3 bedrms, front living rm, family sized kitch & dining, rear yard with garage (ROW) & garden shed. A rare opportunity!




AUCTION Sat 21 December at 11am INSPECT Wed 5.30-6, Sat 10-10.30 GUIDE $880,000 - $950,000 CONTACT Nicholas West 0418 559 494 Andrew De Angelis 0402 039 342 Fitzroy | 9417 1956


This Saturday at 12pm Wed 1-1.30 & 6.30-7/Sat 11.30-12 $1,300,000 - $1,450,000 Carlton North | 9347 4322 Tom Alexiadis 0417 030 452 Luke Sacco 0407 528 040

NORTH MELBOURNE 142 Curzon Street CONVENIENT FAMILY LIVING This alluring DF family home updated over the years to offer modern day amenity with period appeal in this convenient position. 3 bedrms, central living, bathrm, lrge kitchen, adjacent family/dining to c’yard with parking - 2 cars (ROW). Perfect for young families, those looking to live over one level or investors searching for a quality home in a growth area.




AUCTION This Saturday at 3.30 INSPECT Thu 12-12.30 & Sat 3-3.30 GUIDE $850,000 - $900,000 CONTACT Nicholas West 0418 559 494 Andrew De Angelis 0402 039 342 Carlton North | 9347 4322

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 37

IVANHOE 5 Riverside Road




EXPANSIVE RETREAT ON VAST RIVER FRONTAGE Set on a huge landscaped and parkland block (1743 sq.m approx) with an absolute Yarra frontage and salt-chlorinated pool/spa, this immaculately maintained Fairy Hills residence has been designed to optimise river and golf course views. It includes formal sitting and dining rooms, high-ceilinged family room, conservatory, well-equipped kitchen/meals, 4 BRs (ensuite, dressing room to main), fitted study, tiled family bathroom, powder room, 3rd bathroom/laundry and wide deck. This unique property includes dual garaging, hydronic heating and premium appointments.

BRUNSWICK EAST 25 Jarvie Street SURPRISINGLY SPACIOUS! In an enviable location, this solid-brick terrace comprises three bedrooms (upstairs master/retreat with WIR and ensuite), main bathroom, separate lounge, open-plan living/ dining/kitchen area. Other highlights include gas heating, jarrah floorboards, plus a sizeable north-facing courtyard garden with direct access to Methven Park behind. 38 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013



AUCTION This Saturday at 12pm INSPECT Thu 6-6.30 & Sat 11.30-12 GUIDE $780,000 - $850,000 CONTACT Peter Jones 0411 249 965 Brunswick | 9388 0088


Sat 14 December at 12pm Wed 5.30-6 & Sat 11.30-12 POA Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 Arch Staver 0417 515 802

BRUNSWICK 117 Weston Street QUALITY VICTORIAN HOME Quality 2 level contemporary home that has been cleverly renovated with a first class residential location. The spacious & inviting accommodation includes 3 bedrooms (incl. master suite), 2 bathrooms (ensuite), study area, gourmet kitchen, full width living & dining zones opening out to a north facing courtyard (ROW) - perfect for entertaining or relaxing.




AUCTION This Saturday at 11am INSPECT Wed 12-12.30 Sat 10.30-11 GUIDE $800,000 - $880,000 CONTACT Nicholas West 0418 559 494 Andrew De Angelis 0402 039 342 Brunswick | 9388 0088

CARLTON NORTH 471-475 Lygon Street




FAMILY LIVING ON A LARGE GARDEN ALLOTMENT ´Ratho Lodge´- This imposing double fronted 2-storey family residence showcases a host of original Arts and Crafts period features and has been sympathetically renovated throughout to offer a wonderful modern day living environment on a large garden allotment. Spacious & versatile accommodation - 4 bedrooms (master suite d/s), 2 bathrooms, expansive formal living & dining rooms, study + informal living areas, renovated family sized kitchen & meals leading to an undercover outdoor entraining area & beautifully manicured established gardens with garage/studio & carport (ROW). Plus excellent parking for 3 cars & a very convenient Princes Hill location. A must see! Land 14.63m x 36.58m

CARLTON NORTH 462 Canning Street SIMPLICITY WINS With minimalist echoes this uncluttered and understated renovation provides 3 bedroom, two bathroom accommodation and a kitchen open living space overlooking a garden and garage.




