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In a dramatic thriller based on real events, The Fifth Estate reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an internet upstart into one of today’s most fiercely debated organisations. In cinemas on November 14, The Fifth Estate stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Daniel Bruhl as staffer Daniel Domscheit-Berg. TWR is giving away 30 double passes to the November 6, 6.30pm, preview at Village Crown.

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OUR COVER \ Kathy Reichs photographed by Jules Tahan


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Light & Space. Always. Fasham

We are builders, with our own professional design studio. Ever y home we design is a one-off, for individual clients and their particular site. In business for over 40 years, and very environmentally conscious, our design approach is relaxed and contemporary. Perhaps uniquely, we present a quote for construction with every design response. You have a plan that meets your brief, and a fixed price quote, before you are required to make any financial commitment.

For more photos of this house, go to the “Look” section of our website.

(House illustrated not on display). Displays: 9 Belmore Rd. and 157 Belmore Rd. Balwyn North, open Sat/Sun 1.00 pm - 5 pm. Also Mt. Eliza, Gunyong Creek Lane—times on website

mastery of light & space

mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ Summer’S deadly herald


t feels like spring has been stolen. A few tender buds, and they both made it out safe. They received the now some shimmering warm days, the first green fronds – carefully co-ordinated warning text, advising them to then suddenly a withering blast of heat that sweeps in “watch and act”. But after looking out the window and the deadly harbinger of a long, dangerous summer: fire. seeing the fire come across the rise, they made the hasty Summer is not supposed to start like this, certainly decision to leave. As they drove out of their semi-rural not this early; and while fire has always been a part of property, they saw houses ablaze on the road. this country and always will be, this early appearance The couple are now bunking in with friends. The of its destructive power is so frightening to those family is meeting to decide what to do. of us who have lived through Ash Wednesday, What do you do? We are told over and again “we are Black Saturday or earlier calamities. that things can be replaced, people can’t, and different We recall the terror, the sting of smoke we know that it’s true. But imagine losing and ash fills our eyes. It’s clearly going to be a your entire home, the centre of your family, because of nasty summer. and then trying to figure out just what to that time’’ These recent Blue Mountains fires have do next. I wish I could be there to help and even distantly touched my life. The wonderfully comfort my friend and her family, but what kind and accomplished woman who cares for my comfort could I give? child so I can creep off to work at an ungodly hour We know that the natural disasters that have always each morning lost her home in the Winmalee fire last beset this country – cyclones, floods, fires – will become week, her family home of 50 years, with everything she more extreme in the future because of climate change; owned lost with it. Not a picture. None of her wedding and we know that the indomitable and stoic spirit that jewellery. Nothing. has always risen to meet these challenges will grow Her daughter and daughter’s husband lived there equally more intense.

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @ latrioli

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But these times are truly going to test us. And I can just imagine the fearful memories that these fires have stirred for those who went through so much terror in Victoria in 2009. The north wind just has to blow hard and hot and I am immediately taken back to that time, and I am frightened. We are different because of that time. The discussions about stay or go are much more pragmatic now: emergency authorities do not falter or hesitate to give serious, sometimes dire, warnings about the fire threat, and locals are calm and adamant that they understand and accept the realities of living in Australian bushland. There is an unmoving but respectful stand-off between these positions. We expect well-organised, well-funded and professional emergency assistance, but we do not expect miracles. We know human nature is stubborn, and that so many of us are drawn to the bush. And we also know that in Australia, during a long, languid, often dangerous summer, fire will always be our companion. \

OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 3

Cover Story Kathy Reichs’ best-selling crime novels are informed by her other life as a forensic anthropologist, writes SARAH MARINOS


Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs » $32.95 (William Heinemann)

athy Reichs vaguely knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Born in Chicago to a mother who was a musician and a corporate father, she had visions of working in a science laboratory, wearing a white coat and squinting through a microscope. “My mother was interested in science and she had a big impact on me,” says Reichs, reflecting on what led her to become a “bone whisperer” or more correctly, a forensic anthropologist. “I was intrigued by archaeology and the life sciences, like biology,” she says. “I still like working with something physical that I can measure and touch. I like being able to X-ray and measure bones, to determine their shape and to create a biological profile. But it was a long, circuitous path to forensic anthropology and I had five undergraduate majors.” Reichs graduated with a degree in anthropology from American University in Washington DC. But it was when she completed a masters and a PhD in physical anthropology that she found home. Her career, however, hasn’t turned out exactly as she expected. “I planned to study prehistoric Native Americans. I was digging up skeletons and looking at the bones to see what diseases people had suffered and what life expectancy was back then,” she says. “And then police started bringing me forensic cases because my expertise was in the human skeleton and in bones. I found that work more compelling.” Reichs, who is in her early 60s, works as a forensic anthropologist in North Carolina, where she lives, and in Quebec. Her ability to extract complex information from human bones has allowed her to help identify remains at Ground Zero after 9/11 and in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. She was also involved in the exhumation of a mass grave in Guatemala at the end of the civil war that left more than 200,000 people dead. Reichs has been closely involved in more bizarre cases, too, and some of them have inspired her novels. In the mid-1990s she studied the killing of a family in Quebec linked to the murder-suicide of 74 members of the Order of the Solar Temple. That inspired one of her early books, Death Du Jour. She has just published her 16th title, Bones of the Lost. “The Order of the Solar Temple was run by a man called Joe De Mambro who regulated all reproduction in the cult. But a couple had a baby without his permission and De Mambro considered that baby to be the Anti-Christ. The members of the group were planning to commit mass suicide and go to the planet Sirius,” Reichs says with a wry smile. “But before they could leave the Anti-Christ had to be killed. The parents and their baby fled to Switzerland and then to Quebec but De Mambro sent assassins to kill the family. Their house was set on fire and their bodies came to my lab. “I may work with bones or a corpse that is dismembered or mummified. Anytime a body is compromised so you can’t do a normal autopsy it goes to the forensic anthropologist. They are not in good shape when they come to me.” Reichs clearly remembers her very first forensic case. “I went with the police to the scene,” she says quietly. “A child had gone missing – I remember seeing it on the news. There was a thunderstorm and she was only five years old and I remember wondering about her being out there in this horrible storm. About three months later some little bones were found out in the woods near Charlotte, North Carolina. “I went out there with the homicide detective and the skeleton was scattered and some of it was missing. I

4 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013

analysed the bones and they belonged to that little girl. But the case was never solved. The police think they know who did it and he has been convicted of other child homicides but they’ve never been able to tie him to this one.” When she isn’t solving forensic cases, Reichs writes her bestselling crime novels featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. After a brief trip to Melbourne to promote her latest book, Reichs will spend long hours finishing the first draft of her next book, Bones Never Lie. And then there’s the TV series, Bones, in its ninth season. “I was talking to Tess Gerritsen earlier this year about Rizzoli & Isles – the TV series based on her crime novels. She doesn’t get involved in the show – she has an ‘I cash the cheques and don’t bother me’ approach. I’m a control freak. I read every script and vet them for scientific accuracy,” says Reichs. Reich’s writing career began with Deja Dead in 1997. She uses her forensic background and some of her crime-solving experiences as inspiration for her complex plots, twisted characters and a lead character that is a recovering alcoholic with a sharp mind and a tinder-dry sense of humour. She decided to write Deja Dead when she faced hefty university fees for her three children – daughters Kerry and Courtney, and son Brendan. She co-authors a crime series for young readers with Brendan called the Virals series. “My kids were moving towards university, which can be pricey!” she says grimacing. “So I thought maybe I

unearthing the truth – even if it takes years. “The cases that come back to you are the ones that don’t get resolved, like the child I’ve had for 23 years in my lab in Quebec,” she says. The bones were found in a plastic sack in a ravine by a highway. They belonged to a child of five or six who’d suffered some cranial trauma. Reichs’ instinct told her the child hadn’t died recently and that the bones had spent time somewhere else. For years the case featured on Canada’s unsolved. “Then I was doing a book tour in New Brunswick and I was interviewed on a radio program and I talked about this case. Someone heard that interview and phoned the police and said they could explain where the bones came from,” says Reichs. “The caller had been 12 at the time and he and his friend were on their bikes and saw a backhoe digging a grave in a cemetery. They saw bones flying out and thought it would be funny to collect them and put them in the sandbox at school, so little kids would find them and get freaked out. “But they then felt bad about that, collected the bones again, put them in a plastic sack and threw them into the ravine. So we finally felt we knew where the bones had come from but we still didn’t know whom the kid was. “So I talked about that case again in another interview and a family came forward and said their brother was run over and killed by a car in 1963, when he was six. He was buried in that cemetery and we’re now waiting to get DNA from the family but we think we’ll finally identify that child. “So a real-life case will be solved because of one of my books and that will be a first. If we can get this little guy back to his family, that will be amazing.” The latest novel, Bones of the Lost, is again inspired by Reichs’ real-life experiences. The book is partly based in Afghanistan, where she visited US troops in 2011, and in it she blends her impressions of the country with another old case involving the suspicious shooting death of a police officer.

the bone can make a little money on the side. I had a colleague who wrote western romances. I read one of them and in one page the heroine’s heart leapt, it burst, it filled and I thought we were going to need a cardiac unit! I thought, ‘I can do better than this’. “It took me two years to write the first book because I was teaching and commuting from the Carolinas to Quebec to do my forensic work. I’d get up at 6am and write for a couple of hours and write at weekends.”


eichs didn’t tell anyone she was writing a novel apart from her family. When it was finished one of her children knew someone who knew someone who knew a junior editor in a publishing house and Reichs’ first manuscript was dispatched. “This poor woman got word that the boyfriend of a friend of a friend of a friend’s mother’s first novel is coming her way,” says Reichs, rolling her eyes. “She later told me she took the first few chapters home with her that weekend and was already composing the kind rejection letter in her head. But she read those chapters and went back to her office to get the rest of the manuscript to finish it. I had an offer within a couple of weeks. It was timing. It was the mid-1990s. Forensics was in the air and then became a huge wave.” While cases are neatly tied up in the last pages of her novels, in the real world not every case comes to a conclusion. But forensics has a strange way of

“I was in Afghanistan with four other writers, including Mark Bowden, who wrote Black Hawk Down. It was an interesting experience to sit next to Mark in full body armour and fly around these mountain valleys in a Black Hawk. I kept looking at him and asking, ‘Are we good? Are we good? If you’re calm, I’m calm.” Asked what forensic cases she’d like to have worked on, Reichs admits she’s envious of colleagues who helped identify the remains of the Russian Imperial Romanov family. “And I would have loved to have worked on the recent discovery of Richard III in the car park in England,” she adds. Despite a busy writing schedule and her TV commitments, Reichs happily sheds her bone whisperer mantle when at her beach house with her three children, four grandchildren and husband of 45 years, Paul. “I unashamedly bought the beach house as a magnet for the kids. I love spending time there, going out to dinner or to the movies or the symphony,” she says. “And I’m also happy writing in my study but I have to close the door and have quiet. My family have always been very good when I’m writing. When I was working on the first book there was a lot of eye-rolling and some tongue in cheek comments – ‘Sssshhh, mum’s working on her novel’. They don’t say that so much any more!” \ We WelCome your feedbaCk @