AUCTION Sat 14 December at 2pm INSPECT Thu 5.45-6.15 & Sat 1.30-2 GUIDE $1,100,000 - $1,210,000 CONTACT Peter Stephens 0418 104 214 Sonya Laferla 0419 230 985 Carlton | 9347 4322


This Saturday at 2.30pm Thu 12-12.30,6.15-6.45 & Sat 2-2.30 $1,800,000 - $1,950,000 Carlton North | 9347 4322 Nicholas West 0418 559 494 Shayne Mooney 0407 549 148

CARLTON NORTH 417 Station Street CLASSIC VICTORIAN GREAT LIFESTYLE Instantly appealing Victorian home displaying fine period features & a pristine interior in one of North Carlton´s favourite streets. Immediately comfortable & inviting - two bedrms, central lounge, bathrm, kitchen/meals, large west facing c’yard garden with excellent off-street parking via roller door & wide ROW. A terrific opportunity as a home or investment!




AUCTION This Saturday at 1pm INSPECT Thu 5.30-6 & Sat 12.30-1pm GUIDE $800,000 - $850,000 CONTACT Nicholas West 0418 559 494 Andrew De Angelis 0402 039 342 Carlton North | 9347 4322

DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 39

EAGLEMONT 117-123 Banksia Street




LANDMARK EDWARDIAN WITH VAST GARDEN ´Coverley´, an expansive hilltop residence (ca 1907), set on a magnificent corner block (3065 sq.m. approx) has the potential to become one of Eaglemont´s finest executive residences, close to the hospital precinct, leading schools and parkland. With unrivalled views and extensive landscaped gardens, this grand home includes impressive reception and living areas, a conservatory, full-size billiard room, several large bedrooms, butler´s quarters and a stunning Deco-style bathroom. Fittings include extensive wood panelling, a fine staircase, German chandeliers, open fireplaces and original bespoke joinery.

BRUNSWICK WEST 422 Albert Street VERY INTERESTING VICTORIAN Character filled, this newly carpeted two bedroom brick Victorian home delivers a fantastic city fringe locale. High ceilings, deep cornicing, decorative archway, open fireplace with grate and timber mantel. Central lounge, brand new quality kitchen with sleek stainless steel appliances, two large bedrooms, neat bathroom, garden with ROW. 40 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013




AUCTION This Saturday at 11am INSPECT Thu 6.15-6.45 & Sat 10.30-11 GUIDE $560,000 - $615,000 CONTACT Carl Sacco 0404 468 258 Matthew Layburn 0431 011 376 Brunswick | 9388 0088


Expression of Interest Closes 17 December at 5.00pm Thu 5-5.30 & Sat 1-1.30 POA Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Gordon Hope 0403 613 577 Liz Walker 0412 659 140







2 10004112-01-a11Dec©FCNVIC

THORNBURY 125 Darebin Road Create Something Special On 908sqm!

OPEN FOR Astute investors and developers are afforded an amazing INSPECTION opportunity to purchase a prime piece of real estate that’s guaranteed to yield a prosperous return. With an incredible 908sqm (approx.) allotment at your service in a highly desirable setting that’s within a short stroll of the bustling High St and Station St strips, this outstanding property is sure to attract the developer eager to capitalise on the popular location (STCA).

Auction this Saturday at 2pm

Ray White Reservoir Address: 286 Broadway, Reservoir Vic 3073

Thursday 5.45 - 6.15pm Saturday 1.30 - 2.00pm


Jason Voglis 0409 175 141

“UNDER INSTRUCTIoNS FRoM STATE TRUSTEES” We offer this well presented double front Dwelling superbly located comp Ent.hall, 2 bedrooms, loungeroom, Diningroom, spacious kitchen/familyroom. Features built in rear verandah, storeroom, Rear access to double garage. Suit 1st home buyer Investor etc Land 33’5”x 131’4”approx

Contact Tom: 0409877645 or Drew: 0409877646 e: Thomas A


Phone: (03) 9462 2922 Website: THORNBURY 25 Miller Street



think results

Auction this Saturday

CARLTON NORTH 682 Rathdowne Street



Hesperia-illustrious, inviting, irresistible!


Auction this Saturday 2

CARLTON NORTH 17 Newry Street



Immediately - and endlessly - appealing

This evocative Victorian's refined sitting and dining

Auction Sat 14 Dec, 1.00

This 2 bedroom Victorian balances period traditions

rooms lead to a central open plan expansive kitchen

View Thu 6:00 - 6:30, Sat 12:30 - 1:00

& modern elements amidst tree lined proximity to

View Thu 5:00 - 5:30, Sat 10:30 - 11:00

with meals area and Cathedral ceiling, charming

Lisa Roberts 0413 265 362

Nicholson Street. Open plan living/dining blends

Sam Abboud 0401 434 329

living space and irresistibly romantic, perfectly

Carlton 9347 1755

Auction Sat 14 Dec, 11.00

beautifully with the private courtyard of a cottage

Ian Rye 0418 302 458

private courtyard that concludes with a convenient

that's retained its relevance to contemporary

Carlton 9347 1755

off street parking. Hydronic heating, double glazing.

requirements with exceptional success.

Carlton 393 Rathdowne Street 9347 1755

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9381 6500

Rendina App

Selling homes in Ascot Vale | Essendon | Flemington | Kensington | Maribyrnong | Moonee Ponds | North Melbourne | Strathmore | West Melbourne

Auction This Thursday 8PM

6P 228 The Avenue, PArkviLLe The PenThouse – Luxurious execuTive Living

Auction oPEn contAct

Spacious, magnificently appointed and graced with stunning city views from all bedrooms and living areas, this exceptional residence unfolds across two levels in the outstanding Fender Katsalidis designed “Arcadia” complex. So close to the heart of the city, it’s just a stroll to transport, parks, schools and cosmopolitan Sydney Road. Large living and dining domains accessing terrace, plus impressive kitchen, spa ensuite, plus powder room and laundry. Secure entry, i/com, r/c heat/ cooling, 2 garage spaces & 2 storage cages.




This Thursday 8.00pm Inspection by Appointment Only Luana Rendina 0419 788 491 Lou Rendina 0418 525 415 519 Macaulay Rd Kensington 9381 6500


BRUNSWICK WEST 2 Turnbull Court




The Right Move For First Homebuyers/Investors You certainly won’t regret it if you’re the new owner of this recently refurbished home given its close proximity to shops, Melville Road tram, schools, cafés, restaurants, CityLink and bike tracks. It’s the perfect opportunity for those looking to make a move in the property market or astute investors. Filled with abundant light, it features fireside lounge, dining, modern kitchen/meals, 3 large bedrooms, central bathroom, huge upstairs rumpus/4th bedroom, gas ducted heating and roller door to double off-street parking/entertaining area.

9480 1277

764-766 High Street, Thornbury

42 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013


This Saturday 14th December at 1.00pm


Wednesday 5.30-6.00pm & Saturday 12.30-1.00pm


Denis Basile 0413 675 888 Julian Butera 0412 831 838 Mario Butera 0412 380 400

Northcote 23 Gladstone Avenue

New ListiNg

warm, welcoming And walking Distance From everything This enticing three bedroom Edwardian introducing formal living, modern kitchen and bathroom and a generous alfresco enjoys a coveted pocket just 300 metres from the station and 150 metres from all the benefits of High Street, including the tram. With the possibility to introduce parking via rear ROW (stca) it provides exceptional city fringe living.

PRESTON 72 David Street




AUctioN iNspect coNtAct oFFice


Saturday 21st December at 1:00pm Thursday 7:00-7.30pm & Saturday 11:30-12noon Bill Kyriakopoulos 0419 008 008 or Joe Horton 0421 128 008 Love Thornbury 9480 2288

love is ... love is ... summer a sure thing holidays. The secret to relaxing is; knowing your property is in safe hands Our team at Loves have been

First Class Living In A Classic Californian




This renovated three bedroom Californian, a builders own home constructed with love in 1924 and meticulous maintained by just three owners ever since, enjoys a great street presence, generous proportions and a location central to Plenty Road and High Street. Solar panels contributing to energy efficiency and period features enhance spacious living dining, Smeg equipped stone kitchen, luxury bathroom, and generous alfresco stepping out to a north facing yard that deliver family friendly living you’ll want to make your own! AUCTION INSPECT CONTACT OFFICE

successfully selling real estate for over 65 years so you can be sure your home will be in safe hands. If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent, speak with us. Call Love real estate today, or visit

This Saturday at 2.30pm Thursday 6:00-6.30pm & Saturday 2:00-2.30pm Joe Horton 0421 128 008 or Noel Crouch 0412 207 117 Love Preston 9471 0233 LOVE Reservoir

307 Spring Street

ph: 9460 6511

LOVE Preston

274 High Street

ph: 9471 0233

LOVE Thornbury

770 High Street

ph: 9480 2288

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NORTHCOTE 34 Emmaline Street

This Sunday at 11am

Uncompromising Excellence Newly constructed to impeccable standards, this superb home incls a large studio/office/retreat or optional fourth bedroom. Spacious living/dining/Miele kitchen, with bi-folds accessing bluestonepaved northerly courtyard, featuring landscape design by Int’l award-winner Mark Browning of Cycas Landscaping. Three double bedrooms (BIRs) including one with city views, two stunning bathrooms showcasing designer Caroma Liano fixtures. Slim line refrigerated cooling/ducted heating, study nook, ducted vacuum and remote-controlled garage adjoining rear ROW.