PICTURE \ JULES TAHAN OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 5




’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea to drive a Mr Whippy van around our suburb at 6pm on a school day this week, but the other people in this house were pretty happy about it. Unbeknown to me, who had something nutritious cooking away in the oven for dinner, the three of them, including the adult, snuck out of the house and got themselves into the Mr Whippy conga line that was forming at the end of our street. Five minutes later they stood at the front door, licking away furiously. “How could we resist a Mr Whippy?” they said. They’d been given that line by the adult, and told to deliver it with big smiles on their faces so I wouldn’t be cross at them for eating something so ridiculous before they’d had their dinner. They’d practised the whole way home. Practised being cute so I wouldn’t yell. How could I yell at them when my whole childhood was spent keeping my ears out for the sound of a Mr Whippy van? An ice-cream from Mr Whippy made the weekend worthwhile. In fact, the existence of, or even just the possible existence of, a Mr Whippy van not a somewhere in your neighbourhood was the whole point lot of of the weekend, especially on the rare occasion you were broccoli was allowed to get chocolate and nut topping. consumed Once, after a Mr Whippy frenzy on our old street, that night a bunch of kids stood around in the empty paddock licking softserves. I remember this day only because

someone found an old oil drum and started beating on it with a stick, and then old Mr Patton came out of his house and whacked the kid over the ears. He said the drum banging was freaking out his homing pigeons. It’s funny – my entire childhood was devoted to procuring Mr Whippy softserves, but the only actual memory I have of eating one involves this traumatic experience. I also remember someone once put a dead snake on a stake in the middle of that paddock, presumably to warn us of danger. But it took more than a dried-up reptile to scare off these kids – kids who’d waited all weekend for the slightest of sounds, and at the mere hint of that jingle were up and ready, agile and resourceful enough to ensnare coins from their parents or raid their own piggy banks and in a mere whisker race out the door and up the street in time to catch a Mr Whippy van. No, it took a grumpy old man with scatty homing pigeons to scare us away. After he arrived with his red face and steamy fists, we all ran off home to finish our cones in peace. No one needs that kind of rubbish when you’ve got a softserve thing happening. Thankfully, keeping homing pigeons and whacking other people’s kids over the ears are pretty much obsolete these days. But Mr Whippy vans endure, even if in a tired, faded, gelati-hybrid sort of way. I’m hoping the 6pm run around our suburb this week wasn’t the start of a regular thing, because there wasn’t a lot of broccoli consumed that night. But even if that van turned up at 7am, I’d still find it hard to say no to their pleas. No one can resist a Mr Whippy. \ we welcoMe your feedback @


A Brighton East address has never been more accessible.

prices now from$622,000

Live Brighton is boutique and stylish, just 16 contemporary townhouses all with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus powder and lock up garage. Priced from a remarkable



They are not to be missed. DENISE ROBINSON 0413 127 768 CHAD ARBID 0401 020 286


6 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013

(Hemera \ tHinkstock)

My view

BAriStA \ LEANNE TOLRA REVIEWS CAMPOS COFFEE Campos Coffee outbid global CAFÉ rivals to purchase all 68 kilograms, at $372 a kilogram, of the top

thought the quality of the coffee would cut it on the Melbourne scene,” says Dessiax. The roastery was added to the rear of the coffee at the Best of Panama auction earlier café in late 2012. The company’s flagship this month. It has been promoting the coffee, Superior Blend, a combination of nine Ironman Geisha, produced in Panama’s beans, is served daily from a La Marzocco Volcan-Candela region, as Australia’s most espresso machine, while rotating single-origin expensive coffee bean and selling it in beans are coaxed to espresso perfection by a 100-gram lots in heavy glass jars, with an Slayer machine. included cupping session, at $150 a jar. The café also serves cold-drip, syphon, Company founder and managing Chemex and Aeropress coffees and runs director, Sydney-based Will Young, public cupping sessions twice a week. “we says the $25,296-plus investment thought Hobart boy (add travel, promotional costs the quality Duncan and expensive jars) won’t yield a would cut Allen worked in specialty coffee in profit. But the figures didn’t look it” what he describes as Tasmania’s “cool too tight on my calculator, and the little coffee scene”. Geisha, considered the world’s most “It’s very small, but the quality is there,” outstanding coffee varietal, gained much he says. attention among coffee aficionados. His hospitality background includes work Cupping sessions at Campos’ Melbourne in hotels and cocktail bars. He came to headquarters have been conducted by café Melbourne 18 months ago, hoping to lay a manager Matt Dessaix, who says supplies career path in the specialty coffee industry, of the distinctive fruity, aromatic bean are and says he was fortunate to land a role as café running out rapidly. Its subtle citrus and floral manager and head barista at Campos. notes are best as a filter-style brew. “I’m a pretty obsessive person and I have Dessiax and his brother, Brian, moved from really enjoyed developing my palate and being Sydney and opened Campos’ Elgin Street café able to taste a lot of exclusive coffees,” he says. in late 2011. The pair had worked for Campos He spends his days off drinking coffee at and spent time in specialty coffee cafés in Campos’ sibling, Mister Close, in Bourke Glasgow, London and San Francisco. Street, or sneaking back into work to polish “We saw an opportunity to bring Campos his skills. \ Coffee to Melbourne. A lot of people said it was like taking sand to the desert, but we

CAMPOS COFFEE, 144 Elgin StrEEt, CArltOn Phone \ 9347 7445 Barista \ Duncan Allen Coffee \ Campos Barista’s choice \ Long black


Open \ Monday to Friday 7am-4pm; Saturday 8am-4pm

DunCAn AllEn tO rEAD MOrE rEviEwS

(MAggie BuFe)

» “Classic Carlton espresso bar” shout the exposed bricks and dark timber furnishings. Sage walls, angled benches and concrete floors add interest, while high tables and stools, gleaming espresso machines and a row of stainless-steel bean dispensers complete an up-market package. Windows allow patrons to peek into the cave-like cupping room, where black walls and downlights maximise the experience. \



OPEN WED & THUR 4.30-6.30PM SAT & SUN 12-3PM

Parkside location, private and secure Floor plans with 3 or 4 bedrooms and up to 3 living zones Private landscaped courtyards Parking for up to 3 cars


$730,000 Call

DENISE ROBINSON 0413 127 768 CHAD ARBID 0401 020 286

Or go to BE27.COM.AU

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From the Penedès region south-west of Barcelona, which produces complex, refreshing wines from grapes macabeo, parellada and Xarel-lo and, more recently, pinot noir and chardonnay. Wines such as Freixenet, Cordoníu and Segura Viudas can be found at the major chain stores for less than $20, and are excellent, affordable alternatives to Champagne.




love Champagne. I could drink it every charmat method. In this process, secondary day but, at $50 for a bottle of the cheapest fermentation occurs in big tanks before decent bottle and upwards of $400 for the bottling – a cheaper process that helps retain most exclusive examples, it’s a luxury rather prosecco’s fresh, fruity characters. than habit. Australia Fortunately, you don’t need a king’s The best sparkling wines are produced in ransom to drink like a monarch because cold climates – Champagne is about as there’s a load of options that taste as good as cold as a grape-producing area gets – so many Champagnes, especially the cheaper look towards regions such as Tasmania, ones, at much lower prices. Tumbarumba in NSW and the colder From Australia and New Zealand to parts of Victoria: Macedon Ranges, European nations that use grapes there’s Henty in western Victoria and indigenous to their regions, there’s a a world the Yarra Valley, plus part of world of bubbles worth a try. the King Valley and the hills of bubbles France around Strathbogie. worth France isn’t all about Champagne. Australian sparkling is as good a try There’s a heap of wine regions as it’s ever been, especially with outside Champagne that produce late-disgorged releases (aged for sparkling wines. In the ’80s the Champagne up to 10 years to gain complexity) that region cornered the term méthode have appeared on shelves in the past year. champenoise, so the others are known as Producers include Arras, Croser, Jansz, crémant (creamy). The bigger appellations Domaine Chandon and even Yellowglen, are crémant de Saumur in the Loire Valley, Australia’s largest producer, and they are which makes bubbly from a blend of a great advertisement for the quality, and chardonnay, chenin blanc and cabernet potential, we can produce. \ franc, and crémant de Bourgogne, where rules state the wines must contain at least 30 per cent pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot blanc sparklers shine or pinot gris.

5 hours free parking

(From 10 am in multi-level car park) * Terms & Conditions apply. On selected mains. Subject to availability. Offers vary, see participating restaurants for details. Cannot be combined with other offers. †Free parking is subject to Car Parking Terms & Conditions displayed at Crown car park entrances. Only available with dining offer. Free parking commences at time of entry and normal CRM0019/HP rates apply outside of offer period.


Prosecco is a grape, not a region. That’s why the wineries of Victoria’s King Valley, where it has found an excellent home, can label their wines as prosecco. Prosecco’s roots are in Italy’s north-east near Veneto. The best examples come from around Valdobbiadene. Rather than undergoing a secondary fermentation in the bottle to develop its bubbles, Prosecco is also a grape that benefits from a different type of carbonation, the




A host of other old-world countries produce sparkling wines, particularly in eastern Europe, although you’re unlikely to find many in Australia. Hungary produces pezsgo, while sparkling has been made since the 1800s in Romania. The nations of the former Soviet Union are fond of Sovetskoye Shampanskoye, a sparkling wine made in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine. Britain produces 2 million bottles of sparkling a year in its south-east, where soils and climate are similar to those found in Champagne. Many Champagne houses, including G.H. Mumm and Bollinger, have Germanic origins and Germany’s sparkling is sekt – the 1919 Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany using the term Champagne. \

ONLINE ONLY » Ben Thomas’ weekly wine selections 8 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013

Follow Ben on Twitter @senorthomas

Food \ kendall hill reviews BrUTale


Roast Lamb

Cevapi With ajvaR

(Darrian Traynor)

n Croatian, the word dobra means good. This is handy trivia to know given the chef behind new Balkan diner Brutale is one Daniel (“God is my judge”) George (“earth-worker”) Dobra. You might remember him from Brix, the high-concept diner that briefly flared then fizzled in Fitzroy. At his new digs in the CBD’s Corrs Lane, he’s ditched the schtick of baby veg and edible flowers for the time-honoured tastes of eastern Europe. Dumplings, cabbage rolls, roast meats, industrial quantities of garlic. All washed down with what may be Melbourne’s most extensive offering of rakia, the preferred palliative of all those nations that once sheltered under the dark umbrella of Yugoslavia. Reading through the list of regional firewaters, it strikes me this is one of the few places you’ll ever see all those states – Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, etc – coexisting so peacefully. There are wines, too. Exotic regional drops such as the Croatian Krauthaker or an Istrian merlot-terrano blend sit alongside affordably priced local and New Zealand bottles. Craft beers from Bosnia, Germany, Belgium, Spain and beyond round out the booze offerings. To assist in navigating the unfamiliar Balkan flavours I’ve enlisted my Macedonian mate, whose mother makes some of the finest sarma (cabbage rolls) and roast lamb in Melbourne. The stakes are high. Once inside this restaurant, hidden between Bourke and Lonsdale, it’s easy to pretend you’re not in Melbourne. Booth seats and dim lights, frenzied folk music (I swear they just played Hava Nagila) and even the studded disco ball over the bar suggest some sort of subversive cabaret, an image reinforced by ominous artworks featuring animal heads on human bodies. Shamanism meets surrealism, with a dash of ancient Egypt. No idea what it all means, but I’m up for it. The menu, read by lamplight shaded with old combat helmets, is a best-of-Balkan affair, from roasted peppers and svinja (cured meats) to spit-roasted pork and Dobra’s dad’s goulash. Our waiter, enthusiastic and well versed in the kitchen canon, suggests we order five to six dishes, or go the Dobra Family Banquet. How much food is that? “There’s quite a bit,” he concedes. “You definitely won’t leave hungry. But it’s manageable.” We opt instead to DIY, starting with a mound of sandy-brown fried pickerels (whitebait) served with lemon and a mayo infused with Dobra’s special spice mix. The mayo is pleasant; there just needs to be more of it to keep the whitebait moist and interesting. Without it, the fish is too dry and too salty. Good drinking food, sure, but not a refined entrée. The Macedonian wants to try the cevapi with ajvar – charcoal-grilled “naked” sausages made from beef, pork and veal that come with lemon, raw white onion and a traditional red pepper relish. The snags have appealing char stripes on the outside; take a bite and the barbecued juices dribble down the chin. Good times. The Macedonian eats in rapt silence, apparently

transported back to a childhood far, far away. The lamb, we’re told, is mouthwatering. It’s roasted in the peka, a Croatian wood-fired oven, at 400–450 degrees, with rosemary and bay leaves, spring onions and shallots. The bay gives the succulent meat a punchy herbal hit, and it’s lovely, but we’re not absolutely convinced it’s as good as a certain suburban matriarch’s. The shopska is a tad too chilled but otherwise terrific. It’s Eastern Europe’s answer to the Greek salad, rendered here as a brilliantly fresh medley of cucumber, tomato, capsicum, fresh ricotta-like cheese made on site, all swimming in a zinging vinaigrette. Dobra stuffs his sarma with beef, smoked ham and a smidge of rice and serves them on creamed potato and tomato. It’s hard to gauge the exact ingredients because the smoky pork overwhelms all. You’ll never catch me complaining about pork but, in this battle of the Balkans, the Macedonian’s mum triumphs. Her sarmas are sublime. Desserts are not a strong suit – Neapolitan ice-cream (sold out), doughnuts and baked pastries – but this is a blessing as we’re stuffed. It’s 9.30pm, and Brutale’s inner bohemian is out to play. The bar is a blur of alcoholic activity. The couple behind us are arm-wrestling. An older guy to our left is getting his gangster on in shaded glasses, black shirt, black trilby. He’s drinking merlot on ice. You can’t fake cool like that. Meanwhile Dobra is clapping like a flamenco artist at the pass, flanked by photos of family members. Looks like he’ll be at it for a while yet. Brutale’s late menu is available until midnight, and these folks don’t look like they’re going anywhere in a hurry. And why would they? The party’s right here. \ to Read moRe RevieWs


eat this bRutaLe, 18 CoRRs Lane, City Cuisine \ Balkan

We Rate it Chef \ Daniel Dobra

Open \ Tuesday-Saturday 6pm-late. Highlights \ Dobra food, dobra times. Lowlights \ avoid seats by the clapping kitchen. Bookings \ yes


Phone \ 9654 4411

(Darrian Traynor)

Hip pocket \ $75 for banquet; $50-$60 a la carte.

6½ out oF 10 OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 9

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Profile \ kendall hill meets food diplomat Joanna Savill


s the inaugural Good Food Month kicks off, Stokehouse on November 26. Likewise with Rene spare a thought for festival director Joanna Redzepi, the pioneering Dane whose restaurant, Savill. In the space of 12 months – 24 if you Noma, reigned as the world’s best from 2010-2012. count time spent wrangling permits and Redzepi has been to Melbourne before and is a big permissions – she and her tight team of festival staff fan (“The dining scene is just outrageously good,” he have pulled together a calendar of no fewer than told me in a 2011 interview. 330 events to keep Melburnians, and Victorians, “If it wasn’t so far away I would be there every extremely well fed and watered in the month year for sure.”) But again, for Savill, it was only in ahead. London that she sealed the deal. While Savill – one-time SBS “It’s getting that face-to-face moment when “there’s a television presenter, editor, they say, ‘Yes, I really will come’,” she says. lot of hard “And no amount of emailing and phone restaurant reviewer and MC – is one of Australia’s best connected calling can achieve the same thing, for eating that food journalists, there are some reason.” goes into times when her emails and In the course of international food this” phone calls aren’t enough to lure diplomacy, Savill has, in the past year, mingled international chefs to our shores. with 200 leading chefs at the 25th anniversary That was the case with one of the of Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant in Monte stars of this year’s line-up, the trailblazing Carlo; attended the Omnivore food festival in Paris, Brazilian Alex Atala. While he responded a showcase of cutting-edge young chefs; worked the warmly to Savill’s overtures inviting him room at the World’s 50 Best awards in London; and to Melbourne, it wasn’t until she flew then embarked on an eating tour across Sweden, 17,000 kilometres in April to attend the France and Italy to sample the latest gastronomic World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards sensations. “There’s a lot of hard eating that goes into at London’s Guildhall that she this as well,” she says with a laugh. managed to collar the charismatic In many ways, the easy part was getting Victorian chef and lock him in to chefs and food producers on board for the first appearing at St Kilda’s southern chapter of the festival she has organised

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10 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013

Joanna Savill’s Festival Picks:

since 2010. This year the rebranded Good Food Month – formerly the Crave International Food Festival – expands its reach from the harbour city of Sydney, where it debuted in 1998, to satellite events in Brisbane and Canberra and Melbourne’s own month-long eating extravaganza. All up, there will be some 900 events to satisfy food-lovers along the eastern seaboard. “It seemed logical to see if [the concept] would fly in Melbourne and regional Victoria,” Savill says of the southern expansion. “It’s extraordinary because everyone’s come on board. I think it’s testament to the fact that Victorians really get food events. You don’t really have to explain the principle – everyone was already lining up to be there.” While Savill’s team runs key events such as the Night Noodle Markets, which kick off beside the river in Alexandra Gardens from November 18-30, it is local restaurateurs, bar owners and producers who dictate the particular flavour of the festival. Most events will be unique to Melbourne. With the popular Hats Off dinners, for example, Savill asks hatted chefs from the Melbourne Good Food Guide to cast aside their usual menus for the month and create something special for festival

goers. The results include a Manchurian imperial seafood banquet at Flower Drum, an “Eat the Pig” dinner at Cafe Di Stasio, and a Brazilian feast at French fine diner Jacques Reymond. “It takes most of the year,” says Savill of the massive organisational task involved. “We spoke to people in February about the event. In April and May we started getting them on board to give us their ideas, then sift through all of that, put together a program, print the program, do the online program, build a website … I could go on. “But the beauty of the Good Food Month model is it’s very much an open slate. The invitation goes out to restaurants and food businesses to take part, but it’s up to them to determine how they would like to do that and you just see automatically how the flavour of a different city comes through in the program.” One thing Melbourne has that Sydney can’t hope to emulate is exquisite timing. Our festival will ride on the coattails of the spring racing carnival, “so it’s got a party atmosphere without even trying,” Savill says. \

1. Karen Martini’s doing a lunch at Prahran Market. Karen’s fabulous and I think doing something in the middle of a market like that would be really, really fun. 2. I am quite intrigued by Hamish Blake, of Hamish and Andy fame, doing a dinner with Shannon Bennett at Vue de Monde. They’ve made up this fictitious character (Henry Wilkins) and they’re going to tell his life throughout the dinner. I think that would be a real hoot. 3. Going up to Provenance, where chef Michael Ryan is doing an izakaya night to indulge his Japanese side. Beechworth and north-east Victoria are such beautiful parts of the world. 4. Obviously, the Night Noodle Markets, because that will be just extraordinary.

Tough work: Joanna Savill says her role involves “a lot of hard eating”. (BEN RUSHTON)

Trailblazer: Brazil’s Alex Atala will cook at Stokehouse.

5. The Local Growers’ Supper at Queen Victoria Market, where they encourage people to bring their own produce and it forms part of the actual dinner. It’s brilliant, and I think that’s such a lovely concept because it’s about eating but it’s also about where our food comes from, producing food and sharing conviviality. \

» The Age Good Food Month is on from November 1-30. For the festival program, see


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(Istockphoto / thInkstock)

The Narrow Road To The Deep North by Richard Flanagan Âť $32.95 (Vintage)

n his review of Richard Flanagan’s new novel, The Australian’s literary critic Geordie Williamson immediately declares his hand. “I was halfway through The Narrow Road to The Deep North when I realised I was reading the winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award for 2014,� Williamson begins his article. His praise continues: “In its historical breadth, its structural intricacy, its terrible and exquisite re-creation of the darkest moments of the Australian military experience, The Narrow Road to The Deep North is beyond comparison.� Predicting a Miles Franklin winner eight the months before the announcement takes anzac courage. But Williamson is not the only spirit ... is respected literary heavyweight to have voiced palpable this view. If Flanagan’s publishers enter the competition (entries close in December), and if the book makes the longlist (announced next March), The Narrow Road to The Deep North is a contender and, already, a crowd favourite. In her will, Franklin declared the prize should “be awarded for the novel for the year which is of the highest literary merit and which must present Australian Life in any of its phases�. Flanagan’s book meets these requirements. In the hands of this master craftsman, we embark on a multilayered story that weaves back and forth through time as one old man reflects on his life, the traumas he experienced, the people he knew and the woman he loved. Dorrigo Evans is a celebrated surgeon and Burma Railway prisoner-of-war survivor. Still mentally and