9489 9422 9387 0611 9373 0000

44 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013


9478 6344 9460 5066 9499 7992



$900,000 - $950,000



Wed 6-6:30pm, Sat 10-10:30am & Sun from 10.30am Photo ID required


Sandra Brizzi 0404 078 567 Gino De Iesi 0418 328 062




Your red carpet experience


NORTHCOTE 124 Emmaline Street Stunning New Executive Abode Emphasizing excellence in workmanship and materials, this new three bedroom residence embodies refined contemporary living. Generous open gourmet kitchen/dining/living, complete with Miele appliances. First-class landscape design by renowned Mark Browning of Cycas Landscaping, includes an entertainers’ courtyard, boasting a northerly aspect. Three sizeable bedrooms (BIRs), two fully tiled bathrooms with premier fittings including ensuite, ducted vacuum & slim line ducted heating, refrigerated cooling, and secure OSP to rear ROW.

This Sunday at 1pm Wed 6:45-7:15, Sat 10:45-11:15am & Sun from 12:30pm Photo ID required


Sandra Brizzi 0404 078 567 Gino De Iesi 0418 328 062

2 3 1 1

THORNBURY 127 Mansfield Street Free Standing Period Gem Gracing one of Thornbury’s most superbly located streets, this two/three bedroom freestanding Edwardian highlighting a desirable northerly rear aspect offers a very exciting opportunity to enter the fashionable locale. Featuring a large central living area with OFP and wall heater, polished floors, and a light filled and spacious kitchen with separate dining area all leading out to a rear pergola and North facing garden. Along with the bonus of the optional 3rd bedroom, the property also features a generous sized updated bathroom.



Saturday 21 December at 2pm



$590,000 - $640,000



Wed 6-6:30pm & Sat 10-10:30am Photo ID required



Luke Brizzi 0417 324 339 Anthony De Iesi 0407 803 501

Your red carpet experience


DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 45

ALPHINGTON 30 Shiers Street Live It Up in Blue Ribbon Locale Impeccable possessed with Art Deco flavour, this home is on approxy 600m2 features a premier leafy locale moments from Darebin Parklands. Elegant parquetry sets the tone in this substantial residence, offering a large lounge, formal dining room and kitchen/meals domain adjoining a superb entertainers’ deck overlooking the rear garden. Heating and cooling and a driveway for multiple cars. Stroll to Pitcher Park, transport, schools and Darebin Parklands.

This Saturday at 11:30am INSPECT

Thurs 7-7:30pm & Sat from 11am Photo ID required


Gino De Iesi 0418 328 062 Janelle De Iesi 0403 783 537

NORTHCOTE 15 Beavers Road Streamlined Sophistication Contemporary sophistication defines this city fringe residence comprising a spacious living/ dining/kitchen domain boasting s/steel appliances and a garden courtyard aspect. Two bedrooms, master with WIR and dual-basin ensuite, second bathroom with spa. Video/intercom, alarm, two R/C air-conditioners, ducted heating, ROW and remote garage.

3 1 1 3

This Sunday at 12pm



$650,000 - $690,000



Thur 6-6:30pm & Sat 1-1:30pm & Sun from 11:30am Photo ID required



Gino De Iesi 0418 328 062 Janelle De Iesi 0403 783 537


Your red carpet experience


46 The weekly review \ DECEMBER 11, 2013

Northcote 406 High Street, Northcote 9489 1030

Northcote Lvl 1.05/404-412 High Street


1b 1d

Life, Style & Location... Privately situated at the rear on the 1st floor of this modern building, this designer pad is superbly removed from the street so you can enjoy the very best of this cosmopolitan area without feeling immersed in it. • A dedicated entrance foyer • Light filled open plan living leads outdoors • Totally private bedroom with walk in robe • Separate fully tiled bathroom • European laundry with extra linen cupboards • Dishwasher,gas appliances & cooling/heating

AuctiOn this sAt

Auction Saturday 21st December At 11.00am Open Wed 6.30-7.00pm Sat 2.00-2.30pm John Bisignano M 0413 067 916

Fairfield 3/40 Rathmines Street

Thornbury 8/30 Kemp Street

Your Own Garden Party...