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physically agile, Dorrigo has entered life’s final chapter with questions and regrets. Could he have done more? Should he have loved better? As this epic tale moves from rural Tasmania to Melbourne, the Adelaide affair with his uncle’s second wife, then the brutality of the Japanese prison camp, the origins of Dorrigo’s guilt and the reasons for his detached state become evident. Speaking to writer and journalist Ramona Koval (see:, Flanagan says: “I was interested in a character who wasn’t seen to be a leader, who finds himself in that role and then has to do things, extraordinary things, but doubts his capacity to do them, who feels in a way like a sham and a fraud but who ultimately still does extraordinary things because in a way he was actually being led by the men to do them.” There is also a strong Australian sensibility about The Narrow Road to The Deep North, and this should please Miles Franklin award judges. Much of the action takes place in the dense Thai jungle; indeed, at times, Flanagan takes us into the minds of the Japanese officers in charge of Dorrigo and his soldier mates. Yet the Anzac spirit that Flanagan – the son of a Burma Railway survivor – feels compelled to capture is palpable throughout this story. It is Australian life in one of its most challenging but proud phases. \




The Year My Politics Broke by Jonathan Green » $24.99 (MUP)

One Leg Too Few: The Adventures of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore by William Cook » $49.95 (Preface)

Can the Australian marketplace handle another book that laments the fractured state of our national political landscape? It can if the author is former Age columnist, now ABC presenter, Jonathan Green, whose dry wit and ever-accessible writing style shine in this little gem. Recent events provide Green with a framework, but as he explains in his introduction, the book “is more a running reflection on the current state of our politics from the perspective of someone – me – who, as a minor-league media participant is part of the problem”. \

The new batch of Christmas titles features fewer actor bios this year. One stands out, however, and deserves to be a bestseller in Australia, where these protagonists were so admired. British comedians Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, known to audiences through TV, film and stage appearances, are the subjects of William Cook’s finely constructed, well-researched and astute work. Their 20-year partnership produced great success, endured many stresses, and changed the face of comedy forever. \



Silvia’s Cucina by Silvia Colloca » $39.99 (Lantern)

The Further Adventures of The Owl and The Pussy-Cat by Julia Donaldson and Charlotte Voake » $19.99 (Puffin)

Actor, opera singer, blogger, wife of Australian actor Richard Roxburgh, and mother of two boys, Silvia Collaca can also add cookbook author to her list of achievements. As she fuses her Italian upbringing with a vast range of Australian produce and a keen desire to prepare healthy meals for her family, Silvia presents readers with an appealing range of dishes. There are also many helpful tips about food preparation and storage, what to buy and how to cook Italian family-style. \

When a cheeky crow flies off with Puss’ gold ring, a new adventure begins for Edward Lear’s most unexpected couple. “Then she said with a yowl, ‘O lugubrious Owl/ Let us travel in search of the thief/The thief, the thief ...’ ” And so Puss and her feathered suitor sail away in “a beautiful blue balloon” to find the crow. Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson teams with illustrator Charlotte Voake to create this delightful update to Lear’s classic tale. \

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OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 13

Under the radar \ Myke bartlett reviews the latest tv

Redfern Now \ ABC1, Thursday, October 31, 8.30pm »

returning for its second season, this bold anthology series manages to make most other australian TV dramas seem decidedly lacklustre. This is powerful, HBo-quality television – skilfully written, masterfully acted and displaying a cinematic flair to its direction. In comparison, recent hits Offspring and Wonderland are left looking like the cartoon soap operas that they are. In the opening episode, a gay aboriginal dad fights for custody of his young daughter, after a car accident kills his partner (her biological father). It’s a touching, occasionally searing, portrait of loss and the selfishness of grief. When the dead man’s estranged mother enters the picture, fuelled by rage and barely repressed homophobia, things turn ugly. as the mother, Noni Hazlehurst gives a career-defining performance. a scene in which she begs for her brain-dead son’s life, bargaining with and bullying the hospital staff, is one of the rawest scenes I’ve seen on television in years. Thankfully, writer and director adrian russell Wills’ unflinching honesty is matched by a tenderness and optimism, offering viewers the possibility of redemption even when things are at their most hopeless. Don’t miss this extraordinary series. \

Myke’s s pac e

Watching \ The Sarah Silverman Program. (sBs2, Wed 9.30pm) a new series of bad-taste antics from the Us comic. Listening \ Midlake’s Antiphon. The new LP from these prog-folkers suffers little for the loss of singer Tim smith. attending \ Winterfall Theatre’s production of Neil LaBute’s In A Forest, Dark and Deep opens November 2 at The Theatre Husk in Northcote.


(Mark rogers)

top pick


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63 Atherton Road Oakleigh 14 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013




Fallout \ Cinema Nova, Opens October 31, Rated M, 85min »

Miss Jugoslavia & The Barefoot Orchestra: Cold War Served Warm \ fortyfive downstairs, October 30 – November 10, $35/$30 »


Fever Belle \ Seabellies (Shock) » This Newcastle five-piece have taken their time following up 2010’s poppy debut, By Limbo Lake. In the intervening years, they have toured far and wide, won international acclaim and recorded new material in Berlin. They return to the local music scene with more of a murmur than a bang, as record No.2 trades melodic hooks for a more complex, subdued atmosphere. The group seem happy to wander off into post-rock territory on Bodies, while there’s a vaguely proggy atmosphere to tracks such as Berlin Horses. This more intricate, almost ethereal approach to instrumentation is seductive, but it’s hard to shake the feeling the band are at their best when their pop inclinations come to the fore. Atlantis, which feels something like a slow-motion dance hit, is a particular standout. \

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This musical piece of new-wave theatre is inspired by performer Tania Bosak’s background in Melbourne’s expat Yugoslavian community. When the Balkans conflict broke out in 1991, the former Miss Yugloslavia runner-up found her nationality changed overnight, leading her to ask questions about some well-kept family secrets. The result of her investigations is Cold War Served Warm. Part concert, part play and part imaginary film score, the play tells the extraordinary story of Bosak’s father’s defection to the West in 1958. \


On The Beach, as this documentary reminds us, remains an important Australian book – not only for its dire warnings about nuclear warfare, but also for its blockbusting international success. The subsequent film managed to lure Hollywood stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire to Frankston. The juiciest parts of this rather dry doco concern this Hollywood incursion into our fair city. Gardner was infamously scathing about Melbourne, fuelling tabloid outrage by claiming this was the perfect place to shoot a film about the end of the world. Snippets of hand-held home movies and an old radio interview with Peck offer tantalising glimpses of this surreal meeting of international glamour and Melbourne suburbia. For the most part, however, this is Nevil Shute’s story. We follow him from his World War I childhood, through a brief career in British aeronautics, to his worldwide fame as a Frankston-dwelling novelist. Shute, we discover, was furious about the film adaptation of his most famous work, feeling the director took too many liberties in making his dark tale palatable for a US audience. Shute died shortly after the film’s premiere, after a stress-related stroke. Fallout does well in examining the personal and political impact of On The Beach (the film affected international policy regarding nuclear weapons), but lacks any real drama or big-screen verve. As such, it’s perhaps better suited to a Sunday night on the telly than a night out at the movies. \

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OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 15

16 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013

(Darren James)

alumni Michael McKernan Dr Ben Scambary Bruce Keebaugh Peter Glynn Âť P18

Facing up to life’s challenges Education \ This teacher is cruising through life, writes CHERYL CRITCHLEY


aura Roso’s life has been one of adventure, whether she is performing a Cats dance routine on the Hume Highway, inspiring a class of 10-year-old boys or literally living on the high seas. Now a teacher at Xavier College’s historic Kostka Hall junior campus in Brighton, Roso has danced, acted, toyed with journalism, worked on cruise ships and appeared in advertising campaigns. She is always ready for a challenge, none more fulfilling than a room of boys. “I’m someone who needs a challenge,” she says on a crisp spring morning after arriving for school bright and early. “I’m so blessed that I can combine all my interests and all my passions.” Kostka Hall was established in 1937 on South Road, Brighton, when the then Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Daniel Mannix, asked Xavier to establish a junior school in the southern suburbs. From the oval, Roso can see cruise ships carrying the friends she met while working with P&O for five years. Ten years ago she’d be itching to join them, but not any more. She has found her calling in the classroom. Now 38, Roso grew up in Mount Beauty, where she and her sister, Fiona, now 40, and brother, Mark, 31, ran through paddocks and rode bikes after school. “Every time we opened our window in the morning there was snow-capped mountains,” she says. “It was just a beautiful place to grow up.” Nestled in the picturesque Kiewa Valley, Mount Beauty was developed by the State Electricity Commission in 1949 during construction of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. It is now a popular alpine tourist town. As a child, Roso had to make her own fun, allowing her inquisitive and outgoing nature to blossom. She attended Mount Beauty primary and secondary schools, making the most of every opportunity. “You knew everyone in the school, not just in your class,” she says. Life changed in grade 5 when Carolyn Coulson bought Alpine Dancerama to town. The dance teacher’s timing was perfect, with keen locals and the film Strictly Ballroom soon to glamourise old-style dance. Roso continued with Coulson for the rest of her school years. When she wasn’t watching Young Talent Time or singing on the couch, she would practise her jazz, tap, ballroom dancing and calisthenics. So passionate were they, the troupe talked a metalwork teacher into devising tap dancing attachments for their Dunlop Volley runners. “The sound quality was shocking,” Roso says. “We went to a competition but didn’t tell anybody that we had made our own taps. We ended up getting third place.” When she was 13, the group, including Roso’s sister Fiona, hatched an ambitious plan to compete at the South Pacific DanceSport Championships in Sydney. The girls held an eight-hour dance-a-thon and raised enough for a bus and accommodation. The Albury-Wodonga Border Mail newspaper even photographed them on their way up, dressed in Cats-inspired jazz outfits. “We did a Cats routine on the highway,” Roso says. “That was probably my favourite routine ever.” It was so exciting Roso doesn’t even remember how they fared. To her, life is about the journey and not the end result. “We were inspired,” she recalls. “We worked really well as a team. We did get some places.”

Roso still sees her dance friends and each year they attend a musical together in Melbourne. Fiona, a former flight attendant, is now raising sons Luke, six, and Alex, five, while Mark is a Qantas maintenance engineer who dabbles in modelling and TV extra work on the side. At high school, Roso aspired to be a journalist, but subject choices were limited so she studied Italian, English literature, human development, legal studies and computers and technology. Roso took her curiosity and boundless enthusiasm into a journalism degree at Deakin University in Geelong, where she lived on campus. After six months she decided dance, drama and music suited her better so she switched to performing arts. She found an agent and helped produce a cabaret, Grease and Guys and Dolls with fellow uni students, directing Guys and Dolls herself. After graduating, she moved to Melbourne and worked as a receptionist while seeking acting work. All performers know secure work is rare. Roso had plenty of amateur gigs and some paid work as an extra on shows such as Neighbours and Blue Heelers, but the audition process was daunting as she was a team player, not a competitor.

teaching,” Roso says. “So on her hard days she’ll still read that letter.” Also in 1999, the talented all-rounder won a scholarship with St Martin’s Youth Arts Centre in South Yarra. She trained with the likes of Madeleine West, who is still a good friend and has worked with her students. Roso loved the classroom but also challenged herself by hosting functions and appearing as an extra on Neighbours, Halifax f.p., Blue Heelers and MDA during the school holidays. “I’ve always kept up some form of performing to keep myself fresh,” she says. After five years in the classroom the travel bug hit. Roso took a year’s leave to see New York and Los Angeles and ended up working on a cruise ship when her bubbly nature on the dance floor while cruising with friends was noticed by staff. For six months she lived in a tiny cabin on P&O’s Pacific Sky organising social activities, calling bingo and hosting karaoke. Roso returned to Kostka Hall as planned, but ended up cruising for another four years after being recruited to direct entertainment on the new Pacific Sun. Life on a cruise ship is fun but Roso missed her family

“this place is everything to me. the staff are amazing, you never feel alone. This is my second home” One day, on a train full of boisterous school students, she had a light-bulb moment. “There was something missing in my life,” she says. “I just wasn’t making a difference. I needed something more. I thought, ‘I’ve got all of this experience in drama, I’d like to share it with someone and go down the angle of teaching’.” Memories flooded back of her year 10 home economics teacher, Helen Marshall, who had nurtured her students and taught them life skills. Roso, who had kept in touch with Marshall by letter, realised that maybe she had the same vocation. “She looked at you as a whole person,” Roso says. “She guided us in such an amazing way. I thought, ‘I hope one day I can be like that’.” Roso qualified as a teacher and while applying for jobs fell in love with Kostka Hall. “The moment I walked through those doors I knew this was the school for me,” she says. “It was warm, welcoming; just had a beautiful feel about it.” In 1999, Roso started as drama co-ordinator at the school, which now has an early years centre, co-educational classes from prep to grade 4 and boys from years 5 to 8. She had an immediate impact and developed productions with as many as 120 parts. Roso even wrote her own musical, Shuffling Shoes, based on The Elves and the Shoemaker, so that every child could have a line. Her CV includes two full musicals and about 15 scripts. After becoming a teacher, Roso wrote to Marshall thanking her for being such a positive role model. “She told me she has framed that letter and she still loves

and friends so returned to Melbourne and started emergency teaching. She took year 7 arts classes at a local mansion Kostka Hall had recently leased, Billilla, and filled in for teachers on leave. Partly inspired by her late grandmother Irma Toniazzo, who told her that she always smiled when discussing teaching, in 2010 Roso accepted a full-time position at Kostka Hall as a grade 5 home teacher and grade 5 to 6 drama teacher. That tender moment with Toniazzo, who used to stick $50 on her bin each Christmas for the garbos and taught her much about humility, convinced Roso that teaching was her destiny. The students also inspired her, and continue to do so. “We learn through them as well, and every day is different and you’re never faced with the same day,” she says. “I started really loving it again.” Now with Epic Management, Roso has the perfect balance of teaching and holiday work as a host, TV extra and advertising performer. She is writing a pre-teen novel and recently hosted Hawthorn players at the AFL grand final parade. Life is good and even better when you feel so comfortable at work. Xavier College is a Jesuit school and Roso really relates to the order’s founder, St Ignatius, who lived to help others. A Jesuit Latin saying, Cura Personalis (care for the whole person), also resonates with those at the school. “This place is everything to me,” she says. “The staff are amazing, you never feel alone. This is my second home.” \ OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 17


success stories \ XAVIER COLLEGE ALUMNI

Michael McKernan

Dr Ben scambary

Bruce Keebaugh

Peter Glynn

Attended \ Class of 1962

Attended \ Class of 1984

Attended \ Class of 1985

Attended \ Class of 2000

CV \ Writer/historian

CV \ Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority CEO

CV \ Owner, The Big Group

CV \ Director, Deloitte Australia (Deloitte Private).

McKernan is a historian and writer with extensive experience in teaching, research, management, the media and presenting history. As an Australian history lecturer at the University of New South Wales, he researched and wrote books including Australian Churches at War and All In! Fighting the War at Home. He has now written 15 books. The latest, Victoria at War 1914-18, was commissioned by the State Library of Victoria and is due out in 2014. While deputy director of Canberra’s Australian War Memorial McKernan also helped inspire its renewal. \

Scambary graduated with a BA in anthropology and ethnomusicology from Monash University in 1987 then completed an honours year in anthropology at the Charles Darwin University. He worked at the Northern Land Council in Darwin for about 11 years. He was initially involved in land claim research and later as coordinator of anthropological research in support of native title claims. In 2007, Scambary completed a PhD in Anthropology at the Australian National University focusing on mining agreements with Aboriginal people. \

Keebaugh is director and owner of The Big Group, one of Australia’s largest privately owned catering and event management companies. He studied hospitality and hotel management before beginning his career with Peter Rowland Catering. In 1990, Keebaugh and future wife Chyka founded The Big Group. Keebaugh’s events have become permanent fixtures on the corporate and private circuit, including Melbourne Cup marquees, prestige car launches, international luxury brands’ in-store promotions, and corporate banquets and trade shows. \

Glynn is a chartered accountant providing assurance services including audit and due diligence. He is currently a director at Deloitte Private at Deloitte Australia, one of the world’s leading professional service firms, where he works with some of Australia’s best known privately owned retailers, manufacturers and transport operators. He worked in London in 2009-10 as the head of finance (Europe & Asia) for Marken Ltd, a market leader in global life-science transportation and supply-chain solutions. \


KOSTKA HALL CAMPUS DISCOVERY MORNING Early Years co-educational 3-year-old to Year 4. Middle Years, boys Years 5 to 8. Date Tuesday 12 November 2013


Campus Location

9am to 11am

Kostka Hall Campus 47 South Rd Brighton

Directors address at 9am

For more information please refer to our website or call our Registrar Di Odgers on (03) 9854 5307.

18 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013

Motoring \ rod easdown gets behind the wheel


Volkswagen Beetle What is it? like an old rock star; larger, squishier, quieter. What’s in it? A turbocharged and supercharged 118-kilowatt 1.4-litre with a seven-speed dsG gearbox. is it thirsty? i used 9.8 litres per 100 kilometres in the city, 6.7 in the country. The official combined figure is 6.4.



thumbs up handling, ride, body integrity.


little over a decade ago Volkswagen’s reborn Beetle started a spate of retro cars. The Mini, Chrysler’s PT Cruiser and Citroen’s C3 all followed, and this led a prominent American car designer to forecast the big problem with retro cars; when it’s time to update how do you facelift a retro design? Mini, by far the most successful of the bunch, keeps things fresh with lots of variations on the original theme, to the beetle the point where there’s now even a is a nice Mini SUV. thing to The sadly underpowered PT drive Cruiser faded away, the C3 bumps along at a few sales a month and, after a disappointing initial response, Volkswagen is giving the Beetle another go. It’s bigger than the first retro Beetle with a longer roofline that’s higher at the rear, a design that’s far less sympathetic to the original 1940s VW but allowing your actual people to ride up back without detaching their heads. It has also proved beneficial for luggage space, which is now on par with many Even with DSG the Beetle is a nice thing to small hatchbacks. drive. It handles surprisingly well and Mind you, the Beetle costs a lot more than makes even challenging corners easy. It goes most small hatchbacks. And you can’t get four quite hard once you get over the inordinately doors. And if you don’t want a clutch pedal, slow initial take-off, and it overtakes pretty your only option is the seven-speed direct well too. But while it may be perfectly happy shift gearbox. It’s better than most electronic to be driven hard, this is not a car to drive manuals but it’s still nowhere near as smooth with enthusiasm because you look rather or as fuss-free as a conventional auto. I don’t ridiculous. The Beetle is more something for like DSGs much. There are annoying dead cruising the boulevards and sashaying the spots and flat spots, but they’re good on fuel. St Kilda foreshore on long, balmy nights.

The surprising thing is that it rides so well. The interior is comfortable and nicely finished, with extensive metal trim carrying the exterior colour. It may be greatly improved and thus of wider appeal, but with its looks and premium pricing the Beetle will always be a niche car. And I can’t help thinking that, Minis notwithstanding, the retro thing is done now. \

thumbs DoWn it’s flamboyant but not cool any more, and it costs too much. * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

things you DiDn’t knoW about motoring … The original Beetle was in production for 58 years with more than 21 million made. it was voted the fourth most significant car in history after Ford’s Model-T, the Mini and Citroen’s ds.

OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

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from $730,000

standard features Smeg stainless-steel gas cooktop,

underbench oven, concealed rangehood and integrated dishwasher ● Caesarstone benchtops ● Mirrored-glass splashbacks ● Light and dark interior schemes ● Bamboo timber flooring ● Carpet in bedrooms ● Reverse-cycle heating and cooling – living and bedrooms (three-bedroom houses) ● Walk-in wardrobes in main bedroom; built-in wardrobes in other bedrooms ● Bathrooms – semi-frameless glass shower screens, tiled bathrooms ● Powder rooms ● Separate laundries ● Walk-in pantries ● Timber-decked courtyards – 39m2 to 161m2 Eco Green Rating Six-star energy rating Solar-boosted gas hot water ● Individual rainwater tanks ● ●

Facilities Sectional-lift remote-controlled garage doors Private tree-lined cul-de-sac

● ●

bamboo flooring in interiors

be27 \ bentleigh east


E27, a boutique parkside townhouse development nestled in a ranging from 128 square metres to 214 square metres internally private, leafy cul-de-sac, is winning favour with families and plus garages and private rear courtyards of between 39 square downsizers in Bentleigh East. metres and 161 square metres. The Abacus Property Group project includes 23 new The development offers six unique floor plans with two to three architect-designed double-storey houses adjacent to Marlborough living areas. All designs have a large separate laundry and most Street Reserve, with prices starting from $730,000 for also have a walk-in pantry. The main bedroom in all designs has three-bedroom houses. Marlborough Street Reserve is a popular a large walk-in wardrobe and en suite bathroom with a double park with a soccer ground, playground and barbecues. vanity and double-sized shower. Most designs have a walk-in A sweeping landscaped entrance from 27 Dromana Avenue will linen cupboard and space for a desk within a study nook or a lead to the new private residential precinct. MEMLA Landscape multipurpose room. All plans have off-street parking for at least Architects has modelled the secluded tree-lined cul-de-sac two cars, with a mixture of remote-controlled single and on the concept of an English mews, where public areas double garages and space for another car to park on each become spaces shared by residents. The trees will envelop individual townhouse title. postcode the street in a lush green canopy, and private landscaped The two four-bedroom townhouses were sold in the backyards will extend living outdoors with timber first week of the project launch, leaving buyers with the decking and perimeter plantings. choice of five versions of the three-bedroom townhouses The first stage of 14 houses was released last month with two or three living areas. In one three-bedroom/ and has attracted strong interest from young families and three living area layout, the inclusion of a single rather downsizers. BE27 development manager Joshua Dawson than double garage allowed the architect to create a second says more than half of the first stage sold within a month of ground-level living area as a rumpus near the entry. This plan also release. Construction by Metricon TownLiving is expected to start includes direct entry from the garage to the pantry, a godsend for a early next year, with completion about a year later. growing family’s weekly shopping trip. “We knew the area was very attractive to families, with a lot Bamboo flooring will be used in the interiors, except in the of parks, sports grounds, recreational facilities and schools. So bedrooms and wet areas, which will have carpet and tiles. we concentrated on designing the best floor plans to give buyers Kitchens have reconstituted stone benchtops with mirrored-glass flexibility for their families at different stages. splashbacks, 2pac joinery and Smeg stainless-steel gas cooktops, “We also worked very hard with our architect, Genton, to underbench ovens, concealed rangehoods and dishwashers. create stylish, unique homes so that the private streetscape Every house has a bath, and most have two powder rooms. reads as individual homes set within a landscaped mews. Some The bathrooms have semi-frameless glass shower screens, large developments repeat the same design again and again and we mirrors and generous storage. didn’t want that. Our brief was to give the houses individuality The houses have a six-star energy rating, with each having while keeping them within the same design family so that they solar-boosted gas hot water and individual rainwater tanks for work well together,” Dawson says. courtyard gardens. \ liz Mclachlan There are 21 three-bedroom houses and two four-bedroom houses in the development. The two-level floor plans are spacious,