Sew, Study Or Studio Space...

In this premier tree lined street, is this sensational apartment which boasts about its point of differences to its other 5 neighbours, an exclusive private entrance, huge garden setting & two off street car park options. • Light filled living room • Well fitted kitchen with dishwasher • Bathroom with laundry & bath tub • Mirror robed bedrooms • Secure intercom entrance

This bright top floor 1 + alternative room apartment, will impress with an excellent layout, private outlooks & location moments to train, tram, cafes and shopping. • Classy, secure & small development • Light filled open plan living • Smart kitchen with gas appliances • Nice bathroom with laundry facilities • Double mirrored robe bedroom


1+ a

1b 1d

1b 1d

Auction Sat 14th Dec At 10.00am Open Thurs 5.15-5.45pm Sat from 9.30am John Bisignano M 0413 067 916

Auction Sat 21st Dec At 10.00am Open Wed 5.45-6.15pm Sat 1.00-1.30pm John Bisignano M 0413 067 916

Northcote 9/175 Gladstone Ave

Thornbury 8/68 Raleigh Street

Light, Location & Lock Up Garage...

Wow, Your Own City View...

Favourably occupying a corner top floor position only share one wall, is this sun splashed north facing apartment with a lock up garage. • Welcoming open plan living • Workable kitchen • Bathroom with laundry facilities • Private generous bedrooms • Split system heating/cooling

The essence of the perfect apartment is assured in this sophisticated light filled apartment, just meters away from the energy of bustling High Street Thornbury's cafes, restaurants and transport options. • Eat in kitchen • Extra large living room • City skylight views from the balcony • Robed bedrooms • Split system heating/cooling



1b 1d

Auction Sat 21st Dec At 12.30pm Open Thurs 6.15-6.45pm Sat 12.15-12.45pm John Bisignano M 0413 067 916

1b 1d

Auction Sat 21st Dec At 2.00pm Open Thurs 7.00-7.30pm Sat 11.30-12noon John Bisignano M 0413 067 916 DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 47

iPhone & iPad apps are now available! Searching for property on the go just got easier!’s free iPhone & iPad app allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, no matter where you are. With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today!

Now available at iPhone & iPad is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.

A Review Local Advertising Feature

o t s r Lette ta San

Dear Santa Claus, Hi Santa. I was wondering if you could make my handwriting better. We are moving house soon. Love Chris Northcote

Dear Santa, Can I have some presents? I would like toys for Christmas. I like Christmas time. Love Zac Northcote

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Dear Santa, I wish for 2 giant logs, 2 big Christmas trees and 2 reindeers. Merry Christmas Santa. Love Jack Alphington

Dear Santa, I hope you can get me this stuff: reindeer, Nerf Gun, art stuff, a toy cat saying meow, a cubby house, toy cat food, oven and food for cubby house, balls and clothes. Love Greta Northcote

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Dear Santa,


Dear Santa, I hope you can make it, please try. Here is my list: A card that goes in the DS with these games: old Maria Kart and new Mario Kart coming out, knight book, dragon book, pass the pigs, cricket set, Nerf Gun, fishing rod and a set of fishing hooks. Love Freddie Northcote

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This is my wish list for Christmas: Non-toxic nail polish. Thank you Santa. Love Zara

The Emperor three-piece lounge suite in a choice of 20 fabrics.

99 Was $9NLY NOW O



The store sells quality cane at affordable prices. There are matching coffee tables and side tables also available at a discount. All floor stock will be discounted on request if it’s not already marked down. They will also re-cushion and repair all cane furniture. The huge showroom is open “eight days per week”.

ket, cecourse Mar Yarra Glen Ra is via Armstrong Grove se ur co ce Road. the ra le-Yarra Glen off Healesvil m - 8pm 3p r, be m th Dece Saturday 14 $4 ing rk Pa (Mel 275 B1)




cecourse emington Ra Epsom Rd Fl m - 2pm 9a r, be m Dece Sunday 15th $4 ing rk Pa C (Mel 42 F1) VR


Stock Liquidation Sale!

ket cecourse Mar Yarra Glen RaILIGHT TW entry to

Cobra Cane 180 Wellington Street, Collingwood (03) 9417 7888


Dogs strictly prohibited at all markets markets. For further information call 03 5976 3266 or visit:

Clifton Hill Hardware & Garden Centre


ALMARA CABINETS Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality. Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Custom designed:

15-33 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill. Ph: 9489 8899

• wardrobes • study/office fit outs • wall units • entertainment units • bookshelves • garage storage

OPEN 7 DAYS Bring this advertisement in and receive 2nd Key Cut FREE G6526015AA-dc11Dec

Visit our showroom:

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243


DECEMBER 11, 2013 \ The weekly review 49

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Public Notices

best service in town


new ladies

71 Colebrook St. Brunswick

9386 0206 SWA818BE

By appointment 10am-11pm.