The sports and recreational facilities around BE27 will keep the most active family on the go, Location including the nearby Bentleigh Fitness Centre and Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre – both with gym, pool, yoga and fitness facilities – and Packer Park Velodrome. Next door, Virginia Park has two childcare centres, a Lollipops stylish streetscapes

Children’s Playland, martial arts centre and café. Schools within walking distance include Valkstone, McKinnon, Hughesdale and Coatesville primary schools, and Bentleigh and McKinnon secondary colleges. Independent schools nearby include Kilvington and Oakleigh grammar schools.

OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

final word “Presenting a rare combination of quality, size and location, this unique property opportunity is sure to incite smart investor attention.” NICK RENNA – AGENT

Hocking Stuart \ 9557 7733

Price \ $1.65 million +

Auction \ November 16 at 12.30pm

Fast facts \ Sprawling two-storey family residence on a deep block within moments of Allnutt Park: formal living and dining; huge open-plan area; second-storey sitting room; palatial main suite with study; ample storage, entertainers’ terrace; outdoor lounge; gym; heated pool; landscaped gardens; utility area; fireplaces; quality fixtures and fittings; ducted heating and cooling, ducted vacuum; close to transport and schools. Bentleigh \ 13 kilometres from the city






Gary Peer & Associates 9066 4688 4



45 Milburn Grove, St Kilda East ................................................................. Price: $1.3 million - $1.495 million ................................................................. Auction Sunday November 10 at 4.30pm ................................................................. OFI Sat 12.30-1pm; Sun 10.30-11am .................................................................



Hocking Stuart Caulfield 8532 5200 4


we love it


3 Ludbrook Street, Caulfield South ................................................................. Price: $950,000 - $1.05 million ................................................................. Auction Sunday November 17 at 11.30am ................................................................. OFI As advertised .................................................................

Gary Peer \ 9526 1999

Price \ $880,000 – $960,000

Auction \ November 10 at 10.30am

Manicured front gardens introduce this charming Edwardian one-of-a-pair. Inside, traditional hallmarks of period elegance have been immaculately maintained. Polished floorboards gleam and complement the freshly painted white walls. Off the hallway, the main bedroom has a bay window and built-in wardrobes either side of a fireplace. The second bedroom – with its timber venetian blinds and a corner cast-iron fireplace – is huge and could be a formal sitting room, library or home office. Nearby, the third bedroom has built-in wardrobes. The central bathroom is traditionally styled with cream and burgundy tiles, plus a timber vanity and shower-over-bath. The living room has a corner fireplace and an airy vibe. Take a step down to the sunken meals area, which is lit by three high-set windows, while the adjoining kitchen has timber-look cabinetry, black appliances and aqua benchtops. A sliding door reveals a covered outdoor dining and lounge area. Steps lead down to a pebbled garden in easy-care surrounds. \ MICHELLE OSTROW ZUKERMAN


Enjoying outdoor access from almost every room, this parkside house is a winner for a blissful lifestyle with formal and informal zones and a granny flat.

This exquisite four-bedroom residence showcasing high ceilings has two entertainment zones, granite kitchen, elevated deck and automatic garage.

Let's eat lunch @ Hawk and Hunter, 8-10 Glen Eira Ave Let's eat dinner @ Ilona Staller, 282 Carlisle Street Let's drink coffee @ Batch Espresso, 1/320 Carlisle Street

Let's eat lunch @ Mr Brightside Café, 189a Booran Rd Let's eat dinner @ Portofino Pizza, 884 Glenhuntly Rd Let's drink coffee @ Mr Brightside Café, 189a Booran Rd




2 OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

MurruMbeena 49B Rosella stReet a spectacular new vision of designer living. Sleek with architectural elements, this awe-inspiring 3 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom residence adds a high level of sophistication to your lifestyle. Impressive with its contemporary glamour, this stunning sensation provides a designer stone kitchen with LED highlights, Smeg stove and butlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pantry, open plan entertaining (pebble fire) and bluestone paving (BBQ kitchen) in landscaped gardens. Upstairs features 3 bedrooms (BIRs, main - ensuite & WIR), relaxing retreat and workstation. Appointed for excellence, it boasts timber floors, tinted windows, individual room R/C air cond, video intercom, alarm, ducted vac, unbeatable storage and auto gate to auto garage. Near shops, cafes, metres to train and Chadstone. 24 The weekly review \ october 30, 2013



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 6.00 - 6.30pm & sat as advertised sat 16th november - 1.30pm 69 / B6 $900,000 - $990,000 gary Walton 0407 597 498 nick renna 0411 551 190 carnegie 9569 3666

Bentleigh 10 Bolinda Street ‘A once in a lifetime park side opportunity’. Elevated from the street overlooking Bentleigh Reserve, this appealing 3 bed + study brick home is being offered for the first time in 60 years and is ready for a new owner. Located in a premier Bentleigh location moments from Centre Rd. and on an impressive 732sqm block, this parkside beauty features a wide hallway, an elegantly spacious lounge, north facing dining room, 3 great size bedrooms (2 with BIRs), delightful sunroom, sep toilet & laundry. With loads of natural light and glorious park views, this cherished home boasts R/C air conditioner, huge rear garden, dbl garage & workshed. Will appeal to buyers seeking to renovate or redevelop (STCA) or those looking to simply move in and enjoy the facilities, shops, schools and lifestyle Bentleigh has to offer. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 2.45 - 3.15pm & sat as advertised sat 16th november - 2.30pm 77 / F1 $880,000 - $930,000 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh 239 Centre road ‘Paringa’ An unrivalled Californian on a single level. Absolutely captivating in a designer landscape, this beautifully renovated 4 bed 2 bath single level Californian Bungalow sets the tone for a lifetime of family entertaining. With superb spaces, polished boards, high ceilings & a touch of charm, this gorgeous home features exquisite formal lounge & dining rooms (OFP), expansive north facing open plan living (gas pebble fire), deep verandahs, granite kitchen (WI pantry), sublime main bedrm (custom WIR & double shower ensuite) & vogue bathroom. With gorgeous garden views, it boasts ducted heating, air cond, video intercom, alarm, attic storage, plantation shutters, children’s fort, auto gates & double carport. A heartbeat to cafes, Allnutt Park & schools. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office


836 (approx)

Wed 6.30 - 7.00pm & sat as advertised sat 16th november - 1.30pm 68 / B12 $1,200,000 - $1,320,000 nick renna 0411 551 190 trent collie 0425 740 484 Bentleigh 9557 7733 october 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

Bentleigh east 3b Fraser street a unique blend of outstanding quality and clever design. Thinking outside the square, this impressive 4 bedroom + study 2.5 bathroom residence masterfully combines stylish design elements with homely timber warmth with its imposing entry, downstairs study, a second retreat with garden courtyard, beautiful Smeg stone kitchen (WI pantry) & a stunning, north facing open plan living & dining (OFP). Stacker sliding doors open to a bluestone paved alfresco area & elevated garden, and 4 superb bedrooms (BIRs, main with custom WIR & luxury ensuite). Amazing with 3 metre high windows, it boasts ducted heating & air cond, video intercom, solar hot water & auto garage. Metres to parks, GESAC, bus, walk to shops & schools. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office


324 (approx)

Wed 1.30 - 2.00pm & sat as advertised sat 16th november - 12.30pm 68 / k12 $800,000 - $850,000 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Bentleigh east 11b Kenlon street Brand new innovation in single level living. Smooth and sophisticated with clean lines and vogue finishes, this brand new 3 bedroom + study 2 bath with stone bench tops residence is set apart by its effortless single level styling. With an accent on space, this impressive design features 3 double bedrooms (fitted BIRs, main with fitted WIR & porcelain ensuite), private study, north facing open plan entertaining with streamlined stone kitchen with F+P appliances & butlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pantry; double doors to a sun filled deck with counterlevered pergola & landscaped gardens. Fully appointed with solid timber floors, high ceilings, ducted heating, evap cooling, video intercom, solar hot water & auto garage, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clever living metres to shops, bus, schools & parks. 3


View auction mel ref EPr contact office 26 The weekly review \ october 30, 2013


315 (approx)

Wed 4.15 - 4.45pm & sat as advertised sat 16th november - 11.30am 78 / B5 $630,000 - $690,000 anton Zhouk 0430 224 438 kosta mesaritis 0412 117 529 Bentleigh 9557 7733

Caulfield South 3 Ludbrook Avenue â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ludbrookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Quality in low maintenance family entertaining. Beautifully appointed with quality finishes, this exquisite 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom residence reflects a lifestyle of spacious warmth and family harmony. Superb with its polished boards, porcelain tiles, high ceilings, granite benchtops & quality drapes, this exemplary home provides a security porch, an impressive sitting & dining room, open plan entertaining with stylish granite kitchen opening to an elevated deck over the garden, fitted laundry (store room), beautiful main bedroom (ensuite & WIR) & spa bathroom. Nothing but the best, it boasts ducted heating, evap cooling, alarm, video intercom, new carpet, ducted vac, plantation shutters, extensive storage & auto garage. Own title. Walk to shops, tram and bus. In Gardenvale Primary School zone. 4


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 as advertised sat 17th november - 11.30am 67 / J7 $950,000 - $1,050,000 todd newton 0412 568 313 mark kirkham 0408 338 896 caulfield 8532 5200