St Davids Street, Fitzroy

9415 7762 swa7930xbe


10am until late appointments welcome




The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning.

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Proof Deadline: All Classifieds:

45-47 Tope Street, South Melbourne SWA5109BE

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CLASSIFIEDS 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

Phone 1300 138 910

Wishing you all our best!


Health and Wellbeing

Massage Therapy

A ULTIMATE Pleasure. Body-soul relaxation, prof sports massage, sciatica, back pain relief. European exp. Michelle: 0431 442 956. Relaxation Massage 7 days, 10am to 8pm. 204 Barkley Street, Footscray. Phone 9689 0360.

AWESOME THAI MASSAGE Traditional Thai, relaxation with oil, foot massage and deep tissue. Qualified Thai females. Open 7 days. 10am-10pm 221 Clarendon Street South Melbourne


Adult Services

Friday 5pm Monday 10am

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted.

Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services.

Body Rubs

9696 9199


9690 4888

Massage Therapy ASIAN Male masseur. Full body massage for relaxation. $50 per hour. Call Lam 0421 995 248, Footscray area.

Bodyline is Melbourne’s premier adult relaxation centre, where patrons can experience our EXCLUSIVE COMPLETE BODYCARE service in a world of luxury and indulgence at affordable prices.


10/13-21 Thomas Street, Yarraville. 9314 6551 SWA 4141 4142

iPhone app is now available! iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.

CARLTON Chinese Massage. Natural Therapy. 63 Pelham St, Carlton. Open 7 days. 10am-9pm. Phone 9939 8867.

Massage Therapy

Relaxation. 305 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. 7 days. Telephone: 9077 7620.


$49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 9654 6635.

Deluxe Thai Massage • Traditional Thai • Deep tissue • Foot • Relaxation • Remedial Qualified Thai Females 7 days, 10am - 10pm

13 Chapel Street, Windsor

9510 6768

Thai Massage & Spa Combination Thai Massage • Hydrotherapy Spa • Waxing & Beauty • Male & Female Welcome • 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne

Mention this Ad.

9328 5581



Professional Are you offering

"genuine employment?''

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Our Professional Employment and Situations Vacant columns are reserved for advertisements which carry a SPECIFIC and GENUINE offer of employment.


High quality service and low price. 47 Dickson Street, Sunshine. Call 9311 9994. 259 Ballarat Road, Footscray. Call 8307 0114.


New staff. Good prices. 1/36 Railway Place, Fairfield. 10am-8pm. Ph 0401 966 813.

Vietnamese Massage

Relax yourself for Christmas. Enjoy our introductory special $29 for 30 minutes. 10am-9pm. 9478 9312 0411 312 046

G6200880AA-dc6Aug Traditional Thai Massage Deep Tissue Relaxation Qualified New Open 7 Days 10:30am-10:30pm M & F Staff 9480 2434

345 Bell St Preston (parking at rear)

Celebrations To advertise or place your wedding photo in this section contact one of our friendly staff on

1300 138 910

Situations Vacant DOMESTIC CLEANERS REQUIRED We have multiple domestic cleaning positions available across the Bayside Port Phillip areas and CBD and inner suburbs. As well as the eastern, western and northern suburbs of Melbourne. Cleaning experience preferred but not essential as full training will be provided. To be considered for this role you must have: • A valid Drivers licence or reliable travel • Own mobile Phone • Current Police Check or willing to undergo one. • ABN Number or willing to get one • Reliable References • Excellent Communication Skills ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE PREPARED TO ATTEND INFORMATION SESSION. MUST be Australian citizen or permanent resident. Eligibility Criteria Applies.

To apply please call 8398 1722 or email your most recent resume to


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Now available at


Romantics Tantra/Nuru


Adult Services


Call one of our friendly operators NOW!

1300 138 910


1300 138 910

Tmt times 20131211 iss  
Tmt times 20131211 iss