MCKinnon 56 Whitmuir roAd art deco splendour with entertaining class. Indulge in the unique warmth and space of Art Deco charm in this beautiful 3 bed + study 2 bath solid brick home. Captivating with its marble OFPs, high ceilings, antique lighting & hardwood floorboards, this engaging treasure enjoys a bullnose verandah, gorgeous dining room (OFP), north facing sitting room (OFP), modern classical kitchen, huge family room with cathedral ceilings & gas log fire, 3 good size bedrooms (BIRs, main - spa ensuite) & fitted study (3 workstations). With a generous rear garden featuring terracotta paving including covered alfresco, it boasts ducted heating, full security & tandem garage. Easy walk to Allnutt Park, McKinnon Village, Centre Rd, schools & train. 3



842 (approx)

View auction mel ref Price contact

Wed 5.30 - 6.00pm & sat as advertised sat 16th november - 3.30pm 68 / c11 Please contact agent calvin reid 0413 878 860 sarah gursansky 0467 533 309


Bentleigh 9557 7733 october 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

OrmOnd 26 Thompson sTreeT A 5 bedroom masterpiece of entertaining excellence. A beautiful renovation infusing its Art Deco warmth with relaxed entertaining, this spectacular 5 bedroom + study 3 bathroom residence is impressive from start to finish. Greeted by a gorgeous tranquility pond, this engaging home enjoys 3 superb entertaining zones (OFP), luxurious downstairs main bedroom (WIR & travertine ensuite), glamourous stone kitchen, large study and amazing outdoor entertaining with OFP, day bed, BBQ, solar heated pool, gym cabana & in-built trampoline. Stunning with polished boards & travertine bathrooms, it boasts ducted heating, evap cooling, pre-wired surround sound, video intercom, auto gate to carport and 2 sheds. In the McKinnon Sec College zone. 5


View auction mel ref EPr contact office

Bentleigh eAst 2/18 ClemenTs sTreeT Setting a new standard in quality low maintenance lifestyle living, this amazing 3 bed 3.5 bath street front sensation showcases upstairs & down bedroom suites, open plan living & dining to 2 decks, Miele kitchen, 4th bed/retreat & auto garage. McKinnon Sec College zone. 28 The weekly review \ october 30, 2013



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 4 - 4.30pm & sat as advertised sat 9th november - 1.30pm 68 / J10 $890,000 - $950,000 calvin reid 0413 878 860 trent collie 0425 740 484 Bentleigh 9557 7733


664 (approx)

Wed 7.00 - 7.30pm & sat as advertised sat 23rd november - 1.30pm 68 / B9 $1,200,000 - $1,300,000 gavin Van rooyen 0429 129 229 nick renna 0411 551 190 Bentleigh 9557 7733

murrumBeenA 68 Kangaroo road Owned by the same family since World War II, this original 3 BR Federation farmhouse sits on a magnificent 928sqm (approx) corner ready for to be inspired with 12ft ceilings and 6 principal rooms, or itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a superb development site (STCA) opposite Murrumbeena Park.



View auction mel ref EPr contact office

2 Wed 2.30 - 3pm & sat as advertised sat 16th november - 12.30pm 69 / B7 $850,000 - $930,000 chris Janssens 0418 541 208 mark staples 0411 527 174 carnegie 9569 3666



CAULFIELD NORTH 24A KAMBEA GROVE EXECUTOR´S AUCTION ENJOY THE OPPORTUNITY, EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS This property has been in the same family since it was built in the 70s and is ready to be transformed into the 21st century. Very liveable as it is with huge scope to totally renovate or rebuild (STCA), this home offers you excellent accommodation with huge entertaining areas. Comprising: • 4 bedrooms - main with ensuite & walk-in robe, all other bedrooms with built-in robes

• • • • • •

Rear kitchen overlooking rear garden Central bathroom, separate laundry Separate powder room Double carport with shed and much more Land is over 600 sq. m. approx. A must see property in a desirable location, very sought after





Sunday 10th November at 11:00am Nicholas Kaine 0439 860 059 Guy St Leger 0411 861 666 376 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick 9520 9020

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

Corner Canvas! Bentleigh 54 Vickery Street




Forthcoming Auction Inspect Wed at 6.00-6.30pm, Sat at 11.00-11.30am Office 361 Centre Road 9557 7891 Contact James Paynter 0418 390 133 Nick Blow 0411 831 731 Classic Bungalow, high on the hill, in the zone Re-style, renovate or re-develop (STCA) this Bungalow on land approx. 568sqm. A great market entry opportunity with period features, bungalow/4th bedroom, formal living, dining and delightful family room. With a big back garden, duct heating, air-con, near the station and in the Zone!

HAmpton eAst 280 south Road

3A Auction Agent

1 B

2 C

Sat 9th November 11am Ben Quigley 0411 878 636 Michael Egan 0412 359 956

Create a renovation masterpiece on this blank canvas or develop (subject to Council Approval) this inspirational corner. Cornering Randell Cres, this approx 674sqm site offers a ready-to-reno centrally-heated 3 bedroom, dual zone home with pool, garaging...and potential to capitalise on this Dendy Park precinct location! • Auction terms – 10% deposit, 30 day settlement.

CENTURY 21 ONCENTRE PHONE: 9559 0888 363 Centre Rd, Bentleigh


october 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 29

348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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348 Orrong Road Caulfield 9526 1999 55 Inkerman Street St Kilda 9066 4688

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�� A �� B ��


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�� A ��� � B �� �


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At Sweet Ride Mustangs we are a family owned business who prides ourselves in the fact that we are fully accredited, registered and insured. We understand the importance of your wedding or special occasion and are dedicated to enhancing this experience for you. We want to spoil you and share the excitement in riding with us in one of our cars.


Events of


We know the attention to detail it has taken to bring everything together to make your special occasion magical and we employ that same level of detail in everything we do. Wedding packages are inclusive of a full service incorporating ribbons, Àower bouquet on the front of each car, champagne, refreshments and red carpet. I can also provide a reception transfer service, at the end of the evening, to complete your special day by cruising into the starry night!

Phone 0411 575 376 |



Timeless beauty with a grand Edwardian style

Grange weddings - truly memorable celebrations

Host your wedding at Grange Bellinzona and the possibilities really are endless.

Grange Cleveland Winery is the perfect location for a classic winery wedding. With beautiful cottage gardens and views of the vineyard, surrounded by the ranges as well as generous packages boasting exquisite food, gorgeous accommodation and exceptional service – why not make your wedding a weekend of celebrations?

With intimate garden settings for that picture perfect ceremony, your choice of gorgeous reception rooms and a range of flexible packages to suit your needs, we know you’ll love what we have to offer. From intimate celebrations to grand affairs, the team at Grange Bellinzona will ensure that your wedding dreams really do come true.

For a wedding you’ll truly adore call: 5348 2271 77 Main Road, Hepburn Springs I e: | w:

For a wedding you’ll truly adore call: 5429 9000 55 Shannons Road, Lancefield I e: | w:

Demetrios 2014 collection gs will be exclusively at Eternal Weddings er. from 7th November until 9th November.


ANY PURCHASE MADE DURING THIS EVENT WILL RECEIVE 10% OFF. Shop 1 / 225-229 Koornang Road, Carnegie Ph: 9571 4376 • Bookings are essential for this event

32 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013



REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 1300 138 910 Same Day Service Call 0428 987 653


Unit 5, 93 Abbott Road, Hallam 9702 3544 or 0418 851 078

Ph 0423 676 555 / 9530 0422 Email:


“We D “W Doo IItt Al All” l” F Free ree q quotes uotes t -2 24/7 4/7 4/ 7

• Renovations • Waterproofing • Plastering • Remodelling • Plumbing & Electrical • Tiling

Reg #36352

General Plumbing Tap Repairs Gas Fitting Hot water Water Filters Water Tanks Call Peter 0419 306 866 or 9570 2747 G6270630AA-dc11Sep

Electrical Services



Window Replacement Service

Aluminium, Timber and UPVC Windows Free Measure and quote

Servicing all of Greater Melbourne

9794 7913


Over 30 Years Experience Specialising In: • Floor & Wall Tiles • Old & New Homes • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Free Measure & Quote.

0432 774 645


1300 138 910



Guaranteed quality. Renovations our speciality.

Winner of the Australian Achievers Award.

Floor Services

Anya - adventurous escort. 21yo, tight sz 8, Raven black hair, ex-dancer. Avail most daytimes call 9495 2768 swa4281be.

B&D Mistress Britt - SM

Classy, discreet and mature. Phone 0449 055 305. swa1004xe.

IMOGEN - Hot, hot, hot. Ex swimsuit model. 32yo size 8. Tall, toned, busty and blonde. I visit you. 9495 2723 swa4281be



Mention this ad for $10 discount ☎ 9775 3210 swa224e

*Conditions apply




• bookshelves • garage storage

• study/office fit outs • entertainment units



After 6pm

9793 5289

Visit our showroom:



26 Rhur St, Dandenong. Open 7 days G6404134AA-dc30Oct

P: 9793 8233 F: 9793 8243





Please call John on 0418 301 825 G6368718


47 Glendale Ave, Hastings Prices Discounted

5979 3066

iPhone app is now available! G6301297AA-dc17Sep

APN Plumbing

Lic. 48953

Reliable, Fast & Friendly Service Specialising in Older homes: Maintenance and Renovations Water Tanks, H.W.S, Roofing, Gutters & Blockages. Home Maintenance through to New homes

Call Adam: 0415 456 563


Body Rubs

Now available at N

9696 9199 45-47 Tope Street, South Melbourne SWA5109BE

PH - 1300 ESCORT

Ladies Welcome.

Custom designed: • wardrobes • wall units

9415 7762

LOTUS EXOTIC ESCORT I Luv you longtime. Tiny size 8 figure, pleasurable. I can do body rubs too. 9935 7738 swa4281be.


Homes, Businesses, Offices, Insurance Work

Empire Plaster

St Davids Street, Fitzroy

KIM - Mature 40yo escort. Stunning DD fullness. Always happy to please... 9935 7653. swa4281be

SAHARA - I Visit you. I can wear traditional attire. Busty, sexy curves & very friendly 23yo. Ph: 9935 7753 swa4281be

50% DISCOUNT* or cover $100 excess Windows... Doors... Shop Fronts...

Heritage Home Specialist ■ Building Maintenance Laser Level Ceilings ■ Over 30 Yrs Exp All Flood and Water Damage Repairs

By appointment 10am-11pm.

★ Cassie For Men 50+ ★

24hrs/7 days


■ ■ ■


7 days till late




9548 3000 or 0418 881 551

AFFORDABLE ESCORTS 18–48yo, great ladies, great prices. Open 24 hours. To your door in 30 mins. 9416 6221 swa4281be.

Adult Services

All fetish and fantasy. Website. Beginners welcome. Ph: 0403 848 147 swa6168xe. G6034282AA-dc21May

Specialising in all electrical installations • Extensions/Refurbishments • Stove/Oven/Hot water repair • Switchboard upgrades • TV/Phone/Data G6288492AA-dc10Sep Free Quotes • House Rewires • Safety switches Lic 17824 Jason 0411 300 Rec 772 17824

Adult Phone Talk A FREE Local chat for a limited time. Call Melbourne Ladies 9825 3436. Guys 9825 3437. Local/mobile rates apply.

Adult Services


Peter’s Plumbing




Commercial, Domestic & Automotive & Leisure Upholstery Free Quotes, Large Range of Fabric, 30 Years Experience

FAR EASTERN RELAXATION Now With More Young, Beautiful, Exotic, Friendly Ladies

Affordable Prices From $65

Discreet Rear Parking (via lane way) CREDIT CARD & EFTPOS WELCOME Ladies Warmly Welcomed Mel ref P43 B1 / Tram 57 Stop 22 77 Race Course Road, North Melbourne

9326 8388


Amy - Stunning tall blonde Nina - Sweet, cute & fun Diamond - Wild experienced MILF Eva - Sexy, curvy & buxom and many more new ladies

554-556 Swanston St, 554 - 556 Swanston Carlton St, Carlton

Ph: 9347 9347G6406411AA-dc30Oct 6000 Ph: 6000

Ultimate Magic Relaxation Full Service

from $50 20min $80

Ladies Welcome

623 Hawthorn Road, Brighton East

iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.

SWA6143B SWA6144B G6082794AA-dc12Jun

Bathroom Renovations



Licensed Plumbers & Gas Fitters lic 35345 • Blocked Drains from $120 • Burst Pipes • Gasfitting • Roof Leaks • Renovations • General Maintenance • 24/7 • $80 per hour


Trades & Services


9576 9100


Plumbing ★ ★ EMERGENCY WORKS ★ ★

w w w. u l t i m a t e b ro t h e l . c o m swa618be OCTOBER 30, 2013 \ The weekly review 33


Undercover Parking 44A Winterton Road Clayton

9543 8820 9543 8837

Now open till 4am


Beautiful Girls From 18+ Private Car park Available Full Service Start From $70

Ask for Our Tuesday Special

10 Fulton St, Oakleigh South Open From 10am - Late Escort Available

CLASSIFIED DEADLINES For The Weekly Review South East are as follows: Proof Deadline: All Classifieds:

Thursday 2pm Thursday 4pm

Phone 1300 138 910

9543 5901


Classifieds 1300 138 910

8.30am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday. All major credit cards accepted. G6255558

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL ADVERTISERS The Competition and Consumer Act provides that advertised prices for goods and services which attract GST should be GST inclusive. Prices should not be quoted as being 'excluding GST' or 'plus GST' or by the use of words or phrases conveying similar meaning. Readers are entitled to expect that the advertised prices are the actual prices at which they can purchase the particular goods and services. Metro Media Publishing will not knowingly accept for publication any advertisement which may be in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act or any other relevant law.

CLASSIFIEDS 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong 3175

The Centre for Clinical Studies is conducting a clinical trial investigating a new treatment for Diabetic Kidney Disease. The treatment (a once daily tablet) is for people with Type 2 Diabetes who have kidney problems.

Massage Therapy MIDDLE PARK Massage. 7 days. From $40. Qualified, experienced, caring and thorough. Full body massage. Matt: 0412 045 585.

• Are you aged 18 – 70 years? • Have reduced kidney function and high urine levels of protein as a result of Type 2 Diabetes? • Able to stay in our unit for two weeks? If yes to the above, then you may be eligible to participate.


$40, 7 days, 10am-8pm. 4/150 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Private & clean. 0452 208 873.


$49. 10am-11pm. Basement, CBD. 9654 6635.

Public Notices

Do You Have Diabetic Kidney Disease?


6/180 Commercial Rd, (enter Izett St) Prahran. Appt only. Ph 9533 8877.

Opening 1st October

Deep tissue & relaxation massage. 10am-8pm, 7 days. 0435 783 108. 6/104 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield.


New girls, new technique. Dancing on your skin. 4/54 Atherton Road, Oakleigh. $40. 0438 001 994.

THAI LADY Massage $65 per hr. For relaxation please ph for appointment 0413 503 748, 9am8pm. Mon to Fri. Somerville 3912.

Thai Massage & Spa Combination Thai Massage • Hydrotherapy Spa • Waxing & Beauty • Male & Female Welcome • 7 Days, 10am – 10pm 37 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne

Mention this Ad.

9328 5581




If you are interested and would like more information, please contact the Centre for Clinical Studies – Phone: 1800 243 733 Website: Email: Eligible participants in this clinical study will receive reimbursement for their time and travel. Alfred Health Human Research Ethics Committee has approved this study


For all your Classified advertising contact us on

1300 138 910

Business Opportunities

Cars New and Used


Discover unique loop hole to make profits from corporate bookmakers over Spring Carnival.

Ph 0405 389 808

Cars New and Used

NISSAN PATROL 1990, dual fuel, manual, 12 months registration, RWC. Reg USU-328. $5,000. Contact Lucy 0416 476 072.


Red Light Centre Sexy Ladies 18+




Health and Wellbeing


Public Notices G6076848AA-dc12Jun

Adult Services

Review the latest property trends

PLEASE NOTE: Private party sales are open to negotiation, therefore statutory charges may vary and are not included in quoted prices. G6238441

VCE wing: 43-81 Browns Road, Noble Park North

Activities include

• Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e and 4e) • Rogue Trader • Warhammer 40k • Warhammer Fantasy • Cyberpunk • Star Wars • Earth Dawn • Board Games • Magic • Plus many more For more information please call 0418 630 102 34 The weekly review \ OCTOBER 30, 2013


Dwarf meets every Sunday 9:30am to 6:00pm, at Carwatha College Training and Career Services

Always wanted to work in: ➤ Aged Care Govt. ➤ Disability funded ➤ Home & Community Care? ENROL NOW for 2013 funded Courses in

Boronia, Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Hampton Park & Box Hill. Call Kelly:

Let us help you today!

9761 2156 *

This training is delivered with Victorian & Commonwealth Funding. Subject to eligibility. TOID 6832 G6268464AA-dc3Sep


Look your best for Less! Skin Cancer Kills Early detection Saves lives Consultations Bulk Billed

In home design we are able to help

Injectable Fillers BEFORE


50% OFF*


Nouveau: UK’s No.1 Stunning High Gloss

Low Zesta price only



Planning a new kitchen? Zesta will ensure its everything you want. You will also receive a FREE dishwasher or IAG oven* or . . . NO interest EVER payment option on your perfect new kitchen? Nunawading

Mt Waverley

8878 9555 Richmond

9543 5755 Cheltenham

321 Whitehorse Rd Above 40 Winks

Victoria Gardens

9429 7616

per Anti Wrinkle Injection $9 per unit Dermal Fillers Starting at $400 ml

344 Ferntree Gully Rd Next to Robot Trading

Safe & Effective

309 Warrigal rd

“We encourage questions about risks and side effects and a second opinion.” Based on 1155 High Street ARMADALE average Melbourne Prices (listed price). Must present coupon. One coupon per person Free consultations and brochures

Qualified & Experienced Medical Practitioners

9584 4491

*Prices shown inclusive of discount and based on our std laminate 8 unit kitchen. See store for conditions on discount offer.

Phone 9090 0099 G6365208AA-dc30Oct



NUNAWADING 9878 2144 SPRINGVALE 9540 0744 232 Whitehorse Road

917 Princes Highway, Springvale homemaker

Offer ends 30/11/13. Savings based on RRP. Interest free terms and conditions apply - see in store for details. Accessories sold separately.

Bib Stillwell BMW

Sales Finance Service Parts

BIB STILLWELL BMW DELIVERS YOU BEAUTY, STYLE AND SHEER DRIVING PLEASURE. At Bib Stillwell BMW, we are continually striving to bring our customers a more exciting and convenient BMW ownership experience. We have a wide range of time and money saving options available which will provide you with peace of mind motoring for years to COMEĂ&#x17E;7ITHĂ&#x17E;TWOĂ&#x17E;CONVENIENTĂ&#x17E;LOCATIONS Ă&#x17E;WEĂ&#x17E;COMMITĂ&#x17E;TOĂ&#x17E;YOUĂ&#x17E;THATĂ&#x17E;YOURĂ&#x17E;OWNERSHIPĂ&#x17E;EXPERIENCEĂ&#x17E;WILLĂ&#x17E;BEĂ&#x17E;Ă&#x153;RSTĂ&#x17E;CLASS Enjoy peace of mind motoring with the following available on our range of new vehicles. ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡

Guaranteed Future Value* BMW New Car Warranty BMW Roadside Assistance BMW Service Inclusive^

With greatness comes great expectations, and with this in mind we recently welcomed the newest addition to the BMW range; the all new BMW 4 Series CoupĂŠ and the all new BMW X5 is just weeks away. Both models deliver everything you would expect from an Ultimate Driving Machine WITHĂ&#x17E;EXCEPTIONALĂ&#x17E;DRIVINGĂ&#x17E;PERFORMANCE Ă&#x17E;EFĂ&#x153;CIENCYĂ&#x17E;ANDĂ&#x17E;THEĂ&#x17E;PERFECTĂ&#x17E;HARMONYĂ&#x17E;OFĂ&#x17E;LUXURY Ă&#x17E;COMFORTĂ&#x17E;ANDĂ&#x17E;SAFETYĂ&#x17E;4HEĂ&#x17E;ONLYĂ&#x17E;WAYĂ&#x17E;TOĂ&#x17E;TRULYĂ&#x17E;EXPERIENCEĂ&#x17E;AĂ&#x17E;"-7Ă&#x17E; is to drive one. Visit Bib Stillwell BMW, South Yarra to arrange your test-drive today and experience a team committed to the delivery of customer service excellence.

WE GUARANTEE IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR WHILE. Bib Stillwell BMW 145 Williams Road, South Yarra. (03) 9521 2121.

LMCT 7674

* BMW Full Circle with Guaranteed Future Value from BMW Financial Services is for approved customers only. Fees, charges, terms, conditions and approval criteria apply. ^BMW Service Inclusive PACKAGESĂ&#x17E;AVAILABLEĂ&#x17E;PRIORĂ&#x17E;TOĂ&#x17E;INITIALĂ&#x17E;SERVICEĂ&#x17E;ORĂ&#x17E;UPĂ&#x17E;TOĂ&#x17E;Ă&#x17E;MONTHSĂ&#x17E;FROMĂ&#x17E;THEĂ&#x17E;VEHICLEĂ SĂ&#x17E;DATEĂ&#x17E;REGISTRATIONĂ&#x17E;WHICHEVERĂ&#x17E;COMESĂ&#x17E;Ă&#x153;RST Ă&#x17E;4ERMSĂ&#x17E;ANDĂ&#x17E;CONDITIONSĂ&#x17E;APPLYĂ&#x17E;#ONTACTĂ&#x17E;"IBĂ&#x17E;3TILLWELLĂ&#x17E;"-7Ă&#x17E;FORĂ&#x17E;MOREĂ&#x17E;DETAILSĂ&#x17E;

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